KETO/Carnivore/Fasting Q & A

KETO/Carnivore/Fasting Q & A

KETO/Carnivore/Fasting Q & A

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Oh hello hi hello keto carnivore tribe how you doing if you're watching this on the replay i think we're gonna have a lot of good questions and hopefully some good answers so just sit back and relax and listen to this and hopefully you'll learn something we already got karen from wisconsin and.

Four-door from southern california let me turn everything off get those questions up i'm going to try to answer a lot of questions tonight hey reena hey holly sharon pam and you guys are early birds tonight katie from melbourne australia i love it all right yay there we are look at us with our internet we're all up and running like.

Grown-ups i know adult thing cuba missouri i didn't know there was a cube of missouri i feel like there's a lot of cubase yeah we have a cuba landing i am feeling much better thank you for asking i'm on the mend but uh i still i'm a little sniffly a little snotty looking amazing as usual but.

Makeup makes me look a lot better than i feel hey clarksville neighbor in the house west tennessee all right where are you guys watching from what city what state what country i love seeing all the different places hey brandi how's it going family.

Hey jersey shore what's up remind your mama and your mother-in-law because you love her too or you should they're gonna miss this because they forgot send them a text message send them a dm and say hey they're live right now ask your questions wow somebody from sweden but i cannot pronounce that name.

No i'm not going to try that winter garden all right you used to live there uh-huh memphis all right i love it if you guys have keto questions carnivore questions ketovor intermittent fasting health nutrition.

Anything about optimizing your health let's talk about it tonight thailand and the philippines look our cat also is nuts so if you see him bouncing around like parkour in the background thanks for sharing this valerie you guys are always welcome to share this on your facebook feed or anywhere you think it'll help.

People with their health and make sure you hit the thumb it's always very helpful yep yep all right guys questions i want to see i have a good question are you good okay let's do it uh miss sherry says i've been carnivore three weeks and i'm still tired a lot do.

You have any ideas yeah first of all make sure you're eating enough don't be portion controlling or any of that eat until you're comfortably stuffed if that requires you to eat once a day twice a day or thrice a day i care not okay i just want you to eat until you're comfortably stuffed uh also make sure and get your.

Electrolytes and minerals that is so important eating any diet from the standard american diet to pure carnivore you need to get your minerals every day and that's why i freaking love this the the keto chow daily minerals i love this i use it every day i think everybody on the planet should use it every day we got you got to tell miriam to get.

Some more also a lot of people these days are cutting back on their fat and while that may help you break a stall sometimes that does decrease our energy um so if you have decreased your fat try integrating some more fat back that doesn't mean you have to go eat a whole stick of butter although i think that.

That's fine if you do well with that uh but fat is is good that's good don't be scared of fat chris let me answer christie's question she said her blood sugar's high health two things christy first of all cut your carbohydrate intake as low as you can get it that should fix your blood sugar if.

However that does not fix your blood sugar then you may be someone who is an undiagnosed type 1 diabetic or a misdiagnosed type 1 diabetic who's been misdiagnosed as type 2 diabetic if you're a type 1 diabetic no matter if you eat zero carb you're still going to have high blood sugar you need some insulin.

From an exogenous source our our great pyrenees loves to torment toto is he dirty yeah oh he's been in the mud he loves to go digging in the mud so number one cut your carbs to zero if you have to to get your blood sugar under control number two if that doesn't fix it go see your doctor and ask for a c.

Peptide and a fasting insulin you may be a type 1 diabetic and just not know it guess what tell me our next question is from granny berry hey granny berry everybody say hi to granny berry so this is regina whose name is on the uh screen up here and she's asking for.

Granny so granny wants to know what to eat to get potassium or what to take because she had a friend almost pass out potassium any dark leafy green vegetable is going to be a good source of potassium also avocados are a great source of potassium uh some doctors and nutritionists say that.

Bananas are great sources of potassium but they're they actually don't have as much potassium as dark leafy green vegetables and avocados so if you need potassium eat your dark leafy greens and eat your avocado hope that helps thanks for the question granny b we love you yeah you too regina and bob yes.

Nancy um with lisinopril and hctz you've mentioned that's uh the time to be careful with salt intake what's the connection thanks for all the great info so if you're taking lisinopril and hctv should you be careful with salt intake no you should still eat plenty of salt because salt is good for all human.

Beings if you're taking lysine april hctz called zesteretic i would go see your doctor and say hey can we stop the hctz part because it can actually raise your blood sugar in some people and either just take the lysine pill or take just the lysine pill at a little bit higher dose.

And get the hctz out of that medicine if you can get your doctor to agree to that but you still need salt regardless of what medicine you're taking uh yes we are married i don't get any ideas my friend probably this hearing's mine yes and vice versa.

Um hey frank this is a great question how much shellfish can we eat weekly on keto as much as you desire if you live on the coast and you're local to fresh seafood oh man or if you are lucky enough to have a restaurant like the honeysuckle in nashville tennessee or the southern.

In nashville that that overnights fresh oysters oh my gosh oh yes every day every day this one would eat three dozen a day if we could uh queen of cups would like to know what are your thoughts on stevia i've heard a lot of controversy in the carnivore.

Groups um they say to avoid it because it's bad well i don't know if it's bad but if you're trying to do a carnivore diet one of the main benefits of carnivores you get all sweet tastes out of your mouth i think it's fine to still have your unsweetened tea or your black coffee but stop the stevia for 30 days 60 days 90 days just to make sure.

That you don't have a sweet taste addiction or a cephalic phase insulin elevation from the stevia then at the end of the 30 days if you're like yeah i just want stevie in my coffee i think it's fine what's your favorite sweetener to put in coffee when you do um.

Allulo seemed to be the only one that didn't give me gas and um yeah thank you yeah rectal flatulence as we say in the biz yeah if you can guess what book that's from i will give you a free copy of the lies my doctor told me.

Rectal flatulence that's what there's a mom there's a mom somewhere who knows what you're talking about um so i like allulose and it seems to be one that's a lot of people don't have gut issues with miss lindsay lindsey says i've been on birth control two years.

I skipped the sugar pills so i don't get a period i started keto two weeks ago and now i have my period what's going on could the pill be inactive the pill is probably not inactive it's probably just not strong enough for you currently with your current health in your current diet uh sometimes even on the the birth.

Control pill after a few years you can still have some spotting if something changes in your life or in your diet uh but you need to take precautions and and unless you want to be pregnant you know keep your legs crossed until you see your doctor and discuss this hello loki what are you doing it's chad.

Come say hi to everybody this is loki the cat he would walk on my keyboard and and knock us offline yes we got to be careful of this one rick says grilled meat is okay but what about smoked meat 100 yeah meat in any form now if you drop your meat out of the car window on the way home from the grocery and it rolls.

In the ditch and then a possum chews on it and then some flies sit on it you probably shouldn't eat that meat but if it's meat that you bought at the grocery enjoy thank you sean or smoked yourself super chat thank you very much uh stead yep high b12.

1500 regularly keto or carnivore yep it's very common on a ketovor or carnivore diet it doesn't happen 100 of the time but it's very common for your vitamin b12 level to be above normal and i think that's just because when they tested the 100 or 200 people to decide what was normal they were all eating high carbohydrate.

Low meat diets and so they got a falsely low number i i've actually looked into this because my b12 was high last time i got my labs checked and there's no research that shows that this is in any way bad in any way a problem it's it's nothing to worry about but i do think at some point when enough of.

When a high enough percentage of humanity is keto ketovoice carnivore they're going to have to go back and revamp some of the lab normal ranges because we're going to basically break the curve because we eat so much nutrient dense meat i was actually talking about this.

On instagram live today somebody had that same exact question um we've been doing a lot more instagram live because we have wi-fi and we have wi-fi so we're back on instagram live so if you don't follow us on instagram you should follow us there because we do lives there two or three times a week as well and i'm going live on youtube by myself.

Right now what's up yeah gary says acid reflux weaned off omeprazole per your advice at the room oh hey your girlfriend been carnivore three weeks and i've lost 10 pounds well done past week uh while sleeping my acid.

Reflux is flaring up times help a little bit um but they have sugar what's your advice yeah and so if you need to take either a swig of apple cider vinegar they used to help me amazingly or taking occasional tums i like tums better than rolaids because it's magnesium instead of aluminum uh but i.

Think you'll notice as the days go by and the weeks go by your heartburn's going to get less and less and less especially as you lose more and more weight your heartburn is just going to go away i think you'll notice that that happens janelle how long does it take for.

Sertraline to get out of my system and then taking 50 milligrams for two years the half-life of sertraline is it's probably gone out of your system in three to four days but you can have substantial withdrawals from any of the the medications that are.

For depression for weeks and so if you feel weird spooky spacey odd that's part of it that's part of your brain getting back to normal eat a proper human diet and stick with it and the side effects will go away eventually uh effects are in lexapro they're the worst for side.

Effects when you stop taking them it's almost like they built that into them so that you would just never stop taking them because when you try to stop taking one of those the side effects are so crazy that you're like just forget it i'll take it gosh but eventually the side effects do go away mt says my cholesterol's 346 hgl46.

Triglycerides 120 ldl 276 total particle 3500 with sizes uh 5600 1100 440 small to large to small was 15 my triglycerides went up and hdl down since last test i drink sugar-free pot yeah i'm guessing you're probably keto it sounds like you need to probably wean down and stop the pop.

Number one number two it's probably time to cut the carbohydrates a little bit further your triglycerides are within normal limits but they're not as low as i'd like to see them your hdl uh is is borderline normal but it needs to be higher than that and you're going to do that by eating more fatty meat and less carbohydrates so cut those.

Carbs some more uh stedgar again i haven't gone keto or carnivore yet i have high b12 due to the mthfr mutation yup yup some people have that as well uh and that can that can give that reading uh make sure if you're gonna take a b12 supplement to take the methylated b12 i'm sure you know that i actually.

Recommend a methylated b complex so that you're getting the methylated version of all the b vitamins but you're going to get plenty of b vitamins from your meat don't worry uh venetia uh i hope i'm saying that right what can i do for gas and constipation on carnivore.

Yeah you want to take that huh so i'm trying to save my boy you as your bacteria in your gut rebalance you might have a week or two of diarrhea or a week or two of flatulence as we call it in the biz but that's going to get better and go away now make sure by constipation you.

Mean that you're having straining and pain and bleeding when you try to do number two if you're just not doing as much number two as you used to do as often as you used to do that's because you meat is the most nutrient dense food on the planet you absorb and utilize all virtually all of it so there's no waste left over to poop.

Out mummy you says it's ketobor and regular weightlifting enough to boost your immune system to keep you from the um virus that shall not be named i'm scared of the side effects yeah i understand your fear uh we don't talk about.

The that that on this channel because of previous hours head slapping that i got from youtube yeah i i think that you're on the right track uh listen to your heart listen to your mind pray about it and keep learning and keep researching yours sounds like you're a smart person yeah and ketobora and.

Weightlifting is not going to hurt a thing for your shoes they both strength strengthen your immune system yes renee uh oh thank you kiddo bye uh renee says is there any advice you give regarding esophageal dysmobility and esophageal reflux yeah very often esophageal disc mobility is is just kind of a diagnosis that doctors.

Give you uh because you're having heartburn i think if you go either ketovor or carnivore within 30 to 60 days both of these conditions that you've probably been suffering from for many many months or years will just go away that's what happened for me ryan says my dad had a heart attack in.

2016 and that he got put on a trophy statin he has 66 i want him to come off of this but he'll only listen to a cardiologist how can i help him any advice that you can give me yeah if he would uh if he watches youtube videos there's a i have a good friend who who is a interventional cardiologist his name is.

Nadir ali and he is a wonderful cardiologist down in texas and he has great youtube videos that explain why the statins or they don't really help you nearly as much as your dad's doctor obviously think they do uh sean says my mom was put on lipitor for high cholesterol and triglycerides.

Am i correct in thinking that she could better lower these numbers by switching to a low carb or ketogenic diet yeah she could lower her triglycerides back to normal within three weeks with a a keto or a ketogenic carnivore diet her ldl cholesterol may go up it may go down or it may stay the same on keto ketovork or carnivore.

It's different for different people but again watch dr nadir ali's videos and also dr david diamond they talk about why you should not worry about your total cholesterol or your ldl cholesterol uh grow with the flow says immediate route out of a fossil ulcerative colitis flare-ups or that.

Fast or not yeah i would totally fast yeah fast and drink water with some electrolytes and just fast and let your gut just let it rest and then you can start i would restart after the after the flare's gone i'd restart carnivore i wouldn't even mess around jamie says i'm down 27 pounds in two.

Months with keto and intermittent fasting thank you for help saving my life yes now jay you owe us jamie your job now is to teach your family and teach your friends how to do this as well tired looking for of looking for a name my eye doctor found that i'm developing a cataract he is saying that i have.

About 15 years till i need surgery will my current keto carnivore lifestyle extend this time before i need surgery i predict yes uh cataracts are intimately related to hyperglycemia hyperinsulinemia and glycation right and so when you eat too many carbs they break down into sugar.

And then those sugars stick to different proteins they can stick to the proteins in the lens of your eye and lead to cataracts and so i would predict that you'll have to have cataract surgery sometime between the next 30 years and never would be my guess so yeah you can probably double that recommendation just.

By eating a proper human diet uh lindsey says my tsh has gone up since keto any idea um i have no thyroid and i'm on medications yeah how do you feel lindsay that's the most important question if you if you say i feel great my energy is great i'm sleeping great then don't worry about it it's fine but.

If you're having low thyroid symptoms then maybe go see your doc and talk about increasing that med ms susan says should i be concerned with our road test results i don't have any symptoms a 66 year old female 118 pounds nomads low carb high fat for four years reverse t321 free t3 2.3.

Pre t4 1.4 tsh 1.94 a1c 5.0 so you have that all that looks good yeah these yeah these numbers are fine um and you feel good yeah the reverse t3 is a little high that's that's probably what freaked your doctor out if you didn't have any symptoms i'm not sure why they checked the full thyroid penalty she may have asked for yeah it's.

Fine if you did but if if you were having a problem with your thyroid you would be having symptoms and you're not having symptoms and your other numbers look spectacular so keto on um noodle okay i love your content.

Oh oh consider getting bitcoin lightning address for donations i've thought about that actually i've looked into that um i may i may look into that a little more i didn't know that was an option yeah yeah you can do that uh lena says what can i do for positive thyroid health when you don't.

Have one i already take armor i'm a type 2 in what's ir insulin resistance it's only resistant yeah intermittent fasting keto and started carnivore a few weeks ago you're doing everything yeah that's.

Exactly right add to this some kind of daily vigorous exercise you can go for a quick run you can lift some weights it can be vigorous activity in the bedroom just something to get sweaty and out of breath every day take your armor and uh eat very very low carb and eat lots of fatty meat and that's you're literally.

Doing everything that it requires for a human being to be healthy as long as you feel good with the exercise if the exercise triggers you to feel worse and you don't feel that then you've done too much so you got to find that happy medium for you and that can be from an afternoon walk to doing a few sprints.

A day just depends on each person oh you can retract your message i didn't know that i guess so huh chris why did you retract your message man nancy did too jessica i'm experiencing some major hormonal imbalances i have a doctor's appointment tomorrow how do i make sure.

I'm getting the most out of my visit very good question yeah absolutely so watch my videos about hormones write down all the labs that i talk about getting checked don't let the doctor forget a full thyroid panel a full adrenal panel and a full sex hormone panel.

Um and then tell your doctor in detail every symptom that you've noticed that's important time frame best to make a list prior to going to your appointment so that you don't forget something in the moment because usually the thing you forget is like the number one thing you.

Wanted to talk about so write it down ahead of time so that way you're not putting you know the headlights and you forget exactly what you're there you forget the most important question yeah sounds like you've done that before melinda i tried carnivore five years ago but started waking up at 3am and falling.

Asleep at 3 pm how can i prevent this from happening if i try it again that's really odd i wonder if there was some other stress or drama going on in your life at that time that just happened to coincide i have heard of people on a carnivore diet needing less total sleep and so they would they would start waking up at 4 30.

Or 5. i'd do that i woke up at 5 30 this morning um what did she say she did it five years five years ago yeah yeah there may have been i would try it again i doubt you'll have that same negative side effect do magic mushrooms break your fast.

Depends on if you yeah well they're mushrooms they break it for you do your thing nice thank you return to positive oh we gotta we i was able to reclaim my facebook page oh yeah so it's okay now we're out of the woods there we go yeah as far as we know yeah thank you fred.

Uh fully okay yeah for anyone who has been doing carnivore for say over a year with no issues are supplements really necessary if you're including organ meat i don't think so the only thing you might have to worry about is electrolytes and minerals.

If the animals are grazing on pasture that is depleted in minerals then the the animals can't actually make minerals they have to get it from what they eat and that's why i love the the ketochow daily minerals is that way if i if i don't need the minerals i just pee these out if i need them i got them because minerals are very very important but.

Otherwise i think you're doing fine if you include oregon meat bubba bubba says my a1c was 12 six weeks ago doing ketovorum my average blood sugar is down to 110 um on slow down my weight loss if i'm ketobor.

Probably a little bit uh but maybe not just keep doing what you're doing and what's gonna happen is when you go back in three months and get your a1c check it's going to be drastically lower and then you're going to say hey i want.

To stop one of these which ones can i stop and then the doc will probably pick the guardians and then you can take those empty for three more months and then go back and your a1c is going to be even lower and then you can say i want to stop that too and then you'll be off meds congratulations.

Cara um cara has a 14 year old daughter with adhd and oppositional defiant disorder i want her to go keto to help with brain function and extreme behaviors how do i convince her yeah so there are several support groups on facebook for moms that have kids just like yours.

There's probably someone in the comments right now if you can find someone who has a daughter that is close to the same age as your daughter that has done keto and they can become friends i think that's probably the point that's gonna work best so she can see someone who's like her and her age and they can be friends and talk about it.

And maybe this other girl can tell her look i know it sounds stupid i thought i was stupid too but i feel so much better and i'm really glad my mom talked me into this that kind of thing for a 14 year old because we're talking about a 14 year old teenager girl with odd i mean.

Yeah she's not probably not going to hear it from you it's got to come from a pier and so if you could find somebody like that that's a great idea so if you think that you can help kara hook up in the comments yes 100 because she's in a bind right now because her daughter would definitely benefit.

But it's probably going to not listen to mom all right let's see here nancy should i add in trulicity and ozimpic per doctor to accelerate my weight loss i'm down 40 pounds since february 21st blood sugar's down from 300 plus to the 80s 90s fancy good job already take uh.

15 milligrams of stegolartro and 500 of metformin you're doing so awesome why would you not want to take credit for all the weight loss but i know i know i understand you want to lose it as quickly as you can i read the read the side effects and read.

The black box warning and if you if you still are wanting to do it at that point yeah take it for three months or so but i i would be i would much prefer you not do that and just keep kicking ass on your own but i understand it's your choice to make uh chris should i be concerned with.

Fluttering under my right rib cage i've been ketobor for two years and lost 100 pounds beautiful but i started having this issue just recently it could be just a muscle spasm in one of your intercostal muscles but it can also be your heart so if it's happening pretty regularly you might consider talking to your doctor about it.

If you're having shortness of breath with it or pain with it or fatigue with it then 100 talk to your doctor about it and get your heart checked out but it may not be your heart but depending on your age and your health you probably should talk to your doctor i don't know how to pronounce this we're.

Just going to go with g gorinder hey doc my tsh level 0.57 is it normal what can i do to make my thyroid functioning normal please help yeah that that's the tsh is not actually a marker of your thyroid function that's a marker of pituitary function uh if you're not having any symptoms of.

Low thyroid then your your thyroid is probably 100 fine sj says thanks so much for all you do i've started carnivore and i want to know if there's anything else i need to be doing for fatty liver other than carnivore that's going to fix it with it for somewhere between three weeks and three months your fatty liver will be.

Gone i would keep out all sweeteners of any kind uh and eat lots of fatty meat and go back to your doctor three months later and be re-diagnosed as not having fatty liver terry says i like how she's right i'm a born-again carnivore.

One month one month was told by my orthodox i will need a knee replacement in 18 to 24 months can carnivore help heal and regenerate are there any specific foods i should be eating yes i think so uh regenerating and healing cartilage and tendons and ligaments is a very slow thing so don't expect this to happen in.

Days to weeks it's gonna take months and maybe a year or two but yes i think it's possible you absolutely need to save every bone from every piece of meat you eat and keep it in a ziploc bag in the in the freezer and once a month make a huge pot of slow roasted slow simmered bone broth that stuff is magic and it contains.

Within it every single thing you need to rebuild cartilage and now that you're eating carnivore you've gotten rid of the inflammation out of your joints so the cartilage can actually start to regenerate you might just surprise your doctor uh brent is it.

Is it responsible for doctors to recommend tests and refer you to specialist and ordering stuff costing you thousands how do i balance things it depends brain it depends on your symptoms it depends on your current medical status it depends on what specialty of doctor you want to some people.

Want a doctor to check every test in the book other people want to check just what's the minimum necessary because they don't want to get a big bill from the lab or from the imaging center i understand both philosophies but at some point if you're afraid there's something wrong.

You just gotta trust your doctor and say dude don't break the bank here now but check what we need to check so i hope that helps charles i'm overweight 330 pounds and i have doe and the cardiologist wants me on an extreme salt restricted diet along with diuretics to reduce the fluids yeah charles if you will adopt a diet.

That's as close to zero grams of carbohydrates a day as you can possibly tolerate you're gonna start to diurese out the fluid on your own and you're gonna start to just pee out all that extra fluid now you might need to be on a low dose of a.

Diuretic for a while i don't know how severe your condition is but uh you need to eat a proper human diet starting in the morning okay in the morning bacon and eggs for you just so you know we say we it's in the description we've said this every i don't know how many.

Times this is not medical advice right always check with your provider before you stop or start any medication i am a doctor but i'm not your doctor yes yes okay yeah i need to reiterate that sanjay says i do three 40 to 44 hour fasts a week wow is that too much i started keto for two years about two years ago and i've.

Lost 80 pounds i'm concerned i'm doing too much fasting i mean maybe you are did somebody say something about it how do you feel how do you feel is your energy great do you enjoy the fasting that you do uh i've come to really really enjoy i haven't talked to you about this i've come to really enjoy my daily.

Intermittent fast like i'll be out in the in the woods or in the pasture with my chainsaw and my gator out there working and it's just like it'll be 2 p.m 3 p.m and i'm like yeah i'm not hungry i'm gonna keep working that's so awesome it's so liberating faster she's extended i know.

But i'm just saying a lot of people would say oh you shouldn't fast for 18 hours it's dangerous but it's up to you if you feel great and your your body your skin looks great your hair looks great then i think it's perfectly safe for you to fast that that often and that much.

But at some point it might not be necessary for you to fast do you have a reason why are you doing it do you enjoy it or do you have a goal because then if you know that's a personal but i have actually come to enjoy not eating it's kind of cool to not to not be shackled to a plate before all the time i enjoy.

Eating uh well i do too when it comes but josie i've been carnivore for two months and lost 27 pounds at recent physical my a1c was 5.2 beautiful is 610 and height could this be from carnivore wonder why they checked your myeloperoxidase that's not a very common.

Test to check uh that's probably not from the diet but i'm also not convinced that it means anything either follow up with your doc and have a conversation about why'd you check this what does it mean and what are we going to do next but i think you probably have nothing to worry about michelle says any tips for someone who.

Wants to come off birth control pills after 30 years i'm nervous my heart was a little crazy i've been clean keto for three years yeah they're gonna go crazy yeah uh you i mean you could try weaning off them but you just probably need to throw them in the garbage and stop and your hormones are gonna flip-flop for a minute that's.

Right just you know mentally prepare yourself and your family that's oh that's brilliant tell your tell your spouse tell your kids tell your neighbors i may be crazy for a few days i'm stopping my birth control so if i say anything just don't take it to heart that's yeah that's good strategy because.

You're probably going to say a few things that will regret or maybe you just have been needing to say what does that have to mean you have to be sad for years and you yeah keto bite says am i out of luck for weight.

Loss i've been while on meds for an autoimmune disease i've been on mostly beef water and black coffee for three months depending on the medications you're on for your autoimmune issues you might be almost out of luck but i firmly believe that even if you're not losing weight you're still reaping tremendous health benefits.

In hundreds of other ways so i would take heart i would continue to be motivated and know you're helping your health long term by eating the way you are the weight loss may be slow but it'll come eventually kenneth says my ph is 5.75 how do i how do i get it up to a balanced ph yeah so how did you check your ph.

Unless you had an arterial blood gas which is where they stick a needle into your artery here or here then you have no idea what your your ph is you can't check an accurate ph from venous blood any good doctor knows that any doctor in the er if they want to know what your ph is they're going to.

Check an arterial stick i've done these hundreds and hundreds of times in my years in the emergency department if you did it from a spit test or a urine test or a venous blood sample they're com your your ph is most assuredly not 5.75 don't worry.

Is there a trend about ph well yes there is and they gave a lot of bad information i'm not going to name any names um so go ahead you need to i'm sorry i'm excited this is this is so aaron also has a question about ph he wants to know.

What proper urine ph should be on keto there is no proper urine ph your body uses two mechanisms to keep your the ph of your blood very narrowly controlled okay you when you're breathing out carbon dioxide that regulates your ph and when you urinate your urine can become very basic if you've if you've eaten too many.

Alkaline foods it'll become very alkaline if you've eaten acidic foods it'll become very acidic it does that to balance the ph of your blood you cannot eat enough alkaline foods to move the ph of your blood.

Two tenths of a point you could eat 47 pounds of broccoli and your blood ph would be the same thing okay now your urine ph is gonna vary widely depending on what you've eaten that is a mechanism to control your blood ph which is the most important thing it doesn't matter what your urine ph is your body uses that it's like a meter it.

Can dial it up or down to keep your blood ph right where it needs to be which is the that's the important a little glitch in the matrix he's so funny okay we're back ashley says will ketobor help with prolactinoma.

Tsh is finally decreasing but now my prolactin is increasing yeah you definitely need to eat a proper human diet which ketobor is one of the options but a prolactinoma you need to follow up with your your primary care and your uh neurologist neurosurgeon about that uh chaz have you heard of the website on.

Your labs yes so dave feldman has this website where you can go explain yeah so you can actually request what labs you want checked and they'll do it and i haven't actually checked the prices but i know dave feldman and he's not priced yeah he's going to make it as cheap as he can possibly get by making it so i would highly recommend using.

Dave feldman's uh what's what's the name of it on your lap on your laps yeah i think uh dave feldman is one of the most honest people i've ever met and unbiased people he would walk a mile and a half to correct something if he even thought that he had misled you that's how honest honesty is yeah.

Tiffany is carnivore good for gastritis and autoimmune issues i've had i just had a positive ama been keto for three months i've lost 40 pounds and is fiber needed for gut health so yes congratulations and no.

No fiber is not needed for good health yes carnivore is good for gust rise and autoimmune issues and way to go yeah way to go keep up the great work yeah we have a lot of chats that's insane i'm trying to keep up misty i have nash and my dog has me on a low solid diet and a void uh told me to avoid excessive protein yeah my feet.

Swell with too much salt and i was told saturated fat is bad for my liver yeah you've been given a lot of bad information misty i've got great youtube videos about nafld which is very very similar to nash and the diet that you need to eat is exactly the same so go watch my youtube videos about fatty liver.

Nash is just one step further down the road from fatty liver you're actually starting to have inflammation in your liver the hepatitis part so yeah you need to eat a fatty meat heavy keto ketobor carnivore diet and salt to taste and quickly your fatty liver will be gone your nash will calm down the inflammation.

Will get better your numbers will return to normal and you'll pee off all the extra fluids you're holding salts not what's causing that it's carbohydrates and hyperinsulinemia thank you jackie see tarno i have graves and i've been stripped keto for 11 months and three weeks on carnivore will carnival help with grapes.

Yeah carnivore is is part of the proper human diet it's going to help your health in hundreds of ways but if you have graves disease hyperthyroidism you need to follow up with your doctor about that okay jay i was trying to do three day fasting after 58 hours my blood sugar went down.

To 51. i felt good i ate eggs and chicken to bring my sugar up any advice i'm on no medications nope no this happens to nature sometimes she'll check her blood sugar and it'll be in the the the mid to low and in the 50s and 40s yeah she's had a what was it 48. she feels perfectly fine and so.

Uh if you're a type 1 diabetic then obviously never never do you want that to happen but if you're not a type 1 diabetic in the middle of the night after after if you've been fasting or if you've been there's lots of things they could do it some people's blood sugars go down into the high 50s mid 50s low 50s it's not a.

Big deal as long as you feel fine now if you feel faint sweaty nauseated confused that those are symptoms of low blood sugar but that's one of the labs that i think that'll have to be revamped when enough people start eating a proper human diet is they're going to have to change the normal range for for blood glucose it's going to have to be down.

Like 52 to 95 that's going to be the normal range because so many carnivores have blood sugars in the in the high 50s louie hey thanks louis love you both you saved my life i recommend powder glycine to glycine does give a it's an amino acid but it gives a little bit of a sweet.

Flavor um okay so he also tried your advice on how to find a keto dog and hasn't found one yet the doctor doctor is going to be the best resource they try to update that i think monthly so just keep checking back and checking back on their list of keto doctors and even if you have to drive an.

Hour or two to get to a low carb worth it probably worth it yeah i'm getting hungry you are yeah uh christopher will keto help with exposure to agent orange and the problems that develop from that maybe um that's a very complex subject i've read very deeply about agent orange and all.

The things that the federal government finally i acquiesced and said it causes um i think a lot of our our respected troops who suffer from agent orange syndrome their health would improve immensely on a very low carbohydrate diet full of fatty meat plus or minus a little veg i.

Think it would help tremendously with the high hemoglobin a1cs the high blood sugars the high levels of inflammation hi from switzerland does carnivore diet help against male pattern hair loss do you recommend the drug finasteride yeah the finasteride actually messes with.

Your hormones it doesn't read about actually how finasteride works before you agree to take that i'm a much bigger fan of rogaine minoxidil that goes on topically because it's not going to mess with your hormones nearly as much finasteride can be a booger just read about how it.

Actually works i have we have heard lots of reports from people eating a carnivore diet that their hair started to regrow and that their gray hair started to turn back to its normal color but obviously that hadn't helped me or anisha y'all got a lot of gray yeah we got gray and and i hadn't had too much.

Hair loss i don't know more than you yeah you've lost more than me but it could be carnivores i don't know that's something that's really hard to answer i would love to say hell yes carnivore make your hair grow back but that's that's pushing it i haven't lost her hair i have gray hair you have way more than you do yeah you.

Said lost more hair oh i thought you meant you lost more because you got a lot of hair a lot of hair jay wants to know what do you do if you have high creatine and his was 1.7 yeah so you may have some degree of chronic kidney disease you need to get to a nephrologist and get formally diagnosed with exactly what kidney condition you.

Have in the meantime and thereafter you need to be eating a proper human diet full of fatty meat plus or minus some veg um luigi says can i stay in carnivore for the rest of my life what was his name luigi yes luigi you can't.

I have to say it like this miss keto says my ortho told me i have to have a knee replacement but he hopes i can wait 10 years any way to regenerate myself well if he's giving you 10 years that's a lot yeah absolutely daily exercise eat your bone broth regularly eat lots.

Of fatty meat include some organ meat in your diet whether it's chicken liver cod liver beef liver and and keep your bones strong keep your muscles strong and feed your body everything it needs to make new cartilage okay i've got youtube videos about.

Foods rich in vitamin d foods rich in collagen how to get collagen properly the all those things matter that's what your bones and what your your cartilage and your ligaments and your tendons are made of so you need to eat those things daily jordan says i was on two prolly sex and half a bottle of pepto for 14 years.

Thanks to your videos on carnivore i've been off of them completely you have restricted me from seeing my gi doctor oh jordan feels restricted dude i'm sorry jordan watch that video yeah see i'm restricted from from having heartburn anymore myself marshall what's wrong with eating green beans on keto for some people green.

Beans are too high in carbohydrate for other people the lectins they're a legume right just like a pea just like a soybean some people have quite a bit of inflammation in different parts of their body if they consume too many now if you're gonna eat beans you need to cook them to death.

It's not going to erase the carbohydrates but it will knock down the the levels of lectins and phytates and other phytochemicals that are in there that could lead to inflammation uh if you remember back when your grandmother used to buy that big bag of beans from the store what would she do.

She would soak them overnight right and then she would cook the dog out of them cook them for like two days and then you would eat the beans on the third day that's actually you should never eat a bean unless you've cooked it just like that and rather than go to all that trouble i'd just rather grab a rib eye and.

Throw it in the skillet yeah hoc uh is keto good for low adrenals my dhea is 37. yeah yeah definitely it's gonna help uh but also you might want to temporarily take a good dhea supplement or a pregnant alone supplement just to get your numbers up as you slowly.

Correct it with your diet the colored caboose have you heard of carnivore helping get rid of fatty lymph nodes um so if you have swollen lymph nodes you need to go see your doctor okay if what you're saying is you have lipomas under your skin just at random places then yes we've had feedback from.

Hundreds if not thousands of people who had lipomas under their skin some even with the genetic predisposition to have lots of them on a uh ketivore or carnivore diet their glaucoma has actually shrunk over the months not but if you're talking about lymph nodes.

Then you need to go see your doctor yeah that's not fatty that's not fatty yeah john says i've lost 150 pounds over the last year and a half of keto your videos have been great help on my journey what are your thoughts on niacin therapy for depression and anxiety it might help it's fairly natural give it a try don't forget that one of the.

Main side effects from taking niacin is you get a hot hot flush or a hot flash uh women just know it's a hot flash men usually think they're having a heart attack and go to the yard but that that's the main side effect of niacin but i think it's worth a try marcus says what do you feed your dogs.

Meat meat yeah and we feed the cat fish and meat he loves hamburger meat he's asleep over here by the way he's crashed out oh no he loves ground beef yep um he gets liverpool you cook it or give it to him wrong i cook it he cooked it but because.

He's little yeah like the older he gets i might give him a little bit they're slowly converting the wrong you can't just give any animal raw meat you have to transition them or they get really sick to their stomach and have diarrhea and you don't want that don't want that all right okay.

Jeff well carnivore help reducing help reduce fatty liver i thought i heard you say that but maybe i miss her 100 jeff if you want to reverse your fatty liver within three weeks to three months go ketobor or carnivore kia keto helps too it's just going to take a little bit longer but any of those diets will reverse your.

Fatty liver i hope you uh got recent labs in an ultrasound do carnivore for 90 days and then go back and let your doctor repeat that and watch your doctor's face as they look at your normal tests will carnivore help meniere's disease yeah a lot of people notice that they're.

Tinnitus or if you're from the south your tinnitus tinnitus gets substantially better the vertigo gets better the feeling of fullness gets better uh then i've had a few people say mine didn't really get any better but lots of people say it's not gone but it's much.

Much better so i think it's worth a shot uh cc says wife has lost 55 pounds reverse type 2 diabetes a1c down from 9 to 5. alt went down alk and phosphorus went up um i saw your weight watchers versus keto video now i'm concerned yeah so alkaline phosphatase is a very general test okay.

Uh if her alkaline phosphatase is abnormally high if it's just high normal it's still normal don't worry about it but if it's actually in the abnormal high range go back to your doctor and ask for a fractionated alkaline phosphatase because the alkaline phosphatase actually comes from the gut.

Comes from the female reproductive organs and it can come from bone so you don't know where it's coming from but if you do it fractionated then it looks at all the different parts but if hers is just high normal or just went up a few points it's irrelevant long as it's within normal limits don't worry about it.

Paula miss paula says 2018 started keto lost 65 pounds reverse type 2 struggled in 2020 didn't we all gained 10 pounds i now track everything but the scales have not moved what macros for a 50 year old woman you you did it once you can do it again the last 10 pounds are always the worst.

They take the longest and your cortisol is probably still high from 20 20. and if you're 50 you may have just went through the change or maybe you're fixing to go through the change or maybe you are going through the change yeah um dr jamie seaman who's ob gyn she recommends for all of her keto ladies to get plenty of.

Healthy fats and get up and move and that doesn't mean you have to become a marathon runner right but getting up and moving for some reason is a really key factor for women over 50 or who are going through the change it changes those hormone values is what it does well it's not going to get off in the what weeds with the sides all right i'll.

Just anyways check out dr james she's great joseph says can you do a video on how carnivorous keto benefits illnesses like ms and similar illnesses good idea joseph i'll work on that do you have an ms video i thought i thought you did i don't think so i think we've talked about it on live videos before but i don't have a.

Video this dog has got i don't even know what he's got into but half his back end is muddy and his front end is clean and i don't really know how that happened and he's on this pillow snuggling in total man melissa wants to know what causes protein in urine i'm 26 weeks pregnant yeah so multiple things could.

Cause that but uh you need to follow up with your doctor if you have protein in your urine schedule to follow up with you if you did yeah surely they did uh but it could be infection in the kidney it could be some kidney problem uh you can have ketones in your urine and.

Not be a big deal but usually if there's protein in your urine that's at least some degree of a deal so follow up with your doctor about that yeah toto is a little stinker holly y'all know stinker the ones if you follow us for years now he's the problem child yeah he is but we love him does bone.

Broth break a fast stephen yeah i think so stephen because it has protein and amino acids and they're going to raise your your insulin level a normal amount a healthy amount but it is going to elevate your insulin so i think it breaks it fast yeah i think it's very healthy and very good for you and you should drink some every.

Day but not during your fasting window where does that go andy's girl andy's girl waves to dr barry my labs are all coming down and back to better than ever across the board down 46 pounds in three months on carnival that's andy's girl right there for you i love it i wish that i had indeed.

I was going to do that i knew you were i didn't that's why i waited yeah oh yeah i guess it would be no i really don't idiot she's yours uh zam what's known as vigorous exercise spiked blood sugars yeah you can and that's good also fasting for over 18.

Hours can make your blood sugar go up a little bit that's not bad it's not dangerous that's not pathology that's how the human body works we've just forgotten all that stuff hlc wants to know is marathon training okay with low adrenals um yeah just take your dhea supplement eat your fatty meat and go run.

If you wanna if you wanna i don't know i don't wanna clown 420 is eating raw meat safe if the meat is fresh if it smells good if you are certain of the origin of the meat i think it's a hundred percent safe uh at least once a week nisha or i one eat some raw meat it's not a big deal.

As it's been made out to be now if the meat was killed in australia processed in china and came over on a cargo ship set for six weeks in the in the san diego port and then was rode on a container truck all the way to your farm you know your grocery then you probably shouldn't eat that meat raw also if it's been ground and ground up.

And smooshed together you probably shouldn't eat that meat we don't eat ground beef raw i'm sure there's someone out there doing it if it's a fresh steak we haven't made tartar in a while no we need to we've been saying we were gonna make that video for three years no joke listen though what you just said we've had way goo.

Like twice okay and one time it was raw and that definitely didn't come from around here and it was fine but it wasn't processed and smooshed up and came from 40 different cows yeah well you just went on a loss one cow this is my my point is to know the source know where your meat came from and i in that case it's 100 seconds we.

Have had steak tartare with a steak from walmart we've had steak tartare from a steak from kroger we've had it from a locals i think way back on my instagram i actually did it on my phone of me making steak tartares years ago we've really enjoyed it.

Uh should you eat island man should you eat steak gristle or just take fat both hundred percent the gristle in the steak that's one of the things that you guys out there with knee arthritis you need to be learning to like the gristle in your steak the little tendons when you're eating chicken legs the skin on your tuna the.

Sardines with the bones in them that's the kind of stuff your body needs to rebuild your joints so you gotta learn to like it put some mustard on it last question what is it no that's old okay why does this what what happened it doesn't scroll oh.

I i know uh stream yard if you're watching could you make the comments just auto scroll i understand why you're doing that but stop that what oh you were talking to someone who's not listening well they may be listening i don't know nobody cares there's 2700.

People maybe somebody works at stringyard hey you guys before you leave please make sure you hit that thumb on the way out hit the thumb go subscribe to my channel follow us both on instagram all the links are in the bio uh or description facebook here instagram no youtube here yep we're not.

On it and come over to twitter and help me fight for the proper human diet because people trying to give me crap about it every day on twitter and i'm fighting and i need some reinforcement listen if you want to survive life and protect your mental health please don't go on twitter.

No do it if you're feeling snarky go to twitter no aaron said spank the thumb button i'm going to start saying that thank you button and spank the subscribe button in a good way hit spank bell notification that's hilarious right thank you aaron i love it i love it thank you guys thanks.

So much to our facebook's uh supporters and to our patrons on i'll be doing a live in on patreon uh wednesday this wednesday at 6 p.m for vital patrons and above if you've got a more detailed question you want to ask me is the place to do it that's where the tribe is that's where.

The tribe is i made it i didn't cough a whole lot no snot bubbles see a lot of people are like yes toxic twitter toxic yeah yeah twitter's rough all right guys we'll see you next week set a reminder and remind your mama
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