Will You Eat Ze Bugs?? Entomophagy with Dr Berry & Nick Norwitz, PhD

Will You Eat Ze Bugs?? Entomophagy with Dr Berry & Nick Norwitz, PhD

Lots of news articles about the benefits of eating bugs, worms, caterpillars lately and this has some people worried. Food scarcity is a real thing for over a billion people on this planet, and we need to solve this problem. No one should be forced to eat any food they don’t want, including ze bugs!
Nicks G. Norwitz, PhD completed his undergraduate studies at Dartmouth college, where he graduated Valedictorian with a major in cell biology and biochemistry. He then went on to complete a PhD in Neuroscience & Ketogenics at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom, prior to returning the Boston, MA to pursue his MD at Harvard Medical School. Nick’s interest in metabolic health derives from a personal struggle with inflammatory bowel disease – put into lasting remission on a ketogenic diet – and it’s his mission to make “metabolic medicine mainstream.” In the past couple years, he’s authored over 20 peer-reviewed papers, written a cookbook, and worked as a health coach. You can follow him on
Twitter: @nicknorwitz
Food as Medicine story: https://youtu.be/y2louDfTFt0
12 min on eating bugs! https://youtu.be/kzrNYsknOCA

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