Proper Human Diet Q&A with Dr Berry & Neisha!!!

Proper Human Diet Q&A with Dr Berry & Neisha!!!

Proper Human Diet Q&A with Dr Berry & Neisha!!!

Check out the video on Proper Human Diet Q&A with Dr Berry & Neisha!!!.
Hello hola welcome back it's so glad to have you back i'm glad are you glad i'm so glad i'm glad this is the next edition of monday night live i almost said saturday it's definitely not saturday no no it's not welcome back guys thanks so much for joining us hanging out with us asking us.

Questions maybe having some fun and laugh or two that happens sometimes it depends on if nisha's on point or not i'm a little tired today sometime later in the show there will be a baby bump update and if beckett wakes up from his nap there will be a becket barrier we've.

Been on the go all day he usually doesn't take a nap and he definitely doesn't take one at 7 00 pm but yeah so that may or may not happen hey natalie how's it going welcome all you guys now if you've got a relative who always forgets to catch us live tag them in the comments or you can just.

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Yes i'm nasha solis hi finn barry wife to this dude over here registered nurse my background's in labor and delivery and also long-term care i am a mom to one and another one on the way i specialize in autoimmune hashimoto's.

And moms who are interested in staying low carb during pregnancy prior to pregnancy and after pregnancy while breastfeeding yes i am almost certified as a breastfeeding counselor coming in the next week huzzah i know huzzah and i am dr ken berry i'm a family physician i've been practicing medicine.

Since 2000 2000 like just that yeah yep and so that's that's been a minute and i've enjoyed every minute of it and i'm happy to be here and we're gonna answer as many questions as we can we have uh mitzi in the uh chat we have paola in the chat and we have kevin phd.

Mentor these guys they have a little blue wrench beside their name which means they're a moderator and so they're going to be looking for uh if inappropriate comments they'll ban you but if you ask a beginner question they will answer you in the comments because we can only answer so many questions in one hour.

That's right we answer as many as we can as fast as we can but we are only human yes all right so all right let's do it where would you like to start have you seen a question that you wanted to talk about already in the chat let's see somebody asked what bbb and e stands for.

Triple b e is beef butter bacon and eggs it's something that dr barry has adapted and his clients because it's simple yeah it's simple it's easy you can make it relatively inexpensive and it's a great elimination diet and a great reset to help your metabolism start to heal and get back to normal your metabolism and your gut it's really good.

Um because it it very it's very simplified so no dairy no sweeteners if it's not in the four letters it is not allowed it's not a lifestyle although some people can't adapt it as a lifestyle it's meant to be a challenge a reboot a reset you can call it a cleanse if you want to a lot of people like that word cleanse.

So yeah it's a detox it's a cleanse the triple b you need detox 49.95 for it oh wait i already gave it away for free dang it um let's see someone asked about what was that i just saw go by uh.

Uh foamy foamy urine if you so when you urinate you if there's some bubbles that doesn't mean anything i'm actually working on a youtube video about this right now if there is a lot of foam almost like you put a drop of soap in there before you peed then foamy urine can be a sign that you're spilling your protein in.

Your urine or it can be a sign of several other things but typically it's how forcefully you urinate that can actually make bubbles which appear to be foam uh but uh nine times out of ten having bubbles floating on top of your urine is meaningless only if it's a soapy foam that that lasts for minutes and minutes.

After you pee then you might be spilling protein and you should see your doctor thank you tong tong go ahead you got one uh kevin wants to know why would my triglycerides go way up on a ketogenic diet you're eating too many carbohydrates on what you thought was a ketogenic diet triglycerides without exception.

Go down when you're eating a very very low carbohydrate diet the thing that causes your triglycerides to go above normal is eating too many carbohydrates for your personal physiology now that's a different number for different people so uh download carb manager or chronometer and track for the next three or four.

Days and see exactly how many total carbs you're eating a day and then cut that number in half and then get your triglycerides rechecked in three months and they'll be normal crystal says just found out i'm pregnant with four losses prior um type two diabetic keto for two years and not pregnant but my uh while not.

Pregnant my blood sugars are great as my hcg rises my blood sugar is rising to almost 200 i'm eating nothing but meat with salt butter and bacon and fat do i need insulin maybe go ahead and see your doctor uh crystal and make sure they check a c peptide to see how much insulin you're making because you may have something called lada and even.

Though you were type 2 before you may have converted to a type 1 and you and your doctor just not be aware the only way to know is to check a c-peptide and then get your a1c checked as well um a lot of things can raise your blood sugar while you're pregnant that like stress hormones like things could be so also get your a1c that don't necessarily.

Glycate your cells and tissues that's exactly right so get the a1cmc peptide and that's going to tell you what you need to do if anything if it turns out that your a1c is still great and your c-peptide is fine then you probably just need to whatever your current keto is you need to probably cut the carbs in half and eat fatty meat and eggs with.

The yolk until you're comfortably stuffed and then you can add a few veggies or a few nuts or a few berries eating meat right now that's all it got you yeah and that's why that's what worries me a little bit we need the a1c in the sea peptide also check in with your sleep hygiene are you sleeping good because that can also cause issues 100.

Kathleen says can a carnivore diet shrink lipomas so kathleen we've got hundreds of reports from people eating keto ketovor and carnivore saying that their lipomas shrink and it makes perfect sense because insulin when it's high that's a very strong signal an inappropriate growth signal and it.

Makes things grow that shouldn't be growing and lipomas are just a fatty tumor they're not cancer but if they're getting inappropriate growth signals they'll actually grow and so when you cut down the carbohydrates that's going to lower your blood sugar which is going to lower your serum insulin level and in many.

Many cases the lipomas either shrink drastically or go completely away thank you holly hey holly holly holly um can you still have sherry with snow can you have chicken on the carnivore diet sure yeah always have dark meat chicken with the skin on and the bone in chicken breast that's skinless and.

Boneless is just pure protein there's not enough fat there to uh give your body what it needs mattless total cholesterol is 193 hdl43 ldl 130 triglyceride 73 any glaring concern i'd like to get that uh hdl up a little bit your triglycerides are great total cholesterol is great your ldl is fine.

Ayo says does the proper human diet cause skin tags you must be new here ayo i actually have a video all about how eating a proper human diet will shrink and disappear skin tags this is actually if you want to stop forming new skin tags and have those huge skin tags that you already have if you want to.

Shrink and go away eat a proper human diet so after this video just go to youtube and search for dr berry skin tags and then you can watch that video and you'll understand exactly what's going on and why those skin tags are about to go away a more can the phd cause your menstrual.

Cycle to become irregular it can for a month or two make it a little wonky most of the time it's actually regulating your hormones um and it will go back to it'll your pain during your period will be less and your periods will become more consistent if they weren't before um your flow will be lighter and overall.

You'll just feel better during your menstrual cycle but it can take a month or two for it to kind of like even out and a lot of women they really focus on the d part of the phd they see the word diet and they think oh i must portion control and i must cut back on how much i eat that's absolutely not required and it's mandatorily.

Prohibited on a proper human diet you eat until you're comfortably stuck because if you're under eating as a woman that's going to send your body a signal that it's not a good environment to reproduce in and that'll make your period wonky as well yeah absolutely you got something over there.

Let's see hey dr perry have you done a video about meniere's or tinnitus and does keto help that yeah absolutely it does uh laura i'm chuckling because i've been i've got the research together to make a video about tinnitus uh or tinnitus if you're from the south but i i haven't done it yet my add brain gets carried away with this side of the other.

And i forget but yes 100 the inflammatory signal and the hyperinsulinemia signal is is what gives the majority of people their their severe tinnitus now all adults over the age of 40 have a little tinnitus if you get them in a perfectly silent quiet room you're going to hear a little little buzz or a little hum that's.

Normal but if it's so loud that it's affecting your activities of daily living and driving you nuts then that's uh pathological tinnitus and that's the kind of tinnitus that's going to improve greatly with the proper human diet thank you gene for the super hey gene hey margaret margaret marguerite margarite huzzah whitetail obsession outdoors hey.

What's up nice house hey nice we can be friends i like your buck yeah bring me the the hearts and the livers do you have any experience with prp injections in the cervical spine i've had neck pain for 20 years i see a chiropractor um i would know a lot the mri shows a couple of herniated discs yeah i had actually performed uh prp and.

Prolotherapy for several years in my practice i didn't i never did cervical deep cervical injections because i i didn't have the training but if you can find somebody who's trained in how to do that i 100 recommend prp injections that that's that's a real thing i say tonight every time we get a super chat we have to say huzzah.

It's almost renaissance festival season that's right we got to practice we got our practice brian from eastern tennessee do you have any updated opinions on sodium nitrates and nitrites there are a number of doctors that still say stay away from them and all processed meats what is the concern with nitrous nitrosamine and so that's an.

Excellent question brian from eastern tennessee you should ask the specific doctor who says that could you show me the research that that proves that eating uh something that's been cured with a nitrate salt is is is cancer-causing or causes any bad thing to happen whatsoever and if that doctor's honest.

They'll say well no because there's no research that proves that it does anything bad for you at all i have a youtube video on this channel about eating bacon and nitrates it will give you cancer will give you heart disease the answer is there's never been a shred of proof that eating nitrate cured bacon or any other processed meat.

Is going to harm you in any way yeah a lot of opinions you know you know i was thinking today about this when i was out rotating the sheep if you if you talk about grass-fed grass finished meat that sounds pristine and clean it sounds pure right but when you're talking when you talk about old processed.

Meat you know bacon salami pastrami all that stuff it sounds dirty it sounds crass it sounds uh low class sounds basic and i'm sick and tired of people denigrating processed meat if you've got the research to show me that it's bad for me then put your research up and shut up and show me show me the research.

Where's it at and so i want all you guys to become defenders of bacon the next time you hear somebody in it because it's always thoughtless they're like well you know you need to eat grass-fed grass spinach you know meat you don't want to be bacon and stuff stop them right there so why do you say that do you have some research to support.

That huh huh do you because if you don't shut your mouth talking about my bacon because there ain't nothing wrong with bacon okay if we all started doing that the amount of celery juice that's going into people on youtube and.

Instagram yeah you know what's in celery juice yeah pop quiz what has more nitrates bacon or celery juice which one i'll give you a second nobody cares about that bacon or celery juice what has more nitrates cancer causing nitrates they're not really he's being surprised.

Celery way more way more that's actually what they cure uncured bacon with is celery juice nitrates are not bad for you there's a couple of the big pharmaceutical houses that are investigating getting an fda approved drug that contains nitrates because when you ingest.

Nitrates guess what they turn into nitric oxide guess what that does lowers your blood pressure they're actually trying to get a patent on a nitric nitrate pill as a blood pressure pill and people like all of them cause cancer yeah that's why fargo pfizer's spending two billion dollars trying to get a drug patented.

Because it causes cancer no nitrates don't cause cancer that's all bunk please step up and defend bacon i'm sick and tired of hearing it uh brent how strong is the link between sugar carbohydrates and acne also do you have any insight on accutane as the acne treatment the proper human diet rules.

Yes thank you so much hang on brit so there's a very strong link between the chronic inappropriate inflammation from highly processed high carb sugar filled vegetable oil fields foods and acne 100 percent uh also if you eat a highly processed carb your blood sugar spikes your insulin goes up remember insulin is.

A growth-like hormone right it's going to cause things to grow and swell and puff up like like pimples finally accutane is a wonderful acne treatment if you have severe scarring acne okay it's the best of the best but it's very very dangerous uh you you don't even need to.

Be sexually active when you're taking accutane because the the devastation that that happens to a fetus if the mom or even potentially the dad was taking accutane when that baby was conceived is devastating you don't want that okay so uh if you'll just eat a proper human diet for 90 days you'll realize you don't really need.

Accutane after all because you've just got a pimple here and there the proper human diet does rule salty writer says that wifey is a hottie and i agree salty ryder i agree huzzah valerie can you talk about the starch diet dr mcdonald mcdougall yeah how could this work i'm.

Carnivore but i just want to understand pure carbs or i just don't understand pure start carbs are starch yeah so valerie if you if you calorie restrict on any diet and calories are strict enough you'll lose weight you'll lose fat you'll lose a muscle you'll lose bone mass happiness you'll lose happiness you'll be.

Chronically hungry now the problem with with the starch diet that mcdougall talks about is you're chronically starving yourself every day so you can't do that forever after so many days of starving yourself you're gonna well you're gonna call it giving up but actually you're just giving in to your animal drive to eat real food.

And so yeah i could i could uh walk you in my barn and feed you one jelly donut a day that's all you get but it's a jelly doughnut uh and keep you in there six months you'll lose a ton of weight but you'll also develop multiple vitamins and mineral deficiencies you'll be starving to death you'll be hangry beyond your wildest nightmares.

Uh yeah that's and so with the proper human diet you don't have to starve yourself that's why this is so wonderful you get to eat fatty meat and eggs with the yolk until you're comfortably stuffed and then go have fun uh i need you to read this okay uh aleca my husband's atherogenic index.

Ldl and ast are all too high and he's been strictly on the carnivore diet how long has he been carnivore lekka triglycerides are okay hdl is okay beautiful vldl okay should we worry so his ast is too high so he needs a ggt and he also needs a liver ultrasound and probably a hepatitis panel and maybe some other liver testing.

Uh if his ldl is elevated i'm not that's not clear that that's even anything to worry about i've got youtube videos that explain that but if his triglycerides are good his hdl is good and his a1c is good metabolically he's in good shape okay but the liver does need to be um investigated further and also if he's.

Still drinking any alcohol at all including sneaking out to the garage when you're not looking that needs to stop because typically ast is the one that elevates with alcohol overuse or abuse good question thank you for that um you guys be nice to each other in the.

Comments m holland my dad's triglycerides are 3600 a1c is 12. type 2 diabetic the doctor wants him extremely low fat only chicken and fish till things are figured out would this be helpful or would this be helpful versus the phd no okay so you should go with your dad to the doctor's appointment and say.

Doctor i'm confused are you saying that when my dad eats fat that that makes his blood sugar go up is that what you're implying and that eating fat makes his triglycerides go up is that what you're implying doctor because dr barry on youtube said that if that is indeed what you're implying then you're a and you don't understand human.

Physiology whatsoever what makes blood sugar go up sugar eat sugar drink sugar blood sugar go up if you eat too much sugar also your triglycerides go up i would suspect your dad's maybe also drinking a little alky hall uh with triglycerides that high your doctor your dad immediately needs.

To do two things number one go watch my proper human diet video on this channel and implement those principles and then number two fire his current doctor's ass and find a doctor who understands human anatomy and physiology marnie hey marnie she says we need a bacon bacon defender.

We need like a huzzah a b with a in the superman logo defender bd bacon defender i love it yes somebody do that yes that's that's a great idea nighthawk99 says what is good for chronic yeast in the body due to.

Multiple use of antibiotics uh first of all nighthawk if if medically uh okay stop all antibiotics and don't get on anymore for a long long time secondly remember that yeast like cancer and like bacteria love sugar they love sugar in all its forms and so the lower carbohydrate diet you eat and remember any carbohydrate ultimately turns into.

Sugar so the lower carbohydrate diet you eat the less sugar there is for the yeast to eat and also the other thing yeast hates is sunlight so get as much sunlight on your body as you can and get as few carbohydrates in your body as you can and the yeast will soon be back to its minuscule level where it doesn't bother you at all good question shout.

Out to ancestral living and nutrition hey girl i noticed that if i get plenty of protein in my breakfast i don't make bad choices for dinner yeah if you're making good choices in the morning you're setting yourself up for a successful day yeah and most people if they're going to have breakfast at all and i usually have my breakfast about 4.

P.m but if you have plenty of good healthy protein and good healthy fat those are animal fats and animal proteins then it gets easier or at least less hard less difficult to make bad decisions for the rest of the day because you're so satiated that you might be having a.

Little sugar craving but you're not hungry on top of that nisha jennifer wants to know asia what do you use for a meat tenderizer most of the time i don't really have to tenderize um but when i do for certain types of uh like uh beef stew and things like that i just put salt on it and let the.

Salt sit on it for like an hour or two and that kind of does the trick for us yeah typically if there's enough fat in the meat it's not going to be tough and chewy a good question here from sherry brent brentner any chance of kidney stones eating a carnivore diet so it's very common for doctors to say oh.

If you eat too much meat you have a kidney stone uh 80 85 of kidney stones are calcium oxalate and all doctors want to focus on the calcium part they don't remember the second part of that is oxalate calcium oxalate so for most people if you cut down on the sugars specifically the fructose cut way down on the alcohol and.

Cut down the high oxalate foods you'll never have another kidney stone the rest of your life uh matlab says i've not had any serious illnesses recently or the virus yet my labs recently showed that my white blood cell count was considered low at 3.4 uh the range that is on mine is 3.8 to 10.8 your white blood cell count and.

Also your plants are acute phase reactants okay that means that there's a thousand things in your life and your body and your biochemistry and your serum that can make them go up or down from day to day so the best thing for you to do is barely low i would just get it rechecked in a month 99 chance it's going to be normal and then there you go.

All right bn says the average age of an asian is uh 85 years of age if they consume huge amounts of rice do you believe that they have built a resilience to carbohydrates to some degree but the thing being that people don't realize about people of asian descent and also people of indian descent is that it's very hard for them.

To get fat and so us in america we look at them and they're they look relatively skinny and in our mind we're like oh well they're healthy but the problem is is if you checked their hemoglobin a1c and their c peptides you would find out that very often when they're eating those high carb diets they're hyperinsulinemic for sure.

Almost to a man or a woman and then very very very often they're pre-diabetic or type 2 diabetic and they can have type 2 diabetes and still be very slender whereas most caucasians we're going to get fat then we'll develop type 2 diabetes does it work that way for people of asian or indian descent they can actually become type 2 diabetic and.

Still be very slender diana says uh what are your thoughts on the keto os from the pruvit company overpriced and waste of your money quite unless there's very few instances where any exogenous ketones not just proven but any of them are beneficial if you are a.

Regular human being and you don't have adhd asperger's dementia any kind of neurological things going on ketones are not necessary exogenous ketones guess what if you eat low carb enough guess what your body makes for free anybody know ketones.

Listen to nisha she knows always listen to the nurse that's that's gotten me all through life it's done me well listen to the nurse now i i mean if you love them do it's fine they're not going to hurt anything it's just they're very expensive and we'd rather you spend that money on your meat.

Yeah good meat and good eggs you don't need to buy exogenous ketones uh chrissy chrissy hey chrissy chrissy i don't know what this says can you 365 pound friend a1c hi on omad need your tips so chrissy if if your friend.

Likes vegetables then have your friend watch my youtube playlist called keto 101 okay it's the basics of just how to get started with keto it's very easy it can be very inexpensive and immediately they're going to start to lose fat and their a1c is going to start to come down okay.

If your friend would be very happy just eating meat and eggs and nothing else then watch my carnivore 101 playlist that's it you don't have to buy any prescription medicines you don't have to sign up for a program none of that stuff is necessary just watch those videos and do what i say she hasn't set my lap this long in a.

Long time she's just been sitting over here the whole time i'm sorry i hadn't low key up so everybody can see like i had to change positions this is loki kit one of our rescue kitties she's a pretty good kid she's very good oh somebody's ready for a bump date you ready to give us a bump date i hate to move loki well when walking.

Moves we'll give you a bump dave says can you touch on digestive aids for those of us with no gallbladder so ox-bowel supplements you might benefit and need oxbow but you might not there are hundreds of thousands of people without a gallbladder who do keto just fine now you you may have to transition from your.

Current diet to keto over a month or two or three to kind of give your liver time to ramp up bile production and bile storage but after that one to three month transition period you should not need any bile acids at all your liver is still making plenty of them don't forget that did you get caesar.

Caesar every time i keto or carnivore i get a pain on my right side next to my rib cage does that mean i have gall stones it can mean multiple things caesar it may mean that you have something called gallbladder dysfunction which means that if you were eating high carb before you have a weak floppy gallbladder gallbladder is made of.

Smoothies yeah it's just like this it's like oh my god there's fat i've got to contract yeah and because it's weak and floppy because you've been eating low fat because you were told to when you start eating an appropriate high-fat diet your gallbladder's got to work harder and it's just like your bicep if you started.

Doing curls that you've never done before it would hurt right does that mean stop exercising that it's bad for you no it means keep exercising that muscle will get stronger same goes for your gallbladder the second thing it could mean is that you have gallbladder sludge once again does not mean you need to.

Have your gallbladder out does not mean you need to quit keto means you need to keep eating lots of healthy fat make that gallbladder contract and push that sludge out into your small intestine then you'll have a strong clean gallbladder and you'll you'll you it'll your wildest dreams will come true.

What are you drinking dr berry i'm drinking some san pilgrim san pellegrino with some redmond's electrolytes these are the watermelon lime mine are the end flavor but they also have watermelon lime which is delish let me just say there's a redmond's link down in the.

Show notes if you want to try some these are my favorite currently they're pretty tasty she used to be like wondermelon now she's like where's that watermelon no i was just on the pina colada kick for a while i'd really love it please don't be dramatic can keto carnivore diets help heal damage from a.

Past stroke maybe to a certain extent now sometimes if there was a large enough patch of neurons that lost blood supply for long enough then there's going to be some a permanent deficit there but i in over 20 years of medical practice i've seen so many people told by a neurologist that's it that's the best.

You can hope for you're never going to improve some people give up and they just they're like okay that's what i that's what i got some people never give up and they start eating a healthier diet full of healthy fats that your neurons need and in a year's time it's very slow but in a year's time they go back and see that doctor and the doctor.

Is stunned at the progress that they made so don't give up and donate a high carbohydrate highly processed junk diet those of you asking oh yes nisha has a cgm that stands for continuous glucose monitor it checks your blood her interstitial glucose every five minutes i think is that right we're doing this because i.

Refuse the glucose tolerance test and opted to check my blood sugars instead i do not have gestational diabetes but i have to prove it even though my a1z was 4.8 yep she has to prove it but not the ketones so i have the app on my phone and you just hit this little and then you go and then it's.

So currently it's at 83 i did just eat so and you want to you want to confess well listen we were on a very long trip today i fasted way longer than i should have but i didn't have an option then we went and ate it oh charlie's and the woman brought rolls and i ate one and you can see i have not eaten anything bad and then i.

Ate a roll one roll look at that spike that's what carbohydrates do your blood sugar people and that was a whole grain roll and i'm starving i'm sure you put some butter on it of course yeah but still just the carbohydrates in that whole grain it went up to 139. you see that it was fine the day before that was fine.

Hang on you can guys i'll let you guys see i'll be posting this on my stories by the way on your channel on my channel yeah see there's the day before look at all those beautiful hypo blood sugars but yeah if you want to follow along on my journey you can come.

Follow me on youtube and instagram hey crusader general thanks for the super chat huzzah uh good evening dr barry and beautiful nisha look at that love you guys question for dr barry do you get persecuted by the ama and big pharma for your views on statins i get persecuted by the ama.

And big pharma and uh the tennessee state medical board for multiple things multiple things and i i like that because i know that anytime the powers that be are kicking up like that that means that i'm having an effect and for every one of you guys that reverses your type 2 diabetes.

You understand there are there are billion dollar corporations that are losing money every time you don't buy that new prescription right there are billion dollar corporations every time you go to the grocery store and you don't buy coke or pepsi even.

Diet coke or diet pepsi which i think are fine for some people on keto but when it comes right down to it when you buy something you understand you're voting with your dollars you get that right and you're like well i like diet coke but do you understand the huge multinational conglomerate corporation that you're supporting with your money.

When you buy that crap think about that you're literally supporting their mission to um have a coke machine in every little mexican village where the rates of type 2 diabetes and obesity are literally 90 in this tiny village but yet they got a coca-cola machine that's the kind of.

that you're supporting when you buy something from coke or pepsi or craft or kellogs or mandalas and so i would highly recommend everybody listening to this vote with your dollars the problem is you can buy water and still support coke okay it's true that's true but there's other ways to get one i'm just saying.

Yes good intentions i understand but coke and nestle like these people own almost every single thing except for now for now for now they did that's right yeah so every time you go to the store every time you go to the doctor just realize that when you when you spend money on something you're voting for that so uh.

Do so wisely good question whoa nelly says what's the best ketone number for dropping weight i'm on week seven and i'm stalled this week so you haven't lost any weight this week but my keto mojo came in today and my ketones were 2.6 it's amazing my glucose of 71 also amazing beautiful beautiful that means you're on the right track you're not.

Doing anything wrong yeah no you're doing nothing wrong give your body time to heal bull nelly right are you are you a woman well nelly yeah okay talk about being above 0.5 on your ketone meter is fine so don't worry because it's going to continue your ketones will stop start dropping but that's okay as long as they're above 0.5.

You're good so don't worry about the ketone number worry about keeping your carbs under 20 total total consistently and eating enough protein and eating good fats and staying away from as many products even if they stay keto on them that's right because that can.

Enable your monkey on your back that's addicted to the carbohydrates and also it can stall you and again you're voting for a false economy because i've never seen a ribeye that says keto on it have you a pack of bacon that says somewhere have you ever seen a head of broccoli in the produce that says keto.

No eggs a dozen eggs keto eggs no it happened because corn says gluten free on it right yeah it's not wheat it's hard yeah but but so real food doesn't have to say keto on the front so the very fact that they're having to say keto on the front of the package should be a huge red flag but.

It's probably not real whole food one ingredient keto think of that all right um nate how hey guys so um much appreciated for the info as always i just started growing some kefir grains and milk what are your thoughts on it if you can make kefir with heavy cream.

Sorry well kefir kefir i knew a guy in college his name was keith so no it wasn't it wasn't it was a whole nother keeper and nobody liked him so i i don't like saying the word so kefir if you can make it out of a full fat dairy product and it's it's definitely.

Less bad than just drinking milk notice i didn't say it's good it might be tasty but that doesn't mean it's beneficial uh but it is less bad than just drinking do really well with including that in their proper human diet and some people cannot tolerate that so hey aydah uh i'm on a carnivore diet now.

Seven weeks a1c went from 12.8 to 6.4 wow wow but no i'm stuck there why do you think give it time ada give it time let your body heal keep eating very low carb whole foods and check it again in three months and i think you'll be pleasantly surprised somebody says does eating too.

Much meat hurt your kidneys no actually what hurts your kidneys is eating too many carbohydrates the reason that there's now a dialysis clinic on every corner in every town of america is not because people have been eating too much meat it's because they've been eating too much uh.

Kellogg's and drinking too much coke and pepsi too many too many sugars too much fructose too too many carbohydrates that's what it will absolutely destroy your kidneys i've got a a video on this channel about kidneys in in protein rainy day lady hello everyone loving this proper human diet thank you dr barry and nisha thank you rainy day.

Thank you thank you let's see shayna says how do you get small particle size uh to be big and fluffy this is like on an nmr lipo profile your ldl particle size you do that by eating lots of animal fat okay lots of egg yolks lots of ribeye that without the fat being.

Trimmed off and what you're going to do you might notice that your total cholesterol and your ldl cholesterol go up but what you're going to notice is that your particles get bigger and fluffier which is very protective against heart attack and stroke angelic.

Annihilator that's quite the name if i had an infection should i use antibiotics for the minimum amount of time and then use a natural what are some natural ways to fight off infections it depends on the infection angelic annihilator some infections you need antibiotics for okay antibiotics in the right situation.

Or can be life-saving no doubt but very very commonly primary care doctors will give you a round of very strong antibiotics for an upper respiratory infection which is viral 95 of the time or a sinus infection which is viral 85 of the time or for a runny nose or for a cough which 100 of the time don't need.

Antibiotics so if you have a documented back uh bacterial infection yes you might need a round of antibiotics i've got a whole chapter about this in my book lies my doctor told me about when you should use antibiotics and when you should just say doctor are you sure i need an antibiotic because what are the odds that this is viral if you ask that.

One question nine times out of ten the doctor will put away his or her prescription pad because they'll know that what they were planning on doing was giving you a prescription and getting you the hell out of there so they can see the next patient but if you say what are the chances this is a viral infection and not bacterial.

They'll put their prescription pad away because they'll know that you're an awake informed patient and then they'll have to have a conversation with you which is going to take up some of their time but for you it'll be well worth your time raycab love your channel you're changing lives how bad or not is sorbitol i saw.

It as a second ingredient in my wife's nutrition nest what my wife's nutritionist recommended to her sorbitol is one of the worst sugar alcohols on planet earth okay sorbitol used to be the darling of the american diabetes association remember you could get the diabetic candy and diabetic cake all of them were full of.

Celebrities one of the things in that what was that food that was like you basically like poop it all out and everybody binged on it and then they like you're thinking about the the fake fat olestra yeah that would give you orange the orange squirts yeah yeah but.

Once you break off the little alcohol the oh it's just it's it's sugar and it's going to spike your blood sugar raise your insulin and it's not going to help you in any way if any of you guys are eating anything that you think is diet or sugar-free and the main sweetener is sorbitol give that to a friend that may or give.

It to a friend of me who you don't really like and don't don't buy anything with sorbitol in it thank you chrissy chrissy we appreciate you too uh hey david oh nelly also if you have plaque in your arteries can this plaque be digested and go away or is this damaged permanent so plaquing in the.

Arteries that's your body's attempt to stabilize an inflammatory part of your artery okay what caused the inflammation was high sugar high insulin high inflammation so once you start eating a proper human diet the inflammation is going to go down as is the sugar and the insulin but your body's still going to heal that damaged artery and he does.

That by first putting down cholesterol and then ultimately by putting down calcium okay now in some cases people's plaquing either soft black or hard plaque will regress or get smaller with a proper human diet in some cases it just calcifies and becomes very stable and it's never going to give you a problem either way you win.

Thank you david for the super chat thanks for voting with your dollars my friend thank you gene for the super chat huzzah okay you need it it's crunch time so okay you need to answer you didn't say hello what is leptin resistance and how do we address it so go to wikipedia and read.

The entry about leptin it's very simple to understand the way that you reverse leptin resistance is to eat a proper human diet okay either keto or ketovor or carnivore is going to help your insulin resistance improve love peace joy thank you so much dr barry nature you're helping us thank you for the super chat.

Andrea reversed pre-diabetes my high blood pressure and plaques rice has disappeared three months after starting keto thank you dr barry anybody got psoriasis they want to reverse it in three months anybody got eczema and want to reverse it in three months anybody got terrible dandruff want to reverse it in three months.

Keto ketovor carnivore i've got videos about all three of those things on this channel check them out and reverse this chronic disease and then that's one less prescription you have to fill every month uh turbo tur bodz.

Yeah what's your take on animal-based diet meat and some fruits so that is essentially paleo rebranded now being called hyper carnivore yeah and what's your take on that well the the reason that animals eat lots of fruits and berries in the in the fall is so that they can gain five or ten.

Pounds of fat for the winter so if it's a rough winter they won't starve to death because they have five or ten pounds of stored fat now eat all of the fatty meat and eggs with the yolk that you want because they are going to give you real human nutrition but if you'd like to gain five or ten pounds for the winter then eat lots of fruit and.

That'll do it what it boils down to is your carb tolerance and that really means how metabolically healthy are you how young are you what's your health history if you were young metabolically healthy and you surf for three hours a day i can talk or you can talk if you want if you're super active your carb.

Tolerance is going to be much higher you can tolerate some fruit however if you're uh 40 or over and you've had pre-type pre-diabetes type 2 diabetes metabolic disorder fruit is still sugar and it will affect you in the way that any other sugar would so you have to understand your body and just because someone else can do this.

Doesn't mean that you can well said tj says she calls you she calls you kenny when you're in trouble yes she does yeah kenny do y'all want to bump dates yeah let's get a bump date come on there's currently a ton of cat hair she has technical hair on her bone but just ignore that look at this baby.

We are almost 28 weeks with baby girl barry look at this baby she is she's been kicking today yes do you still have a belly button i do oh there it is it's a little pokey.

That was my finger sorry so beautiful i agree carolyn thank you hey tanika thank you hey dawn thank you too chron course says do not interrupt pregnant lady snap joseph says i have fatty liver a thyroid nodule and i'm a recovering diabetic.

What do i need to ask my pcp about uh uber foamy urine so you need to have your primary care doctor check your analysis and if there is any degree of proteinuria or protein in your urine then you probably need to see a nephrologist and see what degree of chronic kidney disease you have because you probably got stage one two or three.

But and so with that being said the fatty liver and the chronic kidney disease that you may or may not have you can reverse both of those by eating a very low carbohydrate diet that is ancestrally appropriate that is nutrient dense that is very low in carbohydrates uh basically a proper human diet you can reverse both of those conditions.

Sweet little girl growing in that belly are you gonna you want to announce the name i think we're pretty committed aren't are we i mean to the first name we're pretty committed with what we're going to call her yeah whether it's her first name middle name or nickname that's still kind of.

Determined so what what are we going to call it no no it's your baby you guru bonnie bonnie and i'm going to call her bonnie blue she is bonnie whether that's her name or not yeah that wasn't bonnie blue's real name that was her nickname.

Too oh yeah i forgot yep bonnie it is bonnie bonnie solis berry oh we got three thousand watching three thousand people thank you guys for sharing this video if you're watching my instagram live the other day i said it on there on axe no beckett did what do you say he said.

There's my baby and i said is it uh some i don't know what i asked him and he said it's bonnie and i was like oh okay and then i think i said it too so you know it's out there sure crazy larry what's the world record you're gonna break brother i'll help you uh joseph i have fatty liver oh we already did that one yeah we did joe uh.

Keith well drinking zevia a couple times a day derail my health goals it depends keith on how sensitive your cephalic phase insulin response is to sweet tastes in your mouth some of us if we drink stevia twice a day our insulin level would stay too high and we wouldn't burn any fats other people seemingly can drink a.

Stevia based drink like xevia once a day and do just great with their their fat loss it depends uh jane thank you very much oh spoon 17 said nisha makes monday worth living i totally agree are you going to do a video about aspartame since you read that book we've had several people ask yeah i need.

Do you guys think i need to do a video about aspartame because i've got quite a bit of research saved up and it's a it's a dastardly story guys if you don't know how aspartame nutrasweet got fda approved you should you should do an internet search and read about that hint it involves uh donald rumsfeld everybody says yes yes okay do the.

Neutral suite okay all right i'm gonna do nutrasweet video i'm gonna do a tinnitus video and then i've got about 200 other video ideas serena serena's right i'm going to show you yeah yeah mr sweet is awful says serena i totally agree ik 04 what's the.

Deal with cheese it's from animals so i should be able to eat all i want right well well hold on it's not actually the meat of an animal it's dairy right and why do mammals make milk what is its purpose to fatten up a baby and help it grow at a very fast rate very fast it helps you grow and get fat very quickly.

Also all mammals on the planet except for a very few humans become lactose intolerant when they're no longer a baby did you know that your dog and cat are lactose intolerant most likely so stop giving them to popular yeah contrary to what your vet might tell you cats almost without exception are lactose intolerant they might love to.

Lap up that milk but then they're going to have gastritis later and probably on your carpet so ixnay on the milk uh so sorry granny yes sorry granny but the thing is milk is for baby mammals it's not for adult mammals and so cheese is definitely less bad for you than drinking liquid milk because a.

Microbe has bent the protein molecule and turned it from a liquid to a solid so it's less inflammatory for most people but some of us even yet listen the dairy is too fattening and i'm one of them i freaking love cheese but if i ate too much cheese what happens to my belly the normal distribution curve some.

People can tolerate a lot some people can tolerate it an average amount meaning every now and then and some people cannot tolerate it at all that's me you have to know where you fall and you have to be very honest with yourself if you are eating carnivore and you are gaining weight and you're eating a ton of dairy.

It's the dairy unfortunately and keep in mind for all you guys out there who can tolerate the dairy just because you can tolerate something doesn't mean that it's the optimal choice does it think about that so if you're happy with your progress and you're happy with your success.

Physically mentally then keep eating the cheese but if you're like man i feel like i've got more fat to lose i feel like i could be healthier then try 90 days with no dairy at all except for butter and ghee which are just a fat component of dairy and i bet you'll be healthier after 90 days of that than you are right now also.

Goat cheese is uh should be easier and better tolerated um so keep that in mind yep yep whey and casein um are the two major proteins there's a long list of proteins and dairy but those are the two major ones and i in this case i agree with the vegans.

No adult human on the planet should ever drink milk you might be able to tolerate it but that does not mean that you couldn't have made a better choice even raw milk i'm sorry i know that offends people raw milk is indeed less bad than homogenized pasteurized there are.

Many people out there drinking raw milk and doing great lots of cheese but listen if you're eating a lot of dairy and you're not doing well and you still have skin conditions and you're still gaining weight or you're not losing weight or you have pain and still got.

Dandruff still getting a lot of symptoms acne it's the dairy eczema it's the dairy hundred percent it's the dairy yeah oatmeal jennifer oh oat milk is a complete nutter waste of money first of all it's not milk it's oat juice that's got some artificial chemicals put in it to make it look and tastes like.

The other day about the oatmeal i can't they're yeah oatmeal almond milk no these are milk why do you think you have to have a white liquid do you understand because it's part of who we are think about it why do you think as an adult you have to drink a white liquid i mean just get.

Something get some water and put some white food coloring in a coffee okay listen there's a lot look we're spending too much time on dairy farms okay fine just do it can you just do it joss uh what are your thoughts on the gaps diet and its creator dr natasha campbell mcbride for many people the.

Gaps diet is a excellent first step okay their their symptoms improve uh the gaps diet i don't think is perfect i don't think the gaps diet is a proper human diet but it is a great step in the right direction for many many people for many people starting the gap diets percent.

Towards them recovering a proper human diet two crazy ketos hi hey youtube crazy keto thank you for all you do for the keto community can't wait to see you guys this weekend what's this weekend i don't know what are we doing this week supposed to be somewhere this weekend look that up quick i don't know.

What they're talking about rachel please text me tell me what we're spending where are we supposed to be stupid you can't count on me anymore because i'm pregnant used to i was the one kept it together yeah are y'all coming through here maybe they're because they got the rv maybe oh.

Yeah come see us that'd be great i'll show you the sheets colette thank you so much paulette uh little eight nine four zero my mother's 75 type 2 diabetic for 30 years low carb diet six plus months register agency from eight to six i told her to ask doc for insulin and see pep died uh he told her she wouldn't know what to do with that info yeah go with.

Your mother to the next appointment and say doctor it's quite possible that you don't know what to do with uh a c peptide in a fasting insulin level but i and my mother do so would you please just order it and then we'll teach you why those two numbers are very very important if you'll say that to the.

Doctor one time the doctor will never make such an ignorant statement again i hope we can only hope right paul if you come to tennessee you can help me rotate the sheet but you cannot have a sheet he needs help not this weekend oh two weeks the dinner cruises okay i know can you believe.

That's in two weeks i know that's crazy thanks for freaking me out check your blood sugar see what it did look y'all i i post i post my sugars daily or i try to if i remember and some i'd put food and then it beckett screaming and it's like everything's good and then i have a spike because.

Stress you're off the hook it's like stress can affect your blood sugar yeah all right uh what are you doing july 21st ish she's coming about two weeks early i think i think so you do too i've said that a hundred times i thought i said.

That uh may mionic i'm sorry being i've been doing intermittent fasting 186 for the last four years in keto for two years turning 50. i just got um detailed testing done cholesterol was high as expected but my a1c is 5.7.

Should i be alarmed you shouldn't be alarmed but you should be aware that a a1c of 5.7 you are just over the edge you are a pre-diabetic currently okay not permanently but for right now and so go back and figure out how many carbohydrates you're eating on a given day total carbs and cut that number in half.

Eat that and eat until you're comfortably stuffed lots of fatty meat lots of eggs with the yolk and then add a few carbs in if you must if you don't have to but if you want to you can in three months your a1c will be normal and you will have reversed your pre-diabetes by doing that joel says that when he sees rachel his blood sugar goes up.

I bet joe uh james attempting triple b and e in may any tips on fighting food boredom and ensuring i get all necessary nutrients i love steak but 30 days of it might and i promise you james you're going to be you're going to be pleasantly surprised that you never get tired of eating real.

Food so you're not going to sit down and eat a meal just because it's time to eat you're going to wait until you're truly hungry and then you're going to smash some eggs and bacon or some eggs and steak or some bacon and eggs or any of the combinations with butter on top okay and you're going to be happy every time you sit down to that and you're going to.

Eat until you're comfortably stuck you can eat ground beef yeah ground beef any beef is fine any ruminant animal is fine so sheep goat beef venison bison any of that stuff is totally fine if it's a ruminant camel's fine depending on where you live in the world water buffalo is fine uh yak is fine i.

Had a guy reach out to me yesterday said that they have good yak where he lives yak is a room and it's perfectly fine i would i would eat a yak a big yak rib wouldn't you yeah yeah don't talk back loki is back in my lap are you so excited do any of you also attend renaissance fairs or festivals i have been attending this particular one.

Since i was 13 years old i wish i could have been there when it was not cool and now it's kind of cool to go to him before it was like what do you mean you're going to renaissance fair what do you mean you're dressing up you are such a dork what are you going to dress up as this year a pregnant witch.

Pregnant cersei pregnant cersei yeah no it'd be dangerous she's pregnant for a minute oh yeah i forgot about that yeah i don't have bleach traditional girl says butter is cream so why is it drinking raw cream good well now traditional girl if you were as traditional as your name implies you.

Would know that butter is not cream you use cream to make butters anybody made butter with with cream or milk it's super easy to do but when you're when you get done and you've got the hunk of butter and you take it out there's something left in the churn does anybody know what it is.

Remember little miss muffet she said on a tuffet eating her curds and whey there's cloudy liquid left so cream is not just butter there's whey in there as well and that's why for some people even heavy cream is a little too inflammatory and too fattening okay butter and ghee are pure butter in pure.

Ghee heavy cream is not pure butter it actually still has some protein in it and if you just make some butter with that cream then you will prove it to yourself and you'll know that dr barry was right and even though nisha cuts her eyes at him he is she said no way laughing still.

Come on get it play no way trevor i've been a lot ago and i've been on carnivore for 40 days what have you seen in your practice in regards to this condition in the carnivore diet i only had two patients my entire career with vitiligo that was biopsy confirmed and so i don't have any personal experience with patients with vitiligo on a.

Carnivore diet but i do know that joe rogan has vitiligo and he reported that after his carnivore died experience that his his vitiligo spots had actually shrunk he was starting to to make more melanin secreting uh cells in his skin and he said his vitiligo spots were actually getting smaller and that makes perfect sense when you.

Lower the the glucose lower the insulin and lower the chronic inappropriate inflammation that the skin would start to heal because vitiligo is an autoimmune condition right i'm glad to see that i'm not the only dork who loves renaissance festivals oh rachel i knew you i knew you were a renaissance girl.

Oh you should you guys should come and go with us that would be so much fun it's in may yep angie thank you so much yes there is jousting although it's really tame compared to when i started going they truly like i saw a guy getting knocked awesome now it's knocked out all the guys that do it are kind of.

Getting up there in years and so they kind of pulled their punches a little but the first time i ever went it was the joust was legit i mean they were splintering lances dudes were getting flipped off and knocked out it was they couldn't get awesome they had to have a medic come check him out because he was busted yes he got.

Nailed yes it was awesome the rim fest is what diane calls it rinfest rinfair yeah we go to the one in triune there's an actual castle this man has built over the past years and it gets bigger every year so i'm gonna do a vlog on my channel if you're interested in singing are you sure.

You need to subscribe to our channel so you can see that cass lily for no other reason joe pickled eggs are excellente okay joe pulling says what how about pickled eggs pickled quail eggs pickled chicken duck goose eggs turkey eggs 100 peacock eggs yes pickle those eggs and eat them never throw away a yolk that's where all the.

Vitamins and minerals are they make really good deviled eggs too because they already have these flavor to it please and they're already boiled so you don't have to do that part yes please please make some a sicario miro uh two years clean keto now three months carnivore omad 135 pounds 12 percent bf body fat four months with the.

Terrible never before had neuropathy adjusted glucose curve and failed very bad thoughts on the glucose curve test the glucose curve test probably has nothing to do with the neuropathy you need to go see your doctor and get referred to a neurologist because there's nothing about a proper human diet that's going to make you.

Develop neuropathy you you developed it there's something else going on that needs to be investigated that's one of the beautiful things about a proper human diet is when some weird thing pops up like that you know it's time to go see your doctor that's not going to be diet induced if you're eating a proper human diet and so.

It helps that it eliminates that well i wonder if i should go to the doctor for this because if you're eating a proper human diet and something happens you need to go to the doctor yes now all i can think about jody c says how many eggs a day neisha how many eggs a day do you eat uh.

Anywhere from four to eight depending on the day i eat anywhere from six to twelve almost every single day i had six today and i may have some more after this life eggs are good from you there they are a gift from the creator okay think about it there's everything in an egg to make a.

Complete bird regardless of what kind of egg it is right and so there's all the building blocks in there for the little for bird liver for bird spleen for bird kidneys for burnt heart and so you're literally getting all that nutrition from the yolk.

Of that egg eat your eggs oh we have one over time let's do one more all right last last question ladies and gentlemen channel says shalom from israel hey also if you want to come hang out with us at the beach.

In just a few weeks contact uh rebecca farmer if you go to taylor keto dot health taylor keto dot health if you look up rebecca farmer keto it should pull up her website send her an email she'll send you the information basically we get to hang out on the beach together you get to ask.

Your questions get lots of information good quality time with dr barry and i in a beautiful house on the beach lots of meat included in your experience so if you're interested in that please please hang out with us just a few spots left yes it's basically like if you wanted to live with him for a few days that's what you get.

Yeah a man that's a full how bad could it be it's a full week we will be there for the first three days so we are not there for the whole time but you get him i mean more than most people would get access to him so i would say it's worth the money too much if you love this guy i don't know i'll live with him she's over it but uh.

Leanne's got the last question of the night do you think people do better on weight loss if they just eat beef only yes i do but not because there's anything magic in beef okay the reason is if you and so it's called the lion diet you just eat beef salt and water there's no room for reindeer game same with beef butter bacon and eggs.

Like if it ain't one of those four things don't eat it but so many people when they start keto they're like oh there's keto pancakes oh there's keto bread oh there's keto pie and they wind up eating all this highly processed stuff and it may be made with nut flour instead of wheat flour but it's still highly processed and it's got.

Too many carbohydrates and the carbohydrates hit your system too fast so i think if you do a 90 day restriction like beef butter bacon and eggs or the line diet just beef salt water there's no room for reindeer games you either eat beef or you don't eat and so if you're truly hungry eat beef to your stuff.

But do you see how that eliminates all the people like well what about well what about no beef salt water end it eliminates the the that's why i love it so much thanks so much for for hitting the thumbs up thanks for sharing this video with someone that could benefit from it if you're interested in the beach retreat it is.

The pinned comment correctly that's got the website tailored keto dot health and then her email is at the top you just shoot her an email and she will send you all the details and i know it's like a once-in-a-lifetime thing okay you get to literally stay on this beautiful.

Beach in the it's it's 30a area miramar beach nice beach huge house directly on the beach unlimited meat unlimited meat unlimited dr berry access for uh at least two and a half days wow you get to ask him whatever you want if you had a question tonight that we didn't get to consider becoming a patron there's a link down in the show notes it's a quick.

Sign up and you've got access to four additional live q and a's just like this one but instead of three thousand people watching and asking questions there's one or two hundred people so we can answer way more questions in far deeper detail become a patron become part of our tribe help us change the world and.

Help us make coke and pepsi and kellogg's and craft and mandalas go broke chapter seven and if you're a mama or you know obama who is wanting to eat low carb trying to conceive or breastfeed send them away and she loves you she loves it i do q and a's on saturday mornings and then i.

Also have a health coaching group that they can join if they're interested in that thanks so much guys thanks for hanging out with us thanks for going on this journey with us thanks for keeping up with beckett and baby bonnie we'll be back next week if you want to join us again tomorrow at 6 p.m we'll be.

On patreon the links down below see you next time
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