Drink COFFEE to Massively BOOST Fasting Benefits (Quickly)

Drink COFFEE to Massively BOOST Fasting Benefits (Quickly)

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some people will tell you that coffees gonna break your fast I beg to differ okay it all depends on who you ask the reality is is that there’s gonna be one or two calories in a cup of coffee is that gonna completely disrupt your fast not when you break down the actual benefits of a fast so in this video I’m going to break down four really critical pivotal benefits of a fast and I’ll talk about how coffee actually enhances those benefits because when you do the math you look at it in a line-item fashion you see that coffee by and large will enhance your fast even if there’s one or two calories you have to ask yourself what your end goal is is your end goal to obey the fasting police and just feel good because you followed the perfect protocol or is it to get results let’s break it down please do hit that red subscribe button and then hit that little bell icon to turn on notifications cuz I never want you to miss a beat I always want you to see this content let’s rock okay the liver you may not know it but the liver is probably the most important organ when it comes down to fasting you think it’s just about fat loss but it’s all starting in your liver okay when you are fasting you’re giving your liver a break okay that allows a lot of different things to occur okay your livers finally getting a chance to recover which means it gets a better opportunity to potentially burn fat later it’s a better opportunity to digest into detox and do what it’s supposed to do well the cool thing is there was a study that was published in EMB Oh molecular medicine okay this study found that fasting increased the well it actually changed how a specific protein was read within the body okay this protein is called GA DD for five beta they all have these weird names okay now the interesting thing about Gadd for five beta is it’s naturally occurring but when we’re fasting the body changes how it reads it so that means that this Gadd for five beta is completely twisted in terms of how our DNA sees it and it makes it so that the body or the liver starts digesting its own fat okay so if you have a fatty liver the increase of Gadd four five beta and how it’s read differently makes it so that under fasting conditions you could actually improve the symptom and the effects of a fatty liver okay that’s cool what does that mean for people that don’t have fatty liver well it means that at it’s very whole your body is starting to utilize his own stored energy which is a good thing overall but where does coffee come into the mix well this study was published in the Journal of alimentary pharmacology and therapeutics a meta-analysis looking at four hundred and thirty thousand participants okay they found that on average those that had two additional cups of coffee ended up having 44 percent less risk of cirrhosis whoa that’s a huge decrease all right now what does it have to do with a fatty liver okay nothing really however you do see a lot of comorbidity there you see a lot of people that have fatty liver also have cirrhosis my point here is that coffee for whatever reason seems to improve the effects of cirrhosis or at least lessens the risk whereas fasting improves a fatty liver so clearly we have a double whammy effect on the liver in a really good fashion now the reason that coffee seems to lessen the risk of cirrhosis has to do with the suppression of connective tissue growth factor okay so if we have cirrhosis we have scarring in the liver which has to do with connective tissue forming and scarring right well the cool thing is for whatever reason it Coffee seems to suppress that which means that maybe we have less risk of the actual liver scarring it’s pretty wild stuff anyhow fasting and coffee good for the liver now let’s move on to fat loss now I don’t care who you are a little bit of fat loss is always welcome now I’m sure there’s a small population that doesn’t want to burn anymore fat but by and large I think I’m talking to most of you here fasting critical great for fat loss okay we know that we have big increases in adrenaline which is required for fat loss to occur okay so when we’re fasting adrenaline cortisol epinephrine norepinephrine all gets hormone sensitive lipase going which allows fat to be burned yet no denying that but what about coffee and caffeine well caffeine is a phosphodiester ice inhibitor what that means is that coffee stops the inactivation of cyclic adenosine monophosphate you might be wondering what the heck I’m talking about basically coffee stops or breaks the barrier that stands in the way the body utilizing its stored tissue for fuel okay if CA MP cyclic adenosine monophosphate is raring to go then the body can actually tap into its stored tissue if we have CA MP blocked then well that doesn’t work well since coffee is a phosphodiester eyes inhibitor it stops the inactivation of CA MP in essence it makes us your body can tap into those fat resources a lot easier okay mic drop on that one now let’s go ahead and let’s move in to energy anyone that’s ever fasted before knows that there’s abundant energy to be had it’s one of the reasons people get addicted to fasting happens to me okay I have so much energy I feel so good but a lot of this has to do with the fact that you have adrenaline and epinephrine and norepinephrine being released and studies have shown that that improves cognitive function and improves energy in a lot of different ways okay so we know fasting improves energy also your not eating so that means that blood flow that would normally go to your stomach and go to your liver is getting to go elsewhere to your body into your brain okay but where does coffee come into play well it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that coffee is going to improve your energy but that’s just via the adenosine pathway let’s talk about the reading of perceived exertion so the scandinavian journal of medicine and science and sports found something interesting they took a look at 21 different studies and they found that on average coffee reduced the rating of perceived exertion by 5.6 percent that doesn’t sound like much but considering that just a cup of coffee can make your workout seem 5.6 percent easier that’s pretty cool I’ll take that so you combine that with fasting once again okay you already have epinephrine norepinephrine what’s going to put your body in the fight-or-flight mode which kind of helps you get through those painful points anyway okay but then you add coffee to the mix which is gonna lessen your rating of perceived exertion okay I’ll take it again if I’m benching a hundred pounds with dumbbells for I don’t know ten reps and you’re gonna tell me that I can go ahead and I can get another five for sitting out of that that means I can do 105 pounds right so the point is is every incremental progressive overload is going to help with a workout or help us with energy so I’ll take it well last but arguably one of the most important ones is going to be Auto Fuji and this one’s gonna blow your hair back alright we know when you’re fasting you have etapa G occurring and for those of you that don’t know what a tapa G is a tapa G is quite simple yet complex at the same time Hoffa G is where your cells go through a whole survival of the fittest mechanism basically means they digest and utilize various organelles and components and proteins of themselves in order to survive when there is an absence of food so your vision a cell that is running out of fuel coming in from your body because you’re not eating so it says oh I need to start eating the weaker portions of myself in order to survive leaving you with a thriving efficient cell ok Altaf ajit is great and fasting Bar None the best way to induce autophagy but where does coffee come in well it comes in in a lot of ways but there’s an interesting study that’s published in the journal Cell cycle and this found that both caffeinated coffee and decaf coffee induced autophagy for some interesting reason you see they seem to reduce the phosphorylation of something known as p70 s6k also in TOR 1 now what that means is that it shut off mTOR which is in essence the opposite of autopsy why is this happening we don’t really know but it has something to do with the polyphenols because it didn’t matter whether it was caffeinated coffee or decaf coffee it still shut off that process now to give you a little bit of perspective when you go to the gym and you workout you are doing the opposite of autarky you are activating mTOR ok mTOR is there to help you grow which I know you might want if you’re trying to build muscle though you don’t want it all the time ok mTOR is the opposite of autofit you I’m Tory’s growth mTOR is also related with cancer and things like that so obviously you can see where it can be bad so when you’re fasting you’re doing the opposite of mTOR while coffee shuts off mTOR it works perfectly like harmoniously with fasting it’s really interesting so having your coffee with your fast is definitely something that I would consider doing if you’re not already I will say that if you would like to try a particular coffee for sig Matic which I’m sure you’ve heard of before I’m sure you’ve seen him at Costco and you’ve seen him at different grocery stores they’re definitely powerful for fasting so they take coffee and combine it with things like lion’s mane and chaga and different mushroom blends to enhance the effects of coffee but also enhance sort of the mental effects the cognitive effects and boost what’s called nerve growth factor and brain derived neurotrophic factor so really solid improvements in just your brain and your mental health okay so I highly recommend you check them out and put a link down below if you want to get a special discount because they are a sponsor of this channel and I use them very very regularly a couple times per week so make sure you check them out down below so as always do make sure you keep it locked in here in my channel and make sure you keep drinking that cup of joe because it’s not hurting you it’s only help I’ll see you soon 

This Post Was All About Drink COFFEE to Massively BOOST Fasting Benefits (Quickly).
Drink COFFEE to Massively BOOST Fasting Benefits (Quickly)

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Drink COFFEE to Massively BOOST Fasting Benefits (Quickly) – Thomas DeLauer

With regards to fasting, the concern as to whether or not you can drink coffee often gets brought up. Now, coffee does contain a few calories, so, yes, technically it does break a fast. I know the hard and fast rule of fasting is “NO CALORIES” whatsoever, but it is NOT that black and white! You see, coffee provides some awesome benefits that actually ENHANCE the benefits of fasting, which, in my opinion, outweighs the negligible calories it contains. Let’s dive into the science and see what these awesome benefits are and I’ll see you in the COMMENTS!!

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