Proper Human Diet Q&A with @NeishaSalasBerry & Dr Berry

Proper Human Diet Q&A with @NeishaSalasBerry & Dr Berry

Proper Human Diet Q&A with @NeishaSalasBerry & Dr Berry

Check out the video on Proper Human Diet Q&A with @NeishaSalasBerry & Dr Berry.
Wow look at you you're you're hot hi welcome back to you Hey Monday live it just seems like we did this just last week I know right I'm excited hey hey thank you guys for joining us we're so happy to be back with you we're going to hang out for the next hour and talk.

About all things nutrition medicine and stuff it's Joe uh we are so bad at introducing ourselves at the beginning of these so we're trying to get better at that uh you know why I know we're bad at this because I watched two crazy ketos and they're really good at it you know what we need to get better at that I love.

Their intro yeah yeah go ahead this is Misha Solis hyphenberry she is a registered nurse was an LPN before that was a CNA before that she is now a certified lactation consultant she is a exemplary example of the female gender she is amazing she is the mother of of my children.

Beckett and Bonnie Blue and she is my best friend in the whole world with over 20 years of a patient experience um he has held his own health issues with a proper human diet and we've been doing this Monday Night Live thing for a really long time yeah I used to be fat and ugly.

And keto he was not ugly well it's not ugly it was less less pretty but he started his YouTube channel five years ago yeah we have been doing this q a thing since then yeah first on Facebook now here hey Holly crazy thank you so much we're happy to be here for us in the comment section will be.

Friends we usually have around 3 000 people watching on the live so we can't get to every question but they help us get to a lot of them so thank you guys for being here and helping us out let's get started let's get started you have any announcements uh yes so the first announcement is that we will be going on the 2023 low carb Cruise which.

Is June of 2023 and we sail out of Galveston Texas and that's exciting because I have family in Texas so we're happy to do that Chewbacca can you see right there oh Lily's over here and so if you're interested in that I think Dr Berry has put the link in the show notes I have not but it is low carb is that what I wrote down over there.

Yes low carb if you're interested uh Bruce with us nurse Cindy will be on there I think two crazy ketos are y'all gonna be on there too some good people it's always a good time and we're excited about that Daniel um Nisha worked on a vlog all day it's gonna be really amazing when you post it.

Tomorrow on your channel I'm finally back to it she's back in the group her channel is just Misha on YouTube n-e-i-s-h-a that's me all right let's take some questions let's do it we got Miss Janice June keto carnivore for six weeks blood test results now total cholesterol up from 215 to 300 since December LDL is 206 HDL 81 triglyceride.

63 all other blood work is normal is this okay I'm healthy overall person yes Miss Janice that is fine your triglycerides and HDL cholesterol are exemplary a lot of doctors who are not learned enough would worry about your high total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol but more and more research is coming out to show that that's the.

Least of your concerns uh I hope that you checked in A1 saying it was normal and a fasting insulin or c-peptide and they were also normal if so congratulations you're now metabolically healthy Brian thank you for the super sticker is that a corgi it's pretty cute two of our girls have corgis Melinda's got a good.

Question um yeah Melinda hey Nisha my daughter's having her first baby and thanks on Thanksgiving yay congratulations how can you help long distance with lactation so for most women I can provide as much as they need very very few women need Hands-On things it's mostly education support and uh the ability to ask questions and that sort.

Of thing so I will be able to take virtual clients now there are a few things like if she maybe has a lip tie or tongue tie that would come in that she would need to see someone face to face but for the most part lactation is mostly about support and education so keep an eye out I'll have uh lactation consultations up and running in the next.

Month Susan can my doctor refuse to see me if I won't take uh trovastatin or can I lose my insurance for refusing to take you probably cannot lose your insurance but uh the doctor-patient relationship is a bi-voluntary relationship which means that your doctor can fire you at any time for any reason and you can fire.

Your doctor at any time for any reason uh in this respect the doctors just like your hairdresser or your mechanic if you guys are getting along and it feels like a good partnership you can continue but at either time any anytime either of you can cancel that relationship um if your doctor refused to see you because you won't take a step and I'm.

Glad your doctor did that that's a good thing now you have an opportunity to find a doctor who understands true metabolic health and how to reverse the the chronic diseases of my modernity that we currently suffer from uh Melinda yes she would need to see a consult me or someone else before baby it's much better to be prepared than have to catch.

Up after baby gets here uh so let's give a shout out to Joe drace who is was 400 pounds and it's down down to 353 since June 1st Nothing is Stopping me now that I understand how to keep up that's right Joe huzzah Kathy is going on the cruise she made her reservation today who wants to cruise with us.

So much fun Marcia's excited about my Vlog thank you Miss Marcia hey Marie thank you very much for the Super Chat hunt in says it's been carnivore since March 1st down 60 pounds and reversed my sleep apnea how can I maintain my current weight without losing more so Carnival where key devour keto are not weight loss.

Diets you're like I've been losing weight yeah I know they are weight optimization diets as your weight approaches your ideal body weight your ideal body fat percentage your weight loss will slow down and indeed many people in this chat will tell you that those last 10 15 20 pounds come off really really slowly so don't feel like.

You're just gonna dry up and blow away as granny Berry says you're going to go to your ideal body weight and then as long as you're eating until satiation eating to your stuff you're not going to keep losing weight doesn't work that way your body's very wise very anxious very intelligent it knows what to do just feed it the right food all right Joy Joy.

Joyce is my mother and sister just on eating for her blood type what are your thoughts okay first of all this is your mother so be respectful be loving okay but the blood type diet is complete and utter foolishness I can remember sitting at the remember the high table over at the old farmhouse that's where I would sit there and read.

The blood type diet book in one night and uh initially I was like wow this is sexy I like it and then I'm like when I get to work tomorrow I'm going to look up some you know some references and then the more I researched the more I was like this doesn't make any sense there's literally no science to back this up blood type has nothing to do.

With your diet uh Carmel says I just completed my first week of Triple B E and I lost seven pounds I would love to continue but I need to get more creative since faith is so expensive right now all right so Carmel you can absolutely use cheaper cuts of beef ground beef chuck stew meat those type of things that's still beef.

You don't have to buy the grass-fed grass spinach types of cuts rib eyes those type of things the main thing is to make sure you're cooking them in good fats and eating plenty of food so uh you don't have to spend a whole lot of money to eat beef I know prices are going up yep it sucks but um I don't think that's gonna change anytime soon unfortunately.

And actually the prices uh for meat and produce they have one up due to inflation but they've only went up anywhere from five to fifteen percent depending on the source of information but the highly processed crap in the middle of the store some of that stuff's went up 20 or 30 percent plus they've made the boxes magically smaller.

So inflation's going to get you coming you're going you really should just pay the money and eat the food that gives you the best health that you can afford don't feel like you have to buy the most expensive you don't that's right build life says hey Doc when I read labels and when I read labels and they say less than two percent corn syrup and sugar is.

This an amount to still be concerned with when fixing arthritis along with weight loss it's a valid question and if all you can afford is stuff that has that little bit of maltodextrin corn syrup sugar uh tribes and if your arthritis continues to approve then that's your answer but if your arthritis tends keeps flaring up that's also your.

Answer Eric Dr my PhD is going great except when I vigorously exercise I don't have the strength and endurance that I had on the former standard American diet so the vast majority of people can work out or work on the farm or work in the backyard just fine on a carnivore ketovor keto diet if you are doing an elite level.

Workout like you're training for a division one football volleyball soccer or you want to be a competitive bodybuilder you might those are inappropriate uh not proper human activities and so you may have to tweak your diet you may have to add some fruit right before you exercise in order to do that at Elite level workout but the vast.

Majority of people including some Elite level athletes have amazing performance so probably you just need to give it some more time for your body to really adjust and be completely keto adapted if you want to follow someone who does vigorous heavy lifting exercise keto Savage and his wife both a very heavy meat ketogenic diet and.

High fat as well and they share lots of information on their YouTube channel no hey Marie thank you so much for the sticker thank you uh Julie I see your chat but it says message retracted I don't know what is happening so weird that is not us doing that no not us um you guys are welcome to share this video.

We've got uh 2400 watching right now every time you share this video on your social media it helps us reach new people who've never heard this before who don't know that type 2 diabetes is reversible so please share this because you could literally change the trajectory of someone else's.

Life someone maybe you've never met Tim carnivore 10 weeks A1C down two points I've lost 20 pounds just tested with high protein in my urine creatine 215 microalbia and creatine with 615 should I be concerned about my kidneys my GFR is 75. perhaps uh definitely you have the early signs of stage one CKD it does not mean that you're gonna have.

Chronic kidney disease it does not mean it's going to progress if you continue eating the diet you're eating you'll reverse those findings within six to 12 months so I'm glad you checked that lab work I'd also go back and look at your old lab work and see how it looked you may have had those same findings then and your doctor just didn't tell you but.

I would definitely repeat that in three to six months and I think you'll see it slowly improving uh Clark wants to know will you be at low-carb Denver nation and Dr Berry I will be at low carb Denver Misha and Beckett Bonnie Blue will not be February February in Colorado no thank you yeah I don't like winter as it is.

It's Tennessee River Winter's bad enough for you right no for me yeah she's like nope not doing uh Lindsay I'm trying to fix my hypoglycemia after pregnancy already Keto good keep lowering the carbohydrates and give your body time to heal hypoglycemia unless you're on some medication that's causing it is almost uniformly caused by the the insulin.

Spike after you eat too many carbohydrates so as you continue to eat very low carb this should get better and better unless you have an undiagnosed insulinoma keep that in the back of your mind you probably don't but just keep that in the back of your mind did you already take my other shoe yeah she already got one.

Okay Dory says Be says Beaver is still cheap eat your liver yeah yeah a lot of the time some of the best cuts that get ignored are the cheap cuts that are most nutrient dense like liver and chicken feet and duck feet which uh we showed in my video on my channel from White Oak pasture which is a great place to order.

Meat if it's in your budget so make sure you're not neglecting those type of cuts too this is Lily my girl this is our Chewbacca my girl she needs a haircut it it's time for her to finally get a haircut she's crazy I don't know where Togo is he's with Bonnie oh okay yeah okay uh all right Mr.

The Hashimoto's has caused severe damage mine was left untreated for years yeah I don't think everybody can come off of their uh thyroid replacement hormone uh especially if you're hypothyroid and there's been enough damage done that your thyroid just can't put out what it means you're probably gonna have to be on a lifelong dose of thyroid.

Replacement hormone do not think of it as a pharmaceutical because that's not what it is some people including Nisha with Hashimoto's who caught it early enough are able after what two years two years of carnivore and ketovor where I mean almost all of my nutrition was from meat or me products like eggs and you know Fish seafood that type of thing.

Yeah yeah but many people notice they don't need as much thyroid hormone replacement so they're able to decrease from 100 to 50 or from 90 to 60. so cjk says my doctor's refusing to check my hormones are there any companies you can recommend for ordering my own blood work working on finding a new Doc but I want.

Answers in the meaning yep true Health Labs is a great company online on your Labs it's another great company uh probably what you need to do because you also need a doctor who's going to fix your hormones after you get them diagnosed is do an internet search for the large city near you say it's Denver you're just going to search bioidentical.

Hormone therapy Denver so whatever that big city is near you and you'll find four or five docs who'll order all these labs for you and they'll also know how to do the hormone pellets or the hormone cream or the hormone trokies or whatever you need to get your hormones optimized Randy is there an electrolyte drink mix that does not have any sugars or sugar.

Substitutes which may have an impact on blood sugar levels negative impact oh that's a complex question um so there are many electrolyte drink mixes that do not have sugar they're you they sweeten uh Stevia some of them are unsweetened unflavored uh Redmond's relight is one that's what I'm drinking right now element has unflavored and.

Sweet and so if it's unflavored and unsweetened it's not going to have any impact on your blood sugar but also no impact on your insulin either and I think for some of us who are still very metabolically ill you need unflavored electrolytes 100 percent uh two crazy ketos has a link if you guys are interested in the unsweetened.

Electrolytes there's Kevin PhD mentor and two of my favorite people on the planet Rachel and Joe who will be at Arkansas which is coming up who is going to be there in person September 17th uh it's sold out in person but you can watch it on keto Chow's YouTube channel the whole thing the whole thing for free thanks to ketocho we love you guys.

Uh all right second exercise no uh Julie my husband and I have been on Carnivore since February I want some down to 5.5 from 6.6 HDL 49 LDL 161 triglycerides 240 for it and 730. could his allergy pill or Triumph terrain hctv HCTZ affect these yeah so the HCTZ is raising his blood sugar some and that could definitely.

Have an effect on that is triglycerides are still high which tells me that he's probably still eating too many total carbohydrates on average each day for his personal physiology so even if he's eating keto right now he may need to crank down the carbohydrate intake knob down to key to four or maybe needs to do 90 days of carnivore and then recheck.

And I think you'll find them to be perfectly normal at that time Ally hey guys okay to a nutritionist who says that you shouldn't listen to a medical doctor for advice on nutrition since they weren't taught much nutrition and medical school so it would depend on the nutritionist and what they were recommending and on.

The doctor yeah because the the nutritionist is exactly right they get much more training in nutrition but unfortunately the training that they very often get is sponsored by big food corporations in fact many of the uh schools of dietetics are are basically fully funded by Kellogg's and crafts and Mondelez and PepsiCo and Coca-Cola so.

There's that but also most doctors if they have any sense at all they're going to go back and do some self-study about nutrition once they hear about a proper human diet and how you can reverse type 2 diabetes fatty liver lower blood pressure and all these things are like I need I need to get caught up on my reading how are these other doctors.

Doing this in that case you should listen to that doctor uh and if this nutritionist is talking about Dr Berry and she disagrees with what he says is oh my gosh I was showing them I know okay um there's a great book called The dietitian's Dilemma that you can maybe get wonderful to your nutritionist and.

That would maybe a registered dietitian Michelle Hearn good friend of ours great it's a great book for the nutritionist thank you Wendy for the Super Chat I don't know how to pronounce that IRS cute pets raid uh red Common Sense labs and had a doctor appointment today.

Uh here's to Better Health health and starting carnivore I am feeling shaky and uneasy any thoughts make sure you use enough salt make sure you're getting enough fat make sure you're getting enough electrolytes and make sure you're eating until you're comfortably stuffed do not portion control yeah it's usually solved a lot of people she's starting to.

Get enough that's why I said that first yeah yeah also what is common sense Labs anyways what's what's so nice yeah Kim Howard and I wrote this book comments no we don't have a physical copy it's in the mail common sense is the website you can get a an electronic version or you can get a paperback version and uh we're gonna.

Have a paperback version here one day so I can show it to you but it basically explains to you which Labs you need how to control your doctor into ordering them even gives the ICD-10 coach your doctor can put on your form so the insurance will pay for them and tells you what the normal range is but also what's the.

Optimal range you want that lap to be in I think it's going to be a very uh useful book for many people uh the link in the show notes got it Lily is he cheats only until it be five months old next week so it's crazy it's gonna be even.

She's a sweet dog rod says hey Doc and nurse thanks for what you do I've been carnivore for a solid month and starting to have calf muscle cramps and heart pounding intermittently I've been taking sea salt and electrolytes will this pass it probably bumped the electrolytes up man really make sure you're getting plenty of magnesium and potassium those.

Are the two most common electrolytes that would lead to either one of those symptoms if the heart thing continues go see your doctor yeah yeah Aurora thanks for the steak thank you thank you Aurora I love it thanks.

Granny Berry my 92 year old granny is watching this from Alabama she lives with our with our folks down there if you would please it makes granny Barry's night for people to say hi to her and where they're saying hi from if you wouldn't mind because it would make granny Berry happy she loves that Eric says we have a seven-year-old overweight.

Son started him and others on keto today helping for weight loss for him is keto safe for little ones yes if your little one is a homo sapiens sapien which means basically if you brought him home from the hospital with you then they're human they need to eat a proper human diet it is applicable to every human on the planet without exception regardless of.

Medical condition regardless of what you've had surgically removed regardless of what age you are from five months old to 105 years old you need to eat a proper human diet thank you Ashley all of our kids our kids are either on keto or will be on keto are a form of Keto 100 they're gonna eat.

Real human food yeah we if we say that it sounds crazy but it's like but that just means they eat real food meat and veg that's what they that's what they're going to eat Beckett loves berries strawberries and blueberries he loves bacon and eggs he loves cheese he loves nuts yep does that sound like a diet or does that sound like yep and that's a.

Great hack if your doctor just freaks out every time you say the k word or you're afraid they're going to just say I eat a diet consisting of all natural meat veg a few nuts and a few berries that's what I eat and your doctor'll be like oh that's good yes keep that up Ashley thank you so much for the sticker uh Russell says can carnivore improve my.

Ejection fraction so being in ketosis is being shown more more and more in cardiac research to improve ejection fraction stroke volume and even people with quite severe heart failure turns out that their heart actually Burns ketones much more efficiently than it does glucose so I predict that you'll you all will see.

Over the next five to ten years more and more cardiac recommendations uh well and what they'll recommend is there I'll tell you right now within five years there's going to be an FDA approved pharmaceutical Ketone that's going to happen 100 going to happen and of course they'll write you the prescription for that but you know that instead of paying.

Ten thousand dollars a month for this exogenous Ketone that you have to go through prior approval and co-pays just to eat keto and you'll make all the ketones you need for free and this will help your heart beat more efficiently and more strongly David hey guys love you guys love you back could you go over why there's no.

Fish or chicken on Triple beanie other than the obvious it's not be perfect yeah so the beef butter bacon and eggs challenge is just that a challenge um what we're trying to do is make this simple rememberable repeatable uh and and it's very satiating now if you'd like to include a cold water fish like sardines anchovies uh Herring mackerel.

That's totally fine on your uh beef butter bacon and eggs challenge you could call it the BBB and EE EF challenge right but it's just a challenge it's just easy to remember it's why we say it that way and also yeah and most of them that are on beef butter bacon and eggs those are close to one to one fat.

To protein ratio which is really good for most people so tracking macros is you don't have to do that you don't have to do any of the complicated stuff it's just eat this eat till you're full eat when you're hungry free bands says what kind of diet are you on candy Barry MD so I eat a proper human diet that consists of meat and.

Eggs with the yolk and Misha is on a proper human diet that consists of fatty meat eggs with the yolk some vegetables a few nuts a few berries our son who's uh two and three quarters years old right now is on a diet a proper human diet that consists of fatty meat eggs with the yolk some vegetables a few berries and a few nuts our baby Bonnie.

Who is seven weeks old is on a proper human diet that consists of breast milk right now those are all the PHD specs yeah vegan X says why do people who eat I don't think they do vegan mix so you're referring to the Seventh-day Adventist um study that was done but here's the.

Problem see they don't drink uh alcohol or smoke cigarettes and they're also very active and that probably has a lot to do with it right but here's the thing there actually was a study that compared seventh day with the Mormons the Mormons are also very vigorous active intelligent people they also don't smoke.

They also don't drink alcohol or caffeine or caffeine they live just as long so you keep all these studies done by plant-based researchers they'll Cloud your judgment you'll be like oh see the seventh day they live like no but no they don't no also the blue zones are horseshit I don't know if you've never heard me say that before.

I've actually been to Guanacaste in Costa Rica uh I'm we're going to eventually visit all the blue zones and when I was in uh Costa Rica every meal had pork every meal had either either pork broth or pork in it or some kind of meat or some kind of egg um van buettner is not a scientist not a MD not a PhD he's a journalist and he.

Also believes in a plant-based diet so you get all these uh preconceived notions that they then purport to you as facts when not in fact it's not fact Wendy thanks to both of you low carb anti-inflam flims down 32 pounds yes feeling great I was surprised my A1C is 5.7 it hasn't moved I do have Hashimoto's could this.

Be affecting it may it may be a little bit uh also if you're still taking any prescription medications they may be affecting that as well 5.7 is not terrible you're only one tenth of a point uh from Norm so keep doing what you're doing it sometimes takes people's metabolisms a few months to get back to normal check it again in three months.

And keep eating very low carb between now and then and I think you'll be very happy oh yeah behind somehow come on woman we got 3 000 people blame YouTube Jeff thank you Jamie thank you my trucked up life love it former seven.

Year vegan carnivore now for one month my triglycerides are 59 HDL 59 LDL 126. good my doctor wants me to eat fruits and veggies best way to clear arteries yeah that's dumb so uh the sugar in grains and vegetable seed oils if you have any artery clogging that's what caused it so your diet is going to prevent any further artery clogging and.

Probably we'll reverse some of your existing clogging if you give it a long enough time 3 000 people watching tonight so those of you who have shared thank you so much hitting that like button sharing commenting all this stuff helps us reach new people if you're new type new in the comments yeah who's new type it don't be.

Shy just talking you Tammy type 3C dealing with flare-ups of gastritis for four weeks issues with oxalate potato and chicken wish I could be cool carnivore can I how can I heal it by being full carnivore I'm sorry I know just keep and don't worry you don't have to switch overnight just keep slowly converting and you're.

Going to notice your symptoms get better and better and better welcome welcome guys welcome to the tribe Jason what a dilemma girlfriend seems to react negatively to everything except ruminants and sweet potatoes but she hates the taste of meat and she only wants to eat 100 potatoes any advice well Jason you're not her daddy I mean.

You know she may call you that sometimes but you're not um let her eat what she wants to eat you eat what you know is right for you and uh if you guys grow apart then I mean maybe that was for the best potatoes like if you just think that if you ate both.

Irish potatoes and sweet potatoes so you had a colorful variety of potatoes and purple so many vitamin and mineral deficiencies after six months yeah I don't recommend that diet maybe you can talk some sense to your lead by quiet example don't be nagging or whining yeah that doesn't help yeah.

Yeah maybe tell her to follow some chicks her age that eat the proper way and see if she can relate to them yeah steak and butter gal Michelle Hearn um Lily who else for me not little dog Misha yeah she has her own YouTube channel or on Instagram she has a Twitter which she's never on paper sticker you are amazing how many.

Of you guys think Misha needs to get her butt over to Twitter and help me fight nobody we're fighting for the health of the world here not two T's how about some advice on what to drink on Triple D E very simple water sparkling water black coffee unsweetened tea yeah boom.

Jamie mitral valve gradient 17 no symptoms after four days three months of carnivore keto didn't even do that and I've been keto six months yeah carnivore is pretty magical for some medical conditions definitely for every metabolic Condition it's magic Eileen said she doesn't need that stress.

She needs to relax and feed that baby right B Rose says nope no Twitter she needs to be on Twitter Jody hey Miss Jody GMA 54 and Mom 75 both died of chronic heart disease had a CAC of 19 back in 2016 at 50 years old how long in the key divorce should I recheck and what numbers should concern me yeah A1C in February was Five.

Points oh that's a great A1C so I would do a year of ketovor and then I would get your CAC rechecked and as long as it is 22 or less then you're that's that's perfect that's what you want uh author Agustin a cardiologist who basically came up with the whole concept of the CAC Score says that as long as it.

Doesn't go up more than 10 a year that you're winning and so really if yours is under 25 you're golden Aurora says hello Granny Berry I've been lurking for a while now from Baltimore can I reverse gum disease with triple B and E love your energy and your contact yeah now some of if you've got had severe gum disease for years and you've.

Got quite a bit of recession not all of that's going to come go back to normal some of that's going to be permanent but the the redness the swelling the pain the bleeding all of that stuff as your as your mouth microbiome gets better and better by eating zero sugar very very low carb yes gingivitis periodontitis uh all.

These things even uh grade one and grade 2 cavities will reverse and improve and go back to normal but uh Sun you might be stuck with some recession uh because of the the permanent damage that's been done good to see you all right there was a potato diet out there yes I had a cousin who ate the.

Potato diet she had the grapefruit diet it was a fat diet that came and then went because it doesn't work all right there's another gird deep Rye it says your message was retracted I'm sorry I don't know why I gotta look that up after Kim thank you don't be a twit no to Twitter I agree uh.

Robin less than 20 carbs and no diabetic medication since about middle of April A1C lower than when taking meds but blood sugar is staying in the 130s um I'm 74 can I hope for lower blood sugar and how long is reasonable yeah so three months to 12 months is is the reasonable time period but let me tell you this if you have a normal A1C then.

That blood sugar should not be nearly as concerning to you because that means that the physiological blood sugar your body wants you to have is not glycating as much as the artificial blood sugar spikes you'd be getting from eating a high carb diet those would be causing glycation so sounds like you're doing great I'd have.

To see your other lamps and know for sure but um that A1C is beautiful uh Gertie okay we got it here Keto eight pink heart palpitations I ordered element and I've eaten pickles in the meantime and zero Gatorade perfect yep they make sure you're getting plenty of salt your heart needs salt your heart.

Loves salt salt to taste it says excited to hear about for while pregnant and breast participating yes my top tips are keep it simple and especially when you're pregnant in the first trimester media versions can happen to a lot of women so just eat what you can and I have a lot of I have several videos on my YouTube.

Channel about what I was eating in the first trimester so check that out and then while breastfeeding as long as you continued eating your normal proper human diet during pregnancy there's no reason to worry about anything afterwards just continue keep on keeping on now if you had to get off of it or you slid off or you just were like.

Forget it I'm just gonna survive pregnancy like it's fine okay but don't change back to keto overnight just slowly decrease your carbs 20 to 50 over several weeks and don't do that until you've already established your supply usually that's the first two weeks after baby gets here so just relax take care of baby for two weeks and then start.

When you feel good get back into it but don't feel like you have to switch that flip right now and it has nothing to do with keto's bed for breastfeeding it has to do with the stress changing from a high carb diet to a low carb diet and sometimes that can cause fluid shifts which can decrease Supply but as long as you're going slow.

And you're just giving yourself some Grace it's all fine I'm going to be doing a lot more information stuff and I have an e-book that I'm going to be giving away as well which has a lot of stuff in there so Brittany if you're not following me on Instagram go follow me at Nisha loves it because I'll be posting a lot over there Angelic.

Annihilator welcome back thoughts on colonial silver some swear by it yeah colloidal silver if properly made and that's very important is is great as an as a antimicrobial on your skin I'm not a big fan of ingesting it uh Silver's not an essential mineral uh and now one thing that our ancestors used to do a hundred years ago 200 years.

Ago the reason they made eating utensils out of silver is because of the anti-microbial qualities of silver so if you want to use some silver then get some real silverware that's at least silver plated and that way uh you're going to have that silver in your environment and also buy a an ounce of silver and put it in your washing.

Machine it'll make a little racket that's that's a southern word for noise when you're in the spin cycle but have just having that silver in there will cut way down on the bacterial account in your laundry and as long as no one steals your cell over out of the washing machine then you'll just have less bad bacteria in your clothes but colloidal.

Silver ingesting it yeah that's just it's probably not necessary at all and if you ingest too much you will have a permanent blueness to your skin it's called blue man syndrome you can do an internet internet search on that right after this live if you want to see some eye-opening pictures of people with blue skin Buck says Nation needs to do a.

Video on Hollandaise sauce yes please do that one of our favorite she's made it it's freaking Divine chef's kiss divine Diana I've been doing keto for a year happy to be down 75 pounds I think help love you congratulations now Diane Diane Diana Diana Diana are you listening now.

It's time for you to start teaching your friends and teaching your family because they've all seen your example they are watching you from a distance going damn she looks good now it's time for you to teach them how to do it I've worked for 7 awakes ate ground beef with no problem then switch to grass-fed made me sick and I threw up now previous.

Ground brief is making me sick he needs a gesture um yeah uh if you're if you're throwing up after each meal you need to see your doctor this might have nothing to do with your diet um there's nothing in grass-fed beef or Supermarket beef for that matter that.

Should make you throw up you know repetitively routinely like this you may have something else going on if you future Breeze my sister keeps asking why I don't need Viber she is worried yeah so tell your sister that fiber is not an essential nutrient uh human beings have no need for any minimum amount of fiber this is a current Fad in the nutrition.

Community uh there's no truth in this at all uh the the story of how fiber even became a thing uh it revolves around a Doctor by the name of Burkett and it's a great story you should look it up it's fascinating basically he went to I think Africa and was studying some natives there and they they because of a geographical trapping they didn't have.

Access to animals so they lived on a plant-based diet and they had multiple huge ginormous poops every day and they also didn't have any colon cancer and so Burkett just made the mental leap ah if you eat lots of plants You'll poop a lot and then you won't have colon cancer no research done nothing proved it it was just his literal opinion and it all of a.

Sudden became magically true there's no research to back it up whatsoever Samantha I'm wanting to add runny you add it raw or does it need to be if the shell of the egg is uncracked when you crack the egg if it looks normal it has a normal smell always smell anything you're about to give your baby I think it's perfectly fine to give.

Your baby a rug absolutely but if there's any crack in the Shell if they don't look right if you're a female intuition you're like I don't know that is SAR right there then don't give that to your basement had runny egg yolks not raw but they were running yeah still raw on the inside yeah but you might want to lightly cook just the outside and.

Because any bacteria that's where the only place it could possibly be yeah Linda many people with chronic congestive heart failure or other heart diseases are told to avoid salt it is a recommendation that is based on no meaningful science whatsoever the human heart it is mandatory it has to have a certain amount of sodium or it will not.

Pump efficiently it will not pump strongly enough uh there's quite a bit of research and growing research that shows that if you salt your food to taste and you're in ketosis that even people with moderate to severe heart failure their heart function improves morning hey morning hey morning it's fairies my doctor called me today.

To ask how I lowered my triglycerides because she needs to do the same I told her the secret that's it Marnie taught her doctor how to eat a problem this is this is awesome this is how I want all you guys to do it you don't have to be a doctor or a dietitian to teach other humans the diet that fixed your health.

All you got to do is wait for them to ask right don't be on the on the street corner preaching holding up a sign wait till they ask and then teach them did you mention the salt fix as a reference the salt fixed by Dr d nickel Antonio has some great information about heart failure and the low salt diet it's not it should not be recommended at all.

Um Robin Nisha no to Twitter but I miss you on YouTube well you're in luck because I'm vlogged today and it will be up tomorrow so if you're not already subscribed to my channel and you want to see a day in our life and what we eat and what and hear me sing I couldn't hear Dr Berry singing and see Bonnie Blue then head over to my YouTube.

Channel hit that subscribe button and I'll see you tomorrow all right let's see let's see here Luke sorry if you already answered but do you see any issues eating bacon or sausage that has dextrose in the ingredients and salt with caking agents yeah so first of all Luke salt is good for you not bad for you secondly try to find a sausage.

Or bacon that's completely sugar-free but if the total carbohydrate count on the nutrition facts is zero for a meaningful serving size so if they're not like oh one third of a strip of bacon no that's not a serving how many pieces are you going to eat if it's still zero grams of carbs then they just use sugar in the curing process and.

There's probably no sugar remaining in the food all right everyone's saying how to grainy Berry they love you Granny Berry Carl did you want something did you point at something no uh no it's 7 45 7 45. Carl I've been low.

Carb since February last year if I'd take six milligrams of Jan Tobin but my PTINR is one if I don't take it for a while is that a bad thing so a PGI and rf1 that's normal that's that's what somebody's uh INR would be if they didn't take anything to thin their blood at all uh you need this is one you need to to clear with your doctor and many.

Doctors will keep prescribing anticoagulants uh for longer than you need them now some people need to take them for Life some people need to take them just for a year or two years and so make sure and have a conversation with your doctor saying now are you sure I should keep taking this or have I taken it long enough.

Craig Lacey may be useful to a lot of folks who do you recommend to have your own lab test done we just we talked about this earlier but we'll say it again I'm using your new guide but my doctors are humanitive yeah so the ideal situation is is when you have a conversation with your Doctor Who considers him or herself to be your.

Learned Health partner and they agree to order the labs that you need that's the best situation and in the in the book Common Sense Labs we try to give you some strategies to do that but if your docs just won't do it then Common Sense Labs no no um own your Labs is a good website I think it's and then also.

True health is a good lab and I've got a link to True Health Labs on some of my YouTube videos about the ones about c-peptide and fasting insulin they'll have a link to True Health Labs in the show notes uh and what Craig was talking about is that the reference book is called Common.

Sense labs in Dr Berry and our friend Kim Howerton put that together you can buy it online as an e-book or a physical copy the link is in the description yep right it is in the description common sense and for those of you who don't know Kim Howerton our good friend she ran around with undiagnosed low thyroid.

Hypothyroidism for 20 years because of her idiot doctors and that's not I'm not cutting them down I'm just stating a fact did not order the full Lab panel and that's that's one of the things that compelled her to write this book with me is there's how many hundreds of thousands of women out there right now with undiagnosed Hashimoto's or low.

Thyroid and their doctors like oh it's all in your head here's some Lexapro there you go honey you're just you need you need something for your mood and it's you have undiagnosed thyroid disease so that that's one of the reasons we wrote that book and we go into great detail about the thyroid labs he also wrote This Book.

Yes I did which he never talks about I'm talking about it lies my doctor told me do you know how long I went without basically seeing my husband while this book was being written so please support him and make make it worth it actually right now it's number one in several categories on Amazon so you can buy it.

On Amazon and it is on Audible but it's not his lovely country voice sorry country what oh you don't think you have accent no you don't have an accent hell no you step it up a notch what if we did the whole live just like this well she's let's do it girl you know to some people that's probably.

Just what we see if you're from Seattle that's what we sound like Donna I'm having fun making my own meat treats in my dehydrator do you have any suggestions or on a Channel or two that has good recipes and tricks for dehydrators hmm I tell you who should have a YouTube channel about using a dehydrator is our.

Good friend Amanda Willis she dehydrates everything and is really good at it and has great recipes but she won't get on the YouTube channel and talk about it if you're watching Amanda I time to get busy it's pretty simple to do meat treats you know it's just uh add your own seasonings and you do spicy and savory and I don't know a whole lot.

About dehydration we just made the same old deer jerky over and over again so I don't like which was divine one recipe whoa hey well YouTube Bertha hello I love you guys I have spine nerve disorder narrowing of the.

Canals spondylolisthesis and have had two and a half laminectomies with fusing does carnivore help with the condition or surgery is the only way so Bertha before I had any more surgery I would do 90 days of beef butter bacon and eggs because in many cases although your pain is real there's no doubt about that in many cases it's.

Caused by inflammation in the tight little spaces where you're where you're uh spinal nerves are trying to come out and so if this is the opening and this is the nerve if there's edema and swelling and inflammation then the nerves getting pinched and nerves do not like that and so by eating a very uninflammatory diet for 90 days beef.

Butter bacon and eggs the inflammation calms down then all of a sudden the nerve has got room to move around again and it stops sending you pain signals or at least the pain signals are not nearly as severe I'm sorry if that looks vulgar yeah you're crazy hey Michael Moss thank you very much.

I'm trying to get to all of you uh for those of you who are new we do end are live at eight o'clock so if you're sending super chats try not to send any like two minutes till Laura Spath I think has some good recipes with meat yep she's a great resource we love her yeah shop BC can you describe how bad it is to yo-yo on keto I want to entertain.

Some guests and then some restaurants with them while they're and enjoy restaurants with them while they are in town so a lot of people think that if you somehow combine keto with regular poly processed high carb food that that's somehow multiplicatively bad it's not it's just like if you were an.

Alcoholic shot BC and you're like I'm gonna go two weeks without drinking that's good that's good for you and then I'm gonna my friends are coming so we're gonna go after the weekend I'm gonna drink well that's bad but it's not worse since you didn't drink for two weeks that you now are drinking do you understand the highly.

Processed high carb food made of sugars grains and vegetable seed oils are slow poison so anytime you don't eat them that's a good thing but and I I would opine that you can go out with your friends and you can have a great time and not eat any of those Foods a lot of times when we go to restaurants that are fun like with friends we order things.

Off the appetizer menu because they're fun but they're mostly like so we'll get pork belly or oysters those type of things so they're fun to eat with our friends we don't have to like suffer the consequences of eating something that wouldn't actually be enjoyable because then we go home and.

Feel like crap for three days so you know entertain that idea you know Love Lies my doctor told me this book is so amazing oh thank you guys I do have a Kindle version as well too I'll bet one of you guys needs to buy a copy of Lies for your doctor just saying Christmas is coming you know when's.

Doctor's day that's when everybody should John can I do Triple B and E and never eat any other thing than that forever yeah sure yeah you can actually uh especially if all the meats are pastured uh and grass-fed yes yes you want the chickens running around eating bugs and eggs that you get the the bugs and worms.

And they'll eat eggs too okay they're omnivores they'll eat anything but you want them to not just be eating grain you want the cows if you can afford it to be eating actual grass uh you want the Pat the pigs to be pastured eating acorns and grub worms if you can't afford it because those meats definitely have more.

Nutrition those eggs definitely have a little more nutrition but if all you can afford is the cheap stuff you can do just fine with hot dogs and mustard and bologna and spam and potted meat um did you know that Underwood actually makes liver worse in a little can just like the deviled ham they have liverwurst and I I bought a whole case.

Of it when I found it I was so happy uh seven young says my girlfriend has been suffering with horrible fatigue constantly uh progressively getting worse through the last two years she's on many anxiety meds birth control they just ordered 12 Labs on hormones any thoughts yeah so first and foremost Siobhan it could be some of the anxiety.

Medications more and more researchers coming out to show that that anxiety medications depression medications mood stabilizer medications are grossly over prescribed and they can have disastrous side effects one of which is severe fatigue and so I would take a look at all the anxiety meds with fresh eyes uh the birth control is probably not.

Causing this although it is increasing her risk there's more and more women saying that they've affected been affected mood and fatigue-wise yeah but definitely it's increasing your risk of breast cancer ovarian cancer blood clot and Heart Attack by taking the birth control um not saying stop the birth control get.

Knocked up I'm saying yes all that needs to be looked at her diet what's her diet if she's eating a high high carb highly processed junk diet that's contributing now there are a few medical conditions that that can be very severe that the first symptom is really chronic progressive fatigue so she really needs to go see a good doctor and and lay out.

All these symptoms and say look are you sure I don't have some weird condition where my nerves are demyelinating or something because I mean literally I'm you know my fatigue is getting worse quickly decks dicks new here wondering what's a good alternative to using seed oils when using an air fryer yeah welcome Dex.

Welcome we're glad to have you air fryer yeah so air fryers you don't need anything typically add fats yeah so after you cook your food in the air fryer you can put butter on top that is a wonderful PhD approved fat you can you can use beef Tallow you can use bacon grease I'm not sure how you do it in an air fryer but you can put it on after so.

What if you're doing like brussels sprouts or something a lot of people will toss or oh okay I know what you're saying like they spray avocado oil on a lot of things to make them stick you don't necessarily have to do that if you want to you can heat up the fat put it in a metal Bowl toss your veggies or whatever you're cooking in the middle.

Bowl and then lay them into the airfryer and that should work do you know how good your broccoli will taste if you toss it in melted um Bacon fat and then put some Redmond's seasoned salt on it whoa yes throw some garlic in there oh yes yes okay okay for a minute I was like yeah.

Thank you Amy all right any last minute things that we need to discuss oh let me see my list right there let me make sure I've talked about it oh we're going to be at Kita palooza oh yes with our good friend Autumn uh if you just search for Keto palu as in Louisville because it's in Louisville Kentucky so l-o-u-za or you.

Can just look up watch Autumn keto on YouTube and Instagram and Instagram and you've got all information there I'm pretty sure there's still tickets available and uh Autumn and Dr Perry will be doing a live coming up in the next week I think yep we are yeah and then also if you'd like some recipes of foods that we actually eat and have had.

A hand in designing there is a Blog called cooking keto with that you can go and and it actually has a list of Dr Barry's favorites and you'll soon have a list of nisha's favorites if you watch from cooking keto with faith yeah I have a few of my own but mostly they're Melissa's yeah which is confusing.

Because it's called cooking Kia with faith that's her dog that's her daughter yeah yeah but it is Melissa's recipe and they are delicious some of our favorites include meat well they've got a they've they've got a meat-based chili that's freaking amazing keto chili a lot of you have.

Tried it you know it's amazing um she makes really good horoscope if you're a Puerto Rican girl like me yeah Cubano or in any way Hispanic you know well it's designed after my Puerto Rican Abuelita's recipe it's so good it makes me cheat on Carnivore with keto a little bit every.

Time she makes it and I go I gotta have a spoonful of that somebody is really interested in these arm pains okay they want to see them they want to see them these are these are Farm arms okay this is from cutting down trees and flipping logs all you nurses yeah yeah oh yeah you could get a 18 right there easy without even looking you could get a a.

Uh a Big Calf needle right here all right and barbecue bologna yes she shared that the other day so good so good so go check out that blog if you're getting bored there's a ton of recipes mostly now they're all nature some he doesn't.

Some of them are not carnivore but they're all proper human diet yes absolutely let's say what we in a day no it is and we share lots of things over there in our daily life recipes what we feed our kids all that good stuff you can actually just click on her name and the.

Title of this video it'll take you straight to her her YouTube channel go subscribe you can sub and hit the Bell ding ding new video up to model oh good I can't wait to watch it I'm gonna give it a good thumbnail thanks thanks so much for hanging out with us for this hour our crypto rise if you didn't get enough.

Of this tonight we're going to be live again tomorrow at 6 p.m inside of our private community on if you got a question you really need the answer to that's the place to go there's a link in the show notes you can sign up and we have four extra live q and A's every week inside of our patreon community with an instead of 3 300.

People asking questions there's 100 200 300 so we're able to answer way more questions and much more detail you get to meet people who are really awesome make it such a great tribe we're going to see a lot of you at The Summit in a few weeks like yeah I can't wait see you next week see you next week.

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