Proper Human Diet / Fasting Q&A with Dr Berry & Neisha!!!

Proper Human Diet / Fasting Q&A with Dr Berry & Neisha!!!

Proper Human Diet / Fasting Q&A with Dr Berry & Neisha!!!

Check out the video on Proper Human Diet / Fasting Q&A with Dr Berry & Neisha!!!.
So full already my face is hello look at you hello friends hi welcome back we match didn't we match last week too we're not doing this i don't think so yeah we came from our separate studios our makeup people.

Hi i'm nicole from sandy hook prom what are you doing i know this is hard to hear it is hard it's hard to hear sandy please stop what happened i do not know we i couldn't hear us but i heard whoever that was yeah so anyway hi it's good to be home.

Good to be back with my lovely wife welcome back in my baby beckett oh those glasses are getting caught in my hair can baby pull it no we don't know if it's a boy or girl what are we finding out this week next week.

Hey guys welcome back so glad to have you uh one of our moderators says that if you post the same question over and over and over a kajillion times you might get put in time out so don't do that we we're going to thank you spamming nisha's not feeling great tonight we're going to answer uh quite a.

Few questions but we're just going to kind of hang out and chill and i just got home a few hours ago from low carb boca raton um pretty uneventful flight but it was jam-packed we were like human sardines in canola oil it was pretty rough i'm so.

Glad i didn't have to participate in that yeah it was a one-way flight i got i booked you good flight good flights yeah no doubt uneventful but just packed to the gills so what's going on everybody how's it going where are you watching from in the world right now i see.

Matia from london what city what state what country where are you at london coconut creek coconut creek that's where becky's at in boca raton have you heard of that coconut creek i mean that could actually be literal.

It could be a coconut creek beckett berry cannot get into his head the difference between a hickory nut and a coconut he wants to call a hickory noted coconut and i have no idea why but it's one of those things that like he just will not say every time and then mom corrects him and he's like oh yeah.

Yeah yeah so funny frank wants to know what is a good probiotic to take um frank if you really need a probiotic i would go to a health food store and buy one of the probiotics out of the refrigerated section that has at least 12 billion cfus and at least 10 different strains of bacteria.

Because you know what you don't want to take is what's the one from walmart a line that's lactobacillus yeah anything that's probiotic anything that's a dry chalky uh tablet that's gonna be lactobacillus and 99.9 percent of it's going to be inactive and it's probably not going to help you damn bit be a waste of money so.

If you're going to if you're going to take a probiotic get a good one and for most the vast majority of you guys i don't think any of you guys need a probiotic on a daily basis there might be specific situations where you would benefit from a probiotic but the research thus far is very anemic when it comes to the benefits of probiotics that.

Was for you mary lou hey mary lou i do look tired that is correct i am tired i i could have been in bed and sleep right now if i was allowed hey holly hey holly big hugs erin's struggling too me and erin i don't know right you know she was pregnant first time around right about the same time as me and her baby's.

Name is beckett and now we're pregnant together i love it she's having a girlfriend all right oh so i just had a good one and it jumped was it that one no but go ahead with that one okay chris says i am 33 years old and have a.

Calcium score of 7.75 any advice what diet should i eat chris you should eat a proper human diet you should mimic the diet that human beings have eaten for the last 2 million years which is 70 fatty meat eggs a little bit of veg a few nuts a few berries if any of the plant foods that i just mentioned seem.

To cause inflammation or bother you in some way bother your gut your skin your brain your joints then just stick to the meat next that is a proper human diet and when you start eating a proper human diet uh at the low carb boca raton i actually got to meet dr arthur agustin.

Who invented the coronary artery calcium score like when you say what's your cac score that guy i met that guy and he's a a gentleman and obviously a scholar he also wrote the south beach diet way back in the day and he's got an updated keto version of the south beach diet well south beach.

Promotes yeah the first phase of it is basically keto low carb and then you would start adding back in foolishness but he's like me he continues to learn he continues to research he continues to grow and develop he's a true scientist true scientist true doctor uh true gentleman and uh.

He said that when you start eating and literally dr arthur agustin said when you stop eating junk and start eating a proper human diet he literally said that out of it i don't give you jails he did i totally did he said what's going to happen is you're going.

To stop forming new plaques he said the old plaques that you already have existing they're pretty much just going to sit there and and you don't ever have a heart attack because of those old plaques rupturing it's the new plaques that you continue to form.

And so that that was his exact words the the doctor who invented the coronary artery calcium score test so that's what i would recommend you do is what the guy who invented the test recommends which is to eat a proper human diet brooklyn marie wants to know our eggs good for me to eat if i have rheumatoid.

Arthritis oh my god yes 100 what you really want to avoid is any processed grains any just highly processed carbohydrates any sugars and any vegetable seed oils like canola oil soybean oil sunflower safflower those are the things that are probably going to inflame your joints and cause.

You to have lots of pain uh you thank you gu i'm sorry thanks for the super chat uh yes i am uh i talked to dr agustin if he would do a live with me on this channel and he said he 100 would and so we're in the process of setting that up so in the next few weeks i should have the.

Inventor of the coronary artery calcium stored i'm sorry on this channel in my head if you're a millennial maybe you heard this too the inventor of toaster strudel the adventure of toasters no he would not appreciate just the way your tone was funny hey crown of pearls uh loads of constipation nausea since.

Starting carnivore five months ago a history of ibs and gerd yeah if you're still having problems that far into carnivore then keto may be the way for you crown of curls you may need to start adding back in some keto friendly veg and see if that helps with the nausea and the constipation if it does hallelujah you're still eating a.

Proper human diet if it doesn't then it's time to go see your doctor and make sure something else is not going on hey mitchy champion how's it going people want an update on your virus recovery i'm 95 97 percent better i'm almost back to normal yeah i've got this thing i've done since i was a teenager when i have an upper.

Respiratory infection even after i'm over it i cough for like two weeks uh post uh post viral tussif syndrome i've had that since i was a teenager and so i still have little coughing fits but i feel fine energy's back to normal um i can taste my food and i can smell my delicious wife so yeah i'm fully recovered.

Um oh for the record um he never got tested so it could have been flu it was a virus like i said i don't know exactly which virus autoimmune diagnosis is keto or carnivore better you don't have to go completely carnivore forever i would recommend.

Autoimmune issues i'm not going to go into carnivore for six to eight weeks to heal your gut you're going to feel amazing it sounds worse than it surprised yeah so carnivores as you know all meat no potatoes no sweet potatoes like do the true carnivore for a few weeks and then you.

Can go back to meat base where you're mostly eating meat every now and then you have a few vegetables that don't affect your autoimmune disorder and that varies depending on the person but usually cruciferous vegetables are okay in moderation yeah gene k says is it okay to break my fast with premier chocolate protein shake i read it is.

Keto friendly gene k what i want you to break your fast with is real human food in my opinion there is no shake on the planet that is keto by my definition of keto which is real whole ancestrally appropriate one ingredient human food there is no shake that meets that.

Criteria i'm sorry there are some decent shakes out there but if you went to the trouble to fast to try to improve your health then why don't you break that fast with real food instead of a shake that was made in a factory how about that usually cheaper okay marcus loving carnivore blood sugar.

Below 130 from 300. beautiful down 40 pounds where to go any suggestions for vitamins my wife has sickle cell and corona if you're eating a proper human diet marcus you're going to be getting virtually all the vitamins and minerals you need you may need to supplement some vitamin.

D depending on where in the world you are and if you do take a little vitamin k2 with it and then i recommend everybody mind their minerals with ketochow's daily mineral drops you think i'm going for your nose like i would do that online well i totally would do that yeah you would.

Probably have absolutely probably well i should just go ahead and i'll bite it but because if the food that you're about to eat was grown in soil that's depleted in minerals like iodine then there's not going to be any of those minerals in the food and so why not just with for a little added extra insurance get some.

Daily minerals if you live very northern very southern latitudes take some vitamin d with k2 otherwise just eat real food and you're going to get virtually all the vitamins and minerals and definitely all the amino acids and fatty acids that's unique and miss tanya wants to know okay is keto safe for top one my daughter is five and a type one.

Diabetic yes a hundred percent tanya do you have a specific video for top one not for kids here's here's what you need to know get a copy of dr richard bernstein's book the diabetes solution he is a type 1 diabetic and writes specifically for type 1 diabetics if you're on facebook join the facebook group type 1 grits.

T-y-p-e-o-n-e grit g-r-i-t there's hundreds of parents just like you who are using low carb keto and even carnivore for their little type one children and are they they have they never have hypoglycemic episodes they take 80 to 90 percent less insulin on a daily basis and they have normal.

A1cs and they love their diet so any age of a type 1 diabetic can absolutely do keto or carnivore but you you want to find a doctor that you can work with you want to read bernstein's book and you want to join type 1 grid uh because you there's lots of questions that i know you have as a type 1 parent.

And they're going to answer your questions hello granny berry yep granny berry is watching tonight from alabama i love it when granny berry is able to watch hey granny beckett should be home a little later so stick around you can see baby beckett danny i heard from dr berg's video that a calcium supplement.

Can be harmful but do we still need calcium in our diet why would a supplement be bad yeah so you calcium is an essential element you need calcium no doubt about it the problem with calcium supplements is they're very often very concentrated high dosages of calcium and there are many experts who think that that's an inappropriate.

Way to get the calcium and that it could cause inappropriate calcium deposition at parts of your body you don't want that and so one of the first supplements i made a youtube video about and so you don't need this is your calcium supplement i've got a video about calcium-rich.

Foods i've got a video about how how to get tons of natural bio-absorbable calcium from eggshells watch those two videos and throw your calcium supplement away it's not helping you at all and it could potentially cause harm all i can think about right now it's just shaming.

Sashimi and new york hot dogs yeah but now sashimi that was earlier fatty yellow i had some just the other day i know we're going back okay there's a little chinese restaurant in paris tennessee uh that has you know the chinese buffet.

But they also have a real pretty darn decent sushi sushi chef sushi chef and he also makes sashimi which i got it's just the fish it's not 10 pieces rice makes me fast so i get sashimi anywho instead of sushi.

It's amazing it's really good i eat like how much ginger do i eat they bring bob says that new york hot dogs are dirty water hot dogs probably i know like in the thing when they got the hot dogs floating around yeah and you know like i would eat a dirty water hot dog right now right now there's just some.

Things that are disgusting and awesome yes wants to know why is hypoglycemia not considered a symptom of diabetes oh it can absolutely be a symptom of diabetes uh before you're diagnosed it's typically not a symptom.

Uh but after you get on inappropriate unneeded diabetes medications like medications like glyburide glycoside glucoride for type 2 that works by raising your insulin to lower your blood sugar you can definitely have hypoglycemic episodes and then if you're injecting insulin if you inject too much.

You're going to have a hypoglycemic episode it's definitely a symptom can you do mma combat sports on a carnivore keto diet there are several uh mma fighters who do uh fight on keto and carnivores yeah i just met a a very nice gentleman at in boca raton at this event forgot his name but he's been uh doing mixed.

Martial arts since he was 16 years old and i mean he is in tip-top shape i would not want to piss him off like i would be like yes sir unless i had a baseball bat then i might i might take a chance uh no he just lifts yeah mark bell he lives.

I don't think he did i mean he might play around with it but he's not trying to be a professional i'm sure he could kick some ass oh yeah yeah yeah but uh this guy said that when he's carnivore he that he he is a hundred percent on go and people hate grappling and.

Sparring with him because he's he's so on point when he's eating his meat i bet i bet your like instincts are just even quicker right your reaction time everything uh gordo gordo gordito hello i'm trying carnivores second weekend my stomach is hurting any suggestions.

So this is your second week um i'd give it another week gordo uh and if you're still having trouble with your stomach then try to add back in some veg if that fixes it then maybe keto is the way for you if that doesn't fix it go see your doctor uh sherry for food aversions from the.

Virus with taste and smell it's keto chow okay i don't do any dairy except for ghee with egg yolk ice cream and cream uh be better for these issues so yes also pro i always say this wrong is it prime protein equip whatever equips protein that makes really good i make a frosty with it.

It's good um you know you can put butter as the fat in keto chow instead of dairy and it actually tastes better yep and remember what i said earlier there is no shake that i consider to be keto but if you're in share situation and you're sick you can't eat food or you don't want food if you're having aversions to me.

You need to get protein yeah then i think it's fine to use any keto chow shakes or their soups uh as a temporary crutch to help get you through that i think that's perfect use for those uh but but i don't want everybody out there thinking oh i need a protein shake every morning every day yeah it's a tool that you use.

When it's appropriate but it's not something you blindly use you can also make the whatever bella calls her pudding that she uses eggs or maria's egg pudding too so that's 100 like almost 100 protein from the egg if you're using pasta eggs even better and it doesn't taste like.

Meat in costa rica maria made her chocolate pudding that's just 100 eggs and some sugar-free chocolate oh my god i beg every now and then i get a taste for it and i beg me should i make it she's like that's too much trouble i just don't no i'm just i'm not doing it you can do.

It i don't know what's holding you back oh you can't youtube i'm a rancher and a farmer you don't know how to act in the kitchen shut up uh jay i started december 9th and backslid on four cookies oh three days of allergies and congestion needless to say i am back on triple b e water and.

Assaults learning a lesson right have you learned and i think it's good for some of us to mess up like that because you get that immediate feedback where your your your metabolism says hey dummy it slaps you right in the face and you're like okay okay i wasn't sure if this was a big deal or not but now i understand it.

Is so get right back on the wagon and don't mess up again do you see something over there you want to let me see what's going on peter has asked a few times about keto and kidney transplant recipients yeah so if you have a chronic kidney disease if you have only one kidney if you've had a kidney.

Transplant then your goal is to protect your remaining kidney function like gold like the rarest of rubies right and the way you're going to do that is not by eating the american diabetes association diet that's too many carbohydrates that's going to raise your blood sugar and raise your insulin and it's going to damage your kidney.

Function you want to eat as low carbohydrate nutrient dense as you possibly can that's how you're going to protect that kidney and help it to last for many many many decades which is what your goal is right so eat a proper human diet to protect your kidney function tia wants to know.

Uh she likes her beef mince which is ground beef really crispy is this dangerous in any way does it deplete the nutrition no i don't think so at all some people with severe histamine intolerance have problems with ground beef because it seems to increase the histamine load but the vast majority of people 99.9 percent.

Can eat ground beef every day or minced beef i freaking love it with some salt and pepper i could i could i i pretty much do eat it every day don't i it's something i've survived off of ground beef for the past three weeks we had a cow butchered yeah uh luckily and the beef that we got is blended with organs.

We got we opened the freezer to see if like oh we had like 87 percent ground beef and the rest of the stuff they took the heart and the liver and they ground it in with the with the ground beef or the minced beef you can't even tell it's there it's so delicious i eat it every day i think it's great i'm doing a video on like all.

The different ways that we eat ground beef it's a great cut budget friendly that's the cost you can do so much with it so that's coming up on my channel hey how are you misha loves it you should love my channel come head over on my youtube channel and hit that subscribe button kevin would you put a.

Link to misha's channel in the in the chat so people can just click on it you can also just google nisha berry youtube or niche or ken berry's husband dr barry's ken berry's husband dr barry's wife um how old is dr barry's wife that's the number one all those things will find niche's youtube channel 70 by the way.

Sean sebastian dr barry i have some health experts that claim keto and carnivore diet can increase my mtor which increases cancer and other diseases how many comments a physiological increase in mtor in no way increases your risk of cancer mtor is a lot like tmao it's very popular for everybody to be talking about it right.

Now the truth of the matter is is we understand very little about the complete mechanism that mtor is involved in there is not a single research study that shows that physiologically elevated mtor in any way increases your risk of any known cancer that is that's.

Currently gurus and influencers over speaking everybody likes to be like the first to break the news but that's that's fake news that there's no truth to that vanessa wants to know do you have any advice for gestational diabetes yes yes vanessa you want to eat very low carb everybody you don't eat any processed.

Foods whatsoever no sugar no grains no vegetable seed oils none of those things help your baby grow none of those things help protect you from gestational diabetes or preeclampsia get this book real food for gestational diabetes by lily nichols read this book i agree with 99 percent.

Of her information about gestational diarrhea and this is gonna you can go even further than she goes that's what it is like if you can go this far you can go make base you know yeah uh she also has one that's called real food pregnancy that's for people who aren't at risk for gestational diabetes and it's good as well so both.

Of those books really good you can get them on amazon basically if all women started to eat a proper human diet before they got pregnant and ate a proper human diet while they were pregnant there would be no such thing as gestational diabetes it literally.

Wouldn't exist but if you're drinking fruit juice every day and eating your whole grain breads and eating lots of salads and fruits and lots of whole grain breads that's what and then obviously if you're eating damn ding dongs and honey buns and drinking pepsi that's what causes gestational diabetes it's the food and when you're eating.

Under for the vast majority of women if you eat under 50 total grams of carbs a day real food carbs and then eat lots of meat and eggs you you're not going to have gestational diabetes and if you currently have gestational diabetes you can reverse it by doing what i just.

Said so yeah uh amy that's a good question does nisha refuse the gtt which is the glucose tolerance test okay real quick last pregnancy i delivered in a birth center so not a hospital it's basically a house with midwives and they required me to do the glucose test.

Even though i was like i'll show you my blood sugars uh over a week no they wouldn't let me do it i had to do the test this time around or they would kick you out of the practice i had to deliver at the hospital if i didn't do that they were like that's fine if you don't want to do it but you can't deliver here and that that was really.

Upsetting to me but so she did it i did it and i delivered well i tried to have delivery at the first center we had a lot of we had to be emergency blah blah blah anyways long story short i delivered to the hospital i'm delivering a hospital this time i will not be doing the glucose tolerance test because i won't.

Have to this time most physicians ob gyns even midwives will allow you to just track the blood sugars over a week and they're satisfied with them yeah or where cg or do a cgm hand test your a1c yep yep yep uh have you told that whole story on your youtube channel our birth story story yeah i thought you had yeah it's a pretty great story the reason.

It's long is because it's super pretty great um there's a lot going on somebody asked me about vitamin a toxicity and now i've lost it basically the only recorded instances of someone developing a vitamin a toxicity is if number one they were taking a vitamin a.

Supplement which i do not recommend none of you guys need to take a vitamin a peel okay oh it's waterworth gardens yeah there it is so now can you get vitamin a toxicity from eating too much liver it appears that you can get vitamin a toxicity from.

Eating too much polar bear liver too mu and there's a couple of fish that they eat in japan that if you eat the liver it's very concentrated in vitamin a so don't eat those livers but there's not a single documented case of vitamin a toxicity for from eating chicken liver beef liver pork liver goose liver any domesticated.

Liver so you can eat liver two or three times a week it's totally fine you're not going to develop vitamin a toxicity from liver good numbers during the super bowl you know that's another thing i guess people don't really think about that's a that's a time probably people are having high blood sugars is around.

Super bowl and playing stress well let me tell you this somebody at low carb boca they actually kept having elevated blood sugars and he he was a computer programmer and but he also played video games all the time you know like the what is it mortal kombat no what is it that.

Everybody plays call of duty you know this you you're gonna get shot games and he was he kept us he was constantly like this and he literally and so finally he thought you know i'm just gonna quit playing that and just play something calmer blood sugar went to normal so i could see people not only.

From the junk food they watching the ball game but if you get especially if you got money riding on the game that's stressful but but then if you if you really care that could be all about your quarters all the dallas cowboy fans their blood.

Yeah kathy copper is uh there you it is an essential mineral you do need a little bit of copper you don't want too much um there's a little tiny bit of copper in ketochow's daily mineral drops just because we all need just a tiny bit of copper and i'm sure i probably need to make a video about copper-rich foods but.

Then i'm afraid people will eat too much of it and get because you can actually get too much copper from your diet if you're just going crazy eating copper rich foods somebody must know are you a mortal combat fan finish him finish him yeah you were i was uh who's the girl is that the girl that's.

The girl right no that's two different fighting games tekken is it it's like mortal kombat who's the girl on mortal kombat i know that's who you were she you know that game is completely different now i saw somebody playing it.

The other day and it's like brutal i'm sure my son jonathan's not watching this he's a grown man now but being him when he was a little boy we used to play that and and he got so good at it that i mean he he was the guy that would throw the things he would kill me every time yeah.

Back in the day before our house burned down i had bought us a mortal combat like the old school member like the arcade an arcade little combat it was the old one it was it's gone now but remember i forgot about that i totally forgot about that i totally forgot that yeah i won this guy like 50 games in it you.

Know yeah yeah that'd be awesome i don't like the new games jay uh no we already street fighter yeah that was a good one steve a member uh with a family member with hashimoto's has resolved thanks all markers are back to normal off synthroid but thyroid antibodies are still high.

Please at five keep doing what you're doing keep eating a proper human diet and what else would you say to somebody with hashimoto's since you have it yeah so um i'm wondering how the symptoms are you said resolved and markers are normal and off the medication but like i.

Wonder how symptoms are but lots of things affect hashimoto's antibodies if you have breast implants that can keep your antibodies elevated um stressors lack of sleep there's so many things so like just think about triggers and go down the rabbit hole and see if anything checks the bonds yep yep.

Absolutely peter says well excessive amount of protein damaged kidneys uh peter i have never seen a single documented case of anybody who has harmed their kidneys by eating meat and eggs until they're comfortably stuffed okay and that's what i recommend.

Every human being listening to this video that that's what i recommend you do is eat fatty meat and eggs until you're comfortably stuck you are never going to harm your kidneys with too much protein from the this proper human diet this ancestral way of eating that human beings have been eating since the beginning.

Of human beings um sarah wants sarah's gymnastics have you guys ever used a cgm yes we both yeah we both have yeah i would use one last pregnancy just out of curiosity honestly i wasn't at risk for gestational diabetes or anything uh but what's funny is i wore it during the week of ketocon when he was speaking and it was the first time he'd spoke at.

Something that big this is what stress will do and the only time i had a spike on my cgm was during his talk it was like boom i hadn't eaten that morning nothing and i was like that is so weird yep me and cameron were there and i was like look that's.

Odd i didn't eat anything she was like that's stress yep yeah yeah that's like oh my gosh denise's a1c is gone from 6.4 to 6.1 and slowly going down that's the way to do it uncle big guy said he was an asteroids player did you used to play asteroids that's an old game i don't think i think that was before that was old i can remember when i was.

10 11 12 when space invader i played galactic the first space invader game i saw in a convenience store somewhere and i was like granny can't have a quarter what's this one the little aliens that go back and forth oh it's like a snake oh centipede yeah that was a good game too my.

Catholic carnivore life my good friend is in the hospital just diagnosed with leukemia so sorry uh just getting over covet any suggestions he has to eat the hospital food no no he doesn't have to eat hospital food this is a common misconception when you're in the hospital you are not under arrest.

A friend or a family member can bring you food you can tell the the cafeteria though if they do have the virus if they're keeping them from bringing in outside perhaps they could pass it through an airlock i'm not saying that they couldn't figure it out i'm saying i wonder if that's the reason also all you guys if you're.

Hospitalized when they ask you what your allergies are tell them all your medicine allergies and then you're to say hey i'm also allergic to sugar and grains and vegetable seed oils and say with a straight face i mean because you are allergic to those things they will make you metabolically sick.

And they'll have to write that down in your chart and that'll go to the cafeteria and then when they get ready to make you something they're going to be like what are we even going to feed this person and you're going to wind up getting meat and veg and eggs because.

That's the only things in the hospital that aren't made of sugar grains and seed oils then you just got a proper human diet in the hospital but you are not under arrest you can eat the foods you want to eat in the hospital they are not your mom or daddy you didn't eat a single hospital meal.

Did you yeah i brought her food i just told him i was like don't even bother bringing me a train yeah don't even bother um caesar which pro q10 is best without causing stomach issues i've never heard of anybody really having stomach issues with coq10.

You might try to take ubiquinone which is basically the same thing as coq10 it's just one step back in the pathway but coq10 typically doesn't cause stomach upset if it does for you take it right at bedtime right when you lay down to go to sleep take it and then you shouldn't.

Have any stomach upset at all that was the very first game wasn't it yep i haven't i had a poem my dad got it for me for christmas when i was five or six and but now let me tell you about bob berry i bet he's watching this too so bob berry buys me pong and had ice hockey in two or three other games right.

And before he wrapped it up he wanted to make sure it worked because he didn't want my christmas morning to suck so he he played it for a few hours what a profession and then he wrapped it up for me didn't you bob berry was that in west tennessee if so can you divulge the name we're a few months from having our first home above that no.

Unfortunately i'm not aware of one in west tennessee the one i went to is in nashville but it is called baby no it's not they changed the name of it now called the vanderbilt birth center before it's called baby and co and it was an affiliate uh vanderbilt but now they're.

Yeah their name changes it's the same place it's beautiful it's in west end so it's on the west side of nashville pretty easy to get to and it's just basically like a house there's bedrooms and tubs and it's not a hospital setting it was beautiful it just didn't didn't work out for me yeah there may very well be one in jackson.

Tennessee or and surely the goodness there's one in memphis but i don't know does anybody know if there's a birthing center with midwives in jackson or memphis tennessee dixon hasn't yeah no they have a birthing center now i think i think i learned that in boca raton i think they have a midwife i know they have a midwife and a women's clinic.

That's 100 women gotcha gotcha oh gallagher and centipede yeah i remember those little mama um let's see kenneth says does diet affect eosinophilic asthma oh kenneth you're going to be happy with this i have had multiple people reach out to.

Me with both eosinophilic asthma and eosinophilic gastritis or eosinophilic reflux that it just gets 99 better when you eat a proper human diet that's full of fatty meat eggs and veg uh it's the grains it's the liquid dairy it's the vegetable oils when you get that stuff out of your mouth and eat real human food your eosinophils calm.

Down and they stop inappropriately causing inflammation where they shouldn't be try it for 90 days i think you'll you will never go back donkey kong i used to play that i used to beg for quarters from my my buddies you got a quarter so i could play donkey kong one time steve the mirror mirad things that have helped.

A reverse proper human diet most seem to be autoimmune and or hormonal in nature have you seen any evidence in reversing copd yeah copd chronic bronchitis and asthma i think i have a video on this channel about these uh there's tons of research that they're all three intimately linked with chronic hyperinsulinemia.

And that's the hormone that keto ketobor and carnivore fix is they bring your insulin level back down to low normal and when that happens i've had i don't go look at the comments on that video about asthma and copd hundreds of people have gotten off their inhalers completely they don't need them anymore when they're eating a proper.

Human diet because the vast majority of their symptoms are caused by chronic inappropriate inflammation and even though the inflammation is in their lungs it's being caused by their diet now if you're smoking duh stop smoking okay smoking is dumb smoking is bad for you smoking causes inflammation.

All over your body okay stop smoking okay but if you don't smoke and you have one of those conditions a hundred percent your symptoms are going to improve if you eat a proper human diet chris dr barry madetta has half ferritin do you have any recommendations i'm.

Working on a video about high ferritin right now it does not mean he has iron overload necessarily it does not mean he has hemochromatosis necessarily but a lot of dumb doctors will say that if you're fair desire they're like oh you've got iron overload you're eating too much meat this is complete okay.

The there are specific tests that have to be done before a doctor can say you have iron overload there is a specific genetic testing that has to be done before they can say you have hemochromatosis so if your doctor checked and your ferritin was high and they said oh you've got hemochromatosis.

You need to look for a new doctor or educate use your current doctor use your armrest you haven't you use it marijuana you if you have copd you should not be smoking marijuana there are other ways to consume it should you feel it benefits you in some way yeah if you have copd chronic.

Bronchitis or asthma you should not be purposefully inhaling smoke from anything house fire a garbage fire a forest fire or from a tobacco fire or a wheat there's a reason when you take a drink yeah your lungs weren't meant to do it irritates okay so if you're looking for cbd or even um.

Thc you can get that without smoking things yeah yeah there's plenty of ways too many ways to do it says misha you are glowing you are having a boy you think let's have another vote who thinks we don't know yet but we're going to find out the 21st 20 something 27. you would think i would.

Know but i just don't know i can't keep up with that ping ping ping pink or blue which one pink or blue what do you think what do you think not what do you i well i don't mind either way girl i don't care but i kind of feel like it's a boy that's kind of new little but not much.

It's only a hint like i don't know i don't know it's not twins it's only one i think that it's a girl but i want it to be a boy but you know whatever i don't care i'm not going to be like i hear you yeah so you're not gonna like throw it off the cliff if it's a girl no it'll be fine okay good oh i'll suck it up i just know how i was as a child okay.

Leroy zimmerman were you a little baby really attitude of course i was an only child i hope we have a little girl and she's got attitude that'll be funny he's like sweet you know i was just like i was an only child you know so was i that was very sweet that's granny bear oh yeah.

Let's ask randy barry you want me to call her right now get her on speakerphone no no let's not bother her she's busy leroy zimmerman says do you need to take enzymes with meals for good digestion or hydrochloric acid how important are they excellent question leroy the answer is.

No and no you're by unless you've had some kind of surgical operation or traumatic injury that damaged the cells that make your enzymes and your hydrochloric acid you do not need to waste any money whatsoever on enzymes or hydrochloric acid your body makes all of that you need there's a lot of gurus out there that make many many bucks every.

Year selling this to people because they've tricked them into thinking oh you're gonna stop making hydrochloric acid in your stomach now if you're taking an acid blocker leroy quit taking that okay because that could be depressing your acid but otherwise you're making plenty of acid unless you've had an injury that damaged those.

Cells pamela says i had a friend today be told by her doctor that ketones in her urine are very dangerous now i'm scared of going into ketosis uh yeah there's no danger whatsoever from having ketones in your urine that's one of the ways we can tell if you're in.

Ketosis or not that's perfectly normal perfectly fine if you check the ketones of any breast-fed babies they are going to have ketones in their urine about 70 or 80 of the time it is completely normal for a human being to have ketones in their urine now if you're dehydrated you can also have.

Ketones for that reason if you develop ketoacidosis because you're a type 1 diabetic and you're not injecting enough insulin and you're eating too many carbs and you have an infection and you develop ketoacidosis you can have ketones in your urine but ketones in your urine just that nothing else is not dangerous at all that's this.

Is a complete nutter myth i thought everybody in in the world had already been through that stage and knew that that was not true there's still doctors out there saying that yes karissa says team bonnie berry 100 if it's a girl i want to name her bonnie bonnie blueberry and she's like no no i didn't say that people will make fun of.

Her now i just kind of want to do it there's a girl i just saw her today and she named her baby poppy but she calls her poot and people give her crap about all the times she calls her that's so cute i love it i think it's adorable come on i think i actually used to call the girls that i think i called abby.

Half the time yeah i think i called her that uh mike wait wait this is a good one mike says can i eat pinto beans out of a can i'm type two mike here's what i want you to do i want you to get a can of pinto beans and i want you to eat the whole can and then wait 30 minutes and then check your blood sugar okay then i want you to eat.

A big meal the next day a big meal of steak and eggs wait 30 minutes and check your blood sugar and then you're gonna have your answer mike uh i'll give you a hint beans are very high in carbohydrates and starch and they're gonna spike your blood sugar if you eat the can of beans joe i fell off the wagon today but just.

Like dr brady says it jumped right back on just jump right back on don't tell nobody hopefully nobody saw you fall act like it never happened keep right on now kenji thanks for the super chat no kenji sultan look at their little emoji that's cute that's cool john i eat a whole apple each day as its seeds are known to prevent cancer.

However apple gives you sugar so should i only eat the seeds i also eat seeds mr john this is dr barry talking uh this the these these two things that you believe are true have never been proven okay.

I've read very much especially the apricot uh seeds i read a lot about that vitamin b17 i know all about what's has said i can't find a mechanism that would make sense i can't find any research to support that it's always hard to make sure you don't eat apples well.

Too many apple seeds or apricot seeds they contain poison yeah yeah yeah and so definitely if you're going to do that only just maybe just one seed a day but what the way i would like for you to prevent cancer is to eat a very very low carbohydrate proper human diet stop.

Eating the apple there's nothing in the flesh of the apple that's in any way going to benefit your health at all if you want to eat one apple cider today yeah arsenic yeah yeah yeah but if you want to eat one apple seed today that's probably going to hurt you is it going to help you probably not but if it doesn't hurt you and you believe in it.

Eat one apple seed a day but stop eating the apple throw that give that part to the chickens and you eat one seed today everybody wants to see my profile oh yeah let's see that bump ow i have so much sciatic name it's not really what are you doing i'm not doing the wrong shorts going the wrong way okay this looks worse than it is but.

It's so when i do this people are like wow you're huge like half of this is air okay stick it stick it out stick it out now suck it in okay all right and you're how many weeks 13 13 13 weeks oh so cute well i'm 13 and four and you can feel the little baby kicking yeah i love it.

Oh tell them what becky did with the doppler oh yeah so we have a doppler and he has seen us doppel check for heart rate he did it the other day and found it and he was he was playing doctor he loved it.

root beer belly it's a boy says sandy root beer belly is that a thing i don't know crystal sax is having a boy yeah uh dewey bear says what's your take on continuous glucose monitors i think continuous glucose monitors or cgms are the one of the best teachers to teach.

You what spikes your blood sugar inappropriately okay and so any of you guys if you if you think apples are good for you if you think pinto beans are good for you get a cgm it's a little uh monitor it goes right here it checks your interstitial glucose and it checks it.

Every five minutes and there's an app on your phone and you can look and see what your blood is so you can eat that can of pinto beans and then watch your blood sugar spike and learn from that and go oh i shouldn't eat pinto beans it doesn't hurt at all and yes you can get it if you're not a type one or top two.

It does cost quite a bit i think it's usually around 200 for the kit um there is a website i can't remember what it's called maybe kevin knows that you can go online and they'll they'll write your prescription and send it to you briar rose i am a patient man are you.

Oh sandy says she's 96 accurate in her baby guesses she said it was a root beer belly boy that's better than any weather man aren't we gonna do we're gonna do a a reveal on a face or not facebook we did facebook lives for so long but that's just what i think there was a lady in boca raton she was like i saw.

One of your videos where you and this you went live in your car it was so long ago and i was like was it at the movie theater she was like yes and i was like you literally saw the first live that we ever did and she was she was just blown away was it good did she enjoy it yeah she loved it she was there.

To say hi all right yeah uh here's a great uh hold still still stop that dr grundy says that five raw kidney beans will kill you in five or ten minutes and dr gundry is exactly right that's why many many beans if you eat them raw they.

Are actually toxic people don't realize that's why your grandmother used to soak beans for 24 or 48 hours then you pour the water off and then you boil them then you pour the water off and then you cook them again and then they're fit for human consumption uh they're still not good for you but they're fit but but a lot of people.

Don't realize that they think they can eat raw beans you cannot do that it will hurt you listen listen i learned something oh what is it tell me so many people want to know how can i have chili with what without beans chili is not supposed to have beans.

Chili is meat chewy real chili does not have beans in it i agree someone along the way decided they were going to put some extra filler in there make it cheap because it was expensive make it go further to put beans in there all right so you just leave the beans out okay just leave think about yeah and melissa has a wonderful chili recipe.

Cooking keto with just google cooking kitty with faith chili recipe keto chili recipe it's fantastic but yeah and so worry why i think it was yellowstone and he was like what did texans have to do he's like i guess they should know they have been in it he's like why are there beans in it.

They're like well chili has been she's like no it don't yup maria's chili's is great uh melissa's chili is great niche's chili is great any meat based chili if you put it just if you just have any kind of sensory spice knowledge at all it's going to be.

Delicious chili you just got to put the meat in there who in the comments votes chili no beans it's probably all the texans yeah yeah should should you put beans in your chili or not yes be honest beans are not keto but like what we're saying is that's not even a thing you're not even really missing out because they're.

Not supposed to be in there that's exactly right yeah miguel i just was talking about asthma and copd earlier keto ketovor carnivore is going to help make your symptoms much much better okay many people get completely off their inhalers i love it all these things no babies no means i mean chili no beans texas texas.

Chili does not have beef that's so i had no idea that that was like a big deal yeah big deal yeah if you go over to you know a friend's house and they cooked chili for like a get-together and there's a lot of beans in there they're either broke or they don't like you very much they like beans i guess anyways no beans no problem okay.

Love it god bless texas crystal says no beans oh man tr says oregon no beans where else what other states is it like it's unacceptable to put beans and chili there's vegan chili yeah that's upsetting because you know i i remember in the store when i was a kid it would say it would say chili with.

Beans and i was like because i was dumb and poor i was like yeah i thought well don't know how chilly that beans why would they say chewy with beans yeah it's mostly beans yeah with a little meat juice you know.

it's cheaper yeah yeah everybody's nobody tells me it's okay stockton yeah yeah go ahead fasting blood sugar 102 insulin 4.7 a1c 5.5 stress keto under 20 carbs daily i'm a little concerned about my blood sugar no your a1c is normal and as you continue to keto it's going to continue to come down that 5.5 is normal.

That's great insulin to 4.7 is very very good uh if if you're fasting your insulin i mean your blood sugar is naturally going to go up like that to feed your red blood cells okay somebody said poor shaming oh no oh wait look okay hey let's let's let's check okay misha and i have.

Both been broke as a joke nine percent 99.99 my life broke as a joke like negative yeah dollars in my bank she used to eat raw ramen noodles that was her lunch and my lunch used to be tnt soup which was a can of tuna a can of tomato soup and a can of vege all mixed together that was my lunch okay that's three.

Dollars ketchup soup from the packets that were free in the cafeteria in college you made ketchup soup will you just add water and heat it yeah it's just amazing it's like tomato soup yeah freaking brilliant actually i used to steal the honey packet that's really hey i used to steal all.

The mustard and ketchup from mcdonald's but i'd go buy just a single burger and i'll be like and put them in the bag and then i'll have ketchup and mustard at home we've both been broke as a joke so we get to talk about poor folks i was fat as a cow i get to talk fat if i want to we we already been there done that so.

We're not making fun of anybody if you think that then go watch a vegan because we're not making fun of people we love everybody we're trying to help everybody but we also like to make you laugh so yeah there's that people still talking about the beans they're like hell no no no i think.

People do y'all know about that ketchup soup yeah i'm not the only one i know uh sherry said i love this strum poor man spaghetti macaroni and tomato sauce yeah i didn't even know that wasn't spaghetti i thought that wasn't just ketchup yeah yeah put it over noodles no just like tomato sauce i.

Didn't know there was actually spaghetti somebody put noodles in their chili i don't know about it that's a goulash i don't know what that is that's something else ketchup sandwiches i've heard of that i've heard of my i've had mustard sandwiches before ketchup sandwiches mm-hmm.

Margie miss margie is asking about the lab book i'm going to call victory about tomorrow i've emailed him twice and i still have her back i'm going to call him on the telephone and just keep calling until i get somebody and say are you going to publish this or are we going to self-publish i need to know joanna said.

This is the best live ever i've never laughed so hard yeah goulash is great but mary lou but if it's good call it goulash don't call it chili with noodles granny berry used to she called it dish pan soup when she had all these leftovers she.

Would just put it all in this big pot put some spaghetti noodles this that you never knew was gonna be in that but it was freaking delicious i can remember granddaddy boy he'd take his pepper he would pepper and then be ingrained with both snails and then we would eat.

Our yeah somebody said keto uh ketchup's not keto and i was thinking oh well there's a good keto but if i make etch up soup right now it'd be the bougiest ketchup yeah yeah that'd be some bougie ketchup soup um well we're going fast over here i don't.

Know yeah garlic toast had so much garlic oh the good chad his grandmother called it rainbow soup that's very euphemistic granny just called it what it was because it looked like dirty dishwater that's what it looked like but it tasted really really good granny could not have called that around me i would not have.

Touched it garlicky butter sandwiches that sounds good without the bread i would eat that right now patricia says help i'm stuck at the same weight for five weeks help patricia they should five weeks well depending on how much weight you have to lose how much you've already.

Lost it can be many many things but for the most part just take a little patience and maybe track maybe you haven't been tracking for a while and some carbs are sneaking in or you're not eating enough so i know that sounds backwards but sometimes it's you're not eating enough.

Um sometimes it's you're eating too much but more often than not it's you're not eating enough not eating enough protein not eating enough fat and eating too many carbohydrates that have just kind of snuck back into your way of eating i've got a youtube video called the 13 reasons why you might stall if it's only been five weeks i wouldn't even call.

That a stall if you've been metabolically sick for years and years it's going to take your body months and months to completely heal you're getting healthier every day be patient trust your body trust the proper human diet and the good things will come kevin kevin hang on kelvin and holly are.

Talking about gas i want to know how many of you guys are less gassy on a keto or carnivore diet versus your old way of eating are you if you're less gassy now put that in the comments because so many people think oh you know that meat and all that video i bet you have terrible gas no no.

I need you to not interrupt me okay pregnancy brain i'm not ever gonna remember what i was saying but that did bring up another topic beckett has a book he loves reading and it's called uh why we pass gas is that it the gas we pass the gas we pass great book but there's a section in there.

Where it talks about how meat eaters have the smelliest farts on the planet and my mom was like reading it to him and she she was like this part's not true and the reason that author this is how this is how myths get in society this is very important watch this listen to this that author.

Had a cat right and he fed that cat kibble and he assumed he or she assumed that that kibble was made of meat because it's cat food so it should be made of meat but it wasn't and so oh my god cat poo cat if they're eating kibble it will literally it's oh my god it'll clear the whole.

House people just go stand outside it's think so bad but a cat that's eating almost pure meat has very little odor to their poop okay and the same goes for dogs when you're feeding them a canine proper canine diet their poop doesn't stink nearly as much as if you're feeding them kibble and let me just say this i love dogs and cats.

If you claim to love your pet but you feed your pet a kibble food so that they have a nice tidy little poops that it's easy to pick up and that's that's how you made the decision of what you were going to feed your pet i would look in the mirror and ask myself do i really love my pet because.

That sounds not very nice that sounds not very nice if that's the diet you chose for your dog so your dog would have nice dry little turds that's easy to pick up just think about that oh okay serena is farting somewhere now it shocks her if she farts.

Yeah it's like what was that unless you're pregnant if you did if you didn't know and you're a pregnant woman you've been keto or me based for a long time and you haven't been gasping all of a sudden you're just farting all the time it has it's okay it's hormones yeah it's warm it's normal that the hormones affect your gut.

Bacteria and you'll start to form more gas for a while yeah but i haven't heard or smelled any evidence of this well if you're still eating this thing yeah then it won't stink you're good you'll just be you're sneaky i sometimes i blame it on beckett you just see him when i do and you're.

Not around he's like mama marshall says have gas sometimes but i'm not scared to fart now almost never have diarrhea since going keto yep yeah most people most keto and carnivores they they're not afraid to let a little silo and slip because if you have one because there's no there's going to be no smell.

Nobody will ever know it happened so if if gas is passed and there is no no smell did you really let it fart or should we give it a new name because you know farts think you poofed you poof you just pushed a carnivore poof i love it i love it.

Way less gassy says carissa when you're old you never trust a fart when you're pregnant you shouldn't trust for it either dale has gastritis and needs help dale any gastroenterological condition from the mouth to the other end is going to improve if you eat a proper human diet.

Watch my video about a proper human diet learn the basic techniques and your gastritis will improve oh my gosh we have to do a video about this okay okay so even moms that i've talked to who were keto through their pregnancy keto while breastfeeding cardboard even still have like questions about their baby having reflux or spitting up and.

Spitting up listen i have to do a whole video about this because beckett spit up how many times when he was little maybe once or twice maybe two times yeah literally he never stood up and it's because i breastfed him sitting up like this he would straddle my leg and he would sit up to breastfeed.

He never laid down deep not one time yep and number one he was drinking breast milk not formula yeah but even the moms i've talked to that are breastfeeding their kids are having reflux oh yeah that's going to help definitely let gravity be your friend 100 yes i love that i feel like that has so much to do with it like maybe this isn't the way we.

Were doing it maybe we were multitasking a lot yeah and like maybe that's the way you're saying no you may be right that's a great little tip i love you i mean i literally we had all these burp rags never use them because he never sped up yep i remember and uh my previous babies that were not um.

Breastfed sped up all the time and and one of my sweet girls even had pretty severe reflux because we were just we didn't know better we were just feeding her a crap diet did any other moms do that with their babies breastfeed sitting up like i wonder if this is like a coincidence no that that has to help it.

May not completely eliminate it but it's got to help i didn't even really have to burp him remember like he just did his own thing seb lights his farts said come on we're grown here we're over time here oh we are over time hey guys listen if you didn't get your question answered tonight there's a way you can get more.

Access to me become a patron on and for one buck a month three bucks a month five bucks 20 bucks whatever you whatever you can afford to support the work we do you also have access to three additional live q and a's a week and instead of there being 2 700 people watching.

There will be 270 and so i can answer questions in much more detail and more thoroughly so if you've got questions you need the answer to about your medications your conditions your nutrition your overall health you can even ask me questions about politics that's fine i don't care uh but become a patron on support the work.

That we're doing trying to improve the health of the whole world and um have more fun with us you don't have the there's more than one live a week but you only get the second and third and fourth if you're a patriot all right thanks so much guys for joining us thanks granny berry for being.

My granny and raising me from a tiny baby see you guys next week
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