Proper Human Diet Q&A with Dr Berry & Neisha! @NeishaLovesIt

Proper Human Diet Q&A with Dr Berry & Neisha! @NeishaLovesIt

Proper Human Diet Q&A with Dr Berry & Neisha! @NeishaLovesIt

Check out the video on Proper Human Diet Q&A with Dr Berry & Neisha! @NeishaLovesIt.
Hi guys hello welcome back to the next edition of monday night live welcome back uh we took last week off we did take last week off for valentine's day we had some little plans we had to attend to spend some time with our loved ones.

Yeah namely nisha loves it we had dinner with my parents too it was fun yeah we had a good night we had venison mm-hmm very tasty pedro cooked it yeah it was delicious yeah so uh we've got 400 folks watching right now that's a great start you know your.

Mama always forgets this so just share this video there should be a button or a little arrow like that that means share you can click it and then share it to your social media or you can send an email or text message to your mama so she doesn't forget to catch us live hey natalie stone hey wendy.

Sylvia anthony trey sherry dina tom stacy wow if we just went through all the names of every single person i'm so glad you guys could join us we're going to try to answer as many questions as we can there's so many people out there who are hungry for knowledge about a proper human diet what they should eat what they should avoid.

And that's what we're going to try to talk about this evening uh we saw some of you this past weekend in atlanta yes we were at the adapt your life event hosted by dr westman and his group so if we got to see you it was lovely to meet you all and thank you so much for coming out yep adapt your life academy i.

Think is the name of their group and they go around the country and they have smaller meetups and they have like the regional guys regional doctors who do keto or carnivore and they just give presentations and answer questions i thought it was awesome yeah and they offer i think a class at the end also nisha spoke.

She did an amazing job i was so entranced and enthralled that i forgot to get any video or pictures of her speaking but their videos and pictures do exist but not taken by me uh and i i am very apologetic for that lapse in my.

Spousal judgment yeah he's in the doghouse yeah for sure yep yup okay guys uh before we get into this keep in mind this is non-medical i'm a nurse but this is not medical advice and also we try to get to every question but it is literally impossible currently there are 1400 people watching but we answer as many as we can as fast.

As we can as thoroughly as we can do you have a new uh video up on your youtube channel i do and i'm currently in the middle of recording another what i eat in a day vlog which features dr barry's food as well if you're interested in that you can go subscribe to my youtube channel nisha loves it i'm almost at 100k so every subscription is.

Appreciated yes and some people are like oh dr barry's full of crap you don't need all me just go watch nisha's channel and you'll know exactly what i eat it's me somebody asked me about detox tea and what i thought of it i think it's complete and utter waste of money now if you like the taste of it drink it it's fine make sure it's zero.

Carbs sugar free you can drink a cup every day is it going to help detox any organ of your body no that's hui but if you like it i think it's fine if it's you know zero carb all right for some reason i can't see or i'm gonna have to refresh it but first let's get sam's question sam geckos sam's geckos.

Dr barry when i drink free light i get a popping cracking in my chest when i breathe in do you know why that is very odd that's very odd is it like the snap crackle pop that rice krispies makes if so uh and is it also is it when you inhale and take a big deep breath if so it may be atelectasis which would be very odd.

Definitely not caused not biologically by the electrolytes in in your drink uh if you're having what i just described you need to go see your doctor and tell them that so that they can at least shoot a chest x-ray if not more thoroughly investigate that because that shouldn't be happening uh many people as they get older when they first wake up.

In the morning they stand up and they take a deep breath they'll feel some little snap crackle pops uh that's not that big of a deal but if that's happening during the day sam's geckos and tell your geckos we said hi then see your doctor remy remily do we need supplements if we're carnivore and don't want to eat.

Organ meat perhaps vitamin d iodine uh some omega-3 fatty acids is and not as a supplement but just you've got to eat some seafood you got to get some seafood in your carnivore diet you can get some omega-3 fatty acids from egg yolks and other sources of fat but most of us need to have some omega-3.

Fatty acid rich seafood two or three times a month to make sure you're getting plenty of those flying a pig forge does a cheat day a couple times a month help with my insulin sensitivity it probably hurts your insulin sensitivity it's in no way is it going to help your insulin sensitivity uh you may be trying to ask us about.

Metabolic flexibility again it doesn't help with that either the human body the human physiology is designed to instantaneously start to burn sugar when you eat it uh it never forgets how to do that okay because it has to be ready in the fall of every year uh the way we developed so that when the.

Fruit is ripe it can break that down with all the sugar and fructose and put as much fat on your body as possible for the winter so you don't starve to death so your body never forgets how to do that but going back to being in ketosis sometimes for some people that happens immediately for other people it takes a.

Few days or a few weeks stephanie white bread worried about thyroid doc says it's fine and t4 is 0.09 t3 is 99 tsh is 1.84 yeah it depends on your symptoms your numbers sound okay but if you're having multiple symptoms of low thyroid then you need to find a doctor who doesn't just blindly go by your lab results uh.

Barry baker says recipe for sardines i get sardines in water with the bones in and the skin on i take the lid off i put as much zero carb mustard as i can on top and then i dig in with the fork usually outside so that nature doesn't have to smell it yuck tia have you had success stories of issues with conceiving and then.

Happening on a carnivore diet i've been struggling for a year after having miscarriage we hear this a lot all the time um women who have struggled with infertility whether it's from thyroid from pecos unknown infertility going carnivore and having a successful pregnancy absolutely multiple.

Fertility specialist doctors are starting to recommend keto ketovoice carnivore to their their patients because it increases their rate of conception and all fertility doctors want all their their patients to get pregnant and so they're going to put them all on the diet that's going to increase the chances of that i wanted to.

Say hello to paola uh to kevin and to mitzi our moderators they have a little blue wrench beside their name and they're going to be watching for any of you guys misbehaving they'll block your ass so keep it keep it keep it real but also newcomer questions beginner questions they will answer you.

In the comments because we're unable to answer all the questions uh i'm just so you know dr kilts k-i-l-t-z is a fantastic fertility specialist i think he has a youtube channel but he's for sure on facebook and he promotes meat based for his clients yup tom just discovered your youtube channel and he's loving it hey.

Tom it's misha loves it guys go subscribe let's get her over 100k she deserves it i am 400 away just 400 putting up with my crap she deserves it hey tia thank you so much hey yeah shout out to granny berry washington alabama hey granny how you doing becky ought to be home uh towards the end of the hour so stick around and you can see uh i'm.

Gonna i gotta quit calling baby becky he's definitely not a baby baby becky boy i'm gonna call him becky boy he he'll be here hopefully he'll come say hi little b uh elmay wants to know what are your thoughts on stevia stevia works great for most people it's.

Much less bad than sugar uh but for even for some of us we're so metabolically unwell or so insulin resistant that even stevia will slow down our weight loss uh if you're using stevia right now and you're doing great keep doing it if you have stalled on your weight loss it might be the the non-nutritive sweeteners.

How do you like my shirt i love your shirt did you see when you talked about beckett coming home toto went oh he thought he was coming he was coming home i love it um let me get one annette says i have uncontrolled hypertension which one of the diets will be best for me annette.

Keto keto or carnivore whichever one sounds best to you if you've got to have some veg in your diet then keto if you could care less if you ever see another vegetable carnivore okay either one of these is going to lower your inflammation and lower your insulin levels allow you to urinate away the unhealthy fluid that you're holding.

And just going to lower your blood pressure maybe all the way back down to normal but it's definitely going to lower it at least to some extent he's literally looking out the window for his boy to come i'm sorry toto falls along john brown any thoughts on n m n m n that is well that could stand for three different things that i can think.

Of john um type it out for me let me see what this thing looks like we'll be watching for it in the comments thanks for the super chat n-m-n m-m thanks for the super chat in fact gonna give me a heart attack or is it only that causes sticky plaque.

So saturated fat has never been shown in any research ever done to cause heart attack stroke artery blockage any of that uh if you will go to the american heart association's website they used to talk about saturated fat all the time they demonized it they they had a limit to how much saturated fat.

You should eat a day a limit to how much cholesterol you should eat today if you go and search their website now you won't find any recommendations about that and that's because the keto people in the carnivore people have made such a stink that the research does not support their conclusion that they have removed.

All that from the american heart association's website now they'll still tell you to eat a low fat diet but they won't they won't talk about saturated fat and cholesterol anymore in your diet because they know that the research is very clear it does not increase your risk of a heart attack or a coronary artery blockage.

Uncle guns welcome back check it in been super busy triple b e down 46 pounds since october triple b and e stands for beef butter bacon eggs that's all uncle guns eats and eats as much as he wants he eats as many times a day as he wants if he's still hungry he eats some more beef butter bacon and eggs.

Cheat days give my me bursitis heal symptoms so he is sticking to his guns he's one of those people that needs to eat meat next best triple b tom says thank you both for saving my life started at 370. three pounds and now i'm at 242. thumbs up we're tall a1c was 11.4 now.

It's 5.00 what now and triglycerides were off the charts now right in the middle of the green zone god bless you girls god bless you tom way to go well done saving your own life it's almost like bacon is a super food well done it's not do you have a video called bacon is superfood i should oh.

Phillip phil the form says will keto help my hydrate and it's suprativa i actually have a youtube video about that um oh i lost your comment phillip yeah uh absolutely hyper hydratingitis super tiva hs is intimately connected to hyperinsulinemia and when you eat a diet that allows your.

Insulin to return to normal your hs is going to get 80 90 95 99 better and some people it goes it virtually goes away now if you add back in the junk food that you're currently eating it'll come back so don't do that because and that's evidence that you're poisoning your body so if i were you i'd go 90 days.

Carnivore beef butter bacon and eggs and after that then you can decide do i want to stay carnivore or do i want to add back in some good healthy low carb veg roberta thank you so much julie wants to know how does keto affect those who are using ssris it benefits them in hundreds of different ways it doesn't interact in any way with the ssri but now i'll tell.

You the ssri will slow down your weight loss and uh there is some limited research to show that it can actually make insulin resistance or hyperinsulinemia worse so huh and then also many people when they start eating a proper human diet their depression or anxiety or ocd symptoms.

Gets so much better that they can decrease the dosage of their ssri or even stop it so keep that in mind kevin thank you so much jack says protein bars question mark if by protein bar you take a rib eye and you cut it up into strips and put it into a ziploc bag and take with you then i'm 100 for those protein bars.

Protein bars are the best protein bar is a meat bar 100 number of meats not any accessories or additives flavors packaging that has a guy climbing a mountain on it none of that 99 of the protein bars you buy at the store if you actually look at the total carbs versus the total protein.

They really should be for for advertising honesty should be called a carbohydrate bar because they have more total carbs than they have protein now how you going to call that a protein bar marketing yeah marketing it's it's bs save your money for the real stuff yes.

Kim sutton welcome back sister still getting pain in my knee for my arthritis i only do keto child mineral dead uh minerals no dairy only meat unsweetened tea water or sparkling soda anything i can add to help erase this arthritis if you haven't already done so kim go see your doctor okay sometimes there's.

Been enough damage done over the decades of eating a bad diet or maybe you had some trauma earlier in life that you really damaged the cartilage or the tendons you may have a condition that's not just solely caused by inflammation if so you need to see your doctor.

Because it sounds like you're doing everything proper with your diet uh also if you haven't already take a look at your sauces and spices could be something in them triggering you some people with severe arthriti arthritis um have to even cut out the sauces and the spices you.

Just do salt kim you might try 90 days of what's called the lion diet which is ruminant meat only salt and water so beef sheep goat venison elk caribou water and salt nothing no spices and see if that helps your arthritis but probably it's time to.

Go see the doctor at this point tech man sword tech uh dr barry how would you attack a stall in 2022 as a carnivore i've already lost 130 pounds a year and a half ago but i went i have 50 more to go been stalled for four months yup it's probably time.

To go see your doctor get your hormones checked it's also probably time to increase the the amount of hours that you fast each day so if you're if you're eating during uh currently a 10 hour window and fasting for a 14 hour window bump that fasting window up to 16 or 18 hours okay shadow.

20 0108 says does ambient zolpidem slow down weight loss 100 yes it's also very habit-forming it was never intended to be taken long-term every single night like many doctors prescribe it in my opinion that is malpractice if you have been taking it every single night this goes for lunesta uh it goes.

For all of them uh zolpidem's not quite as bad but ambient oh my god yeah it's very very habit form and it can actually permanently alter your sleep architecture if you take it long term so if you've been on that long term talk to your doctor and say why the hell have you been giving this to me long term is.

It approved for that or is it just for short term use only you're the doctor you're supposed to be in charge of that uh ticked talker do i need organic grass-fed meats on carnivore no you don't they are slightly better when it comes to omega-3 to omega-6 ratios they also uh grass-fed.

Grass-finished meat has more phytonutrients in the meat and some of you are going wait did he just say there's phytonutrients in the meat yeah even the grain finished cattle have phytonutrients like polyphenols and carotenoids in the meat but if they're grass finished so they only ate grass they actually have even more.

Phytonutrients but they definitely have a better omega-6 to omega-3 ratio john brown says that the nmn stands for nicotinamide mononucleotide yeah i was hoping that's not what yeah so john that's a complete another waste of money you're going to get everything you need from eating eggs you don't need to be taking any kind of.

Supplements like that um there's no evidence to show that that's that's been that that's causing you any net benefit yet there's some in research that suggests it might help but there's no definitive research showing that it absolutely is worth the money charles welcome back got some low levels of my blood work uh red blood cells 4.3.

Hematocrit at 39.3 dark said i'm okay that those numbers don't matter because my hemoglobin is 13.7 uh should i work to get these numbers higher and how charles i wouldn't worry so much about getting the numbers higher i would i would want to know why they're so low has your doctor completely investigated you for a cult blood loss.

From your bladder from your prostate from your colon that needs to be investigated also is your bone marrow making adequate amounts of red blood cell also is your spleen chewing up red blood cells that were improperly formed all those things need to be answered and then also there's some more lab work that needs to be.

Checked joe belcher thanks so much thanks joe uh sherry saw a video put the link in your last video he said that too much salt can make the body make fructose is this true i currently am completely unaware of any physiological pathway where if you salt.

Your food to taste so i'm not talking about going to a salt eating competition and eating five pounds of salt i'm talking about salting your food to taste i've never seen any research or any physiological pathway that that could increase the amount of fructose that your body makes but i'll look into that a little further.

Alex hey alex total bilirubin is 1.8 direct is 0.33 should i be concerned probably not if just your total billy's high and nothing else you may have something called your go bears or gilbert's syndrome it's not a big deal at all uh follow up with your doctor on that.

Uh oh sorry julio giulio julia hey julio tips for power lifters weight lifters for example the amount of calories and do different types of meat matter or is red meat the king julio eat meat and eggs until you are.

Comfortably stuffed and then go lift as heavy as you can that's how muscle is made if you look at in any of the power lifters or bodybuilders back in the 70s 80s and 90s 80 90 of their food was meat and eggs that's what they ate uh they also injected steroids right but and so that's how they got that huge if they if.

They said they didn't come on yeah humans don't go like that without artificial means we're not the experts on that kind of thing i would recommend you go follow robert the keto savage he has a youtube channel he also has a podcast he also has a book you can buy he has.

Full blown uh keto and doesn't do any carb ups or anything and he is equipped so denise uh if your vertigo is coming from meniere's disease then keto or carnivore can absolutely decrease your symptoms and then kalima can diabetics do the fasting as well 100.

Percent yes kalima now if you're a type 1 diabetic you're going to implement low carb and intermittent fasting slowly with the help of your doctor because you're going to have to lower your insulin intake very rapidly which is a good thing that's not a bad thing if you're a type 2 diabetic kalima.

100 you you will reverse your type 2 diabetes with keto and intermittent fasting 100 lobby how much does sugar substitutions like erythritol have on causing a gout flare any significant changes in recommending how to treat gout since your last video yeah.

There might be a a a link for some people between sugar substitutes and gout flare-ups there there is a possible mechanism for that at lokar boca raton we had a great speaker who who his topic was gout and he actually touched on that if you're if you're keto ketovor carnivore and you're still having gout flares.

My next step would be to get rid of the artificial sweeteners for 90 days i think that's a very wise thing to do uh did you see that uh the video specifically was talking about people eating carbs with salt oh well um you're probably getting some fructose from the carbs.

Uh just stop eating the carbs and keep eating the salt and well we'll still look into problem solve yeah but i'll denise says how do you feel about taking nutritional yeast tablets denise i feel like that's a complete waste of your money you don't need that you're going to get all the nutrition that you might be getting from nutritional yeast you're.

Going to get it from eating eggs okay ed is a high a1c 5.7 always due to pre-diabetes or can someone get that value with a temporary bad diet well yes yes yes and so anytime your a1c goes above 5.6 then you have crossed the threshold and you've moved into.

Pre-diabetes land and that could be from a temporary bad diet that's what now so your question reveals to me that you don't understand that type 2 diabetes is 100 caused by a bad diet there is no other cause of it and that's why so many hundreds of thousands of people have watched my youtube videos and nisha's.

Youtube videos over on misha loves it and they just reverse their type 2 diabetes it goes away because it's it's it's basically carbohydrate toxicity syndrome when you cut the carbs low enough your a1c goes back to normal vm can this lifestyle help with tinnitus actually i've got a youtube video about tinnitus highly linked to.

Hyperinsulinemia it's going to get much much better it may not go completely away all of us over the age of 50 have a little bit of tinnitus that's that's pretty much normal but it's not going to be that severe tinnitus that makes you want to pull your hair out or slap your neighbor solo uh type two here stopped metformin.

And started carnivore with exercise in august of 21. a1c that time was 10 over 10. by february of 22 i've lost 34 pounds and my a1c is down to 8.1 my doctor says uh guardians will help get me the rest of the way what are your thoughts dr barry your doctor is just wanting to give you.

A give you a prescription he wants to take credit he wants a little credit yeah just keep doing what you're doing solo one and and within three to six months your a1c is going to be normal you don't need the guardians it's going down yeah it's going down yeah keep doing exactly what you're doing jbiv i've been diagnosed with diverticulitis.

I've had four bouts in the last eight months are there any additional concerns for me with the carnivore diet oh 100 no and then and so i saw your other question jbib i was about to answer that uh carnivore diet is going to pretty much give you complete resolution of diverticulitis flare-ups you might have an occasional mild.

Flare-up on carnivore but you're never going to have the severe long-lasting flare-ups that you used to have diverticulitis is caused by too many carbs too many inflammatory foods too much fiber in your diet fiber is not a health food i know you may hear that from a lot of other places but for some of us we need to avoid virtually all.

Fiber so because our colons do not like fiber and it causes our colons to flare up sam's back uh will keto be enough to reverse preeclampsia well that depends on what stage the preeclampsia is in is it just having high blood pressure with some headaches then maybe it could uh reverse it and take the blood pressure.

Down and keep the woman from getting extremely sick however if the preeclampsia you're in the hospital on a mag drip uh then no um you definitely need medications observations still going to help but you still need to do with your doctor hurt anything to start keto at that point but.

You definitely need to follow medical directly but and then in the same respect gestational diabetes will just not happen if you're keto when you get pregnant or if you are currently pregnant and have gestational diabetes you go keto the gestational diabetes will disappear and your doctors will be amazed at how.

You did that amazed john thank you so much the poop subject has arrived ladies and gentlemen his way homestead wants to know how often do you poop on carnivore it's kind of freaking me out it's been three to four days between trips to the toilet yeah so.

When you're eating a carnivore diet what you're eating is 100 pure nutrition your body absorbs every single bit of it and so you don't poop nearly as much now me personally i poop once a day it's it's it's a small poop it's not a big deal it takes five minutes uh but me i used to back when i was eating paleo with all the quinoa.

And the vegetable and all that stuff i was pooping three ginormous poops a day and just would stink up the whole house and now anisha doesn't even know i'm in the bathroom unless she walks in on me during my little five minute trip like she did the other day i was trying to pack okay and she was just singing.

She was like sorry we're married yeah yeah we're married but we try to respect each other's people we have a boundary yeah yeah cindy green thank you so much for the super chat yeah who always noticed the change in your in your poop.

On ketobor or carnivore put your experience in the comments because so many people think that they're just gonna their colon is gonna die or their color is gonna blow up how are you gonna poop without fiber uh carnivorous poop just fine we actually have far fewer symptoms uh you're seeing the comments now.

The smells less i poop less often i don't have cramps i don't have any of these things uh joseph noticed less poop yeah i mean who wants to poop all the time i got to do i can't be pooping all the time i love how you threw that in there okay muhammad hey what's up man dr barry what causes calcium deposits and coronary.

Arteries how do you treat it yeah so the the calcium deposits is your body's way of trying to fix it in the soft plaques which are cholesterol deposits your body's basically trying to fix the damage that was done to those arteries by the inflammatory high carbohydrate diet that you were eating previously now also smoking also.

Alcohol also lots of other things smoke cracks smoking meth all these things are going to cause damage to your coronary arteries then your body's going to try to initially fix that that damage with cholesterol and ultimately he'll put down calcium to stabilize it uh eating eating fat and protein doesn't cause plaquing doesn't cause inflammation in.

Your arteries nancy says i poop very little no stink rw have you looked into air protein yet can you do a video on the company and a product i would love to hear your thoughts on them air protein i've never heard of that is it a protein shake if so i can already tell.

You what i think about it i think it's a waste of your money you should get protein from meat and eggs air protein i've never heard of it air protein is meat made from air is it like the lab made meat is that what it is or is it.

Uh it says we have reimagined fermentation turning elements in the air into sustainable proteins that eliminates compromise between taste nutrition and climate threat um yeah so cows are cows are not causing a climate problem humans are causing.

Any climate problems crafted through a process similar to how beer and yogurt are made and can be produced exponentially faster than traditional meat production explore how we turn air into the future of me so do you imagine we're gonna dig into this this is probably done out on a a bucolic verdant.

Hillside listen look at all the greens in the countryside okay do you see this look at all the green washing yeah there's water they make it right there in that forest that's where they make their meat no they make it in a factory look at the flowers okay it's going to be a factory with lots of hazardous uh chemical warnings you can't make meat in.

A factory okay that's ever going to replicate the nutrition the taste and the texture of real meat plus cows are not destroying the environment it's cars planes and and chemical exhaust and hospital waste that's what's in destroying the environment uh danny what's your take on a few grams.

Of trans fat being listed in grass-fed beef burgers how come and did the cow eat margarine no they're concerned there is a little bit of trans fat in all meat in all eggs they have a little bit of trans fat that tiny amount is very natural it's been there for three million years it's not going to hurt you.

At all it's the high amount of trans fats that were being made in chemical factories that we were eating probably two or three hundred times the amount wait i got a question sorry it was a good one too sorry was it about prostate yes yeah you saw it yeah yeah okay somebody said well eating all that red.

Meat make your prostate enlarged actually what most carnivores find if they have if they went into this having existing bph or prostatitis is that their prostate symptoms diminish by on average 80 to 95 kevyn r i'm a medically retired vet with degenerative.

Uh disc disease in my neck started carnivore a month ago will this help will it help for me to see a chiropractor every week maybe maybe depending up ask the chiropractor an honest chiropractor will tell you if they can help you or not if no matter what your question is they say.

Yes i can help you then you may want to worry about that but uh for necks and backs i'm i'm a fan of chiropractors in some cases but when they start straying off into other areas then i quickly stop being affected every few weeks here's a question for you nisha gas outdoor and fishing says what fruits can be eaten on a carnivore.

Diet fruits are not meat if you won't listen no no if you find a fruit that has four legs and fur that's the fruit did it have a mama listen i know that there is a lot of carnivore diets out there at this point that are not like listen.

It just keeps getting more complicated don't don't complicate it meat yeah eggs if you want to eat meat lots of meat and some fruit that's called paleo diet that's what that is that's old news and it helps some people for some people it's it's not low carb enough hyper carnivore which doesn't make any sense because hyper carnivore.

And you can't use words properly we mean really super carnivores in paleo anthropology the term if you were a person who didn't know that that was a real term what do you think hyper carnivore it sounds like oh you're a 110 car right that's what i'm saying so like a lay person wouldn't.

Know that that is that technical term from actual like whatever i do charlo we're doing great tonight how are you doing i hope you're doing well i get really worked up about that words mean things you know words many things absolutely so yeah if you want to add some fruit.

And some honey to your your meat and that's called a paleo diet and we've been talking about that for 20 years uh kevin says how long can you stay on this diet kevin as long as you are a human being you can eat a proper human diet as long as you're homo sapien sapien you can eat.

Lots of meat and eggs and a little bit of veg that's it that's that's keto or you can eat all meat and eggs and just a tiny bit of veg that's ketobor or you can eat all meat and eggs and no veg and that's carnivore you can do that for the rest of your life if what you'd like to do is optimize your health i'm going to stop using any diet.

Terminology whatsoever and be like if you want to eat meat meat meat and meat and eggs there's no word for that anymore it's just off what is it he says matthew mcconaughey it's pretty good it's for gossip frank says doc dr barry how many grams of protein per.

Day frank uh what you're gonna do is you're gonna eat as much fatty meat as you can eat in one or two or three meals a day until you're comfortably stuffed then you're going to stop eating fatty meat and that's going to give you enough protein now if you need a number at least one gram of protein per kilogram.

Of body weight that that that's the minimum you probably need more than that but what you'll find is if you eat fatty meat until you're full you'll get enough protein okay kiera so it's been carnivore 11 months been feeling light-headed tingly and my muscles have been tight nothing has changed with electrolytes or.

Anything like that uh it's time to go see your doctor that may be something going on and it's most assuredly not related to your diet vito has a question uh bananas unripe is that keto so unripe bananas are less they are lower in carbs because the the all the starch.

And the the cellulose hasn't broken down yet uh but they're still not keto same goes for plantains yeah i mean why would you eat a green green banana don't do that just eat meat and eggs they're tasty and they're right it's getting crazy out there adam hey guys.

Cholesterol's 250 ldl157 hdl59 i'm five foot nine 160 went down to 153 in three weeks i feel great eating a ton of carbs and i was eating a ton of carbs and processed food i cut all of it out and i'm feeling amazing but how do i stop weight loss yep good good question adam so a lot of people think keto or carnivore are weight loss diets.

And they're not they are weight optimization diets adam so when your body weight reaches your ideal body weight range you'll stop losing weight the keto is not going to make you keep losing weight like cancer would until you just blow away and die that doesn't it doesn't work that way.

Uh keto is not a calorie restriction diet it's not in any way a restrictive diet your body gets to decide where your set point is and then that's where your weight will go justin any tips on the meat smell love the smell but still would love to hear your thoughts by the way i've lost 20 pounds and my arthritis is almost gone i.

Can play my guitar again yes awesome justin meat smell you mean like the smell of meat you don't like it you need to keep that meat smell ha ha ha love the smell but still would love to hear your thoughts we don't really if your meat smells bad it's either seafood and you don't like seafood or it's bad yeah but meat is going to have a nice.

Wonderful succulent smell that's normal i maybe don't understand the question i don't know but good job on you man you're doing well though keep doing what you're doing sj sometimes i just don't feel like eating beef i know i know i have a ranch it happens though is it okay to only eat eggs for that day.

Or a day or two and how many is too many uh don't eat more than two dozen eggs a day that's i just made that up there is no upper limit if you want to eat three dozen eggs a day and you and you're not trying to win an egg eating contest you're truly hungry then eat three dozen eggs a day it's totally fine your your.

Satiety hormones will turn on when you've eaten enough fat and protein and they will turn off your hunger and you'll be like well i love eggs but i'm done that's what's going to happen so don't don't any of you guys don't think you've got to count the ounces of beef you eat or the number of.

Eggs or the pounds of broccoli you don't have to do any of that on this diet you just eat until you're comfortably stuffed uh sheila says what tips for blends if you are taking your five-year-old keto for autism and they are too fit you can use uh professor ben bickman's health.

Hlth health code shakes you can use keto chow shakes you get to pick what liquid you make them with equip equip is a great shake uh what you don't want to be putting in the tube is the the standard junk that you're you can get a prescription for and that your insurance will pay for it's sky high and carbs and it's sky high and vegetable seed oils.

And you don't want that in your little one's mouth it's going to make all the symptoms worse a deal ali says thanks uh to both of you spreading information about the carnivore diet i'm rapidly shedding my weight and have you guys to thank god bless god bless that's that's what i like to hear.

Charles uh says any thoughts on the website self-decode to interpret your lab works and give you breakdowns on what all that means and how to optimize your life good question i'll look it up i have i'm not familiar with that website we got several down here denise type 2 diabetic hypertension.

Hypothyroid here blood work shows low sodium low chloride and low co2 salt everything what causes this and should i be concerned denise you may be on a medication that's causing you to urinate out a lot of your sodium and chloride make sure you're salting two tastes to do.

Many of us when we first come to this way of eating we're like okay i get it salt's okay but we still limit the salt cause you're like i don't know is that much salt okay if it tastes good that's as much that's the amount of salt that you need but i would bet money it's one of your medications that's causing these numbers.

To be low david just finished the case for keto by gary tobbs highly recommend it to others to get into the details i loved his interview with you in the book thanks for all you do it's actually helping hey david thank you so much thanks a lot david for the super chat and uh yeah uh gary taub's book the case for keto uh i'm actually in that book.

There's there's a great story i need to tell the story on your your youtube channel yeah so we can just laugh about it uh if you don't follow me misha loves it on youtube let's get her over 100k subscribe to my channel but uh but so i had forgotten that i had a phone interview with gary taubes and back then gary towel was like oh my god you know.

Now i've sat down at the bar and had a drink with him we're buddies we're still kind of like but i was like and the phone rings and it's a california number i'm at walmart i hit mute because i'm like it's probably a prank now we're going to tell this story and he calls right back and i'm like i answered i'm in walmart with abby grace.

Barry we're looking at looking at toys i totally forgot years ago hello uh this is gary towels i'm like so i had to go out yeah so we'll tell the whole story so that was the whole thing that's not the whole story there's way more welcome back brother just half an inflammatory soy or soy product.

Can you point me into properly done studies all i've seen are conflicting studies thanks yeah they're so you're not gonna find a definitive study um uh dr eric westman actually touched on this at the the.

Um adapt your life in his talk basically what happens is when a researcher finds out that oh eating all these vegetables that doesn't really do anything for you or vegetable seed oils are quite inflammatory or soybean it's got too much phytoestro.

At the end of their study they'll say this is very concerning and more research needs to be done and then you never hear another peep out of it because the way it's set up now in order to get funding for research which is very very expensive you're the chairman of your department the ethical review.

Board and your university basically can veto you at any moment and if they're getting millions of dollars of funding from big food then you can't do that second study that definitively proves that soybean is bad for humans or that vegetable seed oils are bad for humans the funding dries up and you'd have to do a gofundme or a gifts and go.

Say what it is you know you'd have to do a crowdsourcing or find some angel billionaire who would give you 20 million dollars so you could do the definitive study and so most researchers they're they've got to publish you publish your parish so they've got to publish so many articles a year and so.

They'll just forget about it like oh crap i don't know that was a dead end i looked very important to me but i i can't tell you the number of times that i've read a study and it'd be like this is very concerning more research needs to be done about this and then literally there's not another peep ever about it in the in the literature.

Very concerning uh q hallway i'm very sorry uh low carb one year ago and the lower i went the worse my constipation got i experienced many benefits but i don't want to go back to the sad diet i've.

Tried everything yeah constipation so what do you mean by constipation do you mean you weren't pooping as often because if so then that's normal that's fine that's not constipation but if you were having straining and pain and bleeding that's what that's the real definition of constipation in that case you need to eat more salt get more.

Electrolytes specifically magnesium and make sure that you're eating enough fat with your meat okay a lot of people eat a lot of lean protein they don't they're still afraid of salt and they wind up uh being a little constipated so more salt more electrolytes more magnesium and more fat and that will fix that.

Huawei kwabi justin says no i mean the smell after cooking it lingers oh i've got the cigarette for that okay here we go lemongrass essential oil and a diffuser cleans up any smell cheryl ask what's a good diet for beta thalassemia minor a proper human diet keto ketovor.

Carnivore 100 is going to help you have your best life even with beta thou minor thank you rhonda phil is it okay to have a cheat meal on carnivore here and there yeah birthday anniversary christmas that's like asking your your mom something you know what i mean like you asked your mom that.

Question we're not your parents you have to make that decision on your own are you at maintenance are you a carbonic are you um going to go off the the wagon get drunk behind it for a whole year like where are you at you gotta know your triggers is it okay for you we can't really tell you that uh for a lot of people.

There are moderators which means they can have a cheat meal every now and then and some people are abstainers which means they cannot do a cheat meal because that means they go back to the old way and all of their medications they came off of and they are a1c and all that work was for nothing because now they're back where.

They started so you gotta figure that out yep um actually eileen i think a kilogram is 2.2 pounds it is yeah not .45 you did your math the wrong way i'm guilty of the same thing albert asked about nut milks like almond milk um cashew milk soy milk god forbid.

Well they they like to put it in that same group yeah yeah but so they're very often sweetened so if you just insist on drinking almond milk realize that almond trees they actually do harm the environment unlike cows the way that you have to farm them the poor bees the the the all the water reservoirs in california being dry.

In large part due to the almond forests out there uh because you have to water them constantly so nut milks i don't think there's any ancestral evidence that we ever milked almonds or cashews uh if you want to drink some kind of dairy drink some heavy cream i wouldn't recommend too much of that either.

Milk is actually for baby mammals it's not for adults and i'm working on another youtube video about that i just found some excellent paleo anthropological uh research and evidence that just shoots drinking milk even raw milk i know i know i know don't get mad uh.

None of that stuff is ancestrally appropriate for adult humans phyllo says is it true your body or muscles can only utilize 30 grams of protein it's a complete nutrient myth uh yeah you hear it a lot but it's complete uh ap joe and a bunch of numbers says how can i.

Naturally lower my blood pressure well ap joe i've got lots of videos on my youtube channel about just that topic check it out after this live basically you're going to eat very low carb and you're not going to worry about salts you're going to salt your food to taste because eating salt to taste does not raise your blood pressure.

But eating too many carbs too much sugar fruit juices coca-colas fruit smoothies that that's all gonna raise your insulin make your whole fluid raise your blood pressure tammy can beef heart take the place of beef liver no it's delicious it's very nutritious but no liver has way more vitamins and minerals in it than beef heart but b fart's great.

I love it that you like beef heart that's a good stepping stone 100 who else tried beef heart it is freaking delicious also shea part is very very good ricky wants to know how do you lower your set point in order to lose more so ricky you eat a proper human diet and.

Then your body is going to take you to your you don't have to do anything your body's got all this stuff when you stop poisoning it with too many carbs and too much inflammatory food uh and now your your body set point may not be where you want to be right you may want to wait more or less but.

That's where your body wants you to be that's where it's going to take you skeeter welcome back hey skeeter he says it's easy people consume meat salt and water i didn't exercise i've lost over 100 pounds in a year six foot three started at 3 43 now down to 2 30. skeeter my man that's the way to do it teresa's having nocturnal leg cramps.

Teresa make sure you're getting plenty of magnesium and potassium and salt any tips for doing carnivore with pancreatic insufficiency i've tried to stick with it for a few weeks multiple times but end up with lots of issues on the way out yeah uh you're probably going to have to take some pancreatic enzymes and your doctor should be able.

To prescribe those for you justin one more question i forgot i've had my thyroid removed from cancer 15 years ago and have to take levy thyroxine daily will this way of eating have any effect on that um by the way i meant to smell after cooking okay justin yeah so um yeah many people with hypothyroidism notice that.

When they convert to a proper human diet eventually they have to take a lower dose of the thyroid replacement hormone many many people have noticed that uh it's not going to reverse or cure your hypothyroidism but it in many ways you just won't need as high a dose of the levothyroxine lux interior says i drink raw goat's milk that is not homogenized.

Or pasteurized that is probably the least bad milk that you can possibly drink now less bad does not mean good right but that's probably the least bad i need you to let me okay from now on to the end okay all right all right let's do it thank you mike.

Uh oh randy says the book esther generation by anthony j talks a lot about how bad soy is along with a bunch of other stuff all you guys need to read esther generation by by anthony j phd fantastic excellent excellent book thomas says i've been carnivore for three weeks i'm down 25 pounds my blood sugar went from 180 to 123 in the same.

Time you're one of the first youtubers i've found on this diet thank you doctor well done well done all right danny says is there any truth to people saying protein accelerates aging by activating mtor does mtor cause rapid energy yeah i'm a big fan of uh professor david sinclair i've read all his work i'm uh we follow each other on twitter uh but i.

Do not believe that that eating meat is in any way going to make you age faster mtor uh or otherwise and there's uh there's there's several different molecules that people get all hung up on right uh the vegans have a whole list of things that are in meat like well this.

One like tmao oh my god uh this is this there's none of this stuff has been proven this is all either conjecture or there's a possible association shown in observational research it's never been proven it's not it's not a known fact sarah wants to know uh keto or carnivore for autoimmune arthritis picos.

Endometriosis and adenomyol uh doctors want me to be on methotrexate and have a hysterectomy i don't want either if a diet can fix it i totally understand sarah 100 before you have surgery i would do 90 days of beef butter bacon and eggs okay and then at the end of that 90 days.

If you're like oh my god my symptoms are still terrible go ahead go have surgery okay now if you're if you're having so much active bleeding that you're in danger of losing your life then you may need to go ahead and have the surgery but if this is just symptoms 90 days of carnivore before you decide on that surgery.

Phil says serious question does nose to tail include testicles i've heard others talking about eating raw organs including testicles also known as mountain oysters yep around here you know some people eat the testicles some people don't i don't know of any essential nutrition in a testicle that you cannot get from some other part of.

The animal typically in the southern united states we eat uh either rooster fries which are rooster testicles or we'll eat uh mountain oysters which are bull nuts we eat those as kind of a show of manhood you know like i am scared i'll you don't give me a bowl full you know but i i don't know of any nutrition that cannot.

Be gotten other places on a cardboard do what you want but hey you do you eat those testicles if you want to matt list what's 49 years old i've lost 65 pounds since 1st of october however my blood pressure is still 138 over 83. ldl is high even though my total cholesterol is normal mattless listen very carefully your blood pressure.

Is normal that is a normal blood pressure that's not high okay the american heart association has a falsely low uh blood pressure goal they did that because of a huge majority of their sponsorship their their donations come from the pharma manufacturers that make blood pressure pills okay the american.

Academy of family physicians never adopted the aha position because it's it's untenable it's distasteful it's probably unethical for them to say that because you'd literally have to put every adult human at some point on a blood pressure pill thus making pharma even richer 138.

Or what was it 138 over 78 83 83 congratulations that's a normal blood pressure carry on uh german says hey doc uh mds deletion can be cured of control with keto or uh carnivoroquito bone marrow not responding to treatments thanks cheers from mexico uh german.

Suarez that's a genetic defect that your your your carnivore or your keto is going to protect you from many other things as you combat that but even up even a proper human diet as powerful as it is cannot correct um a deletion.

A genetic defect no it cannot sorry what else you got woman mark wants to know is keto carnivores safe for someone with one kidney mark if you want to keep your one kidney and keep your remaining kidney function then you want to eat a low carbohydrate diet for the rest of your life.

The reason that there's a dialysis clinic on every corner is not because everybody's eating ketone carnivore it's because they've all been eating too many carbs and too many cracker jacks and lucky charms and and pancakes with syrup that's what's caused the epidemic of kidney failure so to protect your kidney you're going to eat low carb real.

Whole one ingredient foods either it grew in the ground or it runs crawls flies or jumps or slithers on the ground those are the things you're going to eat they got one ingredient you eat them even for you no no keto treats cookies cakes pies bars shakes none of that crap you're gonna eat real.

Food that your ancestors would have eaten a hundred thousand years ago robert says love you guys move to miami so we can be buds i'll take you sailing hey sailing take me away take me away.

Do you know in synchrony did that on their very first album that's a that's how i learned that song my mom was like that's an old song who is it chris christopher cross is that the guy i don't know but that's how i like that song it's so beautiful i would go say them with you uh stranger city says is it safe to fast.

If i live alone my mother doesn't want me fasting while living alone she's afraid i might put myself in a situation where i need someone's help as if uh fainting or something um no no you're safe to fast you're not gonna um like fall out if you get fancy it's not gonna be that kind like abrupt fall out in the floor type painting yeah.

You're just gonna be hungry uh yeah tell your mom to relax that you're just gonna intermittent fast you're not gonna do like 40 days long fast like you know the savior did you're just gonna do a you know one day or two day fast it's perfectly safe get uh dr fung's book about fasting and and maybe let your mom.

Look at it watch some youtube videos on my channel dr jason fung has great fasting videos that will help ease your mom's mind that you're not going to die if you don't eat every uh four hours what is happening in the comments read ted's right now is it safe to do topless jumping jacks.

While intermittent fasting yes totally 100 and i would do it out in the front yard is what i would where i would always do my topless jumping jacks is in the front yard all right guys uh we're in the last few minutes here once again if you want to see what we all eat in a day head over to misha loves it my youtube channel i'm.

Currently filming one right in this moment i also have my top ground beef recipes my meatloaf recipe my what's another thing my chicken liver recipe on my youtube if you've never been able to eat liver go to her youtube channel and watch the video about how she makes chicken liver and do that just trust me.

Trust dr barry do what she says make those and then you'll be like hey i freaking love liver um somebody said who's this phil says what do you think about paul saladino i think he's a great guy i've met him several times i agree with him about a great many things we disagree about a very few small things.

That's what i think about him thank you sam oh you're 99 7 guys only 300 more 300 more subs come on guys please go over and subscribe to nature loves it please please it's a good time sally over there robert says my longest fast for 16 days only issue was i was bored.

You miss food don't you you're like damn i'm just bored i just want to eat uh odcs214 says is there a way to find out how many carbs your body can take before you're kicked out of ketosis i stay between 15 and 25 but it seems to kick me out uh yeah you can check your ketones with a blood stick if you just want to do that.

Uh but the best way to do it is to every three months have your doctor check a hemoglobin a1c a c peptide and a fasting insulin and if any of those three are even one-tenth of a point too high then you're still eating too many carbohydrates for your personal physiology and you need to cut the carbs in half all right last two questions.

Danny is it possible that fasting for many days could cause hair loss since it can be perceived as stress right to your body maybe if you're doing long seven 10 14 day fast you might lose some hair because you're going to be losing weight like gangbusters and anytime you lose weight that fast.

You're gonna have some hair loss 100 uh love says i've been carnivore for two weeks i'm a diabetic on insulin and metformin fasting blood sugars for 150 before carnivore and they've gone up every day since i've started i was at 300 this morning and i've gained seven pounds what am i doing wrong yeah i have no idea love um.

Our definition of carnivore and yours might be different uh but that's not how the human body works doesn't work that way 300. yeah um thank you so much yeah smelly face thank you so much thank you very much um i got a question here martin boner bonner martin bonner sorry martin.

Well eating too much he thought he was back in high school again didn't he well eating too much meat i'm sorry martin i really am well eating too much meat in a keto diet be bad uh meat into glycogenic equals sugars numbers going crazy if you're eating enough fat with your protein you're not going to initiate anything called like.

Gluconeogenesis or glycolysis where your body's breaking down the glycogen you need to eat more fat with your protein if you're having that happen heather i said two more questions we're just gonna take 20 more apparently what about those uh that had uh.

Precious castro surgery and have to eat more than two times yeah yeah so i think heather meant gastro certainly like gaster bypass so you may have to eat three or four small zip meals a day heather was that her name it but you can still eat those three or four small meals in a time restricted.

Window of six or eight hours so you're still getting a 16 or 18 hour fast every day right and you can still make those three or four small meals very low carb even zero carb if you want to uh because after gastric bypass surgery some of you guys don't know you have a literally your stomach is about the size.

Of a egg dr westman said a hens egg and i was in the back my smart redneck ass i was thinking as opposed to a rooster 100 that's what i was thinking but yeah your stomach's this big around so you can't eat a big one meal a day that's exactly true and you don't have chicken he did made a chicken egg but he.

Said his egg in my high school breakfast bill bill uh i've been trying to quit nicotine doing jewel it's very hard is this going to ruin my carnivore benefits no but it you are going to be harming your body right with the vaping i think vaping's a hundred times less dangerous than smoking cigarettes.

But it's still not safe it's still not healthy so keep weaning that down you can wean down the percentage of nicotine in your vape you can uh increase the amount of time between hits on your vape there's a hundred different strategies and i think it's much easier to quit vaping than it is to quit smoking cigarettes.

Oh that's my that's my cue thanks jim mckay for the super chat that's my cue uh everyone sheena says everyone have a great night i totally agree feel free to share this video if you think it will help someone that you care about go subscribe to me she loves it her youtube channel she's almost 200 000 subscribers please go and help this poor.

Poor country southern girl get her 100k okay i'm pregnant you know so i have a pity on me she's poor and she's pregnant have pity thanks so much for joining us guys it's always a pleasure hanging out with you every monday night at 7 p.m central central and we'll be back next week and we'll do this whole thing again.

So join us next week and we're always going to be talking about something a little crazy a little funny and then a lot of nutrition and health in the mix if you haven't got enough of us you can also join uh dr barry's patreon group where we do three more lives so each and every week really love hearing what he his big mouth.

Is gonna say i'm glad you brought that up i forgot that you can head over the link right now we've got 3 000 people on this live but inside of our protected private patreon community we usually have 100 150 200 people no spam no trailing yep yep no meanies no vegans well maybe a vegan or two but.

They're recovering chad said i went from 342 pounds to 260 pounds since uh september of 21 my a1c went from 7.2 to 4.8 guys chad's got it figured out chad is not a rocket surgeon or a brain scientist but he figured this out and so.

Can you okay we'll see you next week see you bye
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