Proper Human Diet/Fasting Q&A

Proper Human Diet/Fasting Q&A

Proper Human Diet/Fasting Q&A

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Oh hello hello welcome back it's monday night you know what it's time for monday night live all right all right all right i'm excited are you excited i'm so excited i'm really excited i think this is going to be a great question and answer session we're going to help so many people.

Understand what a proper human diet is how to properly and healthfully add intermittent fasting to your way of living and i'm excited for you guys to join us so if your friend or your family member always forgets to catch this live send them a text right now tell.

Them we're live we'll answer their question also tell us where you're watching from because that's always fun to see yeah where are you at in the world right now what city what country there's always somebody who's from which state a really crazy place there's tonya from.

Cuba missouri vegas toronto now what happens in this live doesn't have to stay in this lab you're welcome to share this live anywhere unlike vegas you're welcome to share this i don't know where that is there's wanda from nashville and wanda hey neighbor winter garden okay.

That was a what i lost it i don't see it there's lots of syllables i think malaysia hey malaysia welcome welcome welcome we're glad to have all you guys so feel free to ask your questions as usual we'll answer as many as we possibly can there's no way for us to answer.

All of them but we do our best absolutely anything you need to announce before we get started um if you are interested in going on the low carb cruise cruise with us it's about a year out may of 2022 you can find information at low carb cruise. i think the link is in the description um and ken and i will be there along with a lot of really amazing speakers and just all around good people i understand if you are a little bit worrisome about getting on a cruise ship that you.

Can buy insurance in case something were to happen but as of now all things are good to go oh addy's on the other side of the earth watching this right now welcome eddie glad to have you here's denise from quebec is it quebec i think it's i think the french call it quebec.

Oh we call it here in tennessee we call it quebec we do that yeah yeah we do it's true that girl in memphis absolutely hey neighbor new york texas oh thank you kansas city and okay ask your questions yep now's the time to ask your questions and we will try our.

Best to answer them man i hope so far i think like 300 people are assigned to go on the cruise and i would love it if there were like a thousand people who understand low carb keto carnivore there's going to be carnivores on this cruise there's going to be ketobors.

Keto people low carb people uh maybe some low carb paleo people there might be a vegan maybe i don't know you never know right but it would be so awesome if you could cruise with us on the low carb cruise in may of 2022. there's a link in the show notes down here on facebook you know up there on facebook down there on.

Youtube yeah please cruise with us that's going to be so much fun jonathan kelly says any thoughts or concerns with keto or carnivore for a person with osteogenesis imperfecta no absolutely no concerns whatsoever now obviously that's a genetic uh issue so keto carnivores not going to just cure that or fix it completely.

But you should notice your best health on a proper human diet regardless of what genetic condition you may suffer from carmen from japan hey carmen there's dawn from columbus hello from germany wow nice crazy i love it i love it i love it.

Don't forget to invite your neighbor to join you can tag them in the comments or share this video on your social media kimberly when one is obese where should they start carnivore or keto it depends on how much you love vegetables if you love meat and veggies you can take them or leave.

Them i just go carnivore beef butter bacon and eggs for 90 days and then if you're missing veg you can have some back in but no that's not required that's just one of the many options i think for sustainability purposes you should start with keto and then transition to carnivore that would be.

The easiest way to stay on the path sometimes when you go straight from one extreme to another you can't sustain it and we want you to succeed and sustainability is key for success yeah we want you to make this a way of eating in a way of life we want you to be.

Healthy for the rest of your long long life where you outlive all your enemies and your frenemies and you can do that with keto carnivore keith wright said thank you dr barry anisha following you and doing keto down 81 pounds give me something right here that's pretty good that's amazing a1c down from 9.9 to 5.2.

Which is very low normal that is amazing keith congratulations now it's time to teach your friends how to do this mick says nisha are you part of the kiss army yes she is she's in the kiss army no doubt all right let's see thanks kay is it okay to do.

A few days of uh of a week carnivore and then do a few keto or also what's your opinion on the least inflammatory types of vegetables yep yeah i think it's perfectly fine to cheat on carnivore with ketovor or keto every now and then once a week twice a week three times a week i think.

That's totally fine for some people it breaks the monotony and then if you're still worried about any of the magical phytonutrients in plants they're awesome meat but i don't tell you that then you can eat some veg just for insurance just to be safe right yeah.

And uh what about the least inflammatory vegetables well i think it's different for different people uh probably the least inflammatory would be things that the plant intended for you to eat okay so i agree with dr paul saladino i think that.

That berries are are very uninflammatory for this very reason the plant intended for those berries to be eaten and so the plants are not going to put poisons or anti-nutrients in things that it meant for you to eat i think leaves are always fine i would really try to avoid seeds especially vegetable seeds they do not.

Want you to eat their seeds and so they very often put anti-nutrients and phytochemicals in there to discourage you by way of inflammation in the gut in the skin in the in the joints to not eat their seeds and that goes for pretty much any vegetable but then i think it just comes.

Down to personal individuality yeah depending on if you have an autoimmune disease or anything like that that that can come into account the best thing to do is do an elimination diet via carnivore introduce things back one at a time and see how your body reacts to them that's.

Going to give you a pretty good idea on what's best for you and individually niri says i'm 42 months on keto and having tubal ligation reversal in a couple of weeks i read that women over 40 only have a 30 percent chance of having a successful pregnancy after reversal do you think keto will.

Help i i do think it's going to help to some degree that's obviously not going to guarantee you a pregnancy but the fact that more and more fertility doctors doctors whose job it is to get you pregnant more and more of those guys are coming.

Around and saying you know keto carnivore very high fat diets that's the way to increase your odds of getting knocked up so 100 that's going to give you the best chance but obviously there are many many factors at play here worst case scenario you're going to put.

Yourself in a very good place should you fall pregnant absolutely james says any correlation between taking a vitamin d supplement and reduced instance of sunburn i seem to burn less frequently or severely yeah james a lot of people on keto and carnivore notice this i don't think it's.

Necessarily from taking vitamin d there's no real physiological way that having healthy levels of vitamin d protects you from sunburn what we think it is the other doctors i talked to about this is when you're eating keto or carnivore you've eliminated vegetable seed oils from your diet or.

At least minimized about 99 and the the fats in vegetable seed oils actually get incorporated into your your skin cell membranes and therefore that membrane doesn't function as good as it would if it were full of healthy animal fats like we're meant to have and so i think that eating a proper human diet and some people think that.

It's the colorful veg the dark green leafy veg that protects some people think it's just the meat or some thing in the meat we haven't discovered everybody knows nobody really knows but it absolutely how many thousands of people have we heard from.

That they can stay in the sun twice as long three times as long and not burn on keto or carnival we hear that all the time and i think that makes perfect sense because if you're eating a proper human diet then you should be able to play in the sun which is a proper human activity karen says been carnivore for five.

Months a1c went from 6.7 to 5.3 in only six weeks in the last month it's went back up to 5.7 no carbs no dairy and no artificial sweeteners why would this happen and you guys rock hearts yeah you probably got some hidden carbs in there six weeks that's a big drop in six weeks you always got to remember there could.

Be some lab air in there uh also it depends on how fast your red blood cells are being turned over and several other factors i think if you'll wait three months and eat good good strict healthy delicious keto you'll notice that it's under the 5.7 and back down closer to that good number.

Uh but there's no way that it can't slowly come down if you're eating very close to zero carb it has to eventually mojo says carnivore for one month and still having gout what is the best over-the-counter pain reliever for high bp started keto one year ago and.

I'm down 16 pounds beautiful congratulations on the weight loss um an occasional anti-inflammatory occasional like ibuprofen uh naproxen something like that occasionally not every day not three times a day uh it's gonna give you enough pain.

Relief to get you by you've only been doing carnivore for a month some people think that it takes up to three months for all the oxalates and other crap to get out of your body so keep eating a proper human diet and i think what you're going to notice over the next six to 12 months is that you very rarely have a gout attack.

And each one you do have is going to be much less severe as you reclaim your health with a proper human diet miss becky says uh you've been a great help to me now my 40 year old son wants to go keto afraid the sodium will hurt him because of his kidney stones yeah sodium doesn't in any way cause.

Kidney stones or increase your risk of a kidney stone uh if if his doctor told him that that doctor was an error um i have a youtube video but about kidney stones and maybe if you could get him to watch that he would understand more about what causes them and also what does not cause them but.

I'm so glad that you've you've led by such good example that your son is now like hey i want to do what you're doing that's awesome fully laden swallow he's patreon right yeah yeah yeah i thought i heard him talking that's him would be interested in knowing the average fat to protein ratio.

On eggs thanks as always it's a little bit more than one to one protein to fat uh because the the the the white is pure protein the yolk just the yolk itself is one to one protein to fat and so you're gonna get maybe two to one maybe one and a half to.

One if you eat the entire egg which i think is perfectly fine um does it matter if it is a pastured egg versus the other kinds i think that yeah i think that a pastured egg is more better okay even the cheapest egg that the poor chickens were treated terribly and fed a.

Terrible non-chicken proper chicken diet those eggs are still a thousand times better for you than a bowl of special cake no i think the protein to fat ratio is probably the same but now when you're eating grass pastured eggs you're getting more omega-3 to omega-6 so that that ratio does.

Change but not the fat the protein undead sophie i have a friend in his early 50s with epilepsy he has serious depression and daily seizures can i confidently suggest to him keto or carnivore yeah he needs a very high fat keto or carnivore but he needs to be as close to zero carb as possible.

And fat needs to be his largest intake macro of the day and i mean we've been using a high-fat ketogenic diet to treat epilepsy since the 1920s this is well known in the medical literature a lot of neurologists forget about it or never learned about it.

But that was absolutely the first treatment it was very very popular until big pharma corporation started making anti-seizure pills which then they would advertise for and then of course they would talk bad about the keto diet because if you did that you wouldn't need their pills.

And now all neurologists want to talk about is the pills and injections instead of the proper human diet new subscriber from pekin pekin thank you tammy uh nettie's doll says 61 year old woman post menopausal no health issues carnivore for two months should i add in psmf or keep it equal.

Fat to protein i want to lose five more pounds if all you've got to lose is five pounds then psmf which is protein sparing modified fasting you don't need to do that it's not going to really hurt you but i mean you got five pounds to lose i would just keep doing exactly what.

You're doing the weight will come off in a perfectly healthy fashion and you'll be right where you need to be but congratulations for for only being five pounds from your ideal body weight that's awesome there you go uh lindsay fiance is not keto but.

Slightly low mch slash mchc okay so his mean corpuscular hemoglobin and mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration are both a little low uh eating more red fatty meat would will fix that within six weeks absolutely keto is the way let me take this one this is a great one is keto.

Good for a type 1 diabetic keto is the best diet for every diabetic on the planet if you're type 2 you're going to reverse your type 2 and no longer be a type 2 on keto if you're a type 1 diabetic then you will be able to achieve a normal a1c you will not have any of.

The more any more of the dangerous highs or very dangerous hypo episodes and you'll use 80 to 90 percent less insulin on keto as a type 1 diabetes as long as you're working with your provider as you're getting started decrease your.

Insulin dosage appropriately very good ellen says how long does it take the immune system to bounce back from a surgery uh the immune system yes well the immune system might get a little confused and a little a little muddied uh by a surgical procedure but it's gonna.

It's gonna bounce back very very quickly after surgery if you're eating a proper human diet and giving your immune system all the good stuff it needs to build and rebuild and also not eating the inflammatory confusing proper human diet that confuses your immune system and makes it wind up attacking.

Parts of your own body trap gamer says update on you opening a new clinic dr barry yeah i'm still practicing medicine i have a very small patient group who i see mainly older patients here in town and a few good friends around the country that i take care of.

I don't know when i'll be opening up i probably will never open back up at full full-time clinic where i'm seeing patients from eight to five i probably won't ever do that again because i'm able to help so many more people through social media people all over the world you saw the people at the beginning of this video.

From from indonesia from australia from new zealand i could never help those people if i were sitting in a clinic for eight hours a day and so i i still am actively practicing uh on a very small scale and will probably continue to do that in the.

Uh foreseeable ken do you have pictures you can share of when you were morbidly obese i don't think he was ever morbidly oh it was 297. yeah my bmi was 33 or 34. yeah there are pictures on my facebook page um i posted not too long ago it's nisha love it um.

But i don't think we have any on the website but we should put some on the website yeah we should yeah we'll track some down i don't have a lot from that time because i wasn't really too keen on taking pictures she dug so much but she's dug up a few my my youngest daughter abby grace.

She sent me a couple and so we've got a few i'll i'll post them on my facebook page or on my i'll make a post on the youtube channel ryan will diet help varicose veins maybe to some degree especially the smaller ones we've had a lot of reports that people's.

Spider veins get better less noticeable go completely away the bigger varicose veins you usually have a a valve that's becoming competent and so as long as that valve is malfunctioning you're going to have that varicose vein there's very simple surgical procedures.

That are not very invasive at all to fix that these days but i haven't had a lot of reports about the big ropey varicose veins they get less noticeable but they don't go away with any diet uh thank you miss becky let's see here just did ryan's here is laurie where did you go lori sometimes this just jumps around on me.

Lindsay sorry not with glory lindsay seen a lot of different views on heart disease and meat is it nitrates would love to hear your feedback yeah so fresh red meat doesn't have any nitrate in it at all but they still try to say that it increases your risk of heart disease and cancer.

The processed meat that is the one that has nitrate and that's that's why they try to say it's bad for you i have youtube videos about red meat and processed meat they go into the research behind what they tell you uh in a nutshell all of the research is based on epidemiological research.

That's based on multiple choice questions that they ask the participants none of these research studies proves that red meat causes heart disease or causes cancer they show a possible weak association but never has a study said oh look red meat causes heart disease or or cancer.

That study doesn't exist there is no such research jim says nature what type of doctor diagnosed you just clicked off the question oh sorry i didn't know you oh there it is sorry what kind of doctor diagnosed your thyroid condition.

You're looking at him but it was confirmed from my fertility specialist but he told me he was pretty sure i had it and then it was confirmed through a fertility specialist but any good knowledgeable doctor can uh tell you that bach thoughts on specific carbohydrate.

Diet sca for getting ulcerative colitis or crohn's disease into remission yeah so if you have ulcerative colitis or crohn's disease or irritable bowel syndrome you need you need to go carnivore for 90 days and the reason i say that is because.

The vast majority of people who do that their symptoms go completely away okay and i'm not saying that that it's that your propensity to have that is cured because if you go back to eating the standard american processed crap you're gonna it's gonna flare up again but as long as you're eating a proper.

Human diet of carnivore your symptoms are going to get 90 to 100 better and then after you've done that elimination diet as nisha said you can start to add back in some leafy greens to see if your gut's okay with that then add back in some berries see if that's okay.

And so you can after that elimination diet then you can play around and find out what else you can eat that won't cause your uc or crohn's to come back uh miss ellen said her surgery was on 722 she doesn't have a bm but she is passing gas eating only protein and fat should she be concerned.

7 22 that's four days fairly common for that to happen after a surgery if you're passing gas then we pretty much know you don't have a bowel obstruction or a bowel injury uh i would i would probably increase your fat and if you have any kind of magnesium in the house.

You can take more magnesium that's gonna that's gonna get the thunder rolling if you catch my meaning hey wendy new hashimoto's and hypothyroid carnivore for a year doctor says it's been kept in check due to carnivore ap oe4 positive hesitant to reduce fat and add cards.

Yeah then i wouldn't don't do it if you're hesitant because your your intuition is correct you probably shouldn't do that what's working is working exactly oh man this thing's stopped skipping it says where do chicken gizzards land on the spectrum of organ meats working on.

Acclimating my 25 year old autistic son to liver heart kidney etc i've lost 60 pounds on keto he has now lost 70 plus beautiful beautiful beautiful gizzards are not really an organ meat they're really just a smooth muscle and they're very chewy and grisly i don't know if you've ever tried one but if you.

If you like them you like them but if you don't like them you're not it's a weird consistency to have in your mouth uh and they're not they don't gizzard's smooth muscle so it doesn't really have the extra nutrition that you might find in liver.

Or in kidney or in some of the other organs that are much more nutrient dense but it uh if you can get them to eat gizzards that's a great step dawn leah i like liverwurst but not liver if i'm eating liverwurst regularly do i need liver in my diet probably not no if you're eating liver cheese liver.

Loaf braunschweiger liverwurst liver pate i think that's that's almost as good as eating actual liver if you're worried about nitrates and nitrites he has a video all about that to uh calm your concerns down absolutely njm says struggling to lose weight.

Should i go higher fat or higher protein thanks it depends um i in my personal experience i did much better with high fat water protein but there are other people out there who absolutely did better with high protein moderate fats but all of us agree that you need to be very very low carb.

Because that's where the majority of the weight loss is going to come from because that moves your insulin down back to low normal and that's the sweet spot where you can actually start burning fat for fuel i try about six weeks with higher fat see how you do and then switch it up and do six weeks.

Of higher protein and see how you do and just uh play around with that and depending on how you do on each one then make adjustments yeah there are a lot of people out there have a strong opinion about protein versus fat i think it's different for different.

People and at different times of their life and the only way to know which one you are is to try it for six to nine weeks and see if that works also where is your fat coming from what kind of fat are you using and what protein are you using as well so just make sure you're using.

Quality fats beef tallow bacon fat butter ghee those are really good and then your protein should not come from a shake if you're having trouble losing weight it should be real true protein 100 melinda gene had a great point if you're going to eat any kind of processed liver you got to read the label you got to.

Look at the total carbohydrates if your liverwurst or any of the other liver foods have more than one gram of carbohydrate per serving it's probably too carby but you can always find one that has less than one gram uh paul says they said venous insufficiency but that killing half the veins in my.

Leg will fix the swollen but this seems questionable to me what is your take yeah yeah no i totally understand how that sounds like so i have a vein problem and you're gonna kill more veins and that's gonna fix my vein problem is that what you're thinking uh yeah so.

Before you do that go get a second opinion from a vascular surgeon and and maybe who you're talking to is a vascular surgeon and that's fine but no patient should ever be embarrassed or shamed for getting a second opinion because this is your leg this is not the.

Doctor's leg this belongs to you and so you definitely won't i would get a second opinion and that doctor may be exactly right but that's good that the second opinion confirmed that that doctor was right so get a second opinion barbara says my doctor is an internist and.

Is dismissing me as a patient because of keto even though i've lost 63 pounds and brought my a1c from 11 to 5.9 why would he do this well evidently your doctor doesn't like to have healthy patients who don't take lots of medications and need regular doctor visits that's what it sounds like to me.

Sounds like your doctor wants really unhealthy sick people who take lots of medication and have to come see him or her every three months that i mean that's what it sounds like it sounds like your doctor has a poor opinion of keto and thinks that you are being non-uh compliant to his advice.

Yeah and you probably only have to go to the doctor once a year now instead of four times a year right and that's three co-pays your doctor i don't know that that is it just saying just just saying you can look around and find someone who will listen to you and appreciate the fact that you're putting the effort.

Into healing your body varuk and everybody who doesn't know this is my wonderful lovely amazing intelligent sexy wife nisha she is a registered nurse and a fashion blogger she has her own youtube and everything and and she's she's kind of a big deal.

And yes she is my wife i've got papers to prove it thanks that's sweet mushy gushy miss candice says i started carnivore and my cholesterol has went up thoughts or advice yeah for about a third of people uh their cholesterol go up for about a third of people.

Starting keto their cholesterol stays the same for about a third of people it goes down i've got youtube videos about cholesterol and ldl cholesterol to help you understand should you worry if your cholesterol goes up or not many many phds in md say you know after we go back and look at all the research.

Again you probably don't have to worry about that especially if your total cholesterol went up because one of the things that's going to happen with keto is your hdl is going to and that'll make your total cholesterol go up but check out my youtube videos.

Also videos by a phd researcher whose name is dr david diamond diamond like a ring look up his videos and watch them if you're worried about your ldl being high or your total cholesterol being high elvira elvira has a question i am carnivore i'm going to a friend's wedding soon and i want to celebrate but.

I'm worried about potential digestion issues how to prepare for a cheat meal thank you so you're implying that the only way you can celebrate your friend's wedding is by eating junk food that was the implication i totally understand and i think having one small.

Cheat meal at a friend's wedding one glass of champagne a tiny piece of cake i don't think that's the end of the world here's my advice you need to do a test run if you're dedicated and you're truly wanting you want to do this you need to do a test run because the last thing you want is to be.

In that bathroom yeah because that would not be celebrated and then also go buy some poo-pourri and put it in your purse what it is that's a great brilliant brilliant advice get some poo-pourri high probability that you will have to go to the bathroom and then and.

That's just the way that it is when you've eaten clean if you're going to have a piece of that cake that could come back and literally bite you in the butt so invite the person in the next doll in the nose yeah so take your poopery but that's a great job i like that have a test run just to see what's going on.

So you can say is this worth it like don't go full because you're like just test one thing like a small cupcake and see how badly am i going to react to this is this going to be worth it then you know make an informed decision charles welcome back charles i suffer from daily headaches and.

Migraines can keto or carnivore help out with that is it safe to take migraine and headache medication for them yeah i actually have a youtube video about migraine headaches and what diet can do for them with all the research down in the show notes thousands of people have reached out to us who said my migraines are so much.

Better when i'm on keto or carnivore okay and they're we don't know if there's some kind of brain inflammation that increases your risk of having migraines i don't think anybody knows exactly why but we just know that when you're eating low carb and your insulin is low normal and your levels of inflammation.

Are low you just don't have severe migraines anymore some of the migraine medications are safe to take as needed when you're having a migraine the preventative ones are the prophylactic meds i would be wary of taking them long-term every day and then also injecting like sumatriptan.

Regularly if you use it very often that can actually increase your risk of having complications and pretty bad side effects so read the the label insert with whatever medicine you're taking and see if it's worth the risk of taking that.

Per unit yeah yeah i wanted to talk about this so becky wants to know is metamucil okay on keto is it or is it not a good thing if you're eating high fat enough and getting enough magnesium in your diet or using a magnesium supplement you're not going to need metamucil metamucil is fake fiber that's made in a.

Factory it's fake fiber fake factory fiber that's what it is okay it's bulking it's not real and so if you're gonna get fiber get it from real veg uh get it from berries get fiber from real sources metamucil is junk it's not dangerous but it's just.

Complete unnecessary waste of money on your part get more magnesium eat more fat and if you think fiber helps you then you can get fiber from delicious keto foods all right nasim says how do we increase protein on keto if one doesn't like meat or eggs we can eat more fish you can eat more.

Uh real full fat fermented cheese well how would you get more protein i mean if you just want to take a protein shake and you're just trying to kind of weasel your way into that being your only option i guess that's okay thousands of ways to get protein in a proper human diet.

I think that you probably do like meat and eggs but you may need them hidden you know what i mean so meatloaf is a good way like most people like meatloaf there's really good keto ketchups on the market so you can smother it in keto ketchup be careful they still have.

Carbs in them and some of them have you know some sugar alcohols i'm not saying go crazy that's a good way uh lots of keto sauces so you can cover your meat in a sauce which kind of distracts from it also you can make pasta dishes that only include the sauces alfredo.

Sauce is really good you can make your own marinara sauce and make spaghetti with meatballs but without the noodles listen also everyone who says pasta was so hard for me to give up go eat a bowl of pasta with no sauce no oil no salt no salt no butter you don't like the pasta right you like.

What goes on the pasta and guess what good news you can pretty much still have that so try that out too exactly get one over there you want to get i'm looking okay i got matthew over here keto for two and a half months carnivore for one month suffered ms relapse but with.

Steroids i'm recovering well my biggest complaint is the chronic fatigue what's uh besides diet and exercise how do i combat this fatigue a few things come to mind first make sure you're eating enough salt a lot of people still and they've got.

That that subconscious voice telling them to eat low salt don't do that if you eat low enough sodium you will have fatigue also magnesium and potassium you need to make sure you're getting plenty of those you need to make sure you're getting plenty of omega-3 fatty acids.

I've got a youtube video about what foods are richest in them all those things can help your energy have your doctor check your dhea level your total testosterone level and your um you might try taking a coenzyme qtm supplement unless you're think you'd rather eat heart.

Two or three times a week and any of those things might help that fatigue drastically uh carly says does keto help adhd and what is the best way to control child's diet at school uh so the best way to control your child's diet at school is hopefully you have a health care.

Provider who understands that you're trying to help your kid with eating and their diagnosis have them write a letter and tell them to put you know my child needs to only eat these foods and stay away from these foods uh if you're not able to pack a meal for.

Them every day but if you do want to pack a meal it's really easy to do that there's several facebook mom group for keto moms where they share their meals for their kids and they do little bento boxes and make them really cute there's lots of keto alternative snacks that are.

Kiddish so they don't feel like they're left out and they don't have a bag of chips or they don't have like the fun snacks and stuff like that also marie emerick has a ton of kitty meals i think she just came out with a book that's just keto for sugar free kids i think is what it's.

Actually called a lot of good recipes and a lot of them are cute so you can pack the lunch and do all that stuff but i think making sure they eat well a letter from a doctor is probably the best way to go right and a lot yeah and then also if you can just pack their lunch sometimes you at some schools you need a.

Note from a doctor for that one of our new friends abby at house of keto she's on instagram and tick tock she has two school-aged children and she's always showing what she makes for kids uh the keto meals that she makes for them and any of those are are lunchable to take to school so yeah.

There's so many you can make your own lunchables fat snacks makes crackers pretty much every cheese is keto friendly especially for kids deli meat is usually pretty good as long as you check the macros on the back nuts berries all that kind of stuff yep great.

Question from b rose can my lab show a normal sodium level but i'm still not getting enough sodium 100 yes the following things can be perfectly normal in your lab work but yet you be severely depleted in them sodium chloride magnesium potassium iodine and others any of those you can.

Be severely body-wide depleted your blood is going to keep those levels in normal limits until until you're ready to go to the icu so that's why we're always uh urging people you got to get your salt you got to get your electrolytes you got to get your minerals because a lot of times the.

Lab test won't show you if you're deficient you want to yeah al rich says can you bulk up as a body you can't you can't bulk up oh uh aloe rich check out my buddy uh robert sykes he's keto savage on instagram and look at a few of his pictures and then maybe put this comment.

On one of his his ig pictures you'll feel kind of silly doing that he's jacked up he's a huge facebook group now that is 100 keto carnivore bodybuilders and they're all winning competitions they win constantly so yeah you can stephen i watched your video about eating cheap.

Meat but when i looked at the ingredients of some of those they almost all had sugar in them are they still okay so you want to have let less than one gram of carbohydrate per serving and that way you know that the sugar is a tiny tiny amount if you can find.

Zero gram that's even better but you anytime you're eating processed meat you got to read the label and you got to look and check what the total carbs are in that yeah um also we're not saying like go eat bologna 24 7 but if that's your budget then that's still 100 times better than.

Uh you know hamburger helper exactly right dissident says would keto help with lifelong rheumatoid arthritis it's going to decrease the severity of your symptoms and it's going to decrease the frequency of your flare-ups you're still going to have rheumatoid arthritis because it's partly genetic but you're going to notice that it just doesn't.

Bother you nearly as much yes debbie granny berry is watching sweet granny berry he's always watching she's my 91 year old grandmother and she's in alabama right now and she's watching this could you guys say hi to granny berry if they're if they made it home we actually.

Went and saw her and hoe and wall the other day yeah they're they're they should be back home yeah they should be back home and watching this please tell granny barry hi makes her not when everybody tells her i asked her do you like when people tell you how and she said oh yeah it just.

Tickles me to death should i feel like a movie star she's a hoot hey eric says i have no question to ask only thank you i've lost 70 pounds and this is no longer a diet it is a lifestyle that's it that that's how you know you've arrived just when it's like this is just.

Who i am and this is how i eat and if you don't like it sorry that's just who i am courtney says 40 pounds down on keto and turning 36 next week happy early birthday i love it unfortunately i have developed uh her hirsutism and i'm curious can carnivore help me.

It depends on what's the cause of your hirsutism that you really need to have this checked out by a doctor there are a few conditions that are concerning not deadly but you know concerning that you need if you have one of those conditions it needs to be diagnosed by a doctor.

But yeah definitely a keto or a carnivore diet is going to move all your hormones in the right direction which should turn that that dark hair that you hate back into the blonde peach fuzz that you don't mind so much donna wants to know well canning pressure canning my homemade bone broth destroy the benefits.

No yeah i'd rather you have it fresh but i know also i want you to be prepared now i want you to have some bone broth put back and canning is a beautiful way to do it candy really doesn't break down that many things especially when it comes to like proteins and stuff.

Yeah but you can also freeze it don't forget that it mostly takes out the nutrients when it comes to vegetables but meat and protein so it's not that big of a difference enrique says if my full thyroid panel levels are optimal and my tpo is only one and my tgab is five should i be experiencing symptoms.

Well you might be yeah i would love to know what your tsh actually was because many doctors will call a tsh of 3.5 or higher they'll call it normal and in my book that's too high that's not normal and and then if you're having symptoms on top of mildly.

Elevated tsh that's hypothyroidism until proven otherwise and i would give you a trial round of a desiccated thyroid hormone replacement to see how you feel with that i feel like i need to say this name appropriately the way that it is written so.

James the stormin norman that's how it's written so i feel like i should actually say that that was beautiful thank you keto or carnivore will it help with lymphedema yeah both lymphedema and lymphedema improve with the proper human diets and now i'm not saying you're going to.

Be cured they'll go away forever and you'll never have any problems i'm saying they improve and we've had multiple people reach out to us it's usually women but it can also happen in men that their lim lipedema and lymphedema both improve with the proper human diet.

Kay says about the ketogenic electrolyte drops are they the same as the mineral drops behind you should i have gotten the mineral drops no the electrolyte drops have sodium chloride magnesium and potassium which all what you need is wonderful wonderful products go ahead and use those up and then next.

Time get your daily minerals because it has sodium potassium uh chloride and magnesium but it also has all the other minerals you need as well and there's a link in the show notes to it if you want to check it out paul said but.

Listen they taste awful they're very salty they're very they're very strong coffee they're not as bad yeah i can't taste it come say hi can you say hello say hi to that baby look up here look at her there's that kid hi beckett how big it.

You silly is paul says that you should kiss me again he says kiss her again okay thank you paul that's i mean i'll take that super chat all day you had fun with lovey am type one diabetic am fasted sugar 115 two to three hours later still fasted my sugar is 140.

Just taking a unit or two of fast acting insulin break it fast no if you need a unit or two of insulin that's that's not your type 1 diabetic every human needs insulin okay all of us need a certain low level of insulin and including you your pancreas doesn't make insulin and so.

You're going to have to be in charge of when you give yourself a unit or two and so for you no that's not going to break you fast great question amy fuller do you think that's or anything i don't know maybe hey me forever hi i hope it is 284 truckless rides how long before these would be.

Normal pains between my shoulder blades had heart all checked out and everything is okay is this from all the fat what should i do yeah the the if they checked out your heart and everything's okay then obviously everything's okay.

So eating all the fat hasn't hurt your heart because your heart's okay the triglycerides you're going to have to cut whatever your current carbohydrate intake is on average per day you need to cut that in half okay and that's going to get your trig back down to normal also some people not.

Everybody but some people seem to be very sensitive to coffee and coffee raises their triglycerides so on the morning all you guys when you go for your fasting lab work don't drink coffee that morning because if you're one of the maybe 10 of people that coffee raises your.

Triglycerides you're going to have high triglycerides even though you really don't mark i'm 33 i have low t and ra i'm on trt and have a high hemoglobin of 18.7 should i get off trt or can carnivore help my hemoglobin go down carnivores gonna help all your.

Numbers go in the right direction but if i were you i just start giving blood four times a year the trt is giving you an opportunity to help hundreds of other people by giving blood four times a year and that's gonna bring your numbers back down yeah that baby pretty cute didn't he.

He does have some nice curly hair he gets that from his father he you think just from you we both have curly hair mine is just kinky and i mean if you want to fight about it i will fight you on the only thing that he has that's like me yes except for his attitude that's all me.

Huh no that's all me oh yeah i was gonna take credit for that why is this doing that i'm very sorry if we've missed a super chat it's acting crazy kira carnivore five months since the third month i've been doing beef and salt only because i started getting painful bumps on my neck.

Since the second month help painful bumps are so you're not only beefing salt and you're still having a painful box yeah uh you've been eating beef and salt so since the third so for two months you've been eating beef and salt only uh i mean that's a long time yeah you probably need to get one of those bumps.

Biopsy because that's definitely not going to be any of the routine folliculitis or for wrongs or carbuncles that people get from eating a high carb diet that you probably need to get one biopsy and see what's going on are you on any birth control.

Medicines you need medication yeah those can tend to do that kind of stuff too sorry you're having that problem that sucks especially eating beef and salt that's gonna be so frustrating like i'm literally eating beef and salt and i still have this is that see tap at the nose tab at the nose all right i think we're.

Oh wait we have one more one more super chat and then we're gonna i think it's almost time for us to kick out of here oh no we've got ten more minutes okay uh did grandma barry go carnivore and did it go smoothly my relatives think i shouldn't encourage my 84 year old grandma to go carnivore as it will be too.

Hard on her yeah none of them are healthy granny didn't get a carnivore but she did definitely go low-carb keto she had a huge bout of diverticulitis which oh she thought she was gonna have to go in the hospital and she came and stayed with nisha and i for three or four days.

She stayed for a week or two a week or two we gave her bone broth we gave her meat we got she had a little bit of turnip greens and you know veg that that 90 year olds like and her diverticulitis cleared up in two days she started feeling better she had more energy and she said well if i had known this i.

Would have done this years ago and so she still she still eats her veg and she still cheats from time to time don't you granny berry but on the whole she's eating very low carb much lower carb than she used to eat and she avoids almost all grains and uh she doesn't eat hardly any vegetable.

Oils at all but every now and then she still wants to eat a little candy but she's 91 so i can't yell at her too much yeah she's doing great she's doing great uh enrique says his tsh was one point sixteen one point six two three t3 was three point two.

Ft four free t4 was one point five tpo one tgab symptoms are extreme anxiety mental fatigue symptoms sorted after antibiotics yeah i was going to say other things can cause the symptoms of hypothyroidism it's the fillers and the additives and the extra stuff in that.

Medication you may have just decimated your gut bacteria because definitely if your gut bacteria are not happy they will mess with you mentally they will make you anxious make you depressed that's i guarantee you when the research comes down on that that's going to be proven true.

Make sure that you're eating a proper human diet because that's going to help you recolonize with the good healthy bacteria yeah so for hashimoto's everything pretty much starts in the gut and if you start messing around with the gut everything even if your labs are still okay.

The inflammation can be going up and that can trigger symptoms absolutely eli hey eli been carnivore four weeks now i'm still getting a bit of diarrhea after eating eggs and the meat steak turkey etc what do i do about this also how do i know if i need supplements.

I would i wouldn't do much if it's just a bit after four weeks that's fairly common for some people i would just keep doing what you're doing and as your gut bacteria continue to regulate and rebalance the diarrhea is going to go completely away i would i would make sure you're getting.

Enough iodine and if you live in the northern latitude make sure you're supplementing with some vitamin d3 if you're not getting enough sun and for me currently that's the only supplements that i really worry about yes seth keto or carnivore will drastically improve the symptoms of.

Interstitial cystitis absolutely voltaire voltaire is in the house what are some suggestions for pregnancy for a newly expecting family congratulations yes uh just try to stay as keto as you possibly can when i was pregnant i ate a lot of.

Berries in the beginning i had meat aversions and that can happen to mama she can have aversions to things and you just find alternatives and stay as healthy as possible if if she does have meat aversions protein shakes that's like the one one of them few times i suggest protein.

Shakes you really need your protein especially early on in pregnancy and really throughout the whole pregnancy so protein shakes are okay just make sure it's a good quality one with good ingredients and not a lot of sugar um keto shell makes a good one ben bickman makes a good one also equip.

Has a very good one the equip one is just beef it's i've ordered some to put in my coffee because i'm going dairy free in case you didn't know you can walk come watch me struggle over on my youtube channel going dairy free and i ordered this to put in my coffee it's literally just grass-fed beef.

Powdered and collagen and and cocoa and i think they're sweetened with salt i think it may be stevia i can't remember but it was fantastic ingredients but otherwise support your wife and understand there are going to be moments when she wants to eat.

A milkshake and a cheeseburger and you just gotta remind her listen what's best for baby and then she'll be like okay she might be pissed about it do you have one over there well somebody said i need to answer tater somebody but i don't greg let's get greg's portal is it down 75 pounds.

From keto and fasting did a three-day fast and now my sugar is 1 50 in the morning and 200 after meals it used to be 100 in the morning what can i do three day fast three day fast yeah so anytime your body's gonna make sugar if you need it it's gonna make glucose your liver does this.

Very quickly and very uh consistently it's not dangerous it's not bad if you do a longer fast your blood sugar is going to go up that's normal if you work out hard your blood sugar is going to go up your red blood cells need that glucose so it's not necessarily pathology if your blood sugar goes up in.

Certain situations the way you'll know if your blood sugar is really under control or not is to get your doctor to order a hemoglobin a1c and a c peptide and if both those numbers are normal your sugar's fine great question um shada shayden says what type of toothpaste do.

You recommend uh so even before we were keto we did uh natural toothpaste we got away from the crest and the colgate we use toms for a long time with the no fluoride toms and then when we started keto we found red men's and they actually have toothpaste and it's.

Really really good great ingredients and they have an unsweetened one yep because listen one of the most popular questions we get asked is what will my toothpaste break my fast yep this toothpaste it's unsweetened it won't break your face definitely won't break through hey i think it's spearmint so hopefully you're okay with.

Spearmint but uh just know if you've been using crest or colgate this doesn't suds up it's it's just to clean your teeth but you'll get used to it um they actually put chemicals in toothpaste to make it foam up it's completely unnecessary it doesn't clean your teeth it's just an extra chemical.

That you're then swallowing for no reason kylie's got a question for you uh kylie do women need carbs for healthy hormones um well it depends on who you ask but from my research and talking to other women who have went low carb low low low carb almost no carb uh and cured pecos.

Uh fertility issues uh pms pmdd the lower the carbs if you can sustain it um seems to tends to make us better and less um witchy during that time of the month oh no she's not talking over there but um so that's our standing on that i think that.

Hormones are optimized with the lower carb yeah i agree b81 mac yes anytime you you put anything in your mouth no matter how many times you spit a rinse you're going to swallow some of that so yes every time every human on the planet brushes their teeth they swallow some of their toothpaste i.

Thought you would know that but yes yes absolutely including you b81 mac uh can taking insulin break your fast i think we talked about that earlier if you're a type 1 diabetic and you need insulin no do not think of that as breaking your fast you need insulin i'm not type 1 diabetic so if i need.

Insulin my pancreas makes it just automatically that doesn't break my fast if my pancreas makes insulin now if i eat carbs and that spikes my insulin yes that breaks my fast if i put something sweet tasting or i put protein powder in my coffee that's going.

To raise my insulin that breaks my fast but if you're a type 1 diabetic and you need insulin take your insulin that that don't consider that breaking it fast all right good question kakora two days fasting two days eating only two meals zero carbs zero sugar and i lost four pounds but i haven't had a bowel.

Movement uh what should i do increase your magnesium and increase your fat and it's been how many days two two days yeah so for many people eating well four two days fasting two days eating okay gotcha yeah and so bump up your magnesium and bump up your fat.

And if you haven't had a bowel movement in two more days then you may have a anatomical issue it's probably time to go see your doctor greg down saying five pounds from keto and fasting but after three oh wait we answered that one already didn't we sorry just kidding okay one more question suzy q i have.

Hashimoto's fibroids anxiety fatty liver brain fog sick for years and nothing helps the largest fibroid is the size of a grapefruit my iron level is vitamin and level vitamin d levels are always low any recommendations yeah so you need to start supplementing with vitamin d3 5 000 units a day.

Where'd that go oh okay uh you need to start eating a very very low carbohydrate diet there's there's quite a bit of research that shows that fibroids are intimately connected with chronic hyperinsulinemia so when you eat a low-carb diet your insulin level and insulin is a growth.

Hormone it's going to start to go back to low normal your fibroids going to start to shrink okay and i can't remember what else your question is yeah all that all that stuff's going to get better when you eat a proper human diet um we actually don't brush back its teeth.

Toothpaste maybe what he gets like a little bit of red men's on there and mostly that's because he wants to put soap on his toothbrush so i like break it across the top but really it's fluoride free it's fluoride free and he gets like almost nothing on that toothbrush it's mostly water yep.

Uh kelly b ketobor for seven months before keto i would have blood sugar spikes in the 180s to 200 range but a very low a1c 4.7 due to nighttime hypoglycemia since ketobor i have no spice but my blood glucose still is running between 50 and 60 at night that's very common.

Very very common especially if you're eating proper human diets i have a blood sugar in the middle of the night at 50 or 60 it's not bad or dangerous at all as long as you're not having the sweats and the shakes and all the symptoms of hypoglycemia if it's not waking you up if you just have a cgm and you see that you had a low.

Blood glucose and you're not a type one you know it's perfect assuming you're not a type that's exactly right dr barry is my hero says steve he's my hero too thank you steve thank you nisha oh somebody hey from chicago somebody gave a super chat for you to kiss me again.

That's boy i'm reading this i'm pretty sure i saw it no i'm pretty sure which carnivore cookbook would you recommend i don't recommend any carnivore cookbook put your steak in a skillet cook it in meat grease add salt it really is that simple really is that meat is that good get you some good red.

Mid salt they make garlic pepper salt lemon pepper salt uh seasonings all their sauce are really good uh primal kitchen makes good steak sauces listen it don't have to be complicated exactly good steak good meat it's just it's good good quality ingredients simple recipe.

It's going to taste great katie there's actually several research studies ongoing right now about parkinson's disease with low carb diet and fasting we won't know the results for another year or two but every indication is that parkinson's is just like dementia it's going to progress slower if you're.

Eating a low-carb nutrient-filled diet and it's not going to get as severe if if you're feeding the brain everything it needs and you're not inflaming the brain with inflammatory crap that big food puts in the food that you don't need then the brain is.

Going to be healthier overall all right we're going to take one more question you can pick it okay just pick one i saw it i got it oh you did okay where'd it go dang it it was a good one too what did it say oh there you go tabitha how's that.

Okay we're gonna take a real question now i was having a good question dora is high protein low carb the same as keto not necessarily as long as you're eating very low carb then you are going to be reaping health benefits if you're eating high fat moderate protein.

That's great if you're eating high protein moderate fat that's great in my book as long as you're eating less than 20 total grams of carbs a day you're going to win and therefore i'm gonna win all right thank you so much for hanging out with us tonight thanks for all the super chats thanks for all the thumbs up if.

You hit the thumb up you're awesome if you didn't do it on the way out yeah it's okay you can hit the thumbs up yeah and as always feel free to share this video with someone you think it will help uh even if they might consider it a little rude if they need the help give.

Them the help and they can make the choice if you want to watch me struggle going dairy free come over to my youtube channel and hang out with us and also if you want to see our adventures in sheep go to the farm channel which is ob farms on youtube.

Ob farms and dr barry if you google that it should probably pull it up but we have quite the adventure this week don't forget the link denise's youtube and her blog are down in the show notes check them out we'll see you next week
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