Proper Human Diet Q&A (Dr Berry & Neisha) Got questions?

Proper Human Diet Q&A (Dr Berry & Neisha) Got questions?

Proper Human Diet Q&A (Dr Berry & Neisha) Got questions?

Check out the video on Proper Human Diet Q&A (Dr Berry & Neisha) Got questions?.
Hello friends dr ken berry here welcome back to the next edition of monday night live my beautiful partner boss and assistant nisha loves it will be joining us momentarily she's currently 35 weeks pregnant and.

I'm told that you are 35 weeks pregnant when nature calls you have to list listen so she'll be with us momentarily she's doing well baby's growing fine we're going to have a bump update later tonight i know a lot of you guys have been loving uh the bump updates to see where we're at the.

Process almost 35 weeks and so we're getting very excited a little nervous we have our bag packed just in case uh before i went live i saw a couple of super chats one from sunny and sonny said.

How high does your cholesterol have to go before you're worried about it and what do you do about it if anything so sonny so much of the cholesterol research has been muddied by the money from big pharma that currently we don't really know uh it looks like from research that.

We've been able to rescue from being disappeared down the memory hole that having a higher cholesterol level is actually protective uh can seemingly give you a longer life and give you at least some degree of protection against cancer and so.

More and more healthcare providers are are no longer believe that having high cholesterol is actually dangerous or bad there she is captain america nisha solace and barry hi how you doing um good yeah are you sure yeah still pregnant right we get a bump update tonight right.

Sure okay good deal and then we had another uh super chat from angie thank you angie for that she said uh what do you have to say about the mayo clinic now coming out with their own version of the ketogenic diet and uh what do you think i have to say about.

That of course they're still vilifying and denigrating bacon of course but uh they are now coming out and saying yes a high fat low carbohydrate diet actually helps with weight loss and can help lower your risk of having a heart attack the mayo clinic has an article on.

Their website right now that says that very thing and they're right a low carb high fat diet can absolutely protect you from heart attack and stroke and will help you lose weight and will help reverse type 2 diabetes and many other metabolic issues you guys may or may not know and i want all you guys to know this so listen carefully.

The american diabetes association now has a low carbohydrate or a very low carbohydrate diet in their official dietary guidelines so the the manual that every doctor should print out and read which many don't they actually say a low-carb diet a very low-carb diet is a.

Viable dietary option for people with type 2 diabetes and the american heart association is now saying in their official publication that a very low carbohydrate diet is a viable therapeutic dietary intervention for people with heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

So all of the big dogs are coming on board now it is all of you guys all of us together as a group as a tribe as a movement on this journey together have made so much noise and have shown the american diabetes heart association mayo clinic.

Webmd and all the other big guys we've shown them that basically what they're saying is stupid and they've they've quickly started to back away from the low fat high carb lots of whole grains they're backing away from that very quickly now it's starting to speed up we're getting very close to the tipping point where it.

Becomes self-evident that that if you have if you're overweight or have type 2 diabetes keto is the way there's just no you can't argue that it's physiology so nation yeah how you doing.

Heat index was 107 here today it was hot af the real temp was 93. humidity was like 80 percent it's gonna be that way yeah all week yeah i was outside i'm great i moved the sheep today and uh it was hot so i came in the house and hung out with my wife yeah.

Yeah what is nation drinking this is toppo chico if i'm not drinking topo chica then i'm drinking electrolytes yeah i've got topo chico over ice in my stainless steel cup so drinking out of glass drinking out of stainless steel yeah we try to drinking glass or still most of the time missy thank you i've pinned that comment.

To the top if you're interested in reading the mayo clinic article is the pinned comment it's in this incredible even two years ago the mayo clinic was steadily putting out article after article after article oh keto is bad keto it might be dangerous it could kill you oh no you need to eat mediterranean you.

Need to eat lots of whole grains make make this fruit juice smoothie and now all of a sudden the mayo clinic has tripped and fallen and bumped its head and is now recommending a ketogenic diet all right raz says hey there i'd love to know how keto affects congestive heart.

Failure and post-stroke patients also can it help prevent strokes and heart attacks yeah that's why the mayo clinic the ada and the aha are now recommending it as a viable therapeutic intervention is because it can help prevent heart attacks and strokes now if any of you guys have already had a heart attack or a stroke or you have some degree of.

Heart failure you are still a human being and you still need to eat a proper human diet which is low carb keto ketovor carnivore somewhere on that spectrum are you full of baby y'all i'm so pregnant i don't know how there's any room for her i got four more five more you know.

Give or take whatever weeks left is gonna go i don't know she pregnant she pregnant okay so stephanie wants to know i've been recommending oh she just wants to tell you been recommending your channel to personal patients.

It's like at the saint mh hospital i work at electrolyte sodium still make me swell help keep doing what you're doing stephanie make sure that you've seen a a good doctor and had your heart your kidneys and your liver thoroughly checked out there may be an undiagnosed medical condition that would explain.

The the persistent edema that you seem to be suffering from it's certainly not from eating a proper human diet and getting uh salt to taste in your diet cynthia says collagen uh type 2 supplements are they worth the money for improving joint health cynthia there's no credible research that shows that wasting your money on a collagen.

Supplement of any kind is going to do anything for you over and above with just eating fatty meat eating eggs eating uh the the gristle off the end of your chicken bone eating the gristle in your steak eating the membrane on the back of your ribs eating the skin of the salmon these are where you get collagen building blocks from you don't need to.

Spend money on a collagen supplement neon i saw this question a while ago so i want to address it neon alex thoughts on what carnivore makes mental health pms symptoms worse my physical symptoms are fine but my mental 100 times worse i would suggest you um make sure you're getting enough fat um and don't portion control don't.

Portion control but make sure you get enough fat a lot of people that go carnivore focus on the protein which is important too uh but make sure you know fat what i would suggest is a one-to-one fat to protein ratio grams to ground at least at least make sure that your fats are coming from.

Animal sources so butter pea duck fat lard yeah and all the fat that comes attached yeah if you if you eat eggs do not throw away a single yolk if anything throw away whites eat all the yolks for mental symptoms you definitely need that fat so i'm not saying you're doing it on purpose but a lot of people that go from.

Keto to carnivore bring that fat macro down without really thinking about it and it's very important especially if you're having pms pmdd or any mental issues and also neon alex i have an interview on this channel with dr chris palmer who's a harvard educated psychiatrist and also with dr georgia eid who's also a psychiatrist and both.

Of these very experienced board-certified psychiatrists have actually found that keto ketobor carnivore improves many mental health issues drastically as long as you're getting your fat exactly okay exactly not just any fat mct oil is not as good uh from.

These psychologists georgia eid has a great blog yes uh where she has lots of research articles she's written many many things and she's done several interviews and we're trying to get her to start a youtube channel but i don't know kim howerton is one of our moderators tonight thank you so much for for doing this kimmy uh will you post.

The link in the chat uh with uh dr eats blog the the web address please thank you very much if you drink temple chico you know yeah temple chico is going to make you burp topo chico is now owned by coca-cola if we can buy another sparkling water we do but if it's either toppo chico or sink water i'm going to get top which i like topo chico listen.

You know i fight the good fight but i like to coaching okay it's a good it's a good product it is it is my hdl is staying super low in the mid 20s i'm eating ketobor however my doctor still has me on statins due to a stent and triglycerides how can you get those hdl numbers up yep so if your triglycerides.

Are still high b thomas then you're still eating too many carbohydrates for your personal physiology i would encourage you to do at least 90 days of beet butter bacon and eggs and and lift heavy things two or three days out of each week and then go back to your doctor in three months and have your lipid panel.

Rechecked and i think that you'll be uh very pleased with your results has anybody used keto keto or carnivore to get your triglycerides back down to normal or very low normal i want you to put it in the comments if you if you've used it a lot i'm going to start doing that because people think you know eating.

Lots of fats gonna make your triglycerides go up no it actually fixes your triglycerides when you eat low carb enough you guys tell your story in the comments people love to read it and it's very helpful for people to see someone else who had the same problem that they currently have but now it's fixed trina thank you thank you.

Mitzi champion is another one of our moderators this evening she's going to be answering uh beginner questions she'll reach out and you in the chat so uh be watching for that mikey no mikey michael leeds is another doctor but he's he's a family doctor he's not a psychiatrist i'm talking about dr georgia eid kim knows e-d-e.

She's probably yeah not not not dr uh kim georgie well she's a doctor too yeah but uh we were talking about mental health that's okay kim will post in just a second came to hey cane hall uh doctor i'm 23 years old five foot eight 230 pounds male i have a canthos.

Niagara cans and skin tags on my neck i have normal glucose levels fasted and non-fasted should i be concerned yes kane you 100 have hyperinsulinemia you 100 have metabolic syndrome okay that's the bad news okay now are you ready for the good news you can reverse all that you can make the skin tags shrink significantly if.

Not go completely away you can make the egg canthosis niagara cans fade significantly if not go completely away you can lose a butt load of that extra stored fat that you hate by eating a a meat heavy ketogenic diet or a keto or diet or a carnivore diet i.

Would encourage you to do 90 days of beef butter bacon and eggs what's that two crazy ketos in the house two crazy keto moderating so you better be on your best behavior yes all of our moderators are going to be trying to answer simple questions for you in the comments because we we've got 2 400 people watching with answering.

Questions they're also they'll block your butt if you say something that's inappropriate or rude uh or me so don't don't be mean y'all jesus don't like ugly jesus don't like it when you're mick thorton thank you so much for the super chat and the wow face celestial what do you uh what do you think of me using turmeric powder.

Uh in my keto food if you like the taste of tumeric i think it's fine to use it uh if you're truly eating a whole foods real food one ingredient ketogenic diet that's meat heavy uh you don't you're not getting any medical benefits from the tumeric okay but if you if you enjoy it i mean i sometimes sprinkle some on my food i.

Like the taste of it turmeric yeah that's that that's how that's how it's sitting on the couch turmeric turmeric turmeric yeah somebody commented on my video the other day do you edit your videos i'm asking because of your accent and your dialect.

Your grammar like how could you edit out your i don't think i can change the way that i talk also with the vlog people are always talking about my accent and i'm like what accent well everybody has accents what's funny like everybody has an.

Accent we just all have different ones not everybody all those people making fun of my accent they obviously don't have an accent or they wouldn't be making fun of mine whatever anyways it's not like i was up giving a presentation i was literally in my house did you say y'all i don't even know.

Probably i think the lazier i get the more it's carlo carlo b puts indian spices on nearly all his meats yeah absolutely if unless spices cause you to have inflammation in your skin your gut your joints then i think it's fine julie great question uh.

Let's do with oxalates are they really that big of a deal funny because he just did a video i just made a video today about that i'm gonna post it tomorrow on this channel so if you're not already subscribed to this channel and you're interested in oxalyx go ahead and hit the subscribe and the bell right now so that tomorrow when i post it.

You'll get a notification yeah it's going to be up tomorrow i just made it today i agree i think it's a big deal we need to talk about it hey granny berries in the house granny berry is watching this evening if you guys would like to say hi to granny berry she's my 92 year old paternal grandmother she's staying with my.

Parents in alabama right now and she loves watching us on the youtube machine she loves seeing where everybody's from so say hi granny barry and where you're watching from she freaking loves that uh also 2600 people watching tonight awesome if you haven't already shared this do it please share it that's how we.

Reach new people and people hear this message and hear your success stories and can find more information on how to become more autonomous in their health journey every single one of you guys that's transformed your health with a proper human diet you know about a proper human diet because someone shared it with you.

So right now reach right down there in the bottom of the screen and click that share button and share this video on your favorite social media so that we can help even more people reclaim their health we had 3 200 last week 3 200 you guys think we can beat that tonight for two hours last week yeah it was crazy cynthia says hiya any.

Issue with using enzymes to help digest red meat i'm eating i'm getting protein breath or mothball i think that some very few people might need pancreatic enzymes or ox bile initially when they start to eat lots of fatty meat more than they're used to eating probably you won't have to do that.

Permanently unless you've had multiple episodes of pancreatitis or had something that's damaged your pancreatic function hey mattlist welcome back mata says can you owe me twelve hundred dollars thanks to your diet scheme since that's how much i've had to spend on new clothes over the past month i'll be waiting for.

You to check in the mail mattlessx is one of the drawbacks of of eating a proper human diet is that sometimes you have to buy all new clothes or new shoes because your feet will shrink too i've had women yell at me because they had to resize their wedding band because it was falling off.

I've had many people yell at me because they had to go to the optometrist and get new glasses because their prescription was now too strong so i apologize to all those people but i ain't going to send you 1200 i will say you're welcome and now it's time for you to teach your friends how to do it uh even though the american.

Diabetes heart associations and uh the mayo clinic are now trying to claim the discovery of the ketogenic diet uh you guys know where this information's been coming from for the last four years and so um i'm glad they're on board but don't let them take credit for this you know the.

People you know the the giants upon whose shoulders we stand westman finnick volley volk finney all these guys these are the guys that brought this uh the mayo clinic didn't do a damn thing to make the ketogenic way of eating mainstream okay the american diabetes association didn't know.

Ship from shinola about how to reverse type two diabetes until dr westman uh dr uh volk and dr feni taught them okay and then with with mouthpieces like me and other people on on youtube and the internet basically broadcasting the.

Message the ada all they could do is manage your diabetes chronically so don't forget that yeah i think lily is up five pounds since we got her you want me to get that dog come here lily put her up here come here come here.

Come here say hi to everyone this is our standard poodle lily she is a don't call her a doodle it triggers nation she's 35 weeks pregnant she looks like a doodle because she hasn't had a haircut but she's a pickle and she is meat-based she's almost 100 meat-based now and she loves eggs our.

First dog ever that actually likes eggs she loves eggs um we're the millers what's up i've been suffering from long covid since november just started carnivore two weeks ago will this diet help my symptoms uh please help it is awful and hello green very from arizona well you're we're the millers hey if anything is.

Going to shorten the duration of your symptoms or lessen the severity of your symptoms then eating a proper human diet is going to play at least some part in that now nobody's saying that a proper human diet is magic or miraculous we're just saying that basically by eating a proper human.

Diet you're removing all the inflammatory slow poisons that you were eating before and you're including lots of nutrient-dense ancestrally appropriate foods in your diet right right lily you're right um go play i want to go eat my liver i love it well there was like a flurry.

Yeah okay you got them okay yeah um were you donating friends yes okay uh thank you angela for the super chat anybody out there got a dad bod you're ready to get rid of because mick thornton said he lost the ba the dad bod at 57 years of age so obviously 57 ain't old thanks doc and nisha for sharing the.

Good news about the proper human diet well done mick now teach your friends how to do it because they don't deserve to have a dad bod either but now that one guy you don't really like don't tell him let him keep his dad butt go ahead saucy dee thank you you are too hot to be laying on my big leg against me okay.

Let's hook up please please so sweaty stacy says my cholesterol is great but my hs crp is high at 4.4 should i be concerned and what can i do to lower it yeah so hscrp stands for high sensitivity c reactive protein now there's also a cardio.

Crp and there's just a regular crp so all of these tests mean that you have either infection or inflammation somewhere in your body uh even the ones that say cardio crp are not just about heart health okay you can have an infected toenail you can have a big bruise where you ran into the.

Dresser last night on the way to the restroom you could have a tooth that's just infected little you could have a smoldering bladder infection or you could have a a pending heart attack or cancer every single one of those things will raise your crp it's a very non-specific indicator that there's a.

Problem somewhere in your body so keep working with your doctor keep reading keep researching keep listening to your body until you figure out what's causing it and then you can fix it uh why do some carnivore influencers say you have to count calories and be in a.

Calorie deficit to lose fat and to not have too much fat i don't know that uh it's okay some do most don't most eat intuitively most eat as much as they want until they're full most don't count calories fat or protein they just eat good fatty meat and go on.

With their lives there are many influencers in the keto space in the carnivore space who jumped on the keto bandwagon or the carnivore bandwagon because it was getting really popular and they're like hey i can get a lot more influence if i start talking about this but still secretly in their heart of hearts they.

Believe in the calorie and calorie out model they believe that if you want to lose weight you need to move more and eat less they don't they don't trust your body they don't trust your hormones they don't trust your satiety and hunger signals i trust your body and you should trust your body too these people are.

Just ignorant currently of human physiology now that doesn't mean they're permanently ignorant i have hope for them that they'll stop saying these stupid things in the future but currently there's a few saying that but it just means that they've got more reading to do i don't know many that are saying that and most established.

Carnivores that have done this long term are not doing that yeah it becomes quickly apparent after you've been carnivore for a while and you've you've worked with patients who are eating carnivore and work with people online who are eating carnivore that counting calories is just lunacy that's something that if you want to count calories join.

Weight watchers because we know how well that works okay so why do we say you and most carnivores say you don't need to count calories or strip calories because carnivore is meat animal based you're eating protein and fat which are the two most satiating macros and what do you mean by satiating which means you get full.

And you stay full it is extremely hard to overeat on carnivore with the exception of eating excessive dairy yep absolutely so that's why we say it's there's no need as far as fat goes as long as you're not going out of your way to hit a fat macro even when you're not hungry then fat is fine that attached to meat great cook your.

Meat in fat preferably animal fat and uh do about a one to one fat protein ratio but like we don't measure kelly hogan doesn't measure i'm pretty sure sean baker's never measured in his life like no no um nope uh carnivore yogi i don't think she measured like the women and men that i know that are true carnivores don't do any of that no.

We just eat fatty meat and eggs with the yolk until we're stuffed and can't eat another bite and then we stop eating and because that carnivore diet moved all of our satiety hormones into just the right position we're not hungry again for many many hours we're full of energy and we're not starving to death or hungry it's kind of cool that you're it's like.

Your body knows what it's doing when you stop poisoning it with the standard american diet if you hear the noise in the background that's lily eating her pig's ear she has pig's ear beef lung and pig trachea that's a cow's drink yeah cheap trachea yeah so she's eating.

Nose to tail when it comes to pet treats those are what she tease on because she's getting her little baby teeth in you know yeah christina spinach is low lowish carb but it's very very high in oxalates it's actually the number one the only thing higher in oxalates is if you put a ton of turmeric on your food that's also very high in oxalates so if.

You're sensitive to oxalate spinach is not your friend uh if you can tolerate some spinach and you love it i think it's fine to eat a little bit but don't don't think that spinach is somehow magically healthy or some kind of super food because it ain't jordan thank you so much hey neon alex says thanks for answering you both are.

Changing the world and changing my life for the better thank you thank you thanks alex um cecile very proud of my husband bill we've been on carnivore for four months he's lost over 70 pounds and his a1c went from 5.6 to 4.8 bill bouyon bill huzzah everybody give bill a.

Tired of looking for a name welcome back good to see you i'm doing omad the only meal that stands for one meal a day the only meal is in the morning is it okay to do a lipid panel and fasting insulin test the next day morning after about a 20-hour pass yeah that's a little longer i'd like for you to try to fast a max of 14 hours before any lab draw that goes.

For all you guys so you may want to move your meal a little further into the day so that it's 14 hours ahead of when you're going to get your labs checked the next day now i want all you guys to put in the comments what has keto or carnivore done for you has it reversed your type 2 diabetes has it improved your a1c has it.

Reversed your fatty liver your obesity your hypertension your psoriasis your eczema put it in the comments because we have new people watching all the time and when they see a comment like hey keto reverse my fill in the blank they're like wait what i didn't realize that it would do that so please put your story in the.

Comments uh penny says it improved her rheumatoid arthritis symptoms uh frankie over 50 says it reduced my fibromyalgia pain look at all these comments guys vince reversed his type 2 diabetes and lost 60 pounds lowered my triglycerides no more chronic pain reverse diabetes off medications do.

You guys hear these comments look at these comments this is the power of a proper human diet okay this is a power that no government official no association can take away from you once you've learned the basic principles of a proper human diet that's a that's a superpower that you get to keep with you for the rest of.

Your life and not only do you get to benefit from it but all your friends and neighbors get to benefit from it as well i love you i love you too stop triggering me okay guys um those of you who are asking yes there were still a few tickets left.

To the phd virtual assignment no more vip vip is sold out if you go to phd virtual summit dot com i think the link is in the description this is the website look at us and then you can click on save my seat or you can just scroll down to the bottom and then click on 50 general.

Admission and you can get your ticket there it will be in nashville september 17th details are on the website so go on head over there after this is over or now if you want to absolutely um and check the details we are so excited to have an in-person event i know i can't wait to see all you guys in person it's going to.

Be awesome um we gave early access to our patrons if you're interested in ever getting early access to things yeah our patrons they kind of they get the inside scoop they knew everything they knew weeks before the general public that nisha was pregnant they knew when i was pregnant with me what.

They knew what bonnie's name was and what beckett's name was weeks before and the beauty beautiful thing about our other things our private patreon tribe is that they can keep a secret we're like circle of trust do not tell anybody in they're like zip and i ain't telling nobody but they they know so many things that the general public does.

Not know that's coming up in the near future and so they get personal but info professional info collaborations and we just did well not we um you just did it exclusive interview in their position dr eric westman yeah one of the creators one of the one of the research based medical doctors who basically made keto what it.

Is today uh my patrons got exclusive access to ask him questions for a full hour we also um do extra lives in there much smaller crowd we have three thousand in here yeah all right there we go which is awesome but we can't answer every single question obviously but in the patreon group you get a smaller.

Group and you can also send dr barrier message if you want to um yes thank you kim there is a virtual admission to the summit you do not have to pay for it it's free thanks to keto keto daily minerals is sponsoring the virtual part of this summit so if.

You can't make it to nashville you get to watch this on youtube for free thanks to ketochow daily minerals yes so big shout out to them that was really awesome for them to do because it takes a load off of us and it gives access to as many people as possible which is really what we would like you know we want everybody to have access to.

This information what is wrong with chasing a comment all the way to the top okay i feel better thank you patricia for the super chat yeah every everybody give a big thank you to ketochow for sponsoring the virtual parts so you don't have to you don't have to pay to have access to the virtual part if you can't attend.

Um are you going to be at the keto summit in omaha uh when is it i don't know i don't know somebody asked uh maybe i mean talk to jamie yeah doctor jamie dr jamie seaman i i i would love to be there and i'd love to speak i don't know i may have been invited my adv may have kicked in or she didn't message me then yeah.

Yeah if anybody uh tell dr seaman to message nisha because it'll get lost in my mess if you message me he may have said yes i may have said yes yeah that's exactly right hey keith what's up howdy after 100 days of street carnival my blood pressure's still up on three meds weight is down uh triglyceride he lost.

89 289 to 241 pounds triglycerides down from 125 to 59. i'm not changing anything else could it take much longer to see my blood pressure yeah it depends keith some people's blood pressure will come down within weeks of going on a proper human diet some people it takes several months or even a year year and a half it depends on how long you've had.

It it depends on how metabolically sick you learn for how long it depends on what medications you're on some medications will actually slow down the metabolic healing process so keep doing what you're doing you're obviously gaining many many victories uh eventually the blood pressure will come down now let's talk about blood pressure.

For just one second because what i'm afraid is happening for keith is that he's just going to the doctor and letting them check his blood pressure now for many people you want to go turn that down because i'm about to i'm about to i'm back it's all 67. put it on 66. so many people don't check their blood pressure at home and and it's.

Inappropriate for your doctor to rush you back into the in the hall and sit you down and quickly check your blood pressure and then make clinical decisions based on that blood pressure that is not a real blood pressure check your blood pressure at home or if you if you're not going to do that when you go to your doctor's office make.

Sure that they let you sit quietly in a quiet dark calm environment for 15 minutes and then check your blood pressure that's a real blood pressure oh that feels good i know i feel like i'm in church 398 is what he weighed in today under 400 pounds for the first time since 1999 his highest weight was 620 pounds.

Everybody hit the thumbs up for doug warren congratulations man well done well done keep it up uh you're now in the 300 club and one of these days soon you're going to be in the 200 club just keep doing what you're doing have patience eat your meat good job man well done.

Legion of one stacker thank you dr barry i've lost 31 pounds in 38 days on carnivore you have helped save my life that's my job that's what i'm supposed to do crazy chrissy hey again uh a neat advice friend put on a cardiac diet did well at omad and keto and doc said she's nuts and needs the diet she was.

390 pounds and got down to 330. so she lost 60 pounds and her her cardiac doctor didn't think that was a good diet for her hmm yeah so i'm assuming the cardiac diet is the dash diet that's the diet that the aha currently recommends i predict that they won't be recommending the dash diet for.

Longer than two more years and then they'll shut the hell up about that ignorance because the dash diet is a stupid uh calorie restriction semi-starvation diet that nobody can stay on long term it's just a dumb diet uh and they'll start recommending and they'll want to call it a mediterranean low carb or.

They'll want to call it a cardiac low carb but it's going to be keto that's what they're going to wind up recommending so i would advise your friend chrissy if she enjoyed one meal a day keto she needs to get back on that that's going to protect her heart better than any other stupid diet that her cardiologist recommended.

Owls play thank you very much thank you very much i'm pregnant hey can we have a bump update captain america yes and also uh everybody's been complimenting my shirt which thing is funny i know it's a great it's my shirt no it's not i bought it let's see this baby.

Look at this baby bonnie blue i can't wait to meet her there it is i feel like she is going to be the sweetest kindest most loving calmest baby oh for sure calm absolutely this kid is nice this is hard as a rock by the way like yeah it really is there's no room there's no jiggle let me see if i make.

It barely no no no that's all you don't jiggle jiggle all baby oh baby so third almost 35 weeks you know getting getting close getting closer i can't wait are you are you excited or nervous or just ready for this to be over yeah yeah yeah i can understand that be careful.

Rolling around you're gonna hurt her she'll yip if i hurt her your leg's so cool will you stop touching me please baby bump yes everybody loves the baby hey joel thank you oh i just got mascara in my eye fred uh freddie freddie sip says is beef butter bacon and eggs hard on the.

Gallbladder so for the first few weeks if you have a floppy weak gallbladder that's full of sludge you might have some gallbladder pain after you eat a fatty meal but that doesn't mean it's going to damage your gallbladder in any way what it's actually doing.

Is strengthening the muscles in your gallbladder wall and helping to excrete all of that sludge and basically it's cleaning your gallbladder out but it might hurt for a week or two um somebody asked what i've been doing for stretch marks she's one of those she's one of those.

She's got great genetics and she eats a great diet which i'm sure helps a little bit but like i don't put anything on every single night on my bum i put some rose oil on when i think about it which is like she makes me do it well you do it too but sometimes i do it that's it.

Yeah she's just got good lathering up with the shea butter or anything like that kimberly says you have a beautiful baby bump and i agree i agree come on friday says it's keto good if your family tree has congestive heart failure uh if you if you have a lot of family members with congestive heart failure in your family tree you 100.

Need to start keto tomorrow morning keto ketobor carnivore that's how you're going to protect your cardiac function so that you can live to be real damn old and be out in the backyard playing soccer with your great grandkids when you're 95 years old that's what a proper human diet will do.

Cherry says i went keto mid february i'm a 56 year old woman seven weeks in blood work triglycerides 58 hdl50 beautiful reverse t2 lowered blood pressure long covered over one year symptoms are gone anxiety is gone off five meds down 30 pounds uh down 145 pounds for my heaviest and doing carnivore way to go sherry did.

Everybody hear sherry's cherry sherry's story that's and so uh you know on the the all the weight loss commercials they'll say down at the bottom it says results not typical right no it is that's kind of typical for keto.

Yeah yeah it's crazy right yeah crams uh two months into my new diet and i started having itchy skin and a weird nummy sensation in my upper body what are your thoughts no clue probably not caused by your diet cream you need to see your doctor will bonnie blue be coming to rebecca's fall retreat well she'll have.

To because she's still going to be on the boob so that's right she'll be there for those of you wanting to join us at a very intimate retreat hosted by our good friend rebecca farmer you can go to her website which is taylor keto.

Dot health and then her email is on there and you can contact her for details about these retreats we will be going to gatlinburg the end of october uh i'm not sure if the dates are on there or not but yeah end of october gatlinburg it's beautiful time to be in the smoky mountains.

So head over her to her website is it in the description i don't think that one is in the description it's taylor keto dot health so uh yeah and that's the baby's name in case you were wondering her name is bonnie bonnie blue i can't wait to meet her that's not her.

Whole name she's going to have even more names than that yeah she is of course of course she is because it also has many names some of you may know them does anybody know beckett's full name put it in the comments if you think you know it's true fans what's becky berry's full name true fans kim you can't no not.

You john kim howerton you can't uh the sea fish says i'm having pancreatic pain last week i have done a couple of 48-hour fast losing weight but pancreas still hurts yeah just now fasting 19 five hours blood glucose 64 ketones three should change what i'm doing no uh sea fish the seed the sea fish oh no the sea fish you sh you the diet does not.

Have any effect you need to go see your doctor any of you guys that are having chronic or recurrent pain in the pancreas area that's an automatic doctor's visit okay there can be there can be very significant things going on in the background that have nothing to do with your diet okay go see your doctor and get that checked.

Out tonia did tonya get it yes she got it charles william beckett charles william beckett solace hyphen barry alex hey alex thanks for the super chat i have diabetes insipidus and i work overnight at a hospital i've been drinking water with electrolyte powder and been urinating a lot more at work so.

Much that i can't tell if i need my meds or drinking too much fluid with electrolytes okay so diabetes inseparance yeah works fine i can't tell if i need my meds or drinking too much fluid i mean with diabetes insipidus i would i would think that you might just be drinking too.

Much fluids uh if you're using the flavored electrolytes you might be someone who would benefit from getting the unflavored electrolytes that way you don't get that positive reinforcement because some of the electrolyte powders taste really really good and you might wind up drinking them for the taste instead of just for the hydration and.

The electrolytes so get the unflavored what did i do oh sorry yesterday i need my jpeg fam who sings that he thinks that does anybody know who sings that how does it go behind my jay paying for it she's.

Supposed to hold it like all seductive yeah uh tracy says my triglycerides went way down with keto yeah yeah keto will cure your high triglycerides so we'll carnivore dr beckett that's his name jerry thank you jerry thanks so much jerry michelle can cardboard help with amh fertility levels i'm trying to conceive and trying for five years.

Question i thought pecos and endometriosis was the cause but other testing has shown my amh levels are extremely low i've been on carnivore for two months and i feel amazing if any diet is going to help increase your odds of conceiving it's a carnivore diet i'm talking about a a one to one or.

Two to one fat to protein ratio carnivore diet beef butter bacon and eggs cooked in butter with some butter on top that's that's what if any diet is going to increase your odds it's it's carnivore 100 don't you agree i do agree cynthia said.

June carter cash you are correct kelly said reese witherspoon you're kind of correct because she played her in the movie right june carter cash thanks for playing random trivia with indonesia ivan i think uh drinking distilled water or reverse osmosis water is the way to go now both of these types.

Of water they are mineral free waters and so i rec rather than just drink water out of the tap or trust coca-cola with your water i would use something like ketochow's daily minerals so you put minerals back in your water after you've distilled it because i want you to get rid of all the fluoride and chloride and glyphosate and.

Who the heck knows what else is in your water but then i do want you to have some minerals in your water that's exactly what those are for uh rita wants to tell you that she has no more ra symptoms thanks to you both and hit that like button it's free.

To spread the word thank you thanks rita thanks so much hit the thumb hit the thumb oh thank you mr vegas thank you very much thank you thank you very much kathy i didn't know we still cared about stretch marks from birthing human yes many women do care yeah a lot of women.

Care many women why that's why there's so much money to be made for all those creams at the store all the creams and lotions yes i don't think i'm not saying none of which work by the way okay there's not even the stuff by dr paracomb i have i have experimented with and researched all.

This stuff there is nothing you can buy over the counter that is going to truly make your your stretch marks disappear it doesn't matter like everybody is it doesn't matter i have a stretch marks on my booty yeah i had a big old beard i've got stretch marks on my hips where i went to bed uh stick straight and woke up with a.

Butt in high school it was really weird and all of a sudden yesterday but i don't have stretch marks from my pregnancy it's really weird but yeah stretch marks are just part of you know don't freak out about it it's fine jade uh has a question about quest chips and quest bars i think they're a complete and utter waste of money they're not.

Part of the proper human diet if you'd like to have an occasional treat i think they're way less bad than eating a bag of doritos or eating a snicker bar but uh don't don't for a minute think that quest chips and quest bars are real food they're not they're highly processed they've been they've been engineered to.

Hit the bliss point uh i don't recommend them but if you want an occasional treat they're way less bad than doritos and ding dongs they're delicious they're tasty yes do you know why they're delicious because they're junk food that's that's exactly right cheeto junk food you know listen junkies.

Get it they taste great and as a tool they are fantastic but they should not be part of a proper human diet yeah they are something to get you through the transition from coming off the standard american diet and if your kids if you're trying to get your kids off the doritos and the cheetos i think they're great.

There's another one kim is it called hollow chips is that what they're called i think they have better ingredients uh they don't taste as good yeah i'm sorry i have better ingredients um i i triggered somebody oh karen i when i said snickers bar i'm sorry karen i'm sorry i didn't know that was your jam in.

The back in the day uh what do you eat if you want a treat a stick of butter oh somebody yeah well a treat would be um oysters oysters would be um real food listen okay look when people ask these questions and we say stuff like that.

I understand that that's not actually helpful okay so here's something helpful yeah there you go there's about a million and one recipes on the internet for a version or whatever it is that you will like all right our best friend our helper or i don't know which college if she wasn't around this we would not.

Function melissa has a wonderful vlog cooking keto with faith dot i just typed it i just typed it into the chat box she has many many many recipes on there that are dr barry and nisha approved including some dessert desserts yes and they're freaking and they're delicious um i would say the cleanest and the closest to carnivore would be the lemon.

Curd because it is mostly egg and a little bit of lemon zest and some sweetener um and then maria eric has a great chocolate pudding recipe uh there's just so many things out there that you can utilize when you're like i gotta have something kim howerton has a ton of great dessert recipes including.

Aikido tiramisu which she made for my birthday a few years back i still remember it it was divine and her pumpkin brand oh she just typed it her pumpkin branch is.

It's like the best i've ever had so good and i realize it's summer and maybe you don't want something pumpkin flavored but we just wait until october gets here yeah yeah yeah post the link to your pumpkin bread recipe kim i don't mind at all so many free recipes on the internet kim howerton are the ketones um she has a youtube channel where she.

Has recipes melissa's blog maria's blog and they're free but or you can buy a keto cookbook just be careful going on pinterest okay because a lot of recipes say keto and the ingredients are not actually keto the carb count is very very high the servant size is teeny tiny they make the macros appropriate so be careful when getting on pinterest but.

These people that we've mentioned 100 of their recipes are going to be legit kurt bryant says i believe dr westman recommends sugar-free jell-o and you're exactly right for especially if you're just starting keto and you still you jonesing for that sweetness uh sugar-free jello though it's collagen yeah but that's.

What jell-o is yeah right so we make it with electrolytes uh we use red men's electrolytes ultima electrolytes whatever electrolytes that you like adam to collagen there's a i think it's maria's recipe put it in the frigerator ta-da clean jell-o yeah does melissa have the chocolate pudding.

Recipe on her blog that's maria emmerich's the chocolate pudding it's carnivore oh my god i could eat i always think i can eat a gallon of it but it's so full of fat protein i eat a cup of it i'm like oh that's it i'm done it's so good so it's very easy though for those of you who eat or have have a.

History to eat the chocolate pudding and it trigger you wanting something that's not the chocolate you got to watch for that so keep that in mind and if you're a sugar addict if you're a sugar addict then you might not need to go down that road uh just keep in mind that that food is nutrition and information not necessarily.

Entertainment and if what i just said confused you you maybe should think about that later uh julie this is her julie welcome this is her first time to watch us live anybody else this is your first live that you've ever watched type new in the comments so we can welcome you um hey shelly what's up eight months on carnivore to heal my.

Skin issues of five foot eight 130 pounds ldl 323 it was 108 hdl 150 was a hundred triglycerides 50 148 a1c now 5.9 from 5.4 fasting insulin 5.7 fasting c5 diet 1.8 what are your thoughts i had a breast explanation weeks ago yeah yeah so you're going to have to give your body time to congratulations on having yeah yeah i think you'll be happy long.

Term but if that could mess up your your lab results i'd get them rechecked in three months after that's completely healed oh here comes becky barry you guys want to say hi to beckett you're going to want to get those labs checked anyways after having your implants taken out just to see how your body's reacting i assume it's going to react really well.

Sherry morgan says a yummy treat that works amazing is equipped chocolate powder with ghee mixed in it tastes like brownie batter oh sherry that sounds nice that's smart so you could just mix butter with one of like um health health codes uh protein powder any flavor whatever your flavor any any.

Protein fly powder you can mix it with butter or ghee what guys what i have an announcement okay are you guys ready i bought your water broke no okay i bought the ninja creamy what's that ice cream maker machine that also makes smoothie bowls and i don't know.

Something else anyways i will let you guys know what i think about it because i've been hearing a lot i know some of you already have it but it makes it's supposed to make the best milkshakes the reason i got it is when i had beckett should we talk about this yeah okay when i had beckett we kept the placenta.

Hi baby boy hi boy yeah oh okay come say hi to everybody come say hi you don't have to if you want to you want to do some work no okay you have a piranha oh you got a problem yeah show everybody.

Your piranha wow how cool is that what color is that pink no it's not he always gets purple and pink confused that's his problem his own it's just purple he gets pink right but purple wrong i wonder if he's got just a touch of color.

Thank you cindy for the super chat holla mmm is new welcome change your handle that's that might be offensive to some people it is purple yes kimberly uh she ate the placenta we brought it home well we chopped it up and froze it yep in little chunks like people do with liver a lot.

You hear them say that they do that and then we mixed it in with blueberries raspberries strawberries um they just made a smoothie and that's what i ate the first twenty well first i ate pizza then i ate and i had a couple of smoothies with it in there so i guess i'm a cannibal he.

Took us he took a step yeah i guess i'm a cannibal but i think that it's it's ancestrally appropriate most mammals eat their placenta and they don't do that just to hide the scent from predators they do that so that they don't waste all the nutrition that they use to build that beautiful placenta they they get that nutrition.

Back very nutrient ranch look it up not everybody's gonna do this you don't have to it's not the requirement you can get it encapsulated if you want to this just seemed and it was not like it just was like very irony tasting um but it wasn't bad it tasted like iron not like irony because that's a iron yeah right yes yes um.

Serena i'm gonna post our mailing address in patreon i know it is listed on some of my youtube lives or my mailing address but i'm going to post it in patreon um so you can send me something is that like cannibalism i mean i feel like cannibalism is eating actual.

Healing you know bodybuilding biting your fingernails is cannibalism technically that's true right eating a boogers campbell cannibalism following your snot right i'm just kidding uh what are your thoughts on being keto while.

Breastfeeding mckenzie great question i did keto carnivore with my last pregnancy and breastfed with no issues i was mostly meat based i ate very few vegetables the entire time i breastfed for 20 months i will be doing that again this time um.

The best advice i can give anyone especially right now who's wanting to breastfeed if you don't have someone in your family that knows a lot about box fitting is super supportive you don't have a good support system that you hire a lactation consultant they will be worth every single penny because um.

While breastfeeding is natural and it comes now babies have great instincts moms need help you're not meant to do this on your own get somebody to help you um and you can be successful it's mostly to do with having a good latch spending enough time with baby skin to skin and nursing frequently okay it's not super complicated but support is.

Very important yeah so skin to skin nursing on demand very very frequently and lots of electrolyte water that's is that the three bigs uh support and latch latches i would say latch is number one especially if your first time breastfeeding because it's not it doesn't happen right away like babies they're just like.

You have to know what you need help okay and that's okay it's a good thing coming from a labor and delivery nurse background also lactation counselor oh two crazy keto's posted a link to your baby registry oh thanks guys thanks guys you did not have to do that yeah i'm having a virtual baby shower on my youtube channel so if you want to watch.

Me open up gifts it's coming saturday that's just huge says jack yeah yeah very important because jack knows yes james says cheese can cause mucus yes many of us too much dairy liquid dairy or even cheese can cause us to have too much mucus i'm one of those people if i if i drink.

Too much even heavy cream i'll be like so hey cindy green thank you so much welcome grow love bear the beast says i've lost 50 pounds on carnivore i need to lose 70 more but i was thinking of doing some bodybuilding should i lose the weight first no and can you build big muscle on carnival 100.

You need to start keep doing your carnivore diet and start lifting heavy things and i want you to take your measurements now before you start because you're going to have a almost miraculous degree of body recomposition your shoulders and chest are going to get bigger your waist and your hips and all that's going to.

Get smaller you're literally going to go back to the shape that you want it to be for how many years you've been daydreaming about this you're about to make this happen in real life that's awesome yeah kim howerton's been lifting heavy things yes she has yes she has and you should see her muscle i got to feel it last time yes i felt her muscle where.

Were you um where were you guys last time i can't even remember too many places grow love bear first time watching welcome girl up there uh cat and mouse says type two diabetic went carnivore three weeks and surprised breakfast congratulations i'm in my first trimester and morning.

Numbers are up 120 240 the rest of the day is 80-100 should it be worried and what kind i would i would not worry at all get a cgm have your doctor write you an order and just watch your cgm and then get your a1c checked and you might even have to wind up getting it checked monthly to prove.

To your midwife or your obstetrician that you're not uh gestational diabetes because they'll see that morning blood sugar and they don't know like you know and i know that that many carnivores have a higher morning blood sugar even though their a1c is splendiferous so this is an excellent opportunity for.

You to teach your doctor that's taking care of this pregnancy and everyone that works with him that this is this is how human blood sugars are actually supposed to look i heard there's a cgm shortage i heard a cardiologist on twitter try to intimate that but i've not seen any i'm not hard to believe.

Literally making it part of their program yeah i think that's a myth that the uh the low-fat people the the calorie and calorie out people they're trying to start that rumor uh to try to blame it on the keto people because a lot of us use cgm's to prove to our doctor how stupid their nutrition.

Advice is i don't think that's real lisa hey thank you lisa all right we need to wrap it up okay you see you see one more good one you want to get no i don't okay any any announcements you got that we need to make one more time if you want to attend.

The phd summit in person in nashville tennessee it is phd virtual summit dot-com website looks like that no no it don't look like that hang on it's like this and if you scroll all the way to the bottom there are still some general admission tickets just touch the screen shut up oh it's a touchscreen mac it.

Didn't do that vip is sold out but general admission is still available so head on over and if you don't want to come to the in person don't worry we're gonna have a virtual summit and it's f-r-e-e f-r-e-e thanks to keto chow send them a thank you on instagram and facebook.

Show them some love on their live streams yeah um two crazy ketos who's moderating is going to be helping us out with the virtual summit if you got to spend time with us on our last virtual summit you know how amazing they are is kim hamilton gonna get to come we're really excited to have let me finish talking.

We're really excited to have two crazy kids yes back with us they're amazing kim howerton is going to be there um nurse cindy yes and obviously us as well and we're super excited come hang out with us in nashville nashville is a happening city y'all it's.

A happening city thanks to our moderators tonight for helping us out yes two more things i'm going to be posting a video on this channel tomorrow about oxalates uh the the foods highest in oxalates and why you may very well need to avoid high oxalate foods then also if you had a question tonight that did not.

Get answered and you'd like to have more access to me and get your questions answered become a patron on there's a sign up down in the show notes it's a quick sign up we do four additional live q and a's inside of our private protected patreon tribe each and every week yeah you get all your questions you get early access to new.

Content you get input we ask for patron opinions before we ask any other opinion yeah they get first dibs on everything yeah and they'll be the first people in the world to know when nasa's water breaks yeah well after you know your family.

All right guys that's it thanks so much if you feel like we talked about something that might help a friend or family member tonight feel free to share this video with them that's how we reach new people also subscribe to my youtube channel misha it's in the description instagram is nisha loves it he's on instagram too but like he's never on.

There i am every now and then thanks guys see you next time oh listen what's he saying he's singing frozen sing it bigot okay he stopped now that's it thanks guys if you're a patron i'll see you tomorrow night at 6 00 pm if you're not.

A patron yet i'll see you next monday night see you later thank you it's not her fault it's my
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