Proper Human Diet/Fasting Q&A

Proper Human Diet/Fasting Q&A

Got Keto/Carnivore/Fasting Questions?? We are here for you.
Invite a friend and let’s talk about the Proper Human Diet!!
Low-carb, Keto, Ketovore, & Carnivore consisting of real, whole foods are the Proper Human Diet spectrum.


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0:00 Proper Human Diet, Fasting Q & A
3:08 What’s the best magnesium supplement to use
3:48 Documented cases on macular degeneration improvement via fasting
4:50 Am I fasting with high blood sugar
5:24 Should I be concerned about vitamin or mineral deficiency in fasting
6:21 Is there a cure for Neuropathy
7:24 Can blood pressure pills cause high blood sugar
8:34 Can you do extended fast if you have a gastric sleeve
8:51 How to help keep Triglycerides low during Carnivore diet
9:40 Keto Summit in Omaha
10:29 How long do I need to fast to help with loose skin
11:22 What is Familial hypercholesterolemia
12:03 What to eat on Carnivore when you have Alpha-gal
12:29 What are the consequences if I have cheat-meals on Keto
13:12 How to help fix SIBO
14:02 What supplements to take with Keto diet when breastfeeding
16:26 How long does it take to lose fat
16:55 Does carbohydrate cheat meal cause leg cramps
17:43 Should I limit my food intake when on Carnivore
18:48 Will Dr. Berry open up practice again
20:04 Is it okay to lower Hypothyroidism medicine intake
21:04 How do you know if your insulin resistance is gone
22:15 What diet should I do to prevent big cystic pimples
23:44 Will lifting weights increase my sugar level
25:11 How to lower A1C quickly
26:30 How to help speed up weight loss
27:10 Will whole egg whites block biotin absorption
28:52 Dr. Berry’s conversations with other doctors
30:06 Will Flonase dextrose affect my blood sugar
31:40 Is it okay to eat below 300-400 calories per day
32:14 Is Carnivore good for recovering Anorexia
32:59 Should I be concerned about trans fat in 100% grass-fed beef
34:34 Does Keto help Fibromyalgia
35:37 Why does my sugar go up when I lift weights
36:48 What to do with sagging cheeks after weight loss
38:03 Is it okay to fast if you just started Keto
38:35 What happens if my BS and Ketones are low
39:29 How can you flavor water without carbs or sugar
40:22 What’s the best app to calculate macros on Keto
41:01 How important is it to test my insulin level
41:57 Can Carnivore help fix Cervicogenic Migraine
42:45 Is a home kit recommended to test food sensitivity or allergy
43:23 Does Benzo cause belly fat gain
46:12 Can you wean yourself off blood pressure medicine
47:23 Can Carnivore risk me of becoming lactose and gluten intolerant
47:56 Does Keto diet help lower heart rate
49:35 How to help restless leg syndrome in arms
50:01 What signs or tests to know my insulin receptors have reset
50:50 How long is it safe to take Omeprazole
51:47 How long does it take for fat to come off in Keto or Carnivore
53:40 Can hydration affect blood sugar
54:07 Are bananas bad in Keto
54:48 How to handle stress eating and keep eating Keto diet
56:19 What’s the main cause for solid undigested food in stool
56:55 Is Keto helpful for Hyperthyroidism and Hashimoto’s
57:43 What is the cause of Ganglion Cyst