Proper Human Diet/Fasting Q&A

Proper Human Diet/Fasting Q&A

Proper Human Diet/Fasting Q&A

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Hello hello everyone monday night live monday night live all right every monday yes on the youtube yes yes i love it welcome back we're so glad to have you back with us this evening we're going to be answering a bunch of questions.

Maybe talking about some stuff talking about some stuff we'll talk about some stuff don't forget to hit the film let youtube know that we're doing good stuff over here yeah and don't forget to remind your forgetful grandmother your aunt your next-door neighbor who always misses.

This live text them right now tell them we're live hello hello where are you watching from tell us if you're new this is your first live is this your first live oh type new in the comments we want to say howdy where are you at what city what state what country.

What province what territory what uh shire are you watching from this evening i wish we lived in the shire we kind of do live in the shire well it could be a shock sea shire yeah perth australia hey darcy chicago i love it amy in new york is with us minnesota lisa from georgia.

All right i love it welcome back this is his first live welcome will welcome will all right there you go the comments there they go love it thanks for hanging out with us today absolutely nice absolutely we're always glad to hang out with you every monday night at 7 p.m central standard standard time yeah.

Yeah a lot of people get confused all the time and sorry uh dr barry is uh did didn't put the time stamp right so a lot of you were like why hasn't it started yet sorry about that so that's his bad hey holly hey holly thanks for the super chat my friends thank you thank you all right so a lot of people are asking what how to find.

You on me we do you have is it a username i don't know a lot about it so what i've tried to do on all social media is my handle is ken d barry md so on facebook it's kim and also instagram it's got the dot in it but everything else is.

Just ken d is in dog barry md and so if i'm on that social media that's my handle that's how you find me and uh i i do have a me will you account misha just made her well no i've had it for a while i just i'm never on it thanks dennis for the super chat there's some stuff posted from 2020 on there.

Yeah yeah but we're gonna we're gonna become much more active on all the other social medias because of today's drama and uh maybe making some big changes when it comes to facebook and instagram in the very near future we're staying over here on youtube it's too much fun.

Yeah we'll be right here on on youtube i'm um what do you guys think about the beard i i wanted to shave it off the other day and nietzsche was like no keep it i love it thanks ann for the super chat you're pretty amazing too you guys like the beard or does the beard need to go.

Oh wait a minute teresa loves your earrings thank you they're old hey crown girl she was on my live earlier today too hey y'all wondering if there's such a thing as carnivore flu like keto flu what are the side effects and what do we do about.

It yeah a lot of people if they transition directly from a standard american high carb crap-filled diet to carnivore they're going to have this flu-like syndrome for three to ten days it's caused by two things it's caused by carbohydrate withdrawal and so if you transition quickly to.

Carnivore you're probably going to have that it's going to suck for a few days as your as your gut bacteria and your brain get used to not living on carbohydrates and then also you're going to dye your wreaths out some fluids some any some people will lose anywhere from 3 to 20 pounds of unhealthy fluid that they've.

Been storing on their body because of chronically high insulin levels and so when you do that some electrolytes have to go with that fluid because of the way the human kidney functions and so you need to mind your minerals mind your electrolytes and be prepared for three to seven days of withdrawal.

Symptoms lori says this is a wonderful informative channel beard is lovely especially going into thank you you guys think i need to go full santa claus or just keep it keep it like george michael trimmed or i was thinking about doing the viking.

Thing nobody wants that what do you guys think if i had like the point you know nobody wants no i don't know uh the four-eyed canine is there any truth behind red meat being bad for gout or psoriasis i've had both and i'm spooked about trying carnivores no it's actually the chronically high blood sugar insulin and inflammation levels.

Are what lead directly to exacerbations or flare-ups of both psoriasis and gout in fact thousands of people in the carnivore community have used a carnivore diet as you can use keto or ketobor to make their psoriasis get 95 better i've got a youtube channel about psoriasis if you want to learn more.

About that and how it actually works and then gout's the same exact way gout comes from too much alcohol too much fructose too many carbs too much inflammation inflammation uh having a high uric acid does not mean you have gout it does not mean you're going to have a gout attack in fact many people with severe gout.

Flare-ups have a normal uric acid level it's not about uh eating all the things they tell you oh avoid shellfish and red meat that has nothing to do with gout those are medical myths if you've had gout or psoriasis and you do carnivore and you've seen great results feel free to put that down please share your story.

In the comments of how keto ketovor carnivore or fasting has really transformed your health because people go through and read these comments and if they see a story that looks like theirs that may be all the motivation they need and you could literally change the course of their life by sharing your.

Story please do that please uncle guns i take ancestral supplements how else can i treat my gallbladder pain stay blessed first thing you need to do uncle guns is make sure make sure while you're having right upper quadrant pain let's not call the gallbladder pain unless you know for sure that's what it is you need some labor check and you need.

An abdominal ultrasound to make sure there's nothing else going on in the right upper side of your belly that makes sense then once you know your liver is fine everything else is fine then you can call it gallbladder pain but you need to have that investigated and properly diagnosed if you haven't already done so.

And then we can talk about what to do about just gallbladder pain lola is four days into her clean baby diet beef butter bacon and eggs diet so we're doing a challenge in our private patron group and it's this so a lot of people are doing that if you're still doing it and day four drop it in the comments super proud of you guys thank.

You christine have you already is that one coming up yeah okay okay christine thank you for the super chat um oh it's just uh mommy does keto hey girl hey mommy uh daughter and i have.

I can't pronounce catecholamine and urgent wow polymorphic ventricular tachycardia okay eating phd episodes are minimal but they still happen uh does keto help us yeah keto or carnivore are gonna normalize your levels of inappropriate chronic inflammation and keep your blood sugar and your insulin levels normal so.

Basically it comes down to which one you enjoy eating more hey thanks jamie hill for the super chat yeah you rock we got several doing the baby diet it's called the baby dog because dr kilts talks about it and he's a fertility specialist and if you're not careful you'll have a baby.

If you eat this way for getting along enough really helps with fertility so yeah back when i was first recommending keto that's how i knew there was more to this than just a weight loss hack i had a 48 year old woman and a 58 year old both perimenopausal periods very irregular spotty.

Started eating keto periods normalized and they got knocked up what was happy about that the other was not happy about that at all so if you're going to eat a proper human diet and have proper human sex make sure and use proper precautions that's right.

Josh is applying to med school how do you join do you have for someone wanting to enter medical field and promote this lifestyle yes great question so josh listen carefully while you're in med school shut up learn what you need to learn to regurgitate for the tests learn what you.

Need to learn to regurgitate on step one and step to the boards okay that's your number one goal is to get through med school then when you're in residency when you're an intern shut up learn everything you can soak up the knowledge but keep a private.

File in the back of your brain that you never speak about of all the foolishness you hear okay then when you're a second year and a third year then you can start to teach and and beyond that and then obviously when you're out and practice you can use everything you've learned here and everything you've learned in med school to really help your patients.

In a way that the average doctor doesn't even dream of helping their patients it's going to be a magical journey you're going to actually enjoy practicing medicine because you know a proper human diet and you also know everything they taught you and then also in med school of residency if you see anything that seems like it you know.

Meaningful research that directly contradicts anything i'm saying reach out to me and say hey bubba you said this but this study says this help me understand what's up and i'm i'm happy to change my mind if i'm wrong definitely call him bubba yeah call me bubba i'm used to that it's okay all right miss leslie says.

Tess can i get to prove to my doctor that i am not at high risk for heart disease with my triglycerides at 64. hdl at 62. ldl 222 and my a1c is 4.9 i eat keto i don't smoke i exercise three times yeah so if your doctor knows anything about metabolic health they're going to know those numbers are splendiferous.

A lot of dogs are really impressed if you'll say hey order a coronary artery calcium scan for me please that's a little quick low radiation cat scan of your heart and it looks for blockages for plaque buildup inside your heart arteries and if that comes back less than 100 you can show your doctor and be like dude calm down take a breath okay.

Should she call him bubba too or just dude dude yeah stick with dude say dude calm down i have no blockages in my heart arteries at all take a breath and go do some research uh let's give a shout out to danita we're using keto to fight alzheimer's only into this for three weeks already.

We have seen improvements my husband hasn't fallen one time since we began and he was falling one to three times a day yep i love it thank you so much for sharing that any of you guys if you have a loved one with alzheimer's dementia with huntington's with any other form of dementia please watch my youtube videos about that please read amy berger's book.

The alzheimer's antidote please read dr mary newport's book the title of which i've forgotten but you can find it on amazon it's about her experience giving coconut oil to her husband with alzheimer's you can slow down the progression of dementia just amazingly a huge amount by eating a.

Proper human diet and helping your family member understand that that is very important when you're doing it with alzheimer's don't be scared of fat yeah the same goes uh vivid yesterday for autism for add for adhd for oppositional defined disorder all those things are going to benefit greatly from the ketones that your loved one's body will.

Make when they're eating a high fat high protein very low carbohydrate proper human diet somebody said you look like tony stark with that beard well okay i'll take that she loves tony stark so thanks for that now i have to hear that all night tracy says key divorce since june.

Glitchers were in the 400s a1c was 10.9 now 5.9 boom i had two numbers that were high proteins 8.3 and urine micro albumin so the my urine micro albumin means you did do some damage from the previous uh crazy uncontrolled diabetes but you.

Are well on your way to completely you don't have type 2 diabetes anymore you just have pre-diabetes now so congratulations that's awesome but if you keep doing this for another three months you will have reversed completely your type 2 diabetes and you will be a non-diabetic and you can ask your doctor to pretty please take that out of your.

Medical record because you don't suffer from that any longer gail says i tried to order the phd t-shirt and i got an error when i clicked the link yeah i'm trying to that's why i didn't put the links in the show notes tonight because i'm fighting with teespring trying to get them to to fix their website.

Nisha is looking at a second avenue so we can have soft wonderfully comfortable and comfy t-shirts that everybody loves yeah the bellow t-shirts we're trying to get proper human diet put on those and and then teespring can suck it if they're not going to fix it.

Yeah they're being weird yeah okay frank frank has a thyroid globulin of 78 and he's carnivore have a thyroid nodule it's been biopsied done 10 years ago and it was negative should i worry with this number or any recommendation without knowing the rest of your thyroid numbers i can't really comment on that one.

Number in isolation uh if you still have a nodule or any kind of a gorgeous whatsoever you absolutely either need to be eating the iodine rich foods i talk about on my youtube video about that or using lugol's two percent taking one drop or two drops daily in your liquids.

But make sure that you're following up with your doctor about that thyroid issue uh lisa wants to know any idea for carnivore snacks well there are actual carnivore snacks so there's carnivorous snacks and then there's carnivore crisps both are freeze-dried meats that are.

Whole in one food ingredient and they've got salt on them they're both great then you can also just make bacon you can make bacon and put it in a ziploc bag you can make boiled eggs put in a ziploc bag and if you want to you can even take magic markers and write on the ziploc bag and make it look like a.

Pretty package if you feel like you need a package snack uh also you can buy whatever kind of steak you like the best and cook it perfectly season it salt it and then slice it up into winning strips put it in the ziplock bag you can decorate it and bedazzle the bag and then break it open and act like you.

Bought it at the store listen okay pork rinds are also a good option also we make what we like to call bacon chips and i'll be doing a video on my channel to show you how we make bacon chips yep we've perfected it it's amazing if you like crispy bacon this is the way all right thanks for the super chat but.

Justin bud lee says within a week of starting carnivore intermittent fasting my sugar levels without insulin uh my normal 500 to 600 the before week after starting now down to 200 to 250 slowly moving down that's it brother you're doing it that's it you're doing it uh i saw somebody asking about me wee and then somebody asking about gab you guys.

Tell me in the comments what it where are you going on social media yeah are you moving to me we you moving to locals moving to gab where are you going to if you're moving away from facebook and instagram i want to know because we only have so many hours in the day and so we don't want to be wasting a lot.

Of time on social media if you guys don't like it or you're not going to be there so which which one is currently your favorite social media i see me we telegram gab telegram gab miwi so tell me in the comments where you where are you thinking if you're going.

To leave facebook where are you going to go because we want to be able to find your secret wants to know uh or she just wants to suggest uh discord actually in paint our patron group we have discord set up or it's fixing to be set up yeah we have in our private patreon community we have discourse.

And discord that we're working on getting set up so that everybody can chat amongst themselves we're going to try to make our private patreon community better than a facebook group it's already better i agree but we're going to try to really just blow it out hey skipper kevin.

Hello clayton thank you for the super chat um oh so there's the tony stark comment on this side uh viva did you talk you answered that one already about the autism all right ashley says that's great advice for josh the med student as a massage therapist i.

Just don't give a darn what anyone else thinks and the results speak volumes that's totally true uh roman says any type of per brand of mineral that you would recommend funny you should ask ketochow has this daily mineral dropped that is is made completely natural in.

The u.s and it's got this guy's full disclosure his faces i helped them we worked very closely together to formulate these so that you they're very bio-absorbable and they're also they're a little salty some people think they taste bitter other people think they're just salty.

She thinks they're very bitter everybody thinks they taste i put a few drops in every cup of coffee every glass of water any liquid i drink i got and sometimes i put a few drops on top of the steak because to me they just taste salty but to her bitter is that the word you would use oh okay.

But here's the thing good medicine tastes bad they work better than anything for muscle cramps that i and then i'm so that's why i use them because they work so when i was breastfeeding it was like i was constantly dehydrated i would get awful leg cramps and that's the only thing that took care of them and within.

Seconds it took care of them there's a link down in the show notes i think there's a discount attached to that link if you want to try them out yes uh frank two percent lugol's not don't get the five percent it's not dangerous it's just more than you need you'll pee out the extra two percent lugol's and use one drop.

Or two drops a day not droppers full oh i hear baby beckett jeff says keto for one month down 16 pounds wow jeff still have brain fog and fatigue even with electrolytes also have some fear tmj can tmj be affecting everything it's probably still the chronic inflammation that you're still harboring you haven't healed yet is.

What's causing the tmj now any all you guys suffering from tmj sometimes you can have a mechanical metal alignment you can have had some dental work done you might have had an injury later earlier in life like i did uh tripped and fell on the fist uh but all those things can lead to tmj later in life because the tmj is just a joint.

Like your knee joint or anything else but thousands of people have reached out to us and said my severe tmj has gotten 99 better eating a proper human diet somebody's got to eat a cookie because they said they're going to eat a cookie every time i said proper human diets i see your comments don't think i didn't.

See that uh kareem says where's the pink shirt it's coming anyway i've had people like my folks uh keep giving me stink eye about being carnivore but i've been dropping away 25 pounds down so far when you're down to your ideal body weight and you're rocking the energy.

The stink i will stop and the questions will begin just your pink ugly yeah did you guys catch my first live today this is the second one i i couldn't believe the uh the interview the whistleblower interview in 60 minutes i was like.

What so i just had to talk to you guys about that some weird things going on y'all yeah hey uh dr barry jennifer says that you're on one tonight did you eat some sugar it's because he's been worked up about all the things.

His adrenaline's cranked up to 100. today feels like i've been in the er just that adrenaline like oh my god what is this oh my god what are we gonna do okay here's the plan step one step two said three yeah it's been that kind of day plus i've been taking care of sheep and chickens and quail.

Lost the baby quail today got its wings willa oh no willow where did you go oh no willow come back yeah l.l doherty's right uh no salt which is potassium chloride a lot of people if the reason you're having leg cramps is low potassium it fixes it yeah within within minutes what'd you lose.

I lost willow oh no willow i'm sorry willow it won't let me scroll back you can't go back we'll watch for you in just the regular comments willow uh fully laid and swallow back again dr ken's beard is as handsome as niche's hair it's stunning oh and then his question is does hypothy.

With the tpo um av of 361 affect a1c a1c is stuck at 5.8 it what it's doing is it's affecting your metabolism and slowing it down slowing your healing down you definitely have hashimoto's there's no doubt about that uh but you keep doing what you're doing your body's gonna keep healing your metabolism is.

Gonna keep improving and before long that 5a it will move i promise uh melinda says best way to treat heartburn during pregnancy well carnivore thanks for all you do the main thing that helped me was sleeping inclined a bit that helped a lot amazon renderer that's going to help a little um you're already.

Doing carnivore so well done but try sitting up not you have to sit straight up just a few inches is usually enough to help while you're asleep and also it keeps like that just very aggravates it every time you lay down like that sweat yeah yeah i totally agree and my trick for years i had two red bricks under each head post of our bed.

And just to keep the head of your bed elevated an inch or two or three above the foot for many people that makes their heart burn 95 better hey have you hit the thumb button hit the thumb button yeah hit the thumb button and you can click the share button i think it's right here and share this anywhere on social media that you think it'll do.

Some good they don't want to leave okay they want to stay here kyle is it safe to donate blood if i have a history of lyme disease and other tick diseases i think so but now uh when you go to give blood the the red cross they'll tell you if that's okay or not but i'm pretty sure that's okay i really want to talk about this right.

Here it's not where did it go yeah okay serena moon my dog has fatty liver and anemia but my vet doesn't want her to eat raw meat but i think it will help her she wasn't on it for long i think the fatty liver and anemia was from a high carb diet your thoughts 100 serena you are right and your veterinarian is wrong your dog and.

I would slowly transition your pup if their own kibble right now transitions a little more red meat every day that's going to totally fix the anemia if it's from an iron or a b12 deficiency now if they're if they're having a cold bleeding somewhere then that needs to be diagnosed but then also the fatty liver when you lower the carbohydrates in your.

Poor dog's diet the the fatty liver is going to go away pb says can pork give you an allergic reaction to the soy that it's been fed probably not but maybe in a very few people you guys remember the normal distribution curve uh most people that's not going to happen but over here on this tail there.

May be a few people that since pigs are monogastric right they just have one stomach compartment they can't break down the polyunsaturated fatty acids that pigs will store if you feed them inappropriate grains some people might react to that but i think most people would not charles welcome back my man.

Can eating low carb keto a few days a week then maybe do two of crap totally throw off the way your body and brain function for those two days yeah but it's just like if an alcoholic is sober for five days and then you know goes on a two-day vendor uh a two-day bender is better than a.

Seven-day bender right but yeah you're gonna you're gonna back-slide and you're gonna have some inflammation from that first wants to let you know baking soda in her water got her through to pregnancy so you can try that perfect yeah that's great and another thing this didn't help nature at all but a lot.

Of my patients if if they would buy real ginger and plants are make they make great medicine although they don't always make great food for heartburn and for the nausea pregnancy some women a little slice of fresh ginger root and just suck on that makes their heart burn much better some women it doesn't help at all some women.

For the the morning sickness it makes it go completely away from nature didn't help at all angie my iron levels are normal but my iron saturation is low my vitamin and my vitamin d i'm on levothyroxine what can cause low iron saturation many things can cause low iron saturation it can come from either.

You're not eating enough iron in red meat and liver uh you may not be producing your red blood cells uh properly in your bone marrow or you may be chewing up red blood cells prematurely it can happen anywhere on that pathway uh keep working with your doctor keep doing your research and reading and you'll figure it out.

Hector says with the sugar in up to four lemons per day hinder my efforts to correct an extremely bad gut flora on strict carnivore will it sugar feed the pathogenic bacteria in my gut and delay my gut healing ah maybe maybe again the normal distribution curve i don't remember how many carbohydrates are in a lemon but it's more than you'd think.

Look it up and you might be shocked to see how many carbohydrates are in a lemon i'd try to wing that down to no more than the juice from one lemon a day because i know a few drops in your water taste amazing but four lemons a day the juice i mean you're basically drinking an orange.

Juice at that point you're getting a lot of carbs from that sharika says dr barry the dairy and butter is it the same as ghee i'm wondering if butter gave me acne in the past what are your thoughts yeah almost certainly butter did not give you acne sharika uh it's probably the less fatty dairy that may have given you the acne.

Or some other foods in your diet back then butter is almost pure dairy fat there's a tiny amount of protein in butter but not much at all ghee is just clarified butter fat that's so it has no proteins whatsoever but for 99.9 percent of the people on the planet who have acne.

Flare-ups with dairy it's not from the fat it's from the proteins and from the carbohydrates so butter or ghee either one should be fine and should not flare up your acne oh granny berry is watching you guys my 91 year old grandmother who raised me she took me into raise.

When i was two years 18 months old is watching this in alabama at my dad's house on the youtube machine as she calls it could you guys say hi to my sweet granny berry she loves that when you guys do that melissa says breastfeeding mom of a two-week-old congratulations how can i increase milk production i was.

Carnivore during pregnancy and went back to the sad after delivery but i want to get back to carnivore uh so melissa the best way to increase your milk production is skin to skin with that baby and keep do breasts to baby for as long as you can doesn't mean you can't pump but that stimulation you get from skin to skin.

With that baby is going to do you so many favors get lots and lots of salt lots and lots of water all the electrolytes but salt is very important and make sure you're eating enough don't be holding back on the food all right you need to eat or your body can't make the food but number one.

Interact with that baby skin to skin contact that's going to stimulate the hormone that promotes letdown yeah breast pumps are so much better now than they used to be but would you agree there just is no no substitute for that baby nursing on demand and being skin to skin the hearing the cuddles i would not do.

Timed feedings either nurse on demand at least for the first six hundred percent to establish that supply yep what that means is anytime the baby wants to nurse you let the baby nurse okay let me get russell russell lost 65 pounds during the last two and a half years his a1c dropped from 6.6 down to 5.0 thank you both for all you.

Do thank you for sharing that story with us russell and also thank you for teaching your friends and family how to reverse their type 2 diabetes too russell please do that james ortega should i count the cards in beef liver and is eight to ten ounces and one sitting too much so if you're eating a carnivore diet i.

Don't think you have to count carbs at all but if you're eating keto then yeah you probably should count those carbs towards your total your carb total for the day uh i don't think you can eat too much liver from domesticated animals they don't have enough vitamin a or any other vitamin or mineral to to be toxic unless.

You're eating five pounds a day that might be a problem but i think you can have a serving of liver every day if you want it or you can have a serving of liver once a week even if you don't want it you need to grow up and eat your liver nature whatever two real says how do you lower high ggt and alt levels depends on.

What they're being caused from if they're being caused from uh too much alcohol consumption then you need to stop drinking alcohol if they're caused by too much acetaminophen or tylenol you need to stop that if they're caused from fatty liver then you need to eat a proper human diet keto ketovoice carnivore and reverse.

Your fatty liver then they'll go down back to normal and stay there there are other causes for elevated liver enzymes talk to your doctor about the other causes but if it's caused by fatty liver you can fix that at home for no co-pay no prior approval just fix it with a property noelle has a wonderful story and a question recovering.

Alcoholic have found that keto has helped tremendously any thoughts why that would be and has anyone done studies on keto and alcohol recovery i've learned so much from you i think there may be one study on one right now about using a very low carbohydrate diet as a kind of ancillary treatment for addiction but.

I've had tons of people reach out to me and a few uh drug and alcohol counselors reach out to me and say when people are eating a low carb diet it is easier for them to break the habit of other addictions yes we've heard that many times willow there you are i'm a new patron member and happy to finally catch a.

Youtube live doing ketobor and i've lost 21 pounds boom i have hashimoto's and i'm on level but still not feeling like myself should i see an endocrinologist well the endocrinologist is probably going to keep you on the levo you need to call your local pharmacy and ask them the following question hi who prescribes armor thyroid or nature.

Thyroid in this area and the pharmacist will say oh that's dr brown down on white street and then you're gonna go make an appointment and go see dr brown and say could you switch my level of rocks into armor and i think that's where you're gonna notice the next step up in improving your your health and energy.

All right thanks for being a patron yeah by the way welcome welcome to the tribe uh frank says he was the one with the antibodies dr barry my thyroid levels uh other than the globulin are normal gotcha gotcha and they checked your antibodies as well yeah.

So then probably nothing to worry about s t free those and what can you what say you carnivore with no carbs and fasting is good with higher creatinine levels like 0.9 for your videos of great advice oh thank you so much uh monitor your creatinine level if your bun level is normal and your other kidney markers are normal then uh keep.

Eating carnivore and recheck the creatinine level in three months i think you'll find that it's actually improved uh hello granny barry all the hellos granny if you're watching you got a lot of them thanks sherry um let's see oh treasure says make sure your skin looks amazing thank you.

Thank you and my skin looks red it's been been a kind of struggle busting for a few months brent says my father is currently taking levothyroxine and is skeptical of armor what would be the benefits of switching to desiccated also i currently have an hdl of 110 triglycerides 32. ldl is 201 does that mean i'm a lean mass hyper.

Response perhaps perhaps it does uh i'm not convinced that an ldl of 201 is is actually abnormal i think we've been checking uh lab values in a sick uh hyperinsulinemic population and they're just going to have lower ldls by definition and so i think probably in the next few years we're going to start.

Re re-examining all of the normal lab values and we're probably going to start recalibrating some of those and when i say we i mean the medical community at large okay and then what are the benefits for his dad to switch from armor your dad may not hear it from you because of powdered.

Butt syndrome but i've got youtube videos about the difference uh basically levothyroxine is fake t4 synthroid synthetic uh desiccated thyroid has real t4 it also has real t3 t2 t1 and t0 and calcitonin all of which your thyroid needs for proper function and so maybe those facts plus watching a.

Couple of my youtube videos will help him change his mind uh beth wants to know is there any reason i would have occasional dizzy spells and 68 have been carnivore mostly for a year only take blood pressure meds vitamin d and zinc yeah so probably your blood pressure is running too low right now check it twice a day when you're calm and relaxed you.

Probably don't need as high dosage of blood pressure medicine anymore you've effectively improved your blood pressure to the point where now it's getting low and that that's that dizziness uh keep up with it for a couple of weeks and if you see that it's consistently a very low number then talk to your doctor about decreasing or stopping that blood.

Pressure you could need to increase your electrolytes as well it could be that you need more electrolytes and more salt in your blood that's right absolutely uh where did that go that was a good one ralph says i love this rail i have hashimoto's carnivore diet has reduced my symptoms immensely i almost feel normal again.

Preach anybody with hypo flour or hashimoto's you gotta try 90 days of the carnival diet leslie says have you heard of the book parkinson's protocol i have not but i'll check it out yeah i'll check it out as soon as this live is over carrie wants to know i.

Don't have a thyroid should i take armor uh you need to be taking some kind of hormone replacement and it would be much preferable for you to take armor thyroid or nature thyroid or wp or mp instead of synthroid or levothyroxine uh hey jessie thank you so much uh alberto wants to know do you have tips for weight uh gaining weight while trying to build.

Muscle i have a very high metabolism i find it very hard to gain weight ectomorph yeah i used to have this problem when i was 20. i no longer have this problem but uh you've got there's two types of weight you can gain you can either gain muscle and bone density and you do that by lifting very very heavy weights and.

Eating lots of fat and protein if you want to gain fat alberto eat carbs all right you'll gain fat so and now but with that being said i used to work out hard in my 20s i worked out like a dog and and ate lots of protein and i could not gain an ounce of muscle it was just that was my life.

And uh many many of the professional bodybuilders you see they were just like that and they now are muscled up but it's because of um other things that they did as part of their training regimen lisa wants to know if they use the mineral drops do i still need electrolytes and magnesium.

Drops probably not the electrolyte drops because the mineral drops have electrolytes in them but you might want to still use some magnesium drops at bedtime if they help you sleep all right hector says question should sue it be consumed in most abundant quantities over any kind of fat.

For its nutritional properties and number two is bone broth fat nearly as nutritious as suet yeah sue just pure fat um and i think there's lots of nutrition in any kind of animal fat i don't think you should be consuming it like a food but cooking with it putting it on top as.

A condiment i think is perfectly appropriate and fine and then bone broth is going to have more of some nutrients and not as much of other nutrients but uh bone broth and suet plus lots of fatty meat i think we broke a record tonight we have 2 200 people watching on youtube yeah i think.

That's that's a record way to go y'all hit the thumb good job excellent hey here is a awesome comment from jess just loves salads and she makes her own salad dressing with olive oil and balsamic balsamic is there a better choice yes and you're going to be freaked out a.

Little bit bacon grease i'm not kidding just shut up and try just try it warm it up just a little it doesn't have to be hot just liquid form i'm telling you when i was a kid my granny would pick watercress which is a spicy kind of little salad uh green.

And she would wilt it with hot bacon grease so she would have the fresh watercress salad and pour the very hot bacon grease and it it wilts the salad just a little which sounds bad but it's oh my god it's not and then you salt it yeah put some salt on there too little peppers some seasoning sauce you know like whatever seasonings you.

Want on there yeah go to town on that house if you're terry says i am a 42 year old male 6 foot one muscular build down uh to 280 from 570. man 290 pounds down that is so awesome let's take a moment let's everybody give terry a thumb up yes that deserves amazing so many thumbs.

Up all right so he wants to know can autophagy help with the skin or am i definitely looking at having removal to tidy things up maybe maybe not watch my youtube video about this i've got one about about loose skin after weight loss take pictures right now in your underwear don't post it but just take them and save them on your phone start.

Doing at least 18 if not 20 hours of uh intermittent fasting every day and then maybe a three day fast once a week or a five day fast once a month and it's going to take a year okay because you got a lot of extra skin but in a year's time take another picture in the same drawers but hopefully you've washed them you know between but but then compare.

Those two pictures and you're going to be amazed at how much autophagy has shrunk your loose redundant skin but so then after a year if you're like dude that's not enough then you can talk to the plastic surgeon but we've had hundreds of people who said told the plastic surgeon to go play golf because they didn't need them terry do you see.

All this love in the comment section for you look at this channel this is all for you right here way to go keep it up so proud of you all right kc says i'm doing the patreon challenge beef butter bacon and eggs only feeling really good but uh is it normal to get hot burn after i'm drinking my water and how much water.

Should i be drinking yeah you're probably drinking too much water okay a lot of people millions of people around the world think that it's somehow magically healthy to force drink water when you're not really thirsty stop doing that don't do that if you're thirsty drink water if you're not.

Thirsty you don't have to drink your body your body will not allow you not to drink water if you truly need it okay but if you drink too much and expand your stomach you're going to have some reflux then you're going to have some heartburn pain um susanna is a new patron welcome welcome uh would neutropenia improve on.

Carnivorous previously rv and very undernourished and underweight if it's from the under nourishment 100 within three months it'll be fixed now there are other causes of neutropenia so work with your doctor on those but if it's just from the under nutrition yeah you're going to have normal neutrophil count.

In three months all right here jackie says my daughter has autism and chronic constipation what foods are best for her to eat fatty meat and veg yeah 100 and you can make this transition slowly you don't have to do it overnight because i know for some kids with on the.

Spectrum that can be very disturbing and upsetting make very slow gradual changes so that she's eating a proper human diet which is full of delicious fatty meat that's salty to taste if she wants some veg that's fine if she doesn't want any veg she can eat just all fatty meat and eggs that's totally fine but that's going to.

Probably improve her autism symptoms and it's going to fix the constipation 2 300 people dying y'all boom somebody must have shared this i know ben wants to know i'm a newbie love your show i need to lose 40 pounds before i turn 50. yes you do where should i begin i will.

Want to do keto i don't have any allergies he says he's doing keto i it doesn't say he or she want to do keto yeah so if you're eating a standard american diet right now or even a high carb paleo diet then if you go very low carb keto under 20 total grams a day not net.

Carbs but total carbs a day the weight is going to start to come off quicker than you probably ever imagined it could if you wanted to come off even faster you can do our 90-day beef butter bacon and egg challenge where you eat nothing but meat and eggs for 90 days and it'll come off even quicker but there's no need to rush you don't have.

To do that unless your 50th is coming up pretty quickly because all you guys need to hear this you can be a sexy slim muscular 50 year old or you can be a fat miserable tired 50 year old both of those things is possible you get to choose by every bite of food you put in your mouth that was good write that down.

Ah thank you mega platypus that's a good name mike ramsey says hey granny bearing all right lisa wants to know um my doctor wants me to stay on statins risk for plaque formation in my brain leading to a vascular dementia my mom and grandma both had alzheimer's diagnosis what do you say so which one.

Lisa this one yes yeah so there's quite a bit of evidence that shows that statins can actually worsen the symptoms of dementia uh you need to keep doing your research keep reading keep learning uh some studies actually show that statins might improve dementia it just doesn't make any physiological.

Sense how that's possible uh i suspect that a lot of that research was funded by the drug companies that make statins so uh if it were my elderly relative i would throw the statins in the damn garbage but obviously that's not medical advice you're gonna keep having a discussion with their doctor about that now before we go any further i've got.

Something i need to do 2400 2400 yeah i need this this is a record hey write this down hey owen on 10-4 everything's gonna be okay owen are you there hi how you doing owen who's.

Okay did you know today was ten four ten four twenty four four four good buddy ten four good buddy breaking round i've been told by truckers who should know that you're not you shouldn't really say good buddy anymore rhonda's in nevada she's watching i wonder if she shared this sarah thank you.

Uh lindsay said hey lindsay gaba the vitamin thoughts for stress and anxiety entering it um do you think there are any interactions like someone with sleep apnea apnea i'm sorry i'm so excited about the 2400 people or yeah so i don't think there's any interactions i'll tell you about gaba i've actually tried gaba because i've.

Been biohacking for years gaba for some people for anxiety and even insomnia works like magic for other people it doesn't really help at all it's very safe to try it i would buy it from i don't get a penny for that but they have very reputable supplements uh and try the gaba try it for a month.

And see if you can tell a difference i did i did i tried it for sleep to try to get better sleep and they also have better dreams some people have really vivid dreams together i couldn't tell i had either one of those kevin you can eat as many sticks of butter as you want on mine youtube blocked that comment i.

Had to allow it what i didn't know well maybe i always put it over and over oh okay you're getting what are your thoughts on a high carb diet nut archery says i've been on one for quite a while and feel great i think for a small percentage of the human population typically those people who.

Are young and very metabolically resilient they can live on doritos and twinkies and drink pepsi cola and do and seemingly do great but i would caution you caution you nut archery to have your c peptide and your fasting insulin checked because you might be shocked to find out that you're not quite as great as you think you are good question.

Is there any difference between dark meat or white meat chicken uh nutrition wise yeah dark meats taste yeah dark meat is a little higher in fat than the white meat it also just tastes a whole lot a whole whole hell of a lot better uh i've had several people in the.

Comments yeah that want to know yes when you and saladino are going to have a little live debate yeah i was thinking about messaging him today i'm i'm totally friendly we're not going to debate we're going to discuss because i love him and i agree with 97 of everything that comes out of his.

Mouth there's just a few little things we disagree on so i definitely don't anticipate it being a debate or an argument but yeah i think we should uh i'll reach out to him after this live let me write that down and see if we can have him on and we can discuss honey and fruit and all things carnivore and not.

Carnivore uh keto fit gal hey girl dr salad eno which is not as ironic as it used to be do you know a d and k supplement that doesn't have any sugar in it or in the gel cap uh we actually buy one off amazon you have to read the ingredients very carefully you can find one that's.

Sugar free you can find one that's in a gel cap and the gel cap you can find it if you look for it that has olive oil hopefully yeah mct oil and olive oil as the oil instead of canola or soybean everybody taking any kind of gel cap you got to be very careful they will put canola or soybean in there because it's cheap.

You got to read the ingredients b moon says live debate let's go yeah i know right i love saladino we're not going to really yeah it's not going to be i'm hyping it up a little more then it probably needs to be unknown entity said what would you suggest for my 18 year old cousin who has borderline hyperthyroidism and always hungry.

She's a female yeah so either she has hyperthyroidism or she doesn't uh if she has not seen an endocrinologist yet she needs to see an endocrinologist asap because if she's having those symptoms and her numbers are high she needs a specialist yeah hyper thigh is a completely different animal than hypothy.

Rob wants you to make a bbbe video i already got one it's uh called extreme weight loss one of those it may be a challenge i don't know but yeah it's uh like lose 50 pounds or extreme weight you need to put bbb yeah michelle hey michelle just got out of the hospital with uh.

Super ventricular tachycardia uh 180 also had severe add and asthma back on keto i feel like there's no hope for my atd go ahead yeah i was just gonna say a lot of women that and men that i talk to that have add or any of anything that has mood or mental health in there and you're.

Still not seeing results you need to eat fat you need to eat a lot of fat good quality fat fat so important animal fat and uh that just try up that fat and see how that goes and gives your electrolytes and your salt and like all that good stuff too but yep get the fat in i totally.

Agree cut out some of the veggies because some vegetables that are inflammatory can it cause issues with that as well uh so try keto yep and keep that fat out yep and two things i have adhd i still have adhd ask my wife she'll tell you okay but two things have really helped.

How much my symptoms are very high high-fat carnivore and so today i had uh two pounds of ground beef 70 30 cooked in butter and bacon grease both and then i had about seven slices of really fatty bacon you guys ever noticed at the at the grocery you gotta you gotta judge the bacon yeah they're.

Getting stingy yeah you gotta watch you'll get home and it's all it's not not enough fat but then also structuring my life so that it's okay for me to flip from thing to thing to thing to think and so that's i just live my life this way i'll i'll work on this video it is but it took let me honestly it.

Took me years to get my life structured like that but even when i was practicing full-time i would have this patient clinic full of patients but i would go talk to this patient with hypothy then this patient with hypertension you see how that just kind of that was perfect for me i wrote my note and i forgot about that patient and went to the next.

Patient but so now i'll work on a video then i'll go take care of the sheep then i'll come back and i'll proofread some on the book then i'll go take care of the chickens and admit they can i just don't i just constantly but if you structure your life and also don't look at it as a disability i actually think it's a.

Superpower if you're able to structure your life around it because you can get a lot of done a lot of stuff but you're never going to just sit down on one task and just do it for the next 12 hours your brain's not made like that charles says can't wait for your live with dr balls tomorrow 2500 people.

Watching almost 2 600. what is happening holy crap so tomorrow you will be live here on youtube with dr blog yeah on her channel and powerful boss on her channel she's great we love her so that'll be fun that'll be on dr bob's channel okay great yeah oh maria this is her first live hey maria from maryland.

Awesome welcome anybody else new uh what where do i find the 90-day meat and egg diet do you have that well that's the that's the triple b oh okay so it's on youtube yeah yeah and so it's extreme weight loss hack uh but also inside of our patreon community there's a link down below if you want to become part of the tribe.

We're doing that challenge right now in our patreon group uh let me answer who is this right here uh vitamaria de bellas says get off facebook we will follow you wherever you go do you guys agree with vitamaria should i delete my facebook page and and and just use other social media you're not even.

On there much anyways i'm not i'm really not supposed to get most of my effort into youtube as a consumer on facebook like consuming content i'm maybe on there three minutes a day i post everything there for to help you guys but i don't consume facebook like i used to yeah so you guys think i should.

Get off or stay on facebook and try to help the people there too i think most people are on youtube that are on facebook anyways honestly g dirt says can you tell me why blood sugar goes low sometimes after a high carb breakfast i'm pre-diabetic but on no medications also goes low on low carbs sometimes yeah the.

Reason it goes low on a high carb breakfast is when you eat the high carb breakfast it turns into sugar right your blood sugar starts to spike you're you're going to be insulin you ready then your insulin so here goes the blood sugar and your insulin is like holy crap and it's it starts spiking to pull that down.

And it pulls your blood sugar down but then it pulls it too low when you have a low blood sugar and you crash that's right it happens about an hour or two after you've had that breakfast the reason it doesn't on low carb now is because you're predominantly still eating high carb when you convert completely to a low.

Carb diet that was good you're good insulin when you convert completely to a low carb diet very low carb well under 50 total grams of carbs a day they'll stop having the high post they'll just stop happening somebody just said the best thing ever they didn't say it exactly like this i'm paraphrasing okay facebook is the cards of social media.

I love it i love it somebody today messaged me and said that facebook is the alkaline water of social media i thought that was pretty funny terry thanks everyone dr nisha have taught me more than a bachelor in science and kinesiology with a minor in anatomy and physiology i started with lies my.

Doctor told me oh thank you so much for that christmas is coming you can buy that book for somebody right so if you know somebody that would like to improve their health there's this little book just a thought just a thought just throwing it out there for christmas maybe a christmas present for your.

Doctor listen if y'all knew how much freaking drama went into that book i didn't see this man for a year and a half basically so yeah support us by find that book and we will love you forever elizabeth says i'm six days that's it right there.

Don't say that i gotta say it elizabeth says six days into beef butter bacon and eggs straight from the sad diet the thought of eating the last two days makes me sick any thoughts you came straight from sad sister so yeah you're gonna have some withdrawals you and a lot of people they're not used to the hunger the.

Satiety signals that their body gives them and it's usually is this a woman it's usually women they will actually have nausea when they eat a diet that's rich in healthy fat and healthy protein lots of lots of vitamins and minerals they actually feel the satiety it feels like nausea because they're not used to it and it takes a.

Few days that'll go away the withdrawal symptoms that you're having from your previous carb addiction that's going to go away and you're going to feel amazing by day 7 to day 10. keep it up sherry says non scale victory years long migraines and tinnitus are almost gone since going ketovor i can't remember the last time i had a migraine.

Or the high pitch ringing yep if any of you guys suffer from migraine headaches so you know somebody you care about somebody who does i've got youtube videos about this migraine headaches are just 95 caused by eating too many carbs in your diet once you stop the sugars the grains and the seed oils the migraines just go away i used to have a.

Migraine back when i was eating okay okay but this is important i used to have i had bad migraines i would have one or two or three a month now when was the last time i had a migraine you even remember when i was pregnant i think yeah it's been almost two years.

It's been over two years because you were pregnant yeah and then now when i do have a migraine i take two uh uh ibuprofen it's gone and it's it's nothing and used to they used to be day enders for me thank you sherry for the super chat thank you mike he wants to share i've been ketobor for a year i'm down 40.

Pounds down from 42 to 38 size pants eczema and joint pain are completely gone thank you for all you do good job mike well done mike well done well done we love you now teach your friends thanks rebecca y'all 2700 people what wow that's a record right that's a more than a wreck that's what i was thinking it's.

More than a record crazy what's happening i love you guys are amazing things let's go let's go yeah uh y'all would be great on rumble are you on rumble i thought i was but maybe i'm not i'm gonna check this i've got a list of to do's over here rumble yeah i'm going to check on that i.

Know that all of my youtube videos are archived on odyssey and on library tv i know for a fact they're there every time i upload a youtube it also goes to odyssey and library tv but uh i'll bid you that's the other one yeah all my videos are archived on bit shoot as well but i guess i need to you.

Guys do i need to set up a rumble did any of you guys watch several people say rumble yeah be everywhere just be everywhere rumble would be great yeah okay uh carla wants to know can carnivore help with hyperthyroidism hyperthyroidism you need to see an.

Endocrinologist the hyperthyroidism modern medicine manages it very well it's just the hypo that doctors get so wrong so yeah if you have hyperthyroid you need to be seeing your doctor and your specialist i might go to rumble there's.

Live streaming over there i love live stream jazzy hey girl i noticed when i go too low on carbs i get dizzy and i just don't feel that great yeah more salt more electrolytes that's exactly what's going on because when you go super low carb you're losing water in a good way not a bad way and electrolytes and salt are having to go with that.

Water so bump up your salt bump up your electrolytes um yeah rumble rumble rumble i just like the name rumble yeah it's a good name i'll check out rumble as soon as this lives over i'll give you not bumble uh this is important kelly kelly towner says can a type 1 diabetic.

Get off insulin with carnivore diet no if you're type 1 diabetic you don't make any insulin that by definition that's what it is what you can do is a type 1 diabetic on a carnivore diet is have a normal a1c which is most type 1 diabetics don't even know what that is number two.

You can use 80 to 90 percent less insulin number three you can prevent all of the heinous complications and medical uh male adventures that come with being a type 1 diabetic that's what you can get with carnivore as a type 1 diabetic okay we got one more question here jay my son has moderate depression severe.

Gluten intolerance and it's unable to work more than three days a week what are your suggestions yeah stop all sugars added or natural stop the grains all the grains all the grains got to go stop the vegetable seed oils and stop all the liquid dairy if you do that and fill up his diet with fatty meat and a little bit of veg and a few berries and.

He eats till he's full that all that every bit of that's going to get better and lots of fat lots of fat on the meat absolutely all right guys that's about to wrap it up we got closing statements uh let's see oh so uh we had 2700 people watching tonight and we tried to answer every question we could but we couldn't.

Right but if you really want to get your question answered you can become part of our private protected patreon community there's a link in the show notes sign up if you sign up you can be a one dollar a month three dollar a month five dollar and up but for for three dollars a month you're going to get access to two additional lives just like this one.

With me and beautiful here answering your questions and on this live we had 2739 people watching on the average live inside the private patreon group we have about 100 people maybe 200 watching so we're able to answer every question in detail in depth and so and we don't miss any so if you if you've got questions.

You really need to answer to consider becoming a patron uh let's get danita real quick and then we're gonna go danita wants to know how can i avoid pressure from my family of jillian pie makers just you gotta go your own way just like fleetwood max says all right you gotta stay on your path and let that stuff go.

Because they can't they can't affect you if you don't let them connect you this might help this is a little bit of ninja strategy ask your family when you guys are all sitting around the table with the jelly and the syrups and the pies say guys if i was an alcoholic would would any of you guys make me a.

Drink when i come over and say here i made you a bloody mary and they're all going to be like no we would never do that that would be terrible then you're going to say well let me tell you something i am a carboholic and you may think that's funny but some people think alcoholism is funny too but it's not funny to me.

And so please when you know i'm coming over don't sit the fresh jelly out don't set the fresh pie out because you're tempting me to eat something that i'm addicted to that's very unhealthy for me maybe they'll get that analogy maybe if not then i don't know what to tell you all right guys that's it if you're a patron we'll see you tomorrow tomorrow.

Tomorrow i'm still worked out because we had so many viewers tomorrow 6 p.m central will be live just like this in our patreon group there's a link down below you're welcome to join us if you want to if not we'll see you next monday night at 7 p.m central standard time that's right all.

Right set your alarms love you mean it bye
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