Proper Human Diet Q&A with Dr Berry & Neisha (and Bonnie!)

Proper Human Diet Q&A with Dr Berry & Neisha (and Bonnie!)

Proper Human Diet Q&A with Dr Berry & Neisha (and Bonnie!)

Check out the video on Proper Human Diet Q&A with Dr Berry & Neisha (and Bonnie!).
Are we live i don't know are we live yeah hi hi i'm dr ken berry this is my lovely wife nisha solis hyphen barry marian this is the next edition of monday night live baby live we're live right now wherever you're at in the world we're there with you right there.

And we're happy to be so how are you doing pregnant still praying man can i just take a moment and appreciate the radiant beauty of this pregnant woman look at this woman feels like crap looks like heaven.

I don't know how she does it welcome guys welcome don't forget to remind uncle lester you know he always forgets he wants to watch us alive and he forgets send him a text message or a direct message email call him on the phone say uncle lester they're live get on youtube get on the youtube.

Machine uncle lester uncle lester yeah do you know anybody i used to know a guy named lester but he was not my uncle but i'm sure that he was somebody's uncle maybe nature's glowing yes thanks yes hey don hey neighbor in gallatin tennessee where are you guys.

Watching it where are you at in the world what city what state florida what country where are you at hey kentucky new orleans montana montana australia memphis i totally agree i don't know how she pulls that off hey ashley hey ashley thank you very much for the.

Super chat we love you too wow how about new people we got any newbies in here never watched it live before is this your first live typing you in the comments if the first time you've ever caught us live we want to welcome you we've got three moderators.

Their name is in blue and there's a little blue wrench by their name they're looking for beginner questions that we have paola we have i feel like i'm mispronouncing her name you are paulo paula sorry paolo mitzi mitzi and kevin phd mentor they're watching for for beginner questions and they'll answer you in the comments also.

If you say anything inappropriate they will block you so out of here keep it cordial keep it polite keep it diplomatic no spamming don't spam no politics none of that we're talking about common sense things tonight unless it comes with food because sometimes this evening.

We will speak of nutritious things nutritious things yes oh sherry says i've got my tickets for the september event yes sherry can't wait to see you you wanna go ahead and tell them about the events yeah so the we did a virtual summit in 2020 when everybody was locked up and it was great it was fun but we like seeing people in.

Person uh so we were putting on a in-person event in nashville tennessee september 17th and you can get tickets to that right now if you go to phd virtual summit dot com link in the description there are a few vip tickets left not many um the vip ticket gets you um extra time with dr barry and i sit down.

Dinner with him and me as long as bonnie's not acting like a nutcase a dinner full of meat um a catered dinner that i am personally seeing too that will be specifically ketobor clean ingredients no must no fuss no products just real food that is delicious it's me um there will be some sides though for those of you who still enjoy.

Um you know vegetables okay keto friendly and the so the links in the show notes below and it's called the phd nashville summit i think so titled it but there's a second event down in the show notes that we're going to be uh present at and speaking at misha may or may not speak depending because that's pretty close to baby bonnie getting here.

It's in dixon tennessee so if you're anywhere in the kentucky alabama mississippi middle tennessee area in dixon tennessee there's a link in the show notes that is august the 21st first i think yeah uh but all the information is on the link and so if you if you can come to dixon if you can come to nashville we would.

Love to shake your hand and take an essie with you you rushed into that i'm not done talking about them let's go back to the phd for those of you who either can't get away or it's outside of your budget to make the trip to nashville there will be a virtual summit.

And it will be free so all you have to do is log on to youtube and we'll be streaming it similar to how ketochow did their summit online you just go to the the channel and you can watch it uh and that is sponsored by keto chat what are you doing who's ready for a poodle update here's our little baby.

This is lily the poodle she's a standard poodle she's not a doodle she's not a doodle of any type and she is perfect in every way she's already not peeing and pooping in the house she hasn't even had an accident in the last two days she's done.

So good so she is the new addition now a lot of people are like a new baby and a new puppy you're crazy listen the last time i was pregnant it was way more crazy than this this is a cakewalk she just ate some meat i can smell it on.

Her breast oh did she yeah did you eat your meat did you she will have a problem yes she will have a proper puppy diet of meat and eggs uh her treats right now are liver freeze dried liver and she loves them would you like one yeah it's good good okay go take a nap.

You want to hear more about lily i did just put a video up on my channel uh so if you just look up nisha you can find my channel and a live update on what's been going on in the very household in the last few weeks it's a lot my boobs are swollen i don't know i can't keep my shirt together really honey.

She got these long waves and she gets them tangled up she has trouble with chords let's see super chats ashley thank you very much we're so glad uh to see you on the live tonight she said nisha is a stunner i totally agree abigail hey guys can epstein bar infection trigger hashimoto's thanks.

Almost assuredly i don't think this has ever been proven in the medical literature but 100 of course any any insult to your system if you're already precariously balanced on the cliff epstein barr or any of the other viral infections could be just enough to push you over the edge into the hashimoto's.

Valley good analogy would you like that i love it lisa hey lisa welcome thank you so much uh welcome to all the newbies there was a lot of new people welcome guys watch out for the moderators they will help you on your journey you got you got that one um yes okay love peace joy hey.

She says help i'm doing carnivore mostly lion that means mostly ruminants meat my hair is very long and it's breaking off and falling out it's very severe yeah so you're losing lots of weight love peace joy i know that because you're you're losing all this hair i actually have a hair loss video on this youtube channel that explains.

Why you're losing that hair and what you can do what you can expect in the near future with as far as hair regrowth and things that you can do to help ensure that you wind up with the most radiant luxurious head of hair that you that that has been your wildest dream i know i'm pregnant but it looked like this before yeah it did and now.

After nasha has this baby what will happen it'll fall out she'll have a lot of hair loss and that's nothing to freak out about that's normal after losing a ton of weight or after having a baby yes definitely we're going to do a bump update later at the half hour you guys want to see.

Baby bonnie's bump up date hang around hang around hey ted thank you yes teresa hit the thumbs up people thanks for the super chat ted thank you lisa if you guys have a pressing question that you want to be bumped to the top you attach it to a super chat and it bumps it to the top it's not necessary.

Not mandatory but you can do it if you like uh john anyone have any advice uh to oh i don't know that was to the group sorry um sawa what if you're sticking to the carnival rules but start feeling depressed like some symptoms so why you're.

Probably not eating enough food stop portion controlling stop saying well mom always said i should only have a this size portion no eat until you're comfortably stuck salt your food to taste some of us will actually absolutely get down in the dumps perhaps not clinically depressed but kind of.

Blah if we don't add enough salt to our diet eat plenty of salt get your magnesium your potassium get all your minerals all those things are very important for your mood and fat is also very important your brain is made of fat especially if you're prone to anxiety depression those type of.

Things fat is super important a lot of people get very scared of fat don't be as long as you're eating fat that's attached to meat uh fatty rib eyes fatty brisket fatty ribs those type of things adding some butter in here cooking in animal fat that's good just you know absolutely.

Eating a stick of butter to hit a macro yup not the same thing yep okay if any of you guys started keto keto or carnivore and you lost a ton of weight but you also lost a lot of hair but now it's regrown now and your hair is actually better now than it was before please tell your story in the comments so that uh our previous questioner and.

Other people who are worried about hair loss can understand what actually happens in the long term please make sure you share this video it makes us super super happy it also makes youtube very happy and pushes us out to more people so right now there's 2 000 people on here which is really really good but you know be cooler three or four wow we.

Haven't had had four in a long time yeah but share this on your favorite social media so that the people you care most about will have access to this information now if there's certain social medias that you know you you don't like don't share it there that's fine marnie hey girl hey can you talk about.

Insulin resistance and pre-diabetes are they the same thing they're not the same thing but they're effectively caused by the same thing i've got several videos on this channel about pre-diabetes and about insulin resistance really insulin resistance boils down to be hyperinsulinemia and the reason your insulin is high is.

Because you're currently eating too many carbohydrates which will also make you pre-diabetic and so when you reverse the thing that's causing your pre-diabetes you're also going to reverse your hyperinsulinemia by definition all right um salty writer said i had a bag of cheetos today and i'm feeling so.

Guilty salty right it happened it happens don't feel guilty just leave it behind and get right back on the wagon yep we don't wait to get back on it tomorrow don't wait till your next meal don't wait till monday just pretend that didn't happen and go.

Right back to it okay there's no special thing you got to do just just get right back to it yeah cause if you beat yourself up you feel guilty for three days and then you're like well screw it i'm just gonna do whatever for two weeks you let the cheetos beat you you let cheetos win but if you just.

Forget it like no that's it i don't even care it's like kissing that old boyfriend that you broke up with years ago you saw him at the bar nobody was around you gave him a kiss and you're like idiot what is wrong with me when you get home.

Yes do you confess that to everybody and tell your mom no you forget that and that's what you need to do if you ate that bag that you don't you forget it you act like it never happens those cheetos you ghost the cheetos you block cheetos on all your social media and block her cheetos text number and forget it act like it never happens yep and get.

Back on the block cheetos at the grocery store you're like i don't even know you i don't know you who who are you that's it that is a great analogy good job kimber says i just had bilateral epidurals between l4 and l5 on friday is there anything i can do to counteract the effects on blood sugar and a1c kimber.

You can eat as low carb as you possibly can i would recommend for the next two weeks you eat nothing but beef butter bacon and eggs with sugar-free carbohydrate-free condiments only that way your blood sugar is not going to have the crazy high spikes that it would have if you're including carbohydrates in your diet after two weeks most of the.

Uh the methylprednisolone or whichever steroid they used is is gone and you can start to reintroduce some keto friendly carbs if you even want to you might find that you didn't miss them and you don't even want them anymore madison hey madison thanks olive oil is a decent fat it's a.

Thousand times better than canola oil or soybean oil corn oil peanut oil sunflower safflower oil but i don't think it's as good as beef tallow or bacon grease or butter or sheep's tallow or goose grease goose butter goose fat yes or duck butter there's a joke about that never mind.

Never mind no we won't go let's move on then daddy bear used to say something about that but i can't remember what it was so i'll leave leave that alone uh madison says blood sugar abnormalities on carnivore when healing ci i don't know so many people if they're metabolically unwell.

When they adopt a meat heavy keto or a keto or a carnivore diet they'll notice that their morning blood sugars are higher than they expected them to be and there's a perfect physiological reason for that there's nothing to worry about what you're going to do to ensure that your blood sugars are lower is you're going.

To check your hemoglobin a1c every three months and you're going to see it steadily coming down don't put too much faith in what your first morning blood sugar is or a fasting blood sugar after you've been fasting overnight or for longer it's going to be a little high that's.

Okay nisha's wearing a continuous glucose she needs to call the er her blood and that just means it's under 70. right you know when it's set or under 60. i think it's under 70. under 40. well i'll tell you which way that can be well my the last reading i had was show.

Them your reading so she had a 64 54 63 and 53 and so yeah that she's just hanging out there she's having to wear this because she refused to do the glucose tolerance test and drink 75 grams of demon sugar here's mine from yesterday 44. yeah she does that don't worry she's fine there's the day before i had a few 70s.

That day i'm very proud of those blood sugars very perfect no check your blood sugar immediately music anthropology went from an a1c of 14 which is terrible and then after three months of keto with 7.3 beautiful well done how many of you guys.

Have used keto kettlebell carnivore to lower your a1c from a stupid high number down to a much much better number put it tell your story in the comments so that people who are new to this are like you can't lower your a1c that much show them in the comments what your a1c did on a proper human diet yeah just to be clear.

Obviously i'm not showing symptoms of hypoglycemia uh a glucose monitor like this checks interstitial fluid not blood uh glucose serum so if i check my blood serum it would probably be closer to 60 or something yeah um so this can be off significantly if you were a true diabetic and it said that you would need to go check your blood sugar definitely.

If you were a type one really you had symptoms and stuff like that obviously i don't have symptoms and i'm not diabetic yeah you're fairly coherent they seem okay you seem fine look at this fourteen nine down to nine four eight two to five seven six four to five two look at this guys look in the comments.

If you don't believe what i'm saying if you're like that's impossible here's an eleven point six down to five point two paula way to go i love seeing that she's so awesome six three to five two that's virgo lady in in six months six months she completely reversed her type 2 diabetes and you can do that too 13 to 6 in three.

Months that's really good eight to five nine in three months beautiful really good yep you're doing great roxy's is 4.9 this is what i'm telling you guys this is not a theory or a hypothesis here's hundreds and hundreds of people telling you this happened to me.

I love it um danette says is there ever a good reason for a 28 year old to have her gallbladder removed thanks for all that you do there's three reasons a 28 year old human should have their gallbladder removed number one they've been in a car wreck and ruptured their gallbladder number two their gallbladder is infected it's called cholangitis.

Number three they have a stuck in the cystic duct and it cannot pass and they're in danger of becoming ischemic if you don't have one of those three reasons then you do not i repeat you do not need to have your gallbladder removed tell the surgeon to shut up that you'll be back if you need them.

Keep your gallbladder it's important you need that dawn says hi i started carnivore three weeks ago found out i was pregnant congratulations week ago a week ago i don't wish to stop do i need to take prenatal vitamins out of an abundance of caution we would say yeah take your prenatal vitamins you.

Probably don't need them but just take them it's not going to hurt you yeah do i take them i do take other things yes just not a prenatal vitamin yeah i'm gonna take folate folate yep nichia you take folate what are the vitamins vitamins d3 k2 iodine.

And then every day electrolytes and minerals daily minerals from keto chow there's a link below it tastes super salty some people say it tastes bad i don't think it tastes bad but if you're if you want to get all your minerals in a very easy serving every day it's in the show notes um.

Rebecca i just found out my crp is 12.8 is this really high that's too high yeah there's some inflammation or infection somewhere in your body causing that to go up so uh keep researching keep searching keep improving your overall metabolic health and it should come back down to normal or you and your doctor as a team.

Will find the calls and fix it cynthia says do eggs count as fat in a carnivore diet eggs count as fat and protein if you're eating in a hot egg whatever is in that counts so including the carbs that's right a whole egg is three to one protein to fat just the egg yolk is one to one fats protein a lot of people think that the.

Yolk is all fat that's not true it's one to one and that's why many times if i'm going to eat six or eight eggs i'll give three or four of the whites to the dog and i'll eat a predominance of yolks so that i bump my fat macro up even more lots of tricks you can do did she go to her bed i don't see her you don't see her ryan first off love.

You guys love you too i've become quite confused now that another carnivore dog is eating a large amount of fruit and honey and i would just like to know your thoughts yeah so fruits and honey if you're eating more than 20 total grams of carbohydrates a day in fruits or honey that's not keto that's paleo right and on a paleo diet.

You can eat two or three hundred grams of carbohydrates in the form of fruits and honey and melon and vegetables and quinoa but i don't recommend that especially if you're overweight obese really obese if you're pre-diabetic type 2 diabetic if you have fatty liver if you have hypertension you don't need to be doing.

That the fructose in that is going to cause problems you're trying to conceive if you have picos you have endometriosis if you have hypothy if you have hashimoto's any autoimmune disease like i would stick to just carnivore or meat based which doesn't include fruit yep hey granny barry's watching look granny can.

You see the construction in the background yeah you want to see more of that go to my channel they're working on your room nisha just posted a new video she does a little update on that uh granny berry she's 92. i can't get that wrong she's watching from my parents house in alabama everybody tell granny berry high.

And where you're where you're watching from she loves it when she gets high granny berries from far away um hey kim welcome back suggested to my doc that i get a calcium score test so we can stop having a discussion about statins and guess what my score was a big fat zero now now kim is going to go back and tell.

Her doctor doctor according to the american heart association if i have a cac score of zero even in the face of high ldl cholesterol i still don't have to take a statin right doctor and make your doctor kim make you make your doctor look you in your eyes and.

Say no kim no kim you don't need a statin i'm sorry uh she says love you guys and kelly hogan for suggesting this test congratulations everybody give kim thumbs up for him and heart and smelly face all those good things in the comments because well done good for her.

Well done have you already talked to you tell it what what are you talking about in your video that you posted today i talk about the construction i give a construction update baby update breastfeeding um i'm gonna breastfeed how i'm gonna deliver this baby uh more lily if you wanna see more puppy.

More puppy um drama updates if you're into that narls kim asks for a coronary artery calcium score a cac score that's what she asked for it's like a cat scan it's very quick it takes like three minutes there's very little radiation involved and it.

Actually looks for calcium buildup in your heart arteries and you most cities you don't even need a doctor's order so if your doctor says i'm not ordering that i wouldn't even know what to do in it it looks like this then you just say okay doc i'll go to the diagnostic imaging center and they'll do it without.

Your order and maybe i'll look for a new doctor while i'm there john says i'm an ex-drinker i discovered that phd keto gets rid of alcohol cravings if i have too many carbs for too long all i can think about is booze with phd keto no problems huge help.

Thank you do others find the same thing yeah we hear this about quitting smoking quitting alcohol quitting other drugs that are being abused yes yeah keto ketovor carnivore does not make it easy to break an addiction a chemical substance addiction but it does make it less difficult we hear that all.

The time we don't talk about it much because there's not a lot of research showing that yet but i predict in the next 10 years there will be copious amounts of low carb research showing hey it's easier to break addictions if you're eating a proper human diet it just stands to reason doesn't it if.

You're giving your brain all of the healthy nutrients it needs then it can make better choices and it can say no a little bit less hard less difficult to say no mongol says migraines are now every 10 days instead of every day 75 days into beef butter bacon and eggs with coffee.

I still have some bad dandruff and a rash do i just need to give it more time yep yep just keep doing what you're doing uh the fact that your migraine headaches are 90 percent less frequent coming from from a previous migraneur i used to have some doozies even when we first met when we were first dating i was paleo and about.

Once a month i would have i'd have to go home go to bed i was done i couldn't stay at the clinic or i would throw up and now i have maybe once a year i have a tiny migraine i can take one ibuprofen a slug of caffeine and i don't even lay down i just act like it didn't happen not really i wouldn't even say it's migraine well i get the aura that's the.

Only reason but as far as the severe headache the nausea the bombing none of that happens anymore to me and if you have migraine headaches watch my youtube videos about that because that's that's hugely liberating when you don't have to make sure you've got your max.

Salt in your purse or you've got your immatrix over here in your pocket all the time you just live your life and don't worry about migraine headaches hey debbie wants to know phd took my triglycerides from 158 down to 85 ast down from 42 to 20 in alt from 59 down to 18. i think i'm healing thank you so much for your help good job miss debbie.

You know what miss debbie i think you're right i think you're healing and i hope that you're teaching your doctor and your nurse maybe your dietitian about this proper human diet and the power it has to heal your metabolic health that's pretty awesome uh.

Right yes can i cure hypothyroidism with iodine supplements and no longer need to take a prescription i am a vegetarian 10 years and was recently diagnosed with the lowest dose of hypothyroidism prescription maybe as you convert to a proper human diet since you're on the lowest dose you may be.

Able to come off but i'm afraid that if you continue the vegetarian way you're probably always going to need a low and increasing dose of thyroid hormone how much protein you're getting like if you're including don't touch my screen don't touch me is that a touch screen you know protein from eggs and you're.

Including that in your vegetarian diet you know and maybe increase your protein from those type of yes eggs and shellfish please please eggs and shellfish if you're going to be a vegetarian please um yes nora what about herbal supplements while doing keto guess what nora.

You no longer have to waste any of your money on herbal supplements if you're eating a proper human diet you just get to eat food until you're full you're going to get all the nutrition you need all the amino acids the fatty acids the vitamins and the minerals congratulations you can spend your money on better quality meat now you're.

Welcome um denise wants to know what is a phd diet phd is a proper human diet it's very important that you understand what that is i've got a video on this channel about the proper human diet there's 13 principles that constitute a proper human diet you have a video on that yeah i got a full video on that.

And i'm working on a book about that oh hey look at that it'll be a while phillip says looking forward to seeing you at tampa conference in august or in orlando that's close to tampa is there one in tampa the one you're going to is in orlando unless you signed up for one that you.

Didn't tell me about i don't think i did that i don't think i did that okay good to the best of my recollection there's one in orlando i don't know about tampa mark are there any good marinades for meat that you think are good or should we avoid them yeah salt and pepper and vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar yeah yeah um i've also used what did we use it's oh my god pregnancy brain i don't know oh primal kitchen marinade yes well they're dressings yeah you can use any.

Of their dressings like the italian ingredients yeah so if you're trying to do something you're just like i'm bored i'm gonna marinate like those are fairly safe to you mary says how do i share this down at the bottom of the screen mary over on your right hand side there should be a little button that says share and you click on that and then.

It'll pop up all your different social medias and then you pick the one you want to share it to and then you just shared it with all your peeps um yeah homemade is always better because you know exactly what's in it you can trust it jennifer wants to know what do you think about hydrogen water.

I think all water has hydrogen in it there's a water bottle that um a company came out with what was that three or four years ago yeah that how would hydrogenate your water like you push a button like a hundred dollars yeah all that's a complete note of wasted money as is a high ph of water so.

Like you know all the ph waters that's a complete load of bunk i've got a video on this channel debunking that along with the research and the physiology behind why i debunked that don't ever waste your money on any of that kind of foolishness that's that's just trickery do invest in a good filter a filtration system for your drinking water home we.

Have a reverse osmosis a berkey it's really good something like that yes that's worth it uh but something that comes in a bottle that's seven dollars a pop is probably not edward says he only drinks dihydrogen oxide water don't we all yeah but that's really cool to say that way.

I'm gonna start saying marcus uses redmond's season salt as a marinade yeah yeah i totally agree you can mix it with some apple cider vinegar and then marinate the meat in that that sounds like a video you need to make my deer itchy feet and she feet that's her handle yeah triple b e for a month this week i have.

Bowel distress not diarrhea or constipation but some cramping and exploding every half hour with a lot of gas will this pass by the way i don't have diabetes um or a gold one yeah and the the lack of a gallbladder you probably converted to carnivore very overnight and you need to give your gallbladder.

Another week or two to adjust your lack of a gallbladder so you're going to give your hepatic ducts time to dilate and take on a storage capacity this will stop this will go away keep eating your meat david gp wanted shoulder replacement in 2019 said my x-ray was bone on bone.

I refused even with limited movement i've been keto since february now i have full movement but it does still click sometimes i have no pain my gp is still pushing whatever so if you have no pain in a joint in this situation then you should never have joint surgery i don't care if they tell you it's bone on bone i don't care.

If it clicks pop snaps if it's not causing you enough pain to limit your activities of daily living tell the surgeon to go play golf because you're not going to be making his or her mercedes payment this month because you're not having surgery on a joint that does not hurt how many of you guys were bone on bone.

In your knee your shoulder your ankle your hip and you went keto keto for carnivore and you're still bone on bone but you have literally no joint pain at all now please tell your story in the comments people people are suffering out there and they think surgery is the only answer it's not gracie says can i start this way of.

Eating while breastfeeding yes however i will say not because it's dangerous or it's going to do anything bad to the baby but because when you change your way of eating it can be stressful on your body and stressful on you mentally to try to restrict yourself just do it slowly yes so instead of going straight from.

Standard american diet to not eating any carbs and going to carnivore or something like that just turn the carb dog down a little bit at a time over several weeks until you get to where you are under 50 total grams of carbs or under 20 whatever you're comfortable with do it slowly and that's just.

To not stress your body out that's right it is completely fine yes to do keto it's optimal if you're not going to do anything bad to your breast milk it's going to be awesome your baby will thank you and your body will thank you and yeah just and if you have any questions you can come over to my.

Channel i do lives over there too and we talk about that because i did breastfeed and we'll be breastfeeding again while doing keto in 40 days barbara tried the the redmond's hickory smoke sauce you want to say a few words about that y'all.

I just can't get enough i just can't get enough i just eat it in my hands both of us grew up as young children with grandparents who had wood heat in their house and this smoke this this smoked salt smells like my great-grandmother's house and when i smell this smoke it just makes me want to eat meat it is the.

Most divine smelling salt i've ever smelled in my life and it's delicious so good it smells amazing so good i don't know it just takes a little too y'all it doesn't take a lot um and before you could just get it in big pouches now it comes in a shaker which is way more convenient i think our.

Discount code is in the description yeah uh for the ribbons yeah and you can use that link to and then go search for the smoke salt my discount code is nisha i think his is just dr berry you can use either one it doesn't matter two crazy kids you good-looking people 32 years of arthritis in in my ankle and.

Taking arthrotic that's an anti-inflammatory doctor said i needed ankle replacement i went keto i have not taken arthrotic for five years and i have no pain that's joe that's just one part of the two crazy ketos if you don't know their story click on them right now go subscribe to their channel yes listen to their story.

I'm sure they have a video that's dedicated to it but they do videos all the time and they're just amazing and hilarious and very entertaining so if you want some inspiration too they did the triple b and e diet for how many months did y'all 90 and you get some inspiration if you're interested in doing triple b e they show.

What they ate and you can kind of like follow along with them it's nice to see other people doing it when you're trying to do it and i will warn you joe is very very very handsome and rachel rachel's she's okay super hot she's okay she's okay joe is a fox that sounds hairless i love you.

But two crazy ketos will also be at the summit uh in nashville in nashville so go get to know them so that when you see them in nashville yeah you're gonna love them i promise you're gonna love them hey sherry um since developing cellulitis i've only been eating eggs and bone marrow and.

I've developed a sweet metallic taste is this a sign of deeper heat yeah probably that's the acetone you're tasting not dangerous at all you probably need that right now um in order to heal ketones in your bloodstream have a definite therapeutic benefit.

But also at the same time you're not eating any carbs to cause inflammation or blood sugar spikes so you're doing exactly the right thing sherry bev beth miller wow thanks for the super chat yeah bef said i'm ready to see a baby bump all right so here we are.

How many weeks 34 weeks in just a few days so like halfway between 33 and 34 like wow look at that so beautiful baby girl uh baby number two we already have a little boy if you didn't know his name is beckett and he is the coolest kid you'll ever meet he's pretty cool uh he's at vacation bible school tonight you're so beautiful if we.

Weren't married i would pop the question right on youtube live you should i oh yeah that's what i like to hear bethany who watches game of thrones or watched who still watches it don't don't lie kevin wanted me to do it kevin just mind.

You he is sweet isn't he i'm just being honest my push present is that i'm gonna get a bedroom that's bigger than a closet and a bathroom that's bigger than a bathroom yeah that's that's all i need just some more room please get some more room.

Do you see something over there i'm looking i'm looking okay um andy says i love eggs could i potentially eat only eggs is there any downside to doing this i know cholesterol isn't the boogeyman is there any other risk nope if you want to just eat eggs and nothing else for 10 days 20 days 30 days 90 days i think that's.

Totally fine eggs are a complete chicken think about it there's everything in there to make a complete chicken including the liver the kidneys the brain the eyes so by definition an egg has to contain all the nutrition for those body parts right so yeah if any of you guys thought i'm.

Going gonna make it simple i'm just gonna eat eggs as many as i can eat a day one time a day three two three four meals a day i don't care eat as many eggs as you want and enjoy the benefits because you'll have some i will say if you can get your hands on farm fresh eggs pasture free range.

Wild chickens like the ones we got in our backyard even better i love it kim started fasting this morning and she's not hungry yet roxanna said eggs are true boneless chicken yeah 100 roxanna that's totally true uh retired randy what's up retired randy i've been on ketobor for each year no more joint pain no need for tylenol.

Ibuprofen or naproxen listen i feel great and have easy smooth bowel movements i've never i never have to pinch a grumpy anymore thank you dr barry that's awesome i never have to pinch a grumpy anymore i just had to say that one more time that is a unique a formulation of words that i've never heard before i love that.

Let's give birth a shout out again thank you so much bev that's amazing uh ashley my total testosterone is still undetectable after my last blood work a few months ago do i need to consider hrt and will this affect fertility i'm only.

34. yes 100 it absolutely could having a testosterone effectively of zero can absolutely affect your ability to be fertile uh the first and foremost way it's gonna affect it is you're gonna have no sex drive or at least a greatly degree decreased sex drive if your testosterone is zero.

Women need testosterone too you don't need as much as a man but you need a certain amount find a doctor in your area that does bioidentical hormone optimization and get your testosterone fixed please you will thank me your husband will thank me all your friends will thank me and your future.

Baby okay guys thank you uh several of you are asking when the phd virtual summit is so if you go to phd virtual summit dot com all the details are there september 17 20 20. and then you can click right here where it says save my seat and it will take you down to the tickets uh if there.

Are tickets still available which you know we'll see um i don't know if there are we're almost to three thousand peeps guys did anybody forget to share it not too late to share sold out already the vips everything.

Did y'all buy all the tickets no okay okay so if you click sorry guys so if you click right here on says um on your mobile device you about did it after you say save my seat and then click again say save my seat it will then take you to check out and that's where you can buy general.

Admission vip is sold out the general there are general admission tickets available so um perfect we have still a chance you're saying there's still a chance yes um and then join the wait list we'll put you on the vip waitlist in case um.

We add any more vip but i don't think that we will we i don't think we're going to be able to because we already added more than we were going to because the whole point of having a vip ticket is that there's less people you know right rita says i am 61 years old my a1c is.

7.3 i have hypothyroid i'm fasting for 18 to 22 hours a day most days doing ketovor sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry for six weeks but i'm gaining weight rita don't worry about that eat as close to zero carbs as you can each and every day do that for at least 90 days and then get your a1c rechecked a lot of women when they first start.

Ketobora carnivore they'll gain 5 10 15 pounds that's temporary that's part of the metabolic healing process keep eating as close to zero carb as you can and your a1c is going to be down under 6.3 within three months if not even lower and that's your number one goal right now rita is getting a normal a1c once.

You've got that under your belt then if you're still having problems losing weight we can talk about how to fine tune that but your number one health priority is to get your a1c down to normal uh lori my son and daughter-in-law are really into exogenous ketones are these.

Good for you my gut tells me no they're not bad for you they're just a complete another waste of money they're they're they probably signed up and they have to sell so many a month in order to get theirs for free this is a very common thing that that people trip and fall into uh it sound like a good money making.

Opportunity until you realize hey the human body actually makes ketones there are a few exceptions to this there are a few but for the vast majority of you guys none of you guys need exogenous ketones you're gonna make them yeah all you do is eat low carb you make your own for free yeah if you just enjoy taking them and whatever i'm not here to argue.

With you keep doing it if you want to but it is not necessary we're not trying to mess up your profit model but i just want people to know the truth i'm just saying like some people truly think that they help them and they're very defensive it's like i'm not trying to tell you they're not working i'm just saying so what is the what are the.

Unique situations where somebody might actually benefit from taking exorcism have a child with asperger's autism adhd those type of neurological um type conditions or a parent or family member that has dementia alzheimer's or any kind of uh mental.

Thing then it can be helpful to utilize exogenous ketones and even ketochow and those type of shakes to help them get a higher fat content into their diet and increase ketones for their brain function if you're going to use exogenous ketones therapeutically for someone with with mental health issues with a brain condition then i.

Highly recommend you use a the pristine quality it's human hvmn ketones 2.0 i've been experimenting with these i can't tell they help me at all i'm not sponsored by them at all this is a free plug but if you're don't don't buy some weird brand that you that your neighbor who's a hairdresser told you about.

Buy this brand this brand is trustworthy i don't make a penny from saying that esther's these are ketone esters okay so they changed worse but they work better exactly right that's right but yeah not sponsored we don't get paid we don't have a code we don't have anything but if you have a family member then you want to use the highest quality.

Period is it safe to drink eggs to drink while eggs on the go so i guess you mean drink raw eggs nicholas i think it's fine as long as the eggshell is not cracked before you break it and there's you know the egg is fresh i think it's totally fine to to drink raw eggs i think that you're not going.

To get nearly the nutritional benefit that you think you're going to get like you remember rocky used to just slug you know there's there's nothing magic about drinking a bunch of rice magical and rocky i mean it look makes you look tough or gross depending on who's watching but uh i i yeah i don't i love my yolks running.

But i like my whites done yeah i'm just funny that way i love me some rocky balboa man he still looks good the whole story of how he came to make those movies is just fascinating i know so much about it so much useless information in my brain about rocky pink poppies hey girl uh my whole family.

Is 12 weeks on carnivore i'm down 44 pounds husband's down 30 pounds daughter down 28 pounds sundown 31 pounds energy is up health did a complete 180 and we're never stopping good for you just this family of four has lost over 100 pounds in 12 weeks family of four has literally.

Lost an entire human's worth of body fat that's pretty cool right that's so amazing maybe you can get your family member on board now after you read them that comment j s i've been carnivore for four months and i'm still having runny stools and more with cooking with butter is this normal.

At this point js i'd go see your doctor and don't necessarily say hey i'm eating carnivore just go and say hey i've had diarrhea for four months can you do some a stool sample check for ova and parasites make sure there's not something else going on js because after four months it's probably not your diet now are you using real butter or are you.

Using plant butter surely surely please tell me it's real butter if it's not real butter then that might be the problem but otherwise go see your doc and just say hey check my poop i'm afraid something's going on hey will you check my poop hey i'm having a little problem with the back door yonder and i was wondering i.

Can't pinch off a grumpy i can't pinch off a grumpy like i'd like to could you check my poop i'm gonna start using that pinch off a grumpy oh somebody said y'all both look so young keeping it out right she i think she's 60. she makes me young i'm 78.

No for real though i'm 36. 30 scott you didn't know how old are you 53 53 there's a little age gap there i was going to say in spanish but i forgot what's 50 in spanish i don't know i forgot i know 60.

But not 50. i have to wait 10 years then i can tell you my age in spanish oh gosh um let's see here uh sebastian how many millimeters of fish oil a day would you recommend giving to a baby at different ages when should you start um how many at one year two year three four years etc thanks so much for the baby video yeah so sebastian i'm.

Sebastian i'm not gonna give our baby any fish oil at all but i am going to give our baby cod liver to eat and sardines to eat and anchovies to eat so those things are all full of very healthy fish oils that are they occur naturally in the fish anytime you take out the oil from a fish with a heat process and a pressure process.

You're going to cause some degree of rancidity and oxidation and you're going to lose some of the omega-3 fatty acids so give your baby fish and your baby will tell you when they've had enough fish because they'll be like i don't want anymore and then they're full of fish and you did your job as a parent beckett loves.

Fish and he loves shrimp but when he doesn't when he's had enough he said no cinquinta it is amanda markham has a question amanda markham um okay will you talk about sigmund diverticulitis with a torn colon and the keto diet so if you have sigmoid.

Diverticulitis amanda and you actually have a torn colon you probably don't need to be eating any diet you need to go see your doctor and they might even divert your colon temporarily until the the tear heals if it's truly a tear in your colon wall that could that's a potential medical emergency so you probably need to to be.

Fasting or to be on some kind of medically indicated liquid diet you hopefully you've seen a gastroenterologist if not you need to like tonight if you have a torn colon that's that's a significant big deal so.

Don't worry about the keto diet right now worry about getting your torn colon either surgically repaired or letting it heal naturally but you can't be stuffing a lot of food in your face because that's going to come out and if you get feces i guess that's the grumpy part.

It goes through the tear and gets into your abdominal cavity you could die from that so if you actually literally have a torn colon you need to see a specialist right now doctors just tell people stuff and people are like that sounds really bad but i don't know he told me to go home that's crazy hey rainy day lady what's.

Up hello to all i want i went to a family a huge family get together and every person there could not believe how great it was looking of course i gave them all your info and where to go for the info thanks dr variancia thank you rainy day lady for spreading the news rainy day ladies changing the world for the better she's.

Going to make the world a better place by helping every one of her friends and family be healthier and you can do that too and way to go on looking so amazing yeah all of her peeps are like it's hard to argue with that once you've been doing it yeah no that's.

Hard to argue with that when you say somebody's literally transformed their health your people are interested in that they want to know what you do what you do what do you do what are you taking what are you taking are you taking those exogenous ketones you're like no i just make my own.

Boat i'm a renegade boat says do you have an easy to follow tips i can forward to a friend who just doesn't have an appetite essentially fasting while underweight it is nocturnal due to insomnia so if you have a friend who's underweight who is not eating and is continuing to lose weight that is a potential medical emergency your friend.

Needs to go to the doctor tomorrow okay if your friend was morbidly obese or severely obese and and not eating and losing weight that's fine but your friends already underweight they're not eating they're losing more weight very sick it could be something very serious going on they need to go see a.

Doctor it could be a lot of different things hundreds of things yeah some they had some real better yeah exactly hey rebecca my sixteen-year-old daughter was diagnosed with stage three sclerosing membranous glomerulo glomerulopathy what diet should she follow and what foods should she stay.

Away from yeah she needs to absolutely eat a diet that's very low in carbohydrates that's very nutrient dense that is very ancestrally appropriate that does not raise her blood sugar at all when she eats it and doesn't cause inflammation when she eats it meat is absolutely not bad for her kidneys salt is absolutely not bad for.

Her kidneys now you can use those tips i just gave you go back and watch this again write those down and then you can use those tips to figure out what kind of diet she needs to eat hint it's a proper human diet either keto ketovor or carnivore y'all did it 3 000 people watching high five high five.

That's awesome thank you guys for sharing for thumbing for commenting all that stuff really helps us reach more people new people you guys really gave this video a good thumb and thank you for that i love making you laugh.

I just love it y'all okay so we we love teaching we love spreading this message of health and how it is it's there for everybody and but we love to entertain you too so i hope you enjoy good information while we also act like 12 year olds we try to behave but it's hard it's really hard to behave.

Um musc welcome back thank you so much for that super chat um thoughts on extended fasting for someone very metabolically ill i just finished 160 hour fast consumed carnivore meal had a few hours of an eating window and then back into fasting fasting blood sugar down to the low 100s from the 450s amazing feel great when fasting and i.

Use keto chao um tablets during my fast yeah i think that's as long as you've still got too much stored fat and you're trying to heal fatty liver type 2 diabetes obesity it's perfectly fine as long as you're feeling great too fast like this make sure that you're getting plenty of salt plenty of water plenty of.

Electrolytes and mind your minerals and i think it's totally fine now once your body weight starts getting down close to your ideal body weight there's really no reason to do these longer fasts anymore but if you want to get there quickly carnivore plus that regimen you'll get there quickly.

Yeah and this is not i don't want anybody to misunderstand fasting like this is not a form of punishment it's not penance it's not you paying for your past transgressions that's not what this is this is a therapeutic fast that's been proven in hundreds of research studies to lower insulin to lower blood sugar to lower.

Levels of inflammation to increase levels of autophagy and mitophagy and if you don't know what any of those words mean don't worry because they're really important and i promise you you're going to get those whether you can pronounce them or not very very well done musk.

Musc i hear somebody slopping around oh she's chewing on something in beckett's room hear that yeah or we have a mouse you better go i'll take a question uh dennis says how about heart transplant recipients now if you have a.

Relative who's had a heart transplant they're still a human being they're still homo sapien sapien and they still will benefit from eating a proper human diet regardless of what medical condition your friend or loved one has regardless of their age regardless of how many medications they.

Take on a daily basis they're still a human being and they need to eat a diet that is full of fatty meat and eggs with the yolk they can add a few veg if they want to a few nuts a few berries if they want to but they need to focus on eating lots of healthy fatty meat and healthy eggs with the healthy yolk howdy viking cat how's it going.

Oh let's see dr barry do you have a video on mental health uh yeah kenneth on this channel i've got uh kent says that low carb cured his schizoaffective syndrome yep the personality disorders all get better on a proper human diet multiple studies show that depression uh anxiety.

Ocd adhd autism all these things get better on a proper human diet i'm going to have a psychiatrist on the channel in a few weeks i'm interviewing dr chris palmer who's a psychiatrist who's using a ketogenic diet therapeutically in his psychiatric practice and i'm going to have him on in a few weeks to talk about mental health and just what a proper.

Human diet will do leches if you have scarring hair loss you need to go see a dermatologist that's a specific kind of hair loss hello toto anybody want to say hi to toto toto never comes around anymore now that there's that he's in my videos here's toto our rescue dog.

I gave him a haircut y'all i did this saved me some books i just didn't want to i don't know what that sound is it's got to be it's not lily no well we've got a mouse then yeah look at look at olive she's like oh i'm about to smash yeah we have a mouse in the house i don't know what is it.

Lost vixen lost 80 pounds on keto now carnivore how much fat the protein ratio do i need to lose another 80 pounds i'd keep the fat ratio at least one to one fat protein but most people lose more weight and feel better if they keep their fat to protein ratio at two to one three to one some people even four to.

One but two to one three to one fat to protein for most people that's where they're going to feel best and lose the most fat yeah sometimes they get in the ceiling the capsule the cats will take care of they kill so many mice uh scaredy floof says i'm a dog groomer.

And toto looks adorable thanks it was my first time toto was nervous about it but he said he does better for me for anybody he's very anxious did you get greg no how do i stop the dawn effect i eat one time a day around three my sugar gets up to 120 before bed and when i.

Wake up it's 160. yeah so greg you the only way to stop the dawn effect from happening in you is to die the dawn effect is a normal physiological thing that happens to every single mammal on the planet any mammal that that has a sleep period in a wake period when they go from the sleep period to the wake period they have the.

Dawn effect this includes toto and lily and and olive and loki the cats they have all have this mice have this skunks have this every mammal that's ever been studied has the dawn effect or the dawn phenomenon it is not pathology it's normal it's a normal physiological process but you'll hear a lot of doctors say oh the dawn effect you have to do.

Something no there's nothing to do about it that's part of being a mammal congrats he's a very sweet dog but he's he's a rescue dog and he had a rough life so he's a little bit he's a little quirky and he's a little standoffish you can see how he'll look at you like you're not going to kill me are you but then.

He's a super sweet though and he loves to be loved he's very protective he doesn't like to let make it touch him but he will he will sleep with him every night he's better lately you know he does they could used to like poke him in the eye and stuff when he was little.

For a while messiah torres elias says what is a good diet for no thyroid not on medication well if you don't have a thyroid you better go to the doctor and get some thyroid replacement hormone or you're going to die but then after you get the thyroid replacement hormone then you can eat a proper human diet and you will reap all the benefits i've got lots.

Of videos on this channel to help you understand that uh um molina can you continue carnivore while pregnant or trying to get pregnant you absolutely can and you absolutely should especially if you're someone who may be struggling with getting pregnant you have picos thyroid issues any kind of infertility.

Follow our good friend dr kiltz k-i-l-t-z he's extremely active on instagram and facebook i think he's on youtube now too dr barry has done videos with him i've done videos with him he promotes a carnivore way of eating for his patients he has very high success rates i did carnivore when i had to go through ivf when i was trying to get.

Pregnant the first time i had to have ivf um and i went carnivore to increase my chances of getting pregnant i got pregnant first try i only had one egg just one lonely egg then i went carnivore after i had beckett um breast fed no issues and then i went i eat mostly meat um some very limited.

Vegetables and then i said you know i think we're done you should get a vasectomy and ta-da i got pregnant anyways just one sperm it just took one and a lot of steaks um so yeah absolutely carnivore is great uh and if you just want to look like this while you're breaking.

Carnivore right now you're pretty darn close i am very close depending on the day some days i am 100 cardboard but also kelly hogan a really good friend of ours she was carnivore prior to her pregnancies during her pregnancies and after her pregnancies she had wonderful pregnancies her babies are beautiful smart individuals so make.

Sure if you're not following her her channel is my zero carb life and right now on instagram there's one carnivore influencer female and two keto influencers who are at this moment knocked up we have several but i'm not allowed to hey sue say who hey sue i'm not allowed to say who yet they haven't they haven't announced it.

Carnivore yogi just yogi just announced but there's two 21 weeks she kept it a secret but yeah we know other people she kept it a secret for 21 weeks i would have died i could not have kept it a secret that long but um no i didn't get pregnant after he had a vasectomy i told him he needed to get one and that night that night i'm like.

Yes i'll go and i'll go see the plumber that night she got knocked up and she tried for a minute to blame it on me and i was like no no no honey you're the one you're the one whatever anyways um yeah so i thought i was done having babies and god said.

No you ain't no he ate jan says hi dr barry should i eat fatter butter i have bad cholesterols and good cholesterol is high please tell me yes or no yes jan butter and beef tallow and bacon grease are good healthy fats for you to eat and you should eat some of them every single day hey loki nate says i get up multiple.

Times at night to go to the bathroom even when i cut off drinking fluids at 6 pm uh this is called nocturia i guess and can carnivore fix this maybe it depends on the cause nate matt or nate you you need to go see your doctor uh get a psa check maybe have a prostate ultrasound.

Maybe have your bladder checked out there's multiple reasons for nocturia to the extent that you're having it uh definitely the diet might help lessen the severity of your symptoms but with that many uh episodes of nocturia each night you need to go see your doc and make sure nothing else is going on definitely go see your dog just to make.

Sure but i will say before i went keto carnivore how many times a night did i get to pee three four all the time the mid this is on my channel because i chronicled my transition from keto to carnivore tequila more yadda yadda yadda you're not following me nisha nisha loves it oh no it's just ninja now just go to youtube and type in.

Me that's how big of a deal she is like the second or third day that i was truly carnivore and really really i slept through the night and didn't wake up one time to go pee it was a crazy thing i was like wow maybe it's not that i need to pee it's just that i'm not sleeping well.

And when you know what i mean so but yeah go see your doctor but i'm just letting y'all know what's the carnivore i don't know caesar hey what's up thank you so much i'm killzone i'm morbidly obese should i be concerned with my sodium intake i've been on keto two weeks and it's been.

Great um i have a greater retention with food relation with food or relationships sorry yeah you're gonna have a better relationship with food on keto keto or carnivore you need to salt your food to taste uh i'm killzone don't cut back on salt and don't eat too much salt that.

You it's like oh it's too salty i don't like it that's too much salt for you salt your food to taste and eat that food every day make sure your food is as low in carbohydrates as you can possibly get it if you could just go 90 days of nothing but beef butter bacon and eggs you would lose so much stored fat that you would have to go buy new clothes in.

90 days y'all um we're over time but beckett is a vacation bible school would you like us to keep going we'll keep going because we will until becky gets home because we are just that kind of people we're here for you uh before yeah type your answer in the comments but i want to say also huge shout out to our.

Moderators yes they don't get enough credit yes thank you so much kevin mitzi paul ola you guys are amazing we love you guys they help us out so much they've been with us for five years now almost um i mean a long long time how did they get to be our moderators they were the founding members of our.

Patreon group that we started years ago um so we really truly appreciate them so give them a shout out thank them in the comments if they've responded to you please thank them because um they're taking time out of their day to do this and we really appreciate it yeah we.

Weren't here last week so boink 800 says we need to go long that's true that's totally true you guys deserve your full portion yes you do yes um for those of you interested in joining our patreon group that is something that we do to give back more um in a smaller group so you are able to ask starchberry questions in messenger.

You are able to ask them during one two how many lives do you have more extra lives what level you get to uh you can get up to four extra lives a week access to both of us in there um early access to tickets so our phd event they had first dibs on the tickets including vip tickets.

Um they get discount codes they get early access to merchandise they get input on videos there's a lot of perks over there so if you're interested in that the link to that is in the description too but that's just another way for you i know a lot of people want him to be their doctor.

They can't do that there's just too many of you but he can uh be your buddy your human diet buddy on patreon and answer more questions it's a link down below being more involved so that is an option for those of you who are interested in that jerry what's up.

Thank you jerry all right so i guess you guys want us to keep going um there was another super chat before gray so let me go back up here find it don't you lose it jill do you recommend taking mayo and nocitol for picots if you're currently doing keto or carnivore no you're getting all the inositol you need in.

Your diet you don't need to buy any supplements for pcos or pretty much any other condition eat your meat eat your eggs right um please continue yep let's go keep going all right good job and we're going to keep going.

It's okay mia wants to know is lemon okay on carnivore like putting lemon in my water two or three drops of lemon juice in your water or lime juice i mean they're the same thing but but uh uh that's fine now the the juice from an entire lemon or lime that's got too many carbohydrates that's going to raise your blood sugar and a lot of people are like.

What lemon juice lime juice has carbs look it up a grapefruit is full of sugar but it doesn't really taste sweet at all so you got to watch the citrus fruits put two or three drops just for flavor i think that's totally fine the mod squad the mod school i'm gonna get y'all t-shirts that say phd mod squad yes i love that.

Idea i'm gonna wrap it up phd must get julie over there uh julie b been testing my blood glucose i eat keto been eating keto four years i do intermittent fast i do in 18 hours with low carb in the beginning off the side sad dallas sad diet it worked best i test after 18 hours my blood glucose is 92 one hour.

After i eat and 85 two hours after um no weight loss in months yeah julie you gotta watch my video on this channel called the 13 reasons why your weight loss might stall on low carb aikido and investigate all 13 of those reasons probably you've got a medical issue or a hormonal issue that's slowing down your.

Weight loss okay and once you correct that issue then the weight loss can increase a little bit it's very common for people to stall for a month or two or even three some people stall for a lot longer on their weight loss journey it doesn't mean give up it just means keep doing what you're doing.

Keep investigating why you might be stalled keep trying to tweak do this experiment that experiment but never give up on your health because it's really important that especially in these times we live in you really want to be real healthy right now because you i mean who knows.

Right seriously seriously uh sandy saw my eye squint at the lemon lime comment if you know you know uh colonel guile style how do i deal with gout on keto carnivore i got my blood tested and uric acid levels are normal yeah so i've.

Got a video about gout on this channel most people when they start eating keto carnivore their gout attacks they used to have go away and don't come back anymore because gout's not really caused by eating meat or seafood that's a lie that your doctor may have told you uh there are specific things that will increase your risk of.

Gout but they're not included on a proper human diet so you don't have to worry about that but some people when they start keto they get uric acid actually goes up but they don't they never have a gout attack that can be part of the metabolic healing process some people most people's uric acid goes down when they start keto.

And they also never have a gout attack so gout is the anti keto is the anti-gout diet basically uh miriam this i feel like this goes with that question wants to know do i need to worry about scurvy uh miriam is good a rational question i get why you'd ask that i have not eaten a single bite of fruit.

In three years long time three years and my skin is great i have had no teeth fall out my wounds heal very quickly and the reason i just told you those three things is because those are three of the big signs that you have scurvy is that your teeth fall out you get a little cut it doesn't heal you get.

Bruising for no reason your skin just starts to develop sores i don't have any of that and neither do any of the other carnivores or ketoboars that i know kelly hogan our good friends she's been in carnivore for 20 years many years yeah she still doesn't have scurvy so you know.

At some point you have to say maybe there's something else going on here maybe scurvy and indeed wilhelm stefansson well was in the arctic right and he didn't eat anything that contained vitamin c for years he just ate fresh sealed meat and sealed blubber and whale meat and whale blubber and he never.

Developed scurvy and he started looking into it and it turns out that if you're eating fresh meat there's vitamin c in fresh meat there's lots of vitamins in your liver so carnivores are getting enough vitamin c plus the fact they just don't need as much vitamin c as people who are eating an inflammatory high carbohydrate diet.

Hey connie thank you hey connie she said my instagram is hot nisha's instagram if you don't follow her i think you should follow her on instagram and me on twitter because right now i'm in the midst of a of a slap fight with a whole bunch of vegans i posted something about eat your meat and they they did not appreciate it.

And i need you guys to follow me on twitter and help defend me from the vegan hordes save them save me say no save the vegans yeah we help me save the vegans yeah that's actually my goal even though they don't know it i know you know um i saw a really good question where did.

It go uh universal associates wants to know is the blood type diet totally falls or is there some truth to it it's totally false it is a complete and under waste of time to read the book called the blood type diets yeah you did though didn't you yeah i did i read it years ago when it first came out and i.

Was for a few weeks i was like dude this is sexy this man i'm gonna look into this this might be a real deal and then i started trying to look at the research studies that they talked about in the book and it's like uh this study didn't have anything to do with that why would they include that and so the the long and short of it is there's not a shred.

Of research in the medical literature to support the blood type diet it's bull hockey it's just for you dad serena um wants to know i would love to say send the babies a montana souvenir do you have a p.o box yes we do is it in the description on our lives no it's on all my youtube.

Videos except for the lives there is a p.o address down at the bottom of the show yeah i'll start putting in the live stream but we do have one um so we'll try to put it in pick one of my youtube videos that's not alive like this should be in there it's it's down in the show notes yep.

Gene thank you so much what is the lyme diet pamela wants to know what is the lion diet so a lion diet you want to tell them you want me to tell you go for it okay a lion diet is when you only eat ruminant meat so that's beef sheep goat venison camel.

Reindeer water buffalo just ruminants elk yes caribou and salt and water and this is for people with severe autoimmune conditions severe gut issues like crohn's or ulcerative colitis or severe mental health issues this is the most pristine uninflammatory diet on the planet so you've got low.

Carb you tighten that up that's keto you tighten that up more it's ketovor you tighten it up more that's carnivore and you tighten up carnivore to just ruminant salt and water that's the lion diet we need it can you see i've been trying to make a graphic for literally five years that shows that.

It's a venn diagram that's what you're trying to make yeah okay cause i'm sciency i know that okay sorry so why haven't you made this i've made it before and actually i need it in a png i sent it to a guy i sent it to a guy on freelancer and.

Paid him like 20 bucks a time it's probably still a freelancer i probably forgot to go get it yeah it's very helpful remnants are vegan 100 that's right and so if you eat only ruminants then you're effectively eating a vegan diet oh kevin said anisha's so sweet ken gets all his carbs just by kissing her that's.

All the sugar i need right there uh brian wants to know could keto help adult hydrocephalus maybe brian maybe uh definitely keep doing everything your doctor recommends but why would you not try 90 days of beef butter bacon and eggs and just see if it helped the inflammatory part of that process to improve i mean.

It's definitely not going to hurt why not try it for 90 days amy thank you much thank you so much look at that is that lily i don't know if granny berry is still watching her if she went to bed because we went over time and she may have turned in i don't know ik04 howdy.

I've been carnivore for two months and stabilized it uh down 28 pounds lately i've been constipated uh any tips uh so their carnival for two months stabilized lately i've been now when you say you've been constipated i have to i have to ask you to go watch my video on this channel about constipation because.

If you're truly eating a carnivore diet then you are most assuredly not constipated it's it's virtually not possible to be constipated on a carnivore diet unless you have a bowel tumor or a foreign body in your colon i don't need to know any extra details about that but that's the only way you.

Can be constipated on a carnivore diet if you're getting enough electrolytes getting enough salt eating enough fat drinking enough water you're not going to be constipated on a carnivore diet if you are you need to go see your doctor increase your salt yeah more salt morning i tallied up what i spent approximately a month before keto on.

Tylenol eye drops antacids etc it was about 300 a month maybe more that buys a lot of meat yeah people don't really think about all the other costs like i used to have to take something for heartburn and a headache pill every day that stuff costs money and it adds up so if you can do away with all that stuff because you feel so much better.

Then a proper human diet could actually save you more money what is this what's the commercial you could save at least 20 percent in 15 minutes or what is that cornfield so easy a caveman could do it too literally a caveman did it mommy does keto mommy does keto wants you to do a pregnant grocery haul.

It's the same but that's a great idea but pregnant like wear a tube top and a little little uh go-go shorts that belly just shining at walmart that'd be so cool well my belly is shining i have no shame it's out all the time how many two pieces do i wear like the whole time we're in florida i was like he was out it was it.

Was now it was nice i just nothing else fits me dresses and tube tops with shorts yeah crystal's right stanley the daily mineral drops they have potassium and magnesium sodium and chloride in them yeah um do you guys have a favorite bacon local bacon yeah we can get it as our.

Favorite especially we had a hog raised exactly the way we wanted it acorns and grub worms yeah and it was the best bacon we've ever had in our life oh so good we would love to do that again yes there's local bacon that we find in nashville at our favorite grocery store the turnip truck that is local bacon i.

Can't remember the name of it it's in one of my grocery hauls uh peterson's you can order online really good quality bacon as well um and then there's another one i've been using lately what's it called apple gate i think yes i don't know applewood uh it's also in my on my channel you'll see because i eat bacon a lot we both do.

But if you can find a local bacon that's what we suggest because it tastes better and it's fattier usually and cleaner donald says i can only eat ground beef i have a problem eating steak so just eat ground beef donald ground beef ground beef is just ground up steak.

It's got the same nutrition in it eat your ground beef and and mix up a couple of scrambled eggs with it so good i can't believe i remember that applewood apple cake that's a weird name applegate right like did they feed the pigs apples maybe because that would make some good bacon 100.

Um misha is the baby a boy or a girl it is a girl baby bonnie blue is her name uh well here's an important question nature for you you ready from raw is there a way of eating that promotes boob growth asking for a friend winky face yeah get pregnant your boobs are gonna grow.

Uh but other than that i think just like body composition wise carnivore does promote a nice body composition for most people there are a few of us like me that need to go to the gym to stay nicely shaped or we just we're ectomorphs small.

Percentage most people just tighten up tone up and look really good and also big boobs are overrated okay yeah and if you just want to gain fat eat lots of carbs you'll some of the fat will be in your boobs he's obviously some people or some for someone never goes to where we want it to go.

Some of it i said some yeah and if you're a guy lots of carbs and you'll have man boobs which is moved i feel like it definitely goes to moves yes for guys greg says i eat one time a day under 50 grams of carbs um just protein avocado and berries and i still have a hard time getting my sugar under 110 any.

Suggestions yeah yeah so avocado and berries they have carbs drop those carbs and if you're eating just protein why are you not eating fat uh you need fat and protein as it comes yes you need the the fat that comes with the protein of the animal uh if you're eating eggs eat egg yolks.

You need more fat and you need to cut the carbs um good point another great bacon is pork belly essentially pork belly is bacon it's just cut a bit differently but it is yeah okay somebody asked if they can eat bacon every day sure yes you can anthony i've been carnivore for a couple of months and my terrible progressive.

Unhealable hydrogenitis super tivo getting better and better thank you so much i still cry tears of joy i love you guys greetings from germany i can't wait to meet you in person anthony oh no lily oh lily pete in the kitchen that's the first time she's paid in a while list.

That i may have it was time for her to go out this month because we're late yeah yeah bacon every day is totally fine on the beef butter baking and eggs diet you literally get to eat bacon as many times a day every single day it's fine it's healthy it's good for you bacon is not a carcinogen baking will.

Not make you fat bacon will not make you have a heart attack bacon is a health food stop denigrating bacon bacon is a gift kelly reflux back after a year off of protonix no change to diet when i started been keto since 2019 and ketobor last year let me clean this pm so reflux.

Is going to come back from time to time there could be any number of anatomical or psychosocial things that make the this come back beckett berry is pulling in the driveway so if you want to make it update just stick with me but there are a number of anatomical physiological and psychosocial reasons why you might have had a flare-up.

Of your heartburn if you took any prescription or over-the-counter medicine whatsoever even one dose of many of them you can wind up with severe reflux for a few days or a few weeks uh if it continues to be bad then it's totally fine for you to take your protonix once a day for five or ten or.

Fifteen days and then stop taking it again that's actually the appropriate use for protonix for prevacid for nexium is to take for two weeks and then put it back in the cabinet and stop taking it nobody listening to the sound of my voice should be taking an acid blocker every single day it is very bad for your.

Health i've got a video that explains all the details on this channel becky's coming right yes uh paul says why does raw pork belly go off so quickly because it's pure nutrition it's it's stuff that that mold and bacteria love it is nutrition that's right it was so thick it's harder.

To get the cure process to go deep inside it so it'll go it'll go off quicker but it's because that's why you have to cure bacon is because of pure nutrition the bacteria will yum it up yum yum yum yum if you don't carry it yeah dr beckett is coming dr beckett's coming to do some work answer some questions he's been a vacation bible.

School with his little friends they're having what's the thing salvation ranch and they had horses at lily they had horses yesterday and he rode a horse for the first time last so he is lily drop it he had an amazing time i think he expected horses to be there again.

Tonight though i'm pretty sure they weren't arifa says does adding salt in my ketogenic diet fulfill my electrolyte requirements no salt is just sodium and chloride and it may have a tiny amount of trace minerals but it does not have magnesium or potassium so i've got videos on this channel that explain what are magnesium.

Rich foods what are potassium-rich foods what about all your other minerals what foods are going to allow you to get those minerals in your diet i have videos on this channel come here dr beckett do some work you're not the doctor you want to come do some work with me no he's got a little girlfriend with him.

So well he must see lily yeah and faith rose you want to say hi faith rose you want to come say hi to 2947 people so melissa our good friend who has cooking keto with faith the blog with all the great recipes this is faith say hi hi.

That's faith cooking cheeto with faith come on becky come up here and say hi he's like well the faith dude i'm going to do it hi boy hey how are you doing what's this stuff on you did you get dirty yeah yeah you say hi.

Did you ride a horse yesterday yesterday did you like it yeah wait a minute did the what was the horse's name do you remember little man yeah little man it's a yeah it's a cup it goes in there you can't have it i can't no you cannot i can't what is this thing on you what.

Does it say hey books you eat bugs it's a bug expert yeah boys do get dirty becky gets dirty every day hey are you gonna have a baby sister soon yeah yeah have you kissed bonnie since you've been home yeah you better kiss bonnie.

Oh thank you good job you want to go play okay don't play watch the wires okay okay baby beckett said eat your bacon and be happy that's it that's the secret to life look at him.

I love it i love it he's holding hands with a girl am i supposed to tune up or get mad that's his girl that's what he told me yeah the other day i did something and he said no no daddy faith is my goyal she's not your goalie no that's kirby that was kirby yeah that's not true that's not your girl.

Yeah i love it all right we gotta get our feet that's it guys thanks so much now if you've got a specific question that you want to ask me directly become a patron on there's a link in the show notes it's a super quick sign up and you become part of a private protected tribe of people on a journey on a mission to.

Improve not only their health but the health of their friends and family you get to be part of that and ask me questions directly you get access to early things access to events promos discounts and you'll probably be the first ones to see baby bonnie when she's born too yeah the patrons are totally going to get first nibs they'll see the.

First picture they're the first ones who knew i was pregnant like you get you're part of our family pretty much yeah yeah so become a patron and we'll see you tomorrow night at 6 p.m if you do become a patron otherwise we'll see you next monday at 7 pm for the next edition.

Of monday night live you mean it that's it we're out how you doing
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