PHD Monday Night Live with Dr Berry & Neisha Loves It

PHD Monday Night Live with Dr Berry & Neisha Loves It

PHD Monday Night Live with Dr Berry & Neisha Loves It

Check out the video on PHD Monday Night Live with Dr Berry & Neisha Loves It.
Location background on here hi hi how are you hi hi hey welcome back to the next edition of monday night live heck yeah it looks like you have a cat sticking out of her neck over here yeah i've got a cat tumor loki.

I don't know what look he's doing he's got them off i think gotcha welcome back we're glad to have you let's hang out and chat for a while about a proper human diet let's answer a bunch of questions how are you doing i am exhausted well let me just say you look remarkable.

Oh thank you very much i was making eye contact don't don't glance over here like you thought you're gonna catch me how you guys doing don't forget to remind your mama and aunt bessie to join this live send them a text message right now direct message as always you're welcome to share this on your favorite social media.

Uh to help us help more people yeah loki's a show stealer toto is behind my back so something's fixing to go down here yesterday we should this is probably going to be dripping blood when the fight starts yeah 100 100 so for the next hour we're going to hang out with you and we're going to answer.

As many questions as we can about health nutrition diet medication diagnoses none of this is medical advice i am not your doctor at least not this evening and this should definitely is not your doctor she is your nurse though not in a legal way i can be your health coach though you can join us yes you can join my.

Health coach group if this is the first time you've met us i'm dr ken berry a family physician i've been practicing medicine uninterrupted for the last 21 years and this is my lovely partner in what's the opposite of crime anti-crime my partner in health and nutrition.

Partner and purpose yeah i like that write that down yeah yeah marker comb on that uh nisha solace hyphen barry she is a registered nurse she is a health coach soon to be a lactation consultant also a wife and a mother um we're about to have a whole hassle of kids.

Well yeah what's the definition of a pastel i don't know i think it's like a parcel it's like a group i think two could be a part of currently six months pregnant with my second keto pregnancy yes you can do keto when you're pregnant yes if anybody asked and said oh no you know when you're yeah she's pregnant she's.

Doing keto actually i'm more meat-based yeah i'm more towards the carnivore than that later in the show we're actually going to give you a little bump update and see how things are going with the baby girl barry and then i think that uh beckett is gonna try to be home before the live is over so he can he can say hi to you guys it's been a few weeks i know.

So stick around for that just in case he makes an appearance i asked him too and he actually like he wanted to so we'll see uh helen says i love your phd shirt these are if you go to you too can have one of these t-shirts link in the description and sweatshirts and tank tops and there's also they have i.

Think it's available now the beef butter bacon and eggs that's also available uh they've got t-shirts tank tops hoodies and cropped hoodies how would i look in a cropped hoodie would that be weird awesome i think you would look amazing really yeah yeah very uh i think the you know the.

Workout dudes were crop titties you know i could wear my little george michael belly button ring and my cropped hoodie he did not have a belly button you don't know he might have might have had something's pierced i don't know oh gosh stop it i think did we have a super chat go by we did we did.

Let me go back grab that uh so now's the time uh ask your questions in the comments try to keep your question pithy and succinct yet relevant and we will try to answer as many as we possibly can uh okay so tia wants to know my fat loss seems to have stalled i only eat ground beef eggs egg yolks and zero carb.

Mustard no dairy what do you recommend thanks for everything keep doing what you're doing it's it's very common it's actually normal when you're you've got a lot of fat to lose and you're losing weight losing fat right because that's what we want to lose you're going to have weight loss pauses as our good friend asked nurse cindy.

Calls them you're going to have pauses from time to time it's just your body taking a break and going okay is everything okay we're not starving to death here there's still food we're still eating meat and eggs so we know that there's nutrition uh and then after a few weeks of the of the pause for some people a few months then all of a sudden.

The fat loss begins again so just hang in there it sounds like you're doing everything perfectly proper just keep doing that and before long you'll notice that the scale is starting to move again make sure you're eating enough also sometimes.

Uh when you get into the habit of eating those certain foods you protein is very satiating and you may not be eating enough fat with your protein so play around with that fat macro too what are you doing getting us centered up i want you to have your full portion holly hey holly.

Crazy thank you very much for the super chat uh mary wants to know do you have any advice for diabetes yes i actually have an entire playlist of videos that will help you reverse your type 2 diabetes it's on this youtube channel so as soon as this live.

Is over just go to youtube and search dr barry diabetes101 like it's a like it's college class diabetes101 and watch those videos and within three to 12 months if you follow my advice you will permanently reverse your type 2 diabetes and you'll never have it again wouldn't that be awesome.

It's just that simple by fixing your diet by removing the high carbohydrate inflammatory inflammatory highly processed crap and replacing that crap with good ancestrally appropriate nutrient-dense human food your diabetes is going to go away um i'm going to go open the window for a.

Loki okay uh lavita wants to know what's eating raw meat safe yeah eating raw meat is perfectly safe and ancestrally appropriate now there's some there's some disagreement about whether you get more nutrition from eating raw meat or more nutrition from eating cooked meat in the carnivore.

Community i think it's perfectly fine and safe to eat raw meat but from the research that i've seen you're actually going to have more access to the nutrition in the meat if it is at least slightly cooked like rare maybe medium rare really probably rare okay.

But raw meat as long as it smells good it's very fresh you know where it came from uh it's not ground meat i wouldn't eat a lot of raw ground meat because that that's too much surface area for bacteria to hide but if it's a solid piece of meat yeah it's perfectly safe to eat that raw we we uh steak tartare.

At least every three months tuna tartare all the ceviche we love all the raw stuff it's delish and as long as it's properly prepared and you trust who prepared it it's perfectly safe oysters oh yeah oysters jana thanks for the super shot does do pixels keep you from losing weight on.

Keto probably not much probably not much but one of the things you're going to find as you as you keto on is that the depiction is going to become unnecessary at some point talk to your doctor about that ashley welcome back how long does it take for nutrient deficiencies from.

Heavy alcohol consumption how long does it take that to resolve and can taking good multivitamins while doing carnivore health so it can take from weeks to up to a year for somebody who was a chronic alcoholic to replace all the vitamins and minerals but keep this in mind also i really want you to try to get all of the vitamins.

And minerals from food that's why i've made so many videos like b12 rich foods folate rich foods is because i want you to get your vitamins and minerals from food the way we're supposed to not necessarily take a supplement then the last thing to remember is if someone's been an alcoholic for years.

And years they can have something called wernicke's encephalitis or encephalopathy that can be permanent so they can have some permanent degradation of their mental faculties after years and years of b12 deficiency uh and then some other b vitamins as well you can they can have permanent deficits so you.

Want to fix those as quickly as possible and get the alcohol out of your mouth whoever that was for arwen thank you for the super chat hey thanks arvin amy wants to know what are you gonna do with the tub so if you haven't watched the video on my channel it's uh dr barry and.

I going and stuffing our faces with barbecue and then going to shop at this grocery store in nashville it carries a lot of local things we found a grass-fed beef tongue and we will record what we do with it i'm looking up recipes now and the best way to cook it and stuff like that it's.

Going to be on her channel nisha loves it so go ahead and subscribe and turn on the bell notification so that when she posts it you will know and you can see just what the hell we're going to do with that beef tongue i think it's probably going to be interesting if you have any ideas feel free on that video to put your uh.

Recipes in the comments yeah crystal i don't think you can eat too much liver unless you are at the county fair at the liver eating contest and you're trying to win a cash prize and you wind up eating 15 pounds of liver that might be too much but if you eat liver to taste once or twice or thrice a week you're never going to eat too much.

Liver i feel like you just look for a chance to save the rice i like thrice it's a good good word it's nice morning welcome back marnie i'm about to get my blood work done and i wanted to check my crp i just broke a toe so will that affect my crp yep uh the crp reading whether it's just crp or hs crp or cardio cardiac crp is.

Just a non-specific marker of inflammation in your body so literally a broken toe can raise your crp even your cardiac crp even your high sensitivity crp so if your crp is high it just means that you have inflammation or infection somewhere in your body but it doesn't tell you any specific information whatsoever even the cardiac crp a lot of.

Doctors get that wrong they think it somehow magically just focuses on the heart not true um marie my husband and i love eating like caveman and i crave meat same same i came in and broke my fast at about what 5 30 today with two pounds of ground beef uh and i was gonna eat some quail eggs but then i was like no i just want the.

Beef today so um yeah i ate about two pounds of ground beef and i'll probably have another pound after this life angie wants to know uh what's the info on the phd summit meeting y'all would be a dream come true i'm so grateful for you so yes we are having a phd summit this year it will be in september september 17th i'm pretty sure.

Um september 7th we'll be in nashville on the west side of nashville close to downtown there's a lot of areas to stay nice hotels airbnbs all that good stuff it's a good area of town we can only have i think it's a hundreds thor.

175 in person and for attendance um if you are wanting to go to this our patrons get first dibs and then what then we'll post it publicly and then we'll also have online tickets so if you're not able to make it to nashville it's not in your budget or you just you got to work whatever whatever it's a one day event and you'll be able.

To purchase the online ticket um stay tuned we're working on the website and all that stuff the details will be announced very soon so stay tuned absolutely did you already tell them about the video of you and beckett cooking that's the cutest video uh that's on your channel.

Nasa loves it yeah her and beckett cooked bacon and quail eggs for beckett's little breakfast and it's the cutest little video you've ever seen he loves to cook does everybody's two and a half year old love to cook like we bought him a little tower to go in the kitchen so a toddler a toddler tower and.

He like gets up there and he'll crack the eggs and he'll stir stuff and he pours it in it's like he just wants to cook it's crazy he always eats better when he is a part of the process too so yes um we make it fun we talk about the different things and he was very worried that there were a little quail in the questions we hatched our own quail and.

So he's used to the eggs having babies in them and we had to explain these are just eggs there's no babies in there they're not fertilized it's okay we can eat them and so now he really enjoys yeah yeah he loves to cook it's so cute denise i had a saliva test and gynecologist said i have adrenal fatigue serum potassium was low sodium and.

Chloride was a speech high what can i do other than a proper human diet been having lots of trouble sleeping palpitations dizziness okay so denise uh first thing is you need to find a doctor who knows how to test hormones uh doing saliva testing for sex hormones or.

Adrenal hormones is not okay it's very inaccurate it's not the standard of care you need to have your blood drawn to check your adrenal hormones your thyroid hormones and your sex hormones okay so find a doctor first of all who knows that a lot of doctors love saliva testing because it's easier it doesn't involve a needle stick but it's not as.

Accurate don't you want accurate results uh that's number one so number number one get your hormones checked properly that way you will actually know and then secondly any doctor that says you have a diagnosis and listen carefully everybody listen to me if your doctor says you have adrenal fatigue.

And that's that's a diagnosis they give you that's a huge red flag without digging that's a huge red flag you can have all the symptoms of adrenal fatigue i'm not denying that you have the symptoms but a diagnosis given to you by a doctor of adrenal fatigue is a huge red flag that that doctor is either trying to sell you.

Some supplements or doesn't know what the hell they're talking about okay so beware uh two red flags right there with your doc and yes you're going to benefit regardless of what these unreliable tests show you're going to benefit from eating a proper human diet because you are indeed a human being so you need to.

Eat the diet human beings have eaten for the last two and a half million years it sounds like you need a whole lot more blood tests yes you need some real testing done all right shelly wants to know i'm ketobor why did my need for synthroid go down it's very common on keto ketobor and carnivore for.

You not to need as much thyroid replacement hormone you want to tell them your experience has hashimoto's thyroiditis and have every single symptom of low thyroid and so she felt much better on some desiccated thyroid but after a few months how many months would you say.

True under 10 total grams of carbs a day meat based ketobor uh she felt so much better she wouldn't had her labs rechecked all of her antibody numbers were much much better she felt amazing and she talked to her doctor which was not me instead he's not my doctor yeah that's right i'm her hubby i take care of other.

Things uh but he said she said yeah it's fine try a month without the medicine and see how you do worst case scenario you just have to go back on the medicine if you start feeling bad again so she did and her in her antibodies stayed down so she's been in remission with of hashimoto's for two years two years actually came off the medicine without.

Talking to anybody but i don't tell anybody to do that it was 2020 we were all in lockdown and i just decided to do what i wanted and you didn't tell me you should not do that yes i did wait there's a whole video of me i forgot you told me that everything was fine but don't do that okay so so yeah very very commonly.

People will need less thyroid replacement hormone once they've improved their body's inflammation levels once they've lowered their insulin level because when your insulin level comes back down to normal that affects all your other hormones basically you're you're healing your gut which allows your thyroid to also heal.

And it optimizes function of the thyroid making it you need less medication because your thyroid's starting to work again miss arlene needs a support group um yes so you can go to nsb dot wellness no nsb wellness dot mitzi if you're in here can you drop.

That link that's subtitled i know i'm working on it it's in the description or you can just go to my youtube channel and the link is in almost all of the videos so there you go misha does she has a support group she has a coaching group there's a free one and a paid for.

You know whichever one fits in your budget yep did you have something over there i thought you did oh yeah granny berry's watching everybody my my grandmother my paternal grandmother 91 years old not 92 i know granny she yelled at me for saying she was 92. she's watching this evening with.

My uh my parents down in alabama it makes her night when you guys say hey granny barry and tell her where you're saying hi from could you guys do that thank you john thank you kf she freaking loves that when you go gary happy monday do you by chance have any videos on your calorie in calorie out i have a local phd support group here in my house.

Taking notes yes so we both have videos about our opinions on cico yeah i have a couple of videos sherry about calories uh but i really need to make a new updated one because in in our private patreon group i did about a five minute riff and everybody was like dude that was that.

Really explained it well you need to make a video really yeah and so i'm probably going to be making another why counting calories is a waste of your time i'm probably going to make another video like that in the next few weeks because everybody actually actually like it really explained it very well kf thank you so much.

Lucy what about cod liver how much is safe to eat in a week it's very tasty like i said earlier any liver except for puffer fish liver and polar bear liver you shouldn't eat those but if it's if it's duck liver goose liver sheep liver lamb liver cow liver pork liver um venison liver you can eat it as often as you want to okay don't go.

To the county fair and try to win the liver eating contest and eat 20 pounds of liver that might be too much but if you eat liver to taste and you're like yeah i think i'm gonna have liver tonight you're never gonna eat too much liver if you do it that way uh daughter of the lord i weigh 83 pounds and i want to do keto but i'm.

Afraid that i will lose more weight i have a lot of trouble getting to 1500 calories a day and i feel bloated after eating a lot so this is an excellent point i'm glad you brought it up daughter of the lord keto ketovor carnivore are not weight loss diets everybody did you hear what i said they.

Are not weight loss diets now if you are currently overweight obese or suffer from severe obesity they will those diets will help you burn the fat and lose weight yes but if you are ideal body weight or underweight a proper human diet can actually help you gain up to your ideal body weight if you're underweight so.

Don't worry about that just eat until you're comfortably stuffed never calorie count never portion control eat until you can't eat another bite of lots of fatty meat and lots of eggs with the yolk if you want to add some veg and some nuts and some berries you can but that's optional you're not going to lose any more weight.

By doing that i will say if you uh use products and i'm not encouraging you to use the bad products okay when i say products i mean like indigo neely's bread that's basically eggs and then add butter to that then that's going to help you increase your calories and it's a lot easier to eat things like that as opposed to like sitting in front of.

Another steak if you've already had your meat for the day that's protein and fat um egg pudding maria emmerich's egg pudding recipe it's delicious no it doesn't taste like eggs it tastes like chocolate and it's amazing another way really awesome good lord feed fat and protein but not feel overwhelmed by like a big chunk of meat in front of.

You yep and it's it's 100 eggs i don't even know how that's possible so that should help you get to the calories that you're needing yeah and if you really if you want to gain some weight then eat lots of keto cookies cakes and pies and candies and shakes and bars you'll gain some weight yeah uh scott said uh here my daughter's doctor says she cannot.

Have fat because she has gastroparesis scott this is exactly backwards thinking we've had multiple people who used to suffer from severe gastroparesis say that as they stay you have to slowly converge can't do it overnight with gastroparesis but as they slowly converted to keto their gastroparesis symptoms got markedly better.

Less severe okay so slowly but surely convert your daughter to keto real keto real one ingredient whole food meat and veg meat eggs and veg okay lightning round okay let's go rg says do you have to watch veggie portions on keto if you're doing it for diabetes and.

Chronic kidney disease some people do some people need to be as close to zero carb as they can get in order to reverse their type 2 diabetes other people can eat 20 or 30 total grams of carbs a day and reverse their type 2. actually says nisha i also eat my meat with my hands while i have an empty fork in the other i'm glad i'm not the only one who does.

That yeah you were scarfing that barbecue up on your channel yes you were it was the best uh ribs and barbecue tired of looking for a name welcome back please keep doing the work you're doing you guys rock thank you for being here welcome back emma i'm on keto for six weeks i'm nursing my one-year-old on demand great working out daily 2 400.

Calories daily taking electrolytes and i'm feeling weak help so you're six weeks in that's probably a little bit of keto transition syndrome i like to call it that but you could call it the keto flu so it's probably just temporary make sure you're eating enough fat yep good.

Good on the calories though that's a really good level of calories no portion control no no calorie counting and if you're working out um just don't be doing chronic cardio because that can kind of make things so you're one you're one year postpartum you are you literally have a parasite sucking your nutrition out of your body and you're.

Working out and you wonder why you're feeling weak and fatigued she wasn't feeling that basically working three full-time jobs but yeah in another few weeks you're gonna be fine plenty of salt plenty of electrolytes increase your salt um don't worry about eating too much salt like salt for food it's gonna get better i promise and good.

For you good job uh ron new listener i went to the doctor for a blood pressure refill uh prescription refill pulled fasting blood work glucose was 142 elevated liver enzymes and triglycerides i was told i am fine and to check in in three months do i need a new doctor ron you need to fire your doctor's ass can i was that blunt enough.

Uh you need to you first of all you need to fix all those things secondly you can fix all those things thirdly those things are a huge risk factor for heart attack and stroke yes that's a big deal so you're going to start eating a proper human diet and you'll probably be able to either decrease or completely stop your blood.

Pressure medication after a few months of a phd uh but you need to find a new doctor if any doctor thinks that high triglycerides are okay i'll see in a year high blood sugars okay i'll show you seeing here did your doctor check a c peptide in an a1c are you a type 2 diabetic how do we know are you a.

Pre-diabetic we don't know because your doctor didn't check an a1c find a new doctor uh van 83 autoimmune alopecia since childhood i've recently went completely bald can i reverse this with diet i am 34 38 year old female what are your tips and experience with this probably you're not going to be able to reverse this.

Okay the reason is is because when when the autoimmune condition condition conditions did you see what i did there conditioning disease when it's it has just when it attacks your hair follicles i made a new word no i was thinking about theranose fair enough yeah it's therapy and diagnosis.

That's pretty good when when the autoimmune condition attacks your hair follicles it destroys at least a large majority of them now switching to a pure as the driven snow proper human diet no products no no nut flowers just lots of meat and eggs and a little veg.

You might have some new hair follicles form but you're probably not ever going to have a full head of hair again i'm sorry but once you've put that autoimmune condition in remission which you can do then you're not going to develop a second autoimmune condition which is very very common for somebody with one.

Autoimmune condition secondly then you can go see the hair transplant guy and get the hair transplant things put in at the little plugs and then you can have a full beautiful head of hair and your immune system won't attack those but start the phd first and calm your immune system down.

John i know on youtube you spoke about the discrepancies and recommended blood pressure goals between ama and others was it association of american physicians it was the american academy of family physicians that's that's who i'm a member of i'm a family physician uh and then several other of the medical bodies did not adopt the american heart.

Association's falsely low blood pressure guidelines basically if everybody tried to get to the american heart association's goal blood pressure all you all would be on blood pressure medicines like everybody over the age of 12 in the united states would be on at least one if not two blood pressure.

Pills and seems like the american heart association was trying to help their big pharma buddies out by lowering that recommendation because the research doesn't really show that having a blood pressure that low protects you much more from heart attack and stroke but also with a blood pressure that low you start.

Passing out and you fall and hit your head and you have a brain bleed right or you break your neck or you break a hip and then you have all the complications that go along with that you don't want your blood pressure to be as low as the american heart association recommends especially.

If you're over the age of 60 you do not want your blood pressure to be that low pat wants to know uh or she just wants to update us my mom's knee surgery went great we threw out the insurer and she's home eating a steak nice 50 pounds nothing's going to help her heal after.

Surgery better than eating a steak and eating the gristle too okay that's that's what scars are made of is all the good building blocks in that state gristle uh rotten cat rotten cat just finished 30 days of triple b and e beef butter bacon eggs for those newbies i started it to help with my hashimoto's thyroiditis and the.

Epstein-barr flare-up i was going through i feel great plus i have lost four and a half four pounds and 18.5 inches overall wow oh baby well done well done uh and for all you guys sometimes the scale doesn't move that much and that's why we always encourage you to take your body measurements from head to toe and.

Then recheck your body measurements once every week or two you're going to be shocked at how much body recomposition is going on even though the bathroom scale hasn't really moved that much oh my gosh they're so behind dr barry i'm just i'm here i'm ready dr barry norris says will this diet help with a.

Hiatal hernia no nora no diet will help with a uh any kind of hernia from a hiatal hernia to an inguinal to an umbilical you you have to have hernia surgically fixed now hiatal hernia is a completely different kind of thing it's not a hernia that you need to be fixed okay but no diet the this diet will.

Improve your symptoms of heartburn and reflux that you might have from a hiatal hernia but it's not going to cure the hyaluronia crystal two years keto type 2 diabetic but on 90 less medications my morning blood sugars are 95 which is great for me i ate steak and eggs cooked in butter and salt and my blood sugar went up to.

135 and stayed there this is normal for me but why yeah so when you eat protein your insulin is going to go up some okay and so and sometimes your blood sugar will go up a little as well now if you had any condiments that you thought were zero carb that may not have been zero carb but uh very often you'll have a little bit of a blood sugar excursion.

When you eat a big meal like that it's not a sign of anything wrong make sure and check your a1c every three months and it's going to be beautiful and that's how you know that these physiological blood sugar elevations are not glycating they're not pathology hey kim welcome back after no dairy since february first i tried an aged.

Cheddar yesterday it triggered my sweet tooth could this mean i need to stay away from all dairy or aged cheese by the way i'm loving my phd hoodie it is so soft and warm oh thank you kim maybe kim uh dairy for me it needs to be an occasional small dessert that's what dairy needs to be for me.

It's a it's a trigger it's a trigger for me i don't think it is for everybody i think it is but i think for some people even full fat dairy like heavy cream like full fat sour cream ricotta uh cream cheese i think it's a trigger for some of us and i think it's the.

The bovine protein in it i think for some of us the protein stimulates our hunger hormones it's just so dangerous it's just it's important it doesn't mean that everybody has to give it up so kim put in the work she gave it up and she reintroduced it this is part of elimination diet that's what we talk about in my group.

So now she knows yeah when i eat that cheese it literally makes me have a sweet tooth what's up with that and so now if she makes a decision again to have that cheese she can prepare herself so lock yourself in the bathroom eat your cheese wait 24 hours and then come out of the bathroom yeah when you expect it it's less dramatic.

Than it's just it just happens and you're like before you know it you know looking for you know cookies and cakes daniel's been on a two-week fast he's gonna break his fast tomorrow plan on doing it with a rib eye daniel you've been on a two week fast i would start with just a scrambled egg and and eat that slowly and then let.

That sit on your stomach for about 30 minutes or an hour then you can bust that ribeye okay want to give them some bone broth sip on some bone broth something like that to kind of wake your tummy up and get your juices going but if you bust that rib eye after a 14-day fast.

You might have the squeaks breanne my hubby was just diagnosed with peptic ulcer uh what advice should i give him the dog prescribed meds and a meds and didn't really give a direction so he needs to take the the proton pump inhibitors that i hope his doctor prescribed he needs to take those for a month.

And then he needs to be drastically cutting his carbohydrate intake he needs to get rid of all sugars all grains for sure all grains and for sure all vegetable seed oils margarine vegetable oil all that stuff's got to go start eating lots of fatty meat lots of eggs with the yolk a few veg a few nuts a few berries.

And at the end of that the month of taking his medication he should be able to wean off that medication because by in a month's time the ulcer should be healed your doctor if they did a scope they may want to rescue him and make sure that the ulcers are healed but he's going to notice his symptoms are much better and then he can start to wean.

Down that medication after he's cleared it with his dog restoring his vessel thank you so much patty i've not had a primary doctor for a very long time i have anxiety 52 years old i feel like i need one i live in a smaller area how can i find a keto carnivore doctor patty i have a youtube video called how to find a low-carb keto doctor near you and.

In the show notes of that video are six websites that you can put your zip code in no matter where you're at in the whole world and it will tell you where the nearest low-carb friendly doctor is and it may be a two-hour drive but i promise you after some of the questions you've heard me answer tonight you need a doctor.

That's that's that's awake and thinking and and is low carb friendly that's going to be very helpful to you has a list on their website too stephanie what are your thoughts on testosterone injections my husband was recently prescribed them for a 4.6 free testosterone level he is on a carnivore diet yeah if it try to get.

Bioidentical testosterone if you can but some men even if they're lifting heavy weights and they're eating nothing but red meat they still have low t and uh i there there's no research that shows that bioidentical testosterone optimization anyway increases your risk of anything bad happening only good things are going.

To come up with testosterone replacement okay ashley says let me clarify i am a poor converter with vitamin and ferritin is it alcohol related and will that multivitamin help along with the carnivore diet it's not a b12 problem gotcha gotcha okay actually so first of all the majority of humans on the planet.

Are poor converters and which what this means is they eat beta-carotene and in theory the plant-based people will say oh you eat beta-carotene your body converts that to retinol vitamin a uh most adult humans are very poor converters and the average is about a nine percent conversion rate some people like me and actually we don't really.

Convert anybody to carotene so we have to eat vitamin a in our diet and actually i actually have a youtube video called food sources of vitamin a there's a list of foods that are rich in vitamin a and that's the vitamin a you're actually going to be able to absorb and use uh same goes for the ferritin you need to.

Eat lots of red meat liver okay now you're i think you meant that you have low iron maybe because you definitely don't have low ferritin uh but if you're if you have low iron red meat and liver and give your body time to heal mary you are my people thank you thank you thank you you are people too uh.

Tanya talk about nct oil please um mct oil makes a great lubricant oh you thought i mean i don't know exactly what you i was talking about for like mechanical things but we know where nietzsche's mind is it also makes a great um oil to go on your skin barrier it's a.

Good berry oil it holds moisture yeah also you can use it with essential oils uh it's a great carry oil for that unnecessary as well but as far as ingesting it you don't need you don't need there's nothing magic about mct oil it's very expensive and you're going to get every single fatty acid you need from eating fatty meat from cooking in.

Butter cooking in large cooking and beef high quality butter instead of nc2 harvesting yeah grass-fed amish butter i've actually got uh grass-fed goat butter which i am currently in love with it's um i bought it off the website of mayan bird you really need to write this down they have goat milk but.

They have goat uh butter on wine marsha thank you david how has your dental health changed since going carnivores because they're less black less i haven't been to the dentist in 100 years 15 years probably 15 years uh i have no plaque i have i used to have back when i was eating paleo and also eating junk i had a.

Pretty good case of gingivitis and receding gum lines if i would brush my teeth if i floss there just be dripping blood i don't have any of that anymore i think that my breath is better now than it was on paleo but i'd have to ask an independent party if that's true or not okay i guess it's not any better no i.

Don't think it was bad in the first place well you were in love with me back then now it's rude hogger die so so if it was bad i would definitely let you know you would you would know it now if it was bad unless you're pregnant you'd be like please don't breathe so so my my dental health has made a.

Complete turnaround i would be the guy that will be having gum transplant surgery at this point if i were still eating a high carbohydrate uh standard american or even even on the paleo diet i had lots of gum inflammation here they're eating quinoa yeah quinoa bread what was it i used to fry butter um.

Parsnips having trouble finding beef bones for soup any tips thanks for your work you're just gonna have to find a local butcher yeah or just go to into your you're the meat guy the meat department at your store and just ask them there's less and less that's true there's it's all done before it even gets to the.

Store these days that's true that's our local ew jangle that's not uw but they used to like headed round most of it in the store and it's mostly done it's all done in another country i think at this point and um yeah find a um processing place too and you can get.

Venison bones depending on where you live i don't know um but you could probably like find a hunter that wants to donate the bones to you yeah venison bones oh my gosh if you know a local um processing plant that processes animals if you ask them they will sell you pounds of bones for like a dollar.

They're allowed to sell the balance ours does you can buy it you can buy beef balls i don't know about venison now i don't know about this i think that has to be the guy that brought it in he yeah that's right yeah they might give it away for free yeah uh becky said she likes my shirt there's.

A link to the shirts there's how many different colors a lot five or six colors t-shirts tanks hoodies and cropped hoodies i'm gonna order one as soon as we're done i have one for you a cropped hoodie shut up abby can you talk a little bit about nutritional benefit of the gristle.

Versus the fat meat yeah so the fat is full of all the fatty acids that your body needs number one the gristle has every single building block for cartilage for tendon okay do you understand what i'm saying for ligaments and so if you have arthritis definitely you want to get rid of the.

Inflammation by eating an un inflammatory proper human diet but also the meat you want to eat the gristle you want to eat sardines with the bones in when you eat beef ribs like our pork ribs like we did the other day on her video i was peeling the membrane off the back they had cooked them perfectly it was.

Crunchy that that membrane on the back of ribs is the perfect building block for all types of collagen you know collagen in your skin in your bones in your joints that's why you eat the gristle there's not a lot of vitamins and minerals in it but there's every single building block for collagen.

For ligaments for cartilage for connective tissue for fascia all those things are made of what is in the gristle does that make sense helena i'm suffering from ulcerative colitis on carnivore for four weeks where do i find a like-minded local doctor in my area so we just.

Talked about this but uh dr mary has a video called how to find a low-carb keto doctor near you in the show notes are six different websites including the diet doctor website that you can put your zip code in and it'll tell you where the nearest low-carb friendly doctor is in your area and if the doctor is if they understand.

Low carb they're going to understand carnivore as well ik04 triple b and e for one week and i'm down five pounds boom is there a list of menu hacks for the usual restrooms you don't need a list it's just stick to the beef yeah the butter the bacon and the eggs that's it if i.

Don't know unless you're going to a vegan restaurant there's beef on the menu there's beef in it yeah i want it cooked plain with just salt and pepper and can you cook it in butter yep exactly say i'm allergic to vegetable oils i'm allergic to soybean canola oil so don't cook in that cook in either butter beef.

Towel or bacon grease and they'll do that for you and if there is a tiny if there's one molecule of vegetable oil still in the griddle it's not a big deal but you want the majority of what it's cooked in to be an animal fat okay and most restaurants even if it's not breakfast time if you say hey could you give me three uh sunny side up eggs too.

When have i ever been told no very rarely these days even at uh high scale steak restaurants like because they usually have like they're like well done yeah something on the menu that requires yeah so like yeah we'll knock you out three eggs no problem um nora uh let me get this one this is important okay okay go ahead i'm sorry forgot what.

I still say it's fine bring your own butter bring it or bring your own butter most restaurants if the look like unless they're higher in they will not have real butter they'll have margarine and yeah we have a local restaurant here i'm very good friends with the owner and i have done everything but put my.

Hands on him and say what is wrong with you why are you feeding all of your your customers margarine he's like you don't understand it's so much cheaper i can't afford to serve butter people will be taking it home and i'm like yeah that's because it's real food dude.

But also every time you go to a restaurant take your own salt because you don't know what kind of micro plastics are in their cheap ass salt that they have restaurants have to make a profit they have to cut corners everywhere they can i understand that but you don't want your health to suffer so you want real salt and real butter.

That's what you want to put in your real face i got you a real face right here uh jerry thank you so much jerry uh let's see tamara tamara tamara tamara tamara tamara pregnancy brain ah can i say that is that is that uh.

Insensitive no it's true i produce an excessive amount of red blood cells and i have to and i have to about iron uh if you have uh hemochromatosis tamara you're still a human being right now if you have hemochromatosis you need to.

Follow up routinely with your doctor and get your labs checked and you may also have to donate blood three or four times a year but you still need to eat a proper human diet for all of the other hundreds of health reasons sorry you need to shut up anyways shut up and talk [__] up gentlemen okay.

Brenda i've missed you guys so much i went on a six-month bender and i gained 30 pounds back my blood pressure is through the roof i'm having a hard time getting back to it come visit us every monday night here that's right uh you can join dr barry's patreon group you can join my community my free community for support.

Yep do whatever it takes and just get right back don't beat yourself up that's right forgive yourself and get back in the saddle and get back into the lifestyle okay uh for for five bucks a month you would become a patron you'll have access to an extra two extra live q and a's a week in my tiny patreon community and so.

Instead of 3 000 people asking questions there will be 150 people and the my people my tribe and patreon are so supportive of each other so helpful for each other when somebody new joins everybody reaches out to them it's just like a big family and nisha has a free group she will help you any ways you can this is just a group of.

Great people we keep it very positive in there there's no judgment allowed or i kick you out period i'm sorry yeah let me get jason jason says how can you cure sibo jason the quickest way to get rid of sibo is to go 90 days of nothing but beef butter bacon eggs salt and water okay it looks like what's going on with small.

Intestinal bacterial overgrowth is that you're eating so much fiber and so much sugar that the bacteria that should be down in your large intestine have migrated up to the distal end of your small intestine and so by denying those bacteria what they're looking for which is sugar and fiber they will go back home they'll go back to the large.

Intestine they're supposed to be there they're just not supposed to be in your small intestine 90 days of beet butter bacon eggs salt and water eat as much as you want eat as often as you want two meals a day three meals a day doesn't matter your sibo is going to be gone.

Jc hey jc what can you uh what can make you feel jittery like your sugar's low but your sugar is fine and your blood pressure is fine and you're not a diabetic is this my adrenals could be your adrenals it could be your thyroid could be your sex hormones it's probably a hormonal thing like it might also be.

Something a little bit of touch of anxiety disorder that you're not consciously aware of could also be that uh some people get those jitteries but uh it could be your thyroid or adrenals or sex hormones uh cats just wanted to say thank you both for all you do you guys are live so.

Thank you thank you for being here uh mr fl my mouth is super dry when i wake up since i started keto why so you need to increase the omega-3 fatty acids i've got a youtube video that tells you which foods are richest in omega-3s you need to increase the salt and electrolytes you need to make sure you're eating enough vitamin a rich.

Foods as well i have a video about that on this channel as well uh there's a small chance that you might have sjogren's which is an autoimmune condition that you just didn't realize that you had if the dry mouth continues after you do the things i just suggested just since it's starting to keto but you may have just not because a lot.

Of people before keto they don't even listen to their body they don't pay attention to anything they just stuff their face with the carbs and then all of a sudden you go keto you're like well let me listen to my body then all of a sudden you start to notice things and that's why i said that just did you keep that in the back of your mind but.

It's probably you need more omega-3s and vitamin a and salt and fat and it could be you're if you've just started keto if you're in deep ketosis because you've been doing it really well sometimes it'll make you more thirsty thomas nope nope nope nope we're still behind and we only have 15 minutes left thomas i started carnivore on february.

5th a1c of 8.2 my doctor seemed surprised when he measured me at 5.7 after only one and a half months perhaps a non-believer i am all in also i lost 28 pounds in that time so do you understand thomas the lesson that you taught your doctor your doc you just did something your doctor would have said that's impossible you can't do that.

You just did it and so anytime a doctor sees something that they think is impossible you know what they do when they get home they google that [__] and they go how the hell did this guy what's this keto carnivore what how did he do and then you just woke your doctor up and your doctor heard the bell ring and you know.

What you can't unhear once you've heard it you answered the sibo question the bell ring once you hear it ring you can hear it right yes i did we are literally so behind i need you to just listen okay rob got an eight-year-old that has developed bad keto rash in four weeks around the arm bends neck chest and now.

On face near eyes and the doctors gave him betaderms yeah that's definitely not keto rash 100 not keto rash that's something else uh follow up with your doctor about that yeah i would go see a dermatologist that's not keto charles yes he answered the sibo um see hernandez i'm very blessed to live.

In north carolina so i've had many varieties of me and since i work in a hardware store i know all the hunters and the fishers she's got the n she's got a the n you can also ask for the organ meat a lot of people don't think about doing that especially hunters because they're not interested in that that's right so if you know the hunters.

And you're like hey when you go to process your dear can you ask them to give you the heart and the liver and the bones and they will they will just most people don't ask for those so they end up throwing them in the back and that stinks and trust me the processing plants are happy to give you that stuff at a discounted.

Price because they hate throwing that away they hate wasting that and so they love it when somebody says hey i want all the deer bones for my dog i was fixing to say it makes great dogs or to make bone broth or whatever they're like hell yes i'll give you that i'll charge you a dollar a pound or something uh if anybody in the middle tennessee area is.

Looking for a low-carb friendly doctor i'm not currently taking new patients but amanda decker in dickson tennessee is taking he's a nurse she's a nurse practitioner in dixon tennessee and she is very very low carb keto friendly she's even carnivore friendly so uh just good like a million initials behind her.

Name yeah amanda decker fnp c mhp ckns i don't even know what that last thing means yeah she's awesome so if you need a low-carb doctor in middle tennessee dixon tennessee amanda decker nurse practitioner nurse practitioner yeah make sure and say that because i bet people call her dr amanda would you want to bet me i'm sure that people do.

What linda in a wheelchair no exercise will carnivore work for me one of the first things that really slapped me around and woke me up to keto is i had two patients who were paraplegics in a wheelchair who were like hey i want to do this keto all your other patients are losing weight i want to can i try it and i'm.

Like sure i mean i didn't figure it would work because back then you know back in 2005 i thought you had to exercise to lose weight well lo and behold both of those guys came back three or six months later and had lost a chunk of weight and i was like so you can lose weight on keto without even exercising.

Huh and that was one of my first wake up calls that this this keto thing was actually a proper human diet yes you can let's get angela real quick can you speak on autism my girls won't eat meat what will they eat and then find a keto version of that will they eat chicken nuggets with ketchup make chicken nuggets that are breaded in pork panko.

And parmesan and almond flour she has a recipe sugar-free ketchup boom there's a meal maria emmerich's chocolate egg pudding boom hundred percent uh even protein shakes protein ice cream like what fat yeah yep yep and then if they'll eat eggs what you can do to really up that is to if they're gonna eat three eggs.

Throw all three of the whites away and add two more yolks so they're just basically eating egg yolks that's one-to-one protein to fat really ups their fat macro more and that's going to help feed their brain cook everything in butter or bacon grease maria has a emmerich has an entire cookbook it's called sugar free kids pick that up.

There's lots of great recipes in there there's almost i can't think of one thing there's not an alternative to that isn't just as good maybe better that is keto friendly so and small changes make big differences i'm sure there's some moms in this chat that have autistic kids that can tell you just the.

Little things that they've been able to integrate into their children's day of life even adding exogenous ketones to their gatorade or whatever they're drinking just a little bit is going to make a huge difference huge difference jekyll 120 rx will carnivore help with ra rheumatoid arthritis 100 yes i've got a youtube video about it ah way man hey.

Doc i have a i have a plasma on one eyelid been keto for a long time they say i have too much cholesterol how can i stop this from happening yeah xanthelasmas they contain cholesterol but much like the cholesterol plaques in your heart arteries they're not caused by high cholesterol that was caused by the.

Inflammation from your previous diet you probably you may even if you don't remember this you probably had that little xanthelasma but way before you started keto and it just continued to grow very simple medical procedure for your doctor to get rid of that uh debbie my husband has hemochromatosis how much red meat can he daily for keto.

And should he count net or total carbs he should count total carbs and he can eat as much meat as he wants because he's still a human being make sure he follows up with his doctor routinely to have labs checked he probably needs to be giving blood three or four or five times a year uh and so eating a carnivore diet is going.

To help him to help hundreds of other people okay yeah he's a human being dr barry 11 months keto in intermittent fasting 90 pounds lost doing 20 hour to 24 hour fast how many pounds lost 90. zero to five carbs a day nine grams of sodium potassium a day 75 fat 20 to 25 protein high omega-3 but sugar cravings.

Just keep coming on every two weeks this month yeah i don't know some of us the sugar cravings go completely away some of us they come and go it some i think for some people it follows their the lunar cycle and it'll come up every time there's a new moon or a full moon or whatever i.

Don't know but i just know that every now and then i still have a sugar craving it seems to be linked a lot to stress or sleep quality have you been sleeping well if you haven't a lot of times that will trigger sugar cravings stress obviously is a very big trigger if you've got drama at home or drama at work or if you if you are the drama.

Then you have high stress you're gonna have cravings that's just going to trauma i don't think yeah you are the drama you know sometimes it's true true blue is 10 grams of l-glute uh glutamine three times a day on keto with 125 billion probiotics enough to fix leaky gut.

And uh yeah so the l-glutamine supplement you can throw that in the garbage that's not going to fix either one of those things you're going to fix your leaky gut by by 90 days of beef butter bacon and eggs salt and water and what was the other thing you always click on i didn't click off anything the hydra the hydra and not a super tiva.

I've got a youtube video on this channel keto ketovoid carnivore your hydrating super team is going to be gone in just a few what is that it's it's it's a an almost autoimmune inflammatory thing where you have these pustules and itchy not boils it's just like a it's almost like he says the boils are tough that's why i.

Said that yeah but you get boils but it doesn't start with boils but they do come sometimes you get it under your arms and it the your your hs is going to be gone in a month or two with super low carb you need to be under 20 total grams of real food carbohydrates a day your hs will be gone joe my wife takes thyroid medication.

She's on euthyrone thyrox she doesn't have a functioning thyroid because of radiation treatment what should she be taking yeah she needs a desiccated thyroid uh replacement hormone like armor nature wp np or in canada it's called urfa erfa uh the youth rocks is okay uh i might ask the ask your doctor about.

One of the other options crown of curls oh my gosh where did it go oh no it's not wow it just disappeared maybe i can find her over here i'm sorry i'm trying my best here you go here you go recent diagnosis with gastritis and tachycardia are they advise low salt and low fat what can i tell these doctors during my.

Follow ups just tell them i'm doing exactly what you said to do doctor and just do what you know you should be doing and then when they say see that low fat and anyway so you need to go back and hit the books again stay consistent when you're eating too yes okay i know it's hard join one of our groups all right um.

Gosh pregnancy bro i'm going to tell you something really thank you barry's coming becky barry's coming i hope he wants to work tonight hunnit are there any known side effects from vaping if i see abnormal markers can that be attributed to the vaping and is.

It sufficient incentive to quit any input on test so vaping is much less bad than smoking cigarettes okay i've got a youtube video about that but that does not make vaping good or okay or fine or healthy vaping is still bad it's just less bad than smoking cigarettes so you've got to keep weaning that down.

You're going to probably see elevation in your inflammatory markers your crp your sedrate your homocysteine your ferritin uh even your uric acid you might see elevations in any of those but yeah the vaping is not good for you you gotta wean that down and stop that baby take it dude do you guys hear him i'm gonna go do my work he got mad last.

Time because we he didn't get to work come do your work boy there's becky there he is hey hey hey what's your name beckett what's your favorite fruit beckett that's not what i thought he was gonna.

Say i thought you're gonna say bacon you're not three you're two you're two yeah two that's right you get two yeah two what's your favorite color blue blue who's your favorite animal lights lion lions also carnivores very good i love it i love it.

On my channel if you want to see what a baby or baby he's two years old when he eats you can come visit him on my channel where's my hook mama see how it is you're daddy's boy i'm so glad you came to work thank you good job becky what else do you want to.

Like working what else do you want to tell them anything say thanks for watching mommy and daddy this takes a while for mom and daddy good job say love you mean it hey show them how you use your lungs we're learning anatomy right now he.

Loves the neck yeah he [__] loves anatomy we get the the human body book you want to look at the human body book later he loves it where did we go today definitely do you love hobby lobby he's two and a half he turned two in.

October did you buy me a surprise at hobby lobby daddy you bought me a surprise remember you don't know about this you helped pick it up yeah if medical practice changes i might allow him to be a doctor otherwise i'll actually find something that's.

Profitable and ethical that he can do yeah he still loves his gyroscope it's right back here about once every once or twice a week you'll be like hey daddy i want to play with my gyroscope one time i was live and everybody in the comments were like did the two-year-old just say the word gyroscope because i didn't even know what that was when i was two.

All right guys angela i've started taking a iodine supplement with potassium hoping it will help my thinning hair i take armor meds every other day do i need selenium thank you for the life i actually have a youtube video about food sources of selenium you want to get your selenium and your iodine if at all possible from.

The food that you eat it's more bioabsorbable that way uh la lisa currently on a water fast uh 60 hours will it be safe to go into carnivore after breaking my fast yep uh eat a scrambled egg wait 30 minutes or an hour give your time tummies time to wake up and then you can smash a ribeye or whatever yeah.

100 oh gosh youtube listen guys when you send a super chat it does not stay here forever and when there's a bunch of people sending them then they disappear and i cannot help it especially when dr barry he wants to answer your questions very thoroughly and i want to answer all of your questions which.

Sometimes those two things do not go together all right yeah um so i apologize we're sorry uh you have another one yeah hang on it takes me like it takes me a while to find them too eminent once now what do i look for in my labs uh we've talked about this on multiple lives in inside of my patreon.

Account i actually have a graphic of all the labs that i recommend that you get checked at least once a year if you're over the age of 30 or 35 so that might be worth five bucks a month to become a patron uh but we've talked we've given that information away multiple times uh but i don't have it written down so i'm afraid i'll leave.

One out uh also there is a book coming it is almost ready yep that is all about your labs how to understand your labs what to ask for call common sense labs written by me and our good friend kim howerton so that's coming soon yup the pay at five dollar and up patrons are going to get a.

Free pdf copy of this when it's available and that patrons if you're watching that should be by the end of this week you should have your free pdf for five dollar enough patrons and then we're gonna start selling it and we're gonna try to keep the price as low as we can uh shirley wants to know is neutropenia.

A cancer my numbers are two point four and four if it was surely to goodness doctor would have right it's not a cancer but it can be a symptom of some cancer that's probably what she meant yes so you need to follow up with your doctor and have that thoroughly evaluated but it also could be completely nothing in.

Benign but you've got to follow up with your doctor and maybe a hematologist as well all right that's all the super chats that i can see uh lisa wants to know what your channel is nature nisha loves it india sha loves it you could just put nisha berry into youtube and it should bring my.

Channel nei sha this baby is kicking me oh bump date hey listen oh yeah okay bump date look at this baby girl berry look at this 24 weeks yeah and we love your suggestions for baby names anybody have thought of any really good baby girl names and we are going to name her give her.

Girl names because you know that's what we do oh my gosh this is very important very important everybody listen okay when you go on youtube and you type in dr barry there is a meal plan from my perfect keto that says dr barry's 28 day meal plan y'all that is not his meal that is [__] and we we have already talked to an attorney and if the my.

Perfect keto people are watching this you might ought to take that down because our attorney will be in contact with you we do not have a 28 day meal plan my perfect keto has not affiliated us with us in any way never heard of them and definitely will never promote them now since they're using my name without.

My permission so if you've seen my name connected with the 28 day meal plan at my perfect you can tell them to suck it because dr barry that ain't dr barry we just became aware of this our friend mitsy moderator yes and then when i went to look him up today it's the first thing that popped up on youtube promoting so.

They are spending money trying to trick you yeah y'all please do not spend any if it is not from hit dr or you do not hear it come verbally out of his mouth or it's on my patreon yes it's not from me that's exactly right 100 so please and if you have bought it you send them a strongly worded email.

And say i want my money back because you misrepresented this meal plan and dr barry is not endorsing this and you get your money back you get your money back file a complaint with the better business bureau if you see the ad pop up there's actually an option where you can report an ad if you've got a minute report that ad.

For false advertisement because if they are not affiliated with us in any way and never never have been never have you spread the word too if you see anybody don't let anybody fall for that crap that's the kind of stuff we've been trying that's literally trying to keep that kind of [__] out of the keto.

Space yeah then my perfect keto is going to jump in here but like dr barry approved 28 days dr barry does not approve first of all why would we that's right what are you gonna do in 28 days yeah yeah hey you want to kind of share your ass look at that little country boy right there.

I love it tilt it up a little bit there you go now you're such a cutie come here turtle hadn't said i don't know totally uh we should have said that at the beginning too but please uh make sure that you spread that because um okay it's unbelievable that it's like.

Blatant like who would think that's okay trying to make it sound like elusive it's says the doctor berries meal plan ruth berry is adorable toto and his boy or vice versa that's right yeah kindly rainberry wow okay i like that.

Anyways all right thank you so much for easy baby nice to your doggy he wants him to look at him thanks so much for for hanging out with us guys thanks for sharing this video with anybody you think it might help uh if you didn't get your question answered become a patron on there's a link in the show notes it's a super.

Quick sign up and for a few bucks a month you'll have access to three or even four additional live q and a's where you can ask me your questions and i can answer them in more detail follow nation loves it if you want to see what becca eats today what nisha eats in a day what toto eats in a day and what i eat.

That's where we put those videos plus beckett cook remember you cook quail eggs remember you did you tell me that it yeah i told him we told him about it yeah what does toto eat he eats meat yeah and he eats pets.

So you might need to get questions that's true thank you becky you did a good job give me five good job good work my friend thanks guys love you mean it see you next time bye bye
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