Proper Human Diet Q&A with Dr Berry & Neisha!

Proper Human Diet Q&A with Dr Berry & Neisha!

Proper Human Diet Q&A with Dr Berry & Neisha!

Check out the video on Proper Human Diet Q&A with Dr Berry & Neisha!.
What wait what hi welcome back welcome back welcome back it's good to see you again i'm dr ken berry family physician this is my lovely pregnant partner wife manager boss yeah i just want everybody to know that look at this glowing skin and then look at nature's skin also oh.

I mean wow wow it almost makes me wish i were pregnant so i could have glowy skin like that i wish you were i wish you were pretty much well i would take it for five or ten minutes right that's about all i could handle i'm afraid welcome back to monday night live.

Thanks so much for joining us don't forget to remind your mama or aunt b because you know they're gonna forget send them a text right now say they're live you always forget welcome everybody welcome welcome feel free if you think it'll help other people to share this on your social.

Media your favorite social media don't share it on that platform you hate just share it on that good one all right we're going to be here for the next hour or so answering as many of your questions about health nutrition weight loss medication medical diagnoses.

Of course none of this is medical advice i am a doctor but this evening i'm not your doctor i'm just a dude answering questions just a dude just a dude and just a chick welcome guys i'm mary lou first thing i want to tell you guys there is an event coming up in dixon.

Tennessee august the 21st it's a one-day event uh there's a small admission fee it's not much at all i put a link down in the show notes if you are available on august the 21st of 2022 and you'd like to come hang out with me and nisha will becky be there i didn't know.

Maybe becca will be there i was going you're going yeah you're speaking what are you talking about nobody tells me this stuff oh yeah you're very important you're going to be there in august right so you may be in a on a scooter maybe not there okay yeah i'll be there for sure i'll be there for sure and uh amanda decker she is a nurse.

Practitioner in the dixon area she put this together and she's going to be speaking as well and i think it'd be a great time to uh meet up with a lot of low-carb friendly people and get some questions answered we're going to give some lectures and answer a ton of questions august the 21st also.

This week this very week do you know what's going on this week sir well i know a few things that are going on what's going on i'm not a i'm not a calendar kind of guy so do you know why don't you tell us dr barry will be speaking at salt lake city uh the low carb.

Salt lake city event put on by our lovely friends at keto chow a lot of speakers are going to be there and our friend kim howerton's going to be there several i don't even know the whole list but yeah he will be there i shall not because it's easter weekend yeah yeah so i'll be there um and i'll be hanging out i'll be taking selfies i'll probably try.

To have a meet up with all my patrons at some point during that weekend so yeah definitely if you're a patron get your booty to keto salt lake and then if i think there's plenty of tickets still available and i don't have a link to the keto salt lake event but if you just google keto assault lake 2022 i think.

You can find it uh paula her sister just had her baby today in our she is a moderator we have kevin he is a moderator we have mitzi she's a moderator they have a blue wrench beside their name and they are going to be answering lots of beginner.

Keto low carb carnivore questions so they might reach out to you and answer you in the comments so be watching for that if you're a newcomer how many new people do we have tonight hey if you're new type new in the comments first time new something like that i want to see how many we got.

Somebody said do you have something right that's just a great haircut that's right that's a great patch just caught the light oh i thought maybe it was something you never know you never know with me oh man we got a ton of people welcome guys don't be shy this is the place to ask your questions okay we're going to answer as many as we.

Can uh somebody's got their husband listening to it for the first time i love it new two-week follower welcome welcome you from british columbia new from pakistan dang welcome guys thank you so much said our spices okay.

For most people spices are okay as long as they're sugar free and have no carbohydrates in them uh remember that the sugar industry who i've been tweeting about today on twitter they love to call sugar other things besides sugar they'll call it cane juice they call it they call it golden syrup simple syrup concentrate a grape juice.

Concentrate all these things are just sugar so watch out for all the different names of sugar and don't don't get a spice with sugar in it now some of us have to be on what's called a lion diet which is just ruminant meat salt and water because even some spices cause inflammation this is people with.

Severe autoimmune conditions uh they seem to benefit from avoiding the spices as well but for the average person spices are fine any spices bother you um no but citric acid which is i guess technically kind of a spice.

Uh because it's an additive and a lot of things does give me a little bit of gut issues but that's pretty much the only thing that i've found yes i haven't found a spice really that bothers me yeah uh we use red men's a lot which is really clean they have really great clean ingredients who got this who got the shakers of.

Smoked salt by the way who got them that stuff is so good we've got a link to redmond's with a built-in discount down in the show no it's not built-in it's discount code nation sorry for my mistake nation's been very active on instagram.

Today if you don't follow her on instagram you should go follow her just look for nisha lovesit or nsb dot wellness yeah and follow her she went live twice today one on each one yeah i love it i love it where are you guys watching from where are you at in the world right now.

What city what state what country tell us in the comments where are you watching this from i already saw pakistan and british columbia where else are you guys watching from terry says it's glucose intolerance basically just diabetes metformin is metformin appropriate so uh glucose intolerance is another.

Name for uh pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes yeah yeah and the more i think i hope eventually that the medical organizations will stop calling it type 2 diabetes and call it glucose toxicity syndrome or carbohydrate overdose or overload syndrome because that's exactly what it is.

Every single person watching this video if you have type 2 diabetes you can completely reverse that and have a normal a1c i've got videos on this channel that'll help you do that australia fayetteville tennessee hey neighbor hey shelly says i had an explant on april 6th my implants have been in since 2007. i've been carnivore.

For six months would you recommend any fasting for healing uh is there any need for a detox so the only detox in the world that's actually a real detox is fasting okay uh if you if you see anybody trying to sell you a liver detox a whole body detox a liver cleanse a kidney cleanse that's a waste of money if you want to.

Cleanse any organ in your body you just fast for 24 48 hours i would say um after an explant i wouldn't really worry about fasting i would worry more about just making sure you gained plenty of protein in your carnivore you shouldn't have a problem with that um and just listen to your hunger cues.

Yep yep i agree and make sure you're avoiding all of the inflammatory junk highly processed foods and eating lots of carbohydrates real ancestral food like meat next that's perfect yeah love it wow sorry so touchy just because you're pregnant just because you're making a human yeah.

I got real pregnant real quick in the last week it was awesome she looks at me and she's like uh i'm gonna have a baby like i was just hearing about this i'm almost in the third trimester like a week and a half away that's bizarre baby girl berries on the way hey joy thank you so much for the.

Super chat uh wow fable that's crazy i love it yeah i was fake pregnant before because i could kind of she's just a little friend that i wasn't and i forgot sometimes but i can't agree anymore at what time robert wants to know.

Wow things are going by so fast uh what time of day do you suggest but it's better to drink apple cider vinegar any time of day that you want it i there's no magic in apple cider vinegar a lot of uh gurus out there on youtube and other places will act like oh if you you drink one drop of apple cider vinegar a day and you will heal cancer.

In two weeks that's all that's bunk okay apple cider vinegar helped me a lot when i had severe heartburn reflux i would take a shot of it like a one ounce shot that would knock the the pain out for 30 minutes to two hours uh there is some limited research that shows that it might lower your blood sugar a little bit and help a tiny bit.

With insulin resistance but it's not enough to matter if you adopt a proper human diet that's going to fix your your blood sugar i just think it tastes great it's really good in salad dressing if you want to make your own salad dressing or if you want to pickle your own vegetables i use that so i remember a lot in that but i don't think it's.

Magical like you said yeah bordeaux gordito i love that name welcome back will carnivore help with shingles pain maybe now when you have active shingles you're just gonna have to go through that some people after the shingles heal up and go away they're left with post hepatic neuralgia or pain where the.

Shingles was but they ain't no more eating a proper human diet is going to help those nerves to recover quicker help your immune system to calm down quicker so it should make the pain of posterpedic neuralgia less severe and lasts less as less longer so yeah seven five seven humor.

Ketosis and high cholesterol other than grilled chicken and fruit can i eat to break it up i do occasional egg and salad yeah so i don't like your your keto diet right now uh chicken and fruit that's not that's not how we do this you need to be eating.

Fatty red meat lots of eggs with the yolks uh if you want some chicken make sure you eat it with the skin on and the bone in that's going to be almost fatty enough but fruit has no place on a keto diet it's too high in sugar too high in carbs much too high in fructose now i'm not.

Saying never eat fruit again for the rest of your life you can have an occasional piece here and there but if fruit's part of your daily diet you're definitely getting too much fructose and too many carbohydrates that's right it shouldn't be weekly or even monthly honestly special occasions for fruit like apples and grapes and.

Pineapple and things like that fruit is dessert berries are a little more flexible fruit is nature's dessert have it on occasion sean you guys are awesome thank you i ditched keto breads uh as i was getting fluffy again i've gotten serious about fasting as an over the the road driver i find eating window of.

Uh nine o'clock to two o'clock to be best for me typically a 14 to 18 hour fast and i'm trying to get a sub get a sub five yeah you're off to a great start uh for anybody who drives over the road and just basically sits on your butt the majority of the day you can't join the gym you can't do two.

Hours worth of exercise you're gonna have to really cut down the carbohydrates if you're overweight obese or severely obese we don't say the m word anymore it's changed it's severe obesity now oh yeah which is i think is i like that i'm going to go with that but let me say this.

About that i forgot what i'm saying go back to that question i can't it went away dang it it was good too um oh yes anything that you see at the store that says keto on the front of the package and this goes for everybody watching if you're brand new to keto.

You're like okay i got the slim fast keto shakes i got the keto bread i got the keto uh granola that's not keto okay you wasted your money give that to your neighbor and you're gonna eat lots of fatty meat and eggs with the yolk a little bit of veg low carb veg i got a video about that a few berries and a few nuts that's keto.

Okay keto never says keto on the front of the package that ain't keto just waiting for you to mark on yourself with that or to explode yeah doris wants to know how she can get a proper human diet t-shirt well doors you can go to link below we now have long sleeve.

T-shirts for those of you who are asking they are now available on long sleeve t-shirts regular t-shirts sweatshirts that are hoodies and then the cropped hoodie sweatshirts they're all the bella and tank tops and tank tops they're all the bella brand very nice very soft yes and kevin uh phd mentor has promised us he's gonna buy.

One of the cropped uh hoodies and he's gonna wear that and show off his belly ring so we're waiting for him to post that picture on patreon i'll do it and we can total cholesterol 211 hdl33 ldl 152 heart stent with no mi should i stay on my stat what so i'm not going to answer your.

Question yes or no i'm going to tell you to watch my videos about cholesterol and statins and watch dr david diamond like the diamond in a ring watch his videos on youtube he is a phd researcher who spent his entire career researching fats lipids and statins watch those videos and then you make up your own mind.

Now your labs you told me you didn't tell me your triglycerides and i really want to know what they are and i really want to know what your a1c and your c peptide is and you didn't tell me those either the the labs you told me your hdl is low i don't care what your total cholesterol and ldl is uh nostradamus racing.

Fasting with carnivore 48 48 and 72 is this okay to do i've already lost 85 pounds i have another 80 left to lose yeah if you've got the extra fat to lose then either daily intermittent fasting or doing longer fast is an excellent strategy to coax your body into burning fat for fuel the fat that you've got stored on.

Your body whether it's just a few pounds or if it's a few hundred pounds that's stored energy that's what it is your body will start to burn it up when you get your insulin level low enough and the way you get it the lowest the quickest is by not eating anything it's called fasting and i've got lots of videos on this channel.

Joy says i have a swollen left foot after three weeks ketobor but i've lost 20 pounds god bless you both so either you have an injury you don't know about or you have some interruption of your lymph flow or you have a blood clot in your leg now don't freak out but you need to call your doctor tomorrow and say hey i've just got one foot that's.

Swollen and i'm on this diet that that helps you get rid of edema and extra stored body fluid why is this foot swollen and this but it's not swollen you need to talk to your doctor about that thanks for the super chat by the way robin thank you so much k haws it's 43 grams of carbs a day okay.

First of all 43 43 is a very specific number and the answer is it depends maybe yeah if you're talking about total carbohydrates not net carbs then from i think for many people 43 total grams a day is is fine you're going to burn fat you're going to be in ketosis most of the day i would say for most people who.

Are at maintenance 43 yeah yeah yeah you're metabolically unhealthy and you still have a lot of weight to lose and you're a beginner and then 43 is probably still too high yep but if you're burning fat losing weight you're feeling better keep doing your 43 but if at any point you stall for a few weeks then it's time to knock.

That 43 down to 33 or maybe even 23 total grams a day mindy hey dr nation do you have any videos for women going through perimenopause is the carnivore diet good for women going through perimenopause absolutely a hundred percent uh.

Menopause and so at the beginning of that's perimenopause or pre-menopause all women are gonna go through that eventually but what we've noticed and got feedback from thousands of people now is that the menopausal symptoms are much less severe and very often the onset of menopause is later in life so you keep your normal healthy cycle.

For longer which most medical authorities think is a good healthy thing so yeah 100 if you're pre-menopausal perimenopausal menopausal or even post-menopausal you need to eat a proper human diet and i would start with my keto 101 playlist if you're brand new to this and just start watching those videos and and and.

Answering your own questions kim kim welcome back welcome back i found out recently i have a lateral meniscus tear in my knee i'm already carnivore and using electrolytes with no dairy is there anything else i can use to help with this healing process it sounds like you're doing everything right kim don't.

Be doing any high impact um uh exercise with that knee but definitely keep moving that knee keep walking if you're sitting down do range of motion with that knee the more you move that knee the more apt that partial tear is to heal without surgery okay some will absolutely heal when you're eating a diet full of all the building.

Blocks to heal the meniscus and not eating things that inflame the meniscus and you're keeping the joint active a lot of times a partial tear either in the knee or the shoulder will heal without surgery now it's not an overnight thing it's going to take weeks if not months but it absolutely can't happen.

When is the common sense lab book coming out so so the common sense lab book is 99 completed actually i've given a free pdf version of it to all of my uh patrons who are five dollar patrons or higher and they're enjoying it right now that's just one of the many perks of being a patron uh once we get their feedback.

We're gonna make some final adjustments uh fix any typos or grammatical errors and then it will be available to the public for sale at a reasonable price somebody said wow that's a really big cup you have there yes it is she's sharing with her hubby and no i haven't found a handle for you since i blessed her with another pregnancy she's sharing.

Her water before you said that i was sharing my liner i'm really thirsty right now i am yeah i'm really proud i've got fomo what flavor is that i don't even know lemon lime i think low carb mama i'm worried that i'm a lean mass hyper responder on keto how often should i check my ldl.

Um so all the research into lean mass hyper responders so far shows it's probably nothing to be worried about at all it's actually probably a very um evolutionarily protective thing it's probably not no danger doesn't increase your risk of anything bad.

Uh depending on your age check your recheck your lipid panel every three to six months just so you have documentation of what's going on but take a deep breath and relax low carb mama that's probably not a bad thing at all um gilas why are my sugars very high while i'm.

Intermittent fasting or until i eat thanks for help i've lost 20 pounds so far my blood pressure is now normal gorgeous so when you are not eating anything your red blood cells they don't have mitochondria so they have to have glucose and so when you're not eating when you're fasting especially if you're fasting and you work out.

Your liver is going to make more glucose and that's good that's normal that's that's called gluconeogenesis not a bad thing at all but you will notice a higher blood sugar when that process that normal physiological process is happening don't worry about it don't sweat it what you're going to do is get your hemoglobin a1c checked every three.

Months and that's going to confirm that you're eating a proper human diet because your a1c is going to progressively go down until it's a very low normal level that's how you know audrey says how do i hydrate when fasting you can drink water you can drink sparkling water you can drink black coffee you can drink unsweet.

Tea you can put some unflavored uh relight electrolyte drops or powders you can put daily mineral drops in your water there's many options you just don't want any sugar whatsoever you don't want any carbohydrates whatsoever you don't want any protein whatsoever in your fasting liquid so.

That that means protein shakes amino acid shakes branched chain amino acid shakes not not for your your fasting window that will definitely break your fast if you need to put a little uh teaspoon of butter in your black coffee in order to knock your hunger down for it so you can fast for longer that's totally fine the.

Pure fat in butter or ghee or even mct oil does not break your fast by raising your insulin in any meaningful way uh ryan says let me tell you recently started ketobor i'm shifting to carnivore next week i noticed some swelling in my ankles last week that's since disappeared have you ever known keto carnivore to cause edema.

No i have not now during the first week or two you may be having some electrolyte fluctuations which may cause your edema to fluctuate up and down for a few days but over the long term 100 people's edema even people with congestive heart failure their edema gets substantially less and many people who didn't even know they had edema.

Which is swelling in your ankles they're like my ankles look skinnier and i don't make my my socks don't make dents anymore in my legs when i take them off and that's because the unhealthy fluids you were storing went away the pdf isn't for every patron it's only for ourselves.

Right now so that's if you haven't seen it and you're five dollars enough just we'll be with you tomorrow yeah message me direct message me on patreon which is also an option and i will fix that if you're a new i'll do a video showing you where to find it there you go linda can i use.

Pork belly instead of bacon yes basically the same thing 100 100 we had some lovely important do you want to talk about that yeah yesterday we were in alabama uh it was granny berry's birthday second she's 92 years old if you guys want to you can tell her happy birthday in the comments and where you're.

Watching from she loves to see that stuff but she was 92 so we went down there to celebrate with her and my oldest daughter madison and her fiance were there and we went to this restaurant called they're not engaged well well she might be annoyed but that you said that so it will not be the first time i've annoyed my daughter.

That's true i'm the good guy here i think he's saving up for a green i don't know yeah so we went to huntsville to visit with them and they took us out to eat korean barbecue we've never been to a korean barbecue place it was amazing you got to pick your meats.

And then cook them at the table over this little cool little circular cooking thing and we got pork belly fillet what else some other kind of fatty beef what was that brisket yeah brisket oh man we ate so much meat let's see.

Again they had some sides too if you wanted some veggies i ate kimchi yeah it was tasty i took a bite it's good kimchi yeah yeah so if you've never had korean barbecue um it was all you could eat for two hours you got to sit there and cook and eat they didn't make any money off of us because there was uh all well i mean all of us have a good appetizer.

Yeah so happy birthday granny barry all these folks are happy you're still with us there's happy birthday from california arizona wisconsin wow granny you're famous oh kristen was in huntsville yeah we were we stopped at the cracker barrel there on the way down we um we did not.

Have cake for granny berry's birthday we had fruit yes we had some fruit fruit and berries that's right all right katie oxford i've been doing carnivore for a month and a half i've lost just over 50 pounds but i have two small issues first is um cheese leaves a bad taste and smell and sometimes meat smells bad too any reason.

You can think of all right no i can't but make sure that your cheese and meat aren't actually bad right but not i've never heard that that what i'm assuming you mean is that you your sensation of their smell is like uh negative i'm not i haven't heard that i'm not.

Sure what would be causing that but make sure it's good and fresh and not that you your refrigerator is not broken are you pregnant i mean that's that's the one if you have any weird symptom and you are in childbearing ages that's the first thing a doctor is going to ask you or think.

About are you pregnant if you pass out if you literally anything happens you're like oh you're pregnant okay until proven otherwise um rod my triglycerides are 136. diabetes type 2 diabetes on victoza only and a1c is 6.3 and i don't have a c peptide yeah so your a1c you're you're still a pre-diabetic pretty bad pre-diabetic.

The big ptosis is not going to help you much you just gotta in your triglycerides are 136 so they're normal but still on the higher end of normal you've got to keep cutting the carbs rod and and and rechecking they won't say every three months and within three months to 12 months you're going to have a normal a1c my friend just keep doing.

What you're doing keep cutting the carbs oregon says happy birthday granny lester england says happy birthday tracy from tracy excellent solo hey dr nisha carnivore eight months bowel movement severely decreased at first the last two months back to normal and better than before carnivore just to let you know that i stuck with it and my.

Body adjusted thanks for the update i love it i love it i love it we hear this a lot um there's a lot of bowel issues in the first few weeks maybe even a month maybe a little more than the month but it all evens out have patience yes becky says what is a normal a1c so you want your a1c to be as far under 5.7 as you can get it okay now 5.6 is.

Technically normal but i really want all you guys to have a 5.4 or lower at least eventually not right now but you're gonna get there okay now if your a1c is is 5.7 to 6.4 then you are by definition pre-diabetic currently if your a1c is 6.5 or higher then you are type 2 diabetic currently neither of those conditions is.

Permanent you can reverse both of those by adopting a very low carbohydrate nutrient dense real whole food one ingredient proper human diet jeff thanks so much for the super chat sam says i'm 35 and overweight been doing carnivore for three weeks i feel great but i'm concerned about the.

Effects of this diet um especially as a gout surfer i haven't had an attack since but i am concerned so i've got a video on this youtube channel about gout any of you guys if you have had gout in the past or you have an elevated uric acid watch my gout video gout is not caused by meat and seafood.

And organic that is not what causes it okay the number one thing that causes it is fructose in your diet that you either drink or eat okay so uh obviously coke and pepsi and dr pepper and mountain dew are full of full of high fructose corn syrup gonna make you have a gout attack any.

Alcohol that you drink increases your risk of having a gout attack too many carbohydrates because all carbohydrates are sugar and sugar breaks down ultimately into glucose and fructose especially the sugars from fruits even the fruits from berries so if you want to never have another gout attack eliminate the alcohol 100.

Eliminate fructose from your diet and eat lots of fatty meat and eggs with the yolk maybe a little veg maybe not that's up to you and you'll never have another gout attack for the rest of your life shout out to mark who's lost 60 pounds in something more carnivore everybody hit the thumbs up for mark j w music the saturated fat clogged the arteries with.

Plasma no no no no what actually damages your arteries is the high carbohydrate diet the sugar the fructose okay the inflammatory chemicals in a highly processed diet cause inflammation and damage to the inside of your arteries and then your body uses cholesterol kind of like.

Spackle or bondo to try to patch that damage and that's why we build up cholesterol plaques initially and then later your body calcifies them to try to stabilize them but the the cholesterol is not what caused the damage the damage was caused by the the high the high carbohydrate inflammatory diet that she used to eat.

whoa nelly whoa nelly eating carnivore and doing omad for six weeks i'm down 28 pounds but i've been trying some 48 hour fast and i've gained two to three pounds every time i fast why it's not fat okay it's just a fluid fluctuation it's no big deal don't worry about it you're not gaining fat while you're.

Fasting i can promise you for those of you who are new omad means one meal a day jim davis is there a problem that i can't is it a problem that i can't eat recommended amounts of food on keto due to my gastric sleeve i'm nine years post-op also is keto coffee ruining my.

Intermittent fasting uh so it's probably not a problem at all jim what you need to do is have a six or an eight hour feasting window and during that window of time you can eat three or four smaller meals a day because you don't have the big stomach that some of us have who haven't had our gastrointestinal system surgically.

Mutilated um the keto coffee depending on what you got in it you need to not have any sweetener especially if you've got a lot of fat to lose it's okay to put a little bit of fat in your keto coffee but only do that if you're hungry and in danger of breaking your fast if you're fasting and you're sipping on my coffee and.

You're not hungry at all don't put any fat in there okay you've got plenty of stored fat that you can burn but if you're like dude i'm getting hungry i'm about to mess up i'm going to eat something break my fast before i want to a teaspoon of butter or a teaspoon of mct oil a teaspoon of ghee will turn off your hunger signals and you can fast for.

Longer great question and keep up the great work john says i was doing great losing a bunch of weight on nothing but triple b and e with some veggies then i went to a party and had five slices of pizza and a bowl of ice cream uh how bad did you feel i gained five pounds in 24 hours i'm a bit shocked what's going on that's not fat that's you so you spiked.

Your blood sugar and that spiked your insulin and that caused you to hold a lot of extra fluid okay that's going to be okay 99 of that is fluid just get back on the wagon and the insulin will come back down and you'll pee out that unhealthy fluid okay and you've learned from your mistake it's okay forgive yourself this happens to all of us.

Even misha does this from time to time just get back on the horse act like it never happened and keto on that's all you got to do somebody ask is diet soda bad on keto i think diet soda is less bad than regular soda but anything made by multi-billion dollar multinational corporations like coca-cola and pepsi.

They do not have your health at heart they do not care about you they want your money and if they can sell you junk that doesn't kill you quickly they're happy to do that so i would slowly but surely use our video about how to convert from even diet soft drinks over to just sparkling water is that on your channel yeah onisha loves.

It on her youtube channel she's got a video that walks you through how to do that bev thanks so much for the super chat for granny berry did you say that granny yep we'll have to send that together to you but you can't buy candy with it no candy.

Okay let's be here matt is there any added benefit in eating cruciferous greens and vegetables are the vitamins and minerals readily available through digestion or are they mostly lost in the process yes excellent question so definitely any veggies like that that you're eating raw you're not going to get access to most of the.

Vitamins and minerals in that okay any of those vegetables need to be at least steamed if not cooked even longer that is going to break down a lot of the phytates the lectins the oxalates and the other phytochemicals that will lock up the vitamins and minerals so you don't have access to them okay um and so that but now you're the bigger.

Question is is there some magical vitamin mineral phytonutrient in plants that i cannot get in meat i cannot get in animal foods the answer is 100 no no okay there is nothing in a plant that you cannot get and usually absorb better.

From an animal based product peter i've been doing keto and now ketobor for about nine months i'm getting a tattoo next month for the first time since starting this journey any advice on what foods or drinks to take before and or after i would just say hydrate really well that's the main thing and then your.

Aftercare i haven't done this but i bet i usually use aquaphor but i am willing to bet that beef chalo will heal up a tattoo don't you think yeah really yeah some good quality beef tallow unless your uh tattoo artist puts this sticker that has the healing ointment then you don't need to do anything just stay hydrated and.

Eat like you've been eating and you'll it's gonna be good congratulations on your new tattoo somebody's uh micro greens uh shell or a complete and utter waste of money oh my gosh they're so trendy they're very trendy right now i watch a lot of what i in a day vlogs that are not keto to see what they're doing and i if i had a dollar for every.

Green smoothie green drink greens powder greens green greens that are in those videos nothing magical about micro greens okay there's nothing magical about celery juice or any kind of green smoothie that you've seen any influencer talking about that's just the latest trend they're trying to jump on that trend to get views.

There's no no health to be found in any smoothie unless you make a meat smoothie i just feel like we always wanna we gotta add something we can't possibly be doing this right without shoving uh you need to buy some vegetables every five minutes exactly uh bonnie will carnivore improve my.

Husband's e.d very good question oh 100 so erectile dysfunction i think i have a video or two about that on this channel uh erectile dysfunction is it's caused by the same exact root causes as is heart disease stroke dementia all these other things so when you adopt a proper human diet depending on how much damage has already been done to those tiny.

Arteries he's probably saying i need that tony right but did you so yeah yeah i noticed that so yes it's going to become less severe and less routine for you to have ed now is it going to go back to the way it was.

When you were 18 probably not but depending on your age and depending on how long you've been metabolically sick you can't expect a significant degree of improvement anybody else had their ed improved significantly since adopting a keto ketovoice carnivore diet tell us in the comments hear this from the wives very.

Often yep the wives are very they love to brag about this look at this he came to say hi he hasn't been on camera he doesn't do that he usually stays in his little hole like it comes home hi hi buddy he's our little rescue dog when we found him the fleas on his body.

Weighed more in total than he weighed he was like rough shape and he had gingivitis really bad hey foley laden well welcome back i just saw your video on snacking dark berry your thoughts on snacking and bacon bits is this considered a fat bomb thank you both as always if they're made.

Of real bacon then i mean they're one to one fat to protein so there's protein in there most you want fat bombs if you're just starting keto and you're using fat bombs strategically over the first few weeks or months of keto to control your hunger and control your snacking habit then they need to be as close to 100 fat as possible.

Okay that's gonna tweak your satiety hormones so you're not hungry but it's not gonna raise your insulin a lot so that you break a fast uh but all you guys i want you to understand fat bombs just like keto coffee that's something you use when you first start keto in order to get keto adapted once you've learned how to do this you broke your.

Carb and sugar addiction and you've got this down to a science and you it's a habit to eat keto you don't necessarily need fat bombs in keto coffee anymore shout out to bradley whose testosterone went from 96 to 951. oh well then there's that yeah i also got lots of videos about testosterone that's very nice.

Robert says down 93 pounds and my libido is crazy i feel 21 again yes we hear this all the time and it's not just from the men if it were only man saying that we would doubt it wouldn't we be like but it's their wives telling nature oh my god nisha yeah so yeah eat a proper human diet and everybody in the house will be happy that you did.

Oh man can't see toto get your hair back there you go he needs to go to the groomer again his hair grows insanely fast t says over the road truck driver watching from robertsdale alabama all right uh my truck runs on diesel fuel and i run on.

Ketones i've been doing this for eight years thanks to the berry family for all you do way to go i love it i love it keep it up and every time you're at a truck stop and you see a trucker that needs some keto respectfully diplomatically.

Help them understand what a proper human diet is because so many people just don't know did you guys hear the term our idiot turkey gobbles like all all through the night just at random times it's that's evolutionarily very dumb but he does it anyway i don't know why well they're time you know yeah toto is a raw uh meat eater.

Or a cooked meat yeah he gets a little raw but mostly cooked because his first few years of life he ate basically junk and he's got gastritis really yeah he's got gastritis he has terrible teeth because they were all rotten because they were just feeding junk left yeah he didn't have.

Any teeth poor fellow you had to have them pull they were all rotten from his previous diet but he loves when i'm cooking uh hamburger meat i'll give him a little piece of ground beef and he'll eat that raw he loves it but mainly cooked for him uh abigail says my husband's personal trainer said he'll need to raise his.

Carb limit of 20 net if he ever wants to bulk up is this true check out our buddy yeah robert sykes the keto savage peter psych um dr sean baker yep uh dr chafee dr jamie seaman dr jamie seaman i'm farm fit but i'm not jacked up now.

It depends abigail does your husband want to get jacked like a bodybuilder because in that case yeah goody beats in that case that's an inappropriate um lifestyle that's not something that humans ever did before and so in order to have that in inappropriately unnatural unhealthy.

Super jacked up bodybuilder body he may have to do some inappropriate things like carb up okay but if what he wants is a strong muscular body that that his his dna and his age and his testosterone level all get together and say yeah he can carry this degree of muscle lift heavy things and eat lots of meat.

He doesn't have to have any carbs because his liver can make all of the glucose that his body needs plus what is muscle made out of oh is it made of carbs no it's not made of carbs what about sugar no fructose no none of that it's made of meat protein it's made of meat the protein shake thing is a thing for a reason yes.

There's a reason back in the day that arnold ate four pounds of ribeye and two dozen eggs raw eggs that's why he did that is because you need protein and you're going to burn the fat for fuel if you're keto adapted you don't have to burn carbs for fuel there's so many guys and ladies yep craig says mark smelly bell.

Yep absolutely a little bit of fit she's awesome too chris bell is his brother they're these guys are both strong as auxiliaries they don't they don't eat carbs okay they maybe maybe 10 grams a day cass uh kessia i'm doing amad since having my baby do you really need to eat a day's.

Worth of calories in one meal i'm struggling to eat more than half a pound of meat you're how postpartum are you because i would never tell a postpartum mom to go one meal a day never never never yeah yeah there's no point in that right now uh cassia not now uh depending on if you're what.

Less than nine if you're less than nine months postpartum yeah minimum six months but nine months don't be low man do do two meals a day t mad and uh eat until you're comfortably stuffed with each meal when you're hungry feed your body especially if you're breastfeeding you didn't yes and and also your body is depleted.

Because you just sucked all your vitamins and minerals out gave them to your baby so you've got to eat nutrient dense food until you're comfortably stuffed in at least two meals a day i'd say for another three months and then if you want if you've got some extra fat and you want to start doing omad that's fine intermittent fasting is fine as.

Long as you're still you're not still hungry you need to feed your body yeah and so if you're going to do one meal a day omad you're going to eat until you're stuffed until you're never going to portion control you're never going to eat more than half a pound of meat in one sitting because it's incredibly hard for women to eat.

Enough in one meal a day and like i said i would never tell a woman who had just had a baby to do the majority of women probably need two meals i don't care how much weight you want to lose okay you need to give your body time not all women but a large percentage paula oh no that's paula paula love you too thanks paul.

Um i just missed one em holland dr barry did any of your patients have side effects with armor are they common um is the body being in ketosis healing for the thyroid it could help get off thyroid if you just have hashimoto's thyroiditis we've seen several people including.

Nisha who has hashimoto's be able to improve enough and have zero symptoms enough that they could come off their medication at least temporarily we don't know if that's permanent but if you have hypothyroidism you're probably always going to need.

Some degree i had hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people mostly women a few men on armor i tried to convert everybody off of levothyroxine or synthroid fake thyroid hormone and put them on real thyroid hormone and everybody seemed to do very well sometimes better and sometimes just as well.

Uh very few side effects with armor or nature i do see a lot of the times most doctors if they're not used to prescribing it don't prescribe enough and are not very good at the dosage and so you may see side effects because your dosing is wrong and they're not keeping up with that.

If any of you guys have been converted to armor or nature and you're like i just don't feel as good as i did on synthroid or levothyroxine look up on the internet search uh synthroid armor conversion chart and it's the same for for nature as well and see if your doctor converted you to.

A high enough dose because nature is exactly right it's very common for them to be a little uncomfortable with armor and put you on a half dose instead of the full dose uh youtube viewer says hey there toxins go through the liver is it is this really healthy to eat good question so the liver.

Tags or breaks down toxins that's right and then your kidneys excrete the taglines okay your liver does not store toxins so these same toxins that are going through your liver they're also going through the muscle meat as well right they're going through the bloodstream that's how they travel.

And so when when an animal is harvested the blood is drained and so 99 of the blood is gone from the liver and from the muscle and from everywhere else so any toxins that were in the blood is now gone and so there's no stored toxins in the liver whatsoever that's a big myth out there it's not true at all.

Eat your liver okay so you just i'm gonna touch this just answer questions okay let's go carsten i'm 50 years old a male i've been on carnivore for over a year my blood test last week showed testosterone at 43.5 do i need to be concerned and see an endocrinologist i'd probably see somebody who's well-versed in.

Bioidentical hormone optimization there'll be a doctor in the big city near you who does that rather than an endocrinologist they're very often very little help when it comes to testosterone thank you alta thank you stacy uh darby uh type one diabetic diagnosed in january 15.

Grades november 2015 and almost off of my methimazole no insulin since january 31. i've listened to you and i've been on a lion diet three weeks my blood sugar's been a little elevated between 100 and 135 most days um most of the days but below a hundred at night is this.

Right there okay darby so first of all if you're truly a type 1 diabetic even on a carnivore diet or a lion diet you're probably still going to need some long acting insulin maybe 5 or 10 units of level mirror atlantis so make sure darby you're getting your a1c checked every three months uh and if it's if it creeps up above 5.6.

Then you're going to have to start doing just a little bit of long-acting insulin at bedtime or twice a day depending on how you and your doctor decide to do that these numbers may be fine for you if you're fasting especially if you're working out fasted but since you're a.

Type one we need that a1c every three months and you can tell whether you're a full type one or not by getting your c peptide checked if it's zero or or zero point zero one you're a type one you're gonna have to have a little bit of insulin every night lady truth bug says what is a healthy keto.

Breakfast eggs and bacon bacon eggs and sausages you want to see what we eat he doesn't ate breakfast but you can i eat breakfast a lot yeah what did you have for breakfast this morning two eggs uh ground beef patty with some.

Greek yogurt on top and half an hour greek yogurt full fat and half an avocado why not the whole thing i didn't eat it you couldn't hold it beautiful i probably i mean i could have made myself into the problem in the eating contest but we have what i in a day videos on my channel if you.

Want to check that out thanks for the super chat serena i'll see you in salt lake city utah hey man take a selfie and tag me because i'm not going to be there b triple b e if you guys have been seeing that in the comments that stands for beef butter bacon and eggs and i have a youtube video about that and about why you would.

Do that uh just go to youtube and search dr barry b-b-b-e or b-b-b-n-d and you'll find that video you can watch that and then you'll understand why someone would want to eat just beef butter bacon and eggs for 90 days nisha can you do a video on how to cook oxtail i did it oh wait hang on i don't know.

Why it doesn't it says oxtail what i eat in a day like that's not the main things i do on my channel is what i eat in a day recipes and cooking and stuff oxtail when you're going to make this from a year ago it was the first time that i had made it the first time that we had eaten it highly recommend 100 percent.

Way more expensive than it used to be in the instant pot that's why i did it there's lots of ways to cook it but it sounded really awful but it tasted amazing so good so good unlike pig's ears or pigs feet right we were like we were so excited for the pig's feet but then we were like.

Yeah i have a lot of stuff bone marrow just look up nisha loves it i have so many videos if you want to see what she today what beckett our two and a half year old uh ketobor baby eats if you want to see what i eat when i do eat it's all on her channel nisha loves it that's the place to be uh.

Biggie says what are your thoughts on bariatric surgery i got my bmi down to 58 from 61 in a couple of months but there's obviously a long way to go i've been working on qualifying will surgery be synergistic with the proper human diet to lose what i need to lose good question biggie so this is going to be.

Something that you're going to have to study about watch videos research but the vast majority of people who have had gastric bypass surgery and then come to keto they wind up telling me i wish i had never had that surgery especially roux and white the rny they're like i wish i'd never done that.

Because i've got to always take supplements because they chop out this huge portion of your small intestine and most of your stomach and so you just don't have the absorptive capacity for the vitamins and minerals anymore i would highly recommend you do 90 days of beef butter bacon and eggs triple b.

For 90 days eat when you're hungry eat as much as you want eat until you're comfortably stuffed and after that 90 days you might be shocked at how much your bmi drops uh renee has a great question you guys eat dairy if i recall so why not add that into the triple b and eating acronym because it is incredibly easy to overeat dairy.

Dairy is highly inflammatory for many many many many people and triple b is meant to be a healing research challenge that's right where you give your gut a break and you you heal and if you're not feeding it dairy then it gives it a little bit of a more.

Cleaner good microbiome than lactose right yes what are you doing over there i was gonna pin you're distracting me i was gonna pin this comment but then it wouldn't let me and then i was confused why it wouldn't let me but the main reason is.

Triple b is really meant to heal the gut reset and and keep cravings at bay and dairy can sometimes feed cravings as well for me especially yep yep so some people do triple b and e permanently because they feel so much better other people do it for 90 days get their inflammation under control burn a bunch of fat get rid of a bunch of weight and.

Then they'll say okay now i'm going to add back in a little of this that or the other and see how my body reacts it's a great elimination now where was your book at i've just seen it did you not i had it i had it oh here it is you moved it i didn't touch it bob says i finished live my doctor told me day before yesterday great book recommend it to.

Everyone this is it right here so much bob written by dr yeah candy berry is that his name you can find it on amazon also available on audible yeah and this is a great book for a relative or a dietitian or your doctor who currently believes all the baloney that the ama the ada the aha spout.

And you could be like just read this book okay there's also an audible if you don't want to sit down and read a book you can listen to this book while you're doing so while you're mowing the yard whatever please listen to this book if you don't understand what's been happening with big pharma big food big medicine because i'm i don't pull any.

Punches in this book do i ain't that right it took him forever to write it took a long time yeah books books are hard to write you want to support dr barry buys book buy one for your mama buy one for your sister buy one for your mother-in-law that you don't like if you want to help your community be healthier buy one for every.

Doctor in the town or a few for the library yeah cecile says i got my triple b and e t-shirt and i love it great quality i wear it proudly oh that's what i was going to append i can't be in a super chat um yeah if you want a link in the box.

T-shirt there are several different colors different styles should i do a bump date yeah let's see let's see baby barry and this is a good time if you guys have thought of any wonderful girl names what do you think what's this little girl's name what.

Should it be look at that almost almost 26 weeks well you're going to have a baby i know she is crazy too y'all we were driving home from alabama last evening and she was like oh my god feel this and i put my hand on her belly.

And it felt like she was headbutting over and over and over you know how the boxers do that yeah that's what it felt like like very consistently over and over it's like wow bonnie blue bell berry okay i like that oh combined ken and nature for keisha i've heard i've seen keisha and kenisha oh thanks y'all kendall that's a strong.

Girl's name no i don't like it candy that's cute candy is cute one time dora berry lauren berry the window due july 21st delivering hopefully less traumatic than the last.

Time i'm fixing you update video on my channel so if you wanna come hang out with me and hear about my keto and i'm gonna grab her phone and go live during the delivery so go ahead and subscribe to her channel he barely remembered to take pictures last time okay so so yeah we the nurse was like where's.

Your phone we were like oh yeah because i was there sorry i was very interested in looking at my son okay and yeah he was not good at that whatsoever i got distracted my add baby crusader says dear dr barry what are your thoughts on coronary calcium scan and why is it not covered by insurance or prescribed by.

When it seems to be more indicative than all the other standard cardiac tests that's a very good question yeah it's actually invented by dr arthur agustin who's a brilliant cardiologist down in south florida uh it should absolutely be covered by every insurance and it should absolutely be one of the first tests every cardiologist orders.

Currently they are so in love they are so enamored with statins like zocor lipitor crestor that's all they want to talk about or repatha and praluent that's just that's they don't want to talk about anything but that we've got to get your ldl cholesterol as low as we can lower than any human's ldl should be that's all.

Cardiologists want to talk about currently and i'm not sure why but i highly recommend you pay cash it's usually 80 to 150 bucks get your cac score measured it measures the calcium buildup in the walls of your heart arteries that's what it measures does she bring another mouse in here.

She's got something she's dedicated to something over here oh my god maybe she's just taking it i can't tell that's not how she usually takes a bath audrey wants to know 15 year old male considering carnivore for horseshoes and graves what would we expect to see in blood work or um and inflammation markers over the first three months.

Should he do aip diet instead yeah so a very low carb aip diet i'm a fan of that he might want to start there uh or he might want to start do low carb aip because it's paleo there's a lot of whole thing but if you get a lower carb version that's a great way to start or he might just want to do beef butter bacon and.

Eggs for 90 days he you're going to notice all of his inflammatory markers get better you're going to notice his symptoms that's the big thing that he's looking for his symptoms are going to get significantly better okay he's going to feel better if he's got acne that's going to clear up if he's got back knee that's going to.

Clear up all those things if he's got dandruff that's going to clear up all these things that he thought were just part of who he was they're going to get better okay and so either way you choose to go you could do much worse than low carb aip or 90 days of beef butter bacon and eggs oh here comes baby beckett do you guys want to see baby bacon fast.

Times 95. he's not really a baby anymore young man young man uh what's a two-half ferritin and also it raises without hemochromatosis yeah you could have a high ferritin for multiple reasons i'm working on a video for this channel about this right now a lot of research on it that's why it's taking me so long to get it made but.

Just because you have a high ferritin does not mean you have iron overload it does not mean you have hemochromatosis it does not mean you need to cut back on eating red meat none of that stuff is true it's way more complicated than that okay video coming soon to this channel and speaking of videos coming soon i made a video today that i'm going to.

Post tomorrow that's about the medications that doctors prescribe that can actually worsen your insulin resistance so if you're doing keto keto for carnivore and you're like dude i'm doing this right but i'm still very insulin resistant it could be some of your prescription medications and that video is going to.

Drop tomorrow right here on this channel be watching for that especially if you still have insulin resistance or hyperinsulinemia come do your work boy see you later becky where you been oh he needs a hug first before you get.

Started yes he said bye say hi he must be ready for couch time is that what he's ready for you ready for snuggles on the couch oh on the couch hey what did you eat today.

Bacon what else pepperoni what else milk you drink your leche okay very nice very nice very oh he is kind of adorable yeah what's on your shirt ah i'm glad he's able to win we're.

Breastfed yeah he misses it he's a mood guy for life i think yeah em holland says is having both hashi and hypo common typically you'll have hashi and you may even have hyper for a while but ultimately hashi is going to wind up being hypothyroid uh your tpo is high so.

You definitely have hashimoto's could hypo have been a misdiagnosis if tpo so no you could have hoshis and hypothyroidism you can have them both at the same time it's very very common good question everybody's saying hi to you beckett tell them how old you are how old are you do you know.

No you don't okay he's gonna be like that it's fine what's your baby what's in mommy's tummy what kind of baby is is it a puppy or a kitten or a boy or a girl a wheel is that the kitty's thing or what a coil.

A wheel are you see a 757 hemi says my wife is watching now while i intermittent fast keto what's the best meat prep so she believes me the best meat prep the best meat prep 757 hemi is to eat as much meat as you can hold red meat beef sheep goat venison.

Moose water buffalo water bison any ruminant meat you can eat as much as you want you can eat all the eggs with the yolk i don't know what he's saying what are you saying oh he's pushing buttons now yeah eat your meat 757 that's all i know to tell you my friend red meat is not bad for.

You it will not cause heart disease it will not cause edd stroke heart attack any of that all that stuff's a myth okay red meat will not cause you to have cancer neither will processed meat i've got youtube videos about all those meat topics on this channel good question what are you doing becky what are you doing.

Are you ready to get out of here okay tell everybody bye bye see you next time say love you mean it all right mama any final party thoughts uh follow me nisha loves it yes follow nisha subscribe to think it's mickey mouse is that no.

That's a monster truck movie yeah all right guys thanks so much uh feel free to share share this video if you think it'll help people if you didn't get your question answered tonight join my patreon there's a link down below you can ask me your questions directly and we have four extra live q and a's just like this.

Each and every week but with way fewer people asking questions see you later i'm gonna go play with this boy
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