Dr Ken Berry Q&A (Proper Human Diet) Awkward Truths…

Dr Ken Berry Q&A (Proper Human Diet) Awkward Truths…

Dr Ken Berry Q&A (Proper Human Diet) Awkward Truths…

Check out the video on Dr Ken Berry Q&A (Proper Human Diet) Awkward Truths….
Hello folks hello hello dr ken berry here welcome back uh i'm gonna be hanging out with you for the next hour or so hey james in california i've got my decaf right here i'm really trying to cut back on the caffeine big time not that i necessarily think it's bad i'm just doing a little personal.

Experiment all you guys need to experiment with stuff all the time try a month with this month without that it helps you understand your personal physiology it's an excellent way to learn where you where on the proper human diet spectrum you fall.

So hey guys how's it going how's it going hey amy hey clifford hey stella evan marie laurie gene bree welcome guys i saw a couple of super chats before i went live tia said do you know anyone who has conceived on a carnivore diet who had endometriosis.

I don't know of anyone personally but i do know that eating a carnivore diet or a keto or diet is going to get your insulin level back to close to very low normal which is going to help your other hormones normalize which is going to calm down your endometriosis symptoms and in many cases put it completely in.

Remission which is going to greatly increase your risk of getting pregnant so yeah if you have any problem conceiving then a real food whole food keto diets i have to say that now because there's so many.

Companies out there selling keto cookies cakes pies and other assorted i have to say real whole food one ingredient keto or ketovor or carnivore uh you're going to increase the likelihood of conception okay uh.

Yeah blackhearted says kelly hogan she had i think three kids she um she is 100 carnivore all through all three of her pregnancies through breastfeeding and all three of her kids uh started off carnivore i don't know if they still are so that was that was number one from tia then from arlene uh arlene says she's on a carnivore diet.

For autoimmune conditions should i aim for higher fats the problem is i like leaner cuts but my kidney and liver function is struggling so a couple of things here arlene yeah i personally think you should shoot for higher fat carnivore i think most people do better on higher fat.

And also the protein from a carnivore diet is not going to harm your kidneys or your liver eating lots of healthy animal protein is good for your kidneys it's not bad for your kidneys northern sportsman says is it normal to have the shites when starting the.

Carnivore diet it's not normal but it does happen i'd say to about 20 or 25 percent of people for the first uh one to four weeks they'll have some loose stools until their gut bacteria adjust to the new healthier diet that's very it's it's common but it's not normal most people don't have that at all.

Okay all right guys now don't forget to remind your mom or your uncle elmer if they always want to catch me live and they always forget send them a text message right now send them a direct message or you can just share this video right now on your favorite social media there's a share button down there you.

Can click it and share it with everybody you care about princess bubble gum says dr berry is celery powder safe uh seeing it in meat products like daily meat and bacon apparently it's replacing nitrates so no it's not replacing nitrates it is very high in nitrates most people think oh i don't eat bacon.

Because it's so high in nitrates but then they'll drink a celery juice and eat celery and eat beet greens which are much much much higher in nitrates than bacon or any other cured meat so uh the celery powder is not replacing nitrates it is nitrates and that just goes to show you that you know the vegan's telling you to avoid.

Bacon because it's full of nitrates but then they're going to make they're going to have a celery juice every day and they're going to have lots of big greens of celery and they're full of nitrates so it's like um and they're exactly the same molecule i've posted on twitter about this before it's not a different some kind of weird molecule.

Daniel says hello again doc update on the proper human diet uh phd stands for proper human diet in case any of you newcomers didn't know i just hit 159 pounds this morning at 11 body fat daniel this diet is amazing for athletes blood work came back great as well excellente well done well done let's see splenda says dr barry i've.

Been keto carnivore for about a hundred days straight i just got a stomach bug last night i have been water fasting with ketochow electrolyte drops any tips on breaking the fast so if you've been fasting for for two or three days i'd probably just scramble an egg in butter.

And eat that give your give your gastrointestinal system time to wake up and ramp up and get your acids going and then wait about an hour then you can just you can go ahead and fully break your fast with a good keto ket4 carnivore meal who is this dean miller hey dean thanks for the.

Super chat my friend thank you very much uh how many of you guys did not know that celery powder is nitrates the very nitrates that they tell you to avoid in bacon that's what celery powder is that's what then so anytime you see a bacon in the grocery that says uncured or nitrate-free that's actually a lie.

The federal government here in the united states lets them lie about that they use celery powder which is full of nitrates and they cure the bacon with celery powder and then they say no nitrates nitrate free uncured it's total wide but our federal government currently lets them do that yeah james celery.

Powder is is literally nitrates nitrates are not bad for you by the way i actually have a whole youtube video about the nitrates in processed meat they're not bad for you uh there's actually a couple of drug companies that are studying nitrates trying to get a patent on them as a blood pressure lowering medication because nitrates in.

Your body they break down into nitric oxide ever heard of that that's actually a very good thing for you we make nitric oxide naturally when we're out in the sun when the sun hits our skin but they're wanting to put it in a pill and get a patent on it and probably charge you know two or three hundred.

Dollars a month because nitric oxide lowers your blood pressure but a good way to get free nitric oxide is to eat lots of nitrates in in cured bacon and to get out in the sun a lot that's how you can get all the nitrates you want for free marianne i have had kefir i love the.

Taste of kefir but most of the all the kefir you buy in the grocery store is junk uh if you make your own kefir at home either with uh cream or with water there's different ways to do it i would highly recommend you make kefir with either goat's milk or sheep's milk or camel milk depending on where in the.

World you live uh try not to make it with cow's milk unless you can you know you have no other option but if you make it at home i think it's probably pretty decent as long as it's full fat but if you buy kefir in the grocery it's junk let's see what's going on here did i already get.

This one yep already got that one let's see guys now's the time keep your questions as short as you can while including all relevant information i'm going to try to answer a bunch of these cecile says where can i find the beef butter bacon and eggs t-shirts uh there's a link down in the show notes so that's it's shopphd.com.

And you can get proper human diet t-shirts or you can get beef butter bacon and egg t-shirts there and it's the the material is excellent quality the nisha says the t-shirts are very very soft they have t-shirts tanks hoodies and cropped hoodies currently and they're working on getting coffee mugs and hats that say phd and beef.

Butter bacon and eggs mark says i'm six months carnivore ketovor skin was all clear weight was melting off but suddenly skin problems are back and weight loss has stopped what gives something in your diet may have changed mark that you thought was okay go back and look at your diet with fresh eyes also make sure you haven't had a.

Big spike in stress levels because that will 100 percent do this it can be stressed at home stress at work it could be physical stress or psychic stress mental stress or even soul stress i guess any stress to your system so you may have had an injury.

You may have had some drama at work or at home that's going to give you your symptoms back but it's only temporary mark you hang in there and it's going to go away and stay away seeking harmony says npr just had an article today that said that people who had coveted are more likely to develop diabetes within six months can you do.

More research on that i actually have been researching this and so one of the standard treatments for the virus when you're an inpatient is high doses of intravenous steroids and that can if you're right on the brink of diabetes that can push you over into type 2 diabetes 100 um very many people millions of people.

In the united states and probably tens of millions of people around the world are pre-diabetic but their doctors never checked the lab work so the doctor doesn't know they're pre-diabetic nor does the patient know they're pre-diabetic so when this pre-diabetic person catches covid a bad.

Case and they're going to have a bad case because they're pre-diabetic and probably have other risk factors for metabolic syndrome after a few days in the hospital that pre-diabetes with all the iv steroids is now turned into type 2 diabetes and i don't there might be something about this virus in particular that's.

Increasing your risk of developing type 2 but everybody every doctor knows that that high doses of intravenous steroids will make you into a temporary type 2 diabetic but you can reverse this thanks for the super chat seeking.

Harmony diane says i am 60 and an endomorph uh there's so there's mesomorph ectomorph and endomorph right so the these are three classical body styles there's not really a lot of research that supports that these are actually things but a mesomorph is more muscular with a thin waist a ectomorph is just super skinny and an indoor.

Endomorph is kind of more fluffy so when i was a young man in my 20s i was an ectomorph i couldn't i couldn't gain muscle or fat but then about the age of 35 i turned into an endomorph uh diane says do you recommend breaking keto for one day a week to keep my metabolism going uh diane are you under the false.

Impression that doing keto in some way messes up your metabolism or stops your metabolism because it doesn't it actually optimizes your metabolic rate so i would if you if you have metabolic syndrome or some other metabolic problem i would recommend doing keto full time that's how you're going to optimize your metabolism.

Not by taking a break from the very thing that's going to help your metabolism good question thank you for that all right jeremy's girlfriend where's jeremy will ketosis make my kidney stones active and make them past been having that feeling low back pain so what very.

Many people find on a keto diet or ketovor or carnivore is that the pre-existing kidney stones that they may already have in their kidneys shrink and get smaller now that's good but if a kidney stone in your kidney or in the renal pelvis is big enough it can't.

Get through the ureter so you won't pass it so you don't have any pain you don't even know it's there but when it gets small enough to get into your ureter that's the tube that goes from your kidney to your bladder then you know it because it hurts like a mo foe it's a 10 out of 10 uh jeremy's.

Girlfriend uh it's one of the three things that women have told me are worse than natural childbirth is a kidney stone and so even though keto is is shrinking your kidney stones and getting rid of them when the kidneys don't get small enough and gets into your ureter then you have a kidney stone attack and many doctors who aren't.

Knowledgeable about what's going on the physiology behind this they'll say keto gave you a kidney stone but what in reality was happening was keto was shrinking your kidney stones and shrunken enough that it could get into your ureter which means you're gonna pass it eventually but it's gonna it's not gonna be a fun few days until.

You pass it so you may be trying to pass a very small one uh jeremy's girlfriend and that may be that that feeling that you're having if that pain continues to worsen then definitely see your doctor oh man where am i at i'm lost let's see rob i have heard you mentioned before.

The recommended lab work uh for keto carnivore where can i find this so uh my good friend and i kim howerton we wrote a book called common sense labs which i'm about to release to my patrons on patreon.com all of my five dollar love patreons are gonna get a free pdf copy of the book and so i'm gonna probably send that out.

This evening or in the morning to my five dollar and up patrons but uh if you don't want to if you don't want to to become a patron then in a few weeks the book's going to be for sale i'd say in two weeks that's got a list of all the lab work that you need and it's not just for people on keto.

Carnivore it's for all humans on the planet when you get to about 30 35 years of age there's a set of labs that you need to have checked every year to monitor your metabolic health and you can either go to your doctor and say hey please order these for me or you can go to a website like true health labs or own your labs.

Dave feldman's got a lab company now where he'll he'll check any labs you want checked but once a year after the age of 30 35 40 somewhere in there you need to start checking these once a year so that you have a you have your finger on the pulse of your metabolic health so nothing is nothing sneaks up on you but that's how you can get access to that.

Rob if you want it all right david says does uh g6pd deficiency affect results of keto carnivore no it does not uh anybody with a genetic defect like that absolutely absolutely needs to eat a proper human diet okay people with no genetic defects who have.

Great metabolism they might be able to escape by eating a junk diet for a few decades but it's eventually going to catch up with them but any of you guys with a metabolic defect like g6pd you today or in the morning you need to start a proper human diet to protect all of your internal organs.

Wow hold still so i can click on you okay here we go oh my okay youtube this needs to be fixed i i can't i can't answer super chats if they're going by crazy fast okay here we go uh loxian thank you dr barry oh it's always a pleasure thanks for the super.

Chat kimberly can beef butter bacon and eggs be done with some processed meats like breakfast sausage smoked sausage and cheaper eggs with an occasional ribeye or other pure meats added in 100 here's the rule here's the proper human diet rule okay here's the beef butter bacon and egg rule.

Eat the best quality meat that you can afford if all you can afford right now is vienna sausage and bologna and hot dogs that's that's that's a thousand times better than eating the processed carbs okay once you can afford to do better then do better because grass-fed grass finish.

Panda massage meat is about three to six percent better for you three to six percent but it usually costs two or three times as much so eat the best quality meat that you personally can't afford i eat sausage all the time i baking all the time i eat baloney all the time uh i i love that stuff okay and i have.

Not seen any meaningful research that scares me away from it eat the meat you can afford but definitely eat your meat michelle five weeks carnivore going on week six i've gained four pounds uh steak butter liver salt eggs i'm 52 years old i don't cheat ever i'm discouraged don't be.

Discouraged michelle this is very common in in women that they will gain somewhere between 3 and 10 pounds when they first start a carnivore diet the vast majority of this is that you're putting on muscle you're developing more connective tissue and you're making stronger bones which way more.

Okay you're not putting on more fat i guarantee you and the way you'll know this is when you put on your blue jeans they fit a little better than they did before you gain the four pounds so you've probably lost 10 pounds of fat and you've put on 14 pounds of lean tissue which would be.

Muscle tendons cartilage connective tissue fascia all that's getting stronger and your bones are getting stronger and more dense the scale doesn't know the difference between fat and bone okay they both to the scale they look.

The same and so don't worry about your weight on the scale take all your measurements with a tailor's tape and you'll notice the body recomposition that's going on and you'll be very serious don't be sad that's a good thing glenn says trt testosterone sipionate injection or bioidentical pellets what's that you know i think the bioidentical.

Pellets or the bioidentical cream that you rub on your skin it's more bioidentical right so your body's gonna know what to do with it now testosterone scipionate is pretty much bioidentical but they have they've they've done something they put it in an oil so that it's released slowly in your body so.

An injection of that last two weeks so really the patent is not on a unique fake testosterone molecule it's really on the delivery mechanism so i think the testosterone sepianate that's pretty darn good and it's usually a little cheaper to do it that way thank you glenn uh penelope i'm an organic grass-fed.

Carnivore but i still love organic stevia in my espresso am i a cheater i wouldn't call you a cheater penelope if you're making moving towards the goals and you feel great keep using your stevia i don't think it's a big deal now for some of us stevia is a big deal we need to get all the sweeteners out of our mouth when.

We're eating a carnivore diet uh i recommend everybody if they're going to do the beef butter bacon and eggs 90 day challenge that you get the sweeteners all the sweeteners out of your mouth for 90 days because i want you to have the best results you can have and then at the end of that 90 days you can try i'm gonna.

Have a little i'm going to have a little stevia and see what happens and that way it's a great experiment that you can do at home that tells you yay or nay should you avoid it or not thank you see for the super chat dwj started keto in early february in early march after taking clindamycin i.

Developed c diff yep could the change in my diet have been a contributing factor thanks no dwj the clindamycin which is a super strong antibiotic it decimated all the good bacteria in your gut and it gave the cdif a chance to jump on board and take over so once you have corrected this.

Keep eating uh a keto diet a meat heavy egg heavy keto diet and you'll never have you'll never have an attack of c diff again what people don't realize is that c diff is a normal bacteria that most of us have in our colon all the time you're like wait what yeah you got cdf right now.

But but it's only when you destroy all the other good bacteria does c diff have a chance to take over and that's when you have a cdf infection and that's when you get really sick okay so if a hundred of you guys went to the doctor and you feel perfectly fine no diarrhea no gut problems and you said hey check me for c diff about 70 percent of you guys are.

Going to test positive for cdf and if a doctor doesn't know better they're going to freak out be like oh my god we've got to treat you you've got c diff and you could say no doctor actually 70 of adults have c diff they're just colonized it's no big deal and i don't have any symptoms so why would you want to treat that.

It's just normal so yeah don't worry about the cdf once you fix it you keep eating your meat and you'll be fine stephen i am a 43 year old male 3 weeks on carnivore first week i lost 10 pounds the weight loss is stalled i have 70 pounds to lose i eat steak for lunch and.

4 eggs for dinner mussels have also lost some strength what's going on you might not be getting enough electrolytes currently steve you might not be getting enough salt in your diet it sounds to me like you're just not eating enough food stephen uh depending on your height and weight typically when i eat uh in a day i will.

Eat um two twelve ounce rib eyes and anywhere from four to eight eggs usually six six to 10 eggs so i'm afraid you're just not eating enough total food just because you're trying to lose weight does not mean you need a portion.

Control or calorie count you do not do that on a carnival diet you eat until you cannot eat another bite okay salt your meat to taste salt your eggs to taste make sure you're getting plenty of electrolytes and make sure you're getting enough fat okay a lot of people think that carnivore is a high protein low-fat diet.

It's not it's not for most of us we need a high fat adequate protein carnivore that's that's how i eat i had i add butter to everything i had two big rib eyes today i put a big hunk of butter on both of them and i ate every bit of the fat and gristle that came with the steak i didn't trim any of that off i didn't.

Throw any of that away nor should you abby thanks for all the help you've been a great resource through my carnivore journey i'm no longer concerned about eating fat after 30 days i have felt more like myself exactly you guys your brain needs fat it needs it needs a good supply of animal.

Fats okay that's the fat that your body knows what to do with i definitely would tell you to avoid all of the vegetable seed oils but what many people find when they go carnivore is that they find out that the avocado oil the olive oil the coconut oil wasn't really their friend butter lard ghee.

Beef tallow those are the fats that human beings have been eating for three million years and those are the fats you need to focus on well done abby and sanity thanks for the super chat and sanity cj says dr barry can you give me some ammo info to use when talking to my peeps about why animal fat is not bad.

For you and perhaps the relationship uh to inheriting alzheimer's okay so let's think about this cj just ask your peeps hey let's play a mind game okay let's pretend that we got into a time machine and went back in time 100 000 years okay what fats did we have to eat was there.

Any canola oil nope we've only only been eating canola oil for a few decades was there any cottonseed oil or soybean oil or peanut oil or sunflower or safflower a hundred thousand years ago no there's none of that none of that that stuff's only been eaten by humans.

For a few decades what was the fact if you if you found a grove of avocado trees i guess you could have some avocado oil if there were coconut trays around you could have some coconut oil if there were olive trees you could have olive oil yeah but what was the majority of the fat.

That we ate it was animal fat from megafauna megafauna is big fatty animals okay people don't realize that before about 13 000 years ago all the continents on the world and i do mean all the continents were covered with giant horses camels elephants mastodons um.

Just every kind of there was a certain kind of armadillo that was as big as a volkswagen okay that's the kind of stuff that humans cut their teeth on that's the fats that we ate the majority of and so ask your peeps cj have have humans changed in the last.

Hundred thousand years that now the fat that we ate for the last three million years at least it's now bad for us what changed exactly what part of our physiology or biochemistry changed that the fact that we've eaten our entire existence on this planet is now bad for us.

Just as a common sense thing it's an extraordinary claim to say oh you need to eat plant fats instead of animal fats because that's not something humans have ever done except for about the last hundred years so do you understand that's an extraordinary claim and anytime somebody makes an extraordinary.

Claim what do they need to back it up extraordinary evidence and your peeps don't got that i promise you okay so that should be the end of the discussion they'll probably won't still agree with you but they won't have an answer thanks whoa uh.

Thanks lou castle for the super chat dunn says in ketosis for a while and enjoying the benefit of no hunger and no sugar cravings went a little too long today before eating and had low blood sugar issues what is a good way to get blood sugar up without sugar so tiff how do you know you had low blood sugar did you check a finger stick.

Because there are many many things that will make you have the symptoms of low blood sugar and you have a perfectly normal blood sugar typically on a ketogenic diet you don't have low blood sugar anymore unless you're still injecting insulin or you're taking one of the type 2 diabetic medications that works by increasing.

Your insulin good question whoa got that one sherry why would cream cheese cause me to become extremely sleepy about 10 to 15 minutes after eating i occasionally use it as a spread on hamburger or as a treat and have noticed this trend when i.

Do so sherry i'm kind of the same way i freaking love cream cheese love it i love ricotta i love cottage cheese i love all that but if i eat it i have a little reaction to nature come get your cat please lucky the cat wants outside mommy's going to help you loki don't.

Worry so i think i think that many of us have an insulin spike high enough with the bovine protein in in dairy products the the cow protein i'd it doesn't agree with me although i love the taste of it if i eat too much of it i'll start to gain weight in the middle and after i eat a lot of it i'll.

Just be like uh remember the old way you felt when you'd eat too many carbs and you're like i just want to take a nap dairy protein does that to me it makes me feel that way and i hate that because i freaking love it but the truth is the truth i cannot lie oh well it's really not it's yeah.

Stephen i am uh no we already did that we already did stephen already did done already did that yep we already did that come on youtube steve stephanie keto for two years one meal a day monday through friday since january 31st so about four months.

Two meals a day on saturday and sunday i'm 58 i feel good but i can't lose weight what should i do stephanie you should watch my video on this youtube channel called the 13 reasons why your weight loss might stall there's 13 reasons some of them are not your fault most of them are not your fault some of them are hormonal issues.

That you need to discuss with your doctor watch that video and it'll help you know what's what tessa looking to start carnivore diagnosed with chf 18 months ago what do i need to watch out for while moving into carnivore you need to watch out for eating too many processed carbohydrates.

Tessa there's nothing about a carnivore diet that's bad for your heart there's nothing about a carnivore diet that's bad for your liver there's nothing about a carnivore diet that's bad for your kidneys a carnivore diet is is on the spectrum of a proper human diet humans have eaten carnivore diets for.

Millions of years it is good for your heart tessa not bad for your heart make sure you salt your meat to taste if your doctor tells you to eat low salt ask them where's the research that shows that frank armadillos to volkswagens thanks for all you do dr barry and to your subscribers and patrons thank thanks for.

Your outstanding questions today yeah thanks a lot guys thank you very much ashley says you and nisha both uh get super chats today because i love you all oh ashley thank you so much thank you thank you uh lucas lee said do you think mental health health issues have something to do with people not eating enough animal fat.

Indirectly yes i do okay what the the majority of mental health issues and there's actually research to back this up for though for for you naysayers out there schizophrenia responds beautifully to being in ketosis and eating lots of animal fat okay.

Depression anxiety ocd adhd i have adhd it's much much more controlled on carnivore diet all of these mental health issues get better when you remove the inflammatory high carbohydrate highly processed sugars grains and vegetable seed oils from your diet now some people their mental health.

Improves even more when they go from keto which helped it when they go from keto to ketovor or even carnivore their mental health gets even better if any of you guys are suffering from a mental health issue i would 100 recommend 90 days of beef butter bacon and eggs and see how much better you get i think you'll.

Be surprised all right here's one from ronald i need someone to look at my thyroid labs and tell me if i need desiccated thyroid medication like armor or not how do i find a doctor like that two ways ronald i have a youtube video called how to find a low-carb keto-friendly doctor near you.

In the show notes of that video are six websites that you can put your zip code into uh wherever you're at in the world not just in the united states but all over the world and it'll tell you the nearest low carb friendly doctor most low carb friendly doctors also understand how to treat thyroid properly.

If you'd just like to run your numbers by someone you can become a patron on my patreon there's a link down in the show notes and you can post your thyroid results and we can go over them together that's one of the many things i do for people in my patreon community steve hey doc.

Have dropped my a1c from 6.3 to 5.3 last january boom started carnivore may 1 now a1c is back up to 5.7 no stress cgm says average blood glucose is 115 over the last 20 days and 103 over the last 30 days any idea why a1c is going up uh my guess would be that when you converted from keto to carnivore you bumped up your protein a lot and you and.

You bumped down your fat macro i think steve you're one of the people that need a very high fat adequate protein carnivore diet and i think once you bump up the fat you'll notice that your a1c which is one tenth of a point above normal it'll come right back down to under 5.7.

Diana i started keto due to cardiovascular disease and ectasia keto chow minerals and had difficulty swallowing i stopped the minerals and it went away could it be too much iodine or just coincidence probably coincidence diana now the the daily mineral drops that i designed and and ketochow makes they are they don't taste good they are.

Very minerally very salty uh very briny okay and a lot of people just can't tolerate taking the full dose and so they'll spread the dose out over the course of the day and i actually have have it in a dropper bottle and every cup of coffee i'll put 10 drops of of the mineral drops and then when i cook a steak i'll put 10 drops on top of the.

Steak uh when i when i drink electrolyte water i'll put 10 drops in that and so over the course of the day i wind up getting a serving but i'm not trying to slam down that that full serving because it's it i mean good medicine tastes bad okay it does not taste pleasant they don't put any sweetener they don't put any flavoring in it it's just the.

Minerals and it tastes very minerally and that's probably what's going on diana leilani if i go full carnivore can i quit all supplements i take vitamin d and k c kelp potassium magnesium zinc omega colace iodine and b12 so you can probably stop everything except for the.

Vitamin d depending on where you live in in the world leilani and how much sun exposure you get because you can live in the sahara desert and if you stay indoors all day and never go in the sun you still need vitamin d but i would encourage all you guys to get out in the sun every day.

With your shirt off and get some sun that's going to help you make all kinds of vitamin d it's also going to help you make nitric oxide and it probably helps you make other things that we just haven't discovered yet uh the sea kelp is mainly for iodine but you also have iodine as well you're definitely not going to need the b12.

You may or may not need an electrolyte help for the potassium magnesium the meat is full of zinc if you eat fatty meat and you watch my youtube video about omega-3 rich foods you're going to get all the omega-3 that you need the colase you're definitely not going to need any more so the vitamin d may be iodine probably.

In the rest of them you're gonna get from the meat good question leilani thank you all right who's next mary williams boyer i do not eat low fat strict corn i do not eat low low fat strict carnivore for three and a half months and for the first time in my life i have.

Not had a monthly cycle i don't know mary williams that's a kind of a double negative i'm not sure how to interpret your question i do not eat low-fat strict carnivore so if you're telling me that you're eating very low-fat carnivore uh that's probably why you lost your cycle you're not eating enough.

Healthy animal fat if that's what you meant i hope i hope it is all right nathan hi i just recently started a low carb almost carnivore diet but i have a friend that says complex carbs are still good for you is there a difference between regular carbs and complex carbs.

Are they better so complex carbs are carbs they are slightly less bad than simple carbs so simple carbs would be something you find in a jelly doughnut that's just full of simple carbs right um complex carbs would be something that you find in whole wheat bread right so it's it's going to have fiber and.

A lot of people think that the complex carbs are somehow magically better they're just slightly less bad okay and for most of us who fat and easily who tend to have higher blood sugars easy the complex carbs are going to spike your blood sugar just as quickly and if you don't any of you guys don't believe me eat a couple of slices of whole wheat.

Bread and check your blood sugar 30 minutes later and you'll be like oh okay i guess they weren't that complex after all okay mike love your advice dr barry what really helped for me was getting a 30 glucometer and check where i am with diet and its impact and yeah and so any.

Of you guys if you're still on the fence about complex carbs go to the pharmacy and spend 30 40 50 bucks for a glucometer eat those complex carbs and then check your blood sugar 30 minutes later check your blood sugar again an hour later and you'll be like okay so i yeah and this is also a great.

Experiment for people who still think bananas are healthy eat a big fat banana check your blood sugar in 30 minutes eat a big bowl of steel cut whole oats not the instant but the real stuff that you got to cook for three days wait 30 minutes check your blood sugar and then you'll understand oats are not.

A health food oats are a starvation food oats are good for feeding prisoners and slaves and and and the poor folks that you really don't care about their health you just want to keep them from starving to death okay good questions good questions thanks for.

Sharing this video natalie stone you are indeed a sweetheart let's see let's get some more questions you guys are answering asking some great questions uh maria says how do you reach ketosis with intermittent fasting maria it's easy you just don't eat and after a few hours you will be in.

Ketosis the longer you fast the deeper your ketosis will be it's literally that simple you don't have to do anything magical you don't have to take you don't have to eat any fasting bars if you guys seen this there's a company selling fasting snack bars it's like wait what.

Yeah all you got to do is just not eat and you will go into ketosis maria it's super easy oh here's a quest oh wait a minute where'd it go dang it thanks for the super chat jim jim barrett's helping the cause here we go okay brad says does fermenting apple cider vinegar or.

Kombucha have a positive effect on beef butter bacon and eggs um my good friend paul saladino wrote a book called the carnivore code and i don't agree with paul on everything that he says these days but in his book he breaks down exactly the truth about fermented plant foods the reason that our ancestors fermented.

The plant foods was not because that unlocks some secret magical benefit it's because it broke down the plant toxins that otherwise would lead to inflammation okay so if you're if you're insistent that you're going to eat plants then for especially some of them it's much preferable if you ferment them.

Okay but i would say if you have problems eating plants then don't eat plants but there's nothing magical in the fermented things that make them magically good for you well the reason our ancestors fermented them was to make them less inflammatory to make in some cases to make them.

Edible at all okay uh the majority of soybean that was eaten uh centuries ago in in china in that area of the world they fermented it they wouldn't eat it unless it was fermented they knew better back then but now we think oh no tofu you know eat your tofu that's fine.

But if that if it's not fermented i would never ever eat a soy product a soy food if it were not fermented they knew they knew better back then but we've forgotten currently nathan says hi i just recently started a low carb oh no i already did nathan didn't we sorry okay that popped up thanks youtube for falsely popping that.

Up all right let's see yeah and to preserve the food that's right future breeze you're right so they did it to break down the inflammatory plant toxins and they did it to preserve the food for longer that's that's the only reason you ferment stuff there is no magic released when you ferment.

Plants most plants have developed poisons in them some plants like poison hemlock will kill you dead as a hammer some plants like castor beans that will kill you dead other plants are more subtle they don't kill you dead they just cause inflammation.

In your joints and your gut your skin in your brain and that's how they try to deter you from eating their seeds and eating their babies gloria says i'm a nurse and i was taught that it was bad for your body to be in ketosis yeah gloria lots of doctors and nurses were taught this incorrectly and.

I actually have a youtube video i made probably three years ago four years ago maybe about the difference between being in healthy ketosis and keto acidosis because that's what you're really thinking about gloria it's keto acidosis very unhealthy it'll kill you dead as a hammer but ketosis is a is a natural normal.

Healthy state to be in it means you're burning fat for fuel good question good question you guys are on it today oh let's see low carb low drama says should a hospitalized patient with fourth uh stage four glioblastoma brain cancer.

Consume sugars and carbs i mean not if they want to live as long as they possibly can all sugars all cancers all cancers without exception love sugar okay when doctors are doing a pet scan to look for cancer in your body they use.

Sugar to find the cancer that's how they find it they don't use ketones they don't use protein or fat they use sugar to find the cancer in your body glioblastoma is notorious notoriously a sugar lover but now this is gonna if this is gonna cause some kind of family argument and.

And stress out the patient you may not want to go there but yeah if if i had a friend with glioblastoma i would literally go in the hospital and slap the tray onto the floor and say i'll i'll bring you back some real food that will actually help your body fight this good question.

Mitchell hey dr barry 10 months on keto and down 85 pounds i've heard you i have heard have you heard anything pro con on taking boron for joint health yeah it's a it's a good question i'm actually working on a youtube video about boron for bone health uh it looks like that you need a tiny tiny amount of boron for optimal bone health.

Maybe joint health but definitely for bone health but you don't want to get too much boron so i'm working on a video about that right now good question see it's doing that thing again dr barry i have sarcoidosis will keto help jim barrett says uh yeah 100 any autoimmune condition is going to become less severe.

And you're going to have less frequent flare-ups um with a proper human diet keto ketovor carnivore i actually have one of one of my patrons you know on patreon has sarco sarcoidosis and she hasn't had a single flare-up in years of eating a ketogenic diet good questions guys.

Zopie did i started carnivore and got blood work one week into the diet blood work showed very high ferritin so a week of carnivore is not going to cause that to start with uh but having an elevated ferritin does not mean that you have iron overload it does not mean you have hemochromatosis you.

Have the doctor check for hemochromatosis there is a long list of things that can cause elevated ferritin and eating lots of healthy fatty meat ain't one of those things so keep enjoying your your meat okay that's not what caused that angela palmer trying to help out sonny helms said his two super chats got.

Skipped over dang it sonny i didn't see him um kevin will you kevin or mitzi will you um will you type cut and paste his uh super chat into the chat box i'll try to watch for your names.

Eristal3 says how many blood ketones is too many is there a danger of ketoacidosis for a non-type 1 diabetic who eats less than 20 grams of carbs per day so this is a good question i'm going to take the second part first is there a danger of ketoacidosis for a non-type 1 diabetic who eats less than 20 grams of carbs a.

Day no there is a zero percent chance that you will ever develop ketoacidosis from eating a ketogenic diet your physiology does not work that way now some nurses and doctors and dietitians will say oh yes yes you might develop but that's they that what that does is reveal to you that they have no idea what they're.

Talking about when it comes to this part of human physiology okay that is impossible it does not work that way so how many blood ketones are too many that that that's that's up for debate uh i'd say as long as your ketone levels that you check in the blood not in not on a urine uh p strip is is under 10 you have literally zero things to worry.

About keep enjoying your fatty meat and your keto diet response digital media says thank thanks to you i've been keto carnivore for five years previously borderline pre-diabetic i feel great now lately got a higher bp in the right arm primarily recommended my primary doctor recommended a calcium.

Test i got a 550 score could high score b from past life 100 the high coronary artery calcium scores from your decades of a shitty diet in the past that's what caused the the calcifications if those calcifications are stable then they're they're no danger to you they're not no concern to you.

Keep a close eye on your blood pressure being different in the right arm versus the left arm that could be a sign of arterial issues if that continues go see your doctor and say hey do i need to see a vascular specialist because my blood pressure in my right arm and left arm are substantially different now if it's one or two.

Millimeters of mercury that's that's that's normal but if it's if it's 5 or 10 or 15 or 20 millimeters of mercury different go see your doctor about that not caused by the diet but can be caused by some vascular issues thanks wayne for the super chat let me see if let me see if kevin or mitzi found that super chat that i missed.

Um no i don't see an answer yet maybe they maybe they can find his his super chat and cut and paste it for me ruth says do you recommend using a glucose or a ketone meter and is it a prick into your arm that stays there so a glucose or ketone.

Meter you can get one that just you you prick your finger with a tiny needle and get a drop of blood you can do it that way or for just your blood sugar you can do a continuous glucose monitor that actually stays under your skin for two weeks at a time uh but so you can do a prick of blood or.

You can do um the cgm that's that's the really the two best ways uh that you can do it william says exactly how do i become a patron where do i find your patreon chat so there's a link for my patreon down in the show notes of this video.

It's a super quick sign up and then you've got access to all the extra stuff and so on my patreon i do uh live q and a's just like this but instead of 2100 people asking questions there's a hundred people or 50 people or 150 people so i'm able to answer usually all the questions that people have and answer them in much greater.

Detail and you're in a private protected community where not everybody in the world has seen your question just people and we call it our tribe because literally it feels like a family reunion on patreon because the people there are so supportive of each other they help each other they reach out to each other.

We have patrons who meet for lunch now they're friends they they text with each other and kind of hold each other accountable it's a really great community i really love that we started that john says i'm on a statin as part of my diabetes treatment but after i started taking them neuropathy started never had.

Issues before the statin i stopped and it went away i know the diabetes didn't help but my doctor doesn't believe me well john your doctor is wrong statins can absolutely worsen neuropathy and so if you were just right on the borderline of developing neuropathy because of your diabetic type 2 diabetes or type 1.

The statin pushed you over the edge and caused the neuropathy to rear its ugly head and when you stop the statin the neuropathy went back that doesn't mean that you're never going to develop neuropathy again you've got to get your a1c down to under 5.7 john and you're going to do that by eating a proper human diet keto.

Ketovor carnivore okay that's how you're gonna do that but yeah statins 100 will cause neuropathy and a long list of other problems i've got several videos on this channel if any of you guys want to know just all the bad things that taking a statin will do to you.

Thanks for the super chat john uh joseph serratic liver a friend was told not to eat red meat because of her serratic liver true or false false um if if she has complete liver failure then she's basically not going to be able to eat anything because her liver can't process the food anymore and get.

The toxins out and tag the toxins so her kidneys can remove the toxins but if she still has some remaining liver function she needs to eat as low carb as she possibly can absolutely no sugar no grains no vegetable seed oils no highly processed high carb crap at all.

Okay and so that's gonna mean she's gonna eat some meat and eggs because there's only so many things to eat right meat and eggs are good for all human beings even human beings with cirrhosis thanks wayne for the super chat okay let's see if they uh this is.

Sonny's paola says this is sonny's question but then you didn't oh sonny helms i'm only eating once a day a half pound of bacon and two eggs or one burger or steak patty with two eggs not hungry after that taking a supplement because.

The low intake is concerning um okay well sonny it depends on how much body fat you've got you've got to burn how much how how much overweight are you if you're if you have 50 or more pounds of fat to lose then eating what you're eating is fine because your body is eating your own.

Fats and it's eating the protein that the fat is locked up in now your body's not going to eat your muscles your body's not an idiot your fat it doesn't just float in space it's locked up in in fibrin and connecting and other connective tissue okay and.

When you burn the fat then your body breaks down that connective tissue and you use that for protein but now if your normal normal body weight and you're just eating that much that's not enough food you may need to go see your doctor and see why you don't have much of an appetite or a long list of medical problems they can make you.

Lose your appetite but i suspect you've got a lot of body fat to burn if so this is fine because you're you're actually your macros your true macros are actually much higher when you count the fat of your body that you're burning and you count the protein that was locking up the fat that is now released.

That your body can use elsewhere good question sorry i missed that in the super chat oh i got that one thanks wayne thanks mitchell all right let's see what else we got here um.

Sonny says yeah i need to lose 30 pounds so sonny every time you burn an ounce of fat right what what is down's fat what do you got okay beckett wants to say hi this is my two and a half year old ketovoir baby come up here and say hi to everybody.

Oh good bird excellent that's the way i just started good job can you tell them how old you are how old are you two and what's your favorite food meat do you like chicken eggs or quail eggs better.

Quail eggs are better oh yeah that's right that's right um what else can i ask this baby ask him what you do for a living you're not helping me work i know what i'll do i'll tickle this foot right here that's what you get for acting up you better act right what's your favorite song what's your.

Favorite song do you know that song let me hear you sing it you can't sing it right now hey what's on your shirt what are all these things what excavators he loves excavators and bulldozers yeah he's had a little i don't know if it's allergies from pollen or what okay tell.

Everybody bye bye bye say see you later say love your meaning okay beckett's done his work for the day very good job baby uh iq04 iko4 down 14 pounds and my pants are loose after two weeks sticking to strict carnivore and enjoying it that's the way to do it hey.

Remember butter bob said butter and make your pants fall off yeah carnivore will make your pants fall off too in more ways than one wayne says i'm a 66 year old never had a problem with any dairy how can i tell if it's inflammatory to me good question so i think there's probably a few people that dairy protein doesn't bother them.

Much and the way the only way really to tell wayne is to just do a 30-day challenge where you the only dairy that you eat is butter or ghee because they're pure fat there's no protein there's no carbs no lactose and then after that 30 days your system is going to be have no dairy then have a big.

Serving of cream cheese or cottage cheese or whatever your favorite dairy is and if it causes inflammation you my friend will know it your body will let you know and then you'll know for sure but if you don't have any noticeable reaction then maybe you're one of the few people who i would say they're lucky because i.

Freaking love dairy i wish i could eat it not have reaction my reaction is my belly swells up with fat if i eat too much too much dairy that's how you know wayne uh jack k hi dr barry i have borderline high blood pressure and take varapamil and i get leg cramps i drink electrolytes but it's.

Not helping me any suggestions on lowering my blood pressure naturally without meds yeah cut the carbohydrates when you cut the carbohydrates your insulin level is going to go back down to low normal and that's going to help you pee off somewhere between 3 and 20 pounds of unhealthy fluid that you're currently.

Holding because of your chronic hyperinsulinemia when that happens your blood pressure is going to come down now for the vast majority of people eating a proper human diet it comes back down to normal some people it'll stay just a smidge high and they'll have to take one little low dose pill a day for the blood pressure but the vast majority of people.

Their blood pressure comes back to normal within a month or two or three i've got youtube videos about high blood pressure and all the things i recommend to reverse it and keep it going joy i weigh 160 so how much fat and what kind of fat would i eat where would i get it if my carnivore meat doesn't have enough so joy you're.

Going to eat fatty meat until you're comfortably stuffed and can't eat another bite meat and eggs with the fat still attached so eggs with the yolk and when you eat fat if you buy a ground beef for example buy the 70 30. don't buy the 80 20 or the 85 15. buy the 70 30 that way you know you're getting more fat.

Uh if you do have a lean cut of meat put some butter on it or cook it in butter or cook it in bacon grease which makes everything taste divine and that way you're getting more fat with your protein but the way to know how much everybody wants to know macros they want to know how many ounces you don't have to worry about that your.

Body is designed to tell you when you've eaten enough if what you're eating is proper human food now if you're eating high carbohydrate highlight process your body can't give you a satiety signal that's why even the the potato chip companies brag about it can't eat just one because.

They've they've literally engineered it to hit your bliss point so that you never ever get full but if you're eating fatty meat and eggs with the yolk after a certain amount your body's gonna say that's it joy no more i'm done that's how you know that you've eaten enough.

It's kind of cool how your body works just like you're breathing right now joy are you counting how many times a minute you breathe how you're not well i mean how do you know you're breathing enough you don't have to worry about that because your body's got that how many.

Times did your heart beat the last minute you don't know aren't you monitoring that i mean what if it's what if it's not oh wait a minute your body doesn't need your help with that does it it's got that same thing goes for your kidney function your liver function it doesn't need any help.

For you it just from you it just needs you to get out of its way stop poisoning it with the slow poison of the standard american diet and eat real human food and eat real human food until you're comfortably stuffed and then stop eating that's literally how complicated this is if you'll let your body do its job and stop inflaming it and stop slowly.

Poisoning it it's just that easy joy i promise swine dog 712 i've been eating keto no sugar no grains for more than five years i'm afraid if i get my blood work done by a regular doctor they'll try to get me started on a statin how do i find a good doctor who understands keto well first of all you guys if you go to your.

Doctor and your doctor checks your lipid panel says oh your total cholesterol is high you need to take a step there's a magic word that you can say that will stop the all that you say no what else doc that's it that's all you got to do when you go to your doctor or when you're in.

The hospital you're not under arrest you still are a free human with rights you have the you have the right to choose what goes in your body and if you don't want to take a stat and just tell your doctor no and that's the end of the conversation okay but also i have a video called how to find a low-carb keto doctor near you.

On this channel watch it and put your zip code into the websites down in the show notes and you can find a doctor who's not gonna at you every time you go if your total cholesterol is a little high because some doctors are smart enough to know that that doesn't mean anything bad good question.

What else is going on here thanks uh miss mitzi and kevin and paola these three guys are my moderators for this channel they have a little blue wrench beside their name they're answering lots of beginner questions thank you thank you for doing that guys john says i started keto three weeks ago and i have um.

I have acid reflux and i get heartburn and don't feel well after eating eggs with bacon please help try just eating the bacon or just eating the eggs give your stomach a few weeks to adjust to a keto diet i used to have the most severe heartburn you can imagine it was terrible and and keto made it 80 better carnivore.

Cured it i haven't taken anything for heartburn i have not had heartburn in over two years and uh john you can imagine how wonderful that would be to not have any reflux not have to worry about oh god where did i leave my tums where's my nexium i don't know and i don't care because i.

Don't need them anymore and you'll be the same way after a few more weeks all right yeah everybody thank the moderators they're doing a wonderful job in here kyle quad 4 says my wife doesn't believe this diet is healthy what are some things i can show tell her well kyle i've got over 500 videos on this channel.

And i'm not suggesting that you make your wife watch all 500 videos but what is her particular particular argument against keto if it's high fat i've got videos and in the show notes of those videos i've got the research that i based the video on okay if it's high cholesterol i got videos and the research is in the.

Show notes if it's if it's meat causes cancer i've got videos that's by the way uh and that show the research shows very clearly what i'm saying is true okay so don't argue with your wife about this first of all lead by quite example reverse all your chronic health issues if you're overweight reverse that by.

Eating keto ketovor carnival and when she sees the change in you she might be less argumentative i've seen that happen many many times decaf with a teaspoon of goat butter very very tasty oh and 10 drops of the daily minerals uh.

Okay lynette says can i do keto and detox at the same time lynette what the hell do you mean by detox okay did you pay money for a liver detox or a kidney detox or a whole body detox please tell me you didn't waste your money there is no such thing on planet earth as a detox that you buy from somebody.

Okay if you're drinking green juice or celery juice or some kind of thing that you saw some youtube influencer talking about to detox your body that's horseshit okay the there is only one cleanse one detox for the human body that is fasting there is no other detox there is no other cleanse.

It's all baloney okay it's all based on the the premise that you should suffer and that you should punish yourself for your past indiscretions because you're a sinner but that's not true you're just a human being trying to get by okay if you want to detox your body cleanse your body cleanse your liver your your.

Kidneys you fast not you don't fast to punish yourself you fast so that your body has time to it's a self-cleaning oven you just gotta get out of your body's way okay so you 100 can do keto and detox at the time at the same time okay so here's how you do it you eat two keto.

Meals in a six hour feeding window or feasting window eat as much as you can eat your stuff comfortably stuff and then you fast for the other 18 hours of the day that's your detox and then the next day you do the same thing over again that's how i eat every single day okay i eat a uh a big carnivore meal.

About 4 p.m and then sometimes i eat a second carnivore meal at 6 or 7 p.m sometimes i don't and then i fast for 20 or 22 hours for the rest of the rest of the day that's how i live my life every single day and i feel better now at 53 than i felt at 35 way better my my 53 year old self could go back in time and kick my 35 year.

Old's ass easy that's how much healthier and more vigorous and virile and potent and vibrant i am now at 53 than i was at 35 when i was eating the standard american junk diet so yeah i keto and detox every single day of my life i already took care of swine dog okay.

Let's see you guys got questions now's the time i've gone over the hour but i'm on fire i'm gonna keep keep it going wildflower says you can't find a low-carb friendly doctor in the chicago area anybody know a low-carb friendly doctor in the chicago area i think that my my buddy dr tony hampton.

Is in the chicago area he's a pretty darn good doctor you might want to google him jerry says what breaks a fast can i have coffee with non-dairy creamer or will that break my fast so i think for the vast majority of us jerry coffee doesn't break your fast but the.

Non-dairy creamer 100 is going to break your fast and 100 is going to cause inflammation in your body it is what's what is non-dairy creamer what does that even mean have you ever read the ingredients perhaps you should that is crap throw that away if you want to put something in your coffee put a pad of butter a.

Teaspoon of butter and and froth it up with a frother that's freaking delicious and the butter is pure fat right so carbohydrates raise your insulin very high that breaks your fast protein elevates your insulin and moderate mouth that breaks your fast fat barely bumps barely bumps your your insulin level at all and that's why people put fat in.

Their coffee if they're starting to get hungry i do it because i love the taste of this goat butter but if you want to fast longer you put a little butter in your coffee that turns off your hunger you can also put some salt in your coffee it also tastes delicious and it'll turn off your hunger okay.

Thistle moon farm says i don't look more than 40. yeah well let me just tell you ask my wife she says i act about 21 but i'm 53. sometimes when i see the the poor vegan doctors on twitter i have lots of twitter fights with them i i feel bad for them i mean they they don't look healthy they.

Don't look happy they look like they're in pain and they look much older than their chronological age sky says yep my 70 year old self can could kick my 35 year old's butt every day of the week now yeah 100 and some people say it's aging in reverse some people say that you know.

You're turning back the hands of time but what's really happening is this is this is what a 53 year old should normally be when you see a 53 year old and they're obese and they've got type 2 diabetes and fatty liver and they're depressed and they lay on the couch all day and they've got low testosterone.

We see that so often that we think that's normal for a 53 year old but that ain't normal okay guarantee you if we got in our time machine and went back in time 100 000 years and you saw a 53 year old back then you would say yes sir or yes ma'am to them because they would stomp you as we.

Say here in the south if you gave them any lip because they were on their game they didn't have any of the the wheat rice oats and corn they didn't have any of the sugars the high fructose corn syrup the agave nectar they didn't have any of that stuff they had lots of fatty meat every day they.

Had eggs when they could find them they ate some veg if they were starving to death if they found some nuts they ate some nuts if they found some berries they ate some berries once a year they found the honey tree and they ate the honey but on a daily basis they ate the hell out of fatty meat and probably organ meat as well that's why they were.

So vigorous so late in age thanks josh for the super chat my friend thank you very much let's get a few more questions here i'm feeling it right now let's see oh turbo kid says travis barry says is alcohol okay on keto so let's talk about alcohol okay i got a youtube video about out keto.

Friendly alcohol so alcohol is poison okay and more and more the medical uh community starting to admit this you know for a few years they're like oh no you should drink a glass of red wine for your heart well that's total and turns out now most of that research.

Was made up uh alcohol is bad for you period okay i'm sorry travis if that hurts your heart all alcohol is bad for you there is no healthy alcohol now some alcohol is less bad than others so beer obviously is is often not gluten free and it's full of carbohydrates so it's.

It's basically sugar water don't drink beer wine unless you get a very very dry wine is gonna have too many carbs uh if you must have some alcohol have some some some gin some vodka some whiskey some bourbon some scotch uh one ounce with a sugar-free carbohydrate-free mixer like club soda.

Or sparkling water and that that's the least bad alcohol that you can have but you still need to drink that very rarely um i'm to the point where i'll have a mixed drink on my birthday on our anniversary and maybe maybe niece's birthday too but literally four five times a year max that's all i drink anymore i used to.

Drink quite a bit i was never an alcoholic but i really like to drink and i love the taste of it still but it's poison i'm sorry it just is it's very very clear when you look at the physiology of the way the human body breaks down alcohol it's poison mca mca.

Says what's your opinion on psyllium husk supplements with meals um psyllium husk think about that why not just put some salt have a sawdust supplement with your meal sawdust is rich in fiber and it's the same exact fiber.

Literally the same exact fiber is in sawdust as is in psyllium husks there is no difference it is cellulose okay so if if you said when i said hey have a sawdust supplement if you were like ooh gross psyllium husk is just as gross and.

Just as dumb as taking a sawdust supplement they're literally the same molecule you don't need it it's a waste of your money okay i'm sorry you wasted your money but now you know better now you can do better and never waste your money again all right nisha's giving me the stink eye that means i've been on here long.

Enough i can stay on here all night with you guys this is awesome i love you guys uh if you didn't get your question answered go to my patreon there's a link in the show notes become a patron i do four extra live q and a's every week in there with only just 50 100 150 people listening and asking questions.

That way you can get your answer your your question answered okay that's how you do it otherwise i'll see you monday night 7 p.m right chair for monday night live with my beautiful wife nisha solace ivan barry aka nisha loves it all right guys that's it i'm out of here thank you very much
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