PHD Q&A with Dr Berry & @Neisha. !!!

PHD Q&A with Dr Berry & @Neisha. !!!

PHD Q&A with Dr Berry & @Neisha. !!!

Check out the video on PHD Q&A with Dr Berry & @Neisha. !!!.
Forgot to put it in there okay that's okay ah hello hello you guys caught Nisha unprepared it's me I'm unprepared welcome back my friends welcome back welcome back so good to be with you on the next edition of Monday Night Live how you doing.

Yeah Mitchell went to the chiropractor today and got a deck shuffled very well she Twisted me all around I've been out working on the farm today I made a Tick Tock and I made a YouTube video yeah I'm on Tick Tock did you know that I am too but I'm just forced to be over.

There essentially and I'll post maybe once a month I don't love it but I hate it hey Roxanna how's it going Santa who else is here we got any PhD community members in the house say hello who's a member of our tribe put you're all a member of our truck private a private tribe it's very.

Exclusive there's Natalie hey Natalie it's exclusive Holly's in the Trap thank you Holly John's in the house hey John several Barney's here I know I saw her hey guys hey so welcome back can you believe February is almost over it's almost out of here it's crazy you.

Know where Dr Barry's gonna be next week or something later this week bro oh gosh yeah it's this week in Denver Colorado going to Denver I am staying home did your grandpa call it Colorado Colorado Colorado I don't know I don't know you talked about Colorado that much yeah I'll be at low carb Denver I think is a Rock Center are you going I know a.

Few of you guys are going yeah there's several people going but I will not be there because it's cold there see you know I'm very happy Denver in February that sounds like a dream vacation yeah if you like I will Tabitha join this week welcome Let's see we had a question I saw one way back up here.

Somewhere Sean join the channel thank you Sean for your support where was that question I said oh I can't watch you scroll that fast that hurts my eyeballs I guess I guess I missed it I don't know what I'm saying guess has a question okay I'm almost there sorry yes be patient okay guess my dad.

Has prostate cancers on Luke Bryan to suppress his testosterone so cancer doesn't grow could carnivore be bad for him because it raises testosterone he's 78 and has a bad heart as well excellent question now you're not your dad's got so many medical conditions going on he obviously needs to consult with his doctor before he makes any final.

Decision but I would opine that eating a diet that human beings and our ancestors have been eating for the last three and a half million years which I call a proper human diet would probably be the best diet for him to eat since even though he has prostate cancer and a bad heart he's still a human being.

So we probably should eat a species specific diet uh testosterone can raise testosterone in men with low testosterone we've seen that hundreds of times since he's on Lupron that's probably going to block any of that testosterone that he may produce in you um no I have not dyed my hair I don't know why it doesn't look gray right now.

But it is different light makes it look crazy hey Greg and Dallas is a new PhD member welcome Greg Ashley wants to know why her pee smells like meat because you've been eating a lot of meat he doesn't smell like meat some I've heard some people say that just like if.

You eat asparagus your pee smells like asparagus this is a thing that happens to humans child of God August TSH 8.8 uh T4 1.28 doc put me on 25 of levo in November TSH was 5.5 T4 1.21 February TSH 5.18 increase the leave over to 50 is it possible if continue carnivore I'll eventually cure hypothyroids we haven't seen a lot of.

People cure their hypothyroidism we have seen many people with Hashimoto's put that autoimmune condition into remission with a key divorce or a carnivore diet what will probably happen is when you've been carnivore strict enough for long enough you'll probably not need as much thyroid replacement hormone in order to keep.

Your TSH and your other laps right where they need to be it comfy woman where's everybody watching this from where are you at in the world what city what state what country saw somebody from Decatur Tennessee I love it thank you so much cousin that's my cousin.

Jennifer became a member of the channel thank you for your support Christopher I used to drink Monster Energy every morning would mess up my stomach with pain gas and bloating why are these drinks so hard on the stomach because they are made in a factory from highly processed chemical crap your stomach does not want to eat highly.

Processed factory made chemical crap it wants to eat food and it wants you to drink water so when you eat a proper human diet your stomach does not give you this negative feedback that it was giving you with those monsters I hope everyone knows monsters are not healthy you know that right because I.

Drink them you know that it seems obvious seems obvious that everyone should know she probably drinks two a week maybe and still currently winning off Zoloft and it's been hell everybody out there taking an antidepressant please listen to Abigail any tips and could keto help ease these.

Withdrawal symptoms yes any of the anti-depressants like Zoloft Paxil Effexor um um Prozac all those guys Cymbalta are they can have it extensive severe withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop them so if you haven't started one yet please.

Think twice if you're already on one like Abigail then yes you're going to have to wean Down The Zoloft very very slowly it may take months and that's okay because you're weaning down eating either keto ketovor or carnivore will help these symptoms be less severe and if you don't know what ketovor is this.

Is the mother of ketifor hi Nisha Solace hyphen Berry lots of videos on my YouTube channel about ketovor what I eat in the day Vlogs I just posted one if you guys want to see Bonnie eat some chicken fresh Fried Chicken skins then you can watch my latest vlog Bonnie Blue is crazy she's seven months old and she she.

Started crawling and then two days later literally two days later now she's cruising which means standing up and holding on to stuff she's literally cruising all over the house like like an 11 month old I don't even know what's going on with her um this is not a brag okay I wish she would stop yeah we're not it's annoying.

If she were our first baby we'd be like oh baby but she's not her first baby she's really like could you just lay still I'm trying to do some stuff over here just like steel Angelic Annihilator due to Ankylosing Spondylitis I have some arthritis in my lower back discs I am going on to get PRP that's platelet rich.

Plasma soon it's more effective to do intradiscal higher risk of complications or intramuscular uh you intramuscular is probably not going to help your your as pain you probably need to do it intra-articular or maybe interdisc maybe but definitely intraarticular putting in the muscles not going to help your pain hey Knoxville Tennessee Knoxville you.

Saw Knoxville I see a Massachusetts you know what I'm I'm a little redneck country boy I used to not know how to pronounce this state I had to practice it when I when I went to college in Florida when I was 18. I don't even know what I used to say but I had to look in the mirror and practice Massachusetts I don't even know what I used to say but.

It was not right Angela Labs LDL 333 triglycerides 111 HDL 66 fasting insulin 4.9 A1C 4.9 doc has lowered my T3 and T4 combo mostly triple DNA actually with keto I saw Angel that's exactly the way to do that and every now and then I'll cheat on Carnivore with keto as well listen are.

You gonna I don't know do you want to do it go ahead woman go ahead and Robin is the potassium in element bad for stage three kidney disease it now it may be too much potassium but it's not a bad potassium the way you'll know this uh I wouldn't use more than one a day and then follow up with your doc for your routine kidney labs and just see what.

Your kidneys are doing if you're eating low carbohydrate enough you may be shocked to find that your stage three CKD turns into stage two and then you won't have to worry about the element anymore no monsters are not keto born no but I drink them every now and then free sure they're less less bad that's right.

But nobody but still is saying that that's obviously food because it is not a health food not a health food uh how did they receive previous posts I don't know where that was oh no we missed one see if the moderates have it again save the moderators come pick it up Sean new Money Network member welcome welcome 30 years of depression.

Is gone thank you both for the honest transparency and the realness that you bring to the table listening from Far Northern Vermont wow that's it awesome thank you Sean that is up north what did you guys all have for dinner tell me in the comments I want to see what you ate type it in and if you haven't had dinner just type.

Fasting I want to see what you guys are eating p.m what is the difference between keto child daily minerals keto child electrolyte drops element and ancestral minerals what do you suggest Arlo is saying listen we are fixing to do a video yep specifically about this because it's a question we get asked all the time now I personally think that.

Keto child's daily mineral drops uh right there are the best full disclosure because I help design I helped design them with Chris Berry keto Chow uh but they we really worked hard to try to get this formulation right keto child's electrolyte drops they only contain sodium chloride potassium and magnesium whereas the mineral drops contain all.

Those plus a bunch of other minerals element is is same way as keto child's electrolyte drops just contain the four electrolytes ancestral minerals is a pretty good product if you've already got that it's fine to keep using it Corey 34 days Triple B and E down 20 pounds when should I get my blood work done do 90 days Cory then get your blood.

Checked uh as she gets older she might need to work on but girl she already is feeding herself so yeah her pincher grasp is nuts like we have to vacuum the floor every 10 minutes right in her mouth yep keeping it GX keep it at GX my father's been told.

He has a small tumor on his bladder what could be the cause of it and after it is taken out how can he prevent it from coming back so he needs to be eat a diet that keeps his insulin level normal and he needs to eat a diet that keeps his level of inflammation normal that's going to stop the irritation inside of his bladder wall that led to the tumor.

To start with now we don't know what kind of tumor this is hasn't we haven't got a biopsy we don't have it for pathology so we got to wait to get the tumor out to send it to pathology to see what it is then we'll know excuse me if there's a chance to be coming back or not but definitely he needs to eat a proper.

Human diet from this day forward so that he doesn't have any more new untoward lesions popping up Lori hey Dr Mary Nisha I'm a sugar addict I started my own 30-day triple being e challenge today I'm going to really try and make it I'll let you know and Lori if you need extra support you're welcome to join our private.

Community there's a link down in the show notes it's five books a month I do Q A's Monday through Friday yep and I jump in on the weekend if I can and through the week if I can and we have four official extra live Q as in there each and every week to help you with this depending on what level so if you want to spend the price of one Starbucks.

Coffee a month to have help with this but if you don't need it that's fine too carnivore thoughts on using Stevia how much is too much when it comes to programs there's so pork rinds if they're fried in either lard or beef Jello There's No Limit you can eat as many as you want okay now obviously.

They're not a they're they have nutrition in them they have vitamins and minerals they have good Omega omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids but they're not a complete food so I would use them as a vehicle to dip stuff like ground beef uh and and use them eat them during your meals don't eat them as snacks in between meals eat them with.

Your meals but you can eat as many as you want uh Stevia is fine it's much better than sugar I would probably try to wean that Stevia down so that you're using only the minimum amount just in case a year or two from now they come out with a study that says oh my God Stevia causes your you know face to crack apart or whatever.

Brooklyn in the house Brooklyn uh Jade boys have tried to go for carnivore several times and have trouble sleeping through the night unless I have 15 grams of carbs per day with most of those being at night am I just not giving it enough time yeah probably Jay Buzz most people who drink alcohol in the evenings and they're a functional.

Alcoholic they find that when they stop the alcohol they have trouble sleeping but that's not permanent that just lasts for three to fourteen days and then they can sleep just fine again so I think what you're having here is you're still a functional carboholic and so I think that if you just go hardcore carnivore for 90 days you'll find after a week or.

Two you're sleeping just fine David watching from down the road hey David hey David thanks for all you guys dude thank you for being here hey speaking of being here 2 900 people watching let's get it to 3 000 guys it's the thumb don't forget hit the thumb if you haven't already shared this there's a little button right down there I think.

That says share click that and you can share it on any of your social media that you want to there are people out there who need to hear this who've never heard of this before because you haven't shared it yet come on Christians uh Columbia South Carolina in December my testosterone was 169. how long before it goes up to normal been strict carnivore.

Since January still off meds for ra doctors and need to see me till August here PS3 thanks hi grannyberry oh Christian if it you've been carnivore for over a year so this if you have you had your testosterone checked lately because typically it's anywhere from 36 months of carnivore you recheck your labs and.

Your testosterone is up to some degree now some guys that only goes up 40 or 50 points we've had many guys that goes up three 400 points so if you've been if you haven't had it checked in the last few months I'd get it checked again let's get Nick here Dr Barry what's your take on Dr Robert lustig's take on fruit yep fruit is okay because it feeds the.

Gut good bacteria yeah so what happens to the good gut bacteria if you only eat carnivore because we know thousands of carnivores only tens of thousands and they their gut health is great their bowel movements are great none of them have colon cancer so they must still have the good gut bacteria right think about it because if you eradicated.

Somebody's good good bacteria bad things will start to happen very quickly right so I have great respect for Dr Lusty but I think and I agree with him on 99 of everything but he's just wrong about this this is an island of ignorance for him we all have them and he'll he'll come around he's a very intelligent gentleman and.

Scholar he'll come around just watch for leg clot doctor says he needs them for life he hates them why can't he just take cayenne pepper and turmeric well they're not as good at anticoagulation now many leg clots if you just had one many doctors will say just take the the uh the anti-clot medication for 12 months and then they'll stop it after.

That so you may just ask your doctor about that obviously don't stop taking it or maybe get a second opinion but usually if it's just one leg clot we don't tell you to take that for life do you have does it need to be brighter okay I I made it dimmer on purpose I know normally I think momento guys.

I'm complaining about brightness but I can't okay that's much better there we go thank you oh we're up to 3 000. thank you guys for sharing this video that helps a lot Captain carnivore join the PHD Community this morning as premium welcome welcome brother what's the best oil to use after natural vitamin D intake sessions and baby so.

You mean oil on your skin you could use beef Tallow you could use um purified lard you don't want to use large you cook bacon in or you'll smell like bacon unless that's your thing hey I'm not a judge but uh rendered beef Tallow or rendered pork fat have virtually no smell and they they soak into your skin and.

Leave you silky and smooth carnivore captains Magdalena thank you have you guys seen my McDonald's what I what I order at McDonald's tick tock video I had no idea I was just going through I was stuck in town I couldn't get home and eat I thought well I'll just go through and I thought well I'll.

Video it so many people are losing their minds on Tick Tock because Instagram Instagram Tick Tock yeah because I got seven quarter pounder patties and they're like there's human flesh in that there's I don't even know some of the comments is like what is wrong with y'all.

It's 100 beef the Quarter Pounders yeah salt and water salt and pepper that's it I got seven of them Bays junk haul Dr I'm addicted to unsweetened black tea yeah yes you are caffeine is addictive but also black tea tastes great I love it too but uh I'm currently caffeine free I've been completely off coffee for four days now.

I was drinking decaf for about two weeks before that and I'm I'm sipping on my peppermint tea That's zero carbs Zero caffeine can you tell any difference in me no no difference yeah so I'm gonna I'm gonna go no coffee for at least a month because there's a lot of carnivores out there that are like coffee is a plant it.

Will cause inflammation it will hurt you and so I'm gonna go coffee free for a month to see if I notice any improvements or not I don't recommend you do that I also don't recommend you don't do it but I'm just doing it so you don't have to basically but so far so good I don't feel any different at all I did it.

Um what was that four years ago yeah yeah four years ago Frank how can I stop mtor yeah so Frank uh very very little is understood about all the pathways the mtours involved in there's a lot of big um health and Physiology gurus on the interwebs right now talking about mtor and if you eat meat this is foolishness.

As I said earlier your ancestors Frank your ancestors have been eating meat for three and a half million years so now suddenly since we just discovered him tour a few years ago now meets bad for us meets what brought us Frank meets what made us so eat your meat and and just watch them tour just watch the space.

You're gonna see another year or two there'll be a study come out questioning some of these hypotheses about mtor and then another one then another one and then mtours just go away and nobody will ever talk about it again and all those people that sold you supplements to keep your room tour where it needs to be they'll just disappear and they'll keep.

Your money so don't worry about that Frank eat your meat dinner was a doctor very special cup of decaf with a big old slab of un melted unsalted grass-fed butter butter nice that was your dinner how was your dinner coffee and butter that must be fast losing it in Vegas as a type two I'm getting super high fasting blood.

Glucoses after I eat breakfast it goes down I understand Dawn phenomenon and insulin response would a morning eating window be healthier for me probably not that that morning high blood sugar you're getting part of this because your metabolism is not completely healed yet when you get when you get your type 2 completely reversed this won't happen.

Nearly as bad but this will happen for a while but what you're going to notice when you get your A1C and your fasting insulin rechecked in three months is that they're much better than they were before even though you had that weird high morning blood sugar nothing to worry about these are key to Vore pah is now normal.

Can PhD help reverse heart failure hfpef recently diagnosed so a lot of people don't realize this but the heart muscle the cardiac myocytes they can actually burn ketones more efficiently than they can burn glucose so when you're in ketosis which you're going to be for most of the day if you.

Eat a keto diet a keto board diet or a high fat carnivore diet you're going to be in ketosis most of the day that actually improves your heart stroke volume it improves your heart's pumping power it it makes your heart healthy and healthier and less inflamed ketones are the way if you've got any degree of heart problems or heart failure.

Absolutely Emily I would love to read testimonies on Carnivore helping juvenile rheumatoid arthritis thank you well the the most famous testimony is Michaela Peterson Jordan Peterson's daughter she had severe juvenile rheumatoid arthritis she was three yeah she had to have her ankle joint replaced when she was a teenager.

That's how bad her juvenile R.A was so there are many many others out there that have have put their their JRA or their ra into remission by eating either a carnivore diet or a lion diet if you don't know what that is you know lying like that kind of wine not that not that yeah yeah the lion diet is when you when you.

Say you're eating keto but you really eat Doritos that's a lion diet welcome back star Triple B E 126. went from 311 the pro called turkey filled 171 without insulin if I if I break out I want a Coke Zero at least you're honest you're doing really good and you.

Know if you want to have a Coke Zero every Friday night Kelly Kelly I think that's fine you still haven't had one you don't have one just keep going that's true yeah good advice thank you I like that name that's pretty rocks wants an update on how you feel yeah I'm on four day four no coffee or.

Is it day five I think it's day five and no coffee I'm sipping on my peppermint tea uh no caffeine no carbs I feel completely normal I don't feel any better I don't feel any different I drink decaf for about two weeks before I got completely off the coffee because you guys should know that there are hundreds of polyphenols in coffee.

Uh not just caffeine there's hundreds of chemicals in in coffee uh the carnivores are right about that there are hundreds if not thousands of chemicals but they're naturally occurring chemicals that human beings have been exposed to for about a thousand years now we've been drinking coffee and so my theory is it's not really going to cause much.

Inflammation but some of the carnivores are so militant about this I thought I'll just do 30 days with no coffee and then start it back and see if I felt better or worse in the interim chronically I mean intolerance to red meat after eating a lot the last six months yeah so.

You're going to have to and it's not that you're having a histamine intolerance to red meat you're having the histamine intolerance because the red meat that you've been eating has been aged it's been hung in the meat locker for two or three weeks before they sold it uh uh Michaela Peterson had a problem with this as well with beef.

And so until she found a local local butcher who would not hang the beef and and just give it to a refresh she was living on lamb and goats because they're they're not aged like beef is and so if you can find a local butcher who will not hang your meat but we'll go straight from Slaughter to package and you buy it and take it home the histamine level in.

That is much much lower and for the vast majority of you guys watching don't worry about what me and Barb are talking about this is very very rare that people have a histamine reaction to beef Natasha keto almost four years now strict carnivore my husband finally started carnivore today for Better Health and hopes to get off uh eloquist.

Due to AFib thanks to you and Dr chafee and beef and butter gal that's good company right there Natasha I'll take that Black Beard I have Hydra not a super Teva and reduced my carbohydrates to control the disease that'll help if I go on the carnivore diet with no carbs will it reduce my libido erections and.

Imbalance hormones no you you've been listening to the vegans uh carnivore diet without it I've yet to see an exception it's going to tend to make your libido increase your testosterone go up and and then with those two things in place I'll just leave it to your imagination what it's.

Going to do with the erection so yeah you're fine to be clear I love you guys thank you for your work thank you somebody ate three duck eggs for dinner toxic not true but we do have to make sure we get to it yeah see toxic you should have before you should have asked a question instead of making a smart-ass.

Comment sorry uh I know carnivore aims for zero carbs but what if a sauce has Justified carbs super low per tablespoon would love to keep a sugar-free barbecue sauce yeah no I I totally get in and sometimes we'll use one of the sugar-free barbecue sauces that has two or three grams of.

Carbs per tablespoon but we use the tiniest amount just enough to give it the hint of flavor because the more you do carnivore the more you realize that meat tastes really freaking good and you don't really need to smother it in ketchup or barbecue sauce or other things like you once did car Buster 20 pounds overweight with A1c.

1 C9 but told that I'm pre-diabetic how you you're not pre-diabetic your doctors is currently ignorant of what they're talking about you're able to see is pristine your glucose is perfection you may have used to been a pre-diabetic but you no longer are you reverse that not less seen opinions mixed opinions about cooking with palm.

Oil Palmer is popular West Africa and Southeast Asia just wondering what you think about it yeah palm oil there it used to be I used to have a lot of problem with the way that people were forced to collect and produce palm oil but I think most of that's been fixed now but just to looking at the fatty acid profile of palm oil it's as good as.

Avocado or coconut oil I think I think palm oil is fine it's very high in saturated fat just like coconut oil and that's why I got a bad rap back in the 70s and 80s if you say I want to order from the a la carte menu it's cheaper that way than saying a burger with no bun then you charge five dollars where you should be.

Only charged like 1.35 or something something like that yeah all the care it's French Jay keto carnivore low carb one year HDL 57 triglyceros 59 LDL 200 fasting insulin 2.5 can you reassure I'm going to show more about my LDL yes Jay Buzz don't worry about your LDL okay your numbers are pristine here watch my.

Recent video about is is low carb is low LDL dangerous and that'll help you understand why an LDL 200 in the face of all these other numbers huzzah cardboard Camp what's the most weight you've seen healthfully lost in a year from someone around 500 pounds if you are watching and you started from around 500 pounds drop feel free to drop how.

Much you have lost I think we've 120 in a year more than in a year yeah in a year 150 I think 150 yeah 150 100 we've seen 120. we've seen 100 multiple times oh yeah for somebody who started at four or five six hundred pounds uh but yeah up to 150 pounds and so here's the thing if you're losing the weight by eating a proper human diet and you're.

Not portion controlling you're not calorie restricting you're not starving your death you're not taking ozympic you're not smoking crack or smoking meth which worked just as good as those empty then you're going to be losing weight healthily does that make sense only when you're.

When you're eating a calorie restriction diet that's nutrient void that's that's how you're going to lose weight in an unhealthy manner um but if you're 500 pounds really there ain't no way there ain't no unhealthy white people lose weight you need to lose weight somebody 's a great interview with carnivorous made yes yes.

You can watch that whenever you go check it out make sure you subscribe to her booming channel it's blowing up and that that reminds me I wanted to ask tonight because I love working with people who are who are literally like a like a caterpillar to a butterfly metamorphosizing is that the right I don't know I love that and I want I.

Want to help these people so who tell me in the comments like carnivorous me is oh my God she's such a beautiful human she is kicking ass over on her Channel tell me in the comments who's your favorite YouTube channel that you'd love me to reach out to and do a q a with or do an interview with who who are the folks you guys watch.

Every day I want to see in the comments tell me do you uh Alyssa do you know any database to fund low carb supporting PCP I'm up in May I do listen I have a video on this channel called how to find a low carb doctor near you and in the show notes of that video are six different websites that you can put your ZIP code.

In and I know you all have zip codes up in Maine too and it will tell you where the nearest low carb keto friendly doctor is and we're in relation to your home zip code so that's the that's the resource Joe Rogan Joe Rogan he's up and coming yeah yeah he needs my help yeah.

MC emcee age 38 first Labs treats 51 HDL 65 ldl209 A1C 5.1 normal BMI Dr urging Lipitor if you haven't had a heart attack don't even entertain the discussion I'd rather get my HDL higher trying to be more active in by active I hope you mean lifting heavy things PhD feels amazing lost 70 pounds Advanced panel for LDL if you want to get the the.

Extra information you can ask your doctor for an NMR Lipa profile that gives you all the particle sizes and numbers I don't think it's necessary you're eating a proper human diet is do you have anything to be worried about I don't think so but if you want to get that that's what that test is called Laura Spath yeah we love yeah.

I used to think it was Laura's path until I met her and I'm like oh but it looks like that Laura's path yep she's wonderful I love her she's so if you don't know her go follow her because she's a realistic carnivore there's no like bougie beef and you can't eat this kind of meat only this kind of meat she's a real mom she would get some.

Quarter Pounder patties at McDonald's Wild Wings all the time she eats out a lot that's wonderful main things that she shows is how to eat carnivore basically any restaurant that you go to so go give Laura bath bath not Laura's path uh follow on Instagram I think it's just on Tick Tock too and she's on YouTube as well.

Limiting factor been on Carnivore diet for about four weeks alts 127 and AST is 56 is this common it's very common for people who come onto a carnivore diet and they haven't been carnivore long enough to reverse and cure their fatty liver to to get Labs like this checked and then think oh my god look what the carnivore diet did to me these numbers.

Were high before you ever started carnivore my friend but probably if anything trending down keep doing your carnivore and get these rechecked in three months and you'll be very happy with the results moderators can you find Steven's I'm assuming in Stevens uh question and tag me in the comment section so we can get it please thank.

You Jay Buzz my mom is 53 early onset osteoporosis vegetarian for over 30 years very low protein trying to get her to do carnivore but she will only eat fish and eggs that's a that's a good start absolutely totally agree what should she focus on for us so I have I have a video on this channel about.

Osteoporosis I have a video about osteopenia and I have a video about bone health and Bone strength have her watch all three of those videos now if she is determined to stay vegetarian I I get it there there are people with ethical reasons for that but maybe you can get her to eat every animal that's not a mammal so that there's definitely no.

Neocortex they don't have emotions they're not sad or happy they don't nurse their young so any Seafood any poultry anything like that that that doesn't have sentience and nobody can convince me that a bird except maybe a crow has sentience okay but yes all the eggs all the fish the all the Crustaceans oysters shellfish mussels.

All that stuff she needs to be eating the heck out of that because she needs to really up her protein and then watch my videos because she needs to start being more active even though her bones are currently weak if she hasn't had her vitamin D checked she's got to have that check vitamin D 25 level.

Uh and she's got to start doing some some impact exercise and some weight-bearing exercise she needs to start slow and slowly work her way up and repeat the dexa scan once a year to see how much her bones are improving but she can't stay vegetarian without animal products or she'll have severe osteoporosis she'll roll over in.

Bed and break a rib she's got to stop that oh you're welcome High Desert key DeVore in and out are you familiar with Dr Barry Sears in his own diet yes I am next question the mariak got blood work this week my cholesterol increased to 184. that's okay my triglycerides are down to 76.

That's great my LDL was up to 129 that's okay my HDL stayed at 40. got to get that a little higher A1C uh is 5.2 which is gorgeous glucose is 112 which is totally fine if your A1C is 5.2 uh urine ketones one plus is one plus good yes yes all those all those labs are fine you're doing great the reason I'm doing no caffeine.

Miseries shares is because a lot of carnivores believe that caffeine is the one hold out that many people who say their carnivore but really ain't are holding on to because they're addicted to caffeine and so I just wanted to do a month of no coffee no caffeine just to basically either say you were right I was wrong or to tell.

Everybody to shut the hell up about coffee and caffeine I just want to put a little asterisk next to this the main person who called him out drinks freaking alcohol so right right right yeah because alcohol doesn't come from a plant you can't call Coffee poison and alcohol is right okay right William James Dr Berry do you dye your beard if.

So what do you use no I've got gray hair what's your Dome up look at this female grease where are there they are yeah no I don't dye my hair Lisa don't dye her hair mostly because we're lazy hey Deborah wants to know Nisha first time I made it like welcome I don't know if months last years you.

Should breastfeed um optimally four years real realistically right two years is a good aim I breastfed Beckett until he was 21 months old I could not take it anymore the kid at two and a half I mean at almost two years was still eating every three hours and even though he could eat real food he just wanted the.

Boob and I was like I'm gonna go crazy so we had to choose between breastfeeding or suicide homicide and so we chose well you know what I'm saying it was getting real old real quick so I think a year is good two years is great four years is huzzah you get a gold star mom yep absolutely if you're if you're.

Attempting it good job well too much salt raise your blood pressure how much salt is too much salt so p.m if you salt your food to taste and the food that you do eat is a very very low carbohydrate nutrient dense ancestrally appropriate uninflammatory foods like we recommend on a proper human diet you get to Salt your food to.

Taste which means you're not going to add an ungodly amount of salt because it would taste too salty and you wouldn't like it that's too much salt but if you salt your food and you taste it you're like oh that's perfect amount of saltiness that's exactly how much salt you need your tongue it's a built-in sensor you.

Know it's there for a reason besides just licking the Frozen Gate Post right it literally tells you when you put too much salt or when you don't have enough salt that's what it's for Michael I've had a lot of questions answered without paying any money well thank you Michael I'm glad you I'm glad you put that out there there you go.

Trying to grab one Angelic Annihilator I've heard that cells in the brain heart and lungs do not regenerate is this true or BS so the the the cells in the brain are very very slow to regenerate a a new cell in the brain there are stem cells in the brain we found them and so we know there has to be some degree of regeneration but it.

Appears to be very very very slow and probably not complete so if you know someone who's 99 years old or 100 years old they have they don't have a single cell in their intestines or in their skin that's 100 years old they're only a few months old even if they're 102 but they probably do have neurons in their brain that are 102 years old if they're.

That old and so that's why it's so important to take care of your brain now your heart has more stem cells lungs also have more stem cells they will do some degree of regeneration uh the lung the liver really can regenerate like some kind of magician what happened oh thank you Barb.

Jeremy Dr Berry my wife has been diagnosed with lupus she is considering carnivore possible help with symptoms or not a good that's absolute brilliant idea Jeremy any of you guys if you have an autoimmune condition or you know someone you care about someone with an autoimmune condition carnivores the wake you know what's going to help but.

Carnivores the way if you have an autoimmune condition hey Kane thank you Joseph D add cinnamon to Hamburger awesome really hmm I've never tried that I don't know you gotta try it no I don't like cinnamon now so I don't know I don't love it.

I like some weird stuff on hamburger but not cinnamon thank you Z Boatman several of y'all are saying carnivore Quest yep I love Carnival requests Shawna Shawna Dr Berry culture of mouth thought leukoplakia culture actinobacter Bomani oh okay not been hospitalized.

Following up March 1 calling doctor tomorrow three months or thoughts for treatment well if this is an active infection then you need antibiotics for that but there are there are thousands of different bacteria in your mouth that you're just colonized with on a daily basis and that doesn't necessarily mean you need any antibiotics right now right.

Now Nisha has thousands of different bacteria species of bacteria millions of bacteria in her dirty mouth right now so do you that's normal you're supposed to have those bacteria now but now if it's an active infection that's different you know you got a dirty mouth you know sometimes.

Demetrius trying to eat clean thoughts on nitrates and MSG uh nitrates with reference to bacon and processed meat human beings have been using some variation of nitrate salt for about over over a thousand years to Salt our meat with literally used to rub salty rocks on them to cure them so I'm not afraid of them I've got a video.

About bacon and nitrates on my on this channel MSG I try to limit that as much as I can just because it's a man-made product uh I don't think it's terrible but it's it's less good than you should probably be putting in your mouth what's a good non-toxic laundry detergent we use thieves I just order it from Young Living I think I think that.

It's fairly clean uh what's another one anything that's fragrance free is going to be better than the stuff that has all that extra fragrance in it if you have a brand that you use feel free to put it in the comments and share absolutely we're almost to 4 000 guys can you hit.

That thumbs up button virtual Mom I'm zedia lots of stomach pain and no bowel movements she has been carnivore two weeks and off that Med for one week the problem is not resolved so she's having constipation so she needs to increase the amount of fat in her carnivore diet uh she needs to cook everything in butter and then put some butter on top.

Of it number one number two she needs to increase her magnesium intake magnesium citrate would be the best version of magnesium for her particular problem keep increasing the dosage of it start at the routine dose and keep going up just a little each day until she has results and then that's probably her her the the.

Fat and the Magnesium that she needs Teresa says my mouth is dirty because I have to kiss you health Coach K yes yeah okay she's been around a long time yes here August 22 LDL 206. you gotta do live LDL 206 trig 63 hdl81 C peptide less than 0.5 fasting insulin 3.2 glucose 71 now trig 65 HCL 85 C peptide.

1.22 fasting units on 4.3 yeah these are all no you're fine you're CAC zero you're you don't you know you're great these are essentially unchanged from one to the other all labs are going to go up and down a few points every time you check them that doesn't mean anything's worse or better it's just that's how that's how your body just go like that.

I do not know why you keep saying this I don't even know what it means what does this mean Vignesh we do not understand Dave you guys changed my life 56 years young and my fourth month of carnivore my car prediction is gone losing body fat and have never felt better since I was a teenager see you in Austin Texas stay in Austin speaking of Austin who's.

Going to ketocon with us discount code Barry will get you 50 off your ticket there's a link in the show notes we will be there no wait there's not too crazy there you go it's on the what's that thing called I forgot the word a banner that's what I'm going to call it news Banner ticker the ticker.

Two crazy ketos is gonna be there uh like everyone yeah who's in the keto sphere basically is gonna get a bunch of carnivores too plus it's Austin y'all the barbecue at Terry blocks it's right across the street they have brontosaurus reels they're wonderful fatty you're not afraid of that fat they don't trim it.

Give it all to you they're like what are you a baby you don't want your fat star will carnivore affect PBC thank you for the red for Redmond's and bacon chips you're welcome so there's nothing about a carnivore diet that's going to interfere with any medical condition that you have if you are a human being.

And you can still fog a mirror when you breathe you will benefit from a proper human diet and a carnivore diet is part of a proper human diet you're going to be fine come on Daniel wants to get this to 4K we're so close like and share like and share come on back guys pretty please.

why does my burn sometimes I eat only me I love these questions these are my favorite now Mingo first of all this is TMI okay nobody wants to know about your Bernie poo are we are we off it looks like we're fine up there yeah we're good okay um now I don't know why your poop Burns.

Okay Melissa this mango wants to know why this poop Burns Melissa says she doesn't know she also doesn't know uh I don't think this is a medical emergency I don't think you need to go to the ER you're bringing that baby uh you next time you're at your doctor's office you might ask your doctor about why your poop Burns sometimes.

Any number of reasons why none that you should be concerned about and none that the other viewers want to hear about thanks for the Super Chat can anybody top that TMI question come on give it a shot voting for Carnival requests yeah we love Carnival West I was just watching them earlier today.

She's looking at this screen don't look at this one look at this one look look at that baby there you go what's your opinion on whipping cream consumption daily I think that for many people whipping cream including me is delicious freaking delicious oh my God it for me it's triggering I'm like I'm going to use one.

Teaspoon that's it and then tomorrow it's two and then it's a tablespoon half a cup and I freaking love it so I have to I have to really really just not touch it maybe every Sunday I'll put a tablespoon in my coffee if I'm still drinking coffee but I'm not putting any in my peppermint tea and I haven't been drinking whipping cream and lunch now so.

I love it but it's too it's too triggering for me um in and out what do you think of Dr Barry Sears and his own diet I don't think much about it all right yeah we did I don't know if you're I don't know what the point of that is but yeah I mean there's there's about a thousand different doctors out there who have a.

Diet I'm not impressed with his Zone Leticia thank you very much Roger what's the minimum amount of calories one should eat per day on Carnival or keto if you're mostly sedentary stop worrying about calories Roger your your body does not know what a calorie is your body just wants to sit four.

Thousand your body wants you to sit down when you're hungry and eat meat and eggs maybe some veg maybe some nuts maybe a few berries real food until you are comfortably stuffed and then your body wants you to stop eating and then your body doesn't want you to eat again until you're hungry again.

That's literally how complicated human nutrition is that's it that's literally it if you're worrying about calories you might as well be worrying about little blue men on Mars it's irrelevant it doesn't matter eat your meat until you're full then stop eating 4 000 people watching high five I'm gonna give you a high five high five.

Good job you did it in and out in and out have you been have you been drinking caffeine these are not questions that matter I'm not really sure what's going on with the in and out we've watched uh Freddy because they always show the zombies right before bed and then she has a nightmare Freddy will keto carnivore.

Help with SLE and positive a a numbers I'm on Plaquenil 200 twice a day I also have alopecia um my rheumatologist explains it on my lupus yeah and it could be but also if you have one autoimmune condition as much you're you're much more likely to have a second than even a third you 100 need to do either do very strict keto.

With only real whole one ingredient Foods no keto cakes cookies pies or or just do keto or carnivore and just eat the meat and eggs uh any of any of the autoimmune conditions including SLE are going to become less severe when you eat an uninflammatory diet that lets your immune system calm down.

And carnivore Is that real strict keto is that key divorce that uh a a numbers typically will come down they may not go back to normal they're going to come down on a proper human diet thanks thanks Gordon yeah MCR MC EMC she helped me out thank you emcee uh PhD and if has reshaped my body.

I feel transformed so many issues gone I have been wanting to try fast longer than 24 hours I think I will get the advanced lipid panel uh to feel better thank you yeah absolutely well done as me MZ MZ m c m c OMC MC oh okay I get it now yes well done Dr Alan Davis you should chat with Dr Alan Davis I think somebody I think.

Somebody told me about him the other day I'll check him out Alan Davis but my sister's brother-in-law has diabetes and Ms could he improve with keto or carnivore and what about ALS I had a friend in her 50s die front yeah so if he has Type 2 diabetes he can completely reverse that with keto or carnivore absolutely 100 his Ms is in.

Autoimmune condition it's going to improve it's going to the progression is going to slow down when he's eating an uninflammatory nutrient-dense diet uh ALS is is one of the neurodegenerative disorders just like Alzheimer's that tends to slow down the progression tends to stop when you're eating a proper human diet absolutely.

What's y'all's favorite carnivore meal you go first uh for me I get up about a pound and a half a ground beef and I brown it up in the skillet and then I take about six to eight eggs depending and I scramble them up and I pour them over the ground beef and then I mix that up and I put some Redmond salt and some of that hickory smoked salt oh God and.

Mix that up real good it's kind of like a frittata scramble with meat and it's freaking delicious what's yours bacon and eggs bacon and eggs eggs over easy bacon extra crispy I don't know what's happening over there brainy I'm on Carnivore four months I'm omad when I wake up in the AM of blood.

Sugar is 99 but then at around 10 a.m my blood sugar is 110 114 and then it goes down yeah A1C is 5.4 the these blood sugar numbers are physiological they're not pathological nothing to worry about okay that's you hey King my fiance's numbers are are too.

Worried about non-fasting so if they're non-fasting you can't you can't even look at the triglycerides you have to be fasted to check your triglycerides okay so you tell your idiot doctor to make sure you fast it for 12 to 14 hours before you check your triglycerides uh cholesterol 322 HDL 36 total cholesterol 8.9.

no I don't know what that means um I haven't blown some yeah I don't know what the rest of that says so you have to you need to get fast for 12 to 14 hours they came before you get your blood checked especially for triglycerides and blood sugar bill made it to a lot welcome March I turned 71.

Here CFS is gone lots of great never felt better thanks Doc and Nisha that's all way to go that's all Bill say it with me huzzah say once say it twice husband has geographic tongue with fissures any ideas this can be related to autoimmune conditions but sometimes.

Geographic tongue and sometimes fissures are just physiology it's just the way his tongue is made his tongue just go like that okay but definitely see his primary care doctor and maybe see a dermatologist one time just to make sure but some people just have geographic tongue if everybody else watching if you don't know what that is you should do an.

Internet search about geographic tongue very interesting looking grass-fed I don't know if any when I do I saute it in grasp it and garlic and garlic Sherry thank you so much for creating this great Community Bart Kay mentioned that fasting benef.

Happened until 7. yeah so the the the benefits of fasting definitely ramp up at 72 hours but you're absolutely getting some lesser degree of benefit before 72 hours there's there's too many people who are doing a daily 18 to 20 hour fast every single day and their their health is.

Improving like gangbusters and so you can't really say you've got to fast for 72 hours or you get zero benefit whatsoever that that's that that's probably not correct Natalie thank you do you like any I always got the goat if they had it I actually liked the vegan stuff myself back then what did I get the curry.

Vegetables yeah curry curry curry anything any Curry meat I'm gonna wear it out oh so we can what we do now is we just Curry or meat we use Curry spices and stuff but we used to eat and you remember that that Indian place in Memphis back when I was in medical school there was this India Palace in Memphis Tennessee and they had this dubs.

Back when I was not in any degree keto or carnivore they used to have this dessert called juicy balls yeah every time I was just oh God they were basically like a a dough ball soaked in syrup and they called were called juicy balls and I would eat so many of those juicy balls.

Every time I went and I would get back into clinic and I'd be like oh my God a lot of garlic I eat way too many juicy balls because it's like yeah but I don't eat juicy balls anymore stop that bread practical Carnival should be a great discussion I think.

I've heard of him but I'm no oh what I watched a lot of carnivore channels I don't have time to Simian one my poo doesn't burn however I'm still fighting constipation after 45 days carnivore I think I eat enough fat and butter any recommendations uh so you haven't pooped in 45 days is that what you're telling me or you're still yeah.

Definitely go to the doctor if it's been 45 days but if what you're telling me is you're not pooping nearly as much as you think you should that's very common for people on a carnivore diet because every bite of food you're eating is almost 100 Pure Nutrition your body is digesting and using it all there's no leftover garbage for you to have to poop out the.

Most carnivores the majority of what they poop out is dead epithelial cells from the lining of their intestines because the food that they're eating is so nutrient dense that their body absorbs at all there's not much poop so if you think you're still constipated it's a lot of poop I know increase your fat even more even if you.

Think you're eating enough butter if you're still think you're constipated then eat more butter and increase your magnesium intake with a supplement magnesium citrate and see if that doesn't fix it that's enough poop but I'll bet if you if you have them shoot a one view x-ray of your abdomen there won't be any poop.

In there and then you can stop worrying about your poop brainy rip it's carnivore or keto say from a seven-year-old and 15 year old yes our kids are meat based means most of their food comes from animals every now and then they have fairies sometimes they have protein pancakes Beckett likes pancakes so that's what I'm making.

Sometimes I make them from scratch because these days not really yeah um I mean there's nothing unhealthy about eating real food and that's what keto and carnivore is it's real healthy fatty meats and low carb veggies that they like them most kids don't after when you.

Go back in time more than fifteen thousand years brownie rip every single child regardless of age they were weaned off of breast milk onto meat 100 of the time so you would have a three-year-old four-year-old eating meat that's that would be their literal first food just like Beckett's first food was a beef rib the remnants of meat off that in.

Bonnie's first food was a pork rib that that was their very first foods they ever put in their mouth besides their mama's boobie and that they're they're they're brilliant they're beautiful they're growing they're happy and I'm very proud of them Bob have done this before but down 10 pounds my blood pressure is 143 over 87. doc says that.

Was okay gave him a list of URLs including hers is there too much phosphorus or magnesium no there's not your blood pressure is fine uh Shea Schaefer we didn't see it shape we'd go straight down chat moderators we look for Shades we'll try to we'll try to pick it up.

Does cast iron pans raise too much iron in me and no William no you get you get a tiny tiny amount of iron from using a cast iron skillet sue my friend my friend is roses wool PhD HD yeah so a proper human diet will reverse his type 2 diabetes within months will reverse his obesity within a.

Year and hysterosis if he stops drinking any alcohol whatsoever Andy avoids acetaminophen Tylenol for the rest of his life and tries to minimize any other over-the-counter medications or prescription medications to give his liver a chance to recover and heal then his cirrhosis will regress significantly the liver has an almost.

Miraculous ability to rejuvenate and regenerate but you gotta stop beating it up with the Jack Daniels and the beer and the and the Tylenol he won't see Dan and the junk food he doesn't drink okay beautiful beautiful but also keep in mind that orange juice is just as bad as whiskey for the human liver it's full of fructose full of sugar it does permanent.

Damage he's got to stop all that stuff and he's got to eat and drink a proper human diet and within a year's time he's going to look like and feel like a different guy so Jordan my friends and loved ones are worried that I eat too much meat and that I don't eat every three to four hours what should I tell them Jordan you.

Should tell them that they need to watch you and and follow your example because you're eating like an actual human eats this is how humans are supposed to eat tell them maybe they don't know this tell them that the Kellogg's commercials on television and the and the the post and General Mills commercials that there adds to sell that's not how you're.

Really supposed to eat they're just trying to make a profit maybe if you tell them that and say I'm Jordan you know me I'm real that on television is to sell you products maybe that'll help I don't know guys we do this every Monday for an hour and we can only answer so many questions we cannot go on into infinity and beyond.

There's only so much time in the day and we have kids yes try to answer as many as possible as quickly as possible but we don't always get to them if you still have questions come back next Monday or you could join our private Community there's a link in the show notes we're going to do another live in there tomorrow at 6 p.m Central right here and.

Instead of 4 000 people asking their questions there's going to be two or three hundred yeah asking their questions so the odds are you're going to get all your questions answered if you join our private community so we're waiting for you there there's over how many people in there now 4 800 but it's not just.

Live q and A's you get a community of people it's like Facebook without all the BS and they don't sell your information we don't it's our platform we own all the information we're never going to give your information away we're in there all the time we'd like to hang out with you guys we have mentors that can help you as well we do.

Workshops we do challenges we just have a good time you can see a lot of uh the shenanigans that go on in the very houses as well yes so yes one time I was doing a cook with me video in Lily pooped in the background so we're gonna end on another poop story last time all right guys thanks so much for hanging out I'll see you tomorrow at.

6 p.m if you're in the group otherwise we'll see you Monday night 7 P.M bye
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