Proper Human Diet Q&A with Dr Berry & Neisha (& a NEW PUPPY)

Proper Human Diet Q&A with Dr Berry & Neisha (& a NEW PUPPY)

Proper Human Diet Q&A with Dr Berry & Neisha (& a NEW PUPPY)

Check out the video on Proper Human Diet Q&A with Dr Berry & Neisha (& a NEW PUPPY).
Hello hello hello hello friends and neighbors i'm dr ken berry this is my beautiful partner in life and also wife and also baby mama nisha solace hyphen that's me we're really happy to be back with you on this next edition of monday.

Night live oh yeah welcome back we've been out of pocket as granddaddy bear used to say and we're back in pocket now and ready i love that shirt that you're wearing come on say hi come say hi this is not the new puppy no we've got a new puppy who are we we're going to unveil for the first time the.

World premiere of the new berry puppy later in this video and i think at the very end if becky gets home in time he's told me today he wanted to do some work so he's probably going to come in and say hi towards the end of this as well becca has had a little stomach bug i've had a little.

Allergy upper referee something and i haven't been sick better whoop on some wood sonny whoop some wood so if you hear me coughing and sniffing and hacking and yeah yeah that gets almost back to normal kevin he's he's much much better.

Now he rebounded fairly quickly not as quickly as his mother wanted him to well i want to welcome joanna from south carolina it's her first time to catch us live hey joanna welcome anybody else is this your first live that you've ever caught type new in the comments let's.

See who else is brand new i feel like my bun has gotten bigger your bun is insane that's a lot of fun yes it is yes cindy liverwurst is not only tasty and delicious it's also a nutrient dense superfood eat your liverwurst it's totally fine wow look at all the new people welcome guys welcome welcome.

So uh we do this every monday night at 7 pm central and we we answer as many questions as we can in the hour and we also try to entertain you along the way i people typically laugh at me and then um lust after an issue that's kind of the entertainment that's not.

What happened yeah and oh you're gonna do a bump update later it's gonna be it's bumping the bump is bigger it's a bigger bump than the bump used to be it keeps getting bigger it's weird i don't know but yeah your belly oh welcome allah thanks so much for joining us.

Michelle's old she's not you okay excellent all right we got some uh super chats we got ll says hello i started keto on april 9 carnivore may 4th two meals a day and i fast for 16 hours ketosis every day is between 0.5 and 3 keto breath and keto smell to urine and i feel good but no weight shape change.

I'm 264 pounds uh what are your thoughts am i just being too impatient started april the 9th so a month and a half give or take carnival carnivore this month so you you're being a little impatient but that's okay we all are we all want the scale to move much faster than it typically does move i would definitely recommend buying a.

Tailor's tape and taking all your measurements because even though when you look in the mirror you may not see change if you measure yourself you will see the objective change as your body recomposition uh improves and eventually the scales will move if the scales haven't moved in another month or so then watch my video.

On this channel called the 13 reasons why your weight loss might stall and one of those things may be holding you up uh for example you may have undiagnosed hypothyroidism and your doctor just hasn't caught it yet there's many things that can slow down your weight loss hi total how you doing where are you guys watching from where are you at in.

The world what city what state what country tell me in the comments i want to see where everybody's at penny i know the exercise should come naturally so does that mean that cardio is unnecessary i'm not fit i'm not thinking of doing it if you're wondering just curious any i don't think that doing any kind of.

Sustained chronic chronic cardio i don't think that there's any proven benefit to that now if you if your kids or grandkids say hey let's go out in the backyard and play and you go out there and you wind up playing for 30 solid minutes and your heart's.

Pumping and your blood's pumping i think that's great that's awesome but i don't think that you need to go to the gym and run on the treadmill 30 minutes a day every single day i think that's necessary and probably even detrimental if if you were moving and active gary's on the driveway.

Did you see that no what he's carrying he's in the driveway of course he is our neighbor comes to visit yeah that's hilarious he's gonna knock on the door just go i'll take i've got this okay all right i'll be right back he should be watching our lives we should be.

That's what happens when you live in the country and your neighbors or your cousins and your friends they kind of they show up sometimes oh here comes toto to help you all right um is one of those things like if you're moving and you're active you're getting.

Cardio but it is unnecessary to stand on a treadmill for 30 to 60 minutes or do an insane amount of cardio just for the sake of doing cardio now for those out out there he's gonna call your phone who'd love to run you're like no it's that's my happy place is running that's probably fine my rule is if i'm.

Gonna be doing cardio i'm gonna be having fun so if you're not if you're not having fun if you're if you didn't go outside and play don't do don't do it lift heavy things build your muscles make your bones stronger uh but cardio should be fun or i don't think you should do it okay.

Yeah have pedro calling no he hadn't called me yet where's the what's the next one oh and i can't do this and that at the same time kenneth i came home yesterday from open heart avr surgery after four days in hospital surgeon put me on a stab and saying that it has been shown to increase lifespan of the valve what.

Are your thoughts unless there's some new research i'm not aware of kenneth that is an incorrect statement but after i get off this live i'll check and see if there's been a new study published or something but the last time i checked the research on that it's never been proven to improve uh to increase the life of the valve or or to.

Increase the success of the surgery or to increase your life so but i'll check and make sure there's nothing new out there yeah there's loki so it's going to be pet central tonight first was rescue puppy this is rescue kitty.

Selena thank you so much selena uh marnie hey welcome back to triple b e for two weeks had to give away new summer pants that i had bought i lost no weight but i lost two inches in my waist and hips yep and that's really hard for some people to comprehend how can how can i lose inches and not lose pounds 100 percent that.

Happens when you're when you start eating a proper human diet that's why i want all you guys man i love that shirt that's why i want all you guys to take your measurements just like you're getting measured for a full set of clothes and write them down then recheck them in a month and even if the scale hasn't moved you're going to.

Measure way fewer inches darby update top one diabetic since january 15th no insulin since january 31st a1c was less than 14 and now it's greater than 14. greater than 14 now it's five eating lying diet by your suggestion also no grave meds graves meds for seven.

Weeks how long did it take for nash's antibodies to reduce uh it took about two and a half years for them to know one year for them to be under 100 which is considered remission first stage and then another year for them to be under one which is second stage.

Remission that's what they that's like the rule of thumb anyways yeah and darby you probably were not a type 1 diabetic you were probably a severely uncontrolled type 2 diabetic who happened to be started on insulin but because even if you were eating zero carb you still need some insulin that's a true type 1 so.

You're probably a type 2 you may have just been told incorrectly by your healthcare provider well done well done everybody give her a thumbs up terry started keto on november 21st my lipids were all bad in february 2022 uh they were all normal now this month my triglycerides and hdl are good but everything else is high again why yeah.

This is very common terry when you eat a proper human diet the way you know you're eating a proper human diet is that your triglycerides and your hdl move in the right direction the correct direction uh for about a third of people their total cholesterol and ldl cholesterol stay low and stay normal for about a third of people they.

May go up a little and for a third of people they may go up a lot that's what the it looks like we're seeing in the anecdotal evidence um but we're not convinced that that if your your total cholesterol and ldl cholesterol go up we're not convinced that that's actually dangerous or bad for you a lot of the research was done by the.

Drug companies who want to sell you zocor lipitor crestor etc and therefore they may have had some bias in what the results were that they found ashley hey girl should i gain weight to get pregnant i'm underweight and low iron my dog says i.

Need iron supplements even though i eat a lot of meat also being on lemon is that safe when trying to conceive i talked to your doctor about the lumotra gene that's that's an iffy medication if you're trying to conceive uh hopefully you've already talked to your doctor about trying to conceive but if not or if you have and they didn't.

Mention that ask specifically is it okay for me to be taking this if i'm going to get pregnant and so actually one of the main things you've got to do is you've got to stop portion controlling you've got to you've got to stop saying well i'm just going to eat one piece good eat until you are stuffed full she i think she's an ectomorph.

Black man yeah it's very likely actually has been around a long time gotcha okay but if you have low iron it's totally fine to take a supplement like a liver supplement or something like that to try and create your iron um.

I felt like i was gonna sneeze i guess i didn't as you know i was underweight uh and i got pregnant no problem the main thing is is your cycle coming every 28 days is it regular are you ovulating and uh how long have you been trying and things like that sheena wants to know if you have the baby.

You look so good no she just assumed i wish no we're gonna we're gonna give you guys a bump update here in just a few minutes actually send me a message if you need more yeah definitely you guys are welcome to share this video on your favorite social media if you think it would help somebody improve their health.

That's how we reach new people is you guys sharing wants to know can we get a video for the proper pet dog diet well it's funny that you said that because we're probably gonna do a video specifically talking about that because we do have a new puppy and um she is a.

Special dog so we are giving her like all of our dogs and cats get fed a great proper dog dies just it's neat but i thought it would be good to show how we start a puppy out because she was given a puppy kibble um but the people we got her which is happens most of the time and we're going.

To transition her and what we feed her and the treats and them doga who's our huge great pyrenees he eats uh ground beef pretty much every single day 100 meats he gets liver chips from carnivore crisp because we have an excessive amount of carnivore crisps in this house he gets.

Cod liver he gets sardines he gets quail eggs and we have too many loki really loves anchovies and cod liver and chicken and bacon and then toto is the only one that we kind of have to work with him because he came to he was a rescue dog and we have no idea what kind of diet he was on but it was bad he has a lot of gastritis he.

Will vomit most things up so even when he's on an appropriate diet he has a hard time so we have to be very special with him i finally i think i found the sweet spot with the gordon ramsay eggs yeah he seems to really tolerate that was pretty good so have you done a video.

On how you cook those i know gordon ramsay i haven't invented it but you should do a video to show people because it's it's kind of magical it is right how it the eggs have a different texture even a different flavor porridge mm-hmm yeah you should do a video about that coming any other way toto when we have so much.

Eggs i was like if we could get the dogs on eggs yeah that would save money and dog food and it's a really good source no we we actually had we bought an entire cow from a local rancher and had it processed at our local facility so we've got a deep freezer full of ground beef and other cuts of beef but we are not in.

Any way afraid if if we need to we'll buy the cheap beef from the big box store we have yeah we've done that many many times and we'll do it again in the future when we eat this cafeteria yeah we have 200 i think that it's not ideal but uh it is a thousand times better than eating.

Uh cheetos and ding dongs and drinking pepsi the cheapest meat you can find is better than the most expensive highly processed plants you can find i forgot to say our cats are also on a cat diet per themselves because they're indoor outdoor cats we allow them to go inside and outside and they hunt and they kill things every single day so.

Then they also get that too amanda says what do you think about keto for pmdd 100 ask this girl right here ask this guy who limited this girl right here my pmdd was in relation to my hashimoto's like it was exacerbated by hashimoto's i got on my own nerves excuse me.

I feel too safe do uh okay johnny um i didn't hit you okay we're not going down that route anyways you tell me is it better now it's gone yeah it is uh when we were first dating i knew this was the one but i also thought she was kind of crazy like i guess that's okay right when we.

First started dating it was like in the first year you started getting bad and you were like she's been hiding i was like maybe this is the real nation coming out yeah but then she finally quit being hard-hitted and took my advice and went keto within one cycle it was already getting better.

And then it was that literally i can't i i literally back then i could tell you when she was gonna start a cycle like oh here we go i'm going to the garage but now i literally she just tells me i started today i'm like okay well i had no idea it was to the point like it's so.

Non-existent that then i wasn't keeping it with my period obviously because i got pregnant and it would just sneak up on me and i'd be like oh because before i could just know from my emotions and my mood and lots of other things and if you guys don't know we actually have.

Started a farm channel here on youtube there's a link down in the show notes it's called ob farms and we make videos about our chickens and our quail and our sheep and our dogs and cats and beckets in there all the time and and we're doing stuff on the farm so if you like farm videos you might want to check that that channel out trucker bear is monk.

Fruit or erythritol as a sweetener going to be bad if you're trying to do carnivore not necessarily bad trucker but i want you to do 90 days of carnivore without it just to make sure that you're not addicted to the sweetness to make sure that it's not an addiction if you can go without it for 90 days and then at the end of that 90.

Days you're like i i don't miss it but i like it it tastes good so i'm going to put it in coffee occasionally i think that's probably fine for you but i would try hard to do 90 days of carnivore with no sweetener whatsoever just so that you know for a fact you've taken care of any possible sugar or sweetness addiction.

Ashley said if you're not afraid of your woman she's not the one for you no i was afraid of nature for a while 100 100 tom tom thank you so much my wife and i have been doing ketobor for three months my wife's weight won't budge i'm curious if it's her thyroid maybe her lettuce tsh came back normal are there other.

Tests she should pursue thank you and love you yeah tom's wife and anybody any of the rest of you guys if you haven't had any weight loss after a month of what you know to be strict keto ketovoid carnivore go to my youtube channel and watch the video called the 13 reasons why your weight loss might stall.

And make sure that you investigate all 13 of those reasons some of some of the investigation will require the help of your doctor to order some lab work you may have undiagnosed adrenal issues thyroid issues sex hormone issues any number of medical conditions could be really really putting the brakes on your fat loss.

But also there are some other things in the video as well like carb creep remember that yes carb crepe will do it to you and since you're just getting started that's probably not what's going on with you say total net carbs another another big trick for people just starting this is they think.

They can count net carbs because that's what the keto snack people say if you truly want to burn the fat and lose the weight you've got to count total carbs and keep your total carbs if you're ketobor under 10 total grams of carbs a day if your keto keep it under 20 total.

Grams of carbs a day for many people when they stop the reindeer games of counting net carbs and start counting total carbs the weight loss begins immediately y'all i have a big announcement oh oh okay dr barry did the tinnitus video today the tinnitus video is in the can it's.

Just got to be edited i'm going to post it on this channel tomorrow so if you or anyone you know suffers from tinnitus tinnitus that's how her room her grandfather used to say my anatomy how many eyes tonight.

Do a damn do a denim i love it i love it i used to have a uh in my neuroanatomy class in med school we had a professor from kentucky and there's a there's a a structure in the brain called the pulvener he called it the pull viner and everybody in the class who had anatomy in undergrad we were like is that how you really say it and we look.

Just that was not how you say it and so every week in in neuroanatomy lab i would point to it and i would say what is this structure and he would say barry that's the paul viner and everyone and everybody in the class would be like because i would make him say it every week and this is why he was no teacher's favorite ever in his entire life what is.

This structure again barry that's the proviner it's so funny it's still it still gets me it gives me everything me me i'm new to this channel i have fibromyalgia i'm gonna get in better health so i think i'm gonna do carnivore uh so i just wanna understand that means no veggies during this time.

For 90 days no veggies no fruits only meat or something or things that came from an animal like eggs organ meats some people allow for dairy some people cut the dairy with fibromyalgia i would at least cut it down butter or ghee only that's the only difference yeah.

Butterscotch down if you have to have it um medium i have it like twice a week or something yep yep yep i agree you've come to the right place me me welcome i think you're going to be very happy also i've got a video about fibromyalgia on this channel many times other things are misdiagnosed as fibromyalgia when really you don't have.

Fibro at all even though you may have all the symptoms so watch that video and make sure that you've had all that stuff investigated by your doctor basically if your doctor just talked to you for a while and said oh you've got fibromyalgia then you have no idea because that's not how it's diagnosed brian rose says ghee.

Tastes like a sugar cookie briar please tell me what ghee that you are using because i don't like ghee butter tastes like a sugar cookie to me i freaking love butter ld says can intermittent fasting reduce tmj inflammation permanently and how many hours is ideal and how long to see results great question so any that's the.

Temporomandibular joint that's a joint and so what i'm about to say applies for any joint inflammation in your body now if you have a torn cartilage in your tmj or if you've had you got hit in the face and you had trauma then changing your diet may not give you the relief you're looking for but if it just came up for no damn reason even if you're chewing.

Gum all the time then 100 90 days of beef butter bacon and eggs is going to reduce the inflammation in all of your joints including your temporal mandibular tmj one of the things that i didn't notice being gone because i didn't think that you used to have it i forgot yeah so i wasn't like paying attention then one day somebody on here.

Was like my tmj is gone and i was like you know what so it's fun yep yep yep yes much of the joint inflammation that that we think oh that's just chronic i've just got that i'm old i had that injury whatever when you start eating a proper human diet a lot of that chronic inappropriate.

Inflammation goes away so try it for 90 days and see oh granny berries in the house granny berry granny berry how's it going we're going to come see you before we have a new puppy we're going to show it here in a few minutes it's super cute puppy it'll be worth the wait uh mary.

Says i've never hear you talk about eating chicken on carnivore is that allowed he doesn't like chicken on carnivore i ate a lot of chicken when i was doing carnivore and still do eat a lot of chicken most people can tell when i eat too much chicken i just don't feel as good i don't feel as sprightly i.

Don't feel as vigorous when i eat ruminant meat which is cow sheep goat deer uh moose water buffalo bison reindeer i or also camel i feel much much better i never have but if i could i would and if i remember in that part of the world i 100 percent have a camel t-bone but i can't get rude.

100 percent they're monogastric and so that's the problem with chickens i don't know i'll have to look down does anybody know or kangaroo ruminants because they look like dogs to me in the face they look they're i've only i don't know i don't know beckett loves them when we get i.

Know that they are marsupials they are marsupials i'll have to look it up i don't know i don't think i know that in australia they eat them a lot because they're like whitetail deer around here they're just everywhere yeah yeah but so for some people chicken and pork is not not fatty enough and it seems to be somewhat inflammatory for us.

And it makes sense because of the way the animals digest their food and you don't have to know all the details of that you just have to know if you don't feel as good after you eat chicken stick to beef and goat and sheep and also it doesn't matter a little bit more with the quality when it comes to chicken and pork whereas beef it's like grass-fed.

Grain finish it doesn't change it that much uh but for some people especially with autoimmune diseases that are highly sensitive to these type of things it does matter for some people for me it doesn't seem to be that big of a deal granny berry somebody just said hi to you from cambodia karen hey karen that's my buddy in.

Cambodia she just said hi from cambodia that's a long way off that's what granny was that's a long whale check in with diabetes hey man i take apple cider vinegar it lowers my blood sugar excuse me is there any signs to this or is it a coincidence thanks for all you do no there is some limited research.

That shows that apple cider vinegar will lower your blood sugar a few points some people don't notice it helps at all some people notice 10 or 20 point drop but what i'd rather you do it's fine keep taking the apple cider vinegar but i want you to keep lowering your carbohydrate intake because that's going to fix the root cause of your blood.

Sugar issues but you can use the apple cider vinegar in the interim that's totally fine pink poppies notice my necklace thank you oh they did it's a pretty necklace i'm glad i bought that for you what did you buy for me again i forgot what that store was called.

He bought it from ruby he wasn't there it's one of those kind of gifts if he's had been there he came home and said look what you bought me but you would have i totally if you just say if you've been with me you would have been like you need that i totally would darby i had did have elevated gad65 and i-c-a-a and s i a a graves i.

Cannot find a dog to run the antibody test i'm currently doing omad um two and a half pounds of beef towel organs and anything else i can do p.s i'm a guy with a giant beard i love it darby so uh you got to find a doctor who will recheck your antibodies and recheck your your thyroid levels that's important for you to know what's going.

On exactly even if you feel better which i suspect you do you feel like your symptoms are better i still want you to get those labs checked so you can see in black and white how everything's doing several people say i just don't feel as full when i eat chicken i love chicken wings and i literally.

Could eat 50 but i'd be hungry in an hour just like for me it's like eating chinese food it doesn't stick with me i think it's because it's just not fatty enough or maybe it's not not the right fatty acid ratios in the chicken fat as in the beef fat but man when i eat my fill of beef i'm not hungry for a long damn time.

what's up what's up loki loki said it's time to give us a bump update is the 30 past half past yeah you guys ready to see this half seven it's half seven you guys ready to see this baby bump maybe they don't want to see it i don't.

Know your cat is cute yes jennifer is my low-key she's a rescue cat low-key we got her for zero dollars our cats both were zero dollars toto was also zero dollars it was time for us to buy our latest puppy that you'll see later on let's see this baby beer she is gonna be.

A service animal let's see this baby oh look at that that's what eating too much beef will get you that's right that ends up you know yeah bonnie how you doing this is bonnie bonnie blue.

But i want you to remember and sing it immediately i want to hear it look it's way too long oh yeah we got to do that you don't know what that means because we were going to do it last time that we did people love it when i sing they can't stop blind hey kim happy to say that a1c was went.

From 6.6 in february down to 5.2 last week kim sutton thumbs up for you and weight down 41 pounds since january but more lost in inches uh carnivore since february 22 11 and thank you both for all that you shared yeah candace thank you well done now it's time to teach your friends and family because they can obviously look.

At you and tell you're a different person now that's amazing excuse me cynthia says why would my brother-in-law's doctor tell him it's okay to eat 250 grams of carbs a day good question but then also prescribe insulin thanks for all you do so.

Cynthia i don't think that's okay i think that's malpractice but obviously your brother-in-law's doctor currently doesn't know better but hopefully maybe you could share this video with your brother-in-law's doctor just tag him on facebook if he's on if he's got a facebook and say hey this guy said that if you don't eat carbs then.

You won't have to take any insulin at all it's kind of weird that way but yeah it's very common for dietitians to tell type 2 diabetics you need to eat 40 or 50 grams of carbs every meal three times a day and then 15 to 25 grams of carbs for each snack in between each meal so it's it's an ungodly amount of carbs.

And they wind up having to inject insulin because of the stupid advice that was given to them by their doctor it's it's it's terrible it's embarrassing i'm embarrassed because of that doctor and let me apologize for that doctor but please hopefully we can all teach this doctor to do better brooklyn i've been eating.

Keto recently and i cheated with mcdonald's last night and today i feel depressed and anxious any reason why yeah yeah you caused inflammation and that your body doesn't like inappropriate chronic inflammation that's kind of how you used to feel every day back when you were eating crap every day but it was your normal because.

You felt that way every day because you ate that way every day so you didn't really notice anything but now that you're eating keto and your your body's getting cleaner you're detoxing by not poisoning your body anymore now when you poison your body with crap your body's like hey dummy what are you doing.

I was feeling better stop that so don't do that anymore learn your lesson if you're gonna eat something from mcdonald's just get four of the quarter pounder patties and the bacon and leave everything i think most people need to stay awake there's too much temptation if you're going to be tempted don't even go uh.

Matthew says hey dr barry oh by the way thanks ashley you're all done correct happy quito i've been doing quito for three years i've lost 90 pounds um down 90 pounds recently have having a metallic taste in my mouth that comes and goes since i started some people notice this uh sometimes when you're in deep ketosis you'll get kind.

Of a metallic taste in your mouth and some people will notice a metallic kind of smell to their breath that's the ketones that's the acetone coming out uh it's not dangerous it's not bad and for most everybody it's not permanent it's just part of the temporary keto adaptation process so keep doing what you're doing keep losing that fat keep.

Putting on that muscle and making your bones stronger and temporarily just use a little extra toothpaste until that gets better and goes away kelly lost 30 pounds on carnivore but i've noticed my toxic bone gets really sore after sitting is this because i've lost my chubby butt yeah and i don't have any cushioning yes it is and now.

You're going to build some new cushion but it's not going to be fat you're going to start doing some deep knee bends some squats some papa squats you're gonna start building up your butt muscles and before and let me just tell you guys a muscular butt's way more sexy than a floppy.

Whooshy saddleback butt okay just trust dr barry on this but when you build up that butt with muscle your your coccyx your coccyx as uh napoleon dynamite's aunt used to call it uh won't hurt anymore because you'll be sitting on good firm muscle it'll actually be a better cushion than you had before.

Um vladimir can i drink alcohol and lose fat at the same time yes and no on a serious note what's the best diet for kids for development yes so i'll take that part first the best diet for kids for development of any age for the at least the first year of life.

Is bread their mother's breast milk and nothing else that's all they need after that when you start giving them solid food in six months or whenever you're going to give them lots of fatty meat lots of eggs with the yolk if they want a few berries of course they are an infant they don't know what they want.

They only eat what you put in their mouth right beckett's first bite of solid food was a piece of beef off of a beef rib that i was eating that was his first bite of food yeah we did not give him graham crackers or the little crunchies or little puffs or the little lucky charms you don't even know what that.

Stuff tastes like i almost said the s word i caught it though sorry dad dad yeah and so so yeah 100 percent watch the fatty meat and eggs with the yolk if they if you want to give them a few berries if you nuts or seeds some veg that's totally fine but what they don't need is any sugar they need no sugar at.

All they need no grains or soy beans or beans at all and they need definitely need no vegetable seed oils like canola oil corn oil soybean sunflower any peanut oil none of that crap they need to eat good healthy animal fat that's how you're going to build a big tall muscular beautiful robust.

Elegant human what was that i don't know i'll let maybe maybe off yeah she must have found something no loki's not i don't know the cats are innocent michelle michelle thanks you guys i started carnivore on january of 22 and i've lost 20 pounds gastric pain and inflammation periodontitis reverse say.

That last part again periodontitis getting better yes very common i hear this gingivitis periodontitis gum inflammation bleeding infection all that stuff gets better when you stop eating crap um can't stay in ketosis and my blood.

Pressure remains high without meds am i doing something wrong no michelle you're doing lots of things right or your periodontitis wouldn't be getting better make sure that you keep cutting the carbohydrates and you might even just go ahead and do 90 days of beef butter bacon and eggs to get your blood sugar as low normal.

And your insulin is low normal as you can because that's going to help your blood pressure come down even more and you may not be able to get off blood pressure meds all of them just because sometimes um it is hereditary there's just some blood pressures that you can get better on you can lower your medication but you'll.

Still have to take a little bit and that's okay that doesn't mean you're doing anything wrong still a victory still a victory 100 keep carry on michelle well done uh deep in what okay is getting a facial or d tan every two months bad for your face microbiome or is it fine it depends this is.

Actually a good question deepen if if there's any antimicrobial any antiseptic anything that burns your face or that kills bacteria then do not let them put that on your face if they're just scrubbing stuff on you even if it's a sugar scrub even if it's canola oil they're just.

Scrubbing it on your face that's not gonna that's not gonna affect your your microbiome in any meaningful way and for those of you who don't know you do have a facial microbiome you've got a mouth microbiome it's not just good you're back bacteria and you're good you've got an armpit microbiome that's why people who've been carnivored for a while.

Noticed that their pits don't stink as bad as they once did your feet don't stink as bad because you have altered your foot microbiome okay now if you get your shoes wet your feet are still going to stink but i'm talking about you guys that clear the room when you take your shoes off 90 days of beef butter bacon and eggs and.

Your your shoes may not smell better but your feet will smell better i promise back to the alcohol so yes now the alcohol if you're drinking alcohol you're fat burning stops it is put in a state of like um like it just it's just animation yes so until the alcohol's worked out of your system you cannot burn fat.

However some people can have an occasional drink and still lose weight while others may have to completely cut up the alcohol because the alcohol is what's keeping them from progressing so you have to figure out if you're okay with having a drink every now and then if you're drinking every day you definitely need to cut it down.

Um and definitely stick to like liquors and no beer and wine zero carbs zero sugar the worst yep 100 and some of you guys may know this but but uh banting who wrote the banting diet book he had a dr an alcoholic drink every evening and still lost a ton of weight we're not.

Saying it you're not going to lose any weight but you're going to slow down your fat burning when you drink alcohol yeah and if you have any blood sugar problems you need to not be drinking alcohol um obviously if you have kidney problems like you know if you have health issues that should be one of the things next to.

Sugar that you're cutting out as alcohol it is a slow poison yep um b thomas i want to take vitamin b um that you've mentioned in your videos is there one that you sh that we shouldn't take and also the fall retreat with rebecca what can we expect.

As a guest there okay you take the b okay so um i don't recommend that you take any b vitamins as a supplement even if you have the mthfr mutation i used to recommend methylated b12 for that but if you're eating lots of red meat and liver once or twice a week you're going to be getting all of.

The b12 that you need it's going to be highly absorbable and usable by your body now if you're if you're a vegan 100 you need to take a methylated b12 and a whole handful of other supplements but if you're eating lots of red fatty meat you don't have to take a b vitamin uh also for rebecca's retreat if you're.

Not aware rebecca farmer taylor moderator or somebody could link to her website that'd be great uh she is we just went to a retreat at the beach with her it was wonderful we're doing another one with her in the fall the best way to find out exactly what's.

Going to go down is to contact her because she's the one putting it on we're just showing up like i know there will be really good food and a really good view because it's going to be in gatlinburg and that we will be there and but basically what we did this time was we would come and we'd eat with everybody and in between meals.

We would talk to each everybody got their time with us and then we also did sit down q and a's we did one hour one day and a two hour the next day we could have went for three hours but rebecca was like okay yeah and from our experiences the last one it's a very it's not a big.

Conference it's a very few people it's a retreat what 15 20 people it's very intimate very tight-knit everybody gets to know each other very well we spend lots of time hanging out uh with you guys at these retreats it's um the end of october so basically you get to like um we'll be there the morning and the afternoon and then.

There's like free time for people to go hiking and enjoy gatlinburg like you don't have to stay at the house the whole time it's really it's a lot of fun i got two questions here if we got we got a minute uh sophie says what are your guys thoughts on botox it's not dangerous it's fine there's no problem.

We've both had botox before i haven't had any in a long time yeah she's gotta see her squints but uh if if we had somebody locally we trusted we would totally get it that's totally fine uh nation would you get a lip flip again yes she would and then holly says how do i get a doctor like dr barry i actually.

Have a youtube video on this channel that's about how to find a low-carb or keto-friendly doctor and you can put your zip code into the websites i list in the show notes and you can find a keto-friendly doctor near you it's on this channel check it out after this obviously go to a reputable person that.

Does botox don't just be like showing up like that christmas with the cranks where he's like you know if used properly in the hands of a competent professional this could 100 safe is called baby botox which means it's barely enough for anyone to be able to tell other than you and it just relaxes.

The lines and prevents wrinkles from setting in to a point um but you know to each their own gerald if you can't get enough protein in one meal then eat two meals a day boink i love liver too i may have some cod liver right here charles went home.

And searched and found your channel uh on april 11th my checkup i had lost 40 pounds and my a1c was 4.9 triglycerides 170 hdl a little low but i know everything is moving in the right direction and my blood pressure is great that's it you're doing it keep it up charles keep it up.

Debra uh do you take a multivitamin during pregnancy i'm 18 weeks and it makes me nauseous no i don't um our official recommendations like do what your provider tells you to do is our official like follow your doctor's orders my doctor told me that i could do whatever i want.

Because i was eating an appropriate diet meaning i was i eat everything that would be in a vitamin i'm getting from my food which is more absorbent and it's more absorbable and the only thing i would say supplement for sure for sure that i still supplement is iodine vitamin d3 k2 and folate.

Not folic acid folate just out of an abundance of course that's right yep unpopular opinion alert we got 3 200 people watching thank you guys for sharing this video that helps oh rainy day lady hey everyone two months.

Plus now and i'm feeling great losing weight my doctor is thrilled with my accomplishment thank you dr barry good job rainy day lady the sun is coming out girl tomorrow bet your bottom dollar.

Um kayla says have you heard of the meat and fruit dye and what are your thoughts on it yeah so if you're young if you're young and slender and metabolically healthy and you you work out three or four hours a day then you can eat quite a bit of fruit.

And even honey and probably is not going to have any noticeable effect on your body habitus but if you're older if you're a little bit fluffy you know what i mean by that that's euphemism or if you have pre-diabetes type 2.

Diabetes uh hyperinsulinemia chronic inflammation high blood pressure metabolic syndrome you need to eat as low carb as you possibly can and uh trigger alert the carbs in fruit count the sugar in fruit sugar the sugar in fruit is exactly the same sugar that's in a.

Jelly donut i'm sorry i'm sorry i love fruit i love it our blueberries will be ripe in a couple of months and me and becca will go up there and we'll eat them every day until they're gone and we'll do then we won't do that again for eleven and a half months we'll have blueberries for two weeks and then.

That's it we won't touch them again and he'll love it and i love blueberries and i'll eat some but i'm not gonna buy any from the store because that's too many times yeah too many carbs for me personally um thank you serena holly says uh newborn does this way of eating effect a babies weight gain my doctor says my.

Two-month-old weight is low at nine and nine pounds six low-key nine pounds six ounces he is breast fed always happy content sleeps really good uh do carbs go through milk yes carbs are in breast milk yes uh even if you are carnivore your breast milk will have carbohydrates in it because babies held too much too much so um it would depend.

On what birth weight was and you know what the baby's weight gain on the trajectory is it sounds like baby is happy um if baby is happy and alert and they're anywhere above the 25th percentile you keep giving your baby just breast milk you don't let them talk you into.

Some babies are smaller and that's okay uh not everybody baby can be at the 75th percentile if they were then they'd have to readjust the 75th percentile like garrison keeler used to say all the kids are above average that's not possible so all babies can't be on the upper end of the grill chart there's a bell curve yeah so but you keep an eye.

On on babies but as long as the weight is increasing then usually that's the main thing to look out for and milestones and rights all of those things mental development physical development are they here yeah but keep having a conversation with your doctor absolutely but.

Don't let them talk you into putting your baby on formula if your baby's doing but know that breast milk composition is predetermined no matter what diet you're on that's why if even the richest uh woman on the planet has a very similar breast milk to the poorest woman on the planet because your body is making a proper food for the baby it.

Will pull away from you so it's in your best interest to have a a good diet and be fed well because it's going to end up affecting you before it affects baby that's right exactly well said huzzah look at that happening now do you think it's time to show the new puppy.

Let's go she's asleep you want to see the new puppy loki said i don't want to be loki has tore up this puppy is driving loki crazy thank you james thank you very much matthew says i'm 47 my ldl is 197 triglycerides are stalled at 130 matthew that's that's normal that's good strict.

No carb uh on trt and lifting weights three or four days a week md upset i stopped statins am i crazy and why did the triggs stall so your triggers are within normal limits not everybody's going to have triglycerides of 80 okay trigs of 130 are normal that's good congratulations you won.

Tell your doctor to oh hi hi lily this is lily what do you guys think about lily lily is a standard poodle she's a poodle not a doodle just a poodle just a poodle there's no mix in her she's a she's a nope not a labrador standard.

And i did ask around on instagram because for a minute i considered a doodle but then i was like no we're getting pickled sandy has one named lily too oh so yeah she's a spoo a standard poo and she is a sweet little baby and she's gonna be fed an appropriate.

Puppy diet which is carnivore right now she's getting some goat milk with her puppy chow cause we got a transitioner so she don't get the poops we don't need diarrhea that's right that's right arctic circle was keto omad because of the pain stone and bile duct stone.

Removed by ercp want to lose more pounds will continue keto omad's slow metabolism no not if you're eating to your comfortably stuffed arctic uh eat your comfortably stuffed is that your car yes oh i was a car just like yours yeah she uh poodles get a bad rap i think people.

Just don't understand like they're extremely intelligent they're they were bred for hunting not to be fruitful dogs they're very very yeah they're actually very physical athletic dogs but people don't treat them that way and yes feeding a dog the ground up puppy kibble stuff from.

The supermarket that's just like feeding your child donuts it's literal junk food for dogs and so if your dog's currently eating kibble that's not a meat based kibble and just because it says grain free that is not meat based flip it over it'll say the percentage on the good ones it'll say like 83 percent.

Meat organs bone marrow you want it to be at least 70 animal sourced food that's what you want your dog because dogs are they're not obligate carnivores like cats they're facultative carnivores which means they need mostly meat but they can stomach uh some some carbs it's okay it's not going to harm them as long as it's only 30 or.

Less of their diet but if you want to feed your dog straight meat and eggs 100 they will thrive on that is toto in love no no total is something it is beckett is in love thank you james for the super chat he came in the door today where's my new puppy i want to see.

My new puppy where's lily yeah this dog is super cute too cute monique has phos anti-phospholipid syndrome which is an antibody disease that causes clotting had a pulmonary embolism on blood thinner now can carnivore reverse this and the need for meds uh carnivore.

Is going to help you in hundreds of ways monique but anti-phospholipid syndrome is a genetic disorder you can improve your health in hundreds of ways by eating a proper human diet but you're still going to have that genetic defect and since you did throw a pe you need to take your blood thinners i'm.

Sorry i know i'm sorry hi hi becky barry you want to come do some work yeah come do some work with me and mommy and lily you want me to hold lily daddy hopefully did mommy hold.

You you give her kisses give her lucius did you miss her yeah yeah come here lily lily weighs 10 pounds daddy she already some water some water okay we'll give her some water thank you bye okay buddy you ready to answer some.

Questions okay asking questions mom what does lilly eat what's she gonna eat dog sleeps dog feet dog food is she gonna eat bacon yeah you don't want to show are you what kind of dog is lily do you remember.

I do i don't do you sure do what kind of dog is she yeah beckett's feeling much better thank you for asking yeah a little dr becky's going to answer some questions is salt okay for dogs alberto great question every mammal every animal on the planet needs salt in.

Their diet now they don't need a ton of salt but yes they have all mammals especially need salts you want a pet lily ah selena does excess protein turn into stored fat no selena this is a common myth that you'll still hear from some keto influencers who just don't know better yet than to say stupid stuff like.

That but that's not true at all if you're eating a low-carb enough diet you're not going to make enough protein or you're not going to turn enough protein into sugar to harm you in any meaningful way is the best dog she is the best dog i love her yeah look at becky's haircut nisha did that herself i did not.

I took him i took it oh you did my haircut yourself yes i did not cut back his hair my friend bryce did she did a great job uh nancy can you switch to do keto carnivore if you've been in keto for years but you have bad hemorrhoids 100 nancy uh by converting to a carnivore diet you're going to help have less.

Total output of waste and so it's not going to irritate your hemorrhoids nearly as much as when you had to poop a lot what did you do to your eye what happened to you did you fall down what's what what happened to your eye did you scratch it houdini master says hi i have.

Ulcerative colitis and i'm on week three of carnivore is black coffee okay with ulcerative colitis or their anti-anti-nutrients um in it uh houdini master most people with ulcerative colitis and crohn's and ibs report that on carnivore they can tolerate coffee just fine now a few.

People said that coffee causes a flare for symptoms but most people can drink a cup of coffee in the morning and it doesn't seem to flare up they're good good question what are you doing becky berry yeah janice she does look like a bijon a little bit but she's not she's a she's a i saw her parents she's a poodle we saw.

Mommy and daddy what do you think becky you love us like we know this person yeah how old is liz we didn't order her on the internet she's nine weeks i think nine weeks old eight weeks al grave we've we've got feedback from hundreds of men who had benign prostate enlargement that their symptoms got.

Substantially better on a carnivore diet even on a keto or ketobor diet and i actually have a video about prostate enlargement on this channel but you can watch when we get done this evening did we get crc.

Ray cab when getting your blood work done what uh what are the most important categories outside of triglycerides so you want you want a hemoglobin a1c you want a c peptide a fasting insulin a lipid panel a complete metabolic profile of your analysis and you want a dheas check to check your adrenal function you want a.

Tsh and a free t4 at least that much to check your thyroid and you want a vitamin d25 level and depending on if you're a boy or a girl and what age you are you might also need sex hormones psa and some other things checked how's that i think she needs to go outside oh it's time to go outside.

All right guys let me i'm going to get one or two more here uh patrick let me see if i can dangerous oh yeah it's brand new um patrick i didn't see your question i'm very sorry brother if somebody can if somebody will cut and paste patrick's question i'll definitely answer it lynn.

Says yes yeah that's my pliers thank you very much my pliers not for begging to play with severe constipation on carnivore even with stool softeners don't want to add too much fat as i'm not losing weight and i'm trying to so lynn eating more fat is definitely going to help you uh with.

Easier bowel movements but eating more fats not going to make you gain fats and your physiology doesn't work that way i know there's some keto influencers who say things like that what you want to do is cut the carbohydrates the total carb intake as low as you can possibly get it lynn that's what's going to help you lose the.

Weight now you you only have three things you've got protein you've got uh fat and you've got carbohydrates that's the three macronutrients so if you cut out the carbs you've got to eat more protein and more fat so if you're just eating only protein you might have some trouble in the bathroom so increase your fat it's not going to slow down your.

Weight loss how many people watching this right now were eating a very high fat keto keto or a carnivore diet but you still lost a ton of weight put in the comments so that lynn can see that so you can ease her mind because she currently believes that if you eat lots of fat that it'll it'll slow down.

Your fat loss it's not true at all then it is one of the many myths that has popped up david says a special thank you to the phd mentors while you all took a native vacation they filled in especially on patreon thanks for having them to help us all we appreciate them kevin mitzi paola i hope you heard that.

David is very appreciative thanks for the super chat david we do have the the best moderators i think of any um uh proper human diet group around speaking of patreon if you had a question tonight we had three thousand people watching asking questions so we can't answer them all but inside of our private protected patreon community.

You can send me a direct message you can either it's just like a facebook group you can post things you can post pictures you can ask questions to the group and people will answer you uh there's all kinds of camaraderie and new friends to meet there and we also do three extra live q and a's just like this one but.

Inside of patreon so instead of 3 000 people watching there's only 100 or 200 people and so we're able to spend much more time answering questions in more detail and we're able to answer just more questions so if you've got questions you need the answer to become a patron at there's a link down in the show notes.

Thank you guys for joining us thanks for thanks for all the super chats uh we'll be back next monday at 7 p.m right here for the next monday night live or if you if you didn't get enough of us become a patron and you get three or four more live q and a's each and every week until you've got all your questions answered thanks a lot guys see you next time.

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