Dry Fasting: Burn Fat 3x Faster (Use Extreme Caution)

Dry Fasting: Burn Fat 3x Faster (Use Extreme Caution)

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I’m gonna first start off by saying that what I’m about to explain in this video it’s very very serious and really should be done under the proper supervision of a medical professional honestly it’s extremely intense and it’s effective but I want to make sure that you know that it definitely comes with some risks in this video is purely for informational and educational reasons only I’m talking about dry fasting versus water fasting dry fasting where you’re eliminating all food and water whereas water fasting you’re still keeping water in the equation so the difference mainly between of course at dry fast and a water fast is that you’re not consuming any water but what a lot of people don’t know is that one day of dry fasting is equivalent to three days of water fasting as far as autophagy is concerned and as far as overall cleansing of the cells is concerned see there’s a russian doctor named dr. phil enou who did a lot of research in the world of dry fasting in fact I’d go so far as saying he’s the one that really pioneered a lot of the science behind dry fasting and we also have to know there’s two different kinds of dry fasting there’s what’s called a soft dry fast and what’s called a hard dry fast a soft dry fast is where you still take a shower you still wash your face you still brush your teeth a hard drive fast is where you abstain from any interaction with water whether it’s coming through the dermis or going in through ingestion because we still do absorb water even when it comes in through the skin for this case I’m gonna talk simply about a hard dry fast going all the way balls-to-the-wall when it comes down to it dry fasting eliminates toxins faster your body has no choice but to start utilizing everything from cells to start creating not just energy in the way of food but energy in the way of water see as soon as you start to get even slightly dehydrated your body goes into a little bit of a panic mode it produces more catecholamines more things like epinephrine norepinephrine adrenaline and it gets even more stressed out and tries to find a way to get more water so it takes any cell that is even remotely useless cells that are not efficient at all and it starts breaking them down for food but it also starts splitting them apart for water you see ordinarily when we’re fasting we have something called Auto fiji that goes on top of G is where your body starts with recycling cells in an effort to get energy it takes the old cells that aren’t really being used and it recycles them and creates new ones or at least processes them and excretes them with dry fasting this HAP so much faster because the metabolic need is that much more so in essence only the strong cells end up surviving all those weak cells have been consumed by the body so it’s sort of a natural progression that now you have these strong cells that survived when it comes time to break your fast and get on with your life you have a nice influx of strong cells that are able to reproduce it’s like survival of the fittest but going on in your very own body you now have a world of strong cells that are able to perform their best and then you drive fast again and you recycle once more now the next thing we have to talk about is that the body has its ability to create its own water we live in a world where we feel like we always have to be consuming something but reality is our bodies have a unique ability to create a lot of things themselves and that even comes down to water you see if we look at the molecular structure of water it’s pretty darn simple you have a hydrogen and you have oxygens pretty darn simple now when we look at fat in the body this is where it gets really interesting most of the fat that is stored in our body is saturated fat saturated fat is saturated with hydrogen’s so what ends up happening is when the body is in a dehydrated state like when you’re dry fasting it takes the fat and it releases the hydrogen the hydrogen gets in your bloodstream then you breathe oxygen and you create water you just magically created your own water and is the purest most metabolically efficient water that you could possibly ever have not only is it molecular Li perfect but it’s also molecular Li perfect for your body because you synthesized it when you drink water from the tap or when you drink water from a spring it may seem clean and clear but there are so many other things going on outside the realm of just hydrogen and oxygen it’s not exactly pure the body has to go through its own detoxification process just to consume that water when you create your own water it is super super pure that’s why when you’re dry fasting you still urinate people are always dumbfounded why when they fast and they don’t drink a lot of water they actually continue to pee or anyone that’s still eating but not drinking a lot of water still continues to urinate well it’s simply because the body is now having this actual metabolically clean water in the system to flush out the dirty water so you go through a process where you not only our recycling cells but your recycling dirty water that could have been flowing through your body as well now theoretically your body is going to burn more fat when you’re dry fasting than in any other mode simply because it’s going to continue to thrive on the hydrogen from the fats as the demands for water increase but no water’s coming in your body needs that hydrogen to combine with the oxygen from the air to create water so the longer that you drive fast the more your body has to dump its hydrogen’s from that saturated fat it’s pretty freakin phenomenal lastly there’s another unique thing that happens when it comes down to dehydration and I’m going to go on record by saying that it is not good to be in a chronic dehydrated state I’ve done videos all the time talking about how important it is to stay hydrated and what that does for your body but when it comes down to the short term dehydration can do a pretty interesting thing when it comes down to vacuums with your cells and your intracellular and extracellular fluid when you have an imbalance of intracellular and extracellular fluid you create a vacuum so if your cell is hydrated but the rest of your body is dehydrated you’ve created a vacuum where you have more actual volume in your cell than you do outside the cell causing the cytoplasm which is the liquid portion of the cell to dump some of its liquid waste like a vacuum into the rest of the body now that you’ve created your own water like I explained before you are flushing this out so you’ve taken any cells that are bad you’ve essentially killed them and recycled them and excreted them and any cells that are marginally bad you’ve gotten the toxins out of them and excreted them so not only have you gotten rid of dead cells but you potentially restored cells that were sort of on their way out so creating that vacuum is pretty amazing now totally last before I go is the world of inflammation have you ever seen a swamp that has a lot of water and has a ton of mosquitoes in it and in three months later when the swamp dries out there’s no more mosquitoes well that’s a lot like inflammation in your body to inflammation requires water to work I’m not saying that you go walking around dehydrated all the time but if you’re trying to temporarily reduce inflammation there’s no simpler way than getting rid of water because inflammation and although inflammatory responses in your body require water to initiate that so by having a temporary fast where you’re not consuming water those inflammatory responses and the inflammation within the body shrinks down to practically nothing now be warned there can be a rebound effect when you do start to hydrate but for a temporary effect to get away from some pain or to recycle your body dry fasting might just be the way to go now like I said in the beginning in this video this is absolutely educational only I don’t want anyone doing a dry fast and ultimately saying that it was dangerous for them because I’m flat-out telling you right now this is for educational purposes only and you need to do your own research but as always I’m here to give you the facts I’m here to give you the science I’m here to give you the lowdown what everyone else doesn’t always want to teach so as always keep it locked in here in my channel if you had ideas for future videos make sure you hit them in the comment section below and I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About Dry Fasting: Burn Fat 3x Faster (Use Extreme Caution).
Dry Fasting: Burn Fat 3x Faster (Use Extreme Caution)

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Dry Fasting: Burn Fat 3x Faster (Use Extreme Caution) – Thomas DeLauer

Dry fasting forces the body to obtain water from the cells, whereas with water fasting you are providing the body with water from an exogenous source

This is why damaged tissues (fat deposits, edemas, tumors) are eliminated faster with dry fasting

The body starts by burning everything that is non-essential and harmful to the body; fat, tumors, ganglions and inflamed tissues

It also eliminates parasites and promotes regeneration of healthy tissues – it creates a hostile environment where every cell of the body can clean house

Irregularities like cysts and benign tumors dissolve as a result of autolysis – the process by which the body sacrifices its sickest cells for its own survival

Body’s Own Water

During a dry fast, the body survives on what is called endogenous or metabolic water
As your body enters into ketosis, free hydrogen molecules are released – these molecules then bond with the oxygen molecules in the blood, and water is formed internally

When we fast our body creates water primarily as a byproduct of the fat we are burning. Hydrogen released from the metabolized fat combines with oxygen from air and creates h2o
Estimated that every day the body is able to produce a liter of metabolized water in this way, and freshly synthesized water is believed to be much more pure than water consumed from the outside because it is free of toxins found in water we drink

Through this internal water, toxins are continued to be removed from the body – so urination does continue, but less frequently than with water fasting; the old, dead water in the body is replaced by water that the body itself has synthesized

Dehydration still occurs in the body, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing – when we decrease water content in the body, the pressure within our cells becomes greater than the pressure outside of the cells

As a result, this pressure causes the cells to leak their internal fluids into the external space between cells, which carries the toxins with them that would normally remain trapped inside the cells


Inflammation cannot survive without water as a wet environment is ideal for the proliferation of pathological bacteria, viruses, worms – dead and dying tissues will be expelled by the body

Analogy: Dry fasting eliminates inflammation “the same way a swamp gets rid of mosquitos and other insects when it dries up” – so microbes are destroyed and the shortage of water is disastrous to body stuff in the body


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