Proper Human Diet/Fasting Q&A

Proper Human Diet/Fasting Q&A

Proper Human Diet/Fasting Q&A

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I think we're live now hey guys how's it going welcome back we're so glad to have you loki's also back glad to be back loki's back she's hello friends just as insane as usual so i'm sure she'll be causing chaos in the background as usual but welcome back.

Welcome back to the next edition of monday night live yeah we're live right here for you with you for you to answer your keto carnivore low carb fasting health nutrition questions if you're new or you're watching on the replay we do this every week mondays 7 central standard time right here on.

Youtube and we do the best we can to answer as many questions as possible and uh yeah that's where we do what we do every monday night for a long time now yeah how long have we been doing this well we started out on facebook now we're on youtube and we're on facebook uh more on youtube now than we are on.

Facebook used to it was facebook all the time but four years i think we've been going live we started going live just kind of for our friends and family or our patients and that we were working with our first live we had eight people watching yeah awesome it was low and uh we had fun i.

Was proud of those people i think we were in the parking lot of a movie theater and we just started answering questions and i guess as they say the rest is history yeah so that's what we're gonna do for the next hour's answer every single question of yours that we can uh tell your brother your sister and.

Your mama too that was true that that we're gonna answer your questions so send somebody a text or an email hey there's ask nurse cindy hey you're standing here hey we miss you soon we miss you we miss you soon we shoot you pursue um so uh last week.

We did a fundraiser on here and we wanted to give you a little update for those of you who watched last week and who gave we uh raised a total of uh you raised 200 2 000 2525 dollars and then so we added on to that so a total of five thousand and fifty dollars was donated to the humphreys county.

United way foundation which uh donates directly to the victims of the flood so thank you guys so much that was an incredible donation and we're so happy to be a part of this community who just sends love even if you don't know the.

People who are directly involved this summer absolutely there's some great people in in humphreys county and we're glad that we could help them that much absolutely uh also i want to take a moment to honor the service men and women i don't know why i never used to cry like this but it was emotional.

So to honor the service men and women that fell this week in afghanistan and their families and also the service men and women who i'm sure are grieving they're brothers and sisters so yeah just wanted to give them a moment and for anyone still stuck in.

Afghanistan didn't get out it's like we're not politicizing this it's bad it's horrible anytime life is lost it's horrible um but you know we're just proud to say that you know these were american citizens who signed up to fight for our country and they did they served us well.

And i think you can see that from the images that we've seen of them helping the afghanistan people and the u.s citizens also absolutely tell us where you're watching from in the world we've already got 1200 people watching what city what state what country are you in right now tell us so we can say howdy to you.

And let's get ready to answer some questions do you have any announcements uh yeah i do i do actually so my podcast is going live tomorrow and there's only there's already an episode up so if you look it up it's on the apple apple podcast and on spotify and on audible as well so you can find it pretty much on every.

Platform it's called nisha uncensored there's an episode up which is kind of just telling you what to expect from the podcast but a full episode will be up tomorrow and i've already had so many of you leave me five star reviews which is kind of amazing so i didn't realize that until today thank you so go check out.

Nisha's podcast and leave an honest review as long as it's five stars no i have a girl i follow on youtube she's kind of a friend that i've made along the way she says if you don't like it keep it to yourself but if you like share with friends that's true that's true i like that i like that all right ginger's down 95 pounds and counting.

That's freaking amazing uh barb says have you seen the article about one hot dog takes 36 minutes of your life it says easy cereal and and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches yeah yeah this is all this is just another uh news article not even pseudo news article that's based on the.

Epidemiological food frequency questionnaires that don't prove anything or even try to prove anything it's just it's junk science uh it's so nutrition science is so frustrating it would be like if if civil engineers and i'm like hey we need a bridge over.

The tennessee river you know what do you recommend and the the civil engineer the mechanical engineers like oh any bridge will do just pick a bridge and stick to it and you can do the pbnj bridge or you can do the the the sugar smacks bridge it doesn't matter just pick a bridge whatever you.

Feel just have an intuitive bridge this kind of article or article comes out like every few years or something every month you're like it's frequent it's my point it's always about some bacon there was one about vegan there's one about eggs like that but no i don't know that i've ever seen one that says a donut takes so.

Many years off your life yeah i wonder why they don't have that very odd yeah donuts take seven minutes off your life for everyone they never say that that's a good point i've not never seen an article talk about that i guess because it should be pretty obvious but like why not yeah why not say that too i don't know.

Uh here's a here's an interesting question if i can find it it went uh word from the sewer the goblin radio says is there a cure for alcohol withdrawal through diet uh i don't think there's a cure per se but we have had hundreds of people reach out to us and tell us that it was easier for them to come off.

Alcohol when they were eating a very low carbohydrate ketogenic carnivore diet we've heard that multiple multiple times obviously there's been no research on that nobody's researching that but we've had so many people tell us that and it makes sense physiologically if your brain's not as inflamed if you're.

Not also triggering your addictive behavior with it with addictive foods that makes sense but uh as of yet there's no cure for alcoholism you gotta put in the work yeah uh crown of curls how to fix diarrhea while on carnivore and electrolytes how much of that and how much salt do i consume so diarrhea is usually somewhere.

Between three days and three weeks some people don't have diarrhea at all when they start carnivore some people have a few days and it's temporary what's going on is your bacterial your gut flora the bacteria that live in your large intestine they're adjusting to your new diet you're up regulating all of the good healthy carnivore bacteria and.

You're down regulating all the sugar carb loving bacteria and bacteria don't like to be messed with so you'll have diarrhea for a few days some few people have constipation but it's usually diarrhea it's going to go away in a few days just stick with the proper human diet and then the electrolytes and the salt you.

You need to consume salt to taste if something doesn't taste salty enough put more salt on it if it tastes too salty then you put too much salt that's how you know how much salty the electrolytes i would just use one serving a day of lmnt or redmond's relight or ketochaos electrolyte drops any of those are great.

Products they're relatively inexpensive and have very high quality ingredients uh oh whoops paul i'm having 110 to 134 glucose on carnivore no tumor no dawn effect weight up to 350 pounds now what the heck yeah so uh it's very common for carnivores to.

Have a higher morning blood sugar but then that blood sugar goes down after they eat and it goes down over the course of the day uh what's going to matter paul is your a1c after you've been carnivore for three months get your a1c checked and i think you'll be very happy with that uh weight loss is going to happen it.

It's virtually impossible to not lose weight on a carnivore diet many people see weight gain in the beginning initially and then it comes down i don't know why it happens but get ready you're going to lose a lot of weight ancestral keto coach welcome back there's a lot of fasting debate right.

Now so force it or fast intuitively i don't ever force fasting i think if you're eating low enough carb which means by definition you're eating lots of healthy fat and lots of healthy protein they're they're both very satiating and so you're just going to kind of fall into a daily intermittent fast where you don't eat.

As often as you used to now when it comes to two day three day five day seven day or longer fast i i'm not a big fan i know that they have therapeutic power if you've got a very high body fat percentage then longer fasts are definitely going to help you there are many people that say their autoimmune conditions are approved.

Improved with longer fasts but i think that a daily intermittent fast everybody can do it it's effortless when you're eating lots of fat and protein but i don't i don't force the fast what do you think about that no i don't think forcing a fast is the goal here i think it's to become so fat adapted that.

Fasting becomes something that you just do and uh there are people who who push past there's a difference between i'm miserable and i want to eat something and and pushing through kind of that in in uh what's the word i'm looking for you feel uncomfortable yeah yeah pushing through that to go through to a 24. and.

I want everybody listening to remember fasting is never punishment okay fasting is a means to an end it is a tool that you use never do you fast to punish yourself that's not what this is about so kevin kevin says bacon bacon bacon love my bacon i've got a new bacon video on youtube.

That i think it you know there are three food foods that if you talk about them it's going to trigger people uh one is if you talk bad about bananas that's going to trigger people if you talk bad about oatmeal that's going to trigger people or if you talk good about bacon and so my new video is talking it.

Basically dispels every single myth that bacon's going to kill you or that's bad for you and it tells you all the wonderful nutrition that's in bacon so that that'd be a good video to share with somebody who's who's not understanding of the low carb way being robin wants to know can carnivore help with lyme disease.

I haven't had a lot of feedback from people it's definitely not going to hurt lyme disease but i haven't had a lot of feedback yesterday has anybody uh used a keto or carnivore diet to help improve your lyme disease symptoms just put that in the comments if you haven't stop i'm trying to keep up over here raul.

Says i've started omad for one month and reduced seven pounds as part of omad sticking to mostly high protein and fat and low carbs that's it bro you doing great brother keep it up keep it up all right got a lot of comments you guys don't forget to hit the thumb.

James the storm and norman would adapting you your keto carnivore help with degenerative discs in someone's back yeah so first of all degenerative disc disease that sounds terrible right that just means you have arthritis in your spine that's a very fancy doctor term that means you have arthritis in your lower back so your discs are not.

Degenerating you don't have some deadly disease it's just arthritis in your back so first of all arthritis has at least a component of inflammation right and that's why thousands and thousands of people have reached out to us and say man when i'm doing keto carnivore my arthritis pain is eighty percent better ninety.

Percent better completely gone so yeah it's going to help the pain uh it may or may not help to to rebuild and rejuvenate the disc and the the cartilage in your back but your pain is going to definitely improve uh tommy says why when i work out mostly with weight i get sick especially when it's a leg workout and i'm not going.

Overly intense i am a type two yeah tommy until you get used to working out that that might happen some it doesn't mean you shouldn't work out uh but basically what you're doing is you're working out uh strenuously intensely for you even though you may not compare some other guys work out and say well it wasn't as.

Intense as his but uh that means you're you're pushing yourself pretty close to the max so keep doing that keep up with those blood sugars and keep eating low carb julie 50 year old woman kidney and pancreas transplant 10 years ago on anti-rejection meds been keto ketovor for a month down 26 pounds but i'm out.

Of breath and weak when i do anything like walking in the am and regular activities blood pressure is 117 over 75. so julie if you're on any blood pressure medications it's probably time to go talk to your doctor about decreasing a dose or maybe stopping a blood pressure medication uh also remember.

Not everything is caused by diet and so if you're having shortness of breath that seems to be getting worse and fatigued that's getting worse you need to go see your doctor asap and get checked out because there may be something else going on uh elena says my son has celiac diabetic and high blood pressure which diet is.

Better for him whichever one he can stick to eliana elena elena elena so if he loves meat and he would just be happy eating meat all the time every day carnivore but if he likes veg likes a few berries then he needs to go keto because you want him to to love this diet and sustain it for months and months and.

Years and years arya says salute to service where do you guys recommend buying organic meats lots of companies say organic grass-fed no hormones but how do we know they're telling the truth you don't and that's that's a problem and is it is it within the realm of possibilities that a corporation would.

Lie to us well yes of course now typically the smaller the corporation is the less likely they are to lie because they know if they get caught their reputation will suffer and they'll be out of business unlike you know the big pharma corporations they'll lie to you and they'll just pay 110 million dollar fine.

Which is like leaving a tip on the table at the restaurant for them and they'll keep right on like nothing ever happens but we when we buy meats we buy a lot of meat from the grocery store from walmart from kroger we don't always buy grass-fed grass-finished panda massage meat but if we do we go to a local butcher shop.

In nashville called bare bones butcher and all of their meat is raised within i think 100 mile radius it's not all grass-fed i don't think or grass-finished that's finished right it's all dressed fish but it's in it's all local too so there's something to be said for so we're helping the local ranchers local farmers and we're buying.

Pretty darn high quality meat in the process and i'm i'm willing to pay a little bit of a premium for that because i think that when you do that you encourage the local economy and that ranger's like man that's selling pretty good i think we're going to buy some more cows next year and then you just increase the the the supply so that we.

Can supply more demand shopping local is good if you can afford it like we totally understand yeah but we buy meat all the time from the big box stores we're not opposed to it hey nisha just found out the hard way and i'm sensitive to too much dairy i had keto pizza i've been experimenting with coffee and no cream what's been.

Your favorite so far with your experiment so i did i went dairy free for a little over a month my personal favorite i think was the egg with a little sweetener so i have a video on my youtube channel where i do like what i in a day vlogs if you're not over there when you're cooking yeah.

So i do a whole egg sometimes the yolk it doesn't matter it's whatever your preference is i'll show you how to do it on my channel that was my favorite but i have to add a little sweetener to it like i have to otherwise it's no good thanks so much for me jen hey hey jen can i drink keto chow shakes well on.

Five milligrams of with center parel shakes have 1500 grams of potassium grams uh milligrams yeah milligrams i know what you meant jen uh yeah you can because if you're eating a good keto diet you're going to be getting almost that much potassium anyway uh just have one a day it's going to be it'll be fine.

No worries tony hey tony been carnival for a year and have outstanding biomarkers however i just had my gallbladder removed i'd like to stay carnivore what are your top tips for me to focus on yeah so expect some diarrhea you're gonna have that tony anybody that has their gallbladder taken out we always tell them as a.

Doctor you're going to have diarrhea from a few weeks to a few months as your body adjusts to not having that gallbladder's ability to store and concentrate bile uh you you may or may not have that tony so don't don't just think you're doomed but if you do have it just realize it's because of the gallbladder surgery it.

Will get better over the weeks and the months as your hepatic ducts take on the the job of of dilating so that they can store and concentrate bile since you no longer have a gallbladder you may or may not need some ox bile supplement you can get that on amazon if the if i wouldn't even food with it until the diarrhea has been going on for.

More than a month if it's gone in a month and hallelujah you're done you're fine but that's always an option becky says hey guys a few weeks ago i'm hopping on again tonight any suggestions for lycan sclerosis i'm hearing it's an autoimmune yeah it is at least partially autoimmune autoimmune and it's also partially inflammatory it comes and goes.

It progresses it can recede you definitely want to eat the most uninflammatory diet you can and in my opinion that's either a real whole food one ingredient ketogenic diet or a carnivore diet those are the ones that are going to lower your your inflammation calm down your immune system and help you not uh have such.

Terrible flare-ups charles welcome back i just got diagnosed with mild sleep apnea i weigh 142 bmi is 21.1 is there are other options for the cpap machine oh anything through diet i'm working my way down to carnivore yep i already eat very low carbs yeah charles keep doing what you're doing your your progression down.

To carnivore is the right thing a very common cause of sleep apnea even in slender people is fatty tongue and i've i've got a couple of youtube videos where i talk about that uh but you can be very slender and still have fatty tongue so you gotta keep eating super low carb that may get better over time.

The cpap is about the best option because the only other real option is uh surgical mutilation of your soft palate and i don't recommend that your your soft palate serves multiple purposes you don't want that to be surgically surgically chopped on so cpap for now and hope that you won't.

Always need that mind fury this might be hard type one diabetic with esrd felt good during low carb and was in ketosis but i just switched to phd dextrose being absorbed from the pd pd yeah dextrose being absorbed with the isolate seems incompatible yeah but now you got.

To keep in mind it's a very low concentration of dextrose which is another word for glucose uh so keep a close eye if you can get a cgm a continuous glucose monitor definitely wear that so then you can see exactly what it's doing is that minor well it's ours oh okay but uh.

You've got i don't know if they can formulate uh the the diasyllate that's so that you don't have dextrose in it i think you have to have that and so you're just going to have to work around that and then the rest of your day is going to be super low carb jean sebastian i'm trying to go keto i find stopping desserts and drinks is.

Easy but i'm struggling to cut out breads and delicious pastas any advice that's this one when she was first trying to start she didn't give a about dessert yeah she just wanted the bread in the pasta yeah and and it so bread and pasta both break down into sugar that's what they're made of is long.

Chains of sugar stuffed together and so you're going to withdraw from pasta and bread just like some people withdraw from desserts it's going to be hard you're going to have to break that that addiction jean sebastian uh here's my advice you need to find some alternatives and there are good.

Keto alternatives and there are bad ones so you got to figure that out the good ones are going to be the ones you make yourself and the worst ones will be the ones that you are able to buy but they're super convenient so well so if he needed some keto products to kind of get him through.

Uh i i don't know all of the keto breads are pretty awful that you can buy but a maria emmerich has a psmf bread but you don't have to be psmf to use it you can put butter on it and it's bread whatever it's just a high protein zero carb bread right it's just egg white protein yeah essentially it's.

That's a good alternative you do have to make it you know uh and for pasta there are the miracle noodles that are um they're pretty good if you cook them the right way and then also zucchini noodles which i know it's not the same i feel you you have to understand you don't really like bread and pasta you like what goes on top of bread and pasta.

Because it's just vegetables just ate a piece of toast with nothing on it you wouldn't probably like that same with just plain boiled pasta you probably wouldn't like that either so just wrap your head around the fact that you pretty much have what goes on the pasta in the bread you just can't have the vegetables what about the egg white.

Wraps they're kind of a lot like an enchilada or they're like a tortilla a tortilla yeah yeah if you're craving bread you can do that it's just egg white adventurous advantageous oklahoman 50 is that right adventitious i can't 54 year old male carnivore since january.

Omad lost four inches off the waist twelve to thirteen percent body fat either losing or gaining weight any advice to stabilize um you're you're never gonna just go to a weight and stay there adventitious oklahoman uh your body weight just like your pulse and your breathing rate it's going to constantly fluctuate one to.

Three pounds your body fat 12 to 13 if that's accurate that's exactly where you want to be especially as a 54 year old male as long as you keep your body fat percentage under 15 as a 54 year old male that's a home run that's exactly what you want keep doing what you're doing did you do that one.

No i'm sorry karen hey beautiful berries i've been on keto 18 months lost 100 plus pounds currently at a stall yeah i'm always exhausted what are your recommendations so if you're exhausted more than usual make sure you're getting plenty of salt it's very easy to kind of slack off on the salt make sure you're getting plenty.

Of electrolytes make sure your carbs are truly as low as you think they are and maybe even up your fat and make sure karen that you're eating until you're comfortably stuffed it's so easy for our your your mom's voice and your subconscious to say oh that's too big of a portion you better just eat half of that you eat until.

You're comfortably full melinda wants to know does the carnivore diet make your bo worse from our personal experience and from thousands of people who have commented on the videos and reached out to us it makes bo better it makes bo less bad you're still going to have some bo.

Because you know you're a living human and you got bacteria in your pits and your bits but it bo is much less intense on a carnivore diet we both noticed that um especially foot odor yeah foot odor is just 90 gone it just your feet don't stink anymore if you've got those feet where.

You take your shoes off and it clears the room carnivore will make that so much better that you can you can take your shoes off on an airplane and no one will even know who else has experienced the decrease in bo put it in the comments so we can 100 share that with you guys julie can you talk about oral lichen.

Planus recommendations same thing as uh liking sclerosis we were talking about earlier partly autoimmune partly inflammatory partly medical science still doesn't know a lot about it but if you want to eat a very uninflammatory diet a very low carb diet that's going to keep your insulin level in a good normal spot and your markers.

Of inflammation in a good normal spot that's keto or carnivore uh mikko hey dr berry i transitioned into carnivore recently i develop insomnia i don't think i'm going to see results if i'm not sleeping well thank you yeah some people for it when they start keto or when they start carnivore.

It's almost like the the high carb of your previous diet was like somebody who has two shots of tequila before bedtime to help get to sleep that's not good rest for sleep but when you stop that alcohol you may have a few nights of insomnia and when you stop the carbs you may have a few nights but it's not going to be long term it's just going to be a.

Few nights and then you'll be back on a good normal sleep schedule tired looking for a name oh okay you just gave up uh dear dr barry any suggestions on why triglycerides went up from 82 to 110 while on omad keto carnivore-ish in three months my a1c is 4.8 staying away from carbs any ideas yeah.

So your triglyceride level just like your heart rate just like your blood sugar is going to constantly be going up and down based on what you've eaten how long ago you ate 82 is normal and beautiful 110 is normal and beautiful anything that's under 140 150 is a win yeah your a1c is exemplary 4.8.

You keep doing exactly what you're doing you're not doing anything wrong shayla tried keto for two months had menstrual cramps so bad i thought it was in labor pain meds didn't help what could help with this i would say that that was probably coincidental uh it may be that the high.

Carb diet was kind of masking your pain just like before we circumcise a little baby boy we give them some sugar drops because it literally acts as an anesthetic and calms down the pain receptors uh but your menstrual cramps are actually going to get better after you've completely become fat adapted.

Keto adapted and transitioned but you might have a month or two where your cramps are worse but that's not going to be long term you what do you think about that yeah i feel like that maybe was a coincidence yeah is that yeah we never hear that every every woman on keto says my cramps are less severe my.

Period is less of a big deal but if you're worried about it you can always make an appointment with your ob gyn just to have a checkup i mean yeah oh granny barry's watching my 91 year old grandmother is watching on the youtube machine from down in alabama you guys tell granny berry hi she loves it when you do.

That hopefully everyone is okay down south i know some of you probably that normally watch aren't watching but we're thinking about you in louisiana over a million without power and now it was 700 000 what's up well that's the same so anyways the thing about y'all too is usually we have a lot of people from louisiana and from.

Alabama watching so uh for the person asking earlier kyle walker is right u.s wellness meets has good names or you could do like shelley did and raise your own black angus cow if you've got an acre or two and then you've got meat for a year thanks holly for the sticks.

Wow so many comments tonight you guys are blowing it up tommy says you rock doc oh thanks a lot tommy teresa i don't have a gallbladder i'm chronically constipated no matter how much how much fat i eat so teresa you need to get some of keto chow's magnesium drops and you're going to start out with the.

Dose it says right on the back how much you should take a day and you're going to keep slowly increasing that dose each day until your constipation goes away now this is assuming that you've already seen your doctor about your constipation and made sure there's no serious medical problem causing it but if it's from diet if it's from just a lazy colon then.

Enough magnesium and i promise you the thunder will roll mg is it safe to fast for three days while on trt from tanzania in north africa man i want to go to north africa bad yeah it's fine uh trt stands for thyroid replacement therapy and uh yeah if you if you've got extra stored fat and you.

Want to get rid of that faster doing a three-day fast is a great tool and there's no reason why you couldn't fast on trt i gore all right gori says just finished a two-week water only fast a1c was 12.1 now it is 10.5 my fasting glucose was 251. now it's 105. however.

My astm alt went up why would that be and my ketones are at 80 and ferritin 615 is this bad yeah so your a1c is moving in a beautiful direction your blood sugar is almost back to normal sometimes with a longer fast you can have a temporary bump in ast and alt which are liver enzyme tests this is transitory that's and and make sure.

You've talked to your doctor and you don't have a an undiscovered liver issue like hepatitis that you didn't know you had or something like that but if it's just from the the two-week fast that's going to go without testosterone not thyroid is what he was talking about thyroid replacement oh.

Testosterone you said thyroid oh i meant testosterone replacement therapy yeah okay i thought i said that yeah no it's totally fine to fast uh but uh let's see yeah check with your doctor make sure there's nothing else going on but this should be transitory they should go right back down to normal and stay normal.

Uh the ferritin i wouldn't worry about the ketones at 80 i'm not sure how you're testing that if you're using a urine test strip that's not very reliable so i wouldn't trust that number maybe different in another country yeah they they may use different i don't know nadia this is a great question if you're.

Trying to get pregnant would regular 48 to 72 hour fast stress the body negatively probably yeah if you're trying to get pregnant you need to be eating two or three big meals full of fatty meat every day you want your body to you don't want your body to think there's a famine okay.

You don't want your body to think that this is rough times tough times tight times you want your body to think that food is plentiful and abundant that's how you're going to get pregnant plus sex of course obviously obviously all right brandy says i just passed my.

Three-year anniversary doing keto carnivore and my hdl hadn't moved one point until my most recent set of tests last month it went from 39 to 46. yeah all these different lab tests it sometimes takes months or even years for your body to heal enough to allow them to move back up into the in the right zone i'm so glad you stuck with it.

Brandi you're still reaping new rewards from keto carnivore that's awesome click it vikram what's the reason for increased urination when you're on keto and carnivores when you first start keto or carnivore your insulin level and your blood sugar level are going to go back down to normal and that's a signal to your body that.

You don't need all that unhealthy stored fluid some people pee off 5 10 15 even 20 pounds when they first start keto carnivore now this this is not going to continue you're just going to do this initially and then your urination pattern will go back to normal caming can you tell us if protein.

Powders are good for you protein powders are not as good for you as the ultimate protein source which is meat eat your meat candy okay eat your eggs eat real food that's what you need to do now uh protein powder some of the protein powders are not bad but they're still.

They're never ever as good for you as eating real meat and real eggs paul we need a directory of good keto and carnivore doctors it's so hard to weed through them well i've got a youtube video about how to find a low-carb doctor near you and and there's six websites you can put your zip code in no matter where you are in.

The world paul what was the the bear in the movie's name ted ted yeah but this is paul uh and but you so put it watch the video put your zip code in and find a low-carb doctor because any low-carb doctor is going to understand keto and carnivore great.

All right susan texas rich why is it normal to not poop every day when you're carnivore i'm not uncomfortable but it's been two days so i'm just checking it's very common for a carnivore to poop every other day or even every second day or to have one tiny poop once a day it's very common.

Because you're not eating any waste you're just eating pure nutrition when you're eating meat and eggs so you're not going to have as much poop i just want to ann wants to know what your feelings are about blue cheese my feelings are love for blue cheese what are your.

Things um yeah it's one of my favorites yeah um but if you're asking like is it okay it kind of depends i think it's one of the better cheeses probably because it is aged and full fat real blue cheese is a gift from the creator stinky good way joel.

Two months on ketoborn i've lost 17 pounds have chronic gout i still have painful flares in my lower legs and foot especially the last two weeks should i keep taking my lauric and culture culture so only take the colchizine when you're having a severe flare-up colchizine is an anti-inflammatory that's pretty rough on.

Your kidneys so if you're just having mild and moderate joint pain do not take the colchicine plus it will give you the squirts uh and then the euleric you might want to keep taking that for now until you've had all of the oxalate dumping that some uh carnivore experts think that that goes on.

And that so that you also that your uric acid levels had a chance to calm down and it might not go back to normal but just having high uric acid does not mean you have gout it also doesn't mean you're going to have a gout attack so i would continue the uh now and only take the coltrazine as needed for severe pain.

Rebecca why would fasting cause diarrhea both during and after my first meal yeah it's very common for people to have a little diarrhea and i think it's just because your the gut bacteria are just not getting the carbs that they want and so it's kind of a protest down there they're all got their little picket signs saying.

Hell no we want donuts and you're not giving them carbs and so they're just like fine we'll go on strike and give you some diarrhea rebecca meals while fasting yeah yes it's it's temporary it's not going to be permanent but then also after you your first meal after a longer fast.

You need to just eat a small meal like maybe one scrambled egg and then give your tummy time to adjust to eating again and then eat a bigger meal because if you eat a big meal initially after a long fast you will have some stomach upset and maybe even some diarrhea but that shouldn't continue as you continue to fast rebecca that should go away.

Granny barry i hope you're saying all these hellos to you you getting a lot of them edmond is keto and ketosis okay during pregnancy 100 okay human beings for the first uh 200 000 years of our existence on this.

Planet were in ketosis almost every single day of every year and they all got pregnant had babies breast fed and then they fed their babies fatty meat heavy keto diets and they grew up and then they got pregnant and then they breastfed and you're here edmund.

I love that he uses that analogy but let's like bring it in a little bit to today all right so there are many many many women doing keto and even carnivore during their pregnancies safely having beautiful babies that are healthy they are healthy their pregnancies go really really well they breastfeed.

Really well i'm one of those people i did it during my pregnancy it ran great this is definitely safe eating a whole foods based low processed sugar diet uh that just sounds great doesn't it but like you could even go as far as carnivore and people have and women have and it's just.

Fine our good friend kelly hogan you're wearing her shirt yeah she has she meets three babies she was 100 carnivore beautiful intelligent babies and that's that's what babies are made of it's fatty meat that you eat terry insects we know terry says corner for two years down 92.

Pounds i started element electrolytes the past four days of having itchy legs and swelling is it the few veggies i added or is it the element yes it could be either it could be the one terry you're going to have to do you get to be a citizen scientist and you get to try a month with no lmnt and leave the.

Veggies and then a month with the veggies and no lmnt and see what what was causing the itchiness now it could have been a coincidence you may it may just go away no matter whether you continue those or not but it could have been an oxalate or a phytate or lectin in the veggies or it may be something in the lmnt although.

Their product is pretty pretty clean dn are highly or slightly high calcium levels dangerous is too much dairy causing this yeah you can't eat enough dairy or drink enough milk to raise your calcium level it doesn't work that way if your calcium level is even one-tenth of a point high.

You need to go talk to a doctor and if your doctor actually like oh it's no big deal then you need to go to another doctor and say hey i need you to check my parathyroid glands and i need you to make sure i don't have cancer okay and 99 of the time you have a parathyroid gland that's acting up the doctor can diagnose that.

With some additional tests and they can remove it if they need to and then your calcium levels will go back to normal it's super common for somebody to have undiagnosed hyper parathyroidism and they'll their calcium level will be one tenth two tenths of a point high they're an increased risk of kidney stones of body aches and fatigue.

They're just not feeling well i always feel like something's off and it's because your parathyroid gland is acting up so make sure your doctor checks that but it's not the dairy mark says i keep listening to your first book it keeps me motivated we haven't talked about your book in a really long time you want to talk about your book.

For a minute no no thank you mark where is it is it over there i don't even know where it is that's embarrassing there's a copy of it around here somewhere yeah it's called lies my doctor told me have any of you guys read that if you if you haven't read it it's on.

Amazon you can actually also listen to it as an audible and he's not the one reading it no i didn't i'm not the voice this time but the next book i'm working on i will read the audible version i promise you even if i have to fly to las vegas to record it uh but if you have.

Read or listened to lies my doctor told me and you forgot to do this please leave a honest review on amazon for the book because that helps that helps to push it out to new people christmas is coming it makes a wonderful gift also a great gift for your doctor or your dietitian they may not appreciate it initially but.

Eventually they'll appreciate it i know a lot of you have done that because you've told us that you've taken it to your doctor and they write they uh some with good results some with drama yeah but for the most part they were open to it all right greg says i'm keto mainly carnivore for a year i felt my strength.

And power slip energy levels are lower than they've ever been i eat at least one to one protein ratio fatty meats organs and eggs uh eight grams of salt bone meal and collagen excellent sounds like you're doing everything right greg it's time to go see your doctor and get some lab work check and see.

What's going on with you because keto and carnivore are amazing diets but they do not make you immortal or bulletproof you're still a human being and you can still have medical problems you need to get that checked out i hear a little baby terry the farm animals are doing great we now have 24 uh saint croix sheep and they're doing.

Great they're getting fat on all the grass in my pasture doga is out there with the sheep he's the guard dog come baby i want to kiss you come to me oh he's going to play piano play it let's hear it come here play that piano are you gonna come say hi.

No yeah no he's he's in a mood he isn't him i can tell bobby says what is the best strategy for weaning your blood pressure medications and can i liver every day so bobby get a home blood pressure cuff that checks up here.

Not on your wrist you're going to check your blood pressure twice a day write that number down you're only going to check it when you're calm and relaxed you're going to wait one hour after you wake up in the morning to check it so you get rid of the dawn effect and you're going to write those numbers down then when you've got two weeks of that.

You're going to go see your doctor and say hey look at my beautiful blood pressure readings let's decrease the medication or stop one altogether you're going to do this with your doctor okay because if you stop some blood pressure medicines too abruptly you can either have problems or even.

Rebound hypertension so you want to record your reading so your doctor feels comfortable stopping or decreasing the dosage of a blood pressure medicine and yes you can eat liver every day if you love it hey baby what do you do what you want to climb up there.

Not right now no only loki climbs up there you can't climb high uh barb says what do you think about nutritional yeast uh i love you barb but i think nutritional yeast is a waste of money there's no reason to do that if you're eating a proper human diet you want lychee.

Maybe you love it you can get your pancakes ethan said it says how to gain weight from a carnivore i have a low bmi so ethan you're not going to gain fat on a carnivore diet there's only two things you can gain fat or muscle if you want to gain muscle you're going to start lifting heavy weights and that can.

Include body weight with squats and dead lifts and push-ups and chin-ups and sit-ups or you can buy some weights or you can join the gym but if you want to gain weight on carnivore you want to gain muscle you got to work out darren says that's fine.

Love all the info you put out in your videos my wife was recently told by our doctor that she has sludge in her gallbladders any suggestions to help 100 darren now it's going to hurt for her to do this but it's not going to be dangerous and it will fix her gallbladder sludge situation she needs to start eating more.

Fat with every meal and and don't eat don't just go get a bacon triple cheeseburger and eat it without the bun because that might be too fat to start or start with you're going to slowly ramp up her fat each day a little more fast and that's going to make her gallbladder contract and when it contracts some of.

That sludge is going to come out and since it's not liquid it's a tiny little cystic duct that's got to go through it's going to hurt it's going to feel like a cramp in her right upper belly but if she doesn't have stones there's no danger from doing this because after a week or two of doing that she's going to have pushed all the.

Sludge out of her gallbladder and she's going to have strengthened her gallbladder wall and then her gallbladder will be healthy and sledge-free and she will feel great and she will thank you and she will kiss you on your mouth and she will tell you to tell me thank you all right agora hey the ketone results.

Were from a urine test at the lab at kaiser the results standard said one to four but mine said 80. yeah so that's that's just a urine dip test it's not very accurate at all uh if you i don't recommend igor that you even need to check your ketones but if you want to you need to get a ketometer like keto mojo that you check.

Your blood ketones that's that's the kind of way you're going to check your ketones jennifer i've been carnivore two and a half months i was 140 when i started i'm now at 115 i now have ravenous hunger when i eat is this because i've depleted my fat stores and the hunger has increased so much.

Maybe it could be yeah but what i want you to do jennifer is i want you to embrace your hunger and i want you to eat like a damn carnivore okay you that's this is this is your one of the many rewards of being a carnivore and getting your body weight down to the ideal range is you get to.

Eat like you mean it you get to enjoy it you get to be like i'm about to smash that rib eye and maybe half of another one enjoy this is it yeah you've reached the promised land of body fat percentage and the ability to eat when you're hungry and eat like you mean it.

Vowels venture can bone spur pain go away on keto carnivore i've been suffering with pain in the heel and i do have a bone spur any supplements that help this yeah so you definitely you got to go keto a carnivore pick the one that sounds best for you vows.

And uh stick with it get on and stick with it because it's going to help lower the inflammation the spur is not actually the thing that's causing you the pain it's the plantar fasciitis the spur is your body's attempt to try to calcify that fascia and and support it and make it better but what you're going to do is remove the.

Inflammation by eating a very uninflammatory ketogenic or carnivore diet so yeah we've had many many people say that their bone spur or their plantar fasciitis the pain just went away when they started eating a proper human diet kelly i have hashimoto's and my doctor.

Prescribed compounded t4 she won't prescribe in dt because she says it will make my hashimoto's flare up is her theory valid i don't think so no it's not valid uh but if the compound is t4 if it's real t4 i don't really have a problem with that but um yeah that hurt yeah no she's wrong.

Hey you know analym i have stage three uh ckd can i stick with keto i've lost 57 pounds since uh january 21. doctor said it wasn't reversible doctor's kidney diet is much different than keto yeah you definitely will benefit greatly from eating a ketogenic diet your kidney function is either going to stay stable.

Which is a victory or your kidney function is going to improve and maybe even go back to stage two chronic kidney disease which is a great victory uh i don't know which diet your doctor recommended but i can almost guess it's it's a plant-based high carb diet that's just going to make your kidney function.

Worse now paul now paul you don't love my voice that's exactly what she said in so many words like 90 of the people were like why didn't you read your own book you weirdo yeah they all everybody wants me to read.

It but i do take your point paul it's well taken it is yeah we're we're aware uh haru glory nisha how do you make baby becca eat meat we don't make him he just get it he freaking loves it i mean that's pretty much what he's known since the beginning is a meat-based wavy you know he has veggies every now and then.

And he has berries every now and then and he has a pear from the pear you have a pear tree he has eaten a pear but he prefers meat if i put all the things on a plate and let him pick most of the time when he's truly hungry he's going to eat me what is your question to him in the morning after you all get up what do you want.

And he says either sausage or bacon every morning every he never says i think i want some toast or i want some lucky charms he never says that he says that's right he doesn't know because we're good parents and we would never feed him that chemical factory made crap just because look don't say bad parents okay maybe they just don't i didn't say.

They're bad parents i just said we're good parents that's not a judgment on you pooty tang that's just that's a judgment on us all right do the best you can that's right do the best you can yeah thanks for the super chats you guys life of wait what life of rats live for brad.

What can i do for prostatitis i actually have a youtube video about uh uh prostate hypertrophy now if you have in infection in your prostate you need to go see your doctor and get on a round of antibiotics and fix that but but if it's just uh prostate hypertrophy or overgrowth it's getting too big and causing urinary.

Symptoms watch my youtube video that'll help you greatly ancestral keto coach i hated eating veggies as a kid my instincts are right exactly i think didn't we all april thanks to you i learned how to keto carnivore without a gallbladder 25 years of ivs and celiac miseries all.

Gone thank you from the bottom 100 you do not need a gallbladder to do keto or carnivore 100 you can do it thanks for the super stickers guys i just want to shout out ken for the bacon bacon that's right all right terry down 92 pounds in two years 80 pounds.

More to go been stalled since january so eight months switch to keto was this a mistake should i stay in meat or is it okay to try veggies well terry let's talk about this you you've stalled and to you that feels like a loss that feels like uh oh my god i've i've somehow failed.

Uh that means you haven't gained any weight terry that's a good thing okay remember how he used to before you started this way of eating you could just look into the kitchen and gain a pound you ain't doing that no more so that's a great victory right off the bat uh go try keto for a month or two because.

Now terry you understand the proper human diet you're never going to be tricked again and so if you if you say okay i'm gonna add back in some veggies eat 20 or 30 total grams of carbs a day and if you start to gain a pound or two a week it's a good experiment for you to do because you'll be like okay i need to be.

A carnivore because as soon as you switch back to carnivore that weight's going to come right back off so what might happen is you may have healed your metabolism enough that you now can eat 20 or 30 total grams of carbs a day good quality ketocarbs and not have any weight gain and continue to have weight loss but.

This is an experiment you get to to do and i don't want you to be afraid oh my god i might gain weight because i promise you if you keep doing this those 92 pounds ain't never coming back ever okay you might gain a pound or two that's okay because that's information you'll learn from that go okay i need to stick to carnivore so uh do the.

Experiment and let us know how it turns out marlon wants to know can i eat two rib eyes every other day with alternate day fasting 100 you can eat three ribeyes marion yes ned i've lost a lot of weight with low carb.

However as before the weight loss i wake up in the middle of the night with anxiety also i wake up in the morning depressed yep any advice uh you need to find watch every youtube video by a psychiatrist by the name of dr georgia e ede okay and then also you need to go see your doctor or your psychologist or your.

Psychiatrist sometimes some very few people actually have a real uh mental health problem that they need medicine for it's very rare actually once people are eating a proper human diet but you're already doing that and so uh yeah i would touch base with your doctor and don't just blindly take appeal if.

That's all they offer just say look i'm not here for a pill i just want to make sure you know everything's okay maybe i can try some therapy cognitive behavioral therapy helps a lot of people with your symptoms and uh watch georgia eat she'll help you with mental health cause you're just.

Doing low carb so that means you still haven't cut a lot of things out for people with mental health issues we tend to do better when we're on high protein high fat less veggies doesn't mean you can't have any but you might try 90 days of carnivore yeah yeah and see how that does yeah yeah all right let's take a few more.

Questions almost the end wow that went by really fast this is i've seen this a few times joshua joshua says i keep hearing too much liver is bad due to high vitamin a should i be concerned about eating too much liver no you should not and let me tell you what.

You'll hear this from doctors even the nutritionist will say oh don't eat too much liver you might get vitamin a toxic do you know that i have searched the medical literature and the nutrition literature from top to bottom i cannot find a single recorded case of someone developing vitamin a toxicity from eating chicken liver beef liver cod.

Liver turkey liver sheep's liver goose liver it has not happened either it's not ever happened where nobody's ever written up a case study which would be weird because doctors love to publish case studies and get popes in literature uh i don't know of an example of it ever happening.

Don't eat polar bear liver don't eat puffer fish liver because they are very very high in vitamin a and they you there's actually a recorded case of a guy getting vitamin a toxicity from eating poor bare liver but you can eat liver two or three times a week and you never.

Ever have to worry about vitamin a toxicity we know many many people who eat liver every single day and they've done that for years and they have never had vitamin a toxicity oh and i just i found out a fun fact for you you know you we were talking last week about how you felt like you know liver because you make a kill and you're like well there's.

Not much liver you know and so how's the tribe going to eat liver every day you know how much an elephant's liver weighs is there an elephant in america there used to be actually yeah okay they used to be mastodons mammoths and elephants in america for a long time and that's what we hunted and that's what we.

Ate the average elephant liver weighs 170 pounds what's that in kilograms oh you don't know oh okay so i know more than you no i can do that i'm just playing but so you can imagine if you dropped a big mastodon you're talking about 150 pound liver that's enough for the tribe to have liver every.

Day for a while yeah that's the point in 5000 bc whatever okay you you guys understand what i'm throwing down over here all right let's see harry oh did we answer that one or did you distract me by some random fact yeah michelle sorry michelle methane positive.

Sibo breath test after three years of keto when your carnivorous suggestions functional medicine doctor recommends antibiotics at a holistic diet what does that even mean my first question uh would be michelle do you still have symptoms of sibo and if you're like well no i was just checking to see if i still had it then i would.

Completely ignore every every other thing you just said even the methane positive sibo breath test but if you're still having symptoms then you you might need a round of antibiotics followed by a good round of good quality probiotics i don't even know what a holistic diet is you need to eat a proper human diet which is either keto low carb carnivore.

Full of real food uh that that's never going to make you have sibo you have sibo from your old transgressions peritones what's your stance on sugar-free energy drinks um i mean if you need one occasionally i think it's probably okay if you're needing uh one or two or three every day i think that's probably a problem what do you think.

About that i think there are worse things but there are most certainly better things i like that i think a lot of people use them in transition i think that's fine but yeah like he said if you're drinking them three times a day every single day probably not optimum yeah you know if you've got a problem with them.

Per period do you have a problem with them because if you do you need to work on that costas i lost weight out on keto i do keto carnivore and went to 4 000 calories to gain back some weight excessive fat i need to consume brings me on diarrhea if you have any advice yeah.

Uh costas you're gonna have trouble gaining weight on a carnivore diet the only way you're gonna be able to do that is by lifting weights and gaining muscle and making your bones more dense and strong that's how you're gonna put on weight uh i i don't think you're gonna be able to eat enough fatty meat to just gain fat on a.

Carnivore diet i'd love it if somebody would prove me wrong but i've yet to see that happen lift your weights make your muscles sherry thank you for your advice and no veggies how long do you suggest staying on meat and eggs for autoimmune disorders for so i have an autoimmune disorder.

For me it took me going at least six weeks to really get my gut fixed and the leaky gut and all of those things once you do that then for you since you have an autoimmune issue bringing things back one at a time is going to be the best way to figure out what things you can.

Bring back you want things you can bring back sometimes and what things you just really need to stay away from so clean it up for four to six eight weeks if you can and then start bringing things back one at a time sherry there's almost always a list of 20 30 things that you can bring back and not have any flare up at all but you just got to you.

Got to do on and off tests until you figure out oh yeah i can eat that but i i need to avoid that yeah just listen to your body and not only like oh this made me feel bloated but how are you sleeping how was your brain fog how was your pain like all the things you know creed.

What would be optimal range for vitamin c and what's the best source on carnivore if you can't do dairy or eggs so there's a little um there's a little vitamin c in fresh meat and there's a lot of vitamin c in liver and uh i we know hundreds if not thousands of carnivores who have not eaten a fruit or a berry or.

A veggie in years and their vitamin c level is just fine so if you're eating fresh meat which means not basically hard tack which is like dried beef jerky if you're eating real fresh meat you're going to get some vitamin c and the other thing is on a carnivore diet you don't need nearly as much vitamin c as.

You need if you're eating a high carb diet this isn't really a question a cat but she said just ate a half a pound of brisket burnt end and two beef ribs with no sauce yeah man that's it and you guys get to do that on a proper human diet you can eat like a man even if you're a woman.

Eat like a like a lager eat like paul bunyan and it's going to be okay you get to enjoy it and not feel guilty all right guys that's it for this episode of monday night live we will be back next week same place same time every monday 7 central standard time right here on youtube and on facebook.

But uh yeah come hang out with us every single week because we are here absolutely feel free to share this with a friend or family member who you think it might help and if you'd like to join our private community on patreon there's a link down in the show notes we do three extra live q and a's with with not with 3 000.

People watching so you actually get all your questions answered yeah yeah there's there's typically 100 or 200 people watching the video so every question gets answered over there uh there's a link down in the show notes thank you so much to our patrons and our facebook supporters hit the thumb on the way out and go subscribe to my channel.

I'm fixing to hit 80 000 subscribers over there so if you want to come hang out and be part of uh what i eat in a day vlogs come hang out with me over there and check out her podcast there's a link in the show notes thanks so much guys see you next week
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