Dr Berry’s No-Holds-Barred Q&A!

Dr Berry’s No-Holds-Barred Q&A!

Dr Berry’s No-Holds-Barred Q&A!

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Uh hello my friends hello how's it going this evening I was going to go live earlier today but we didn't have any electricity for about four hours we had a windstorm and so yeah I've been out on the farm all day but I wanted to jump in here with you guys and answer some of your questions I.

Know some of you guys have got questions and I know you've got some friends who have questions who don't know I'm live right now so please take one second and click that share button down there somewhere and share this on your favorite social media you can send it as a direct message or as a text message or as an.

Email hey Roxanna how's it going hey Elizabeth Briar Rose is in the house Cara William Matthew s got a question my mom has diverticulitis the doctors say eat lots of fiber what should she eat instead well not fiber as you may have guessed Fino.

Barbie doll uh there is no research showing that fiber increasing your fiber intake helps diverticulous or diverticulitis or diverticulosis or any other colon condition most people with diverticulosis with ulcerative colitis with crohn's disease with irritable bowel disease.

Notice that their gut symptoms improve when they remove fiber from their diets and some especially Metamucil and other junk highly processed fibers that come in a capsule or a powder that's complete waste of money there might be a tiny bit of benefit from fiber that naturally occurs in real.

Foods but for people with large intestine problems like IBS UC Crohn's diverticulosis it's just going to piss their colon off fiber is not it's not digested it's not absorbed and it basically scrubs through your colon and so even some doctors will say it helps scrub your colon like your Colon's dirty your colon has poop in it.

Surprise your colon is supposed to have poop in it it is made to contain and to transport poop that's what it's for that doesn't mean it's dirty it doesn't need to be scrubbed that'd be like saying oh you need to scrub your eyeballs once a day.

Scrub your genitals with a Brillo pad once a day no I wouldn't recommend that and I also wouldn't recommend scrubbing your colon with fiber one crafty gal says I have IBS and notice that not having fiber really helps a lot and I know for some of you guys watching.

You're like that cannot be true uh WebMD uh you know CNN Fox News everybody every day has an article about how fiber is good for your colon how can this be true well one crafty gal decided to take it upon herself and eliminate the fiber and her IBS got better Robert says neuropathy what to do Robert.

I have a video on this channel about neuropathy that you can watch after this live it will give you some information that will help you oh thank you very much Chad yep Laura this just started we just got started I'm going to go for at least an hour maybe longer yeah I've just posted a new video on.

This channel about the erythritol controversy there's a new study showing that erythritol might increase your risk of heart attack blood clots and also in that study there were a couple of mechanistic arms of that study that showed how the erythritol might do that by increasing.

The claudiness or the stickiness or the ability to form clots by your platelets to an inappropriate amount now I won't reveal everything I want you to go watch that video about erythro talk because I really break it down and I feel like I did a better job than most because number one I actually read this study all the way to the ends.

Uh that seems to help people make more rational videos when you read the the study all the way through I can tell I watched a couple other people's videos about the erythritol study and it's obvious about two minutes into their video that they didn't even read the entire study which is disappointing but not.

Surprising human beings are what they are Mike no I'm sorry Gary does metformin and or pyogly Zone increase insulin output or do they simply help their body accept the sugar in your body more readily it's a good question so many diabetic medications the way they work is by forcing your pancreas to secrete.

More insulin making you more hyperinsulinemic now this does bring your blood sugar down but it also makes you more hyperinsulinemic which many of the disastrous outcomes related to metabolic syndrome and metabolic disease that's exactly how the damage is done through hyperinsulinemia.

Pioglitazone is almost without exception unnecessary if you're eating a proper human diet some people can continue their metformin while they eat a proper human diet and a proper human diet is is a either a low carb diet or a ketogenic diet or a ketovor diet don't.

Know what ketivore is my wife Nisha has videos on her channel to explain that that's the diet that she follows and then a carnivore diet any of these diets are part of a proper human diet Joanna's already hit the thumbs up button and she's already shared this so be like Joanna and share this video because there's people out there who are.

Hurting who are sick they need this information but they don't know it exists because you haven't shared it with them yet I think I'm caught up now let's go back to where we were all right thank you very much for the super sticker.

Uh excellent she's she's PhD beautiful beautiful okay this is Mr 261c due to high triglycerides and to avoid statins my doctor recommended uh zedia and benefibrate combo am on a low carb diet for the last couple of months yeah so uh zedia and phenofibrate will lower your triglycerides but if you're still eating too many carbohydrates you're.

Still going to be doing all the damage in your body even though your triglycerides may be falsely low lowered by these two medications uh zedia the research supporting the use of it is just embarrassing I don't think any Doctor Who prescribes zitia at this point with the researchers.

Out there either doesn't read the research or doesn't does not care to waste a patient's copay ZD is worthless phenofibrate might help you a little bit but you can just get your triglycerides to be normal by eating a low enough carbohydrate diet for long enough in a low carb diet is delicious it's not.

Like you're going to be suffering Elizabeth how do I ease into this way of eating as you suggested in your Beginning video so step one is to eliminate all added sugar from your diet Elizabeth and you know all that stuff's junk that I shouldn't have to tell you that you know that step two is to eliminate almost all of the.

Naturally occurring sugar you don't need any of that there's no nutrition in Fruit juices fruit smoothies or fruits that your body needs that it cannot get from from vegetable and meat sources okay step number three is to remove all grains from your diet wheat rice oats corn Millet amaranth quinoa none of those things contain nutrition.

That you cannot get better from meat and veg step four our next step is to eliminate all of the vegetable oils that means plant butter vegetable shortening vegetable oil canola soybean peanuts um all the all these oils sunflower safflower walnut oil grapeseed oil oh my God no grapeseed oil please throw it in.

The garbage that's what it is it's garbage and then the next step is to fill at least half of your plate with fatty red meat and eggs or seafood and the other half with low carbohydrate vegetables and I've got a video on this channel about the the seven lowest carbohydrate vegetables that are full of.

Nutrition but don't have many carbs now if you want to go even lower carbon than that that was keto then you're going to eliminate almost all the veg and you'll be caughtivore If you eliminate all the plants all the veg no plants whatsoever just meat veg Seafood that's carnivore.

And any of those options are healthy and nutritious and delicious and will help you reverse your chronic medical problems excellent excellent uh Charles says is is carnivore okay if if one has uh CKD 3A yes Charles it's absolutely okay it's not only okay it's actually going.

To help you improve your kidney function over the next three to six months many many people who started with uh stage 3A chronic kidney disease go carnivore three months later six months later they're now at stage two chronic kidney disease their kidney function has literally improved from eating just meat and eggs and seafood yes.

Absolutely safe and also will help you improve your kidney function Korean can eating a clean omad carnivore diet with a 48 hour fast per week negatively impact a woman's hormones or metabolic rate no I'm 26 and looking to lose my very last 25 to 30 pounds for a total of 90 pound weight loss but it's getting hard yes as you get closer to.

Your ideal body weight Korean and everybody out there you too your weight loss is going to slow down okay your body is spooked when you're losing lots of fat because in the wild a hundred thousand years ago that would be a very dangerous thing to lose too much body fat too quickly that'd be a sign that there's an emergency a famine an.

Injury and so in modern society we've got all these hyper palatable junk Foods that make us get fat but then when we try to lose weight our body the DNA in your body is is hundreds of thousands of years old he doesn't understand that there's a mcwindy Kings on every corner it just.

Knows you're losing a lot of fat really quick and that might be a problem so it's going to slow it down and it'll keep it slow for a while then you lose a little more but yeah you absolutely it's perfectly safe to do that it is not going to mess with your hormones a lot of influencers out there say keto or carnivore will mess up a woman's.

Hormones this is foolishness okay if we go back in time 100 200 000 years every woman on the planet ate a very low carb diet that didn't even include any added sugars very little naturally occurring sugar they didn't eat any grains whatsoever they lots of fatty meat as much fatty meat as they could get their hands on.

You hear Bonnie Blue I hear body blue oh she's not happy she woke up from her nap she took a five minute nap welcome Laura I'm glad you were able to catch this what about kidney stones I've got a video on this channel about kidney stones and what causes them It Ain't What You've Been Told.

She said she did yeah oh Bonnie just said Mama her first word uh breaking through shell Fitness how do I send money I want to support you Dr Berry well thank you very much so you can send a Super Chat and attach your question to it right now while I'm live or you can actually if.

You really have lots of questions and you really want to support the work that Nisha and I are doing you can join our community down at the bottom on the Chiron I think that's what that's called see that right there drberry.com community and you can you can get many more questions answered there we do four additional live q and.

A's a week inside the community sometimes five or six I just went live I was out in the pasture cutting down trees and I uh got a wild hair and I went live in the group and answered a few questions and and hung out with the tribe members for a while so that happens very often okay Marilyn ask your question.

Oh let's see what else we have here Chad 50 year old six foot two 165 started carnivore a year ago with normal Labs after three months just had Labs showing AST 26 alt-48 outfast 159 with no sign of insulin resistance from my score homocysteine 10.6 Spirit of 470. so we need some you need some additional uh liver Labs you need to get a.

Fractionated alkaline phosphatase you need to get a ggt you need to get a liver ultrasound if you're still drinking some alcohol Chad that needs to stop completely if you're taking daily uh pain over-the-counter pain meds like ibuprofen and leave naproxen acetaminophen that needs to stop.

Immediately if you're still taking any prescription medications that's the most likely culprit see your doctor get those tests done and any additional test your doctor wants to do uh eating a proper human diet is not causing this there but there is definitely something causing this Rob 52 year old male cac172 started keto.

If with Triggs of 312 HDL of 35 I've lost 35 pounds in four months huzzah migraines are gone anybody with migraine headaches do you know or love someone who has migraine headaches far too frequently keto carnivore is the way I've got a video about micro migraines on this channel.

Triggers are still 158 so almost normal only eight points High uh some doctors would consider 158 normal I really think you want it under 150 HDL went up to 41 that's good my doctor's upset because my LDL is hot what do I need to work on A1C is 4.9 CRP is 0.2 those are beautiful beautiful numbers so your A1C is pristine your CRPS pristine.

I'd like to get the triglycerides down uh keto is the keto that you're doing Rob is probably still a little too high in carbohydrates for you personally so track for a week with chronometer or one of the carb manager one of the apps find out exactly how many carbs you're eating a week total carbs not net and then cut that by.

Somewhere between 25 and 50 percent then get your trigs rechecked in three months they'll be normal you're almost there you're almost there uh living living to learn do you think the timing of the erythritol info might be too much coincidence and perhaps to try and offer yet another cause uh for the the recent seeming epidemic of.

People suddenly dying and having heart attacks and clots I do not and here's why and I want every all you guys to listen up to this the study talking about erythritol and how it might increase your risk of heart attack stroke blood clot actually started back in 2001.

And and was completed in 2007 was submitted to the journal in last summer summer of 20 2022. this article has been years in the making okay this article somebody didn't just write this last week and get it published that's not how it works it takes years to get research completed and published so I know I've seen a lot.

Of these comments that you're barking up the wrong tree here this this research study was happened was ongoing set in stone how they were going to do it years ago to study it might it might conveniently play into some narrative that people are trying to push but it was not designed to support any such narrative as that three says where's.

Granny Barry she's in Alabama with my my parents down there uh she may or may not be watching this we don't typically tell her when we just spontaneously go live so she may not be watching this today hmm okay guesstimate if you will what's more beneficial a 24-hour dry fast or a 48-hour wet fast so I've been doing a.

Lot of research about dry fasting I do not think it's dangerous at all to do up to a 24-hour dry fast what a dry fast is is you don't eat anything of course but you also don't drink anything for 24 hours now people who are very ill or people who own lots of medication people who are very old or very young may not it may not be safe to do a.

24-hour dry fast but if you're from the ages of 15 to 70 and you're relatively healthy and you're not taking a handful of medication every day it's perfectly safe and fine for you to do some degree of dry fasting every night uh all of us do a dry fast every single day of our life when we're in bed asleep unless you wake up in the middle of the night and.

Eat or drink that's a dry fast and so if you're already dry fasting eight hours a day what's the danger of increasing that to 10 hours a day not much then you can increase it up to 12 hours a day and just keep slowly increasing it until you're doing a 24-hour dry fast if if you want to give that a try I think it's perfectly safe.

There's no danger now there are some people doing much longer dry fast and at some point that that becomes a bit worrisome could still be completely safe but may be worrisome thank you Marshall Brent what raises triglycerides if not foods high in cholesterol great question so foods high in cholesterol have no.

Impact on your triglycerides whatsoever eating saturated fats eating high cholesterol foods does not raise your triglycerides triglycerides are raised when you're eating too many carbohydrates for your personal physiology that is 100 percent what raises triglycerides and the way and and this.

This if you know your physiology you know that but the way we know it is because tens of thousands maybe even a hundred thousand people now we're in have adopted a very low carbohydrate keto keto or carnivore diet and they're very high triglycerides even though they're eating tons of saturated fat and tons of cholesterol.

Their triglycerides are now not just normal but beautiful their LDL may have went up but their triglycerides are gorgeous now I'm talking about triglycerides of 40 50 60 70. when you're eating a high saturated fat low carbohydrate diet your triglycerides are going to go right back to normal.

Beautiful normal that's how we know that uh Nostalgia thoughts on Thomas de Lauer and others not sharing your conclusions on the new erythritol study so as I mentioned earlier when you watch and I'm not calling any names here I'm just talking about in general I watched a few videos of people uh it's obvious that.

They either didn't read the entire study well they didn't understand the entire study if the study had just been an observational study an epidemiological uh cohort study then I probably wouldn't even even made a video about it but there were two mechanistic arms of this study.

That are what worried me okay and there's still one or two more arms in this study still going on so there'll be an update on this coming in in the future at some point it might be a year or two but that's that's going to come and so I'm not mentioning any names but it's very obvious that some of my uh colleagues in the keto carnivore.

Community didn't even read the entire study that's very painfully obvious by watching their videos or reading their posts Pete says hello would a diabetes doctor be correct to say heavy cream or double cream Gotta Love double cream has too much fat and should not be used and so your diabetes doctor should be.

Interested in lowering your blood sugar and lowering your hemoglobin A1c and lowering your hyperinsulinemia back to normal that's what a diabetes doctor should be concerned with because having type 2 diabetes is the biggest risk factor for having a heart attack so eating a eating or drinking something that's high in fat or high in.

Cholesterol that literally that comes in number 13 or 14 on the list of things that will give you a heart attack the number one thing type 2 diabetes okay then metabolic syndrome then hypertension then obesity those are the top things that that you need to be worried about but your.

Diabetes doctor should be worried about getting you to a normal A1C at least in my opinion good question bear says hello Dr Barry how would the carnivore diet affect disad this autonomium sorry uh well what it should do if our theory is correct is it should.

Decrease the symptoms and should decrease the severity okay uh pots and many other dysautonomias the symptoms get less severe they become less disabling that's what we we see on a routine basis Helen liked and shared this on Facebook Have you shared it yet because there's people out.

There and they they think that eating saturated fat raises your triglycerides and they think that that using double cream in their coffee will make their diabetes worse please share this video so I can help people understand what's really increasing the risk of heart attack and what they can safely enjoy and also safely ignore.

Thank you for doing that if you've already done it Colleen thank you very much Sven I changed to alternate day fasting two weeks ago fasting uh three times 40 hours per week uh one times 19 hour my weight loss improved a lot I've lost a 108 pounds since October of 2022. anybody brand new never saw one of my lives before uh I want you to do.

Something for me type new in the comments so we can see how many new people we have if this is your first or second time catching a live type new in the comments and then I want to ask you a question would you believe it's possible for somebody to healthily lose.

108 pounds since October of last year October November December that's six months 108 pounds in six months you would without medication without without doing anything unhealthy or dangerous Sven has lost 108 pounds anybody want to say huzzah with me huzzah.

Well done Smith it's good to be back Nancy thank you very much Hey Paris how's it going thank you so much Holly our sweet friend Holly Lou's thank you very much yeah here's a great example Merry-Go-Round I don't know if Mary has irritable bowel or chronic constipation.

But when she took psyllium make it worse and this I hear this all the time from thousands of people psyllium husk Metamucil makes my gut symptoms worse when I'm eating almost all meat or all meat my gut symptoms get better and go away yeah this is great this this is just a great example rayleen's comment in.

Question uh you we all look up to doctors and nurses we're like no they've been to school they know all they know everything about this Raylene's daughter is pregnant and eats keto diet now one of the reasons keto is so healthy and helps so many people is because it puts you in a state called.

Ketosis right and one of the ways you can know you're in ketosis is by using a urine strip and it'll show that you're you have ketones in your urine but the nurses are pitching a fit because she has ketones in her urine should my daughter be worried about ketones in her urine if she's not eating.

A proper human diet if she's not eating keto and if she has an infection or if she's dehydrated then yes she should worry about ketones in her urine but if she's not sick and she's not dehydrated and she is eating a ketogenic diet a proper human diet and we would expect her to have ketones in her urine but.

This nurse has got the nurses and doctors both get tunnel vision all they can say is what's in front of them they don't think they don't they don't try to reason they just no this is what it is and when they see ketones in the urine at a OB gyn's office they 100 automatically oh you're either.

Dehydrated or you've got an infection we got to give you some fluids and check for infection I used to think this way back before I knew better but now my my very first question for a young lady who's pregnant who has ketones in her urine my first question would be what kind of diet are you eating and when she says oh I'm.

Eating I'm eating Whole Food keto lots of meat and eggs and veg and not a lot of those keto snacks just real keto food I'll be like huzzah congratulations you're going to have a beautiful healthy baby and then I wouldn't worry about the ketones and her urine unless she was having symptoms.

But a lot of doctors and nurses don't currently think like that okay and it's it's my job to do what I'm doing but it's also your job to keep reminding your doctor and reminding your dietitian that these things are natural and normal these things are not bad uh stacy says well carnivore help with ocular rosacea.

Great question guess who guess who has rosacea Stacy this guy people like to make fun of my red face but this my face just go like that I don't know what to tell you but I used to have rosacea and I had to put hydrocortisone on twice a week three times a week to keep it beat down so patients wouldn't be asking.

Me what would happen to your face right and I've even got I was even starting to get rhinophyma I've got a few broken veins in my nose and I was never a huge Drinker and this was just from the rosacea but when I when I started keto it got significantly better and now on Carnivore unless you know that I that I have rosacea you what you couldn't tell.

By looking at me so yes 100 Stacy if you want your rosacea to get better even ocular rosacea you gotta eat a proper human diet absolutely Carla why do carnivore skin turn reddish well I haven't seen this happen with most carnivores if you have Scandinavian DNA.

Nordic DNA Scotch Irish DNA like me and a lot of Neanderthal my Skin's always been this red okay this is not new for me my skin was this red back when I was 20. I'm also a redneck so don't be making fun of my heritage also I just finished my first month on Carnivore and my left kidney started.

Hurting any advice so uh if if if you're having some kind of kidney damage from something that doesn't cause pain okay so you're having left lower back pain is what you're having go to your doctor if you're afraid it's your kidney and get some urine and blood checked uh there's nothing about a proper human diet including carnivore that is bad for.

Human kidneys it's good for your kidneys to eat lots of red meat and protein but if you think it's your kidney go to your doctor but it's probably not your kidney hurting see my retired Bob's in the houses hey everyone they'll say hi to semi-retired Bob thank you Linda very much.

Borrow girl chair squats it's what we do when watching Dr B and Nisha yes everybody right now I want you to stand up look I got my shorts on stand up sit down stand up sit down stand up sit down do that as many times as you can okay before you get winded and I want you to put in the comments how many chair.

Squats you did if you'll start doing that once a day you will build your leg muscles your calf muscles your butt muscles your core muscles and that's that's effortless it didn't cost you a penny you didn't have to join the gym and you just strengthened your bones and your muscles tell me in the comments how many you do now I want to.

Know Crystal Crystal Light oh nice my dad has high ammonia due to non-alcoholic cirrhosis had hepatitis C my doc wants him on uh xifaxan but it's too expensive what can help so if you have to reach out to xifax and we'll help him if you need to reach out to a charity maybe y'all's church uh the pharmacist may.

Know of some programs to help get this paid for he probably needs this he'll probably benefit from this because if he's got hyper among ammonia in his blood uh also keep in mind that the human liver has an almost miraculous ability to regrow and renew and rejuvenate and so I would slowly convert him to a.

Ketogenic diet made up of whole real one ingredient Foods no keto Cookies Cakes pies or other [__] real meat eggs veg okay and you might be surprised at how much his his liver function improves now at a certain point in cirrhosis it's there's.

Just so much scar tissue that the liver can't do anything okay but we've we've had some people who had pretty significant cirrhosis have a great Improvement in their liver function after going on a proper human diet for for months so try to get that xifaxin paid for and try to get your dad to eat a proper.

Human diet because it definitely ain't going to hurt and it might just help Emma says how many liver pills should I take while pregnant I don't know what kind of liver pills you're taking if you're talking about desiccated uh beef liver or something like that I would probably not take more than two a day.

Uh what I would much prefer you do is actually eat real liver okay I don't know what's in those capsules they're not FDA approved if the company is reputable and if they're ethical then it has in the capsules what it says it has but um I don't recommend any of the any.

Desiccated liver capsules or anything like that grow up and learn to like liver I love you Emma that's a slap hug okay but try to keep trying liver try different kinds of liver you can use liver mousse liver pate braunschweiger liver loaf liver cheese uh Nisha on her channel has a chicken nugget recipe where she uses.

Pork Panko and parmesan cheese is the breading and you can make chicken livers like that too okay Tommy Tammy Jones beef butter bacon and egg salt electrolyte drink for eight months just had diverticulitis on antibiotics could it be from increasing butter or so if you already have.

Pre-existing diverticulosis then there's always a chance that you're going to develop diverticulitis at some point your chances of that happening are much less when you're eating a proper human diet doesn't give you a zero chance eating a proper human diet does not make you immortal it does not make you bulletproof okay it just loads the dice.

In your favor but you still have to you have to roll those dice every day Paul it share this thank you very much Paulette anybody else share this um oh they should just filmed a video about breast implant illness today she's going to be posting it tomorrow next day.

Talk tomorrow so if you know anybody who thinks that their breast implants may be giving them trouble have them go watch nisha's video And subscribe to her Channel you've been on Street beef butter bacon and eggs since January I love it but I'm having menstrual bleeding every two weeks has this changed normal and will.

It get better so uh you're this you're this is not from your diet this is from hormonal changes that are happening in your body I don't know your age Colleen but you need to go see your doctor this is probably nothing to worry about but sometimes hormone changes and uterine pathology can cause this to happen that your doctor needs to be aware of so go.

See your doctor John hello Dr Berry when I did keto I had palpitations regardless of the amount of calories I ate or electrolytes I supplemented even after three months feeling better right now with 150 gram of carbs but I'd like to go back keto any tips so John palpitations what that means is you can feel your heart beating.

And a lot of people think that the heart can only burn glucose or sugar for energy but the heart actually Burns ketones more efficiently then glucose okay this is this is proven physiology that's not that's not up for debates uh and so what happens for some people some people can feel their heartbeat and some people most people.

Cannot feel their heartbeat at all unless they take their pulse but some people have the innervation in their chest they can feel their heartbeat and for these people when they go keto and they they they're in ketosis their heart actually starts to beat more forcefully their stroke volume increases uh the the power with which each.

Contraction of the heart happens is a more powerful contraction and they can feel that difference and they call that a palpitation but what that means is your heart's just working better it's working more efficiently okay now if you were having PVCs or Pacs or something else like that then you.

Need to see your cardiologist and get that checked out and get that fixed but if you're just you could feel your heart beating that that didn't know is in no way dangerous seek Him First mom thank you very much thank you Casey Josh how to increase stomach pH so first thing you want to do I'm bloated on.

Carnivore so the first thing you do want to do is not increase your stomach pH you want to lower your stomach pH you want your stomach pH to be very very acidic now if you're taking any stomach medication like Pepcid Zantac Ranitidine prolosec Nexium you need to stop that okay the stomach.

Acid is what your body primarily uses to break down meat any meat not just red meat but any meat at all the protein is broken down by your stomach acid and other things secreted by the chief cells and the parietal cells in the stomach lining you got to stop the acid blockers okay you want your stomach acid to be very.

Strong you want your pH to be very low if you're bloated on Carnivore that's almost certainly coming from small intestinal bacterial overgrowth that bacteria in your small bowel is what's causing you to bloat and it's it's basically protesting because it wants you to eat carbs because that the the kind of bacteria that inhabit the small.

Intestine inappropriately they love carbs and so this is basically them going on strike and trying to make you go back to eating carbs if you will persist for another few days the bloating will go away it has nothing to do with your stomach pH Mitch B says lifetime migraine's gone after one month of a proper human diet.

What do you think what do you guys think about that anybody else so okay Cindy Gail says how do I find the migraine video so this is how you find I've got over 800 videos on YouTube go to go to YouTube and type in Dr Berry migraine and it'll pop up my video it'll be either number one or number two okay I.

Think I've made more than one migrant video if you're interested in triglycerides type Dr Berry triglycerides into the YouTube search box and you'll find all my videos about that uh if you want to know about um what foods are richest in omega-3 fatty acids type Dr Berry Omega-3 and that way you don't have to scroll.

Through all my videos you can if I've got a video about it you can directly search YouTube and you can find it by typing Dr Berry and then whatever uh condition or medicine or nutrient that you're interested in that's how you find these videos red light returning so excited I'm excited you're here red I was wondering.

Where you work John lost eight pounds last month joseon find a good question ah Jacqueline King says our Slim Jims okay on Carnivore what about sugar-free gum so no to the sugar-free gum you don't need to chew gum Jacqueline if you're hungry then you need to chew food but if you're not hungry don't chew okay.

Uh if you're if you're chewing the gum for fresh breath or other ways to have fresher breath most carnivorous breath has no odor whatsoever any other carnivores notice that that your bad breath is just gone other bad body odors or just less less noxious on Carnivore uh Slim Jims now let's talk about that so you're on the.

Road and you're hungry and you stop at this little convenience store and you're like well I'm trying to eat a carnival diet what can I eat uh so almost all of them have jerky almost all of them have Slim Jims some Slim Jims are almost zero carbs some are not you got to read the ingredients anytime you're in that kind of situation you're.

Going to pick the lowest carbohydrate that they've got in the store whether it's slim jim whether it's a jerky whatever you're going for and then almost always the hot dogs that are you know on the little thing turning they're fine they're going to be relatively low carb they may have a little filler in them but they're still.

Going to be 95 meat now hot dogs might contain organ meat might contain uh tendons or or sinew or fascia might contain other organs I hope it does I think we should all eat the eat the animal nose to tail whether it's pork or beef that's not a bad thing that they put.

Other scraps of stuff besides just pure sirloin in in beef hot dogs I'm glad that they put organs in there I hope they put more uh if if you can find out if they're beef patties are 100 beef and don't don't are not half soybean like many of them are that's perfect okay in a situation like.

That you can go to any fast food you can go to McDonald's and get quarter pound patties you can go to Five Guys you can go to Whataburger you can go to Burger King you can go to Wendy's all these guys they're they're bigger patties maybe not their little patties for children they may have some soybean I don't know but.

They're Quarter Pounder type patties are all 100 USDA beef Chuka I did not I thought I answered one of yours did you have another Super Chat I answered one of yours you may have missed the answer DF thank you so much Sovereign angel thank you so much yeah let's go let's let's all give sugar.

The smackdown oh you guys know I'm I'm gonna do a video about this uh probably Sunday Kellogg's and General Mills and post the big cereal manufacturers are considering suing the FDA the Food and Drug Administration because the FDA will not let them put the word healthy on the packaging and.

Advertising for for honey smacks and fruit loops I [__] you not they're they're trying to claim that these cereals that are literally sugar grains and vegetable oils are healthy for children and they're gonna they're threatening to sue the FDA because they will not let.

Them put healthy on the label and use the word healthy in advertising I seldom agree with the FDA but in this case I I do agree with them and I applaud them for standing there standing in the ground because Sugar Smacks and Fruit Loops are not healthy for any human on the planet so yeah let's give sugar the smackdown.

And let's let's smack on the big big cereal manufacturers a little bit too I'm putting my father who's 73 late stage Parkinson's 6-1 235 on a carnivore diet should I wear too much about too much protein interfering with the levodopa I don't think so facility clear this with your doctor your neurologist but I.

Don't think there should be any interaction there also make sure your doc your that your father is amenable to a carnivore diet Please Don't Force this on your dad if he doesn't want to do it I do think that a carnivore diet or even a a well-formulated ketogenic diet can slow down the progression of Parkinson's but what you don't want to do for any.

Elderly person with Parkinson's or Huntington's or any of the dementias Alzheimer's you don't want to upset them because that just that makes their condition worse you don't want to upset them so if he's a minimal huzzah do it but if if you're having to kind of force him don't do that it's not worth it uh keto carnivory is an HDL of 130 bad.

My doctor my Mom's doctor acted like it was so I don't know of any research showing that a very high HCL is in any way bad I'd love to see some research showing that probably what the truth of the matter is is your your Mom's doctor has never seen an HDL of 130 because all of that.

Doctor's patients eat a high carbohydrate processed food diet and they're never going to have an HDL that high camper van Kevin thanks for your advice on having one kidney and eating carnivore after losing my other one to cancer I give gave you a shout out on my last YouTube video campervan Kevin thank.

You for the shout out I'm going to look your I'm going to look your channel up after this and give you a shout out hey welcome Williams first time live for William lose terrible Gerd with a lot of pain and I feel like someone is choking me I eat really bad what can I do I started eating keto a few days ago.

Perfect lose so you're going to continue keto and you're going to keep your keto as low carb as you possibly can okay and you're not going to eat any keto cookie cake pie pancake mix none of that crap keto the definition of Keto is meat eggs veg that's what covers your plate and then you can have a few berries or a few nuts if you want to.

Keto is not keto pie in keto cake that's not keto that's people trying to make a living on your back okay I used to have ungodly gerd terrible gerd got 80 percent better on keto I went from taking two Nexium a day down to taking a a a Tums two or three times a week and then on Carnivore now for carnivore.

Over three and a half years I have never have reflux ever and I have a hiatal hernia a small one that I saw on x-ray but I have no heartburn reflux whatsoever on Carnivore so keep it up be persistent make sure you're eating real food keto not the products oh we got a ton of new people I love it.

Welcome to all you newbies we have a live video every Monday night at 7 pm Central me and Nisha and then every now and then I'll pop in for a live like this oh yeah man lots of lots of new people love it love you mean it Tom Tom that his cat huzzah that's right Frankie um straight keto for four months had an.

A1C first time last week at 5.7 is it possible I was type two four months ago never overweight but was 25 BMI two years BMI 22 now so you lost some weight that's good I'm strict keto four months had a A1c first time last week at 5.7 what I would say Frankie is what was your able to see before if you hadn't had it ever checked before I bet it was.

Higher than that uh you were yeah absolutely if if you're if it's five seven now after four months of Keto you were at least pre-diabetic Frankie yes and your doctor missed that or you may have been type two I don't know how high it was but it was definitely if it was 5.8 that's pre-diabetic so it was 5.7 so you're one tenth of a point from having.

A normal A1C after just four months of Keto huzzah Tim just wanted to share that my wife Tracy and I just shared a 2.4 pound ribeye and six eggs for dinner it was delish carnivore for life that sounds delish you just made my mouth water thank you for that you just raised my insulin uh dream Warrior do you see any.

Value in taking chlorophyll tumeric or milk thistle no I used to take them daily before I started Carnival yeah so if anybody is eating High carbohydrate highly processed inflammatory diet they might benefit from taking chlorophyll tumeric or milk thistle but if you're eating real keto ketovor or carnivore.

These are a waste of money you don't need these anymore glad you figured that out Allison can you explain what the DHEA test measures it's important so DHEA is in the hormone pathway it comes from pregnenolone and ultimately it is an adrenal hormone but it also uh is kind of the grip not the grandmother but the.

Mother of all the other hormones that the adrenal gland makes and even some of your sex hormones as well you want your DHEA to be in the normal range you don't want it to be low uh you also don't want it to be high okay but that's and if you want if you want more information Wikipedia's got a great article about.

DHEA and it goes into more detail uh Sephora says is it okay to eat bacon with nitrites or nitrates yes I eat bacon almost every day I buy just regular bacon uh human beings have been eating nitrates and nitrites for millions of years okay nitrates and nitrites are they've never been proven to be harmful even though.

The World Health Organization thinks that they cause cancer based on some weak observational research yeah carnivores do have better breath they just don't have bad breath it's kind of cool Matthew keto changed my life I prioritize protein between 140 to 180 grams a day due to lifting weights four.

Days a week PCP insists it will cause kidney damage LOL and lol Is Right Matthew but at this point I don't even want to lol at your doctor okay I want you to keep getting your Labs checked every six months or so to reassure you that what you're doing is not harming your kidneys but also to.

Teach your damn doctor dude stop saying dumb stuff I've been I've been on keto high protein keto for how many months how many years kidney function is normal actually it's better than it was when are you going to stop saying stupid stuff go back and read your physiology textbook again doctor.

You've forgotten some things it's okay I still love you I'm still going to be your patient but I need you to pull out the books and do some review study because you've forgotten some very important steps of human physiology Angie have been following you from the beginning you and Nisha are true angels with your knowledge thank you hi granny.

Barry Beckett and Bonnie oh thank you so much Angie thank you so much grace I had uh papillary kidney cancer removed kidney and have only one left I'm 69 I've been keto for a year I've heard too much protein is bad that's what you heard yeah that's not true Grace So if you're eating meat and eggs.

And veg until you're full you're never going to eat enough protein to harm your one remaining kidney what you need to focus on is eating as low carb as you can never eating added sugar because that's going to harm that kidney never eating grains because all grains are full of starch which breaks down into sugar that's going to harm that kidney.

And then out of an abundance of caution I would I would avoid all vegetable seed oils because human beings have only been eating them for about a hundred years and there's no long-term research showing that they're safe long term okay so you need to eat as low carb as sugar-free as you possibly can as grain free as you possibly can that's what you.

Need to do to protect your remaining kidney okay Matthew says does the meat have to be organic grass-fed no no it doesn't okay or organic non-GMO grass-finished beef is going to cost a lot more it's about one to three percent better nutritionally speaking but it's going to cost twice as much if you can afford.

Grass finished organic beef then spend the money because that's going to help stimulate the market that's going to help more ranchers get into this space and that'll eventually bring down the price but if you cannot afford organic grass-finished beef you can do just fine on bologna and hot dogs as long as you get the lowest carbohydrate ones.

Lose terrible gerd my back and chest feels like something is choking me I've done Mylanta Pepcid Tums just started keto thank you warm tea yes yeah yeah it's going to get better loose just stick with it and make sure the keto that you're eating is real whole food one ingredient keto not keto treats Mary Jay Crohn's disease since 2011 no.

Symptoms only ulcers in large intestine can carnivore diet help healing the ulcers yes Mary J we've had hundreds of people with severe Crohn's reach out to us and say dude as long as I eat carnivore my symptoms are gone and then when they have a repeat colonoscopy the the scopist is like what have you been doing your colon looks better than I've.

Ever seen it look yep if you have ulcerative colitis if you have Crohn's if you have irritable bowel you need to be on a carnivore diet absolutely wow Nicholas did 40 chair squats that's good Nicholas Nicholas built some muscle and made his bones stronger how many chair squats did you do.

Thank you Christine uh Eric as a supporter I received an ebook of Common Sense Labs uh when the metric Canadian values are released will I be able to upgrade yes Eric yeah we'll either we'll pray we'll provide you with a PDF you can print out and then just put in the book uh uh or something like that but yeah.

Kim Howerton and I are working on uh the putting the labs in the Canadian the UK um values as well not just the U.S values and so if any of you guys want to know which labs to ask your doctor for and what those labs mean why you need them you probably should consider getting the common sense Labs book there's a link down in the show notes.

Tina did 20 chair squats that's pretty darn good Tina so now Joanna has she's learned the livers that she likes she likes liverwurst and she likes chicken livers I bet Joanna doesn't like beef liver and that's fine you don't have to eat beef liver but you do need to try to eat some liver two or three times a week.

Mike Dell how long does it take for blood sugar to stabilize on Carnivore my A1C is eight plus so your type 2 diabetic Mike it's going to take you anywhere from three to nine months on Carnivore until you will have a normal hemoglobin A1c at 5.6 or less and I promise you it's going to be worth it it's going to help you in hundreds of.

Other ways you're going to feel better in ways that you didn't even realize that you felt bad keep me up to date Mike dill and I'd like to hear you play that banjo sometime Buck what is your view on sunglasses ah good question we've been so misled about so many things and by so many ideas I stopped sunscreen other.

Things like that yeah so I think in the vast majority of cases sunscreen is completely unnecessary and some of them are outright dangerous humans have been playing in the Sun for over three and a half million years we literally evolved in the Sun but now the Sun causes skin cancer perhaps what's causing the increase in.

Skin cancer is what your skin cells are built with and that's the food that you've eaten in the last three months okay now sunglasses should I wear sunglasses everywhere is the sun bad for my eyes there's literally literally no research showing that sunglasses are in any way protect your eyes in a in a.

Beneficial way okay humans have been playing out in the sun for over three and a half million years our eyes evolved in the Sun they're made to look at things out in the sun yes I don't think there's any need to wear sunglasses now if you're if you're.

Having a migraine or if you have a hangover or if whatever I think it's fine to wear sunglasses occasionally but I don't think there's any benefit in wearing sunglasses I'm sure Ray Bayan would not appreciate me saying that but whatever the truth shall be said Ashley time tell me to quit booze I'm so disappointed in myself it is the hardest.

Habit for me to beat 20 years in addict help love you and Nisha Ashley you every time you stop the alcohol for a few days that's a victory you're giving your body a chance to heal I don't care how many times you fall down on your way to the goal which is being alcohol free and and being a tea tobler for the rest of your life.

If you just quit trying then you'll never reach that but I don't care if you fall down 20 more times Ashley because every time you're going to immediately get up dust yourself off look in the mirror and forgive yourself this is an addiction that is probably not even your fault a lot of people.

Would blame it on you you're an alcoholic it's your own damn fault I don't know what your personal life was like I don't know what your stress level was I don't know what genetics you've got some people are genetically much more susceptible to alcohol addiction than other people I would open this is not even your fault.

You're just stuck in it now and it is your problem so keep going and every time you fall down what that tells me is you're still trying you're still moving towards the goal so do not give up on this you got this it's going to happen I would highly recommend you get all alcohol completely out of your house 100.

Out of your house out of your car out of your office no alcohol tell every one of your friends and family members that you are an alcoholic say it out loud and say do not let me drink because in moments of weakness it's very hard for me to say no I need you to help me I need you to be my strength when I'm weak okay that might help you go a few.

More days before you fall down again and if you fall down again that's fine get back up and go again Chuck I'm on day seven of my current fast huzzah for me I feel great how many of you guys are fasted for seven days not eating any food for seven solid days does that even sound possible to you currently.

Are you like that gas foot Chuck's full of crap there's no way he went seven days without eating did you know there there are thousands upon thousands of people in the keto carnivore Community intermittent fasting Community who fasted for seven days and first of all they didn't die second of all it didn't.

Hurt their body in any way it actually made their body healthier I'm not suggesting you start with a seven day fast but I want you to think about that imagine the the almost super power that would be to just not need food for seven days what benefits would your body get from that that's pretty fascinating isn't it.

Hey Sherry yeah Nisha said she's gonna uh publish the uh breast implant video tomorrow most likely and so if you know have any friends who've had breast implants and they feel like their health has suffered they probably will benefit from watching nisha's video B Rose I like your idea we've almost got 3 000 watching Everybody hit that thumbs.

Up leave a comment and share this video let's try to get 3 000 people in here uh uh avocado mom how do you lose the last 10 dreaded pounds on Carnivore so on any diet the last 10 pounds is the stickiest it's going to take the longest uh keep it in mind avocado that if avocado mom if you're only 10 pounds over your ideal body weight.

That's a great damn victory that's that's good huzzah okay I know you want to get those last 10 pounds off but first of all you need to congratulate yourself because you're better than 90 percent of the adult population of the United States if you've all if you're only 10 pounds over your ideal body weight.

Okay keep the carbs as close to zero as you can I would probably say do two meals a day instead of three meals a day or one meal a day whichever is more comfortable for you and with no snacking in between whatsoever never ever drink a calorie ever and you'll get there it's just going to.

Take some time be patient as uh the old kung Fu Master used to say must have patience grasshopper anybody remember that David Carradine I was a little kid when that was on but I still remember that grasshopper Renaissance lady join the channel thanks for your support thank you Matthew.

Oh Josh I missed type earlier I meant how to lower I got you Josh I understood what you meant but what I what I said applies and says why has my doctor put me on a low-fat diet I have perfect blood test numbers HDL 85 LDL 159 she says that's high I eat good fats and the reason your.

Doctor puts you on a low fat diet is because your doctor is currently ignorant and that's not a that's not a slander that's just a factual statement because if your doctor knew and remembered uh human physiology she would not have put you on a low-fat diet humans are not designed to eat a low-fat diet.

Also your HDL is beautiful your LDL is of no concern she current your doctor currently has bought in to the prevailing Paradigm that everybody should be on a low fat plant-based diet and there's no truth in that you don't you don't have to follow that advice thank you melody.

Uh oh I think Bonnie Blues woke up from her next nap I wish you guys could see Misha's face right now thuggie Tennessee hey Doc I'm normally 132 pounds an ectomorph X marathon runner now 70 years old my problem is I've lost five kilos and looking pretty skinny how can I gain maintain some.

Weight sick of people asking me if I've been sick haha so there's two types of fat that are two types of Weights you can gain you can either gain fat and if you want to gain fat just eat more carbs if you want to gain muscle then you're going to have to eat lots of meat and eggs you're gonna have to lift heavy weights you're gonna have to start a.

Weight lifting regimen to put on muscle and to strengthen your bones now if you say well I don't want to lift weights well then your only other option is to either use body weight or just decide I'm going to gain some fat and eat more carbs you want to say hi Bonnie Blue you know say hey here's bunny blue my little seven month.

Old keto board almost eight months almost eight months how are you baby look at her two little twofers can you see them YouTube advice that face that's your only two options Dougie is lift weights and gain muscle or eat more carbs and gain fat or you.

Can do both and game both do do she's very stoic when she wakes up Sephora bacon is helping me stay on keto but only the nitrites nitrate kind of bacon is that okay to keep eating yeah that's that's the kind of bacon we eat virtually every day I'll have bacon this you'll have bacon bacon or have bacon.

I've been doing yeah now yeah yeah if you can afford it I would recommend you buy humanely raised pastured pork bacon but the nitrites and nitrates are irrelevant they're at one of the big pharmaceutical companies is actually doing a study or using nitrates to lower blood pressure they're trying to come up.

With a nitrate peel to get it FDA approved because nitrates turn in your body they turn into nitric oxide which lowers your blood pressure I I kid you not so all these people telling you nitrates and Nitro tribes are bad this is based on no meaning for research.

Kismet I finished the book strong medicine I feel nerdy yep strong medicine's a good book uh in and out if ketosis occurs naturally in the body during periods of fasting and starvation would that mean that a ketogenic diet simulates sickness so fasting is not sickness that's not a.

Sickness starvation is just a word that means the absence of food that is also not a sickness in and out okay human beings have been had experience with fasting and starvation for millions of years our bodies actually learned to use that downtime to repair and regenerate cells and.

Tissues and organs in our body there's nothing about fasting that simulates sickness it's a good question though norges my doctor diagnosed me with hypertension last week she didn't she didn't put me on medication what do you think I should do any supplements well the first thing.

You should do is buy a blood pressure cuff to use at home sit down and relax for 10 minutes at least in a quiet dark room chillax check your blood pressure write it down do that twice a day roughly 12 hours apart it's very common when a doctor diagnoses you with hypertension in the office they didn't check your.

Blood pressure properly okay there's a many different ways that you can mess up a blood pressure reading and I'm working on a video about this it'll be out sometime next week about the proper way and I want all you guys to start yelling at your doctor and your nurse at the doctor's office if they don't check your blood pressure properly because you.

Can't call that hypertension if you didn't do it right if they rushed you in set you down and they were asking you questions while they were checking your blood pressure if they checked your blood pressure through your clothes if your feet weren't flat on the floor so if your legs are crossed or if they're dangling all these things raise.

Your blood pressure how many of you guys are sitting there thinking well [__] that's exactly how they checked my blood pressure every time yeah that's going to give you a falsely high blood pressure if the blood pressure cuff is too small for your arm it's.

Going to give you a falsely High reading many doctors have forgotten this many nurses have forgotten this they're busy they're trying to get people in and out but that's not your problem that they're running behind it is your problem if you get diagnosed with hypertension incorrectly because now you've got that in your.

Chart and now they're going to be trying to push medicines on you so be watching for my new hypertension video coming next week Sophia to my knowledge no fast food restaurant uses peanut oil to fry their burger patties in their burgers are cooked on a grill in their in the in the meat's own juices now the.

The Five Guys in the UK may have some peanut oil but I don't know why they would because a hamburger's got its own fat it doesn't need you to add peanut oil but if they do that tell them to scrape that [__] off and stop that and just cook the the burger in its own juice Brendan labs are looking amazing thank.

You huzzah Brandon huzzah how many of you guys want to say that my labs look amazing you gotta eat a proper human diet and you gotta also know which labs to ask for that's what the common sense lab book is for it there's a link down in the show notes thank you consistently Keto.

Breaking through shell Fitness how can I do keto and lift weights I feel like sandbags on my arms when I do keto and lift weights yeah so there are multiple people who are in some cases professional bodybuilders or professional Fitness athletes who are doing keto and even carnivore now uh you're you're probably not getting.

Enough salt you may not be getting enough electrolytes you may not be getting enough sleep I don't know but it's not keto that's making you feel this way okay I know I could list you off a hundred people who are jacked and they pure Keto so it's 100 doable I don't know why people think they must eat carbohydrates.

To build muscle this is the silliest thing to me what about Cheerios Cara Cheerios are a waste of money they are ground up oats that have been sprayed with glyphosate I would avoid them Blake been doing strict carnivore for a month and still gassy when I eat what should I do nothing Blake you're.

Probably gassy before weren't you yeah yeah so some people are a little more gassy than others and that's totally fine uh most carnivores notice that they're not nearly as gassy as they were before they went carnivore uh but if you still have a little gas that's not a sign of anything dangerous or bad don't worry about it.

Do Elon know is your body burning either a glucose glucose or fat for energy or can you use both at once or different times a day yes so your body's always metabolizing glucose and ketones all the time even if you just ate a jelly donut you there's still some tiny degree of ketosis going on in your body even if you haven't eaten a gram of sugar.

Of any kind no carbohydrates then you're still burning some glucose because your liver will make glucose for the cells that need it like the red blood cells and there's a few other cells in the human body that that can only burn glucose so yes a lot of people say it's either or that's absolutely false anybody who.

Says it's either or doesn't understand human physiology thoroughly enough Liberties you should be able to ask your your grocery store manager Beauty fashion goals about liver cheese there may not be enough demand you may have to tell them that you want it you're going to buy some every week for them to get it back in the store yeah Rose has never.

Even heard of liver cheese see a lot of people don't know what that is that's a it used to be a delicacy people freaking love liver cheese and uh do an internet search look it up it's a great way to get liver in your diet and if it's made properly it's super super low in carbohydrates the vosa Grande used to joke about hot.

Dogs being made of lips and [__] now as a carnivore I think it's great yeah it's 100 uh anybody remembering Sling Blade where he's like that I think they're eating veiny sausages Vienna sausages here in the South we call them veins at least my granddad did uh and he's like I'm pretty sure they're made of.

Lips and ears and Pickers and [__] yeah they grind up the whole hog to make those these things and a lot of people their first and first reaction is ew but as you realize that humans have always eaten nose to tail in the past always if you go back and you look at a at a cookbook or a menu from a good.

Restaurant from the 1910s the 1900s the 1890s there's a multiple organ recipes there's liver this there's there's sweet bread that there's spleen there's kidney it's all over the menu people used to eat these organs all the time then all of a sudden it became fashionable to eat highly processed ground up crispy things and everybody's.

Like it grows kidney yeah you need to grow up and get over that all y'all talking to you grow up and eat your organs okay first of all you need to honor the animal and not waste any part of it secondly they're actually good for you and if you know how to cook them they are delicious the only organ I still have a problem with is is beef.

Kidney I haven't figured out how to cook it yet every time I cook it it stinks up the kitchen and I and it doesn't taste great I can't figure out how to cook it so if anybody's got any beef kidney recipes please send them my way Ashley says 35th birthday this weekend.

Uh 20-year alcohol addiction I want to be 35 free of alcohol and substances yeah that's it Ashley you're you're getting there you're closer now than you were last year 100 you know that's true and next year you're going to be even closer don't worry about those occasional slip UPS worry about the days that you do.

Perfect okay worry about the days you do great focus on that and make sure that you tell all your friends and family that you're an alcoholic even that one person that you really don't want to tell that to you got to tell everybody they got to know that they got to protect you from this weakness.

Jerry Parker wants you guys to smash the Thumbs Up Button Cade what are your thoughts on zero carb causing chronic elevated cholesterol my thoughts on this Katie that is that's not true at all I've never seen any research showing that I've had multiple carnivore acquaintances who have checked their cortisol levels as a carnivore.

And their their cortisol levels are fine a lot of people think that any elevation in cortisol is bad first of all that's not true at all cortisol is a very beneficial hormone it does hundreds of things in your body it's vital that you have plenty of cortisol but a carnivore or zero carb diet is not going to raise your cortisol in.

An unhealthy pathological fashion there's just no truth in that Beth is erythritol better still better than real sugar that's a good question so I want all you guys to never eat another grain of sugar for the rest of your life I want the best health for you and I think I've got to go I think.

Beckett just got some trauma so I'm gonna sign off I'll see you next time
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