Proper Human Diet/Fasting Q&A

Proper Human Diet/Fasting Q&A

Got Keto/Carnivore/Fasting Questions?? We are here for you.
Invite a friend and let’s talk about the Proper Human Diet!!
Low-carb, Keto, Ketovore, & Carnivore consisting of real, whole foods are the Proper Human Diet spectrum.


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0:00 Proper Human Diet, Fasting Q & A
3:14 How can Carnivore dissolve Kidney Stones
3:58 Keto Carnivore Success Stories
6:37 How to get off of Keto stall
8:08 How to gain muscle and athletic performance in Keto
9:07 Keto Carnivore Success Stories
9:42 Does Keto and fasting against help Alzheimer’s or Dementia
12:15 Is milk okay in Carnivore and Keto
13:30 Keto Summit Omaha Nebraska
14:24 Does Keto cause light headedness
16:16 What blood test should I have
17:20 What are weigh protein and pea protein shakes
20:25 Is there such a thing as eating too much protein
21:03 Does the Equip creamer break a fast
21:18 Will Diabetes come back if you’re eating carbs again
23:17 Aren’t we supposed to be Omnivores
26:01 Keto Carnivore Success Story
26:42 Should I be worried about desiccated supplements
27:03 Does PRP shots help knee Arthritis
27:47 Can you eat ham hocks and pig tails on Keto
29:17 What to do to not re-gain weight
30:31 Does eating raw liver help fix Rosacea
31:41 Does K2 and MK-7 detrimental for Keto diet
32:24 Is it okay to drink olive oil everyday
33:48 Low Carb Keto Cruise Info
35:31 Keto Carnivore Success Story
35:44 What should I do pre and post sport workout when doing Keto
36:32 What is Ketovore
37:51 Can someone eat meat when they have Cancer
38:16 How can I convince kids to eat Keto
40:08 Does Keto or Carnivore diet help fix Psoriasis
42:30 How to know if I’m insulin sensitive
43:56 Why doesn’t eating meat and fat build up the arteries
44:31 How to workout on Carnivore
45:13 What to do if I still keep getting leg cramps
46:12 What happens if you eat beyond your protein needs
47:09 Will Gatorade zero break the fast
49:03 What causes gout
49:36 Will Keto or Carnivore get rid of Fibroids
51:22 Keto Carnivore Success Story
51:33 Do I need carbs to build muscle
52:06 How long to fast before taking labs
52:24 Will Carnivore help fix small particle LDL
53:04 How long to see low blood pressure when doing Carnivore diet
54:01 Is Keto good for Alzheimer’s
54:11 Is Diabetes the cause of high risk complications
55:12 Will donating blood before lab work make a difference
55:58 Does Keto help fix Diverticulosis
56:07 What are signs for someone to give up dairy
57:21 What is a normal BP level
58:32 Is Carnivore safe for individuals with Hemochromatosis
58:48 How to help fix Hashimoto’s
1:00:00 Would Keto or low carb diet help with TMJ
1:00:57 Will insurance cover Desiccated Thyroid
1:02:09 Does magnesium or potassium cause bad cramps
1:02:58 Is it okay to do Keto after Gastric Sleeve Surgery