Proper Human Diet Q&A with Dr Berry & @NeishaSalasBerry

Proper Human Diet Q&A with Dr Berry & @NeishaSalasBerry

Proper Human Diet Q&A with Dr Berry & @NeishaSalasBerry

Check out the video on Proper Human Diet Q&A with Dr Berry & @NeishaSalasBerry.
Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to the next edition of monday night live misha will be with me momentarily we're getting our children sorted with their sweet loving lovey that's their grandmother how's everybody doing this evening i hope you're doing well tell me what diet you're eating.

Currently are you eating low carb keto ketovor carnivore beef butter bacon and eggs lion diet where on the proper human diet spectrum are you eating currently i see some carnivores i see ketovor i see triple b and e.

Oh yeah oh yeah yeah we got a good mix good good and so realize that whatever diet you're eating right now you can either turn up the carbohydrate knob or turn down the carbohydrate knob depending on how your body's reacting to the amount of carbohydrates you're currently eating hey two crazy ketos in the house.

Good to see you guys if you guys don't follow two crazy ketos they are the the most lovely and loving couple i maybe have ever met wonderful wonderful people salt of the earth the red redmond salt of the of the earth 100 marsh is thinking about beef butter.

Bacon and eggs she hasn't started yet she's thinking about it ketobor in australia says fiona moldy lasagna has been on triple b and e for too much you need to change your handle moldy make it moldy sausage or something i don't know all right let's see if i have any.

Announcements common sense labs the book that kim howerton and i've been working on for the last 419 years is finished and it is available for purchase there's a link down in the show notes you can get either a paperback edition or you can get an electronic edition.

Also um i wrote this book called lies my doctor told me you may or may not have heard of that it's on amazon and in all bookstores here she comes here she comes oh my god i'm nervous here comes nisha just gotta let the dog in.

You guys thought this was a set this is our house this is this is our real life here dogs and cats and babies everywhere hi did you hurt yourself oh she did are you okay the dog is injured yep this is real life folks this is how.

We roll uh luke says any suggestions for skin care on carnivore what most people notice after a few months of a good carnivore diet is that their skin looks better than it's looked in years uh how many people who have been eating keto or keto carnivore or beef butter bacon and eggs your skin.

Looks so much better that you've stopped using one or more skin care products it's like that's dumb that's a waste of money why am i even using that tell me in the comments is she okay she's okay i think she just which she's long-legged and she's not really.

Sure what to do with them and sometimes she slides around and she slid coming up the steps and just bumped it right in here come close to me thanks everybody's gonna have crazy tonight yeah yeah it's gonna be one of those nights so let me first of all just let those of you who don't know.

This woman right here was nine months pregnant six weeks ago think about that for a minute yes i was she was knocked all the way up just six weeks ago and now she looks like a supermodel again well i think i looked like a supermodel when i was pregnant i feel like you're you're one of the kardashian lost.

Sisters like you're separated at birth uh ignore him look at her skin how much how many skin products have you just not used anymore just stopped using since you've been oh so many my if you watched my channel a long time ago my entire vanity was just covered up seven products maybe that i use and i don't use those every day how many.

Thousands of dollars have you saved me by eating lots of fatty meats and also gave me another baby so i can't complain life is good so far life is good so hard yeah let me get my water you got that so i want to know what everybody thought about the trailer the beef butter bacon and egg salt on a.

Scale of 0 to 10 be honest what do you think about that i had a hard time with it because i'm a big john mayer fan and i was like but he did a really good job oh i see nines and tens lots of tens oh a seven from semi-retired bob he wasn't moved ah.

Six from nicholas nicholas is like huh ho home all right um oh you got it i got it pulled up got it let's take a few questions adventurous oklahoman stretch carnivore no carbs january a1c 5.1 may was 5.6 august 5.6 fasting blood glucose is up as well why would these go.

Up so we're seeing in about five percent of carnivores that their a1c is creeping up a little bit it never gets up into the danger zone but it does come up higher than you would expect eating zero carb i've been talking to professor ben bickman about this and a couple of other uh people who kind of think about this stuff all.

Day every day like i do how many hours am i on the computer today research that's great it's ridiculous and so the current theory is is that when you're eating a nutrient dense diet like that that's very uninflammatory your red blood cells live a lot longer they probably live an extra 10 or 20.

Days and that gives them more time to glycate and so this what this has got to be because if these same people wear a cgm their blood sugar's beautiful for the majority of the day so this has to be red blood cells living longer now we.

Don't know that for a fact and there's currently no clinical lab that you can get checked like go to lab co request and get your red blood cell lifespan checked there's not a test for that it's only in the laboratory like in the university laboratory that you can have that done.

It takes about 12 hours and so we don't know for sure we are kara says we're the cutest couple thank you so much carol we we appreciate it hey robert thank you very much i know that was mostly for me thank you robert cole um debbie says thanks dr barry for letting.

Me cut into your talk with dr cyrus and introduce myself nisha maybe i can meet you next time maybe maybe we're going to be at a few places where are we going to be we will be obviously at the nashville phd summit coming up on september 17th i'm pretty sure we're sold out at this point but you will be able to watch virtually for.

Free thanks to our besties over at ketochow chris and miriam thank you very much for supporting us since the beginning they're going to host it free on keto chow's youtube channel yeah yeah so make sure you set your calendars and if you sign up on the website for the virtual they'll they'll be an email that comes and reminds you like hey hey this.

Is going on uh because uh you know we're all forgetful life happens spider-man friendly neighborhood spider-man uh and then after that we will be at ketopalooza in louisville kentucky or louisville we're going up north or louisville depending on louisville where we are and uh we're gonna be there at.

Watch autumn keto autumn jones is hosting her summit or uh meet up and it is one of the best ones we've ever been to it is scaled up this year and we're super happy to hear that it's at a beautiful convention center louisville is just a great town spending a lot of time in louisville but.

We we did last year when we went and we were on the bourbon row i don't know what they call it there's a name for it it's great we really liked it the atmosphere is good it's small but busy enough to you know feel like you're you know in a city yeah and you know i grew up in tennessee so i have told kentucky jokes all my life and after spending.

Some time with autumn up in louisville i feel bad and i want to take all those jokes back the one about the toothbrush all of it i'm sorry i was a juvenile i didn't know better but we love autumn and her whole family like it's just a big old family reunion and party at that place and uh i cried at the last one you know yeah it's.

Wonderful britney says will ketobor help with pcos yes you've come to the right place brittany i've got uh one or two videos about pcos on this channel so after this live you can watch those and down in the show notes i have the research i based the video on uh pcos responds beautifully to keto ketobor or carnivore.

Absolutely um a lot of people have started calling it um diabetes of the ovaries it is an insulin hyperinsulinemia um type disease or whatever you want to call it when you correct your hyperinsulinemia and your chronic inappropriate inflammation.

Pcos symptoms get 80 90 100 better and that's what the current standard american diet is doing to people it's giving them too many carbs spiking their insulin and giving them inappropriate inflammation is youtube gonna be a pain in my butt tonight okay darby said can you please dive into the research done.

On fasting glucose levels of the inuit people dr baker uh mentioned 110 to 120 without any adverse facts exactly and you remember the inuit we're eating a carnivore diet for 11 months out of the year and so that that falls right in with the extended red blood cell lifespan theory just a theory just a hypothesis.

Let's leave it at that let's be honest with that uh hopefully there will be research coming on that but we don't know for sure nurse cindy in the house speakers at the summit by the way i need to call you two crazy kids in the house also also speaking at our summit and helping us host it and they're just.

Wonderful people if you haven't subscribed to crazy kids what are you doing with your life right right now luke says sorry um but did he have another hello i meant more for cuts and scrapes soaps etc earlier.

His thing let me see if i can find him thank you little blue for the super chat um ernest says come to europe and teach us we would love to set it up and we'll be there seriously like anybody who wants to set up an event in.

London or like outskirts london paris like whatever we love to travel we will hop on a plane we will be there yeah scotland ireland denmark i had an invite to speak at a conference in romania but i could not go because misha had bonnie bloom in her tummy no i i can't go back far enough i'm so sorry luke steve i don't know who credit.

Crazy ketos will you watch for luke luke type it again in the chat box too crazy ketos is going to look for luke stevens with a v raymond i've been carnivore for 15 days just went to a new doctor and a1c went from 10.2 to 7. 15 days my weight is slowly going down 284 down to 271. blood pressure is also starting.

To be absolutely raymond you have discovered a proper human diet keep doing what you're doing and before long you'll be teaching your friends how to do it hannah hannan uh says greetings from london uk uh thank you so much listen yes we're so ready to get back on the road yeah yeah we're ready to come see you.

Guys wherever you're at jeff fisher i have lots of bubbles in my urine but they go away after one to one and a half minutes nothing left after flushing the creatine levels are good is this okay yes everybody especially if you have a high velocity urine stream you're gonna make bubbles in the.

In the lavatory okay that does not mean you have protein in your urine if the bubbles persist for four or five minutes in other words they don't pop and go away then you might have protein in your urine and you should go to your doctor.

About that but if you have got to pee really bad and you go pee and there's a few bubbles on it or even if it's covered with bubbles but the bubbles all pop and go away within two minutes you don't have protein in your urine uh westland bob it says i'm ketovor and no more pcos for me that's it anybody else reverse pcos symptoms.

With keto ketovor carnivore put in the comments people are watching these comments because they're looking they're they want this not to be a trick they want this not to be some kind of sales scheme and as you know we don't really sell anything so but a lot of people don't know us so please tell your stories of what keto ketobor.

Carnivore has done for you luke says thank you earlier question was any suggestion for carnivore skin care there is hair flying everywhere especially for cuts scrapes soaps etc so we use a lot of beef tallow not rendered in the skillet it's rendered professionally it doesn't have.

Any smell and it makes a wonderful salve lotion for your face for your whole bite god olive you got a hair that went right into my windpipe you can find a lot of uh big tallow um ointments and stuff on etsy yes beef towel is wonderful skincare for.

Years and years we were laughing about this the other day before i discovered keto i had chronically chapped lips chronically checked from the time i was in third grade all my life and i had blue sticks in my pockets all the time and i could literally take it out of my pocket and open it one-handed.

And that was one of the tricks that i did while we were dating that wu nation she was like any man that can open a chapstick container with one hand is that's something special that was that was it that's how i knew was that the thing that was that was it you're like he must be thor and so but so now long story short now.

At bedtime i take some beef pal tallow and put on my lips at bedtime once a day that's it my lips are fine they're never dry they never crack they never peel they're never chapped so i don't know if it's the increased vitamins from the nutrient density if it's the increased fats all the healthy fats uh but my lips are never trapped.

Anymore yeah uh and i'm told i'm a good kisser by people who should know you're on a you're on one tonight aren't you yes i really want to come to the louisville event what are the dates so you can find the dates and all information in the link.

Show notes below or you can head over to watch autumn keto on youtube and subscribe to her channel while you're there yes and she's on instagram as well and you can find all that information you will love it i promise it'll be worth it even if you have to sleep in the.

Backseat of your car because you can't afford a hotel honey come and hang out with us you will be glad you did jim lush says that he's been on ketobor and he's lost 130 pounds thumbs up for jim lush well done jim linda joshua says hi nisha northberry hi joshua hi joshua what are you doing.

Ah little blue says do you think i'll still still see success on triple b and e if i keep just a bit of cream cheese or pickled jalapenos i need a little twist probably yeah it may be just a little bit less of a result than you'd like but yeah you're going to see results because the vast majority of your diet is going to be proper.

You got a cat here in my nose my mother's phone is going off in the background vibrate silence silence silencio povor all right karen says the daughter-in-law is convinced i'm taking advice from some crazy doctor goodell spa i'm so tired google's founding advice.

From the twilight zone who knew uh starting with the reading weight was 307 current weight is 253. congratulations karen and your daughter-in-law wonder if your deal is changing her mind that's what i call my deal literally i call her deal yes we have a lot of amanda's in our lives yes should we distinguish her.

Freddie says will red meat and eggs increase arterial plaque no freddie i've got quite a few videos on this channel that will explain to you in detail what actually causes damage to your arteries and then the resulting attempt by your body to first plug that up with cholesterol and then later to plug it up with.

Calcium it's not the red meat note my friend all right buzz wants to know will pedro be at the summit i don't know i think pedro would rather be uh sitting up here in the woods deer blinds.

And looking at his game cams and that sort of thing joanna's turtle's name is amanda that's funny ray plays music hey dr barry is it still effective to maintain a keto diet on a shorter 16 8 fast also is keto safe for people who have had partial small bowel resections due to colics yeah keto is.

Part of the proper human diet spectrum and everybody out there regardless of what surgical procedure they've had is still a human being and they deserve all the benefits they're going to get from eating a proper human diet even if you've had part of your small intestine surgically chopped out now you're not going to be able to.

Absorb as much nutrition so you actually ought to eat higher nutrient density foods because of that definitely not don't eat nutrient voids foods because you're not going to you're not able to absorb uh cassie what can a woman do nutritionally to make menstruation easier so i hear a lot from women that.

When they go ketobor carnivore meaning they increase their protein and fat and really bring those carbs lower and make sure they're eating enough okay you can't bring the calories way way way down because that goes the wrong way for menstruation they see um more regular periods less painful.

Periods and lighter periods without and increasing fertility so you got to keep that in mind so if you're not trying to get pregnant make sure you're taking care of that less cramping and less bloating as well we hear that mood yes oh and we hear that from the husbands pmdd and pms symptoms start to just.

Diminish i mean you might be a little bit irritable but nothing like um you were if you've had that kind of problem yep pedro if you've got fungus in your blood you would be in the intensive care unit okay if a doctor has told you that you have fungus in your blood and you're currently at home.

Then you've either got an ignorant doctor or somebody who's trying to to trick you out of some money fungal sepsis is a very severe uh sometimes lethal condition you don't have fungus in your blood if you're sitting at home watching this all right mo j dr barry can i get a prescription for a cgm from you as a.

Patron i saw today's post regarding cgm's we'll talk about that inside patreon uh but watch the new video if you haven't yes hey hey you shut up george says what's your hair routine dr barry.

My hair routine literally takes 14 seconds i get out of the shower i dry it off i get some uh i make him she makes my hair uh hair oil with some essential oils and jojoba oil and that's what seven drops rub the palms rub the hair done that's it literally 14 seconds you can find a jojoba oil on it on.

Amazon for pretty cheap and then if you want to put some essential oils you can but you can just use it plain yeah my hair smells like cilantro smell she puts cilantro oil in there so awesome it is it's he's being he's not being funny there's really cilantro oil in.

There oh sherry yeah can a person who has had hepatitis c eat red meat red meat is part of an ancestrally appropriate human diet is part of a proper human diet every human on the planet deserves all of the nutrition and health benefits they'll get from eating fatty red meat.

Including someone who has had cirrhosis or hepatitis c or nash or nafld in the past or currently in fact eating a red meat fatty red meat heavy diet is going to help you reverse fatty liver and reverse nash so i know your doctor said you know you've had hepatitis c you can't eat red meat that's just to be blunt okay you eat all the red.

Meat that your body wants ah what happened i was looking at bonnie and i was like wait what are we doing she's whining that cat hair it's really bothering me oh dillo says thoughts on dr seabee's nutrition and nutritional alkaline guide so i've watched quite a few videos of dr.

Seabee's he's a he believes in a plant-based alkaline diet he seems very earnest and fervent and honest but and he is completely wrong about all of it you cannot eat enough alkaline foods to make your blood alkaline that is impossible you can't eat enough acidic foods to make your blood acidic that is.

Impossible uh although i think uh dr seabee it was a very uh rational honest man he was wrong about a great many things when it comes to human nutrition good question thank you for that um while we're kind of at the half hour we have gotten lazy when it comes to telling people who we are and that's true while we are here.

You introduce me and i'll introduce you let's do that this is dr ken berry he is a family physician with 20 plus years of patient experience and he likes sheep cutting down trees yes and eating lots of meat yes that's me you summed it up well.

This is nisha solace hyphen berry slap the dog right in the head would you please this is lily our poodle she's barking at the cat this is misha solis heifenberry she is a registered nurse she is a lactation consultant she's working on her degree as a doula she is a brilliant intelligent and obviously hot.

And also my wife so watch it and baby mama and baby mama yeah angelic annihilator welcome back can you explain when and why to work out fasted how to avoid losing muscle when fasting or gain it bad quickly yeah so if you fast for three five seven days you're gonna burn fat during that time right now your body is very wise very.

Anxious very intelligent it's not an idiot so it's not going to burn your skeletal muscle if there's still fat to burn and a lot of people don't get this one key fact and here it is when you're burning fat for fuel that fat doesn't just float in mid air in your body it is locked down with.

Collagen and fibrin connective tissue made of protein and so when you burn the fat you're actually breaking down that protein and you have access to that as well so as long as you're not fasting more than three days you're not going to lose any appreciable amount of muscle and if you're when you do break your fast if you're smashing.

The fatty red meat and the eggs with the yolk and you're lifting heavy weights even while fasted you're going to actually build muscle as you burn off the fat to reveal the muscle hi beckett barry can you say hi say hi to everybody show them your fingers where you've been painting show them.

What did you paint today yeah who knows choice yeah yeah yeah this is beckett for those of you who are new and he is our oldest and he'll be three in october he loves paw patrol and.

Yes and bacon you love bacon get away go in there and kick the dog don't kick watch me why because mommy's working and lovie's here to take care of me.

Luke says any suggestions for bad breath bad taste in the mouth on carnivore i actually don't experience this personally or with nature or with any other carnivores i'm in close contact with sometimes when people are first converting to keto or any of the ketogenic that way they're eating.

They'll have ketones on their breath which smells like acetone and this this lasts for a few weeks but in virtually every case i've never heard of anybody who has that long term so if you have really bad breath luke you might want to see your dentist you might and then if it continues you might want to see your ear nose and.

Throat specialist to make sure that you don't have a a impacted sinus that has infection in it sometimes that can cause bad breath as well there's our there's powell she's one of our moderators if you see somebody answer your question and they have a blue wrench by their name that means.

They're a moderator and they are approved did you get rich oh no i cried today made first brisket without black pepper and granulated garlic salt only do i really need to give up pepper and garlic i don't some people do if they have autoimmune.

Conditions or their or they really react to those things but i think that that's fine i would use that definitely the next time and from now on most people do not have to go that far ken says what is your opinion of drinking alkaline ionized water i actually have a video about this on this.

Channel kim that it is a complete and utter 100 waste of your money there is nothing that alkaline water can do the alkalinity in that bottle of alkaline water compared to your stomach acid because your stomach acid is about 100 000 times a million times really.

More uh concentrated than the alkalinity in that water your stomach acid cancels that alkaline water before it even makes it to your small intestine that it never makes it to your bloodstream it's a complete waste of your money so i i hope now that you act on that information.

And never waste your money on that again this is very clear any doctor who remembers human physiology and anatomy they'll tell you alkaline water's dumb you would have to drink something with the alkaline alkalinity of like a ph 13 which would also burn your mouth because it'd be so still like a lie so alkaline.

To cancel your stomach acid and to actually maybe make it into your bloodstream but that you would then be in the er because you burned your mouth and esophagus with the high ph jennifer says i've lost 20 pounds on the proper human diet yes.

I have hypothyroidism i'm taking levothyroxine and myothyroid what are the signs that my meds need to be lowered or stopped so you need to first of all ask yourself how are my symptoms are my symptoms much much better if they are then go see your doctor and get your labs checked and if.

Your labs are appreciably better then you might be able to decrease the dosage of your thyroid medication we've seen many people do this haven't seen anybody come off the medication for hypothyroidism but we have seen people with hashimoto's be able to stop their thyroid medication.

Dr barry carnivores helped me so much but i can't shake hot flashes i'm almost 57 any suggestions looking forward to meeting you guys at the rebecca farmer retreat in october can't wait to meet you yes hey man uh it may be time to go to a ob gyn and get your sex hormones checked uh in many cases a carnivore diet will correct hormones to the point.

Where you don't even have hot flashes and night sweats anymore but in some few cases it's just not strong enough for you go see somebody who practices bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and get your labs checked and if you need some testosterone and progesterone get it because it'll make you feel so.

Much better uh luke says any suggestions for bad breath or a bad taste okay uh pauline thank you yes a native granny berry is watching uh from alabama she's with our my parents down there my granny is 92 years old and she is a.

Feisty little devil but also very sweet and we love her very much please say hi granny berry and where you're watching from because it just makes her night when you guys do that jen my uh why are my triglycerides higher and hdl lower now than before ketovor my a1c is 4.8 triglycerides we're 52 now.

We're 58 hdl was 46 now 43 and i'm still losing fast yeah so you're doing everything right whether your triglycerides are 52 or 58 i don't care um whether your triglycerides have one up five or ten points is irrelevant as long as your triglyceride count is well under 150.

You're perfect nothing to worry about okay all these numbers are going to go up and down some degree uh but as long as you keep them that good you're home free no worries mark you mentioned last night a new stevia artificial sweetener study can you shout out where that is published or who wrote it would love a video.

I printed out a copy but i don't know what i did with it but uh i'm actually was i was going to make a video about it but but then i read it and it's so convoluted okay so what they did was they said okay let's see what happens to people if we give them stevia or sucralose or sugar or.

I forget what the other sweetener was maybe monk fruit but all the sweeteners had glucose in them as a stabilizer and i'm like so how can you even say this is stevia versus sugar when the stevia has sugar in it and uh my good friend nick norwicz he.

Made a video about it it's on his youtube channel but i couldn't get past that it's like why the hell would you put glucose which is pure sugar in with the stevia why wouldn't you just have stevia versus just sucralose versus just.

Monk fruit right right that's how you do science i think i mean i've i've read some science and i don't think you mix your ingredients together and then act like i don't know i was i was very disappointed in that study but it did show an insulin response with stevia.

Uh elevation and insulin but it had glucose in it so you can't really say anything about that it's kind of dumb jay when we talk about ancestrally appropriate diets aren't there people who have been eating rice and pasta for thousands of years yes for a few thousand years yes they.

Have but yeah or in most cases for a few hundred years a great example is the indian subcontinent okay people think they're vegans a vegetarian and that's that's how they've been for 50 000 years actually they started eating that way when the british took over india and basically made all of them slaves that's and and so in their religion they.

Do have mentions of those sorts of things but the vast majority of people ate their meat before the british arrived and basically subjugated everybody put somebody in the in the in the bedroom geez i've never seen dogs so ill-behaved.

They're going to boarding school yeah lance says his wife uh tammy gets a response from stevia a lot of people get a blood sugar response from using stevia or monk fruit some people don't but the question that all of us are asking me and dr bickman is do you get an insulin spike when you put stevia in your coffee for example or do you not.

Because that's really important to know because if you're trying to drink bulletproof coffee you're fasting coffee keto coffee you got some butter in there and you're like i just need a little stevia if that raises your insulin enough that's going to break your fast so you're not really fasting so that's the thing that that's the.

Million-dollar question that we all need answered right let's see jamie lee says between my husband and myself we've lost nearly 100 pounds collectively my husband has reversed his pre-diabetes anybody want to reverse pre-diabetes and his office heartburn medication still.

Trying to get off testosterone though and he may or may not be able to get off the testosterone many people do some people don't uh but the fact that he has reversed his pre-diabetes do you realize jamie lee how much he's lowered his risk of heart attack and stroke by reversing that pre-diabetes and by losing.

50 pounds uh that's that's freaking amazing well done well done angelic annihilator how many days a week should i work out the same muscle groups and how many rest days per week should i take for recovery thanks for all you do so i used to be very into working out back in my my teens and 20s i read all.

The joe weeder books had a subscription to flex and muscle and fitness you guys remember those and so i've read from all the master bodybuilders about this stuff and so if you're wanting to put on muscle angelic annihilator you want to work out say for example your chest shoulders and triceps the back of your arm all the.

Push muscles work them out hard on monday then on tuesday you're going to work your back and biceps your pull muscles then on wednesday you can work your legs out thoroughly then you're going to take a day off most of us over train if you're working out the same body part every day or.

Every other day or even every third day you're probably over training that part you're going to slow down the hypertrophy that you're trying to get uh some people have to rest add an extra day of rest in there to get their muscles to grow but many people over train and they get stronger but their muscles don't get noticeably.

Bigger hope that helps now i'm in no way these days a a muscle building uh weightlifting expert i'm way out of practice because i hate it and i'm never going to do it again i lift trees now uh meena zee says what's a good veg vegetarian diet for diabetic people thanks doctor so mina if if someone is.

Trying to reverse their type 2 diabetes completely or if they have type 1 diabetes and they're trying to achieve a normal a1c uh currently i have not seen anybody do that on a vegan diet or a whole food plant-based diet or definitely a raw vegan diet i don't think it's possible.

Because there's just too many carbohydrates now if you if you can compromise with a vegetarian diet in which you include butter ghee uh eggs with the yolk seafood and maybe some cheese then you can probably get enough healthy fat and healthy protein so that you're not eating so many carbs but on a vegan diet.

I i vegan diets if you switch from standard american junk diet to vegan diet you might lower your a1c a little and and the vegans love to spout that oh it bro lowered it two tenths of a point and then i'm over here with keto like yeah it completely reversed it it's gone.

Screw your two-tenths of a point let's just reverse type two diabetes and get rid of it how about that and you can only do that when you're eating a very very low carbohydrate diet mina thank you for the question uh jeff fisher bought bovine colostrum before starting keto been taking it a lot because it expires at the end of.

This month can too much hurt my kidneys or my body probably not jeff but don't waste your money on it again you now know that's a waste of money just eat your meat and eggs evan hey dr barry nisha is there any metabolic risk to switching between keto and a higher carb diet thomas de lau recommends that but that seems suspect to me i don't.

Think there's any damage at all that would be like um eating a good healthy nutritious diet with no poison in it for two weeks and then eating a diet with some slow poison in it with for a week and then going back to the good food you're just going to be harming yourself when you're eating the junk.

Makes sense it's not like oh some magical uh mixture of oh you ate high fat these this week and next week you're going to eat high carb those two mix together and form cyanide no that's not how human physiology works also we don't think that you need to ever cycle back into a higher carb diet there's zero need for that.

The science supporting that position is laughingly lacking carol loftus says granny bear your grandson is hot watch out now my granny will come get you disc says i've been ketovor for a while and my a1c is still 6.7 um so i need you.

To take a fresh look at your diet disc i'm afraid you've had what's known as carb creep unless you are an undiagnosed type 1 diabetic you're you're going to have a normal a1c after eating ketobor for a while so either you're you've you've missed the definition of ketobor and you're eating.

More carbs than you should or your pancreas has stopped making insulin and you just don't know it ask your doctor for a c-peptide and a fasting insulin test and if those are zero then you're a type one diabetic and you're gonna have to inject insulin to ever get a normal a1c all right let's see what else we got.

Here let me make sure i'm not missing anything yep got jeff all right now's the time to to ask your questions guys i'm in a question answering frenzy uh steve says i'm both tired i have both type 2 diabetes and chronic pancreatitis what would you suggest to help me find a.

Happy medium diet between the two a proper human diet very low carbohydrate nutrient dense ancestrally appropriate diet um one is high fat one is low fat yeah there's no proper human diet is low fat steve i know the pancreatitis diet says no red.

Meat but that is what is it guys bs there is no research to support that whatsoever you can take pancreatic enzymes there's 20 different types and strengths that your doctor can write you a prescription for you can digest and break down all the red meat even if your pancreas the pancreatic enzymes have.

Totally stopped forming we're gonna multitask hey there's that baby you're welcome steve uh karen says depression meds can cause issues with starting beef butter bacon and eggs question mark uh depression meds in general can cause.

A lot of problems for a lot of people uh don't quit your depression med cold turkey but maybe you've seen the new research study that came came out that said basically uh the ssris don't do anything that they said they did they don't raise serotonin levels in.

Your brain and they're only slightly better than placebo but you'll probably have to wean down your anti-depression med if you want to try to stop it don't stop at cold turkey talk to your doctor candy says why do i crave mayonnaise.

I don't know candy why do you crave mayonnaise i mean mayo is delicious make it make the two crazy ketos butter mayo there's a video on their channel it is divine ain't that right darling hello big music nugget says how concerned.

Should i be with eating primarily grass-fed beef if you can afford it eat it if you can't afford it don't think another thing about it it is not a requirement for optimal health i saw somebody mention kim howard oh kim howarton's in the house hey kim howerton how you doing so again let me remind you.

Guys uh kim and i wrote a book called common sense labs that tells you what labs you need to ask your doctor for it actually gives the icd-10 codes that you can give your doctor so that they can code it properly so that the insurance will pay for the labs right it tells you what the normal range.

Is but also what the optimal range is for the laps there's a link down in the show notes check it out there's a paperback and also uh electronic lisa nichols hey lisa just waking up in the uae and catching your live 4 30 a.m mesheer good lord what time go 4 30. go back to bed i love your lives i always.

Learn something new and they keep me focused and on track thank you blessings and hugs thank you so much lisa hopefully we can have a keto event in the uae that'd be awesome nation wants to go you can make mail with avocado oil you can make it with bacon grease which we've done is delicious you can make it.

With butter you can make it with any healthy fat alberta her a1c has went from 13.3 down to 6.2 since february alberta huzzah huzzah you're on your way to the health you never thought you have again that is awesome.

Khadijah says can the phd get rid of cataracts and glaucoma interesting question both glaucoma and cataracts i think every single person is going to interrupt us tonight do we need to sit down and have a family conference there is a significant research about.

Cataracts and glaucoma and their very tight relationship to hyperglycemia that's high blood sugar and hyperinsulinemia and i'm working on videos about both of those right now but uh basically the glycation from high blood sugar is what clouds up the lens of the eye and leads to cataracts.

In a nutshell what's what's he saying about the nutshell how did that not get into his nutshell what uh marion is a full moon marliss marliss i like your name do you watch calories on your plan no i 100 do.

Not i don't eat if i'm not hungry and when i do get hungry i sit down and eat until i'm comfortably stuffed either one meal a day or two meals a day and when i am comfortably stuffed and cannot eat another bite i stop eating now if you're eating the proper foods you can do that and still lose weight but if you're not.

Eating the proper foods you can get real fat doing that so make sure you know what foods are included on a proper human diet yeah john says i can't get my head around keeping up my calories to lose weight can you explain so weight loss is a hormonal issue it has nothing to do with calories we have been.

We've all been tricked and food about calories for the last 50 years your body does not have a calorie counter in it your body does not know what the hell a calorie is a calorie is a unit of heat measurement that physicists use in the lab it has nothing to do with human physiology and digestion.

It'd be like saying i just can't understand how i'm going to lose weight if i keep my my miles per gallon high that has nothing to do with human physiology how am i going to lose weight if i keep keep my ounces of silver hot that has nothing to do with human physiology it's literally a univ of.

Measurement that is irrelevant to human digestion so stop worrying about the calories what you got where do i get a proper human diet t-shirt there's a link in the description but the link is in the show now yeah we got a proper human diet and we.

Also have beef butter bacon and eggs keep on making making beef butter that's for free no charge for that that's just awesome were you going there with that dude our brain sometimes i wonder if we have like a silver yeah uh oh odillo uh keeps asking thoughts on.

Healing herpes simplex virus so i've had to block so many accounts for being like oh dr havelallah cured my herpes here's his link so odillo if you don't want to get blocked we don't care about dr odalala okay and his magical cure for your herpes maybe he's actually asking no he's not he's asking like 47 times and i recognize the.

Yeah okay i'm gonna have to put you in timeout oh dillo there you go now you think about what you've done all right can i start a carnivore diet after heart bypass surgery fruit art asks yes fruit art you.

Absolutely can it is a proper human diet and even though you had bypass surgery you were still a human that's my wife right there you got doug doug hater put your finger on my like i can't reach.

That's not a touch screen and it's never gonna be america why i don't know how i don't know what to do with my hands seriously oh why do you why don't you have a touchscreen you know what put your mouse i got your mouse i got your mouse i hate our very first time a long time in a long time i'm seeing more and more products at the.

Grocery store claiming to be keto rebel ice cream keto breads etc i'm wondering what you have to say about this yay or nay so for your birthday and your anniversary yay have some but for the daily day in and day out if you're trying to.

Reach health goals doug if you're trying to optimize your health if you're trying to reverse chronic disease those are very occasional treats those are not daily food they are not part of a proper human diet okay very often they will fudge on the macros and say only two grams of dead carbs but.

You flip it over and it's got 14 grams of total carbs okay and the serving size is like one ounce yeah it's like one tenth of a teaspoon yeah come on come on we're not idiots okay give us a full serving size and tell us what the total carbs are on the front of the package and then what they'll have to do is take keto off the label and put it back.

Up there where it belongs because it's not dog barking is super annoying no kidding yeah trust me we know thanks for pointing that out if you'd like to come breastfeed this baby i'll take care of that dog i mean that could be awkward you know if she did show up but oh let's see what we got here the.

Berries poodle is making my dogs bark sorry cynthia i'm sorry i apologize for my canines uh irish if you think you tore your hernia mesh you need to talk to your doctor about that um marley says would protein shakes help or.

Harm so protein shakes are a waste of money if you want protein eat meat and eggs that is the most bioavailable protein on the planet that you can actually use protein shakes are an occasional convenience for wealthy people who are late for their yoga appointment and they don't have time to cook eggs so.

They just have a protein shake that's what that's what that's for i think protein shakes are very elitist and the rest of us commoners we're we're not okay with that okay if you want protein eat meat about that you may scoot you closer so you can reach with your elbow.

My nose we're we're we're having uh family difficulties uh jake this is a listen regular people that's right jay wins see now mine's not touch screen anymore my 12 year old daughter has vitiligo mainly located on her fingers ankles and knees could keto or carnivore have any positive effects on this joe rogan.

Actually has vitiligo and he reported that he was getting new pigmentation in his uh lesions when he was on a carnivore diet now i don't know if he's continued on carnival or not but he actually reported his vitiligo improving on a carnivore diet brian or bryan breen i mean he's got the the brain mouse so.

Maybe brain brynn what's the best place to start learning carnivore so i've got a carnivore 101 playlist on this channel just click on the playlist and watch the videos i bought 200 bucks worth of meats and threw them in the freezer best video to look at to get me started uh my carnivore 101 playlist.

Is going to tell you every single thing you need to know about doing a carnivore diet right sam are there athletes successfully during endurance sports uh i'm guessing you mean on keto i want to run a marathon but people are telling me it cannot be done without carbs and refueling.

With sugar yeah so those people are wrong sam look up michelle hearn h-e-r-n one of the mods if you'll put her link in the chat box she runs marathons all the time she runs like eight miles a day for fun she is a carnivore she is also a registered dietitian michelle hearn and.

Then also look up zach bitter bitter i think it's just bitter without an s he runs ultra marathons 50 miles 100 and during those very unnatural athletic competitions he will use some carbs during the race but when he's training he's 100 carnival yeah there's a lot and bikers there's some um.

Are they actually called bikers is there a special name for cyclists cyclists that's good yeah a lot of psychologists have started using it too yeah i think i think we may be okay i saw someone ask during pregnancy is carnivore okay or would keto be safer it's either one whatever you would like to do and are.

Able able to sustain during your pregnancy um one's not superior to the other they're both great for you and great for baby but there's no danger in doing carnivore if you can sustain that it's great in fact it may be superior to keto.

Yeah it has there's net either one are great you're doing a good job corly says i cannot imagine running being fun i agree corliss i agree i'm running something bad yeah if i if you see me or nation running at top speed somebody needs to call the club i've seen john mayer in the existence and i'm trying to catch him.

Jfe i'm pulling in the driveway yeah run for that oh let's see so james has popcorn once a week when he goes to the movie that's his only chance once a week you're going to the movies that's not must be nice john uh somebody asked about nitrate serena took.

Care of that thank you serena i've got a if you're afraid of nitrates in in processed meat and in cured meats i've got a video explaining why that's nonsense to worry about that uh sean says would you suggest diving into the proper human diet or step into it it depends on what kind of person you are some people are teetotalers they.

Need to just dive in head first other people like to dip their toe in and either way is perfectly fine whatever matches your personality it is not dangerous to to switch to a proper human diet overnight it is also not dangerous if you take three months to transition both are fine.

Depending on your personality is there something you've seen that lab steaks are coming to a grocery store near you and what do you have to say about what is this lab steaks like labrador retriever i think they mean lab grown meat oh lab-grown meat.

Depending on what the substrate was they grew it with and grew it on could theoretically be as nutritious as meat but it would literally cost 800 an ounce if they made it have all the nutrition that an ounce of real meat has currently with with current production methods it would cost 2 000 an ounce.

To have all the nutrition it's just theoretically impossible at this point big music nugget can my fiance go carnival while breastfeeding yes um i do recommend transitioning slowly uh and that has nothing to do with carnivore being bad for breastfeeding it's just any kind of stress on the body can.

Affect breastfeeding so do it slowly and make sure she's eating plenty because a lot of women start carnivore think they're eating a lot but they're really not because protein's highly satiating so make sure she's getting a lot of fats and adequate protein along with plenty of electrolytes and water and she should be fine no portion control.

I did go ahead i'm sorry i thought you did i did carnivore with um beckett when i was breastfeeding and did fun uh lewis henry says i asked once about bacon and you dodged the subject what about bacon you said it's okay to eat daily yes it is okay to eat daily lewis henry it has a one-to-one fat to protein ratio i'm not at all concerned about.

Uh pork having a higher omega-6 to omega-3 than beef and other ruminants it does have that but if you've cut out all the vegetable oils then you're you're not going to be getting too much omega-6 fatty acids just from the bacon.

That you eat once a day because you're also going to be smashing lots of eggs with the yolk and red meat right now if you want to eat 45 pounds of bacon a day you might get too much omega-6 fatty acids from that but if you're having less than a pound of bacon a day this is nothing to worry about lewis henry i hope i answered it.

Thoroughly this time cynthia i probably know the answer to this but which is better to count total carbs or net carbs total total carbs just because there's just no way to get tricked with that it is what it is yeah if you're talking about broccoli.

I trust broccoli it's not gonna mislead you about its total carbs and its net carbs but if it's a keto product they will use tapioca flour they will use wheat bran they will use every single thing they can to pretend it's a fiber even though it's a soluble fiber and does break down into your in your.

Small intestine and turn into sugar and they'll say only two grams of net carbs and so you can't trust products because they're trying to have that low number on the front and that's going to cause them to try to mislead you on the back can like if they were honest and put total carbs on the front then you can.

Make a choice but do you think they would sell as many things well no be like only 15 grams of total carbs people like well hell oreos don't have that much yeah exactly are pork rinds good snacks yeah yeah yeah make sure they're fried in in pork fats a lot of places i don't understand.

Why they want to fry them in soybean oil that's dumb max you may see yes yeah mo jay are there any nutrients or nutritional value you can get from vegetables that you can't get from meat trying to make a case for salad that you cannot get from meat mo jay no there's not there's nothing in a vegetable.

There's nothing in a plant that you cannot get from eggs and meat let that soak in for a second yes there is nutrition in plants yes there is there are vitamins and minerals very often locked up by oxalates and phytates and lectins that your body can't access them but there is nothing in a plant nothing.

In a fruit a vegetable nothing in honey nothing in any of those things nothing in berries that you cannot get from meat and eggs think about that that's important once you figure that out that that helps that pushes a lot of to the side good question he's just never going to shut up that's.

Toto i know thank you cheryl i know you know oh yeah that's toenail guys yes sorry foster's talking uh susan your opinion please on my progress after nine months of phd cholesterol was 313 now 277. that's okay hdl was 51 now it's 56. that's great ldl 204 now 197. that's.

Okay triglycerides 291 now 118 that's wonderful crp was point eight nine point three susan you're doing great keep it up keep it up and teach your friends because you gotta figure it out i'm sorry body blow biscuit butter.

That's the best one we've had tonight alt-79 ggt-220 watched your video on alt ruled out all but hypothyroidism i do have hashimoto's uh freaky f4 over the top of normal 3k3 lower normal range no nafl had imaging could it be low free t3 keto for a year yes it could.

Find a doctor check out the website stop the thyroid madness and see if you can find a doctor on there who understands how to treat the human thyroid properly marcia says hi granny barry from montana usa she just spent time with her 94 year old dad today who her dad's older than you.

Granny berry uh dr savage says uh how do you get over a keto plateau can you still be losing fat even if the scale stops moving 100 yes you can because you could be putting on muscle you could be putting on bone strength you could be strengthening your fascia and your.

Cartilage and your ligaments all those things weigh on the scale gravity pulls those things too it's not just the fats the scale is not a fatty meter it measures all of you okay and so a lot of people uh dr savage have this thing they're like i don't understand the scale's not moving but my.

Clothes are getting bigger i'm having to take up an extra notch on my belt but the scale hasn't moved and that has to be what's happening it's called body recomposition lauren says hey granny barry from alaska todo needs a treat he'll get one when it's over he does need a treat lily's not bar she won't burn she'll.

Just lay down by the door until i let her out yeah won't ever shut up uh brian says should i wait to get blood work before starting carnivore or just jump in so it depends if you're a data geek and you want to know what it was before what it was after get your labs.

If you don't care about the data you just want to feel better start the diet tanya says there's a heart yolk as good as a soft yolk for egg nutrition uh so the soft yolk is actually going to have more uh vitamins in it when you cook a yolk all the way through it's still vitamin rich but but some of.

The vitamins are going to decrease a little bit and it's not a huge deal if you guys who love your yolks done it's fine eat your yolks done it's not a big deal just eat an extra yolk so that way you make up for the difference misha are you doing okay ah well you know that's depends on you what's your cortisol level right now.

Everybody in the house is being an a-hole except for you want to sing to you again bonnie's not i'll sing to you and bring down your cortisol she's a perfect princess mario says get him a bark collar.

It would not help him he could bark more would yes it would probably do that danny says i'm new here i just found out my triglycerides are 300 how can i lower them danny you've come to the right place you need to start tonight to lower those i've got several videos watch my videos on this channel about triglycerides and about metabolic.

Syndrome metabolic syndrome if you follow those guidelines closely you'll have a normal triglycerides within three months jimmy taylor carnivore since january the first fixing 95 of my chronic inflammation i noticed i don't build up lactic acid when doing cardio very much.

Anymore yeah we hear this a lot you just don't get the burn as quick it's still going to come because that's how human physiology is designed but it's not going to come as quick because you're burning ketones in a lot of your cells are we are we done that's it okay all right okay okay fine i'll be done thank you so much for joining us if.

You've got a question that's pressing and you need an answer become a patron there's a link down below and for five bucks a month you get access to an extra live q a for 12 bucks a month you get access to three extra q and a's every week and then for 20 bucks you get.

Access to three q a's and a zoom call each and every week to get all your questions answered thoroughly link down below go follow nisha's channel if you want to know how to cook delicious carnivore chicken nuggets that's not really what my channel is follow my channel if you want to see more of our witty banner uh our daily.

Lives what we eat and what we feed our children as well yeah so absolutely come hang out with me i'll be back at it soon i took a little break obviously but i'll be posting soon but i have a ton of what i eat in a day videos over there and you can binge watch those if you're interested absolutely thank you for doing this this evening and not.

Killing one of our family members you are you are a a a gentle lady and a scholar thank you guys so yeah tomorrow night at 6 00 pm if you're a patron next monday night if you ain't either way we still love you and we mean it good night
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