Proper Human Diet Q&A with Dr Berry & @Neisha !

Proper Human Diet Q&A with Dr Berry & @Neisha !

Proper Human Diet Q&A with Dr Berry & @Neisha !

Check out the video on Proper Human Diet Q&A with Dr Berry & @Neisha !.
You're alive welcome back friends and neighbors I'm Dr Ken Berry a family physician and this is my lovely wife and partner in life Misha Salas Eiffel Barry RN comma CBC does not stand for complete blood count excited I'm just so what is this I'm just so proud to be here proud to be here hey Natalie Stone Happy fall is it.

Crispy in your area or is it still a hottest places it's just very nice today crispy morning this morning we took Bonnie out on the front porch and she got to breathe the morning air it was nice and crisp and cool and I put her feet on the floor she grounded a little bit and then she drank some Teddy milk it's a great morning for.

Her hey Roxanna how's it going uh everybody remember now if you've got somebody who always wants to catch this live Now's the Time to text them uh damn them hey Natalie Stone send them an email you can write him a letter but I don't think it'll get there in time with today's United Postal Service so.

Whatever you need to do Facebook share on Instagram now everybody can share links on Instagram did you know that guys no share that link oh you can everybody can oh so you can share this on Instagram right I did not know that he's had these things I bought two more pairs that's right because I break a pair every two.

Weeks so or Beckett breaks a pair or lily takes them and we don't know what's happened to him so yeah yeah the average pair of glasses last two weeks in this house so I got some more since you like them I was like really they're nice and like how many lives have you done since then well you did a video where you were my.

Thing I don't know so other people were also saying that they were jujube lifted the heaviest the personal personal record a PR in the gym today afterwards well done well done a little chilly up in Upstate New York I hear hey Lance how's it going all right guys let's get started with some questions and answers.

If you got a question try to be as succinct and pithy as you can without being laconic and we will try to answer as many questions words today it's showing off my aging locations it's a question all right let's go what um.

Let's see look at this one it's crispy as bacon in Wisconsin ah the legia says is goat's milk better than cow's milk for toddlers if so why so on average yeah for most kids uh all goats move and sheep's milk and Camel's milk and reindeer milk is A2 milk that's the kind of casein that it has in it most cow milk at least in the United.

States is a one which many children and many humans seem to find more inflammatory and so we tried Beckett with just cow's milk full fat and he was spit up he didn't like it it was not a good thing but we switched him to full fat goat's milk and he's done fine he probably drinks a quarter day probably yeah he probably.

Drinks a quarter day in addition to all of the keto and carnivore food that he eats and uh I think that that's part of the reason he's so blasted smart all right so Mom on the Move says I'd love to see how you raise your chickens over on your OB Farms Channel okay yeah if you guys didn't know we have a farm Channel we're we're amateur farmers and.

Ranchers we are not professionals we are learning as we go but yeah definitely Nisha will have to get out there and make it and show how we're currently doing the chickens which is I'm not proud of it but that's it's the best we can do right now we're working on it about to upgrade the chicken situation thank you John for the Super Chat.

Trucking with diabetes thanks for all the education you provide also you may have to explain some of those big forwards my first semester in college one of my good friends was taking an honors English class that I was not invited to attend because I was a c student in high school and one of the books that they.

Used during that honors English this is for the smart kids was 30 days to a better vocabulary and I felt really left out and so every time I got a chance I would grab his book and I would learn some of his words and so that's that's where I've learned those words you also read everything I love that too yeah yeah.

Anytime anytime I see a word on a I'm reading a blog post or an article I double click on it right click and hit Google search and it pops up the definition I learned the definition then I move on and I think if we we should all probably be doing that trucker with diabetes right Patricia says I found some Honey Nut keto cereal today would.

That be okay on low carb low sugar diet or eating all that depends yeah it's probably low carb but is it keto I seriously don't I think depends on what what are your goals are your goals Health optimization weight loss to heal something if you are someone who's trying to heal your diabetes type 2 diabetes autoimmune.

Disease those type of things any kind of product with the rare exception of some things are not the best option so so if you've just started if you just switched yesterday from Honey Nut Cheerios then the the Honey Nut Cheetos probably that's a good Improvement and you can use that for a few months until your your progress stalls and then you'll.

Realize oh I need to be eating actual real food not highly processed Factory produced stuff try your best to eat Whole Foods one ingredient low carb yep uh Stephanie says hello thank you so much for the bipolar research you posted earlier I will use this in my practice and we'll share with my colleagues.

Excellent excellent so for those of you who don't know I posted a video today about all the evidence showing that a ketogenic diet is very useful and helpful for bipolar disorder both top one type two uh manic depression all that stuff it literally for some people helps their symptoms so much they can decrease or stop their medication and so.

If you if you have someone you love who has bipolar disorder you might share that video with them hey Roxanna thank you so much Brett I'm really enjoying a 48-hour fast one a week while on Carnivore what meal would you recommend breaking that fast when it ends if it's just a 48 hour fast you can break with pretty much anything.

But most of the time if I fast 48 hours or longer I'll break it with one or two scrambled eggs scrambled in butter that way it kind of gives your tummy a chance to wake up get all your juices flowing and then you can smash a rib eye or something later on Max Zool says what do you eat every day well what do you want to come over to my channel oh yes Nisha.

As Linked In the description I show pretty much what we eat in a day if you don't see what Dr Barrett eats but you see what I eat and it's a steak that's that's what he ate that's right and it's I mean that's pretty much every day we eat a lot of ribeye steaks eggs bacon today I I broke my fast about 2 p.m ish with two pounds of ground beef four egg.

Yolks and some taco meat that I made taco seasoning yeah my arm rest zero says do I need to supplement on a carnivore diet with crohn's disease Abby D still having some digestive issues after a couple of months but everything else is fine yeah probably not zero make sure you're.

Getting enough vitamin D and iodine either from the foods rich in them hint I've got videos on both topics on this channel or you can supplement with an iodine drop like lugol's two percent and some vitamin D3 vitamin K2 there's a combo you can get on Amazon Michael's Mommy uh type 2 diabetic off diabetic meds for four weeks blood sugar.

Is so high on Carnivore and 190s and 180s I'm on Effexor for menopause for a menopausal sweating could the effects or be causing high blood sugar and sweet taste in my mouth should I be worse maybe so if your blood sugars are averaging 180s to 190s why are you off your type 2 diabetes meds yeah you need to probably keep taking at.

Least metformin until you've got a hemoglobin A1c of 5.6 so uh if if glucophage or metformin was one of those meds get back on it because it's not time for you to come off meds yet but if it wasn't then talk to your doctor about getting that because it's the least offensive of all the type 2 medication oh debt would a carnivore or.

Triple B and E diet be beneficial for someone with medullary sponge kidneys to minimize the stones absolutely so you definitely want to avoid all oxalate High oxalate Foods I've got a video about that meat does not cause kidney stones and also protein from meat which is an ancestrally appropriate protein source is good for your kidneys it's not.

Bad for your kidneys whether you choose beef butter bacon and eggs that's what BBB any stands for or carnivore either way you win and I win so let us know how it goes Odette Matt is Black Coffee allowed during the 98 Triple B any challenge of starting it hopefully to put my UC in psoriasis in remission yes absolutely like coffee unsweetened tea.

Sparkling water or reverse osmosis preferably still water depending on where you live in the country or the world you may not be able to trust the tap water some places have great well water some don't so make sure you know just how good your water is or use a reverse osmosis unit thank you thank you Kelly.

With our hormones have you heard of this yeah we've heard of it multiple times but it's completely unnecessary there's nothing special about a woman with regards to eating a human diet a proper human diet than it is for a man okay we're we are these same species just different sexes my nuke thing.

We need more fat and to move more and there's there's but the general you know picture is still the same yep Craig don't put him in China I didn't mean to I saw the lockcast with bar k he said there's no such thing as insulin resistance can you please explain this yeah so insulin resistance is a concept.

And it's useful to discuss it as a concept but there's no one test that tests for insulin resistance every I or IR score insulin resistance score is a calculated number using other tests that were actually checked in the blood so rather than talk about insulin.

Resistance let's talk about hyperglycemia high blood sugar and Hyper insulinemia which is high serum insulin those are things you can actually measure and you can look at and know immediately am I still eating too many carbohydrates for me or am I eating the right amount of carbohydrates for some of you guys.

That'll be under 100 total grams of carbs a day for some of you under 50 for some under 20 for some under 10 for some it's close to zero carbs a day as you can get it it kind of depends on your age your current mental uh mental status and medical status whether you're on any medications your hormone status many many other things can factor into that.

Equation but there's technically no such thing as insulin resistance that we can measure that makes sense motion right it's just a construct that's exactly right yeah it's not really a mechanism or a lab test that you can check this is hardcore.

Oh for everybody watching I'm gonna be in Louisville Kentucky this weekend at keto Palooza so there's still a few tickets left if you're anywhere in the Louisville Kentucky area I don't know how far you'd be willing to drive to see me so that's up to you but there's still a few tickets if you want to come to keto.

Palooza this weekend in Louisiana Tim says with sardines and eggs being a fight on in my carnivore diet probably if you if you ate a can of sardines every day that'd probably give you enough iodine thank you Constance thank you guys all right thank you mother nature that you wish everyone.

Yes I already did that you did that okay he said did you tell everybody Happy fall happy fall y'all did you say it like that if you follow me you're probably sick of me talking about it honestly uh Juwan says what are your thoughts on Kiefer or fermented dairy along with meat for diverticulitis and Colitis so Kiefer any fermented dairy is.

Definitely less bad than unfermented Dairy but for many people especially if you have diverticulitis ulcerative colitis um Crohn's disease irritable bowel you need to avoid just about all the dairy except for butter and ghee uh you know all the fatty red meat eat the eggs or maybe just the egg yolk some few people.

Notice a little inflammation with the whites of chicken eggs so try Nook eggs or quail eggs or some other uh egg of some other poultry or just eat the yolks but the fatty red meat is the key doing hey Holly crazy hey uh Freedom loving American do you have creative ways to integrate nutritional yeast into a keto diet yeah the way you integrate it is.

You put it in the garbage you have literally no need to waste money on nutritional yeast we use yeast to make beer and wine and other things and uh you're going to get all the nutrition all the B vitamins you need from eating meat thank you John a big shout out to our moderators in the.

Chat thank you so much for being here if you see a name with a blue wrench beside of it answering questions so those are our moderators they know what they're talking about hey Matt Matt says I've heard so many wonderful benefits to the carnivore diet are you aware of any negative health effects on this diet yeah I actually did.

A YouTube video about how restrictive the carnivore diet is you could have to buy all new clothes because your ovals don't fit anymore you look pretty fit from your thumbnail um a lot of people have to buy new shirts because their shoulders and chests get broader than they expected and they no longer fit into their shirts.

A lot of people have to buy new belts because they took up all the holes and either they have to punch a new hole or buy a new belt some people have to get their ring resized because they lose so much unhealthy stored fluid in their hands and feet that the ring now is too loose and in danger of plopping off some people have to buy new shoes because.

When they pee off the 5 to 25 pounds of unhealthy fluid that they've been storing in their body their feet are smaller up to a half size so um but seriously though there's honestly no drawback from eating carnivore except some people get bored if they want some veg human beings have been eating a.

Predominantly animal meat diet for over two and a half million years so they're really by definition can't be any drawbacks it might it be similar if you said what are the drawbacks of breathing air or the drawbacks of drinking water we've been eating meat as a species for the exact same length of time as we've been breathing air and.

Drinking water hi Marnie make sure you look fabulous right look at this woman I watched her PhD Summit presentation about six times now the whole event was awesome thank you for putting it together we know Dr Berry only showed up LOL I was just along for the ride thank you so much yeah if you haven't watched our.

Presentations keto Chow you can watch my talk Dr Barry's talk Kim Howerton nurse Cindy two crazy ketos are over there watch on them ketos over there we had a really amazing Summit and I mean I said before we are never doing this again and then we did it and I was like okay we'll do it again.

A lot of work but a lot of fun a lot of work for nature and I was pregnant yeah once my bread is it worth paying out of pocket or should I ask him for metformin yep metformin is cheap it's going to work just as good as ozympic if you adopt a proper human diet which is by definition very low carb very nutrient.

Dense very uninflammatory and very ancestrally appropriate your blood sugar numbers are going to start coming right back down okay so after three months of good keto or carnivore and taking metformin you're going to get that A1C rechecked and you're going to find it's in the low sixes which means you've reversed your.

Type 2 diabetes you're just pre-diabetic now and then three months later you'll have normal A1C and you're welcome very much Lisa hoofa question hoofas are bad is all of olive oil not a good idea so coconut oil is pretty darn high in saturated fat it's one of the only plant sources of.

Good saturated fat it does have a little bit of fufa olive oil has a little more poofa but olive oil also has mufa mono unsaturated fatty acids and so a lot of people think that the the mufas are healthy enough to kind of outweigh the pufas and that the saturated fat and olive oil is good enough to outweigh the pufas in all coconut oil but I attend I.

I love animal fats I love beef Jello and bacon grease and butter and they also have some pufas in them but they also are great sources of monounsaturated when it comes to bacon grease and then saturated in all the animal fats so I'm an animal fat boy I love it I even put it on my lips at bedtime we have a video.

And in the video he puts raw bacon fat on his mouth and you'd have thought he had scratched his butt you're gonna die I'll get that video out if you're bored Carissa I have had really bad hives for a week it's impacting my everyday and sleep now nothing helps is so painful keto since January mostly carnivore died.

The last three weeks what can I do to cure this go see your doctor this is probably completely unrelated to your diet it's human beings are pattern recognition machines we look for patterns and so you started this diet a few weeks later this happened you're like the diet caused it no the eating a proper human diet is not going to cause.

You to have medical problems if any of you guys have a new medical symptom or sign or problem go see your doctor the diet didn't cause that Sunshine can we have lemon in water also if I stay on Triple BNA can I skip going on bone density medication 48 hours 40 days to have osteoporosis gotcha so lemon water.

I think lemon water is fine as long as you're not like putting three lemons in there and making lemonade yeah lemon juice has sugar it has carbs even though it tastes sour it actually has quite a bit of sugar so sometimes I'll put three or four drops of lemon juice in water just to give it that limited taste yeah she loves it now your bone density it.

Depends on how bad your bone density currently is you might benefit from a year of Boniva or Fosamax or one of the others uh but uh have a conversation with your doctor watch my videos on this channel about osteoporosis and Bone strength there's research in the show notes you might want to print that out and take.

With your to your doctor and say hey let's talk about this cyber nurse I have high life of blood lipids plus family history of heart disease what's the effect of saturated fats on my health saturated fat is good for you it's currently a very popular Fad in medicine and nutrition to say ooh saturated Fat's bad.

For you or you have a family history saturated fats bad for you oh you don't have a family history saturated fats bad for you this is a meme this is a construct this is meaningless okay we've been eating saturated fat lots of saturated fat for millions of years saturated fat is what basically gives us this huge intelligent sexy brain that we.

All possess uh the myelin sheath that wraps around each axon of each neuron in your brain is made of a 24 carbon saturated fat your brain needs saturated fat to repair and keep your neuron function optimal phase two man greetings Dr Barry and the nurse Berry um well PhD eliminate visceral fat oh.

Yeah I've got videos on this channel about belly fat about fatty liver about fatty pancreas a proper human diet if it's low carb enough for you we'll fix all the visceral fat 2600 people watching make sure you hit the thumb while you're watching and also share this with a friend or on Facebook you can share it anywhere we love it.

That's how we reach new people who need help that's right and it's how YouTube knows that you know we're doing something cool over here we're not just picking our noses you know black people on Tick Tock let's do three one two you guys will love this every now and then I'll say hey Becky I got you a surprise and he's like what I'm like yeah hang on.

I got it right here don't do that he's like Daddy no I just said we're not doing that and you just went now I'm a 12 year old all right K says Hi what's your look at high fat carnivore 80 or more of energy from fat and 20 from protein for some people this is the way for other people it's a little too high fat and not not high.

Enough in protein but even uh with the 80 20 plan which I'm a big fan of I want you to make sure you're getting adequate protein especially if you're a woman right um but this is we're much more Pro this than cutting the fat way way down yes uh fat is very important yes so go for it see how you do see how you feel keep us.

Updated go watch my presentation on the keto shell channel before you make a change document everything follow my steps and go for it yes I love it hey Jerry thanks Jerry thank you Jerry Sally says excellent presentations at the summit I thought hers are so good everybody's was great uh.

Paul says how important is Variety in your diet can I eat the same things for weeks at a time yes you can I'm trying carnivore and loving it we literally Variety in your diet is a it's a meme it's just something that the food companies would love for you to believe is necessary mandatory and if you don't need a variety in your diet then you.

Kind of suck a little bit this is not true you could literally live the rest of your life eating ground beef and sardines every day every meal for the rest of your life you would when you were 90 you would look 65 or 70 you would feel great you'd be out in the backyard kicking the soccer ball with your great grandchildren and be running.

Circles around them variety is meaningless when it comes to diets uh a lot of us when we first start this way of eating we're used to a lot of variety and we think that's a luxury we think that's a necessity but it's not it's not Summit was awesome thank you so much yes man there will be a 2020 threesome yeah key to board Chronicles says I went from.

3XL to XL kind of sick of buying new clothes but this is how restrictive key Devore can be you you have to buy all new clothes sometimes yeah uh Audrey I need help with sleep menopause help I've been one year carnivore and I've lost 75 pounds congratulations huzzah on Audra so I've got videos on this channel about sleep.

Sleep hygiene all the tricks and tips that actually are backed up by some research to help you get the best sleep that you can uh even if you're following all those tips sometimes during menopause you've got to find a doctor who is knowledgeable about bioidentical hormones and get your progesterone fixed and maybe your testosterone too then.

You'll sleep like you once did thank you Sean she's the only one that keeps around and she's like make that recipe that's why I swear I know I don't know what my problem is honestly what is your problem oh no Dan you've taught us the truth about normal cholesterol numbers on a PhD what other numbers should we.

Disregard or recalibrate as a stroke survivor a particularly interested in blood pressure numbers yeah so you as you may know Dan the American Heart Association currently says that that you meet very very low blood pressure numbers to be normal essentially ensuring that every uh American adult would be on at least one if not two.

Blood pressure medications and there is a uh Theory out there that they did this because they get millions of dollars a year from the blood pressure pill manufacturers now I don't go that far but it seems odd to me that that other regulatory bodies like the American Academy of Family Practice decided not to adopt the latest aha guidelines for.

That super low blood pressure uh for most adults if you're under 145 on top and under 85 on the bottom that's perfect that's exactly where you need to be uh John says I'm ready for the store and bought plenty of canned made tuna spam down in Florida yeah I hope all y'all are getting ready because it looks like.

It's gonna hit you guys uh this is a great question Miss Kimberly is there any risk if a person needs more than one type of meat on Carnivore no you you can have a variety of meats there's your variety to our previous question hellacious Jay it's normal no this is not normal at all.

Hellacious uh either my definition of carnivore in your definition is different uh do you think that fruit is part of a carnivore diet do you think honey is part because honey and fruit will absolutely raise your triglycerides and so if you've been following that brand of carnivore which is really paleo then stop that.

Carnivore means you eat only meat and eggs animal products only not fruit and honey and then I think you'll find also fast for 12 to 14 hours before you get your blood drawn a lot of doctors tell you you don't have to do that that's you need to fast for 12 to 14 hours before any blood draw that's going to give you the most accurate numbers.

Colin low testosterone and hypothyroidism should I be eating more organ Meats if you enjoy Oregon meat Colin then definitely eat it once or twice a week maybe three times a week There's I don't think you can eat too much as long as you let your taste buds be your guide Carmen I'm confused about electrolyte.

Salt iodine does Redmond salt have iodine or do I have to add iodine to my diet are electrolytes needed all through the day yeah so after this Carmen I want you to uh do an internet search for why is there iodine in salt because no salt on the planet none has iodine in it naturally the federal government started putting iodine in the salt back around.

World War one because all the young boys that they were trying to draft had goiters and so they got a 4f and they couldn't be drafted so they said we got to fix this we don't have enough boys to fight the war so they started putting iodine and salt unnaturally in a chemical process uh real iodine comes from food that you eat and I've got a.

Video on this channel about iodine rich foods and I would much prefer you get it from food than from a supplement but no salt naturally comes with iodine and then yes everybody needs electrolytes in the past our ancestors 50 000 years ago got electrolytes from drinking river water stream water mud puddle water and then when they killed.

An animal they could not hoist it up because we didn't have winches back then so they didn't drain the meat so the meat had blood in it still blood is an excellent source of electrolytes so unless you want to drink Mud Pot of water and eat bloody meat if you don't want to do that then just take an electrolyte supplement like.

Elements or Redmond's real life yeah thank you Irene all right deneen's A1C today was 4.9 that's what I'm talking about carols went from 6.5 to 5.4 and she's lost 90 pounds I love it everybody else put your a1cs what was your before and after A1C I want to see it in the car I bet I love.

It thanks and Taylor Margie says the fennel car three months and I've only lost nine pounds I'm getting discouraged first of all Margie congratulations for losing nine pounds and keeping it off okay now I've got a video on this channel called the called the 13 reasons why your weight loss.

Might stop after this live go watch that video the 13 Reasons Why weight loss might stall and investigate all 13 Reasons either with yourself or yourself and your doctor you will discover the cause and then you'll you'll unstick this and you'll start losing fat again I can tell who the OG watches are because they throw down little comments.

Like that and then on strict keto for a month and not having that initial weight loss I'd hoped for just made it up to a 16 hour fasting window will this help 100 it will help some people actually have to go up to an 18-hour fasting window and a six hour feasting window to get the weights lost to really kick off uh also keep your carbohydrates intake.

As low as you possibly can and if there are days when you wind up eating zero carbs okay the fewer carbs you eat the lower your insulin will be the more hours you fast each day the lower your insulin will be and once you get your insulin to a low enough normal level the fat burning will begin I promise be patient.

And give it time thank you Sheena hey girl does apple cider vinegar have any fat loss benefits I feel like you know the answer to this question Sheena I'm about to make three people mad so don't be important if you're eating a standard American crap diet then taking apple cider vinegar.

Therapeutically might lower your blood sugar a little might help curb your appetite a little might help burn a little fats okay but if you're eating a proper human diet keto keto or carnivore you can use apple cider vinegar for Taste if you like the taste of it like this one does you can add it to stuff what did you add it to the other day.

Broccoli broccoli salad yeah she loves the taste of it I I can live without it but there's no magical benefits to apple cider I just confused everybody broccoli is not carnivore sometimes I have a little vegetables in my diet Reed do you need a colonoscopy just because you're over 50. great question so no you don't all you guys 50.

And over listen up the gastroenterologist is going to push you towards a colonoscopy because they make more money by doing procedures okay there is another way where you don't have to have anything enter the exit you understand it's called a take-home poop kit you get it at your primary care doctors or the gastroenterologist has.

Got them as well I promise you the GI doc might say oh they're not as good that's horseshit there's multiple studies that show but you don't want to put horse on you want to actually have your own poop but there are multiple studies that show that if you do the poop test once a year that is just as reliable a predictor of.

Of colon cancer as having a colonoscopy every 10 years now if you've had a previous problem with your colon if you've had previous colon cancer if you've had lots of polyps in the past if you've had diverticulitis in the past if you've had colon problems you may need a colonoscopy at 50 or 55 somewhere in there but if you're like dude I have.

Zero colon symptoms then do the little take home put some poop on the card and mail it in test that's all you need poop in the mail poop in the mail every mailman's dream that's right shout out to Miss Elaine Jones A1C went from 11.2 down to six point well on her on her great job well done well done keep it up you're almost there.

Several wonderful Wonderful Life congratulations look at her Pocahontas love it I want everybody to tell me what diet are you currently eating right now lion diet carnivore ketovor keto low carb or you just eating crap tell me in the comments you'll be honest we're going to love you anyway we're going to.

Love you either way but I just want to see what the ratios are among the people watching this lion died ketovor keto triple beanie carnivore kivo or carnivore traveling wow that went really bad there's a lot of beef butter back in your name I love it I was going to say thank you but it went.

By too fast wow that's a lot all right we're at 3 000 viewers right now good job guys you did it you got us at 3000 thank you very much for hitting that thumb and sharing this on your Facebook page or Instagram or yes thank you wherever you shared it uh leech family says do I have to eat vegetables no you do not leech family congratulations if.

You like veg you can eat some try to eat the low carb veg I've got a YouTube video telling you which ones are low carb but if you don't want to ever eat a veg again you don't have to have you guys watched that I was wrong about vegetables video yeah yeah when I first started doing this four and a half years ago it's been longer than that five.

Years ago I firmly believed in the magic of vegetables you had to have those phytonutrients you had to have the magic undiscovered nutrients in plants after four and a half five years of research I am certain I was wrong about that you don't need to ever eat another plant unless you like them and then that's fine we'll still love you if you eat.

Plants yeah Elon Fanboy welcome back what are the names of the probably wrong Premier studies that have told folks that meat will kill us though either cancer or through either cancer or heart attack yeah so if you actually go to the World Health organization's websites and look up potential carcinogens uh you'll find that they say that that processed.

Meat is a Class one carcinogen that red meat is a Class 2 carcinogen and you can lean you can keep clicking and you can find the research that they base that decision on and what you'll find is all of that research is observational research in using food frequency questionnaires that ask questions like Madam how many cups of ribs have you.

Eaten in the last month oh yes let me measure my ribs in cups nobody I don't remember what I ate yesterday but I'm you're gonna ask me they'll typically ask people what they eat not you think they do it every day right because then you think well yeah you remember that you know they asked once a year once every four years and.

Some studies once every five years and so then they act like that's real data or data whichever don't don't don't judge me that's not data that's that's a that's a guesstimation at best but then they use that data to come up with this oh meat causes cancer so it's all in the World Health Organization site they're very proud of the studies but if you.

Actually look at them you'll be like they really shouldn't be crowing about that because that's kind of dumb Darren been doing keto carnivore for a while and I love it but just started competitive hockey league and I feel like performance is down should I add in some carbs yeah so Darren I would do an experiment so for the next month I would.

Add back in some keto friendly carbs or why don't you increase your fat first right and that's that's another experiment you could do is bump your fat way up and see if that because fat is also burned for fuel in addition to being used to make hundreds of different things in your body so try a month with bumping the fat up then try a month.

Bumping the carbs up and I think you'll have your answer oh I hate when he does that uh Karine did we answer this or I have a question regarding feeding baby after 12 months is grass-fed cow milk okay it probably but your baby's gastrointestinal system will give you immediate feedback Karen and so if your baby starts spitting up.

Starts having rumbly grumbly starts having diarrhea uh Becky would just spit up if we gave him cow's milk he just he had it one time when he was like but yeah no bueno bless sorry blessed beyond measure all this protein won't raise blood sugar no there's no protein on the planet no amount of protein on the plant.

That you can eat that will ever raise your blood sugar as much as eating carbohydrates will keep that in mind pancreatic diet so you are still a human being even though you have chronic pancreatitis or you had an acute bout of pancreatitis uh the first thing I would do is getting them uh abdominal ultrasound or a CAT.

Scan you probably already got that but have the go back and and pull the report and see if they reported that you have fatty pancreas or fatty liver because if you do that means you've been eating too many carbohydrates and drinking or eating too much fructose which is fruit sugar and once you get those out of your diet you'll get rid of the fatty.

Pancreas and the fatty liver and your pancreas will thank you did you say there's cow milk that is A2 as well some in in other countries there are that you can get A2 cow milk you can't hear now but it's still rare the vast majority of hotels but 99 of the grocery store cow milk is A1 mil Chris was 430 pounds last year.

And now it's 329. huzzah Chris 101 pounds can anybody beat that how many pounds have you lost on the proper human diet guys tell me in the comments I want to see this Delta my wife is breastfeeding I've been trying to get her to switch to carnivore keto she's concerned about her milk supply declining any thoughts I mean girl okay.

So uh I understand that she's concerned let me repeat for those who've joined us late she is a certified breastfeeding consultant and a registered nurse a labor and delivery nurse continue and I've also breastfed two babies I think too so I understand her being concerned because there's a lot on the internet and while there is nothing.

Dangerous about being keto ketovor or carnivore and breastfeeding if you haven't been doing that throughout your pregnancy and you've been eating the standard American diet it is much better to just slowly decrease cards and ease back into a low carb keto whatever she's wanting to go towards over you know several weeks six weeks eight weeks.

There's no rush as long as she's cleaning it up eating real Whole Foods and lowering those carbs I say like 20 total grams a week 50 grams a month anything whatever she's comfortable doing that's totally fine and like I said that's not because eating this way and breastfeeding is dangerous to supply is that when you make that shift as most.

Of you had the keto flu that's a fluid shift and any fluid shift can affect milk supply so you don't want that to happen so just ease into it as much as she's comfortable and tell her not to focus on weight loss or anything like that just eating real good nutrient dense foods that are lower carb and not to stress out about it but good for her.

If she does that and if not good for her for breastfeeding and you're still going to love her and honor her even if she decides enough she's doing a lot of work uh the reader one month carnivore love it having food aversion and not eating very weak and tired you have any suggestions to help I'm losing lots of weight yeah so the first thing she's.

Going to say is you probably need to increase your fat percentage you're probably not eating enough fat also I would add you're probably not eating enough total food you're probably still subconsciously portion controlling or calorie counting when you're eating carnivore you do not portion control you eat until you cannot eat one more bite.

That is mandatory for many people there's still portion controlling and you you don't have to do that you get to eat to your full and that's going to bump that energy back up also eating a higher fat to protein ratio for many people that's like turning on the light switch for both brain function and your energy.

Kevin's concerned do you use any studies in your research or just individual experience every video he has pretty much has a research study Linked In the show at least I showed this to my sister your video on veggies and she says where are the sources so do you know sources yeah I do I didn't in that video because it was a reflection video because it was.

A reflection video but any of my other videos where I State a thing just like in my uh bipolar disorder video I've got seven or eight research articles linked yeah good question sorry that's Selena I was told you can't lose weight if you all you want on car keto.

You would still have to watch how much you eat this is true this depends on who you ask but you're asking us so you're gonna get our answer some people still secretly believe in the calorie and calorie out myths they still secretly believe that that your metabolism will not increase when you start feeding your body of proper human diets okay uh your.

Metabolism will increase back up to its normal rate when you start eating until satiety on a proper human diet whether that's keto keto or carnivore and you can especially carnivore you can eat until you literally are gorged and cannot put one more bite in your mouth now if you're eating a higher carb keto like 50 or 100 total grams a day then.

You might you might slow down your weight loss if you eat to complete satiation but when you cut the carbs way down under 20 a day yeah you can eat two years Jenna do you follow steel person yeah we've followed her for a while she's been on my channel for a couple times I've been on hers a couple of times yeah and she now lives in.

Nashville horses roughwood are there any benefits of micro Greens on keto or Diet why do plant lovers love to eat infant plants they want to eat babies spinach baby carrots why they're cute and also in the marketing on these things you never need now if you enjoy micro greens that's totally fine eat some micro.

Greens there's nothing special but they're stupid expensive on a per ounce how much they cost it's ridiculous how many of you have watched videos on YouTube lately and you've seen the ads for seed supplements every single what I eat in a day Vlog I watch other people's stuff just to see what everybody's doing and seeing if I can replicate a recipe.

And make it clean keto keto or whatever whatever see what's trending I have seen so many seed sponsorships I am so sick of seeing that but all of these are like micro greens and probiotics and all this stuff it's just marketing hey Mommy does keto she's the rainbow of animal Foods I love it I love it say something I'm gonna I'm giving up on.

You all right Sally says meat is so expensive these days especially bacon do you have any suggestions yes we understand we're in the grocery store we see it it is getting really expensive if you will just go to YouTube I I talk about cheap keto in that or mini meat options if you go to YouTube and search.

For cheap carnivore there are many many cuts of beef that and other animals that if you cook them properly are just as good as the pricey ribeye uh for me I ate 70 30 ground beef pretty much every day that's about the cheapest ground beef you can get so I also have so a video on my channel that is.

10 ground beef recipes and ground beef is one of the budget friendly options and if you're like but I'm sick of ground beef there's 10 recipes over there for what you can do with ground beef so you can change it up it's not a thousand different ways to spice it up right right right all right let's see here theme you know.

Barbie dolls so carnivore for 68 days no weight loss no inches lost feel no different strictly beef butter bacon and eggs no Dairy never calorie restricted in my life have no known issues just fat not losing weight help so watch my video about the 13 reasons why your weight loss might.

Stall you may have an undiagnosed thyroid condition an undiagnosed adrenal condition and undiagnosed sex hormone condition and then there's many other things I talk about in that video that could be completely turning off your ability to lose weight uh do you say how long 68 days so that's long enough you should have lost some fat by now I agree.

There's some medical issue that's currently undiagnosed in you pheno Barbie doll and you gotta you gotta watch my video and then go see your doctor and get some Labs checked I wrote a book about those lamps got some awesome a1cs in the chat Pamela why would a free T3 be low in a TS 4 are optional this is why you need to.

Check a reverse T3 okay I actually wrote a book about this because you could have trouble converting T4 to T3 have a normal T4 and most doctors only check a TSH and a T4 or a free T4 so everything looks normal but you're making a lot of reverse T3 and not enough real usable free teeth 3t3 therefore you've got low T3.

The Gringo and Dominican kitchen love it uh how do you metabolic Avengers I like you already uh don't triple beanie two months now cholesterol is up from certain cholesterol 273 HDL 68 LDL 191 triglycerides 44 down from 80. A1C wasn't checked this time should I be concerned about my lab so your HDL is beautiful your triglycerides are world.

Class like top one tenth of one percent in the whole world I don't care what your total cholesterol is any doctor that's worried about your total cholesterol is at least 15 years behind on the reading and your LDL cholesterol is a little high watch my videos about LDL cholesterol and also watch videos by a PhD researcher whose name is Dr David.

Diamond just like a diamond in a ring he will explain to you why you can comfortably and safely ignore an elevated LDL cholesterol if you're able to see your c-peptides your fasting insulin your HDL cholesterol and your triglycerides if they're all normal it's really irrelevant what's your total cholesterol and your LDL cholesterol are.

Good question Steven says Nation would you consider making a carnivore friendly version of steak and kidney pudding of traditional British dish oh carnivore friendly I'll look into it steak and kidney pudding yeah obviously I'm not British so I'm gonna have to look up how it's traditionally done but we love.

To we love to go to Britain and we love to eat British food and drink British beer and I love to say advertisement so that's kind of now I should say Amazon Amazon yeah so you know I mean we yeah steak and kidney pudding one of my favorite British bloggers that's how she says foreign.

I'm sorry I love you guys but I gotta tell like I see it whoa whoa whoa hang on here Natalie Nadine sorry Lawrenceburg Tennessee my grandfather used to work at the bicycle plant in Lawrenceburg how often is fatty fish like salmon appropriate on.

PhD and why is it excluded from triple DNA beef butter bacon and eggs we we came up with that because it was catchy easy to remember relatively cheap uh it's a challenge you don't have to do that forever if you'd like to include sardines and Anchovies and salmon on your uh beef butter bacon and eggs then you can just call it the BBB and e s s a.

But if you're doing a challenge the point is to challenge Yourself by limiting and like it works well that way you can eat salmon every day uh you can eat sardines every day you can eat anchovies every day you can eat cod liver every day the seafood can be every day and I think some people just because of their ancestral heritage where their.

Their people live for the last hundred thousand years some people may do better on a seafood heavy proper human diet even better than on ruminant meat heavy proper human diet uh this is an experiment all you guys can do if you've got a lot of Mediterranean blood in your body a lot of Equatorial uh DNA you might do better on a seafood heavy.

Proper human diet try it for 60 90 days and find out the local Mason you said you like to drink beers beer carnivore friendly he has never said that he hates me no I we she likes to drink when we're in London she likes to drink and Guinness and I'll have one on the trip listen beer isn't keto it's not low carb it's not paleo and alcohol alcohol is.

Poisonous alcohol yeah and if you want to drink some is it promoting more health no so like but you're grown adults you know like uh you know Guinness tastes great but soda so to look at charms but neither one of them are going to improve your health so we avoid them but I do love again every now and then.

Not vegan nobody nope nope y'all are killing it on on the names tonight is it my imagination or is my night vision better than it was two years ago before I started a PhD thank you for all you do people it's actually quite common to be vitamin A deficient and there's so many people out there no vegan nobody nope nope who think that you get vitamin A.

From plants like carrots and kale and spinach this is a lie there is zero vitamin A in kale in carrots in spinach in any plant there is literally no vitamin A in any plant on the planet you only get vitamin A from animal Foods uh some people can't convert the beta carotenoids in carrots and kale and spinach in the real vitamin A retinol.

Vitamin A but many people are very poor converters and so they'll be quite vitamin A deficient you were probably one of these people and after a two years of eating a vitamin D vitamin A rich animal diet your night vision is now truly better no this this makes perfect sense thank you for sharing that.

Carissa's Corner hi granny Mary from Cleveland granny Berry my 92 year old grandmother is watching this uh she's staying in Alabama with our parents right now if you would say hi granny Berry and where you're saying hi from she just loves it she makes her nice uh Gringo again also my glucose was 118 up from 97 in June is this a concern.

I've lost 60 pounds from 220 down to 160. thanks again so don't worry so much about spot glucose readings I want you to check your hemoglobin A1c your C peptide and your fasting insulin those are the numbers that are going to tell you are you truly metabolically healthy now or do you still have a little ways to go on.

Your journey Petty I tried the granola nation was eating my hubby likes it with coconut milk water tech mixture I like dry or with heavy whipping cream which is better hmm so that's a nice occasional treat I would not recommend you eat that every night Patty that could cause a little.

Swelling around the middle for many of us now some people if they're young metabolically healthy and work out for three hours a day they may be able to eat that every night either one of those is fine it's just whichever you prefer honestly and as long as you're meeting your health goals you know keep that in consideration but.

If you stall on your way to great health in a great body fat percentage that might be the reason why yeah zero carb daddy 7.8 now 5.2 A1C lost 78 pounds look at this almost a Target weight and a maintaining everybody look at this read this comment should I stop losing weight or let my body dictate what weight I am.

I'm carnivore so you should let your body dictate what weight you're going to be and you're gonna let your body make that decision by eating a nutrient-dense ancestrally appropriate proper human diet and eating just like every other animal on the planet that has a normal body weight they don't portion control they don't calorie count they just eat.

Until they they're so stuffed they can't eat another bite you should do that too and when your body fat percentage starts to reach the ideal percentage for you your weight loss will stop naturally and you'll keep eating until satiety it's kind of cool it's almost like your body was designed to do this if you feed it the proper Foods.

All these granny Berry highs she's having the best time right now she loves that so much uh Penny will drinking coffee with butter break my fast good question probably not enough to matter uh when we say break your fast what we really made is raise your insulin above a certain threshold uh if you eat carbs your your insulin is going to spike if.

You eat protein your insulin does come up some and that's normal that's good don't freak out but with pure fat your insulin comes up a tiny amount barely at all and for most people that does not break the physiological fast and allows them to fast longer because the butter also put a pinch of salt in there too really turns off your appetite so you.

Can fast for hours longer but don't just put butter in your coffee thinking that there's magic to doing that there's not if you're not hungry at all just sip on your black coffee or put some salt but if you're like well I'm getting hungry I'm gonna have to eat before long but it's not time for me to break my fast that's when you put a.

Teaspoon of butter in a pinch of salt in your coffee and that turns off your hunger Randy how we're in Charleston on carnivore for Dad all right well done love it hope you guys do it what about raw milk I was just about to say Tim raw milk if you can get it from a reputable supplier that you trust I think raw milk is less bad.

Than Supermarket milk uh raw milk I think is a more complete less mucked about milk it has not been homogenized so all the the fat globules have been broken up into tiny missiles and the it's been it has not been pasteurized so the fat and the protein come in a more natural state so I think it's less fat the thing you got to understand Tim is.

As adults you and I we have no need for milk milk is for baby mammals to help them grow and gain weight as quickly as they possibly can but if you're going to drink milk make sure it's whole fat whole fat and raw if you can find it but I would still limit the milk and this comes a full disclosure I am a milk lover I used to drink a gallon of milk.

Each and every day when I was in high school early 20s I love milk I have milk with everything but uh after about 35 if I tried to do that now I would start to gain weight in the middle immediately Jennifer home broth should I drink the Tallow from the top of my bone broth or use for.

Other things yes either one yes either way just do not waste it that is a gift from the Creator that is liquid gold Mark is chronic fatigue syndrome real if so can it be prevented cured or controlled so the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome are absolutely real okay but there is no test that we can check in the blood work in the urine in.

The cerebrospinal fluid and say aha look they have chronic fatigue syndrome it is a constellation of symptoms and in my opinion it's a it's very over diagnosed I've seen people misdiagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome when really what they have was low testosterone or they had an undiagnosed hypothyroid condition or they had an undiagnosed.

Adrenal condition or they had cancer I've seen that before and they're like oh you've got chronic fatigue syndrome really they were dying to cancer that's why they had no energy uh so if you've been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome nobody's discounting your symptoms I believe you have them but what you've got to do is understand that.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a diagnosis of exclusion you know what that means tell them what that means it means you've had everything else ruled out by chicken I live about Imaging studies yes yes you've had test after test after test only then is it appropriate for your doctor to say.

Well maybe it's chronic fatigue syndrome because I can't find anything wrong in all these hundreds of tests that we've checked does that make sense usually the answer is in there somewhere if they're they know what they're doing ready ASL in motion I missed my answer is it okay to not eat when you have the keto flu to.

Fast yeah if you've got extra body fat that you want to lose fasting is always the right answer if you're not hungry don't eat 100 Maggie hey Maggie the doctors sometimes use the keto diet to control seizure disorders for children what happens with an adult doing keto who already takes anti-seizure medications you're going to.

Be even more protected from having seizures and even many adults Maggie after their really hardcore keto eating a high fat keto it can't be a veg heavy keto it's got to be high fat keto you may be able to come completely off your anti-seizure medications talk to your doctor now I see a lot of comments of people that have lost 50 pounds 100.

Pounds 125 pounds please if you're in the comments and you're like I've only lost five pounds do not let that upset you okay they may have had way more to lose uh they may have been doing it longer than you they're starting in a better place they may have been healthier than you do not let that frustrate you upset you don't.

Do that to yourself it's not a competition we're all cheering each other on whether you've lost five pounds or 105 pounds you're doing a good job keep learning keep watching keep asking questions and you will figure this out I promise you just wanted to throw that off I know that's a great Point hey Wilkes.

195 keto years uh carnivore for 30 days how do you feel when your blood sugar is in the 50 range she sometimes drops into the 50s or even the high the 40s she's not diabetic but she feels fine she doesn't have any of the symptoms of low blood sugar at all now if you're having symptoms of low blood sugar break.

Out in a cold sweat have nausea get blurry vision I feel like you're going to faint you need to go see your doctor because normal humans don't have low blood sugar with symptoms unless there's something wrong but my guess is that you're having physiological low blood sugar your body's fine with that and I guarantee you that after the workouts.

Your blood sugar comes right back up to normal Moises I saw a video on drinking sea water 500 milliliters daily with water and it helps with kidneys and blood pressure without on drinking seawater no if you want to drink salty water you can make Soleil water you can take some Redmond's Real Salt and put a pinch in.

Your water make it salty sea water is nasty okay seawater has nanoplastics micro plastics it's got left over from Fukushima don't drink ocean water no it's very pretty about it no it's pretty you can swim in it but don't drink it hello sir hi Becky Berry come say hi to everyone who wants to say having his Lily oh he's.

Petting his dog he's Lily dog did you miss your Lily dog yes she did she loves you yeah pops tight pops can a 65 year old with no gallbladder be carnivore yes since the 20th I have not taken my blood pressure medication after starting carnivore are you still checking your.

Blood pressure with the meter I don't want you guys to just stop taking your medicine if your blood pressure is not under control but now if your blood pressure is great then fine stop taking the medicine uh but yes anybody with with the gallbladder or without with the thyroid without with an appendix or without.

Um you can do carnivore or keto absolutely I think some people don't get your oh just in general the four months with heavy me um Abigail I was Heavy me too and for some of us it just is gonna happen it's just hormone hormones.

Getting it together again so it's probably temporary but make sure you're getting adequate protein like protein is very satiating so make sure you're eating enough food but it's probably nothing you're doing wrong it's probably just hormones for your first with bacon she lost a lot of hair this time with Bonnie Bonnie's almost.

Three months old and you haven't really had much at all she is almost three months old so but just make sure you're eating and now look at this ponytail but you and do not portion control at all Abigail it's very common for for especially women to think well mom said.

I should know you eat until you cannot put another bite in your mouth especially if you're breastfeeding yes it's a CRC you know what currency that is teamers can't create glucose from fat I agree but tumors do love glucose they love sugar and so if anybody's fighting cancer currently I would highly advise.

You to eat as low carb as you possibly can hey Sherry after one year carnivore and very strict high fat last four months CGM had me at 130 to 135 fast and a high A1C of 6.6 could this be from infection yeah Sherry's been fighting a chronic infection for months and months any chronic infection any chronic.

Inflammation even chronic stress can cause your cortisol and epinephrine to go up and that's going to make your blood sugar go up and that will be reflected on the able to see yeah it's the infection series do you have your red light turn on Okay that was doing triple B and E right now does butter include coconut butter no no real.

Butter animal fats nothing wrong with coconut butter but just use butter it's not on Triple vegan that's right listen that's right that's right she's right but it's Triple B and E beef butter real butter not plant butter not coconut butter coconut butter is plant butter it is I.

Have never thought of that yeah no animal butter it can be it can be sheep's milk butter goat milk butter cow milk butter uh duck butter goose grease I don't know what that means but uh Tim after oh sorry I didn't click on after illness for over a year found out I needed a period you can say pericardectomy wow due to mycobacterial.

Infection oh that was two years ago my skin is like tissue paper will keto help my skin get stronger yes Tim uh I keto a meat heavy keto diet with lots of meat lots of eggs it's going to give your skin everything it needs to get better but you need to go see your doctor and get a free and total testosterone check that's another very common reason after.

A severe illness like that it will just zap your testosterone level so get your testosterone checked and eat all the fatty red meat and eggs you can hold Ron Melrose thank thank you um what is whoa thanks again Holly Oh Holly thank you Angelica Annihilator welcome.

Back what cardio machine would you recommend Pros cons of treadmills stationary bike the only cardio I recommend is in the bedroom otherwise I want you lifting heavy weights I want you running I want you swimming I want you doing exactly what our ancestors would have done in the past if you want to do cardio start.

Doing 50 yard Sprints as fast as you can without hurting yourself uh but if you just want to do cardio for no reason I suggest you do that in the bedroom go for a walk walk your dog jump rope bounce on a trampoline there's lots you don't have to spend a ton of money right do not spend a penny on a stationary bike.

If you buy a state if you buy a treadmill we were not friends anymore you'd stop that go outside and play go outside and play that's all you have to do let's put things into perspective Hannah says I'm in Japan where meat is expensive but this week all our American beef was half price from normal fill up that freezer.

Hannah I love it I love seeing people from other places I think that may be is that the first one we've had from Japan we don't get many people see a lot of Japan who I was watching from Japan anybody else just one Jammer Jammer thoughts on adding keto Chow once in a while so once in a while.

I think you know Charles fine as a treat or as dessert or as a meal if you're in a terrible rush but on a daily basis day in and day out I want you eating real human food keto child's made with very clean ingredients we know the Bears personally and we trust them that's why I designed the daily mineral.

Drops with Crispers oh we can't talk about it yeah there's something coming but uh keto Chow occasionally is totally fine it doesn't have any only order Burgers no buns for lunch breaks it's fast food okay and it's just beef and bacon and maybe cheese yeah so we do this very commonly if we're out.

And about and we're like I'm hungry with uh McDonald's has 100 USDA beef Burger King has 100 USDA beef Wendy's Five Guys who else anybody else Five Guys Burgers working Wendy's McDonald's don't get the Big Mac patties get the quarter pounder pack yeah the Big Mac patties are like a postage stamp I don't even know how they make it that flat but.

That yeah so I'll typically get i'll we'll go to Wendy's and I'll get two triples with bacon now the cheese and fast food restaurants yeah okay it's full of vegetable oils it's tasty and it's less bad than eating the bun but I would probably not get the cheese Steak and Shake has a hundred percent yep I get it seven and seven and seven.

Patties and then they have pretty decent cheese so I'll get the cheese at um steak and I like Steak and Shake burgers but uh there is nothing wrong with fast food Burger the beef if you don't get all the high carbs like if you're in a on a lunch break and you're like it's either this or the vending machine it's 100 yeah we don't.

Eat out Spiderman hey look at look at my hand can you say hi hi shoot shoot your lips shoot there you go oh you guys been whipped how you like that okay then Abigail been having the hardest time losing weight while on Zoloft would keto help yes Abigail it will not only.

Help you lose fat but it's also going to help improve your mood you need to very specifically try to eat a high fat keto you need to make sure you include a lot of Omega-3 rich foods I've got a video about which ones uh that you could improve your depression so much or anxiety whatever you take to Zola for that you can actually decrease your.

Zoloft dosage maybe even stop it all together talk to your doctor but yeah 100 keto is the way for you heat of War Chronicles let me see if I can find your Super Chat sorry it's been we've had a lot of questions tonight yeah yeah don't y'all you're not good at it I'm only good at it.

Let's see what else oh so um on your latest Vlog on your channel yeah if you guys want to see what a good dancer I am I actually dance with Bonnie Blue but then they should dances with body blue so that that's on her latest blog Vlog um I've got a new video on this channel.

About I was wrong about veggies where I fess up to being wrong and then also a new one today about bipolar disorder and all the research showing that you should eat a ketogenic diet if you have bipolar disorder there you are girl hubby's numbers carnivore three months thoughts cholesterol 160 was 154 triglycerides 92 was 160 A1C 5.8 was 8.0 glucose 100 was.

108 HDL 43 was 44 LDL 99 was 78. okay yeah no so the A1C is moving in the right direction he's no longer a type 2 diabetic he's now he now just has pre-diabetes and in another three or six months he'll fix that completely with carnivore his cholesterol went up a little bit total cholesterol I don't care about that you took my numbers down.

It's over here okay good um no no it's not thanks Nisha good job well done I'm just trying to get to all these things all his numbers are fine uh he needs to keep what he's doing keep doing what he's doing if you're worried about LDL cholesterol or total cholesterol I've.

Got videos that will help you understand and there is research in the show notes that you can actually print out the studies read them yourself take them to your doctor and have a discussion Polynesian USA I've got y'all take care of baby we're after if we went over did we yeah you have to go take care of my.

Checks it was such a good mommy okay guys uh Polynesian USA I've been doing carnivore diet for a week and a half now and I get really sluggish and tired in the afternoon is this normal if it's after a big carnivore meal some people notice that they get a little they want to sit down for a few minutes but I would still guess that.

You're probably not getting enough fat and you're not eating until true satiety you're still portion controlling a little bit you need to eat until you pick up that fork full of meat or egg one more time and you're like oh I can know I'm done I'm full that's when you stop eating okay that's how carnivore is done.

But that's probably what's going on uh Kismet had a TIA in the last hours of August they did everything to confirm it credit to going carnivore this year love to hear your thoughts on that uh they did everything to confirm it so well the definition of a TIA which stands for Transit ischemic attack is.

That there is no way to confirm it it doesn't show up on a CAT scan or an MRI and the the effects of the Tia are transient that's why it has transit in the name which means they only last less than 24 hours then they go completely away there are many many different neurological and other conditions that can mimic the symptoms of a TIA and so.

Um I'm not sure what you mean by your question do I think that going carnivore caused you to have a TIA no I don't uh do I think that carnivore prevented you from having a full-blown stroke and instead just have a TIA maybe maybe that's what happened but we'll never know will we Katie how might.

Hyperaldosteronism affect my weight loss oh it's definitely going to affect it there are several adrenal conditions that can lead to hyper aldosteronism uh you can do a quick Wikipedia search if you've already been diagnosed with a specific adrenal condition and you can read all about it it'll tell you exactly how that condition will affect I'd have.

To know what your condition was before I could tell you exactly how it would affect your weight loss some will make you gain weight some will make you lose weight uh just depends on which one you have all right guys I think oh here's one from John hey John how's it going your thoughts on Dr Ben's smart workouts I.

Know just moving lifting things around the house is good just trying for Challenge and structure I I'm not familiar with Dr Ben's smart workouts but if it includes lifting heavy things running fast swimming fast riding a bike really fast and having lots of sex then I'm 100 for it I always want you guys challenging.

Yourself try to lift a little more than you did last month try to run a little faster than you did last month when's the last time any of you guys broke out into a just a full Sprint I don't care how old you are I don't mean breaking a world speed record I mean you just ran as fast as you could run on flat level ground so you don't hurt yourself how.

Long has it been since you did that then my next question is why has it been that long since you did that when you're going to the mailbox right if it's downhill then run uphill to get back home start running running is a very natural thing now I do not want you running more than 5K that's unnatural I don't I don't want any of you guys.

Running half marathons or full marathons that's not ancestrally appropriate but to to run an occasional Sprint 50 yards 100 yards you may start out with 10 yards and that's fine but work your way up that kind of stuff will will change your health in ways you never dreamed possible.

Okay we already got that one okay guys oh here is um why am I clicking oh here we go brand new patreon 300 pounds started PhD yesterday I sure enjoyed the the PHD Summit Patricia you have come to the right place you're in the right tribe you're gonna have you're going to have.

Keto and carnivore friends proper human diet friends that are going to help you so much inside of our patreon community and if any of you guys have a very important Health question medication question nutrition question that you need the answer to consider becoming a patron on my patreon there's a link in the show notes and for five bucks a.

Month 12 bucks a month 20 whatever you can afford that's fine we will have extra private live q and A's each and every week we're having one tomorrow at 6 pm inside of our patreon community we're having another one Wednesday at 11 A.M then we're having another Wednesday at 5 p.m and then another one Wednesday at 6.

P.m so there's all these extra opportunities for me to answer your questions in deep detail so that you know exactly what you're doing and know exactly where you're going so consider becoming a patron just like Patricia did and when Patricia checks in with you three or six months from now guess what she won't weigh 300 pounds anymore all.

Right that's it guys thanks so much for joining us thanks for sharing this on your social media that helps us reach new people just like Patricia who didn't know anything about this a few months ago and now she's in the community and she's going to reverse her poor health and realize the level of Health she never dreamed she'd have again.

Thank you and good night
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