San Antonio MEAT UP Presentation

San Antonio MEAT UP Presentation

San Antonio MEAT UP Presentation

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Those of you that are from San Antonio welcome and thank you for coming together to this Meetup so we can eat the meat have some fun eat keto boards do all the things that we love to do my name is Lindsay I'm here with Alyssa and Terry we're from my compass Wellness uh we have all transformed Our Lives With a Little Help from these two wonderful.

People here uh we've been at keto and or carnivore for over seven years and we now own a Health and Wellness Group and are excited to help those of you that have any other questions but even more so we are excited very excited to be welcoming Dr Ken Berry and Misha to Blanco barbecue today for this Meetup ladies and gentlemen I don't know about.

You show of hands how many people have been positively affected by the content of the sharing the knowledge of these communities incredible I my husband has watched me for over five years be keto but until Kimberly came onto the scene he'll come to me now and say hey babe Ken told me this today like oh all right.

Good doctor barely way to go another one guys I am very happy to introduce oh keep in mind um you make sure that you uh filled out a ticket and put it in the bag make sure you're not still holding it because we're gonna do some giveaways in a few all that amazing things oh yeah ladies and gentlemen it's why we're all here Dr.

Ken Berry thank you for making the drive I'm hearing four hours five hours who came further than that no that's it okay good uh Nisha and our honored that you guys all came jumping.

because as you may have noticed from the Coca-Cola commercials Santa needs some keto so thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming today uh I've heard so many positive things already from the people I've talked to I've heard from a school teacher who no.

Longer gives candy and cupcakes to her kids as a treat I heard from a nurse who are pamphlets into the discharge papers of her patients because she works for an institution that would now be happy with her if you were promoting a proper human diet and so she does the ninja maneuver here look this.

Up when you get Rebels isn't it that's that's that's a rebellious act isn't it when you do things like that that are against the normal convention and I want to I want to talk about that for a second because it's it's been weighing on my heart lately that this.

Needs to be talked about you guys are Rebels you are literally changing the paradigm of what it means to be a human being and what it means to be the proper human diet now anytime there is a rebellion there are people who are early adapters and who say yes this is the right way.

And they jump on board immediately um you guys may have some family members who are not early adapters who are like ah my doctor said keto's stupid dangerous no I don't I've got to have my cupcakes what are you talking about there's still hope for those people okay.

And I need all of you guys to be leading by example like I know you're already doing because you've already told me your stories but that's the that's the leadership we need people who are early adapters who say this is the way I'm not going to give up trying to save this person that I love I'm not going to.

Give up trying to save this friend I'm not going to give up trying to save my mom or my uncle or my brother we're not quitters you can listen to the stories in this room who've lost this much that much we've reversed this chronic disease that chronic disease that's not the language that's used by quitters.

And so as you continue to lead by quiet example and you're always waiting for that question how did you do that you look completely different you look healthy you look happy how did you do that that's the moment.

When you take the next step in leadership which is being a teacher which you guys are all qualified to do you do not have to be a PhD in MD a do a PA we have a physician's assistant in the house who's local to the San Antonio area so if any of you guys are looking for a health care provider who will not yell.

At you for eating a proper human diet I'm gonna have her stand up in a few minutes and if you guys want to find out where she's located here in San Antonio you can do so I just wanted to say thank you to everybody.

We are here because we love the keto community and we want to reach everybody everywhere um it's very hard for us to continue to see that this message is not getting out as much as we think it is like just being here um being around my family I see that.

We still have a lot of work to do there's a lot of diabetes in this area there's a lot of heart disease a lot of blood pressure issues and we really want to reach every single way once we're only two people but you guys are an extension of us and by me being here and asking questions and doing the work on your own.

Homes and understand troll to make changes in your health uh for yourself and your family in the future that helps us um so I know so many of you have thanked us for being here but really thank you for being here for playing an active role in this community by just following a proper human diet that in it in itself.

It's a really big deal so thank you very much you guys have all heard the story of David and Goliath right does anybody are you starting to kind of identify with David and I think that's apt because we are fighting numerous goliaths in.

This battle not only to improve our own health both physical health and mental health but to reach our friends and to reach our neighbors and to reach our relatives who are metabolically sick right now and they have uh some would say drank the Kool-Aid but really what they've done.

Is they just listen to the culture around them you know it takes two generations for something to become normal accept it that's just how we do it you've heard that that's what I've always eaten that's what Mom used to cook that's what grandma used to cook guess what that's two generations.

There are billion dollar vested interests who will lose money if you eat a proper human diet they spend millions of dollars a year advertising to you on television and magazines on the internet now that it's fine to have that cupcake just inject this.

Right it's fine to have that pastry you shouldn't be denied that just take these pills it's fine Kellogg's and craft times and Mondelez and Keller and and post and and General Mills they're gonna lose money if you are successful in reaching your friends Pfizer Merck sanofi are going to lose.

Millions if not billions of dollars if you convince your dad or your aunt or your grandmother to eat a proper human diet because the big food manufacturers are going to lose the money because Grandma's not going to buy that anymore but and the big former manufacturers are.

Going to lose money because now grandma doesn't have diabetes or metabolic syndrome anymore so the people with the money are going to lose in this situation the goliaths are going to lose and I'm going to see to that and you're going to see to that and you're going to do it by reaching.

Out to one family member at a time one friend at a time And when they see your transformation they're going to say they're going to ask the magic question how do you do that that question is Magic now it it it's very easy to want to proselytize when you've really transformed your health.

Isn't it you want to get on the street corner with the sign like that kooky guy right the end is coming he Keto but that's nobody listens to that guy some people honk at him to get out of the way but nobody listens to him you lead by quiet example you fix your own stuff whether that's mental or physical more.

And more research is coming out showing that mental health is absolutely related to the foods you eat and the junk you avoid be the light be the message be the solution and do it quietly and do it with dignity because you you you should have that you deserve that and when they ask that.

Magic question that you're more than happy to help does that make sense you guys are David and and the battle ends how you decide it ends because the goliaths are no longer in charge they still got the billions they still got the multi-million dollar ad budgets.

But they know something's coming this is being discussed in boardrooms all over the world right now what are we going to do about this how are we going to how are we going to squelch this don't think it's nuts call me whatever you want but bet me it's happening and I'm not going to let it stop and I.

Hope you'll be right there with me fighting against these gigantic would you say evil Goliath I don't know is the evil the right word when you're literally selling a product that makes people sick misinformed yeah I think a lot of a lot of people in the boardrooms are.

Misinformed they just don't know better what's the key word yeah yeah that's because y'all not gonna shut the hell up until everybody's heard about a proper human diet I just I just don't want to talk to Mike yeah you want to do some questions yeah.

Yeah absolutely uh do I think cgms as they come down in price will help people to to realize absolutely 100 yes uh if any of you guys are on Twitter you see me fighting daily with cardiologists and endocrinologists who are saying people don't need cgms that's continuous glucose monitor that you wear right here that checks your blood sugar every five.

Minutes it's almost as if they don't want you to know what the junk does to your blood sugar now I'm sure that's not true I'm sure that's not their motivation and a lot of these cardiologists and endocrinologists are are either vegan or plant-based that's that's what they.

Recommend to all their patients now what's a CGM going to tell you when you eat that big bowl of whole grain wheat with some almond milk and and then you have a couple of pieces of whole wheat toast with some sugar-free strawberry jam on it what's your CGM going to do.

And you're going to know right away that's that's that's not I can't eat that I've got metabolic syndrome I've got pre-diabetes I've got type 2 diabetes I have hyperinsulinemia if you only learn one word you've never heard of before today remember hyperinsulinemia because that's that.

That is the the Achilles heel of the entire plant-based argument the entire eat whole grains drink fruit smoothies all that falls to the Wayside when you say hey Doc will you check my fasting insulin so yeah cgms are absolutely and and guess how we make the price come down everybody that can't afford one get one.

And use it then when you've learned everything you need to learn in two weeks or four weeks gift it to to somebody you love you'd say hey if you can't afford it I'll buy the sensors here's the machine watch what the food does to your blood sugar what's your way cheaper of course.

The best way to do that is before you eat obviously 30 minutes after 60 minutes after a nine minutes after so if you cannot avoid a CPM you can still understand your body uh you just had to go about it and a little bit more painful the way my dad I want to be living here right now wow you would think I was sat in town.

but don't feel like you have to have a CGM to know your body even at appropriately and um time everything and then document what which is something a lot of accepting is documentation keep up with those things and do it for how long should you do that for okay.

90 days is a really good place because you're giving your body enough time to understand what's going on adapt what's going on what's going on we only do it for a few weeks you're not saying you really need to do any changes gather that data and move on from there but I just don't want people to thank glucose monitors somewhat magical it's.

Not any better than this service that you do so if you can't afford that it's okay you can still get it yeah absolutely can you imagine a cardiologist or an endocrinologist saying people don't need a CGM if you haven't been diagnosed with type 2.

Diabetes it's ridiculous for you to waste money and time on a CGM when over 80 percent of adult Americans have at least one marker of metabolic syndrome it is now normal in the United States to be sick that's the new normal are you guys okay with that.

I'm not even I'm not okay with that and so when a doctor says something like that to an obviously metabolically sick population either the cognitive dissonance is is off the chart or the misunderstanding is off the chart or they've got another motive I don't know all I know is that what they're saying is idiotic.

And we need to be the voice of reason in The Voice of Truth and the black and white voice and say dude here's my labs what are you talking about what do you mean I used to have an A1C uh who's got the who had the highest anyone seeing here give me your number 11.3 14.

9.8 yeah that's severe metabolic illness and how many of you guys had type 2 diabetes for years before your doctor found it if you'd had a CGM it would have taken you five minutes to immediately know something's wrong here question yes sir.

help us on that on that road map for reverse to type two because now if it's like three months and I I'm making recent changes in my sugars and things like that on my own but I really feel like I I don't have any tremendous.

Yeah yeah so the question is how do we find a doctor who can help us with this journey to reverse metabolic syndrome pre-diabetes type 2 diabetes so if someone's currently type 2 diabetic and they go to YouTube and they watch my keto 101 playlist or my keto or my carnivore 101 playlist and they start to actually Implement that.

You're talking about anywhere from three three to 12 months your type 2 diabetes will be gone you will no longer be a type 2 diabetic and we're talking about uh three weeks to six months that you your type 2 diabetes will be gone and you'll just be pre-diabetic that's a victory for any of you guys who are still pre-diabetic 100 you used to.

Be type two now you're you're pre-diabetic huzzah in three months he went from type 2 diabetic to pre-diabetic Santa Claus yeah I have a video on my YouTube channel called how to find a low-carb keto doctor.

Uh near you and in the show notes or five or six websites including where any Doctor Who's low carb keto carnivore or woke can go and sign up and so they'll be there all right now we actually have a local health care provider in the room where's my physician assistant buddy at did you stand up.

Where'd she go she maybe had to go to work there you are yes yes Angela everybody look at Angela live Angela smile I thought you said a PA no I'm so sorry no this is a medical doctor specializing in Family Practice my.

Grievous fault I'm sorry uh but she's right here in San Antonio how many of you guys did not know that there was a doctor here right so you need to get on the websites my friend sign up where are you at Texas.

Oh you know a few other doctors who are low carb aware it is it is it is it is Paradigm shifting is quite the challenge as we all know thank you doctor thank you um I'm not sure about all the doctors but I know the one I see.

Um uh excellent internal medicine doctor Dr Tamara t-a-m-y-r-a Rogers and she is keto aware um so just be open to that she's got a new apartment experience excellent excellent question.

we've got a carnivore doctor in San Antonio and what's the name again David Ramos there you go yes right yeah so his his family care doctor.

Is keto aware carnivore aware but she's very concerned about getting in trouble with the medical board or for her other partners and this is a very common scenario uh doctors are fairly risk-averse which is a good thing they should be but at the same time now that she knows the truth of a proper human diet it becomes almost her fiduciary and.

Moral duty to to recommend that to patients right and so what I would recommend is any of you guys I don't want you to be afraid of your doctor I don't want you to be disrespectful to your doctor I want you to go to your doctor and say Doc you know all that how I've been losing weight and my A1C is better I'm eating.

Keto I'm eating carnivore have you looked into that much because there's a ton of research about it have you looked into it at all and when you phrase it that way am I right doctor if you phrase it like that doctors are like huh because we're always looking for new stuff we're always looking for something that'll.

Actually damn work aren't we because so many things we use that Prescription Pad that we got carpal tunnel and nothing really changes a lot of the time and so for a doctor to find something that actually works if you say something like Doc I've reversed my type 2 diabetes so is my uncle so is my mama so is my Grandmama when you say.

Something like that could you please look into keto because I've been hurt I've been told there's a lot of research supporting you that's the way you talk to the doctor because if you can change your doctor's mind about that that's great for you and that's great for your doctor as well but guess who.

Else is great for how many other patients does that doctor have and once the doctor sees the Power of a proper human diet doctors are ethical and moral we want to do what's right but when you see that work over and over and over again guess what you're going.

To start recommending to to all 500 patients all thousands all five thousand depending on what what special you are you're going to start recommending a proper human diet because it would be unethical not to do so think about that I've had so many people Nisha and I who people reach out to us and say actually my doctor when I first.

Went he's like keto was dangerous it's dumb I'll fire you if you keep doing Keto six months later they brought us again and say guess what my doctor's Tito and he's recommended it to other patients because you cannot unsee this once you see the growing body of research about a very very low.

Carbohydrate Whole Food unprocessed ancestrally appropriate nutrient-dense diets what what what phrase did I just use that sounded irrational or or silly those are all good things and here's a diet that does that doctors are gonna they're gonna first try it yourself and then they're going.

To start recommending it when they see the power yes um Diabetes Association now has that as an option for treating type two so just to ask them to refer to that and now they've got that right so in the American Diabetes Association manual to Health Care.

Providers they now have an option for a low carb option now it's on page 287. but it is a an accepted way of uh dietary intervention for type 2 diabetes and the American Heart Association also has it in their guidelines now on page 345. that yes you can do low carb if you're a type 2 diabetic so if your doctor says.

No diabetics can't eat Keto you can say bro do you do much reading are you caught up or are you a little behind because the American Diabetes Association says low carb is a Bible and safe option for people with type 2 diabetes maybe when you get home tonight instead of watching you know ESPN.

Maybe you need to do a little bit of reading doctor with all due respect always add that at the end question yes okay that's awesome in the morning of what which which fledges blood sugar.

Okay yeah yeah so the question is um her husband's blood sugar is very high in the mornings and it comes down over the course of the day and this is very very common in people who are doing meat heavy keto or keto or carnivores that their morning blood sugar due to the dawn phenomenon and other things.

It's higher in the morning and it actually comes down over the day as you eat now anybody in this room who's still eating the Ada recommended diet on page one of the handout that's the actual opposite of what your blood sugar does it starts out pretty decent in the morning and then goes up.

Over the course of the day that doesn't happen to people eating a proper human diet and so yeah absolutely he could he could just go in later in the afternoon and say hey I'm fasting I know it's not morning time but I'm fasting so let's draw this now to win at 3 30 because that's when his blood sugar is going to be greater yeah absolutely yes sir.

They focused on helping patients with cancer navigate the insurance industry okay with metabolic syndrome and these other issues you're talking about is there a site that will help us navigate so that we can get the test done for our blood and our other things that we're concerned about there is a society now called The Society for metabolic health.

Uh practitioners okay and they have a website they have a certification program where a doctor can do some continuing medical education and get certified and they also have a standard of care manual now you guys have heard a standard of care right and so that's where a doctor.

Like you were saying earlier your doctors are afraid they'll get in trouble well if you're following a standard of care that's got you know a list of 300 resources and references and scientific studies referenced in it then you weren't just you know pulling stuff blindly out of your butt and just.

Thought hey I'll try this with Joe you actually following a standard of care and so it's yet to be to my knowledge it's yet to be tried in a court of law or in the the court of the medical board but just having that resource for having reams of research studies that's very powerful for a doctor to feel uh less exposed to risk.

Is that right so so it's the Society of metabolic Health practitioners or Healthcare practitioners and you can look that up and they have a they have many different CME modules but one is uh just to be certified as a as a metabolic Health practitioner and then you've got a standard of care manual that you can actually have in.

Your office as a healthcare provider and then if if the medical board comes which sometimes they do trust I know then you've got you say this is I'm I'm following this standard of care and then we can we can duke it out in front of the medical board or Duke it out in a court of law and I think I think the research is so sound that the.

Doctor's in a good safe place question yes yes ma'am yeah nothing surprised this is in Austin did you say thrive thrive Medical yeah and that's all you guys really need okay how many of you guys have figured.

Out that how many of you guys did not need your doctor's help at all reversing or improving your type 2 diabetes you just did it your own self at home see the hands you don't need a doctor now if you're if you're injecting insulin if you're on a handful of 20 medications then you it would be better if you found.

A doctor to work with I agree with that but so many people have just taken into their own hands like my doctor's not going to listen there's not a another doctor for 100 I'm just going to see if I can't do this myself and uh nobody's died and and tens of thousands of people have reverse.

Their type 2 diabetes but I'd much prefer you have a doctor who understands what you're trying to do yes sir foreign blood sugar by going for a two mile walk every day yes sir this guy's only lost 82 fans I don't we couldn't have had a better math.

And on that border of type 2 diabetes truly we went to the blood work get out there outside and the best numbers I've seen you beautiful thank you thank you anyway but we only have this area a lot of freebies for you guys uh so we're gonna get sort of getting that stuff away but first uh if you have more.

Questions for him please live everybody uh you can join for as low as stock pillars and we go live all the time in there we do pop-up lines random live scheduled live um and if you're someone who needs to talk to somebody it's not hard we will always do things for free.

All of our videos are on Rumble and also on Odyssey they're all there so if you have a problem with YouTube go to rumble go to Odyssey they're there as well okay so I didn't tell you where to go for that uh it is PhD Health dot community and it is in his bio or like a picture on his YouTube Banner links in his show notes it's on his.

Banner on Facebook and Instagram you know it's all over the place so and it's also in the show notes of this video it's right down there yeah yeah and so right now I have a very limited pride in practice I'm basically taking care of some older people who can't get out and see the doctor people who have been their doctor for over 20.

Years and I'm not taking new patients right now for a one-on-one basis if that ever changes then people inside our community that she was just talking about that's who's going to be notified first okay and that may never happen or it may happen next week I don't know but if you're like oh I would definitely.

Go to Tennessee and see this crazy then become part of the community there's it's such a tribe in there we've got how many people know 15 1500 people in there right now who every day it feels just like Facebooking when you're inside it except they don't sell your information you're in there who's part of the network right now.

There you go so if you've got any questions ask that person that just put their hand up we don't sell your information we don't collect your information it's just a try the people who've rediscovered a proper human diet and what it can do for them and they are eager and willing to help other people because that's why people come to that.

Network they're like how'd you do that dude how'd you do that Daniel I want to do that and Dan was like dude let me tell you here you go either we'll always thank you 24 7. it's like.

Um what's the news channel that is on all the time I don't be shy okay first of all if you're here today and you're like I really want to go up and say hi to Nisha and Doc but I don't know I don't know stop it get your ass up here say hi shake my hand give me a hug we'll.

Take a nussie don't be shy and then when you're out in the community also don't be shy you have stumbled upon something you found something that's powerful don't hide that Let it shine let it be available let.

People see that and when they see that often enough they might today they might block you like I'm so sick of her sharing those videos oh my God but they'll either they're either going to have chest pain and wind up in the yard they're going to have a a TIA a mini.

Stroke they're suddenly they're going to be hungry for exactly what you've got to feed them they're going to be hungry for the knowledge that they know you possess and they're going to be like what was that chick's name that was always posting those damn videos because I need that information now and.

I also now I want that information they're going to find you and then you just you literally save somebody's life how cool is that how cool is that you don't have to be an MD or a PhD or a do to save people's lives you can do whatever you do for a living and you can save the lives of your.

Friends and your family and your neighbors starting today thank you
San Antonio MEAT UP Presentation
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