Proper Human Diet (PHD) / Fasting Q&A c Dr Berry & Neisha!!

Proper Human Diet (PHD) / Fasting Q&A c Dr Berry & Neisha!!

Proper Human Diet (PHD) / Fasting Q&A c Dr Berry & Neisha!!

Check out the video on Proper Human Diet (PHD) / Fasting Q&A c Dr Berry & Neisha!!.
Hello folks welcome back dr ken berry here welcome to the next edition of monday night live my beautiful co-host and wife and best friend nisha is in the process of growing another human inside of her belly she's not feeling great tonight so she's taking the night off everything's great nothing to worry about she just.

Doesn't feel great and she didn't want to bring down the party so she'll be back with us next week for sure she may make a special guest appearance later if she's feeling up to it so stick around if you'd sure like to see nisha and then sometimes baby beckett our two-year-old makes an appearance.

Towards the end of these videos as well so if you want to see a really cute two-year-old who's got a bigger vocabulary than some junior high kids then stick around baby becky will probably say hi later so how are you guys doing this evening is everybody ready to.

Do a bunch of questions and answers i sure hope so because i sure am we already got 650 people in here where are you guys watching from what city what state what country what continent what planet i've been out in the woods all day cutting down pine trees so i'm physically exhausted but mentally.

Energized and ready to roll there's nan from columbia tennessee hey neighbor donna from texas ah we got people everywhere i saw south africa i saw canada there's mary from california erna from the netherlands i love it.

Excellent welcome you guys now if you have a friend or your mother-in-law who's like oh man i wanted to catch them live send them a text send them a direct message right now and say hey dr barry is live if you want to ask a question now is your chance invite your friends you're welcome as.

Always to share this video on any social media if you think that it would help people improve their health and enjoy their best life i'm i'm happy for you to share this video in tasmania australia i would love to be from a place called tasmania that'd be cool i think.

Michelle from michigan oh hey kevin the new tractor is doing great i was out piddling on it a little bit today i'm still getting used to it i'm you know you know the guy that buys the tractor and then like literally the next day he wrecks it you know or breaks it i'm trying not to be that guy i'm trying to just slowly ease into this so.

I don't have a story i get to tell about how i'm such a dummy so yeah all right guys let's get going with some questions i'm going to be here for the next hour maybe a little more uh if the questions are good i'm going to be answering as many questions as i can we've already got 1200 people watching so obviously i'm not going to.

Be able to answer every single question i've got three excellent moderators in here with me i've got kevin i've got paola and i've got mitzi and a lot of the just the the flat out newbie questions they're happy to answer for you and that way i can answer the the more complicated questions nisha is fine.

She's just not feeling her best she really didn't feel like getting up and putting her face on and everything and so she may make an appearance later she may not i don't know see uh there's brad in alabama all right all right let's do some questions you guys.

Yeah the chat is insane tonight joanna and i love it all right let's see if i can't find a question uh see i thought thanks for the super chat let's see what we can do yeah anisha's not feeling terrible she's.

Not sick or anything you know how when you're pregnant that first trimester you just kind of feel yuck and blah like i i cook some meat like two hours ago and uh she perked up a minute ago and said are you cooking meat it smells awful it's two hours ago she's got like this.

Hyper ability to smell stuff once in her first trimester all right uh carmen says why does exercise kick me out of ketosis uh carbon exercise does not kick you out of ketosis it may make your ketone levels as measured by your meter be lower but in no way does it kick you out of.

Ketosis a lot of people if they exercise aggressively that will cause their blood sugar to elevate and that's not dangerous that's not bad that's not negative that's not pathology that's physiology when you work out really hard you have to have more blood sugar for your red blood cells but you don't have to eat the.

Sugar your liver is happy to make that glucose if your body needs it so don't be surprised if your ketones go down and your blood sugar goes up if you're exercising really aggressively even if you're fasting for a longer period of time you may notice that your blood sugar goes up that's nothing to worry about.

That's normal that happens to everybody not just you brooklyn's on day 33 of the carnivore diet keep going brooklyn don't you stop anybody else has tried at least 30 days of carnivore if not 90 days uh holly thanks for the super chat she says my daughter is miserable.

Too and she's due the day after nisha it's probably a girl is what i keep telling her it may be a little berry girl i've already got three berry girls i could stand one more that'd be okay erwin says been ketobor for a month in fasting i've lost 26 pounds uh i'm a little worried about gallstones.

I wonder why irwin don't worry about gallstones um people who have gall stones or people eating a high carb junk diet that's that's who just ask any surgeon who takes out gallbladders all day for gallstones what's the diet the majority of your patients eat who you have to take out their gallbladder and the surgeon will.

Say well i mean it's they just eat the standard diet that's that's who has gallstones now it's not impossible to have a gallstone on keto ketovoir carnivore many people have a pre-existing gallstone when they start a proper human diet and they don't realize it and so then when the proper human diet has.

Shrunk that that gallstone to size that's small enough to get through the cystic duct they have a gallbladder attack and then they think oh keto caused me to have a gallstone when actually keto was reversing your gallstone the stone just got small enough to pass through the duct.

Because you can have a huge stone as big as a quarter in your gallbladder and it doesn't cause any pain whatsoever it can sit there for years you never even know it's there it's only when a stone gets trapped in the duct that's when you have the severe ungodly oh my god i'm gonna die pain of a gallbladder attack.

Charles bronson says what causes a heart attack and if my father died of a heart attack am i prone to dying from one as well is it cholesterol the way we eat thank you so charles i i'm guessing that your dad who died of a heart attack wasn't eating keto or a keto or carnivore he was probably eating the standard american stuff.

Maybe even the american diabetes or the american heart association diets eating a high carbohydrate diet leads to spikes of blood sugar which causes glycation it leads to spikes and insulin which leads to inappropriate hormone modulations all over the body and chronic inappropriate inflammation so when you've got that the combination.

Of high carb high sugar high insulin and high levels of inflammation and inappropriate hormone levels that's a setup for heart attack stroke and all kinds of other bad things so uh i i can't wait till we really start studying people on a keto and carnivore diet long term.

And so that we can say gosh the people on a keto diet have they have eighty percent for your heart attacks because i think that's what you're going to see from the research when it's actually done now uh keto ketovoid carnivore proper human diet doesn't make you immune from heart attacks or strokes it just.

Loads the dice in your favor it decreases the odds that something bad like that's going to happen to you but eventually we're all mortal just because you're eating a proper human diet does not mean you're immortal right still got to die of something all right hey nicole thanks for the super chat.

Hey sherry thanks for the super chat she says congrats dr barry and hooks denisha is there a difference between pasture and regular eggs yeah pastured eggs and when i say pastured eggs i mean eggs from hens who are literally allowed to run around in the grass eat bugs and and worms and seeds and scratch the dirt pick the dirt.

They're going to have more omega-3 fatty acids they're going to have a better omega-3 to omega-6 profile they're going to have more vitamins and minerals than chickens who've been locked in the chicken barn just eating grains and processed chicken food that's the difference.

A lot of people think they feel better when they eat pastured meats or pastured eggs i think that's a better way to eat now it is more expensive and so for those of you who cannot afford uh seven dollar a dozen eggs or 25 a pound rib eye.

Don't worry about it you can still do keto ketovor carnivore with the cheaper cuts of meat and the cheaper eggs and even the cheaper butter as long as it's real butter siri i was not talking to you did i say siri i don't think i did she thought i did but so yeah a lot of people feel better but if any of you.

Guys can't afford that that's totally fine you can still eat a proper human diet and reap tremendous benefits from eating a proper human diet it's just like liver a lot of people say you've got a liver to to have optimal health there are carnivores who have been eating nothing but muscle meat for 20 years they feel.

Great look great um out of an abundance of caution i think you should eat liver once a week but i don't know that that's necessary right how many of you guys love liver and how many hate liver tell me in the comments love or hate i want to know i want to see what the percentage is.

Uh thanks for the super chat no more gluttony lewis henry mitchell says thanks for all you do for us dr barry is there any health benefit to taking raw garlic every night maybe maybe here's the thing i don't think there's any nutrition in garlic that you can't get better from from from.

An animal based source but i think many plants have medicinal benefits and indeed i think humans have been using plants for medicinal purposes for eons for millennia and so there may be some medicinal benefits from taking raw garlic every night i don't know maybe i think it's time for us to really start.

Doing meaningful nutrition research instead of the observational epidemiological research where it says oh it looks like that your relative risk of of this goes down by 20 percent if you eat raw garlic every night based on food frequency questionnaires i think we really need to start doing.

Nutrition research where we take people like lewis henry and take a human 99 more people and say okay we want you to start eating 100 grams of raw garlic every night and then another 100 people and say you don't eat any raw garlic at all and follow them for six months follow them for a year.

See if anything changes then we'll start getting the answer to lewis henry's type of question because i think it's a very important question thank you for that super chat oh let's see wow so many questions so many questions uh nicole was wondering about long heart palpitations and tiredness will how long.

It will last after starting keto carnivore diet i'm still having keto flu symptoms after 10 days so nicole make sure you're eating plenty of salt salt your food to taste do not be afraid of salt make sure you're eating until you're comfortably stuffed do not calorie count or portion control a lot of women come into keto carnivore.

Thinking well i need to you know i don't need to overeat only too much but when you're eating a proper human diet there's no such thing as eating too much because your satiety hormones the hormones that tell you when you're full they start working again when you're eating a proper human diet and so don't don't do those things make.

Sure you're getting plenty of electrolytes and then ultimately make sure nothing else is going on because a proper human diet fixes lots of things but it doesn't fix everything and so if you keep having these palpitations especially if you're having shortness of breath or chest tightness or pain with the.

Palpitations go see your doctor and get checked out and that goes for any of you guys if you have a symptom don't just immediately think it's from the the new diet you've been eating for one day or two days or a week always keep in mind it could be something else going on right.

Lots of people saying love liver lots of people saying hate liver lots of people saying i take uh ancestral health liver supplements so i don't have to make a choice uh jeremy says dr barry what can be done about sagging skin after weight loss i actually have a youtube video about this.

Jeremy where i go into deep deep detail but basically if you start doing longer daily intermittent fasting or even longer two three four five day fasts you can use the process called autophagy to slowly tighten up that loose skin some people's skin goes completely back to normal other people's skin.

Gets better but does not ever go back to normal it depends on how much weight you've lost it depends on how many years you were overweight it depends on the genetic quality of your skin it depends on the nutritional quality of your current diet it depends on many things but also keep in mind jeremy it's not going to.

Happen in a week or a month it's a very slow process it took you decades to make all that extra skin right it's going to take you months and months if not a year or two to get rid of that skin okay a lot of people jump too quickly to surgery and if you want to get your skin gone very quickly surgery is the way no doubt but.

There are risks that go along with that but i would i would say give the fasting six to 18 months and see if and then see if that makes enough of a difference for you personally carol says what's the best way to raise your hemoglobin without being put on birth control pills.

Well carol the best way to raise your hemoglobin i'm assuming you're anemic if you have low hemoglobin is to eat lots of red meat and liver those are the things that are going to give you the heme iron that you need also they have all the b vitamins in case you have a.

B vitamin anemia but if you have iron deficiency anemia and low hemoglobin because of that there's nothing that's going to fix that faster there's no supplement a lot of people say oh spinach and kale uh and dandelion greens they're great sources of iron that's okay first of all they don't have much iron.

To start with secondly most people can only absorb two or three percent of the iron that's in spinach kale or dandelion greens whereas you can absorb 20 or 30 percent of the heme iron that's in red meat and liver you can absorb it much more readily and that's the way you're going to fix your anemia if your anemia is.

Caused by either a vitamin deficiency or iron deficiency but for all you guys if you have anemia and you're not sure why you have it make sure your doctor checks you thoroughly for hidden sources of blood loss make sure your bone marrow is making blood cells appropriately make sure your.

Spleen is not chewing up your blood cells inappropriately all that stuff's important uh leanne says i tend not to lose weight when fasting is there some reason lynn if you fast for long enough i promise you you'll lose weight you're you may not be fasting four enough hours each day or if.

You're doing longer fast just not fasting long enough consistently enough but there is no faster weight loss hack than just not eating anything at all that is the best weight loss strategy of all amber kicking diabetes ass with keto says could you please tell me your.

Thoughts on the code red versus phd my daughter insists it's better than phd i disagree it allows seeds and non-keto veg code red i have not heard of the code red dot i'll look that up and i'll be prepared next week i try to know everything about everything but sometimes i fail.

Code bread diet i'll look that up but some people can eat seeds and nuts fine amber other people have an immediate autoimmune reaction or an immune reaction sometimes the reaction's in their gut sometimes it's in their skin sometimes it's in their joints sometimes it's in their brain but and then some people can eat nuts.

And seeds just fine with no seemingly no reaction whatsoever and the non-keto veg uh i'm not sure what you mean by that but i'll look that up thank you for the question oh man you guys are going nuts tonight god all right let's see matlis says i saw your video about.

Mouthwash i'm not quite ready to go that far yet however i've noticed since going keto that i feel cleaner and seem to have better body odor uh cut back on deodorants well i definitely would would cut back on the antiperspirant because that's uh deodorants by mainly just you know some.

Perfume you put under your pits but the antiperspirants can sometimes be quite chemically and and quite you know unseemly uh i'm not saying they're dangerous i'm just saying there's some weird ingredients in some of the antiperspirants i think it's fine to use a mouthwash as.

Long as you're not using a mouthwash that is antiseptic or antibacterial that's remember that's what i talked about in my youtube video about mouthwash is that you have a mouth microbiome that's normal and natural you want to have millions of bacteria in your mouth.

That's good that's not bad you never want to have a sterile mouth that that's bad but you want to have the right bacteria and anytime you use listerine or any of the other bacteria killing mouthwashes you're going to select for the the wrong kind of bacteria you don't want that okay so you can you can use.

Something uh before when we had our farm i had mint growing everywhere i had mint i had sage and so when i would go out in the morning i would just pick up a mint leaf or pink pick a sage leaf and chew on that on the way to work and i had the most minty fresh breath and literally you can buy a pack of mint seeds.

For two bucks from walmart or target you plant some you'll never have to plant it again because mint is a weed and just plant it right outside the door you go out of to go to work go to go you know into public and you can always just pick a mint leaf chew on it and you'll have the freshest breath and you didn't kill any of your.

Mouth bacteria lindsey ann says red blood cells hematocrit hemoglobin slightly elevated on and off causes smoking yeah smoking can definitely mess with your hematocrit hemoglobin how long after waiting should i retest blood after quitting i'd give.

It three months lindsay ann and i'm glad you brought up the smoking because i wanted to talk about the 80 20 principle for all you guys and so i'm not picking on you lindsey ann but i am going to use it as an example but if you're if you're rbcs and hematocrit hemoglobin if they're going up and down and they're high off and on.

That's probably nothing to worry about but you definitely need to quit smoking but all you guys listening to this it's so common for somebody who's smoking a pack of cigarettes a day and drinking two six packs of beer a day to go on amazon and spend a bunch of money in so i'm gonna buy some of this quercetin right because it's an antioxidant.

Anti-inflammatory i'm going to start taking quercetin and see if that helps me now some of you can guess but i hope all you can guess what should that person do instead of wasting their money on quercetin which if at the very best is going to give you a 20 improvement in your health you need to worry about the.

Things that are causing 80 percent of the damage and for you that would be the smoking in the beer right so always try to focus your motivation your energy your resources and your money on the things that are going to give you the most benefit you always want the most bang for your buck and the most bang for your.

Motivation and your effort when it comes to your health you don't want to be wasting money and time and effort on on little piddly things that aren't going to make a huge difference so yes please lindsay ann quit smoking get your bloods checked three months later jaquie says hi dr barry i'm 21 year old autistic.

My 21 year old autistic daughter does not get her period and she has had all the tests and is shown negative results what else should be done and what could be causing this uh quite a few things could cause amenorrhea in a 21 year old autistic female i'm assuming that your doctors have.

Checked all the hormone levels and such things make sure that they checked all of her pituitary hormones as well as her ovarian hormones and her adrenal hormones because all of those can play a part do play a part in monthly menstruation uh is she is she portion controlling because what.

Is her body fat percentage all those things matter as well it's really hard to tell jaquie without knowing the full extent of the information available on your daughter but best of luck and let us know how that goes chris says hey dr barry lost 35 pounds on keto when i did carnivore i started.

To feel anxious like cortisol levels increase what could cause that not sure that's why when i talk about a proper human diet guys i'm talking about a spectrum okay some people need to be over here on the zero carbine that's where they feel best do best reverse most of their medical conditions other people need to be at 20.

Total grams of carbs a day or 10 for ketovor some people can eat 50 total grams of keto approved carbs a day and do great have no problems whatsoever some few people can even eat a hundred total grams of carbohydrates keto friendly carbs real whole food one ingredient carbs and do great the proper human diet is a spectrum from here all.

The way over to here so chris you may be someone who needs 20 total grams of real food carbs a day in order to feel your best that you that may be true for you so don't worry about it just do what works for you and if it stops working then start experimenting again tech p ship how can i boost my energy in.

The gym when on carnivore i often run out of energy low glycogen probably not low glycogen attack p ship it's one great hack is to start uh taking a a big pinch of salt right before you work out or even drink a glass of salty water uh i day fellman.

Professor d nicole antonio we've all noticed that that when we take kind of a hit assault before a workout or before some strenuous labor we've got way more energy and i think so many people are still scared to death of salt that they don't use this very very productive hack it gives me immediate energy both mental and physical.

Like when i've got the chainsaw fired up and i'm about to go cut down some trees i'll take a big pinch of salt in my hand and i'm ready to roll i'm good so give that a try and see if that helps in the gym philo says do you have a brand of cod liver you buy i can't seem to find any canned cod liver anywhere a few good.

Brands i didn't find don't sell in the us so i buy my cod liver from off and uh it comes in a i think a six pack or a ten pack it comes in a tin just like sardines it is cod liver packed in cod fish oil so there's no weird oils involved and it's very mild it's the mildest of all.

The livers in my opinion a close second is chicken liver but about once or twice a week i'll eat a can of cod liver with mustard zero carb mustard and i feel like it's good for me so i do it regularly blehmann says apple cider vinegar or betaine hydrochloride for low stomach acid.

Seem to have trouble digesting fats thanks for all you do uh so bleh blamen blamen 23 um neither apple cider vinegar might help with some heartburn but it's not going to help you digest food any better betaine hydrochloride also the same not going to help you digest food fats.

Actually broken up it's emulsified by your bile and then it's broken up by enzymes that are secreted by your stomach and your pancreas and your small intestine fat's not really broken up by the acid in your stomach that's more for the protein of the meat and the collagen in the the amino acids.

That's what the the acids for if you're taking any kind of acid blocker stop that immediately and that goes for all you guys unless you have a specific reason other than heartburn that you're taking an acid blocker you need you need to wean down the acid blocker and stop taking it i've got multiple youtube.

Videos about this uh let's see i i've been seeing a few comments people say they're getting off track they've fell off the keto wagon the hall you know we just had thanksgiving here in the states and uh it's very easy to get back on keto or carnivore okay all you do is look in the.

Mirror forgive yourself throw away all the junk that you've got left fast for the rest of that day the very next day when you do break your fast and try to fast as long as you can up into the day when you break that fast break that fast with keto or carnivore food and act like your indiscretion never happens forgive yourself and move.

On you've got a life to live you've got health to improve wallowing in guilt will not ever help you accomplish any of your goals forgive yourself move on lisa says why do some people on carnivore get dark under under eye circles i haven't actually seen this lisa some.

People have kind of genetic dark areas under their eyes and if anything i've seen that get better on carnivore i've never seen a carnivore develop dark circles under their eyes unless they didn't sleep the night before so i'm not sure i haven't i haven't seen that max says happy.

Holidays everyone thank you max thank you very much uh let's see we already got that one tanya says i have family and friends that watch the show about factory farming it explained the animals are eating plastic antibiotics and disease ridden does this affect the meat we are eating if it's pork or chicken it it.

Does affect the meat some there's no doubt about that uh but even the worst treated worst fed meat that you buy is still going to be better for your human body than eating a high carbohydrate diet that's number one so if you're trying to improve your health tonya you need to eat meat okay you can have.

Some veg and some nuts and berries but if you're trying to improve your health you need to be eating meat and if all you can afford is the factory farm meat that's going to have to do for now but i would like to encourage all you guys to start looking for local sources for your eggs for your your definitely your poultry.

And pork find find somebody that raises chickens and and this is becoming very popular if you watch the the youtube farming and ranching channels many many people are getting some hens in the backyard they're getting a few sheep they're getting a couple of head of cattle uh that they're growing organic produce in.

Their backyard start looking for this stuff there are several websites that will help you find local producers of real food and i want you guys to try your best to eat the best quality meat and eggs you can find and the best quality veg that you can find but you you can only do what you can afford to do right and.

So if finances are preventing you from buying the more expensive stuff then you can do keto on hot dogs and mustard 100 the cheapest hot dogs in the grocery store you can start your keto journey with that cheap hot dogs cheap bologna spam and mustard literally you can start keto with that you do not have to spend a.

Fortune fully laden swallow says still with the frequent urination thoughts on other causes for this symptom besides prostate you might have overactive bladder you might have interstitial cystitis if you have a gut problem.

The the gut sits right behind the the urinary bladder and it can actually cause irritation in the urinary bladder maybe candida maybe an undiagnosed smoldering uh bladder infection or your ureter infection or urethral infection any of these things can increase your.

Uh rate of urination thanks for the super chat scott oh randy says what's the smallest chicken coop and and run to raise two healthy chickens i want eggs yeah i love this randy this is a great question so you don't have to buy that cute little.

Chicken coop at lowe's okay you can literally buy one roll of chicken wire and then find some old wooden stakes that somebody's gonna throw away buy some old pallets or you can actually probably get some free pallets behind one of the big box stores up when a.

Pallet breaks they often just lay it out there and you can use that wood and you can make a perfect little chicken run out of cheap chicken wire and free lumber and you can have two hens four hens six hens in the backyard you do not have to have a rooster and then all of a sudden you you're getting six eggs every day.

Right and you can feed the chickens all your table scraps they freaking love that stuff including any leftover meat or meat that spoils chickens chickens or omnivores you think chickens won't eat meat oh 100 they will they love it and it makes delicious beautiful eggs so i wish all you guys would get at least two hens for your backyard if you have a.

Backyard and then if you live in an apartment sell your parakeet or your cocktail and buy two three four cotonics quail they're very tidy very cute little birds and they'll lay you a little quail egg every day and so instead of spending money on.

Expensive cockatiel food you can be getting four quail eggs a day you can feed the quail your table scraps just like you do a chicken they love that stuff and then you've got a a source of real human food in your tiny apartment just thought all right island boy says my dad is.

Currently in the er with diverticulitis with a perforated colon and what the doctor told my dad should be criminal i'm sorry just upset yeah and i actually have a youtube video about diverticulitis and actually one of the chapters in my book lies my doctor told me nisha said i need to plug the book.

Yeah i wrote a book but this is a very common thing and doctors will say the dumbest thing like oh you've got to avoid red meat oh it's it's it's nuts and seeds and you like strawberries that's that's what's getting trapped in the diverticuli when actually we know exactly what causes diverticulitis.

And uh it's it's been known since the 1980s there's a huge study done and they it was published in the journal of the american medical association there's no doubt what causes diverticulitis but it seems that many er doctors and many gastroenterologists have no idea they think it's red meat and seeds and it ain't.

So if your doctor told you that your doctor lied to you maybe accidentally but it's still bad information you can read about that and otherwise in my book lies my doctor told me see ledbetter says what are your thoughts on protein sparing modified fast versus extended fast for weight loss.

I'm i think protein sparing modified fast is fine if you want to do an experiment with that i don't think there's anything magical about it it's just it's basically a calorie restriction diet where you still get plenty of protein.

Um i'm not a fan i'm not a hater i just think it's one of the many things out there you can try uh same way with extended fast i don't think most people need to do 3 4 5 7 10 14 day fast but some people love it some people enjoy it almost in a spiritual sense and if you've got tons.

Of body fat that you need to burn off there's nothing that's going to burn it off faster than just not eating olivia says how can i fully recover from late stage lyme disease at 18 uh keep reading and learning learning about lyme disease olivia as you probably already know there's a lot of disagreement in the medical community.

About chronic lyme disease is is it even such a real thing uh if so what do we do about it i think that first and foremost you need to be eating a proper human diet like i talk about on this youtube channel olivia i think that's going to give your body the nutrition it needs to fight any infection or inflammation.

You're suffering from and then you're just going to have to keep learning and and keep trying experimenting with different things until you find something that works for you but i think the foundation of whatever you do needs to be a proper human diet all right mr.

Edmund says had interstitial cystitis and with keto carnivore the pain and symptoms went away yeah this is very common it seems to flare when i eat a lot of veggies is there anything to this yeah mr edmund this probably means that your body does not like for you to eat many vegetables and there may be a list of.

Vegetables that you need to completely avoid in order to keep your interstitial cystitis at bay and this is the interstitial cystitis is much more common in women than men but men can have it too uh but women are just jerked around unmercifully when it comes to interstitial cystitis they're told to do.

The dumbest things or put on just repetitive rounds of antibiotics even though there's no evidence that there's any that infection plays any role whatsoever in their particular cystitis and no doctor seems to ever think i wonder if it's maybe some of the foods you're eating that's causing a body white inflammation which in your body is.

Interpreted as bladder inflammation interstitial cystitis and so many many women notice when they go keto keto or carnivore the interstitial cystitis goes completely away so i'm glad you found that out mr edmund let me see here.

Beth says is it necessary to take six liver supplement tablets every day as the label directs probably not necessary beth what what their their recommended serving for all of them i like ancestral supplements they have a liver capsule and i don't think they're necessary but i think until you learn to like liver you might.

Consider using one of the the desiccated liver supplements they say that six capsules a day is the same as eating two ounces of beef liver and so that's where the six capsules a day come from so i don't think that that's mandatory you take six a day i think if you just take two a day that's going to be way the hell better than if.

You took none today but uh six a day i don't think it's dangerous but you may just not need that many good question good question let's see jasmine says lost 20 pounds on keto carnivore is it normal to lose a few pounds stay at a new weight for a few.

Weeks fluctuate up and down and finally drop a few more pounds yes jasmine yes uh for even for men this will happen sometimes you'll lose down and you'll stop and you'll just pause then you'll lose some more now it's much more common in women and most women know this that uh if they in their if if a wife and her husband go on keto or.

Carnivore together the husband's gonna lose weight pretty much like that and lose it much quicker and this is probably a hormonal thing it's probably a body fat percentage thing all that together women lose weight kind of like this right you might pause for a while then you lose more than you pause and you.

Lose more that's very normal for women this is not a sign that anything's wrong with your body jasmine it just means that you're a woman and that you're going to do that you're going to have weight loss pauses uh some people do some people don't most women have weight loss pauses most women have fluctuations and they have ups and.

Downs but keep in mind jasmine and everybody else who's suffering from this problem of weight loss pauses or ups and downs is that your body's still healing you're still reaping hundreds of health benefits from eating a proper human diet even if the scale is temporarily paused okay there are.

Many non-scale victories to eating a proper human diet let's see what else we need to talk about oh i saw somebody mentioned the low carb cruse as far as i know it is still on uh they're still selling tickets for that i do not know if it's going to be a jab required cruise or not i don't know.

The answer to that so just go to or low-carb cruise it's one of those and i think you can find out all the information you want to about the about the crew so i've talked about that all right.

Now let's see orlando says can i eat three times a day ketobor and be able to lose weight how is the best way to lose weight fast so if you want to lose weight oh greetings from puerto rico hey orlando man i miss puerto rico freaking love puerto rico i love it more than.

Nisha does and she's half puerto rican it's weird right um so yeah you can eat keto ketovor or carnivore you can eat three meals a day i would recommend orlando if you're trying to lose weight fairly quickly that you keep your three meals in a six or an eight hour feasting window and.

That way you're able to fast for 16 to 18 hours and that's going to keep your insulin very low normal for all those hours and that's the sweet spot for burning fat and losing weight as quickly as you can okay but uh most people find they lose weight a little faster orlando if they if they.

Can eat two meals a day in a four to six hour window that way they can fast for 20 or 20 uh 18 or 20 hours a day that's where you really really notice the weight the weight going pretty quickly yeah but you can't eat three meals a day i think it's it's fine if you want to do that but you may.

Not lose weight as quickly k dean says i've been taking raw quail eggs in the morning it's been giving me an upset stomach should i still continue taking it will my gut get used to it uh good question k dean there are some animal foods that you can eat raw that you actually get more.

Nutrition from but eggs especially egg whites are not one of them you can actually absorb the protein from egg whites if they're lightly cooked better than if they're raw now i think the yolks need to be as close to raw as possible so the perfect way to cook an egg is sunny side up so that the yolk is still very runny but.

The white is just firm and just done that makes sense and so kadeen i would start frying those little quail eggs just enough that the white turns turns white goes from clear to white and then that's it take them up and then eat them i think you'll notice your stomach likes that much better you're actually going to be able to absorb more of the protein.

From that thank you for that question seth says will keto carnivore combined with my current fasting regimen help with chelitis i'm finding dsmo helps remove the skin but it returns in a few days am i missing am i missing an underlying health problem you might be i would very much.

Make sure that you're getting all your vitamins and minerals you can get all the vitamins you need from eating meat eggs and liver once or twice a week you may need something like ketochow's daily mineral drops to get all your minerals in because a lot of the foods we eat these days are deficient in minerals because.

Of the terrible farming and ranching techniques we've been utilizing over the last few decades but chelitis is very common from a vitamin or mineral deficiency there are some autoimmune conditions that can cause kelitis so if you're eating keto carnivore and you know you're getting all your vitamins and.

Minerals it's time to see your doctor and see if there's some other reason that you've got this chronic kelitis that just won't heal thank you for that question let's see what else is going on here guys you're welcome to share this video uh don't forget to hit that thumb we've got 2500 people watching right now let's.

Get even more in here so we can help as many as possible philo says how do you feel about beta blockers are they as destructive as statins um i don't think any human on the planet who has not had a uh calf proven heart attack needs to.

Take a statin okay there's just no benefit and there's a long list of potential side effects beta blockers are much the same way this is a a some people prescribe it for blood pressure control some some people take it for as a heart medicine there's almost always a better option.

Than a beta blocker especially for high blood pressure if you're taking a beta blocker like metoprolol uh timolol uh labaylor any of the alls it ends in o l then that's a beta blocker go see your doctor and say hey i really want to take an ace inhibitor like acuprel monopril lysinopril or an arb like losartan.

Because i this crazy youtube doctor said that they're they have way fewer side effects and they're way easier and and and way nicer to my hormones into my blood sugar but i would go talk to your doctor follow about getting off the beta blocker i think that's probably going to help you let's see what else we got here.

Ketocarnavide says the surgery have negative effects on my joints four weeks post-op three liter peritoneal cysts removal oh wow it's a big one fingers tingly numb or painful uh increase your bone broth yes increase your electrolytes increase your salt intake and give it time to heal the.

Tingly fingers that are numb and painful doesn't really sound like a joint problem that sounds more like either an electrolyte problem a salt problem um or something like that i doubt that's doesn't sound like it's coming from your joints oh let's see.

Stacy says i'm taking low serotonin but my blood pressure is still spiking and my dog doesn't know why it's frustrating stacy if you're not eating a very low carbohydrate diet that's probably why it's still spiking every time your insulin level goes up that makes you retain water and that makes your blood pressure go up so when you start eating.

A very low carbohydrate diet your insulin level can stay normal for more hours during the day then if you're intermittent fasting every day your insulin level is going to be even more normal and you're not going to have those blood uh pressure spikes like you may be having right now let's see oh there's granny berry granny.

Berry is watching my 91 year old grandmother is down in alabama with my family and she's watching this live on the youtube machine and my dad said that he said she doesn't care about keto she don't care about insulin she doesn't care about any of.

That all she wants to see is how many people will say hi granny berry and she likes to see where people are saying hi granny berry from so say hi to my granny would you because it makes her night when you do that and also say hi from wherever you're watching so that she can see where.

You're watching from she just loves it when somebody from canada or new zealand or australia or norway says hi to her look at that granny berry look at those comments they're going by so fast i can't even read them oh there's somebody in coleman that's just up the road from you granny.

Florida missouri wow wow everybody loves granny berry she is a salty salty feisty woman i'll tell you that but she's also very sweet she raised me from a young book she kept me out of prison and she made a pretty decent man out of me i think we'll see how it goes.

Uh somebody asked about the lion diet i think that the lion diet is a great option for some people i don't think everybody needs to eat a lion diet if you've never heard of michaela peterson that's jordan peterson's daughter she eats a lion diet to control her autoimmune conditions so if you have several autoimmune conditions if you.

Have multiple gut problems if you have multiple joint problems and carnivore helps keto helps but not enough carnivore helps a little more but still not enough then you may need to try 90 days of a lion diet and what that is is beef.

Salt and water you can eat as much as you want you can eat as often as you want and i don't like i said i don't think everybody needs to do that but if you're having problems that are a little better on keto a little more better on carnivore but still not gone i would try the lying diet check out.

Michaela peterson she has her own youtube channel where she talks about this she also does great interviews of lots of uh intellectually important people from all around the world and so she's got a lot of great information but she's the one who basically came up her dad came up with the lion diet.

Stefan says is lamb as good as beef i think so not everyone does but i think michaela would probably agree that any ruminants meat so that's going to be cow sheep goat water buffalo venison bison uh any any ruminant.

Mammal i think is would be fine if you're like oh man i love sheep so much better than beef i could do 90 days of mutton uh then i think that's fine to do the lying diet which what you can do with any ruminant animal in my opinion michaela just chooses to do it with beef because that's more readily accessible.

Uh and you know it's just available you go to the supermarket they may not have water buffalo but they're going to have beef all right so dude i love lamb and nisha likes lamb how many of you guys do you like beef better or lamb better which is your favorite if you just for.

The next 90 days you had to pick one and that's all you got which one would you pick i would i would i'd probably pick lamb but i think nature would pick well she's pregnant right now so she'd probably pick chicken because that's about all she can eat in the way of meat uh oh man it's looks like a little more beef come on.

Guys i wanna i want you to vote tell me what you edward likes lamb fat yeah lamb fat is divine it's it's oh yes um goose fat and lamb fat are probably my two yeah four four green frog says lamb has a lot of fat that's good thing that's.

Not a bad thing if any of you guys are going to eat beef or lamb please do not trim the fat eat the fat that is part of the animal don't waste it it's also good for your health to eat the fat okay don't be afraid of the fat that's good for you beef lamb i don't know gosh i think beef may be winning but it's not by a lot.

Oh sheila says she couldn't eat a little lamb well you don't have to eat the baby lamb chili you can wait till they grow up and then eat them um yeah jim says hi granny berry from arizona oh carrie says buffalo 100 she's picking buffalo as her ruminants.

But i i love it that you guys you've got a preference yeah lamb oh lamb marrow if you any of you guys haven't tried marrow you've got to try marrow talk to your butcher they can get you lamb bones i can get you beef bones um beef marrow lamb marrow oh my god it's.

Like fatty butter it is the best thing in the world lori says bison is best caboodle brie says venison for the win carrie i know you do not eat stingray fat stop being funny yeah lisa nisha is okay she's uh about nine weeks pregnant.

We don't know how that happened um but she's not feeling great tonight but she's not sick or anything nothing to worry about she's just not feeling great and she didn't want to she didn't want to bring down the party so she's laying on the couch probably watching avengers because that's her go-to.

And uh she'll she'll be back with me next week she may make an appearance here in a few minutes i'm not sure she does not have her face on so i don't know also baby beckett should be getting home any minute and he may want to come say hi to you guys if you can hang around with me for a few more minutes richard says goat is his go-to room in.

It i love it uh kathy cannot afford lamb and see that's fine if you guys can't afford one of these that's totally fine kathy you can eat the cheapest ground beef that you can find at the big box store when it goes on sale by 10 pounds at a time break it up into one or two pound little containers put it in the freezer.

And you can wind up getting it really really cheap that way crowman says dr barry any idea why i belch so much on keto um probably you haven't been on keto long enough for your stomach to adjust to it also if you're still taking any acid blockers chroman that's probably why you got to wean down the the acid.

Blockers and stop them very slowly so that your stomach can start making more stomach acid more stomach acid is a good thing that's not a bad thing but that's probably why uh but give it a few more weeks and you'll know you'll notice that it's it's much better if not gone sheena says she raises lamb i wish you live close to me.

My uh my little rams and user ready to make some sheep love they need some new buddies danny says you said we have to count total carbs in food from vegetables too why do we have to count fiber if it doesn't affect insulin well here's the thing danny if it's just 100 like broccoli brussels sprouts asparagus um.

Not all of the carbs in brussels sprouts or broccoli is fiber some of it's just flat out carbs okay and so you have to figure out which is which and so also soluble fiber a lot of the keto manufacturers will say only two grams of net carbs right when in reality they're tall the the fiber that they're talking about is.

Soluble fiber which means you absolutely break it up and digest it in your small intestine and it spikes your insulin 100 and so that's why i just say count total carbs and be done with it but i do believe that you can trust broccoli and brussels sprouts and asparagus when they tell you uh how many net carbs they have but it's.

Probably fine to count net carbs in in real vegetables as long as they're not processed at all you bought them raw from the store i think that's fine all right orlando says how will you attack cancer with diet well what you don't want to do.

If you have cancer or if you have a family history of cancer so your risk is a little bit increased is you don't want to eat a high carbohydrate diet because cancer loves sugar the way that cancer thrives and metastasizes if you're eating a high sugar diet and so the lower carb diet.

You eat the less likely you are to develop cancer but definitely the less likely you are to to have a cancer that thrives and metastasizes because that's what you really don't want if you have a little prostate cancer that that's that's tiny and stays tiny and you live with it for 20 years and then you die of natural causes.

That's not that big a deal but if you're eating a high carb diet and your blood sugars always elevated and your insulin is always elevated don't forget insulin is a growth hormone and many cancer cells have insulin receptors the insulin makes them grow just like it does your other cells then you're just asking for.

Your cancer to be more aggressive yeah lamb ribs are divine tin i totally agree lamb ribs are awesome g1 ri4 says i've been doing intermittent fasting eating omad which is one meal a day and cutting out the carbs occasionally i.

Fall off the wagon since the spring i have lost 10 pounds but stalled at 240 for two months any suggestions to get weight loss going again yep number one stop falling off the wagon uh keep doing omad i think that's awesome make sure that you're eating until you're comfortably stuffed for your one meal a day.

And then you might consider doing a if you've still got quite a bit of body fat to burn off you might consider doing maybe once a week do a 48-hour fast right because there's nothing that's going to make you lose weight faster than just not eating anything at all all right let's see what else we got.

Here right bacon hasn't got here yet he should be here any minute hopefully he'll come say hi sheena's carnivore's life says i need some seafood sashimi and oysters please yeah i think those foods are fine for us to eat but uh not on a lion diet but that would definitely be part of a good balanced carnivore diet.

Um if any of you guys know a vegan or if you're a vegan watching this hey welcome i love you man i'm glad you're trying to learn something but if you do know somebody who's eating a plant-based or a vegan diet i please beg you to tell them the following oysters shellfish.

Clams do not have a nervous system they do not nurse their babies they do not give a damn about their babies they don't have a brain like we think of a brain they do not feel pain they do not suffer they are not consciously aware and they are also foods when it comes to vitamins minerals omega-3 fatty acids amino acids and.

Fatty acids you need so talk to your vegan friend or your your vegan relative and say hey would you please start eating some clams or oysters once a week because dr barry said that they're full of nutrition and they.

Don't suffer you're not you're not harming or killing anything they don't even know they're alive definitely don't know you killed them also egg yolks if if somebody's plant-based or vegetarian if they could just eat two two eggs with the yolks every day that would go so far towards limiting.

The the disastrous vitamin and mineral deficiencies that a vegan can um have so that'd be great if you could pass that along for me yeah mar mark says that oysters are relatively high in carbs um yeah so so is liver but this is a an animal-based carbohydrate that that doesn't really act the same.

Way in your body uh even though it's relatively high in carbs compared to other meats it's still very very low carb compared to lucky charms of doritos so eat your oysters eat your liver hey thanks for the super chat randy uh.

Let's see what else we got yeah scallops are great they're delish man but uh i don't know if they have a nervous system i'm not sure about them but i know for a fact oysters and clams and shellfish do not how does keto diet affect fatty liver who said that where'd that go dang it uh i've got.

Four or five videos about fatty liver on this channel there's no quicker way on the planet to reverse your fatty liver than to eat keto keto or carnivore all three of these different spectrums of proper human diet reverse fatty liver within weeks.

To within a few months okay there's nothing that's going to reverse fatty liver quicker than keto ketovor carnivore if you have fatty liver or if you know somebody who has fatty liver watch my videos on this channel about fatty liver and share my videos on this channel about fatty liver because that that is the way there's no pill that can.

Reverse fatty liver there's no surgery there's no medical procedure that can reverse fatty liver keto can reverse fatty liver ketovor carnivore a proper human diet can completely and totally reverse fatty liver uh from within a few weeks to a few months 100 of the time i've yet to see a case that didn't work.

Linda wants to know about the dawn phenomenon so the dawn phenomenon is a phenomenon a phenomenon of high blood sugar in the morning and it's caused by a spike in your cortisol and adrenaline levels when you wake up a lot of people will tell you and a lot of people believe that the dawn.

Phenomenon or the dawn effect is abnormal or it's pathology or something only diabetics have none of that's true every mammal on the planet from you down to the tiniest mouse out in the in the forest has this every morning or whenever they wake up they have the dawn effect.

Because that's what wakes you up is the spike in cortisol and the spike in adrenaline that's how you wake up and that's going to spike your blood sugar for about an hour after you wake up so if you have the dawn effect just know what it is i've got a youtube video all about it that explains it in detail and i have links in the show notes to the.

Research that proves what i'm saying is correct so if you hear anybody out there say oh the dawn phenomenon that's something only diabetics have you know right then and there that they don't really know what they're talking about and you maybe could even hit the unfollow button right there because they.

Have not really been researching this as deeply as they should be um chicken fats okay i'd much rather you use fat uh from ruminants or good pork fats bacon grease lard those are the fats that human beings and there are.

Cultures that use chicken fat to cook with um but and now if you're if you're raising your chickens yourself or you're getting them from a place that pastures them the fat the chicken fat's probably fine and they call schmaltz or something like that i can't remember but some some cultures cook with chicken.

Fat but their chickens are pastured they run around and eat bugs they're not fed grains in a in a factory farm uh s pearson says was going to get your book unsure between paperback or audible do you do the speaking in the audible no i was gonna do the audio for the audible.

But that's back when they had the huge earthquake out there in california and i had to fly to vegas to read the book and nisha berry said you're not going out there because i forget it's been what three years a huge earthquake near.

Nevada and she said nope you're not going so there is an audible but it's not me reading it but it the guy has a good voice his name's jeff uh there's also a kindle if you like to read on kindle uh i don't but nisha does so yeah there is an audible but i didn't do it oh let's see.

Cole says four months strict keto i stay on top of electrolytes still low energy any idea why should i quit keto increase carbs a bit i would try adding more salt to your diet cola a lot of us uh are we we really need more salt than we think we do in order to fill our best i'm one of those people uh d nicole antonio's one of those people dave feldman my good.

Friend is one of those people um try more salt especially if you're about to go work out or do really hard menial labor take a big pinch of salt either i just lick it off my palm but dave feldman mixes it with a glass of water and drinks it and that that helps him to just have more energy both mentally and physically.

Yeah schmaltz i thought that was right yeah okay good deal let's see somebody got put in timeout oh cases that was a great book thank you very much for that uh mimi says dr barry please answer tony's question he pees a lot like three or four times a.

Night since he's on a carnivore diet i'm tired of seeing his question repeat and repeat please answer tony well i didn't see tony's question oh gosh i don't see tony's question but he's peeing a lot on a carnivore diet it's very common when you switch from the standard american high carb junk diet.

Here it is okay tony says i've been on carnivore for six months and i'm peeing three or four times a night help so tony if you've been on carnivore six months and you're still peeing three or four times a night you need to go see your doctor there this is probably has nothing to do with.

Your diet you have an undiagnosed medical condition and that goes for all you guys if you have a weird condition that happens starts happening six months after you start eating a proper human diet it ain't the diet causing it you got something else going on go see your.

Doctor let me know how that turns out tony uh teresa kelly says i've got to lose 125 pounds what where do i start step number one teresa remove all sugar from your diet both added sugar and natural sugar got that step number two remove all grains.

From your diet corn is grain don't forget that so wheat rice oats corn all the grains they gotta go they're full of starch full of carbs step number three remove all the vegetable seed oils from your diet like canola corn oil soybean oil sunflower safflower none of these oils.

Are healthy or good for you i know what they told you but that's that's not true start using animal fat step number four make sure that half at least half of your plate is covered with fatty meat and eggs every meal you eat okay step number five start fasting for at least 16 hours a day you can eat.

Three meals in your eight hour feasting window and then you're going to fast for the other 16 hours of the day that's the first five steps to losing your 125 pounds i've got over 400 videos on this youtube channel that's going to help you lose those 125 pounds teresa okay start start with my keto 101 playlist and watch those videos once you finish.

That and implemented all those strategies if that's working for you keep doing keto if it ain't watch my ketovor videos and start doing that and that basically just means you're going to go from 20 total grams of carbs a day down to 10 total grams or less a day if then if you're losing weight keep doing that if if you stall out and.

That's not working then watch my carnivore 101 playlist and implement those strategies and then also you can increase your fasting window from 16 hours a day up to 17 hours a day then 18 hours a day all the way up to do a 20 hour fast every day i did that today i didn't break my fast until 4 pm.

I came in out of the woods i've been working all day long and broke my fast with 2 pounds of ground beef and 6 egg yolks and a can of sardines with the bones in that i squirted some zero carb mustard on that and that so far i've only eaten that one meal today after i get finished with this live i may eat a second meal.

Or i may not it depends on if i'm hungry or not i'm definitely not going to just eat for the hell of it right but if if my body tells me hey knucklehead you're hungry you need to eat some more i will eat some more but if my if i don't have a signal from my body that i'm hungry i won't eat again today so that'll be one meal a day some.

Days i eat one meal a day some days i eat two meals a day i let my body be the judge of that i think that's the ancestral way to do that all right we're a little past eight but i'm still i'm still good if you guys are good then let me let me keep going yolanda says is it the dawn effect which keeps.

Me from falling back to sleep at 4am it might be yolanda some people especially if you're not getting consistent sleep if you don't have a consistent bedtime if you've got a lot of stress in your life your circadian rhythm can get a little bit screwed up and so you your dawn effect might be firing at four am when.

It should be firing at six or seven or eight a.m and that may be what's going on with you so make sure your sleep hygiene is perfect i've got videos about sleep on this channel uh make sure that you've got your stress under control uh nisha talks about managing stress a lot on her.

Channel her channel is nisha loves it you guys gotta help me get naisha up to a hundred thousand subscribers she's got ninety thousand uh subscribers on youtube and she's she wants to get to 100k so if you're not already following nisha's channel uh kevin or paolo will you type in nisha's.

Link in the in the chat box you guys please please as a favor to me last week was my birthday for my birthday present would you go follow nietzsche's channel please subscribe and hit that little bell notification button would you thank you it might make her feel better i don't know we'll see ah terry says it can be done i'm down.

112 pounds with keto and carnivore and now back to keto again i started august of 2019 i went from 338 you guys listen to this i know some of you guys are morbidly obese out there thinking there's this is not gonna work this is dumb listen to terry's story she went from 338 pounds.

Down to 226 pounds and she's still got a ways to go and she's aware of that but what a great victory you guys hit the thumbs up for terry unbelievable lost 112 pounds and now i guarantee you she uses keto and carnivores she probably goes into carnivore for a while then comes back.

Out into keto but but and so some months terry i guarantee you terry doesn't lose any but she also doesn't gain any you see how that's a victory too she might stall for a month or two but she didn't gain any that's a huge victory for terry and for everybody else that's.

The beauty of eating a proper human diet is you might stall yeah we all stall but you're not gonna gain back 25 pounds unless you go off keto or carnivore you go back to the carbs you gain the weight back hey where's my baby come say hi baby beckett hey everybody wants to see you and say hi to you.

Becky please come say hi uh savia thank you so much for subscribing denise's channel thank you thank you thank you here he comes you come to me you come to me ah baby hey.

How are you say hi to everybody he's so shy he's shy just like his dad he gets that you shut up you get that's my mother-in-law laughing at me for lying about being shy oh jc i'm sorry i missed your super chat brother hey say hi and i'll let you go say hi.

Go on the kiss little kiss i'm gonna merry christmas hi merry christmas good job okay he'll play get out of here all right guys that's going to do it for this evening uh you're welcome to share this video if you know somebody who needs this information please share this.

Video um don't forget to go subscribe to nisha's youtube channel nisha loves it and uh i've got 400 videos on this channel also if you have a specific question that you'd like to ask me privately personally become a patron on there's a link down in the show notes it's a super quick sign up.

And you can ask me your questions directly about your medications about your medicine about your nutrition about your health medical conditions it's not medical advice but you can ask me your questions and i will answer you we also have a great community in patreon we've got uh almost 4 000 patrons now who interact.

With each other these guys are they're friends okay they've got each other's back they help each other they learn together they grow together they get healthier together so that's it for this evening guys thanks so much i'll see you next week hopefully nisha loves it will be with me.

Next week thanks a lot see you later
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