Proper Human Diet Q&A with Dr Berry & @NEISHA [Mountain Edition]

Proper Human Diet Q&A with Dr Berry & @NEISHA [Mountain Edition]

Proper Human Diet Q&A with Dr Berry & @NEISHA [Mountain Edition]

Check out the video on Proper Human Diet Q&A with Dr Berry & @NEISHA [Mountain Edition].
Oh hey oh hi how's it going everyone I'm Dr Ken Berry this is my lovely boss and partner and wife Alicia solace eiffenberry r-n-cbc this is the next edition of Monday Monday Night Live yay sounds good in case you didn't we're obviously not home yeah we're in.

Gatlinburg got a retreat that our good friends are putting on and this is being done in front of a live audience well in person my audience yeah that was not canned Applause that was totally genuine I meant that and so we're happy to be I'm happy to be back I'm not going to speak for you I'm here I'm happy to be in the Smoky.

Mountains good old records out nobody this is how I go I'm gonna say Good Old Rocky Top then y'all are all gonna go and it's it's a two-syllable what got it good old Rocky Top wow all right so our friend Rebecca farmer puts these Retreats on several times in.

Different locations we just have time but we're gonna bring her home a little bit later she's gonna tell you guys about the next Retreat um yeah let's get into it let's do it so we're gonna for the next hour hang out with you and answer a bunch of questions so if you have a question about low carb keto keto or carnivore vegan vegetarian.

Ask your question in the comments keep it succinct and pithy but not laconic and we will try to answer it as we'll answer as many as we can share this with the shirt in a text copy paste that link and hit the phone absolutely have you all hit the thumb thank you in real life I think it's the.

Real life yeah all right the volume may be off the audio may be a little off because we're in a big room live audience hey Natalie Stone how's it going good to see you where are you guys watching from in the world right now what city what state what country where.

Are you at all these guys are in Pigeon Forge Tennessee but where are you at Oak Ridge that's right Oak Ridge hey neighbor how's it going yeah we're in Gatlinburg Tennessee Pigeon Forge well I put it in the announcement let me add it okay all right good deal so do you guys have a question while she's adding that anybody have a.

Question that you'd like the answer to oh okay good well we did spend an hour with him yeah we've already answered a bunch of questions here there you go oh you did it that way okay good deal so let's do some questions all right guys Mr Jones or MJ Jones go for it may want to see is 5.1 fasting glucose 89 total cholesterol 297 triglycerides 92 hdl56.

Ldl223 and I've lost 37 pounds on ketovor Carnivore but doc wants to put me on statins help what would you guys say hey yo what's your answer MJ obviously none of this is medical advice but uh ask your doctor ask your doctor to show you the studies that show definitively that a Statin is.

Going to extend your life because that's the life you're worried about right you're not worried about what it's going to do the population you want to know is this going to help me live longer and live happier and the answer is no or very probably no but congratulations to you but my blood.

Pressure is up why is this happening yeah no this is temporary 10 years you continue to lower your insulin level back to low normal get rid of The Chronic inappropriate inflammation and pee off all the unhealthy water that your body's been storing your blood pressure is going to can is going to.

Come down either close to normal or very very close hi hi and we feed the microbiome if we are not ingesting fiber yeah so there's this thing in meat called collagen and very early when I was looking into the carnivore diet I had the same question Desiree I'm like what is what's.

My gut bacteria going to eat but I found out that they love collagen and they can live on it just fine in fact many of my carnivore friends have sent off their little poop sample to get their microbiome tested and it turns out that our our gut microbiome is very diverse and very very healthy so don't worry about your gut microbiome when.

You're eating an ancestrally appropriate proper human diet your gut bacteria will thank you lady hammer bad gut issues issue gain weight so there's two ways to gain weight you can either gain fat or you can gain bone strength and muscle and so if your hubby.

Wants to gain fat he just needs to eat lots of carbs he can start with Lucky Charms and Ding Dongs and drink Pepsi you'll gain fat if he'd like to however make his bones stronger which shows up on the scale and gain muscle then he needs to eat lots of fatty meat and he needs to lift heavy things that's how you do that but uh the PHD.

The proper human diet keto carnivore they are not weight loss diets they are weight optimization diets they're going to move your weight in the direction that is most healthy for you so if you need to lose fat you're going to do that if you need to put on bone and muscle you're going to do that broken forever glucose 103 to 107 A1c.

They're 52 does that mean I'm diabetic no that means you're able to see these beautiful your triglycerides are beautiful a lot of people on a carnivore diet will notice that they have a 103 105 blood sugar in the morning your red blood cells need that that's not dangerous at all that's not pathology and we can obviously tell that when we.

Look at your A1C and it's five which is brilliant that's not anywhere close to diabetes that's much closer to perfection uh nurse Debra says Fosamax for osteopenia good question and if you've been diagnosed with osteopenia or Worse osteoporosis you're very worried about that you don't want to fall and break a.

Hip I totally understand Deborah uh as a nurse you know that much of the medical research out there is kind of um equivocal right and much of that research is actually funded sponsored and designed by the billion dollar corporation that is trying to sell you the Fosamax so watch my videos on this channel about bone strength bone density.

Osteopenia osteoporosis and do all the things I talk about in those videos if you decide that in addition to that you want to take Fosamax for 12 months I don't think that's a big deal but I definitely would would advise you not to take it longer than 12 months if you do decide to take it how do I fix Focus issues from sleep.

Apnea well you've got to address the sleep apnea now eating a proper human diet is going to help with that but you may need to be on CPAP for a few months depending on how overweight you are and how severe your sleep apnea yes uh as you get better and better sleep more restful sleep you're going to notice that your focus gets much much better.

The the higher the quality of your diet the better you go to sleep but that doesn't mean that you may not need a few months of CPAP until you get this under control uh Jolene Jolie nail Jolie nail I don't like red work what can I.

Seafood you can do a perfect uh keto or carnivore with eggs and seafood everything that comes out of the ocean that was swimming or crawling is fair game it is carnivore you can eat it fair game fair game hey Kelly thank you so much hey our moderators in the comments help and answer questions if.

You see a blue wrench beside a name it's uh Paola Kevin PhD Mentor Marcia Mitzi or two crazy ketos in here two crazy ketos too yeah I don't know if they're in here tonight I haven't seen them Jeff carnivore five and a half months ferritin is 500 doctor says I have iron overload I have swollen painful ankles could this be the reason also should I.

Stop eating red meat until I get this lowered so answer to the last question no uh do you have iron overload maybe maybe not just checking a ferritin and nothing else tells you nothing about your iron status okay it's quite possible that the swollen ankle has caused your ferritin to be elevated because ferritin like many other labs is.

An acute phase reactant if you have inflammation or an infection it'll go up okay there's a panel of lab work that your doctor should know that actually checks for iron overload and hemochromatosis and I would suggest that next business day you call your doctor and say hey if you're worried about iron overload shouldn't you check.

The dam labs and check for that just a thought just a thought Tia I'm 18 weeks pregnant congratulations can be a merch steak I ate it that way before I was pregnant you can eat it rare you can eat it medium rare I'm not telling you to eat raw meat but I'm telling you I did.

Yeah as long as you trust the source of the meat and as long as you use the technologically advanced instrument that you were given by your creator to test meat which is you open the pack and go okay and if you're like nice smells really fresh that's fine you can eat that now if the meat's kind of sketchy if it's kind of green if it's got some.

Molding in the gas station yeah yeah if you've got your sushi or your meat from the gas station probably don't eat that yeah but fresh good quality is sashimi um steak tartare tuna tartare oysters how many dozen raw oysters did you eat Bonnie and Beckett like 80 to 100 dozen yeah I craved raw me but yeah.

And I got a lot of flack about it too Ray plays music hey Ray hello again not a keto question this time but she don't worry about radiation uh from an abdomen pelvic CT scan it's an excellent question so every medical test that your doctor can order has pluses and minuses it has potential benefits.

And potential risks right this is life when you go out and get in your car there's a potential benefit but there's also a potential risk and so we have to weigh those as a health care provider but also as a patient right and so why are you getting the the CAT scan if it's just for shits and giggles then no you shouldn't get the CAT scan but if you're.

Like I think I may have a tumor the doctor thinks I may have some serious medical problem then the amount of radiation that you get from the CAT scan is Justified because you're going to get a diagnostic answer that could literally save your life or improve the quality of your life right so an abdominal pelvic CT you get the most radiation from them.

Because that's the most dense parts of your body so you're going to get a larger radiation dose but if the diagnostic question that you need answered is important enough it's absolutely worth that radiation to get that diagnostic answer hope that helped Jamie hey Jamie hi Dr Barry any hope or advice for lipedema Foods or supplements.

Of 54 and 20 pounds overweight all in the lower half and my upper arms yeah so we've had hundreds of women with lipedema and a few men with lipedema reach out to us and say that that meat heavy keto ketovor carnivore has improved their symptoms tremendously our good friend Siobhan Huggins if you don't know how to spell Siobhan it's not.

Spelled like it sounds uh she has she's been diagnosed with lipedema and I have her permission to share this you can follow her on Twitter or other social media and she actually eats 100 carnivore that's when she has the least lipedema symptoms and there are also many other things you can do uh the food getting your insulin level and your.

Levels of inflammation as low as normal as you can that's the most important thing but there also are some supplements and there are some physical therapy Maneuvers and other things that can do be done to help with that so follow Siobhan and she's very intelligent and she she's walking in your shoes.

Elon Fanboy welcome back love you guys how much water do you think we all need is water over height water's way over hyped how much when should you drink water if you're not thirsty it's literally that's it that simple okay drinking water is like breathing air.

What if I said oh you're not breathing enough air you need to breathe 50 times a minute you'd be like what are you talking about my body I don't even think about that water ingestion is exactly the same if you're like food I am thirsty drink some water I'm not thirsty right now so I'm not going to drink it any Guru out there.

That says oh you should drink your your body's weight in ounces water a day is full of I'm sorry okay that's just the truth of the matter I can't I'm trying not to be blunt but sometimes that's the only way try to try try so hard I try so hard there was actually recently an article.

That I did a YouTube video about where two nephrologists were saying in an article why are it does every primary care doctor tell my patient with kidney disease to drink more water to push water why are they doing that because there's literally no research on the planet that shows that that's beneficial and it most likely does harm when you.

Drink too much water your kidneys have to get the water out and pee it out you're overworking your kidneys by drinking water unnecessarily drinking water will not help you lose weight it will not make your skin look younger it will not make you prettier it will not make you smarter if you're thirsty if you're not thirsty.

It's just that simple you know who's making a bunch of money off this water thing all the Tumblers and the jugs that say keep going you're almost done like if I had a dollar for every YouTube video I watched where a girl's carrying around one of those things we all need a wristband that says keep breathing don't forget to breathe breathe more.

Right exactly Esther says can histamine reactions kick up when drinking cream or butter or coffee I've been doing this for three months I've gained 10 pounds uh now 213. yeah histamines can be a problem for some people even with uh cream uh maybe butter probably not so much butter but coffee for sure the histamines are probably would have not.

Made they haven't made you gain the 10 pounds Esther it's probably something else you need to go back and take a fresh look at your diet and look for carb creep it's very common to start off really gung-ho keto and then have a little bit of carbohydrates creep back in there may be an undiagnosed medical condition that you're suffering from.

That you need to get all the labs checked that Kim howardson and I talk about in The Common Sense Labs book I will have an update with you soon I promise about the lab book yeah there's a link down in this in the show everybody now you've that's what the oh thank you they're still at the public they're the printers Harry uh strict PhD.

For six months lost 50 pounds I wouldn't say from 6.9 to 5.2 cholesterol 235 triglycerides 153 HDL 33 LDL 173 fasting glucose 104 vitamin d85.3 fasting insulin 8.3 urine Ketone to how to scale stay the yeah everything's great your triglycerides are 143 are still a little higher than I'd like but they're under 150 so.

They're considered normal uh all your other numbers are moving in the right direction or are inconsequential well done Harry keep it up somebody said all I say on your shirt is a girl who loves what is it sunshine and stay after Berry.

Part of my sunshine Roberts Robert Robert says I'm I'm 64 years of age I've lost 42 pounds since July awesome with great blood work doing keto and moving to carnivore bilateral knee replacement in January diet tips for Rehab he'd keep doing exactly what you're doing Robert uh either a keto or.

A carnivore diet is going to help you heal faster than any other way of eating because they are so nutrient dense they have everything your body needs to heal and also to fight post-op infections which can be a thing with knee Replacements and so anything you can do to cut your risk of infection unnecessary inflammation.

Or delayed healing time a proper human diet is going to help you with that Donnie thanks for cutting video right after yeah for some people they can get by with eating quite a bit of veg others of us need to be as close to zero carbs as they can to to meet their their health Improvement goals Danielle I was recently diagnosed with.

Hashimoto's and wondering if ancestral supplements Thyroid supplement is equivalent to an armor thyroid medication no it is not Armor Thyroid NP WP erfa uh and uh nature have all been they're all FDA approved okay they they're made in very clean facilities they have FDA monitors who come and make sure they send off samples routinely so.

That they know they're within the plus or minus five percent ratio that all FDA approved meds have to be under ancestral supplements is is freeze-dried ground up thyroid now I'm not saying anything bad about it I'm just saying it is not equivalent not equivalent no and so if you want to take that that's fine but you need to take your armor.

Juan can you talk about the beyond me BS that Bill Gates is pushing everywhere what are your thoughts about this I feel like one that you know one knows my thoughts about Beyond meats are echoed in Beyond meat's recent stock market performance which is that's what it's been doing on the stock market because it's it's it's.

Highly processed fake food made in a factory that's what beyond meat is nobody can even argue that uh there there is nothing in it that compares to the ancestral nutrition that's found in real meat that is raised properly well I just wanted to hear me say it yeah one casserole carnivore from keto but I'm having a.

Hard time dropping artichokes available tomatoes don't it's up to you unless you're unless you're wanting to do a 30 60 90 day trial without them just to see if they're causing unnecessary inflammation keep them in but if you're like no I gotta lose some more fat I I keep having this inflammation here's what I find.

With most people when you tell yourself you can't have those and you want them even more so don't tell yourself that just allow so what I do is key to four so on the days I want Tomatoes then I eat tomatoes and I want them less often than if I was doing 90 days of no tomatoes because I know that I can have them if I want them.

So just have them less and less as you move forward until you think you can go without them for 90 days and see how it goes yeah Nisha and I are both we do not like to be told what to do which is common but we're uncommon in that I don't even like telling myself what to tell me what to do so I can't set goals right because that's basically.

My Future Self telling me what to do and what not to do I'm like yeah so I had to be a system improving all my systems and that leads to success but I can't set goals because I even my future self is not going to tell me a whole video about how you were sorry it's so true and at first it drove Nisha insane because it doesn't make any.

Sense she's like what do you mean you don't set goals I'm like I never set goals nobody's going to tell me what to do he's telling you what to do I'm like Future Self they're not he's not the boss of me I don't have to do what he says and so if as soon as I set a goal I'm like I'm.

Right true story uh Russell keto seven months carnivore at least for the last three months pregnant threads have jumped from 56 to 121. still normal my HDL barely moved 55 to 56 my LDL went from 171 to 435 my cholesterol went from through 237 to 5 16. A1C is 5.1 yeah so it sounds like you might very well be a lean mass hyper.

Responder Russell if you don't know what that means you can Google that term uh or look up uh Dave fellman or Siobhan Huggins they and Nick norwitz on Twitter they've actually their there's ongoing research about this right now and it looks like someone like you who's triglycerides are still normal you're able to see these beautiful uh your HDL.

Is good you probably are at no increased risk because your total cholesterol and your LDL cholesterol went Sky High my total cholesterol is 350. my LDL is 250. so I'm I'm kind of in that same boat when I eat super low carb they go up the theory is is that probably that's a good thing that they went up we don't know that's why there's ongoing research but.

We do know that a lot of research done in the past about cholesterol was designed by and paid for and performed by employees of Pfizer and Merck and the other Statin manufacturers so you know just remember your Human Nature I got caught up and I'm thinking about it Brent.

Before but a proper Scara on me but put a proper scare on me said my cholesterol is high and it will get higher will cholesterol go up and is it a problem maybe and probably not I've got videos about cholesterol on this channel that you can watch and also check out Dave Feldman uh about a third of people when they go high fat keto ketovor carnivore.

Their cholesterol will actually go down about a third of people who stay the same and about a third of people it goes up and then about five percent of people their LDL cholesterol goes Sky High doesn't happen to everybody but you have to know which group you're in and and then you start looking into the research and ultimately you make a a personal.

Decision do I want to keep eating this way and do I want to take a cholesterol drug or not fully leg and swallow welcome back still the handsome cup s does the sugar used in the meat curing process undergo changes rendering it.

Less insulin producing great question so often they'll use sugar in the curing process but if you read the back of the label like you're going to do with any food you purchase at the market if it's less than one gram of total carbs for a decent sized serving then that's probably not going to affect your insulin in any meaningful way but.

If they're like oh a serving size is one half of a piece of bacon and it's less than one gram and that's obviously because you're going to eat six pieces right so you got to do the math but if it's three three strips less than one gram it's totally fine don't worry about it Melinda diagnosed with stage three.

Kidneys can you continue Carnival carnivore cut my oxfile ND and iron supplements so I've probably stop the iron supplement I would probably continue carnivore uh if if the oxybile supplement helps your symptoms it's fine to continue taking that the vitamin D you actually want to have a vitamin D 25.

Level somewhere between 50 and 100 that's where you want your vitamin D there's some research that shows that kidney function actually improves when your vitamin D stores are adequate uh there's nothing in meat that is harmful or bad or dangerous for your kidneys your kidneys love it when you eat meat and lots of it okay fatty red meat is a.

Health food for people with CKD Jeremiah wants to know is Butcher box a trustworthy source for Meats it's fine but we prefer you to look locally yeah for a source of good meat they depending on where you live there's got to be somewhere close to you that has some local beef or another one we'd like is what's it called good pasture wide open.

Yeah a butcher box get they get all their meat from New Zealand is that all of it all for as far as I know is that is that what you understand it's it's way the hell away from here okay it is a long boat ride to get that meat to you and so we decided to partner with white oak pastures who's in Georgia 100.

Regenerative 100 non-GMO no grain the the cows and sheeps different cuts too like a huge variety they've got bone marrow they've got organs they've got uh ground beef they've got uh sausage pork sausage with organs in it already yeah uh the your water pastures is the way there's a link down in the show notes if you want to.

Check it out but if you like can we go that's all from me from Billy Joe pretty much yeah so that's what we've been eating on yeah we've ordered from the before at our house they have this thing it's called is it lamb bacon oh yeah it's so expensive with.

Hollandaise sauce on top oh my gosh so that's I would prefer you found something locally or at least in the U.S in search for local ranchers near you I guarantee you within 100 miles of your house somebody is regeneratively Raising sheep goats cattle chickens pork it's it's right outside your back door you got to look for it right it's going to.

Be around the same price it's pretty pricey for the proportions yeah Sam says planned a seven day Fest in October on day six I was feeling fine but as a percussion I broke my past because my glucose was 50 was breaking my fast necessary if you felt perfectly fine then probably not Sam but I don't blame you for doing that because you're.

Like holy A 50. that sounds low right so probably not if the way you know if your blood sugar is dangerously low you have nausea you have cold sweats you feel lightheaded and dizzy that those are the signs of low blood sugar if you if you're like no I felt totally normal you could have probably continued but.

Now you live and you learn you can do your next one spelled mountains wrong I fixed it sorry I was in a hurry huh uh YouTube user doctors only test thyroid function in TSH and antibodies on routine checks twice a year in Japan nothing can be done until thyroid function shows abnormal thanks for your.

Videos for helping me a lot that's great thank you very much different countries have very different rules about when you can check labs and which ones you can check yeah just want to say thanks if it wasn't for y'all and your information he wouldn't be thriving God blessed.

Charles see sometimes nagging helps husbands sometimes we need you tonight right uh first timer just started omad can I drink between meals what can I drink between meals so water still water sparkling water unsweetened tea or black coffee are totally fine to drink when you're not eating morning Max says this Super Chat is just.

For Dr Barry being blunt real endocarditis in a hole in my tricuspic valve and it leaks I have a moderate link is PhD okay and cannot do anything for the leaking valve so you uh you're still a human being Ronnie so you still need to eat a proper human diet don't you you need all of the nutrition that's ancestrally appropriately found.

In a proper human diet uh if your valve is damaged enough your cardiologist or your cardiothoracic surgeon is going to want to replace that valve and you might need that uh follow up with your heart doctor get your echocardiogram and all the other testing and if they say you need it replaced it's it's not going to grow back okay valves don't work that.

Way but all the rest of you is going to benefit from eating the proper human diet uh Lindsay simplified says my OB said I would 100 be a type 2 diabetic after my pregnancy after I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes diabetes followed keto carnivore and three months after my pregnancy my A1C was normal and I'm no longer a diabetic thank you yeah.

Yeah so it my I used to say that exact same thing oh you had gestational diabetes so it's highly probable you're going to develop type 2 later in life and if you continue to eat the same shitty diet they gave you gestational diabetes you will become type 2 diabetic but you didn't do that you broke the frame you.

Said nope I'm going to start eating like a real human and now your diabetes is gone and let me just tell you this is an underserved Market there are hundreds of thousands of pregnant women out there who are developing gestational diabetes and they're they have no clue what to do and their doctors certainly have no clue what to tell them to do except put them.

On insulin or metformin or something and say here eat the Ada diet which is going to make it worse so this is a great opportunity for you to start reaching out to pregnant women saying hey you need to ignore all that and eat this instead speaking of pregnant women if you're just hopping on we are live from the Great Smoky Mountains at a.

Wonderful Retreat from uh Rebecca farmer put it together you can follow her on Instagram and YouTube we'll put her information she's gonna come on here and tell you a little bit about what we're doing in the Great Smoky Mountains I'm gonna scoot over and let her go sh she's pregnant that's why I said that.

I forgot it's not me foreign excellent so this is an excellent Retreat great people great food yes yes and you guys do this routinely yeah you like to hold these Retreats so all right do you have any Retreats coming up in the future that people could look for.

How can they find you and how can they sign up for this so we plan to do these indefinitely Every Spring and fall once I have the baby we'll see how it goes but we have a Spring retreat planned it's literally 10 days before we date so I'll be super pregnant um the special guest is going to be Dr Kilts and it's going to be in North.

Myrtle Beach 50 feet away from the ocean we'll have awesome food again Billy domes North Star bison and it's never going to be more than 30 people so very intimate it fills up quickly um but you can just email me for the info and we'll go from there all right do you want us to um they can find you on Instagram it's.

Taylor yes Taylor keto Health tailored keto Health that's it also what what diet did you eat before you got pregnant carnivore yes and I did not have a cycle for 16 years before that yeah when you were not eating when I was not eating actually I was Keto I got down to 69 pounds with a severe C.

Diff infection I was told I wouldn't live past 30 years old never get pregnant and then I cut out some foods that weren't even that bad anti-nutrients I gave my gut plants I gave my gut a chance to heal and seal and now I can eat other Foods I ate popcorn the other day with tons of butter on it and I'm okay I ate a sweet.

Potato and I'm okay um but I thrive on fat and meat it took you how many months of strict carnivore to heal that gut I would say well I got my period back at 104 pounds which was about one year one year of growing award should finally get your period back yeah and let me just tell you you can.

Tell when you when you look at her that she's healthy and her uterus agrees yes so we'll uh after this is over I'll put a link in the show notes to All of Rebecca's links so you guys can check her out and thanks so much for inviting.

Us thank you so much absolutely we love it and I'm Vlogging all this so if you want to see exactly what we're doing I know you can't say anything you can hear me uh if you want to see exactly how this Retreat is going on go subscribe to my channel all right go subscribe to my YouTube channel because I've been vlogging our.

Our time here and talking to Rebecca Moore and we're gonna do some stuff coming in the next few days so make sure if you're interested in this kind of thing and and why aren't you subscribed to my channel anyways I mean come on Tanya how do we find a doctor in our area that that knows all these things.

What to test for ETC any key words we should look for when we're looking for a new PCP yeah so I have a video on this channel called how to find a low-carb doctor near you and there are six or seven websites that you can put your ZIP code in and it'll tell you we're the closest keto low carb carnivore friendly doctor is more and more doctors are.

Jumping on board with the low carb way of eating and so watch that video put your ZIP code in and you'll find a doctor near you even if it's a two hour drive I promise it's worth it to have a doctor who understands the proper human diet it's not going to give you for eating it somebody said what's wrong.

we are in a person live audience and a computer lab yes I like this I wish we had a y'all all the time every Monday night you guys come to the farm uh carnivores in Neosho daughter's 19 and underweight misses her periods if she eats more than 50 carbs she will have brain bogs she's Moody and.

Sleepy in the last six months she's lost 30 pounds currently 105 she tries to eat her body weight in protein keto any ideas sound familiar yeah she needs to go 100 carnivore beef butter bacon fatty carnivore and stop all plants of any kind for at least at least 90 days at least 90 days what's it going to hurt yeah and so I mean already you know she.

She can't be comfortable with the things that are happening to her body 90 days of strict pure 100 carnivore no portion controlling no calorie counting eat until you're comfortable stuff once a day twice a day three times four times a day I don't care about any of that eat fatty meat and eggs with the yolk and give it 90 days and I think that she'll.

Be very pleasantly surprised with the outcome of that and then she'll know do I need to continue that which may is probably the answer is yes or can I Branch back out in trials and things or she can eat just the ocean that's exactly right yes Jammer uric acid levels jumped above eight and had multiple bouts of gout what do you think.

Is causing higher uh acid levels this is my first time with this um on allopurinol yeah so I've got a video about gout and what actually causes gout it's not meat it's not Seafood it's none of those things okay go watch my video about this and you'll understand very clearly and down in the show notes of that video I've got the research that I.

Based the video on so you can actually print that out and give it to your doctor and tell them to shut the hell up about eating meat in high purine foods because that has nothing to do with the Jammer somebody said turn the camera around well we don't use it I was going to I was going to do that but I thought there might be a way can I do it right.

Here no no there's no way to flip it or I would totally flip it so that you guys could see everybody yeah no sorry we're not making yeah they're really there at the end we'll have everybody crowd around behind us how about that oh well we should do that hey Bobby uh hemox lit 4.1 triglycerides.

101 hdl53 LDL cholesterol total cholesterol 248c peptide 2.8 BMP uh 8.3 did you mean BNP uh A1C 5.6 homocysteine 14 that's a lot of labs Bobby dang which is a 10 super chat fantastic DHA 47.5 ESR 12 ferritin 268 ggt 14 red blood cells 5.54 okay so yeah you didn't ask a question.

Bobby just just put your laugh are those labs okay so your triglycerides are great I don't care about your LDL and your total cholesterol or your c-peptide is great uh you're A1C is 5.6 that's normal okay your fasting insulin is 9.2 that's a touch high but that's still better than 90 of the US population uh your if your.

Question is are these okay am I doing fine am I about to die I think you're doing great keep doing what you're doing awesome oh y'all it is is it just me no well I think our adrenaline's up we always get hot Pottery for his wife wow I am thinking about donating blood I've been told that there may be some health.

Benefits if this is true what are they yeah so uh most women during the reproductive years donate blood once a month don't they yeah think about that and so women on average live longer than men and many researchers in this area think that's why hasn't been proven but that's that's one of the the stronger theories as to.

Why women live longer so there are many benefits to giving blood the main benefit comes from the people to the people who receive the blood that you give it's a very charitable thing to do it's a very thoughtful and loving thing to do but there are many benefits on your part a quick Google search Potiphar's wife uh.

Will help you understand all the benefits congratulations on winning the number one channel in the carnivore Community is that official either way hey Jay Bronx House of chill thank you uh losing the pain getting the gain with carnivore I have Hashimoto's but more R and Y back in 2016. I can only eat.

About 10 bites of meal so omad or tmad too mad isn't in the books for me well this hinder me any suggestions no well so what if it does hinder you what's your alternative they have they had the the gastro bypass row and Y right their stomach's about this big around now so 10 bites they're done they're full so they can never eat Omen there's no way.

They can ever get enough food even if you have to eat three four five six times a day try to keep it in a in a restricted window of eight hours and then fast for the other 16 that works very well for hundreds of people who've had row and Y that we talked to uh you may have to eat four or five six small meals a day and that's totally.

Fine you've got to get your nutrition that's what eating is for hey Kara thank you for the super effective Super Chat yeah happy now kachow tell we have a toddler oh by the way it was Beckett's birthday this past week he is three years old I know yes I am a big.

Boy now I can do it yes thank you William you do your job hey Raz says Hey can Anisha thanks for everything how can a keto diet affect C diff what do you recommend to help so C diff tell me if you guys knew this or not C diff is a wussy bacteria you've heard oh God see this terrible it'll kill you.

Right well it can if if your body is not healthy okay and so if you've taken multiple rounds of antibiotics and basically destroyed all the other bacteria in your gut CDF can take over and mess you up okay people do die from that but it's not because C diff is so aggressive and so strong and so deadly it's because.

They've hammered their gut with too many antibiotics or they've hammered their gut with too much inflammatory high carb food and that gives CDF a Toe Hold so it can take over in wreak havoc okay but if you're eating a proper human diet keto is perfect for this because what you're going to do is you're going to up.

Regulate all the good bacteria that are much stronger than C diff okay if I line up everybody in this room right now and I did a soul sample for C diff 70 to 80 percent of you guys you've got CDF right now but you feel perfectly fine and healthy because you've got those other stronger healthier bacteria that keep the C diff in check does that.

Make sense okay that's that's how the human body is supposed to work but if you if your doctor gives you seven rounds of antibiotics you carpet bombs your gut and so the C diff has an opportunity if you're eating a diet the same thing happens so eat keto lots of fat fatty meat heavy keto and you shouldn't have anything to.

Worry about all right Danette wants to know about Mighty Network so I'm not gonna We're not gonna get into this tonight but I'm just going to say this if you are in the patreon group already please watch the live stream tomorrow we're going to answer all your questions in there and starting on November 1st if you want to.

Join the mighty Network proper human diet Community it will be open I will have the link available you'll see it everywhere we're going to talk about it you won't miss it don't worry we're going to get you in there absolutely uh but let's not do questions about that tonight because then it's just gonna you know it's gonna be crazy so did we do.

Lee already nope all right Lee does it take longer to lower fasting insulin than A1C My fasting insulin is 14.7 and six months ago it was 16. A1C is 5.4 yeah so you're doing almost everything right Lee it does for most people take longer for the fasting insulin to return to normal uh if you're eating keto right now it may you may need to turn down.

Your carbohydrate intake knob just a little bit more or down to key divorce or maybe even carnivore and that's going to encourage that fasting insulin to come on down under 10. thank you Sharon Stephanie well well I hate your computer what happened.

Thanks Jerry Microsoft Amy no question just wanted to say thank you for very much all right have you said hi to Granny Berry tonight I have not granny Berry is watching from Alabama she lives with our parents down there and she's 92 years.

Old and she's not a carnivore she's a low carb diet after that round of diverticulitis that almost killed her because she was eating too much junk now she eats a very low carb diet and she's doing great at 92. if you guys wouldn't mind saying hi to Granny Berry and where you're watching from she also likes watching this number tick.

Up here I don't know which way it is she'll say Lord have mercy there's 3 000 people foreign Lord have mercy she's very concerned about what we do she was like I just don't understand every time we see Granny bear she's like now tell me again how you make a living.

Yeah yeah say hi pretty birds I love it how about that I hope y'all aren't wearing uh Sharon says I would like to go on an extended water only fast but I have issues with nausea and vomiting what can I do to prepare myself for the lengthy fast I mean do you have nauseating vomiting.

When you're doing a lengthy water fast is that what you mean Sharon she already has issues with nausea body she's afraid that this is going my guess is the nausea and vomiting are going to improve when you don't eat for a while when you let your gut rest uh and that that's probably one of the reasons you're thinking about doing this.

And so I would definitely do it if you're going to fast for longer than five to seven days you might want to touch base with your doctor just to make sure I don't think that's necessary but just out of an abundance of caution I typically recommend that thank you very much uh Jeremiah I've suffered with tinnitus since the shot.

Have you heard of anyone reversing it with low inflammatory keto carnivore we've had multiple people reporting that they're tinnitus is better their tinnitus is better when they eat very very low carb uh but all of us have some degree of tenses if you get anybody over the age of 40 in a quiet enough room they can hear a little tinnitus that's.

It's normal to have that it's like that essential tremor we've all got a tiny trimmer even if you can't see it uh it's not necessarily a sign of pathology or anything bad but if it is loud enough it can truly drive you crazy it's one of the few things people will commit suicide and there's no evidence to anyone else on the planet that they have.

That but it can be disastrously consequential and so yeah I would I would do 90 days of beef butter bacon and eggs and then you can make your decision based on how much better it is do you want to add back in some carbs or knots I went to nursing school in West Tennessee okay they said tinnitus tinnitus and it just.

Is in my head forever all right in my neuroanatomy class there was a professor from Mississippi State University and there's this there's a brain structure called the pulvener and he called it the povine and I would I was I've always been this way this is not a new development I would raise my hand and say I'm sorry Dr.

Whoever what was that structure again right there and all 175 people in the class have been like oh my God because they knew I just wanted to hear him say pull Vine or one more time not do up do a demon so like I they set me up for I mean what are you gonna do it's your instructor right yeah I thought they.

Were right okay Campbell says I just started carnivore three days ago can I eat fermented foods like kimchi so plants are not carnivore they're not on a carnivore diet if you'd like to eat uh keto or paleo then you definitely can have some kimchi but if what you're wanting to do is a carnivore challenge.

To see if it improves your health then don't eat anything but meat and eggs for 90 days there's a I understand the confusion because now there's like 75 different version of carnivore uh but kimchi is great for ketovor which is basically you eat mostly meat and you allow for foods that don't cause you any health issues.

Low inflammatory vegetables I love kimchi oh me too love it uh do you guys know the reason that our ancestors fermented foods for preservation but also it makes the food less inflammatory right and also it unlocks the nutrition that was locked up by the phytates and the lectins and the.

Oxalates that's they fermented it for multiple reasons and there are many foods that ancestrally they would not touch your grandmother would literally slap that out of your hands if it hadn't been properly fermented or properly cooked right A lot of people now that they're young and dumb they don't know they'll go buy a bag of navy beans and.

Cook them for 30 minutes and your your grandmother would literally slap the beans out of your mouth if she saw you doing that because she knows you've got to cook navy beans for three four days until they're mush before you've broken down the anti-nutrients enough that you're going to get any nutrition at all from them.

Also you want real kimchi because there's a lot these days so I mean turn it around make sure that it's not got a bunch of junkets yeah if it doesn't pop almost blow the lid off when you open it it's probably not active kimchi escamillo says carnivore for eight months PSA plummeted omad except when in three day or five day fast how frequent.

Should I do three day or five day fast as often as you want or never again it's totally up to you as chameleon uh if you want to do a three-day fast once once a week that's totally fine if you want to do a three day fast once a month that's totally fine as well it depends on your your goals how much fat you've got still left in metabolism to.

Metabolize and many other things as well so it's a very personal decision Jeff says the Super Chat is in honor of the late Dr Sarah halberg who I promise to pay it forward which I Do by spreading her message and your message thank you Dr Mary yes if you haven't watched Dr Sarah hallberg's um Ted Talk you need to watch that and.

She has many other video lectures still on YouTube and she's in heaven now because she's helped a lot of people Ron diabetic for 25 years when doing intermittent fasting I don't up in the night gotcha so low blood sugar I'm guessing well this hurt nerves and what if the body isn't Burning It Off on.

Me so Ron Ron right as you continue to lower the carbohydrates you're going to keep lowering the insulin as well probably it's time to lower the insulin another notch that's why you're getting hypoglycemic in the middle of the night also remember that just because your blood sugar is under 70 that doesn't necessarily mean you're hypoglycemic.

Unless you're having symptoms so keep lowering the carbs keep lowering the insulin and keep the metformin on board until your A1C is 5.6 or less but you're moving in the right direction what's going to damage your nerves is when your blood sugar is high that's what damages nerves if your blood.

Sugar goes low you might pass out it's definitely not something you want but that's not what's damaging your nerves the high blood sugar is what's destroying your nerves no but Angel says the live audience right now this I'm gonna get spoiled to this.

Way this is so nice to have people reinforcing like thank you all for laughing at our jokes uh JT says hello I'm 41 carnivore for about two years full collected me at age 19 so I don't have a colon still having issues with fatigue and diarrhea anything specific that would help other than copious electrolyte so nutrient.

Dense food all the way JT your gastrointestinal system has been permanently mutilated okay now the colon really the majority of its job is just to suck water from the waste before you expel it okay um so it doesn't do a lot for us but it still does some stuff there's no doubt your fatigue may not be from you not.

Having a colon it could be just from your your depletion that you had from years of a bad diet I would keep doing carnivore 100 percent full bore I would definitely include some organ meat if you're not already that might be the key that that gets rid of the fatigue uh you're always going to have diarrhea JT you don't have a colon just what did I.

Say is primary goal is to suck the water out and so you're you have a a j pouch and so you're always going to have loose stools you're never going to have normal stool again I've had several questions asking about what should you eat when you're nauseous but you're and pregnant on Carnivore do you want to do a live tomorrow and do.

Some q a yeah okay so me and Rebecca who is currently 10 weeks pregnant we can talk about that on my channel tomorrow so if you're not subscribed to mine just type in my name Misha good job anybody know none of these have have kids there you'll know before long yeah.

Uh Triple B and E protocol after that triple B and E stands for beef butter bacon and eggs did you guys like the song the intro song at the beginning did you guys will hear it I thought I posted it American Girl I'm in my 40s peterborg and found out I'm expecting I'll do that.

You know you know you done I'm taking baby and me prenatals is it okay to take um vitamin D C magnesium and zinc how much also can I take to sheratin and NAC thanks yeah you can take all that stuff none of those are going to give you any problem just take.

The recommended dosage you can either look that up but most of the most of the supplements you buy are they're going to be in that that milligram strength I would say that yeah not folic acid 400 micrograms the square system is probably a waste of money the NAC is probably a waste of money uh the vitamin C is probably a.

Waste of money but the vitamin D and magnesium and zinc yeah definitely yeah or eat foods rich in those and I have videos on this channel but you're pregnant so it's not guaranteed you're going to right iodine also I took item 100 you need your iodine every day thank you Denise carnivore six months thanks to you too.

All four meds no more insulin feeling much better thank you for caring and sharing thanks for the encouragement you give everyone this is awesome what if we did that's not a great idea oh what if we had like a TV show you know how they have a setup.

Audience like when people show for that yeah you know like Regis and yeah wow it's not either one of those people oh okay Rin says then carnivore mostly omad for over 10 months I've lost 112 pounds in that time still get very tired after.

Eating no matter how much or how little I eat any advice so it's very common for carnivores in the Wilds what do they do after they eat their fill a meat they take a nap now taking a nap after or having a little bit of fatigue after heat is not the same thing as sugar comb remember that Rin back when you would eat too.

Many Lucky Charms for lunch and then you would take that two-hour nap that's a different thing but it's pretty It's Perfectly Natural because you divert a lot of blood supply to your gastrointestinal system to digest that food so It's Perfectly Natural to get a little bit drowsy a little bit fatigued after you eat you know who sleeps after.

They eat meat lions they go hunt they eat and then lie around then they take them down Bonnie Blue is having a real problem in there she is actually I'm fixing to have to get in there Amy I would say from 11 to 6.4 so far thank you Amazing Amy keep it up you're in the right direction good.

Job thank you thank you Jay Rock Jay Rock House of chill uh JC carb cycling carnivore carnivore MD says to hold on to electrolytes yeah so uh there's not a shredder research anywhere on the planet that's that shows that carb cycling helps anyone man woman uh Beast no one uh there's no reason to carb cycle our.

Ancestors never carb cycle you ate what was brought home from the hunt or you fasted AKA star well they carb cycled when they ran upon some things we need to go find those carbs yeah but it's been it's been a few days you need to get in the Flintstone mobile and run down to Chick-fil-A give me some fries.

If you want to hear that doctor in this doctor talk they will be on a podcast together on uh the other doctor's Channel I can't remember it's his podcast I think yeah yeah me and Paul saladino were going to do a podcast today he hasn't changed his handle yet about such questions.

Coming up on his channel November 1st is when they're recording it I don't know if it's live I don't know I don't know I don't know just for y'all he may not ever post it I don't know yeah laughs I was saying Sharon and Lee 0.6 my doctor said I could get I could.

Not get below seven and now my new goal is 5.5 teacher Dr Stanley teach your doctor that's right Robin what's in your farm videos going together I know I know I know I've got multiple ideas time has been a little tight lately as soon as we get sorted and get back home for a stretch I'm gonna make some new OB Farms video for.

Those of you who don't know I we have a ob Farms Channel where we talk about the sheep and the chickens and the trees and all the stuff on the farm but I haven't put up any new content lately I haven't had any help either no get out of the baby recently oh see there's always some excuse and there's always gonna be.

New farm videos coming I apologize Keith wants to know you know check the carbs and does it cause inflammation yeah so people are going to be super sensitive to hot sauces not because they're of the carb count because they're made from inflammatory that's the two potential problems what's the carb count and does.

It cause inflammation in your gut or your body but they're delicious we love hot sauce but uh I think there's several people that probably aren't able to thank you Jay Rock like hey man fan of the day I think he said it's like Danny G hey Doug hey Doug Kathy we're about to run out of time here Jeff I got that one.

We're almost caught up Ron correction on my High oh I got you okay gotcha so so it's not time to lower the insulin then yet rolling keep keep your current insulin dosage keep cutting the carbs and then at some point it'll be time to cut the insulin so hello from Down Under thank you so.

Much for your content I've managed to drop from 25 um millimeters to 5.56 I think that's her blood sugar that's her blood sugar okay yeah so she went from 25 down to 5.5 which is a huge reduction that's amazing huge huge congratulations uh Neo life keto Sherry spent 18 hours in a car last weekend.

Thanks for the company I had fun I hope you did uh Jeremiah do you need Oregon meat to get enough nutrition on Carnivore if so our respite organ supplements and acceptable so alternative when I first started talking about keto I thought 100 you got to have some organs yeah nisha's like that's I.

Guarantee you don't and then the more I researched this the more I found people who've been carnivore for 10 15 20 25 30 years and they eat nothing but fatty muscle meat they never eat organs ever and some of them don't even eat eggs or seafood they literally just eat ribeye or ground beef and then nothing else and they are.

Of the chart healthy they look amazing their labs are perfect and so I stand corrected evidently at least a portion of the human population can just eat ribeye and ground beef and nothing else ever will be perfectly healthy liver isn't a super food exactly I still believe liver is a superfood and I believe many people benefit from eating.

It right and I think that their the organs are well they were the most economic people are yeah I know right oh I hate heart do you eat a heart handcrafted liver pate eight dollars an ounce yeah yeah but I still think organs there's no question they are the.

Ultimate superfood and now the the supplements just grow up and learn to eat your liver don't don't waste it they can't liver mousse or liver pate make your own it takes a minute but it makes like a ton yeah on Misha's Channel she's got a chicken nugget recipe that's carnivore you can do chicken livers with the chicken nugget deep fried in bacon.

Grease pork Panko and parmesan cheese oh that's so good so good they're good to remove carbs from a human diet and help with Cravings certain triple being e and I want to prepare correctly so some for some people the carb withdrawal is not a big deal for other people it's a huge deal who who had severe I know you did anybody else severe carb.

Withdrawals and who didn't really have a problem at all with it see it's just it's that normal distribution curve some of us have a big problem some of us don't have a problem so all you can do is just set your goal I'm going to do 90 days 60 days whatever and stick to it and then if you do fail and you eat the carbs then you can really raise your.

Hand and say I'm a carboholic I'm a carbatic I have a problem and then you can forgive yourself and then you can set an adult body blow biscuit butter triggered by that name girlfriend has untreated HEPA thigh no Hashimoto's no antibodies in her blood work been keto for one year thoughts on why she has really low blood.

Pressure 90 over 16. uh normal weight and no symptoms so a blood pressure of 90 over 60 if you don't have any symptoms of low blood pressure is I perfect that's awesome congratulations okay that's what hers runs all the time mine's never that low unless I'm in danger of passing out okay but that's a great blood pressure that's not a sign.

Of disease in any way uh Elizabeth what about benazodi's way of doing keto flexing I love benazadi um and I don't uh I think if you want a keto Flex it's totally fine for you to do that when I think that all I think keto keto Flex okay my child is mad at me yeah that's the hour thanks so much for joining us feel free to share this.

Video if you think that it would help somebody you know and love to live a healthier life we're gonna flip around foreign thanks for joining us we'll see you next Monday night thanks for hanging out with us guys it was fun.

All right see you later
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