Proper Human Diet/Fasting Q&A

Proper Human Diet/Fasting Q&A

Proper Human Diet/Fasting Q&A

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Well hello tribe wow it's so good to have you with us this evening for the next edition of monday night live oh yeah baby that's right that's right so grab a keto munchie don't forget to remind your mama that we're live right now because you know.

She always forgets and we're gonna try for the next hour to answer as many questions as we can and i might occasionally go off on an educational tangent but only if i think that it will help you the viewer i promise like he said we try to answer as many as possible it's impossible.

To answer all of them within an hour but we do our best so yeah just keep that in mind and if you have specific questions that you really need answers to i'm going to tell you at the end of this video how you can get access to a more in-depth question and answer with nation i uh just stick around to.

The end and we'll talk about that first i want to say hello where are you watching from where in the world are you right now what city what state what country where are you at first and foremost then i want to congratulate american gypsy son dakota who's 13 years old.

And has used a proper human diet to reverse his type 2 diabetes that he had already contracted as a 13 year old and also to lose 30 pounds of unhealthy stored fats so congratulations dakota well done tell your friends how you did it american gypsy i know you're very proud whoa look at all the places man you guys.

Are blowing it up all over the world i can't even read them they're going by so fast alabama texas omaha nebraska seriously utah wow you guys are crazy out there we're only live on youtube tonight so if you've got.

A buddy who always watches us on facebook send them a text or something and tell them only on youtube tonight we're we're slowly migrating away from the fb uh and not for any particular reason but just out of our an abundance of caution because we don't.

Want to get it also it's easier to see your questions yeah we get to see every single question when we do it this way clarksville tennessee hey neighbor louisville kentucky we were just there anaheim nice cincinnati heartsele elephant churchfield tennessee hey neighbor.

I love it somebody candace from canada is in the house all right beautiful thailand beautiful beautiful let's see uh i saw a few questions go by about hair loss anytime you're losing weight quickly you're going to have some hair loss if you have a baby you're going to have a hair loss if you go through a super.

Stressful time in your life you're going to have hair loss that's normal i've got a youtube video that goes into much more detail about that but if you're using keto ketovoir carnivore low carb or any diet to lose weight very quickly you're going to have some hair loss that's completely normal and expected all doctors know this or should know this.

Check out my youtube video for more information about that also if you haven't already make sure you hit the thumb button the like button down here in this area that just lets youtube know that you know we're kind of doing something cool over here and maybe they want to suggest it to other people yeah the more interaction the more they.

Send it out thank you steve cole for the super chat holly too thank you holly for the super chat manny from the philippines is in the house okay let's see um first of all we got we got 1200 in here now so i'm going to tell you i want to give you update about reversed the docu-series about reversing type 2.

Diabetes with keto and intermittent fasting you can watch it on glued i just slapped a cat on the butt you can watch it on glued tv gl glew ed tv nation's going to type in the comments but down in the in the show notes you can also watch it on and i've got a link to the first two episodes on.

Your health network i think is what it is but you'll see it down in the in the show notes there's two episodes up now on your health there's one episode up on glue tv and they're going to release one new episode each week i hate when they do that nish and i are trying to be something we.

Were like okay yeah okay let's watch the next one she's like next week it's like i feel like i'm in 1992 what do you mean next week anything else any other announcement uh not right now not right now i've got a few more but we'll save them let's.

Answer some questions let's answer some questions all right guys you got any over there that you let's see yeah grammy type 2 diabetes is 100 reversible there's julie from sydney australia here's a question okay that's what you got that's.

Right there oh right here uh you're gonna have to hold it my sister-in-law just got diagnosed with lupus can you please tell me if there's a proper human diet they can help her i've been trying to tell her but i don't think that she believes me yeah and she may not believe you for a while but any autoimmune condition whether it's lupus whether.

It's ms uh whether it's rheumatoid arthritis or psoriasis they all respond to eating a proper human diet now i'm not saying that a proper human diet is going to cure your sister's lupus but what i am telling you is it's going to make her have fewer flare-ups and when she does have a flare-up it's going to be less.

Severe it's probably going to slow down the overall progression as well all right brian brian ws as i started out atr 400 and today i'm 240 oh 400 pounds and today he's lost down to 240 pounds that's 160 pounds brian dang just finished a seven day fast sunday.

I'm scheduled to get my blood work done for my yearly physical on friday is this too soon after my seven day fast no brian as long as you've eaten you you only want to fast for 12 hours uninterrupted before you have fasting lab work done if you fast more than 12 hours this goes for all you guys.

Then it can actually make some of your numbers appear pathologically abnormal but only fast for 12 hours after you uh before you have fasting blood work drawn let me switch to you because my comments are going slower than yours yeah you're.

Going to have to do the comments our two female cats are still getting used to each other and they're they're working on yeah there's no bloodshed but they still have a little discussion every now and then okay we got one here we go okay let's do it tired looking for a name you've been here before i remember.

What should a pregnant woman on keto do when she is suggested to go through the screening for gestational diabetes so the sugar water basically tests yeah yeah so go ahead you got that so you can go through it if you want to.

But if you are going to have a hospital birth which most um women are most ob gyns are okay as long as you're monitoring your sugars for like a week and then reporting back and they'll be able to use that in your documentation or you can get a cgm and that will also be able to track your glucose you can give it to your.

Provider otherwise it it's i had to do it because i had a midwife birth so i'm just trying to talk to your provider and show them some research and say hey shouldn't this just be as good and most of them are going to be like yeah that's fine we just need to know your blood sugars are in order yep uh gerbera says.

Is the carnivore diet hard on the kidneys now what's hard on the kidneys is a high carbohydrate diet that keeps your blood sugar high and your insulin chronically high that's what's hard on the kidneys if you're going to do it then i need to do it over here okay all right just let this one go okay all right.

Hector doing strict carnivore i'm concerned about consuming too much iron eating organs such as liver my iron was already elevated before carnivore should i donate blood and use edta to lower my arm yeah if you'll just donate blood three or four times a year that's going to get your iron back down to normal you may have undiagnosed hemochromatosis uh.

Just keep in mind human beings have been eating a diet full of meat and organ meat for ever since we've been on this planet so it doesn't make any sense that that's what's causing your iron to be hot you may have a genetic predisposition to just store extra iron uh you may have hemochromatosis that's undiagnosed.

There's several other conditions that can do this as well but it's not eating the proper human diet that's not what's doing it hey chrome girls two questions can phd aid in asthma reduction and are children with autism able to benefit with proper human diet love you both from texas oh 100 so first of all asthma i've got a youtube video.

Talking about asthma and copd uh we've had thousands of people reach out to us and comments and say man when i'm eating keto or carnivore i don't even have to use my inhalers my breathing is so much better that goes for asthma and copd and then autism just watch the movie the magic pill.

If you want to know what a proper human diet can do with autism uh it's almost a magical transformation for some of these kids with autism sandy 53 year old disabled female keto for two years lost 60 pounds and kept it off fasting for 18 hours a1c is 4.9 glucose is 102. doc said i was.

Pre-diabetic you might have used to bend but with a1c a 4.9 honey you ain't you ain't pre-diabetic no more you got a beautiful a1c michelle msg and red pepper seasoning on my pork cracklins is this okay on carnivore or is this bad i'd leave off the msg and just stick with the pepper and what don't yeah she's buying them.

That's what she said it contains msg yeah yeah try to find some without msg and then it makes really good pork rinds yeah ep i see you can get them at whole foods and sprouts and sometimes sometimes walmart depending on your area jc says did did you all go through oxalate dumping i didn't i did neesha did a.

Little bit some people do some people don't tell us in the comments you guys did you did you have an episode you thought was maybe oxalate dumping as you got rid of the junk food and converted to to keto ketovora carnivore i did not but some people do aaron says what's the right way to supplement iron for hypovolemia induced anemia.

Menorah almost all of 2021 has got me down the best supplement in the world for iron deficiency anemia is liver either chicken liver pork liver sheep's liver goose liver calf liver uh and red meat there's no pill in the pharmacy that's going to correct your iron deficiency anemia faster than than that red meat.

And liver that's it julia i'm carnivore for three months don't want to lose weight i eat six ounces of steak and two eggs daily on five foot seven will this be a problem since it's so low calorie six ounces of steak and two eggs daily i don't know your current weight so i don't i don't know if you're eating enough food or not if you will eat until.

You're comfortably stuffed then that's all you have to worry about okay one or two meals a day eat until you can't eat another bite chad my co-worker said that meat is hard for my body to digest is there any truth to this yeah no chad that's complete ignorance not on your part but on whoever said that i've got a youtube.

Video uh called does meat rot in your colon and it'll tell you just how much trouble your gut has with digesting meat uh a spoiler alert none none at all unless you're taking a a very strong acid blocker the meat is dissolved within an hour completely dissolved into a liquid called chyme it's a gross sounding word in it time.

Says can you recommend a quality cbd oil product that i can just buy online and i'll subscribe to a company or group hemp or cannabis brand is fine as i am in canada what do you say about that uh if paula is watching she could tell you around i use young living which you can actually just buy one time you don't.

Actually have to subscribe or become a member it's available to canada i think now at first it wasn't but i think you can but you can just go and buy one time at retail price you don't have to subscribe that's the brand that i use and it works for me rini says should a person who survived a hemorrhagic stroke be on a statin there is absolutely no.

Research that exists on the planet rini that shows that a statin is in any way helpful for someone who's had a hemorrhagic stroke in the past so there's no medical indication for that shelly high calcium on recent labs doc wanted to watch it now above 11 finally ordered a scan and andenoma surgery consult scheduled.

Thanks for the video there you go you got it that's it any any of you guys if your calcium is either one even one tenth of a point above the normal range you never watch that that needs to be investigated that's either a a hyperparathyroid or it's an adenoma there's something going on if your calcium is is even one-tenth above.

Normal just a friendly reminder none of this is medical advice this is for entertainment and education absolutely so you guys know sally sodium is low normal normal bp and potassium renin is low aldosterone is mid-range and ald renin ratio is high why would renin be low yeah there's multiple multiple.

Reasons settling why your uranium level could be low um keep working with your doctor on that if your sodium was low you definitely need to eat more salt and see if you're on any sodium depleting medications pepe says new to the channel considering removing all oils from my diet and switching to just yellow and butter i.

Would love to hear your comments use mostly animal fats very rarely do we use any oil so mostly tallow bacon fat duck fat those type of things is what we butter ghee that's what we use to cook in if you guys just want to use a plant oil there's four that i would even give the time of day that's coconut oil palm oil.

Avocado oil and olive oil those are the only four i would ever put in my mouth ever but be careful of the quality do your research yep brittany hey youtube my mother has been keto for over a year lost 60 pounds for hdl 68 triplets right 67 but her ldl is 180 her doctor wants to put her on a statin any thought yeah i've got several youtube videos that'll.

Help you make that decision watch some videos by dr david diamond a phd researcher all he does is research about cholesterol jill i take one teaspoon of keto minerals daily massive charlie horses one to two times a day i thought last one was gonna kill me should i take more mineral drops what's so what do you.

Think is wrong yeah you can keep increasing your electrolyte intake up until the point where you get a little looseness in your stools and that means you pretty much max out if you keep having these cramps you need to see your doctor because there are arterial blockages and other medical conditions that can lead to muscle cramps also.

Don't forget that if you're not getting enough salt in your diet it can also lead to muscle cramps derrick says i'm a diabetic and i'm trying low carb diet is it okay to substitute protein shakes in between my meals as snacks when i get hungry yeah if you're needing a snack in between meals you're still either you have a carbohydrate addiction or you.

Have some stress in your life that you need to deal with directly or you need to eat more during your meals when you're actually eating don't portion control don't calorie restrict eat until you're comfortably stuck since you're new it could be that you're just not fat adapted also so if you want a snack it would be best to do.

Something that's higher fat snacks so bacon or pork rinds something like that protein shakes usually don't have enough fat or if they do um you got to be careful with what kind of fats you put in there you'll be in the restroom so just keep that in mind yep bill says how do you feel about raw.

Cow's milk i drink a glass in the morning then i eat meat later in the day uh bill the reason mammals make milk and give it to their babies is so they can gain weight and get bigger as fast as possible that's why mammals give their babies milk so if you want to gain weight and get it big as fast as possible then.

Raw cow's milk will help you do that now i do think that raw cow's milk is less bad than the homogenized pasteurized supermarket milk but i do not think it's appropriate for an adult human to drink um cow's milk it's it's gonna it's gonna make you gain weight that's what it's for danita says how do you feel about.

Very potent capsaicin pills i took a couple a few days in a row and thought perhaps it had an effect on my nerves does this sound silly i i've never had any experience with taking capsaicin orally why would what were you taking.

That for um capsaicin is a is a pretty good pain distractor if you rub it on your skin over a painful area but i don't know how it could possibly help you uh capsaicin is very irritating to mucus linings so i don't know if that'd be a good idea to take it by mouth.

Recently diagnosed hashimoto's and will be going on armor is it okay to keep taking blue balls two percent do i need to space them out one am and the other in the pm two drops is what she's talking about yeah ideally it's best to space everything out because that you're able to absorb more but if you're gonna forget that second drop like i would.

Just do them both in the morning but yeah every human being on the planet regardless of their medical condition whether they have hashimoto's even if they have hyperthyroidism uh every cell in your body needs iodine every single day and if your doctor doesn't believe that have them watch my youtube video about iodine then they'll.

Shut up about that crown of curl says not to put my husband out there but low t what do we do yeah so first first step is proper human diet take care of your sleep take care make sure he's getting sunlight in the morning make sure he's getting some kind of activity and if none of that if that doesn't fix.

It then he needs to go talk to a specialist about uh testosterone replacement therapy with a bioidentical testosterone at the end says good evening guys good to see you guys as always good to see you too welcome back benigno benicio torres says how many grams of meat i can eat in two meals a day i weigh 160.

Pounds uh benitio i don't care if you weigh 60 pounds or 360 pounds you're going to eat meat until you're comfortably stuffed you're not going to measure your meat weigh your meat you're not going to measure the length of your meat you're not going to measure the depth of your meat you're just going to eat your meat until you're.

Comfortably stuffed you okay over there michael says i saw a video you did on proper human diet and you mentioned the importance of mineral supplementation i've been carnivore for three years and i've never heard of that before could you expound on that please yeah if you're eating a varied carnivore.

Diet with quite a bit of organ meat then you you may be getting enough minerals but it's very common in the modern world especially eating uh farmlot raised meat and and factory raised eggs that they're just eating the crap that the the farmer puts in the trough they're not actually out eating grass.

That grew in the dirt and so very often they're deficient in minerals and if they're deficient then you're not going to get minerals from an animal that's deficient in minerals and so out of a an abundance of caution i like to make sure that i keep all my minerals right where they need to be with keto.

Chow's daily minerals there's a link down in the show notes but there's several other mineral products but yeah there's a discount code for this guy right here and it's got every mineral that you need every day and that way if i don't need it i pee it out if i need it i got it boom the ends i'm happy.

But there are many for what exactly there are many carnivores that don't take any supplements whatsoever and they do great so i'm not saying you need that uh but some of us do but some of us may not rebecca says i'm down 12 kilos keto and omad since april recently added weight.

Training to my exercise routine now i'm exercising five days a week is it okay to continue omad while exercising this much as long as you're not hungry when you eat your one meal a day you're going to eat until you can't eat another bite and if if if you get hungry later in the day don't feel like it's a sin or that you.

Failed if you eat a second meal that's totally fine as long as it's a proper human diet meal uh sue kelly says dr barry and nisha in all caps my husband has junk food all over the house i am diagnosed as pre-diabetic and he's still trying to get me to eat his junk food he read your book too why has my doctor told me.

How can i deal with him what say nisha saw a siphon bearing oh you just got ignore him ignore all of his taunts because obviously he's trying to get a rise out of you you just gotta keep on going just ignore that stuff and at some point he'll get tired of wasting his energy.

With no like i'm going to go a little i'm going to get that i know what you're going to do a little further than that uh so if you were a recovering alcoholic and your husband all day long was just like hey just have a little drink it's just beer it's fine it's no big deal would you would that would you just be.

Perturbed at that or would you be like i feel like my husband is trying to uh destroy me i feel like my husband is trying to literally tear me down and make me be an alcoholic again that's weird why would my husband do that if you used to smoke crack and you'd stopped and you'd been off for years and.

Your husband's like come on babe just one hit just it's a small rock of crack come on you'd be like dude i'm gonna leave you she's clearly already had a conversation with him well he obviously clearly has not listened yes i know so the next step is you can't control him you can control yourself yeah control yourself but i.

Mean you need to maybe have a little more um serious conversation with him so i don't know what to say maybe some therapy maybe some therapy maybe uh you know an attorney yeah i don't know i don't know um crystal hey girl hey do you need to take iodine.

If you're already taking keto chilled mineral drops since they already have iodine nope that's it so once you have repleted your iodine by eating the iodine rich foods that i talk about on my youtube video on this channel then i think the ketochow mineral drops they've got about 500 micrograms in each day supply which is half of a milligram and.

That for 99 of people if you're eating an iodine rich food two or three days a week that's going to be all the iodine you need great question big midge i found a grain free gluten-free sugar-free cereal no i don't even have to read the rest of the question but i'm going to it's got four grams of mint carbs to have four grams.

Net carbs with their nutrition facts show 15 total carbs uh with my maxed carbs being 30 grams a day should i calculate using that or total carbs total carbs and you can do not eat that syrup and i bet you big meds that the serving size is a third of a cup yeah it's it's tiny and so tomorrow morning i want you to.

Eat that cereal and i want you to measure the serving whatever it says on the box you're gonna put that much cereal and then however much milk and then eat that and go uh that's dumb how i can't live on i mean it's literally two two tablespoons of cereal that's stupid throw that away and eat your bacon and eggs it's not just stupid it's.

Stupid stupid that's right sg says keto plus intermittent fasting for five months um was 365 now down to 285 i eat till i'm full but typically that's 2200 calories 75 fat 20 protein just trying to lose more weight eventually require eating less or perhaps lengthening my fasting window to 20 hours yep i would increase.

Your fasting window to 20 hours you can eat one or two meals in your four-hour feasting window uh and that that's what's going to do it also you might want to up your fat protein more and decrease your carbs to as close to zero as you can get them heather winston is there a test to prove that grains and seed oils cause.

Inflammation need to know for kids uh there's multiple tests the best test because every human is different to some degree is have your kids grain free and sugar-free for 90 days and then give them a bowl of fruit loops and and then watch the change in your children over the next uh.

30 minutes to three hours and i think if you do that experiment you will never ever give them grains again i had a question i was going to i'm sorry well we got a lot of do your thing over here you don't touch my business oh i'm not even gonna you david says how do i get probiotics on a carnivore diet i don't necessarily think anybody needs.

To take probiotics or eat fermented foods now when you're healing your gut initially you may need to do some of that but once you've got your gut back in good shape you don't have to continue to put probiotics in your gut you have about two kilograms of bacteria in your guts right now okay you have got every species in there some.

Are being upregulated some are being down regulated what eating a proper human diet which includes carnivore does is it down regulates all the bad inflammatory carb loving bacteria and it up regulates the bacteria that love fat protein so i don't i don't think you need to add any probiotics you've got plenty of bacteria in your gut right now.

Good question connor says is it safe to feed my poodle mixed meat uh my vet doesn't recommend it but i am skeptical dogs need meat cats need meat um our guardian dog that is taking care of our sheep right now he's the best employee that i have nietzsche is my partner she's not an employee.

Okay and i believe in paying your employees well and feeding your employees well he gets a pound and a half of beef with some cod liver or some chicken liver and one or two or three farm-raised eggs that's what he eats every day and because i want him to live a long damn time i want him to be on his toes i want him to be healthy vigorous.

Vibrant and that's how you keep a dog like that if you're feeding your dog grains and pea protein and vegetables that's pet abuse in my opinion the cats now have transitioned to eating raw meat also they're doing very well with it yep now.

If your dog wants some veggies they're they were cooked in you know meat juice and let them have it i don't think they're inherently dangerous but if you're trying to feed your dog kibble that's literally 95 percent grain and b protein and vegetables your dog that your dog's not about that all right he just wants to know where.

Can i buy ghee and raw cheese i never see it at the grocery store also what are the best pork runs i live in canada well candace we don't live in canada so it's really hard for me to be able to tell you yeah uh i would think ghee is carried at.

Just the grocery store it's not gonna be by the butter it's gonna be over where like the coconut oil and that sort of thing is so look in that area raw cheese the best thing to do is look for a farm near you and just get on google and look for a local dairy farm local goat farm something like that and that should be able to give you the.

Option to find some raw cheese yeah karen says is the carnivore died enough for people with the mthfr mutation or are supplements still necessary some carnivores do fine with no supplements whatsoever even though they have the mthfr mutation others have to take a methylated b complex in order to feel their best so i would experiment.

Both ways uh and see my eson says hydratingitis doctor please give us tips i think i got a youtube video about that hydroidinitis is very intimately linked with insulin resistance or chronic hyperinsulinemia and so when you start.

Eating a proper human diet and your insulin returns to normal your hydrationitis is going to get substantially better joanne says that costco sells ghee and pork rinds in canada so there you go you can find the epic brand up there that's a good brand joanna found ghee and walmart on the oil.

Oh you can't sell raw cheese in canada hey iago says hi from brazil hi uh on my 27th day of carnivore well done beautiful what do you feel about glycerin in my iodine supplements i don't think it's enough to worry about not enough to be a problem uh jazzy says thanks for the desiccated thyroid video levothyroxine was killing.

Me chris i have hyperthyroidism graves is it safe to remain on keto female 220 pounds recently lost weight endocrinologist gave me meds i now also have asthma yeah yeah proper human diet is what you need it's gonna it's gonna help you be as as minimally sick as possible it's going.

To help your asthma symptoms considerably hey jenn atkins welcome back i'm on a two week trial i've not taken my lysine approval my numbers have been 108 over 70 125 over 80. do you think i've healed my high blood pressure yes 125 over the 80s i mean that's pretty darn normal um i would start checking my.

Blood pressure twice a day did they say they were still taking it or they quit it two week trials oh no yeah yeah it sounds great you i think you're fine call your doc and just get it approved make a decision together to to try a couple of months without the lycena pro keep checking the blood.

Pressure twice a day just to make sure but it sounds like you've cured it the reverend dr ruin pelle pathway says if you are there granny barry hello from melbourne australia love and god's blessings yes granny berry is watching she's my 91 year old sweet loving little grandmother well now she i mean she's feisty okay feisty that's one word you.

Could use for it yeah she is watching from alabama from my dad's house so if you guys want to you can tell granny barry hi she loves it when you guys do that i miss becky says i saw my doctor today he's not concerned about my cholesterol says keto on and i'm very happy good job i love it i love it uh gaia.

Says i'm dealing with hashimoto's having a hard time eating only meat i'm unable to have dairy and eggs i did eat carnivore in 2018 any tips to how to get started again and push through the withdrawals any kind of withdrawal sucks for 3-14 days whether it's alcohol or tobacco or carbs and you're just gonna you may have.

To slowly wean them down you may have to go cold turkey don't avoid ghee and butter use those in your cooking they're full of good healthy essential fatty acids and other vitamins and minerals and also egg yolks that's what i wanted yeah eat your egg yolks try to try to.

Separate the eggs i bet you that you can eat the yolks just fine ah go irish go it took me a minute to figure that out recently found i have fatty liver disease i've been keto dieter for years over 10. it seems the only way i can lose is super low calorie is this common.

For those with fatty liver hmm are you keto yeah and i'm afraid you're you you may have been diluted into counting net carbs instead of total carbs you need if i were you i would go 90 days carnivore and that will completely reverse your fatty liver it'll be gone and you'll.

Also lose a substantial amount of weight thank you miss edna thank you graham daniel says are peanuts and other lectin-containing foods really bad for gut health yes 100 yes yes edna says any tips are reversing premature gray hair and gum disease so i'm working on a video right now about gingivitis periodontitis gum.

Disease uh there's all this research out there that shows that if you have hyperinsulinemia insulin resistance basically you're eating too many carbs keeping your insulin high you are at three or four or five or even ten times greater risk of having gingivitis or periodontitis so if any of.

You guys have receding gums bleeding gums tender gums you've been diagnosed with gingivitis or periodontitis you have got to adopt a proper human diet full of real one ingredient whole foods not keto products cookies cakes and pies and bars and shakes but real foods and keep your total carbohydrate count under 20 total grams a day your gums will.

Thank you i promise danita this is a follow-up from her earlier she was the one taking the kids and she said it also has caffeine apple cider vinegar cayenne fruit extract grains of peridot seed extract green tea other things that's this sounds like a really expensive supplement that was sold to you for.

Something that it probably does but she still didn't say what she takes it for why are you taking it nervous for nerves those affecting her well yeah they do but i i mean i'm not sure if that's her question or if she's just saying to do the yeah it's got caffeine it's got all this these uppers in it it's i mean you probably feel like a nervous wreck when.

You take it i would just recommend that you probably save your money eat real food that's all you got to do anything that has these like fancy fruit names that are like shipped in from like a hundred thousand miles away it's usually a waste of your money nv98 says are you still a fan of bulletproof coffee uh.

Yeah i'll ha i have two or three cups of coffee every morning and sometimes i'll just have black coffee i usually always put the mineral drops a few drops in there uh sometimes i put some butter every now and then well on weekends i'll put like a teaspoon of heavy cream but uh yeah i think i think that if you're hungry having some fat in your.

Coffee will help you not eat it's also not a necessity for doing keto that's right it's not required a lot of people think that you to do keto you need to do bulletproof coffee and that's not true yeah jj says what's your take on lemon water i think if you like lemon water you can put one or two drops of lemon juice in your water and drink the heck.

Out of it it's ian wants to know milk has a fish load of carbs heavy cream has some too but butter has none almost how is this possible yeah because so when you got liquid milk it's it's it's it's fat protein and carbs right and then as you move towards butter they keep taking stuff out they take the protein out they.

Take the carbs out all that is left is the fat so butter and gear just pure dairy fat and they're fine for you you can use as much of those as you want to uh heavy cream has almost no protein and almost no carbs but it still has a little bit half and half has more carbs more protein whole milk has more two percent has more.

And then one percent has more than skim milk is the ball sweat of satan you're welcome sherry excuse me i'm sorry sherry's been doing the bbbe diet if you guys don't know what that is of beef bacon butter eggs it's the challenge dr berry has come up with it's a great.

Thing to do if you need to reset your body hey she's been doing it for six weeks she wants to know is it normal to run a little warmer than when you were eating the sad diet and thank you she's a patron by the way yep she is she is a great patron yeah sherry one of the great things about eating a proper human diet is it actually ramps up your.

Metabolic rate and a lot of people notice and and there's actually a term for this the meat sweats yeah it's like man i ate all this huge steak and i was just sweating and that's because when you eat enough fat and protein your body's like boom there's a cornucopia of food i'm gonna.

Ramp this metabolism up and we're about to have a party and that can it can actually raise your body temp like a half degree yeah uh she also wants to know when is nature starting her coaching yeah misha when are you starting your coaching so i will be starting my coaching program into december will be sign ups and then.

January is when we're going to get started because you know but then also my friend kim howerton most of you know who that is we're going to be doing a coaching program through the holidays starting in november through december it's more of like a stay on track keep you motivated we're going to give you recipes and stuff like that so if you.

Want to come to my channel nisha loves it me and kim are going to do a live and kind of talk about that and answer some questions and if you want to join us we'll have more information on my channel so hit that subscribe button yep and sherry also said that she's had thousands of dollars of veneers and but when she went carnivore and then doing.

Her flossing her gums are like new she like she had a gum transplant like they just were like oh hello sherry your gums are back now all right sandy wants to know when does fasting start after last bite or when the stomach has empty that's a good question yeah yeah good question okay so first that one uh technically it starts when your.

Stomach is empty but we don't know when your stomach is empty we'd have to put an uh egd down and and watch with the camera so we can start the clock so we just say okay whenever your last bite is that's when the fasting clock starts also any chance keto or ketobor can help.

Ataxia oh 100 yeah yeah and i'm not saying it's going to cure it but you'll probably notice a distinct decrease in the ataxic symptoms and then she wants to know what your farm channel is called uh our farm channel is called ob farms it stands for oxford berry farms and we.

Haven't put up any new content lately i've got three or four videos in the can that i need to work on but somehow i just i can't get any help around here and so i just haven't got to that yet but there you go i've uploaded like three videos they're coming they're coming trisha or sorry tisha my familial.

Cholesterol is 295 when taking 80 milligrams of atrophystatin my doctor says to eat low fat plant-based will keto or carnivore work for me yeah 100 trisha you need to tisha sorry you need to find the video by dr david diamond diamond just like a ring he has a video about fh familial hypercholesterolemia and once you've watched that video.

You're probably going to have a discussion with your doctor about decreasing or stopping that statin uh frank says should we eat heart or liver yes you should uh all you guys would like heart i promise if it's cooked properly you're gonna well thanks i'm glad you.

Stole my thunder you just want to talk about organs yeah yeah but but now you guys may or may not like liver right now but i promise you're gonna like heart so talk to your butcher some heart yeah it's just like good steak gregory been doing omad and keto war started at high uh 390 down to about 290 now i need.

A 100 100 more but my blood pressure is 128 over 73 down from 150 over 90 heart rate down to 60 65 down from the 80s uh i am 53. any advice on the last 80. yep keep doing what you're doing be super tight with the carbohydrates good wait a minute i want to yeah stay right there for a second uh super tight on the carbs uh count total carbs not net carbs.

I've turned down the carbohydrate intake knob as low as i could possibly go uh you're doing omad that's perfect now it's time to start lifting some weights and making some muscle because i know you probably feel like it now uh i i got the implication from your question that you're afraid that if you keep losing weight your blood pressure is going to.

Keep going down and that's not true your blood pressure is just like your weight it's got a healthy normal set point that it's going to go to and stay there okay so as you continue to lose weight it's not going to keep getting unhealthily low it doesn't work that way same goes for your weight keto and carnival are not weight loss diets.

They're weight optimization diets and a lot of people when they get to their goal weight they're like oh my god now what do i do well you just keep eating a proper human diet your body's going to take care of your pulse your blood pressure your respiratory rate your temperature and your weight all of those things are set by your body the only way.

You can muck them up is by eating a crappy diet otherwise your body's going to keep them right where they need to be the jazzy this is the first time i'm hearing about carnivore diet for hashimoto's my tpo is 1300 what's better to bring it down after carnivore i'm fixing to do a video on my.

Channel i have hashimoto's about why i do ketobor carnivore over the aip diet long and short of it is you everything about hashimoto starts in the gut and the best way to kill that gut is to go carnivore get all the inflammatory foods out and then you can start to bring foods back but.

Aip still leaves a little inflammation in there even if even if you take out all the things aip takes out there's still things that could be causing your gut to have the leaky gut syndrome and all that stuff so that's the long shorter but i'm going to do a full video on why i did it and how it helped me i think aip's a good start it.

Is it's a great start yeah it may or may not get you where you want to be i think for most people it's not going to get you where you want to be do you have tinsel in your hair dave dave spencer thinks you have tense i have grace oh well speaking of nisha's youtube channel did you tell everyone that you have.

Coffee every saturday morning at 10 a.m yeah so come have coffee with me and chat i do a q a every saturday on my youtube channel why am i so country right now you just come on over tonight come on down and we have coffee and we talk about all kinds of stuff but i'll answer as many.

Questions as i can over there every saturday 10 central standard time go head over to my channel sometimes that just comes out like it just snuck out dude rebecca says i have a seasonal pet i have seasonal pet and dust allergies i receive three injections once or twice a week i hope to find a.

More natural remedy can carnivore diet ease my allergies yes yes i used to have severe allergic grenadas i could just think about going to the barn and moving a bella hay not even go out there just think about it in my mind and i would immediately my my nose would start crying it wasn't pleasant it wasn't sexy at all.

It was before i met misha so she didn't have to say that but yeah oh and like in third grade uh people thought i had racing stripes on my because i was just like constantly you know it was just terrible yeah but now i can uh well i just unloaded 10 bales of straw hay today for natia for her halloween decor i'm sure you'll have.

A video about that and i i didn't sneeze a single time and so a big thing that really helped me was getting rid of all liquid dairy the the only liquid dairy that ever passes my lips is heavy cream that's it never do i drink milk i used to drink a gallon a day that.

Really tore my allergies up for some people it's grains are the predominant thing for some people it's seed oils but if you get rid of all three of those then your allergies are going to get so much better you can probably forget the shots and maybe even not even need any uh zyrtec either.

There's our baby balloon oh baby beckett's coming home miss jennifer vaughan says i got my lives today up the hdl by 10 and lowered everything else ketobor but not really losing weight it out or ditched the heavy cream hmm ditch the heavy cream yeah just do it you don't have to do it forever do it for a month yeah do it for four weeks.

See what happens yeah and upstate measure inches measurements all you guys don't just depend on the scale get a tailor's tape i got one right here let me just show you you can get these on amazon for like three bucks okay and it goes up to um.

For you folks that are still large like i used to be it goes up to 60 inches i think you can get one that's 90 inches if you need it measure your your chest your shoulders your upper arm your waist at the belly button your hips your thighs your calves write those numbers on all that how to measure for weight loss or watch this video again.

45 minutes in yeah yeah this is that the 45 minute mark dr perry i think they have these at walmart and sam's and kmart and big k and sam's club and your grandma costco oh granny bear's got one julia follow up i am 124 20 pounds five seven swim daily this is the one that's eating some steak.

And two eggs is that a problem for bone loss swimming daily is great for your bones um so she's 120 and five foot seven yeah that and so you're thin there's no doubt you don't smoke do you please if you do you got to stop uh but.

The swimming is good for your bones and muscles but it's not going to build the bone density the bone strength yeah you've got it yeah scrape your joints but if you you got to have your bones strong and you need to be lifting some kind of weights it can be your body weight or it can be some hand weights you.

Bought or it can be your kids you can jump rope you can run stairs but you gotta have that impact that's what's gonna be melissa says how does glycation resolve so all of your cells are constantly being turned over and replaced your skin cells every single cell in your skin is replaced by a new.

Cell every three months so the cell that you've currently got right now that might be very glycated because you've been eating a lot of carb junk food if you start eating a proper human diet when you replace that cell with a new cell it's not going to be glycated at all and if you're eating a proper human diet it's not going to be glycated it'll.

Actually live longer and perform better come here baby becky and say hi oh he's are you wild today oh what you got ian you got a good pumpkin okay he's so excited about the bike april we love you too yeah resistance bands sandy says that's a great way to get some resistance.

Exercise they don't take up a life you're a traveler you can put them in your suitcase they're very you get tiny say hi can you say hi to everybody show them show them your doors say hi show him your baby gourd no no oh he's gotta go he's got stuff to do he's busy uh the oh the they took the magic pill off netflix does anybody know.

Where you can watch the magic pill at now i didn't know they had taken it off netflix that doesn't surprise me but um uh envy says are you guys good with the mediterranean diet i am as long as you as you eat a mediterranean diet that keeps your total carbs under 20 grams a day you can call it mediterranean you.

Can call it greek italian french croatian slovenian i don't care what you call it but just keep the total carbs under 20 grams danielle says it's on tubey t-u-b-i to be that's where the magic pill is on amazon as well okay there you go all right wesley says i've been on stretch carnivore for 10 months leaky.

Gut won't heal can't do dairy or eggs leaky gut eventually he'll with wave at this point wesley i would i would question whether you actually have leaky gut or whether something else is going on it's time for you my friend wesley to go see your doctor and do not walk in the door and say hey doc i've got leaky good don't do that walk into your.

Doctor's office and say doctor i have the following symptoms and tell your doctor every single symptom you have you don't tell the doctor the diagnosis because sometimes weak and distracted doctors if you say that a diagnosis out loud that's what they'll do they'll just write that in the chart you can't that's.

That is a dangerous thing to do never say a diagnosis you say the symptoms you let the doctor figure out the diagnosis it's also not a technical diagnosis exactly right uh derrick wants to know how long should i say carnivore to reverse liver fat and diabetes i've heard long term is it's.

Bad is that true uh no the carnivore diet is the healthiest diet out there for your liver and your kidneys you can reverse fatty liver and fatty kidney in a few weeks with the carnivore diet it definitely doesn't cause that somebody asked me about the sugar trappers and the sugar blockers that you.

Can buy over the counter they are actually uh there's a company advertising on uh reversed the the docu-series about reversing type 2 diabetes that i'm in and they're advert they paid to have an ad spot and i want all you guys to know i don't recommend that it does not work don't eat sugar and then try to take a.

Pill to trap the sugar if the peel works you're going to have the shits okay that's just what's going to happen if the peel doesn't work then you just absorb the sugar so the the solution is to not eat the sugar to start with simple right nobody wants to do that well no i mean a.

Lot of you want you guys do you know what i mean a lot of your friends most of y'all in the beginning you're like no yeah wesley says just want to let you know i used my keto tail drops last one that my sugar cravings are almost zero nice been struggling with sugar cravings my whole life thank you for all you do.

Yeah i'm gonna show you guys how to block sugar here and they should take this this is this is sugar ask me if i want some sugar some sugar get that out of my face that's how you block sugar hey watch it you put it in my hand take it easy josh wants to know is eating a whole.

Rotisserie chicken going to make me gain weight no no as long as it's no carbs at as long as it's not like a honey cured dipped in dipped in honey or dipped in sugar or something but if it's just the skin on uh chicken with some spices you can eat three whole chickens a day you're not going to gain weight randy's keto.

And had three skin tags fall off 25 pound down no more pre-diabetes yes randy how many of you guys have noticed that since you've been keto ketovor carnivore for a few months that your skin tags have gotten smaller or just went completely away my my skin tag video now on youtube i think it's got over 3 million views or.

Almost 3 million and there's just literally thousands and thousands of comments of people saying god after six months of keto all my skin tags went away it's like yeah it's because they're caused by hyperinsulinemia roman nude ketobor having issues eating more than one meal a day and sometimes.

The next day will this cause issues in the long run nope if you're eating real food when your body gets truly hungry you will feel it and you will eat yeah serena's got zero skin tags now eileen says any tips for a type 1 diabetic yep work with a knowledgeable doctor because as you lower your.

Carbohydrate intake your blood sugar is going to come down quickly okay and you're going to have to decrease your insulin injections pretty rapidly or you'll start to get hypox okay so you want to find a doctor who understands a low-carb diet and will help you to lower your insulin as you lower the carbs you're going to.

Benefit greatly you're going to have a normal a1c have you ever had one of those before you're going to have your risk of all the terrible complications of type 1 diabetes are going to be slashed by 90 you're going to feel better you're going to look better you're going to live longer and you're going to get to keep.

Your toes and your eyesight and your kidneys and your liver it's ian says thank you guys i've been following your advice for a year i started at 280 lost 40 in six months i'm still at 240 but i've lost eight inches at my waist in that stall no more pressure blood pressure pills i feel amazing so beautiful well done well done.

Did you hear what he said i'm going to read that again i started at 280 lost 40 in six months i'm still at 240 but i have lost eight inches in my waist during that stall 100 measure what's it called body composition change yep you're right measure your inches okay yep absolutely.

Lori hi my 82 year old dad wants to come off of his statins should he wean off or can he go cold turkey after talking to your doctor yeah and so some medicines you do have to wean down but for any of you guys taking a statin like zocor lipitor or crestor you don't have to wing those at all you can just throw them straight in the garbage.

After you talk to your doctor calendly says carnivore infesting to heal my thyroid and i'm on armor what test should my primary care run or should i drive the three plus hours if you have a practice yeah so my my practice i'm not taking new patients right now my practice is full uh but if you'll if you'll look at my youtube.

Video how to find a low carb doctor near you i've got six websites you can put your zip code in and hopefully find a doctor that understands low carb because they're probably going to understand hypothy and desiccated thyroid as well to answer your question you need to have your tsh your tpo antibodies your aging.

Antibodies free t3 free t4 and what else tsh free t3 free t4 tpo tga and reverse t3 those are the those are the the most important ones baby you okay yeah what is what is thunk he's on he's got a white did he take a nap today yeah he did declan wants to know an unexpected benefit i've experienced is increased.

Flexibility i've struggled with stretching and suddenly i'm able to kick to my head hello from dublin at 42. excellent yeah well you're weird all kinds of things that until you understand the physiology behind the proper human diet it sounds magical it sounds miraculous or it just sounds woo-woo you're like uh so you ate.

A diet and now you're more flexible yeah yeah that kind of stuff happens when you stop poisoning your body yeah your body's kind of amazing laura hudson says i'm losing skin tags i'm so thrilled i lost my seasonal allergies i don't sunburn anymore my waist is dropping inches so were my arms oh yeah well that's it that's thor says.

Magnesium salt calcium and mineral complex did not take away twitches all over my body on carnivore how many grams of potassium should i be taking so you need plenty of salt plenty of potassium plenty of magnesium and eat some calcium-rich foods and if you're still having twitches then at that point you need to go see your.

Doctor because there are medical conditions that can cause twitching it's not always just your diet and electrolytes lindsay wants to know do you have tips for starting carnivore on instagram or youtube do i have videos about starting carnivore yeah i've got a a carnivore 101 playlist carnivore ii you have a.

Carnivore and a keto yup i've got a keto 101 but i also have a dedicated playlist it's called carnivore 101 it's probably got 70 videos in it after you watch those you will have a phd in carnivore steve says been doing carnivore in omad for a little over a week my blood sugar covers around 180 all day even upon waking i haven't been losing any weight.

Uh it could be too much cream in my coffee thoughts on the 180. yeah so we need to get an a1c check we need a c peptide and we need a fasting insulin a lot of people have been misdiagnosed as type 2 diabetics when they are in fact type 1 diabetics or they have something called lada.

So you need a c-peptide and a fasting insulin to make sure your body's actually making insulin uh go back and look at your diet and make sure there's no hidden carbs in the sauces the rubs the condiments the the spices and keep giving your body a chance to heal but you gotta have some labs check.

My friend you may have been misdiagnosed space wants to know well diabetes insipidus and zero carb cause issues holding any electrolytes worse than normal uh yeah because you're gonna pee a lot right so you're gonna have to really really mind your minerals and electrolytes zach we love you too man.

Rod says find a gym cairo or pt that has a body scanner it's amazing and a little creepy but it's the best way to track your body composition do you agree absolutely yeah you need a dex takes a scan sandy says my doc says that the iodine drops i'm taking is causing my thyroid levels to increase and to stop taking the drops can you.

Explain this yes andy your doctor doesn't know what he or she is talking about watch my videos about iodine on this youtube channel and maybe even share the link with your doctor so they don't keep saying silly things to their patients anthony wants to know will this way of eating help a seven-year-old.

Little girl who has dex uh dyslexia 100 yeah i'm not saying it's going to cure dyslexia but all human beings of any age when becky was four and a half months old he started eating a ketobor diet and he still eats that to this day he's benefited from it greatly your child is going to benefit from it too uh.

Farnopolis says keto tips for lowering blood pressure yeah you want to keep your total carbohydrate intake under 20 grams a day some people have to go even lower than that that and and that's literally the only tip you need for uh eventually correcting your blood pressure don't worry about salt jill has asked this.

Question a few times i keep missing it are green bananas when just opened okay on keto uh bananas are a phallic shaped fruit that are full of sugar and they're full of carbs full of fructose now you can't taste the sugar.

When the banana is green but the sugar doesn't magically appear out of nowhere when the banana gets ripe the sugar was in there all along other phytochemicals break down that we're giving it that bitter taste they break down and leave just the sugar so green bananas have exactly the same.

Amount of sugar as ripe bananas sugar is it's not magic it doesn't appear out of nowhere it's it's always there ron this is a great question uh i've heard it's 20 grams total carbs to lose and then 50 grams of carbs total to maintain is this true totally depends on the person some people can eat 100 total.

Grams a day and lose weight some people would never lose weight on that many carbs i personally have to keep my total carbs to 10 or under a day to to maintain or to lose a little bit are you laughing at me yeah what else have we got any announcements it's time oh well let's see uh did you.

Tell them did you tell them about your podcast i got a podcast and sensor everywhere it's on spotify it's on itunes it's on uh audible yeah luminary it's a luminary uh what's it called misha uncensored that means sometimes she says the s word on there uh now i told you i told you guys earlier if you.

Had specific questions you wanted me to answer in more detail a deeper answer this is how you do it you become a patron on there's a link down in the show notes it's a super quick sign up uh you can do three bucks a month five bucks a month 20 bucks a month whatever you can afford whatever you want to do.

There's different levels of rewards at different levels but at the three dollar a month level you get access to two extra uh live q and a's every week and tonight we've got 2600 watching right so think how fast the questions are going in the patreon lives we have maybe 100 or 200 people and so very often i'm able to answer every single question in good.

Detail we do one in uh at six pm our time and then we do one in the morning the next day because we do have people from so no matter where you are in the world we're going to do one that's in your time zone that's right exactly and if you if you're a 20 patron you actually get three live q and a's you get actual zoom call.

As well so um yeah if you want and so if you don't want to do that that's fine we still love you we'll see you next monday night at 7 pm but if you've got more questions and you need a deeper more detailed answer that's how you get it or you can come hang out with me on my youtube have coffee with nature saturday morning at 10. yeah.

Thank you guys so much for joining us uh thanks for telling granny berry hi thanks for sharing this video with somebody who may need this information thanks for the thumbs and thanks for subscribing to this channel you guys are pretty amazing i think yeah yeah yeah hit the thumb on your way out we'll see you next week all right guys thanks a.

Lot see you later
Proper Human Diet/Fasting Q&A
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