KETO/Carnivore/Fasting Q&A with @NeishaSalasBerry

KETO/Carnivore/Fasting Q&A with @NeishaSalasBerry

KETO/Carnivore/Fasting Q&A with @NeishaSalasBerry

Check out the video on KETO/Carnivore/Fasting Q&A with @NeishaSalasBerry.
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Internet yeah yeah screaming fast so thank you so much for putting up with our fuzziness and our jerkiness and our you know when we do that we didn't really just happen i just faked it winter garden florida hey that's your old stomping ground that's right lexington tennessee hey neighbor yeah.

We're a little fuzzy i'm sorry but you know just keeps you from seeing our wrinkles so you're welcome yeah i've got a blemish i'm glad it's fuzzy i don't want you to see all right guys so tonight we're gonna do the same old same old take some questions one solid hour of.

Taking every single question from you that we can't don't interrupt me that's misleading people hear that person every single people hear that person every single question that we are able to answer we will answer in the next hour and we might just go longer tonight.

I don't know i'm feeling froggy how about you um that's a no my voice is feeling froggy i've got you sound a little froggy i've got my voice is different green powder so lots of pollen yes um i think our food's gonna be crap it's also been.

Raining all day long so that interferes with things yeah just put that put down the the screen and listen to it as a podcast don't look at us look away okay this person is just being annoying okay cutting in an ag connection awesome yep fabulous hang with us.

Bear with us within the next few weeks we will have the internet situation fixed hopefully forever and then we'll never have to have this conversation again michelle know how long should i expect healing for skin not sunburn and allergies i'm nine months in and i still struggle with skin conditions.

Yeah so it can take weeks for some people and that's not fair but that's just how it is other people it takes many months uh we've talked to people who it took a year or two and and it had you have to be eating a low carbohydrate enough diet for your personal physiology.

So if i were eating 50 total grams a day keto i would not be nearly at the place that i'm at today by eating now which is essentially zero carb now not everybody needs to eat carnivores some people can heal just fine on 20 grams of carbs a day or 50 or whatever.

Works for you but you might consider cutting the carbohydrates in half getting rid of all the liquid dairy and getting rid of any of the high oxalate vegetables and nuts high lectin vegetables and nuts because for a lot of people with skin conditions that's the thing that's keeping you from healing.

Um okay mel says can eating too much fat every day take a negative effect fat's good for you if you're getting it from good healthy sources like animal fat avocado coconut olive fat and those those are good fats they're good for you human beings were made to eat them so don't be afraid of good healthy fats now.

I do want you to avoid canola oil bean oil sunflower oil peanut oil corn oil cottonseed oil vegetable oil margarine those things are really bad for you and don't forget they're now marketing margarine as plant butter plant butter doesn't that just sound.

Nice yeah and so i yeah from plants tony says is boar's head limits to no course for nutrition as i've learned to like liver 100 yes you can eat braunschweiger boar's head you can eat liver cheese uh actually a lot of people don't know but the the cheapest spotted meat and devil ham a.

Lot of times they'll have organ meats in them they think they're tricking you by selling you something that you don't know is in there but actually you want to eat the organs so that's a good thing uh ross solo rosso happy early may the fourth be with you been carnivore three months i have tons.

Of gas why not much dairy and no chicken i eat mostly bacon and steak and sausage maybe from some of the seasonings or or maybe there's some sugar in the sausage not sure read those ingredients carefully asking much less gastrointestinal complaints than they did before they went carnival.

Work but every everybody needs to understand there's a distribution curve for every single symptom every single lab value there will be some people who will still have gas on a carnivore diet but most people will have left much much less gas on a carnivore diet kelly um i saw a new non-keto doctor.

Just wanted to get a cgm prescription and i had success but she wants to order labs for next visit what should i ask to include yeah and so there's several videos i talk about all the labs you need i don't want to waste our q a time giving you the list of labs but just check out my.

My other youtube videos and i answer the question for you nick says thanks dr barry for all you do what's your opinion on carb cycling every few months of keto to keep metabolic flexibility yeah so you definitely do not have to carb cycle to keep your metabolic flexibility you.

Are always going to be able to to burn carbohydrates fuel that's your body of cheese cat you know cherry covered uh cherry pie you're gonna spike your blood sugar and that's because your body can still break that stuff down so don't think you have to carb cycle now.

If you want a carb cycle once every three months or something i don't think that's going to cause much problem or damage or inflammation but you don't ever need the carb cycle tony is the carnivore safe for polycystic kidney disease my egfr is 86 and i have um microalbumin urea yeah.

I have been keto and been fasting for nine weeks and i've lost 27 pounds my dog says too much animal fat animal protein is bad yeah tell your doc to print you out the research paper that shows that because there's not one it doesn't exist animal fat is good for your kidneys even.

Healthy plant fats are good for your kidneys like the fats i mentioned earlier polycystic kidney disease is actually one of the things that will almost go into complete regression with a six months of carnivore rescan your kidneys all the cysts your cysts are much.

Smaller they're gone completely keep us updated hey rats i'm six six four eighty five pounds my blood pressure is 155 over 105 and i want to start carnivore how long will it take to get my my blood pressure normalized so to get it back to a normal level is going to take anywhere from several.

Weeks to a couple of years everybody's different but what you're going to notice when you go carnivore is that your blood pressure immediately start months or three years to get back to normal that long you've been metabolically unwell all those things are factored into the equation so i can't give you a date when.

Your blood pressure will be back to normal but i can promise you that it will start to return towards normal you know in a week or two after you've started carnivore and you'll be able to see this on your home blood pressure model certain antidepressants can cause.

Nutrient deficiencies i heard beta blockers lower zinc and affect testosterone yeah and they also can raise your blood sugar there a lot of these prescription medications the doctors don't give you full disclosure of everything that they do.

Uh statins are another great example they completely deplete your coenzyme q10 they raise your blood sugar they lower your your health hormone levels you need to have a conversation with your doctor and say why didn't you tell me that i needed a zinc why did you not.

Tell me that i needed to keep an eye on my testosterone in my blood sugar you didn't tell me any of that stuff why didn't you tell me that and i think that's a conversation every patient patent or a bunker or these other medications work by causing this artificial situation in your busiology.

Uh milwaukee says what is your heavy lifting workout plan i don't have a i don't ever lift weights i never work out i never go to the gym i have a chainsaw and i have uh what 20 acres of forest that i'm clearing out and so that's my i think lifting weights.

Is excellent for you in hundreds of different ways but i i get bored of death in the gym i'd much rather be improving the farm and opening up some silver pasture than you know pumping iron at the gym that's just my personal preference uh thank you julie anybody in the comments wants to give an.

Update on the internet so we didn't have to spend any more time explaining that yeah that'd be great thailand says i'm 29 i'm experiencing frequent urination and my inability to hold it it's not a uti because it isn't it's not a help gotcha so it sounds like you're having a diuresis.

Or you know you're making a lot of urine uh there's multiple causes for this and this is probably reason to see your doctor you may have just been holding you're now being able to urinate that away but i get that you're worried that there's something else going on and i think 100.

You should go see your doc and just get some routine labs checked including your analysis oh i've been kid for three months started intermittent fasting see c peptide is 1.9 i have found that my body still has blood sugar running 110 to 135 despite keeping my carbs below 10. total it's common it is common for some.

People not everyone what i want you to do is get your hemoglobin what your blood sugar is as long as it's in it within a reasonable range what we care about is is your blood glucose tells us uh it looks like and we're getting tons of feedback from people that.

When they fast for long term three days five days seven days they're bigger in the morning it can go up into the 130s and that happens daily when they're fasting and then also people who are carnivore notice sometimes that their blood sugar is above 100 but invariably when they go get their hemoglobin a1c.

Checked it's in the low fives 5.2 5.3 and so it looks like that the glucose that your liver makes appropriately when you need it is not nearly as glycating to your cells and tissues as glucose that you shove into your face um andy high berries some symptoms headache blank.

Spots and vision slurring words numbness and lips and hand are these temporary or am i doing too much fasting working out yeah it could be an electrolyte abnormality but you need to see your doctor i mean those are i'm not saying having a stroke i'm just saying those are.

Stroke-like symptoms uh you need to see your doctor crystal thank you crystal all right let's see here robert i've been carnivore for four months i've lost 31 pounds diverticulitis and had 18 inches of it removed what foods cause diaperticulitis my number two is never.

Solid carnivore how can i fix this so diverticulitis uh i've got a youtube video about that that goes into more detail about the causes um a lot of people when they first convert to car good has been literally uh mechanically altered permanently by having that section removed.

You but even if that's the case and so i would i would uh suspect you would have diarrhea even if you went back to eating a standard american diet when you pumped up the fiber enough there'd be so much solid non-digestible fiber that it would give your.

Your stool seeming bulk but that's just because you're eating a lot of cardboard that you can't digit digest and poop it out um for homemade carnivore crisps so if you don't know what carnivore crisps are i've got about right here um they're meat chips and they're very crunchy crispy very similar too.

Which one's that this is brisket but they have all kinds uh i do have a discount code it's just berry b-e-r-r-y i think it gives you something very very similar on your own i'm gonna be doing a video on my channel i have a channel too so if you're not over there go check it out nature loves it.

And it's it's almost so simple it does take forever so if you're gonna do it do it in bulk but yeah just i will be doing a video mark so hang on these things i can't even describe to you how delicious they are uh nisha made some what did you make.

Today i made lamb nachos lamb nachos and so instead of using chips because obviously chips are brisket chips and they're 100 meat plus salt and that's it and those are the best freaking and they were amazing okay i'm really having a hard time still.

Staying on here because every other comment is this is the worst life ever sorry guys i'm sorry stick with us we're going to have it fixed in a few weeks uh the road ahead does having very high cholesterol on the carnivore diet put you at more risk for heart.

Problems i'm not going to go dot com this is our friend dave feldman he's doing tons of research there are some of us including who are what we call mass hyper responders and we have very high total cholesterols and very high ldls when we eat a proper human diet and the current if you go see your.

Doctor you're that'll skip the crap out of them they'll thank you at any minute but what we're actually finding when we're when we're able to get access to the real data behind these huge studies is that actually people with high cholesterol tend to live longer.

And have less cancer so i'm not worried about my high cholesterol and i i would say you probably don't need to worry about it as well jim says since the end of february i'm down 40 pounds boom thanks for all you do my meal today was liverwurst topped with melted cheddar and bacon alfredo oh.

Nice that sounds amazing very nice thank you autumn um okay yeah your internet's bad we got it thanks yes you just strong it is well you know we're sorry we apologize um blue dev i started beef heavy carnivore on may 1st dr berry and i've lost eight pounds just.

In the last month on ketovor that's it keep it up crystal can someone who is hypoglycemic do carnivore and how can they start safely yeah so start slow fewer carbohydrates each meal and each day you're going to find that you don't have those sugar will be hardcore right as.

Rain it you just won't have hypo episodes anymore um catherine is it normal to have bruising or a broken blood vessel appearance in your skin when you start carnivore i'm not sure if i should be worried no that's not normal you might want to.

See your doctor about that most people's blood vessels get stronger on carnivore most people's skin gets thicker because the carnivore diet moves all of your hormones your sex hormones and your other hormones in the right direction and many many people in their 50s 60s.

70s and 80s you know my skin looks better it's thicker now i don't bruise as easy so either you haven't been on carnivore long enough to have that effect proof says how are you losing more weight uh nisha i'm not i haven't lost weight in a year but i'm not trying to either i just eat what i want as much as.

I want and i haven't moved a pound and literally a year since walked down so you don't portion control no you don't calorie restrict no and you haven't gained any weight in a year you just eat to your full yes it's revolutionary crazy right i love that that's a great.

Idea i should do a youtube video yeah star link is not available here or we would already i'm i'm on the i'm on the sign up list uh but we're supposed to be getting fiber internet from att in the next giveaway and that's supposed to fix everything but i'm also on the waiting star link.

When it's available in our area just in case because i'm as sick of this as you are i promise autumn day 15 into carnivore i've noticed that when on my eat and oh when she's on her cycle is that normal deer and menstruation yeah some women get meat aversions in their.

First trimester of pregnancy some women have it not many but if you have it the week before they start their cycle it's it's hormones isn't it similar to when you're pregnant yeah you get a surge of hormones and we have an aversion yeah you can switch to fish and eggs.

Or whatever kinds of of carnivore foods that you can still eat during that time that's not going to affect your progress much at all but i have bile and acid diarrhea suggested i eat low fat binders don't work for me any suggestions to help with the diarrhea.

Yeah people who know carnivore have diarrhea for a week or two or three sometimes some people don't have it at all if you continue to have this abnormal diarrhea you need to see your doctor all right thanks everyday truck breaks down sorry.

Your truck breaks down everything about your truck kelly i'm ketovor um did the five gut test it shows low and some good bacteria that i should avoid beef lamb eggs chicken fish salt uh will spore probiotics help this maybe but maybe not uh more and more we're finding that when we actually get the stool sample test for your gut.

Microbiome that's not even really testing your true microbiome that's just check that all that test for is the bacteria that's in your poop which can actually be quite different than the bacteria that's clinging to your large intestinal walls so i wouldn't put a lot of faith in the.

Stool test uh you need to eat the proper human diet coffee what more can i do you want to take that uh for some reason it's common in women who do carnivore 2 pain was increasing your muscle mass is increasing that sort of thing i encourage you to take measurements stick with it often they feel amazing so.

A good person to follow is kelly hogan she has a channel called my zero carb life over on her youtube channel she does a lot of videos and she had that happen to her and she's a huge success with the cardboard so yep absolutely people forget that muscle shows up on the scale.

And the increased bone density shows up on the scale it's just fat that your scale is weighing it's all of you theo successfully ketobor for one year how much potassium and salt suggests daily to lower pressuremen run 140 over 95. keep up the great work so it sounds like you're doing great and.

You've probably lowered want more salt use more salt if it tastes too salty don't put that much next time and then i would use a potassium uh replacement like ketochow's electrolyte drops or ketochael's mineral drops which also have all the electrolytes in them as well.

If you if you get more potassium during a single day than your body can use in a urine it's not anyway dangerous it's not like taking a medicine taking too much of a prescription your body's just gonna pee it out if you take too much so so get plenty male to female transgender treatment.

Will that slow down for some people it can completely stop their their fat loss other people it just slows it down a little bit they still make gains of eating the proper human diet you are still getting all the other benefits but the scale may just move slower than you'd like for it to yeah.

Uh oh shoot i went too fast all right uh everyday my friends also has bruising uh from is this from carnivore or how do you expect no it's either genetic some people just have thinner skin and they bruise easier or you have another condition that you haven't been diagnosed with yet and that's why you need to see your.

Doctor about the bruising the carnivore diet is is going to help to move all your hormones in the right direction which is going to make your skin yeah i got checked out for heart palpitations doc says everything is fine i wonder if it's an electrolyte issue or a keto adaptation um keto one month down 30 pounds well done.

Beautiful yeah good absolutely magnesium potassium more calcium issue you're not getting enough uh and again the electrolyte drop mineral drops from keto chow are great for that also some people when they when they enter ketosis and initially it's almost like there is on.

Nice remember nice right for your like through your hearts like boom what what is this new energy first and so you can have palpitations for a while but it tends to calm down and go away for a while i'm glad you went to the doctor and got it checked out to make sure nothing else is going on that was wise.

Uh gene has been carnivore for a year had a lot of weight hair that's just normal that happens with any diet that you lose a lot of weight real fast with i actually have a youtube video explaining why this happens and what you can expect in the future so check that out.

Uh just search you dr barry hair loss anisha how did your 24 hour fast go fine i don't feel like i need to do that i'm at maintenance i'm not trying to lose weight i'm not trying to autophagize anything fasting benefits for me i think 19 20 hours is enough which is generally.

Where i stay yeah but it was it was fine but like not my not my jam yeah i think fat benefit everybody with that nobody needs to fast for longer than 18 20 hours a day we'll need it some people it's optional alexander i'm getting broken in vessels on.

Keto what yeah that's a lot of vein mosquitoes not gonna cause your skin to get thinner and powders and creams and pies and bars and cookies and maybe you're getting the nutrition but if you're keto when i say keto guys i mean lots of fatty meat and some vegetables that's keto meat and veg.

Okay and so if your keto is not beating veg then that may be why you're just not getting enough nutrition uh but otherwise if you're eating meat and veg you're going to be getting every nutrient you need to make strong healthy skin and veins leah my 10 month old was just diagnosed with type 1 on wednesday if you have any.

Tips i need help he's already on .05 units at night and 1.5 during the day basil yeah so your little one's going to need exogenous insulin probably for the rest of their life now there is some hope once we're able to.

Replicate beta cells using stem cells in the pancreas and make new nests of beta cells that make insulin then that'll be a cure but that might be 3 years or 30 years in the future nobody knows for sure but in the meantime just remember the lower the carbohydrate diet your little one eats.

The less insulin they'll have to inject number one and number two the less dangerous hypoglycemic episodes they'll have and the less hyper glycemic episodes they're going to have you need to buy dr bernstein's diabetes solution book tonight get it on audible so you can.

Start listening to it right away because once you understand the principles in that book you're going to be able to give your little one the gift of a normal hemoglobin a1c for the for the rest of their life and and when a when a type one diabetic has a normal a1c every time it's checked.

Every three or six months their risk of having those terrible complications you've read about plummet they go almost back to baseline it's only when they're having high using lots of insulin and still having high blood sugars that's when the damage starts to build up.

Um muhammad wants to know isn't the western a price diet better than carnivore the weston a price diet is very similar to keto carnivore either one if and i don't think i don't think it's a bad choice if you want to do weston a price diet instead of keto or carnivore.

I think you could do much worse than that okay for some people keto seems to work better other people are huge proponents of western a price his diet recommendations and i'm i mean he was a he was a genius and so i'm never going to say a bad word about him.

Try it for three months and then try keto for three months and see which one helps you feel better uh the road ahead says if you're a carnivore with high high ldl even though that's not dangerous in itself is it risky to have cheat days well anytime you have a cheat day you're going to raise your blood sugar and.

You're going to raise your insulin and you're going to cause a little bit of inflammation now if you have a cheat day on your anniversary and your birthday and christmas that's not that big of a deal right but if you're having a cheat day every other day or once a week then over.

The years that's going to add up to some to some damage so you make the decision on that but i don't have too many cheat days myself adam uh hashimoto's hypo doing keto ketovor my antibodies are down tsh is t4 is 0.8 i'm super clean uh with my diet for a decade should i suck it up and start taking medications.

Because the tsh yeah your tsh is still a little high i'm i'm afraid that you probably need to take and it's not a medication it's a thyroid replacement hormone because your your your thyroid's having trouble making enough darnell says can too much fasting slow.

Your metabolism uh yes too much fasting but doing a daily intermittent fast or an occasional three-day fast there's actually significant meaningful research showing that that actually increases your metabolic rate makes you burn hotter not lower your metabolic rate but now if.

You're going to do a 20-day fast and you're going to do that once a month that's probably going to lower your metabolic rate uh we're just going to call this g because i can't pronounce it i have aggressive prostate cancer opted for surgery instead of radiation i'm nervous what can i do to prep to.

Heal as quickly as possible and reduce post-op side effects yeah you need to eat a proper human diet lots of fatty meat you can definitely even if you don't like liver and heart you need to incorporate some liver and heart into your diet sardines with the bone in and the skin on you need the most.

Nutrient dense foods you can get your hands on so that you can help your body heal and fight as much as you possibly can uh bach what's the breast what's the reason for chronic sticky poops if i'm eating only beef and green veggies for six months do you have any tips.

Some people have sticky poop yeah i've got a i've got a i've got a youtube video about what's wrong with my poop uh that'll help answer a lot of questions for you now i have a comment that says well your internet's perfect now yeah welcome to the boonies okay oh it's good now oh okay.

Give us a minute uh our internet here in the woods has to build a fire first like some kindling and you know it has to bounce off a lot of towers it has to build up uh my wife is on keto she's been on keto for three years blood pressure averaging 148 over 98 for a while is there nature.

A natural way to bring this to normal levels history of high blood pressure in the family she's doing keto yes three years now yeah i would try three months of a carnivore diet beef bacon butter and eggs and see what that does if that fixes it and then she says no i love this diet i can stay on this forever.

Then that's your solution if she says i can't eat a carnivore forever then she may wind up having to take a very small dose of one blood pressure medicine a day to get that blood pressure down another five or ten points and there there they're.

Probably 10 of the population out there that even if they eat a proper human diet and they're very active their blood pressure is going to be just above the normal and they're going to have to take that little low dose of one blood pressure pill to get their number down under the normal threshold um.

Thank you dana all right todd says 30 pounds lost on carnivore my blood glucose declined from 130 to 85. can you comment on fat loss and reducing the size of lipomas my pcp tells me that the fat and lipomas is virtually inaccessible well that uh your doctor's right there is a pseudo.

Capsule around lipomas but we've had so many people reach out to us on social media and say i had multiple large lipomas and they are substantially smaller now on keto or carnivore lipomas definitely have a blood supply so they definitely have access to your metabolism and your.

Physiological processes if you cut off the blood supply to a lipoma it'll die it's not just it's not an immortal little bunch of cells that lives there with no nutrition it has to eat what you eat and so your doctor's partially right partially wrong but i would say eat as low low low carb.

As you can lots of fatty meat and see if those lipomas won't shrink as we've had many other people tell us that theirs did uh andrew will you research the vitamin a toxicity research that grant general did you have a video on vitamin a toxicity.

Yeah i definitely will um po let me see where to send a link if you look there's a there's a gmail address on in the show notes of every youtube video send that to that gmail address and i'll check that out don't blow it up with a bunch of lab questions because we can't yeah we can't.

Answer live questions on the email adam if i start thyroid hormones and get my thyroid numbers corrected is it possible for thyroid to actually heal and for me to get off of them and what's your opinion on in ndt yeah it it does happen but it doesn't happen for everyone most everyone eating keto or carnivore.

They're able to decrease the amount of thyroid replacement hormone that they need some people can come off it all altogether sometimes temporarily sometimes permanently but some people i probably i say 70 percent of people they they can take a lower dose but they still need to take a.

Little fibroid replacement hormone uh ndt i think is is a great try uh but uh yeah yeah i think that's fine uh vanessa what's the first thing a person should eliminate to improve arthritis sugar and liquid dairy and grains and vegetable oils when those four.

Things help almost any inflammatory arthritis condition skin condition or gut condition start to get immediately better grains sugar vegetable oils and liquid dairy all right um michelle wants to know do you eat pork chops on carnivore sure you can yeah we had some just the other.

Night any animal protein uh just a lot of people like to stick to beef but i don't and he doesn't and a lot of people don't we fluctuate yeah my carnivore diet is mostly beef but i definitely have pork that's so really my carnivore is 97 beef and pork.

That's that's what it is and then i'll have some fish i'll have a little chicken not much chicken doesn't agree with me um what else do i eat seafood and then seafood occasionally yeah all right melissa can you take too much magnesium while you're pregnant and will this.

Affect the baby if you take too much magnesium while you're pregnant or at any stage in your life you're going to have diarrhea i mean that's how you'll know you're taking too much magnesium if you are about to go into labor then taking too much magnesium might affect.

The intensity of your contractions and you don't want that and so hopefully by the time you go into labor you've already learned what's too much magnesium for you so if you're taking magnesium and you don't have loose stools you're that's you're taking a good dose uh herman does low-dose aspirin bring.

Blood pressure down and should i take it as a preventative for heart disease because i've had heart surgery a quadruple bypass in the past no to the first question uh ask your doctor on the second question most doctors these days are not.

Recommending the baby aspirin a day for primary prevention of heart attack anymore because the side effects outweigh the potential benefit but for secondary and in your case i mean you're you're definitely you've had some hard events in the past your cardiologist might say yes i.

Understand there's risks with the baby asthma but you still are gonna have more benefits and risk because of your risk factor profile um in carnivore or keto if we're facing constipation can i take magnesium such citrate supplements or any other things to help 100.

Can carnivore diet help with gum recession this is something i keep getting comments from people that they're gingivitis that they're periodontal disease that their gum recession it gets better especially the the inflammation the bleeding the.

Swelling the tenderness of the gums gets drastically better on carnivore now i'm not saying that your gums are going to grow all the way right back up to the notch where they should be but just stopping the inflammation and stopping the gum recession from continuing is a huge victory you so basically would.

What you're almost guaranteed of is you're going to stop the recession right where it's at you may have some regrowth you may not but definitely you know how the you have bleeding every time you brush your gums are inflamed that stuff is going to get better and go.

Away skeeter do you have any videos for young women who want to be mothers but aren't getting their periods i'm trying to convince my sister to go keto yeah i've got videos about pcos which is a very common cause of this uh i've got a one or two videos with dr kiltz who's a fertility specialist that's all he does for a living.

Where we talk about this exact same thing so check out those videos on this youtube channel and i think that'll help a lot darlene says i need suggestions as how to switch my nine-year-old son to a keto way of eating without focusing on his weight yeah don't don't mention his weight do it lovingly gently and slowly.

I would say do it over the next six months don't make a big deal about it don't say we're going to eat keto in this house and that's it every time you go to the grocery forget to buy the cheetos but instead buy something keto no cheeto get the keto right and every.

Every time you go to the store you're gonna forget one more junk factory made chemically processed crap that you used to buy but you're gonna get a lovely keto replacement and then if he's not hungry he can go outside and play until he does get hungry but do it very gently and lovingly and don't make it about his.

Weight at all just say i'm sorry we're trying to eat more healthy i'm assuming you eat actual meals and not just packaged things that you have to replace with keto products just make a keto version and don't tell him he's not going to be able to tell 90 of the time it tastes better actually.

If he likes meatloaf i have a meatloaf recipe i have a chicken nugget recipe maria emmerich has a hundred thousand recipes that are alternative versions of things that kids like and a lot of her recipes are free on her blog absolutely yeah so there's no excuse not to convert your child to keto but it.

Does not have to be a fight it should not be a fight it also should not be an ultimatum just you're the you're the adult you're the parent you're in charge make the changes slowly gradually but definitely make the changes yeah and he's nine you know so it's he can't drive well he's i mean he's not gonna be paying attention to how you.

Cook it he's just gonna pay attention to how it tastes unless you point it out right right don't point it out just put it on the table all right ron any advice for someone who has type 2 and has been very low card for seven years but still has a1c problems yeah don't lower a car uh there are some people out there who have to be.

Carnivores in order to get a normal hemoglobin a1c also make sure your doctor checks a c peptide and a fasting insulin i keep running across people online who are misdiagnosed as a type 2 diabetic when really there are type 1 diabetic and the the average primary care doctor has no idea that if they if.

They can detect whether somebody's type 1 or type 2 by checking a a c peptide and a fasting insulin with those two tests i can know immediately are you type 1 or type 2 because if you're type 2 i mean if you're type 1 you could eat carnivore 100 carnivore and you're still going to need.

Some insulin your blood sugar is still going to be high so make sure your doctor checks the c-peptide that's going to be your answer and then you got to cut the carbs more um maggie i've done keto and now carnivore and omad i find the back of my throat feels like i have a hair or some sort of food in the back of my throat.

Any idea what's causing this nope sorry go to the doctor or that i mean i don't i don't know very strange what causes a tickly hair in the back of your throat when you eat a particular diet even i get afib when transitioning from glucose into keto adaptation adaptation when i.

Take nct or honey my heart goes back into normal rhythm also i've had veins burst in my hands what is up with there's a lot of veining issues today i don't know no no i mean when you're eating a diet that that gives you every single building.

Block that your veins and skin are made of whereas before you're eating a crap junk diet made in a chemical factory there's no way that your veins were healthier eating the standard american diet than they are eating a proper human diet that and yeah keto nana okay i didn't know if.

Her book was out yet so maria has a book that's just for kids i think it's called sugar free kids beautiful and i think it's available now so go it should be on amazon um question what food would you introduce first to a nursing baby what age would you stay um so take it away our baby.

Started uh well eating real foods at four months old he did have two teeth but that's not why we started him he if the baby can sit up and put something in his mouth sit up on his own that's the time you can introduce foods there's a book called baby lead weaning which i don't agree with the nutrition.

But the overall how-to i do it helps us a lot so we did hey granny berry yes she is here um we did sliced beef big enough that his little chubby fish could you know just gnaw on it beef ribs with the meat pretty much go on he'd get our leftovers.

Uh avocado scrambled eggs with cheese and butter and that's what he started on and uh so there's not really a set time it's whenever the baby can sit up on their own and put something from the table into their mouth and there's really no need to puree.

Food for babies have you have you ever put your finger in a baby's mouth and they have no teeth at all they can bite the snot out of you with their gums are very hard they can they can bust up little little pieces of food so don't think it has to be pureed it doesn't thank you neat straight off your plate.

I say granny berry's in here but she may have got pissed off at the internet and threw the laptop down and she may not be here anymore for all i know yeah she had a long discussion with me last week about the quality of my internet yeah so eric says i've been drinking the keto raid uh.

Two times a day i get dizzy head tingles when drinking in the morning with skipped breakfast am i getting too much potassium so if you get dizzy when you drink the keturah then don't drink the keturah anymore is that the only thing that is causing it yeah i mean just just drink less cute rate if.

It's making you dizzy tyler i have vitiligo will carnivore or keto help with vitiligo yeah actually joe rogan has vitiligo and he noticed that it improved substantially when he was doing his carnivore diet experiment i don't know if he's still.

Carnivore or not but we've had multiple people reach out to us on social media and tell us when they're eating carnivore that they can actually see that the pigmentation coming back around the edges of their vitiligo lesions and the the lesions are getting smaller.

Now i haven't talked to anybody who's had have has cured their vitiligo they still have vitiligo but their de-pigmented spots get noticeably smaller when they're eating carnivore debra says you guys rock i lost 77 pounds this past year.

Um i have a question my son just went into the usn the navy right yeah um he gained 30 pounds with the poor food choices that just makes me so angry that our yep they have to eat to the usda guidelines horrible food choices anyways uh what's a good place to help him start he is cooking now.

Oh he he young man like that he needs to just go carnivore get it over with beef butter bacon and eggs all the rib eye all the ground beef all the sirloin all the beef ribs and literally just eat as much meat as he can hold he'll drop that weight in a few weeks or a couple of months.

Especially i'm sure he's very active very young and active yeah he'll drop that in no time on carnivore uh is it okay for someone who doesn't eat eggs to do the carnivore diet yeah sure absolutely i would if you if you can't eat eggs i would really try to get some organ meat uh really try to eat some sardines or.

Anchovies with the bone in and the skin on that way you're getting all of the good fats that you need that you might still be able to get on just a meat only carnivore diet but i worry about that a little bit a little extra insurance is is to eat the egg yolks or eat the liver and the the sardines.

All right carnivore since october is from kimberly great results but tried cooked spinach and saw it in the toilet the next day what are your thoughts yeah yeah yeah vegetables are evidence food and if you're from the south you know.

What that means uh the the only things that we have ever found in beckett's diaper who's now 19 months old he's eaten every form of meat known to man and uh he's eaten avocado he's eating olives he loves olive stuff with blue cheese he loves capers um but.

When he eats nuts he likes cashews that's the only nude he likes and we give him some because they're pretty decent food but we will find cashews in his diaper that is there never have we found a hunk of of ground beef or fish or chicken his body doesn't use in here.

Yeah there's a ton of fiber and undigestable things in plants that some of us just can't digest and that's why we call that evidence food because you see evidence of what you ate in the turlet alexander i have keto keratosis polaris on my arms keto help with this you have a video about that.

I'm not sure i know i've researched one but i don't remember if i made it or not that's crazy i've got so many youtube videos but keratosis polaris is 100 related to hyperinsulinemia and if that if you're like okay i don't know what that means then you've got some youtube videos to watch about.

Hyperinsulinemia but once you get your hyperinsulinemia fixed and the way you fix it is by eating a very very low carbohydrate diet once your insulin comes back to normal the keratin plugs start to just they within months they're gone iona says uh i had chemo for endometrial.

Cancer that ended in october the doctors okayed me to start a weight loss diet now a keto or carnivore yes whichever one you think sounds the most delicious if you're 100 fine with eating nothing but meat carnivore if you want some veg every now and then keto but that that that spectrum is the.

Proper human diet and that's where you're going to realize the most healing in recovery jill says i've had a sea pepper 15 years i still wake up tired i sleep four hours nightly i've lost 42 pounds on keto i still need my cpap should more weight loss help cure my sleep apnea i'm 5 foot.

Even and 160 pounds 5 foot 160 maybe maybe you can not need the cpap at some point and the key word there is maybe okay i have i have seen some very very very slender people who still need cpap a lot of it is how you're genetically made here how floppy and.

Loose your skin definitely having fatty tongue and i've got a youtube video about sleep apnea that you can check out learn more but having fatty tongue increases your risk of sleep apnea and eating high carb gives you fatty tongue just like it gives you fatty liver it also you hold fat in your neck so.

There's more tissue to fall down into your airway when you relax during sleep but some people even though they're very slender they still have loose enough tissue that it still falls back and they have sleep apnea so my answer is a firm maybe you won't need the cpap anymore.

Uh but maybe you'll just get to turn down your settings some either way is a victory boo boo bang one bang is there any downside to eating lots of turtles mussels and frogs because i love the tennessee river diet no absolutely eat them up now i would worry about what's.

Upstream from you in the tennessee river that would be your only cause for concern so if you're downstream from dewpoint or you know monsanto yeah i don't then you're rolling the dogs you're rolling the dice at that point but otherwise yeah though that a river diet is awesome.

Just think about it ten thousand years ago indians living right where you lived what do you think they lived on they lived on the river just like you're doing so when you take the chemicals out of the equation i think it's a pretty darn good diet it says my issue with crnv is constipation and acid feces um.

Hurts no matter the size my foods are only eggs red meat chicken turkey cheese uh we talked a maximum amount of 50 grams of cheese per day in butter what that sounds like the same it's not yeah so go see your doctor if you're having acid poop uh go see your doctor.

Yeah 100 there's probably something else going on it's probably not your diet uh healthy says do you still believe that fat and protein get used by the body for cells etc before getting burned for calories uh it depends on what your body needs if your body needs energy right then it's going to.

Burn the fat preferentially for energy but if you if you don't need the energy right now you're going to build cells and tissues with the fat and the protein you have to really get low down on the nutrition ladder before you start burning protein for energy that's that's a hard thing your body can.

Do it but it prefers not to do that it much prefers to burn fat if you'll eat it it can burn carbohydrates if you refuse to eat fat but fat and protein are what your body is built of and then the fat's going to provide you with the the vast majority of your energy needs.

Bethany i'm starting carnivore i have over 50 pounds to lose i'm afraid i'll get bored i need a pep talk here's the best thing for you to do if you're afraid you're gonna get bored get a cookbook maria emerick has an entire carnivore cookbook get that that way you have options.

But i'm telling you the longer you give it the less that will be an issue because you just you'll just want a hamburger or a steak or bacon and eggs and you won't need a recipe because everything you eat is super super simple right now you're in the habit of eating a variety of foods.

What your body really wants is is nutrient dense foods that's what your body wants and so once you've given in to that need that your body has and broke the habit of oh i've got to eat a rainbow i've got to eat this large variety i'm so bored i mean part of this is just becoming.

More mature as an adult you need to eat the best foods for your body whether you're bored or not right so and this is exactly right after i mean now when's the last time you heard me complain that all we got in the fridge is beef and pork never never yeah like literally if i'm.

Hungry i will say yes i'll have some beef there's never a time and i'm like yeah i'm hungry but i just don't want never it's pretty common for anyone who has done meat based or carnivore if you ask them that they've done it over a year and you're like are you bored they're like.

Of steak no no it's a treat every single time i promise so we're not making that up it's like pretty much every carnivore that's done this long time it's just that's how we feel about it it's not that boring no it's a treat every time except for a christmas then we mix it up a little.

Amber should a heavier person start fat keto first no that's you're not gonna have nearly the results if you do that and so you still believe that eating fat will make you fat or that eating fat will cause you not to lose fat and that's not true at all i've got.

Multiple videos on this youtube channel about how to lose 50 pounds one's cold lose 50 pounds pretty fast or something i can't remember the title but the more fat and protein you eat and the less carbohydrates you eat you're going to lose more weight now if you want to eat just pure protein and.

Just live on chicken breasts that'll probably work but i don't think that's going to be a very enjoyable sustainable diet this diet works best when you mix your fat and protein together because you're gonna be more satiated you're gonna be happier and you're gonna lose the weight i can't get past the texture of animal.

Fat what can i add to a filet for added fat so you don't like butter either yeah butter yeah if you don't like butter i mean that's like yep also i put egg yolks i'll crack an egg and just get the raw yolk and if that if you don't want to do that you can mix that half and half with.

Zero carb mustard and then it just tastes like mustard you can't even taste the yolk in there but then you just bump your fat up you can also make hollandaise sauce fairly easily alfredo alfredo sauce is just cream and and parmesan cheese and garlic so yep yeah that's a lot of dairy which messes with.

Some people uh alexander best food you can recommend to get clear skin and be healthy so if you have acne or any kind of skin breakouts you got to get rid of all the sugar you got to get rid of all the grains you gotta get rid of all the vegetable oils and you gotta get rid of the liquid.

Dairy like anything that's that's half and half or less fat you gotta get rid of all that and for for ninety percent of people that's going to give them a 90 improvement in the quality of their skin and after you've done those four steps for.

Three months if you're still not happy with the quality of your skin then the carnivore diet is what you need uh does going carnivor just hit low power mode yeah oh that didn't mess us up okay does going carnival or keto raise some people yeah some people will notice.

That their body temps are half a degree higher and that's because it increases your metabolic rate thank you ruth thank you so much thanks everybody for hanging out with us absolutely tonight sorry that the first half sucked but you know for those of you who hung out with us.

For the long run guess what it got better yeah and i promise within a month we're going to have the most beautiful internet you've ever seen in your life you're going to be able to see my pores the of my pores promises promises but seriously it should be yeah.

Thanks so much to our uh patrons on you guys are the one beneath our wings and our keto family and we do love you and we do mean it and we'll be back next monday go ahead mark your calendars now and remind your mama and granny berry to join us next monday.

At 7 pm and go subscribe to my channel for what i eat in a day videos and recipes yeah you're going to post the one about the nachos nachos going up right now keto nachos yup i love it go check her channel out nasha loves it nature loves it bye guys bye.

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