Keto/Carnivore Questions with Dr Berry

Keto/Carnivore Questions with Dr Berry

Keto/Carnivore Questions with Dr Berry

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Foreign all right all right hello everyone I'm Dr Ken Berry family physician for the next hour we're going to be discussing a proper human diet and I'm going to try to take some questions from you guys I am currently.

Post-op day two from my vasectomy and I have to say this was the most uneventful procedure I've ever had virtually no discomfort or pain at all today I have been taking it easy I have not been in the woods I've not been on my tractor but.

I'm I'm unimpressed with the pain level from this vasectomy so if any of you guys are considering it it's not bad it's not a big deal it went very well Cindy thank you very much uh if you are if you have a friend or a family member who always misses these.

Lives and then they [__] about it you can send them a text right now you can share this video on your favorite social media I had a vasectomy bacon gravy yes yes I did and I'm glad I did nisha's very glad she says that I'm going to reap many benefits because of my decision so we'll see.

We'll see how that goes yay Sarah you finally caught one where have you been so good to be back with you guys now try to keep your questions as short as possible while including any relevant information so I can answer as many as I can get to if you want to bump your question up to.

The Top If You Will click the little dollar sign and send it as a super chat that bumps it to the top of the list that's not necessary uh I answer as many questions as I can but super chats get first dibs we've got one from whoa Jeff come back here uh Jeff says have some blood work done.

Doing carnivore five and for five and a half months my ferritin is high is this because of all the red meat I'm eating no Jeff it certainly is not from that uh having a high ferritin level is usually a sign of that you're still a little hyper insulin anemic or perhaps been inflamed having high ferritin in no way means that you have iron overload or any.

Of the other things that doctors will tell you good question Tia hey Tia how's it going my mom was carnivore for seven months and has fallen off the wagon since getting the flu shot no she got influenza B now she's getting she gets constant headaches or carbs.

That cause sometimes you can have a post-infectious headache for a few weeks after any viral infection that may be part of what's going on but also if she's back to eating just pure junk again that could also definitely increase her risks of suffering from headaches no doubt about it Nisha says she's a proud wife good good.

Good she's promised me Faithfully that good things come to those who snip so we'll see we'll see how that plays out uh thank you Holly crazy for the super chat or the super sticker hey Shannon how's it going um yeah Lacey says why is it common to.

Start your menstrual cycle when you first go into ketosis I actually haven't heard that from any women Lacy perhaps you're deciding to start keto at a particular time of the month um but I I don't I don't I can't think of a physiological way that starting keto would make your menstrual cycle come.

Earlier than scheduled Judy says how accurate is the hemoglobin A1C test just like any lab test there's going to be a plus or minus 10 percent error factor it's it's a very reliable proxy marker for high blood sugar but it's it's not perfect no tests that we check in the lab is perfect Mike says when will you have a new book I actually do have a new.

Book it's a small book it's called Common Sense labs and there's a link down in the show notes and it basically uh I may have a copy here yeah I did right here yeah so it talks about what labs you should ask your doctor for and what the optimal ranges are for the labs what the labs mean because many times if you say hey docs check my.

C-peptide your doc will say I don't even know what that means if you have this book you can then read from page 14. this is what it means doc this is why it's important and I am working on uh the next big book that is tentatively titled lies my doctor told me no I already wrote that one that's right it's titled.

The proper human diet and it's going to be a fairly in-depth book and it's going to it's going to take a while excitos is Will keto prevent cataracts in dogs cataracts are caused by inappropriate protein cross linkages and by Advanced glycation end products the cells in the lens of your eye or.

Your dog's eye are very very slow to be replaced and so if you have glycated them or you have inappropriately cross-linked the proteins you wind up with cataracts so he does low carbide as you can that also applies to your dog and to your cats thank you Matthew a yes says if you're doing triple B and.

E that stands for beef butter bacon and eggs as a type 2 diabetic what is the best thing to eat or drink if your blood sugar is low and you feel off so if any of you guys are still you still have type 1 and you're on some of the blood pressure lowering medications and you do get a low blood sugar a hypoglycemic episode you can take one bite of of a.

Banana you can eat one wedge of an orange you can set the juice from one quarter of a lemon you can eat three or four of those big green seedless grapes that's literally all it takes to bring your blood sugar right back up to normal a teaspoon of honey that'll do it a lot of people think honey is just fructose but.

That's not true at all the same goes for fruits a lot of people think well no uh lemon juice or orange juice that wouldn't raise your blood sugar that's fructose uh fruits have fructose for sure but they also have sucrose and glucose and so some fruits for example mangoes actually have more sucrose which is.

Table sugar than they have fructose so yeah any fruit or honey is going to raise your blood sugar right back up to normal and it's not going to take the entire fruit it's just going to take a couple of bites Shannon says you have a very painful look in your eyes I'm I'm currently I have zero out of 10 Paints in it so I don't know maybe it's um.

Polly's birthday it's Holly's birthday happy birthday Holly I did not know that how'd you know that oh happy birthday Holly everybody's saying happy birthday to Holly Danny Lou my life of protein a is 236 and was told it is high should I continue keto or carnivore yes you should Barb I'm doing great on beef butter.

Bacon and eggs except for my autoimmune gastritis it's painful and seems to also be blocking my absorption of iron what can I do um continue eating beef butter bacon and eggs or expand out into full carnivore or even go back to a meat heavy keto if you feel like that this is um.

Keeping your autoimmune gastritis flared up I highly doubt that I'm afraid you just haven't continued on beef butter bacon and eggs for the full 90 days most autoimmune gastroenterological conditions get so much better that sometimes it seems like they've gone into complete remission on beef butter.

Bacon and eggs so I would highly encourage you to continue for at least 90 days l or is that a i how much salt is too much and it's said that too much salt can cause insulin resistance when on keto or carnivore yeah so two things in this question first of all if you're on keto or ketovore eating salt to taste.

That means if you salt it until the food tastes perfectly salty that's never going to cause insulin resistance or hyperinsulinemia this is one of those many myths that's out there in the keto Community that's just not true uh and so now back to part one how much salt is too much if you salt your food and then you take a bite and you're like oh.

That's oh that's too salty that's too much salt if you taste it and you're like I could use some salt that's not enough salt your taste buds are hardwired to tell you how much salt you need and whether you should eat salt or not and so um we have these salt rocks that we get from Redmond's uh you can order them.

There's a link in the show notes but Beckett will go for days without touching the Salt Rock and then out of the blue you'll pick it up and lick it for three minutes and he'll just be craving the salt because he needs the salt and his body knows that so it makes him look for the Salt Rock otherwise he won't he eats all his food with with a.

Good healthy dose of salt salt it to taste and that gives him enough salt most days but some days especially if he's out been outside playing in the sun he'll come in and he'll lick the Salt Rock because he needs more salt it's funny how the human body when you stop feeding it junk it it it's almost like it tells you what.

You need when you break the sugar addiction and the carb addiction and you you weed all of the inappropriate eating habits and inappropriate eating behaviors out of your diet it's like your your body just knows what to do and it'll actually give you subtle feedback and tell you what to do.

It's really cool how that works all right let's see what else we got thistle Moon farm says will keto help retinal nerve damage at all and so the neurological system the brain the opt the optic nerve all the cranial nerves the spinal cord they are very slow to replace new neurons.

To make new neurons and so it takes a long time so the retina is one of those tissues that almost assuredly will improve and heal and rejuvenate to some degree but it's going to take months or even years for you to really notice the difference so it's it's vital that you don't damage your retina or the neurons in your brain.

Or the neurons in any of your nerves because it takes a long time to replace those neurons with new healthy neurons all right let's see here Now's the Time to ask your short but thorough questions guys if you've got a question tell me where are you watching from in the world right now what city what state what country where are you right now.

I want to see who's the furthest away from me right now in the world uh hooded Tom says I'm on keto and losing weight rapidly when does it tend to slow down so I can prepare myself not to panic so typically hooded Tom it starts to slow down somewhere between 5 and 20 pounds from your ideal body weight so whatever.

Your ideal body weight is and we can estimate that with the calculators and stuff but only your body knows truly what your ideal body weight is and as you get as you get closer to your ideal body weight your fat loss which is what you meant is going to slow down and and in some cases it can take months to to lose that last five or ten pounds.

Because as you approach your ideal body weight your ideal body fat percentage your body slows that down because it doesn't want you to lose too much fat human beings are the fattest primates on the planet by Design we're supposed to be a normal female should have a body fat percentage somewhere between 15 and 25 percent.

And a healthy human male should have a body fat percentage somewhere between 10 and 20 percent so when you see these these bodybuilders on the cover of Joe weider's muscle and fitness and they've got a body fat percentage of four percent that's not appropriate That's not healthy that is that that's done falsely.

Through lots of ticks to tricks and hacks in order to look good for the cover of muscle and fitness that's in no way a healthy goal for you to try to attain have you guys you know there's a video of uh me before during and after the vasectomy on Misha's channel so if you want to if you want to see me high on.

Valium check out nisha's latest video I think you'll enjoy that ah Ada says what does it mean when you have high calcium and what you what can you do about it so how high calcium almost invariably means one of two things either you have hyper parathyroidism.

Or you have cancer and 99.5 percent of the time you have undiagnosed hyperparathyroidism a lot of people will falsely claim that if you take too much vitamin D that can cause your calcium to be high human physiology doesn't work like that uh anybody who says that reveals a lack of basic understanding of human physiology.

So you probably have a pair a parathyroid conditions so not your thyroid but the parathyroid glands thank you Michael Clifford for the super sticker I appreciate it very much oh Brenda watched the vasectomy video on nation's Channel what'd you think about that Brenda uh hanako says should I stop eating.

Vegetables entirely it depends it depends on how much body fat you still have to lose it depends on how inflamed you get when you eat vegetables multiple things play into this some people's gut microbiome the bacteria and fungus and viruses that live in their gut can handle quite a bit of edge others other people's guts cannot handle.

That much veg so if in doubt should I stop eating all plants do 90 days of what we call the Beef butter bacon and eggs Challenge and then at the end of that 90 days see how you feel and then add back some vegetables and see if you feel better or worse with the vegetables thank you Cecile thank you Mickey thank you very much.

Thirty thousand idrs I don't know what an IDR is thank you very much I've always wanted some idrs uh uh Debbie Sue says the vasectomy videos were hilarious uh Lori says shouldn't you have some vegetables this is a good question Lori I many people have this question and so.

What you're implying is is that there must be vitamins or minerals or or amino acids or fatty acids that can only be found in vegetables that you can't get from Meats and when we actually look into the physiology and the nutritional science of this we discover that there's not a single vitamin or.

Mineral in plants in vegetables in in fruits that that you cannot get from Meats it's all in the meat it's all in the eggs especially when you include the yolk of the egg you're getting all the vitamins and minerals that you need there's nothing in plants that you're missing out on oh accountable keto says is carnivore.

Good for diverticulitis absolutely keto is good for diverticulitis but if you if you're having severe bouts of diverticulitis I would highly encourage you to track a carnivore diet for 90 days and I think you'll be very pleased with the results uh thank you Peggy Johnny 444 says Dr Berry please tell my wife that beef butter bacon and eggs is.

Good for fertility and to stop the sugar and carbs thanks um Johnny's wife hi I'm Dr Barry I'm Misha's husband I actually had to get a vasectomy because the carnivore diet made Nisha too fertile okay we're actually talking about having a vasectomy.

Um what 12 13 months ago and that very night after one exposure Misha got knocked up so that's what a that's what a carnivore diet will do to your fertility more and more fertility Specialists like Dr Hill in Nashville and Dr kiltz in New York are actually recommending a a diet heavy.

And fatty red meat to help their patients who are having trouble conceiving to increase their chances of conceiving of becoming more fertile so yeah carnivore is the way if you're trying to get knocked up fatty meat carnivore is the way uh thank you Suzanne Hayley o' Barbie does keto what is the best way to.

Transition to carnivore from keto without your stomach being upset I always have stomach issues at first hey Leo Barbie if you if you anticipate something like that people don't understand there's no rush you don't have to say Okay this is Thursday now and I'm going to eat keto for Friday morning I'm going 100 carnivore that's.

Not necessary you don't have to do that nobody has to do that you can just each week eat a higher percentage of meat and a lower percentage of veg and you can transition over one month two months three months that's totally fine and that's going to give your your your stomach but more importantly your gut microbiome time to adjust to your new.

Diet so that you don't have any untoward GI symptoms bad bets bets bets my lipoprotein a is an excess of 1400 also have elevated liver enzymes and fatty liver is carnivore or ketivore appropriate uh yes that's bets if you want to reverse your fatty liver AKA get rid of it completely then you need to eat ketovor or.

Carnivore either one will reverse your fatty liver so the definition the definition of ketovor is less than 10 total grams of carbs a day okay so a typical ketovor plate if you just imagine a dinner plate would be covered from three quarters of the plate up to all the plate with fatty meat and eggs.

With the yolk and up to a quarter of the plate could be some green veg that you enjoy whereas carnivore the the dinner Plate's going to be completely covered with fatty meat and eggs and that can include Seafood of course good question good question thank you Blythe oh.

Yvette says pre and post colonoscopy advice thank you so uh Yvette grin and Barrett there's there's there's not much you can do definitely ask the doctor telling them that you want a sugar-free Colonoscopy prep there is such a thing some doctors are not aware of that but if you ask for it they'll get it for you and then post colonoscopy uh just go.

Back to your normal proper human diet that's all you have to do okra Dr Berry I'm from California my cholesterol is 340. should I be concerned as my primary care doctor is concerned I've got several videos on this YouTube channel okarab that will help you understand why having a high total cholesterol or a high LDL.

Cholesterol in the face of having a normal triglycerides normal HDL normal A1C normal c-peptide normal fasting insulin if all those things are normal but your total cholesterol is high it's irrelevant it doesn't matter I've got videos on this channel there's actually a new study that really points out all the research on this you'll find.

That in the show notes of my latest cholesterol video Santiago says thoughts on 200 plus grams of fat it depends uh make sure you're eating adequate protein if you're eating adequate protein for you for your age for your height for your your body builds for your weight then you can eat.

As much fat as you want you can eat fat to taste just like salt it's kind of cool right oh Tonya Boyd is berberine safe to take on a keto diet yes it is berberine is safe glucophage is safe metformin is safe if any of you guys are doing keto ketovor or carnivore and your A1C is still above 5.6 you probably need to.

Continue taking either berberine or glucophage or metformin once you get your A1C under 5.7 you can stop taking that foreign Cecile says this is not a Sprint it's a marathon I have lost 44 pounds since January I was able to stop my blood pressure meds and I stopped my statin.

Drugs thank you you have well said Cecile that's why I'm saying you guys don't have to convert overnight you can just each time you go to the grocery buy more keto friendly or carnivore friendly food and buy less [__] okay the corporations really want you to believe that Raisin Bran is heart healthy they really want you to believe.

That just because Lucky Charms is made with whole wheat oats whole grain oats that that's somehow magic magically okay Lucky Charms are magically delicious but they're not magically okay they're not magically healthy just because they have whole grain oats okay so you each time you go to the grocery buy less yet buy more real proper human food and each.

Month you'll notice that your body fat percentage is better your face looks better your skin looks younger you feel better you sleep better everything's better in the bedroom Winky Winky there's a new study out by the way I'm doing it I'm going to do a YouTube video about this in the coming days there's a a new well done uh systematic review and.

Meta-analysis that shows without a doubt that a ketogenic diet raises your testosterone Yes you heard me why it right you you've probably heard some other gurus out there saying oh keto might lower your testosterone there's a systematic review and meta-analysis now showing very clearly that keto raises your testosterone for both men and women.

In a good way all right let's see well hang on guys okay I got that one yep okay Suzanne weight loss is at a crawl now even with walking four miles a day and omad very low carb what do I do to break the stall so walking is very good for you Suzanne but it's not going to.

Help you lose fat okay if somebody told you that they were mistaken but it is very good and very healthy that you're walking I would say that uh you didn't mention which diet I'm I'm assuming you're eating keto it's time to cut out all the carbs and do 90 days of beef butter bacon and eggs and I think that'll Unbreak Your stall I also have a.

Video on this channel called the 13 reasons why your weight loss might stall watch that video and investigate all 13 Reasons with your doctor very often women will have an undiagnosed thyroid condition adrenal condition low sex hormones any of these things can make you you have a weight loss stall keto Karina says a heal type 2 diabetes.

With diet how long until body is normal well if you healed your type 2 and you have a normal c-peptide normal triglycerides a normal fasting insulin then your body is back to normal now you may still be holding more fat than you'd like to hold but that's going to continue to improve as weeks and months go on.

Snowflake says can you explain histamine and carnivore connection so uh carnivore is one of the most uninflammatory diets on the planet the histamine load from a carnivore diet is almost uniformly a lower histamine load than from other diets and so most people who have histamine problems do very well on a carnivore diet some people who have.

Exquisitely sensitive histamine responses may have to do a specific kind of carnivore called The Lion diets which consists of only ruminant Meats like uh beef sheep goat camel water buffalo reindeer depending on what part of the world you're in and then even for some people beef because most beef is aged for 14 days in the meat locker before.

It's prepared for sale and so they have to really stick to sheep goats camel reindeer water buffalo bison because those those are not aged for 14 days anytime you age meat the histamine count goes up a little bit Barb I've been carnivore for a year of beef butter bacon and eggs for two months my low.

Iron goes along with low red blood cell count low hematocrit and low hemoglobin the rest of my body blood work is perfect and I've lost 30 pounds this year well done Barb so Barb there's something going on either with your bone marrow or your spleen that either your bone marrow is not making blood cells.

Effectively or your spleen is chewing them up prematurely or you're losing blood from either your bladder your uterus or your rectum and these the losing this blood can be invisible it can be microscopic so you need to see your doctor and make sure that you get your urine checked if you're having any vaginal bleeding you need to tell your.

Doctor that and also do a little take-home test that looks for invisible blood in your feces because you may be losing blood and that's why you're continuing to be anemic get that stuff checked out John if I use sugar-free water enhancers and you say this could cause a false insulin response what does that response.

Do to me so John if if you if you're close to your ideal body weight maybe nothing at all but if you're if you're still severely overweight or obese then that insulin response when your insulin elevates it becomes very very difficult to metabolize fats stored fat and that's when you lose weight you mean lose fat the way you lose that fat is to.

Metabolize it and breathe it out and you can't do that as effectively if your insulin is elevated and so that's why for some people who are very sensitive to sweet tastes in their mouth they're cephalic phase insulin response raises the insulin enough to turn off fat burning Preacher Man Piper says because of Dr.

Berry I who and I who's disabled have lost 125 pounds in 11 months well done Preacher Man and indeed one of the first patients I had at the clinic before the fire was a paraplegic and he had gained a bunch of weight and he's like DACA it's not like I can really run on the treadmill here how am I going to lose.

Weight and I said well let's try uh this this keto diet I want you to eat under 20 total grams of carbohydrates a day and I refilled his his twice yearly meds checked his blood work and when he came back in six months for his refills and blood work rechecked he had lost 60 or 70 pounds in six months obviously he's in a wheelchair he can't be running on.

The treadmill and doing squat thrusts he lost it because he fixed his diet and indeed for all you guys if you're trying to burn fat exercise is really good and healthy but it's not going to help you burn fat the body doesn't work that way thank you Lori James California liver and sardines for health huzzah liver is.

A superfood sardines are a superfood multivitamin multi-mineral eat your liver and sardines absolutely I agree uh Tammy says it's grass-fed Dairy okay it's better than drinking Coca-Cola Tammy but adult humans have no need to drink milk milk is made for baby mammals to grow and gain weight as quickly as possible.

That's what milk is for and so milk is a health food if you're under five or six years of age after the age of five or six you become at to at least some degree lactase lactose intolerance you do you uh there there are some of us who have lactase um permanence and we we continue to be able.

To do it but in the in that case then you have to start worrying about how inflammatory is the casein in the way so if you're under the age of six drink your milk that's fine try to get drink raw milk if you can find it from a reputable place but after the age of six seven years of age milk is no longer a health food sorry.

TCAP recipe says Lucky Charms are drugs 100 you're right and and General Mills is well aware of that uh they know that the the highly processed ground up grains and sugars give you a dopamine hit just like if you smoke some weed or snorted some coke Kellogg's and General Mills know this they have they have neuro scientists.

They have food chemists who they pay hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to get you addicted to their products and keep you addicted yeah no doubt John does high LDL come with a caveat uh you must have everything else in check or it uh it multiplies adverse effects or as high LDL 100 okay not a concern.

So we don't know which is true but we do pretty much know now that if you have a normal A1C normalcy peptide normal fasting insulin normal triglycerides and normal HDL it's irrelevant if you have high total cholesterol and it's probably almost completely irrelevant if you have high LDL cholesterol now if all your other numbers are out of whack and you.

Have high LDL maybe it matters more and so the good news is is that if you adopt a keto diet a ketovor diet or a carnivore diet you're going to fix all those other numbers so you won't have to worry about your total cholesterol or your LDL Brian beef butter bacon and egg since September one feel good and good results.

But I had explosive liquid stools 35 times a day when should I start to worry so for most people this is gone in two or three weeks if this lasts for more than a month you need to go see your doctor it probably has nothing to do with your diet you probably have something else going on that needs to be checked out by your doctor.

Eric we'll come back here Eric where'd you go where did Eric go pretty Lacy Jeff flooring come on Lee uh Tamara hang on where's Eric here he is 53 year old male total testosterone is 232 that's very low free testosterone is 8.5 carnivore for two years low energy what are my options you need to go see.

Your doctor Eric and ask about bioidentical testosterone replacement therapy 100 percent uh for many people eating keto keto or carnivore will raise their testosterone back up to age-appropriate normal levels but for some people it for whatever reason it doesn't maybe you've been exposed to too many Plastics.

Um too many estrogenic chemicals but you need to see your doctor about that Tamara do you have an opinion on keto or carnivore after a Whipple procedure for a pancreatic tumor so regardless of what medical procedure you've had done Tamara you're still a human being and you still deserve all the benefits that come from eating a proper human.

Diet Lori I have alopecia and I was wondering if you have heard of any success stories uh with eating carnivore yes Lori but I can't guarantee that you're going to have a success sometimes when you have alopecia whether it's the circular type or just the diffuse type the the hair follicles themselves.

Actually die that's the little little um skin apparatus that makes the hair sometimes they just go dormant and so if they're just dormant when you switch over to keto or carnivore I mean very often they'll wake back up and start to make a hair shaft again but if they've completely died and basically just.

Turned into a normal skin cell then you may not have new hair growth only way to know is to try Jeff Fisher can you overdose on five drops lugols iodine a day probably not Jeff but I would limit it to uh two drops a day of the lugoff's two percent that's going to give you about five milligrams or five thousand micrograms of uh total iodine.

And for any adult that's going to be plenty so five drops is just that you're wasting your lugols if you do that probably Lacy boyfriend had chronic kidney disease at 45 percent how can I help cure or improve his percentage we are transitioning him to carnivore we're.

Already doing it Lacy uh he has had a 190 to 200 pounds he has had a 190 to 200 pounds so either he's at 100 190 to 200 pounds or he's lost that much he is nervous so I actually have a video on this channel about chronic kidney disease and what causes it what makes it worse uh I Dr Brian linsky's Dr tro Dr Jason Fung.

We've seen hundreds of people with chronic kidney disease actually improve their kidney function by eating keto ketovore carnivore and implementing some degree of intermittent daily fasting so you're doing exactly the right thing Lacy Brittany my husband has IGA nephropathy stage two and his doctor keeps telling him to stay away from red.

Meat his doctor is currently ignorant and that I'm not I'm not uh calling his doctor a name I'm just saying he currently doesn't understand the physiology or he's forgotten the physiology because typically nephrologists are pretty smart would he be okay on carnivore or keto yes Not only would he be okay on it he's.

Actually going to improve his kidney function Brittany Ray you're you're leading him in the right direction ah srfsnw08 come on man change your handle 30 days no alcohol strict carnivore diet BP changed from 145 over 85 down to 106 over 63.

Do you guys hear that no more tingling in my fingers lost 20 pounds and no more anxiety attacks getting blood tests done at next week uh at the doctor's appointment and a dexa scan well done srf so we've fixed hypertension with strict carnivore uh neuropathy has improved with carnivore lost 20 pounds with carnivore.

And mental health anxiety disorder improved with strict carnivore guys listen to this this is important how many of you guys know somebody who has one of those conditions high blood pressure uh neuropathy overweight or uh has mental health issues please share this video with them uh I guarantee you srf heard about keto or carnivore from a.

Friend or maybe somebody shared a video just like this with with him or her and said hey you know you can lower your blood pressure just by eating this this certain diet right so they're like huh I'll try it and look what happens please share this video uh Xerxes well presumptuous I have several seborrheic keratosis on my scalp.

One of them is fairly large will keto help with this skin condition yeah two things are going to help with seborrheic keratosis if any of any of you guys have it first of all is to eat a proper human diet which is either keto ketovor or carnivore I've got videos on this channel explaining all three dietary patterns and then the second thing is is.

You want to traumatize your seborrheic keratosis okay so wherever it is like when you get out of the shower take this take the towel and just scrub the [__] out of it okay and here's why that helps now if you're eating a standard American diet that's going to inflame it but then it's just going to get bigger but if you're eating a proper human diet and.

You stimulate it like that some people take fingernail clippers and clip the top off some people take their fingernails and scratch it that causes inflammation which is the first step of the healing process and if you're eating a proper human diet in your immune system is well fed when it sees that inflammation it's like whoa something's.

Going on up here what is that and so it immediately attacks that area cleans up all of the unhealthy cells the precancer cells and it goes away we've heard we've heard this happening thousands of times for people over the age of 40 with seborrheic keratosis Ron Garris 70 year old carnivore for 90 days 90 days ago my creatinine was 1.5.

90 days later 2.35 bun 35 to 50 egfr 50 to 29 is 12 cups of coffee daily the culprit maybe go see your nephrologist Brian uh and it could be some medication you're taking it might be the coffee but I doubt it coffee is pretty innocuous it's probably just all the extra water you're drinking sounds like you're drinking a lot of unnecessary water that.

Can actually make your kidneys work harder if you're thirsty drink but don't drink out of habit don't drink because you think drinking more liquids is good for your kidneys because it ain't keto Karina what causes TSH to increase there's about a hundred things that cause your TSH to go up and about 100.

Things that can cause it to go down uh in order to know if your thyroid is involved we need to check a complete thyroid panel which consists of a TSH a free T3 a free T4 a reverse T3 a TPO antibody and a TG antibody that's the full thyroid panel and if you didn't get all those you can go back and watch this section again just look at the time.

Stamp and you can come back and watch this section section with the pencil and write that down La gun any suggestions for stenosis in the brain I'm assuming uh do you mean spinal stenosis or do you mean arterial stenosis uh either of which a proper human diet is going to help prevent or reverse any.

Inflammation that is contributing to that stenosis so a proper human diet is definitely not going to make it worse and might quite possibly make it less severe Darby lifelong allergies Graves disease diagnosed in 2015 type 1 diabetes in January of 2015 zero insulin since February 1. for carnivore March the.

First allergy Graves Med free five foot six inches 123 pounds yesterday 146 pounds antibody test Monday thoughts thanks oh thanks for the Super Chat Darby but I'm not I'm not real sure what your question is there um if your question is will I benefit.

From eating a proper human diet uh keto keto or carnivore then yes absolutely definitely follow up with your doctor uh about your lab results but I'm I'm unsure of what your question actually is I'm sorry comments have locked up where did we get to there we go okay now next up is Stephen.

Lost 150 pounds on keto eating one meal a day in two years so in two years Stephen lost 150 pounds on keto uh hit a stall two months ago been online carnivore since still stalled please help I've got a video on this channel called the 13 reasons why your weight loss might stall watch that video and investigate all 13 causes with your.

Health care provider and you will get to the bottom of this but let me add you've only been solved for two months we don't even actually consider it an official stall until you haven't lost any weight at all for three months and you also haven't lost any inches from your waist or your abdomen or your hips okay so take your measurements with a Tailor's.

Tape and because many people will stop losing weight temporarily on the scale but they continue to lose inches so measure both and then if you're still stalled a month from now watch my video and investigate those causes Brianna A1C down to 5.1 huzzah Brianna but I'm not losing fat I have a lot to lose how does upping fat help with fat.

Loss I'm currently eating one-to-one fats of protein so you need to get your fasting insulin in your c-peptide check brand up because probably yours even though you have a beautiful A1C you're probably still hyperinsulinemic uh and it may not be anything you're doing wrong you may just need to give your body a few more months to heal heal your.

Metabolism uh and then the fat loss will start okay but for many people fat is more satiating than protein and so when you increase that fat to protein ratio from one to one up to two to one fat to protein you're going to be satiated for longer and so you're going to go many more.

Hours without eating which is called fasting and when you fast like that your insulin level quickly comes back down to low normal and that's when you're able to metabolize the way the stored fat carnivorous libertarian what a handle that's my favorite so far thank you I was diagnosed type 2 in January with an A1C of 11.4 for for you guys who don't.

Know that's terrible that's really really bad and a fasting glucose of 400 I quit the carbs and sugar three months later A1C a 5.7 which is almost normal uh three months later 5.1 and off all medications that's how you reverse type 2 diabetes you guys there are people out there who says it can't be done carnivorous libertarian.

Would disagree with you because they actually did it good questions guys all right let me see where's the next one and I got Brianna okay got that one Lori I have not had a bowel movement in three days this is my sixth day being on Carnivore and I'm only eating beef.

Butter bacon and eggs any suggestions so Lori it is considered normal by board certified gastroenterologist for a human being to to have a a poop frequency of somewhere between three times a day or one time every third day and so you're still within normal limits that's the first thing to understand humans are not necessarily meant to poop.

Every day if you're eating a lot of fiber and a lot of high carb processed sugar and [__] yeah you might poop three or four times a day okay but when you start eating more nutrient dense foods that are basically Pure Nutrition with no waste you're not going to make as much poop and therefore you're not going to poop as often and when you do poop.

You're not going to poop the big huge volume that you used to poop so if you're not having pain if you're not having bloating you just haven't built up enough poop to go poop yet yeah you're doing everything right now if you'd like to go ahead and stimulate you can take a little extra magnesium.

Or you can increase your fat percentage a little bit both of these things will tend to get the thunder rolling but at this point if you're not having any discomfort you probably don't need to even do that just give your body time it'll poop when it's ready I promise okay got that one thank you very much.

Shirley Pugh uh Darby type one diabetes January 15th of this year I've gained 23 pounds with no uh androgynous insulin since May did you mean endogenous or exogenous don't you have to make insulin to gain weight uh you either have to make the insulin yourself or you have to inject the insulin.

So if your pancreas is making too much insulin you will gain weight if you're injecting too much insulin because you're eating too many carbohydrates you will gain weight okay um thank you Ronald Rodriguez crown of curls 82 lacking energy and muscle.

Weakness on Carnival or any tips to reverse this thanks Dr B so crown of curls 82 you want to eat until you're comfortably stuffed many people including many women will unconsciously portion control they'd be like that's too big of a piece of meat for I shouldn't eat that big of a piece that is irrelevant you do not.

Listen to that you listen to your hunger if you eat that big piece of meat and then you eat another piece of meat if you ate it because you're still hungry that's perfectly normal but if you're not eating enough total food you could have fatigue if you're not salting your food to taste you can have fatigue and muscle weakness okay if you're not.

Getting enough electrolytes or getting enough daily minerals you can have lack of energy and muscle weakness so eat until you're comfortably stuffed which means you can't take one more bite of food make sure you're getting plenty of salt in your diet make sure you're getting your electrolytes and your minerals and.

I think you'll notice that that symptom goes away Michelle says what's nisha's Channel called it's it's just called Nisha n-e-i-s-h-a so n-e-i-s-h-a that's our Channel she's the most famous Nisha on YouTube okay she's like Raven she just goes by her first name now she's so famous isn't that crazy.

All right let's see what we got here you never heard thunder rolling before I think granddaddy bear used to say that I don't really get the thunder rolling boy yeah ah let's see here Now's the Time guys if you got a question thank you pct2r for the super sticker Susan.

What do lugol's iron drops do for you besides giving you iron I don't know what lugol's iron drops are the lugars drops we talk about are lugols iodine drops they don't have iron they have iron iodine in them iodine is very very important for the function of every cell in your body I've got several videos on this YouTube channel that will explain.

To you why every cell in your body needs iodine on a daily basis Susan oh uh KZ says any information about carnivore diet helping teeth and dental issues a hundred percent yes KZ uh if you have periodontal disease if you have gingivitis if you have receding gums if you have early cavities eating a carnivore diet especially one rich in.

Vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 and I've got videos on this channel about foods rich in in vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 they can actually reverse early cavities and teeth can completely do away with the inflammation and bleeding of gums of gingivitis or periodontal disease absolutely yes when you eat a diet that's high in sugar.

Or high in processed grains you up regulate all of the evil bacteria that live in your mouth because we all have bacteria in our mouth right now including you I know you've used that that Listerine 14 times today but your mouth is still full of bacteria but when you use that Listerine you're actually killing all the nice gentle bacteria and.

You're selecting for the the aggressive mean bacteria so stop using that okay I got a video that gives you more details on that but when you eat a high carb diet highly processed sugary diet you're selecting for the mean uh enamel busting bacteria to live in your mouth because you're going to have bacteria in your mouth you're either going to have nice.

Gentle ones that can actually protect your enamel or you're going to have mean evil ones that will actually drill holes in teeth I think we need another question uh Charles says how do you cook egg YOLO and it remains soft it's called Over Easy Charles uh if you'll just uh search on YouTube for over how to cook over.

Easy eggs then you'll know how to do that it's very simple takes about two or three minutes and they're delicious uh Cloud Natty says can carnivore diet help histamine intolerance absolutely many people with histamine intolerance they have they have a complete absence of any further symptoms after going.

Carnivore thank you Carrie Franklin very much for the super sticker uh be good to me says can you drink alcohol on Carnivore uh be good to me you can drink alcohol on any diets but on whichever diet you drink alcohol on alcohol is poison this is very clear the biochemistry and physiology of this is not up for debate.

There is no such thing as healthy alcohol if your doctor says have a glass of red wine for your heart health your doctor is currently ignorant okay there is no such thing as as heart healthy alcohol or healthy alcohol at all now occasionally I'll have a mixed drink that's zero sugar zero carb but I'm well aware when I have that drink that that's.

Poison I drink it for the social for the relaxing to get a little buzz but it's poison that actually the thing that makes you get a buzz is the acetaldehyde it's the poison it is not good for you so I would recommend officially that you don't drink any alcohol at all but if you're going to drink have an occasional drink once a month have a drink for your.

Birthday your anniversary and let that be it alcohol is not good for you this is not up for debate coffee time I have IGA nephropathy and kidney failure I leak protein into my urine can I do keto and carnivore 100 yes coffee time and you can actually improve your kidney function by doing uh fatty meat keto or carnivore either.

One you can improve your kidney function how cool is that thank you roughwood thrifter Brad w i get that it's beef eggs bacon butter should things like fish shellfish pork chops chicken be limited so beef butter bacon and eggs is just a challenge basically it's to help you break any sugar and carbohydrate addiction you have it's to make it.

Simple to do this diet for 90 days it's to make it relatively inexpensive to do this diet for 90 days if you'd like to include um fatty cold water fish and shellfish in your meat butter bacon and eggs you have you 100 have my permission pork chops are not fatty enough that's why we don't.

Include them and they they're they have a little uh too high omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio chicken is just not fatty enough and it it's omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio is not great that's why we don't include uh pork chops and chicken now bacon is a one-to-one fat to protein ratio so is hog jowl that's a real thing and pork belly they're one-to-one fat to protein.

So and they are they are proxies for bacon but yeah if any of you guys are like man I really wish I could have some sardines or anchovies or mackerel or Herring or cod liver on beef butter bacon and eggs you can if you'd like to have Oysters or Crustaceans shellfish uh shrimp you 100 can it's totally fine.

Got coffee time already thank you Ronald Rodriguez Linda now Linda it's uh thank you for the super chat but it says your message was retracted I'm not sure why I got retracted Jay losing weight in off metformin after two months on Carnivore what can I do to drop the blood pressure just keep doing.

Exactly what you're doing Jay the same physiological mechanism that's helping your blood sugar come down and helping your insulin come down is also going to help your blood pressure come down as well now keep a check on your blood pressure because about five percent of people even if they're doing perfect carnivore and they lose right down to.

Their ideal body weight their blood pressure will still be just a little too high and they'll have to take a low dose of one blood pressure medication to get it down to normal but 95 percent of people once they eat carnivore for long enough they don't need blood pressure medicines anymore and their blood pressure is beautiful.

Is Rich Lopez my doctor put me on Manjaro is it safe I started carnivore almost four weeks ago and I'm down 20 pounds well done Rich you're off to a great start the Manjaro is going to be a complete another waste of your co-pay and of your time and you're going to be at increased risk of all those side.

Effects that the package insert talks about the pharmacist did give you the package insert right you should always read the package insert of any medication you're about to put inside your body uh if you continue to do carnivore for another few months you'll have zero need of the monjoro okay PCT whoa where'd you go PCT.

Pct2r vitamin D is 33 is it dangerously you know no it's not dangerously low but it's still too low you want your vitamin D 25 level to be somewhere between 50 and 100 that's the ideal range okay preferably 75 to 100 I think is probably the the ultimate range to have your vitamin D 25 level 33 is better than probably 90 percent of the US population.

But it's not quite high enough how to boost vitamin D I've got a video on this channel about vitamin D rich foods that's number one number two is take your shirt off and get out in the sun and get some sun that's how human beings we can actually make our own vitamin D out of cholesterol by getting sunlight on our naked skin so get plenty of Sun.

Eat from the vitamin D rich foods I talk about in the video and then if you need to supplement you can take 5 000 international units of vitamin D3 every day you want to come say hi Becky Barry he's shy he's also wearing his mother's shoes running shoes not heels don't get excited all right good question.

Carrie Franklin Dr Berry I have a physical coming up my doctor wants me on statins and testerine meds what tests should I ask for to get results so you want to A1C a c peptide a fasting insulin a lipid panel a CMP that's a complete metabolic panel asked for them to add a ferritin a homocysteine and a ggt and a urinalysis of course and then.

If if you meant testosterone then uh Carrie if you're a if you're a man then have them check a free and total testosterone NSX hormone binding globulin if you're a woman Total testosterone and sex hormone binding globulin that's the test that you need uh okay I got that one.

Jeff Fisher albumin is high at 5.0 why so high on uh carnivore so albumin is made from amino acids it is a protein and so you got to remember that when we were sitting the normal lab range for these Labs including albumin they took 100 or 200 or 500 just regular people off the street who were eating a high carbohydrate nutrient depleted diet the.

Standard American diet and they check their albumin and then they made a distribution curve and they said okay uh two orders of magnitude from the midline that's going to be the normal range so but now if you're eating carnivore you're eating a way more nutrient dense diet than those several hundred people who helped set the test curve were.

Eating and so it doesn't surprise me at all that your album is a little high it's not a sign of anything dangerous carry on Emily T chronic nasal inflammation for the past three years on Carnivore for two weeks no improvement yet will carnivore help most likely if the reason you have nasal congestion.

Is from inflammation okay so if you just have allergic rhinitis um if you have allergic sinusitis then it's going to get better as weeks go by on a carnivore diet uh now some people can have an undiagnosed smoldering fungal infection in a sinus either here or here or here or deep inside.

And that'll cause chronic nasal inflammation some people can have a undiagnosed bacterial or viral infection in a science some people can have a polyp in their in their nose some people can have a deviated nasal septum there's many reasons why you might have chronic nasal inflammation but you should notice that about week four to eight on.

Carnivore that your uh chronic nasal inflammation is less severe it may not be gone but it should be less severe and so in Florida in four to eight more weeks if you're like no it's no better at all time to go see your doctor and maybe consider getting a CAT scan of your sinuses to see if there's polyps or a.

Blockage maybe you inhaled a Lego block when you were a kid and you didn't know it it's still in there I've seen that happen don't laugh uh you may have an infection that's undiagnosed a polyp you may have an occluded sinus that keeps you inflamed all the time many different things can be going on Emily okay.

All right I got time for one more Super Chat and then I'm gonna have to sign off if somebody's got a question they really want to ask Now's the Time uh Michelle said keto cleared my allergies after about six months yeah so uh a month to six months is the average but with probably the majority of people.

From the one to two to three months their allergies their sinuses are much much better I used to have severe allergic rhinitis all the damn time and I had about three or four sinus infections a year back when I was eating the crap diet even when I was eating a paleo diet full of Ezekiel bread and quinoa and.

Sweet potatoes and lots of vegetables I had sinus infections and congestion all the damn time it was terrible but it got 80 percent better on keto and now that I'm carnivore it's almost like I can't get nasal congestion inappropriately any longer it's really really the coolest thing because I hate having a stopped up nose because I had it.

Chronically the first 30 years of my life Lori I know about the Framingham study about HDL and LDL is there a study to debunk it well actually uh several researchers including Dr David Diamond a PhD researcher at the University of South Florida they went back and re-crunched the numbers of the Framingham study and the Framingham.

Study doesn't really actually show what many people think it shows if you'll go back to my last video about heart health and cholesterol in the show notes there's a paper that's written by bickman and Mason and diamonds that you can actually there's a link you can click it print that study out and take it to your doctor and tell your doctor.

To shut the hell up about my LDL because it's not important there are other markers that are much more important Craig says prostate cancer number three is carnivore okay 100 Craig you need to be eating as low carb as you possibly can make sure everybody goes and watches the surgery video wow Bill multi-day fasting.

For managing Ankylosing Spondylitis yeah first and foremost while Bill eat is low carb as you possibly can if you can eat zero carb which is carnivore beef butter bacon and eggs lion diet that's what I would do if I were you and then if you want to do a one day fast every third day or a two day fast once a week or a three day fast uh every other week.

Absolutely it's going to decrease the severity of your Ankylosing Spondylitis if you guys want to see video of me high on valium getting a vasectomy go over to nisha's channel and you can watch that on it's just Nisha if you have a very important medical question that you need to ask me but you didn't get a chance to tonight.

Become a patron on there's a link down in the show notes we have four additional live q and A's just like this one each and every week but instead of 2200 people asking questions there's one or two hundred so I'm able to answer many more questions much more thoroughly on patreon the links down in the show notes thanks so much for joining me guys.

I'll see you Monday night at 7 p.m Central for Monday Night Live in my beautiful wife Nisha will be sitting right here beside me see you then
Keto/Carnivore Questions with Dr Berry
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