Dr Ken Berry Q&A  (Proper Human Diet & Fasting)

Dr Ken Berry Q&A (Proper Human Diet & Fasting)

Dr Ken Berry Q&A (Proper Human Diet & Fasting)

Check out the video on Dr Ken Berry Q&A (Proper Human Diet & Fasting).
Hello folks dr ken berry family physician with you this early evening coming to you on a sunday to answer some questions uh every day i see the the questions and the comments that you leave on my youtube videos and i realize that sometimes you need more than just a one or two.

Word answer so i try to do these lives as often as i can either here or on my instagram uh also on my tic toc i even have a clapper or you on clapper so if you're on any of those social media i also go live there occasionally so make sure and follow me there i uh saw a super chat before i got started from danette.

Uh saying should apple cider vinegar ever be avoided except uh if you have a gastric ulcer and i think the answer is no very often people ascribe magical benefits to apple cider vinegar but it doesn't really have any magical benefits the only magical benefit i can.

Find from apple cider vinegar is when you make a youtube video about it you're going to get at least 100 000 views because people seem to be enamored with apple cider vinegar even if you had a documented gastric ulcer apple cider vinegar shouldn't really be contraindicated your.

Stomach acid is thousands of times more acidic than apple cider vinegar your stomach lining is not even going to be able to detect that you took a swallow of apple cider vinegar even if you have an active gastric ulcer so i wouldn't worry about that also i wouldn't run out and buy expensive apple.

Cider vinegar thinking it's going to give you magical benefits um millie says that acv gives her heartburn back when i used to have severe heartburn before keto i um i would take a swallow of acv and it seemed to help my.

Reflux pain uh who knows uh hey ellen grace watching all the way from hong kong where are you guys at there's lisa in arkansas what city what state what country where are you at in the world right now also uh to help me reach and help as many people as.

Possible uh please share this video on your social media if you know someone who needs to hear this information you can tag them in the comments i think if they have a youtube account or you can just share this with them in a text message or an email let's see what we've got i thought i saw a.

Question go by yeah there it was rob says i've lost 45 pounds on keto three years ago messed up and gained some of it back on carnivore for two months lost seven pounds and i'm stalled out taking i was taking metformin before does this help with weight loss the research is fairly equivocal on whether you're going to get a net.

Benefit with regards to weight loss from taking metformin now it definitely will help your glucose and insulin metabolism if you are pre-diabetic or type 2 diabetic definitely shouldn't take if you're a type 1 diabetic but as far as weight loss.

Not a lot of research supporting that it has a big weight loss effect probably it seems like for most people the first time you go keto or carnivore you have the quickest and largest amount of weight loss and then if you fall off the wagon and you gain some back when you go when you go back on keto or carnivore.

That second time or that third time the weight loss still happens but it doesn't feel like it happens as quickly as it did that first time and so rob just keep doing what you're doing i promise you guys the the fat loss which is what you really want you don't want to lose bone or muscle the fat loss is going to come.

Just stick with the proper human diet which can be low carb with very clean ingredients keto ketovor or carnivore all those are on the proper humid diet spectrum the weight loss is going to come but it may not come as fast as you want it to but keep in mind you are.

Receiving hundreds of other health benefits both physical health and mental health benefits from removing the slow poisons from your diet that are in the modern diet so don't worry that if the weight loss is not coming as fast as you'd like for it to tia says.

Sorry for the weird question but does being out in the rain really make us sick what would our ancestors have would have done yeah i tell you this is a huge myth that most grandmothers and moms still believe and many dads as well is that if you get if you go out in the cold without your coat on or your hats in.

Some cultures if you go out without your scarf or your mittens that you will get sick because you were exposed to the cold and then other places um other people believe that if you go out in the rain and you get wet with rain you will get magically sick somehow like the rain carries viruses uh there's there's.

Zero evidence to support this there's actually a lot of studies that have been done that that just going out into the cold without your mittens or your scarf or your hat or your coat going out into the cold naked will not make you catch a cold or a flu uh colds and flus and other viruses and bacterial infections are caused by.

Viruses and bacteria that's what they're caused by and so if you get really really cold like to the point of almost being hypothermic then that may weaken your system enough that a virus that's already in your nose or in your throat it may be able to get a toe hold and and take off with an.

Active infection but the cold itself the rain itself have nothing to do with you catching a cold or a flu or any other virus or any other bacteria i used to when i played high school basketball i had a high school coach that believed after practice in the in the winter.

You must never leave the gym with your head wet with sweat or wet from the shower you had to wear a sweater a hoodie you had to have your head covered you could have a toboggan you could have a hat you had to have something on your head or he believed in his heart of hearts that you would get sick and so we all had to honor that.

Rule and even then i used to think i thought viruses and bacteria made you sick when i was in high school like i don't think it's having a wet head i don't think that's what does it it's a good question not very weird at all uh kathy says would help increase my fat intake pork rinds are a perfect blend of fat and protein.

Uh and if they are cooked in a good healthy oil i think that pork rinds are part of a proper human diet tabitha says can i reverse oh tabitha your question shot oh it disappeared where did it go hang on tabitha oh hey thanks holly for the super chat dang it.

Now that's really annoying why did it do that youtube please fix that how am i supposed to answer questions when they just magically jump sorry tabitha angie yesterday was beautiful here in south georgia i didn't sunburn for the first time ever ever can fasting help recover from dental surgery.

Yes it can so what angie's alluding to here is many people when they eliminate all the vegetable seed oils from their diet the canola oil the sun soybean oil sunflower safflower all those vegetable seed oils and they replace those oils with ancestrally appropriate and healthy animal fats like.

Butter and ghee and lard and beef tallow there they actually start when they because you're replacing skin cells constantly right the average skin cell lives for a month to maybe six months depending on which cell and so they're constantly being replaced and when you're eating too many omega-6 rich vegetable seed oils you're actually.

Using inappropriate fats to make the cell membranes of your skin cells and your skin cells definitely will sunburn easier when they are made with these inappropriate fats but it's very very likely that your risk of skin cancer would go up and i think probably that's why we're seeing the.

Epidemic of skin cancer is not because the sun magically somehow uh became our our enemy because we've been playing in the sun for three million years but i think it's the increase in vegetable oils in every single processed uh food like product on the planet.

We all all of our skin cells are made from uh inappropriate fats and so angie now that she's using animal fats she can go out and play in the sun for a much longer period of time and not get sunburned i've noticed this hundreds of people any of you guys noticed that now that you're eating healthy animal fats that you can play in the sun longer.

Without getting a sunburn i definitely have noticed this myself all right mr montefontaine hi dr barry is it normal after five weeks of carnivore to actually see my skin a little worse for a while i've also noticed i have some dandruff is this to be expected at all i have psoriasis uh monty there might be a little adjustment.

In your skin microbiome and that may be what you're noticing uh but this is a temporary adjustment that's moving in a good direction uh virtually every single carnivore i talked to says that my their skin without exception gets better as months go on on a carnivore diet so i would stick with it mr monty fontaine and.

If celts in houston why is fasting harder with the standard american diet meaning uh feeling like death compared to how easy it is to fast on a carnivore diet which is mildly uncomfortable at worst yeah so when you're eating a high carbohydrate diet and when you're eating a diet rich in vegetable seed oils many people think.

That they stimulate your appetite and then we definitely know that when you eat a high carb diet you're going to get a huge insulin spike and that's going to shove all that glucose into your cells and other places or turn it into fat and then you're hungry again two hours later so it's really really.

A standard american diet now if you're tough enough to do it you will still reap some of the health benefits of intermittent fasting not as much as if you're also eating a proper human diet but that's that's why so many people when they go keto keto or carnivore they wind up just accidentally fasting because the the healthy fat and healthy.

Protein that's in a ketogenic or a carnivore diet or so satiating that when you've eaten until you're full and you stop eating you're you're not hungry again for many many hours afterwards and that's one of the reasons it helps with fat burning but that's also it makes it so much easier to fast so you can actually unlock that ancient strategy.

To to reap untold health benefits from the the intermittent fasting that so many of you guys are doing yeah you're absolutely right about that it makes it so much harder to fast if you're eating high carb or if you're eating the vegetable seed oils.

Sherry says who does nisha recommend for ingestible essential oils nisha uses young living oils which are a food grade essential oil i think that doterra is also food grade or at least some of their oils are for young living i know they come in.

With a white cap if they are ingestible uh definitely never ever ingest an essential oil that you buy from one of the big box stores they are notoriously not edible they are not good for you got mr monty uh angie gaster bypass in 2001 lost 200 pounds.

In the past three years i've gained 90 pounds back will keto work for me 100 angie uh there are many many people in the ketosphere who have had row and y or other forms of bariatric surgery who are able to keto just fine and angie is finding out that most people think a gastric bypass is permanent weight loss but it is not you still if.

You're eating an inappropriate diet like angie probably is then you're gonna you're gonna overeat carbohydrates you're gonna eat appetite stimulating and fat storage stimulating inflammatory foods and you're going to slowly gain weight back so angie 100 uh check out my keto 101 playlist on youtube get started and i promise you.

You'll be happy you did steve jackson thanks for the super chat my friend uh tube powered since i just started keto a week ago thank you for the wealth of high quality information that helped me make the choice no questions today thank you very much for a super chat tube powered.

Uh jody fitz my doctor is concerned about my alkaline phosphatase being elevated i do not have a gallbladder i was it was removed 30 years ago have been keto for 10 months jody have your doctor check a fractionated alkaline phosphatase level and that will that will actually break it up the alkaline phosphatase can be elevated for.

Multiple different reasons if you have a bone issue if you have a gut issue even if you have a reproductive organ issue it that it can cause an elevated alcohol it's not just a liver lab and a fractionated alkaline phosphatase will tease that out for your doctor and if your doctor doesn't know what an alkylated a fractionated alkaline.

Phosphatase is then you can teach your doctor something thanks angela for the super chat all right i think i'm caught up now let's see susan is it possible to get any protein from supplements my 87 year old mother is needing more protein but not like the protein drinks like ensure they have.

Suggested yeah either multiple good protein powders i would get a protein powder that is beef sourced you can actually get beef protein powders now if not a whey protein powder is pretty darn good for somebody like your mom uh that i would any of you guys if you have an elderly relative or a young.

Relative who drinks any of the insurer products i would highly 100 recommend you throw that in the garbage and get them a better source of protein and nutrients ensure is processed crap it is just read the ingredients there's about 85 ingredients in each little can and that that's a huge red flag right off the bat.

Uh i wish they wouldn't jump around like that it makes it hard to get everybody okay i got that one um tracy says is keto is it good for type 2 diabetes you can use a ketogenic diet or a keto or a carnivore diet all of which i have videos about on this channel to completely reverse type 2 diabetes to get rid of it same goes for fatty liver.

You can get rid of fatty liver within a few weeks by eating a keto or a carnivore diet debra says i am 68 years old been on keto for a few weeks now can i safely do an extended fast or should i stick to intermittent fasting it's a good question deborah uh if you're if you've done great with.

Intermittent fasting thus far and that would be like fasting 16 18 20 hours every day and then you're like i want to do a 24 hour fast i think that's perfectly fine perfectly safe for you uh depending on which medications you may be still taking that are prescription medications if you want to do a 48 hour fast i think.

That's perfectly fine just make sure you're sipping on some water getting your electrolytes and some salt more than 48 hours i would really work up to that unless you i don't think it's dangerous to fast for three four five six seven days uh but i think it is much easier if you work up to that so once once.

You're doing an 18 hour fast every day then you can just mark a day on the calendar and say i'm doing a 24-hour fast that day and then after a few days of you you recover from that you go back to your intermittent fasting and then maybe in two or three weeks you're like i'm gonna do a 48-hour fast yes do it absolutely.

It's very good for you it's very healthy it's very safe uh found one that works says does coffee cause impaired glucose tolerance not to any appreciable degree in the vast majority of people maybe in a few people they have problems with this but the vast majority of.

People can drink coffee just fine it doesn't cause any untoward metabolic problems okay i've already answered oh there's tabitha's okay tabitha can i reverse aerd uh samsters triad also have sjogren's a.s and hashimoto's i had graves disease and my thyroid was radiated so they.

Killed her thyroid uh 15 years ago i'm now 40 not overweight my aerd so all of your conditions especially the autoimmune conditions are going to your symptoms are going to be less severe and you're going to have less frequent flare-ups if you remove all of the.

Inflammatory slow poison food or food from your diet that makes sense and so stop all the sugars both added natural stop all the grains grains are great foods for prisoners and slaves very cheap it'll keep you from starving to death but it's it's going to cause long-term health consequences same goes for the vegetable seed oils get all.

Those out of your diet tabitha and then make sure at least half your plate is covered with fatty meat and eggs every meal if you want to add some some dark green veg if you want to add a few nuts if you want to add a few berries i think that's fine but you do not want to be eating anything that is made in a chemical.

Factory because it will piss off your immune system and you will have a worsening of your autoimmune symptoms good question future brie says what's an acceptable blood pressure so this is a good question because a lot of you guys don't.

Know you think currently that 120 over 80 is that's that's normal that was that's an arbitrary number that was picked by the american heart association and several other of the medical associations adopted that it's based on atrocious research there's i mean it when you get when you get somebody because you have to take medication to.

Get your blood pressure that low for the vast amount of adults and you're going to start to have side effects you're going to start having people who faint pass out hit their head get a subdural hematoma get a a you know a bad brain bleed you're going to have people who break a wrist break a.

Shoulder break a hip because they got lightheaded when they stood up because they're on too much blood pressure medication the american academy of family physicians did not adopt this your blood pressure at 145 the 145 is pushing it on the top number but the bottom number being 75 is gorgeous so keep lowering the carbohydrate intake.

Future breeze and when you get your insulin level back down to low normal that 145 will probably come down to 135 and then that that is a splendid perfect blood pressure for an adult all right oh here's somebody who says uh where'd he go dang it really annoying youtube really annoying.

They said how do i talk to my doctor about coming off statins so if you are an adult in any country of the world if you're 18 years of age or older you have a right of self-determination you don't need your doctor's permission to stop your statin there is no.

Withdrawal process for starting stopping a statin you can just throw in the garbage okay now i want you to make an informed decision before you do that i want you to just blindly do that i want you to have a discussion with your doctor and ask your doctor to show you the research that that applies to you.

Specifically of how that it's going to lengthen your life because when you look at all of the statin research in totality you if you take a statin daily for 20 years it's gonna add about three days to your life and that comes with all the potential side effects that statins have and so i've got lots of videos about statins uh.

Watch videos by dr david diamond like the diamond in your ring he is a phd researcher at the university of south florida he has a ton of brilliant information about statins and why you might not need to take them somebody lost 95 pounds on keto i love it.

Uh oh putin wurst says can you do keto carnivore on fish and seafood only 100 yes and if you if you are a nerd like me uh uber nerd and you you get into the paleo anthropological literature there are there were huge societies of human.

Beings who 95 of their food came from the ocean yeah they were stuck it kind of uh like an island situation but you don't always have to be on an island to be in an island type situation uh speaking just as a society and so if they were walled off by mountains or anything and the only thing they had.

Access to was the sea 100 you can do keto or carnivore with fish and seafood only 100 uh the fasting chronicles can a low carb diet plus intermittent fasting help with my gout yep fasting chronicles i actually have a youtube video about gout and what actually causes it.

Uh the vast majority of people who adopt a keto or a carnivore way of eating just don't have gout flare-ups anymore or they might have an occasional gout flare once a year that's 10 percent as severe as they used to be back when they were eating their old diet susan says i found your channel recently.

I'm making changes slowly uh to keto beautiful my a1c was nine which is really bad susan you know that i have already stopped mountain dew 100 uh after 30 plus years of being addicted to it and i'm down six pounds in about three weeks i have i have to retrain my brain yes you do and i'll tell you uh san pellegrino sparkling water i used to.

Be addicted to diet mountain dude and san pellegrino help me any sparkling water is going to help you get break your addiction to either regular soft drinks or diet soft drinks neither of which i think is is optimally good for you santiago says can you talk about sibo which is small intestinal bacterial.

Overgrowth uh yes santiago once you adopt a proper human diet sibo if you even have it because it's very oftenly over diagnosed by naturopaths and other people who are kind of into alternative medicine they'll very frequently diagnose you with sibo based on no diagnostic studies whatsoever.

And so but if you do have sibo that's going to quickly correct itself when you stop eating all the unnecessary carbohydrates and sugars and fructose nisha and beckett are back from bowling they went bowling with our with the church folks today all right uh if somebody says can you do intermittent fasting if you have pcos.

100 yes no if sans or butts and it is going to help you any of you ladies with pcos or with fibroids or with endometriosis if you adopt a very very low carbohydrate diet full of real one ingredient real human food and then adopt some degree of intermittent fasting your symptoms are.

Going to improve so drastically that you'll feel like you don't even have the condition anymore hey nation i'm doing a live youtube uh dee jerome thanks for the super chat d jerome is it possible to eat too late with the phd i noticed when i started.

Working out after work and eating later my weight has not went down as much it's probably not the eating weight and this is this has confused a lot of researchers and a lot of health gurus and fitness gurus out there i don't think it's the lightness or the closeness to bedtime that you eat.

But when you do eat later you're basically having a shorter intermittent fast each day aren't you right so if you had stopped eating at 6 00 p.m d jerome then you would have had a 18 or 20 hour fast right but since you ate it 9 30 right before bed now you've only you're only going to have a 14 hour fast.

So you're just not you don't have the length of that intermittent fast tacked on to your sleeping hours and i think that's why the fat loss is slower and other health benefits are slower if you eat too late you just don't have that long intermittent fast that you would have otherwise me me hugs two months.

In on keto finally got into steady ketosis and lowered blood sugar but the fat is killing my stomach what do you suggest well i adapt mimi i wish you'd been a little more specific about how the fat was killing your stomach some people who are not used to eating a.

Lot of healthy fat their stomach or their gallbladder or their liver will give them some issues sometimes your intestines but human beings are made to eat lots of animal protein and lots of animal fat that that has been our diet for over 2 million years.

So just give your give your tummy time and it will adjust to a proper human diet it's almost like it for a lot of us it's like an alcoholic who's just been living on bourbon for years and years and years when you say hey dude that's not healthy that's bad for you here eat this food and drink this water.

That alcoholic if you've ever experienced somebody i have in that situation not personally but as a doctor they feel like death on a cracker when they actually start eating real food and drinking water and not living on the the alcohol calories they feel terrible it takes them a few days and sometimes even a few weeks for their gut.

To wake back up and go oh yeah food i forgot about that and that that's probably the same type of thing that's happening to you mimi thanks kim p for the super chat grand ce says i am miserable with my weight but just don't know how to force myself to get started.

You don't have to force yourself granted just start watching my keto 101 videos and every day eat less high carbohydrate junk and eat more good healthy real human food that's full of healthy fat and healthy protein that's going to help you be satiated okay and when you're associated that means.

You're not hungry and it's easy it's less hard to say no to junk food if you're also not hungry but now if you're hungry and you're craving the junk you're going to fail every time and that's why i tell people when you first start keto if you start.

To get hungry and or you start to think about junk fill your face hole with bacon and eggs immediately because that way you're not going to have any room for the junk and it's also going to be easier or less hard to say no to the junk food that you 100 know that you should say no to.

Uh we got mitzi and powell in here they're my moderators i don't know if kevin's with us or not today i haven't seen his name go by but they have the little blue wrench by their name and they if they see just obvious beginner questions they'll actually answer you in the comments so because i definitely can't answer.

Every question we got almost 1900 people in here asking me questions so they're trying to answer even more questions mike says how much fat should i eat per day mike you should eat fat and protein until you're comfortably stuffed either one meal a day two meals a day or even three meals a day in a in a time restricted.

Feasting window of six or eight hours and so that's the beautiful thing about a proper human diet if you're eating lots of healthy fat and healthy protein you don't have to count all the macros you can if you want to and maybe some people need to do that if they're counters and recorders.

But you don't that's not necessary if you're doing this right matthew says what are your thoughts on dhea as a supplement for men over 40. many men over 40 and some women over 40 need a dhea supplement until they've gotten their diet fixed once you're eating a proper human diet.

Typically your dhea will come up within normal range and you won't have to supplement that forever all right let's see here uh mimi yo thank you mimi for the super chat nile or neil wing hello just started two weeks ago hoping to fix my large prostate lost 12 pounds and i'm not even.

Out of shape thank you so much excellent nile i've got a youtube video about prostate and how this this way of eating affects your prostate if you haven't already watched that you can check that out dan wilson my a1c went from 8.4 to 5.9.

And my weights 245 that went from 245 down to 222. this on four meds cut all but two of the four out metformin have i cut too much medication that's conversation to have for your doctor dan if your blood sugars are looking better and your blood pressure is looking very.

Good then you may not have needed medication any longer for your blood sugar and your blood pressure but any of you guys if you're if you're thinking about stopping medications other than statins then definitely talk to your doctor okay and or help your doctor especially if.

You have type 1 diabetes and you're trying to do a proper human diet you need to have a doctor who understands how to help you lower your insulin injections quickly because you won't need nearly as much insulin good question thanks mitzi and and paolo for answering.

Questions you guys are wonderful i don't know if granny berry is watching to today or not too stubborn to quit uh this is she always watches monday night at 7 p.m that's when nisha and i do our live every monday night at 7 p.m so if you guys if you haven't caught that yet uh.

People say it's pretty entertaining we just try to help people but people seem like they like it uh but granny definitely will be watching monday night so tomorrow at 7 pm central i don't know if she's watching today or not yeah mimi says bloating uh i don't have a gallbladder so yeah me may give your liver time give your hepatic ducts time.

To take on a a storage capacity for bile and uh keep slowly increasing your fat intake and before long you're beating fat like a champ m morris says we're taking an epsom salt bath help in any way with carnivore diet or keto so epsom salt is a magnesium salt and a lot of people feel like it really relaxes their muscles to take an.

Epson salt bath but when you try to find research about how much magnesium is actually absorbed through skin it's very very difficult to do that research because you can't just check their serum magnesium before the saw the the epsom salt bath and after the epsom salt that doesn't help you at all.

We've tried researchers have tried checking rbc magnesium they've tried checking intracellular magnesium it's just hard to know if you absorb much magnesium through your skin or not but if if you enjoy the epsom salt bass and they seem to relax you and help you then 100 percent uh do them i think.

They're fine no danger at all but i would not count on an epsom salt bath as my magnesium source i would get magnesium from food all right we talked today and we talked to me me we talked to niall oh sonja brother had hodgkin's ten years ago small heart event in october of last.

Year was told chemo radiation damaged his heart it's very common depending on where you get the radiation directed at he's now on lipitor aspirin plavix blood pressure med every day doctor said no keto so sonia your brother's doctor is is currently ignorant and that's okay calling someone ignorant is not that's.

Not a derogatory term that just means your doctor doesn't understand what keto actually is a lot of doctors still think keto is some weird fad diet that's very sciencey and weird and it might cause ketoacidosis they don't understand that human beings have been eating a diet that put them into ketosis for.

Over two million years uh it's not weird it's not a fad it is the oldest diet that humans have eaten on the planet so you're bro i mean so basically your doctor's saying that your brother shouldn't eat meat and veg that literally is the human diet yeah meat and veg that's what keto is.

Keto is not weird it's not some sciency esoteric thing it's meat and veg that's keto so if your doctor thinks that meat and veg is dangerous for humans your doc maybe should read a book about nutrition billy green hi i'm 57 year old six foot four two forty one functional kidney and.

Stage three chronic kidney disease with the creatinine uh at uh 1.6 to 1.3 what do you feel about keto for someone like me so keto is one of the most kidney protective diets on the planet the reason that we have a dialysis clinic on every corner now is because.

People have been eating high carbohydrate junk food diets and destroying their kidneys eating a diet full of healthy fat and healthy protein is good for your kidneys eating fatty red meat is good for your kidneys there is no research that shows it's bad and i know your doctor billy probably.

Told you you've got to avoid too much protein it's bad for your kidneys go back to your doctor billy and ask them could you show me the research that prove that eating too much protein too much meat is bad for my kidneys because this is one of the biggest myths in modern medicine there's no research to support it whatsoever billy you are a.

Homo sapien sapien you need to eat a diet that is rich in fatty meat and eggs too stubborn to quit says thank you grandma barry for raising a good grandson and supporting a wonderful granddaughter-in-law uh granny berry uh literally saved me from a life of crime yeah she's the best granny berry is is the bomb diggity i hope she's watching.

Hey granny berry if you're watching minnie pearl has a this is an interesting question does does does our body know when to shut off weight loss yes it does your body just like yeah many you're not thinking about breathing right now how many times are you breathing a minute.

You have no idea you didn't even know you were breathing until i said this but obviously you are right how many how many times a minute is your heart beating are you not keeping up with that no your heart beats whether you track it or not you breathe whether you track it or not.

And your body knows when you've reached a good healthy body fat percentage and it's going to slow down the weight loss unless you're calorie restricted now if you're if you're starving yourself you'll keep losing weight inappropriately and that's unhealthy but if you're eating until you're comfortably stuffed on a proper human.

Diet full of healthy fat and healthy protein then that's very very low carb and it's not made in the factory you're you'll lose fat until you get down to a good healthy body fat and then you'll stay there just like every animal in the wild they.

Have a perfect body fat percentage unless they have access to human garbage human waste then they'll get obese too but i'm talking about an animal in the wild eating their uh species specific diet you never see a fat deer you never see a fat anything bears gain some weight.

In the fall so that they can hibernate all winter that's that's basically the main use for fruit and berries uh is to put on weight for the winter but if you and you know it's never winter now there's always food in the fridge here in our society so you don't have to worry about putting on fat for the winter.

But there are no fat wild animals unless they have access to a garbage dump that uh of humans highly processed high carb food they never get fat and they eat to their full right think about that we are we are a mammal just like every other mammal on the planet and and we we're like i don't know.

Something's wrong with us we get fat so easy no no it's there's not something wrong with you my friend there's something wrong with the diet that we're told to eat shawn says i've given up carbs except coconut water will ruin my keto diet effects if i keep.

It in my diet i cycle regularly play soccer soccer and lift weights sean long as you account for the carbohydrates and you keep the total carbohydrates under about 20 total grams a day they they can pretty much come from anything even fruit and honey but just keep your total carbohydrate.

Intake very very low each day and you're gonna do fine excellent uh guys as i said earlier if you have a friend or a family member you think could benefit from this information please share this video with him or you can share it on your own social media thanks ron for the super chat thank you.

Very much dapper dave i am sorry i i'm trying to get every super chat i'm sorry i missed yours i'm looking i'm trying to find all of them let me see here if i can find dapper dave i try to i try to answer all the questions i can and i try to never miss.

A super chat but sometimes they're coming fast and furious dapper dave where are you i just i i scroll back as far as i can and i don't see it dave i'm very very sorry charles says doctor didn't check my a1c he said he didn't need to because my hemoglobin was normal is this true should i get it checked on the side okay.

So charles has found a huge in his doctor's armor of knowledge his doctor doesn't know the difference between a hemoglobin a1c and a hemoglobin those are two completely different tests so charles can be running around with pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes and and he would never know it because his.

Currently ignorant doctor thinks that if his hemoglobin level is normal then his hemoglobin i would say must be normal you guys you you look up to doctors and respect them almost and give them demi-god status but in at the end of the day doctors are just dudes and chicks.

Just like you they they are fallible they miss things they they try they try very hard to do a good job but it's impossible not to miss things but now charles if your doctor thinks that a hemoglobin level and a hemoglobin a1c level are are the same.

That's scary you need to find a new doctor charles that's that's really really bad all right let me just make sure i don't miss thank you michael rose for the super chat sonia i already answered sonya's i already got billy green uh michael rose says why does my insulin.

Spike after i eat protein like a steak so michael how do you know your insulin spikes there's currently not a home test for insulin uh but but with that being said do you mean your blood sugar spiking if so then you're you probably still have some degree of metabolic syndrome or hyperinsulinemia.

And you need to keep your carbs very low and let your metabolism keep healing your metabolism i mean your insulin is going to go up when you eat protein and so for people who don't know when you eat carbohydrates your insulin is going to do this it's going to spike up really high when you eat protein it's going to go up but about like that right.

But when you eat fat it's barely going to go up and that's why some people can put butter in their fasting coffee and it doesn't really break fast your insulin is going to grow up when you eat protein when you eat protein michael but it's not going to spike like it does when you eat carbohydrates.

Yeah if any doctor tells you that eating meat and eggs or eating meat and veg is bad for you that that i mean it's actually good that they tell you that because that reveals to you that they do not understand a damn thing about how to feed a human being we.

We should we we cut our teeth on meat and eggs for the last two and a half million years to say meat and eggs is bad for you is it's it's ignorant and i'm sure they mean well but they just don't know what they're talking about all right i've already got that one i already answered sean okay i think i'm.

Back thanks for the super chat ron thanks calypso ken's ken wells uh sad blocked up my heart standard american diet yep it's that's what blocks hearts it's too many carbs too many too much vegetable seed oils too.

Much fructose i got four stents in december two months on carnivore i've uh went from 200 pounds to 180 pounds my ldl is 70 cardiologists says if i quit the statins i'll block back up and be back in for a bypass looking for a low-carb doctor in my area yeah ken you absolutely need a doctor who understands.

Proper human nutrition in a low carbohydrate diet i've got a youtube video called how to find a low-carb keto doctor near you and in the show notes of that video there's five or six websites you can put your zip code in and you might you might be surprised if there's a low-carb doctor an hour or two.

From you and that would be very very good for your long-term health i can't i don't know how to pronounce that said net carbs or crap total carbs will do you right and it's not that net carbs are crap net carbs can be deceptive now if you're eating broccoli or.

Brussels sprouts or some naturally occurring um plant food that has fiber in it i trust broccoli and and so if you're eating broccoli you can count that carbs i think that's fine but if you're eating anything that's highly processed including keto treats that are made with nut flours or anything made with wheat.

Flour rice flour oat flour any of that kind of crap you gotta count total carbs because the manufacturers will lie to you they will mislead you and tell you that something is soluble fiber when in fact it it your your small intestine breaks it down in its carbs that's why i've just come to say count total carbs and that way you don't have.

To do two calculations okay for all the vegetables i'm going to do net carbs and for all the processed crap i'm going to do total carbs just do total carbs and be done with it it's much easier why would you not the manufacturers want you to count net carbs because that allows them to put things in there like chicory fiber which is not fiber the way you.

Understand fiber or oat fiber some even use wheat fiber and they'll use that and call it fiber and then they don't have to count it on the as as a sugar as a carb right as a simple carb but it still breaks down in your small intestine and you get carbs out of it and for many people they think they're.

Doing keto because they're eating keto bread and the keto shakes and all these keto cookies cakes and pies and they're counting that carbs and they think they're saying under 20 net a day but actually if you counted total they're probably getting 150 total grams of carbs a day and that will stall the vast majority of.

Us all right thank you ranchland08 for the super chat uh melissa says is almond flour bad well yeah it's a good question so what about almond flour what about coconut flour what about all the other nut flours that are definitely less bad than wheat flour and uh in many cases.

Would be considered keto approved uh but the problem with nut flours is that they've been ground up completely you don't have to expend any energy chewing them up and you're also going to tend to eat way more nuts eating nut flour in a muffin or a cupcake or a cake.

Then you would ever eat if you just ate a few nuts out of your hand and if any of you ever have ever cracked nuts with a hammer or with a you know ancestrally appropriately would be with a rock it's not easy uh if you've ever tried to crack a black walnut or any of these nuts with a rock.

Even with a hammer it's it's it's hard work and you'll after four or five nights you'll say okay that's enough i'm done with nuts but when you're eating things made of nut flowers it's very easy to overeat that and then if you have diverticulosis i think the nut flowers are just as likely to give you a flare-up of.

Diverticulitis because of the processing as eating almond flour or eating uh wheat flour in many cases we mission eye we when we first started keto we ate all the keto treats and the fat bombs and the keto cookies cakes and pies and that was better that was less bad than eating the standard american crap.

But now we we just never eat that stuff it just doesn't even occur to us that that's real food anymore i eat meat and eggs and they should eat meat and eggs and veg and baby beckett who's uh almost two and a half now he eats meat and eggs and a few nuts here and there a few berries here and there a little bit of.

Veg here and there but that's he's he's basically a ketivore toddler and he his development is off the charts i would put him up against any two-year-old two and a half year old out there uh developmental wise he's he is he's doing wonderful.

And all my kids did wonderful but uh beckett is he's breaking the curve of all the very kids just because he's got such a head start with with such a proper human diet all right i saw i think yep there we go robin lee diagnosed with uh nsvt and svt only 30 pounds to to lose will phd help.

Decrease frequency of arrhythmias yeah robin many many people have reached out to me on my youtube videos in the comments and then in my private patreon group and said i used to have svt all over you know attacks all the time i used to have a fib constantly i used to have uh palpitations constantly and now on this.

Way of eating it's not like they've magically magically cured my svt but i just don't have the runs of svt anymore i don't have those episodes where i have to go to the er and get converted and so definitely follow up with your cardiologist robin but uh 100 eat a proper human diet yes yes ma'am.

Uh danita just started three weeks ago but watched you two a long time been eating clean keto but still low energy is that odd uh you have to need to make sure you're using enough salt in your diet make sure you're getting your electrolytes make sure you're getting enough healthy fats and make sure that you are not portion controlling.

Many of us come to keto carnivore with the sub you know that unconscious voice in your head that's like well that's too much don't eat don't don't get that much just get half that much if you're eating highly processed crap you do need to portion control but when you start eating real human food your body's going.

To let you know and so danita you may be unconsciously portion controlling and just not getting enough fat protein or you may just not be getting enough fat period make sure you're getting plenty of omega-3 fatty acid sources plenty of salt plenty of electrolytes and make sure you're getting plenty of minerals.

I'm working on another youtube video now about minerals in our food and i found an article in acres magazine i'm a rancher and a farmer now if you didn't know and so i've got all these magazines coming that are for ranchers and farmers and this guy had an article in there about how uh.

Beets just beets he just they picked that at random if you raise beets properly they have like 200 percent more magnesium and they actually they actually have more protein like two or three times as much protein they have less just sodium but they have all these other electrolytes and minerals and and even.

Protein in them when you raise vegetables appropriately which would be organically raising them not using all the chemical fertilizers and the depleted soil uh but it's that's why i work with ketochow to make the daily mineral drops just to make sure that we're getting our minerals because so especially if you're.

Eating if any if you guys have any relatives who still eat the standard american crap diet they 100 need some minerals because they're they're not getting any minerals to speak of at all lisa says dr barry can you do a video uh on eating keto for people with a high metabolism who don't need to lose weight.

Yeah so lisa as i i hinted at this earlier but let me say it explicitly here keto ketovor carnivore are not weight loss diets they are weight optimization diets so when you put a skinny person on keto they're not going to lose more weight they're they're what they're probably.

Going to do is is put on more bone strength and actually put on some muscle naturally without even really working out they're not going to keep losing weight when you lose down to an ideal body weight if you started overweight you're gonna stop losing weight and so if you have a slender spouse and you're like dude i'm skinny i don't need no.

Keto they're gonna still reap hundreds of other health benefits but they're not gonna keep losing weight that's not how keto works thank you mr wobble knocker that's really his name i didn't make that up patty says thank you so much we are.

Elderly 85 are 84 75 and 41 and in the throes of metabolic diseases including dementia all losing weight and looking good 100 petty keep it up uh we've had many people reach out to us and say that a loved one's dementia the progression of it slowed down tremendously and and seemed to even.

Regress and they they actually became more mentally alert when they started feeding their brain the healthy fat that's going to come in a keto or carnivore diet david my wife tried the carnivore diet and her lunula turned pink weird i know having blood work done in.

Two days yeah that is weird david it's weird that you know what a loonal is it's also weird that hers turn pink uh does long term keto well the the question slip but i can answer it does long-term keto hurt the kidneys no does long-term keto hurt the liver no does long-term keto hurt.

Any single part of a human body no keto is meat and veg that is the diet that humans have eaten our entirety of existence on this planet how is the proper human diet going to hurt any body part think about that that just doesn't make any sense i'm sure your dietitian or your doctor told you.

That but it doesn't make any sense when just stop calling keto when your doctor says okay or you know how's your diet just say oh i'm eating meat and veg and i'm doing great i mean what doctor's gonna say oh don't eat vegetables and meat that's that's not good for humans what okay i answered robin lee i thought i.

Missed one thank you brian for the super chat in case you don't know nisha and i are going to be live tomorrow night at 7 p.m every monday at 7 p.m central we do a live together and we answer to answer a ton of questions and we try to be somewhat entertaining anisha is way more entertaining than me much better looking.

Than me and also currently pregnant so you should check us out tomorrow night at 7 pm also if i didn't get to your question today you can become a patron on patreon.com and you can sign up for a book a month three bucks a month five bucks a month and you can ask me your questions.

Directly we have three extra live q and a's in there every week and instead of having 2 000 people watching like we do right now we have 100 or 150 and so i'm able to answer way more questions in way more detail carry picked up on my pun stop stop picking up my puns carrie noir says which one is better dry.

Fasting or water fasting for 14 to 18 hours so a dry fast if you guys don't know that's when you don't eat or drink anything at all including water and if anybody out there tells you it's dangerous to to do a dry fast for 14 hours that's dumb think about it you dry fast every night.

When you're a bed asleep for eight hours you don't eat or drink right so you're gonna attack six more hours onto that and it's imagine suddenly becomes dangerous where's the magical cutoff is it nine hours or 10 hours of a dry fast or 12 14 where does it become magically dangerous and so i think any of you guys if you.

Want to experiment with dry fasting it's perfectly safe and fine as long as you don't go over 24 hours of a dry fast and it's still at that point it's probably not dangerous but you need to be working some with somebody a doctor or dietitian or somebody who understands how the human body reacts to longer fasts but if you want to dry fast for 14 hours 12.

Hours 16 hours there's no danger to that that's silly to act like that's dangerous but now if you're going to do a seven day drive fast that's probably not good for you don't do that kevin says i eat a lot of beef bacon and eggs is it harmful to add pork lamb chicken to my diet for variety no i.

Don't think so i think it's fine if you want to add those foods in now keep in mind that ruminant meat seems to be the healthiest meat for humans and that would be beef that would be veal that would be sheep mutton lamb chop that would be goat that would be venison that would be elk caribou.

Moose water buffalo things that have a multi-chamber stomach seem to be healthy the healthiest meats for humans to eat it seems to be the meat that we always try to go after but i think if you want to add some pork and chicken with your your beef bacon butter and eggs i think that's totally fine somebody says they dry fast for 18 hours.

Every single day and they've done it for a long time everybody saying hi to you nisha barry oh did you say hi okay i didn't see your comment danny hendricks thank you for suggesting prp and prolotherapy i thought that stuff was bs but i understand why prp would help because of growth factors but.

How the heck would sugar water prolotherapy help with spondylitis so the what the reason that the the prolotherapy is when you inject just a a glucose solution into the joint or into the tissue it irritates the tissue dang it it's just like a uh a uh inflammato an acute inflammatory process and that's gonna that's gonna.

Stimulate your own inflammatory process which will bring all of your own healing and growth factors whereas prp injection therapy is gonna pull out your growth and healing factors from your blood and then put them right where they need to be there still needs to be a ton more research done on prolotherapy.

And prp therapy but i did both at the clinic before the fire and people people i had so many guys cancel their knee replacement surgery they're like can i just do this prp once a year i'm like yeah you definitely can and when they're like yeah that you know doing prp plus eating eating uh keto my knee don't even hurt anymore so.

Uh if you if you've got chronic knee arthritis and you're considering a joint replacement or a hip replacement or any kind of joint issue eat a proper human diet 100 start today and after 90 days of that you probably won't have much joint pain left but if you do then you're going to start researching prolotherapy.

And prp injection therapy and hopefully we can help orthopedic surgeons find something else to do and stop replacing all these knees and hips stephen says i had my gallbladder removed three years ago have lost weight.

Consistently since then i've tried multiple diets many carbs and no carbs please help so you've lost weight since you had your gallbladder out and you want to stop losing weight well stephen when you get to an ideal body weight and an ideal body fat percentage or you're if you're eating a proper human diet you'll stop.

Losing weight if you keep losing weight past that point you need to go see your doctor immediately because something is wrong with you because mammals don't keep losing weight if they're eating dissatiation of a species appropriate diet they they maintain a good healthy weight that's just that's how we're hardwired.

So if you're still losing weight even eating keto full of meat and eggs and your and your your bmi is to the point where it's getting weirdly low you need to go and have a thorough exam from your doctor all right let's get one more good question.

I got stephen's uh let's see here michelle says i added in cheese and i gained weight i i gotta cut the cheese out i love cheese i'm the same way michelle i think there's just too much uh bovine protein in cheese uh goat cheese and sheep's cheese doesn't seem to make me as as inflamed and bloated.

And make me gain fat but if i eat too much cow cheese a hundred percent i'll i will gain weight and i freaking love cheese but i also love ribeye and eggs so i eat cheese as an occasional dessert that's that's how i eat cheese but if i ate as much cheese as i wanted i i would be 20 pounds heavier than i am.

Right now lenora says her pig's feet good to eat i love them yes lenore you can eat pigs feet every day nish and i we love to make bone broth with pig's feet but we tried to eat them and i don't i don't love them i don't love eating pigs feet but man do they make some magical bone broth but yeah if you love pigs feet or pigs snout or pig ears.

Beef tongue all those weird cuts that your friends look at you like oh how could you eat that yes 100 humans have eaten that since since before recorded history began walter douglas i've got a video about rheumatoid arthritis any any of my videos concerning autoimmune conditions.

Are going to help you get your rheumatoid arthritis symptoms under control all right all right guys that's it i'm out of here thank you so much for hanging out with me today remember tomorrow 7 p.m central nation i'll be back right here and then if you've got questions you really need to get answers to and your doctor's not helping you.

Look for my patreon link down in the show notes it's a super quick sign up and you can ask your questions directly to me thank you very much guys thanks for sharing this video i'll see you next time
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