Woman Eats Only MEAT for 13 Years : This Happens (Kelly Hogan Carnivore Diet)

Woman Eats Only MEAT for 13 Years : This Happens (Kelly Hogan Carnivore Diet)

Is eating only meat healthy? Does a carnivore diet promote weight loss?
Todays guest is Kelly Hogan, a 13 year Carnivore, has an important story that you need to hear because it will help you.
Kelly Hogan struggled with weight her entire life. At age 25, she suffered from frequent boils, weighed 262 pounds, and was at a loss of what more to do. Her family physician saved her life by telling her to avoid carbs and eat meat. She lost 120 pounds, was able to conceive and deliver three children. Her mission for the past 13 years has been to share the same message that was shared with her by her doctor and to offer hope to those that suffer from inflammation, sugar addiction, obesity, and diet-related illnesses.

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