Proper Human Diet Q&A with Dr Berry

Proper Human Diet Q&A with Dr Berry

Proper Human Diet Q&A with Dr Berry

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Hello friends hello hello how's it going dr barry here i'm going to be hanging out with you for the next few minutes maybe an hour depends on how the questions go and i'm going to try to answer every single question i can about a proper human diet fasting nutrition medicine health.

Healthy lifestyle etc so ask me your questions i saw a question about omega-6 fatty acids versus omega-3 fatty acids and did i have any videos on that yeah i've got two or three videos about omega-6 versus omega-3 on this channel.

Also have a video about omega-3 rich foods so i don't recommend taking an omega-3 supplement i think you should get it from your food and i have a video about that and yes ken i do have all my firewood already cut and split and chopped and stacked and ready for the winter i wouldn't be.

Surprised if this winter is not a bad winter so if you guys don't have your propane tank filled up and your wood chopped and a plan b in other words you might want to think about that yeah all right uh trap guard gamer asked a very good question and i want all you guys to.

Listen carefully to this answer uh trap says once you reverse your type 2 diabetes can you enjoy carbs and sugars and so this is like and i'm not being mean trap gamer i want you to understand the concept behind this what if an alcoholic went to rehab.

And broke their alcohol addiction and then the the alcoholic said to me dr barry after i broke my alcohol addiction and i'm not drinking alcohol anymore then can i once again enjoy a mixed drink or a beer what would my answer to that alcoholic be.

Right or if i had another patient who smoked three packs of cigs a day and went through the withdrawals and broke the cigarette addiction and they and that smoker said to me now doc once i'm a non-smoker can i smoke again what do you think my answer would be trap gamer.

No i mean sure if you want to go back to the addiction and go back to the disease and go back to the inflammation and go back to the shortened lifespan and health span then sure you can add back in the alcohol and the cigarettes and the ding dongs and the twinkies and.

The donuts but if you would if what you're looking for is optimal long-term optimal health then i don't recommend you ever add back in the carbs in the sugars okay now once you're metabolically healthy again i think you can add back in some keto friendly carbohydrates and maybe even be able to eat 50 total grams a day of.

Keto-friendly real whole food one ingredient veg and a few berries but can you ever go back to the ding dongs and the donuts i wouldn't advise it 100 no great question thanks for the super chat all right uh ec says does intermittent fasting help with ms i think eating a.

Very low carbohydrate real food keto ketovor carnivore diet is going to slow down the progression of ms i also think that uh intermittent fasting is going to slow down the progression of ms i think once you're diagnosed with it probably nothing's going to cure it but if what you would like as someone who has ms if you'd like to have a long.

Healthy life with very few flare-ups and with very uh less severe flare-ups and and a a very slow progression i would highly recommend you eat a proper human diet and do some degree of intermittent fasting uh border reaver says hi from the scottish borders.

Where are you guys watching from oh i say uh pepe from romania what city what country where are you at right now where are you at in the world i want to know yeah b moon says fasting for 18 plus hours helps the cells in your body heal absolutely right through a process called autophagy but also there's this other process that some people don't.

Know about called mitophagy so the same thing that goes for old and damaged cells goes for old and damaged mitochondria which are the powerhouses inside your cells when you're fasting and probably fasting for 18 hours or longer is when it really starts to ramp up you'll start to break down old and.

Damaged mitochondria and replace them with new viral vigorous and potent mitochondria which is very good for your energy levels and very good for your cellular function there's my angels from mumbai india oh i love it there's dee from arizona liz from tallahassee florida.

We got anybody from tennessee yeah there's annette from middle tennessee hey neighbor how you doing rochelle from sarasota curious c from arizona absolutely i love you guys diet to heal from india hello there wow you guys are wearing it out today i'm so glad i could hang out with you.

There's robert from finland mark from texas marcel from texas christie from memphis angela from alaska so we've got almost every continent except for antarctica i don't ever see any of you guys saying hi from antarctica oh well i can always hope arnesdale from london.

Alexander from spain dang these are going by fast solely from indiana i love it there's john in england vlad and dublin welcome vlad glad to have you guys all right let's take let's do some questions here oh uh i've got the settings so that.

You're not able to comment or answer questions or ask questions unless you're you subscribe to the channel so if you're just watching this on youtube and you don't have a youtube account it's a super quick signup then you've got a youtube account and then you can subscribe to the channel and then 60 seconds after you subscribe.

You'll be able to answer questions okay that way i don't have as many trolls nisha is watching this oh there's angelique from curacao i've been i went to curacao one time it's very beautiful there betsy said she's been to antarctica but is not currently there love it love it okay.

Becca says i had a dexa scan and i found the results were very encouraging thanks to you i no longer have osteopenia yeah so many uh women out there and a few men too do not realize that both osteopenia and osteoporosis are completely reversible by eating a proper human diet making sure you get the right amount of certain.

Minerals certain vitamins enough protein because your bones are made of protein they're not made of calcium they're made of a protein matrix and then your body fills in the openings in the matrix with calcium and other minerals but your bones are made of protein and so if you're eating a low.

Protein diet you're asking for osteopenia or osteoporosis if you already have a diagnosis of osteopenia or osteoporosis you can reverse that now it's not going to happen overnight it's going to take many many months maybe even several years because your bones can get weaker or they can get.

Stronger but it happens very very slowly over many months or a few years there's long island in the house welcome cha chachi says how can i become a keto consultant i'm not sure chachi there's several programs out there that allege to give you a certification as a keto coach.

We don't we don't offer any kind of program like that uh semper sempre g7 asks what's your patreon link it's down in the show notes it's a super quick sign up and uh right now we've got 900 people watching this so i'm trying to answer every question i can but it's impossible right but within our.

Private patreon community i have three extra live q and a's just like this every single week and instead of 900 people watching there's 50 people or 100 people and so i'm very often able to answer every single question so if you've got serious questions about your health about your nutrition.

Diet medication etc become a patron on patreon uh at least a three dollar level and then you've got access to me you can type your questions in or you can join the lives i answer every single question on patreon the link is down in the show notes.

There's elizabeth from the philippines all right uh mary says do exogenous ketones really work i don't recommend that anybody take exogenous ketones they're very expensive and if your goal is weight loss and health improvement then you need to be making your own ketones by eating a ketogenic or a carnivore diet.

I think that very young children who you can't make eat a ketogenic diet yet if you've already spoiled them with lucky charms and the little rice crackers and all the crap that that gerber makes for babies then i think you can give your child with adhd add autism ocd you can give them exogenous ketones to help.

Their brain function while you're transitioning them slowly gently and lovingly to a ketogenic diet or if you have a very elderly relative or friend who has early stage or even moderate dementia or huntington's or any of the other neurological conditions you can use exogenous ketones for them.

Therapeutically while while you're slowly transitioning them very lovingly to a ketogenic diet but for just regular folks like me and you we're just trying to lose some weight we're trying to get healthier exogenous ketones are a complete and utter waste of money.

As meth says can we use protein powder i mean you can but i mean you can use broccoli powder you can use sardine powder but what i would actually recommend you do is eat a proper human diet full of actual proper humid food because you're going to get all the protein you need from doing that the.

The supplement companies have done an excellent job of tricking me and you into thinking that the only way to get enough protein is to drink a protein shake or that magically somehow the protein in that protein shake is more absorbable more bioavailable more usable.

That's 100 advertising folks that's okay the the protein you get from eating an egg or from eating a piece of beef or from eating some fish you're going to use way more of that protein be able to actually absorb it and use it a hundred times better than the best protein powder on the market protein powders are.

A waste o money unless you're on the go and you truly just don't have time to eat any real food and that's really true in your life and then you can take a protein powder protein shake in the car with you while you're going straight to work and not not having one minute to go by mcdonald's and buy.

Uh six quarter pound patties or go buy wendy's and buy two bacon double uh kings and eat the meat and and cheese and bacon and leave the the junk but i get my protein from meat and i think you should too that's how humans have done it all of our ancestors have done it that way for three million years they didn't have protein powders but.

Somehow they were able to get enough protein think about that polyphenols oh boy that was a good question where did that go dang it uh how do you get polyphenols in your diet if you're just eating meat great question so um there's a two-part answer to this first has it ever been proven that we need to ingest a certain amount.

Of polyphenols for optimal health because i keep looking for the research that proves this and i can't find it number one and number two i've got a study laying here somewhere unless the cats have knocked it in the floor that when you eat pastured meat and pastured eggs they actually are a source.

Of polyphenols now meat raised in the feedlot no probably not uh yeah eggs that were raised in a factory farming situation and just fed processed grains probably not but when you're eating actually properly raised animal meat and eggs and and even probably the the milk you they are a source of polyphenols and.

A lot of people don't realize that i'm working on a youtube video about that but i gotta find that study i don't know what the cats did with it uh sally says okay i understand about protein powder but what about collagen pro powder don't we need collagen powder again.

We've been bamboozled by the supplement companies into thinking that oh we can't get collagen unless we drink a collagen powder supplement or take a branched chain amino acid supplement come on folks think with your head you're smart you are human beings you're a homo.

Sapien sapien you're smart enough to see through the advertising uh a hundred thousand years ago where did our ancestors get collagen from they ate the gristle off the end of the bones they ate the membrane on the back of the ribs when they ate an egg they ate the membrane inside the shell that's pure collagen.

Okay you can get more collagen building blocks by biting your fingernails than you can get from a collagen supplement the collagen supplements are a waste o money did you just need to hear me say that out loud because i'm happy to say it uh no duck eggs are wonderful somebody.

Said that sounds awful no but duck eggs are delicious i actually like them better than chicken eggs but they're harder to come by because ducks just don't lay as many eggs over the course of a year as chickens do also ducks are a pain in the butt to raise we we have some ducks coming but ducks are not real bright.

Because we've bred them to just be kind of dumb and so they're the coyotes love duck meat and so you gotta protect your protect your ducks but yeah duck eggs are delicious and we actually have some quail now out in the quail hutch and i'm hoping to be getting some quail eggs soon.

Quail eggs ounce for ounce are actually more nutritious than chicken eggs but they're tiny it takes about four or five of them to equal one chicken egg but still i can't wait to get some jc says i have been told that unripe bananas do not contain as many carbs as ripe bananas.

Okay let's go through this so definitely ripe bananas taste sweeter than unripe bananas they're 100 true that it does uh but do you think that nuclear fission or nuclear fusion or magic happens between the time the banana is unripe and the time it's ripe.

No an unripe banana has the same exact amount of sugar in it as a ripe banana you just can't taste it yet because all of the phytochemicals that give it that bitter taste they haven't broken down yet the banana initially wanted animals to eat it that's why it had the the.

Semi-sweet flesh we have bred these bananas over the last 100 200 years to just be large yellow sacks of sugar but the original bananas were about this long and always bitter maybe tiny tiny bit sweet and had big seeds in them and we've bred them so they're a big sack of sugar now but an unripe banana has just.

As many grams of carbohydrates as a ripe banana yeah no magic happens lindsay said is it oh wait lindsay where'd you oh there you are is it true that it is unsafe to lose more than one pound a week when breastfeeding due to toxins in the stored fat probably not due to the toxins but if.

You're breastfeeding i want your number one priority to be making milk for that beautiful baby of yours that needs to be your number one priority you need to be drinking plenty of water eating plenty of salt and eating plenty of fatty meat and eggs so that you have all the building blocks that your body needs to make delicious nutritious milk for that.

Baby don't worry so much about losing weight right now lindsey that'll come soon enough i promise thanks for the super chat uh dc and jerusalem says your thoughts on paul saladino's latest claim last week that long-term ketosis can mess up.

Hormones so um i love and respect dr paul saladino very much and i agree with a great many of the things that he says this one thing however i disagree with completely i think there's more than ample evidence in the uh paleoanthropological record.

That human human beings are able to stay in ketosis long term there are many hunter-gatherer societies that stayed in ketosis for decades and obviously they were able to reproduce live to ripe old ages and be happy and and very productive i don't think paul's right about this but i still respect him very much and we.

Agree on a great many things i might have him on alive here in the next few weeks if he's if he's game and we'll talk about why he currently believes that um i don't i don't believe that's the case kerry said kerry kelly says what about bone broth i think bone broth is amazing if you make it yourself.

Now there are a couple of bone broths that you can buy that are shipped on dry ice that are legit and but they're very very expensive but the bone broth or the pseudo bone broth you buy at the supermarket that's is sitting on the shelf and not being refrigerated is utterly devoid of any nutrient except.

For salt it's a good source of salt but it's there all there's no magic in that bone broth but if you make it yourself in a big pot on your stove and then when you put it in the fridge it's got like gelatin this thick on top and fat that's magical good quality bone broth that's what you want thanks for the super chat supersonic.

Diesel appreciate it gail says any benefit to eating the crumbly bones left over after making the bone broth i see now you're thinking now you're thinking gail so what is that what is that after you've boiled and boiled and boiled the bones and they're just a crumbly mess that's the calcium and the minerals that.

Are left over after you've cooked out the protein matrix so many people will take the leftover crumbly bone and they'll even take their leftover eggshells that they've washed very thoroughly crunch them up put them in a food processor and grind them up and then add that back to the bone broth then all of.

A sudden there's more calcium in your diet 100 yep aaron says good afternoon dr ken i lost too much weight doing carnivore can you recommend a healthy way to put it back on so aaron uh so many people in today's modern societies we're so used to seeing.

Overweight and obese and morbidly obese people that when you lose down to an ideal body weight you look too skinny and you may even look too skinny to yourself but i doubt very seriously that you lost down to an unhealthy weight on a carnivore diet i don't currently believe that's possible unless you were portion.

Controlling and restricting your calories if you were eating until you're comfortably stuffed i don't think that's possible to do but with that being said if you want to gain weight i'll tell you two different strategies if you want to gain fat then just add a bunch of carbs to your diet and you'll gain fat if you want to gain.

Muscle and bone weight then you're going to start lifting heavy weights and you're going to put on muscle and you're going to strengthen your bones and both of those things will show up on the scale jordan says hey doc love everything you do especially your book which was a game changer for me do you have any specific.

Tips for chronic fatigue syndrome i just can't seem to it beat it uh celente from ireland did i pronounce that right that's jordan from ireland thanks for the super chat jordan so uh chronic fatigue syndrome is very very often a misdiagnosis of what's really going on.

With you if you just have chronic fatigue syndrome then eating a real whole food ketogenic diet or ketovor or carnivore plus getting good quality sleep that you protect plus getting out and getting morning sun plus getting out and going for a walk every day that's going to fix chronic.

Fatigue syndrome 99.9 of the time things that i see that have been misdiagnosed as chronic fatigue syndrome which are actually something else include undiagnosed low thyroid undiagnosed adrenal gland issues undiagnosed low testosterone.

Or an undiagnosed serious underlying medical condition that your doctor just missed which can uh range from an undiagnosed adrenal problem there's multiple different ones uh up to cancer you might i'm not saying you have cancer jordan calm down and i'm not saying that i'm just saying if you are eating a real carnivore diet.

Full of real full whole foods and you still have chronic fatigue that's any more than mild in severity you need to go back to your doctor you need to demand more lab work you need to say hey there's something else going on here because i'm eating a proper human diet now and i still have chronic fatigue okay.

Look at your sleep again how can you improve it look at your morning sunshine if you get out every morning rain or shine winter or summer you need to be outside every morning getting 10 or 15 minutes of sunlight directly on your face directly in your eyes don't look at the sun just be in the sun.

Even on the cloudiest day sunlight is a hundred to a thousand times brighter than light inside your house people don't realize how much brighter it is outside than inside so you've got to get that you've got to do all those things you've got to try to mimic an ancestral lifestyle as much as you possibly can without.

Living in a cave and never bathing and never cutting your beard you don't have to do all that part but the other part in concerning sleep sunlight and food you absolutely need to try to mimic it as closely as you can tammy wetter says how does keto help with the virus and.

This is a this is also a great question thanks uh oh eric millen my old buddy thanks eric for the super chat so eric as i've told you many times in the clinic when you eat a proper human diet you're going to decrease your risk of all infections from skin infections to gut.

Infections to upper respiratory infections including the current infection that everybody's really worried about so there i've got youtube videos on how eating a proper human diet strengthens your immune system now there's no diet you can eat no lifestyle you can live that's going to make you 100 impervious.

To all infections now obviously that would mean that we're you know verging on immortal at that point you still are going to catch an infection here and there occasionally but the severity of any infection that you do catch is going to be much less severe the length of time that you're sick with an infection is going to be much shorter.

And your risk the odds the role of the dice of you catching any given infection you're going to be loading the dice in your favor by eating a low-carb keto ketovorcan uh carnivore diet that's just common sense once you understand the physiology of the human body the immune immunology behind how we fight off infections.

You're going to be much less likely to get any infection if you're eating a proper human diet you're going to have a much more successful time fighting that infection off and it's going to be gone much sooner than if you're eating the standard american high carbohydrate crapola diet oh.

Let's see what else uh t rose lover says what no beans rice or potatoes it depends tv rose lover do you love beans rice and potatoes more than you love optimal health and a long health span lifespan or do you love being super healthy more than beans rice and potatoes uh beans and rice and potatoes are.

Excellent starvation food people think i just badmouth them 100 but i don't if you are currently in a starvation situation like literally you're going to starve to death then you need to eat all the beans and rice and potatoes you can get your hands on because they'll help you not starve to.

Death in fact that's how humanity has used beans rice and potatoes for thousands of years they're much preferable to starving if you've if you've got a prisoner locked up or you've got a slave you feed them beans rice and potatoes because those foods are super cheap they won't starve to death.

But also they're never going to have optimal physical and mental function so it's not as likely they're going to escape that empires and dictatorships have used bean rice and potatoes to keep their population alive but not optimal for thousands of years so um that's my thoughts on that.

Liz nichols says iodine for fatigue has definitely helped me along with phd yep and that's one of the things i was talking about with chronic fatigue syndrome you might have an undiagnosed hypothyroid condition or you just might be very deficient in iodine both of those are going to be a thyroid problem iodine is very very vital that's why i'm.

Made a video on this channel about iodine rich foods it's very very important that you get your daily amount of iodine let's see what else we got you guys ask your questions in the comment if you have a question uh okay now here's a good question kc says what about sprouted brown rice.

Okay so what about sprouted beans what about sprouted seeds are they good so they still contain the same exact amount of carbohydrates but i think that they are less bad sprouted rice is going to.

Be less bad than just rice because when when a seed sprouts it stops being a seed it's actually a plant at that point and so a lot of the phytochemicals they can give many of us inflammatory symptoms of our skin of our gut of our brain uh.

Of our joints the the phytochemical irritants go away when when the seed or the bean sprouts but the carbohydrates are still there okay so if you want to sprout rice or sprout beans and then eat that as part of your 20 total grams of carbohydrates a day i think that's much.

Less worrisome than just eating the beans or the rice or the seeds unsprouted that makes sense but you still got to count the carbs the carbohydrates still count they will still raise your blood sugar and your insulin levels great question va.

City says hi from switzerland doesn't cooking meat produce harmful chemicals what about antioxidants in the carnivore diet good question thanks for the super chat so cooking any food probably causes some degree of worrisome harmful chemicals uh what.

You hear about is oh if you grill your steak and he gets that that char on it that's that's a carcinogen that's going to cause cancer but would what these same people don't tell you is that if you toast your bread the brown on the toast is the same exact chemicals as the the char on your steak if you cook your vegetables over the.

Grill or you cook your vegetables in a like a stir fry and they get a little brown that's the same exact chemicals that you're getting if you if you char your steak on the grill okay so i don't know anybody who just boils all their food i don't know anybody who'd want to but.

If you want to avoid those harmful chemicals that you get when you char your steak then you also don't need to every brown brown any brown food whatsoever the browning the top of a pie browning your toast browning your vegetables roasting your vegetables you know on the little tips how they get brown that's the same exact chemicals in.

A that that's in the char for mistake and then also what about antioxidants in a carnivore diet so glutathione is the most powerful antioxidant in the human body we make that and the more carnivore you eat the more fatty meat you eat the more glutathione you make it's more powerful than any other antioxidant you have ever heard of.

Hey thanks for the super chat dolores let's see what we got here chris dixon says i'm having tingling in the tips of my toes like they're asleep any ideas though multiple things can cause this crisp you may be pre-diabetic or undiagnosed type 2 diabetic that can definitely cause neuropathy that feels like.

Tingling like your toes are asleep you may be having episodes of low blood sugar from too much diabetes medication that can also cause that you may be deficient in a mineral that can cause that you may not be eating enough salt that can cause that you may not have enough magnesium or.

Potassium in your diet that can also cause that any of those things plus several other causes can cause you to have tingling in your toes and even in your fingers i was going to answer that question go guawi from south africa but i don't i think you typed a typo type that.

Question again oh let's see man they're going fast let me find a good one here if i haven't answered your question yet just retype it in the comments oh super wilson says what is the best way to fight ulcerative colitis if you have severe ulcerative colitis if.

You have severe crohn's disease or if you have severe irritable bowel syndrome or irritable bowel disease i think you 100 need to do 90 days of a carnivore diet with with beef butter and eggs plus or minus bacon uh you virtually everybody i've talked to with.

Ulcerative colitis or crohn's or irritable bowel when they go 90 days of carnivore they it just goes away the symptoms completely disappear or they're 95 percent better and so then after 90 days of carnivore you got your symptoms under control then you can start to add back in other keto friendly veg.

A few berries and see how your gut copes with those and what will happen is you'll find a list of things you need to completely avoid because when you eat them your gut flares up you'll also find a list of things that you can eat and you don't have any gut symptoms at all then you that's your.

Diet there you go you can eat as much meat and eggs as you want you can cook and butter you can cook in beef tallow i think it's totally fine this is just for people with with crohn's you see your or ibs uh but then you can start to branch out and experiment with other foods after you've calmed down and healed your gut.

With a carnivore diet i think that's 100 the way it needs to go i think 20 years from now once everybody's kind of got over their plant-based foolishness and got over their their vegan and vegetarian pipe dreams i think that'll be standard of care if somebody has ulcerative colitis.

You the first doctor you see will say you need to do 90 90 days of beef butter and eggs maybe even just egg yolks for now to let your gut heal that's the ultimate elimination diet then you can start to experiment with other foods i don't even think 20 years from now a pill or an injection or an infusion will be your.

First treatment for uc i think it'll be a carnivore diet because it works like magic uh oh stop that okay cj russ says metastatic breast cancer patient what do you recommend i recommend to eat as low carb diet as you can to eat the most nutrient dense diet you can all cancer love sugar okay i was just.

Fighting on twitter about this earlier today do you follow me on twitter if you don't you should that's where you'll see the snarky dr barry especially breast cancer loves sugar okay and so am i saying you can cure cancer by eating a keto diet no i'm not saying that but i'm saying that.

Cancer loves sugar when we do a pet scan on patients looking to see if they have any cancer in their body we use sugar because cancer cells take up sugar faster than they take up anything else and so that's what makes the cancer glow on a pet scan.

Okay we don't we don't give the we don't put glutamine in the in the pet scan contrast we don't put ketones or fatty acids we put sugar because that's what cancer loves more than anything else in the world that's what allows cancer to thrive and metastasize is sugar so when you take the sugar out of your.

Diet do you not understand that that you're at least to some degree starving the cancer cells that that's going to slow down their growth that's going to slow down their their ability to metastasize okay nobody's saying it cures cancer nobody's saying that.

But the fact is an arguable fact is that cancer loves sugar and it must have sugar in order to just its explosive exponential growth it can't do that without sugar so just think about that okay here's a good question from lindsay thanks for the super chat lindsay she said should i avoid dairy and eggs while.

Trying to reverse my hashimoto's uh it's a great question lindsay so my wife nisha has hashimoto's which is currently in remission and on her channel which is nisha loves it if you just search for that on youtube you'll find her she talks about how she eats all the time to keep her hashimoto's in.

Remission i don't think you need to get probably you probably don't need to give up eggs but liquid dairy anything less fatty you probably need to give it up at least for now the only dairy i recommend for people with hashimoto's is butter and ghee because that's just the pure fat of the dairy.

I think the the lactose is too high in carbs and then the bovine proteins are very inflammatory they can confuse your immune system which is what hashimoto's is it's your immune system is confused and it's attacking your thyroid gland instead of attacking foreign things does that make sense so i think the eggs.

Are probably fine but any any liquid dairy whatsoever you probably need to eliminate nisha did much better while she was continuing to use ghee butter and heavy cream but when she eliminated she did a month with no heavy cream it felt even better and now she's every morning when we make coffee she's like.

I'd like to have some heavy cream but i feel so much better i'm just going to leave it out thank you for that good question thanks for the super chat elizabeth in mexico sherry morgan thanks for the super chat series she says the beef butter bacon and eggs protocol is great for tummy.

Issues try the egg yolk muffins and meat bread um sherry's a patreon she's a patron thanks for that uh if if you'd like to ask me more in-depth questions than i'm able to do on a live like this with 1600 people watching become a patron on there's a link down in the show notes and you've.

Got exclusive private access to me you can type your message to me i'll answer it you can ask me your questions about anything in patreon and i can answer them i have three additional live q and a's and we typically have 50 to 100 people watching one of those lives so i'm often able to answer every single question thanks for the super chat jane.

What else we got going on here always imitated never duplicated says can eating pork and eggs cause heart attack or stroke please answer okay i'm gonna answer you ready please listen so no eating eating eggs eating bacon eating pork eating chicken none of that.

Stuff causes heart attacks or strokes okay chronically high levels of glucose blood sugar chronically high levels of insulin and chronic high levels of inappropriate chronic inflammation those are the three things that are going to spike your risk of having a heart attack or stroke okay.

I know that every health guru out there the american heart association the american diabetes association tells you you need to eat a plant-based diet full of fruit smoothies and full of fruits and vegetables that's what's going to protect you but the problem is when you ask someone like that hey could you send me the control research in humans that.

Proves that they're going to be like i'm sorry do what because there is no controlled research in humans that proves that they're making that opinion that hypothesis based on observational epidemiological research that does not prove anything okay.

Nothing it's never been proven that eating a plant-based diet rich in fruits and vegetables is going to protect you from heart attack or stroke or cancer or any other damn thing on the planet what we do know is that that civilizations who have eaten a plant-based diet full of healthy whole.

Grains full of fruits they actually got heart disease at very very high rates and what i'm i'm talking about is the archaeological evidence about the egyptian population back when egypt was the end all be all in the world they ate tons of whole grain bread okay that was the main source of calories and they didn't eat modern gmo wheat.

They ate ancient emmer wheat okay so you can't say oh it was the gmos no no they didn't have that then also they didn't have they were not able to purify sugar so they had no source of sugar in their diet what they ate on a daily basis was lots of whole wheat non-gmo bread they ate lots of fruits.

Lots of vegetables they ate a little bit of fish and a little bit of poultry they didn't eat red meat because they needed the cows to drag heavy stuff around they used them as labor so they didn't eat those but they did eat lots of bread lots of whole grain non-gmo bread lots of fruits and lots of vegetables and they had.

Terrible dental decay and they also had severe coronary artery disease they had lots of blockages in their heart arteries and in all their arteries as a matter of fact the arteries feeding their kidneys in their aorta they had all this plaque buildup even though they were eating the exact.

Same diet that the harvard school of public health is right now telling you to eat so yeah robert says what about taking apple cider vinegar after every meal well robert if you want to i think that's.

Fine uh if you're trying to do that to cure type 2 diabetes or to reverse type 2 diabetes i think you're you've been told something that's incorrect but apple cider vinegar if you still have some heartburn i think it's great there is some limited research that.

Shows that it might lower your blood sugar by a few points but you can lower your blood sugar by hundreds of points by eating a ketogenic divor or a carnivore diet god is love says hello hello god is love samantha thanks for the super chat samantha she says i lost 42 pounds following keto in your videos it fixed.

My hyperthyroidism she maybe meant hypothy it helped my pcos so that i got pregnant in two weeks with my second child when i when it took three years to get pregnant with my first child pre-keto yeah eating a proper human diet will make you fertile it'll also make you in the mood so that's one of the many many reasons i.

Highly recommend eating a proper human diet congratulations samantha i bet that baby is beautiful lois says what about tinnitus will carnivore help now in the south we call this tinnitus but i think tinnitus is proper in most parts of the world i've had multiple people i.

Actually have a youtube video on this channel about tinnitus i've had multiple people tell me that their tentatives greatly improved on a keto diet and or a carnivore diet so i think when you lower the carbs when you lower the the insulin levels and you lower the inappropriate inflammation tinnitus is one of the many many.

Hundreds of chronic conditions that improve all right good question let's see what else we got chachi johnson says i have a c peptide of 2.1 i'm a type 2 diabetic is that good or not uh yeah chachi c peptide of 2.1 is that's pretty darn good i would be.

Interested to know what your hemoglobin a1c is because i need the c peptide and the a1c to really know where you're at as a type 2 diabetic i would if you if you keep eating a diet that's very low carb that keeps your c-peptide down at 2.1 even if you are currently a type 2 diabetic you won't be for many months.

Longer you'll reverse that oh speaking of reversed have you guys heard about the docu-series about reversing type 2 diabetes with a ketogenic diet in intermittent fasting it's out now there are four episodes available i've got a link down in the show notes you can watch the docu-series that i flew to costa rica and helped a group of people.

Make this this documentary and they broke it up into eight or nine episodes of a docu-series and it's available right now link below what else we got here folks um 1972 xlh says do you do televisions over the web uh currently i'm not i have my my.

Medical practice is currently full i'm not taking any new patients at this time but if you'd like to ask me questions you can become a patron on there's a link down below and you can type your questions into me or you can be on one of the three additional live q and a's we do inside of our private.

Connect privates patreon community every week every single week we do three additional lives afro-abomination says are you familiar with western crisis data on blood coagulation or blood sugar issues after ingesting unmarinated unsalted pork i have read weston price's book a couple of times maybe i've probably read it.

Once and listened to it two additional times and i don't uh remember him talking about that in the book but afro-abominations uh send me a link to that i mean i'm interested in anything that weston price had to say i don't agree with every single thing weston price says but.

I think to be in the time period he was in he was one of the pioneers upon whose shoulders we currently stand i have the utmost respect for everything that weston a price said and wrote doesn't mean i agree with all of it but i uh 95 of what he said i agree with.

All right let's see what else we got here folks uh ellie durian says should i avoid cheese if i'm trying to lose weight ellie i or eli i think it's ellie um i don't necessarily think avoiding cheese should be your first step now if it's if it's cheese product or.

Cheese food or velveeta or some fake cheese then yeah you should probably avoid that because of the chemical toxins in it but if it's real 100 full fat fermented firm cheese i think it's that's probably fine for most everyone to eat so if you're eating a standard american diet the first thing.

You need to eliminate is sugar from all sources both added sugar and natural sugar the second thing is eliminate all grains from your diet wheat rice oats corn every other grain get rid of them there's no nutrition in them that you need that you can't get from better sources then step number three is to.

Eliminate all the vegetable seed oils from your diet dangerous oils like canola oil soybean sunflower safflower sesame oil all these oils are inflammatory and dangerous and you should avoid them when you've eliminated those things and started and started adding lots of fatty.

Meat and eggs to your diet you're going to start losing weight and you're going to lose weight very quickly back down to your ideal body weight some people who've been doing keto for quite a while they find that they lose weight quicker by.

Eliminating cheese at least temporarily but if you're just eating a standard american diet now cheese is like number 14 on the list don't worry about that all right let's see what we got elizabeth says my sister is diabetic she's afraid of starting keto she needs to know what to check starting and during.

Um so when i think we all need to stop calling keto keto and start calling it a proper human diet because what is keto it's meat and veg and nuts that's a proper human diet we've been eating that for millions of years so i've i've the only reason i say keto is.

Because you guys know what that means but if you're talking to somebody who's not keto woke i wouldn't even mention the k word i would just say you need to start eating a proper human diet that's full of meat full of vegetables and full and some nuts and some berries that's a proper human diet that's what you should eat okay.

And that way you don't spook people because they probably read the the news article about keto will give you keto butt crack or it'll give you keto crotch and that it spooked them right so what a what a diabetic needs to do if they're type 2 to reverse their type 2 diabetes is eat a very very low carbohydrate diet preferably less than 20 total grams a.

Day eat lots of meat lots of eggs eat until they're full don't portion control don't calorie restrict and within uh three to six months their type 2 diabetes is going to be completely reversed if they're eating truly 20 or less total grams of carbohydrates a day okay.

Thank you for that what else we got here giovanni thanks for the super chat giovanni giovanni says i found your channel and had success lowering blood sugar however my blood pressure's still high i also began salting to taste any thoughts yep uh jovani you're still.

Eating too many carbohydrates for your personal physiology eating salt if you're eating truly low carb is not going to raise your blood pressure salt doesn't raise blood pressure the only time it does is in the setting of you eating a high carbohydrate diet then it might but when you eat a low enough carbohydrate diet.

For some people that's 50 total grams a day other people have to lower to 20. other people have to be as close to 0 grams of carbs a day as possible a carnivore diet in order to get their their hypertension under control without medication so however many total carbs you're eating right now giovanni i would track.

That for a few days so you know the actual number then cut that in half and don't don't portion control just because you cut the carbs i want you to add more fat and protein to your diet that's going to bring your blood pressure down to the next level susan says can hdl ever be too high.

No no many people get a very high healthy hdl on a carnivore diet on a keto diet uh only if you have some inborn error of cholesterol metabolism would you ever have an hdl that's unhealthily high tennis sesame seed oil is very high in.

Omega-6 fatty acids i would avoid sesame oil even if it's cold-pressed it's still too high in omega-6 fatty acids ddt dcd says how do i improve my hdl cholesterol you're going to do this by two things three things one you're going to eat a very low carbohydrate diet number two.

You're going to eat lots of fatty meat and egg yolks number three you're going to lift heavy things that could be weights at the gym that could be cinder blocks in the backyard or that could be your kids on a daily basis but those three things raise hdl quicker than any pill in on at the pharmacy or any other strategy.

Rt says um i'm doing keto and i've got a little constipation what's causing that you're either not getting enough magnesium or you're not eating enough fat or you're still calorie restricting a lot of people when they go on keto or carnivore they don't poop as much because these.

Diets are full of very nutrient dense foods almost all of which you absorb and use so you're not going to go to the pot three times a day and have three ginormous stinky poops eating a keto keto or carnivore diet you're gonna have one small bm a day and for a lot of people that feels like.

Constipation like oh my god i'm not crapping nearly as much as i used to i must be constipated nope i got a video on this channel about that to explain more detail and also research in the links below but when you're eating a nutrient dense diet you're not going to poop as much okay fiber is not a nutrient when you.

Take the fiber out of your diet and you take all the other trash out of your diet you're not going to poop nearly as often or nearly the volume of poop that you use to thank good question thank you for that hey baby becky what are you doing you want to come say hi.

John's thanks for the super chat john he says hi uric acid some get flares and some don't why is that yeah so john's exactly right some people with very high uric acid levels when they get their blood checked they never have gout they never have a gout flare-up but yeah and then other people have severe gout flare-ups.

And you check their uric acid level and it's low normal good question john so that makes that makes one start to form the opinion that maybe uric acid is not the cause of gout and indeed john's loaded question is correct come here and say hi to everybody get over here you boy.

You come to me this is my 23 month old baby beckett say hi say hi wife let me kiss you you better blow my kiss that's not mommy that's no mommy's not there where's mommy did you come to get your ball.

Where's your blue ball go play get out of here i'm busy so yes john you're right uric acid does is not the cause of gout and i've got a youtube video on this channel about gout and what actually causes it what causes gout is too many.

Carbohydrates chronically high insulin level too much inflammation hush boy i'm busy and too much fructose fructose fructose in your diet watch my video about gout if you have gout or if you have a high uric acid and it scares you watch my video about that did you find it.

Where's it at i heard it where'd it go i don't know all right let's see what else people have got here everybody's saying hi to baby beckett keto bandito says dr savis says hdl is an indicator of insulin sensitivity i totally agree yeah here it goes.

Go get it the more insulin sensitive you are the more metabolically healthy you are the more your hdl is just going to come up but some of us have to lift heavy things and and really focus on eating fatty meat and egg yolks in order to get our hdl up to good healthy normal there's nora from egypt.

Hey nora we just talked about that yeah rebecca you're right he does he looks more like nisha than he does me um everybody says he looks like me but when you look at her baby pictures he is literally her twin hundred percent oh whoa whoa can someone yeah there we go mark says can someone with heart.

Disease do a carnivore diet a person with heart disease 100 percent should eat a keto ketivore or carnivore diet the reason they have heart disease if they didn't have a genetic defect is because they've been eating decades of too many carbs thus having high blood sugar spikes off and on multiple times a.

Day therefore having multiple spikes of insulin level in their blood multiple times a day and having chronic inappropriate levels of inflammation those are the things that lead to heart disease not salt not saturated fat not cholesterol and indeed you see.

Uh the the dietary guidelines for americans have stopped saying that cholesterol is bad for you they've stopped saying saturated fats bad for you the american heart association as much as they hate it they are progressively talking less and less about.

How cholesterol causes heart disease and how eating saturated fat causes heart disease because they know it doesn't this is i guarantee you the the the big pharma manufacturers of the statin drugs lipitor zocor crestor they 100 know that eating cholesterol doesn't lead to heart disease and that eating saturated fat doesn't lead to.

Heart disease they absolutely know that they've done so much research that they then decided not to publish because it didn't really show that their drug did anything good they know jolie says my mom has pancreatic cancer should she be more carnivore 100 you.

Know she should lower the carbohydrate intake and she should eat more fatty meat and egg egg yolks and 100 jelly thanks for the super chat uh prayers for your mom i'm not saying that a keto diet is going to cure cancer but i am telling you that if you are a human being on planet earth you need to eat a proper human diet.

There will be health benefits from it and there will be health penalties if you do not eat a proper human diet chad says how many times should i eat liver a week as many times a week as you want to chad a minimum of once or twice a week i think everybody should find a liver that they can tolerate.

Mild livers that don't taste too livery or chicken liver and cod liver those are the two least livery livers i've found there is not a single documented case of somebody developing a disease from eating too much liver from domesticated animals liver is a superfood it is nutrient dense if you compare the nutrition contained.

In the cheapest liver you can buy to the most expensive berry that you can buy aussie berry uh any of the superfoods blueberries you've heard about liver the cheapest liver you can find kicks the superfoods ass every time when it comes to vitamins and minerals.

Good question all right let's see what else uh land deer 900 says why do humans drink cow milk over any other milk what makes it special so nothing makes it special i think cow's milk is probably not the most.

Consumed mammal milk on the planet i bet it's goat milk if you if you're counting the entire world now in the u.s it's by far cow's milk but there's nothing special about cow's milk that's just the the reason in the u.s you can buy cow's milk so readily in the supermarket.

Is that it's easy to lock up a cow feed her lots of grain and she's gonna make a lot of milk okay but that doesn't mean that there's anything special about cow's milk at all it's just the most economically advantageous for the corporations that's why what are you doing boy.

Go get it you can do it he's trying to get under the cabinet and get his ball hear him grunting hugs and kisses from san diego how's it going yeah cod liver is delicious i love it i buy it in the tin and it's packed in cod oil right like it should be not soybean oil.

And it's very mild i'll mix it in with my scrambled eggs or i'll actually sometimes i mix it with mustard so it's not chunky i like uh frappe it till it's very smooth and then i'll use that as the condiment on my ground beef can't even taste the cod liver in there and then i just turned my condiment into a superfood didn't i.

Good idea or no what do you think mark says do we still need to take cholesterol medicine if we have high cholesterol uh is high cholesterol not a bad thing anymore ah mark's thinking mark's watching youtube videos he's reading research studies so less and less it basically any doctor.

Who tells you you need to take a cholesterol lowering drug because your total cholesterol is high that doctor's about 10 to 15 years behind on the research reading that doctor is way behind and not keeping up now if they talk about oh your ldl cholesterol is high and therefore you.

Need a statin then they're really only kind of they're only five years behind on the reading but if your doctor even brings up the fact that your total cholesterol is high they're out of the loop okay they are not keeping up on their reading and that's huge red flag that you might need to shop around for another doctor.

Let me get another question or two somebody said who said that well i lost it it jumped will a keto keto diet improve ibs d which is diarrhea predominant irritable bowel syndrome for many people yes some people have to go full carnivore to get their ibs d under control.

Vincent said he hates liver and he's not gonna eat it i understand vincent i used to hate liver too but i retrained my my tongue and my palate uh mary says i heard that you can get vitamin a toxicity from too much liver i said earlier in this video there is not a single documented case study.

Of someone developing vitamin a toxicity from eating beef liver pork liver goose liver duck liver chicken liver cod liver the only documented case is from eating polar bear liver which has a hundred times as much vitamin c and is also you know to speak so there's not literally not a single.

Documented case study of any human being ever developing vitamin a toxicity from eating liver it just doesn't happen unless you're eating puffer fish liver or polar bear liver all right thanks for the super chat veronica what else yeah it's a lot of people are saying they don't currently like liver.

Frank james says liver tastes good what's wrong with y'all a says eat heart then yeah so heart is much less livery tasting than liver um beef heart is delicious chicken heart is delicious um she part all the all the mammal hearts especially the remnant hearts.

They are delicious they're often wasted and so i would highly encourage you to start eating liver and heart so that less parts of animals are wasted i hate i hate food waste i especially if an animal is going to give their life for our nutrition we don't need to be wasting a single part of that animal i think that's.

Disrespectful to the animal nora says hi dr barry is your book available on audible yes it is my book is available in all bookstores all websites there is an e-book version of it and there is an audible version of it that you can listen to my book is called lies my doctor told me and you can listen to it on audible.

All right guys that's going to wrap it up today thanks so much for being part of this like i said earlier if you want to have better access to me to ask me more questions about your particular health issues your medications your lab results become a patron on there's a link down in the show notes it's a super.

Quick sign up this is you see the cat tale go by and uh i have much more time within the private protected patreon community to answer your questions thanks a lot guys i'll see you next time
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