KETO/Carnivore/Fasting/Nutrition/Health Q&A

KETO/Carnivore/Fasting/Nutrition/Health Q&A

KETO/Carnivore/Fasting/Nutrition/Health Q&A

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I see you is this going to show the whole thing oh lady i don't know i guess it cuts it up are we still live yep okay all right all right let's do some questions for the next hour we're going to answer as many questions as we possibly can just for you we do this every monday night.

The lord willing and the internet good set a timer right now for next week so you don't forget that's what i have to do all right um see patel said diagnosed oh lord where'd it go y'all's comments are going fast tonight i'm sorry boston.

All right kristen says please talk about weight gain on carnivore i had to quit after a month because i couldn't stand it i lost three and then gained ten before i stopped yeah and i'll let this nation address this a lot of women notice this on carnivore it's almost as if you were so.

Malnourished that your body feels like it needs to put some weight back on uh you take it from there because this is this is i've never heard this from a man on the carnivore diet if the man needed to lose weight but we've heard it from multiple women.

Yeah i hear this quite frequently from women who go from keto to carnivore and for most women who stick to it i also hear that it then reverses and then they start losing weight and they see all the benefits kelly hogan's the best example i can give you she went carnivore and just go watch her.

Youtube channel and follow her on instagram she's my zero carb life she gained maybe 20 pounds when she started but she stuck with it and now she's lost over 100 pounds and she's doing fantastic and she doesn't eat grass-fed beef she eats mostly hamburgers from.

Mcdonald's and walmart meat so she's a great example of sticking with it and also that you don't have to have an expensive cut of meat to have success and lose weight i saw a question earlier about iodine and hashimoto's disease that's a very important question this person was actually told by their.

Doctor by their thyroid specialist that they were allergic to iodine since they had hashimoto's that is incorrect no human being on the planet who is currently alive is allergic to iodine that is impossible you need iodine for every single cell in your body not just your thyroid gland not just.

Your mammary glands every cell in your body that's ever been studied uses iodine it has a specific transporter that moves iodine inside the cell at the cost of atp and for you biology nerds out there you'll know the human body doesn't move things.

Across the cell membrane spending atp to do that unless that cell needs it so every human being on the planet needs a good source of iodine including and probably especially people with hashimoto's thyroiditis so yeah i have hashimoto's i was diagnosed four years ago and he told me to start taking.

Iodine i had severe pain especially in the heels of my feet which is kind of a replacement pain and i was freezing all the time which is typical for hashimoto's and when i started taking the iodine i don't know what two or three weeks after i started taking it my heel pain.

Was gone which was crazy and my temperature was regulated and then also you know i would i was put on meds but the iodine really is what helped with my pain more than the desiccated thyroid yeah so if any doctor tells anybody out there that you have an iodine allergy they don't.

Know what they're talking about they don't understand human physiology that is impossible or you would already be dead all right kimberly says what's the best advice for a food addict to start keto and carnivore most food addicts and many people with eating disorders the reason that they.

Have those things is because of the addictive nature of the franken food that big food manufacturers put out there for you that they advertise to you that they pay food chemists millions of dollars to make it addictive that's why you're a food addict okay nobody's addicted to.

Ribeye and broccoli and chicken liver nobody's addicted to those things because they're not addictive they're just nutrition but when you've spent decades of your life eating habit-forming food you're going to have an addiction and you break that addiction just like you break any other.

Addiction to cigarettes to alcohol to other drugs it sucks it hurts for about three to ten days you're gonna feel like crap and then the cycle will be broken and then you can just eat real food i've got videos on my youtube channel about that and other people have great videos on.

Youtube about how to break your addiction cycle regardless of what you're addicted to the steps to breaking that addiction are very much the same um let's see arianne says my cac score last may third was zero is it true that women still need healthier carbs like sweet.

Potatoes a week before their cycle some women feel better when they have carbohydrates during the week before their cycle but is it needed physiologically i've seen no research that that shows that in any way in my experience when i.

Did the carb up prior to my cycle the only thing it did was help me feed my emotions i didn't see any benefits whatsoever in fact when i stopped doing that i had less cramping and i didn't have the bloating and the overall fatigue that stuff went away now i mean it's still.

Your cycle it's going to kind of suck but for me the carbs only fed the emotions and that's not a rational logic to feeding myself carbs just just so what my mental state is because really though after that.

I felt worse and so was i really mentally you know helping myself no and i'm not being disrespectful to all of our our women watchers out there but if you if you started drinking whiskey a week before the week before your cycle and you stayed drunk the entire week you.

Would feel better that week you see what i'm saying but that doesn't mean that that's needed or necessary it doesn't mean that it's good for you i would try to keep your carbohydrate intake very very low every single day of the month including those seven days prior um somebody wants to know dr barry have you lost more.

Weight whaling i am currently uh stuck yeah happily stuck at about 225. uh for some reason a few months back i my body said yep everything's great we're going to get rid of this 240 we're going to go to 225 and so i work like a dog on the farm and i eat like a.

A ravenous lion in the kitchen and i'm just hanging out at 2 25 so and i i'm happy with this way do you want me to lose some more um no no stay here okay no i don't want you to you know have a big head and tiny little bite tiny buddy.

Big head like some meat on my man's bones i'm trying to work not bad okay let's see here uh sandy says is there anything else i can do to decrease my migraines besides going carnivore and adding in magnesium those are two great steps almost everybody notices a decrease in frequency and intensity.

Of their migraines when they go keto but some few people out there because of that distribution curve probably need to go as close to zero carb as they can making sure you've got plenty of magnesium is another great trick to keep you from having those migraines i've i had severe migraines.

All through my 20s 30s and 40s and now as a carnivore i may have one tiny little half-assed migraine that i can take two motrin for and and drink you know a diet dr pepper for the caffeine and it's it's gone and i i don't have to go to bed i don't throw up i don't have a headache all day it just goes away.

And that never never happens back when i was eating a standard american diet uh so you may be one of those people who has to keep it as close to zero carb as possible jj says um how was the blood work data on your patients who have been following carnivore 5 plus 10 plus or 20 plus years.

I don't have any personal patients who have been carnivore for that long but there are many many carnivores in the carnivore community who have been carnivored for 10 15 20 years and they happily share their lab work uh kelly hogan my zero carb life dr sean baker.

I think you just google him you'll find him he's been carnivore for a long time kelly's been carnivore longer than anybody i know their lab work always looks great um but you you would have to i don't have any personal patients who've been in carnival that long if you've been a carnivore for over five.

Years and you want to share your lab results yeah what's your opinion on caffeine and eczema i've been doing carnivore in keto since october and slowly seeing improvement but with occasional flare-ups still yeah the caffeine i'm sorry i'm sorry the caffeine.

May be part of the problem in your specific case i think some people can handle caffeine and it's not just the caffeine it's everything else all the flavonoids and all the stuff in coffee and tea that you might be one of those people who are sensitive to that.

There's one way to know for sure and that's to do a caffeine free coffee free tea free month or 90 days and see what your eczema does i'm glad it's getting better with with keto carnivore all right brown says how do i know which one to do carnivore or keto how do i decide.

That's a great question yeah great question so if you can't imagine your life without vegetables in it you should do keto but if you're like if you if you're like me like you mean i can eat as much meat as i want and i don't have to eat vegetables yes.

Okay then i'm a carnivore there you go for most people this is what generally happens they start out low carb then they go hardcore keto keeping their carbs under 20 total grams they see how much better they feel cutting the carbs that low and they say hey can i go lower are there certain.

Vegetables that i am actually sensitive to i didn't realize i am and before you know it they've cut out almost all the vegetables and then they're ketobor like me and then they segue into this i don't even want any vegetables and then they become carnivorous yeah it's very common after.

30 to 90 days of carnivore you're just you don't miss veggies at all you don't miss plants and you're just like why would i go back but some people try carnivore for 30 days and they're like no miss broccoli and i don't notice any increased benefits from carnivores so i'm going to be.

Keto and or ketovor and i think that's perfectly fine that's one of the beauty of the proper human diet is you get to play on the spectrum until you find the exact right way of eating for you on the proper human diet spectrum and then you stay there and there are a select few people who.

Absolutely have to eat carnivore michaela peterson is a great example of that she has several autoimmune disorders and if she even eats anything close to a vegetable she has a flare-up and it's miserable for days there are people who need to eat carnivore and then there's some of us who choose to eat carnivore and there's.

Some of us who are like no i'm that's boring yeah absolutely if you've been diagnosed with low iron you need to eat liver three times a week it can be chicken liver beef liver pork liver doesn't matter serving the liver three times a week addison says what are your thoughts.

On oh gosh spondylolithiosis spondylolisthesis yeah there you go and back surgery i'm at a grade two so grade two is borderline whether you're going to need surgery or not before you lay down on the operating table i would absolutely have done 90 days of.

Carnivore okay doesn't mean you have to be carnival the rest of your life but i would do 90 days of carnivore and then reassess your back pain your your range of motion limitations your level of inflammation because i predict that with a grade two after 90 days of carnivore you're going.

To be like i feel fine i'm not having surgery but that may or may not be the case only you'll know after you've done your 90 day carnivore jj could cheat meals once a week or once a month set you back a whole lot i'm only 22 and sometimes i want.

Pasta yeah if you're going to cheat with pasta you might as well cheat with jelly donuts first of all that's a terrible cheat maybe if you're 22 and super healthy and slim you might be able to cheat like that and not notice any perceptible difference.

In your health or inflammatory status but i would cheat with something less bad than pasta yeah that's all i would be surprised if he didn't see some gi issues from cheating with pasta yeah about once every six months this one thinks she's gonna cheat with pasta not.

Anymore when i first began it was a lot more free and then what happened though after the pasta so right before i got pregnant i had one spoonful not even kidding of this truffle macaroni and cheese and i thought i was going to die and it wasn't from the truffle or the cheese it was the pasta yeah the pasta.

Is the devil guys yeah i know they advertise pasta so healthy and so wholesome it's just as bad as eating sugar out of your grandmother's sugar bowl that she used to keep on the table oh he thanks becky all right samantha wants to know cannot stomach liver.

Or beef liver pills enough may well they're oh oh are they enough yeah okay i'm sorry misunderstood uh they're i don't think that the like ancestral supplements their liver capsules they're good but i don't i don't believe and i don't portray that they're as good as liver.

You need to learn to eat your liver watch nisha's recipes she can make chicken liver taste like heaven you don't have to eat beef liver or pork liver chicken liver is fine cod liver is fine you can take the ancestral supplements liver capsules and that's way the hell better than.

Nothing while you're learning to like real liver i'm going to keep my mouth shut everybody's going to learn still learning to like liver there's plenty of carnivores not eating liquor and they do just fine you love saying that don't you warm or wrong show me the line no you're.

Right you're right that's absolutely true all right greetings from belgium says john what's your opinion on omad so those of you who are new that means one meal a day right i think it's a very powerful tool some people don't need to eat one meal a.

Day in order to attain their health and weight loss and nutrition goals some people do need to eat one meal a day if you've got a large percentage of body fat you need to lose omad is going to help you lose it quicker okay it's it's the that is the best form of intermittent.

Fasting if you've got lots of weight to lose but if you don't or you don't you don't really care about weight loss you're doing this for autoimmune or you're doing it for other reasons you may never do one meal a day danielle says one year keto results for my husband a1c from 14 to 5.4.

Total cholesterol 272 and 169 off all meds and i'm down 60 pounds nice that is a triple if not a home run stanley says love you guys you've changed my life for me and my kids my daughter's now asking me about keto because she's seen my 30 pound loss in five months thanks so much for.

What you do great that's awesome leading by quiet example is so powerful people don't realize that it's so powerful but it really is even and that's the one time i've ever seen adult children follow their parents nutrition advice or for parents to follow their.

Children's nutrition advice is when they see the quiet example that that person's leading with they've literally transformed their health all of a sudden these people who never ask you for advice for about anything are asking your advice about keto that's that's well done well done all right lupus is an autoimmune.

Condition any autoimmune condition is you're going to have less frequent flare-ups and less severe flare-ups if you're eating on the proper human diet spectrum which is keto ketobor carnivore so yeah lupus and every other autoimmune condition this it's going to be a less severe condition.

To have if you're eating a proper human diet steve says i'm 55 year old male cac scores zero but the scan shows mom spondylosis is that reversible spondylosis no i don't maybe maybe you mean that they during the scan they also saw your spine.

Is that what you mean if so spondylosis typically is an incidental finding it doesn't have to mean anything bad or terrible millions of people have spondylosis at a low grade in their spine and it doesn't mean anything at all they never have pain or anything else so don't.

Worry about that too much unless you're having pain or disability thanks you guys for the super stickers and the super chat thanks so much oh thanks a lot all right amy says you mentioned spinach for prevention of macular degeneration my mother has this and i'm doing carnivore.

Do i need to add the spinach in i don't think so the reason i included the spinach in my macular degeneration video was because there is a study that was a fairly well done study with enough participants that noticed the benefit now probably.

That benefit was when they were eating spinach they weren't eating something else bad for them like pasta does that make sense and so it was the opportunity cost i'm not eating junk i'm eating spinach instead so i don't personally believe there's.

Anything magic and spinach whatsoever that you can't get uh from eating meat if you have a strong family history of of md and you really want to stack the deck in your favor i would eat liver once or twice or thrice a week just to make sure you're getting all your vitamins and minerals this fancy setup.

Make you feel the need to take the rice no it's biblical are you feeling there's cults yeah every time i'm out on the farm it makes me feel spiritual and vividly killing me anthony is carnivore okay for rny gastric bypass and frequent diarrhea yeah it is you're probably not going to.

Be able to do omad one meal a day like we talked about earlier you may have to break your meals up into two three or even four small meals a day within an eight hour feeding window but those four small meals can be meat absolutely la gun says can hydro hydrolyzing hydrolyzing cause lupus or.

Side effects that mimic glucose it doesn't cause the actual disease lupus but you can't have lupus-like symptoms it's rare but some people can have that from there's a long list of drugs actually that can give you a lupus-like syndrome well i'm going to ask a question sure for the.

Audience for you yeah and you yeah tell me okay okay before we started we were discussing how amazing we look tonight right and sound inequality do you think we need to build a studio oh you're asking the audience i pointed the yes.

I'm sorry about you talking to me i'm so self-centered do you think we should do this is this something you guys would enjoy or do you not care that's a great question does it make your experience is it is it worth because we'll invest the money if you're like hell yes it makes it awesome.

Yes yes yes oh my gosh samantha says i care see i would have thought they don't care about that they just want us to talk day care yeah people care okay mostly people care call a ten dollar cared thanks paula thank so my cell phone's not good enough you don't you know it's not as good when.

I'm doing this and talking yeah okay all right we'll work on it good cheering we'll work on it for you yeah all right a.m damn am says type 1 diabetic keto daily intermittent fasting and prolonged fast i've lost a ton of weight reduced insulin by 75 thank you for all the great advice now.

Please i'm going to ask you to do something first of all congratulations well done please i want you to reach out and be that obnoxious type 1 diabetic who is a a an apostle for keto for other type 1 diabetics every type 1 diabetic you know i want you to join every type one facebook group.

I want you all over twitter as a type one you because you understand as a type one the danger that comes with having a chronic a1c of seven eight nine ten 11 people don't understand how dangerous that is because their.

Doctor hasn't explained it to them but you you now are in control of your a1c which is beautiful it makes me want to cry knowing that you've taken that charge of your health in your life but you've got to reach out to other type ones and say hey my brother my.

Sister keto is the way sal says thanks for what you do is kosher salt the best salt to use if so what makes it best um kosher salt is the best salt for people uh of jewish religion to use because it's required.

But for most of us the best salt to use is a deeply buried ancient ocean sea salt you don't want sea salt from the modern ocean it's full of micro plastics and fukushima and who knows what else you want salt from an ocean that was extinct for thousands of years that's covered up.

And protected from our modern day pollution the salt we love is redmond's real salt and they actually have a kosher variety if you just like kosher but their salt is under 350 feet of bentonite clay i don't know it's like 500 feet under the ground so there is no radiation or plastic or toxins any.

Anything in that salt it's just pure salt with some micro minerals david does heart medicine prevent me from being in total ketosis i'm on statins i have five stents and i'm afraid of going off my medication no i totally understand your your concern uh some heart medicines absolutely will make it.

Harder for you to lose weight the statin is going to raise your blood sugar right off the bat the statin is going to lower your testosterone level right off the bat the statins going to muck up all of your other hormone cascade some of the blood pressure medicines and heart medicines will make it more.

Difficult for you to get into ketosis and they may will make it more difficult for you to lose weight i want you to keep learning about keto keep learning about carnivore keep talking to your doctor and asking about the research why do i need this pill what's the research on that can you.

Show that to me i want to do my own research if your doctor gets upset at you for wanting to know more about your medical condition that's a big red flag i mean what what good patient wouldn't want to know more about their medical condition and about their medication list that to me is a sign of.

A good patient who's trying to do a good job keep asking questions keep learning and i you'll make the right decision flower bomb says can you be in danger of becoming metabolically inflexible and being strict carnivore for years.

Yeah you hear that out there a lot uh and the answer is a hundred percent no your body is designed to be able to burn ketone bodies for fuel and to use fatty acids for fuel your body is also designed with a secondary fuel system.

That can burn glucose okay this is the your body's always capable of doing both there were some gurus early when keto was getting very popular who would say that that was one of the reasons they would say you need to carb cycle and so you can keep your metabolic flexibility.

That's foolishness okay your body literally all you have to do is eat a jelly donut you're burning sugar immediately it's you don't there's no washout period or period of time that it takes your body to convert back that's a complete myth that's good um.

Jw any advice for keto and intermittent fasting without a gallbladder what what i was just looking at you you're so pretty tonight what do you all think they should this is hot i told him when we got here i was like man i'm glad i put a highlighter on is that what that's what it is that's it.

You guys should have seen her hair when she was getting ready for this she looked like i took a picture remember the shepherd dog from coyote yeah anyway what was the question you totally distracted oh yeah okay so if you don't have a gallbladder most people without a.

Gallbladder can do keto completely fine with minimal distractions or interruptions some people have to go at keto a little slower slower and build up the fat as they go along the amount of fat they're eating each day and give their bile ducts in their liver.

Time to dilate because they will do that and they'll actually take on a storage capacity role in a few weeks or a month or two after you start a keto but you have to be pushing your body and eating a little more fat and more fat more fat as you go along in.

Order to give your liver that feedback of hey you need to store some bile because when i eat a big load of fat you've got to secrete all the bile because i don't have a gallbladder anymore some very few people have to use an ox bile supplement to help their body break down the fat in.

A ketogenic diet most people have to do that for one to six months and then they can wean down and stop the oxbile supplement i don't know of anybody who is permanently stuck on an oxbile supplement it's usually just a temporary transition andrea says can keto help male factor.

Infertility and low t yeah so anytime you're eating lots of soybean lots of wheat lots of sugar you're 100 lowering your testosterone there's no ifs ands or buts about that the research is very clear you're also raising your estrogen level now people get confused they think that.

Testosterone is just a male hormone and estrogen is just female hormone but men make estrogen and testosterone women make estrogen and testosterone it's all about the ratio that matters and so in a man the testosterone to estrogen in a woman estrogen to testosterone but when you're.

Eating junk food you're messing up your testosterone estrogen ratio and inappropriately raising one and lowering the other and you're going to suffer from that okay and it all comes from eating too many carbohydrates and eating highly processed carbohydrates.

Spikes your insulin because when your insulin is high you're going to mess up all your other hormones not just the insulin i'm actually working on an updated video right now about pcos and how the the hormone you need to worry about is not testosterone it's not dhea it's insulin and i'll have that video up.

In a few days just check back on this channel you might just subscribe that way you get a notification when i post it just a thought amia says help four weeks into keto border i'm feeling great and i'm down five pounds but yeah my 36 double d's went up to 36 g's is this permanent this makes me want.

To quit i have never heard of anything like that happening i'm i'm at a loss i don't know ever heard that before um i know there are a lot of women out there wearing double d bras when they should have been wearing a g-bra the whole time.

But they didn't know and then they went and got measured the woman was like no the double d is too small for you uh but i've never heard of anybody's bust in in increasing because of any keto or carnivore that's i mean i don't even know what to say wish that were true let me know if that.

Was a million dollars i want to know yeah yeah please keep us up to date on that i would suspect this is it's some temporary inflammatory or fluid shift and it'll go back but please keep us up to date on that i've never heard that before uh brian says type 2 diabetic started.

Keto three months ago a1c went from 9.6 to 6.0 my peptide recently was 3.1 uh with the glucose of 100 thanks so much ken for your help oh that's so wonderful absolutely and i just saw a comment go by over here can this way of eating help celiac disease.

Oh 100 if you have celiac disease if you have crohn's disease if you have ulcerative colitis if you have severe ibs either uh constipation or diarrhea you just need to go carnivore that's going to fix your gut okay and once you've been on a carnivore diet for 90 days and your gut symptoms have.

Returned to zero and you might not believe that's possible because you have gut symptoms every day but that will happen on a carnivore diet and then you can start to add back in vegetables one at a time fruit one at a time and do experiments and you will come up with a literal.

List of vegetables of fruits of other foods that if you eat them it will flare up your celiac or your crohn's or your your ulcerative colitis and then you can avoid those foods for the rest of your life and then enjoy either a carnivore diet or a keto diet rich in delicious foods for the rest of.

Your life with no gut problems wouldn't that be nice andrea should i ease my husband into keto he has crohn's and he had some of his digestive tract removed he's having a hard time gaining weight yeah no matter how much of his digestive tract he's had surgically butchered out he still needs to eat a.

Proper human diet uh if you know if he's if he's relatively healthy then you can transition him slowly over one to six months so so he doesn't you know complain much because i know husbands you know they love to complain right but or you could do it overnight if he's game.

There's no danger in doing it overnight but he might not appreciate that depending on his you know what he feels about this y'all i was gonna say that but i don't know her age but yeah i was going to first say are you pregnant that's the only thing i could think that would cause.

An eating cheetah makes you pretty fertile yeah keto and carnivore uh funny funny story at the very clinic before the fire when i was first starting to recommend keto to all my patients who were obese or overweight i had two women come back to the clinic months later.

One was 48 one was 51 and they were they had had great weight loss on keto but they were furious at me they didn't come on the same day two different episodes but they were pregnant at 48 and at 51 because keto had had made them so healthy returned their cycle back to normal one.

Was just barely spotting once a month or every other month she almost had no period left her period started back up and she got knocked up so if you are of reproductive age realize that keto and carnivore will increase your risk of pregnancy because it makes you healthier.

That's so strange i wonder if she's pregnant now i'm just going to wonder about that but that's still a large increase yeah and she lost weight if it now if if only one of them got bigger you got to go to the doctor right now because it might be some kind of tumor but if it's both.

Equally yeah pregnancy or i don't know those of you watching right now that are new let us know oh type new in the comments yes and make sure you guys hit that thumb button because that's how youtube um knows that we're not over here you know boring everybody to death so.

Hit that thumb especially if you're enjoying this wonderful live stream that we have tonight because enjoy it now enjoy it ernie says my wife was diagnosed with suspicious follicular neoplasm of thyroid she's doing carnivore and has been intermittent fasting and working out for.

The past eight weeks but having a hard time losing weight any recommendations uh honestly i would tell her to like go light on the working out because sometimes in the beginning if you just start out hard like that it can keep you from losing weight.

Not that exercise is making her unhealthy but it can make it a little harder to lose the weight plus any time you work out hard that's going to make you hungrier and you're going to eat more and if you're still tempted by previous sugar addiction or carb addiction.

You're more likely to foul up and so i would i would probably back off on the just do a light fun workout go outside and play and keep doing what's the carnivores she's doing ketobor yeah keep doing your ketobor hard and strict but just go outside and play don't work out really really hard right now.

Yeah that's just from experience that's what i was thinking all right tattoo diabetic not on meds for six years plus i've needed reading glasses to see videos and web pages after doing carnivore for six weeks i can now see clearly without my glasses what are your thoughts on this i hear this all the time and this is one.

Of those things that if i said out loud keto and carnivore will improve your vision that sounds like snake oil and so that's one of the things i i just never say that out loud i mean what would you a rough estimate of how many people have told us that over the last three years.

Hundreds and hundreds at least hundreds if not close to a thousand yeah we've heard that so many times and it makes perfect sense if you're glycating the the your lens and you're glycating the cells of your retina you're not going to be able to see as good and when you stop eating too many.

Carbohydrates your body's naturally replacing those cells the one the the in your lens they're not replaced very often at all but in your retina you're replacing those just like you would neurons in your brain it's slow but it happens and so over the months yeah your vision's probably going to improve.

If the cause of your bad vision is that you've glycated uh proteins and tissues in in your eye yeah your vision's probably going to improve but that's not something i can say because they'll really crucify me on twitter if i say that somebody said you need to do a truck.

Stop studio it could look like the truck stop yeah that's great yes melissa could we get paid melissa to come over and be the waiter and bring us some bacon beckett could be the way to oh he would eat the bacon it wouldn't make you make a dress.

That's funny all right uh ramirez says carnivore or ketobor for restless leg syndrome yes yes uh i've we've heard hundreds and hundreds of people doing keto their restless leg or their lower extremity neuropathy got better or went completely away it would stand to reason that that.

Kid or carnivore would work a little better than keto but it's up to you pick the one you love and the one you can stick with and and just do it yeah marcus says i passed the dmv test for the first time in 20 years let me just ask you guys put in the comments if keto ketobor.

Carnivore has made your vision better uh so many people have said yeah i had to go back to the eye doctor i couldn't see with my glasses anymore and the eye doctor was confused he's like they're too strong for you and they had to lower the prescription so that they could see through their glasses yeah we've heard.

That so many times put in the comments if any of you guys have experienced that rosa says any reason to not do uh two 24-hour fasts a week and rest of the week at 16 and 8. trying to beat back newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease 100 yeah there's no.

Reason you should not do that so if you want to do that and you say yes that's something i want to do and something i can do because not everybody can do that then yes 100 you will if you're eating super low carb and you're doing that fasting schedule.

You'll reverse your fatty liver in three or four weeks and you'll have your a1c back to normal in a few months absolutely i think so can you suggest a chemical free shampoo brand in canada what chemicals should be avoided when buying shampoo.

And do we need conditioner yeah you don't need conditioner and there are many people out there you don't need to tell you you don't need shampoo and i'll i'll just come clean with you guys i used to to be the you know the glue glue.

Rinse lather wrench repeat and then do it again i now put a pea sized portion can you see my booboo yeah i was playing with my chainsaw and got carried away i put the tiniest amount of shampoo i can get rubber hands together rub it on my hair and rinse it off.

Maybe twice a week that's it that's all i've done for for three or four years now and i know you use way less shampoo than you used to do you wash your head away my shampoo still has chemicals in it because um yeah i use native actually i don't even use shampoo i use no shampoo i use native soap just a bar.

And i just rub it in my hands a little and there you go that's it but uh to answer your question there are several brands i think native mostly has no chemicals in it i know young living doesn't has one that's literally no fragrance no anything it's just shampoo but i'm sure there are others but.

Yeah the main things you really need to stay away from are the fragrances and uh anthony j has a lot of information about that kind of thing the ingredients and things you need to stay away from and he's a great resource so if you want to learn more about that go check him out and if you'd like a.

Written down list of everything that's in shampoo and conditioner and perfume and stuff that you need to avoid and professor anthony j has a great book called estrogeneration estro generation it's excellent it tells you exactly what to avoid and why you should avoid it.

Yeah great book kylie says i'm a type 2 diabetic i've been strict ketobor for three weeks uh blood sugars are still in the high 200s and my ketones are 2.0 how's this possible and should i be worried say that again i was reading blood sugars and don't do that.

That's why i'm reading them for you blood sugars are still in the 200's after being heated for three weeks and our ketones are simple and zero yeah so you need to go to your doctor and you need to get a c-pep diet checked and you need to get a fasting insulin check there are many people out there among.

You who were diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic and you're really a type 1 and the doctor just screwed up this happens it's rare well i hope it's rare but it doesn't happen commonly but it is possible it does happen i talked to a guy when i was in an event in texas he was misdiagnosed as a.

Type 2 diabetic for seven years by the same doctor he stuck with the same doctor and he would he would go back to him and say doc are you sure i'm not a type one he literally said that to the doctor and the doc said no no you're in your 40s there's no way you can be top one but he never checked to see peptide and.

He never checked his insulin so he was just blowing smoke he had no idea and the poor guy suffered the damage that you know he had from running blood sugars of 200 300 400 every single day because the pills never work if you're a type 1 diabetic so go get your c peptide and your fasting insulin.

Checked you may be a type 1 diabetic who's been misdiagnosed jj says are we allowed to use keto friendly sauces and seasonings on our foods when we're on the cardboard diet or is it strictly salt pepper for weight loss so it depends on who you ask but i myself consider.

Sauces and seasonings pretty cute pretty carnivore because uh you're using very little but with that being said it could stall you yeah that's right yeah yeah i don't think it's i don't think it's the huge deal for weight loss that many people make it out to be but.

It might stall you it might yeah and so the only way to know is to do a month or two using the sauces and then if you're stalled and you're not losing weight you got to do a month without the sausage and it depends on what sauces you're using yeah do they have sugar in them are they.

Sugar-free or are they actually keto sauces are you making them homemade do your seasonings have sugar in them and you don't know it there's a lot of things if you don't know what an ingredient means you got to look it up maltodextrin is sugar corn fiber is starch it breaks down into sugar they put all this crap.

In there and give it a funny name so you won't know it's sugar you got to look up every single word that you don't know what it means right right face thoughts on adding healthy cards to cardboard no that's not carnivore what is a healthy car look at some point you gotta have a line and you don't cross that.

Line or it's all the same freaking diet just eat ketovor and then you can have some healthy carbs turnips to my carnival that's not what's the point in calling in carnivore at that point you know what i mean like calm down it's okay i'm just saying i'm not all about dogma.

But you gotta have things words mean things yeah yeah just be ketovor have your healthy carbs have 10 grams a day if that's what you want that's fine i'm not telling you not to do that but we can't just like start going willy-nilly here and saying well yeah that's carnivore and i put.

A gallon of tomato sauce and some olives and banana peppers and no that's ketobor yeah and that's fine and that's fine too absolutely we still love you even if you do keto but i just feel like people get really confused because they're like well they're doing carnivore and they.

Had a salad it's confusing uh i see them you may need to start taking some vitamin k2 if your calcium went up with your vitamin d i would get a blend they have it on amazon that's half mk 7 half mk4 that way you know you're.

Getting the right one because the the research is still inconclusive on which one's better or if you do need both thomas says my vision is so good on keto now i get scared from slight movement in my peripheral vision also i only use dandruff shampoo after a haircut yeah.

I used to use a dollop of dandruff shampoo i had to or it would look like it was snowing but uh since it got so much better virtually going on keto now on carnivore do i ever have a flake no you have um you know trees yeah i have like tree sperm where i've been out cutting down trees.

But no dander flakes ever that's like my my head doesn't produce them anymore but back before keto it was a snowstorm um john says hey i just had minor surgery on my thumb any useful advice i flip-flop between carnivore and ketobor mainly omad i do have milk in my tea in sauerkraut for adequate probiotics.

From broad spectrum antibiotics sweets from milk to heavy cream and keep doing exactly what you're doing you're make sure you're eating plenty of fatty meats whether it's keto or carnivore you're gonna heal just fine i can't pronounce that at all i don't even know what to say how many pounds of.

Beef bacon can i eat per day if i am oh mad as many pounds as you can shove in your face that's what your hunger's for and that's what your satiety is for when you're hungry you start eating when you are full and you can't eat another bite then you stop eating so if if you're if you want your meal to.

Consist of beef bacon wear it out you can eat as much as you want that's what our ancestors did they ate it until it was gone okay that was a good one the road ahead how can i stop losing weight i was already skinny starting to look emaciated no matter how much fat and meat i eat.

Yep so there's three three points here and i know this is going to jump in on one because i saw her in the monitor take a breath so if you want to gain some fat back eat more carbs okay if you want to gain muscle back start lifting heavy weights start working out.

Uh also keep in mind that keto and carnivore are not weight loss diets they are weight optimization diets they're going to move you whether you're underweight or overweight they're going to move you towards your ideal body weight okay we've seen people gain weight.

On keto and cardio we've seen people lose tons of weight but it's not a weight loss diet what were you gonna say did you forget i think a lot of people that are worried about being too skinny think that the way they're eating is what's causing that when it's.

Genetics maybe your genetics i'm predisposed to be a skinny short lady okay but does that mean that i need to just like give up or do i need to go lift some weights oh where'd that come from i mean if you don't like it change it put the work.

In and muscle is not something that's god-given you gotta work for it it's not going to just appear upon your body it's something you have to put effort into just like bringing your markers down you got to put the effort into changing the way that you eat if you want to change the way your body.

Composition is eating is part of it but at some point you're gonna have to do a little bit more work yep i don't i'm not a workout junkie but i wanted to look like i had muscles but they're not just gonna appear on my body yeah yeah if your genetics are not that it's.

Just not gonna happen yes you gotta you gotta work out with your chainsaw you gotta work out with your weights you gotta do something i understand not wanting to look too skinny because people are gonna be like oh you need to stop you're losing too much weight and that just lift weights it's good for you.

Anyways it's good for your bones it's good for your mental health it's gonna improve your sleep and you don't have to you know pay a hundred dollars a month and go to a gym you can just buy some dumbbells off amazon whatever absolutely all right uh chelsea says since i've lost weight i.

Definitely need to start working out it's just we all need to get up and move but you know you know what he does to work out tell him i think people don't believe you when you say this yeah people think i'm joking when i say i go out and play with my chainsaw like i literally go out we've.

Got 40 acres and i'm trying to convert a lot of the woods into silvopasture if any of you guys follow greg judy you'll know what that is and in order to do that i have to cut down and drag all the trees not all the trees but all the small.

Trees and leave the bigger trees and leave the oaks leave the walnuts leave the persimmon and get rid of all of the sweet gum and all of the damn pines i have to do that and those trees are very heavy so what i do is i cut them up into sections that i can barely lift and i pick them up and i throw them down.

The hill or i move them in a brush pile and i'll do that for three or four hours a day and it's actually it's great therapy for me mental therapy like it's it's medita that's my meditation is cutting stuff up with my chainsaw but when i'm done i'm dripping wet with sweat i'm exhausted i'm usually bleeding.

And that's just what i that's my workout if i had to go to the gym and work out i mean i'm never going to do that it's a because it's a waste of my time in my estimation but if i'm creating silvopasture that's not a waste of time and i'm also working out at the same time.

You gotta you know realize it takes time yeah you gotta continue you have to keep doing it and you have to work hard if you want to make muscles yeah do that again do that that's like the best muscle ever but you have no idea how big of a deal that is look at.

That muscle just wait till i've been doing it for a year okay i'm gonna be able to just i can't wait sucker punch dr berry i can dodge really fast he is fast is sauerkraut a good low carb option if you uh want gut health yeah it's pretty healthy uh.

Now keep in mind any sauerkraut you buy at the store that's canned there's no pro there's no bacteria in that okay otherwise it would have exploded the can that makes sense so that's that first of all that's that's a lot there's no probiotics in canned sauerkraut now i think you can buy bubbe sauerkraut that's.

In in the jar in the fridge refrigerated section that's probably got some bacteria in it but i think it's pretty easy to make your own sauerkraut granny berry used to do it and it seemed pretty easy i never helped i was outside doing something but she did it.

And that that's literally gonna have living bacteria in it so i think it's fine um it's just a good low carb food and it's got lots of vitamins and minerals and then if you get a few probiotics along with it then no extra charge for that all right charlie says doctor won't run.

Lab tests to check deficiencies for anxiety or depression and wants to put me on meds right away is there a site that runs labs for that yeah uh what is it um gosh there's a in all my youtube videos i don't know if it's on this one but all my other videos where i'm.

Talking about labs i've got a link to the company you don't have to have a doctor's order you just go to their website pick out the labs you want they'll they'll send you a doctor's order then you take that to your local lab and they'll they'll draw it and they send it off and then you get your.

Results back yeah jj says can someone get away with the diet with no organs the thought of eating them makes me sick also it's unsweetened almond milk okay yeah many people will do keto and carnivore and they never eat any organ meat whatsoever i don't think that eating organ meat is.

Mandatory but i think it's probably ideal there's also you can take a supplement like ancestral supplements liver capsule it's desiccated liver and a capsule if you take six of those a day it's like eating two ounces of liver a day there's a link down in the show notes if.

You want to try that if not i totally understand but i don't think it's mandatory and then also almond milk uh yeah if you get sugar-free it's not terrible but just realize that uh if you're if you're concerned about the health of the planet.

And inappropriate water use almond trees in california basically suck all the basins drive water and look up what it's doing to the bees yeah yeah and then the honeybees that also worries me a lot so i like almond milk i drank it for years until i looked into it a little bit and.

I'm like i don't know about that del sol says can a carnivore diet feed h pylori can what a carnivore diet feed age pilot h pylori uh was has been inappropriately villainized i was just listening to a book on audible as i was working in the woods.

Called i contain multitudes and it's a great little book about your gut biome and all of the microbiota that we're always talking about uh h pylori when you're eating a diet like the proper human diet keto carnivore ketobor it's just it's just a one of the normal gut bacteria when.

You're eating a lot of junk food it can actually lead to gastric ulcers do a dental ulcers but if you're eating the proper human diet h pylori is nothing to worry about at all it's it's a commensural bacteria that's been in human guts for hundreds of thousands of years it's not the big problem that.

I used to think it was and that many doctors still think it is and says should i worry about cholesterol when um no that's it i mean that's all i have to hear yeah they're literally regardless of what the end of your question was no you never.

Ever ever have to worry about your total cholesterol that is not an issue for you to worry about what you need to worry about is your triglycerides and keep them low you need to worry about your hdl and keep it high you need to worry about your a1c keep it low you need to worry about.

Your c peptide and keep it low those are the labs that you need to worry about especially if you have heart disease or liver disease or kidney disease those are the labs to focus on not the total cholesterol if all your doctor wants to talk about is your total cholesterol you my friend need a new.

Doctor tada la gun says unexplained olecranon bursitis in my elbow rheumatologist says i used to get it all the time rheumatologist keeps draining it and he tested the fluid he said it's nothing but the nothing keeps swelling yeah and what he means by nothing.

Because it's uncomfortable i've drained so many of those it's so much fun but i'm not for you the patient but for the doctor it's a lot of fun but uh there's it's not dangerous that's what he meant by it's nothing okay he didn't mean that he wasn't being insensitive he was but.

He probably didn't mean to be uh but it's no danger to your joint but what you got to do is there's something that's inflaming the meninges and the lining of your joint you've got to figure out what that is it might be a specific veggie it might be a specific nut if you're not eating keto that's.

Immediately what you need to start doing if you're keto right now you probably need to try three months carnivore and eliminate all the plants and then you can start adding them back in one at a time and then when the versailles starts to come back you'll know that's on the don't eat list my husband and i just learned we're having our.

First baby i'm trying to stick to keto for myself and the baby but i have no appetite any suggestions so but does she mean by no appetite that she could definitely eat some sugar smacks in chocolate milk what does she mean and and they're you know she just didn't want real food.

It sounds like you're early since you just found out um that's probably just your hormones messing with you and i'm sure appetite will return what i did when i had no appetite was i did some keto shakes you can make them into ice cream you can stick them in the freezer and it's a good source of protein i mean.

It's not as good as a steak obviously but it is better than you not eating anything or eating something really terrible and they also have tomato soup chicken soup that you can sip on that's got protein and you can add your own fat to it so you're still getting your protein and fat.

Just by sipping on some broth or by you know drinking a keto chow shake or you can freeze the keto chow shake and it's like ice cream i wonder if you could card more crisps i mean they're kind of expensive but you can make them at home they're just dehydrated meats but they're kind of like a potato chip.

Which is similar to kind of a cracker i don't know you might try those and see if they work because i mean that's optimal protein there robert says can a coronary calcium score be improved with keto carnivores 100 uh i was talking to my buddy dr adam nally a few weeks back he actually has the.

Equipment in his office to check the carotid artery artery and the wall thickness and he's he has case studies of hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people who have improved their scores of their carotid artery and also he sends people to the hospital or the imaging center.

For a cnc score he's got hundreds of documented cases where their cac score got substantially better after starting a keto or a carnivore not after starting but after being on a keto or a carnivore diet for a year or two or three they repeat the ca csc score it's substantially better.

Stanley says all you need is a neon light behind you that says the ken and nature show that's a good idea i don't know beauty and the redneck that's what it should say all right that's it that's the hour for you guys thanks for the super chats thanks for the thumb if you haven't done.

That go do that right now if you haven't subscribed maybe do that so when i post that pcos video or that next video i'm about to do you'll get a notification and if you want to watch more of what we eat a day i do what we eat today vlogs over on my channel it's misha loves it you can find the.

Link to that in the description as well so if you want to come subscribe to my channel misha loves it and ken loves her shameless plug sorry all right guys that's it another show in the in the can we'll be back at this same time next week.

Tell your momma to set a reminder so she don't forget we'll see you next time
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