Monday Night Live Q&A with Dr Berry & @Neisha. !!!

Monday Night Live Q&A with Dr Berry & @Neisha. !!!

Monday Night Live Q&A with Dr Berry & @Neisha. !!!

Check out the video on Monday Night Live Q&A with Dr Berry & @Neisha. !!!.
Hi hi how you doing how are you in this we're doing great just glad I'm glad to have you back here with us this evening I know I was live earlier I hope you're not reaching Dr Berry's satiation thank you this is my wife and partner in life Nisha Solace heifenberry RN hello.

CBC and I'm Dr Ken Barry family physician and this is Monday Night Live is that what you're looking for I hope so because if you if that's it you're here you found it here we are you found us we're going to be talking about all things diet nutrition and health related this evening answering as many of your.

Questions as we can um Bonnie Blue might be squalling in the background or she might not she's currently still little how you doing good have you recovered from your birthday blowout I did yeah if you want to see Anisha cheat you can see that on my YouTube channel not cheat on me well.

I don't know what you did when I wasn't around hey Holly thank you so much see that's the problem that is true that is true that is true we got Paola in the house we got Roxanna in the house Teresa's in the house Natalie stone is in the house Sherry's in the house you guys this is going to be a good one right here now.

Remember right now you need to remind your relative your friends your family member who always like damn it I want to catch them live I forgot about it send them a text right now I'm sure that happens all the time you know it does I don't know I don't know all right guys if you got questions we.

Got answers or we'll just tell you we don't know if we don't know we do that sometimes we don't sometimes we don't that's right all right guys I'm ready if you are tell me where in the world you're watching from right now what city what state what country where you at I love seeing where you guys are from.

Let's say who's the furthest away from us geographically speaking oh that's a that's a great question isn't fiber importance so there is no there is no essential fiber you hear that a lot but when you actually start looking and digging into the research big pond Homestead you find that there's actually no minimum requirement for.

Fiber in the human diet whatsoever that's number one even though a lot of gurus will say oh you've got to have 30 grams of fiber or however much a day the second thing is is if you're eating the chewy parts of your meat the gristle the cartilage instead of pushing that to the side of your plate that collagen the the gut bacteria are able to use that.

Just like they use Fiber and so there are many people on a carnivore diet who have not put a shred of fiber in their mouth in over 20 25 30 years and they're healthy and fit and happy and they poop and they poop yeah you don't need fiber in your diets and from in many cases like all sort of colitis Crohn's disease irritable bowel syndrome fiber will.

Actually cause a flare-up of gut inflammation and disease Sophia says same I'm gonna okay I'm gonna sorry tell a story oh here we go at some point Beckett mom hard we meet very few vegetables he hates vegetables as most kids do he eats a few.

Nuts and some berries sometimes that's like where he's avocado sometimes pickles sometimes when the kid poops it literally takes him 30 seconds well I wipe him up quick and he's trying to learn to wipe himself and we're both fine with it because we know there's not going to be anything there to life a mom hack.

Yeah what you're kidding mostly me there you go no but now remember after his what was his birthday party or Christmas he he straight off and ate some junk at a Christmas at a church thing and then the next day he was on the pot crime because he couldn't he said it won't come out yeah yeah the opposite for us when we eat the.

Veggies that it causes US problems this chat is on fire says Dawn do it guys do it let's see we got Conrad our talo and hamburger drippings the same are in a saturated fat bad for you yeah question yes and no so yes uh hamburger drippings are that is Tallow um it also has some water in it some.

Meat juice and so most people like to to render the Tallow so that they get just pure Tallow that that turns out to be a creamy white almost odorless thing whereas hamburger drippings contain a lot of Tallow but uh it can have the the flavor and smell of the meat is saturated fat bad for you human beings have been eating saturated fats since.

We've been on this planet and lots of it and the research trying to prove that saturated fat is bad for you Conrad has failed miserably saturated Fat's good for you Paul wants to know does liver absolutely liver worse liver loaf uh braunschweiger any of those liver pate liver moose all those things are an.

Excellent Gateway food to get you uh to remember your ancestry and start to enjoy the taste of organs Craig says nine months carnivore and omad worried I'm losing too much weight I lost 45 pounds and I'm off of all of my meds uh 175 pounds six foot tall should I go to.

Tmat which is three times a day or two three meals a day two meals a day he was doing it yeah but he's doing oh man how bad is one meal a day yeah so um keep in mind that classically a six foot tall person who weighed 175 pounds that was an ideal body weight they were considered very healthy and trim and fit now if you're like us and live in a.

Community where obesity is kind of the standard uh you'll start to have friends and family members accusing you of being too too skinny to bony uh but that's a that's a very healthy weight at six foot oh if you want to put on some weight then you you're going to start lifting heavy things and start building bones and muscles.

Uh dance the alien cardboard two and a half weeks I'm very loose help me so you if you're getting a lot of magnesium if you're using a lot of the electrolytes you might want to back off on that most people have uh looseness two or three days when they convert to carnivore some people two or three weeks if it's not gone after the fourth week then it's.

Probably not related to carnivore at all go see your doctor hey especially 100 days four days I call free all right this is huge for you yes still have one more addiction to kick Valium but triple beanies really helping love you all so much we love you back Ashley you got this and Ashley's not just an anecdote.

I'm getting feedback from Dr Chris Palmer who's a Harvard psychiatrist and and Dr Georgia e who's also a psychiatrist in in many addiction specialists that are saying you know when somebody's eating keto or carnivore it's easier for them to withdraw and get off addictive substances like tobacco cigarettes alcohol other things and so.

Ashley's on to something here there's actually research ongoing right now for alcoholics uh using a ketogenic diet to help them make the withdrawal process much much easier and less painful Christian I'm the guy you said that I'm rare with A1C of 5.8 but fasting insulin 13 and CPAP diet at 3.4 Nomads including ra thanks for saving my life y'all.

Columbia South Carolina and how to Granny Berry excellent pushing up pixels thank you very much there's not much difference pretty much yeah pretty much the same thing Janice is heavy whipping cream that are dairy or fat it's almost pure dairy fat but not quite so butter and ghee are just.

The fat with none of the protein or the sugar heavy whipping cream still has a tiny bit of the lactose and a little bit of protein and so for many people heavy cream is fine to use it in moderation just a teaspoon but some people have to even eliminate the heavy cream I'm one of those damn it I hate to say that but it's true.

Because I'm not a moderator if I start putting a teaspoon of a teaspoon turns into five tablespoons very quickly for me and Italian gun carnivore I believe extra cheese at Christmas caused a horrible attack of diverticulitis possible I eat meat and eggs for the last 10 months what else could it be probably the cheese probably the cheese.

You're one of the you're like me you've got a limited cheese and not everybody has to do that but some people need to do that for their best thank you Carol thank you Lynn Jeffrey Stephen I've lost 200 pounds just came off a six day fast trying to figure out the best way to break a fast any suggestions so after all go ahead.

Congratulations man so but after a longer fast maybe longer than four days you don't want to just break your fast by eating a big plate Bender full of food okay you probably want to break your fast with an egg scrambled in butter or a cup of bone broth that you made yourself and then wait 30 minutes give your gut time to.

Wake up and get it get cranked back up then you can eat a normal sized meal but don't break it with a huge fast or it's not dangerous but you might wind up with diarrhea bloating gas you might even get nauseated if you do that too quickly but for a one or two day fast you typically don't have to worry about that at all Jeffrey please expound what you.

Just while you discourage collagen supplements I get this from carnivore diet but I'm curious nonetheless yeah so there's no reason to waste your money on collagen supplements when if you're eating a diet full of meat and eggs and especially if you're eating the gristle the chewy bits the cartilage off the end of the bones you're getting the the most.

Usable bio available bio absorbable collagen building blocks that you could possibly get when you take a collagen supplement that collagen is not absorbed into your bloodstream your stomach acid breaks that collagen down into the constituent amino acids so the amino acids in meat and eggs are exactly the amino acids your body needs to to build.

The collagen anyway so don't waste money on a collagen supplement use that money to buy better quality meat have their own channel where they have so many videos of them doing the triple DNA challenge so if you haven't subscribed to their Channel go head over there it is beef butter bacon if you.

Guys love two crazy ketos type huzzah in the comments please we love oh my God this just happened an hour ago watching Miss Rachel which is the show who just has like songs and stuff we were singing with Bonnie and But Ken goes Becca do you love this Rachel he goes no but I love Rachel and.

We were both like who's Rachel and I was like oh my God because he hasn't seen them in so long but so Rachel yeah he has not forgotten he loves you so so also we're doing triple B and a challenge in the private Community which will go on and on and on until eternity so if you're interested in joining the private community that challenge after.

This month is over we'll still stay in there and you can do it on your own if you want to um it's pretty simple there's a link in the show notes also the address on the crawl at the bottom of the screen just 100 if you're a human being and you can fog a mirror and spell cat you can do carnivore 100.

Thank you this is a good question Regina how does alcohol affect you when on Carnivore I had draw one last night and today my blood pressure was very high 160 over 110. yeah so alcohol is not good for you it's a toxin there's no doubt about that the the research is very clear about that it may or may not have caused this.

Blood uh pressure elevation if this was a temporary Spike it's nothing to worry about um it could have been what you ate along or drank with the alcohol uh but now I'll tell all you guys if you're keto ketovore carnivore your body is much more pristine than the average person that's drinking the the.

The Coca-Cola and eating the ding dongs and the Doritos alcohol hits you harder it hits you quicker if you're a four drink girl or a five Beer Guy and now you're a keto or carnivore you better start with one drink or two drinks I'd prefer you drink none but if you're gonna drink drink one one or two Max because I promise you'll be like whoa.

You'll become a cheap drunk Serena my 21 year old daughter moved in with me when keto and has lost 16 pounds in a month and has quit nicotine thanks for your guidance awesome good job Serena by Leading by exactly Jesus is not my friend Betsy I love it you know he's not my friend well with Brooke will cargler have great.

Benefits this is a great way to do this and because a lot of people like divorce yeah carnivores so restrictive and you're like oh my God but if you're like wait on Friday Saturday and Sunday I can have some onion or some garlic or some or some broccoli or vintage yeah okay I can do that keyboard is your.

Carnival but some brussels sprouts if you cheat on Carnivore with keto or ketovor you win and I win everybody wins Juan thanks for all that you do Dr Barry Anisha I'm a part of triple beanie challenge I've noticed I'm naturally.

Fasting 18 hours without thinking about it yeah this is very calm very common and that's why I encourage everyone if you're thinking about trying to do this don't start the intermittent fasting first while you're still eating the high carb inflammatory standard diet because it's going to suck and be really really hard but if you'll start keto or keto or.

Carnivore first do that for a week or two you'll find that you're effortlessly fasting 16 18 20 hours a day without even trying usually BP is 120 over 70 the last three weeks it's been a little bit High 150s over 70s could my newly added Armor Thyroid be causing this and should I be worried it might be contributing a tiny.

Bit as your body adjusts but this should not be permanent at all uh just keep up with your blood pressure twice a day at home when you're calm and relaxed check it write it down forget it and if this trend continues then definitely see your doctor for maybe an adjustment or other conversation but what I predict is over the days it'll Trend back down to your.

Normal like I hate your computer thank you oh my god what just happened there you go this computer I swear go ahead babe all the time your Apple product look at all the huzzahs for two crazy ketos.

Terry we just okay okay making sure hey buddy what's up okay lovey she'll help you grateful girl says Dr Berry please interview Dr Allen Davis long-term vegan now Dr Alan Davis I'll look in I'll look into him.

I think it's got to do his business Sarah what are your thoughts on pumping and dumping I saw a Nisha Vlog I laughed so hard at the end when you were talking to Bonnie so um if you drink a lot of alcohol or if you do any other substances then you probably ought to pump and dump that one that one time after you're finished.

Imbibing uh but if you just have a glass of wine or a beer or one mixed drink the research is fairly unclear as to whether that's going to be in any way be detrimental to your little one because not out not all of that alcohol goes into your breast milk and so you have that one glass of wine your liver is going to immediately start to break.

That down and get rid of it from your body because it's Toxin and you're maybe maybe one to three percent of that's going to get into your breast milk which is a T90 amount and I know your baby's tiny uh but it's probably not worth dumping that that precious white gold breast milk but if you went on a bender you might want to dump right after that.

Did he get the right answer until you tell me your answer we'll see breast milk doesn't hold on to alcohol similar to in the bloodstream so as long as you pump either as you're drinking that first drink or like right before you start drinking and then wait until um it's the good rule is an hour per drink you know.

Don't hopefully you're not having more than one drink per hour so but if you just finished off a fifth of vodka you might want to dump that one definitely done yeah responsibly yes responsibilities you can drink then um one hour per drink you let the Alcohol come out of your system and out of the breast milk and then it's.

Okay to pump again so most moms aren't pumping every hour anyway as you're waiting at least three hours to complicate yeah that's how you do it it's all good there's a lot of information out there about it too uh pixels trying to get pregnant for seven months but have a very concealer.

Carnival seven weeks would like to avoid getting surgery what are some other options you've been carnivore for seven weeks yeah I'd give carnivore at least six months to give your body time to heal to give this uh abnormality time to regress and kind of kind of get smaller if not go.

Completely away and then after the six months of carnivore go back and see your dock if you're still having this problem then you you may need to have surgery foreign how long do you think it will take the skin to heal on Carnivore skin issues like HS or Derma dermatitis so hydrogenitis suppurativa I actually have.

A video on this channel about HS and I also have a video on this channel about psoriasis and about Eczema all these things are going to start to clear up almost immediately when you start carnivore you might have an initial flare-up and then it's going to start to just get better by the week some people it's completely cleared in three to six.

Weeks some people it takes three to six months there's no reason to stop why would you stop a proper human diet dips can two high protein percentage cause gut issues no do you have car too high carb percentage can definitely Three Rivers girl among glucose is down from 1 8 10 to 80. love you guys because.

I love you back love it seven Eskimo argument for carnivore has claimed to be debunked by a few studies in the early 1900s and one in the 1800s this was far past the time that the Inuit were introduced the Western nights that's exactly right and so there is some validity to the argument that they don't get in deep ketosis because they have a.

Little difference in their genetics that that is true but when these studies were actually done they were already eating the Western diet at least to some degree uh whereas before the these studies were done back in the day they were just living on fat and protein just blubbery whale and seal and and walrus and all that stuff and fish and they were very.

Very healthy and it was almost impossible to find a case of heart disease uh I think they the one doctor was with them for years if not decades and never saw a single case of cancer and they were literally living on saturated fat and protein that's what they were living yes I'm doing beef butter bacon and eggs.

I want to start intermittent fasting I take gabapentin Omeprazole metoprolol Alexa Pro will it cause an issue to take these while doing intermittent fasting no it won't but I I want you to already open a conversation with your doctor that you're eating a very healing diet and that you are very interested in starting to wean these medicines down.

With the help of your doctor slowly but surely uh at least three of these you'll be able to wean down and come completely off after you've been on beef butter bacon and eggs for a month to six months Mrs Sue is proper human diet good for pots yes a lot of people with pots notice that the symptoms become much less severe make sure and get plenty of.

Salt uh type 1 diabetic also oh man and anytime I have the slightly blood sugar fluctuation even at 130 my pots are so yes absolutely so if you're gonna slowly uh navigate your way into a very very low carbohydrate diet but don't do it quickly I don't care if you take three months to transition into very low carb keto ketovor carnivore but both of the.

Both of these things are going to be so much improved when you get there Ding King you're a black Cyrus now I wouldn't say you went from 13.5 to 5.9 now working on my blood pressure what's up baby huzzah 5.9 you're almost there love it almost there a zoo thanks for all you do drugless rides down from.

33 7 blood sugar 64. reverse my free diabetes A1C is 4.3 drop 90 pounds within a year keep on fighting a good fight thank you so much for sharing that I want you to share that everywhere you go if you've dropped 90 pounds I'm sure your friends and family members are not interested in that when they say was who you look.

Freaking amazing what are you doing you're going to share this and tell them just how to do it seven when using a salt rock for fasting when do I use it whenever he wants it so the the yeah she's right anytime because if unless the salt is like oh it's so salty then you don't need any salt but when I use it if I'm doing a longer fast.

When I start to get like Hungry Like the munchies like man I'd like to eat but it's not time yet no so exaggerated a few licks on this turns my Hunger off a lot of people say we'll say when they do this it helps it helps sweet cravings for you yes if you've had us being Cravings put that in the.

Comments so but it doesn't have to be a salt rock you can just put a pinch in here put a pinch in your hand lick it don't snort it just lick it and then you got it go ahead give me a little dainty little how you how you have a little lady lick it oh well that was uppity.

That's me Christian one question I've been doing a product called trace minerals to get electrolytes I put on my steaks taste delicious but I don't like my water salty what do you suggest so yeah don't put it in your water some people hate the taste of of minerals or electrolytes in their water and so you can use like the the mineral drops or.

Electrolyte drops you can put them you can put them in eggs you can put them on your steak you can mix them in anything that you're making uh keto or carnivore chili you can put it in a frittata anything you're cooking you can use those just like salt you can find these and the salt that we use we use Redmond salt there's a link.

In a discount code in the description below this video so if you're somebody who wants some good quality salt that we highly recommend they have seasoning salt smoked salt salt is weird thing if you haven't tried it yet please go try it uh rock salt travel salt like they got all the salts and Seasonings I mean so good I love them this one.

Lost 55 pounds in six months on Carnivore blood pressure went from high 140 over 90 to 115 over 72 average I'm an over the road trucker this isn't hard at all if I can do it everyone can thanks again for all you do see you at ketocon yeah this is diet is so easy even a doctor can do it even a truck driver can do it and carnivore werewolf.

I don't know if you're going or not but there's going to be a huge truck show in Louisville Kentucky coming up later this year I'm not sure on the dates yet I'm going to be there speaking to all the truck drivers this but still seriously truck drivers have a hard time doing keto because they're driving like the whole time so they have to have food.

That's convenient food that will store well but also fit into this lifestyle so if they can do it they anyone can do it like you said that's really true also ketocon while we're speaking them yeah let me pull up we will be there will you and if you haven't got your ticket yet we do have a discount code that gives you 50 off it's just Berry b r r y.

Ketokon it's huge it's so it's so many people so many speakers you meet the coolest people there that's we're gonna have a booth also so if you want to come hang out with Dr Barry he will be sitting at our little table and you can come get him to sign your book you can buy a book you can take the ussie.

I'll probably be there sometimes and that's when April in April of this year and then we're also going on the low-carb cruise and there's the website for the low carb Cruise that's in June of this year you can still get on the local Cruise if you want to so if you want to cruise with us and see Nisha in a bikini lowcarb and then.

Also we're going to be at keto Orlando summit we're gonna discount code for that too it's meet m-e-a-t meat uh we're super excited to go to it September yeah yeah those are great ones and we're really excited to me whether we meet in Texas which is where keto is ketocon.

Is and uh what's the other one of the low carb Cruise yeah that's going to Honduras and a couple of places in Mexico the seven day cruise I think and if you can't or can't afford to go or you have a scheduled conflict you can just become part of our private Community where there it's it's like a Facebook group without the Facebook it's.

Way better than Facebook yeah and so there's no ads there's nobody tries to sell you anything nobody sells your data or information it's all protected and private and it's five bucks a month you can start and you get access to lots of stuff and there's a community of over 4 600 proper human dieters in there waiting.

For you to join and help you take you by the hand and say come on I'll show you how to do this but if you don't want to do that guess what in the time or the band whichever Ron Navy joined the Mighty the other day switched mag from oxide to mag 64. uh seems like I'm cramping more now carnivore almost a month will it.

Will eventually with fibro as hacks I'm still having fatigue is it bad to have money no you can have zero carb mustard that's fine increase the amount of Mag that you're taking you can slowly increase the amount of magnesium up until the point where you start to have runny poop that means that that's the max dose of magnesium for you uh also if.

The cramping continues even after you've upped the mag see your doctor because sometimes a cramp has nothing to do with your diets and the fibromyalgia I've got a video on this channel about fibromyalgia eventually you're going to notice your symptoms are less severe and your flare-ups are less frequent he will be.

At low carb Denver for those of you asking which is in like a week or two February 23rd pretty sure it's what it is it's January 20 no February 23rd through 26th yep uh YouTuber man I'm an athlete and trying to heal HS should I continue not having any carbs even though I'm training twice a day yeah some of the preeminent athletes in the.

World including endurance athletes and bodybuilders are eating a keto ketivore or in many cases a carnivore diet and they're seeing gains they're breaking PR's that's personal records for that's how we say it in the biz uh yes absolutely you can be uh and if you'll think back to bodybuilders and athletes in the 60s 50s 60s and 70s really they.

Literally lived on meat next that's all they ate Heather will carnivore diet help regenerate cartilage I was told today by my doctor that I have very little cartilage in my left so so in my shoulder left we have received anecdotal reports of people and so it's not so much that the cartilages may or may not.

Regrow what you're really caring about Heather is that you don't have shoulder pain and that's the thing that we get thousands of replies back even though my knee was bone on bone arthritis it doesn't hurt anymore now they didn't necessarily go get an x-ray so we don't know if they've regrown cartilage all we know is the knee doesn't hurt anymore.

And I think that's probably your goal too right Heather so if it is carnivore yeah you need to try it 90 days at least Heather previous calorie counter here and going and going top two diabetically worried worried about it you're not going to gain weight on on Carnival well you might gain a little.

Bit but yeah long term if you've got weight to lose you're going to lose the weight and your A1C is going to be normal within three to 12 months of carnivore it's very rare for people to gain weight but it does sometimes happen it's a very odd phenomenon and then people start to lose weight if they stay consistent.

What are you doing I'm just seeing if I can find a question Cassandra what is wrong with me I eat hardly a carb mostly fatty Meats but blood sugar never goes below 125 anytime today coffee black fatty short ribs and bone broth four hours later and I'm still 150. so Cassandra what was your last A1C what was your last fasting insulin we.

Need to know the those results if you hadn't already got them go see your doctor and get those checked along with a lipid panel and whatever other labs your doctor wants to check and then we'll be able to answer that question we answer questions like this in the group we actually look over people's lab results in the group and so you might.

Want to consider joining the community we don't get medical advice that's right no medical advice he is not your doctor it is just a community where we do q a sessions and we talk about things and give you guidance on what you can take back to your personal health care provider and work through with your personal health care provider because.

This is YouTube that's right Sherry just won the the game of life I have discovered a new regenerative Farm less than one half mile from my house in Franklin Tennessee I told him about your initia's OB Farms Lockwood Ranch if you're making a list of the other forms so anybody in the Franklin Tennessee area Lockwood Farms awesome regenerative.

Ranching and I guess farming as well well done Sherry I'm so glad you looked oh I was gonna keeping it keto with Rebecca smoked salt is a game changer y'all it really is I just sit and sniff it it's so good it smells so good and it makes eggs with cooked in bacon grease do this cook your scrambled eggs and bacon grease and put a little smoked.

Salt on top you're welcome listen the smoked salt smells like my great grandmother's kitchen she cooked exclusively on a wood stove and so that that it literally smells like her kitchen when I was a little boy granny Berry you remember uh Grandma Henson's kitchen that's what that's what the smokes this house yeah yeah back in the.

Day far more where we'll thank you for the Super Chat for my belated birthday you guys guess how old they she is can you even guess does anybody if you know don't don't say you know just act like your guest she's 67. this is what carnivore does well guess in the comments how old do you think she is and how do you think I.

Am they know at this point no I don't know hello again I've lost 106 or pounds on keto huzzah lots of improvement A1C down to 5.2 everything else is improved question about ozympic uh keto dog started me on this to curb stubborn not craving it constipates me what are your thoughts yeah so it may very well cut.

Down on the the nighttime Cravings but you might have some noise you might have some bloating you might have some abdominal discomfort you might have some constipation and also there's a black box warning on ozympic about thyroid cancer so make sure and discuss that with your doctor the the at the the risks and the.

Benefits and it sounds like you're doing freaking amazing on um keto so you instead of Olympic you might consider going carnivore but yeah it's it's an option but talk to your doctor please oh Shirley thank you what is the length for the t-shirts is it not anything yeah down in.

The show notes it's called PhD merch I think the link that's what it's titled oh yeah go ahead go ahead X at me well that's not very helpful is can we simplify everything yeah Tina love you and Nisha for all the great information I recently heard that cows are going to be injected with mRNA.

Yeah what we ingest this if we I think that not enough research has been done to know the answer to your question Tina all the more reason all you guys need to be finding a local Rancher a local farmer who raises chickens and cows and pigs and sheep and goats and turkey and duck and quail and make friends with your local farmer and your local Rancher.

Because if you're willing to pay a little bit over the store market price I bet you money they'll forget to inject their cow with mRNA Heidi I just went on blood pressure medication do you recommend losartan over lisinopril I was prescribed 10 milligrams of lisinopril should I avoid potassium no that's a low dose of.

Lysinopril lysinopril losartan are both probably the least bad of the antihypertensive medications uh a low dose of centipril if you have normal kidney function you don't you won't have to worry about avoiding potassium now don't be taking an extra potassium supplement because lysinopril tends to make you spare potassium uh but you you.

Absolutely you can take it if you need it and you don't have to avoid potassium Tamara thanks for your leadership see what see you later tomorrow I'm so excited me too Betsy says the private Community is wonderful I love the people there blank in the show notes Judy just joined well Judy welcome.

Yes I'll be at low carb Denver Wendy uh it's February 23rd through 26th I'll be speaking uh but I don't have a discount code and I know they're they're pretty proud I don't think they believe in that lavender do you recommend carnivore not for someone with cirrhosis 100 yeah the the human liver has an almost miraculous.

Ability to heal when you stop insulting it with alcohol and Tylenol and carbohydrates and especially fructose when you get all that stuff out of your system the human liver it will surprise you at how much it will heal hipsters hi Canada Nation I'm carnivore and on day seven of a planned 21 day fast but I'm now experiencing chills and.

Loose stools is this a sign to stop also what is the best way to breakfast to avoid weight rebound and what are the best food so if you're having chills and loose stools this could be an infection you probably should see your doctor it probably has nothing to do with the fast uh the best way to break it fast if you're going to fast for 21 days then.

You're definitely going to have a little cup of bone broth or a scrambled egg scrambled in butter and then eat that and stop and wait 30 minutes or an hour and then eat more food but there's really no magic to breaking your fast to avoid a weight rebound the human body doesn't work that way uh it it's it's much more intelligent than the average.

Doctor 3 200 people watching yes or on Facebook you know there are people in are hurting they're metabolically sick mentally ill and they've never heard of the power of Keto keto Carnival they don't know because nobody's ever told them because you haven't shared one of our videos.

Please help these people share this video like that Coke Zero on Triple beanie in here they know I'm not going to say yes but they wanted to let me know I don't like water try sparkling water you can do this unsweet teaspoon it's day 13. you're nearly halfway through it yep just a few more days and I promised.

That craving will be less if you don't give in to it yep Kayla get some make some unsweetened tea and mix it half and half with San Pellegrino or Topo Chico it will confuse your taste buds you'll think that you're drinking it like a soda what did you decide to put in it's it's like bubbly tea it's really cool never tried I've done that before.

It sounds confusing really yeah it confuses your Facebook it forgets about the Code Zero Deborah I had a ruined one uh hepatogenostomy uh bile ducts redone it's carnivore safe for me currently keto yes carnivore is perfectly safe for you you probably won't be able to eat omad you've probably already figured.

That out but you can eat your keto or carnivore if you're stalled out on keto then you might want to try carnivore but if you're not stalled stick with keto keto is great uh but you may need to eat two three or even four small meals during your feeding window of time whether that's six or eight hours Deborah but you absolutely can do.

Carnivore Jackie are you going to Kino palooza this year I don't know that we've officially been like invited but we've lost Autumn still like us I think she's just hasn't got to that point putting on a summit is a lot of work because she's busy yeah yeah we'll just crash because you know.

What her mama wants me to come uh Pooler probably my Belgium rheumatica for four years friend is over four years carnivore seven months how can I get my CRP normal so you're going to continue strict carnivore you can't cheat because uh PMR not is not your friend it will you will pay for it if you cheat but after you've been carnivore another.

Couple of months go see your doctor and and start having a conversation with your doctor about slowly because you've been on Prednisone for four years you cannot just stop it it could be dangerous you're gonna slowly probably over three or six months start to wean down the prednisone very slowly with the help of your doctor and you'll notice.

That your CRP continues to improve and doesn't go up as you slowly wean down the prednisone um let me get Holly real quick Holly B says hey I changed my baby to goat milk like Misha suggested um I did that for my kids well everything I found online says goat milk needs raw syrup and corn syrup or it's.

Not good for them why would people think that so I'm not gonna get really no damn idea I mean I know I know why so remember that breast decades have been telling moms goat milk is a great substitute for breast milk for those moms who can't produce or have to go back to work or whatever whatever.

It's always been the second best when the formula shortage came they were told not to say that anymore uh you can come to your own conclusions about that but goat milk is a great great replacement for formula for those of you who don't want to get formula or you're just trying to like Supply you know on.

Top of your breast milk or whatever there is research out there to support that you just have to dig for it there's lactose in goat milk right now when you Google that you're gonna see a lot of stuff pop up yep there's no truth dude at all before women have been using goat milk women who couldn't breastfeed for.

Whatever reason or you know there's an accident they lost the mom they put the baby on goat's milk literally for thousands of years this has been done but now suddenly it's dangerous you got to put some Karo syrup or some I wonder who owns the Cairo syrup company do you think there might be some I don't know we never added anything to Beckett's.

Goat milk he just went from breast milk to goat milk and he did fantastic and still drinks it to this day it's expensive thing hates Dairy hates cow milk hates it shoots every now and then try to mix half and half with her because goat milk is like literally one sip he's like this is Tyler Tyler help severe gastroparesis.

Crohn's still muscle loss and had hernia surgery infection have open abdominal wound uh won't heal too much inflammation J2 feed amino acid base still 50 carb yeah you gotta talk to your doctor and say look I'm not drinking all these the sugar anymore I'm not doing that you're going to work with me and you're going to help me figure.

Out some kind of sugar-free tube feed until I can get this tube out of my body keto child makes a great Shake um that you can mix whatever fats you want with it uh Chris Baer who owns the keto Child Company lived on keto Chow only for how long 100 days and he actually lost fat and put on muscle in the hundred days so Tyler look up keto.

Child there's a link down in the show notes with a discount code get some keto Chow take it to your doctor and say look Bubba I'm not doing this the sugar syrup anymore yeah call your doctor Bubba Tyler because if they got you on fifty percent carbs no no this is It's you literally you'll probably never be able to heal this wound until you get the.

Sugar out of your body Tyler please keep us up to date I wanna I wanna progress report on how this goes right I mean you're a full carnivore happy Carnivor series anniversary there's delicious birthday thank you she is worth it Carnival werewolf trust thank you peace home.

Had a greeny berry everybody's saying how to Granny yo my 92 year old grandmother is watching this from my parents house down in Alabama will you please say hi to Granny Berry in the comments and tell her where you're saying hi from she just absolutely makes her night speaking of Granny Berry shout out to the two lucky people who.

Got one of Granny Berry's quilts they're on their way hopefully you're going to get them in the next few days does anybody else would love to buy a quilt hand quilted by granny Berry anybody was interest she's over the moon what did she say when she hurt she said that what's your thing a whoopee.

Well congratulations to those two I started on Carnivore after three days I was very contagious and I stopped didn't know what to do what do I do for the next time and can you have apple cider vinegar lemon olive oil or coconut oil so you don't need any of those last things you ask about the fatigue that you were feeling you probably felt a.

Little achy too and almost like a little yucky that's car that's carbohydrate withdrawals that's gonna happen that's gonna happen anywhere from three to ten days and then once you've broken that addiction you won't feel that one anymore so get get your pantry in your fridge stocked up and try it again penny has a really good question hey Penny why.

Are the dogs now pushing ozympic as a weight loss drug amazing that it's easy to push a drug but not a diet that works for all areas of yeah so let's be honest about this so zympic with Govi uh they work no doubt you're gonna lose weight but the way they work is by basically telling your brain that the food is repulsive and so the very kind common.

Side effects nausea vomiting gastric distension GI discomfort constipation diarrhea because it is messing with hormonal Cascades and password Pathways the doctor might pretend they understand them but I guarantee you they don't understand them completely yet there's probably two additional layers of complexity to all the hormone.

Interactions in the human body but you will lose weight on it but the problem is is you're going to have to take it forever to keep the weight off and we're getting an increasing number of reports now I was reading about this today again when people stop ozympic or stop organic not only of course yeah you're going to gain the weight back but.

These people are saying that my food cravings are like 10x like it's like I'm a literal out of control monster and I gained back double the weight that I lost I've heard that several times now so I think it's a good rule of thumb to not muck around with hormonal Cascades that we don't fully understand yet and so I'd much rather you just adopt a.

Proper human diet which humans have been eating our ancestors have been eating that three and a half million years so that's been tried and true for a minute uh ozympic is there any long-term data on the long-term safety of those impacts I don't think so no there's none literally there's no there is there a study saying oh look this person took.

Olympic for 10 years and they're perfectly fine and healthy that study doesn't exist no it's so if your doctor's being honest they have no damn idea what it's going to do to you long term literally they don't know here's a good rule of thumb it sounds like a like if granny Berry would say if it.

Sounds too but good to be true then shut up about it is no Chief code there is no cheat between us but now the reason doctors are pushing it is because it's FDA approved now so that makes it they're they're covered malpractice-wise they're not going to get sued if something bad happens number one and number two they can get you in that exam.

Room write you an Olympic prescription and have you out of there in five minutes plus y'all supply and demand people running to God what is what is shot the majorno is that another name for it my Jewel yeah yeah they're all they're all little injections people are just.

Lined up for this stuff well we're gonna push it they all work the same way they mess with the same hormones that should not be messed with I'm going to make a prediction here I'm going to prophesied oh uh these drugs will be pulled off the market within three to seven years that they will there will start to be reports.

Oh this happened this happened this happened these drugs are messing with hormones that you should not mess with and they're Sensational right now and they seem to be the magic cure the magic pill but mark my words there will be ramifications and repercussions from ozympic wagovi and Mojo challenge last week I'm down 12 pounds.

Really enjoy these q a sessions as I always learn something perhaps that's what we try to do right thanks for having thanks for being with us uh fit and focus in carnivore for six months keita before that currently Had A Bad Case Of The Sea I've been fasting and taking electrolytes and eating eggs once a day.

Anything else that's it just fast as much as you can that'll give your immune system the opportunity to not have to deal with your food and to just ramp up and take care of the seed Emi is the normal range but I look too skinny should I do what should I do to keep my weight up so several things you can do here Ted drums number one you.

Just said your bmi's in the normal range so you're not too skinny but people are telling you you're too skinny because they're used to seeing you chunky but what I want you to be Ted gross is I want you to be slim fit dangerous and happy that's what I want for you and that's what carnivore is going to do for you now if you do want to gain some.

Weight on the scale start lifting heavy things and you will build bone strength and you will build muscles and you will gain weight on the scalp Marietta is it possible to lose weight when pregnant I have a BMI of 30 and I'm eight weeks pregnant yes but what you don't want to do is calorie restrictions you want to eat good Whole Foods so good.

Healthy proteins good healthy fats you can eat some low carb veggies if you like those type of things but do not calorie don't portion control and that's the beautiful thing Mariana about ketokia ketovor and carnivore you don't have to calorie restrict if you're eating low carb enough you can eat through your comfortably stuff give the.

Baby everything it needs to grow and you still because you're not wanting to lose weight you want to lose fat and that's what you'll do on a proper human diet am I going to get to answer the question tonight you know what I had the best time celebrating her birthday and then I get home.

And I still love her you better so what I was going to say is if you have fat to lose you can lose fat well baby grows appropriately and you'll be able to see that on your ultrasounds maybe we'll measure at the right weeks and you know everything will look fine it's just as long as you're getting adequate nutrition adequate protein.

Everything will be fine with baby and you could possibly lose some fat during your pregnancy absolutely Moon says join the community guys you won't regret it I agree I'm just gonna go in there Darth does nicotine consumption by way of sweet flavored vaping affect my body's reaction to keto and carnivore diets I've been keto for a long time and.

Started gaining weight switched to carnivore I'm glad I think that's a fine switch but yes the sweet vaping liquids at there's no way that they don't raise your insulin level they have to by definition now nicotine is an appetite suppressant so for some people it seems that they can still vape and keep losing weight but if I would try to get well.

First of all I want you to quit vaping ultimately but I want you to wean it down by switching to a flavor that's not sweet at all okay and yeah I I don't want to hear I don't want to taste of it you shouldn't be vaping okay but I still love you Darth I'm not yelling at you I kind of did but it's okay but it when you do.

That you're not going to be bumping your insulin level up because of the cephalic phase insulin response from the sweet taste in your mouth and also you're not going to like the vaping as much so you won't get that Vape as often you'll be able to wean it down and eventually quit it without any weight gain losing it in Vegas hey top two diabetic.

Hopper insulinemia nafld that's fatty liver and high blood pressure reversed it with low carb high fat then I fell off the wagon was put on Jordans which gave me diabetic ketoacidosis that's one of the known risk factors for it with an A1C of 6.1 why would the doc want to continue insulin I have a lot you don't need to continue insulin you know.

Exactly what to do losing in Vegas getting right back and and go a little a little stricter than low carb high fat go literally keto with 20 total grams of carbs a day and you'll be off insulin in a week or two or three with the help of your doctor of course and then you'll have a normal A1C within three to six months.

In and out which is which is healthier grass-fed butter or organic butter made from Sunflower drop it in the comments who knows who knows the answer to this question help in and out outs because they they obviously are kind of new to this and they don't know grass-fed butter is the one of the most.

Healthiest fats on planet Earth for human beings sunflower oil is a vegetable seed oil it is very rich in omega-6 fatty acids which are inflammatory in nature when you eat too high of a ratio throw the sunflower oil that's fake butter that's no better than margarine okay.

Throw that junk in the trash and eat butter butter humans have been eating butter since we could get our fingers around a cow teat okay we've only been eating sunflower oil at this quantity for a few decades stop that eat the ancestral fat that's fat from meat fat from eggs and fat from butter feeds hey peeps started carnivore.

A week ago yes I refuse all medications for pickle juice chewable magnesium helps my severe muscle spasms will those interfere with this diet totally fine totally fine peeps Carol remember thanks for your support well Tabitha hey I wondered where Tabitha was.

Listen guys this happens on YouTube people for us to keep up with how many of these trolls say and they'll try to use our handle and say in my pictures and it looks like it's us but it is let me just make this blanket statement I am never going to say hey hit me up on WhatsApp and I'll I'll message you or I'll send you a free or I'll do this.

That it no just report that as a fake uh an account because I'm never going to try to chat with you on WhatsApp or any other app we don't have time virtual mom my dog has chronic pancreatitis food recommendations a bed vet said vegan grains okay so dogs domesticated dogs every.

Single dog from the the Greyhound to the Dachshund to the Chihuahua to the Great Dane they all descended they are direct descendants from wolves without exception okay now they do have more amylase uh genes than wild wolves because they've been living around us and eating our table scraps for so many thousands of.

Generations that they have they have evolved a tiny bit but dogs are still facultative carnivores that means that their diet needs to consist mostly of meat especially dogs with chronic pancreatitis Jesus so find a new vet or just go back to your debt and be like where did you show me the.

Research that proves that print me out the study I thought dogs descended from wolves I thought they were carnivores are they not carnivores anymore they're vegans now really this is dog abuse not for you virtual mom if you're a vet is there dog malpractice so also Dr Berry did a great interview.

Right here on this YouTube channel with a veterinarian that talks about what is the better options like maybe you can't afford to feed your dog a steak right but he talks about all the different ways to improve your pup's nutrition to make them live a happier healthier life absolutely and maybe find a new vet that's yeah.

Um in and out is unsalted butter healthier does sodium make you retain water no high insulin levels and chronic inflammation make you retain water and all that goes away when you're eating a very very low carbohydrate diet unsalted butter I don't think is any healthier than Salt and salted butter because I want you to salt all of your food to.

Your taste I want it to taste perfectly salty that means that's how much salt you need good question rocks due to how cholesterol dog said a small amount of calcification is in my blood vessels and the Heart due to plaque or narrowing will PhD help this so my sister can avoid statins which is what the dog.

Suggested yeah if your sister has never had a heart attack there is literally no research on the planet that shows that your sister will benefit from taking a Statin she might live two or three days longer if she takes the Statin for 20 years so save the co-pays save the side effects can help your sister start to eat a proper human diet.

That's very very low in carbohydrates that is full of fatty meat that is very nutrient dense that is ancestrally appropriate and that is uninflammatory I've got over 600 videos on this channel many of them about a keto diet a ketovore diet or a carnivore diet whichever one sounds best to your sister please talk her into doing that.

Justin recently had testosterone questions that's low Justin just switching to keto and we'll lean more towards carnivore any chance of hiking lifting and dieting enough to get me back we have seen we have it's it's not a lot of guys but if you guys have increased their testosterone by 400 points.

But it's more common to see anywhere from a 50-point gain to a 150 point game but we've had a few go up 400 just by eating carnivore and lifting heavy things so yes go on I mean vigorous hikes lift heavy eat all the meat all the red meat all the fatty red meat and then get it rechecked after three months of that and then report back Justin at.

How much higher it is hey Josh thanks man Thomas uh uh pull it up it didn't show we try to get them all but it type your comments in again in a chat and you guys uh moderators be looking for his his comment or his question Brian my local butcher grinds up Oregon me which I wish I could do my dog and it's not 100 100.

Reach out to your local butchers that's how you feed a dog does it right can you suggest a great carnivore cookbook thanks for all you do here's your cookbook okay pick a meat any meat fattier the better but if you like lean Cuts that's cool too good cook the meat.

The animal fat salt and even any seasonings that you're not sensitive to if you like garlic and onions and you don't have an issue that's fine eat to me yeah that's literally yeah literally any Seafood I would stick to smaller fish so that.

You know the Mercury load is smaller lots of butter any red meat any poultry any anything that runs creeps crawl smoothers rattlesnake copper hood yes 100 eat the rattlesnake cook it in an animal fat beef Tallow bacon grease butter ghee lard uh duck fat absolutely put salt on it to your taste and eat it and eat until you're full that's your.

Cookbook you just saved 19.95. yeah I really I think keeping it simple is the best way to do this yeah plus it takes less time for you to be in the kitchen if you're a mom who needs to put seven ingredients together just as simple as it can be Burgers always good an egg on top of your burger crab meat.

On top top of your burger Hollandaise sauce um butter Mayo two crazy ketos bacon grease is totally carnivore friendly absolutely these type of things can spice up your Carnival you know who has a great Channel where she shows what she eats in a day.

In carnivore is Nisha Solace hyphen Berry go to her Channel and watch how she feeds our baby watch how she feeds me watch how she feeds herself it's super simple you don't need a 29 cookbook and you don't need ingredients in your dinner no it's super simple need a few spices if you like a few vegetables and.

You're okay with it and then cook everything in the that's it I like your handle thank you Richard thank you John maybe me no maybe me a friend got a diagnosis of gastroparesis she's been on a vegan diet for four to five years yep.

It'll absolutely increase your risk could this be 100 yeah she's probably also pre-diabetic or type 2 diabetic she needs to get an A1C and a fasting insulin level checked immediately and she needs to stop the Vegan Diet before she does permanent damage because gastroparesis we've seen hundreds of people reverse anywhere from mild to.

Severe gastroparesis in some cases it was so severe they had to they had to use a Magic Bullet or a ninja to pulverize all their food they couldn't even eat solid food anymore they couldn't digest it when they started eating a meat only diet meat and eggs meat and eggs the gastroparesis over weeks and months improves and some cases.

Goes completely away please talk her off the Vegan Diet before she does permanent damage thank you Sandy Will Thompson five months on Carnivore 40 pounds down feel great LDL 405 that's fine Trig's 68 HDL 61 A1C 4.8 am I a hyper responder it sounds like you may be uh your liver may.

Be dumping some cholesterol but you're you're probably a hyper responder all right guys that's time thank you so much for joining us more and join our community month somebody said a day I was like I did but I didn't clarify that and I was like I see where you may think it's.

No it's never mind five dollars a month cancel anytime you get extra live q and A's you get q and A's with me and the triple triple challenge if you want to be in there I go live every it's not too late to join the beef butter baconess challenge I private if it's you don't want to share with the group most of all you have a.

Supportive community of people who are on the same path as you a lot of you are doing this on your own and you don't have family members to support you it makes all the difference for some people for some of you you can do it on your own that is amazing yes but if you need support if you need a try if you need Nisha every.

Monday through Friday checking in with you and saying yeah giving you some hand patterns saying now it's an internet suck it up buttercup say no no I give a little of both I give you some tough love and I'll give you some love we call it the slap hug but it's very supportive so it's the link is scrolling on the bottom of the.

Screen but if you don't want to do that guess what we're here on YouTube every Monday see you next Monday and and posting videos all the time too did you pause the video yeah I did post a video this morning go check it out also I interviewed Dr Michael Leeds about the evidence showing that there is a proper human diet what that proper.

Human diet is and how you can do that proper human diet so go check out my interview with Dr Michael eats he is a brilliant genius he is a scholar and a gentleman and I love him I want to grow up to be Dr Michael eats thank you very much for joining us guys any final words support each other and thank you for continuing support of both of our.

Channels we love you and we made it we'll see you next week
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