Proper Human Diet/Fasting Q&A

Proper Human Diet/Fasting Q&A

Proper Human Diet/Fasting Q&A

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Oh hi we were just chatting about you welcome back to the next edition of monday night live are you glad to be here with me this fine evening in sultry tennessee yeah i'm always happy to be in sultry tennessee yes but i'm looking forward to balmy.

Chilly morning tennessee yeah you know those crisp fall mornings yeah that's what i'm looking forward to yeah currently we ain't got that no yeah negative we've got a lot of humidity that's what we got lots of humidity today i was out on the farm cutting some trees and i was sweating like a draft horse.

And i'm still replacing my fluids and my electrolytes got a little relight in there from redmond's have you guys tried that yet if you do lots of sweating you need your relight let me just tell you all right guys where are you watching from where are you at in the world right.

Now what city what state what country momika says give me a shout out please i'm gonna make it your shout out hey from jersey sebastian you know in in new zealand it's winter right now yeah in australia too wow i had a few people comment today on my facebook post they were like we're.

Ready for summer down here lawrenceburg tennessee hey neighbor mindy who else we got in here north vancouver canada i bet it's not 99 degrees in north vancouver right now i don't know sometimes canadian weather is that's true franklin hey neighbor.

Jersey shore in the house hello hello if you've got a mother-in-law or a step sister-in-law who always forgets to catch us live send them a text send them a direct message and say hey they're live right now i know you had a question now's the time to ask your questions.

Crossfield tennessee man people got some tennesseans up in the house lots of neighbors in the house tonight gbo i love it south alabama but it's hot as a ditch diggers butt crack in south alabama that's gross yeah dr b i love your shirts okay joanna i'm feeling festive today after i came in i know a festive.

Is the word took my second shower of the day tropical well it's kind of festive i mean it's not a morning a shirt you wear morning or to a funeral that would be frowned on so i think it must be festive okay it's festive all right we'll deal with that australia all right what is up everybody make sure.

That you drop your comments down below on facebook hit the thumb on youtube hit the thumb absolutely on twitter i don't know what you do over there cause i hate twitter miesha's on a twitter strike right now she said people are too mean on twitter yeah it's a dumpster fire over there and no i.

Don't like it it's funny how each social media has its own personality yeah some people love twitter right if you want to be snarky and hateful and contrary twitter's the place and some days i'm feeling kind of snarky so i hang out on twitter but when i'm feeling caring and.

Kind and and nice i hang out on instagram and facebook and then when i'm feeling informative i make a youtube video hong kong in the house paris tennessee you brought down the road all right let's take some questions i.

Almost said she hates twitter that's probably got to be in the right frame of mind to get on twitter and start a conversation katie wants to know how long will it take my ldl cholesterol spike to get to where it was before i went carnivore so when anybody starts a ketogenic diet a ketobor diet or a carnivore diet about.

One-third of the people their ldl cholesterol doesn't change about one-third of the people it goes up and about one-third of people their ldl cholesterol goes down and nobody knows for sure why this happens yet if it were true that just eating more saturated fat makes your ldl go up then 99 of people who start keto.

Or carnivore their ldl would go up but it's only about a third of people that it goes up in uh there's a theory called the lean mass hyper responder theory that that some people when they're eating a proper human diet their ldl goes up really high i'm one of those people uh it looks like the research is showing that it's not really a big risk.

Factor for heart attack and stroke i'm not concerned about it uh but some people are just keep watching youtube videos by me by dr david diamond uh by dr gary fedkey professor tim knox we we talk about this ldl question all the time our good friend dave feldman's doing.

Some research about this right now and that should be out hopefully in a year or two amita says it's fasting good against hashimoto's so to promote health in hashimoto's um i think that so i have hashimoto's i think fasting is a fine tool once you have transitioned your body to become.

Fat adapted you're well established you intermittent fast without forcing yours which means you can go 16 to 18 to 20 to 24 hours without even feeling hungry because your body is running on those fat fuels then it's fine now if you feel bad then eat something it's it's um.

It's a tool that you can use but don't feel like you have to yeah and you can transition into intermittent fasting very slowly yes you don't have to do it overnight and by any means you can just keep tacking an hour on to how long you fast each day jay hill says doc thinks i have a peptic ulcer he put me on a ppi and.

Anti-spasmodic wants me to eat carbs instead of adding meats what advice should i take from these dogs so if you have a documented peptic ulcer you probably do need a proton pump inhibitor for a few weeks or a few months uh the anti-spasmodic miter might not help but there is no research on the planet.

That eating high carb is good for peptic ulcers or that eating lots of fatty meat is bad for peptic ulcers there is no research that shows that in any way so that last part of the advice you can safely ignore that craig says saw your dos your video with dr lustig how do you square carnivores.

Non-fiber against dr lustig's strong belief that fiber is essential and first of all let me say i have great respect for dr robert lestig it was an honor to have him on for an interview however dr lustig and i do not agree on everything related to a proper human diet uh this is very common in in the low-carb the keto the sugar-free the the.

Carnivore space is that we all that we're all rediscovering what a proper human diet is we're doing that together as a group i'm going to have an idea and dr lustig's not going to agree with that he's going to have an idea that i don't agree with but we're all searching we're all looking we're all tweaking we're all.

Experimenting we're all trying to figure out what the proper human diet is and there are many of us now who don't need any fiber whatsoever and have great health great bowel movements no no obvious signs that it's causing any pathology or disease who used to believe in eating a high fiber diet if you go back to my very.

First youtube and facebook videos i thought that there was magic in eating lots of plants i never would encourage you to eat seven to ten cups of salad a day but i did believe that that you needed fiber from plants when i first started this journey but due to continued research continued.

Digging and continued i now believe that there is that that fiber is not an essential nutrient you can take it or leave it some people need to leave it alone because they'll have immediate symptoms other people it doesn't seem to bother perez says i'm afraid of doing carnivore.

Because i don't have self-control about carbs and bad sugars can you suggest to me how to do carnivore so are you are you afraid you won't have self-control when it comes to meat is that what you're saying or you're afraid that i think that he's or yeah perez is worried that he's not gonna be able to stick to it because.

Gotcha gotcha and and you have to know yourself perez and all you guys do going cold turkey carnivore may not be what you need to do if you if you're a sugar addict you may need to wean down slowly and do it go to low carb for a month then do keto for a month or two then keterbor for a month or two and then go carnivore you may need to do.

That other others of us are tea totalers we just say that's it damn it i'm done and then we just do what we said we're going to do and we never look back if you're one of those people then i think it's completely safe to go straight to carnivore heather got her phd hoodie oh post a.

Picture heather and tagged me yeah lindsay ann dennis told me that i have periodontal disease not losing teeth just a little staining mildly swollen gums not sure i believe i have it any products to recommend for helping this yeah great question lindsay ann i actually have no products to recommend to you whatsoever but i do.

Have some very good advice that's going to help you greatly to not only stop the periodontal disease in its tracks but it sounds like you're early on in the process you can probably completely reverse it you need to get all sugar out of your mouth completely you need to get all grains out of your mouth completely not only do they are they full of starch.

Which breaks down into sugar but also they block your absorption of minerals that you need to strengthen your teeth like calcium magnesium and phosphorus you need to either start eating a diet that's rich in vitamin d containing foods and vitamin k2 containing foods i've got youtube videos on both those and if you don't like any of those foods.

Then you need to start taking a vitamin d3 supplement and a vitamin k2 supplement and i recommend the blend of mk4 plus mk 7 for the vitamin k2 but if you'll do those things and then get rid of the vegetable seed oils they're probably causing inflammation and oxidation as well you'll notice that your gums start to get better within.

Weeks waterworth says i'm carnivore and can't seem to get sunburned anymore why is this anybody else doing keto or ketobor a carnivore and you notice that you can stay in the sun much longer now way more carnivores i think it's the biggest effect is with carnivore but if you've noticed this.

With keto oil carnivore please put it in the comments uh waterworth gardens i used to be the guy that when we were at the beach i would have to pick up my phone and say hey wake me up in 10 minutes and then i would go out and play in the sun for 10 minutes with the family and.

Then i was the guy who had to go get under the umbrella for the rest of the day and read my book or play on on youtube because i would burn to a crisp i would have a sun burn reaction it just would ruin the vacation now as a carnivore i work out in the sun all day every day and i get about this.

Color but i'm a redneck so you just have to ignore the redness but i just get this color i don't burn i haven't burned all your always this color yeah i'm always red but but now i can actually get brown and and and not burn it's not like i can yeah like this i could smack the crap out of it or just.

Get redder there yeah but many people have noticed on keto and carnivore that they can stay in the sun longer without burning hoc says back from epilepsy monitoring my son is averaging five to twelve seizures per hour just by currently using meds doc's now talk corpus colostomy.

Keto or bust pray for us signing up on patreon for encouragement wow yeah so you're gonna put off the otomy for a while uh and it may ultimately be necessary but you absolutely need to get your sweet baby on a very high fat as close to zero carb ketogenic diet as.

You can plus the medication and see if you can't get these seizures in remission uh i would give that a few weeks to see what's going to happen uh definitely stay in contact with your doctor keep your doctor's appointments have a conversation with them about a ketogenic diet and epilepsy epilepsy.

Control they know the research is there but they would they're used to doing surgery and prescribing medications and so they forget about the diet but ask your doctor about keto pull up the research print it out take it to your doctor surely they're aware of it but maybe not.

Joanna says i'm fine without fiber actually i'm more regular on a keto board diet i think that happens to a lot of us maybe not in the beginning as you're transitioning there may be some bowel issues but once you've been eating this way like beckett.

Every day at the same time of day this is tima but everybody in this house is like clockwork yep get up have a cup of coffee i'll be back in a minute yeah yeah jason i've been doing keto war for four to five days and i have intense and dark color bowel movements is that normal should i fast more no i think you just need to.

Give your bowels time your large intestine is filled with billions of bacteria and when you change your diet you're going to have a few days of a change in your bowel habits that's completely to be expected completely normal it's a transition phase for some people it lasts three days for some people it lasts three weeks but when you.

Get through that transition phase and you've up regulated all the good healthy keto and carnivore bacteria and you've down regulated all the starch and sugar-loving bacteria then you're going to be able to set your clock by your bathroom habits amy says you saved my life down over 50 pounds and cut my a1c in half.

From 11.9 to 16. that is so amazing amy you're not done yet i want that a1c down under 5.6 within six months you're on your way just keep up what you're doing and keep getting that a1c recheck every three months kame says hey dr barry anisha last week i asked about testing my metabolic health you recommended checking my adrenal and sex hormones but.

Around we run out of time i'd love to look into this what tests do i need so you can do a multiple times cortisol test where they check your cortisol several times during the course of the day you can get your dhea s sulfate checked dhea dash s that's going to check your adrenals.

Pretty darn thoroughly and then you can get a total testosterone and estradiol and a progesterone level checked and a sex hormone binding globulin and that's going to be a good uh test of your sex hormones that'll be a great place to start keep reading keep learning oh granny barry's watching.

If you guys don't know granny berry is my 91 year old grandmother she's watching us on the youtube machine down in alabama hanging out can you guys would you mind saying hi to granny berry she loves it when you do that amanda says i'm perimenopausal i started carnivore three weeks ago and i've already lost four kilos however a.

Colleague who's a naturopath said that menopausal women don't need protein yeah that's a dumb thing for the naturopath to say women are built of protein just like men are okay so you need to eat a good supply of protein every single day you need to eat at least one gram of protein per kilogram of body weight i would recommend that you eat twice that.

Much you need that protein to not only build tissue but to rebuild tissue and to rebuild it back even better fiddlestick says you guys give us solid content week after week what are your number one suggestions for which keto carnivore foods contribute the most to giving us the nutrients to give us immunity from.

The virus the fattest what do you think meat yeah good quality meat organ meats liver in particular yeah fatty meats uh we just ate some country pork ribs omg gonna be on my vlog so if you're not subscribed to my.

Channel and you want to see how we cook these country ribs go ahead to my channel misha loves it why do we even eat regular wreaths country ribs kick butt also um fish seafood i think a lot of people forget about seafood and the small fish so anchovy sardines mussels oysters they're all so full of.

Minerals yes and they're they're delicious as long as you're getting them you know from good sources then that's a great way to boost your system you want every bite of your food to be nutrient dense and very low in carbohydrate that's that's your goal for each bite of food you take every single meal of every day.

Oh it scrolled why do you do this to me youtube why do you do this to me everybody's saying hi to you granny b where did they go all right we're gonna go here all right okay samantha my mama just found out she has five blockages three on her heart and both sides of carotid is 50 blocked i've told her.

About carnivore but she's hesitant could you tell her anything um if you could tell her anything what would it be yeah eating meat did not block five of your arteries uh i i hope you're not a smoker but i suspect you may be mama you gotta quit the smoking if you can switch to vaping do so i think it's a hundred times less.

Dangerous than smoking cigarettes especially with your situation uh you gotta eat fatty meat if you wanna include some green veg you can but you got to get off the highly processed carbs sugar grains and vegetable seed oils they're killing you phillip phillip has a.

Good question okay love your videos doc what say you about the recent study published in frontiers and nutrition in which it says keto diets are a disease-causing disaster can we have that printed out yeah i've got it it's over here somewhere i'm working on a youtube video about it right now uh all the research that they show in.

The paper is epidemiological observational research which by definition cannot show causation it might show in a possible association but it can never show that this thing caused that thing that research anybody who's a researcher knows that and so the.

Fact that this quote came out of one of the researchers mouth keto is a disease causing disaster shows you that that all of these researchers all of which are vegan by the way five of the seven of them work for dr paul bernard who is an animal rights activist who is also a physician who is also a.

Vegan these people believe that it's murder to harvest an animal they believe that it is a sin to eat meat and they will do anything they can to promote their agenda including publishing misleading pseudoscience and i'm i'm working on the video it's it's it's really a joke the the paper is.

One of the worst papers i've read in a long time andrea says i'm new or andrea andrea andrea or andrea my mom pronounces it andrea she's not as fancy that's right we're gonna find info on keita board so we both have videos on both of our channels i do what i eat in a day vlogs where i.

Show exactly what i eat i eat ketovor um so just google nisha loves it ketobor or dr barry ketivore and all those videos will pop up and i'll pretty much break it down for you essentially it's meat based keto under 10 grams of carbs per day with specific vegetables to you that your body is not sensitive to that don't cause you.

Issues that's the short version yep what's your handle on youtube nisha loves it misha loves it i like that she'll just rename it nisha loves meat because all there is on my channel everybody's saying hi to granny b all right mark martika.

My dad has chronic leukemia and glaucoma would keto be good for him and he is 70 years old yeah and at 70 years old with these kinds of medical conditions you don't want to go in there being hard-nosed and being you know just beating the keto drum but any change that you can make from eating high carb to eating low carb.

From eating grains and sugar and vegetable oils to eating real healthy fats and real meats any change you can make is going to make the the remainder of his life more enjoyable and less painful granny barry just got told hi from norway oh thank you that's so sweet.

Laronda heard on a video what are your thoughts on using vitamin d zinc and elderberry to build your immune system and to help protect you from the virus uh so 100 vitamin d has been shown in multiple studies to strengthen your.

Immune system as has zinc uh i've got youtube videos on vitamin d rich foods you can watch and i've got videos on zinc rich foods you can watch you absolutely need to be partaking of those foods every day to make your immune system as strong as it can possibly be so you can fight off all viruses.

And also fight off all bacteria and all fungi you don't want to get infected from anything and so you need your immune system to be tip top now elderberry some people believe in it like a religion uh the research showing that elderberry strengthens your immune system is kind of equivocal i'm not opposed to it.

I mean if you want to throw some elderberry syrup in there for good measure i think that's fine but just watch the carb count what do you think about elderberry well the elderberries are essentially low carb it's how people make it they throw the sweetener in there i think if you just made it with the pure elderberry without sugar and.

Sweeteners then it would probably it wouldn't even be that big of a carb count i'm just going to scrub a little bit don't i don't mean you're going to lose you already oh i thought you had her already sorry um ferret.

Keto for three months and i've only lost about eight pounds 20 carbs and i don't eat after 8 pm my blood sugars are 200 in the morning help yep okay several things first of all give keto time uh secondly make sure you're counting total carbs not net carbs because you can be eating 20 net carbs and beating 100 grams of total carbs i've seen it.

Done before thirdly i need you to go see your doctor and get a c peptide checked because there's a small chance that you're a type 1 diabetic who's been misdiagnosed as a type 2 diabetic and the c peptide test is going to help you know if that's the case or not can a high protein meal no carbs kick me.

Out of ketosis no not in any meaningful way uh dr ben bichmann and i discussed this on a youtube video on my channel and if you're eating low carb you you can't eat enough protein that's going to meaningfully mess with your ketosis or meaningfully mess with your gluconeogenesis when you're eating a proper human diet those.

Things take care of themselves thank you shauna granny berry you're getting so much love tonight all right shawna wants to know can coffee stall weight loss on carnivore maybe maybe for a small minority of us 1 up to ten percent of people may get a.

Blood sugar spike or an insulin spike or a triglyceride spike from drinking coffee we don't have enough research to know for sure but it it we get feedback from about five percent of people i don't know well probably less than three percent five percent who say man when i quit the coffee everything got better it also could be what you're putting in the.

Coffee so if you're still using heavy cream if you're still eating dairy it could very well be the dairy stall in you so like take the dairy out first and then then work your way down to coffee if you still 100 so get rid of this try a month with no sweeteners try a month with no protein powder if you're putting that in your.

Coffee hopefully it's not just the coffee because that that would be unfair michael i love your content i've been cardboard for two years didn't get the full benefits of better brain health uh and loss of remaining gut fat until strict carnivore over the last three.

Years no coffee no eggs no butter just me i was reading an interview of another gentleman earlier who got benefit from carnivore but it was only when he went to just fatty meat salt and water that's when his health completely went back to 100 optimized.

And i think for some of us that's that that is your proper human diet spectrum is all the way over to just fatty meat carnivore uh but i don't think that is necessary for everybody miss gene wants to know can putting truvia in your coffee break your fast for some of us probably yes uh some of us are much more sensitive to any sweet taste in our.

Mouth and it will raise our insulin and break the physiological fast we're going for some people puts truvia stevia monk fruit in their coffee and they're losing weight like crazy everything's getting better so i think it varies from person to person ashley says pregnant and low carb you can totally do pregnancy low carb keto.

Ketobor or carnivore 100 all of those things are fine it's whatever you can stick to during pregnancy uh if anybody tells you you need to do keto while you're pregnant and they have never tried to do that while they were pregnant then you know tell them you're going to try as hard as you can because it's harder than it sounds.

But you can do it and it's completely safe i did it kelly hogan did it um caitlyn from grass-fed girl did it i mean there's so many women who did keto or even carnivore while pregnant and did really really well just remember your body's young it's resilient if you if you slip up and have.

Some carbs every now and then it's not the end of the world but if you eat the diet that's your obstetrician they give you the diet hand out if you eat that diet it's actually going to increase your risk of getting gestational diabetes and you don't want that so you gotta eat low carb when you're pregnant veronica wants to know a help for kid.

With asd symptoms eats very little meat yeah slowly but surely veronica lovingly you're gonna change that eats very little meat too eats very little else besides meat and you can do that over a month or two there's no rush uh i don't i suspect your child does not your poor kid help four kid yeah i suspect your child does not drive the.

Car or have a credit card so that means you bring all the food into the house and so each time you go shopping buy less junk buy more real food and that's what we have in the house and if you're if you're not hungry enough to eat real food then go play can die be casual to me becoming significantly less.

Light-sensitive during summer daytime and not needing sunglasses or is it a concern causal yeah yeah thousands of people in the carnivore community we don't sunburn as easily the sun we don't have sun reactions hardly ever i don't even wear sunglasses nisha found my sunglasses in her jeep the other day.

She's like oh i found your sunglasses i i work outside in the sun all day i wear a hat i never wear sunglasses anymore and before if i left the house i had sunglasses on back when i was eating the standard american diet i think it makes us more resilient to the natural environment that we're supposed to be out in as much as possible i know if you.

Got a job you got to do your job indoors but as much as you can you got to get outside you got to get out in nature get out in the sun and i think a carnivore diet helps you tolerate the sun and benefit from sun light much much more mr nolan says if keto and fasting improves your immune system is it good.

For a lung transplant patient and will it increase rejection that's an excellent question so a lot of people think that that strengthening the immune system might bring on an autoimmune condition because many doctors say that the following idiotic sentence they will say to somebody newly.

Diagnosed with a an autoimmune condition your immune system this smith is just too strong it's attacking your body and so we're gonna have to give you an immune suppressant to calm your immune system down because it's just too strong that is bull let me be clear not being around the.

Bush about that when you have an autoimmune condition it's not because your immune system is too strong it's because your immune system is confused by all the junk food that you're putting in there it can't tell what's you and what's not you and so it winds up attacking you and so same goes for this.

The mats and nolans eating a diet that optimizes your immune system is not going to make it so strong that it just starts rejecting your lung transplant that's not how it works you're going to continue to take your medications that protect you from rejection and eating a keto or carnivore diet is.

Not going to make your body reject your lungs your immune system is much more intelligent than that i think it's bama texan bama texan i bet you're right bama texan sorry karen can unneeded hctz cause low stomach acid heartburn last two weeks never had it before carnivore eight.

Months now and i'm taking um hcl five days but still simmering yeah any prescription medication can cause heartburn okay and if you've got your blood pressure issues under control then talk to your doctor about weighing down and stop in the actz if you don't.

Have your blood pressure under control then talk to your doctor about changing you from hctz to a safer blood pressure medication like the ones i talk about in my youtube video i just posted about the safest blood pressure medications because hctz is about number three or four on that list not the safest oh we just.

Answered this wrong but yes he's working on a video for the disease-promoting disaster 100 video i'm going to tear this article up it's going to be easy to do too because it's it's very sloppily put together keto fit gal hey y'all what can i add to my coffee when i'm carnivore lmnt has.

Stevia i know nisha suggests something but i can't find it an egg so i have um a video over on my youtube channel that shows it and i think the name of it is dairy-free coffee anyways all you do is put an egg in a cup use a milk frother to scramble it really really well like all the way no slime before you put the coffee before you put.

The coffee in then slowly pour your coffee into it while frothing it's still no it doesn't taste like egg no there's no weird texture it just tastes really nice and creamy and it is carnivore because it makes a good foam it's nice and frothy now it does break a fast because you're eating an egg essentially.

Yes it's fine to have a raw egg in your hot coffee honestly it's not even a raw egg at that point it's kind of cooked it's kind of cooked but even if it wasn't it would be fine but yeah that's a great alternative but it's not chunky it's not like you're going to get bits of raw egg in your scrambled egg coffee.

It's not like that no it's very smooth very creamy very frothy i've had so many people message me and say i can't believe i tried this because you said it was good i didn't believe you and i'm so shocked and happy because i'm trying to phase out dairy and here you go as always guys if you see a question in the comments that's.

From an obvious beginner who doesn't know all the ins and outs of keto or carnivore yet feel free to reach out to them because we can't answer every question but but all of you og's who've been doing this for years feel free to help a younger keto little brother or little sister does coffee stop autophagy during a longer fast.

Coffee probably slows down your rate of autophagy a little bit but it doesn't stop it but there's actually some uh debate in the autophagy low carb community about whether coffee stops autophagy or whether it just slows it down a little bit i personally think it just slows it down a little bit.

But if you're about to break your fast and you need some coffee or if you just need some coffee then i think that little bit of decrease in autopsy is not that big a deal just says how long does it take to feel good or better on keto i've heard most benefits come after a month starting for mental health severe fatigue brain fog.

Problems do benefits come when fat adapted yes but also okay so first off you need to look up dr georgia eads if you haven't already she is a wealth of information when it comes to keto and mental health she's a psychiatrist she is um you need to eat plenty of fat if you were doing this for mental health.

And she promotes this over on i think she has a youtube channel uh and her website as well yep dr georgia eads e-d-e-s e-d-e-s that's right yeah but where's it e-d-e i think they're me there's no s yeah georgia eid i think it's okay anyways you need to check her out but.

Yeah it's gonna take a little bit to become fat adapted and see all the benefits but you should already be feeling better as long as you're getting enough fat and supplementing electrolytes and stuff too here's a question from rodolfo who's a doctor in brazil how much vitamin d should i prescribe to my patients well.

Rodolfo i have my patients take about 5 000 international units of vitamin d3 a day most every adult that's going to get their vitamin d25 level up above 40. some people will it'll get it up to 70 or 80 which is wonderful uh very rarely will i see somebody who gets a vitamin d25 level over 100 by taking.

5000 units a day some adults will have to take 10 000 units a day to get their vitamin d level up above 50. it varies from person to person and so i would start them on 5000 and then recheck a level in three months and then you can know if you need to go up or down thank you e-a-d-e-s.

That's dr michael e this is georgia e yeah georgia is e-d-e i'm almost positive it's a female yeah jen says in exactly three months my ldl went from 163 to 179 my hdl 43 to 42 of my cholesterol from 245 to 247 should i be concerned what did your triglycerides do jim that's the the main one i want to know.

When you didn't tell me uh your hdl went down one point which could be lab error i can't tell much from that your ldl went up and your total cholesterol went up a tiny amount which could also be lab error i need to know your triglycerides or i can't really answer your question i'm sorry okay.

Okay lee last week i was asking you about being dizzy and sick to my stomach when you see my doctor and i'm pregnant i've lost 25 pounds though what should i do keep going yeah keep eating keto and eat until you're comfortably stuffed at least two meals a day if not three while you're pregnant.

And if your body decides you need to burn more fat it'll do that but if it's don't fast that's right don't don't do any longer fasting uh i would say never fast over 12 hours when you're pregnant there's just no point you don't need to but keep eating that keto rich food that got you pregnant along with you know your partner.

And uh make a beautiful baby congratulations beautiful baby i love it how exciting i love keto babies cooking mom says doctor says not to eat too much meat with one kidney it's true no that's completely false uh eating protein is good for your kidneys your kidney your kidney is made out of meat your kidney is meat uh there.

Is no research that shows that that avoiding meat is protective of your kidney function there is multiple reams of research that shows that eating a very low carbohydrate diet will protect your kidney from hyperglycemic nephropathy diabetic nepara nephropathy and all the other bad things that come.

From eating too many carbohydrates eat low carb hey guys don't forget hit the thumb please it matters it matters it does it really does and you're always welcome to share this on your social media if you think it'll help people moxie says i love fried chicken livers how much should i have daily to get enough.

Nutrition yeah just eat a serving every day it's fine you're never going to get too much of any bad thing by eating chicken livers if really you only need to eat them about three times a week to get the optimal nutrition but if you love them they're safe to eat every day.

I wish we had some fried chicken livers breaded and pork panko yeah well feel free to cook that i don't like frying anything is a pain in the bow which is why i almost never do it oh breaded anyways keto breaded tammy says is 0.5 keto reading all the time normal some people don't get much above.

0.5 it doesn't mean you're not in ketosis it doesn't mean you're doing anything wrong it just means you're one of those people uh if you can get your your ketone level to 0.5 congratulations you're in ketosis daisy says can keto carnivore cause pancreatitis no what causes pancreatitis is too much sugar too many carbs too.

Much fructose and too much alcohol that's what causes pancreatitis and some medications resell reject says every time i go straight to carnivore i get large bruises on my legs stomach and arms is there a vitamin or food i need to help with that no i'm not sure why you're seeing that coincidence you.

May need to have your livestream yeah you probably need to go see your doc and just get get a good general panel check and also get your clotting factors checked you may have an underlying medical condition that you're just not aware of laughing out loud laughing out loud says would you recommend keto carnivore for.

Athletes maybe it's law lol well lol well i just was being funny 100 yeah the only athletes who may not benefit optimally from a keto or carnivore diet would be people who are competing at the collegiate level or above because the amount of athletic uh performance and stamina you have to put.

Out at that level is not natural it's not anything that our ancestors ever did and so you may have to eat an unnatural diet to compete at the professional level of the collegiate level but for every other athlete below that whether you're an armchair athlete or whether you're a junior high football player or you're a.

High school high school basketball player or soccer player keto carnivore for the win every time sorry i'm having to do seven things at once gp winston if a person is obese do they need higher doses of fat soluble vitamins like vitamin d3 maybe maybe nobody really knows for sure.

Eat the eat from the list of vitamin d rich foods that i talk about on this youtube channel i've got a video and then have your doctor check your vitamin d25 level and see what it is and then if you need to take a vitamin d3 supplement you can but get your labs checked so you'll know.

For sure are you clicking one i was just gonna scroll don't mess it up or i'll lose where i'm at all right keith says well switching to carnivore from keto help my battle against hyperparathyroidism hyperparathyroidism is a different animal okay your parathyroid glands there's actually four.

Of them behind your thyroid gland so a lot of people get these confused but that's a completely different thing if you have hyperparathyroidism you need to be seeing your your doctor your endocrinologist routinely uh definitely eating a proper human diet like keto or carnivore is going to help your body withstand the.

The the assault from any pathology and help you weather that but if you've got hyperparathy then you need to see your doctor and do what they recommend okay did you see another regular one yeah.

New viewer if any of you guys if this is your first time catching us live type new in the comments so we can say hi to you so this is jay kim new viewer from los angeles what do you feel about intermittent dry fasting 186 with a carnivore there's a lot of conflicting info.

Also how do i prevent hair loss so jay kim if you're losing lots of weight which i suspect you are you're going to have some degree of temporary hair loss i've got a youtube video about this uh hair loss with weight loss that's just going to happen temporarily but if you're eating a proper human diet which you are.

Your hair is going to come back and be more beautiful than ever dry fasting i'm not opposed to dry fasting what that means is guys who don't know is you don't eat or drink anything at all now every night when you're asleep in bed for eight hours you don't drink so.

You're dry fasting so we know that humans it's very safe to dry fast for eight hours because we do it every night so i'm i'm an advocate because dry fasting is the ultimate fast okay what if you dry fast for an hour before you go to bed an hour after you wake up that's 10 hour drive fast i think that's perfectly safe and fine i would not.

Go over to a 12 hour dry fast not because i think it's actually dangerous but because it just dry fasting freaks people out and you will freak out your a family member or a friend or your health care provider and they will call the the the paddy wagon on you because they will think you're crazy so 12 hour dry fast and then you can do six more hours of.

Just water only fast and then that absolutely blends with carnivore perfectly there's a lot of new people there's somebody new from big fans i love it welcome raven thanks so much for joining us you know we do this every monday night at 7. so come back next week.

It's always interesting to see people who actually live close to us hector i'm taking a 175 milligrams of dhea and pregnant alone on the carnivore diet for adrenal fatigue with no success in 36 20 years with this condition what are the top docs you would recommend to fully heal yeah.

From adrenal fatigue first thing i would recommend that you uh consider hector is that adrenal fatigue is not a real thing and more than likely if you've had doctors work somebody just got pissed off i know i know but listen hear me out if you've been working on your adrenal fatigue for.

20 years i think it's highly likely that you've been misdiagnosed you have another condition you have low testosterone you have fibromyalgia you have undiagnosed hyperparathyroid you have undiagnosed hashimoto's you have an undiagnosed autoimmune condition.

The the adrenal glands work every day okay if your adrenal glands got fatigued and quit working you would be dead in a few hours understand that what your adrenal glands do are they are that is absolutely essential for you staying alive you can't live without your adrenal glands uh i i'm a fan of.

Dhea and pregnant alone supplements but if you've been taking them for 20 years and you have not got any improvement you need to find a new doctor a fresh set of eyes and and don't go in there saying hey i've got adrenal fatigue go in there and just tell them what your symptoms are i have the following symptoms don't say.

Adrenal fatigue because you don't want to poison the well tell them your symptoms and let them do another work up on you you may actually have to do this with two or three other doctors before you get to the bottom of what's actually going on with you hector i hope that helped i hope i didn't upset you uh because i know after you've had.

Something for 20 years you tend to become a part of who you are you kind of own it but you got to start you got to get outside of your adrenal fatigue box and start looking around for other things to blame this is pretty joseph i agree hey says what do you think of carb loading i think carb loading is.

Completely unnecessary and useless what do you think same okay native doll says type 2 a1c is 10. i want to start keto how's the safest way to do that yep so you're gonna you got a plate okay you can eat three meals a day to start with it's totally fine you're gonna fill half of your plate with meat eggs uh meter eggs and you're gonna fill the.

Other half with dark green vegetables you get to pick them whatever they are and you're going to eat that three times a day now for breakfast you can put your eggs and your veg together and make a frittata or make a a omelet you can put some cheese on there as long as it's full fat uh fermented cheese okay then for lunch.

You can have chicken legs or more fatty meat you can have some more veg somebody wants me to sing again i'm trying to help this woman her a1c is through the roof keep going so that that's it meal after meal after meal eat until you're comfortably stuck.

Don't calorie count don't portion control and just keep doing that over and over keep an eye on your uh blood sugar daily and then get your a1c rechecked in three months and then you it's going to come down it'll probably come down to seven in a three month period of time of eating fatty meat and dark green veg and then.

If you want to bring it down even more you can cut the veg and add more meat you may go all the way carnivore you may just go ketobor like misha talks about on her youtube channel boo boo bang bang says let's hear you sing again i like he sang on my channel so if you missed that i like my rib eye and i like it on.

The bloody side i also likes it when she cooks my rib eye wearing her apron and nothing else okay i'm so glad we did that all right thank you boo boo bang bang let's enter another one our hanging chad says we have to train our children as babies on what to eat no.

No okay i think this is this is a good interesting thing i don't think that we do what i think is what we have done is train them inappropriately but i think left to just whole foods they naturally will pick the healthier things if that is what they are brought.

Up so i don't think they need to be trained in in a natural holistic proper human diet atmosphere but in if they're exposed to those type of things and they are getting trained but in a bad way yeah and i think by true you're you're.

Hearing training as being forcing them and and being disciplinarian i just feel like they're not i think hanging out hanging chad means if you just fill your house with proper human dyed foods and that's the only thing they have an option to pick they'll pick real human food like this baby.

Hi hello baby don't say hi why are you disbelieving that baby baby can you count to ten two three subscribe that's what share.

22 months of a ketivore diet will get you in a baby is a 22 year month old who can count to 11. proud parents let me just tell ya oh here's here let me get this right here uh okay rachel good question i'm not understanding this god put put plants on the earth fruits and vegetables and.

Protein sources are we not to have a balance of all this rachel god put plants on this planet for the animals to eat so that we could then eat the fatty animals there are multiple episodes in scripture where the creator looks down.

Um positively on a meal of fatty meat uh when there's a huge celebration they they didn't kill the fatted broccoli they killed the fatty lamb that's how they celebrate it uh when cain and abel gave their sacrifices god was not impressed with cain's grain sacrifice but he loved.

Abel's fatty meat sacrifice i think there's multiple hints in in scripture from multiple religions that meat is the proper human diet uh the the plants are for the animals to eat to fatten them up more than that the fruits and vegetables of today are so completely different than they.

Were you know originally and the cradle of life you know they we modified them they're bigger they're sweeter they're they're so completely different but i don't think that everybody needs to completely cut every single thing out and i don't think that's.

Realistic for most people to be able to sustain a lifestyle but you do need to figure out what is promoting health and what isn't and sometimes what isn't happens to be something that's natural yep you know um crack cocaine you know it comes from a cocoa leaf it's natural plant i'm i'm serious you know marijuana.

If you smoke too much you get dumb there's a good one okay well that's about to oh okay go ahead we are like a hundred comments trying to help someone you guys are got some amazing questions tonight you're doing amazing participating in the comments talking to each other we love it absolutely.

Okay amy says bone and bone on bone grinding in my knee ruptured disc and spine can the proper human diet help regenerate cartilage or is it too late for me possibly uh there's two things to think about here amy fuller i wonder if that's all right i asked last time i don't think it is okay uh first of all we know people who from.

X-ray evidence they have bone on bone but since going keto or carnivores they don't have knee pain it's like that doesn't really matter the bone on bone looks very impressive on x-ray and when orthopedic surgeons who get paid to replace your knee right they act like that's it you're done you gotta have knee replacement there's no.

Other option we've we've talked to hundreds of patients and people online who are bone on bone and they don't have any pain number two if you're eating a diet that's rich in the collagen building things that we talk about on both of our youtube videos you can possibly re-partially rebuild some of your cartilage bone broth that's.

Made from real bones is one of the best cartilage and bone rebuilding tools out there i would give the phd a proper human diet i'd give it three to six months and then if your knees know better and and your your spine is no better you can go talk to the surgeon that's a good that's a good compromise right give it six months.

G dirt and borderline diabetic when i start kinda my blood sugar goes low sometimes if i work out i go super low also seems like the keto flu never stops got lots of things going on there g-dirt um first of all are you still taking diabetes medications because when you go keto you're pretty quickly going to need to.

Decrease the strength of your diabetic medications and work with your doctor on that secondly your blood sugar is going to go low especially if you're on diabetic medication if you lower your carbohydrate intake so you got to stop that some people when they work out their.

Blood sugar goes down others it goes up all this stuff is going to level out as you continue to eat keto uh and get away from the carbohydrates now the keto flu you need to eat more salt and you need to make sure you're getting your electrolytes like i am right now with with relight from redmond's okay.

You got to get your electrolytes you got to get your salt that's going to help you get rid of that keto flu hope says i eat a lot of yogurt and kefir i just started losing hair a couple weeks ago extreme amounts of hair can dairy be part of this maybe if you've just started out of the blue losing hair and you haven't lost an appreciable amount.

Amount of weight lately you need to go see your doctor probably there are specific medical conditions that can cause that to happen there's some medications that can cause that to happen it's not always just about your diet typically when you start to lose weight on a particular diet you'll you'll have.

Hair loss over a few months that kind of ramps up and then wraps down it's not going to just come almost overnight like you're describing crown of curl says love you both from texas wondering why i am feeling worse when i'm in ketosis fatigue nausea my blood work says i have low potassium you're probably not getting enough salt.

And you're probably not getting enough electrolytes potassium and magnesium hey jen uh my triglycerides went from 212 to 144 a1c from 5.8 to 5.3 this is what happens when you eat keto right there look at those numbers if you're jealous of her a1c a 5.3 you too can have an a1c of 5.3 um true soul says i'm new to carnivore will it help reverse.

Geographic tongue and what causes it you know i don't know i've seen it two times in my career and i've seen pictures in the in the dermatological textbooks i don't know if we know what causes geographic tongue i is that where it's uh yeah i seem to remember it's almost.

Like you have continents on your tongue that are different colors i think it's a genetic thing i don't think it's necessarily pathological true soul like i don't think it's anything that's dangerous or bad i just think your tone go like that okay because uh you know how some you know some dogs have spots.

And they have a spot here but not a spot there it's kind of that same genetic thing uh where some people have a white shock of hair and it's white even when they're a kid but it's a it's a genetic thing it's not because they're old and gray i think that's what causes geographic tongue i don't think you can fix that with any diet david wants to.

Know if permanent animals are considered healthier than others if so why and is consuming other animals okay yeah i think consuming all animals is okay even possums skunks and raccoons i think you can eat all the animals uh rattlesnakes rats even i think it's totally fine not not recommending that but ruminant animals are special okay and so ruminant.

Animals are cattle cows uh buffalo moose venison uh goat sheep anything that has a multi-chamber stomach they actually their magic happens in this in this remnant stomach and i don't have time to go into it here but just suffice it to say when when they eat grass cellulose rich green stuff they turn it.

Into the most nutritious meat on the planet pigs will eat anything okay and i i don't think that pig meat is as good for you as remnant meat but i still think it's much better than any other processed crap you can buy yeah i think remnant animals are probably the healthiest animals for us to eat but uh.

Any animal is fine joey says thanks for all you guys do two weeks in a carnivore recommendation for good gut microbiome or does it develop naturally joey's on to it you see that yeah joey what's gonna happen people think that you have just this kind of bacteria and no others in your gut that's absolutely not true at all.

Okay even when you take a an antibiotic and just carpet bomb your bacteria you still got bacteria in there just not as many not as many as you need but you've got probably 10 000 different species of bacteria in your gut when you change your diet to a proper human diet like carnivore what you're going to do is you're going to up regulate all of the.

Meat loving fat loving bacteria and all the bacteria that tend to love sugar and starches and carbs they're going to down regulate and those are actually the bacteria that cause leaky gut and lots of other gut problems and skin problems and mental problems and other problems for human beings when you start eating a proper human.

Diet your gut bacteria are going to auto regulate it takes anywhere from three days to three weeks and after that if you got your gut bacteria checked you're going to have beautiful diversity joe wants to lower his blood pressure and blood sugar with keto but he doesn't want to lose weight he's already lost 10.

Pounds he's 16 and weighs 179 yeah so joe keto and carnivore are not weight loss diets most people think they are because they came there to lose weight keto and carnivore are weight optimization diets so it sounds like you're almost to your ideal body weight uh if you eat until you're comfortably stuffed on carnivore keto three meals a.

Day you're going to not lose weight down below your ideal body weight okay your your metabolism and your physiology is not gonna let that happen if you continue to lose weight below your ideal body weight you need to go see your doctor because you've got a medical problem okay but you're absolutely going.

To reverse your blood sugar and blood pressure by eating a proper human diet tina says could heart palpitations be caused by vitamin deficiency all my blood work is normal i check my blood pressure routinely and it's normally 110 over 80. heart palpitations sometimes are caused by nothing so all adults just have an occasional.

Palpitation that doesn't that's not dangerous that is not bad it's only if you're having a certain amount or if you're you've got to leave them up there i don't forgot the question or if you're having symptoms with your palpitations then they're a problem just having palpitations does not necessarily mean anything is wrong whatsoever you.

Might be deficient in omega-3 fatty acids you might be deficient in magnesium potassium phosphorus sodium you might be deficient in any of those things and you're going to get all those things from a proper human diet chris says have had many elderly in my family with dementia i want to do everything i.

Can to avoid it because i know it can be genetic i'm ketobor should i worry about heavy metals from meat or organ meat no the definitely you need to always worry about where your food comes from but i don't think there's ever going to be enough heavy metal in meat or organ meat and that's one of the things that the.

Ruminants are so magical about is they don't tend to let that stuff through into the through their stomach okay that magic stomach i talked about but uh yeah you need to continue ketovor that needs to be your way of eating for the rest of your life and make sure you always get the best quality meat and the best quality veg that you can afford.

And that's it you're doing everything you can do to erase your risk of dementia lynn says thank you for your wisdom hugs to loki from olympia um well no actually he's got you got to get up here and work for your dinner loki lynn wants to say now loki loki.

Is a girl loki's a girl we just found this out this is jenna tale you got big enough for us to figure out what it was yeah we're still going to call her loki she kind of i call her low all the time anyway so lolo you get there and congratulations to lynn doing the keto carnivore for four years.

Pretty good at 67 years old go back to sleep she was taking a nice little nap and you woke her up um i think the stream yard is glitching because i've seen the same question oh no please don't tell me it's doing that that's so annoying.

I'm trying to get through these questions guys we're we're actually over time already but i'm trying to get all of them all right large picture says i'm carnivore and i had a big salad lots of lettuce yesterday and now i'm doubled over and not what should i do don't do that again it's not gonna harm you there's no.

Danger unless the pain just gets 10 out of 10 and doesn't let up uh then if that lasts for more than 30 minutes then you got to go to the er but that's probably not going to happen uh just learn this lesson that lettuce there's nothing you need in that and it it for many people it's quite inflammatory amber says any information.

On alopecia universalis my husband is in the military and has it no one understands and gives us no direction yeah it's an autoimmune condition no doubt uh i don't know if i've i don't think i've had any feedback from anybody with uh alopecia universalis that that keto or carnivore has has helped or hurt.

I haven't had any feedback so i can't answer that question with regards to a diet and fasting brendan says i still have high blood pressure even on keto 145 over 105 i don't want to go on meds but the doctor is scaring me what are your thoughts yeah i understand i've got.

Watch every single one of my youtube videos including my latest one about high blood pressure because you might be doing something that's keeping your blood pressure high uh 140 yeah yours is that's too hot yeah you need to get that down under 145 on the top number and under.

90 85 on the bottom number yeah you need that now check your blood pressure at home with your own cuff that checks up up here when you're calm and relaxed if you're just getting a check at the doctor's office and it's that that that doesn't mean that's what it really is you gotta check it at home in three months my ldl went from 163 up.

To 179. okay here we go so her triglycerides went from 212 to 144. that's good so that tells me that you're you're eating low carb enough that you've made a difference i i don't care at all and no good doctor should care at all that your total cholesterol went up two points uh your hdl went down one point which is.

Probably lab error but your triglycerides went down almost 80 points that is a huge improvement and your a1c went from 5.8 to 5.3 you should not be concerned you do not need a statin uh your ldl was 179 no and you're a woman so i've got youtube videos about ldl cholesterol i.

You you keep eating low carb i want i want that a1c to stay at 5.3 and i want the triglycerides as low under 150 as you can get them eat more fatty meat and you can actually raise your hdl cholesterol okay guys that's it we try to answer as many questions as we can in an hour we do this every monday so if we didn't get your question or you.

Have a different one that you want to answer just come back this coming monday a week from today we'll be here same place same time 7 central standard time and if you want to join us even more we have a private community over on candybarymd yep that's it there's a link in the show notes so you can come hang.

Over there with us and we do two lives a week over there in addition to this in addition to this answer questions and just interact in a more intimate absolutely i'm doing an instagram live tomorrow or you yes yeah so we're both going to be on instagram live tomorrow not together.

Though we're going to be separate yep yeah i'm actually doing one with kim howard ooh cool kimmy all right so join us there as always you're welcome to share this video if you think it would help improve one of your friends health thanks so much to our patrons and to our facebook supporters we love you and we mean it don't we we.

Do hit that subscribe and thumb button and we'll see you next week
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