Eat These 6 Foods HIGH in Magnesium (You Probably Need it)

Eat These 6 Foods HIGH in Magnesium (You Probably Need it)

Eat These 6 Foods HIGH in Magnesium (You Probably Need it)

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let’s talk about the foods that are highest in magnesium for you when you’re on a low carb or ketogenic diet see the daily recommended allowance of magnesium is usually about 400 milligrams but quite frankly that’s not that much when you’re doing a low carb diet it’s very easy to lose the excess minerals through the urine so we talked about that in other videos all the time so how much magnesium should you really be trying to get in I would usually say for the average sized person try to get between six and eight hundred milligrams in which believe it or not is not as easy as people think okay one thing that we have to consider is every time that we take in calcium we require magnesium for that calcium to get into the bones and if calcium is going to stay active in the bloodstream and it’s gonna to some degree neutralize magnesium you see calcium magnesium kind of balance each other out our diets especially on a ketogenic diet are so high in calcium we’re usually counteracting magnesium so one thing I will say is if you’re having cheese you’re having dairy on a ketogenic diet which you probably are you should really be upping your magnesium content each time you consume that kind of dairy because that calcium is gonna counteract the magnesium anyhow this video is all about the six foods that you should be consuming to get those magnesium levels up outside of supplementation the first one I want to talk about is the world-famous avocado okay it is like the quintessential keto food right that perfect stereotypical avocado not only is it high in the fats that you need and high in the fiber it already packs 70 to 100 milligrams of magnesium in one avocado now you might be wondering that means I need to eat six avocados to get my daily recommended allowance of magnesium yeah that would be true the point is it’s a very bioavailable form but all the other nutrients that come along with avocados end up making it just high on my list so avocados are going to pack that powerful magnesium punch now remember we need magnesium for over 300 different enzymatic processes within the body it is so unbelievably critical as well as catalysis as well as all these other minerals but I would say the magnesium is up at the top now let’s move into the next one leafy greens I know this doesn’t sound fun but quite frankly it is very very very important see magnesium is the central atom in chlorophyll a and chlorophyll is what triggers photosynthesis in a plant it’s what makes things green right so the darker leafy greens are going to have a high degree of magnesium okay for example two and a half cups of cooked spinach is going to give you a hundred percent of your daily allowance of magnesium hey most people aren’t getting their greens in especially right now a lot of people are starting to shy away from the veggies and go a little bit heavier on the meat which I understand the premise from that from the anti inflammatory standpoint but you really should be considering where you’re getting your magnesium in so I highly highly recommend boosting up those leafy greens whatever you possibly can which leads me to my next one chlorella chlorella has the highest concentration of chlorophyll of any plant species so I don’t really need to say much more we already talked about leafy greens ok magnesium is the central atom in that chlorophyll so if we get chlorella which is high in chlorophyll that means that we’re gonna get a lot of magnesium in so there you go case in point get your chlorella in whenever you can you can get a little tablets you can get it in a powder form super easy okay by the way if you haven’t already please hit that red subscribe button and hit that little Bell icon if you’re not subscribed to this channel I also want to make sure you check out thrive market down below in the description so I’ve assembled what I think are my top keto foods in a simple grocery bundle so thrive is an online membership based grocery store but the cool thing is they’ve allowed me to create these keto bundles these fasting bundles where it’s like Thomas what would you get at the grocery store go ahead and put it in a bundle so that your viewers and your audience can go ahead and they can just shop your bundles it just makes it really easy so highly recommend that you check them out you can check out some of these magnesium rich foods that I’m talking about and you can also get some other cool keto and fasting stuff so check them out after you watch this video this next one is one that you guys are gonna like we’re talking about the meat sources a can of tuna yep believe it or not tuna in the world of meat is actually pretty darn high in magnesium okay one can of tuna is gonna be between 65 and 80 milligrams of magnesium which doesn’t sound like much but what we have to remember is most animal sources are not the best ways to get your magnesium in so tuna actually ranks at the top now some of the smaller fish are going to be better because they don’t have the mercury content but you’re gonna get a lower level of magnesium so here’s kind of the caveat if you’re gonna have a can of tuna couple it with a couple chlorella tabs just like I talked about why well first of all chlorella is going to get you a little bit more magnesium which only boosts the magnesium that’s coming in your body anyway but more importantly chlorella has a chelating effect on the heavy metals that might come in from tuna so if you’re concerned with the mercury you’re concerned with the heavy metals that come in from tuna and you should be you can take some chlorella and it can potentially neutralize that and also give you that extra magnesium so it’s a win-win then we move into pumpkin seeds and flax seeds one little ounce of these which is like two tablespoons is gonna pack a whopping 140 to 160 milligrams of magnesium need I really say more okay here’s the thing though you might be wondering why aren’t like almonds and pistachios and some of these other nuts that are notably high in magnesium on Thomas’s list well simply put they have a high degree of phytates in them okay so phytates or phytic acid chelate extra minerals in the body we’re not even extra they chelate minerals in the body so if you eat a bunch of almonds almonds aren’t bad but if you had a bunch of them they can neutralize or chelate some of the minerals that you’re consuming so when you’re on a ketogenic diet every piece of a mineral that comes in your body is precious so we do whatever we can to preserve those so the nice thing about the pumpkin seeds about the flax seeds things like that is yes they’re in the seed and nut category but they’re low in the phytic acid scale so the magnesium that you do get from them usually is there to stay and doesn’t get chelated and then excreted and last but not least one that you guys are gonna love the Dutch chocolate okay chocolate in general is high in magnesium that’s great you’re gonna still get between 65 and a hundred milligrams in a one ounce serving but who the heck is gonna eat one ounce you’re probably gonna push it beyond that but Dutch processed is even better why because Dutch process is at least going to add the potassium into it in order to make it smoother and kind of a richer they blend it with potassium that’s what gives it the smoothness when you look at Dutch processed cocoa so look that up when you go on Amazon or whatever and opt for that one whenever you can potassium is always going to help magnesium because they work in different synergistic ways the point is magnesium is critical so use these foods in addition to supplementation and if you are get a supplement you usually want to go for a chelated form of magnesium so then you get the absorbable version so in this case you look for any kind of die magnesium melee or you look for any kind of chelated in magnesium so as always please keep it locked in here in my channel thank you for watching and I’ll see you in the next video 

This Post Was All About Eat These 6 Foods HIGH in Magnesium (You Probably Need it).
Eat These 6 Foods HIGH in Magnesium (You Probably Need it)

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Eat These 6 Foods HIGH in Magnesium (You Probably Need it) – Thomas DeLauer

Magnesium, Background

Recommended dose: RDA is ~400 mg/day, but 600 mg/day is better.

Ideally, you get your magnesium from whole foods (more below).


One avocado has about 70 mg of magnesium. This may not sound like a lot, as it’s only about 20% of your RDA (and you won’t eat five avocados per day), but it still makes a fair contribution to your magnesium intake. Since avocados are otherwise ridiculously healthy (and so versatile), they are definitely a magnesium food to incorporate into your diet. Read more here:

Leafy Greens

This one isn’t particularly interesting or creative, but it is important. All leafy greens, like spinach and kale, are packed with magnesium. Why? Because magnesium is the central atom in chlorophyll, the pigment that carries out photosynthesis and gives plants their green color! In effect, darker green = more chlorophyll = more magnesium.

2.5 cups of cooked spinach contains 100% of tour RDA of magnesium.


You may not have heard of this organism, but the chlorella algae contains more chlorophyll than any other known plant species (and about 10-times as much chlorophyll as the spirulina, if you’re into your algae)!

Tuna & some fatty fish

3.5 oz/ 100 g can of tuna contains 65 mg of magnesium, which is not bad for an animal protein source. That means one 6 oz tuna steak fulfills one-quarter of your RDA.

Some fatty fish, including mackerel and salmon, are also rich in magnesium. These foods, being lower on the food chain, also contain less mercury.

Pumpkin seeds & flaxseeds

A single 1 oz serving of pumpkin seeds or flaxseeds contain 140 – 160 mg (greater than one-third RDA) of magnesium… need I say more?

Dark Chocolate

65 mg per 1 oz; but who eats just 1 oz of dark chocolate?!?

8 Tell Tale Signs of a Magnesium Deficiency:

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