Food Fights Q&A with Dr Berry

Food Fights Q&A with Dr Berry

Food Fights Q&A with Dr Berry

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Hello friends and neighbors welcome back i thought we could hang out this saturday afternoon and have a food fight rhetorically speaking um more and more i see people who believe in this diet or that.

Diet becoming very emotional very militant about the diet that they currently believe is the best diet hey natalie hey everybody how's it going and i i think that we all need to understand that we're all coming from a different place and we're all.

On a different leg of our journey we can't judge each other okay we we all have to work on this together and share our own personal experience and say hey that what you're doing right now that's great for you maybe but it didn't work for me.

And vice versa and so i thought for the next little while oh here's a baby berry you guys want to see bonnie there's baby bunny hi you baby hi this is our newest edition bonnie blue.

Can you say hi she's full of milk right now yeah she's happy she's 11 days old she's born on the 11th so 12 days 12 days old yeah 12 days old you want to do some work answer some questions i think poppy wants to hold her he.

Oh okay she's waving say love you mean it all right get out of here i got work to do see you later baby right so for the next hour or so i'm gonna try to answer as many questions as i can.

From you uh if you have questions about a proper human diet nutrition in general medicine medical conditions medications medical treatments etc um we're going to try to avoid talking about politics and religion just because people can barely contain their emotions.

When we're talking about nutrition so i i i regret to say that i fear we would trigger too many people if we started talking about politics and sex and religion so we'll leave those off the table but anything else that's fair game first tell me where you're watching from where are you at in the.

World right now what city which state what country i saw somebody from madagascar i saw somebody from sweden decaf coffee with some salt and ice i see decaf oh there's somebody from luxembourg i just missed the comment where'd that go.

Luxembourg i want to go to luxembourg bad what's in luxembourg i bet there's some good stuff parts unknown is where james is from i hear you james don't give up any information right there's libyan chattanooga tennessee hey neighbor lena from tennessee there's san antonio london uk.

Georgia columbia all right i love it i love it so somebody said well a proper human diet help a young lady with ulcerative colitis um so i'll tell you guys the the three diagnoses that i've seen respond the most.

The the quickest and the most beautifully to a carnivore diet is ulcerative colitis crohn's disease and irritable bowel they tend to get better quicker than almost anything else multiple people have reached out to me who suffer from have suffered from crohn's or uc for decades.

They're like dude when i eat just beef butter bacon and eggs it's like my uc's gone or my crohn's is gone like this the symptoms are so minimal that it's like i don't have it and i love hearing that um so any of you guys have used.

Carnivore or keto or ketovort to vastly improve your ulcerative colitis crohn's disease or ibs symptoms put put your story in the comments because a lot of people do not believe that the food you eat makes any difference whatsoever and when they read your story that might.

Be the one story that makes them go hey wait a minute maybe i should try eating a proper human diet all right we've got a question from sean can keto increase my chance of pancreatitis which i have had once before so sean were you eating keto when you had it before i doubt it.

Um it looks like when we look at the the research in its totality that what's causing pancreatitis is a high carbohydrate high sugar diet high in fructose and plenty of alcohol to boot that's the that's what the vast majority of people who have about of pancreatitis that's what they're doing when they have the.

Pancreatitis angelic annihilator i'll be sending a lot of super chats today money well spent oh thank you angelic annihilator is retinol tretinoin good for preventing or reducing wrinkles so i'm assuming you mean topically putting it on uh it does cause a little local inflammatory response.

And there is some limited research to show that it may reduce uh the depth of wrinkles and decrease wrinkle formation so maybe maybe andy your thoughts on berberine supplement in addition to fish oil to help correct hdl triglyceride ratio um so if you eat low carb enough andy.

You're going to have a beautiful hdl if you eat lots of fatty meat and egg yolks and if you eat low carb enough you're going to have a beautiful triglyceride level and therefore your hdl triglyceride ratio is going to be beautiful i would not waste money on a fish oil supplement i would eat.

Fish fish i have a youtube video about great sources of omega-3 fatty acids in your diet and when i say omega-3 fatty acids i'm talking about dha and epa those are the ones your brain and body actually need i'm not talking about ala which is what the plant-based people love to talk about.

Woody allen says was 290 pounds four years ago went keto and got 225 got down to 225 went back to the sad diet eating carbs and gained 40 pounds back found carnivore two months ago and i'm now officially 205 pounds my psoriasis inflammation and dandruff have gone away.

Wait a minute so he had significant psoriasis and weighed 290 pounds and had terrible dandruff and by going from the standard american diet to keto then to carnivore he now weighs 205 pounds he's lost 85 pounds his psoriasis and his dander for gone wow let's give woody allen thumbs up on that.

One beautiful beautiful i love those kind of stories beech sugee i'm postmenopausal been on beef butter bacon and eggs for a month of july having more insomnia any advice a lot of people when they first convert to a carnivore diet they notice that they're not sleeping as many hours a night as they were before but what they.

Also seem to notice almost without exception is that during the day when they're up like now they're not sleepy they're not tired and if and if you were truly not getting enough sleep for you personally then you'd be taking a nap at red lights and stop signs and if you were in the waiting room waiting for someone you'd.

Doze off and take a nap carnivores don't do that but many of them don't sleep eight or nine hours they get by just fine on seven hours six hours some even five hours a night we don't know if if that's okay no there's been no research done on this sort of thing but it makes perfect sense to me that if.

You're eating a proper human diet and living a proper human lifestyle you might just not need as much sleep penny i've been carnivores for six months i've lost 20 pounds and i've gained muscle pain of rheumatoid arthritis significantly reduced and i have more energy.

Know anybody that's got rheumatoid arthritis check out penny's story thanks for the super chat uh all you guys thank you very much i i love it when you share your stories like this and make sure i didn't miss one i try to get them all but sometimes there's so many i just can't get them all.

Honky monkey says is beef butter bacon and eggs okay for people with kidney disease yeah the reason that there's now a dialysis clinic on every corner in every american city is not because everybody's been eating a carnivore diet it's because for the last few decades everybody's been eating a high carbohydrate high sugar highly processed.

Grain-based diet that's what destroys kidneys meat and eggs are good for your kidneys your kidneys are made out of meat your kidneys are meat and so it stands to reason that eating meat will give your kidneys all the building blocks they need if they need to rejuvenate repair rebuilds.

We've had multiple people who started out with chronic kidney disease stage three or even stage four have reversed and improved their kidney function back to stage two or stage one some completely reversed it back to normal kidney function that's pretty awesome right.

Let me see which i can never figure out thank you miss nedo for the super chat i can never figure out which way the damn okay i did that one there's paul hey paul we went out to eat for the first time in a very long time they brought our daughter a sweet potato with more than a quarter cup of cinnamon sugar in it yeah restaurants are in.

Business to make a profit they know that the better the food tastes the more often you'll come back right if you just want flavor and taste and nothing else if you're not looking for actual nutrition and so they're gonna put all the sugar on everything they're gonna put sugar in the spaghetti sauce.

We actually ate at a really really nice italian restaurant in nashville the other day what's that restaurant misha the italian maggiano's top-notch italian restaurant i got the i got meatballs and there was so much flour.

Yeah yeah literal flour in like the the sauce that and and then they she got alfredo sauce which is not supposed to have any flour at all and it was so much flour in it it was like biscuit gravy and there was sugar in the in the meat sauce it was just like what is wrong.

With y'all i mean just use good fresh ingredients and the flavors will come through but they think they have to to cut corners to save money and they think they have to add sugar to everything to make it taste good or people won't come back and i don't blame them for that but at the same time you guys all need to be.

Aware of that restaurants are in business to make a profit they're not in business to to optimize your health and so they're going to cut corners if it saves them money they're they're a small business owner they got to cut corners right and they're going to add sugar because it.

Makes a taste but good it makes the average person come back more often that's going to keep them in business i can't blame them but at the same time i can't be blind to that and pretend like that's not happening mindy dr barry is drinking green tea roasted french chicory dandelion roti and other teas allowed on carnivore yeah.

As long as it's sugar-free and zero carb i think any of these are fine um they're probably not going to add any benefit to your overall health but if you enjoy them and you want to drink them i think it's fine mike hey doc what if what if any difference is there between a rise in.

Blood glucose when eating a food that causes it to rise and when it rises after a few days of fasting uh only such as when work working out after fasting congrats on bonnie blue thank you mike uh so what we're seeing for many people who have adopted a carnivore diet their morning blood sugar.

Is higher than that they would expect it to be and then definitely if someone fasts for a long enough time three four five six days they're gonna see a higher blood sugar than they would expect to see and if you work out fast indeed you're gonna you might see a 110 or 120 on your glucometer and a lot of people.

That freaks them out they're like that's not right i'm i'm eating almost zero carb carb and i'm fasting and i'm working out and my blood sugar is high this is physiological hyperglycemia and what it looks like is this is not nearly as glycating as when you eat exogenous carbohydrates which are broken down into sugar.

If your liver makes glucose by way of gluconeogenesis or it's breaking down glycogen it knows exactly what it's doing the human liver has been doing this for a long damn time think about that right but we have not been eating a high carbohydrate diet but just for a few hundred years.

And so when you eat that carbohydrate diet you're just you're going to eat too many carbs and that's going to raise your blood sugar too high your body didn't ask for that okay when you're fasted and you work out your muscles are saying hey liver do give me some glucose and your liver is like okay dude i got you here you go.

I'll ramp it up there you go your muscles ask for the glucose and therefore that glucose that your liver then sends out is not nearly as glycating as when your body didn't ask you to eat the the the alfredo sauce at maggiano's that's got wheat flour in it and sugar.

Your body didn't ask for that glucose and so that's a that's a that's an inappropriate that's a pathological blood sugar rise that's going to glycate your cells and tissues and when i use the word glycate what that means is that the sugar actually sticks to the the cell membranes and sticks to tissues and it gums up the works and mucks up how.

Your physiology is trying to work so that's why many carnivores who do lots of fasting they'll see these high blood sugars and like oh my god this is terrible then they get their hemoglobin a1c checked and it's 5.3 and that's that's the the direct evidence that tells us that high blood sugar didn't did not glycate.

Their cells and tissues that was not a pathological blood sugar rise that was physiological your body asked for it and it needed it therefore it's okay good question let's see thank you richard for the super chat all right richie rich says 67 year old male type 2.

Currently i thought i heard dr fung say insulin contributes to insulin resistance but if i stop taking insulin my insulin goes to around 200 am i getting hung up on numbers so what i think you mean is that when you don't inject insulin currently your blood sugar goes up to 200 yeah and so rich what this tells me is is a number.

Of things you you're probably not eating low carb enough for you and you haven't been low carb for long enough for your metabolism to heal if you truly are a type 2 diabetic and you haven't been misdiagnosed when you're really a type 1 or an lada then as you continue to eat low carb your metabolism is going to heal and.

You'll need less and less insulin and then when you don't use your insulin you won't have this high blood sugar spike so make sure your doctor's checked a c peptide and in your case you're injecting insulin so you can't check a fasting insulin that's good it's going to give you a falsely high number because you're.

Injecting exogenous insulin so keep cutting down the carbohydrates and you'll slowly be able to decrease the amount of insulin that you need without causing a blood sugar spike dark phoenix that sounds like a character on the boys hey doc i want to do keto but i don't.

Have a gallbladder i had six weeks straight um diarrhea when i tried keto before any advice yeah dark phoenix you don't have to switch to keto or ketovor or carnivore overnight i would i would advise you to transition very slowly over a month or two or three and that way you're just not gonna have the diarrhea.

Sean says gout pancreatitis and fatty liver post lifetime of quasi-keto diet no sugar alcohol but random carbs soybean oil based mayo and so-called keto bars and ice cream following your advice now of intermittent fasting and no processed foods dominated by chicken and eggs um so i would i would uh probably.

Make the predominant meats you eat remnant meat either beef sheep or goat or venison or moose or reindeer caribou camel i wouldn't eat just chicken eggs with the yolk are fine avoid all the vegetable seed oils this includes soybean oil canola oil corn oil peanut oil.

Vegetable oil vegetable shortening plant-based butter what an oxymoron avoid all that stuff avoid any grains whatsoever sean avoid any alcohol whatsoever since you've had pancreatitis and gout in the past uh keep your carbohydrate intake as low as you possibly can.

And i would i would get labs rechecked every three to six months to keep an eye on everything so that you can see it moving in the right direction but uh i've got youtube videos on this channel about gout and i've got multiple videos about how to reverse fatty liver watch those videos and you can just keep.

The progress rolling thank you papa khan thank you martin you guys are awesome see if i missed one here i got richie rich i got sean i got angelica9 later says can you make a video soon with dr saladino to clear up all the confusion that he is.

Promulgating i stopped watching him because he now says long-term keto is harmful and he advocates eating fruit so uh paul and i have been talking in the back channels about doing a video together soon um i don't i i i saw his video with um.

Uh de lauer and i heard a lot of talk but i didn't i didn't hear a lot of research studies cited when i look at the research literature i don't find any evidence whatsoever that doing keto long term is in any way harmful also when i look at just human.

Physiology the physiological pathways the biochemistry chemistry the molecular biology there's just no mechanism of how eating a very low carb diet for for the rest of your life it's just impossible for that to be unhealthy keeping in mind that multiple cultures.

Millions of people over the last 2 million years have eaten nothing but an animal based low carbohydrate diet their entire lives and they they were healthy they were vigorous they reproduced in many cases they lived in their 60s 70s and 80s back a hundred thousand years ago if you live to be 60 70 or 80.

That was a huge accomplishment because life was a lot rougher back then but uh paul and i have been talking about this we probably would have already done it but bonnie blue came and that kind of got me sidetracked just just a smidge as you might imagine dan says hey dr barry i've been carnival for.

Nine weeks i eat beef and eggs i feel great have lost a ton of weight but still have loose stool uh no gallbladder so when you had your gallbladder removed they actually gave you a handout and it told all the potential complications and and side effects of having your gallbladder taken out.

And one of the potential complications of of having a cholecystectomy having your gallbladder removed is lifelong diarrhea and so you might be someone who benefits from ox bile it's a supplement you can buy the vast majority of people uh if they have any diarrhea with carnivores for a.

Week or two or three then it goes away but anybody who's had their gallbladder out i know people who have had their gallbladder out and they eat the standard american diet or the american diabetes association diet and they have diarrhea every day of their life because they have a gallbladder out you need that gallbladder for multiple.

Things but since you now don't have yours you may have to you may have to use an ox bile supplement antigone keto or carnivore for anti-phospholipid syndrome also have reflux hiatal hernia endometriosis and need to lose weight i'm taking lipitor prolasek and baby.

Aspirin and need to lose weight so first thing i would uh you probably don't need the baby aspirin that's probably a waste of money and increased risk of side effects that you don't need the prilosec once you start keto or carnivore you're not going to need the prostate for much longer i've got youtube videos about cholesterol you.

Might want to watch those and then consider throwing the lipitor in the garbage as well none of those things are going to help you be healthy long term as far as keto versus carnivore it depends on which one you think that you would enjoy most and stick to the longest and stick to the most religiously.

So if you're like well i love vegetables then maybe you need to be very low carb keto and if you're like i love meat if i never ate another vegetable that'd be fine with me then carnivore is the way for you but uh anti-phospholipid syndrome is a genetic defect and so you're always.

Going to have issues with that but the issues are going to be much less severe on a proper human diet okay the reflux i have a hiatal hernia and i used to have severe reflux i had i never have reflux anymore even though the hiatal hernia is still there it's permanent if you have it you're going to have it.

But i never have heartburn anymore now that i'm uh carnivore my heartburn got 80 better on keto and it's completely gone as long as i stay carnivore i just don't have heartburn ever i just posted another video on my this youtube channel about reflux there's a new randomized control trial in human beings.

That shows that when you eliminate all the sugar from a diet reflux just gets better if not goes completely away the endometriosis is going to improve on a proper human diet and you're also going to lose weight if you keep the diet low carb enough thank you for that super chat rick lewis hi i'm 53 been on.

Testosterone replacement therapy for many years i'm not i am not fond of the shrink factor but have dealt with it i have read that if i do carnivore diet my testosterone level will go up is it possible to do that and stop trt maybe rick i've actually there's a couple of uh patrons in my patreon group.

Which is a private protected group where we talk about all this stuff uh patreon does not sell your information and we don't have um trolls in there uh we i actually had one guy increases testosterone from the 400s up to the 800s just by converting from standard american diet to a carnivore diet that.

So what i've seen is is that the average man's testosterone is going to go up anywhere from 50 to 400 points depending on many many factors many variables when they convert to a carnivore diet okay also lifting heavy things running fast having lots of sex having a good mental.

Attitude getting lots of sleep all those things are going to help increase your testosterone as well the you may or may not need to encourage to continue the testosterone injections what many guys notice is that they can actually cut the dosage of their testosterone in half and still keep a very high healthy testosterone once.

They've converted to a carnivore diet hope that helped rick thanks for the thanks for the super chat brother thank you marcy app lynn has heard that low carb is supposed to help dementia so what i want all you guys to understand is when you go low carb keto keto or.

Carnivore there's nothing magic in that diet that treats dementia or that prevents dementia what you're doing when you go low-carb keto ketable carnivore what you're doing is you're removing all the slow poisons from your lot from your diets that cause high blood sugar high insulin and high levels of chronic inappropriate inflammation.

Immune system confusion all those things get better when you eat a very uninflammatory diet like keto keto or carnivore and that's why it looks like people who have pretty advanced dementia mild moderate or severe dementia it it seems to improve when they start eating a proper human diet because.

You're removing all the unnecessary sugar and grains and vegetable seed oils you're lowering their levels of chronic inappropriate inflammation okay and that gives their immune system time to calm down that gives the brain the inflammation in the brain to calm down and and also it gives them lots of extra ketones because they're in.

Ketosis and the brain actually the brain and heart can burn ketones in many cases better than it can burn sugar or glucose so that's why these diets seem to help all these conditions not because there's something magic in keto it's because you've removed all the offending junk that was in your previous diet.

Does that make sense everybody get that now if if we're talking about anything that you think that would help someone you know you're welcome to share this video with them directly you can click the share button and send it in an email or text message or you can share it on your favorite social media if you think it'll help your friends there i am i am.

Open to you sharing danielle says address menopause menopause please so we've had multiple women who have moderate to severe peripre menopausal symptoms say that their symptoms are 80 90 less severe when they're eating a proper human diet and we've actually had many women reach out.

And say um a proper human diet increased my fertility i had no intentions of getting pregnant i'm in my late 40s or early 50s and i started eating keto or carnivore a few months ago and now i'm pregnant and so i would caution any uh woman who you think you're past childbearing age.

Or you just don't want to have another child be very careful if you start eating a proper human diet because it's going to make your body physiologically younger and in many cases you'll get knocked up you know what causes that of course it's not just diet it takes another.

Thing as well but yeah you're much more likely to get pregnant if you're eating a proper human diet and i think that's a great testimony to how healthy this diet makes you and so but yeah we've seen so many women's menopausal symptoms get much more bearable to the point where they don't even need to take anything.

For them martin hey doc my 80 year old mom has cirrhosis from a high carb diet or doc says damage is 50 would carnivore be helpful for her still yes absolutely martin uh i'm sure she has some degree of fatty liver and then uh cirrhosis with some scarring she the so you guys may not know this.

But the a good doctor knows that the human liver can regenerate more than any other organ in the human body the human liver is almost like a lizard's tail i've seen people who had two-thirds of their liver taken out because of a traumatic accident car.

Wreck where they ruptured uh a big percentage of their liver and it just was not repairable in surgery and they just had to take it out and that so they had a third of the liver left a year later they've got a fully redeveloped full liver and so the liver is magical in its ability to heal and so if any of you guys.

Have fatty liver disease non-alcoholic fatty liver disease non-alcoholic steatohepatitis nash or even cirrhosis first thing is not another drop of alcohol the rest of your life alcohol is poisoned for you 100 okay and then get rid of all the fructose in.

Your diet definitely never drink fructose in the form of high fructose corn syrup or in fruit juice fruit juices are all full of fruit for fructose in many cases fruit juices have more fructose than high fructose corn syrup soft drinks yeah i got videos on this channel about that if you and with with the.

Documentation down in the show notes if you don't believe me so yes if your mom if she's amenable to carnivore then she's like yeah i'll do that 100 help your mom switch to a carnival diet now don't make your mom do that don't don't nag and bitching whine at her trying to get her to do it she's 80. if.

She doesn't want to do it that's fine that's her business she's a grown ass woman right but if she's if she's a minimal 100 percent she's going to improve her liver function by eating the proper human diet carl says hardcore carnivore by the book.

For four months need to lose 100 pounds 51 year old male no health issues other than weight normal range labs lost six pounds in week one and none since getting frustrated any suggestions yes carl you need to have some patience it took you decades to get to the point where you need to.

Lose 100 pounds didn't it yeah it's gonna take months it's gonna might take a year or two for your metabolism to heal fully and for you to get back down to an ideal body weight or an ideal body fat percentage why there's no rush you're getting hundreds of benefits from eating a carnivore diet maybe thousands.

Of benefits don't worry about the number on the scale i hope that you've taken all your measurements with the tailor's tape so that you can see the body recomposition that's happening uh many people will say i only lost five or ten pounds on carnival but i lost three or four pant sizes.

But if you don't take your measurements it's hard to know how many inches you've lost off your chest off your abdomen off your hips off your waist so if any of you guys are just starting this take your measurements just like you would if you were getting.

Measured for a new suit of clothes and calves thighs hips waist abdomen chest shoulders neck arms and write those down and then once a month recheck your measurements because you'll lose inches long before you lose pounds on the scale okay and that's a very healthy thing to.

Be losing inches around your waist and around your abdomen and around your hips losing those inches that's like money in the bank money in your health bank when you're losing those inches around the middle but if you don't check and start with then you don't know when you start getting frustrated because the scale's.

Not moving as fast as you would want it to i understand carl but uh this the number on the scale is just one of many measurements of your over overall metabolic health and it's actually not a very good one so i i would try to find another way to keep up with your metabolic health besides the scale in the bathroom.

You know the average bathroom scale is plus or minus 20 that's its margin of error right so if it says you weigh 200 pounds then you might weigh 180 or 220 it's somewhere in there it's a guesstimate that's what bathroom scales are they're in no way accurate.

Or precise christie says um whoa where'd chrissy go sorry chrissy oh there you are yeah she says why dr barry i do believe you're looking younger younger these days well we got a brand new baby in the house we're not getting as much sleep as we used to but it i've i've heard this comment for.

Many people it's like dude it's almost like you're aging in reverse and indeed when i see someone who's converted to keto just now and then i see them three months or six months or a year later i'm like damn it a proper human diet is powerful look at this guy look at this woman they look amazing they look 10 years younger 15 20 years younger we see.

This all the time in people it's very common fully laden swallow hey doc have been snacking on bacon bits from costco during my eating window and discovered it was cured with sugar thoughts also will you be posting uh last wednesday's zoom session yes thank you for reminding me i've got in my email i'll post it for.

The patrons um every uh every week inside of our patreon community i do four extra live q and a's just like this one and instead of 27 2 700 people watching and asking questions we've got one two three hundred people so we're able to answer many more questions in much more detail there's a link down in.

The show notes if you want to become a patron but so the bacon bits from costco look at the nutrition facts how big is the serving size and how many grams of carbs does it have per serving um they're probably okay if it's actual real bacon and not bacon bits remember bacon bits.

Yeah there's no bacon whatsoever in that product that was completely chemical factory manufactured pseudo bacon like substance so with the real bacon bits they're probably fine i would keep them within your feeding window and also i would keep them within a meal fully laid and swallow i would.

Try hard not to snack between meals that's just an effortless extra way to get your body fat percentage as low as you can savon says can you take ancestral organ meat supplements keto chow's daily minerals and ketochow's daily electrolytes at the.

Same time doing the lion diet suit um you can i would highly encourage you to learn to like liver and that's just one less supplement you have to take the keto child's daily minerals are right there i think my videos backwards i helped keto child design these me and.

Chris bear the owner we designed these together and because so much of the food we eat these days is mineral deficient and a lot of people think that you need the daily minerals if your keto keto carnivore but the reality is is people who are eating keto keto or carnivore probably need these daily minerals far less than their.

Friends and family who are eating the standard american crap diet because it's really deficient in minerals and so if you want to get somebody you love a meaningful birthday or christmas present get them some daily minerals if they're eating a crap diet that's going to help their that's going to help their health and nutrition quite.

A bit um if you're taking the daily minerals they actually have electrolytes in them not as much as ketochow's daily electrolytes but they do have potassium magnesium sodium chloride if you're outside sweating a lot then you can add a dose of.

The daily electrolytes but if you're indoors most of the time you're not sweating a lot the deli minerals are probably gonna have everything you need sean says intermittent fasting first body noon final bite at i'd say 6 p.m sean try to try to keep your eating in a six hour window and even inside that window.

Try to eat discreet meals so you might eat a a plate vendor at noon plate bender is a southern term for a big meal because it's so like it that the family reunion you get so much food your plate bins that's a plate vendor but then and then you could have a second big meal at 5 or 6 pm and that's.

It you're done but you then you also get the benefit of that little fast in between those two discrete meals a lot of people think oh i've got a six hour feeding window so i'm just going to eat and snack that entire six hours you can do that and still reap benefits but your benefit reapage will go up even more if you keep your.

Feeding with at discrete meals within your feeding window good question nick terry i have ulcerative colitis started carnivore butter bacon and eggs and it's been 104 days before carnivore my bilirubin was 1.1 and now it's two anything to fear god i.

Wish nick you told us about how your how your ulcerative colitis symptoms are doing because i i guess that they're much much better your bilirubin being a two it depends that could be completely meaningless and undangerous or that might be meaningful you need to see your doctor about that to see if.

That's a big deal or not they vid do you know of anyone that has mitigated stage four colon cancer we know someone who has it now and the cancer has spread to the liver david that's that's really bad um you there's definitely all cancers love sugar especially.

Um cancers that develop in like breast prostate testicular colon those cancers love sugar so cutting out all sources of dietary sugar including starch including just simple carbohydrates that's going to cut down on the on the cancer's feeding food supply but at stage four and.

With metastasis that's that's rough that's rough um don't expect a cure but you might be able to add months to your loved one's life if they're amenable to eating a proper human diet starting now sorry angelic i didn't see it i'm trying to catch them all but there's a bunch cynthia.

Thank you so much for this healing information oh thank you cynthia yes ma'am tell them if they don't want to send the super chat it's easier to get questions yeah if if i've missed a super chat or you don't want to buy super chat that's fine just become a patron and then you.

Don't have to buy super chats because i'm going to answer every question anyway and if you can you can sign up for five bucks a month um 12 bucks a month 20 there's multiple different i mean if you want to get crazy there's.

A there's a 500 a month option i mean just had to put that out there i don't expect you to do that but for five bucks a month you can get every single question answered that you have uh roxybot your opinion on keto increasing ldl cholesterol so here's the thing uh all you hear about is keto.

Makes people's ldl cholesterol go up the actual truth of the matter is is that if you took 100 people and put them all on a very low carb high-fat ketogenic diet about 33 of them their ldl cholesterol would go down about 33 of them their ldl cholesterol would stay about the same as it was and then about a third of them their ldl.

Cholesterol will go up so it only happens in about a third of people who who start a keto diet me and many other researchers and thinkers in this community think that having an elevated ldl probably doesn't increase your risk of anything except.

Being less likely to develop cancer and most likely living longer i don't i my last ldl was 250 and i'm not worried about that at all i'm definitely not taking a statin or paralent or repatha uh i'm not doing anything to lower my ldl cholesterol i'm glad my ldl cholesterol is 250. i think that's a.

Very healthy thing and i think as as more and more research comes out and more and more honest research is done uh ten years from now it'll just be common knowledge that having a high ldl is not a big deal at all tea caldi says can i drink raw milk to help increase nutrition and lose weight thoughts on raw camel milk so i think.

Raw milk is definitely less bad than homogenized pasteurized supermarket milk definitely less bad but that doesn't make it good okay milk is excellent nutrition for infants and for children up to the age about of about four five or six years of age after that the vast majority of human beings on the planet.

Become lactose intolerant they do that for a reason okay uh all cats and all dogs are lactose intolerant as adult dogs and cats so please none of you guys give your dogs and cats uh milk today nisha had a little breast milk left over and i gave a little bit to.

Toto he literally threw up 15 minutes later and her breast milk is delicious so it wasn't the taste he's just lactose intolerant even for highly nutritious human breast milk you can't tolerate the lactose in it okay then for many of us it's not necessarily the lactose it's the casein in the whey.

These proteins are made to help young mammals develop and gain weight very very quickly and they are inflammatory to many adults including me and so if you want to increase your nutrition eat lots of fatty meat eat liver once or twice a week and eat lots of eggs with the yolk and you're.

Going to get all the nutrition your human body needs raw camel's milk i think is is fine if you're if you if you have a young child beckett drinks goat's milk if we live in the middle east he would almost certainly drink.

Camel's milk 100 it's fine it is the milk of a ruminant mammal is fine but after the age of five six or seven beckett will no longer drink liquid milk because it'll no longer be a healthy food for him thank you brenda.

Spin three-year carnivore uh s start add one gram per day of alco carnitine eight days ago my average ketones went from 0.6 to 1.6 blood sugar went from 5.4 to 4.5 can carnivore diet cause l-carnitine deficiency if obese so meat is full of carnitine it's actually named.

Carnitine because they first found it in meat you're never going to develop a carnitine deficiency eating lots of red meat looks like your that supplement is helping you so if you if you are not having any side effects feel free to continue it but i don't think it's necessary that anybody.

Who's eating meat add carnitine to their diet probably completely unnecessary brett says i missed his uh super chat uric acid 18 creatinine 1.5 says platinum c 0.8 okay let me see if i can find it brett uh ashley says what if carnival isn't helping depression or anxiety how much.

Time does it take to normally see improvements in this does it help everyone it helps everyone actually at least to some degree some percentage decrease in severity so for some people that might be a 98 reduction in symptoms for some people it might be a two.

Percent reduction in symptoms i think that depression is one of those anxiety or one of those things that uh lifestyle matters a lot are you getting morning sun every morning are you going for a walk every day are you trying to get very restful protected sleep every night.

Are you um there's just a list of things okay i'm actually working on a new video about depression right now that i'll be posting in the next day or two on this channel tracy says blood work back ldl 222 triglycerides 143 hdl 61. should i worry vitamin d is a little low too so if your vitamin d is low then eat more vitamin d.

Rich foods i've got a video on this channel about vitamin d rich foods uh your triglycerides are within normal limits i'd like to see them a little lower but they are now normal so congratulations on that your your hdl cholesterol is beautiful and your ldl cholesterol is high but.

It's not as high as mine i think the numbers that you showed me they look very good but you either eat more vitamin d rich foods or take a vitamin d3 supplement now let's see if i can i'm not seeing your super chat i'm very sorry brother um.

No no no don't see it i'm sorry okay angelic annihilator says if we are designed to eat meat why do we only have four canine teeth well all carnivores they just have four canine teeth as well lions tigers wolves coyotes they have four canine teeth.

Um so i think four canine teeth that must be the optimal number also why would eating polar bear liver cause vitamin a toxicity seems odd um polar bears are one of the rare mammals.

That store tons of vitamin a in their liver and it's probably because of the the fatty fish diet that they eat liver is one of the most nutrient dense superfoods you can eat but you do need to avoid polar bear liver now actually you don't need to avoid it just eat a very tiny portion maybe one or two ounces of polar bear liver.

Once every three or four weeks it's not like if you eat an ounce of polar bear liver you're going to die of vitamin a toxicity it's if you eat too much polar bear liver but you just if you know that polar bear liver is much higher in vitamin a than other liver like the liver of domesticated animals like goats sheep cattle pigs chicken goats.

Geese yeah plus polar bears are endangered so you shouldn't be shooting them and eating their liver i'm not oh sure not polar bears are not endangered anymore nation's mom says so it's fine i guess to shoot a polar bear and eat.

Their liver but just have a one ounce portion that way you don't develop toxicity yeah if you eat the um venom glands of a rattlesnake it will kill you there are parts of animals you shouldn't eat i don't know why that seems odd to anybody.

Thanks for the super chat thank you maureen very much i think i've got them all here lucy i found that methylated b vitamins ketovoir and morning walks with a dog have helped mitigate my cps td yeah a lot of people if you're not getting enough b vitamins in your diet taking a.

Methylated b complex instead of just routine cheap uh b complex that helps a lot of people's mood drastically eating lots of fatty red meat and eggs with the yolk taking morning walks in the sun with your dog having a pet actually has been shown to improve mood to help both depression and anxiety thank you very much ashley.

Gene dr barry i'm amos i have followed keto for the last five weeks my insulin and cholesterol has reduced so here's somebody whose cholesterol went down but i am fighting debilitating fatigue anxiety shortness of breath when i do small tests unable to function advice so if you're having shortness of breath with mild exertion you need to go.

See your doctor asap this can be a sign of many serious health conditions this probably has nothing to do with the diet you're currently eating this needs to be evaluated promptly by a licensed health care provider sven can you eat beef skin yes you can like beef rinds yes you can it's just.

Not popular and how do you cook your beef fat trimmings so when we have beef fat we love to to sear it in the skillet so that it's crispy on the outside that's delish um we like to actually keep our beef fat attached to the meat it came from and so when i have a beef butchered.

I tell the meat processor do not trim the fat do not touch the fat on my rib eyes or on anything else if you have any extra leftover fat i want you to grind it up with the ground beef and i also want you to grind up the liver and the heart with my ground beef and that's an excellent way to get liver in.

Your diet you can't even taste it um we we have people over they eat the ground beef they're like damn that's good they have no idea it has beef heart beef liver in it excellent way to get all your nutrition mike says hey dr barry i'm 53 and i've.

Been keto carnivore for about a year and a half i've lost 53 pounds my a1c is 5.0 diverticulitis gone eczema gone gout gone arthritis gone what stress test would you recommend for high blood pressure um you're probably healthy enough now to do an exercise.

Stress test mike yeah have an echocardiogram and an exercise stress test and that's exactly what you could do how many of you guys know someone who has diverticulitis eczema gout arthritis pre-diabetes type 2 diabetes is severely.

Obese look at mike's look at his comment all that stuff's gone after a year and a half of keto carnival remember our previous questioner they've been doing this for what four months and so i'm getting frustrated sometimes it takes a year.

Year and a half two years i know people who are still healing after four years of keto and they're like oh my god this got even better oh my god i didn't think i was going to lose any more weight then i did so never give up eating a prop what you should do.

Any benefits from cut that come from it are just extra gravy thank you so much tracy okay i think i've got all those ashley uh been on ssri since the age of eight i'm now 28 trying to wean off and it's brutal yeah every doctor part of their due diligence and duty to their patient.

Should be when they're about to start them on an ssri like prozac paxel zoloft effexor lexapro they should have to tell the patient look if you ever try to stop this it's a okay it's really really hard to get off the ssri sometimes been carnivore for almost a year and to try and help heal with withdrawal.

Suggestions please so ashley you're gonna it's just you're gonna have to wean very very slowly i've known some people it took them two years to slowly wean off the ssris like pax to prozac zoloft lexapro effexor these things are very easy to start and very often very very painful to stop uh did you guys see the new research.

Study just out that's that shows definitively that uh depression has nothing to do with low levels of serotonin that was just a narrative sold to all of us by the big pharmacy manufacturers never never did all these people with depression have a serotonin deficiency that was that was a lie.

That they told us eli lilly told that lie pfizer told that lie several other big pharmaceutical houses told that lie and we all bought it including the doctors we bought it swallowed it hook line and sinker and there was never enough truth to it and i personally i think that the big pharmacy.

Uh says they knew that it had nothing to do with a deficiency of serotonin i think they've got unpublished hidden research that shows that definitively i just hope and pray that there's a young hungry assistant district attorney somewhere in the united states that would who wants to make a name for herself or himself.

Who files a lawsuit against pfizer or eli lilly or one of the other ssri manufacturers and and demands discovery of every study especially the unpublished studies all the private emails all the private documentation because i guarantee you i guarantee you big pharma knew that.

There was never a serotonin deficiency in people like ashley had nothing to do with that but yet they painted this picture of oh this ssri serotonin reuptake inhibitor this will raise your serotonin levels and fix your depression they knew that wasn't true the whole.

Time just my personal belief ryan who is eating polar bear liver and watching youtube on saturday evening the internet is truly mind blowing ryan people have questions okay they they have questions and they want answers seven dealing with hard impacted stool.

Two months in on carnivore really disconcerting and very uncomfortable i eat fat and protein suggestions yeah uh you need to start taking a magnesium supplement ketochow has a great magnesium drop if you take enough magnesium i promise you you will not be constipated anymore.

Also increase the fat to protein ratio of the foods that you're eating and try to include cold water fatty fish in your diet the omega-3 fatty acids in that will help this as well a lot of people will say drink more water there's zero research to support that you need more fat more magnesium.

That's what you need my friend that'll fix that and then maybe a trip to the gastroenterologist just to make sure that you don't have a nerve conduction issue in your lower gastrointestinal system here's a question from somebody on facebook ali says there's a proper human.

Diet going to help someone with pku so a pku like many other conditions in human beings is a genetic defect right and so even if you have several genetic defects like pku you're still a human being and you still need to eat a proper human diet now it's not going to reverse pku.

It might decrease the severity of the symptoms but you're still going to have the genetic defect but you still deserve all the benefits that are going to come from eating a proper human diet does that make sense allie thank you guys for all the questions and thank you for telling your story in the comments about what keto or carnivores.

Done for you so many people read these comments weeks or months or even years after i posted the video and then i'll get a comment for them like oh my god i just read this comment on your youtube video that's exactly my story i'm gonna try keto and so by telling your story in a youtube video comment section you just help save somebody's life how.

Cool is that yeah if you're anybody who's constipated just increase your intake of magnesium citrate i promise you that'll fix it we have eight tickets left to the proper human diet summit coming up in nashville tennessee on september the 17th i've said it a bunch of times i actually remembered it this time.

Where can they find more information is it on my website oh so there's a website called phd virtual summit dot com so it's in person and also virtual yep there's eight in person tickets left so you can come and listen in person to the experts we're gonna gather for you uh we can shake hands we can we can get a hug we can.

Take an essie together we're going to have a big carnivore meal there for for the vips vip's already sold out dang it sorry uh but also if you cannot come to nashville tennessee ketochow has donated the technology and the money so that this thing can be put out virtually.

And you know how much we're going to charge for the virtual event zero dollars it's free yeah ketochow's doing that for all you guys you get to watch it for free if you can't attend in person okay here we have a a uh rebuttal angelic annihilator says i.

Thought polar bear liver causing toxicity was odd because it seems like eskimos should have evolved to tolerate it i don't plan on hunting them so i don't think eskimos evolved to tolerate it i think eskimos there was some dumb eskimo the first time they ever killed a polar bear he ate the whole liver and he died.

And they're like we better not eat the whole liver so they started to eat a smaller portion and they figured it out trial and error through tens of thousands of years that you don't need a lot of polar bear liver you just need a small portion but i'm glad you're not going to hunt.

Them because they're really cute i mean they're huge but they're still cute from a distance williams home inspection says i've lost 60 plus pounds in less than six months carnival less than two months will carnivore help with right bundle branch blocks so it's a good question if you have a an anatomical defect that's.

Causing the the right bundle branch block then carnivores is gonna help it keep from getting worse but it's not going to fix it but if if your right bundle branch block is an electrical issue caused by chronic inappropriate inflammation at that spot then carnivore could absolutely improve it to the point where it almost.

Goes completely away depends on the cause okay if you've had a small heart attack and you've lost part of the electrical conduit in that area then you're probably stuck with right bundle branch from now on but the symptoms are going to be less severe good question.

See how this works guys it all makes sense if you just calm down don't fight with each other let's just discuss it let's think about it let's figure it out let's check the relevant research let's look at the our ancestors what did they do fifty thousand a hundred thousand three hundred thousand years ago what.

Kind of diet did they eat how were they able to why didn't they all die early of heart attacks and strokes they were eating lots of red meat you gotta consider all these things one of the main area of reading that as a doctor i never thought i would read is anthropology archaeology and paleoanthropology i.

Found so many answers with regards to a proper human diet just by studying those disciplines what about the other way the runs on carnivore yeah it's very common julian when somebody starts carnivore to have diarrhea for a week or two or three this is your gut bacteria adjusting to the new diet once you've up.

Regulated all the good healthy bacteria and down regulated all the carb loving inflammation causing bad bacteria the diarrhea goes away ashley nad plus iv therapy for clonazepam withdrawal my naturopath thinks it could help when i do my final taper maybe actually maybe maybe it might help.

The the severity of the symptoms uh give it a try and let me know on patreon how it goes uh the benzodiazepines are another class of drugs klonopin valium xanax that many doctors act like oh they're not it's not a big deal you can take this it's fine and then they keep renewing the.

Prescription over and over and over benzos should only be used for a short period of time less than two weeks there's no reason any person should be given benzodiazepines for years and years completely inappropriate but it happens all the time and then people like ashley are stuck.

With a clonazepam or a diazepam addiction and they have to withdraw from it and and klonopin is one of the roughest ones in the world withdraw from some people have to take two or three years to slowly wean it so best of luck ashley our our thoughts are with you let me know on patreon how how it goes brett is uric acid of 18 common within.

The first two months of carnivore a lot of people when they go keto or carnivore they'll notice an initial increase in uric acid but they don't have gout attacks but then the uric acid comes back down and goes down to a healthy normal level and stays there for the rest of their life as long as they stay key to our carnivore.

Decaf over ice with some salt and butter all right let's see yeah benzos man benzos and let me tell you it's not all the doctor's fault now they were keeping up on their reading they would know benzos are super habit forming at this.

Point but when benzodiazepines first came out the drug reps came around they literally told doctors these are not habit because back then all the doctor had for somebody with anxiety or insomnia was barbiturates which were not only habit forming but if you took too many they'd kill you dead as a hammer.

And so when benzos came on the market the drug reps literally told the doctors they're not habit forming they're fine and some doctors gave them to everybody turns out they're very very habit for me another lie from big pharma can you believe it uh strangeosity says thoughts on l-theanine instead of benzos i've 1 000.

Times rather you take l-theanine instead of a benzodiazepine rene good question on carnivore diet do i need to worry about portion sizes i don't think so i think you can eat a carnivore diet lots of fatty meat and eggs with the yolk you can eat as much as you want try to keep your eating in an eight or a.

Six hour window where you eat just two or three discreet meals maybe one meal eat as much as you want eat to your comfortably stuffed and then don't eat again until you're hungry again and many people find on on a fatty meat carnivore diet they once a day and they feel amazing they're just not hungry.

So i don't think you need to worry about portion size whatsoever you don't have to portion control i don't think you need the calorie count whatsoever all that stuff's unnecessary when you're eating a proper human diet do you think uh deer and coyote in the wild do they count calories or do they.

Control their portion sizes or do they eat until they're comfortably stuffed that's actually how mammals are supposed to eat we're not supposed to count calories in portion control you only have to do that kind of stupid if you're eating an improper diet.

Sven says three-year carnivore starting weight 637 pounds today i weigh 407 pounds and my hemoglobin a1c today is 5.2 and i was a pre-diabetic years ago so we have a pre-diabetic who has who's lost 230 pounds.

On three years of carnivore way to go sven keep it up keep it up your healing is not done yet you've got more healing to do keep doing what you're doing how long are you going i guess i'm gonna answer this one from jesus winds been on the carnivore diet since the beginning.

Of july i look and feel much better i take a thousand milligrams garlic and one milk thistle a day i'm addicted to sunflower seeds what are your thoughts on them you want to sit with me becca said yes that's his answer you want to sit with me yeah you got to get a pull up though that's all i want i know i can keep him.

Come here to me you want to say hi you don't okay it's okay you don't have to all right so um if you want to eat a few sunflower seeds occasionally it's not that big of a deal but if you eat too many sunflower seeds you're going to get too much omega-6 fatty acids i got to be careful with.

Becket because he's naked from the waist down say hi what you have for breakfast sausage i love you go put your pull-up on i'm afraid i'm going to show you gugu youtube won't like that.

We'll put that on all right guys that's it thank you so much for hanging out with me thanks for the super chats thanks for your support thank you very much for sharing this video because that's the way you actually can reach out and impact people's health even if you're not a health care provider if you've got.

Questions you want to ask me specifically become a patron there's a link down in the show notes it's a private protected community we have four additional live q and a's each and every week in there where there's not 3 000 people asking questions there's only one or 200 people so we're able to answer more questions more completely and you.

Can also direct message me if you can't find your answer anywhere else i'm out of here this is dr barry i'll see you guys next time and until then eat a proper human diet see you
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