Proper Human Diet Q&A & Gender Reveal (Dr Berry & Neisha!)

Proper Human Diet Q&A & Gender Reveal (Dr Berry & Neisha!)

Proper Human Diet Q&A & Gender Reveal (Dr Berry & Neisha!)

Check out the video on Proper Human Diet Q&A & Gender Reveal (Dr Berry & Neisha!).
What what i'm not up there because you don't booted me out of here oh you cry baby oh hi scoot over i am uh hello hello i think you're taller than me there we go yeah we'll know that that is welcome back friends welcome back.

Welcome back i'm dr ken berry this is my beautiful lovely pregnant wife nisha solis hyphen berry nisha loves it welcome back to the next edition of i'm also a nurse she's a registered nurse so do not mess with her monday night live monday night live.

All right guys so happy to have you with us this evening uh we're gonna be answering tons of questions about diet nutrition health medicine medications uh losing weight gaining muscle living longer sleeping better all that stuff also.

Revealing the gender of the little meatloaf that nisha is baking in her oven it's already been revealed if you follow me yep yep our and a few all right patrons our followers our family our friends they all know but we're revealing it to the world yeah.

We found out on saturday so my birthday was friday we went to nashville and saturday what's funny is we went to a fantastic bookstore we both love bookstores real bookstores okay if you're in the nashville area it's called.

No don't tell them okay oh yes no we don't want you to know because we knew it yeah anyways no phones allowed in there no coffee no candies no no phone but my alert went off and i saw oh my lab results came in then i completely forgot for like three more hours till we got to.

The mall and then i'll make him sit down and in the middle of nordstrom and we opened it up so that video is on my youtube channel without further ado wait wait first i want everybody to guess do you think it's a boy or a girl a puppy or a kitten which one which one i want you to guess in the.

Comments and if you already know what are your guesses i want to say the guesses let's see my own puppy i told madison barry my oldest daughter i said yes is it a puppy or a kid and she's like this puppy mean boy and i was like.

Yes in my world puppy is boy kidding this girl i don't know that doesn't make any wait now before we get into that he's so awful i wanted to make someone now i'm just kidding guys i wouldn't do that it's a girl babyberry is a girl.

If you want to see our live reaction that's on my youtube channel nisha loves it it's very short no we don't make you wait too off alone said i didn't react enough on her video i want you to watch it and tell me is that not the average reaction that if you've watched it you guys have already commented.

Dr barry is underwhelmed well i was well but maybe not overly so but definitely not underly sewn this is i should be wearing paint yeah you didn't react at all she said you look disappointed see i told you i'm wearing my pink boxers he wanted another.

A voice to actually i wanted another point no it didn't really didn't matter but i felt like it was a boy well of course it didn't actually but literally i'm not gonna put it up for adoption no you can't have our baby even though it's a girl anyway.

I we are both very excited yeah i'm very excited anisha is 100 on board now with having a second baby for a minute i was in the dog house i had a real choice i was in a dog house for a month because this was 100 percent my fault somehow it was complicated those of you.

Women who get it get it all right and the ones who don't get it don't get it yeah but i'm happy about it uh where my david says name her blueberry my pick currently that's not his pick is is bonnie bell blue bonnie blue bell buried but whose name is that who came up with that name.

You did how many years ago years ago years and years and years like when i was 14 so do not give him credit but you're like people are giving you credit that's an amazing name i'm like it's money you're like i don't know so i've just i don't want to like commit to it.

Just in case what do you guys think bonnie blue bell berry i think that's the coolest and blue would be spelled the french way and then bell with an e which means pretty in southern in southern language it means creating anyways i just need to have credit okay because i don't know how many people were like that's a great.

Name dr barry like no he did not come up with that anyways we are so happy to share this news with you guys and excited i'm sure once this baby is here uh i will be breastfeeding and she will be right here just like beckett was yep the first months of his life i can't wait for this baby to get here.

So we can hurry up and get her in college right why are you making things awkward i am the man thank you michael c i'm not the man i just i just showed up and did the best i could where are you guys watching from in the world right now what city what state what country.

Where are you i love it uh to see where you guys are are watching from anybody just down the road from us any tennessee neighbors i will say the bill part is his bonnie blue is my name thank you he added thank you but i agree i think that sounds like ice cream bonnie bluebell bluebell ice cream well her last name's not a body blue.

Bell berry ice cream yes yes yes i love it look at all these people oh queens new york what's up queens hey georgia sevierville tennessee hey neighbor montana nice new zealand louisiana quebec maryville tennessee right i marriage.

It anaheim yuma arizona we got a human tennessee yeah not as big as your yuma well as a listen we my mom named me nisha and i didn't appreciate it when i was a teenager either we don't get to pick our names unfortunately holly i mean you know you you you just you get what you get you don't throw a fit.

That's how it is that's your name live with it or pay 50 bucks georgia what's up from georgia is it still 50 bucks to change your name legally or as the price went up because you still was 50 bucks like your name can be whatever you wanted to be maybe it's what i don't know britain alabama dothan alabama speaking of alabama.

Hello to granny berry hey granny barry it's eighty dollars eighty dollars now to change your name okay all right so if you don't like it i'll launch it oh charlotte says it's it depends on the 600.000 a long time ago when i was looking into changing my name to.

Jackson pollock berry i didn't like kenneth dewayne so i was going to change it d wade d wayne not the wayne d way oh d y i love it somebody asked about my shirt hey look we have these for sale but we can't sell them because they got shipped to our house and not the shipping company.

This is the name of our farm obi farms the o stands for oxford which is nisha's grandfather who will wield her this farm when he went to heaven and so we've got actually got a youtube channel which we're going to start putting up content on about farming regenerative farming ranching.

Growing stuff raising stuff we haven't had we don't have much content up yet but we're working on so go ahead and subscribe if you are into regenerative ranching and farming and growing stuff organically we're going to be doing that we're just not doing it yet all right let's take some questions.

Yummy wants to know she said good evening any tips for eating raw meat i really love eating raw meat but i have indigestion when i eat too much well maybe you ate too much yummy so is you want your any meat or eggs that you're going to eat raw you want or fish you want them to be completely fresh from a trustworthy source and then you.

Want to use this this very technical high-tech thing that you're given to detect if meat or eggs or fish have gone off that's that's in the uk they say that to me we in the south we say i think they probably say that we say and then the u.s proper they say ruins and then.

Uk they say it's off uh i guess i don't know i'm just a redneck what do i know but you use this thing your nose you smell the meat smell the fish smell the eggs if it has the least bit of like i don't know about that then don't eat it raw cook it now if it stinks bad throw it give it to the dog or throw it away but if it's.

Just not fresh smelling like i don't know if trust your intuition don't eat that meat raw but if it smells fresh and delish and you trust the source you can eat that raw every day except for chicken i don't know about chicken chicken freaks me out i don't know why you would want to eat chicken raw because the reason.

Like steak raw steak tartare very good tuna tartare very good sashimi grade fish very tasty oysters very tasty chicken i just don't know why you would want to do that cj wants to know what's the maximum dosage for zinc 50 100 or 150 milligrams don't worry about a maximum dosage cj uh.

Most women benefit most from 25 to 50 milligrams most men benefit most from 50 milligrams taking more than that is you're probably just gonna pee it out and so you'll have expensive urine and it won't really optimize your health we're all about optimization of health here uh mr riba durango.

Hey dr barry john and john john from john and ashley on patreon hey guys do you recommend a particular brand of vitamin d supplements i don't we get the one off amazon that's vitamin d3 5000 international units and it also has vitamin k2 and it is in either coconut oil avocado oil or olive oil you want a gel cap you.

Don't want to dry chalky tablets uh and since you're getting the vitamin d you might as well get some vitamin k2 as well i have youtube videos about vitamin d rich foods and vitamin k to rich foods but some of us need to supplement so that's we just get the one that's got 40 000 reviews and we read the ingredients.

Very carefully which i encourage you to do as well thanks for being a patron and thanks for your support ricky thoughts on purple cabbage it has so much sugar yeah if you're gonna eat cabbage of any color count the carbs count the total carbs and if and just keep it under what your total daily carbohydrate intake should be.

Uh tired looking for a name welcome back welcome back welcome back dear dr mary do you plan to react to recent usda updated guidelines for school meal program i think they are horrible somebody sent me a screenshot of the changes and it is horrible it basically it's it's more bad than it was uh and i i may if you guys think i.

Should do a reaction video to the usda their new updates uh basically it makes the the foods higher carb and lower healthy fats for the children who you know many kids their their parents just aren't going to pack them lunch and so if they're going to daycare if they are going to elementary school.

Middle school they're they're just going to eat what they got there they have no choice and so i it really is people don't realize that the usda guidelines matter for millions of americans who are stuck eating a hospital diet or in prison eating a prisoner diet or in any kind of institution that gets federal money they.

Have to to feed them according to the usda food guidelines or they'll lose their federal funding and uh so a lot of people are basically hostages to the usda food guidelines it's very sad also um did you see the the mayor of new york city.

Uh eats a plant-based diet and he had i don't know if it actually passed through the state legislature or not but now in new york city public schools they have a vegan fridays now i thought they were already doing meatless mondays but now fridays are also uh plant-based or vegan any of you guys heard that so uh i understand he thinks he's doing the.

Right thing but the poor kids in new york man new york city public schools are getting jerked around and they are not getting the vitamins and minerals and amino acids and fatty acids that their growing bodies and minds need every single day uh tracy my doctor wants me to take meds to prevent diabetes and my cholesterol.

Should i take med my glucose is 123 hemoglobin a1c 6.1 cholesterol total 250 hdl total 48 ldl cholesterol 172. yeah so your a1c is high so if your doctor's medical advice if your doctor wants to prescribe you metformin or glucophage that's going to help you with your glucose metabolism as you do the most important thing which is to start to eat.

A very low carbohydrate diet full of nutrient dense ancestrally appropriate foods whether that's a low carb diet a keto diet a ketobor diet or a carnivore diet all of these are going to improve and reverse your pre-diabetes that's what you currently have with that a1c and so metformin glucose would make sense in.

Your situation until you have a normal a1c which would be under 5.7 but any other medications your doctor wants to add are probably going to cost you a copay and not really help your health at all those of you who are new talk new in the comments and also take a moment to look in the description we have many links to.

Our top favorite things to my social media other social media that dr barry is on and also a lovely disclaimer to make sure that everybody knows that none of this is medical advice this is for uh entertainment purposes and never change anything without time any education purposes education right absolutely but it is not.

Legal he's not your doctor i am not a nurse yep that's exactly right is it possible to overdose on electrolytes i have the worst migraine of frequent urination when i had more than usual maybe but i doubt it caused your migraine ah.

It may be additive in the electrolytes there are electrolytes with flavorings natural flavorings some people are sensitive to that some people are also sensitive to citric acid um all kinds of things that aren't actually the electrolytes too yeah absolutely as always you're welcome to share this video we've got 23 people 2 300 people.

Watching i'd love to get that up above 3 000 the more you guys share this video hit the thumb and type in those comments the more youtube will share this video out for people who need it because their health is not what they wish it was but it's very hard if you have normal kidney function.

To over to take too many electrolytes unless you're just trying to just you know take a tablespoon and eat the whole container you might get too many but if you're just drinking it according to taste and thirst you're not going to get to me veronica says uh my brother's gfr is five percent and needs dialysis is it.

Too late for this to improve it's probably too late to return him back to normal kidney function but you might be surprised what eating a proper human diet can do for kidney function any of you guys with any stage of chronic kidney disease i would highly encourage you to step away from the highly processed.

Carbohydrates the sugars the fruit juices the soft drinks the grains wheat rice oats and corn you need to start eating lots of meat and eggs a little bit of veg a few nuts and a few berries that is a proper human diet and we've seen thousands of people reach out to us on social media and say hey my my kidney function improved after i started.

Eating the way you guys recommend eating and so uh he's probably so far down the road but he may recover some kidney function by eating a proper human diet but he's not going to go back to normal silver farmer i take half a teaspoon of keto child twice daily sometimes i get intense grumbling in my gut but i'm four weeks converting 22 pounds down.

Beautiful keep up the good work before long it'll be time to start teaching your friends and family how to do this uh stephanie are there any extra benefits to just eating all beef on carnivore for some few people it seems like there is a benefit this is actually called the lion diet which was popularized by our friend michaela.

Peterson and her dad dr jordan peterson of beef salt and water some people with autoimmune conditions whether it's autoimmune in the joints in the gut in the skin they benefit greatly from eliminating everything from their diet except for beef salt and water ruminant meat um some people also do the.

Line diet and include lamb goat yep uh other ruminant animals and i was just uh talking with michaela the other day and she said that actually she's eating mostly lamb now mostly uh mutton sheep because it the it seems like she has a histamine response from the beef because most most beef has aged.

About 14 days yeah yeah unless you unless you've got the beef yourself or you know the local butcher you might be able to get fresh beef but most beef hangs in the in the cooler for about 14 days and uh the histamine count does go up now for the vast majority of people i would guess 98 or 99 of people this does not matter at.

All for their health and and they don't have any symptoms but some few people they do better with with an unaged meat like goat sheep uh venison water buffalo something like that mostly these are people with multiple autoimmune issues rheumatoid arthritis lupus fibromyalgia hashimoto's like anything that comes from an autoimmune.

They tend to do better meat-based or beef-based or ruminant meat mixed yeah robin q says electrolytes fix my headaches and that's the same for for nisha every now and then she'll have a migraine and if she either slams some of the keto child daily minerals or their electrolyte drops her.

Headache goes away and many people report that because of the magnesium and potassium not telling you to do that it tastes awful but it works but it right but but i guess one person feel like that it caused the migraine which would be very uncommon jennifer i'm carnivore my cholesterol 7.7 hcl hdl 1.81 ldl 5.5 3 triglycerides 0.92.

Hdl 5.95 my doctor insists i need meds and then i am going to have a heart attack yeah without knowing your a1c your c-peptide or your fasting insulin it's hard for me to really assess your risk of having a heart attack or a stroke but none of the numbers that you tell me just then worry me very much.

About your heart attack risk eat a very low carbohydrate diet you want your hdl to be high your triglycerides to be very low and your a1c to be normal that's how you're going to reduce your risk of a heart attack or a stroke jeffrey beer bread brief breakfast thank you thank you for the super chat uh.

Melee leo melaleo okay well gall bladder heal on peterborough uh it's sludgy inflamed have stones no pain but it showed up on a scam yeah so if you have dysfunctional gallbladder a ketogenic diet is gonna strengthen your gallbladder and it might.

Hurt for a few weeks as you strengthen it just like if you try to strengthen your bicep you're going to have a sore muscle for a few weeks right uh if you have gallbladder sludge a ketogenic diet ketobor carnivore is going to make all the sludge uh be excreted this is going to be uncomfortable but it's not dangerous in any way.

If you have small gallstones many people have noticed that they dissolve and go away when eating a proper human diet the only danger is if you get a stone lodged in your cystic duct that is a surgical emergency you'll know this immediately because you're having 10 out of 10 crying and rolling in the floor pain and you'll go to the emergency room and.

They'll do a cat scan and say oh you've got a stone trapped in your duck you need to have your gallbladder taken out that's one of the very few reasons you actually need to have your gallbladder removed matt list is a wonderful question i've been eating oxtails a lot recently delicious.

It is a rather fatty cut meat yes it is however uh and should i be concerned about cuts like oxtail and brisket and consuming too much fat no fatty red meat is the is the food that our ancestors have eaten for over 2 million years that's why we have this big beautiful brain of ours and we're.

Able to think such profound thoughts as i wonder what i should eat today right no other animal does that they don't they can't do that uh i freaking love oxtail i wish we had some oxtail in the slow cooker right now it lasts for what 10 minutes literally it is a wonderful source of collagen as.

Well if you want beautiful long nails long hair good skin eat ox tail and fatty brisket because that's where it's at yep the connect connective tissue is soft enough it's easy to chew up and it just is going to make you a more beautiful human being both physically really good bone broth and mentally oh yes and then when you.

Eat all the meat and the fat put the bones in the in the slow cooker and make bone broth 100 that's how i do it in the instant there's a recipe on my channel actually if you look up nisha loves it oxtail it she'll pull up the recipe for you it's divine it is divine and i'm not just saying that because she's my wife.

It's one of our favorite cuts uh and it used to be very budget friendly and now it is not because people have uh discovered how delicious it is and now it's like a delicacies oxtail yeah it used to be so cheap it's like a dollar a pound yeah and now it's like 12 pounds yeah we would ask the butcher and they'd be like.

Oh you want that i'm like hell yeah i want 25 pounds and he's like well i mean what do you pay me for it i'm like a dollar a pound he's like oh yeah okay here you go yeah it's not something different depending on your area oh you guys are eating it now andy andy here from scotland hey andy 31 acne sufferer since age 12.

Very rare case i've been on iso trintonen tretinoin for 15 years trying the keto diet now to prevent going back on medication what are your thoughts on taking high omega-3 well i wouldn't take an omega-3 supplement watch my youtube video about omega-3 rich foods and i would highly encourage you to include those into your.

Diet two or three times a week uh remove all grains from your diet and you remove all liquid dairy the only dairy you probably need to eat is butter or ghee uh and then all the fatty meat all the eggs plus or minus a veg but i would encourage you to do.

90 days of a strict carnivore diet something like beef butter bacon and eggs for 90 days watch how much your skin improves so many people have reached out and said man i used to have terrible acne until i started this carnivore diet to lose weight and lo and behold now my acne is 99 better also taking the dairy out.

Mostly out significantly huge deal not just wheat a lot of people think oh it's gluten no every single wheat and grain in grass seed from corn rice oats corn millet amaranth quinoa they all have phytochemicals in them that can cause inflammation in some people and some people it's their skin.

Some people it's their it's around their heart some people it's their joints some people it's their gut you gotta get rid of the inflammatory things and give your skin a chance to heal which it naturally wants to do but currently you're you're slowly poisoning it and keeping it pissed off and it can't heal.

Aaron thank you very much for the super chatter thank you jeffrey cj is flax seed oil a good alternative to fish oil i hate the fishy taste and is omega-6 and nine bad breathing okay hang on right there because that's several things so first of all i would not the the omega-6 uh to omega-3 ratio of flaxseed oil is not good i would not use.

That also i wouldn't take an omega-3 supplement i would get omega-3 where it's naturally found in fish and in seafood uh eat sardines eat anchovies eat uh mackerel these are small fish that do not have the buildup of heavy metals fishrow is excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and then so omega-6.

Is actually a tiny amount is mandatory there's a couple of them that are essential to human function the problem is with that that most people who live in modern society eat 25 000 percent too much omega-6 fatty acids and not nearly a much enough omega-3 fatty acids so the ratio is all off uh omega 9 there's nothing wrong.

With them eating in moderation tracy says hey greedy barry you really thought kim would become a convict he turned out okay that's right if you guys if you guys want to know what my grandmother thought i would grow up and be well i just told you niece's got a video it's hilarious you've got to see granny.

Berry in action she is a ringtail tutor that's what she used to say about people who were like her yeah you can get to know dr barry better and his family better over on my channel meat gritty berry video scott says why not the chalky tablet for calcium and vitamin d first of all i.

Don't think you should take a calcium supplement at all uh the research is is is pretty unclear whether that's helpful or dangerous or what i would avoid that uh but vitamin d is a fat soluble vitamin and you have to have fat along with it in order to even absorb it so if you don't have fat in your meal and so if it.

Comes in coconut oil that's a little bit of fat but i would i would encourage all you guys to add more fat so take your vitamin d catch supplement with your fatty meal that way you absorb as much of it as possible but the dry chalky tablet you know you're you're you're tempted to just throw that in your mouth and take it with a swing of water.

You're going to absorb maybe five percent of that uh this next question i want to talk first so just let me preface hey robert uh robert says love you guys wondering if caulky baby is just suffering from being poisoned with an inappropriate diet and did your little guy suffer from this so.

Yeah i knew you're gonna do that you didn't know nothing never had acid reflux he spit up maybe two times his entire life uh and it's hard to say you know what exactly attributed to him being so well fed and not having no symptoms i didn't.

Exclusively breastfeed i also breastfed him sitting up so he never laid down and ate he always ate sitting up like this so he was never supine he was always vertical while he was eating and after he ate i barely even burped him he almost like literally maybe two times we can.

Remember him yeah and he maybe had what 10 nights his entire first year where he cried a little during the night and we weren't sure but it was just like 10 nights out of the first 300 seconds although i think it was just like adjustment to being in the world you know what i mean like you go from being in a mom.

It's weird you know babies are going to cry but as for suffering from being poisoned inappropriate diet could be the formula baby sensitive to formula if their own formula could be mom is eating something it's coming out in the breast milk that the baby doesn't tolerate if you're.

Having spicy things onions there's a list you can look up that if you're eating those maybe take them out and baby may tolerate that better because what you eat does come out in the breast milk it just comes out in your tummy too like the amniotic water tastes like what you're eating so what do you say no i totally agree with.

Every single word that just came out of your beautiful mouth okay but i would encourage any anybody out there if you have a very young under a year of age and they're currently on any of the crap formulas and every single one of them is crap soybean rice they're just crap they're not they're they will keep your baby from.

Starving to death 100 they will do that but so many babies with eczema with with colic with all kinds of issues it's the damn formula it is literal crap the only thing it's good for is to keep your baby from starving to death i would do anything i would try goat's milk sheep's milk uh if you can find uh uh a2 cow's milk i'd give that a try goat's.

Milk is nature's formula yeah it's the one that babies do best on they can tolerate it the best their little tummies can digest it really well and a lot of babies do extremely well and if your baby won't do well on any of that i'd put a i could put a post on your facebook or your me we page and say hey is anybody in the neighborhood.

Breastfeeding currently because i will buy some breast milk from you because i want to feed my baby human a proper human diet and under the age of one uh under the age of six months that's milk that's human breast milk that's what babies are supposed to have there's a lot of milk banks out there now and also if you're a mom you're pregnant you're.

Planning on breastfeeding like if you take nothing else from this line get a lactation consultant a private one don't be counting on the one in the hospital because she's gonna spend like 30 minutes because that's all she's got get a pay it's worth they're they're worth their weight in golf yep and especially if nobody in.

Your family really breastfed like if your mom didn't breastfeed you and none of your aunts none of your older sisters if nobody breastfed 100 get a lactation consultation while as soon as you can like literally when the baby's still wet behind the ears no prior prior oh prior no you're right yeah that's true yeah i had the.

Baby she assessed my nipples my breasts because like some women have inverted nipples like there's a whole lot we can i can do a whole video anyway you should invest in a good lactation consultant hired privately by you she is on call 24 7. she will walk you through things and it's the.

Best thing if she doesn't teach you anything you didn't know so it's still time well spent 100 percent agree i was a labor delivery nurse i taught women how to breastfeed and i still hired one and she was i'm here to tell you i'm yep i'm so glad again yep and i'm a family physician and a huge proponent of breastfeeding as you maybe can tell.

And and counsel people on for women on for years to breastfeed and how to do it and all the stuff and i'm a dude okay i don't have you know and so but i learned things from the the lactation consultant that i was like i didn't know that i wish i'd known that 20 years ago you can also call the uh le leche league uh they have a 1 800.

Number and i think it's 24 7 and i don't think you even have to pay for that so yeah yeah uh wakka wakka every time i hear that i think look it's the little icon i don't know i think of the muppets when i hear walker walker y'all know okay i am new to this way of eating and looking to lose it.

Uh 15 to 20 kilograms once you're at ideal weight can you keep eating this way or do you need to change it up and if so what do you need to add yep all 2 700 of you listen to me keto ketobor carnivore they are not weight loss diets you're like wait what.

They are weight optimization diets people who are very underweight i've seen them gain weight people with eating disorders i've seen them gain weight on a ketogenic diet okay when you're if you're overweight currently yes you're going to lose fat by eating keto ketobor carnivore but once you start to approach your ideal body weight.

Your weight loss is going to level off and it's going to stop at some point and you're just going to maintain somewhere around your ideal body weight now your body's idea of your ideal body weight and your idea of your ideal body weight might be two different things but i would let your body win this one okay because your body knows where your your.

Body weight needs to be keto is not a weight loss diet it's a weight optimization diet it's going to get you where you need to be and then keep you there you never need to stop eating a proper human diet how's that i was reading kelly is an espresso.

Machine made of plastic if so does the hot water come in contact with the plastic prior to the pod i'm replacing my curie it is one step above keurig it is not still not perfect uh if you are looking for high quality good coffee without plastic i do encourage you to get the kind that go on the stove top we have one of those as well it's called a.

Percolator you can get them in many sizes um you can get stainless steel ones that most of them are aluminum um and then also pour over coffee which is mostly glass the kettle is you know metal and then french press as well so if you were trying to be as clean as possible possible and you have time for.

All that and you want to do that those are the other options otherwise i think the nespresso is a happy medium um and it's what i use almost every day so okay triple b uh besides the obvious how is marijuana going to affect a strict carnivore existence and also can we eat zombies during the apocalypse.

I would smell that i would smell the zombie meat before i ate it and if it didn't smell good which i suspect i feel like you would probably become a zombie if you ate a zombie i think zombies are by definition weren't yeah ruins off whatever i would not eat zombie meat no uh but uh so marijuana great question.

I don't think that occasional smoking of marijuana for medicinal purposes is in any way going to mess up your carnivore diet proper human diet uh now if you just sit around smoke weed all day that's dumb stop doing that but if you're using it therapeutically for anxiety ocd or other things uh i think it's probably fine it's a.

10 000 times less dangerous than smoking cigarettes i am pro high in the inappropriate usage yes and just you know have some keto snacks available if you're one of those that is going to smoke recreationally and get the munchies.

Marquita thank you for bringing light to my eyes on the vegan butters i throw all of mine away this weekend all grass-fed butter how many of you guys how many of you guys did not know that plant butter is vegetable oil i guarantee somebody's watching right now they're like wait i didn't no.

No plant butter is butter but it comes from plants no plant butter is crisco it is margarine it is vegetable oil it is highly inflammatory full of omega-6 it is not good for you it's made in the chemical factory there's and i should guarantee you there's a picture of a little farm and a little happy little plant.

It is throw it away and get real butter cow butter goat butter sheep's butter right now i've got some goat butter i ordered on wine from myers m-e-m-e-y-e-r-s it's the best butter i've ever had in my life love it it's a little too goaty for nature freaking love it it's very.

Interesting but i prefer amish butter butter is divine you've never had that it's almost orange it is so yellow and i could um the other day i had made five fried eggs and i kept cutting off the butter and putting it on my eggs by the time i was doing i had to eat that entire stick of.

Butter with my five eggs because it was so good yeah and the only weight she's gained is baby weight so yeah well it's in my booty doo though yes it is let me just tell you her booty right now is amazing it's big hey robert i don't seem to respond well potassium but i do need a lot of magnesium yeah so ketochow actually has.

Just a magnesium drop you're a human being so you absolutely need some daily potassium but you might want to get their magnesium drops a lot of people use their magnesium drops at bedtime because it helps them sleep right so but it's up to you uh silver farmer my question was why do i get intense uncomfortable crumbling in.

My gut right after keto shout out sorry for wasn't clear so the magnesium maybe is it is it electrolyte drop silver farmer or the mineral drops because you may be getting too much magnesium and if you get too much magnesium the way you know you have does anybody know how do you know if you've gotten too much magnesium.

You get the squirty butt disaster pans yeah the barn the backyard trots the green apple two-step what what other euphemisms do you know some people think it's great some what is it the truth the back door trucks that's right yeah that's back when people had outhouses it's not really.

Relevant anymore i don't know why you would trot out the back door if you had diarrhea that's what it means i think your back door makes you trot oh i've never thought of it that way i thought you were like running out the back door to the house oh your back door making you drive oh back door hey charles bronson how's it going got.

Prescribed doxycillin and metronidazole one percent topical gel for my new new rosacea should i take this four week course as i work my way into carnivore any side effects to be aware of uh now charles there is a topical doxacycline and metronidazole that you can use that's not a pill but uh four weeks of doxycycline that's a long course.

Maybe so check with your doctor of course i'm not your doctor but maybe take two weeks of the doxy and use the topical metronidazole did they give you by mouth metronidazole oh okay topical gel yeah so use the metronidazole for sure it will help doxycycline for two to four weeks uh.

Maybe take a good quality probiotic while you're doing that and for a week or two afterwards that might help might not uh but then yeah you need to go carnivore charles that's going to clear up your rosacea some of you guys may know i used to have mild to moderate rosacea and by this point it would have.

Been terrible i was already getting the rhinophyma like if you remember wc feels his big nose he had rosacea for years and so he had this big nose plus he drank a lot of alcohol which i don't do anymore but as soon as i cut out all the the grains and all the liquid dairy and all the.

Most of the plants my rosacea you can't tell i have it anymore i used to have to put steroid cream twice a week to keep it at bay i haven't put anything on it in over three years is nisha your wife dr ken yes she is my lucky dog or what baby mama wife and baby mama all in the same.

Person i know that's unusual for some guys but anyway 16 weeks for those of you who are late it is a girl baby girl 16 weeks it's a girl it's a baby and a baby you can watch the reveal on my channel uh while i've got let's see oh we've been talking for 40 minutes wow and.

There are 2900 people watching this what's up guys thanks for watching thanks so much for those of you who are interested in the proper human diet t-shirt we have t-shirts sweatshirts and tanks tank tops you go to linked in the description link in the show notes down below you can get that they are the bella.

Brand i need a tank so i can show off my muscles yeah i know uh so yeah that link is in the description for those of you interested happy valentine's day to you right hey gigi juju is it okay to start with this elevated triglyceride 300 ldl 146. total cholesterol 217. a1c5.8.

Oh gigi honey listen to me tiger lily i have got great news for you would you like to reverse your high triglycerides and reverse your high a1c keto is what's going to do that you probably also have fatty liver which you can also reverse with the ketogenic diet i've got videos on this channel about high triglycerides uh about high a1c and.

About fatty liver all three of which you can reverse within weeks to months of eating a proper human diet which can be keto ketovoir or carnivore you came to the right place gg we're going to fix your triglycerides and we're going to fix your a1c lady smith says you need to rip these off so we can see those guns right i know just like uh rip my blouse.

What movie is that for that movie i ripped my blouse that's pretty good right remember when the crowd chanted my name and i put it out of my blouse i'm not gonna rip my blouse don't worry it's gonna we're gonna keep it pg oh is that not pg i feel like that's pete well.

I guess you're right am says my three-year-old chd daughter is partially tube fed she's prescribed pediatric which i know is junk um the alternatives seem to all be plant-based ketochow shakes and you get to make them with with your your own fat depends on if a peg tube or like some of them have to be as.

No if it's if it's a nasal gastric or if it's a g2 or if it's a j-tube you can use keto chow shakes and just make it with the fat of your choice um and then you could also use dr ben bichmann's hlth code.

Shakes shakes and then uh just tell your doctor i'm not using peanut sugar you can forget that can you add egg yes 100 you can add you can add a raw egg or just the egg yolk for all the vitamins and minerals there's all these ways around pediasure and pedialyte which is pure.

G-tube yeah yeah yeah you can put that in youtube 100 now clear with your doctor of course and your doctor's gonna be like oh no peter sure is the only tested blah blah and be like okay is it going to hurt my daughter or not that's what you say and look at him just like this russ said nacho you are correct.

If any of you guys haven't watched nacho libre the movie um every christmas i don't know why that's christmas tradition we watch nacho libre and laugh our ass off it's hilarious jack black if you're watching please make nacho library art area.

38 year old male 1 38 year old lost wait are you ready how much did arterio and arterion lose 145 pounds my feet are either swelling or deprived of blood flow when i stand to sleep my veins are burning i see a doctor tomorrow for blood tests anything to add.

To your video that i've already watched uh it started the same times as my c19 we've heard this it could very well be the after effects of the the varus 100 could be go see your doctor for sure if your dog wants to do any vascular testing definitely go for that this is not being caused by your diet there's something else it could be the.

Virus it could be something else but you need to have this investigating yes gabby yeah t-shirts are true to size they are true they're very soft yes because i made sure they should make sure it's premium material that's very very soft uh for those of you who are new also a little note if you see these names in the comments that are blue and.

They have a wrench beside of them these are our moderators our phd pros they've been with us for years thank you so much to paola kevin mitzi and there are several others that have been here a long time too but if you see them responding to you they are helping us because they know what he would say anyways that's right they they got this.

Thing cold and so they answer a lot of your questions in the comments if it's an obvious beginner question so if somebody pops up and they have a they have a blue name they are a moderator and their answer is legit so applause and a big hug thank you so much thank you so much when they first started helping us we.

Had like 50 people watching and now there are nearly three thousand we've come along almost three thousand come on guys share it one more time share these in your facebook group share these uh uh with a friend on twitter or on whatever it doesn't matter text it to your buddy sometimes a friend needs tough love you know sometimes it needs a.

Hand off approach but sometimes you gotta say look bubba i love you but you fat you're unhealthy you're type 2 diabetic you got fatty liver i shared this video with you dude not be offended i want you to go watch it because i love you bubba and i do not want you to die and that's what's going to happen if you don't get your together and watch.

Dr barry nisha and learn how to eat a proper human diet and reverse your chronic diseases before it's too late bubba all right after you get done talking to bubba make sure you hit the thumb that tells youtube that one you like this content and you want to make sure to be notified when we go live uh at random.

Times because sometimes he will go live for no good reason at all just because he's got something that's called a wild hair so if you hit the subscribe button the bell notification button and the thumb button that really tells youtube i like this guy i like what he has to say and i want to be notified when he goes live or post a new video so take care of.

That business before you get out of here as well all right let's take some more questions and elise says any knowledge on diet after gas gastroschisis yeah that that little one needs 100 to eat a proper human diet as soon as their gut is healed from the surgery they need a proper human diet for the rest of their life because they're still a human being.

All right y'all have some complicated names tonight dr barry well i gotta read this we the people says i shared your video about man boobs with my brother-in-law it's been a couple of weeks and he hasn't talked to me and i understand but do you understand one day your brother-in-law is going to.

Call you and thank you because you share that video although right now he may be offended because you pointed out his man boobs but after he's used my man boobs video to reverse and get rid of his man boobs you will get a very nice christmas present in a year or two he'll forgive you and anyhoo.

I don't know how do i pronounce one what are the best phrases to start with after an illness with significant vomiting and diarrhea yeah scrambled eggs that's that it's fast until you're truly hungry when you're like man i'm really hungry don't feel like you need to eat unless you have a very.

Low body weight then you might need to eat but if you've got a little extra fluffiness that you could stand to lose anyway just fast until you're truly hungry and then eat a scrambled egg that's one of the easiest to digest foods on the planet for your tummy and then you could start with some bone.

Broth and then before long you'll be eating a proper human diet like a champ viola dr barry my hubby loves beef liver and has gone gung-ho eating it and since you say it's basically a super food can he eat too much or should i just let him go crazy if he's eating under a pound a day and he's eating it you know three or.

Four days a week there's not a documented case of any toxicity vitamin a or otherwise from doing that uh what's probably going to happen i like happened to my good friend ambro hearn is he'll eat it like gangbusters until he's repleted all of his vitamin and minerals and then he'll be like i don't want any.

More beef liver yeah and then he won't eat it for a few weeks and then all of a sudden you'd be like you know i think i'll have some beef liver tonight and that's that's kind of how the human body just like every other mammal on the planet when you've eaten enough of something your body's gonna be like that's it.

Allelia i have a medical mystery i am a g-cup and all wig goes to my breast how do i stop growing them and what is the cause doctors are baffled sometimes virtually always this is going to be hormonal okay part of it is genetic but you can tell the difference between.

The way young boys develop and the way young girls develop part of this is is genetic and part of its hormonal so first of all you got to cut the carbs down drastically because if you gain weight you're going to gain it in your boobs probably your hips too booty somewhere that's usually the two places.

But if you cut the carbohydrate intake low enough you're going to stop gaining weight and you actually start to lose weight and guess where one of the first places you'll lose it is for you your boobs you're welcome i wish i had the problem well i mean i do have that problem right now you know what i mean.

Yeah all right um let's see here there's another hey folk healer what's up thank you i saw a comment go by please none of you guys do not take a vitamin a supplement or a vitamin e supplement you can get too much vitamin a and or vitamin e from supplements which is a.

Tablet or a capsule get your vitamin e and your vitamin a from real food i have videos on this channel that tell you which foods are richest in vitamin a and vitamin e there's not a documented case of anybody developing toxicity from eating regular human food that's rich in vitamin a or vitamin e.

But there are many documented cases of vitamin e and vitamin a toxicity from supplements except for that one guy who ate polar bear with him right i said regular human food right yeah don't eat polar bear litter don't eat puffer fish liver and there's one other fish the japanese love to eat don't eat.

Its liver either and you won't get vitamin a toxicity carl dr barry what do you know about ketovor helping tbi i've been dealing with it since 2016 in the army yeah i i actually have had several uh veterans reach out to me through social media and say my traumatic brain injury the symptoms of that.

Are greatly improved when i'm eating a carnivore diet not that they're gone but they're much less severe and that traumatic brain injuries heal faster uh the special forces is actually looking into keto and carnivore as a way to to treat not only tbi but also post traumatic stress disorder okay so.

If any of you guys have ptsd or you know somebody who does whether it's from military service or some other traumatic event ptsd seems to get much much better on a carnivore diet much less severe much more better that you can just cope with it like yeah i also have it but it's not nearly as severe wouldn't that.

Be wonderful if you have ptsd think about that and try 90 days of beef butter bacon and eggs there are multiple men and women in the comments section who can attest to this happening with their own ptsd yes i don't know who has to no we don't eat honey no honey do you think honey is delicious yes yes honey's delicious yeah we think that it's.

Something we should eat every week and every day no we just don't do this it's it's literally pure sugar there's nothing magic about honey unless you put it on a wound and then it is magical externally it is a wonderful uh antimicrobial helps wound healing 100 wound nurse we have many treatments that actually have honey infused.

Because it is such a wonderful feeling and there's actually prescription high grade wound honey that you can buy it's ungodly expensive it costs almost as much as manuka honey uh but it actually is there's a reason it's so expensive unlike manuka honey which is a complete nutter myth this is some marketing there's no magic.

About manuka honey or any other kind of honey it's just pure sugar sorry if that hurts your feelings i mean get what you want we're not here what you want yeah there's no mighty adam says so is honey nutritional what is the nutrition in honey what is it it's it's fructose and glucose and.

Honey is very honey has more fructose in it than high fructose corn syrup in coca-cola and pepsi what you're like wait what yeah honey is pure sugar and at least half if not a little more than half is fructose which is the demon.

That's in high fructose corn syrup that everybody knows is bad for you honey and agave are the same way there's nothing magic about them if you thought that you needed to eat a little bit every day that's just too much sugar for your liver stop that oh my gosh sandy i'm just going to call you out because this is probably the coolest thing i've.

Ever heard sandy's daughter is a maston falconer meaning she trains has found she's got the sexy gloves i would love to do that can we be best friends because that sounds amazing anyway she puts raw honey on her hawks wounds because it works so great it does wow i think she said the hulk like when.

The hulk bites her hulk bites oh on her own yeah absolutely honeys are great to put on a wound 100 percent yes it's b vomit angela says that's 100 true b vomit beef food that's what they make and that's what they eat that's how they survive if they took off you all know this yeah we're not going to get into it i'll do.

It i ain't doing it hey we got 3040 people watching boom that's what i'm talking about let's help some people get healthy awesome uh i reckon wants to know i want to shrink my prostate through keto and cutting out liquid dairy is cheese okay or is that a no-no i would probably stop all dairy i reckon except for butter and ghee that's.

What i would do and i've had lots of men on my prostate video you can just read the comments of my prostate video on youtube of the guys are like yeah it got a little better but when i cut the cheese out when i cut the heavy cream out it just got so much better so for at least 90 days i would eliminate all.

Liquid dairy except and the only dairy would be butter and ghee yeah i would try that for 90 days and then you can experiment and add back the cheese see what happens nate hey nate 296 pounds y'all scared me instantly and changed my life i'm now 206 pounds nine months uh but why is my earwax so bad now.

That's interesting nate probably you were so fat and miserable before that you didn't even notice your earwax uh most of the time ear wax is pretty constant yeah actually maybe and if it is then your ear wax is not going to stay bad but some people make lots more earwax than other people.

She's my flip queen paula what's tell you about earwax yeah yeah have you heard of this i haven't heard a lot of people say that uh this is actually the first time i've ever heard this comment but i first of all congratulations let's talk about nate's 90 pound weight loss in nine months taking no products taking no.

Prescriptions just eating a proper human diet what about that it's pretty amazing i'm gonna show that i can't help it it's that yeah that happens for a while then it goes away uh um somebody said my earwax actually went down after i went quito that's what i usually hear uh i'm gonna stay tuned nate we're gonna.

Figure this out yep we'll but i wouldn't worry too much about it right i mean it's probably okay uh also for those of you who send super chats a lot there are several super chats and they only stay up for a certain amount of time depending on how much you spend like a dollar is about a minute five dollars five but anyways we try to get.

To everything we try to answer every single one and more yes exposing darkness says is granny berry watching my 91 not 92 91 year old grandmother is watching she's staying with our our parents down in alabama right now please say hi to my granny berry and and where you're watching from she.

Freaking loves that it makes her night when you guys say hi thank you so much for that good for granny berry duchess dr barry can you increase bone marrow by going carnivore you can absolutely improve your bone marrow function okay your bone marrow makes blood cells and it also helps very much with your immune system.

And you you absolutely you can you can stunt and your bone marrow function by eating a highly processed high carb standard american diet and so yes you can improve your function now you your bones are full of marrow right now it's not like your bones are empty if you're eating you know cheetos and and ding.

Dongs but your bone marrow is going to function better eating a proper human diet it's going to do its job better which is what you i think what you meant by your question jc i have high uric acid but i don't have gout what gives it's very about about a third of people.

Have high uric acid and they don't have gout don't have gout attacks that's why my youtube video about gout i pretty much say uric acid is not what's causing your gout okay you can have normal uric acid and have a severe gout attack it's not the uric acid people it's not the meat it's not the high purine foods that's.

All go watch my youtube video about gout if you have gout uh but uric acid is actually a marker for many different things i'm working on a youtube video about just exactly what it can mean it gets very complicated biochemically and i'm trying to figure out a way to make a youtube video that's.

Understandable to the average person out there but that yet still covers all the sites sometimes that's a challenge robert do you guys have any events on the road and is anything in miami coming up so we have an atlanta event coming up february 19th that is uh with dr westman whose adapt.

Events you can google adapt atlanta and it should pop up i don't think it's sold out so there are still seats then after that we will be in salt lake city yeah and then orlando i won't be i'll be in orlando at um i forget is it keto friendsgiving or is it no it's called something else keto for the soul.

And uh erica i can't remember what her handle but um there is orlando keto summit i think it's what they're calling it and that is in september i will be or it's in august i'll be having a fresh baby so i won't be there we we're we're not gonna be at ketocon this year in texas i just sent the the.

Email to robin apologizing profusely because when i accepted back in november i did not know about baby bearing the due date and all that stuff and nisha just vetoed ketocona in july because it's literally uh 12 days before her due date and she's like brother you're going to be here for that.

So yeah crying every day because i have anxiety even though i'm on the speaker's roster i'm not going to be able to attend i'm very very sorry if any of you guys are planning that i'm sorry to the keto con it's still there's many speakers that i'm sure yeah yeah lots of good speakers.

But i'm so sorry for the for the uh the promoters and the event people that i i was going to try my best but also he did not tell me that he committed to ketocon so i could have already told him hey you need to take him off i forgot he didn't tell me until today and he was like oh we're going to ketocona and i was like when is ketocon and who.

When did you tell them that you were speaking back in november i've forgotten that i was like yeah no a.d.d y'all can blame it on me but also he gets a fair share of them i'll take it i'll take it let it rain down all right danny wants to know uh when are you gonna debate paul saladino.

Because he keeps saying that keto is harmful and that you should eat fruit and honey yeah i'm never gonna debate uh dr saladino who's a good friend of mine i'm never gonna debate anybody i'm not a debater i'm not here to try to win debates i'm here to try to help people lower their a1c and lower their triglycerides and lower their levels of.

Chronic inappropriate inflammation that's what i'm here i'm a doctor i'm not a debater uh so i'm going to be here trying to help people i disagree first of all let me say it this way i agree with 90 of everything that dr saladino says it's only that other 10 percent that we.

Disagree on uh well i don't know you haven't even listened well i haven't yeah but i do not think that that long-term keto is in any way bad for you ever i do not think you ever need to eat honey ever i do not think you need to ever eat fruit ever but other than that i agree with dr saladino on just about.

Everything and he's i consider him a good friend he's a he's a great guy we've met him several times we were gonna go down to his costa rica event but we could but hopefully next year we can take the kids excuse me no that's that's my normal sneeze.

Which is dramatic who thinks that darkberry has a dramatic sneeze that's just be it that's how i sneeze i mean i'm not one of those guys that's like i don't do that when i sneeze you know it that was scary i agree i'm not scared ah thank you for bless you yeah bless me.

Says that's a damn lie right there's a lie anthony this is we're gonna take one more question anthony uh i cannot get my a1c below 5.6 even when i'm zero carb carnivore what else could i check here so we need to check your c-peptide and your fasting insulin because it's very very it's not very common but it's more way more.

Common than it should be for people with adult onset type 1 diabetes to be misdiagnosed as having type 2 diabetes and the medications for type 2 diabetes will not help your type 1. so get a c peptide and fasting insulin and you will know immediately if you have type 1 or type.

Um i i talked to a guy in texas uh just a few months ago who was misdiagnosed as a type two diabetic by his dog by several doctors for seven years and he was like you just be eating meat and he would have a 400 blood sugar and a high a1c and he would go ask his doctor are you sure i'm not type 1 his doctor's like no your type 2 don't worry.

About it i don't know what's causing this but here here's another pill and finally he made them check you see peptide and it was zero he was not he doesn't make any insulin he's a type one diabetic and for seven years he was damaging his body because of his.

Idiot doctor not just thinking gosh maybe he is a type one let me check some additional labs and he he's got permanent damage now uh per you know neuropathy that he can't get rid of because of the seven years of his idiotic doctor didn't diagnose him properly.

So yeah who's going on the low-carb cruise i want to know and if you want info on that you can go to and find out the dates it's may 15th i think is the sale day miss debbie hugs who is in the comment section can help you out there's an email so you can reach out and ask questions uh i will.

Not be sailing unfortunately i'll be too full of baby at that point uh and the st the the people will be like um ma'am you need to go home we're not delivering your baby on this cruise but dr barry will be going and lots of my good friends i'm going to try to film something that can be played.

On the cruise ship for those of you who want to hear what i have to say but i won't actually be i want to hear what you have to say what to do i'm reading reading comments i'm trying to where we're going all that stuff is on the website low carb cruise dot com i'm pretty sure it's linked in the.

Description i love this comment alaia aaliyah says i am a woman and i sneeze like a doc worker on steroids that's how you do it right there i don't want to hear any of this i think you sneeze like you mean it let the world know yeah and get stared down because you might have david i don't have a video talking just.

About lada but i do uh reference it multiple times in my videos about diabetes in general and then the type one uh every type one diabetes video i've made is 100 applicable to lada as well no as of now you do not need the jab to get on a cruise you just need a negative test you can either be vaccinated or you.

Can have a negative test within 24 hours or 48 hours and boarding yeah yeah yeah the typical traveling thing like you can travel now you just gotta like do all jump through the hoops 150 people just said wait i don't have to have the jab what's the website nisha if i want information about the low carb

His boy is home he gets very excited those of you who liked this live and thought hey dr barry's wife is kind of cool please come to my channel and hit that subscribe button we do lots of fun things over there you can see what we eat in a day what becca eats in the day what i eat in a day pregnant when i have this baby what i am today breastfeeding.

And just uh our favorite recipes and all that good stuff so come hang out with us hey come on in hi hi family there's baby becky you guys want to see baby becky get over here boy say hi to these people granny barry's watching she wants to see.

You she's watching on the computer from alabama she's like i don't see her where is she look at this one look at this that face i love it bye love you bye baby becky it he's got plan to do he's got stuff to do he is pretty cute.

We're down here we went over here oh we don't over time okay guys thank you for sharing this video thank you for your ongoing support being with us on this journey hanging out with us every monday night at 7 p.m central standard no just central i don't care i'm gonna keep saying that and also if you had a question tonight and we didn't get to.

Your question you can ask me questions directly on there's a link down in the show notes it's a super quick sign up and then we do three additional live q and a's a week inside of the protected patreon community and i'm about to add a fourth which i'll be telling you patrons about.

Uh and you can also just direct message me your questions if you can't find your answer anywhere else become a patron help support what we do and also get your questions answered directly by this guy thanks so much for joining us thanks for sharing this video see you next time hang on hang on oh.

Wait no wait no there's more hey pedro why don't you make some more noise it's low carb cruise info is the old website so make sure you're going to low carb cruise it looks like.

This oh look at that pretty boat all right that's it guys thank you so much see you next monday at 7 p.m central
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