Proper Human Diet Q&A with Dr Ken Berry

Proper Human Diet Q&A with Dr Ken Berry

Proper Human Diet Q&A with Dr Ken Berry

Check out the video on Proper Human Diet Q&A with Dr Ken Berry.
Hello hello youtube world how's it going dr ken berry here i'm going to be hanging out with you for the next hour or so answering as many questions as i can that you might have about nutrition medicine medications diagnoses lifestyle sleep fasting.

Etc so i'm gonna try to answer a bunch of questions i'm live on youtube and on instagram right now so pick your favorite platform and then share this video to your other favorite social media so that i can help people who have never heard my name before.

There are people out there who have no idea that there is such a thing as a proper human diet they have no idea that the foods that they're not eating are harming them and that the food like franken substances that they are eating is causing harm to their body and to their minds and so i'm going to.

Try to be spreading that message and answering your questions and we're going to get started here first let's start with miss cindy she says why am i losing my hair i've been doing carnivore for 33 days now so miss cindy any weight loss plan that you do this is well documented.

And every everybody who has kind of been a weight watchers coach or any kind of other weight loss coach knows that when you're losing lots of weight you're going to have some hair loss losing lots of weight is a stressful condition for your body your body doesn't know what that what why that's happening.

It doesn't know that you're currently severely obese it just knows that you're losing lots of weight and in the environment that we evolved in and have lived in for 99.99 of our time on this planet if you're losing a lot of weight that's a bad thing only in modern times.

Where the big food corporations want to feed us sugar and grains and beans and vegetable seed oils and big medicine doesn't want to tell us that that's bad for us they just want to give us pills and tests and procedures and surgeries we are we have an obesity epidemic an overweight epidemic and.

Epidemic of type 2 diabetes fatty liver and many other chronic conditions and so we all definitely do need to lose the weight but your body doesn't understand that it just it thinks there's a famine they think something's wrong and so hair uh doesn't serve as big of a purpose evolutionarily speaking as your liver or.

Your eyes or your brain or your heart and so the hair is going to be one of the first things that that is a a protein dense thing that your body builds your body's going to stop wasting protein on that it's going to stop wasting energy building that hair and so anytime you're losing lots of weight lots of fat you're going.

To lose some hair that's going to happen i have a youtube video all about why this happens and what you can do to kind of minimize it if you're on keto keto or carnivore you're going to be eating all the nutrition that your body needs to build the hair but if you're losing lots of weight it's still going to freak your.

Body out at least temporarily good question all right let's see good morning ivana from melbourne where are you guys watching from in the world right now tell me in the comments what city would state what country what continent please tell me if you're watching from.

Antarctica because i've yet to have somebody truly watching from antarctica there's not many people who live there or rotate through there so i'm hoping that that one day i will have a person from the seventh continent and i can i guess you would call that a grand slam.

If you have somebody watching from all seven continents you're welcome to listen to this paul if you don't want to watch you can listen to it just like a podcast you can put your phone down and go about your business yeah eva's got a great question she says will your body stop losing weight when.

You reach your ideal body weight and so your body does know what your ideal body weight range should be and once you start getting close to that ideal body weight range ideal fat percentage range your body's going to really slow down the weight loss and i have to tell people all the time that keto ketovor carnivore they are not.

Weight loss diets they are weight optimization diets so if if you're currently underweight and you go on keto you're not going to lose weight if you're eating to satiety eating until you're comfortably stuck you're not going to lose weight you'll probably gain weight.

On keto or carnivore but if you've got lots of excess stored fat that you need to lose then keto or carnivore gonna make you burn that fat so it's a weight optimization diet and that's that's one of the many reasons i call it a proper human diet because if you if you take somebody who's currently severely underweight and you put them on.

A weight watchers diet which is portion control and calorie restriction they'll lose even more weight if you don't do if you don't calculate their their needs properly but if but you don't have to calculate anything on keto or carnivore you just eat lots of fatty meat and eggs with yolk until you're stuffed so you can't.

Eat another bite you can add a little veg if you want you can add a few nuts if you want a few berries if you want optional but as long as you're eating until you're comfortably stuffed you're not going to lose below your ideal body weight now keep in mind.

That in our current modern society if you get close to your ideal body weight to many many of your friends and family members you're going to look too skinny because they're not used to seeing people who possess an ideal body weight they're going to think something's wrong with you you've got cancer you're.

Smoking meth why are you so skinny okay and that's that's that's kind of a new development in modern society used to back in the 1920s if you were fat and then you lost back down to a normal weight everybody congratulates you you did a great job you look wonderful now people start to think maybe you're.

Smoking something or there's something wrong with you if you get down to that low of a body weight all right let's see melissa says high blood pressure 160 to 170 over 100 i failed my dot physical yep yep that'll happen i'm breastfeeding mama carnivore with dairy since april the 4th bp not going down please help um so.

Breastfeeding mama if you still got lots of stored fat to lose and you're still metabolically ill your blood pressure is not going to just come down to normal overnight it's going to take a few weeks or a few months for that to happen you may need to see your primary care doctor and temporarily get on a blood pressure lowering medicine.

So that you can pass your dot physical so you can get out there and make your money right and then because a proper human diet is not going to fix things magically a proper human diet it's not magic it's physiology and it's going to take a few a few days a few weeks a few months and some people it might take a.

Year for all their metabolic markers including their blood pressure to get back down close to normal so get on a get on an ace inhibitor or an arb and get that blood pressure down so that you can pass your dlt physical and keep eating a proper human diet doug warren says 14 days carnivore 19 pounds down booyah not hungry i went.

From 420 pounds down to 401 pounds uh was i started at 620 pounds when i discovered keto back in 2015. so for so many people low carb is the first step then they discover keto and that takes them to the next step then they discover carnivore and that brings them home.

And it doesn't necessarily mean you have to remain a carnivore for the rest of your life okay you can use carnivore as a 90-day or a 180-day tool as a temporary hack get the weight down where you need to get the blood pressure get the a1c down where you need it then you can start to drift back into keto add some vegetables.

Add a few nuts add a few berries see how it goes right then you can play around within the proper human diet spectrum well done duh keep it up photo bob says any studies that show keto can help with chronic prostatitis uh it's a stubborn issue many guys suffer with and it's hard to get answers yeah photobob it is hard to get answers.

They're currently i don't know of any published studies about keto and prostatitis or benign prostatic hypertrophy either one there are some in the pipeline there are some being planned and some that are going to be performed but they haven't been performed yet my what i would tell you is you.

Definitely need to eat a very low carb nutrient dense ancestrally appropriate diet if you are indeed a human being which i know you are photobombing you need to probably cut out the dairy completely photobob except for butter and ghee many men with bph or prostatitis notice that their prostate symptoms get markedly better on a dairy.

Free keto and when i say dairy free i mean the dairy protein and the dairy sugar i think butter and ghee is fine i've got a youtube video about bph now prostatitis is a little different if your prostatitis is just from inflammation then the diet is going to help you and.

Get rid of the liquid dairy if your prostatitis is infectious in origin then you're probably going to have to take a round of prostate antibiotics thanks photo bob for the super chat thank you anita allen for the super chat cecile says does lactose intolerance ever go away on a phd that's an.

Excellent question cecile and thank you for the super chat so lactose intolerance is not a defect 75 percent of human beings on the planet are lactose intolerant as adults now no one is lactose intolerant as an infant as a baby as a toddler unless they have a genetic defect all infants and babies and toddlers can they can.

Tolerate lactose just fine because that's they're supposed to drink milk but after the age of four five six seven years of age 75 of people three out of every four people on the planet lose their ability to tolerate lactose this is not a defect this is not a this is not pathology this.

Is normal no adult mammal drinks milk and no adult mammal should drink milk including you cecile drinking milk as an adult is a is a luxury is a a splurge is it but is in no way healthy for you it is not ancestrally appropriate you don't need to be drinking milk as an.

Adult and that goes for raw unprocessed milk as well i think raw milk is less bad than homogenized pasteurized milk i think a2 milk is less bad than a1 but that does not make them good it does not make them ancestrally appropriate for adult mammals to drink.

So stop beating yourself up because you're lactose intolerant that just means you're normal and that just means you need to listen to your body and stop trying to drink something that's not natural for an adult mammal to drink cecile thank you andrew are there changes to a standard.

Keto diet when your gallbladder has been removed same protein and fat ratios yeah andrew it's the same it's the same diet it's a proper human diet okay you need to be eating high fat adequate protein very very low carbohydrate that's that's what a proper human diet is uh and now.

If you've had your gallbladder removed when you first start keto or carnivore you may have to transition slowly instead of just changing overnight it's not going to be dangerous if you just say okay that's it tomorrow morning i'm starting carnivore or keto that's not dangerous but you're liable to have some gastrointestinal symptoms.

You might have disaster pants you might have lots of bloating and gas you might have constipation if you come at it too quickly without a gallbladder so if you don't have a gallbladder you 100 can do keto i've got a youtube video that explains that in more detail on this channel but you may have to start at slower and.

Come at it slower and transition over a month or two thanks for the super chat not two teas what are your thoughts on cheese as part of the carnivore diet uh i okay so full disclosure i love cheese freaking love it i would eat cheese every meal of every day if i could get away with it.

But as i said earlier no adult mammal it's not normal for an adult mammal to ingest dairy protein as an adult now the protein the casein protein in cheese has been acted on by the microbe and so it's it's bent the the molecular shape of it that's why it's no longer a liquid that's why it's now solid.

But and so that for most people that makes it somewhat less inflammatory makes it less bad but it doesn't make it good doesn't make it optimal does it make make it a perfect food for a human adult uh so what i would do what i do personally is every now and then i'll.

Have some cheese a small amount of cheese as a dessert because i freaking love it but to make cheese a large part of my daily meal my weight would go up 10 pounds i would start to have some abdominal bloating i would start to have some skin inflammation i've i've experimented with this multiple times.

Because as i mentioned previously i freaking love cheese and so i've tried every every trick in the book to try to make cheese part of my keto and indeed many people have tried that because it's delicious it's wonderful cheese but in the end i've had to look in the mirror and admit.

Yes yes ken you love cheese but it is not part of an ancestrally uh appropriate diet okay have it as an occasional treat have it on your anniversary your birthday christmas but cheese for most adult humans should not be part of their daily diets.

Thank you matt says which moisture moisturizer should i use for psoriasis on my face i had derma e with neem burdock burberry vitamin a and e only formula has changed now i'm flaring up so matt what i would do first of all is fix your diet i've got a video all about psoriasis and what in the diet particulars that you should.

Follow and if you don't believe that works read the comments in that video so many people are like when i first saw this video i thought you were full of crap and then they come back a year later and they're like no you're absolutely right my my psoriasis is better now than it's ever been.

And so what you want is a moisturizer mat is an oil you don't want to a water water is not a moisturizer for human skin water actually dries your skin out more and you probably already know that you want an oil you want as a as natural and oil as you can possibly.

Get for me we nation i both use beef tallow we buy it from epic it's very very clarified uh purified beef tallow and it's it's very white and pure looking and thick and you can get two fingers in there and put it where you need some moisturize moisturization also make sure you're getting plenty of.

Iodine mat that's a big big thing for psoriasis and eczema and many other skin conditions if you're not getting enough iodine your skin's always going to be dry and crackly and flaky so make sure that you watch my video about iodine rich foods and eat one or two or three of those a week and then use beef tallow another great.

Is coconut oil that's a great moisturizer i think it's not quite as good as beef tallow but it's pretty darn good deep in what ha can my lazy eye be cured by a proper human diet and any other tips for the same many other eye issues but this is the most major one.

So almost always deepen a lazy eye is is because of a musk a weakness in a muscle one of your ocular muscles or an anatomical defect so it's probably going to take a surgical procedure to at least improve your lazy eye eating a proper human diet is going to.

Help your vision in many many other ways and your other mental and physical health but it probably won't fix your lazy eye myrna hey thanks merna from the super chat what a sweetheart i like what is that a fox kurt bro is there a reason fluoride is.

Toxic it's on the same row as iodine which is needed in the body that's exactly right and kurt bro you're actually on you're actually getting very close to your own answer uh granny berry would say oh you're getting warm you're getting warmer that's right a fluoride fluoride is a.

Fluorine actually is a halide just like iodine and chlorine there's another one that's that's very rare doesn't really occur in nature uh further down but they're in this they line up that's right and so what happens is one can knock the other off of the receptor and so uh bromide and fluoride can knock.

Iodine out of the iodide symport in the in in the iodine receptors on the thyroid and fluoride and bromide can muck up those receptors so that iodine can't attach and so even though you might have plenty of iodine in your diet you can't use it and you look like that that you have low iodine or hypothyroidism because you've got too.

Much fluoride in your system blocking up your receptors or too much bromide both of those are very common things that muck up your iodine receptors and that's i think i think fluoride has some negative effects in other parts of human health as well uh there's some studies that that make fluoride look very worrisome when it.

Comes to childhood iq childhood brain development uh bone development tooth development uh yeah so get plenty of iodine and try to minimize the amount of bromide or bromine try to minimize the amount of fluorine or fluoride that you get in your body at.

Least that you swallow good question eva advice for eye health on carnivore my doctor says right i optic nerve is bigger than normal but i'm carnivore i don't want to be blind so keep following up with your eye doctor uh eva hopefully an ophthalmologist.

This sounds like this is probably out of the optometrist's wheelhouse definitely if the optic nerve is bigger because of optic neuritis in inflammation then a carnivore diet may indeed improve that at least to some degree there's many reasons why one optic nerve can be bigger than the other.

This is a conversation to continue with your eye specialist as you continue to eat a proper human diet little little's mom how can a person get the most benefit from fat soluble vitamins vitamin a d e and k and benefits from cod liver oil without a gallbladder so what you're going to do is you're.

Going to eat you're going to ingest the vitamins as they naturally occur in fatty fish in fatty egg yolks that's where you're going to get your fat soluble vitamins okay cod liver is an excellent source of most of the fat soluble vitamins i don't recommend cod liver oil because it's almost always rancid and oxidized.

Um especially if it's in a gel cap but even if it's in the bottle that you take a a spoonful it if you keep it refrigerated and in a just a blacked out bottle so the light can't get to it that's going to help a little but it's still going to be oxidized and rancid to some degree so i.

Recommend that you watch my youtube videos about how to get vitamin a d e and k i've got videos about all four of them on this channel soon as this lives over you can watch those and that's the kind of fat soluble vitamin that's going to be the most absorbable and usable for you even if you don't have a gallbladder okay because even if you don't have a.

Gallbladder to store and concentrate bile your liver is still making bile every day the only way you don't have bile is if you've had a liver ectomy in which case you'd be dead so you can still benefit from all this soluble vitamins because you're still making bile but you need to get them.

From the foods that they naturally occur in and i tell you the list of these foods on my youtube videos so you led better if carnivore isn't for weight loss what can i do in addition to lose weight well if you've got more weight to lose sea lead better it is a weight loss diet but if you're.

Underweight then it's it's a weight gain diet it's a weight optimization diet maybe i misspoke earlier but if you've got too much stored fat it's going to help you lose that but the last 10 to 15 pounds see let better as i also said earlier that's the hardest to lose because you're getting closer to your ideal body.

Weight okay so you're going to have to really really have a tight diet and that doesn't mean portion control or restrict that just means you need to make sure everybody's a food that goes in your mouth is part of the proper human diet thank you stephanie for the super chat perfect patches says strong heart.

Pounding and chest pain two weeks into carnivore after switching from keto doctor says nothing's wrong with me other than that i feel great i'll investigate further with my doc what are your thoughts uh it sounds like you may not be getting enough salt or you may not be getting enough electrolytes.

Um those will be the most likely things that are going on sometimes when you convert from keto especially if you if your keto before was lots of keto treats and keto baked stuff then you switched to carnivore you're going to have a another diuresis like you did when you.

First want keto you're going to pee out 5 or 10 pounds of unhealthy fluid that you were storing because of the the carbs in that highly processed keto food and some electrolytes and salt are going to go with that fluid and sometimes that.

Can leave you with an electrolyte imbalance that although it may not show up in your lab results it's still there and tachycardia is one of the things that can happen from that temporarily anita allen says will you have a phd conference this year yes we're having one in september in nashville.

Make sure you're subscribed to this channel and then also if you're not a patron on uh they're gonna get first dibs to the tickets and there's gonna be about 200 tickets and so if you sign up as a patron now you'll you'll get the first dibs announcement when tickets are available for the september conference.

In nashville tennessee darby eight weeks on the lion diet per your suggestion type one diabetes and graves disease up to eating two and a half pounds of beef organs in fat one meal a day no graves meds for two weeks with no issue glucose control getting better doctor won't run an antibody.

Panel said it's too soon so you've been doing this two weeks yeah your doc's gonna want to wait about six to eight weeks before they recheck your antibodies uh and that's appropriate that that's appropriate to wait that long because otherwise you might not get a true picture of of the change that has occurred so you keep eating your lying.

Diet and wait another four weeks get those antibodies checked and uh make sure you're monitoring your pulse and make sure you're monitoring just any any signs or symptoms of high thyroid you know what those are you've read about this since you have it.

Thanks for the super chat tired looking for name speaking about cod liver at what age is it okay to give cod liver to a baby so beckett had cod liver for the first time when he was six months old cod liver is very mild it comes in a little tin just like sardines i think it's three or four ounces of cod.

Liver per tin and i just took a little baby spoon and just dipped some and gave it to him and he loved it he ate it up i put a little salt little redmon's red man's real salt you guys tried that yet if not you need to check that out uh on it and he ate he ate four or five bites of it which you know for a six month old that's that's that's a lot.

And he still eats it anytime i open a can i'll give him a bite or two but there's there there's no age limit when you should start giving babies real human food uh if you follow the principles of baby-led weaning when they are able to set up unassisted when they're able to grab things and put.

In their mouth when they were reaching for your food that's when it's time to give them uh some some of your food you might want to chew it before you give it to them or you might want to just give give them something soft like cod liver it's nutrient dense it's like literally like giving your baby a multivitamin.

That also has added omega-3 fatty acids and when i say omega-3 i don't mean ala i mean dha and epa the exact omega-3 fatty acids that your baby's brain is looking for and uh beckett's pretty darn smart and i think part of the reason that he's so smart for his age he's not even three years old yet and and he blows most.

Five-year-olds out of the water i think it's because his brain got lots of dha and epa from his diet and from his mom's diet when she was pregnant with him he got plenty of vitamin d he got plenty of iodine and then he also got plenty of all the other vitamins minerals amino acids and fatty acids but i think those that i call by name.

Are very important for a baby's brain development both in mommy's tummy but also once they're here they've got to have those things and keep in mind that if mom a breastfeeding mom if she's eating a junk diet her her body's not miraculous so if she's living on cheetos and ding dongs and pepsi.

Her breast milk is not going to have much vitamin d if any it's not going to have much iodine if any it's not going to have much in the way of omega-3 useful omega-3 fatty acids because she's not eating them you gotta eat what's going to be expressed in your breast milk very important.

Lillian says i have been on keto for three years if i try to re introduce carbs i immediately gain weight and glucose goes up is this because i'm not metabolically flexible i am 63 years old no lillian if this is because you're a human being a 63 year old human being you are by definition a low carbohydrate mammal.

You're not supposed to eat a high carbohydrate diet now kellogs and mandalas and nestle uh general mills kraft heinz they would love for you to believe that you should be able to eat lots of carbohydrates and that be okay but that's just not true that's not physiological facts the fact is you're a.

Homo sapien sapien you are by design a low carbohydrate mammal and if you eat too many carbohydrates you will spike your blood sugar you will spike your insulin and you will start to store fat that's just how it is lillian you're you're still trying to go back to the the fake fad standard american diet.

And that's not that's not the way humans are supposed to eat you can have some carbs on your birthday and your anniversary lillian otherwise you need to eat a proper human diet kelly too much strict omad no caffeine no dairy down 20 pounds and have much more to lose but will taking gabapentin for cervical stenosis.

And nerve pain um for better sleep mess with my weight loss goals tremendously kelly yes i'm sorry but gabapentin which is generic for neuron uh also lyrica or pre-gabalin these guys slow down your weight loss dramatically they don't make it impossible but they're gonna slow down your progress.

Big time i'm sorry but yeah yeah they will so maybe as you continue this proper human diet your pain and stiffness will get so much better that you can wean down the gabapentin maybe stop it but at least take a lower dose and that's going to help with the weight loss gregory thank you for all you do oh.

Gregory thanks for the super chat my friend it's my pleasure i'm never gonna stop yeah serena says i lost my hair after i had a gastric bypass yeah very very common and any bariatric surgeon will tell you that you're going to lose a ton of weight you're also going to lose a ton of hair because.

You're losing a ton of weight that's exactly right uh mc says is spirulina required on keto or carnivore no spirulina is not required by any human on the planet all right good questions you guys kathleen had to wean off gabapentin and.

That helped her weight loss paulo says gabapentin is awful awful i mean it does serve a purpose but as soon as you can wean it or get off it i highly recommend you do so highly recommend dave is a sleep apnea sufferer dave i've got a whole video about sleep apnea on this channel watch that uh.

Fatty tongue is something you don't hear a lot about but most people will sleep at me a half fatty tongue and the proper human diet reverses that darby we got gregory mona i want to make homemade ice cream for a special occasion what is the best sugar substitutes for this i think xylitol maybe stevia uh some people.

Really like monk monk fruit extract what do you guys who've been doing keto for years what would you recommend as a sweetener for homemade ice cream for a special occasion nisha berry says aguilos come say hi show them your tank top she's got baby drill on her so she can't she can't.

Thank you stephanie erythritol monk fruit monk fruit allulose yep there you go the answer is in the comments yeah i think any of those are fine to try for a special occasion uh aka a rare occasion jordan my doctor says i have arthritis in my big toe i broke it about a year.

Ago and the pain never went away i have i have spurs developing around it and it hurts with every step any advice jordan if you have not already done so immediately adopt a proper human diet i've got over 600 videos on this channel that'll help explain to you what that is and why that's going to help i'm afraid that after you injured that.

Toe you followed your doctor's advice and you iced it down and you took anti-inflammatories and these things can actually delay healing and also lead to improper or incomplete healing and so now you've got some spurs developing uh at this point if if a proper human diet hasn't made it.

Much much better in 90 days you may have to talk to the doc about a surgical correction for this it sounds like it may it may have went too far lillian said what i meant was healthy carbs i can't eat a bit of yam strawberries i never eat processed foods i get it lillian i'm not i'm not i wasn't accusing you of eating ding dongs.

Uh but for some of us and it's usually those of us who are older who fatten easily who are tend to be very metabolically insulin resistant i'm one of these people so i'm speaking from experience i'm not just yelling at you we just we don't have the luxury like if i eat if i eat blueberries and.

Strawberries every time becky berry did i'd gain five pounds if i eat yams if i eat yams as often as i wanted to eat yams i'd gain 20 pounds yams are delicious uh sweet potatoes delicious but they are they are just big orange sacks of sugar lillian there's no meaningful nutrition in them now.

Strawberries are fairly uh nutrient dense uh way more so than yams but uh you're just like me you you need to be mostly carnivore or you're gonna gain some fat and you might you might feel like that's not fair but that's the metabolism you were dealt and so i would recommend you optimize.

That lower w says my aunt's in the hospital they already took one kidney out other one's not doing so good i suggested keto but doc just pushing a no salt diet is salt bad right now anything else that might help now yeah so uh eating eating salt to taste has never.

Ever led to kidney failure in a human being ever okay it doesn't work that way what has led to all of the chronic kidney disease the polycystic kidney disease and the the you know kidney failure people being on dialysis is too many carbohydrates too much sugar too many grains too many.

Too much vegetable seed oils too many beans that that's what's led to this okay lower w so if you can any anyway lower the carbohydrate intake of her diet that's going to help protect her remaining kidney and she needs to salt her food to taste there's adequate research that shows.

That a low salt diet is is not only going to put that other kidney at risk it's going to put her heart at risk as well a low salt diet is not a healthy diet grump texas low keto uh low keto number on keto mojo test been.

On keto diet since 210 lost 35 pounds what am i doing wrong grump texas you've lost 35 pounds since february you're not doing anything wrong okay a lot of people shouldn't even buy a keto a ketone meter because they're.

Going to be then now be trying to gain that number and get a high ketone reading if you weren't doing this right you wouldn't have lost 35 pounds in two and a half months okay you're doing this right as long as you're keep your ketone level on a ketone meter not a not a urine test.

Strip but a blood test is 0.5 or higher boom you're that's it that's beautiful keep doing what you're doing but i don't even think it's necessary to spend the money on a ketone meter if you don't have that money to spend don't worry about it you don't need it if you eat low carb enough by definition.

You're gonna be in ketosis all right got all those super j wilson says how do i know if i'm in ketosis i've got a youtube video that explains that there's some subjective and some objective signs and symptoms that'll let you know if you're in ketosis uh.

I don't know how to sell your handle can you eat olives on a carnivore diet so olives are not meat okay so with that being said if you want to eat what that would be if you're eating olives on your with your meals every day that would be a keto vor diet which is kind of a hybrid between keto and carnivore and.

I for many people a keto or diet is perfect for them uh just eat lots of fatty meat eggs with yolk you can have some dill pickles have some olives have just a little bit of veg here and there but mainly fatty meat and eggs with yolk and that does great for many many people some people don't have to be carnivore.

Dawn says what about water-soluble vitamins do we need a supplement since you don't get any of those from meat so dawn who told you that you don't get any water-soluble vitamins from meat and eggs you get lots of them especially if you're including.

Some liver once or twice a week either cod liver beef liver chicken liver goose liver pork liver doesn't matter sheep's liver but if you're eating fatty meat and eggs with yolk and then liver once a week you're getting every single vitamin that your body needs all the water-soluble vitamins are going to be in there.

Okay now you might say well wait a minute there's no vitamin c in meat uh that's wrong you've been told wrong fresh meat does have a small amount of vitamin c uh liver has quite a bit of vitamin c some species of liver has quite a bit more.

Vitamin c than other species but uh the the kicker is is when you're eating a very low-carb diet you don't need nearly as much vitamin c and so you're going to get all the vitamin c you need from fresh meat and from liver once or twice a week i'm mia music i am eab music both times i've.

Done a 72 hour fast my bowels went through erratic timing and consistency will it stabilize with further longer fast it might stabilize or it might not um doing a 72-hour fast you should have specific therapeutic goals why am i doing this 72-hour fast this is what i want to accomplish.

And some people have less bowel output on a 72-hour fast some people get loose stools on a 72-hour fast neither is dangerous neither is bad neither is going to impair the goals that you've set for yourself the whole reason you're doing the fast.

So keep doing your 72-hour fast you're going to get all the benefits hey lenard in houston texas let's see here what we got pat says do not do serious fasting until medical professional consult so pat it depends on what you mean by serious fasting if you're talking about.

A 24-hour fast or a 48-hour fast you don't need to consult the doctor at all for that humans have been doing that for over 3 million years now we're very good at that if i took you pat and locked you in my closet and didn't feed you for 24 hours you'd.

Be just fine you would not develop any deficiency you would not have any medical problem you might have a panic attack because you're in my closet otherwise medically you'd be perfectly fine there's no danger whatsoever now if you're going to do a 72-hour fast or longer i would highly recommend you read dr jason fong's book.

The guide to intermittent fasting he goes into all the details if you're going to do longer than a seven day fast you might need to consult a doctor otherwise humans have been doing this a long time we know how to fast our body completely understands what's going on with the fast there's no danger whatsoever as.

Long as you're doing just a one or two or three day fast grump texas says thanks doc you did my heart good oh thank you grump for the super chat monica says is sucralose bad also i've been carnivore for two months and have lost 13 pounds booyah should be more no that's great congratulations.

Mona you guys are so hard on yourself booyah you lost 13 pounds woman uh i've had a couple of pauses for a couple of weeks yeah you're gonna have a weight loss pause because it freaks your body out it's like why are we losing all this weight it'll pause for a few days or maybe even.

A week or two then the weight loss will start again so sucralose i'm not a big fan of sucralose i'm definitely not a big fan of splenda because i some of the splenda brands have i actually have glucose in them sugar yeah you heard me sugar there's sugar in the sugar-free sugar.

Substitute yeah they call it dextrose uh so unless unless you're from the uk you might think well i don't know what dextrose is that's another word for glucose which is pure sugar so i avoid splenda i don't really like sucralose that much i try to get the more natural ones.

Yeah shelly says make sure the cod livers are packed in their own oil i i've never seen cod liver packed in canola or soybean i know they all pack um sardines and anchovies in canola oil or soybean oil they love to do that but all the cod liver i've ever bought is packed in cod oil.

Is the door i'm glad that you found me today i've got over 600 videos you can watch at your leisure to help you reclaim your health both your physical health and your mental health so i'm glad we found each other today absolutely yeah dextroses and so much stuff and.

They like to call it golden syrup simple syrup dextrose they love to call it all kinds of different names because they're the big food manufacturers know that you guys know that sugar is bad for you that's why they're playing reindeer games by calling sugar other names oh this is organic cane.

Juice now i'll tell you this is a big one they use concentrated grape juice or grape juice concentrate when you take all the water out of grape juice you know what's left sure sugar literal pure sugar and so if you see anything and it says grape juice.

Concentrate don't think oh i'm getting all the phytonutrients in grapes no no dummy you're getting all the sugar when you took all the water out that's all that's left in grape juice it's fructose and sugar so grape juice concentrate that's a they love to use that to trick you into thinking you're eating or drinking.

Something healthy when you ain't um chris says what about carnivore for fibromyalgia 100 chris so many people have lessened their fibromyalgia symptoms uh by following my the advice on my youtube video about fibromyalgia.

Either keto ketovor or carnivore is going to lessen your fibromyalgia symptoms and also i talk on the fibro video very very often people are misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia when they actually have something else fibromyalgia is a diagnosis of exclusion which means after your doctor has ruled.

Out every other possible thing it could be then that's when they that's when they should rightly say you've got fibromyalgia because i've checked every other damn thing in the book and you ain't got none of them so it must be fibromyalgia you don't just look at somebody.

Uh during one office visit and and do a little exam and then tell you there's symptoms and you say oh it's fibromyalgia here's a prescription if any of you guys if that's what happened to you at the doctor's office that's completely inappropriate that's not how it should be diagnosed at all you should go and have some words with.

Your doctor gin i've noticed an oily glaze when i urinate is that okay ketobor for two months so uh i don't know of any way gin that oil or fat is getting into your urine that's pretty much impossible unless you have complete kidney failure which you don't have.

Uh this is this is coming from maybe a skin product or something that you're cleaning the toilet bowl with this is not coming from your bladder good question serena hey serena my mom is watching she wants me to ask why she still has joint pain and night sweats on keto she is 78 and has lost 68 pounds and her labs for.

Cirrhosis and ckd are markedly improving her name is sharon hey miss sharon so you're 78 years old and you're doing a great job you've lost a ton of weight and you've improved a lot of chronic medical conditions that i bet even your doctor would have told you you can't improve that that's chronic and progressive right.

Right ms sharon but you've done it and so it may very well be that it's time to go get your hormones checked if you're having night sweats if you're still having joint pain then you might need to consider doing 90 days of a carnivore diet not forever.

Just for 90 days because for many of us it's one of the phytochemicals in plants that is causing our joint pain also if you're still eating lots of dairy cheese sour cream cream cheese that could be the joint pain issue too so it's either the it's either the plants or it's the dairy.

Uh and then if you're still having lots of night sweats you probably need to get those hormones checked hope that helps miss sharon thanks for watching with your sweet daughter jenna says sugar gives her hot flashes anybody else does sugar give you hot flashes yeah guys don't forget mother's day is.

This sunday don't forget or you'll be in trouble all you dudes out there ancestral living says have you read dr bill schindler's book eat like a human i've heard of this book but i haven't i don't think i've read that yet eat like a human i'm going to write that down.

And that'll go on my audible list if there's a book you guys want to know about you tell me and i'll put it on my list and i'll listen to it and i'll give you my feedback er edmund hr says does does lifting weights make someone more insulin sensitive yeah it does the more muscle you put on the more.

Insulin sensitive you are going to become which it just means that when you build more muscle you've got more places to store glucose right now that that should not give you the false liberty that oh i'm more.

Insular sensitive now i can eat ding dongs and cheetos and snicker bars no that's still going to lead to chronic disease but you any of you guys if you're still having trouble with insulin resistance even though you've been eating keto keto or carnivore start lifting heavy things start.

Building some muscle and that's going to help some yeah roxanna some women go through menopause and never have the first hot flash never have the first night sweat other women when when they first dip their toe into the into the menopausal river they have nothing but hot flashes and night sweats.

For the next five years uh and if you're one of those people that are just having unmerciful hot flashes and night sweats it's time to find a doctor in your area who knows how to optimize your hormones with bioidentical hormones and get those hormones fixed but if you're going through menopause.

And you're like i feel great i don't know where what the big deal is about you probably don't need to worry about your hormones hey sally she said hi to granny berry i don't think granny's watching today she didn't know i was going to do this live i snuck it in on her laurie says need to take pain meds for.

Fibro and arthritis liver function tests very high numbers which is less bad for my liver tylenol or lyrica lyric is probably slightly less bad for your liver but lori you honey please watch my video about fibromyalgia and arthritis on this channel as soon as this lives over and start to put though to apply those.

Principles to your life into your diet uh you for first of all i'm assuming by pain meds you mean narcotic pain meds it's completely inappropriate for your doctor to be giving you narcotic pain meds for either fibromyalgia or arthritis neither the the american uh arthritis foundation nor the fibromyalgia.

Foundations recommend narcotics for this they say that's that's inappropriate so you need to probably find another doctor who will help you slowly wean down off the narcotics while you are adopting a proper human diet whether that's keto ketovor or carnivore that's going to help your stiffness your.

Pain your fatigue all that stuff and then if you if you come down very slowly off the narcotics then it's not going to hurt that bad you'll be surprised that that you can get by without the narcotics if they are weaned appropriately but now if you stop them cold turkey oh honey you're going to hurt bad you don't want to do that.

Good question emor noticed on carnivore dirty carnivore if you drink diet drinks it slows weight loss yeah when off diet drinks weight loss speeds up wonder why well in more my hypothesis is that when you drink diet drinks even though they're sugar free they still taste sweet and there's something in your brain.

Called a cephalic phase insulin response when your brain detects the sweet taste on your tongue it immediately signals your pancreas and says hey there's some sugar coming go ahead and ramp up the insulin production and anytime your insulin goes up you turn off the fat burning right and i think a lot of people uh that when.

They first start keto they can keep drinking diet soft drinks and they make a lot of progress but there comes a point where they stall and they can't lose any more weight and that's when it's time to wean down and stop the diet drinks and my wife nisha on her youtube channel she has an excellent video about how both of us.

Weaned down and stopped diet drinks because both of us when we first started keto we were drinking diet dr pepper and diet mountain dew because it was sugar free but then we breached that i reached that that wall where i couldn't lose any more weight and i'm like maybe i need to stop these and so doing my research about.

That i discovered this thing that's been known for decades called the cephalic phase insulin response and i think for some of us it's not a big deal but for some of us it's a big damn deal and we need to stop the the diet drinks and so if you're really addicted to him.

Use nash's hack on her youtube channel her handle is nisha loves it and then just search for um diet soft drink wean down or hack and you'll see how we both weaned down and just stopped them completely and i'm so glad we did deplorable br's has been doing si 18-6 fasting since mid-march that means uh deplorable is fasting for 18 hours a.

Day and then has a six-hour feasting window with very good success insulin free since early april i assume you were a type 2 diabetic is hypoglycemia is still a concern if i'm not on insulin no it's not if you're a type 2 diabetic and you were on insulin and and now you're eating a.

Proper human diet very low carb and you stop the insulin you're never going to have a hypo episode okay because that's the human physiology just doesn't work that way only if you're injecting too much insulin exogenously or if you're eating high carbohydrate meals.

Causing an insulin spike that then bottoms out that's the only two ways that you get hypoglycemic uh episodes okay so cut the carbs and you'll be able to cut out the insulin and then you can forget about having hypo episodes it just doesn't happen anymore great question.

Hey james thanks for the super chat brother uh charlie and ben says it's safe to be on a keto diet with high cholesterol absolutely safe absolutely optimal the last time i got my total cholesterol checked it was 350 and my ldl cholesterol was 250. i'm not concerned about that i'm not worried.

About that if you're thinking he's a doctor but he's not worried about high cholesterol why i've got multiple youtube videos on this channel about why i don't worry about high total cholesterol definitely don't worry about that and i really don't worry about high ldl cholesterol either.

Okay actually a new paper out that i'm working on the video right now published in the british medical journal open that having a high total cholesterol and high ldl cholesterol you actually live longer have less cancer.

Now i'm all about living a long damn time i don't know about you and i'm all about not having cancer and i feel like my high total cholesterol and my high ldl cholesterol are protecting me from cancer and early death and this paper seems to verify that and i'll have a youtube.

Video coming about that soon charlotte says is metabolic flexibility real on and off keto good oils no sugars a little cassava etc no rice so metabolic flexibility is something that people talk about when they still want to they secretly are still a sugar addict and they want to eat some carbs.

Occasionally okay when you convert from being a sugar burner to a fat burner that takes a few days for your body to ramp that machinery up and get it going but you you're able to instantly go back to be a sugar burner okay you could be you could be on the keto diet you could be on a carnivore diet zero carb for 45.

Years and if i gave you a jelly donut and you ate it you would immediately become a sugar burner within minutes of eating the jelly donuts you're always very flexible of going back to be a sugar burner because in my opinion being a sugar burner was our backup way.

In the past fifty thousand a hundred thousand years ago we were meat eaters we ate fatty meat that's what we ate but if we couldn't make a kill we couldn't get fatty meat then we would have to eat some fruit or some vegetables or some grass and so we had to be able to quickly convert to being a sugar burner we're very good at that.

That doesn't take long at all but if you've been eating an inappropriate high carbohydrate diet for decades and then you try to convert to being a fat burner eating a keto diet that's going to take your body a few days to be like oh okay finally you woke up all right well let me get my out here let me get everything going give me a few days and.

Then we'll be a fat burner but to be a sugar burner it happens instantly so don't worry about becoming metabolically inflexible and not being able to burn sugar that's dumb yeah and i'm not saying you're dumb charlotte but all the gurus out there who say oh you need to carb cycle you need to have add some fruit that's all that's just.

It's it has i'm sorry let me be polite here that has no basis in human physiology good question good question legion of one stacker i have fatty liver disease high blood pressure pain medication for my back could the carnivore diet help with my health tremendously legion of one stacker yes.

Uh fatty liver i've got probably five videos on how to reverse fatty liver within just a few weeks on this channel uh high blood pressure i've got two or three videos about how to lower your high blood pressure and then if you're on pain medication just for low back pain again completely inappropriate on your.

Doctor's part you probably need to find a new doctor who will slowly wean down the narcotics and get you off that but carnivore is the answer for you my friend 100 percent deepon says i want to gain 11 kilograms of weight currently underweight by 2 kilograms should i increase my carb.

Intake until i reach my goal weight or are the other ways yeah so there's two ways to gain weight if you want to gain fat deepen then you're just going to eat lots more carbs and you'll gain all the fat you want to gain if however what you want to gain is muscle and bone strength.

And increased strength in your connective tissue then you're going to lift heavy things run fast swim fast play hard okay so you can either gain weight by building muscle and bone or you can gain weight and you do that by eating lots of fat and protein and lifting heavy things.

Or you can gain weight by eating it by gaining fat and you do that just by a lot of highly processed carbohydrates that's easy but i suspect you want to gain muscle and bone and connective tissue and you do that by eating lots of fatty meat and lifting heavy things good question vladic.

Even though our ancestors are ate mostly meat how can we tell how healthy they were overall well we actually can tell vladik there's an excellent question uh paleo anthropologists can tell based on the height because when when humans are malnourished we immediately immediately.

Stop growing to our ideal height okay your genetics pre-determines you let's just say vladimir that your gene said okay vlad is going to be 5 foot 10 when he is completely grown okay that's what your genetic preset was but if i malnourish you by feeding you a vegan diet lots of tofu don't give you any eggs no.

Meat then you'll wind up being five foot six five foot seven you'll be three inches shorter and so that's exactly what we see happen about thirteen 000 years ago when humans stopped having access to all the big fatty animals that we used to hunt and we had to start farming rice and beans and other legumes and other grains.

We lost four inches of height in just a few hundred years a few thousand years we've lost four or five inches of height we can look at the bone density and we can use that to tell how healthy they were meat eaters bones so strong they could fall off something and not break a bone the poor farmers who were farming grains and beans.

Their bones are brittle they had uh all they had their their specific uh pathology signs you can see in the bones that literally an anthropologist can look at this bone in this bone and go okay this is a farmer they ate grains this was a hunter gatherer they ate meat it's literally that obvious to tell.

When we look at their mouths when we find a mandible or a maxilla and look at their their jaws and their teeth you literally if you have two skulls you can go this guy this guy grains because he's got eight teeth missing he's had four dental infections his teeth are just riddled with cavities this guy was a meat eater because he still got every.

Single one of his teeth except that one tooth that got knocked out in that fight we can tell from trauma but otherwise he has no cavities and his teeth are beautiful there are hundreds of ways that we can look at uh skeletal remains from a thousand ten.

Thousand fifty thousand a hundred thousand years ago we this is is very well known in paleo paleontological and paleo anthropological circles they can tell they can tell you if this guy was a meat eater and if this guy was a grain eater just by looking at the skull but then they have uh more chemical tests like stable isotope analysis they can go.

Into but it's very obvious black but if you're not an anthropologist you would know that and you never the vegan influencers never tell you that part do they when when humanity had to start eating grains and beans we didn't have access to the.

Three ton mastodons anymore that we used to eat we got shorter we got wimpier our teeth went to our bones went to our brain case got smaller our brains got smaller all these things happened to us when we lost access to the fatty animals that we once ate.

Kimber on beef butter bacon and eggs for eight weeks down 55 pounds in eight weeks thumbs up for kimber oh yeah kimber uh two questions number one can i add some shrimp and scallops yes ma'am that's an excellent idea that's gonna give you plenty of iodine and uh so a little bit higher omega-3.

Fatty acids specifically dha and epa i have hammer toes that have been released will they flatten out as i continue on carnivore maybe kimber it depends on the quality of your surgeon and the quality of the surgical procedure that you received also it depends on your anatomy but if.

There's some chronic inflammation left that's still making them do the thing then they should flatten out as as weeks and months go by on a proper human diet well done kimber well done excellent michael i have been diagnosed with familial hypercholesterolemia keto for the lab for the past two years gave me.

Excellent hdl and triglycerides which are the two that matter but my ldl stays around three hundred can i practice carnivore without restriction any thoughts on well call yeah well calls a waste of your money and the side effect profile is not not not good uh i would highly encourage you michael.

To watch every video you can find by a gentleman by the name of dr david diamond like the diamond in a ring he's a phd researcher at the university of south florida he spent his entire career investigating and researching and studying lipid metabolism cholesterol ldl hdl.

Triglycerides he's got videos if and he has videos specifically for people with fh you need to watch every video he's got i've got one of his videos on my channel but then he has multiple videos other places you need to watch them all so you can stop freaking out about your high ldl and total cholesterol because they.

Really don't matter if you've got a normal a1c a normal c peptide and normal triglycerides in a normal hdl michael you're home brother you did it that's what you that that's the goal okay all right karen i was on keto very successfully for two years but the last three or four.

Months not so great my question is if i get back to keto will my body get back on track oh 100 percent karen what now karen's question hints at something that a lot of people secretly believe they secretly believe that their body is broken their metabolism is broken beyond repair all everybody listening to the sound of.

My voice including you listen to me hear me right now this is very important your body is not broken your body your metabolism is not broken your default setting is optimal vibrant health the only thing keeping you from that is the fake food slow poison that you're.

Putting in your mouth and the real ancestrally appropriate food that you're not putting in your mouth when you fix those two things your body will immediately start to revert back to optimal health it's going to move towards optimal health the inflammation is going to go down.

Your metabolic markers are going to go back to normal your a1c is going to get normal your fatty liver is going to reverse your blood pressure is going to come down all those things are going to happen when you start eating a proper human diet all right guys that's it thanks so much for the super chats thanks for hanging.

Out with me feel free to share this video if you think it'll help somebody else and if you had a question tonight that didn't get answered and you really need the answer to that question then consider becoming a patron there's a sign up down below you can become part of our patreon tribe it's a private protected community.

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Asking questions there will be a hundred or 200 so i'm able to answer more questions more thoroughly so if you've got questions you need the answer to become a patron on thanks so much guys see you next time thanks it's
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