Dr Ken Berry LIVE Q&A

Dr Ken Berry LIVE Q&A

Dr Ken Berry LIVE Q&A

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Hey my friends Dr Ken Berry it is time for us to hang out and talk about a proper human diet and for me to answer your questions I'll be with you the next hour or so and I'm going to try to answer every single question that I can hey Teresa how's it going hey Tonya how are you.

Good to see you guys if you haven't commented yet say hi in the comments so I can see you got a question from CJ CJ's nurse practitioner wants to put CJ on meds wants to know what I think she's 59 year old female LDL cholesterol 185 triglycerides 100 that's normal HDL 57 that's above 50.

That's good total cholesterol 264. ggt 19 hemoglobin 5.6 uh hemo ast21 yet these I don't see anything here that you would need to take medicine for CJ you're a nurse practitioner obviously knows your full medical history and has.

Spoken with you recently so follow up with them but um I don't see anything that pops out that makes me say oh crap CJ you need to be on medicine so uh Demps this is an interesting question I keep getting anecdotal feedback from people about Herpes so there's two types of herpes HSV-1 which is typically but.

Not always a cold sore on the lip and hsv2 which is typically but not always a cold sore below the belt uh you can have them either way actually it can be you can have two here one down there vice versa but I have had multiple people on a carnivore diet or a beef butter bacon and eggs diet tell me that they used to have very frequent flare-ups of herpes.

Either type 1 or type 2 and since being on a carnivore diet they just don't have flare-ups anymore so I don't think there's any research on this to verify it one way or the other but I I certainly haven't had anybody tell me that a carnivore diet made their herpes flare more often so I think that very likely it is is making herpes show.

Up less often and be less severe when it does show up which is a good thing for people with either hsv1 or hsv2 hey Holly thank you so much good to see you here oh there's Roxanna roxanner's she's a member of our PhD Health Community and um.

I think she likes it there we we love having her there uh we do many extra live q and A's like this like I'm doing right now except instead of 1100 people watching there's um 100 or 200 so we're able to answer many more questions much more thoroughly Jeanette's watching from London where are you guys at in the world.

Oh Joanna already hit the thumbs up and shared this video you're welcome to do the same that helps me to reach new people who otherwise would never hear the good good news that they can actually reverse chronic medical conditions Lori is watching from the Philippines gyms in Northern California Terry's in.

Southern California Tom's in Georgia where are you guys at what city what state what country enza is in Australia what time is it there I can never get that time conversion right with Australia and New Zealand it's so many hours different all right guys if you've got a question now is the time to ask it try to be.

Succinct and pithy without being laconic and I will try my best to answer you uh also if if you're a vegan or vegetarian if you don't believe that eating meat is part of a proper human diet I welcome your comments and questions as well I'll be looking for your comments and or your questions if you have a question about why I believe such a crazy thing that.

Human beings should eat lots of fatty red meat I won't block you I'll answer your question how about that seismic Fisher says I've been on low-carb carnivore diet for about two weeks now Apple watch said that my resting heart rate has lowered to 67 since cutting out carbs many people.

Noticed this not everyone but many people noticed that when they really start to eat a proper human diet their heart rate which would had been still within normal limits but chronically higher than they'd wanted to be piades low 90s all of a sudden their heart rate really calms down we see this a lot foreign.

Thank you for the comment Sophia's in England where else is everybody at Amanda's in Oregon lots of people in Australia it's 10 a.m in Australia right now 5 p.m here that's oh Gene this is the first live that Gene's caught Gene welcome you're in the right place anybody else.

This is your very first life you've ever caught with me type new in the comments so we can well welcome you we've got a couple of um moderators in the chat they have a blue wrench by their name and they might answer your question if so you can trust their answer Debbie says my doctor told me five times.

That I have diabetes because I have peripheral neuropathy you test them able to see it was 4.8 do I have diabetes no uh your doctor has forgotten that there's actually many different things that can cause neuropathy from prescription medications over-the-counter medications chemical exposures.

Oh uh autoimmune conditions there are many many different things that can cause peripheral neuropathy diabetes is one of them and it is probably the most common one of them and this is a trap many doctors get caught in when they're studying they just remember what's the most common thing and then.

They they don't remember oh there was a whole long list of things they just remember oh yeah diabetes they must you must have diabetes but oh obviously you don't have diabetes oh thank you very much Kara if you knew how long I spent on my hair this it would make your comment uh even.

More funny uh it literally takes me after I get out of the shower it takes me 30 seconds that's how much time I spend on my hair if that's maybe maybe 25 seconds via says is it true that Truvia causes cancer uh but yeah I've never seen any research that supports this contention uh back when uh Stevia.

Was was they were trying to get an FDA approval in the United States there were a couple of other uh billion dollar sweeteners already on the market and they did not want any competition especially from something natural like Stevia Stevia is just a plant I've grown it in my garden in the backyard before uh it has it looks almost like a mint.

Plant you can just pick off a leaf and chew it up it's very very sweet you can dry the leaves and grind them up or you can just buy stevia after uh someone else has processed it for you but this was a common myth that they uh perpetuated back then they kind of cranked up the media to make everybody afraid of stevia and the FDA wound up.

Initially not uh I guess giving it the grass status even though uh Stevia is used in multiple other countries as the predominant primary sweetener Tabitha's in Tulsa welcome Tabitha Kane says how does berberine work does it just lower glucose or does it lower insulin too so berberine and Metformin and glucophage they all work the same.

Way and they don't work like other diabetic medications most diabetic medications work by forcing your pancreas to secrete more insulin and that lowers your blood sugar and that's how they work but berberine glucophage and Metformin do not work this way they work uh they actually do about five different things in your.

Pancreas and mainly in your liver but they just basically help your body with its meta with its glucose and Insulin metabolism it gets very complicated very quick but they do not work by raising your insulin Tyrique says how do you feel about balanced diet Mediterranean so I've actually been to several different.

Countries around the Mediterranean Ocean and if you're going to eat the type of Mediterranean diet that I've seen people actually eat there which is full of meat and seafood and butter there is definitely olive oil involved there's definitely vinegar but basically they love meat and they love seafood and they love fats and they're not shy about it.

They eat it with every meal and uh um if you want to if you want to take a Mediterranean diet and lower the carbohydrate count to under 50 total grams a day or less I think in Mediterranean diets wonderful I love the taste of a Mediterranean diet but there's nothing magic about the Mediterranean diet that's uh pushed by.

Mainstream media like U.S news and World Report if you look at the Mediterranean diet they're talking about it does not resemble the diet that's eaten around the Mediterranean Ocean at least in my personal experience having been to several different countries there man we got a lot of first-timers a lot of new people Beth run signature.

Golf Debbie Curtis tommaso Marie wow welcome guys Lexi Kelly oh excellent excellent see you guys when you share this video YouTube sends it to people like oh this this must be a good video we're going to recommend it to more people and then all of a sudden we got these new people.

Going wait there is there there's such a thing as a proper human diet well how what is it exactly how do you do that all right let's see okay we got mystery mu mystery user I'm a bariatric patient 17 years out if I get my carnivore diet dialed in well I still need to take vitamin supplements uh if so which ones so any.

Person who's had bariatric surgery especially rho and why you even though a carnivore diet is the most nutrient dense diet on the planet you're probably still going to have to take a few of the supplements that your bariatric surgeon recommended to you okay and it's not fair you didn't know that going in.

Probably but now you know and anytime you permanently mutilate the gut of any mammal including a human they're not going to be able to absorb nutrients as well that's why we want to put off bariatric surgery at literally that needs to be a last-ditch effort for everyone unlike the new guidelines by the American.

Academy of Pediatrics we who are now they're saying oh you need to aggressively start to give children as young as 12 prescription medications including Adipex to help them lose weight uh obviously the Olympic people the managerial people uh they took the FDA to lunch of course and so they got disapproval they got the the age limit.

Lowered down and got an FDA approval for for Pediatric or childhood obesity and uh but yeah if you've had bariatric surgery you need you probably are going to need to take more supplements than someone who didn't have bariatric surgery who's eating a proper human diet sad but true Mary I ask about toenail fungus diet I.

Actually have a video on this channel Mary uh on YouTube about toenail fungus and what you can do to get rid of it and keep it going forever so you came to the right place but so as soon as this live video is over just search Dr Berry toenail fungus on YouTube.

And you'll find it that video's got over 5 million views so far and just thousands and thousands of comments from people saying Yep this worked for me Marnie Mac push some push someone to push doctor to test c-peptide after you mentioned it and yes they are type 1 not type two now everybody listen up this is very important.

It is far more common than it should be for people with type 1 diabetes to be falsely misdiagnosed as type 2 diabetic the medications are different uh the treatment protocol is different and no matter what the person does they're going to have a high you want to say in high blood sugar because the pills don't work for type 1 diabetics.

Because remember I mentioned earlier that the way most type 2 diabetes medications work is by making your pancreas to create more insulin but if you don't have any beta cells producing insulin your pancreas is like dude I don't know what you want me to do I can't make any more insulin but I've seen this several times where.

And it's usually an adult they're diagnosed in their 20s 30s 40s 50s and they've either developed adult onset type one like Lada or they've just been they developed type one later in life this is possible this can happen but most doctors like I said earlier they just remember the most common things so if they see a 30 or 40.

Year old who's got an A1C of 11. they're just going to assume you've got type 2 but there's a way you can know and so any of you guys who have been diagnosed type 2 diabetic especially if your A1C is still crazy high and your blood sugar is crazy high even though you're trying to behave have your doctor check either a c peptide.

This is a Marty Max comment sea peptide or a fasting insulin these two two tests either one of these will tell you definitively black and white are you a type 1 diabetic or a type 2 diabetic then you know and then you know you it gives you a much better handle on this as a patient and really you would think.

Your doctor would want to know for sure but many doctors have forgotten about the fasting insulin in the c-peptide test Richard just became a new channel member thank you for support Richard thank you very much Jennifer says what are your thoughts on Remnant cholesterol as an indicator of heart health risk uh and Remnant cholesterol equals total.

Cholesterol minus LDL and HDL I think that this is one of the many little math problems that gurus love to do to to add an extra layer of complication the the labs that you need to worry about are you want your triglycerides and your HDL to be normal you want your A1C and your fasting insulin to be normal if you've got those tests normal.

Then I don't give a damn about any ratios or any Remnant or any of that other stuff get those ratios under control Brett Weinstein I don't think this is the Brit uh because he's got two T's um I invited Brett Weinstein not this one the other one so come on and and do an interview with me on this channel but.

I haven't heard back from you yet if any of you guys no Brit personally or or he follows you on Twitter or anything tell him Dr Barry's looking for him in a good way well Brett this Brett Weinstein says what's everyone's seeing LDL at on Strictly carnivore all my numbers are great but my LDL is 217. about a third.

Of people Brett uh have a a low normal LDL on Carnivore about a third of people have a high normal or just a little above normal LDL and then some people usually lean mass hyper responders have a quite high LDL cholesterol the last time I checked my LDL it was 250. and I'm not worried about that at all and I've got videos on this channel to.

Explain to you why if you just said wait what he's got high LDL cholesterol and he's not worried about it yeah that's right and hey Doc is it recommended to stay on Carnivore uh keto diet while having gastritis uh you need to eat a proper human diet regardless of what medical condition you've got in if you've got.

Gastritis account of an acute gastritis that this is probably a great place where intermittent fasting or just fasting for a day or two just to give your stomach time to rest would would be a good thing to consider uh care is missing Misha me too she needs to come say hi doesn't she who wants Nisha to come say hi.

Well okay here's one from Debbie what about B12 my blood test says my B12 is high but I have all the symptoms of low B12 except yellowing of the skin um so many people eating a keto diet that's meat heavy or ketovor or carnivore their B12 will be beautiful or even just a little bit high and I don't think that's a problem at all.

Um if you're really concerned that this may be a problem make sure that you're getting your B12 from actual food like meat and eggs instead of from a supplement some people with certain genetic defects can absorb the B12 in in the majority of B12 supplements and you might be one of those people uh but if you're B12 is a.

Little high that's nothing to worry about and just keep in mind that all those symptoms of of low B12 can also be the symptoms of many other things as well so keep searching keep reading and hopefully you'll find the answer Dee Johnson nine months carnivore with Hashimoto's taking 60 uh of NP thyroid.

And using two drops of lugul's iodine uh daily recent Labs TSH 0.49 free T3 2.09 free t4.79 is low TSH a concern now anybody who's been to the website stop the thyroidmadness.com or who's read my book or read L Russ's book knows that for many people with Hashimoto's and hypothyroidism in order for them to feel rights and to have none.

Of the symptoms of low thyroid they have to take enough thyroid replacement hormone for their TSH to be on the low side and I've seen I've had patients personally who had to get their TSH down to 0.2 before they felt normal and didn't have any low thyroid symptoms I don't think that's a problem.

Uh I don't think that's anything to worry about as long as you're not having symptoms of hyperthyroidism if you don't know what those are you can do an internet search and find it really quickly but this this does not sound like a problem at all if you feel good if you feel fine by the way TPO antibodies are now for excellent.

So they've come down on Carnivore anybody with Hashimoto's you really need to look into the carnivore diet or the ketovore diet we've had multiple people with Hashimoto's whose antibodies have come weighted their antibodies have come way down on ketovor or carnivore Diana my you your analysis was abnormal.

To plus uh leukocytes but the PA did not order a culture what would you suggest well if you had that many leukocytes and you're pretty certain it was a clean catch you need to go back to your PA and say hey dummy anytime there's a lot of white blood cells in the urine that could mean there's a.

Bladder infection or a kidney infection or some kind of chronic inflammation like cystitis or cancer even so maybe we should send this for microscopy and for a culture what do you think about that a lot of a lot of Pas nurse practitioners and primary care doctors get so used to doing the urine dipstick they forget that the urine dipstick has.

A has an error range of plus or minus anywhere from 10 to 20 depending on which test you're talking about anytime there's any doubts you send the urine for my microscopy and you send it for a culture this is this is basic Medical Practice 101 so either find a new health care provider or go back to that one if you like them and say hey.

Didn't you you really should have got a culture right I was I was I heard this doctor on YouTube say you can drop my name if you want but you don't have to Miss B uh had fatty liver and she watched my videos about how to reverse her fatty liver and as a side effect of my advice.

Her A1C went from 8.8 all the way down to 5.5 in three months she reversed type 2 diabetes in three months while trying to reverse her fatty liver which I'm sure she also reversed that's pretty cool right I mean most medications have bad side effects but this diet I'm recommending has all these uh unintentional good side effects you're.

Like well I came here to fix my fatty liver but damn you reversed my type 2 diabetes too no extra charge Miss B well done well done now teach all your friends and family how to do it Lexi Lou does this diet trade one problem for another I like how you're thinking I have a very fast heart rate of 100 plus but have.

Been cleared I guess by Cardiology I do still still fear this diet affecting my heart by clogging arteries should I worry so and this is an excellent question if you read magazines and read Internet you know popular internet websites you think that eating a diet that contains cholesterol and or saturated fat is gonna clog your.

Arteries because they say it every day but the the problem comes Lexi's when you actually look at the research and you find that you can't find it anywhere in the research that shows definitively that eating a high cholesterol diet Clause your arteries or eating a diet with plenty of healthy saturated fat.

Clogs your arteries there's just no research that supports that and indeed The American medicalist or the American Heart Association it now has in their guidelines that there is no upper limit of cholesterol that you can eat the eating cholesterol is literally meaningless when it comes to your heart health so.

All these people out there trying to say oh I don't need egg yolks because too much cholesterol I don't eat this I don't eat that because there's cholesterol in it they literally are just fumbling around in the dark chasing something that's not even real the American Heart Association says it.

Doesn't matter how much cholesterol he has nothing to do with your heart health so I've got multiple videos on heart health heart disease cholesterol and all that stuff on this channel Lexi Lou watch some of those at your convenience and I think that you'll start to uh you'll start to see what I'm talking about Mary V is doing the beef butter.

Bacon and eggs challenge in our group this month how many of you guys are eating beef butter bacon and eggs right now as part of our challenge in our private group let me change the banner here here's here's the address if you want to sign up for our private group it costs five bucks a month that's it if you want to.

Go higher you can but there's that that you you get you get so many benefits for five bucks a month but inside this group we're doing a beef butter bacon the next challenge for February and it's not too late for you to join right now uh tell me in the comments what diet are you eating right now is it low carb is it keto is it dirty keto is it sort of Keto.

Is it ketovor or is it carnivore you eating lazy keto lazy carnivore uh beef butter bacon and eggs or are you eating a lion diet which kind of diet and also tell me if you're just eating the standard old crap diet I want to know I want to see the comments I hope you're not eating the crap diet please tell me you're not but if you are.

Being honest it's fine I'm not going to yell at you jts carnivore for two years I don't have a colon due to ulcerative colitis chronic diarrhea for a long and fatigue still thoughts on using psyllium husks being carnivore for loose stools uh jts the surgeon surely told you that when they take out your complete colon.

So uh you're basically what's coming out of your small intestine is what you're defecating that's always going to be loose for the rest of your life you're gonna it's never gonna be formed solid solid stool it's going to be any rain somewhere from thick mushy to liquid that's what it's going to be if it's.

Coming out of your ilium that's what it looks like that's just because you don't have a colon to absorb the water out of it so psyllium husk is probably going to irritate the the lining of your bowel I would highly recommend you don't add psyllium husks I don't think any human should eat any husk.

From any plant it just sounds abrasive doesn't it psyllium husk you don't need that Joe fries is starting carnivore today you don't need luck brother you got the information now you just need to stick with it for 30 60 or 90 days thank you very much Richard.

For the Super Chat jaina fools is telling the truth right here guys she says many people here listening to this right now and in our private Community many of them were previously vegan including my wife she was a raw food vegan for a minute until she realized that she was literally going to have to.

Eat for 16 solid hours a day and probably get TMJ trying to chew up all the food she'd have to eat to get adequate nutrition the vegan diet always fails people ultimately some people start to have negative side effects within weeks or months of going vegan some people it takes a few years but everybody eventually is like dude I feel.

Like I'm missing something and it's not that you're hedonistic it's not that you're a glutton it's not that you just or just love meat so much it's because you we're designed we have to have meat in our diets that's the kind of mammal we are Hall of Fame Santa first time to catch us live welcome welcome.

Susan has been hanging out with me for five years almost and she's lost 140 pounds listening to the ramblings of this redneck country boy Doctrine I don't know I mean that sounds pretty impressive Tish in Tennessee hey neighbor new at this and I've noticed I am staying.

Almost painfully cold am I missing something almost certainly you need to get more iodine in your diet Tish I've got a video called uh about seven foods that are rich and iodine on this YouTube channel and then many people supplement with um lugal's two percent iodine they'll use one drop or two drops a day in their coffee or their tea and then.

Also the daily mineral drops it's got a little glass bottle and then the bigger bottle here it has 500 micrograms of uh iodine in each daily serving there's a link down in the show notes if you want to check out the daily minerals with a discount I believe uh Richard says doesn't Stevia Spike insulin probably for many people it does.

This it may not Elevate insulin enough in some people to cause a problem but I think in some people it absolutely elevates their insulin so much that it's going to turn off their their fat metabolism they're not going to be able to burn the fat they want JB thank you very much now oh vegan X hey vegan X vegan X says.

Go vegan don't be an animal abuser so veganx thinks that now vegan X let me ask you this when when a lion or a wild dog like a coyote or a fox or a wolf when they eat when they kill an animal and eat it are they being an animal abuser or are they just eating the diet that is appropriate for their species.

An honest question I mean you may think that that the coyote is an animal abuser when he kills one of my chickens in the backyard and eats it most of it but I don't think that the coyote was being an animal abuser I think the coyote was being a good coyote and eating a proper coyote diet I was a bad farmer didn't protect my.

Chickens well enough and so one of my chickens paid the price but uh there are many species of mammal on this planet that are either obligate or facultative carnivores uh the anthropological and paleoanthropological evidence is very very clear vegan X human beings have been super carnivores our entire time on this planet as Homo sapiens sapien.

That's not even questionable only after the Agricultural Revolution uh about eight thousand nine thousand years ago did most people convert from a meat-based diet animal-based diet to a plant-based diet a lot of things you've been told vegan X I'm afraid are false but I appreciate your comment and I respect your your opinion and I respect.

Your decision but humans are super carnivores even before we were Homo sapiens sapien going back three and a half if not four million years we were meat eaters predominantly meat eaters okay you know you know you know guys you know you see the Articles like oh new stone tools discovered two million years ago three million years.

Old three and a half million years old they always call them stone tools which I I find funny because they didn't make they're not making hand saws and Hammers and crowbars that's not what our ancestors were making they were making weapons to kill animals with and to cut up animal flesh with that's what they were.

Making and a lot of vegans say well we don't have claws and canines we shouldn't be eating meat we've got something way more carnivorous and way more dangerous than Claws and teeth we got this right here we got this human brain that's the most dangerous weapon on the planet thank you vegan X I really do appreciate your.

Comment Grace joined the Channel thank you for your support Grace having bound I have essential tremors and just started carnivore will carnivore help with essential tremors in many cases excuse me in many cases your essential trimmer is going to become less noticeable every human on.

The planet over the age of 40. has an essential trimmer that if you if you put uh an instrument on your on your hand at the neurologist's office they can detect it but for many people it's such a fine trimmer that you can't see it unless you get really mad or really tired and then you'll start to notice that a little Center trimmer.

But essential trimmers are normal after 40 but for some people like heaven bound they they're so prominent that it's noticeable and it scares people like you know makes them worry about Parkinson's and Huntington's and other things essential tremors not that and it doesn't increase your risk of any of that stuff but many people on keto keto.

Or carnivore have noticed that essential tremors get much much less noticeable when you're eating a proper human diet crop Crusher says that uh their doctor said that she would not order a c-peptide unless there was a serious concern well uh whether you're hyper insulinemic or not that sounds like a pretty damn big concern to me.

Uh hyperinsulinemia is intimately associated with many many diseases chronic diseases of modern society and so if you're eating a diet with too many carbs and it's causing your c-peptide or your fasting insulin to be chronically elevated that's very dangerous so you might need to find a new doctor or try to educate your.

Existing doctor because that's a foolish thing that your doctor said Serena hi Serena read a story about cattle being ejected with mRNA where's your take on this uh there I don't think this is actually happening yet but they're talking about coming out with some mRNA vaccines for cattle and other animals and even for bees for the the.

Queen of beehives uh to try to protect them I don't know enough about the veterinary vaccine science to know whether this would be a problem for humans eating the meat of those animals I don't know for sure but I am a bit concerned about it it worries me a little bit and that's why I want all you guys.

To find a local Rancher find a local farmer who raises chickens ducks turkey yeast quail sheep goats cattle and establish a relationship and say hey I want to buy some really clean meat from you really kleenex from you I don't want you to give them antibiotics or steroids I.

Don't want them to eat GMO food I want them to just eat the food they're supposed to eat as that species so for a chicken that's bugs and worms and grass chicken will eat anything trust me they will if that's a college grass if it's if it's sheep or goats then it's grass and.

Weeds and maybe to bark off some trees that's what they eat they shouldn't be fed grain so with stat find a local Rancher find a local farmer and buy your meat from them even if it's a little more expensive I promise you it's probably worth it Allison hi and you from west Tennessee.

Rossville hey number iodine after uh the Rai for hyperthyroid or thyroid cancer yeah absolutely every cell in your body Allison needs iodine every day I've got several videos about iodine on this channel after this live just do a YouTube search for Dr Berry iodine and you after you watch that video you'll be like oh crap I didn't know.

Every cell in my body needed iodine it's not just about your thyroid that's the thing we most commonly hear about is thyroid health and iodine and it is a it's important it's a big deal but even if you don't have an eye a thyroid at all you still need a daily source of iodine in your diet and any Doctor Who says.

Otherwise is currently ignorant but you can probably educate them uh thank you Richard thank you thank you thank you no I'm not going to get rid of vegan X I I veganex is is true I mean they're being a little spammy right now but that's okay um.

We're we're we all need to be able to have a civil conversation and uh don't be spammy vegan extra one of my moderators will put you in timeout but definitely you can ask questions absolutely you're welcome to Richard my sweat smells like an ammonia is this due to no carbs some few people.

Notice that they have kind of an acetone uh sweat smell and then some few people for a while when they're getting keto adapted will notice the acetone smell to the breath this is typically temporary for most people this doesn't uh Sheila says the daily minerals help her foot pain last night uh Nisha was we were sitting on the couch watching.

Something on Netflix and she gets this humongous toe cramp and she's like ow she starts doing the toe cramp dance you know what that looks like it's cute when Nisha does it but I don't think she was trying to be cute and she's like go get me the drops the drops the drops and that's the one thing when she has a foot cramp or leg cramp is the.

The dose of the mineral drops cramp disappears thank you guys but you're nice to vegan eggs they mean well they just don't know better yet no I agree with you Roxanna uh you guys are discussing mustard and other spices I I think zero carb mustard unless it causes gut inflammation in it I think.

It's some people it does probably rarely but I think it's possible but for me it doesn't cause any inflammation or bloating whatsoever and it I love the taste of it I think I could put yellow mustard on a dog turd and eat it sorry TMI I've never tried that but I think that if I had to eat a dog turd I.

Would want some mustard on it for sure yeah Angelic Annihilator I need to stop doing squats for three months as I'm doing PT will I still retain muscle mass in my legs if I'm carnivore or will I lose some so if you've been doing lots of squats and you stopped doing squats for three months you're not going to lose nearly as much muscle mass.

Central carnivore you're going to keep a lot more of it but you're probably going to lose a little uh why did the PT tell you you can't do squats and now it could be that the PT is going to be doing leg exercises with you in which case you may not lose any leg muscle mass at all Gracie's hanging out with us from Hong Kong.

Gracie I want to come and visit you in Hong Kong we need to have a Hong Kong keto carnivore conference don't we work on that Lisa I've been doing carnivore for a little over a month and have done well I have a question about avocados they are fruit but full of good fats will eating them mess up my carnivore benefits I think if you have.

Uh avocado as an occasional treat I think it's perfectly fine there are carbohydrates in avocado but avocado is a fruit and uh I agree with this one aspect of eating fruit I agree with Dr Paul saladino of all the plant parts that a plant has the one part that the plant doesn't mind if you eat.

Is the fruit so I don't think it's going to put the inflammatory things in fruits like it puts in its leaves and its seeds and its stems and its roots because it does not want you to eat those other parts or it will die or fail to reproduce but the the reason plants put nutrition around their seeds in the form of fruits is so that animals will eat.

The fruit and Scatter the seeds preferably eat swallow the seed but not crunch it and crack the shell and then poop it out so it's literally planted with some fertilizer that's why plants do that uh on on our farm we've got a few big persimmon trees and then literally every spring we have hundreds of tiny little.

Persimmon trees coming up everywhere where the the possums and the raccoon and the deer that have eaten the Persimmons and then pooped the seed out anywhere from a hundred to a thousand feet from the tree there comes another persimmon so that's an excellent strategy on the on the the for the the the plants part.

To put some nice tasty sugar around the seed but so I and avocado is one of the least bad fruits I think you could possibly eat it's very low in sugar very low in glucose and fructose that's why they don't taste that sweet but they still taste yummy I think you can have one what if you have a celebratory avocado on the weekend Lydia thank you.

So much Tish in Tennessee what's the difference between kitivore and carnivore so my wife Nisha has a YouTube channel if you just search for n e i s h a on YouTube you'll find it she's got three or four videos about the ketivore diet because that's the diet she does to keep her IBS and her Hashimoto's in remission.

She many days a week carnivore from for several days in a row but then she'll she'll have some keto friendly veg and that makes it ketivore uh oh I heard Bonnie Blue you're Bonnie Blue she just woke up from her nap I hear your baby.

Thank you very much Maggie thank you thank you the carnivore boss I like your handle on meds for high blood pressure today it was 142 over 100 been back on Carnivore for a month overweight PCOS can I do anything besides continuing this way of eating let me see that baby you guys want to see a cheetah for baby.

This is what a ketovore baby looks like I'm say hi say hi Tick Tock hi YouTube how cute is this this baby uh drinks breast milk and eats bologna and scrambled eggs every now and then a little avocado every now and then a little pickle she likes pickles today she was chewing.

On one of my meat skins yeah eggs she loves eggs but she likes bologna we cut it up in tiny little pieces and she chooses up with her two little bitty let me see your teachers no okay I'm sorry okay you wanna go see Mama go see Mama see you want to be a star she loves it she.

Loves it okay so carnivore boss yeah 100 you need to you need to continue carnivore I would recommend you start doing some kind of vigorous exercise if if you've been on the diet long enough to to calm down your inflammation and your pain stiffness it's time to start lifting some heavy things.

Doing a little running doing some jumping jacks doing some push-ups having some vigorous sex the more that kind of stuff you do the the quicker your blood pressure is going to come back down to normal also make sure and only check your blood pressure with a cuff on the upper arm sit quietly and relax for 10 or 15.

Minutes in a in a calm dark room that's how all the blood pressure research was done you don't just come in from arguing with the neighbor and plot down and check your blood pressure that's never that's never going to be an accurate measurement you don't go to the doctor Rush behind almost got a ticket running.

Late they run you in there like cattle and set you down and check your blood pressure that's not a real blood pressure reading that's not how any of the research was done they set people down for 15 minutes in a dark quiet room waited 15 minutes and then checked their blood pressure that's the way of blood pressure is supposed to be checked.

Doctors don't have time to do that I get it I understand but that's how it's supposed to be done so at home carnivore boss that's the way you're going to check it calm chillax 15 minutes then check your blood pressure Rachel.

Rachel from old Australia will carnivore help with prolapsed bladder caused by from conveyor severe constipation due to ozympic use off ozympic 10 months is no longer constipated yeah this is one of the many side effects that you can have taking ozympic and I know it's very popular right now but.

Um I'll bet you money if Rachel could go back in time she would not feel that oh zipic prescription uh probably not Rachel a prolapse of the bladder you're probably going to have to see up a urologist or a gynecologist and get that tacked back up uh it's going to be a minor surgical procedure probably to fix the damage.

That was caused by ozympic Moon Moon spell says is it good to fast absolutely it's good to fast Moon spell now the way I fast is an intermittent daily fast I'll fast for about 18 to 22 hours each and every day some days I eat one meal a day some days I ate two meals a day but I typically never break my fast before 2 or 3 P.M.

So I don't eat anything until 2 or 3 P.M and then I eat a big meal I eat until I'm comfortably stuffed then I might eat a second meal four hours later or if I'm still full I won't even need a second meal I'll just eat one meal that day for me the inner daily intermittent fasting is the easiest way to do it but there are many.

People out there who would who will do a 24-hour fast every third day or they'll do a 48-hour fast once a week or they'll do a 72 hour fast every other week and that works better for them to do that so uh Dr Jason Fung f-u-n-g has an excellent book on fasting if you want to learn more about it thank you so much James.

Oh yeah lots of people on beef butter bacon and eggs I love it I love it oh man Joanna's making bacon chips right now have you guys seen our baking chip video man bacon chips are the best thing in the world you can dip like for Super Bowl Sunday tomorrow make a bunch of bacon chips.

Make up some kind of Keto or carnivore friendly little dip dip away with your bacon chips absolutely JP says should I eat high fat if I'm obese I mean I'm already fat why would I want to eat more fat so this is confusing JP unless you've.

Really studied human physiology you human physiology doesn't work that way eating fat does not make you fat eating too many carbohydrates that's what makes you fat so I've got a ton of videos on this channel about the keto diet so if you like if you like meat and veg you need to do Keto.

But it still needs to be higher fat if you if you just barely like veg mainly like meat you can do ketovor I've got two or three ketovore videos on this channel but you still need to eat adequate higher fat if you want to just be a carnivore and only eat meat and eggs you can do that but make sure you always eat.

The fat fat is good for us fat is not bad for us this is a myth that has been perpetuated for decades there's no truth in it JP human beings need fat we need to eat animal fats or our health will suffer carnivore werewolf I love that handle Captain America is eating PhD that's why he looks so good in the movies.

Herc um in the PHD and appreciate all you and Nisha do thank you sir absolutely thank you heart for being there if you guys want to join me and Nisha and Bonnie and Beckett and herc uh scrolling across the bottom of the screen is the address it's a super quick sign up it costs you five bucks a month to be in the community you.

Can cancel anytime you want we never try to sell you anything we never sell your information it ain't that kind of group it's it ain't a Facebook group okay this is a private protected community maintained decorums watching from Ireland nice lots of key divorce lots of carnivores Maria's doing dirty carnivore.

Gotcha gotcha F money pad 40 days carnivore blood tests show things are going well however my provider said I was doing damage how do I find providers who understand this life uh did your doctor give you any evidence that you were doing damage or was this just an opinion F money pad.

I I would bet it was just an opinion they didn't really say look look at the following black and white results you are doing damage I bet that's not how they said it was it yeah so if any of you guys are looking for a doctor who under who understands low carb keto carnivore I've got a video on this YouTube channel called how to find a low.

Carb keto friendly doctor near you in in the show notes it's got six websites you can put your ZIP code in regardless of where you live in the world some of these sites are worldwide and they will tell you where the nearest doctor is who understands the benefits of a proper human diet.

Don is doing the beef butter bacon and eggs challenge I love it Tish in Tennessee he's eating a crap diocese she was honest she admitted it but her and her significant other are starting tomorrow just getting arms around a tissue at the right place if you haven't already.

Joined the community I promise you you'll be happy that you did I've got tons of video on this YouTube channel about keto ketovore carnivore to help you understand the ins and outs the do's the don'ts the common mistakes the common myths that people will believe that are not true I'm here for you I'm here for you and I love it that you guys.

Are doing this as a team cam do you have thoughts on all the chemicals and shampoo Etc and could it affect us negatively carnivore hasn't fully helped my shoulder acne which is why I'm curious I like how you're thinking Kim I don't want acne medication no no you don't you're exactly right the side effects are potentially atrocious.

So it very well could be the the hair products that you're using that are causing this chronic inflammation on your shoulders that's showing up in the form of acne that's very possible I've got to the point where I use uh I wish Nisha was in here she would tell you the brand name it's it's a soap that's just literally three ingredients.

And it's a it's a bar soap and I use it I use it on everything I wash my hair with it my I never wash my face I never put soap on my face do you guys wash your face with soap I haven't washed my face with soap since two and a half years ago when I got cat poop on my face then I washed my face with soap I never washed my face.

With soap uh but I do wash my hair and my pits and bits of soap and I use this that's it in in my shower there's one thing it's just a bar up soap there's nothing else in there I definitely don't know any of the Hair Care skin care products from the big corporate manufacturers that are full of chemicals I don't need that in.

My life and also I don't want to be putting that in the water supply when it goes down the drain you know it's got to go somewhere right I mean literally they made that in the chemical Factory it's full of chemicals you rub it on your body and then you rinse it off and it goes down your drain.

Where does it go then I mean yeah all you guys just a native is a good brand they they have a very clean soap but this this one is a little small family-owned company I can't remember the name of it I'll tell you guys in the future live so if you haven't already subscribed to this channel hit that subscribe button so.

That when I remember the the soap brand I can tell you all right uh running Warrior says what is a lion diet so a lion diet was first made Popular by my friend Michaela Peterson who's now married and has a different surname I can't remember what it what it.

Is but uh she had several autoimmune conditions and mental health conditions and a carnivore diet helped her but it wasn't strict enough and so now she eats a diet of just ruminant meat fatty ruminant meat salt and water and on its surface that sounds so restrictive like God that must be torture.

But what you don't understand was what for her what was actually torture was the medical conditions that she was suffering with I think she had an ankle joint replacement surgery when she was a teenager or in her early 20s that's restrictive that's suffering she's very happy.

To eat a diet that's just I think now she eats predominantly sheep maybe a little goat um I don't think she eats much beef anymore I think it's just sheep now so she eats all the different cuts of of lamb and sheep mutton salt and water that's her diet and she loves that diet because it lets her feel.

Healthy and not feel chronically depressed and chronically can mentally fogged and chronically having severe joint pain and gut problems she doesn't feel like it's restrictive at all that's what a lion diet is Papa C is eating the lion diet because of colitis and anybody with Co with colitis ulcerative colitis Crohn's.

Disease irritable bowel either with diarrhea predominance or constipation predominance you 100 need a carnivore diet and you may even need to tighten it up to just ruminant meat only cow sheep goat venison camel reindeer water buffalo bison those are the ruminants that people around the world still have.

Access to and still eat Miss Daisy's eating carnivores lost 27 pounds in three months so there's that Christopher can aspartame knock you out of ketosis maybe maybe in some people the artificial sweeteners raise your insulin level enough to slow down your ability to metabolize or burn fat and may even raise the insulin enough to.

Slow down your rate of autophagy that that is likely in some people I don't know if that happens in everyone or not we really need some more research on that I've been talking to Professor Ben bickman who's a good friend of mine I love that guy and trying to get him to set up a research study to check fasting.

Insulin after a Stevia ingestion after monk fruit ingestion after aspartame ingest ingestion and check and see does the cephalic phase insulin response even though these things are zero calories zero carb do they still cause an elevation in insulin Neil hey Neil Bertram he's in our group I love this guy I know a teen cancer patient I.

Recommend recommended that they be highly aware of sugar intake then Karen read me the right act any thoughts so Karen probably read you the right act because she didn't feel like it was your place to be talking to the the teenager or their parents about this maybe but you're absolutely right especially if it's a solid tumor cancer.

They 100 need to cut all sugar out of their diet immediately it will slow down the progression of the cancer and maybe even prevent metastasis absolutely good advice but maybe it was your your act of giving the advice that she didn't think that you should be doing I don't know PC says I was losing my hair on Locale low-fat heavy veg and fruit diet yeah.

Any diet that restricts nutrition you're going to run the risk of losing hair and if any of you guys are on any diet and you're losing hair I've got a video on YouTube on this channel about hair loss uh with with uh when you're trying to lose weight it's very common JT.

Continuing I have a j pouch okay gotcha got a J-pop so reconnected my stools are fine thick following surgery they aren't now I got you so this is temporary okay so uh give it a week or two JT I can't remember how long you said it's been going on but after two weeks if you're still having that problem I don't want you to assume it's because by your diets.

It could be something else going on go see your doctor if it persists for more than two weeks hey Pearl bubbles how's it going yeah Bob Dr Ben bigman is absolutely right humans we it is mandatory that you have meat in your diet if you want Optimal Health uh Josh what is the best diet for.

Psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis I actually have a video on this channel Josh about psoriasis as soon as this Live's over just go to YouTube and search for Dr Barry psoriasis and you'll find it it'll pop up right at the top you can watch it and down in the show notes I've got the research that I based the video on I try to do that in.

Most of my uh videos in 3v says what's an alternative to relight which is a Redman's relight it's an electrolyte powder so element has a really good electrolyte powder uh there's several others on the market my two favorites are reli Redmond's relight and elements that's the two that I really think are very clean very well.

Made no extra added crap Jane I think it just became a member thanks for your support Captain America says what can we do while eating a proper human diet to maximize autophagy oh man yeah you can either do one meal a day so you're basically fasting for 22 23 hours a day or you can do a two-day fast uh once a.

Week along with an 18-hour daily fast or you can do a three-day fast every other week along with uh 18-hour intermittent daily fast all those things are going to increase the rate of autophagy Trey if someone can afford to spend a little more on quality groceries what do you suggest they spend it on first so if.

You've got extra money and you're like I want to buy the best best food I can buy for my human body you're going to find a local Rancher and you're gonna you're gonna buy grass-fed grass finished beef and sheep and goat get wild venison that all that's fine and you're going to spend the extra.

Money and you're going to tell the Rancher I don't want any antibiotics unless the cow's sick if they're sick give them antibiotics just like you should in a person but not antibiotics just for growth and just to prevent infection do not feed them grain that is not an ancestrally appropriate food for cows or sheep or goats.

I want them to eat grass if it's sheep I want them to eat grass and weeds that's all nothing else and then also some people have problems if if meat is aged too long the the histamine count goes up for the vast majority of people this is meaningless it doesn't affect them in any way but for some few people they're sensitive to.

That and so then you can also tell the Rancher or the processor look I don't want you to hang my meat in the in the in the cooler for days as soon as you've uh slaughtered it and processed it I want it right then to put in the freezer that way the histamine content doesn't go up for the for the very few people who have a histamine issue eating aged.

Beef I would get grass fed grass finish butter if you can find sheep's butter or goats butter holy they're I love cow milk butter but sheet butter and goat butter dude heaven and then you want pastured eggs you want and literally you want to find somebody locally who's got 10 or 20 hens.

Running around in their backyard or on their farm that just eat bugs and worms and grass and grass seeds and that they don't feed him a lot of uh chicken food you want those eggs those are the eggs even if you have to pay nine bucks a dozen bet you it's worth it that's it okay now if you want to eat.

Some veg then you're going to get obviously you're going to get uh try to get organic that hasn't been and you want true organic not just it's got a sticker that says organic at the grocery store because if you read about that topic a little you'll discover very quickly all the reindeer games they're able to.

Play with that sticker that says organic uh in many cases they're still spraying the the the produce with pesticides but they've changed the name of the pesticide so it's not on the list of pesticides that will get your organic sticker taken away from you true story yeah yeah many of the organic.

Vegetables still are treated with pesticides in many cases they'll call them natural pesticides yeah but that's that's how I spend my money right now Trey and that's how I recommend all you guys now if you can't afford grass-fed grass finished uh that you know that came from a ranch or a.

Farm down the road then any meat is going to be better than any processed food I don't care if you literally you can do carnivore on hot dogs and bologna and spam and potted meat and deviled ham absolutely and you're still going to reap many health benefits versus eating the standard highly processed highly inflammatory.

Modern diet yes uh nitrates are fine in bacon there's actually a pharmaceutical house that's studying appeal right now trying to get FDA approval it's a nitrate pill that lowers your blood pressure nitrates convert into nitric oxide which lowers your blood pressure the zarn became a member thank you for your support.

Downtown chick in Orange just started beef butter bacon and eggs my current A1C is 8.7 that's bad you're type 2 diabetic I'm on Lantus NovoLog or zympic and Metformin how and when do I back down on insulin with new low numbers my doc is not helpful so you got to find a local doc that's going to help you with this because you're going to have to.

Decrease the Lantus fairly quickly it's uh it it's entirely probable that you won't even need the Atlantis within two weeks to two months after you start beef butter bacon and eggs and some people even quicker than that some people within three or four days they don't even need the Lantus anymore now obviously I'm not giving you medical.

Advice fine a doctor who will help you with this but Lantus you'll be you won't need that anymore in just a few days or a few weeks the next thing you can get rid of is no no Vlog you definitely won't need that because you're not eating any carbs that's going to spike your your insulin now this is if you're a type 2 downtown.

I'm assuming you're a type 2 but if you're a type one you're always going to need a little insulin you'll just need much less on a carnivore diet and so uh NovoLog probably the first thing to get rid of the Atlantis and then of zympic and you you might I would keep the metformin going until you've got an A1C that's less than 5.7.

You're you're on your way you're at the right place downtown you're gonna love this Sharon Dr Barry I have a multi nausea or thyroid is it safe for me to take ludolz iodine supplement yeah the the the the number one cause of thyroid nodules is inadequate iodine intake and so eat the iodine rich foods I talk about in my YouTube video on this.

Channel but then it's not going to hurt you a bit to use one drop a day of lugoff's two percent iodine all right man you guys are rocking it today any reports of hair loss on Carnivore how to reverse so any any diet I've got a video on this channel about hair loss when you're losing weight any diet that.

You're losing weight on it's just the act of losing weight it freaks your body out and it tries to conserve protein and hairs made of protein and so your body's like well I don't know what's wrong well I don't know why we're losing so much weight I'm just going to drop a bunch of hair so we don't have to waste protein on that uh.

This is very common even when people have gastric bypass surgery and they start losing all the weight they have hair loss people who start ozympic or mosuro uh when they they'll they'll lose hair if they're losing weight very quickly it's just the Quick Weight Loss that's causing the hair loss on keto and ketovor and carnivore the.

Hair loss is temporary and then because you're eating a very nutrient-dense diet that's full of amino acids and fatty acids and vitamins and minerals your hair is going to come back better than it was before you start a diet but that'll take a few months I saw a good one there yeah anybody with asthma anybody with.

COPD emphysema chronic bronchitis Reed runnels comment I used inhalers until I went completely carnivore have not used them since I can't eat plants and be healthy I'll continue to eat carnivore and this is the carnivore absolutely helps these conditions but also even just a meat heavy keto or meat heavy ketovor is.

Wonderful for asthma and emphysema and COPD and chronic bronchitis all these conditions improve many people who use their asthma inhalers two different ones several times a day when they were eating just regular the diet that their doctor recommended when they start eating a proper human diet after a few months of.

That they're like I don't even know where my inhaler is I haven't needed it in a long time so Yep this is that's a real thing Carolyn I so wish I could get my sisters to listen to you about keto and carnivore I'm so worried about them I'm eating the beef butter bacon and egg and feel the best ever Carolyn just keep.

Leading by quiet example be ready if they have questions but what what what you really need to focus on being Carolyn is the is the example that they cannot ignore uh you want to transform your physical health your mental health you want to be healthier and happier than they've seen you in years.

Because when they see that transformation in you guess what they're going to be real interested and they they will not want their sister to be looking this much better than they look so just keep keep eating the carnivore uh get get good exercise every day to build your muscles and make your bones stronger and keep your brain good.

And strong and I promise you before long those sisters will be asking you questions because you'll be starting to look too good SK is there any reason a pregnant type 2 diabetic eating carnivore would need insulin Obi says see Maternal Fetal Medicine MFM says eat carbs and take insulin yeah no there's no reason so.

Literally the the MFM is saying you need to eat more carbs so that you will have to use a pharmaceutical drug does anybody else think that sounds ridiculous it's because if you don't eat the carbs you won't need the insulin right and we've had many women who.

Started out their pregnancy being a type 2 diabetic or having or developing gestational diabetes and then they adopted either a keto diet a keto or diet or a carnivore diet and reversed their type 2 diabetes as they were pregnant or got rid of their gestational diabetes as they were pregnant but MFM and obese they never see this.

Because most women who are pregnant are drinking milkshakes and eating Ding Dongs and Doritos and so all they ever see is is gestational diabetes get worse and type 2 diabetes get worse during pregnancy they never see people eating a proper human diet so they don't know what's possible so hopefully.

You guys can teach the MFM a thing or two about insulin and glucose metabolism long gun men I just started carnivore what would you recommend for beverages so I drink Sparkling Water or just plain reverse osmosis water that I put some of the the mineral drops in I don't want the the only minerals that.

My local municipality puts in the water is chloride and fluoride that's the only minerals they think I need and I don't want chloride and fluoride so I use reverse osmosis to take those out and for each gallon of water I'll put a serving or two of the daily minerals in there it softens the water up a little bit if you put too much it tastes salty.

But if you just put a little it just softens the water and you you're basically creating your own perfect mineral water you can also drink black coffee or unsweetened tea of any color so green tea black tea white tea yellow tea as long as there's no sweetener and no sweet flavor it's totally fine to drink those things.

Brent tried Dan fast so painful that's how I found you ah gotcha well welcome Brett we're glad Brent we're glad to have you here vizard do you have any resources for finding a nephrologist that doesn't think that animal protein is bad I do not uh on my YouTube video how to find a low carb keto doctor near you there.

Might be some nephrologists there Jason Fung understands that animal protein is not bad for your kidneys and there are several other nephrologists who understand that but they're very few and far between most nephrologists want you to eat a plant-based diet based on no research whatsoever.

rlh carnivores since September 22 but one thing I haven't given up is my daily vitamins and supplements is taking them undermining the benefits of the proper human diet probably not depending I mean they may have added junk in them they may have sugar and other stuff in them but what what's your most likely doing.

Rlh is you're just wasting your money on supplements you don't need anymore that's more than likely what's happening but I doubt they're hurting you and Maul I'm 30 years old working with an ENT and have chronic sinusitis I had surgery before but it didn't work what can I do so I can't tell you and Maul how many.

Hundreds if not thousands of people who have adopted a proper human diet either ketokine or carnivore and their chronic sinusitis their chronic allergic rhinitis uh all the other their sinus and nasal polyps all these things just get better and get much less severe so if you haven't already I do 90 days of carnivore and just see how much better.

Your your sinus symptoms are after that Tink says there's a carnivore diet appropriate for dogs so dogs are direct descendants from wolves that's where every domestic dog on the planet they came from a wolf some people don't believe that but it's true that's they all descended from wolves.

So they are facultative carnivores which means the 70 or 80 percent of their diet at least should be meat if you want to throw some veg in there I guess you can but if you if you really love your dog you'll give them a 100 meat diet if you have a cat and you don't give them a 100 percent meat diet then you.

Are guilty of cat abuse because they're obligate carnivores so if you're feeding your cat kibble consider the fact that you may not really love your cat that much because they are obligate carnivores kale been doing beef butter bacon and egg challenging your group for 11 days been doing good for a while why am I.

Suddenly craving fruits no clue Kel um anytime I'm craving anything I grabbed one of my salt rocks and lick it three or four times get that salty and that just knocks Cravings in the head I get these from Redmond's these come from 450 feet under the grounds in their salt mine and you can actually buy your own.

Salt Rock for a while only I had salt rocks but now they're selling them and if you look down in my show notes in all caps it says salt rocks down near the bottom you can get your own salt rocks and I keep one in my drawer at my desk anytime I'm start to crave something a few licks of this it's gone.

That's my favorite hack for not craving things Angela joined the channel thank you for your support Esme any tips for tonsillitis is it beneficial to get tonsils removed or better not so back when I was a kid if if you had a runny nose or coughed one time you got your tonsils out that.

Was that was very popular back then in medical practice and I had recurrent tonsillitis so I had to go in and get a shot at a penicillin in the butt about once a week and uh I got my tonsils out I wish that I had been able to keep them uh I don't think that my tonsils were flared up because I I had a tonsil excess or some.

Kind of defect in my tonsils I think it was the diet I was eating and indeed I think if when you when you tighten up the diet of whoever's having tonsillitis uh tonsils almost always will calm down and go back to normal unless there's some other offending agent some chemical some fumes some something that's irritating the tonsils but it's usually.

The foods you eat that's irritating the tonsils Sven in Sweden one thousand years ago a family of 10 eats five thousand pounds of meat plus 1900 pounds of fish by carnivore fasting Journey equals uh I have dropped 110 pounds since October of 22. Sven lost 110 pounds.

In five months eating eating meat and fish wonderful wonderful yeah the mineral drops also are great if you're craving just put a few drops on your tongue uh Misha also uses them for that yeah poop isn't keto don't eat poop nope you know gorillas have to eat poop.

They have to eat their own poop in order to get B12 because they can't have they can't absorb the B12 that's produced in their large intestine by the bacteria they're hind gut fermenters and they so they have to poop it out and then eat it again that's that's what uh they're vegan that's they eat plants.

Only and that's how they have to get their B12 they have to actually eat their own poop and I'm sure there are vegans out there going that's no my friend that's called zoology and it's a fact unread I have a confession I gained 10 pounds while unemployed got my job back now I need to drop from 280 pounds.

Carnivore and 18-6 fasting yes that's a perfect plan Conrad uh eat eat until you're comfortably stuffed two meals a day carnivore in a six hour feasting window and then you're gonna fast for 18 hours if you do that every day you will be dropping weight so fast that even your old clothes in the back of the closet won't fit they'll be too big.

You're gonna have to buy all new clothes I want you to keep us up to date if you do join our group I want to I want to follow your story take before and after pictures Conrad get your boxers and take a picture don't post it just save it on your phone because you're gonna you're gonna be proud of that picture thank you Angelo.

All right guys I'm gonna have to wrap it up here at least you're starting to give me the cross eyes dreams like ammo can you discuss PhD effect on male fertility and sperm count not a lot of info on this even on Dr Kilt to site yeah there's I don't know of any studies looking at male fertility and sperm count.

On a keto or carnivore diet versus the standard American diet but I guarantee you and I think Dr Kilts would tell you that a man's fertility and a man's sperm count in a man's sperm motility and a man's sperm Fitness is going to be off the charts better than average if they're eating a meat heavy diet.

Absolutely and I think Dr kiltz will say you need to be eating an only meat diet if you want the healthiest and fastest swimmers you can possibly have Angelo hi LPA please comment so LPA is a an experimental lab test that I don't think has been around long enough or has had enough confirmatory research to to.

Make it a set in stone lab like A1C or fasting insulin or triglycerides a LPA May LP a little a may be a good marker it may not be a good marker I don't think we've got enough research to know one way or the other I definitely wouldn't base any big decision on what your LP little a is Rhonda joined the channel.

Thank you Rhonda for your support Ned had carotid endarterectomy last year been on Carnival two months should I worry about plaque buildup you should worry about plaque buildup and you should prevent plaque buildup by staying on a carnivore diet for the rest of your life yep you're at the right place.

We were high is not having any poop for five or six days normal on Carnivore after how long should I start to worry so when you eat a carnivore diet you don't poop as much and you don't poop as often as you did back when you're eating lots of junk and garbage in your diet that your body couldn't Digest.

Most people when they convert from a carnivore diet they'll go from having two bowel movements a day on eating the Standard junk to uh one bowel movement a day or one small bowel movement every other day that's very common on Carnivore some people will go three or four days without about moving on Carnivore and it's not because they're.

Constipated it's just because that what they're eating is 99.9 absorbable nutrition you absorb it all and and for most carnivores the majority of what they're pooping out is dead epithelial cells as the cells lining your guts die they Slough off and then also dead bacteria when they they don't.

Live they only live for a few minutes or a few hours then they die then you poop them out and for a carnivore that's what the majority of their poop is made of the skin cell is epithelial cells and bacteria that's why they don't poop much because meat is Pure Nutrition you absorb all of.

It whereas with plants very often you don't absorb much of it at all and a lot of times even if the plan is rich in vitamins and minerals you can't absorb them because they're not bioavailable they're locked up in lectins or phytates or oxidants and so even though Brazil nuts have lots of selenium in them.

Many people can't get access to that selenium because of the anti-nutrients in the nuts or in the veg so uh now so if you haven't pooped in five or six days foreign you might need to see your doctor definitely need to see your doctor if you're having abdominal pain or.

Abdominal distension or discomfort or bloating if you're having rectal bleeding or pain trying to poop and you can't poop in your in your your rectum is bleeding and hurting straining you definitely need to see your doctor but if you haven't pooped by the seventh day.

I would probably go see your doctor and just say I don't know I'm eating a really uh nutrient dense highly absorbable diet so maybe I'm just not making poop I don't feel constipated but it's been seven days since I pooped and they can actually shoot a single shot x-ray called a KUB and they can tell you immediately.

Whether you're constipated or not in some cases a good doctor can do a good physical exam and they can feel if you're constipated or not and uh you might be surprised to find out you're not constipating at all you've just been absorbing all the good natural proper human foods you've been eating on a carnivore diet.

Perk does having had a heart attack change whether you should take a Statin so if you've had a previous heart attack then the research is more supportive that you might benefit from a Statin uh but I still don't think it's set in stone that you that you need a Statin if you've had a previous heart attack also.

Dr David Diamond who's been researching lipid physiology in humans for decades he also thinks that the side effects probably outweigh any potential small benefit but if my official recommendation is if you've had a previous heart attack you probably need to take a low low dose of a Statin just.

Out of an overabundance of caution just in case it helps you definitely you still don't need repatha or Parliament nobody on the planet needs repatha or problem thank you Angelo all right guys I gotta wrap it up let me see if I can Denise join the channel thank you Denise Angelo yep we already got that one uh Elena hey.

Dr Barry you're the absolute best you have changed mine in my family's lives please comment on hi LP little a I just did uh I don't I don't think that's the lab result you should be concerned about I think you should be very concerned about having a normal triglyceride and a normal HDL level a normal A1C a normal fasting insulin.

And then normal markers of inflammation those are the markers that you ought to focus all of your concern on and if you want to keep checking your LP a little light and reading about it and reading when new research comes out it may turn out to be a good marker but I don't think we know whether it is yet or not all right guys I'm going to wrap it up.

YouTuber man with fruit sugar trigger skin disease or cause inflammation in some people the the fructose contained in in Fruit will will be so hard on their liver it will raise their overall levels of inflammation in the body and that can lead to skin inflammation joint inflammation uh gut inflammation absolutely absolutely all right guys.

That's it I'm out of here thanks so much for hanging out with me thanks for the super chats uh and if you want to become a member it's five bucks a month the address is scrolling across the bottom of the screen Dr berry.com slash Community that'll get you in thanks so much see you next time.

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