EASY Chicken Meal Prep FOR WEIGHT LOSS | How To Meal Prep Chicken, Broccoli, and Sweet Potatoes

EASY Chicken Meal Prep FOR WEIGHT LOSS | How To Meal Prep Chicken, Broccoli, and Sweet Potatoes

EASY Chicken Meal Prep FOR WEIGHT LOSS | How To Meal Prep Chicken, Broccoli, and Sweet Potatoes

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More specifically, you want help with EASY Chicken Meal Prep FOR WEIGHT LOSS | How To Meal Prep Chicken, Broccoli, and Sweet Potatoes?

what’s happening guys I hope you’re having a great day we are doing another healthy meal prep recipe on the channel today we’re actually probably doing the easiest chicken broccoli sweet potato meal prep you’ll ever do in your entire life that’s a lot of you guys know I don’t really like to meal prep a whole bunch so when I do I try to keep things as simple as possible it’s just like kind of a rule it’s rule number one of meal prep to me has to be super simple so even if you’re a beginner to meal prep even if you’re the worst cook in the world you will not screw this up at least it’ll be very tough to screw this meal prep recipe up so let’s hop right in this one and get cooking so for today’s recipe we’re gonna be using three medium sized sweet potatoes if you’re keeping track of new nutritional information you’ll want to weigh out your sweet potatoes before you rinse and scrub them in your sink and once they’re cleaned off you can just set them aside to dry on a paper Tom you also want to weigh out your broccoli we’re gonna be using two large heads of broccoli today and you want to give that a good rinse in your sink as well once you’ve rinsed off your broccoli can set that aside to dry get your sweet potatoes back out and start cutting them up into bite-size pieces I like to cut them in half and then cut them in half again so I quarter my sweet potatoes so once I’ve got those cut up I’ll transfer them to a super large bowl and then I’ll add about a tablespoon of olive oil then what I’ll do is I’ll take a spatula mix the olive oil with the sweet potatoes until all the sweet potatoes aren’t covered in olive oil and then what I’ll do is I’ll transfer my sweet potatoes to a baking sheet lined with parchment paper once I’ve got all the sweet potatoes added I just evenly spread them out between the sheet then I set that baking sheet aside and I start working on my broccoli what I like to do is I like to cut my broccoli in half and then just start cutting it into florets from there so you’ll see I’m just kind of chopping it into tiny florets once I cut it in half it just makes it super easy to do that and then I’ll start adding all of my broccoli to a separate baking sheet and don’t even try to fit the broccoli florets with this week potatoes because it just won’t fit guys once you’ve got all your broccoli set up you can add a little olive oil to the top of your broccoli about a tablespoon and then just start working the olive oil into the broccoli with your hands now what we can do is take out our chicken breasts we’re gonna take out four medium sized chicken breasts and start trimming off all of the fat once we’ve got the fat removed from our chicken breasts we’re gonna start cutting it into bite-sized pieces I like to use just a pair of kitchen shears to do this I think it’s the easiest way to cut up your chicken and once you’ve got all of our chicken trimmed up we’re going to take out their baking sheet lined with parchment paper coated with a little baking spray and start adding our chicken to the sheet we’re gonna add all the chicken evenly throughout the entire baking sheet and then we’re gonna bake our sweet potatoes our chicken and our broccoli all at 425 degrees but for varying it times guys so all that means is 12 to 15 minutes later you want to take out your chicken and broccoli together but you’re gonna want to bake your sweet potatoes for another 15 minutes after that just coz they take a little longer to bake so once your sweet potatoes are done baking you can let those cool off and then you can start weighing out your chicken at least this is what I like to weigh on my chicken because I think this is the most accurate time to do it plus it’s just gonna save you time guys cuz you have to weigh out your chicken when it’s done cooking anyway so you can evenly split it up between your meal prep containers and that’s exactly what I’m about to do so once I’ve got all my chicken added in my bowl I’ll just evenly split it up between four of my meal prep containers and I’ll do the same thing for my broccoli even though I weighed my broccoli I’m tracking my broccoli as Bra from before I’ll split it up evenly between my four meal prep containers then I’m doing the same thing for my sweet potatoes I’m gonna weigh out how much sweet potato I have and then I’ll just evenly split up that amount between my four meal prep containers as well so at this point when I’ve added all the ingredients to my meal prep containers and just seal the containers and then I like to add a little sticker on each one that lets me know the macros of the meal prep container themselves I store my meal prep containers up to five days in my fridge and to avoid boring meal prep syndrome I recommend just using different sauces on your chicken it really helps to spice things up all right so that’s today’s meal prep recipe I hope you enjoyed it if you did it’d mean the world to me and it means the world to me when you guys hit the like button the thumbs up but on the video and of course if you want the full recipe with the metric measurements or the macros or you just want to pick up any of the stuff from today’s meal prep recipe all of that like always in the video description below if you’re not subscribed yet subscribe and I will see you guys in the next video [Music]

This Post Was All About EASY Chicken Meal Prep FOR WEIGHT LOSS | How To Meal Prep Chicken, Broccoli, and Sweet Potatoes.
EASY Chicken Meal Prep FOR WEIGHT LOSS | How To Meal Prep Chicken, Broccoli, and Sweet Potatoes

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Easy Chicken Meal Prep Recipe for weight loss! Learn how to meal prep chicken, broccoli, and sweet potatoes for the week in under 1 hour. Meal prepping is a great way to save time & money, and stay on track with your diet too. And today’s meal prep idea will help you accomplish all three of those things, and is GREAT FOR BEGINNERS!

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Things I use to Meal Prep

Meal Prep Containers:

Food Scale:

Kitchen Shears:

Baking Sheet:

Silicone Baking Mat:


Meal Prep Ingredients:

4 Large chicken breasts (Around 1,000 grams uncooked)
3 Large sweet potatoes (around 900 grams)
2 Large heads of broccoli (Around 850g)
2 Tbsps olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

*NOTE: Use sauce to spice up the meal prep so each container doesn’t taste the same.

Chicken Meal Prep Instructions:

Pre-heat your oven to 425 Degrees
In a large bowl weigh out your sweet potatoes
Next, clean & wash them, then set them aside on a piece of paper towel to dry
Now, weigh out your broccoli
Clean and wash your broccoli, and set it aside on a paper towel to dry as well
On a cutting board quarter the potatoes with a knife
Add the quartered potatoes to a large bowl, along with 1 Tbsp of olive oil, and salt and pepper to taste
Add the potatoes to a large baking sheet lined with parchment paper
Now cut the broccoli into florette’s and add them to a large baking lined with parchment paper
Drizzle 1 Tbsp of olive oil over the broccoli, add salt and pepper to taste, and then work the olive oil around the broccoli with your hands
Next take out the chicken, and trim the excess fat off with a pair of kitchen shears
Once the fat is removed, cut the chicken into bite sized pieces
Add the pieces of chicken to a baking sheet lined with parchment paper
Bake the chicken and broccoli for 12-15 minutes
Keep the sweet potatoes in the oven for an additional 15ish minutes (so 30 minutes total)
Now take your food scale back out and weigh your chicken in a large bowl
Split your chicken up evenly between 4 meal prep containers
Do the same thing for your broccoli and sweet potatoes
Cover the containers and store them up to 5 days in the fridge, or freeze for several months.

Chicken Meal Prep Macros (this was for my meal prep, yours may vary depending on the amounts of chicken, sweet potato, and broccoli you use):

450 Calories
Fat: 8g
Carbs: 60g
Fiber: 6g
Protein: 53g

*NOTE: Use less sweet potato if you’d like your meal prep to have less carbs. Also, use less chicken if you’d like less protein.

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