Proper Human Diet Q&A with Dr Berry & Neisha!!!

Proper Human Diet Q&A with Dr Berry & Neisha!!!

Proper Human Diet Q&A with Dr Berry & Neisha!!!

Check out the video on Proper Human Diet Q&A with Dr Berry & Neisha!!!.
Hello hello hello everyone welcome back to the next edition of monday night live this is nisha solis heifenberry who's a labor and delivery nurse and is getting her certification as a breastfeeding consultant may get some more certifications in your future i'm lined up to be a.

Doula and a child birth educator as well i'm dr ken berry a family physician and this is monday night live and we welcome you uh if you have a relative that always forgets to catch us live send them a text message right now and say they're live you can ask your questions.

There's don from gallatin tennessee you ain't never we were just by your way hey natalie stone john is that our john berry no that's a difference oh okay oh maybe i don't know thanks john berry for the super chat brother or cousin whichever we're going to try to answer as many of your questions as we can tonight they go.

By very fast we have moderators in the comments we have paola we have kevin and we have mitzi and a lot of times they'll answer beginner questions in the in the chat so if somebody answers you and they've got a blue wrench by their name take it to the back take it to the back hey holly thank you holly crazy uh i've got a few super chats.

Before we even went live tia said that she stopped caffeine in dairy a week ago and now she's having headaches that's that's withdrawal symptoms that's gonna last somewhere between three and fourteen days annoying but nothing dangerous right and potentially worth it so stick with it for at least two weeks the headaches go away and then.

You can see if you're getting any benefits by eliminating those things uh js said what about iodine rich carnivore foods i've got an entire video on this youtube channel about iodine rich foods all of which except for one are carnivore options danette said what about low blood sugar.

And non-diabetics it is real the net typically if you eat a high carbohydrate meal you're going to spike your insulin when your insulin comes back down it goes too low and then you have you have low blood sugar and then you have to eat again in order to feel normal as you turn down your carbohydrate intake that will happen.

Less and less and eventually stop when you're low carb enough thank you shervin very much for the super chat well done for you and your mom okay i'm caught up uh thanks to those of you saying that our maternity picks were amazing and beautiful and gorgeous didn't they should look good too yeah if i look puffy it's because they've made me cry.

Like i'm all my feels if you've been pregnant you know what i'm talking about very hormonal everything makes me want to cry i walk in the living room she's balling i'm like what's wrong she's like i'm so happy i just i was like i just love becky so look i'm gonna cry again don't do it don't do it i'd take my mascara off but uh yeah so.

If you don't follow me on instagram or facebook nisha loves it on both you can go see our lovely photos thank you to elena milby who's our favorite photographer yeah she is wonderful you see any good questions over there a lot of people doing a great job with the interview with dr chaffee yup y'all had.

A great time chatting with him it's it's on his youtube channel now and we chatted for about an hour uh seemed like a very intelligent doctor and i think he's probably going to do some good work in this space shervin wants to know um i got my one well that's uh that's sure yeah well done sherman keep up the great.

Work and teach other teach your friends how to do it all right um anything that we need to start out with announcement wise oh oh we're going to be away and so hopefully we can do our lives but if not.

Like we'll post on here and let you guys know we are doing some work with our good friend rebecca farmer and we're also going to see some of you guys week after next before you go on the low carb cruise so that's very exciting we can't wait to see you all mitzi champion says share this video i think that is a fine idea mitzi if any.

Of you guys think that what we talk about this evening might help uh people who are on your social media you're welcome to click the share button right down in the corner and share this out with the rest of the world you never know whose life you might improve cindy wants to know this is a great question what are your thoughts on carnivore for.

An old diabetic dog city of 100 dogs or carnivores i would convert your old dog i think she's talking about her husband i don't think so slowly over one to three months very slowly decrease the kibble and increase the meat you might since they're an older dog you.

Might start with cooked meat and some cooked eggs and you'll also notice that you're going to have to lower the insulin that you give your old dog not my words those are her words and before long that whole dog might not need any insulin whatsoever and might stop acting.

Like an old dog thank you ashley actually we love you too thank you katie very much katie um lauren is it dangerous to go from eating the snickers bar to carnivore the next day uh there's zero danger in converting overnight from standard american crap diet to the carnivore diet.

No danger whatsoever you might have some carbohydrate withdrawals uh this can last from three to fourteen days just like the withdrawals from any addictive substance but after that you're going to start to feel much much better and start to really rock your new carnivore diet now it's also not necessary to convert.

Overnight you can convert over a month or two from standard american junk highly processed factory-made crap diet to carnivore or keto or ketobor you can transition over a month if you want to there's no rush i just want you to transition ultimately to eating a proper human diet because.

You deserve the benefits it's going to give you shout out to vince who shared this video on me week and on twitter thank you vince thank you thank you um so sydney was no can i eat a proper human diet and use peanut oil so peanut oil is very high in omega-6 fatty acids which uh more and more research seems to be.

Showing is very inflammatory and may even contribute to the chronic medical conditions that we try to help people reverse i don't recommend peanut oil at all we used to use it back in the day but we wouldn't touch it now i recommend you use butter ghee lard bacon grease beef tallow duck fat if you want to use a plant-based oil.

Then we recommend coconut oil avocado oil or olive oil um let's see ah this is a good one natalie stone shared this to facebook yeah thank you natalie thank you alberto says hello from torino italy and to granny barry um i'm also going to translate this video to my 94 year old ketovorman.

Tomorrow she enjoyed listening to your voice i love it i love it thank you so much thank you donna for the super chat uh carrie what's up gary uh all right cat wants to know how do you transition after doing omnivore so depending on what your definition of omnivore that you know that will differ.

Yeah i'm assuming you mean eating whole foods vegetables and meat and you're just going to cut down to low carb vegetables where you may have been eating yams um parsnips carrots and things like that you'll stop using those and increase cruciferous vegetables or maybe even cut.

Down on most vegetables and increase the meat and increase the eggs yeah yeah it's very simple to do you just think about the concept as the carbohydrate knob and so you might as an omnivore you might be eating 150 or 200 total grams of carbohydrates a day just turn that down keep turning it down until you feel great until you start looking closer to.

How you want to look in the mirror good things will come when you turn down your carbohydrate knob uh hey paul thanks what michelle says alternate day fasting what are your thoughts and how long should it be done it depends on how much stored fat that you have michelle that you want to get rid of alternate day fasting is.

Very very safe you can do alternate day fasting which means you would eat one or two or three meals today then tomorrow you wouldn't eat any meals at all then the next day you would eat your regular meals and the next day you would fast again you can do that indefinitely there's no no limit to how many times you can do that.

Cycle as your ideal body weight your ideal body fat percentage as you approach that and get closer to that then you don't have the compelling reason to do that as often but if you enjoy it it helps you save time and save money and it helps your body look more like you want it to look and helps you feel.

More like you want to feel both physically and mentally you can do that from now on perfectly safe uh this is a great question michael what do you think of paleo for a beginner so both ken and i came from a paleo way of eating i think it's a really great gateway the main difference between paleo and.

Keto low-carb carnivore keto or whatever paleo really puts a lot of emphasis on plants fruits which equals carbohydrates right some people do very well on paleo a lot of us need to cut down the vegetables and make that a smaller percentage and increase the meat protein dairy um if you can tolerate it and eggs.

And so paleo is a great thing basically keto the keto that we talk about is real whole food one ingredient real actual things that either grew in the dirt or grazed on what grew in the dirt keto actually is paleo with the knob turned down yeah so when you're eating less than 20 total grams a day then that's keto pain.

Right 100 yeah so i think paleo is a great start it's a great gateway diet just like i think the vegan diet is a great gateway diet the vegetarian diet those are great first steps towards a proper human diet i don't think they are the proper human diet but i think they're great first steps and a great way for you to start to be able to.

Listen to your body's feedback adam another doctor says vegetables nuts and fruits have dense chemicals and are very very harmful even berries what is your opinion yeah so all plants do have defense chemicals built into their cells that's 100 true there's no doubt about that.

Cooking and soaking and sprouting will greatly decrease the amount of these defense phytochemicals in plants some of us can eat those and it doesn't seem to affect us other people can eat those and it is very very inflammatory it kind of depends on you personally uh that's why i love the the 90 day beef butter bacon and eggs challenge because.

There are no phytochemicals in beef butter bacon and eggs so you eliminate those completely then at the end of that 90 days you can add back in some veg see how your body reacts and then you know for sure for fact for true if you are sensitive to them or not my eyes have become less puffy in just a few minutes before you feel so funny sonny says can.

You please shout my son anthony jackson out tell him to listen to his mama about changing his diet anthony jackson listen to your mama don't make me come over there listen to me we all get to a point where we're like i should listen to my mama you can just go anthony anthony let me take you let's time travel we're going.

To go in the future 20 years and i 100 guarantee you're going to say man i wish i'd listened to my mama won't it 100 yeah just go ahead and do it now why wait um yeah okay is it okay to drink diet or.

Zero calorie soda while on carnivore if it helps satisfy your sweet tooth and keeps you compliant on the carnivore diet i think for some people it it it is one of the crutches that they need for a few weeks or a few months on keto or ketobor or carnivore is to keep drinking their diet sodas uh i want you to think about what exactly do you mean by sweet.

Tooth what does that term mean because to me that term means you're addicted to sugar and you're addicted to sweet things and if you don't mind being an addict then you can keep drinking your diet sodas but just remember every time you spend that two or three or four or five bucks for a diet pepsi diet coke diet dr.

Pepper uh you're supporting a huge multinational corporation that makes billions of dollars a year that doesn't give a damn about anybody's health so keep that in mind in my experience most people who ask me this question if i check back in on them in a few months they're either cut down.

To almost never drinking it or don't drink it anymore because you're naturally just going to become less interested in that type of thing so i think it's fine in the beginning as long as you're working towards you know tapering off of it and also on misha's channel she's got a hack of how you can decrease slowly and stop.

Ultimately your diet soda consumption sam i've been doing carnivore for two months losing a lot of weight and i'm feeling great trying to lose a lot of weight but i would like to add some vegetables back into my diet i really miss a good salad would this hinder my weight loss it will probably slow down your weight loss sam to some degree.

Might be a tiny bit might be a lot a bit but eat a salad see what happens but you know what if sam wants to make his one cheat meal a week a salad a big salad throw some bacon on there throw some boiled eggs cheese throw some anchovies on there high fat dressing blue cheese ranch make your own dressing if you can make sure it's getting made.

With a good oil right and if that's your one cheat a week i i'll bless that that's fine melissa breastfeeding mama hey tracking to make sure i'm eating enough averaging 350 grams of protein boom and 200 and 250 grams of fat is this okay per day girl yeah.

That's amazing yeah and i love it that you're tracking but just keep in mind that if you're eating until you're comfortably stuck with lots of fatty meat and eggs with yogurt it takes the pressure off of mama's trying to worry am i eating enough if they keep up with it and they're like they know i'm eating it but you're definitely dead.

So good for you mama have you seen anything over there uh deborah says do you have an opinion on using uh prolea yeah you might need it right now but after a few months of a proper human diet deborah you can talk to your doctor about not using that anymore carol thank you so much thanks j.m is that john mayer that's john mayer.

That'd be jfm if it worked i know what you're saying uh somebody wants to know they said i'm brand new to this please tell me the right oils to use go nisha if you want to include vegetable type oils olive oil and avocado oil and coconut and coconut oil.

Are okay optimally we find less inflammation from duck fat bacon fat beef tallow butter ghee anything else it can be bison it can be the fat from any animal it could probably be snake tallow that might be a challenge to render that but if somebody.

Could render me a pint of snake tallow i would sure try a tablespoon full of it uh mommy does keto this is from luke casey bracelet who got this i bought this for her today isn't that beautiful very well it's from blue cheesy he he's you know he's seriously i've always.

Listened he said lucie what's that and i looked over and i was like lou casey yeah that happened i've always heard of luke casey boots but i've never actually seen the sign and i was like lucy what is that joking but he know he didn't correct himself not joking.

I did not know but now i know because nisha laughed for about an hour and a half it was hilarious because he's so smart and when he does stuff like that makes me feel better you know uh kimber says i've been on triple b and e for eight weeks congratulations my gut hasn't settled down yet i'm not going.

Every day but when i do it's uncontrolled liquid diarrhea please help yeah if it's been eight weeks there keep in mind with any of these uh anywhere on the proper human diet spectrum eating that way does not make you immortal and it does not make you bulletproof so if you have a new symptom and it's gone on for eight weeks you.

Need to go see your doctor because there's most likely something else going on that needs to be addressed medically uh natasha welcome back natasha 100 off of 10 years of pepsin thanks to your advice may 17th will be three years on keto and 180 pounds natasha beautiful everybody hit the thumbs up tasha love.

Well done uh bob l says how would a carnivore get his his or her daily requirement of fiber it's a good question bob what is the daily requirement for fiber is fiber an essential nutrient in the human diet that's a trick question it's not if you never ate.

Another ounce of fiber for the rest of your life bob l you would be fine there we do not need fiber fiber does not help us in any way all of the research about fiber is observational research it doesn't prove anything it just shows a possible association okay you don't need fiber in your diet that's a big medical myth.

It's kind of one of the reasons i wrote the book uh paul says dr mary my wife thanks you sad that we can cheat once a week can you please clarify all right paul if your wife wants to cheat with a big salad that's full of boiled eggs and sardines and anchovies and bacon and chicken breasts then if that's her.

Once a week cheat that's that's not that's okay i mean you know when he says his cheat means real food maybe a few more vegetables every now and then i cheat on carnivore with some brussels sprouts or asparagus it doesn't mean go to your favorite bakery but if you ever see me with a.

Dairy queen blizzard in my hand take me to the hospital and get me a cat scan of my head because i have had head trauma i don't cheat like that because who would i be cheating if i did that nisha saw a siphon bearing me yeah i'd be cheating you and me i'm not gonna cheat my family i'm gonna.

Because when i eat crap food i'm cheating my entire family out of time they could be spending with me i'm not gonna do that kelly says can the proper human diet fix gastritis i've been on it for seven weeks and i have lost 170 kelly keep at it now kelly you may be one of those people who needs to be a carnivore you.

May even need 90 days of the lion diet which is just beef salt and water just to basically the ultimate elimination diet to let your stomach rest and heal and then you can start to add in other things but yes ma'am you keep doing what you're doing your gastritis will be history j.r johnson my dad's 88 his psa is 170.

They're sure his cancer has spread would carnivore help at this stage a very very low carbohydrate diet like heat or carnivore might slow down the aggressiveness and the spread of his prostate cancer it's not going to cure his cancer if his psa is 170 then it most likely is metastatic but.

And so with that being said he's 88 years old if he wants to eat his oatmeal and have a loon pie for dessert let him where did it go i wish we could go back in time jr and talk to your dad 10 years ago but yeah but now he's game 100 carnivore will slow down the the the metastasis.

And slow down the aggressiveness what'd you see something about postpartum hair loss i couldn't i don't know where it was it's a real thing it happens yeah it is and it has usually not that much to do with what you're eating it's hormones re-regulating and as long as you're.

Eating good amount of protein healthy fats it will resolve it so i had it and i was eating basically carnivore which is all protein and i still had hair loss right through here of course you can see that that has yeah that's really hot you should have seen it when it started growing back she.

Had these huge tough baby hair they were about this long and they stuck out like horns which i found quite appropriate on certain days of the month pauline says what is a proper human diet pauline's new and that's fine pauline pauline a proper human diet is an ancestrally appropriate diet it's foods that we've been eating for over 15 000.

Years on this planet it is nutrient dense it is low carbohydrate it is completely unprocessed the only processing that that happens on a proper human diet is that you chop stuff up and cook it that's the only processing if what you're about to eat came from a factory it came in a cardboard box came in a.

Plastic bag then it's most assuredly not part of a proper human diet that's what a proper human diet is uh west coast outdoor has been carnivore one week currently on trt alkaline phosphate 32 ldl105 hdl39 triglyceride 78 any thoughts on these numbers these numbers look great uh the alkaline phosphatase.

If you're worried about that you can get it rechecked in three months uh but your triglycerides and your hdl your hdl is still a little lower than i would like to see it but your triglycerides are great keep eating very low carbohydrate real whole foods and see if those numbers don't continue to ivan wants to know.

What you think about canned cod liver i love canned cod liver i have about 10 cans stacked up in the in the pantry right now it is it's my favorite liver really because it's so mild it doesn't taste like liver at all and it not only has all of the vitamins and minerals that all liver has but since it comes.

From the ocean it's also an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and iodine i really love cod liver if any of you guys haven't tried it you should try called liver melissa i'm not making enough milk for baby i'm having to be away from her for 12 hours i get about 15 to 16 ounces she.

Drinks three bottles five ounce bottles and one goat milk how old is she uh she didn't say how long she is um it's really hard when you're having to work she's getting 15 ounces a day and one goat milk so she's getting 20 ounces a day of milk so the best thing to do to up your supply is i don't know how old the baby.

Is depending on how the baby is you might have missed the window to increase supply but breast milk is supply and demand so you can increase feedings or you can increase pumping or both or both if you are pumping have a picture of baby have a video a baby looking really really cute that tricks your brain to thinking the baby's with you and.

Increases the hormones that help let down okay but you know don't stress out that's that but if you want to try power pumping look up power pumping schedule and sometimes that will help production as well make sure you're eating enough and drinking enough and resting enough yeah.

And and still skin to skin regardless of the baby's age as much skin-to-skin as you can have with that baby uh snuggling loving snuggling kissing rooting milk is a great alternative so you're on the right track good job mama who dat dave is bulletproof coffee okay i'm using heavy cream or uh using heavy.

Cream or half and half yeah so stop the half and half because that's half ass use heavy cream or even better use butter i got some goat butter and man and coffee i got some goat butter in my decaf right now it's freaking delicious uh but yeah butter is the best option but heavy cream is not terrible now uh there's nothing magic about.

Bulletproof coffee or keto coffee or fatty coffee it's just to keep you fasting longer so if you're starting to get really hungry then you can add a little fat to your coffee and that'll turn off your hunger signal and you can fast for longer uh baby seven months old so at seven months old baby can use goat milk.

Really really well so keep your pumping that you have don't stress out because go don't stress it's a great baby does great on it like becca that's drink goat milk for how long now if you're still giving your seven month old baby 15 ounces of breast milk a day honey yes yes yes yes.

Thank you dolores jared i just hit 90 days of strict carnivore lost 35 pounds boom blood pressure down 30 points say that again 35 pounds blood pressure down 30. so his blood pressure went down eating a proper healing and my daily heartburn is completely.

Gone so six friends are ready to try it that's it jared lead by example wisdom and encouragement son you're rocking it don't ever stop uh people are interested when they see some dude that they've known for years and all of a sudden he looks and feels great they're like what are you doing bubba that's the moment they're ready to hear what you.

Got to say well done rebecca what are the best intermittent fasting times for weight loss carnivore or keto i've got several videos about fasting on this channel rebecca check those out after this live you can do a daily intermittent fast like i do of 18 to 22 hours just depending uh or you can do a two day fast once a.

Week or you can do a three-day fast every other week or you can do a five-day fast once a month all those things are perfectly safe perfectly physiologically appropriate ancestrally appropriate and they're gonna help you with autophagy mytophagy and with burning excess fat off your body uh carol says any information on.

Acupuncture for hashimoto's thyroid disease hey carol i have hashimoto's it is in remission at this time i think acupuncture is fine it's not going to hurt anything it may help with your sleep and your stress which can cause hashimoto's to be inflamed but what you really need to focus on is what you're eating cut out.

All the inflammatory things do an elimination diet via carnivore if you want to join my group and link in the description work on your stress level by reading the daily story the daily stoic or any book that you feel like will help you but that's the one that i use um making sure your sleep hygiene is good getting.

Good rest and uh stress but cut the carbs go carnivore figure out what's figure out what foods affect you negatively keep a little diary that's the best way because not we're all not all created equal i can eat that shades you may not be able to eat not shave.

Right like there's a lot of individuality here so yeah nish and i together have over 600 videos about keto ketovor carnivore fasting uh lifestyle all those things we on on her channel which is nisha loves it or just search for nisha berry on youtube and then on my channel which you're on right now well all those.

Videos we put them there for a reason to help you understand this yeah anybody got bad weather we just had a little bit of wind we didn't have anything bad nothing near or as bad as what happened in kansas so hey bonk i i bought some liverwurst today i bought a pound he's not even listening to what i just.

Said he has no idea what'd you just say about some about the weather anytime i hear the word weather my brain goes about the horrible tornadoes oh i know it was terrible i saw the video man if any of you guys have never been in a tornado it is not scary it is not fun um gallon.

Barbie survived aortic dissection wow back in 2016 been on carnivore for two months down almost 20 pounds feeling good just afraid of salt and my blood pressure would you still recommend 100 i recommend a carnivore definitely check your blood pressure at least twice a day only when you are sitting calm quiet and relaxed and.

Chilled out write those numbers down and keep up with them which i think you're going to find even if you salt your carnivore diet to your taste i don't mean to add extra salt for no damn reason i mean if it needs salt put salt what you're going to notice is as your insulin level goes back down to low normal your blood pressure is actually.

Going to come down and i'm sure you're on one or two or three different blood pressure medications you might actually be able to get off some of those after a few months of a carnivore diet uh ashley says can you explain the benefits of goat milk versus dairy for a toddler looking to transition my 22 month old from nursing to bottles first.

Of all well done mama 22 months good job well done um the main reason we transitioned back it from breast milk to goat milk is the protein is much more easily digested by everyone really not just toddlers but specifically toddlers as well all goat milk protein is an a2 protein and most of the cow's.

Milk you can buy in the store is a1 which for most people is seems to be more inflammatory than the a2 protein in goat's milk so that's the main reason also a lot of children will have skin issues with dairy milk and none with goat milk there's a lot of things that are more beneficial with goat milk you can find.

Goat milk pretty much everywhere now walmart carries it sprouts carries it if you can find a local goat dairy that would be awesome we don't have one locally but if we did we would definitely and this is very healthy and perfectly normal and natural and ancestrally appropriate for your baby your child to drink goat's.

Milk up until the time they're four five six seven years of age and at that point it's time to wean them off of the milk because that's what human beings have done with their babies for millions of years millions and millions have you done a dairy video dream have you done a tinnitus video i've got.

It all in my head i've got it all in my head hey matt thanks so much uh greener fields how long does it take to heal from adrenal fatigue well it depends on what actual diagnosis you have greener fields there's no actual diagnosis of adrenal fatigue this is a kind of a made-up diagnosis.

I totally believe that your symptoms are real but there's really no such thing as adrenal fatigue if your adrenal glands in fact did become fatigued and stop putting out the hormones they make you'd be dead in a few hours so there's something going on with you you need to maybe see another doctor and.

Don't go to that doctor and say hey i have adrenal fatigue what should i do write down your specific symptoms and go see a new doctor and tell them all your symptoms but don't say the phrase adrenal fatigue because if you say that you're going to muddy the water and you might walk out with no more information than you walked in with.

Angela yes pickled eggs are amazing and fantastic quail pickled eggs duck chicken legs soca any kind of pickles so good just you know check and make sure they're not bread and butter pickled eggs right because then they're not sugar-free pickled eggs thank you william so much.

All right monica i know whole foods comes first but is there any benefits at all to taking collagen powders or is it just money down the drain regardless of the brand yeah protein powders collagen powders branch chain amino acid powders are everybody listen up listen carefully they are all a waste of money you can get more amino acids more protein more.

Branched chain amino acids by eating your fatty meat and your eggs with the yolk the protein and the amino acids in meat and eggs is going to be more bioavailable more bio absorbable and more bio-usable stop blowing your money on collagen powder.

Just eat the the collagen rich foods i've got a video on this channel you can watch for free and then you probably already have some of these foods in your fridge if not you can buy some have them in your fridge and pantry you can eat a serving each day and you'll be getting more collagen than you ever got from that stupid.

Waste of money powder i know it feels like you're really doing something nice it feels like yes that's because we've been programmed to think that we need those things i need a pill a powder a potion angeline shout out i've been keto carnivore since january i no longer have anemia gastritis or ingest indigestion no antacids it's really changed my life.

And down 25 pounds oh and also she lost 25 way to go angelina angeline beautiful now teach your friends and family uh angelic annihilator i love that last week you said to get a dental implant that's non-inflammatory material what do you mean aren't all implants made of titanium.

Most are but there are some that are not and titanium is one of the less inflammatory of the implant materials that you can use i think that's probably the least bad i don't want you to have any artificial things put in your body but that's one of the one of the least.

Bad that you can use carnivore grammy have you heard if anyone's osteosclerosis is reversing suddenly i can hear from a long deaf ear not 100 but a little bit okay so let's talk about the retina in your eye and your inner ear these and so the retina on the back of your eyes actually brain tissue it's.

Just an extension through the optic nerve of brain tissue your inner ear your cochlea and all the little nerves in there that's just an extension of your brain so it makes perfect sense that many of you are going to notice improved vision and improved hearing by eating a diet that's very.

Uninflammatory like keto keto or carnivore and so yeah it doesn't surprise me at all that your hearing has improved a little bit now i don't think that that all you guys are going to go back to 2010 vision and being able to hear a pin drop uh down in the hauler but i do think.

It's very likely you're going to notice some improvement in those areas it makes perfect sense denise hey dr berry nurse nisha i would love to hear any about some varicose veins anything i can do besides surgery to reverse or improve to the vein clinic of america doctor said i'm five times more at risk for a clot is this true.

No you are a little bit higher risk of a clot but not five times that's that's pushing it uh so with that being said if you have the tiny little spider veins we've heard numerous reports of people saying hey after six months of carnivore my spider veins are much better but if you have the big ropey varicose vein.

What's happened is the valve in that vein has basically flipped inside out and become incompetent and so you're probably not going to be able to fix that that's an anatomical issue that's a that's a part failure issue you're probably not going to be able to fix that with just diet there are multiple different little minorly.

Invasive surgical procedures you can have to fix those veins make sure and do your research before you lay down on a surgeon's table thank you lloyd thank you lynette um thank you so much for all the super chats sarah i have hashimoto's and the mthfr factor did you say you were around.

In remission what did you to get what did you do to get in remission so yes i am in remission my antibodies are under one my tsh is primo i just had it checked today 2.3 yes um and i'm pregnant so and your symptoms how are your hashimoto's yeah symptoms are.

All nearly non-existent unless i do something stupid okay like eat some junk right um so if you want to learn more like it's a long story you can come over to my channel there are several videos about what i did specifically um but the long and short of it is i went carnivore i figured out what foods inflamed me and.

What foods didn't and i'm mostly meat-based keto which means most of most days i eat meat and every now and then i'll eat some onions maybe some brussels sprouts and and tomatoes and things like that because i know that they do not affect me negatively so yep elizabeth remember that salt is sodium chloride.

So if you're eating a low salt diet that could very likely explain your low chloride level uh also there are there's a list of medications that can give you low chloride so go through your medicines and see if you're taking one of those if not then just salt your food to taste stop eating a.

Low-salt diet emily have you ever heard of an adrenal cocktail if so what are your thoughts i have uh there's very very little research emily that supports such things there's a little bit but not enough to be meaningful the best thing you can do for your adrenal glands is eat on the proper.

Human diet spectrum keto ketable carnivore that diet gives you everything your adrenal glands need number one but also it eliminates everything that they don't need to be exposed to and your adrenal glands their default setting is optimal function you've just got to.

Stop poisoning them with too many carbohydrates and inflammatory foods and you've got to give them all of the vitamins minerals amino acids and fatty acids they need they'll do their job just fine all right rje my hair is falling out bad how can i up my protein without having to eat even more i do intermittent.

Fasting and two meals a day i'm trying to lose weight yeah sounds to me like rje that you're still portion controlling stop that immediately i want you to eat more i want you to eat until you're so comfortably stuffed that you cannot take another bite of food and you can do that with two meals a day yes yes do not portion control on keto.

Keto or carnivore it is not necessary i know you feel like what are you saying dr barry i will literally gain 100 pounds if i just eat till i'm full no that's how you're supposed to do it that's how we've done it for millions of years do you have a video about.

Can too much protein i haven't i don't believe that yeah i have several videos about protein too much protein no no no i don't have one but that's a good idea yeah sam you guys are awesome i love this live stream thank you thank you thank you thank you uh pls jones can keto help with pots.

Yeah we've had multiple people with uh pots who said yeah my symptoms got way less severe uh and basically i'm able to carry on a normal wife without fear of getting lightheaded or passing out anymore it's a it's a hype it's a blood pressure issue where if you stand up or you move too fast you can get light-headed.

All right you can pick one if you'd like okay over there uh bb says where do vegetables fit into the carnivore diet vegetables fit into the animal's mouth and then you eat the animal that's what carnivore is you don't have to be carnivores you don't have to be.

Carnivore no that's just people try it fine they feel so amazing that they never go back and everyone like sometimes on their birthday they'll have broccoli okay like but it's not everybody has to do it trish ask your doctor if you have gilbert's it spelled just like that gilbert syndrome a lot of times that can cause.

Your billy ribbon to be wonky when everything else is normal uh rose hello bros is their best time of day to take lisinopril well center pill lasts about 24 hours and it doesn't make you drowsy so you can take it you just want to take it about the same time each day but it can be a morning med or uh evening med.

Either one hey have you hit that thumb thumbs up it has a thumb and it looks just like just like this and you just go click and it goes it gives you a reward julie jones says what are the healthy fats that are in a carnivore diet animal fats julie butter ghee the fat that's attached beef tallow.

Uh bacon grease these are healthy fats that humans have been eating for millions of years okay they're good for you your body knows exactly what to do with them you realize that we've only been eating canola oil and soybean oil for like a few decades right before before.

1920 no human on the planet ever had eaten soybean oil or canola oil you understand they're completely artificially made in a factory right oh google it yeah google the hat and there's a video how is canola oil made it is gross and i've been told i've never been in a canola factory but i've been told that it smells like.

Putrid butthole in the it's like awful the smell of it before they deodorize it smells amazing okay hey did you know i'm pregnant oh is it time for a bump day you guys want to see the bump let's see look at this dress i bought this for her today look at this baby.

Girl hello girl we have said her name you can say her name yeah becky goes how many weeks am i do you know um uh you're in the third trimester i am in the third trimester i'm a doctor that's how i think about pregnancy i am seven-ish months 28 weeks however you want to we're in the we're in the home stretch that's that's where we are.

Uh baby girl i would not buy that cologne mommy does keto david is it true that due to genetics our bodies will always have a certain amount of body fat for optimum health survival yeah even on a piece excellent excellent question david so.

For women a healthy normal body fat is from 10 us from 15 all the way up to 25 okay for men it's 10 to 20 so when you see these bodybuilders that have four percent body.

Fat that you can see the blood veins in their their abdominal muscles that's not normal and that's not healthy and that should not be your goal okay uh if you when your body fat percentage gets low enough to be healthy you're going to be able to see veins in your arm maybe here maybe here.

And that's it you're never you're if you ever see the veins in your abdominal musculature you're too too damn skinny you need to go and eat some some protein and some fat okay it is not normal to be that skinny women lose their menstrual cycle men get so weak they can barely walk um we actually have a good friend his.

Name's robert sykes and he's a competitive bodybuilder and he was doing a cut one time and so right before the show they have to cut their body fat percentage as low as they can possibly so you can see all the vascular and all the muscles and robert is the sweetest guy you've ever.

Met he is a gentleman he is a scholar but he was just a little butthole he was just a little cranky still super sweet but for robert we were like you're hungry he had no energy he had no personality he was just like plus we it was ken's birthday we were all at out to eat and we're all eating all of our you know family members.

Yeah yeah so 10 to 20 is normal and healthy and perfect for men 15 to 25 is normal and healthy and perfect for women we are the fattiest primates on the planet okay we're supposed to have some stored body fat it's normal for us hey roxanna right.

this is very interesting question edward wants to know could a colonic be beneficial when starting carnivore just to jump start the plumbing edward your plumbing does not need your help your blood vessels do not need you to to to rinse them out.

And your gastrointestinal system does not need you to rinse it out it is self-cleaning if you're eating the right food and if you've eaten some junk in the in the past within three to five days all that crap's going to be out of your colon it will be squeaky clean relatively speaking as far as colons go brian from eastern tennessee hey.

Neighbor have you just developed a network of primary care doctors yet that use keto and nutrition to treat instead of acting like a sales rep for pharma in the tri-cities i don't know of anyone brian in the tri-cities area uh but i do have a youtube video called how to find a low-carb keto doctor near you and in the show notes are six different.

Websites you can put your zip code in and it'll tell you how where the nearest low-carb keto doctor is and uh every day more and more doctors are signing up to those websites because more and more doctors every day are like you know keto makes a lot of sense now that i actually try to remember my biochemistry my physiology that actually.

Sounds like i don't know the proper human diet paul will you send me a message in our group and remind me so i can tell autumn to make us uh eat until you're comfortably still no it needs i have become.

Comfortably stuffed bacon bacon yeah i'm gonna eat you sorry i'm i'm truly sorry i apologize you'll make me snot away though comfortably stuffed okay sabrina nisha i'm keto and do omad i.

Want to go carnivore but i love my veggies and avocados way too much well i see benefits if i do at least two days a week can't afford that yes but um what i recommend there's a video on my channel called ketovor 13 basics to ketobor basically that'll walk you through what i recommend for about a month and that and but it's like basically you.

You eat meat every single day until you're like i need a vegetable and then you eat a vegetable okay and so it kind of walks you into carnivore it's a good transition yeah yeah and and i think if you still have benefits that can be gained yeah you're gonna think doing two days of carnivore a week three days a week doing.

Carnivore every other day and then keto on the opposing days that's a great strategy 100 i love that oh this is baby number two for me baby number what for you how many does this make six kids he got started early to be fair yeah my my oldest son's 12 years younger than me.

James wants to know where can i order the the berry christmas album uh to be announced i think we should totally do that i don't know about that joanna says we need a teacher that says i cheat on carnivore with keto yeah yeah yeah keto is my carnivore mistress uh aussie keto i have a t-shirt on my channel that.

Says don't go back in my heart i couldn't if i've run so you know oh i love that that's cool don't go bacon couldn't if i fried i've never heard that part angie you busted my chops pretty bad on clubhouse so they're not asked a question about chocolate cravings your.

No bs way helps me so much thank you thank you super chat and you know that i busted your chops with love i hope you know that there there's one coming up that's going to be perfect for you god bless dr barone becca and bonnie and granny berry thank you so much granny berry is watching.

Tonight would you guys mind terribly saying hi to granny barry and where you're watching from she loves that that's she does it my dad says she doesn't care about macro she doesn't care about keto all she wants to know is how many people said hi to granny berry and where they she loves it there's one from australia.

Granny tucson arizona she knows hey jamie lee says what are your thoughts on breast implant illness my gp suggested i have my implants removed i am really glad i did could you do a video that is coming up on my channel i currently have breast implants.

Obviously i'm pregnant so it's not like i have those techniques i already had mine taken out when i decided to have them uh when i like it was oh maybe my implants contributed to my autoimmune issue i was trying to get pregnant so i couldn't really have them taken out then then i was pregnant and i was breastfeeding for 20 months then i.

Got pregnant again so you know we're working on it but yes we're going to do a video probably together about breast implant illness also there's another term for it asia and that whatever what does it stand for yeah i forgot um we'll talk about it but yeah it's i think breast implants definitely.

Contribute to some people not all people and having them take it take it out helps some people and not all people i think uh almost every person who has breast implants and has had an autoimmune disorder developed needs to do an elimination diet for sure remember i said earlier i don't think it's ideal to have any foreign bodies.

Inside your body you need to only have things in there that were put there by the creator or by your husband hey mommy does quito where did you go where did that go freddie freddie sip says he can't do keto due to trouble digesting fat freddy what what what happened.

Freddie what you're going to do is you're going to slowly increase the fat don't try to switch to keto overnight uh your gallbladder may be floppy you may not have a gallbladder in which case you can still eat keto but you're just going to transition to it slowly over a month or two give your gallbladder and your liver time to catch up and get and.

Strengthen up and get prepared you'll be able to do it just fine what'd you miss mommy goes keto had a question and then it literally just disappeared come on youtube sorry mommy does keto type it in again uh j i did jamie's already why did that disappear so fast i just saw it i'm sorry ryan says dr barry how do i talk.

To my father who is 75 he's overweight and he's pre-diabetic how do i talk to him about carnivore ryan first of all have you have you been walking the walk have you reversed all of your chronic health problems and now have an ideal body weight or close to it because typically once you do that first then parents and.

Uncles and aunts and other relatives are much more likely to listen to you i would just maybe share some of my videos with with your dad a lot of people if they have an older parent they find that that really helps a lot that if it comes from you the child they don't listen to you but if you're like hey there's this doctor on on on the computer.

Talking about eating meat and how healthy it is would you let's watch this maybe watch it with your dad hey joanna says don't forget to like and share that's right joanna thank you joanna hey girl welcome back what's better to monitor blood glucose or ketones i'm doing terribly sticking to keto and feel like i need to go back to blood.

Monitoring to keep myself on track i think definitely glucose keeps you more honest yep because you can get away with eating some things and still be in ketosis but maybe not seeing optimum insulin yeah and if you can talk your doctor into ordering a cgm.

Oh yes then you can do this watch this show them how you do it nisha this little sensor checks her blood sugar every five minutes and she can hold her phone up to it first i just need it look at that baby look at that isn't he the cutest okay sorry.

I'm that mom it has an app on her phone and she i just do this is that and it beeps and then it shows me so that's like the look at that curve over how am i wearing my hair well here look how flat that curve is when you're eating ketovor or carnivore that's the kind of blood sugar curve you can expect even if you're currently a type 2.

Diabetic or have pre-diabetes or if you're a type 1 diabetic you can still have a beautiful flat curve like that by eating low carb enough to be clear every time i show this people are like do you have gestational diabetes no i don't i don't have any type of diabetes i'm doing this because i refused the glucose test because i did not want to um.

Party chug 50 grams of sugar in 75 grams 75 grams okay um and so instead of doing that i just check my sugars for two weeks then i give it to my midwife and then i don't have to do the glucose dollars test shirley said that you're cute and i'm funny i think shirley thanks shirley thank y'all oh my goodness jane thank.

You so much hey crusader thank you so much dr barry and beautiful nurse nisha what is your opinion on cod liver and rose hip and hibiscus tea cod liver is amazing i i suggest everybody listening to my voice eat one can of cod liver a week you can mix it with mustard you can mix it you can put it in the salad you can actually fry it in bacon.

Grease there's so many ways you can eat cod liver it's very mild it does not taste like liver and it's got all of this it's it's a super food multivitamin okay in a little three or four ounce can there's not much of it at all and just that one serving a week you're going to be blown away at the nutrition that's in it i forgot uh this is the freestyle.

Library that's the least expensive one that we were able to find um but i think that's what this moon god is let me answer this please talk about mercury fillings in my teeth they're so expensive to remove can keto or carnivore help so mercury is is a toxic.

Heavy metal there's no doubt about that now all dentists will tell you that the amalgam in your fillings that the mercury does not leach out i have seen research and i have seen video that make me highly suspicious that that is not true i i still have a few amalgam.

Fillings and but i would like to have them removed one day but you're right it's ungodly expensive i got a few from back back in the day teenage years when i didn't listen to granny barry about brushing my teeth i didn't have a cavity until i was 12 years old and when once puberty struck and i knew it all then i would go in.

There and i would wet the toothbrush and move the toothpaste and that was way more work literally i would take twice as long faking it that's just brushing my teeth i don't know what the hell is wrong i have no cavities and no feelings i don't know phillip will you and when will you and.

Kim release your lab book it's 99.99 finished uh we've already released a uh the free pdf version to our five dollar and up patrons on and as soon as all the typos are done it's going to be live for purchase as a pdf and then we're going to have like a workbook folder.

Uh version coming soon we'll be able to explain this better yeah all the patrons on my patreon will get first dibs to know when the book goes on sale and then after they've they've had a chance to buy then i'll announce it to the world tisha tells it tisha tells it i'm omad keto carnivore.

I've lost 28 pounds in six weeks reversing my anemia hypertension type two diabetes thank you guys beautiful well done tisha now you go and tells it serious oh my god brenda how much beef or chicken liver can i give my two-year-old daughter and how often as much as she wants it uh beckett ate chicken liver that was one of his first.

Foods it's very soft and super nutrient dense um well about once a week probably we would put it on his plate he was very little then he would eat an ounce once or twice a week he had a little silicone spoon and i would just put that on there and then he would just yep eat it up yum yum.

Um so if they're willing to eat it then you know offer it and if they don't want to eat it then they won't eat it you know what i mean it's not yeah you have to force it but if you use niches chicken nugget recipe and cooked chicken liver using that and it's a carnivore uh chicken nugget recipe if you make.

Chicken livers like that ain't no kid in america not gonna eat that because it's freaking delicious debbie says um asking this on behalf of carl um way overweight just completed my first month of stretch carnivore no cheating i lost four pounds of water the first week nothing since any recommendation yeah i have a video on this channel debbie.

After this is over go watch it oh carl it's called the 13 reasons why your weight loss might stall you need to investigate each one of those thirteen first month yeah but now uh the first month it's very common to lose some water weight and then for not much else to happen uh don't call this a weight loss stall.

Until you haven't lost any more weight in three months because i promise you your metabolism is healing the machinery is getting geared up before long he's going to notice some fat loss on the scale carl also really encourage you to use measurements along with the scale skills fine i understand you want to check your.

Weight that's fine uh but do inches as well because some people oh my god becky brought my tailor's tape back sometimes you can be losing inches and uh the scale stays the same so buy a tailor's tape just like this and you're going to wrap it around and you're going to be like 40 and a half and you're going to write.

That down and you're going to do that for your neck your shoulders your bust or chest whichever you have your midsection right around the belly button your hips your waist your thigh and your calf and you're going to write those down and you're going to recheck those once a month and at the end of a month you're.

Like i don't i haven't lost any pounds then you're gonna check your measurements and go crap i've lost eight inches it is nurses week happy nurses week to my fellow nurses you guys rocking you know it yeah it's also i think teachers week the same week so if you're a teacher you.

Also rock and you also know it my mother's a teacher my grandfather was a teacher and a principal pretty much every cousin that i have is a teacher but we love our teachers and our nurses happy nurses and teachers yes everybody loves raymond says is it okay to eat beef tallow by the spoonful why yes it.

Is i mean yes i would cook with it i would i would eat the fat that normally comes attached to your beef tell your butcher or your meat manager to not trim the fat but if you if you enjoy eating beef tallow i'd much rather you eat beef tallow or butter by the spoonful than peanut butter yes jane thanks a lot jane.

True blue high stress childhood antibiotics for four years and chemo and a sad diet has caused leaky gut i've been 30 days on mad carnivore with 125 billion probiotics half a message where's the rest of the most true blue see if i can see it over here we're looking true blue so if your.

Question is loaded next day why i'm going to do carnivore for 90 days i'm worried my lucky gut will never heal can i have garlic and spices if i were you i would do 90 days of strict carnivore beef butter bacon and eggs with no spices just redmond's real salt see that little container right there.

Redmond's real salt it's nothing but salt and some trace minerals they there's no aluminum there's no dextrose which is you know umbrella girl cereal salt that has sugar in it dextrose who knew right discount code nation yeah and there's links down in the show notes for redmond um also best toothpaste is something that is it for adults that has.

You know like toms is good redmond's also though sugar free and no fluoride that's what you're looking for yeah so uh if you're on the redmond's website to buy salt might as well get pick us up but true blue you're going to be shocked at how much healthier your gut feels after 90 days of carnivore beef butter bacon and eggs.

Triple b and e justin i have a very high triglycerides and cholesterol levels with the carnivore diet or keto diet help with those levels i've read reports about doing low fat diets low fat low fat's never going to fix your triglycerides in fact it might make your triglycerides worse keto ketovoir or carnivore is going to.

Get your triglycerides back down to a normal level within weeks to months okay it's going to be delicious and nutritious and you're going to have a normal triglyceride level now if you're worried about your total cholesterol level or your ldl cholesterol level i've got youtube videos on this channel that you.

Can watch right after this live to help you understand why you shouldn't worry about your ldl cholesterol but you should worry about your triglycerides your hdl your a1c and your c peptide those are very very important todd and gin very good points you can use baking soda you don't even have to buy two trays yeah my mom used to make me do.

That for my teeth i hated it and i'm pretty scarred so i would never know i could just probably have like a little trauma from like oh i hated the taste of it i felt like my breath that was funny and weird like no i can't do it but you all you definitely can use some baking soda you don't need to go out and buy special.

Toothpaste yeah i guess beckett's not going to make it home in time tonight you know he may have um fallen asleep on yeah he may be napping yeah let's get one more good question uh greg says hemochromatosis and carnivore diet so greg are you are even though you have.

Hemochromatosis are you still a human being yes you are so you need to eat a proper human diet absolutely a proper human diet is not going to make your iron levels inappropriately high it's not going to make your hemoglobin hematocrit inappropriately high a proper human diet is going to move your lab levels right where they need to.

Be now you have a genetic defect that gives you hemochromatosis so you have to pay special attention to iron overload and other things associated you would have to pay careful attention to those things whether you ate a proper human diet or not ray says uh this is the last one thank.

You for the super chat ray dr barry thanks to your videos and the proper human diet i've lost 90 pounds and i feel amazing thank you guys thanks so much for the super chats any final words beautiful wife if you were a mama mama to be breastfeeding mama or you just think that i'm cool and you want to come.

Hang out with me my channel is linked in the description or you can just put i do nisha loves it nation very into youtube and it'll pop up come hang out with me we have a good time over on my channel i show you uh what we eat in a day daily vlogs and see what beckett eats and when bonnie gets here you can see what she eats too absolutely absolutely.

Um we already did that okay uh yeah oh did we talk about roast hip and yeah rose hip and hibiscus tea it's fine as long as it's sugar free and no carbohydrates but i don't think there's any special magic in rosehip or hibiscus tea if the old becket's coming hang on don't leave if you have a important question.

About nutrition medicine diagnosis of medication lifestyle and you didn't get it answered tonight you can become a patron on my patreon there's a link down in the show notes we have four additional live q and a's each and every week inside of our private protected patreon tribe uh and you can get your.

Question answered there patreon is per month not per video so you just have access to it you can cancel it anytime that's right uh you can pay you can upgrade you can downgrade yeah anytime you can pay a year in advance and i think you get a 10 discount or something like that but yeah it's totally up to you you can cancel any time you can.

Upgrade your debt very like you said yeah yeah um beckett we're going to wait because sometimes he might be asleep he wants to work with us and if we quit then he gets upset because he came to work and we quit before he got here so but sometimes he doesn't want to work so.

We'll see what kind of move he's in tonight liz says good night granny berry good night granny berry we love you uh what are the blood glucose levels we should be looking for cat asks so you want a fasting blood sugar between 60 and 99 cats and you after a meal one hour after a meal you never want your blood sugar to go higher than.

140 uh ideally lower than that but that's kind of the cutoff if if you're having numbers higher than that then you're either some degree of prediabetes or type 2 diabetes thank you do you like it yeah.

Daddy did good look i got mommy a bracelet too i was like a king come up here and look at this bracelet she also got a necklace too there's becky berry say hi everybody see mama's necklace a ruby.

Puppy ruby and a b that's right what's the b for you no me yes that's right all right we're going to sign off guys thanks so much for hanging out with us we'll see you next time now if you want to do another live q a tomorrow at 6 00.

Pm become a patron and you'll be there otherwise i'll see you next week tell everybody bye baby becky
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