KETO/Carnivore/Fasting Q&A – 4/19/21

KETO/Carnivore/Fasting Q&A – 4/19/21

KETO/Carnivore/Fasting Q&A – 4/19/21

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It's gonna be good today don't move it there don't touch it now it's like you've ruined it no it's perfect except for my hat head i've been working on the farm all day wearing my farmer's hat and you can you can see some evidence of that but that's okay the same as it always i don't know it looks pretty rough no that's fine.

Welcome back to another edition of will the internet to be good or not let's let's uh hang out answer some questions hey it's monday night live let's get pumped up you know you got that one friend who always forgets to catch us live now's the chance and send them a text.

Message and email say hey they're live right now go ahead ask a question now's the time no yes now this is right now we will answer your question we're going to answer as many as we can in the next hour and change.

I'm excited are you excited so excited as always we can't answer every single question that would be impossible but we will try to answer as many as we can as uh efficiently as we can in a timely manner yes keep your questions short and succinct.

But obviously poignant all right uh i saw a good one go by but i can't remember the name it's dextrose bad dextrose is exactly the same thing as glucose basically people in the uk call it dextrose we call it glucose it's it is sugar it is pure sugar yeah and a lot of times food manufacturers.

Will use that fact that you didn't know that to trick you they'll put dextrose instead of sugar and then you think oh it's only dextrose that's a big deal i don't know what that is that's why anytime you see a word on a label you don't know what it is you either google.

It or you ask nisha loves it hashtag and me um somebody asked is is it true carbs are not a necessary nutrient yeah the actually the institute uh institute of medicine who actually come up with the recommended daily intake and all that stuff they say this.

In their position paper that there's apparently no lower level of carbohydrate intake that's not safe you can eat zero carbs a day today and for many many days and you'll suffer no ill effects whatsoever carbs are an optional macronutrient four door five five four five five can a.

Keto carnivore diet help heal skin damage from years of sun damage uh it might help your skin rebuild you may not know that every three months you actually build a completely new set of skin cells so the skin you had today is not the same cells you had three months ago and so if you're building your new skin.

Cells out of healthy proteins and fats then you're going to be building better quality skin to start with secondly if you implement some intermittent fasting in with your very low carb diet then your body is going to be much more likely through a process of autophagy to grab an old injured uh.

Crippled limping cell and replace it with a new vibrant healthy cell so uh the answer is most probably yes hey holly hey holly um shout out to s pearson who's uh says their new patron oh thank you so much for your support um my wife and i are down 175 pounds combined well done boom how important is our.

Electrolytes after six months of doing keto well if you're if you've been using electrolytes up to this point you've probably repleted a lot of your electrolytes then you were probably low in them to start with uh but electrolytes are a daily need in all mammals including.

Human beings you need to make sure you're getting enough of the electrolytes and indeed all of the minerals uh the modern soils that we grow our food in and that are that our food eats the grass off of is depleted in a lot of nutrition because of of monocropping.

And improper pasturing of animals for decades and decades well two centuries actually and so you might have to use a mineral supplement like ketochow's daily minerals or and an electrolyte but now the mineral drops have electrolytes in them but you cannot or if you just opt to you use just electrolytes that's fine too.

Just make sure you mind your minerals uh moxie says dr barry i heard you say that triglycerides will be elevated if you fast 12 hours before blood test what length of time before a blood test should i break my fasting in order to prevent that yeah so you want to get fasting lab work checked after an 8 to 12 hour fast now if you.

Fast longer than 12 hours this doesn't happen to everybody but some people's triglycerides will start to go up because you're you're getting deeper and deeper into ketosis and you're having to move fats around in order to make ketones or ketone bodies which is what you burn when you're in ketosis for energy.

And some people will start to elevate their triglycerides falsely because of fasting longer than 12 hours so 8 to 12 hours is a perfect window to fast before you have lab work checked uh john says does a high sensitive crp go up from eating too much meat no no we've we've seen.

Hundreds of examples in our in our self and in many other people who eat only meat of having a very low normal crp and people who had a documented high crp when they start a meat heavy keto diet or a carnivore diet their crp returns to normal meat is not inflammatory i just tweeted.

A minute ago meat is full of antioxidants and zoo nutrients which are the nutrients only found in animal products hello keto with rachel o'brien thanks for the sticker oh jonathan says hey i've been doing intermittent fasting.

And diabetics going in the right direction but my numbers spike in the afternoon what are your suggestions yeah i would look very closely at the meal that you ate right before you had that blood sugar spike uh there was probably some hidden carbs some sneaky creepy carbs in there that you weren't.

Aware of that's probably what's doing that thanks andrea hey do you guys follow this beautiful woman on youtube she has her own channel you know it's nisha loves it if you don't already follow her you should probably do that such a supportive husband.

Uh thanks shannon let's see um i don't know how to pronounce that can carnivore and ketovor help with gastroparesis maybe so gastroparesis is a problem with the nerves that innervate your stomach and nerves are notoriously slow to heal.

Sometimes after years of diabetes you can develop gastroparesis you can get it from other causes as well but that's a very slow heal it's almost like a spinal cord injury if it's going to heal it's going to take a long damn time you're still going to be deriving hundreds of other health benefits from.

Your keto or carnivore diet so i would 100 recommend it anybody with gastroparesis can and should eat a very very low carbohydrate diet uh you may notice some improvement if anybody's noticed improvement of their gastroparesis put it in the comments but i can't guarantee you i'm sorry.

There's a lot of pollen in tennessee right now uh that was from maria all right gina says my son's dad has lymphoma any dietary recommendations for him to fight it he eats the sad diet currently he thinks it's from all the shots that he had in iraq for his deployment the shots may have.

Played a role but his his sad diet uh without doubt played a role he there may have also been a genetic component there may have also just been a roll of the dice unlucky component as well but he definitely needs to be eating a very very almost sugar-free.

Low-carbohydrate diet whether that's keto or carnivore he gets to choose but sugar it is without doubt that cancers love sugar we know this that's why when we do a pet scan we attach the molecule to sugar so that the cancer cells will take it up and that's how we find cancer in your.

Body is by baiting the cancer cells with sugar not with meat so sugar-free as low-carb as possible um hector says how effective is keto or carnivore for uh and closing spondyloankylosing spondylitis.

So this is an autoimmune inflammatory condition you may already have some permanent damage if that's the case that that's going to take a to healing it better but definitely by eating the most uninflammatory diet on the planet which is keto or carnivore.

You're going to slow down the progression if not stop it completely and this goes for all the autoimmune conditions whether they're of the joint the gut or anything else you are going to have much fewer flare-ups and less severe flare-ups by eating.

The proper human diet 100 percent recommended he also wants to know is it safe to take digestive enzymes and those type of things while long-term water fasting for five days plus uh yeah if you want to i don't think it's gonna harm anything it's probably not necessary but if you want to i think it's okay.

All right tina hi guys well high blood pressure medications and high cholesterol medications keep you from going into ketosis via urine strip testing um first of all urine strip testing of ketones is not that accurate i would recommend you get a blood ketone tester as soon as you can afford it.

Secondly yeah some of the blood pressure medicines and some of the cholesterol medicines will absolutely raise your blood sugar and when that happens that's going to lower how deep you you're able to get into ketosis yes not all of them but some of them april.

Says i'm ketobor and i'm craving shrimp and oysters would an iodine deficiency cause headaches because i have them really bad right now maybe yeah maybe if you're anytime you're craving meat like that you need to you need to satisfy that craving humans we don't crave.

Meat just for no reason like you might crave birthday cake because that's an addiction we crave meat because we need it and so if if you're having these thoughts and you're craving those foods 100 it's time for a trip to the supermarket or to the ocean either way.

And get some oysters and shrimp thomas can keto help with asthma oh my goodness i think i have a youtube video about this asthma is there's a little bit of of genetics with asthma a lot of auto immunity and a lot of inflammation how many people have been able to come.

Off of their asthma meds because of going on to a keto or a carnivore diet put it in the comments guys i want people to see this asthma is one of the things that responds almost magically to keto when you get rid of the sugar and the grains and the seed oils and the processed crap.

The asthma i'm not saying you're going to be cured but your symptoms are going to get so much less severe that very often people forget where they left their inhaler because they don't need it anymore uh bonzorelli my doctor said that i need to stay away from red meat because of my cholesterol.

Being too high yeah that's that's dumb advice uh 15 years ago i would have given you that same advice your doctor is afraid that eating fat and cholesterol will raise your cholesterol level you're also your doctor also believes that having a slightly elevated cholesterol.

Level is dangerous that you it might increase your risk of a heart attack and a stroke with all due respect your doctor is about 20 years behind on his or her reading i suggest that you respectfully suggest to them to catch up on their reading and maybe check out some of my youtube.

Videos kat says i'm using a cgm for two weeks my day numbers have been consistently in 80s to the 90s but my overnight numbers are 110 to 120s i've been keto for over a year uh is this normal for the healing process for my numbers to be like this.

Yeah that's nothing to worry about some people do that some people don't some people will notice that their highest blood sugar reading is first thing in the morning after they wake up some people will notice it's it's during the night as long as your a1c and your c peptide are getting better.

Or are normal it's nothing to worry about uh oh brothers uh some are starting keto car not carnivore already with a potassium deficient how do you know how to correct it what if your potassium leaker or what about potassium chloride is this easier on the kidneys.

Uh so yeah many many most people who come to keto or carnivore are deficient in magnesium and potassium now if you check the blood work it'll it'll look like it's normal but they're tissues not the blood but the tissues are very depleted so that's why we just mentioned our blanket statement say if you've got.

Normal kidney function you just need to get an electrolyte supplement like redmon's relight that they have an unflavored and then like five different flavors they have some new ones they have pina colada and watermelon lime are the two new ones and then berry and lemon.

I think there's a link down in the show notes or you can get keto chow's daily mineral drops it's a liquid that's very salty now don't don't expect it to taste like peanut butter or cotton candy because it's just minerals in water okay but it also has potassium and magnesium along with all the other minerals you need.

Links down there too but those that's why we just blanket statement recommend that because if you have normal kidney function and you accidentally get too much potassium one day what's going to happen what you're going to pee it out i was reading comments don't do that to me sorry i didn't know.

You're ready yeah you're just going to urinate that excess potassium away that's how your kidneys function anytime you've got too much of something in your blood you pee it out that's what happens sorry sorry it's okay what what uh television series is that from uh.

Maybe netflix i can't remember it's netflix yeah uh flower bomb says is it true that if you eat too much fat you will not lose weight because your body will use that instead of the stored fat and is that true for carnivore as well yeah that you hear that some out in the keto community and it that's just not the way human.

Physiology works if somebody says that they're basically uh revealing their lack of of understanding of human physiology uh you only have three macronutrients that you can eat you've got protein you got fat and you got carbohydrates and so if you're eating super low.

Carbohydrate and then you're like oh i also got to back up on my fat that means you're going to be left eating a pure protein diet which is not very tasty for most people it's pretty bland and it's hard to get what you need there are essential fatty acids that are found only in fat.

That you can't make and there are many other fatty acids that even though you can make them you can't make them fast enough to keep your levels up you need animal fat in your diet so if you want to eat a high protein moderate fat very very low carb diet i'm happy with that do that but i do best on a.

High fat moderate protein very very low carbohydrate diet but that's always something you can experiment with but eating less fat is not going to help you lose fat it just doesn't work that way um shane says i'm keto carnivore staying under 20 total grams of carbs a day i'm 50 pounds.

Overweight ob should i be in a caloric deficit yeah calories don't matter when you're eating enough fat and protein your body is going to take care of the wet the rest just like you don't have to count how many times you breathe a minute.

You don't have to count how many ccs of urine you make a day your body's got all that under control if you're eating a bunch of crap processed foods your body cannot control what's going on in here but if you're eating real human food lots of fatty meat a little bit of veg if you want it your.

Body's going to take care of all that stuff for you if you stay stalled at that weight with 20 total grams a day for another month then you might consider going to 10 grams or get as close to zero grams as you can a day like a carnivore diet okay let's see life with horses that must be.

Fun can you explain what ketovor is what foods does this include so we both have videos on our youtube about what keto boy is that's what i he eats carnivore ketovor is basically 90 you could go down to 80 of your diet is animal based so protein from meat.

Cheese butter those type of things and then also you select a few veg that your body can tolerate for me that's basically onions and garlic and then also for a lot of people they cut down on sweeteners or cut them out completely and also cut down on dairy or cut down dairy completely so it's just a.

Cleaner subset of keto with much more meat and treats and that sort of things it's just something you kind of maybe gradually ease into if that's something you're looking for most ketovoirs don't use the nut flours to make all the keto treats and veg on their plate almost becomes a.

Garnish there may be some but there's not much at all it's mostly meat 80 90 meat on your plate yeah it's mostly what i use is seasonings but it's technically a vegetable so if you're a purist carnivore then that would not technically be carnivore and so i just.

Called it ketobor and people been calling that before me but now it's kind of like a thing now more and more people are eating that way it's a great way to eat more meat without feeling as restricted as you would on carnivore as you might feel on carnivore.

As you might feel i'm so very sorry i know i know dr barry vitamin d b for schizophrenia my wife won't go on keto but she's paranoid of her food she has delusions and it's really bad yeah if you could get her a methylated b complex that's got all the b vitamins in methylated form that might help her as you continue to.

Gently lovingly encourage her to try different kinds of meat and it doesn't just have to be a big old steak it can be seafood it can be poultry any kind of meat with the fatty cut with the skin on is going to help her long term but in the in the meantime that's an option all right.

In the background this is hard over here it has service and over here it doesn't all right uh cynthia says what can i do if i can't tolerate the extreme saltiness in the red light i have real salt that i use daily on my food and i take potassium and magnesium supplements.

Yeah you can you can go that route if you don't like the the taste of the red light uh they've got five or six flavors but if you just don't like any of them you can use new salt or um what is it called new salt and there's another name for it you know salt's the one that we used to.

Use yeah yeah but it's potassium chloride instead of sodium chloride but you can get your potassium like that that's fine gina says my mom has tried keto and carnivores she gets anxiety and has to stop anyway she can do either of these and keep from getting anxiety um any videos i can share with her is.

She getting anxiety because she's afraid that the meat in the diet is going to kill her yeah because definitely keto or carnivore is not going to cause general anxiety disorder or clinical anxiety panic attacks but she may be so worried that the meat's.

Going to kill her uh then that may be ma giving her anxiety in which case maybe let her watch some of my youtube videos about meat and how it they it's a perfectly ancestral food it's not bad for you in any way it's meat is full of antioxidants it's full of vitamins and.

Minerals it is an ancestral food for humans maybe that would help if she heard it from a doctor on youtube i know um ariane says i asked my cardiologist for an advice advanced lipid panel and a cac he added a lipoprotein test which he said is a better marker for cbd.

Is that true uh there's not nearly enough research behind that test yet to support what your cardiologist said it's not a bad test but it is it is in no way considered the gold standard for uh cbd no um charles says my vegan daughter is watching with us.

Help me help her hey listen i totally get it um i call it a a um what do i call it i call it my line of comfortableness with eating meat there are there are certain meats that i won't eat okay i would not eat another human that's a hard line for me i would not eat another primate i just wouldn't even.

If it was i went to somebody's house i would be that guest that said no thank you i'll just have something else i i don't eat real true dolphins i wouldn't they're too smart i would not eat uh what else i wouldn't eat a dog or a cat unless i was literally starving to.

Death that's my line in the sand and i think we all have different lines so if your problem is with mammals they're worn blooded they have a mother-child relationship they breastfeed then don't eat mammals it's fine you can do a keto or carnivore diet and never eat.

A furry cuddly mammal you can do it with fish and with shellfish and crustaceans and and eggs and real full-fat cheese you don't have to eat mammals to do keto or carnivore right uh so that's that's where i think i think we all have a different line of what we're comfortable eating uh would i eat a possum yes i've done it.

Before would i eat rattlesnake you guys have done it before but i what's the craziest thing you've eaten before that it depends on yeah alligator squirrel a lot of people think rabbit yeah i'll feed you so many girls and rabbits because that's we used to hunt them when i was a kid.

But you guys got to figure out you got to understand there are nutrients in animal based foods you just cannot get from a vegan diet without taking a literal handful of supplements every single day for the rest of your life and how natural and ancestrally appropriate is a diet that you have to take a handful of.

Supplements that were made in a chemical factory with all kinds of emissions and pollution coming from that how natural how is that and does that really help the planet is that you see my point and i respect you very much for actually thinking about your diet because most.

People don't but you gotta understand there are fatty acids amino acids vitamins and minerals that you just cannot get from plants i hope that helps marisol says what's the difference between atkins and keto carnivore not much atkins was.

Typically a higher protein diet it was high protein moderate fat very low carb and then atkins also believed that after a while you could kind of start adding back in the carbs and that was that he kind of shot his own diet in the foot when he did that because when you start adding back in.

The carbs it's not atkins anymore you start gaining weight that's exactly right and so uh his the the atkins initial diet that that's pretty much keto it was a higher protein but yeah that's what it was uh says do you need to eat a variety of meats when doing carnivore or can you.

Just eat beef i've heard that you need variety to help your gut this is that's a great question totally up for debate and carnivores debate this very often and quite vigorously also i agree with you i think we should eat a variety of meats.

I think we should eat organ meats we should always be trying new animals that we've never tried before definitely i think seafood is is great to get things that you can't get as readily from land mammals but there are carnivores who have only been eating the mussel meat of cows for 15 or.

20 years they look great they they're strong they're healthy they look 10 years younger than their age so is it mandatory maybe not we'll we'll have to wait a hundred years and see how we all turn out but i agree with you currently i think we should eat the rainbow of of animals um um.

Quantum says six weeks carnivore i'm down 25 pounds yes wow that's awesome i'm supplementing potassium magnesium and drinking plenty of water i still have length leg cramps two to three times a week yeah you probably just need more salt that's a very common cause of leg cramps.

That doesn't get talked about enough uh also if you've just started working out very vigorously and you weren't used to that before you're gonna get cramps for a few nights until your muscles recover and get used to that but i would focus on making sure that you salt each meal to taste so you may have an unconscious.

Desire to limit salt because of all the training we all got all the brain washing all the propaganda and you may be subconsciously just not putting enough salt but that should help and make sure make sure you're getting the mag and potassium and then eat more salt you don't have a bottle of the mineral drops.

Over here i do notice keto towel has mineral drops they have electrolyte drops too but these are different and when i first started working out i had awful cramps and one night i was like dragging my leg through the house to get to the kitchen and i.

Was going for the electrolytes but i accidentally picked up the minerals and just squirted a bunch in my mouth i've never in my life had a spasm go away so quickly like immediately after i swallowed it it went away it was the most amazing thing a deficit of other minerals can also.

Increase your risk of leg cramps but it's it's less common and so it doesn't get talked about it is about as much but yeah absolutely any mineral deficiency can increase your risk of leg cramps that's why i'm such a fan of keto child's daily minerals yep um melissa how do you feel about ketones.

Exogenous ketones will it help you burn more fat no so being in ketosis is the physiological state it's something your body does when you eat very very very low carbohydrate right adding ketones exogenous ketones into your diet is not.

Going to help you with weight loss at all it is going to help make your wallet lighter or your purse lighter 100 because they're expensive and it's a waste of money now if you have a very young child with a neurological disorder that won't eat keto.

That's a good opportunity to use exogenous ketones if you have a very old relative who's who has dementia and refuses to give up their their oatmeal and toast and orange juice for breakfast then that's another place where i think it's okay to use exogenous ketones because you don't want to fight with your with.

Your poor grandmother about eating her bacon and eggs just let her have oatmeal and orange juice and but put some exogenous ketones in there um brian correct levels 4 d3 c peptide and fasting insulin see peptide and fasting insulin going to vary from lab to lab but.

You want your vitamin d25 level to be somewhere between 50 and 100 okay and there are many healthcare providers out there if your vitamin d25 level gets up in the 80 90 range they'll freak out and tell you to stop taking that supplement because you're getting toxic that's that's dumb they they just.

They're behind on the reading they need to catch up and then then they won't be dumb anymore but you want a vitamin d25 at least 50 and up to 100 is 100 healthy and fine and very good for you jared uh carnivore here thanks to you doctor i'm down from to 180 from 250.

Recently had blood work done fairly normal except for a mild thickening in my proximal loop of the small bowel possible uh enteritis any info or links on that um yeah that you need to recheck that that could be a transient thing it could be something that you had before you started this diet that's slowly getting.

Better but it's not gone yet uh but definitely follow up with your doctor and get that rechecked at a regular interval they'll probably recommend how often they want to recheck that but uh you're doing the exact right thing by eating a proper human diet somebody somebody asked what we're.

Drinking tonight girl steiner joe steiner i love it uh excellerate my son has crohn's disease is it safe for him to be on carnivore long term also should he take any supplements yup and so just like everybody else patients with crohn's disease do.

Wonderful on a carnivore carnivore diet uh a great lessening of the severity of the symptoms so yes 100 recommended uh the daily minerals are going to give you the few minerals that the animals may be deficient in because it just wasn't in the soil or the grass grew that they're eating.

Other than that there's really nothing else uh monitor the vitamin d because sometimes you just can't get enough vitamin d unless you love certain types of uh salty fatty seafood like sardines and anchovies i've got a youtube video about how to get your vitamin d can you have any anchovies here.

Yes i've got you a can yeah yeah absolutely i found them and i was like oh niche you'll be wanting me she loves anchovies i like them okay she likes sardines she freaking loves them yeah sardines with mustard that's my jam tracy my daughter was just diagnosed with.

I know pre-hashimoto's were doing that that's weird okay no treatment no they referred her to a rheumatologist she's very sleepy moody sickly and has stomach issues yeah so she she's already having symptoms and her tpo antibodies elevated that's not pre hashimoto's feel like there's no such.

Thing as pretty harsh that's if she's having symptoms of low thyroid and she has elevated antibodies she has hashimoto's what the what your health care provider is going by is that our tsh and free t4 are still normal uh but that is not the way you do hashimoto's if you have elevators not.

The way you should that's right that ain't the way you do it that's what i mean in the southern sense you if you have elevated antibodies and you have symptoms of hypothy you have hashimoto's and you need to start begin treatment um and you need to start.

Leaning her towards a lower carb 100 diet that is the number one thing that helped me i was on medications for a while and but i know i noticed a huge difference when i stopped eating uh wheat grain sugar all those type of things my symptoms were insane and now they're not.

And we ate paleo for a couple of years so the only the only grain that we would eat is ezekiel bread after so we were eating sprouted grains only for a couple of years did not help her one bit but when she got rid of all grains and all the vegetable oils and all the sugar i it was almost.

Overnight it didn't take days and i wasn't even super clean keto i still had cheat days frequently because i was working with nurses and we ordered pizza every now and then but i still even eating mostly low carb saw a bunch of benefits yeah um sarah i have a fasting question if i.

Fast for more than two days i have mouth and gum pain the meal will break my fast with what when i eat what's up with that mouth and gum pain while she's eating that's very odd maybe if you have if you have any degree of gingivitis.

Or periodontal gum disease during the two days of not chewing and eating foods you may have some some settling of the teeth and then when you do chew you're kind of pushing them back in their sockets maybe i'm not a dentist but i've actually.

I've only heard this one other time uh and and i didn't have an answer for them either but i don't know but i would definitely i would go see your dentist uh or maybe reach out to a keto dentist online and describe those symptoms that's very odd uh dr steven lynn lin is a low-carb dentist i think he's in australia.

But he might have an email listed on his youtube or some of his other social media uh try klopp's game says how do i get organs that aren't sold in the grocery store why would you not want them so in the grocery store i'm guessing you think he means like.

They're not available oh oh oh gotcha so okay so either uh you're just gonna have to look around uh i would check out the ethnic groceries very often in asian grocery or hispanic grocery they will have all kinds of organs some organs that you've never seen before we loved going to the.

Different markets because they had the best stuff yes remember one time they had like i forget like pig stomachs and intestines intestinal heart not that i wanted any intestine but i mean they had pretty much every part.

Yeah all the sweet breads everything and then if you just can't find them anywhere there's this company i really like and i know you guys know i don't recommend many products but ancestral supplements they have a liver capsule and six capsules a day is like eating two ounces of liver do i think it's exactly as good no i.

Don't but i think it's way the hell better than nothing until you can either learn to like eating liver and heart or until you can find some at the grocery there are plenty of people not eating morgan meat and exactly exactly right but if you believe you have to do that or you're not doing.

It i agree but if you believe as i do that we should eat organs that our ancestors always did then that's an acceptable answer until you learn to like liver i feel like any vegan is going to have a hard time eating organs oh no i can't they're like if i have to eat organs of mouth yeah you don't have.

To eat organs niche is right about that there are people on ketone carnivore who've been doing it for 20 years look amazing and they never eat organs so i don't think it's required but i do think it might be optimal yeah i think that it's.

Very nutritional and that it's good for you but it's you know let's be serious not everybody's going to do that all right let's see we got no no trigger been carnivore four months i only eat meat i cook to avoid the sugar i've lost 40 pounds.

But my ketone level is um not down in my urine yeah first of all urine strips to test for ketones are notoriously unreliable number one number two if you're eating only meat stop wasting money checking your ketones you're gonna be in ketosis the majority of the day.

And you're also eating on the spectrum of a proper human diet you don't have to check your ketones on carnivore that's not necessary elizabeth i'm a recovering stage four breast cancer survivor and in my hospital the nutritionist told me that eating bacon will cause colon.

Cancer can you address this yeah that's a complete notor myth that's one of the lies that healthcare providers tell their patients and uh the nutritionist is that who it was yes yeah they meant well they believe that with their heart of hearts they go to bed every night.

And they believe that they would fight to the death for that belief but it's wrong they're just wrong there's not a single shred of research that that proves a cause a causation of eating bacon causes any cancer whatsoever much less colon cancer it's a myth it's a lie.

Into your bacon large picture says pork ribs send me to the library uh-huh is this normal is it from too much fat you know some people have that with pork and it may it may be that you're just not used to eating as much fat as you've been eating uh some people especially if.

They don't have a gallbladder they have to slowly increase the amount of fat they're eating or they will have to go to the library yeah i like that but then i've heard people say that pork just pork alone makes makes them have to go to the library more often it's funny right you know what yeah but.

See is it it doesn't apply to me anymore because it's a carnivore i'm literally in and out of the bathroom in three minutes i never have time to even look at my phone much less read a book i was fixing to say i can't really call it that i don't read in there anymore yeah i used to got in there back in the.

Day when i was paleo and eating sad diet oh i'd be in there an hour reading my book waiting for something to happen but now i'm in and out and it's wonderful uh but it may be the pork or you may have to just increase your fat intake a little slower than you have been i didn't know your hand was over here.

And it was tickling me and i thought it was another book i got stung on the four-wheeler today and so i'm a little jumpy a ground bumblebee gutter oh man no it's much better it's like i didn't even have a reaction to it no not crazy it hurt though yeah she whined about it for a minute.

Andrea says keto for only two weeks and i'm doing 16 8 fasting i'm down 21 pounds yes but i worry that that's too much or is this okay i average 1200 calories a day or more yeah and make sure you're eating more than 1200 calories a day try to eat more than 1200 calories.

Because you need protein you need fatty acids and you don't know how big she is if she's a tiny person like me if you're above five feet tall eat more than 1200 calories a day okay please but yeah so and it's a great question is losing weight this fast.

Actually healthy for me so if you were losing weight this fast by taking phentermine or one of the other prescription weight loss medicines i would say no it's not if you were losing this by starving yourself and trying to get by on 500 calories a day like the protein sparing modified fast.

Bull crap then i would say no that's not healthy there's no way you're getting enough nutrition but if you're eating 1200 calories or more a day of lots of fatty meat and a little bit of veg and your your body is going to let you lose weight only in a.

Healthy velocity it's not going to let you lose weight if you're eating real food and eating until you're until you're stuffed comfortably stuffed you're not going to lose weight in a dangerous manner meaning doing that long term like if you late that little calories.

Four months that would be super bad yeah susie how much raw beef liver should wanna eat per day well susie well wow saw liver your hardcore raw beef liver uh so somewhere between zero grams a day and two or three ounces a day however much you want uh eat raw liver until you're.

Have had enough i don't there's never been a documented case of somebody developing vitamin a toxicity or any other toxicity from eating the liver of farm animals i've looked and looked i can't even find a single case report of that ever happening so don't eat daily raw polar bear liver.

It might give you vitamin a toxicity raw puffer fish liver might give you a worse toxicity it'll kill you who has access to that well i'm just saying that's that's what's actually in the case reports as people die died or got super sick from eating too much polar bear liver and puffer yeah eating beef so yeah beef.

Liver i was just trying to be funny oh you're hilarious but it's fine eat until your body says yep that's enough i've had all i want today anthony i had fatty liver diagnosed last year how soon would you follow up after eating keto to see changes on the sonogram and the labs three.

Months yeah it'll probably be corrected before then but your doctor will also be hesitant to reorder that stuff before three months goes by they'll be afraid insurance won't pay for it so just do keto for three months and then go back and let them diagnose diagnose you as cured.

Of your fatty liver which is what's going to happen and congratulations in advance shelly thank you both for all you do been keto keto bored now 15 months i've lost 110 pounds all my ra and fibromyalgia cinnamons are gone.

This makes me so happy i'm off all of my meds i'm 45 and feel 20 years younger i hope you're acting 22 honey please tell me you are get feisty shelly feisty love it and now also hope this is important you literally have miraculously transformed your health right both mental and physical please.

Tell me that you're sharing this story everywhere you can find somebody to listen like if i were you i would be walking up to morbidly obese people in the mall and show them a before picture and say please let me let me help you because you can you are more knowledgeable right now with.

What you've learned than the average dietitian dietitian or an issuer or nutritionist you you know more you know how to fix these things and they don't please use what you've learned to help other people um muhammad says could you check for us about german new medicine.

Okay what's german numerous i don't know do they have a new medicine in germany uh amy can carnivore keto reverse lactose intolerance no human beings are a little lactose intolerant as adults for a reason because we're not supposed to drink milk as adults no mammal on the planet does it and.

There's a reason that they don't do it because it's not it's not healthy milk is to help you grow and develop when you're a baby and a child maybe up to four five six years of age after that over two-thirds of humans on the planet are lactose intolerant that doesn't mean.

It's weird that you're lactose intolerant it means that's normal you are actually normal the the few of us who whose genetics have developed the ability to tolerate lactose that doesn't mean that it's good that it's good that we're drinking it just means we can tolerate.

It better uh we express uh immunity and other inflammation in other ways when i drink milk i start to get dandruff my rosacea flares up and i start to get a runny nose okay i'm not i don't have lactose intolerant symptoms.

But i do have these other symptoms and that's my body's way of saying dummy you're a grown man you don't need to drink milk milk is for baby mammals no lynn says strict carnivore for six months newly diagnosed with hashimoto's after a round of antibiotics my antibody count.

Is 63 and all other thyroid markers are low normal how would you personally go about addressing this yeah if you're having moderate to severe symptoms i would definitely begin you on treatment because you have positive antibodies and you have symptoms and i think that's the way most.

Healthcare practitioners should approach this not all do as we were talking about earlier somebody was diagnosed you got anything to add to that keep on keeping on doing carnivore yes 100 percent steve says kevor diet has cured a decades-long fight with my tinia that's a color tina varsico like.

Like becky had yeah like you know the rash remember they had on his back oh yeah yeah yeah some it it's it's why why did that happen because so all funguses or fungi are fungi they love sugar and this is just one of the many funguses they can get on your skin.

And when you're eating a high carb diet you're just chock full of sugar and the funguses love you people notice that when they go keto or carnivore their chronic athlete's foot they've had for years goes away they're fungus toenails that they've had for years after that after they've been.

Keto a carnivore for six months it's like it's ninety percent better or it went completely away tina varista color is just another kind of fungus and once you're eating low carb enough it you don't taste good to the fungus anymore so it goes away that most of the time tinabears colors.

And kids and beckett had a round of it a few months ago because he had just been exposed to it and he had it for a few months and it went completely away the pediatrician said it was what did she say was well i forgot rosacea or practitioners out there if 90 of skin.

Maladies receive the diagnosis of eczema from you you need to get your dermatology book out because i even told her i was like well i've been putting this you know antifungal on it and it's gotten a lot better and she's like it's it takes i'm pretty sure i'm like.

100 not eczema doesn't even resemble eczema but okay whatever don't argue she's pretty good yeah we like her but that was obvious that was that pediatric eczema thing they just think every rash is eczema i don't know why charles wants to know will keto or.

Carnivore help with lupus lupus is autoimmune right and so keto and carnivore if done properly with real foods are the most uninflammatory diet on the planet so you're going to notice less severe flare-ups you're going to notice a greatly slowed progression of the.

Disease and when you do have a flare-up it's going to be much less severe we've heard this from hundreds of people with with lupus and other autoimmune conditions uh tell you superfoods is a menstrual cup safe food standards authority advises pregnant women not to.

Eat liver because too much vitamin a can harm the baby is that true okay you take the cup i'll take the liver cups are amazing get away from any feminine things that have fragrance and chemicals and any of that stuff cups are made of silicone right most of them.

Don't get a plastic cup that probably is not great but if you can find one made of silicone better than a toxic tampax uh probably yeah probably yeah yeah tampons man they are so full of microplastics and no who knows what there's no tilling now and uh.

Every pregnant woman on the planet without exception should eat liver two or three times a week while they're pregnant a lot a lot and i did not ever say oh stop that you're going to get vitamin a no he didn't make me either no of course yeah yeah a lot of pregnant women crave liver when they've never wanted in.

Their life there's a reason for that liver is the most nutrient-dense superfood on the planet there is not a single documented case in the medical literature of a pregnant woman developing a vitamin a toxicity from eating too much of a he don't have to farm raised right a domesticated animal's liver that.

Has never happened unless the woman had a psychiatric disorder and was eating four pounds of liver a day uh in that case i'm not aware of liver is vital for a pregnant woman to eat for both her body and for her little baby's developing body liver eat your liver chicken liver was my favorite 100.

Yeah you had it every day there for a while it was like i was on a binge liver we were in nashville we had door dash and i would i would hear the doorbell i'm like oh chicken liver yeah okay that was so nice good old days shane says does vodka or whiskey turn into sugar or.

Carbs does it have adverse effects on weight loss on keto carnivore no yes okay uh most of the liquors are not going to have they're not going to convert into sugar but alcohol's a toxin my friend and so if you're having an occasional one ounce serving here and there with a.

Zero carb mixer probably not a big deal but if you're having that every day that's going to slow down your liver's ability to get you into ketosis yeah 100 it's going to slow down your weight loss drinking alcohol every day is not good for you even the the red wine that's so heart healthy.

Did you see my i made the forever face well that's dull dumb alcohol is a toxin period do i have a drink every now and then yes rarely because i like it but i i don't try to treat myself that it's in any way healthy for any organ in my body it's not and it will slow down your weight loss.

All right knuckles hey knuckles best hashtag of the night handle yeah that's what i said you said hashtag he's been keto for and doing fasting five two is i mean five days always doing a five two and um that's hardcore baby for a long time i've lost 147 pounds.

Boom i now wait i'm gonna tune up if you guys keep sharing these stories he used to weigh 417 pounds dude wow his glucose was 220 uh to now never being above 85 reversed atherosclerosis yeah half flora yeah and i teach fasting and keto now beautiful.

Absolutely teach the whole world how you healed yourself that's exactly the way it should be done congratulations and good damn job yeah wow probable experiment says i have uh a weight loss stall being strict carnivore for months any tips say that again i was thinking about.

Something hi granny berry i forgot to say hi hey granny somebody asked her earlier she's watching hey bob hey uh weight loss stall while strict carnivore for months any tips yeah so depending on your age it may be time to get some hormones checked.

At your uh local bioidentical hormone optimization friendly doctor uh make sure that you go back and look at any sauces rubs condiments seasonings and make sure that they're truly zero carb uh and and that's that's the two most common things and then finally weight loss pauses can last.

For months it depends on how metabolically unwell you were before it depends on how quickly your healing many many things factor into this equation sleep stress all that all that and so some people we know one lady who's hardcore keto she's she stalled or paused for a year.

And a year a year a solid year she was still getting all kinds of other benefits from the diet so she stuck to it but she did not lose any weight for one year i keep in my mind she's in her 50s and she also didn't gain any weight which is a big victory for a 50 year old woman.

But that happens to some of us it doesn't mean you're not getting any benefits it just means you're not eating that one benefit that you really want uh how many ounces of meat per mil should we eat i'm 190 pounds and i'm 5'3 my goal is to be 150. beautiful so when you eat meat you don't.

You can throw all of the scales in the garbage you can throw all the measures in the garbage you get to eat and this is this is the technical way you know you've eaten enough meat how many ounces should you eat keep eating ounces of meat until you're comfortably stuffed and you're like.

I'm done i still love bacon and ripped by but i could not eat another bite that's when you're done okay whether that's eight ounces or whether that's like me 32 ounces or what's like sean baker 48 ounces doesn't matter we're all different we're.

Different sizes and shapes and we have different metabolisms you eat fatty meat until you are comfortably stuffed then you stop that's it all right anytime any of you guys are thinking about measuring the food unless you're making a recipe.

But if you're like oh i don't want to eat too much of this real proper human diet food you can't your body won't let you that's what your satiety your fullness hormones that's what they're for is to tell you hey dummy you've had enough stop eating and they'll tell you when you've eaten.

Enough real food becky come say hi just gonna take his time coming in here mohammed says that it's the new way of treating pls i'll have to look into that muhammad i don't i don't know the details about that yet send me a link if you can find one uh and i will check.

It out courtney says i've always had high uric acid levels i've done carnivore twice and have been plagued with gout both times around 45 days each time can i not do carnivore no you totally can do carnivore anytime somebody with pre-existing gout.

Starts keto or carnivore they are at increased risk for having one more flare-up the first few months that they're doing this we don't know exactly why that is but every single person with gout after a few months of keto or a carnivore they just don't have gout attacks anymore at all.

And you know those gout attacks you had in the past before you were keto definitely was not caused by eating keto because you weren't eating keto you 100 can eat keto or carnivore but you're going to have to just expect you might have that one flare-up after you start the diet but then for virtually everybody that's it you won't.

Have any more ah there's that baby hello say hi hello look there's that baby right there see you see that baby want to get in my drawer he loves getting in my drawer with all my pins what do you want to see first let's see what we got i think i.

Got something new oh here's your favorite clicker you want that how to make sure it's off oh you don't want that okay you want your salt rock nolan wants to know can hashimoto's be cured with iodine when you say treatment what do you mean no no so even people with hashimoto's.

Need iodine 100 every cell in your body needs iodine you may actually if your symptoms are moderate to severe you may actually have to take a thyroid replacement hormone as you convert to a real whole food one ingredient keto or carnivore diet that's salty.

Have you guys all got your salt rock red moon this has them i've got one in my desk drawer you got one in your purse um i forgot what i was saying i got hit in the head iodine in the hospital yeah yeah so but even though you need iodine that's not going to be the end-all be-all.

Treatment for you you may need a few months or a lifetime of of thyroid hormone replacement he loves his salt some days some days he won't touch it all right what else we got over hippie big shot says my cooking situation is complicated i live in a van that's cool okay i'm about to start.

Carnivore is there any danger in eating raw red meat that's a great question as long as the meat you know it's fresh and you've got this sensitive instrument you can use to detect if the meat is fresh do you know what it is you know what is it you smell that what is that.

Nose yeah and if the meat smells bad makes you cough like that don't eat it okay but if it smells fresh and it is fresh and it's not expired it's 100 safe to eat raw meat we do it regularly okay it's not what we don't eat all raw but we eat a lot of raw meat because it's not dangerous at all especially red.

Meat that's a solid piece of meat now if it's ground meat that's a little dicey because there could be bacteria down in the ground up much but if it's a solid hunk of meat and it smells fresh and you know it's it's it's fresh it's totally fine to eat it wrong yeah a lot of people do it there's.

A um a youtuber who eats nothing but raw meat uh his his youtube handle looks like the word syringe but i think it has the number three in it savage or something like that but all he eats is raw meat and sometimes it ain't that fresh but he hasn't died yet.

Um my wife has ibs and she has been carnivore for four months with me and she's much better but it's still there is this something that will take a long time to go away yeah so and first of all congratulations on giving carnivore a try uh yeah i would predict that it's going.

To continue to get slowly better over the months number one but number two she may always have the underlying genetics to just have a touch of ibs but on a carnivore diet it's never going to be as severe as it used to be it's just not going to be that way so so glad that you decided to try crazy.

Meat-only diet for your for your gut issue esther says how can i keep my arginine low when eating meat to prevent hsv flare-ups lymphoma survivor four years now maybe the reason uh yeah yeah 100 cardinals fine for you if you're eating if you're.

Eating a carnivore diet you're not going to have to worry about the arginine levels you don't have to worry about that you just eat the proper human diet your body will take care of all the rest of that it was a combination before of eating inflammatory crap.

Stuff that raised your insulin chronically and raised your blood sugar chronically that lead to you having the flare-ups it's not the arginine that's that's one of those things they say uh but i promise you if you get arginine while eating a carnivore diet you're not.

Gonna have flare-ups many many people have reported that they just never have flare-ups anymore or maybe they have one a year we're used to they had one a month that's what we hear from carnivores about that dave it says i added organic chicken to my red meat carnivore rotation for variety.

And with a week within a week my blood pressure and weight started to go up have you ever heard of that yeah i'm i'm the same way now not everybody is some people can eat poultry and do amazing but if i eat too much chicken i don't feel great and i'll start to get a little bloaty i don't know why that is.

I also don't know if if it's just because it's it's supermarket chicken that was raised you know in in the the confinement feeding operation maybe if i when we get our chickens grown and we start uh harvesting them that chicken may not affect me that way.

Because our chickens are gonna get no grain whatsoever they're gonna eat bugs and worms and grass and i could that chicken may not bother me but the grocery store chicken if i eat it too often i'll start to get bloaty do you have that at all or no not that i've noticed you haven't noticed it yeah.

Some people do some people don't all right that's it is that it already this has been so much fun thank you guys so much for joining us and thank you for the super chats and stickers thank you so much to our patrons on you.

Guys are our keto family and we love you and your support it helps us do this live and so many other things it's also helping us right now to get some damn internet in this house i've got four options cooking right now trying to get better interviews we have so many.

Internet providers right now because we're trying to find something that works yeah yeah yeah so i'm sorry if our internet is not as good he did okay tonight yeah for this but you know we can't be live on youtube and facebook or it fouls up so i do i like youtube a lot but i'd.

Like to be live everywhere that we can be because people need help and that's what we're here for we'll see you next week same place same time yes right here mark your calendar and remind your mama we'll be back next week right here you're so witty bye granny love you bye granny b.

Hit the button you hit them no i'm not getting you well i'm not we're just going to talk tomorrow we'll just sit here we'll answer more questions give me give me a question i go all night i'm crazy good night
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