How to Follow The Keto Diet & Intermittent Fasting | Q&A with Ben Azadi

How to Follow The Keto Diet & Intermittent Fasting | Q&A with Ben Azadi

How to Follow The Keto Diet & Intermittent Fasting | Q&A with Ben Azadi

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Started so here we go all right my name is Ben Azadi I'm the best-selling author of four books and I'm the founder of Keto Camp here at keto Camp we're on a mission to educate and to inspire so thank you for being here today if you're returning thank you for coming back if it's your first time with me good to meet you.

I go live every Wednesday at 12 p.m eastern time and I'm going to answer as many questions as possible coach Larry good to see you my friend I love it I love it um so I'm going to get to some questions here uh Larry you have a great great question given that we are headed into spring any changes in diet fasting length planned.

Not necessarily for me um but it does make sense right what was it called Larry it was called starvation spring uh so that's when a lot of our ancestors did a lot of fasting so it would make sense to you like to your point to extend your fasting Windows uh during this time of spring now I'm in Miami so we pretty much have one season.

Year round and that's summer and I'm pretty much adapted to that but yeah it was called starvation Spring right because winter came around and you had so much food and body fat to the point where you ran out and then spring started and you know before things started to harvest or or bloom again um you you pretty much went through like.

Some fasting uh so yeah to your point Larry I think more fasting could be appropriate for starvation spring Lydia have you recommended a keto meter Lydia wants to know thank you leilu um yes so there's let's let's talk about that for those of you who want to.

Understand how do you test ketones there are three types of Ketone bodies that your liver produces in order for your liver to produce Ketone bodies what do you need to do you need to drop your insulin and blood glucose levels so you gotta eat less carbs more protein and fat and hopefully you stop snacking once you've dropped insulin low enough a.

Nate intelligence human body amazing innate intelligence says Whoa okay glucose and insulin is dropping glucose in the brain is dropping glucose in the body is dropping let's switch over to a different fuel source boom let's start burning body fat using body fat those fatty acids are then sent to your liver the soccer mom organ the liver.

And then the liver produces Ketone bodies there are three types of Ketone bodies you have the Ketone body acetone which is measured in breath because that's what the that's where the body expels the Ketone body acetone in the breath hello Rachel good to see you and then you have acetoacetate which is found in the urine that's how your body.

Gets rid of it and urine strips would test for that and then you have beta hydroxybutyrate which is tested in the blood which is a finger prick so those are the three methods of testing ketones because there's three different types of ketones now I'm not a fan of the urine strips I know they're very cheap I know that you can get them on Amazon for the.

Cheapest uh amount versus the other methods of testing but they're not going to be that accurate maybe in the first week or so but after that once your body and your cells are familiar with using ketones the urine will not secrete that much and it might give you a false reading so let's throw out that option then we have.

Breath I do like the the machine from biosense they make a good breath Ketone meter looking at acetone and they're pretty damn good I've interviewed their scientists on my podcast a few times so if you want to get theirs because you don't want to prick your fingers with Blood for Blood I should say then it's my for the.

Biosense breath Ketone meter and if you want to get 20 off their meter the code is keto camp the drawback though to using a breath meter is that you don't get your glucose readings so I I'm a fan of Keto Mojo testing blood ketones and blood glucose keto Mojo is how you would do that and you could get a keto Mojo over at. I think we have a code with them right now that's active which should be ketocam so to answer your question in a long-winded answer I prefer blood glucose and blood ketones and I use keto Mojo to do that what are your thoughts on vitamin B12 and magnesium says the valley uh let's talk about magnesium first I'm a big fan.

Of supplementation with magnesium for several reasons a lot of people have a magnesium deficiency and magnesium is very important it's responsible for over 400 enzymatic activities inside of your body then you might just say yeah but I eat a plenty of fruits and vegetables.

And green leafy vegetables I'm getting enough magnesium why do I need a supplement with it well that might be the case but our soils are so depleted that it just does not have the same amount of nutrients as it did 20 years ago 30 years ago so it's going to be hard to get that requirement so I supplement with it I take about it.

Depends on which I'm taking if I'm taking a nano magnesium like upgraded formulas they have a great one I'm just taking two capsules per day and it covers all the bases you know the cool thing about upgraded formulas Nano it's called upgraded mag is that it has a 99.99 absorption rate and you can learn it could get their products over.

At upgraded our code with them is ketosis with says on my shirt and I also rotate to buy optimizers uh magnesium breakthrough as well so to answer your question yes magnesium is very important Jordan good to see you my friend Happy Wednesday bro and then B12.

I think B12 is fine but I like taking a whole complex of B vitamins because there's about there's 16 B vitamins and I don't like the idea of just taking a high amount of B12 B12 B12 because it actually could create a deficiency and the other 15 B vitamin so I like a b complex I'm a big fan of a b complex for sure so I.

Hope that answers your question I'm going to get to some more questions here I'm going to check out YouTube uh Instagram questions Tick Tock Facebook before I do I want to share something with you uh if you've been following me on Instagram the last few days on my stories my Instagram handles at the benazari I've.

Been sharing about the three primary reasons why you feel so damn good when you're in ketosis I call it the great land of ketopia uh there are three primary reasons and I've outlined that over my over the last few days of my stories with the goal of okay let's teach you a little bit about why you feel so good and how to feel so good.

On ketosis but let's really fine tune how to do it the right way so I decided because I had a lot of people ask me to do another master class for keto another master class for keto but I didn't want to do the same one that I've done in the past so this Friday March 10th I'm doing a brand new keto Master Class.

Where I'm going to reveal four secrets to Keto and the entire presentation is brand new we have I think we have room for a thousand people on the webinar gym software that we're using and last time I checked let's see last time I checked we have 575 people registered for it so if.

You're watching this on time I would love to get you on that Master Class this Friday at 12 pm eastern time all you need to do is go to and you could register your free spot I'm also going to be giving away free gifts over 300 bucks in meal plans and keto grocery.

Shopping guides and a few of my best-selling Health books for those who attend so if you're watching on Tick Tock and Instagram just click the link in my bio if you're watching on YouTube and Facebook Twitter twitch LinkedIn then head over to you can see the link right there on the screen I saw a.

Question about artificial sweeteners let me get to that and then I'll get to some YouTube questions here I don't like most artificial sweeteners such as sucralose and aspartame they're in a lot of these um products including keto products so I'm not a fan of sucralose and aspartame now let's talk about approved sugar.

Replacements versus saying sugar sweet or artificial sweetener so approved sugar Replacements would be monk fruit real monk fruit just 100 monk fruit 100 Stevia erythritol Xylitol swerve uh those would be fine so sugar alcohols among fruit and also Stevia are fine so those would be good.

Even with those I would have them in moderation and I would also be you know take caution if you have a sugar addiction and you switch that over to a monk fruit addiction that's also not a good thing Monica of course you're registered good to see you on here Sharon good to see your beautiful face from Houston I love.

It I see Lee in Miami oh actually you're in Santa Monica did you move there are you visiting Dave in the UK good to see you um Fort Myers hey Hillary okay question here from Linda 12 weeks in I'm pretty fit and healthy and I've gained weight I've never gained weight do you know why.

That's a tough one to answer I would need to know a lot more specific so I would say this are you also looking at your body fat percentage and lean muscle mass because if the body fat percentage is going down but your lean muscle mass is going up then yeah you might gain weight on the scale but you're gonna look.

More thin and you're going to be healthier so the weight the number on the scale is not going to give you a full picture uh I would explore looking at those other metrics before I say oh my God what I'm doing is not working for me Chrissy says hey I bought your book so good thank you so much Chrissy you're.

Awesome I really appreciate that if you don't get my book you can get it over at it's available on paperback Kindle and audible I I narrated I narrated the book on Audible so it's and you can get that Elena will drop a link in the Pod in the.

Um live stream notes is eating meat good the answer is 100 yes the more eat the more meat I eat the better I feel and the healthier I get absolutely uh what vegan protein powder do you recommend pre-workout thanks I'm not a big fan of vegan protein powders because it's just they're they're incomplete versus.

Um animal-based protein powders but I will give you some suggestions let me go on Amazon in a while since I look for plant-based proteins Garden of Life is one of them so I I've used I've recommended them in the past Garden of Life what else do we have I think that's it that I've noticed.

Um or gain might be okay it was in the past unless they've changed things so Garden of Life in our game and in terms of a pre-workout I like personally I just like coffee but you could get the uh enter um what is it called performance Reds so.

Let me get the link for you performance gains excuse me um performance gains folks John is the one he's in our he's in our keto Camp he's a coach for a keto Camp Academy Alina what's the link for John's product I need to save it here so I have it um it's a great pre-workout oh paleo Pro.

Alina is recommending as well paleo Pro for a vegan protein powder but um I'll get the link for you in a second real City as I wait for that link uh let's get into some more questions Gloria awesome you're amazing I love that you signed up for it Michelle hey Michelle so you use.

Energize Reds in the health protein powder I love that I love that you do that so they're called energized Reds but I'm trying to get a link for you to where to get it um Craig hi Ben hi Alina hi Andrea greetings from the other side of Florida my question is it's kind of hard to get good fresh.

Salmon you can trust Ben what kind of salmon do you eat and from where uh correct yeah hey greetings from the other side of Florida I get it from U.S Wellness Meats or from what is it called I've heard I haven't gotten it from here but I've heard good things I think it's called cetopia.

Yeah cecopia dot fish or is where you can get it the fat addict hello thank you love your stuff Ben what would you say is the best advice you have ever been given about Keto the best advice I was ever given about keto is that that's a tough one.

It's pretty simple actually ketosis is not a diet ketosis is a metabolic process and it's been around for as long as humans have existed it really helps you understand that it's not a fad diet or something you just do for Quick Weight Loss now will it work for that yes but that's not why we do it or what we teach it's simply a metabolic process.

That we have forgotten to tap into essentially we have a keto deficiency so the best bit of advice I've learned about keto is that it's not a diet it's a metabolic process and it's perfectly healthy and normal to go through that process we have just forgotten how to use that process Sarita hi good to see you on here is it.

Better to do 99.9 keto even if you slip up occasionally I know you shouldn't but sometimes life gets in the way being 99.99 or 99 good is a damn good percentage so that's amazing I would celebrate that uh Perfection is not the goal Sarita doing things 99 right like that is a high percentage and you'll get great results I would celebrate that I.

Would definitely not beat myself up for that so good job oh it's hard so it's performance is it without an a Alina is that how it's spelled out we need to talk to John about getting a better domain it's hard to just say that on a live stream so for the Pre-Workout question it's called performance gains performance gains and.

They're called energize red so just Google it I think we have a code keto camp that would be a great option for you so performance gains is he not using an e in performance Google it and you'll get it that's a problem what about beef protein powder yep I think that's a great option as long as.

It's grass-fed grass finished definitely a great option tea days from the UK pea protein and snacks I'm not a big fan of pea protein and I'm not a big fan of snacks there was a question some people eat a lot of carbs yet stay lean how just because somebody's lean doesn't not doesn't mean they're healthy so there's.

Two different types of people out there one type of person will store fat in their subcutaneous fat and you could obviously see they're overweight because it's stored in their subcutaneous fat and then there's another subset of people who actually store fat not in their subcutaneous fat but actually around their organ so they're called.

Skinny fat thin on the outside fat on the inside and that is actually arguably even more dangerous than throwing it on the body fat so just because somebody's skinny and lean does not make does not mean they're healthy there's a lot of sick people out there and I was one of them back in 2008 when I lost all my weight I was I was six percent body fat.

In 2008 but I was fit and sick so just because somebody's lean does not mean they're healthy again people store body fat sometimes on their subcutaneous fat and you can obviously see they're overweight and then some people store it around their organs their liver gets fat their pancreas gets fat uh and that is.

Arguably as I mentioned even more dangerous Anna thank you for joining for the first time I appreciate that uh we have a question from hey Jesse good to see you on your recommendation for someone who's struggling to stay consistent with keto I need a pep talk today yes you need a pep talk today when the Y is strong the.

How becomes a lot more easier so if you haven't really identified why you're doing keto why you're getting healthy why you're doing the things you need you're doing the things you're doing and the things you need to do then identify the why and it's usually layers behind what you think it is uh meaning.

When I ask people what is your why why are you doing keto why'd you sign up for the keto Camp Academy I want to lose 50 pounds awesome why do you want to lose 50 pounds uh because you know I feel inflamed with this extra weight my joints hurt all the time got it so where's that showing up.

In your life well you know I have grandkids and I have trouble walking with them spending time with them and I I need to rest and I don't get to spend time with people that I love and enjoy because I'm so inflamed that is a powerful why right there so Jesse find out what your why is and remind yourself of your why keep it in.

Front of you and always understand that it's never a straight line to success I've once read a book called you square it's a very amazing little book from Price Pritchard and he said Rockets fail their way to the Moon Rockets fail their way to the Moon meaning it's launch so you have a goal you launch.

Towards that goal and then you go off track of course correct go off track course correct go off track course correct course correct course correct essentially are course correcting until you land on the moon so you get to your goal it's never a straight line it's always boom boom boom boom but Rockets fail their way to the Moon we fail our.

Way to success uh it's just a matter of course correct course correct course correct Jesse so we have you in your corner you're in our group let us continue to course correct you and just keep your eye on that why is once a month too often to do a 48-hour fast says D Bailey I would do a 48-hour fast once a month I.

Think it's a great protocol as long as I'm doing it and somebody's doing it during a week we're not too stressed you're getting quality sleep it's not the week before their period totally I think that's a good protocol cleaning business tips I agree you need a why mine was I wanted to play volleyball without slowness and fatigue.

I wanted to play awesome that's a great why my friend that's a great why I want to play with my kids and feel overall better now that I'm in shape my why has evolved that is amazing I love that you kept that in front of you and did that now you could play with your kids awesome I love love reading that um I'm gonna have more details on the.

Keto challenge next Wednesday Lorraine just because I wanna I don't want to share too many things too many things on this live stream because I have the keto Master Class Friday and I think if I talk about the keto challenge it'll be too much but next Wednesday I'm going to review a lot more about that so um to answer your question just in a short.

Answer we have new speakers uh the research is always being updated so my presentation will be updated the framework will kind of be the same but uh it'll be updated with the latest research and new speakers and uh probably new giveaways too but I'll have more information on that next Wednesday I don't want to overwhelm people hey.

Who's registered for my free keto Master Class taking place this um uh Friday March 10th who is registered for that let me know I'm in if you're signed up for it it's free so coach Becky good to see you on here Nicole Miller hi Ben how long did it take for you to lose your weight on keto.

When you first started I started at 184 pounds I'm down to 167 pounds my goal is 110 pounds 5 foot 5 foot woman uh 40 years old yeah so Nicole first of all never I don't recommend comparing somebody else's weight loss journey to yours everybody's so different especially men versus women I lost 80 pounds in nine.

Months back in 2008 but I didn't do it the healthy way so I although I lost the way I wasn't that healthy I was still trying to figure out what health looked like and felt like um so the body is going to lose the weight in a healthy way the way it's designed to as long as you.

Keep focusing on Hormone Health I'm gonna talk about this on Friday you keep finding ways to reduce membrane inflammation and the weight will continue to come off as a side of vacuum side effect congratulations you're almost down 20 pounds just keep getting healthy keep focusing on cellular metabolism and you'll get to that 110.

Pound goal you could definitely do this so Becky signed up Linda sign up Diana Elizabeth Lorraine Monica Nancy Deborah Lynn awesome Gloria Anna Sarita Decker awesome Kristen good to see you Kristen Craig's in jolene's in and it says Ben and team I've been maintaining with keto flexing.

For weeks now I'm so happy at my goal weight thank you so much Anna you're amazing congratulations I love that you're maintaining with keto flexing good job that is wonderful um let me review some more questions here on Instagram and as in is in.

CJ get to see my brother keto carnivore keto first and then carnivore Gail is in of course you're in for another challenge Gail you're a freaking committed you're three percenter I love it Sabrina's registered for it I love it thanks for the information did a 48 hour.

Fast last month and enjoyed it done with Cycles enjoy your podcast good job D you're kicking butt thanks for listening to the podcast by the way on today's podcast uh today's release of the ketokam podcast I released an episode this morning nine keto fruits you can have all the time without gaining weight and staying in.

Ketosis so if you're missing your keto fruit listen to the podcast that came out this morning it's called the ketokam podcast it's available on all podcast platforms worldwide if you click my link tree link on any of my Instagram Tick Tock you can see the podcast there episode um what episode are we on today.

500 and today's release was episode 547. nine keto fruits you can eat all the time without gaining weights the cool thing about that I did a lot of research on those nine specific fruits that I outlined and then I shared the maximum amount that I would recommend you have for it not to bump you out of ketosis.

Now if you're doing a day where you're flexing ADI ketosis there's no cap there you know have as much as you want but nine specific keto fruits you can eat without gaining weight uh that is the podcast release I hope you enjoy that will this help with diabetes Charlie diabetes is very near and dear to my heart I lost my dad to the complications.

Of diabetes back in 2014. and it's I've seen what what can happen if we don't take care of the progression of this this disease that we've been told is a chronic disease that we can manage but that is actually not the case um type 2 diabetes is reversible it's preventable it's reversible and I saw what happened with my dad when we.

Didn't focus on the root cause so when we think about the root cause of diabetes there are several root causes number one eating High processed carbohydrates and eating frequently number two there's a toxicity issue so the goal is to lower inflammation create more cell sensitivity lower insulin and get your body you get your blood.

Sugars down with a nutrition approach intermittent fasting quality sleep muscle mass Etc so to answer your question will this help with Will keto and the way we teach keto and intermittent fasting our four pillar framework work for diabetes we've seen dozens and dozens and dozens of Keto Camp Academy students come in to.

Our program on medications for insulin for metformin blood sugar reducing meds and in a matter of two weeks sometimes months sometimes years with the help of their doctor get off their meds it is the most powerful way to do so and the cool thing about doing it this way is that you.

Never get back on the meds meaning you could reverse it for good the name of the podcast is called keto Camp podcast camp with the K if you click the link in my bio you'll see the ketokam podcast on there if you want to learn more about diabetes insulin resistance and how to do this right way Charlie and anybody else get.

Registered for my upcoming keto Master Class taking place this Friday March 10th go to I would love to show you the way Michelle says podcast was great such great info thank you Michelle you're awesome I appreciate you my dad had type 2 diabetes and it led to.

A heart attack not a hard time excuse me a stroke and then he ended up dying nine months after that in 2014. can you send me another link I can press the link above um what link that I've Alina I don't know what link that was maybe it was there you go she gave you the link.

Thank you Alina I have two meals per day Monday through Friday omad Saturday and Sunday is that a good plan during the week that sounds good to me Dan I like that just make sure you're getting enough protein on your Monday through Friday um to two mads is that link working Elena.

Let me double let me double check to see if that link is working because I clicked it and nothing happens I think you put a broken link on YouTube how do I find the podcast if you go to my profile here on Tick Tock and click the link tree you'll see a link for ketokam podcast or whatever podcast platform you listen to just type in keto.

Camp podcast and it'll pop up we're on Spotify we're on Apple we're on Stitcher what else we're on all of them SoundCloud uh and I'd love for you to listen to it thank you I see Finland is in the house good to see Finland Asana from Finland I'm going to get to a few more questions.

Here still have my coffee from this morning let me see let me try that one Elena that one worked that one worked good thank you Elena you are awesome today is um International women's day today's International women's day um so I want to honor all the incredible.

Women out there the moms The Single Moms the single women who don't even have kids there's every single woman out there my mom is my superhero of course I would not be here if it wasn't for her obviously but not only will I not be here like in terms of like a human being on planet Earth but I would not be doing what I'm.

Doing today if it wasn't for the love and support my mom gave me I was a bad kid I was a really terrible son growing up and uh she made a big difference for me as a matter of fact when I was contemplating suicide 2008 when I was obese and 250 pounds depressed looking to end my life.

The only thing that stopped me and the only reason I'm still alive and the only reason I didn't commit suicide in 2008 was my mother she didn't know that I was going to attempt to commit suicide she didn't know but every time I explored that and thought about it and looked looked up.

Ways to do so I kept thinking about my mom and it stopped me and that happened time after time for time after time so thank God for that thank God for all the ladies out there so happy International women's day we have amazing women coaches in our keto Camp Academy so Becky happy International uh women's day to you.

Alina and all the women watching this right now we appreciate you we love you and y'all are game changers you're changing the world no doubt about it what do you think about the carnivore diet I love it Maddie I wrote an entire chapter about it in my book keto Flex great Tool uh 30 to 40 days is what I do typically a few times per year.

I also have a lot of videos on my YouTube channel keto camp on YouTube Maddie all about carnivore it's fantastic so if I were to eat bread you would feel white bread is better than wheat interesting yeah so if I had the option between eating wheat bread or white bread.

Foreign I would probably choose the I wouldn't choose either they both have gluten but I don't know I I don't know I need to do some Roots this is a good question I need to do some research now I know with white rice versus brown rice I would choose the white rice.

There's less anti-nutrients in it but I'm not sure if there's less enter nutrients and white bread versus wheat bread wheat bread here's the benefits of the wheat bread it has more fiber so it might slow down the glucose Spike versus white bread but I'm not sure maybe maybe Becky knows or Elena I'm not sure if.

There's less anti-nutrients in white versus the wheat Etc so I'm not sure I would avoid it I don't I don't have bread I'll have sometimes gluten-free bread if it's not an almond flour base but even with that I don't do that too often I can't imagine you large because you're gorgeous now lucky fiance thank you Lee.

I appreciate that I was really large I was 250 pounds 34 body fat on Fridays Master Class I'm going to share some photos of what I look like so for those who haven't seen that register for that Master Class uh Margo good to see your beautiful face here uh how do you feel.

About keto bread you know there's a time and place for it make sure it does not have vegetable oils I don't like the keto bread that it's loaded with almond flour I would choose more of like a cassava flour or some other type of flour versus almond flour and there's a time and place for it you don't want to have it every day you don't want to.

Overdo it but definitely a great option versus white bread and wheat bread I don't know what that means Heather I love pork rinds dipped in homemade guacamole or liver pate damn Claire that sounds good I want some homemade sourdough yeah for like fermented sourdough bread would be.

Better because you get a better response how do I sign up for the Master Class yo you got VIP treatment you're very very welcome please answer my comment um what is your comment Maddie I answered the one about carnivore did you.

Have another one I don't see another one I already answered the one about carnivore oh thank you for sharing that with a friend that is awesome um let's see let's see we had 575 people signed up at the beginning I'm gonna.

Refresh this let's see how many people are signed up now 590 okay so we had uh 25 of you sign up in the last few minutes here awesome again once we get to a thousand the bandwidth is Cap so hopefully you're seeing this on time if you want to join me on Friday for a 60 Minute training session on ketosis that is brand new.

Um here's what I'm going to tell you to do by the way make sure you grab you're there on Friday if you've signed up for it you're present and make sure you grab a blank piece of paper or several pieces of paper and a pen I'm gonna have a flip chart here we're gonna do some drawing together I'm gonna show you about cellular metabolism I'm going to cover.

Something called the three legged stool and of course I'm gonna have a presentation for you and um it's gonna be phenomenal this is going to be unlike anything you've ever seen before it's updated information I've never done this type of training session ever before and let's face it there's a lot of crap out there and my goal is to just cut.

Through all that noise and give you some actionable steps as a matter of fact four simple steps I'm gonna outline how to get well on that webinar on that master class I should say is it healthy it doesn't Spike insulin protein will Spike insulin carnivore will Spike insulin but not that much not compared to eating fruit or carbohydrates what I.

Said about carnivore is that I love it it is incredible and I agree it's not sustainable but doing it for 30 days 40 days amazing in my book keto flux I wrote an entire chapter on Carnivore it is the in our what we teach in our Academy the keto Camp Academy is a four pillar structure pillar of three is all about carnivore I did it last January I.

Do it all the time it's not sustainable but it is a great tool I've been keto for a month now I bought a keto mix flour for bread making potato fiber for Bread potato fiber was one of the ingredients is potato fiber keto I was scared potato fiber probably will bumpy attic ketosis depending on how.

Much it is how much is in there but the only way to know is to test your glucose and ketones before an hour after and you have your answer uh I don't do well with almond flour a lot of people don't do well with almonds or almond flour because it's higher in oxalates and oxalates can be inflammatory which is an anti-nutrient.

Is kale a scam pretty much most of the time yeah it's definitely over hyped um so that's a good way to put it kale is a scam I like that I could agree with that for sure that's why I join all the time I always learn something new I have a notebook just for benazadi and the ketokam podcast and the master classes I love.

That Anna you're amazing congratulations on being so committed sharing with my daughter she is diabetic 41 years old 300 pounds as a mom it's so sad to see her like this wish she could turn this around doctors LED to believe she's stuck like this for life for life she's been on I'm sorry to hear.

That and it's very hard to change the people who are closest to us I'm sure like as you start to learn this is for everybody as you start to learn more about like biohacking and health and keto and fasting and all these incredible things that are working for you you want to share it with your.

Husband your wife your son your daughter your friends but the ones who are closest to you tend to have the most resistance to you giving them their that advice right my mom doesn't listen to me uh but when it comes from somebody else like if you share a podcast a video a testimonial then it makes a bigger.

Impact uh the truth is that people are open to change like your daughter she's open to change I'm sure of it we're all open to change we just don't like to be forced to change it needs to be her decision so you might want to say something like hey um.

There's a 60-minute keto training going on on Friday and there's going to be some discussions on how to reverse diabetes and and lower inflammation with keto here's the link it's a free sign up maybe you're interested in this or not but I thought I'd send it your way that might be if we could get her on there I could do my.

Best to inspire her and give her some some steps I'd love to help her because to your point you know diabetes is not a lifelong sentence you've been fed a whole bunch of Lies your symptoms and your disease and your diagnosis is not evil you've been brainwashed to believe that disease and symptoms are evil when they are a.

Beautiful gift from your innate intelligence it's your body's check engine light thank God for that let's find out what the cause is and I want to talk about that on Friday Santa Cruz Medicals yes they're awesome Paul saladino is great I've had him on my podcast already a couple times in the last few years.

What can you say about Coke Zero not a fan of Coke Zero Marlin has artificial sweeteners in it that we don't approve of the 331 plan Nancy three days intermittent fasting and Keto three 24-hour water fast and then one keto Flex day in the book I outlined that in more detail.

That's right d I'm gonna answer one more question here and I gotta roll because I'm being interviewed in a few minutes 20 minutes heard on someone's podcast that looking at foodpicks to generate saliva and hunger urges during fasting is really good for your body I think she mentioned stem cells and stomach acid or something.

Thoughts I've never heard anything about that Chris that's interesting um doesn't make sense though because if you're fasted and you smell food or even seafood and it creates your crits your saliva it creates this salivary action or I don't even know I'm wording that correctly but if it creates saliva.

There could be an insulin response from that it's called the cephalic response to insulin so I don't know how that could be good definitely it's not enjoyable to be fasting and like looking at food um so I don't know Chris maybe you could share a little bit more about the person who shared that and what they're looking.

At Ben pre please answer the last I just did are you not here I just did you talked you asked about Santa Cruz Medicals I said I like them then you asked about Paul saldino I said I like him I have had him on my podcast I answered the question why are you yelling at me just kidding.

All right appreciate you all um hope to see you on Fridays four secrets to keto master class we still have about 300 spots available it's free and I hope you could join me it's first time we're doing this type of master class and then.

Next Wednesday I'll be live with you again and uh yeah we'll continue showing up for you I love and appreciate you all in the meantime go get subscribe to the ketocam podcast go subscribe to the ketocam YouTube channel and I'll talk to you all very very soon vitamin G for
How to Follow The Keto Diet & Intermittent Fasting | Q&A with Ben Azadi
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