Dr Berry’s FOOD FIGHT Q&A  (Keto/Ketovore/Carnivore)

Dr Berry’s FOOD FIGHT Q&A (Keto/Ketovore/Carnivore)

Dr Berry’s FOOD FIGHT Q&A (Keto/Ketovore/Carnivore)

Check out the video on Dr Berry’s FOOD FIGHT Q&A (Keto/Ketovore/Carnivore).
Hello my friends welcome back hello my friends dr ken berry here thank you so much for joining me let's hang out for a while and talk about a proper human diet i'm going to try to answer a bunch of your questions if you have any hopefully i've done a good job with.

Those of you who have been following me for a while and you don't have any questions hopefully we've got some newcomers if you know anyone who needs a proper human diet needs it please share this video with them right now so they can ask their.

Questions or so that they can hang out and watch me as i answer other people's questions very often me answering someone else's question will also answer your question so even if you don't have a question you might accidentally learn something i might learn something you might teach.

Me and i'm happy to learn i check today and i don't know everything not even close so i'm always willing to learn doing a research for a video today about the seven nutrients you cannot get from plants and i learned quite a bit of stuff that i didn't know.

Hope everyone's doing well um i was chatting with everybody in the chat box we just got our meat box in from white oak pastures it's a regenerative ranch in georgia who all of their meat is 100 u.s meat it is grass-fed or pastured.

They don't use any gmos they don't use any unnecessary antibiotics we love their meat hopefully we can soon of the ranch uh phyllis is from georgia you know about white oak pastures phyllis just up the road from you.

If you want to try their meat there's a link in the show notes if you don't that's fine too uh let's get started i saw a couple of questions go by in the chat chris said that he suffers from schizophrenia and since he's been on the carnivore diet his symptoms are much improved and he's wondering if he can get off his in.

Vega anytime in the future now of course chris you're going to talk to your with your doctor about this but i hope your doctor will give you an opportunity to wean down and stop the invega because my good friend chris palmer who i did a live with recently on this channel great.

Video about mental health he's actually researching a ketogenic diet for mental health disorders and schizophrenia is one of the conditions that responds beautifully to keto and for those of you who don't know a carnivore diet is a keto diet okay so i guess we could start off first by talking about what's a proper human diet.

So a proper human diet is ancestrally appropriate nutrient dense uninflammatory with somewhere between 100 total grams of carbs a day some people have to turn it down to 50. i call that the carbohydrate knob some people have to turn it down to 50 some have to turn it down to 20. some people.

Who fatten very easily or develop type 2 diabetes very easily need to turn it down as close to 0 as they can get it that's the proper human diet spectrum and so most people on a proper human diet spectrum are going to be in ketosis for a large majority of the day.

And definitely at night danette says when my diet is perfect i still swell in my legs and belly i can't i'm finding i can't eat cheese i think it's the casein could be the casein i think i swell when i'm on my feet what can i do so first see your doctor donette make sure that your you thoroughly evaluate your heart.

Your liver and your kidneys because any degree of failure any of those three organs can lead to edema which is holding unhealthy fluid uh i'll tell you danette i am sensitive to casein and i think that hundreds of thousands of people out there if not millions of adults.

Are sensitive to the casein in the way in dairy products and i can use butter and ghee with no problem whatsoever ghee is clarified butter but if i start to eat too much cheese which i love or too much sour cream cream cheese ricotta cheese.

Heavy cream all of which i love i'll start to have a little extra edema i'll start to gain weight in the middle right there on the old gut and so occasionally i'll have some cheese or some kind of dairy for dessert but it can't be daily or i my weight will start to go up.

So maybe try eliminating the cheese danette ray plays music hello again i just found out that i have adrenal and adrenal adenoma can keto help and how do i test for disorders associated with it so if you have an adrenal adenoma you need to go see an endocrinologist and they're going to do.

Much if not all of the testing that you need done even if you have an adrenal adenoma you're still a human being and you still need to eat on the proper human diet spectrum okay oh update i have finished the first draft of the proper human diet book.

So hopefully within a year this will be available and i hope that will help a lot of people some of you new guys may not know i wrote a book called lies my doctor told me i also have a second book now called common sense labs.

All about how which labs you need what they mean how to ask for them how to how to influence your doctor in order to get your doctor to order those labs and then what's the ideal optimal range for the lab results there's a link to lies and to the common sense lab book down in the show notes.

If you want to check those out jose says i have exfoliative colitis what can i what can i do to help so increase your intake of omega-3 fatty acids i've got a video on this channel about foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids dha and epa make sure you're getting plenty of vitamin a and vitamin e in your diet.

Okay and i have videos on both those on this channel which foods are rich in vitamin a as in amy and vitamin e as in ernie most people now you may have this may be part of an autoimmune condition in which case.

You may just need to do 90 days of beef butter bacon and eggs but it could be a deficiency in vitamin a vitamin e or dha or epa hey my mad crafted welcome first time catching me live how many of you guys are brand new first live you've ever called type new in the comments and i.

Don't want any of you guys to be shy you can't be shy around me i won't allow it i want you to chat in the chat box with each other i want you to ask me questions i want oh yeah we've got a bunch of new people jose's new xena marianne katrina pete terry daniel excellent patricia jason.

Boy mama excellent welcome you newcomers so glad to have you so don't be shy about asking me questions if you're just a beginner now's the time to ask your questions uh if we've got some og's in the comment section who've been doing this diet for years they may reach out and answer you.

There or if i see your question i'll try to answer it here david says he's new he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in july of this year david my friend david gomez i'm talking to you you have come to the right place if you will follow the principles that i lay.

Out in my videos on this channel about type 2 diabetes guess what you won't have within 6 to 12 months type 2 diabetes you will reverse it completely okay anybody else with type 2 or pre-diabetes who wants to reverse it i've got multiple videos on this channel that explain in detail.

Step-by-step exactly what you need to do to reverse your pre-diabetes to reverse your type 2 diabetes to reverse fatty liver to greatly improve your blood pressure if you have high blood pressure or hypertension what about metabolic syndrome got three or four videos about how to reverse that too.

All these things these chronic diseases of modern society are improvable if not reversible by eating a proper human diet so you've come to the right place we're gonna help you out oh yes d stars i your i wrote yours down so deeb was recently diagnosed with osteoporosis.

And her doctor wants her to take vitamin c vitamin d probably vitamin d2 that the doctor prescribed and then also i forget which medicine but a medicine like boniva or fosomax or reclass one of those so you might decide to take the the infusion or the pill that your doctor gives you that's fda.

Approved for osteoporosis but you absolutely need to follow everything i lay out for you in my videos on this channel about osteoporosis osteopenia and bone strength you can absolutely strengthen your bones either with or without the prescription okay but but talk to your doctor about.

The prescription music with jm reversed reversed his type 2 diabetes by following these principles how many other people used to have type 2 diabetes but you ain't got it no more carol said i reversed type 2 diabetes by following a proper human diet thank you dr barry booyah.

I love it oxbow acres homestead said i did beef butter bacon and eggs for 90 days straight i had one dessert after that and immediately started craving sugar and carbs i just recently started back and it's been a challenge one of the great things that the beef butter bacon and eggs 90 day challenge helps you with.

Is breaking sugar addiction breaking carbohydrate addiction that for many of us i'm a sugar addict i'll tell you right now i'm not shy but after many months of a carnivore diet now if somebody brought what would used to be my jam hot fudge cake with extra.

Whipped cream if somebody brought one of those it was the cake was hot the ice cream was cold the fudge i literally could care less about it and i'm not lying i'm not making that up i literally i would be like nah it's not worth it i'm not touching that because i know i'm a sugar addict it'd be like if somebody.

Brought some 120 year old uh bourbon single malt single whatever the hell you know just the the best bourbon in the world but i was an alcoholic and i was in you know i was on the wagon i wouldn't first of all you're an for bringing that to my house right.

Secondly i'm on the wagon i'm a recovering alcoholic i'm not going to touch that and many of you guys need to look in the mirror and raise your right hand and say say your name and say i'm a sugar holic yeah because admitting that for many of us.

That's the first step when you admit that then every time somebody's like oh i made aunt matilda's pie you want some maybe some of you guys should tell all your friends and family members that you are a sugarholic and to please stop tempting you with that that might that might help them to.

Understand where you're at just jason keto said keto carnivore is the place to start to reverse type 2 along with working with your doctor totally agree totally agree oh let's make sure uh malaise lindenfeld says do you think you can reverse dermatomyositis doing.

Beef butter baking and eggs so this is one of the many conditions that have an autoimmune component we've had several people with dermatomyositis and other autoimmune skin conditions greatly decrease the severity of their symptoms and decrease the frequency of their.

Flare-ups by eating a a real whole foods one ingredient keto diet or a keto or or carnivore so i would i would say do 90 days of beef butter bacon and eggs and then you after that how much better is your dermatomyositis it's you're going to be very happy with.

Your results and then you can decide am i going to add some veg and a few nuts and a few berries back in and do keto or do i feel so dang good on carnivore then i'm just going to keep it going gin how long does it take to raise hdl diet and exercise now on point thanks to the session last night with the support.

On patreon the zoom call thank you yes jen it was a pleasure talking to you um so most people within three to twelve months of eating lots of fatty red meat and really really cutting the carbs down low are going to notice a a distinct increase in their hdl cholesterol that's.

The good cholesterol with ldl cholesterol being the other good cholesterol some people have to implement some daily lifting some some strenuous exercise gin lifting heavy weights sprinting uh doing very intensive exercises that get you sweaty and out of.

Breath building muscle some people have to put on some muscle before their hdl gets all the way back up to normal usually that's men most women if they eat lots of fatty red meat and cut the carbs super low their hdl pops right back up into the normal range good question.

Uh internet any tips on cystic acne and keto rash on carnivores so most people cystic acne gets noticeably better on keto or carnivore some people if they convert very quickly from a standard american high carb crap diet to keto or carnivore they'll have a rash for a few days a few people not.

Many but this rash only lasts for just a few days if you have a rash that's been lasting for weeks or months internet or you need to go see your doctor because it has nothing to do with your diet good question all right let me find a good question.

Here martha says my husband has been on the virta diet and in ketosis for over one year could a 20 milligram dose of a statin keep his a1c around seven yeah people don't realize that statins like zocor lipitor crestor they actually raise your blood sugar and for many.

People on keto they're like i don't understand my a1c still you know a few tenths of a percentage point high it's because they're still taking that step and uh people don't realize also that having high blood sugar is much more dangerous increases your risk of having a heart.

Attack or stroke much more than having high ldl cholesterol so yeah i would probably try three months of not taking the statin and eating very very low carb and i think you'll find that your a1c goes goes down to normal claudia holloway says do i have to worry about calories no you don't that's one.

Of the beautiful things about eating on the proper human diet spectrum eating only real whole ancestrally appropriate foods that's foods that we would have had access to more than 15 000 years ago lots of fatty meat lots of eggs with the yolk cooked with an animal fat like butter or.

Ghee or beef talon duck fat sheep's fat i can even be camel fat or reindeer fat i don't care but most people notice that everything gets better when they do that okay so i would give that a try and see how you do.

But now it cannot be keto's keto cakes cookies pies keto shakes keto you know bars it needs to be real whole one ingredient ancestrally appropriate food food that we've had access to for more than fifteen thousand years that's a proper human diet.

Jamie says my hubby has cirrhosis of the liver is lactose okay or or is there an alternative so jamie your husband with cirrhosis of the liver doesn't need to eat any sugar whatsoever including lactose okay i would probably avoid even the the other sweeteners like stevia monk fruit and all the other non-nutritive.

Sweeteners with cirrhosis he needs to be eating as low carb as he can he needs to be minimizing fructose definitely in his diet because that leads directly to fatty liver if you're so fruit juices are a big no for him anybody with fatty liver needs to stop drinking soft drinks and fruit juice 100.

That's how you're going to reverse that fatty liver i've got multiple videos on this channel about reversing fatty liver but even with cirrhosis there can be some degree of healing but you gotta eliminate the things that are making your liver work too hard and the things that are inflaming your.

Liver njm says what's your view on increasing the fat to 80 20 for weight loss been carnivore for a while and looking to switch things up nick in new zealand welcome nick what time is it there so yeah some people do much better when it comes to weight loss by increasing.

The fat macro of their keto or their carnivore diet okay i still want you to get adequate protein but but some people do much better with fat loss by eating more fat and i know for some of you guys especially you newcomers you may be like how does eating fat help you burn fat.

The human body is a magnificent thing i promise it is just try it see how it goes barbara says is carnivore just meat eggs butter can you drink coffee with stevia so i i have a cup or two of coffee every morning i think coffee is fine i think unsweetened tea is fine i think that sparkling water and still.

Water are all fine they're all that we've been drinking those for thousands of years i don't think coffee until you're ancestrally appropriate because we weren't drinking either one of those more than 15 000 years ago but i think they're an adequate compromise and they're not going to inflame many.

People aj says is it okay to eat a quarter teaspoon of coconut oil every day yeah it's fine i mean if you want to now i don't think that you're going to get any kind of magical benefit from eating a quarter teaspoon of coconut oil every day but if you like it i think it's fine to eat it.

Yeah it's full of healthy saturated fat ultra pancake big boy nathan you should have a debate with paul saladino on fruit i'm not really i love to debate but i find that when i have debates with people especially in the presence of newcomers they wind up walking away confused.

And i don't want to confuse people i want to help people and so um like i said earlier some people can eat a hundred total grams of carbs a day and if you want that to be fruit and berries to get your 100 grams and you're very very active preferably young and metabolically healthy i think that's probably fine.

But i don't have any interest in debating paul or anybody else sarah levitt yeah i see your super chat thank you for that but it says your message was retracted i don't know what that means gary my blood sugar is elevated after exercise will regular exercise elevate my a1c numbers excellent question a lot.

Of people especially if they have a continuous glucose monitor they'll notice that when they fast for a long period of time or when they exercise vigorously their blood sugar actually goes up and it's confusing at first until you start to understand human physiology that's completely normal gary and what.

We're finding is is that blood sugar elevation when you're fasting or when you exercise vigorously and even some people on a carnivore diet their blood sugars go up a little higher than they think it should but what we find is when they check their a1c it's actually beautiful so it looks like that the blood sugar.

Elevation from working out vigorously does not glycate your red blood cells and other cells and tissues when you fast for a long period of time that elevation in blood sugar is not glycating and i think the reason for this is because that's not pathological high blood sugar it's physiological your body.

Needs it your red blood cells need that blood sugar but keep doing what you're doing gary and get your a1c check in three months and you'll have your answer uh it's it's very common for this to happen and i don't obviously exercise is good for you in hundreds hundreds of ways.

Ah sarah there you are any tips on how to lessen muscle fatigue after a high intensity interval training or heavy workout on keto so yeah any of you guys if you're going to work out i mean strenuously where you're just soaking wet with sweat grabbing your knees can't hardly catch your breath.

After that you need to eat a big portion of fatty red meat red meat is full of carnosine and carnitine and creatine all three of which your muscles need for recovery for optimal function for optimal growth and so yeah i think you can work out fasted i don't think you need to carb.

Load before you work out but after you work out within an hour or two have a big portion of fatty red meat you can add some eggs if you want to you can add some sardines add some cod liver but that's going to give you the carnosine the carnitine and the creatine that your muscles need to recover as quickly as possible.

And a lot of other stuff too good question sha phillips i have pcos how long before my cycle comes back it depends on how long you've had it how severe it is how overweight you might be or might not be i've got several videos on this channel about pcos and i'm working on research mate to make another one because there.

Was a new study cam that came out recently that showed that keto is the way if you have pcos you need to eat eating less than 50 total grams of carbs a day and eating lots of fatty red meat and eggs with yolk that's going to help your hormones first and more most importantly is your insulin level come back down to.

Normal then that allows your testosterone and your adrenal hormones to start to return to normal and your symptoms of pcos are going to get much much less severe in most cases a woman's period will start to become regular again and in many cases women will get knocked up so you may not be used to using birth.

Control right now but if you're going to start eating a proper human diet you need to start thinking about that because fertility comes to one who eats a proper human diet one crafty gal do you think that mental stress plays a factor in diverticulitis attacks yeah it can either directly or indirectly.

Just being under a ton of stress can cause irritation and inflammation in many many parts of your body but also when you're under chronic mental stress you tend to miss eat and eat junk you shouldn't eat and that stuff can really increase your risk james says i've been on carnivore for eight months and still have diarrhea and.

Horrible bowel sounds after every meal help so if you still have diarrhea eight months after you started carnivore you need to go see your doctor because you probably have diarrhea from for some unrelated reason the diarrhea that comes to some people who start a carnivore diet.

Usually lasts a few days or three weeks max if you're still having diarrhea longer than that um i would like to know if you do you still have your gall bladder if not that's probably why you may need some ox bile supplement but it's not the diet if it's happening that long out thank you very much carol for the super chat.

K.d i am a 48 year old female with epi for five plus years but doc's never found cause just prescribed enzymes been keto carnivore since june can epi be reversed with keto so i'm not sure what you mean by epi kd that in their medicine is full of.

Acronyms and abbreviations that could be three different things i'm not sure which one you're talking about there danielle says please address menopause i've got a few videos on this channel about menopause uh the vast majority of women who start a proper human diet very low carb.

Nutrient dense uninflammatory foods notice that their menopausal symptoms become much less severe and a few women will start to have normal periods again and indeed become fertile again even in their late 40s early 50s we had a lady on our monday night live that we do every monday night at 7 pm central who was 51 and pregnant.

So keep that in mind thank you robert adams yeah jack says what if i add some home fries to my fatty meat it's about 100 grams of carbs it depends jack how old are you what's your metabolic status how often do you work out vigorously the starch in potatoes and underground vegetables like that they just turn into.

Pure sugar there's no nutritional value at all to them but if you'd like to add some home fries you can try that for a month or two and watch your watch your metabolic health watch your weight see what happens but most people find that after a few months of home fries regularly they're starting to hold a few extra.

Pounds in the middle so do the experiment uh danny danny c says bart k is a big advocate of not eating any carbs due to the randle cycle what are your thoughts on the randall cycle so the randall cycle is absolutely a real thing uh i think in some of us the randall cycle is a big deal.

Especially those of us who are very metabolically ill or who tend to fatten easily or who tend to develop type 2 diabetes very easily the randall cycle is a big deal and bart who's a good source of information he has several videos on his channel where he goes into detail describing what the randall cycle is and what sets.

It off i don't disagree with most of what bart says about the ramble cycle but i do think if somebody is is young and metabolically healthy and works out very vigorously very often the rental cycle is not as big a deal now bart would disagree with me on that and i know that and he would say that that the the.

Workings of the randall cycle when you're eating fat and carbs you're going to develop disease earlier in your life than if you did not have the carbs and i i i think currently there's not enough research to prove or disprove that but speaking purely from a physiological aspect just looking at the physiology.

Bart may be right he may be right and i'm open to redact and i'm open to reconfigure a proper human diet i'll re rewrite the first chapter if some new compelling research shows comes out showing that physiologically yes you're doing damage if you're eating carbs with your fat.

Uh currently i think young metabolically healthy people can probably get away with that is it doing long-term damage that we can't measure now maybe maybe but i don't think we know that for a fact yet thank you for that super chat robert adams sorry never done super chat before.

Can you discuss the inaccuracy of the nutrition info labels of foods as they relate to calories protein and weight loss so the federal government at least in the united states lets food manufacturers fudge they get to round up or down as they please uh they get to estimate and so if you.

Buy a pre-made precooked frozen meal from weight watchers or from um lean cuisine or from stovers whoever do you think they truly and it says it's got some this many calories in this packet do you think that they truly measured the food in that packet to come.

Up with the calorie count or with the carb count or with the protein no no they didn't in truth we have no idea how much protein or how much how many vitamins or minerals are in that okay the minerals depend on were there.

Minerals in the soil that the plants grew in were there minerals in the soil that the grass were in that the cow ate if there are no minerals in the soil then i don't give a damn what the usda foods food data central says the minerals are not in that meat or in that veg what about the vitamins in that veg well.

How long did they cook that veg the longer you cook it the more vitamins you lose right if it says that there's vitamin a in the vegetables that's a big damn lie because no no plant on the planet has usable vitamin a in it they have beta carotenoids.

That some of us can convert to vitamin a but many people can't convert much of the beta carotenoids at all to vitamin a uh they get to say things like on on cheese they can say cheese food or cheese food product or cheese whatever.

If it says anything besides just cheese it can actually be 49 cheese and 51 some other including sawdust true story so if you're gonna buy cheese at the grocery make sure it says cheese and there's no other word after cheese or you're literally paying your good.

Money for sawdust and other fillers another way that they mislead people is by nutrition info labels of food that relate to calories uh so in the low carb community people love to count net carbs and they'll put that on the front label so keto shake keto.

Cookie pie keto bread jesus keto bread please so they count ned carbs and they put that on the front you're like oh only two grams of net carbs but when you turn it over it's got oat fiber it's got wheat fiber it's got all these different fibers and you think well that fiber i.

Don't digest that well if it's soluble fiber yes you do but they still get to call it that and so it might have a total carb count of 15 grams of carbs for this little tiny serving because you know that's a serving in the real world right no no it's not so they'll they'll give.

You a tiny serving and then they'll tell you the net carbs but your you guys need to all be food detectives and flip it over read the read the nutrition facts what's the total carbs because a lot of the soluble fibers break down and break down into.

Carbohydrates yeah so sell being in the food business means you're trying to make money and unless you're selling vegetables from your farm nuts from your trees berries from your bushes or meat from the pasture.

A good way to increase your profit is to is to and to cut corners and and play fast and loose with the truth laura i've been diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis stage 4 liver disease and heterogeneous thyroid.

Is this diet safe for me yes you are still laura despite all that you're still a human being and you need to eat a proper human diet there's nothing in any sugar that's going to help your conditions there's nothing in any grains wheat rice oats corn soybean millet amaranth quinoa none of those things are going to help.

Your conditions there's no vegetable seed oil canola oil sunflower oil safflower peanut oil corn oil vegetable shortening vegetable oil none of that stuff is going to help your conditions okay they're actually going to cause more inflammation and make your conditions.

More severe quicker you need to eat a proper human diet okay and i've got videos on this channel that will help you understand ankylosing spondylitis can be crippling you may you may already be suffering from that stage four liver disease is not a joke you need to never drink a drop of alcohol.

Again for the rest of your life you need to basically never take tylenol or any of the over-the-counter pain relievers again ever for the rest of your life if you're in severe pain go see your doctor and get a narcotic that's actually easier on your liver than the over-the-counter pain medications.

Uh you need to never take another pill for that block stomach acid you need all the nutrition in your food so please take your food deadly serious laura this is for you as getting close to life and death i've seen people with stage four liver disease significantly improve their liver function by eating a proper human.

Diet do not give up hope there is hope i promise you thank you shirley for the super chat k.d said sorry i have oh exocrine pancreatic insufficiency uh with no known cause yeah and some people have this some people it's a genetic defect they have it from childhood from.

Birth uh you take lipase and amylase prescription enzymes can my pancreas heal on keto so it depends um sometimes there can be pancreatic cell regrowth on a proper human diet sometimes no now i do want you to keep in mind that just because you have to take pancreatic.

Enzymes does not mean you cannot eat a proper human diet you absolutely can also i want you to know there's about 20 different formulations of pancreatic enzymes most doctors are just comfortable prescribed they prescribe the same one for everybody okay and they just remember that one that's one that's the.

One they write down but there's multiple different ratios of lipase and amylase and other enzymes that you can get prescribed so if the one you're taking now if currently you have trouble eating meat or too much fat look it up yourself you're gonna have to do your own research okay because unless you're seeing a gastroenterologist for.

This or an endocrinologist probably not but you're gonna have to look up the different dosages and say look i'm currently taking this ratio i want to try this other ratio and see if that helps me better a lot of docs honestly especially primary care docs they do not know there's more than one formulation.

They were taught one in residency and that's the one they use but there's 20 different formulations that could help your symptoms if you're still having symptoms when you eat foods on a proper human diet thank you thomas for the super chat okay i've got everybody i think all right uh how many of you guys how.

Many of you guys have read lies my doctor told me type yes in the comments if you've read it no if you have not i want to see because i nisha's always telling me you need to talk about your book people don't know you've written it and i'm like they gotta know i talk about it i feel like i.

Talk about it too much i'm not trying to be a car salesman here yeah there's a lot of no's nature's right as usual yeah okay so nietzsche's right i don't know why i ever doubt misha she's always right listen to it yeah for those of you with adhd there is an audible version.

Available on amazon yeah yeah yep yep so because i have i have severe adhd which is much better on a carnivore diet much less severe but still like just to sit and read a book would probably i feel like i would go insane but i can listen to a book and go do something else that's perfect.

Perfect that way i'm doing two things and listening to a book got to be doing at least three things at once i'm listening to a book on audible right now but it's a book written years ago by carl sagan about um misinformation and science what's the name of that book.

See i can't remember the name of the book the demon haunted world about how people get science wrong they don't believe in science they don't understand the science i don't narrate the book i was going to narrate it i was going to fly out to vegas because that's where victory about.

Studios are and there was that big earthquake in california what was it three four years ago and nation was like no you are not going anywhere near california vegas is next door my brother lives in california and sometimes they'll just take a road trip.

And drive to vegas she's like nope you're not going to vegas and so um a very good voice actor read it it's i think it's very good but it's not my voice but when when the proper human diet comes out even if i have to fly to vegas after an earthquake.

I will i will be the voice yes it is a long way marcia but but you know me and michael we're redneck country kids she's like no no you're not going we're we we're not afraid of tornadoes or like whatever.

But earthquakes earthquakes freak us out the new book common sense labs is available now it's i think it's got a six week shipping uh so uh there's a link down in the show notes if you want to get the lab book but uh the lies my doctor told me it's on barnes and noble amazon all the big.

Book sellers have it has cat said i never died in an earthquake yeah i know if i lived in california i'd be the guy it's like oh it's just a tremor don't worry about it but i was in we were in one earthquake uh we were in rome and there was that earthquake in that.

Little city maybe i don't know 20 miles 30 miles from rome and i felt it i woke up at like 4 30 in the morning rome time and we were exhausted and i was like what the hell and then i got up at seven or eight i was reading drudge report it's one of the news one of the many.

News websites that i i'd check every morning and sure enough there had been an earthquake that's what i felt it woke me up at 4 30 that morning what other i i look at several i look at fox news every morning cnn every morning uh drudge report um what what's y'all's favorite news like.

When you first get up with your coffee what's the first new site you click on because i'm always looking for a new new site because i feel like lately news has been like it's like i think there's important stuff going on in the world but all they want to talk about is either trump i love him or trump i.

Hate him that's literally what was it politico that's i look at politico sometimes and the top six stories were about trump and i think politico hates trump it's so funny how he's so polarizing mark says with meat prices rising anything wrong with fat uh with fattening up cheaper cuts.

With butter and cream cheese hell no i've got a video on this channel you can do keto with hot dogs and mustard you do not have to buy grass-finished grass-fed organic non-gmo panda massage meat to do keto or carnivore right it can be the cheapest meat in the supermarket if that's all you can afford.

That's just fine you can buy that big five pound stick of bologna just try to find one that's got the lowest carb count that you can find cheap ground beef the 70 30 cheap ground beef buy it in the 10 pound pack and fill your freezer up break it off in one or two pound.

Portions and wrap it up in saran wrap and put it in the freezer plastic is fine as long as it's room temperature or lower okay it's made from hydrocarbons if it's room temperature or higher you're going to have some volatility you're going to have some leakage of the plastic.

But if it's in the fridge of the freezer it's totally fine but find that meat on sale and stock up on the cheap meat hot dogs are fine bologna's fine potted meat uh spam's got a few grams of carbs but if you're broke as a joke and that's gonna afford spam away okay.

You do not have to buy expensive meat to do keto or carnivore right we love the meat from from white oak pastures but if it's too if you're like look at the prices you're like damn it janet i cannot afford that that's fine okay very often we'll go to walmart or costco.

Or or super kmart and we'll buy a bunch of ground beef it's fine now white oak pasture's meat is better no damn doubt tastes better probably is two or three percent healthier but supermarket meat is just fine if that's all you can afford do not do not let your pocketbook dissuade you from eating a proper human diet because i.

Promise you in the long run you're going to save more money and you're going to be able to make more money because you're going to feel better yes spam spam has some sugar but if all you can afford is a can of spam i'd much rather you do that than buy a big bag of doritos think about it.

Yeah yeah and beckett loves hot dogs every time he wants a hot dog i heat him up one uh i'll sometimes eat hot dogs with him hot dogs are fine you just gotta read the ingredients make sure that there's not too many carbs in there okay a lot of people are worried about sausage and hot dogs they're like you.

Don't know what they put in there there might be peckers and noses that's from a movie what movie is that from do you know and i'm like i hope that there's peckers and noses and livers and spleens and lungs i hope there's all kinds of parts of the animal in here eating eating meat like that yeah they.

Put pig anus in there i mean i i hope they wash the anus but that's fine i i advocate eating nose to tail and and processed meat like that is one of the best ways to eat nose to tail because it's cheap basically if they got lungs laying there and heart they can't they don't they can't sell that they can't have a little market out.

Back of the huge processing plant they're going to throw that stuff away or they're going to sell it to the dog food factory put it in my hot dogs please fill my hot dogs up with organ meat that would be awesome craig said damn it janet i've never heard anyone.

Besides myself say that say craig kindred spirits yeah i know froyer i know that paul says that a lot of people say that hot dogs are bad for you oh don't eat bacon don't eat sausage oh no the nitrates nitrites that's all okay the the research that attempts to show that.

Anything in processed meat is bad for you it's it's it's ludicrous it's irrelevant i've got a video about this about about bacon and i've got links to all the research down below and i explain the research to you this is the it's observational research it doesn't prove anything it.

Does not show causation hey this caused that that's that's real research it's epidemiological research that shows a possible association a possible association that's all it shows and i i'm not willing to give up my hot.

Dogs and baloney if you anybody ever had barbecued bologna holy if somebody knows how to barbecue bologna which means basically putting it over an open fire for many hours so yes there's going to be some char on it and no that.

Doesn't cause cancer either human beings have been cooking meat over an open flame for over two well over a million years that's how long we've been cooking we've been using fire there's evidence in in the anthropological literature that we've been cooking for at least a million years you don't think that every.

Time we kill the big meta mega megafauna a big wildebeest or a big buffalo you don't think we cut that thing up and held it over the fire hell yes we did and have you if you've ever cooked over an open fire is it possible to cook over an open fire without getting char no.

Maybe if you've got some 800 dollar setup that's got a motor that rotates it i'm talking about stick it on a stick hold it over the fire you can't do that without getting char humans have been eating char for a million years you can't you can't even pretend that's like saying oh breathing air will give.

You cancer what drinking water will give you cancer we've got a new study oh okay okay ignore the millions of years we've been drinking water and breathing air and eating red meat and cooking meat over an open fire forget all that we've got a new study so therefore.

That's it that's the end-all be-all you know we've been playing in the sun ever since there's been life on this planet but now the sun will give you cancer if you don't put on this spf 400 sunscreen madness madness yeah some people's tap water is crap moon yes.

Another great use of money especially if your community is not known for the best tap water if it's basically just a chloride fluoride soup and who the hell knows what else is in it and you don't trust your your city government or your.

Municipal government get a reverse osmosis filter you may have to pull a dave ramsey and start an envelope and save up for six months how many people have used the dave ramsey envelope system in the past i know i have save up save up and get a reverse osmosis.

Filter i promise you you in the long run that is an investment in your health that that that you just you you'll get that money back a thousand times over uh deb says her well water is great yeah if you have a well and you don't live near a dupont or a monsanto or a bayer factory because you know i don't really think we.

Can trust them to be honest with what they're putting in the water and putting in the air well water is awesome hey buddy black thanks for the super chat ninja rim i just got a kidney stone and they told me to quit carnivore because of uric acid can i continue never felt.

Better any kidney stone advice thanks yeah so i've got a video on this channel about kidney stones and what really causes them more than likely ninja rim had a really big kidney stone in one of his kidneys and you can't feel a kidney stone until it moves and if it's big enough it can't move so you there a lot of you.

Guys have a kidney stone and you have no idea because it's too big to move when ninja rims started a carnivore diet then the kidney stone started to dissolve it gets smaller and smaller and when it gets about five or six millimeters in size it can move and it gets into the the ureter then it gets in to the collecting ducts then into the.

Ureter and that's when you have a kidney stone attack is actually when it's small three four five six seven millimeters that's the ones you feel if they're bigger than that they can't move out of the kidneys so they don't hurt if they're smaller than that smaller than two or three centimeters they pass right through you never know it you.

Might just be like what the hell was that and it's gone it's it's a certain size that gets trapped in the ureter and that's when katie bar the door 10 out of 10 pain i've had women who have had natural childbirth tell me that a kidney stone passing is the most painful thing they've ever had and if a.

Woman will admit that i do not want that and i would not advise you to eat a carnivore diet if i in any way thought that it would cause you to have kidney stones it was dissolving that kidney stone and it got small enough it could actually pass that's what happened keep eating your carnivore diet i.

Promise you the benefits far outweigh any minuscule risks thank you very much lacey for the super chat kidney stones are made out of calcium right starkiller says so shouldn't we be doing like apple cider vinegar lemon juice acidity to break down the calcium so.

Kidney stones are not actually stones they're crystals and crystals form in a concentrated solution but here's the thing even starkiller got it half right it's not just a calcium crystal it's calcium what's the word calcium oxalate that's the most common stone 80 of stones are calcium oxalate stones.

So if you're eating a diet high in oxalates why you want to blame it on the calcium right and that's why i know that this kidney stone from ninja didn't form on a carnivore diet because you're not getting any oxalates to speak of so that stone was already there that's physiology that's biochemistry.

Calcium what it's not just a calcium stone eighty percent of the time it's calcium oxalate and without the oxalates the calcium is going to stay in liquid form and pass right through keep that in mind all this stuff makes sense when you dig deep enough into the physiology or the.

Molecular biology oxalate that's right i don't know charlotte did you have a rant you need to delete it leave it up if you said what you said it's fine we still love you good good you guys i love it when you chat amongst yourselves that's totally fine.

Don't you erase that ranch you leave it uh is keto carnivore okay for someone with end stage chronic kidney disease absolutely flossy dossie i love your handle both i and dr jason fung who is a kidney specialist we've seen hundreds of people improve their kidney function.

By eating a keto ketobor carnivore diet very low in carbohydrates very low in oxalates uh i've seen people with stage four kidney disease reverse it back up to stage two i've seen stage three go back to normal i've seen stage one and stage two hundreds of times go back to normal kidney function.

After a few months on a proper human diet absolutely absolutely miss mistos said is metformin good to take with pcos yes it can be especially if your a1c is above 5.6 if you're still having trouble with glucose and insulin metabolism especially if you're still eating high.

Carb then you definitely need to take metformin yes 100 but on a low carb enough proper human diet for long enough you're not going to need the metformin anymore sandy b said my son had a couple of moles removed and the results came back as melanoma what's the best thing he.

Needs to do he needs to go see a dermatologist and have a wide excision and he needs to probably have his lymph nodes checked to make sure that it's already metastasized melanoma is the booger it's a bad one and sometimes it can be a very tiny little primary cancer and it's already metastasized so he needs to go to a good.

Dermatological surgeon and have a wide margin excision take that puppy out depending on how deep it is they may have to take some of the underlying tissue as well and they'll probably take some lymph node biopsies to see if it's already in the lymph nodes best of luck to you our prayers are with you on that for your son.

Yeah i have a video about gout if any of you guys are like i thought eating lots of meat and fish i thought that caused gout absolutely not that's not what causes gout i've got a video on this channel that explains it so you can understand it and michelle said your link to white oak.

Pastures has turkey livers those are very hard to find and my favorite thank you i did not know they had turkey liver i'd love to try a turkey liver you ever had turkey liver nisha nope yeah we would love some turkey liver i didn't know they had that that's awesome i know they got a lot of cool.

Stuff gail says my husband says he gets cramps after drinking lots of toppo chico is this normal drinking too much water can lead to cramps although i know maybe your doctor said drinking lots of water will help cramps it actually dilutes your electrolytes if you drink too much water.

So either he needs to back up on the electrolytes or get some keto chow daily mineral drops add that to the toppo chico then he won't get cramps tia says is it true about vitamin d3 supplements causing calcification see a lot of people will say you need to take vitamin k2 with the vitamin d so that your body doesn't use the vitamin d.

To put calcium in inappropriate places i don't see any physiology i don't see any research that shows that that happens i think you have an abundance of caution you might add some vitamin k2 with a blend of mk4 and mk7 just to make sure you're being safe but it makes no sense there are people that lived in northern climes that ain't.

Super vitamin d rich diets there are people who live at the equator who get tons of sun that's not that's not going to calcify their arteries because they're eating lots of whale blubber or getting lots of sun and so i don't i don't think that's true but out of an abundance of causing i do say take some k2 especially if.

You're taking more than 5 000 international units of vitamin d a day cheryl says bye bye dr berg hello dr ken berry i'm from virginia right next door hey neighbor glad to have you dr berg he has some helpful videos but sometimes he gets off the rails a little bit when it comes to human physiology and biochemistry.

Leo dr berry is green tea beneficial for heart health now this is a i love this the way you worded it i love it so because this is a teachable moment all you people who think all you people who think that this herb or this root or this berry has is beneficial.

Think about the wording of that so is green tea beneficial for heart health in other words does green tea have something magical in it that somehow is good for my heart no it does not now is green tea okay to drink as long as it's sugar free hell yeah drink green tea every day but do not expect some benefit from drinking black tea brown.

Tea green tea white tea do not expect some magical benefit from drinking coffee double espresso oh double espresso's magic no it's not it's just no it's fine but it's there's no benefit so many of the things that are touted as having a benefit it's total horseshit okay.

They're not bad for you but they're also not they're not overly good for you like oh my god it has the following magical thing that just no no but it's fine leo you can have green tea every day but don't don't neglect a proper human diet and think that the green tea is somehow going to cancel out the ding dongs and.

Honey buns not that you eat that leo i'm just saying for other people thank you beau garden for the super chat all right let me find another good question or two elizabeth said i don't watch dr berg no more he contradicts themselves often i do however love dr stan ekberg yes dr stan ekberg i agree.

With virtually everything that comes out of his mouth there's a few things i'd be like well but but from far and away eggberg is great great source of information and he really explains things so that you can understand it michael s says dr barry is beneficial well thank you very.

Much for that um yeah mark mark has been taking 10 000 ius of vitamin d3 for 10 years hasn't had any problem with calcification um faina says thank you dr barry listening to you help me reverse my type 2 diabetes now now i want you to take some.

Credit faina you listened to me but then you got to work in the kitchen didn't you you fixed this yourself you just needed the information you needed the right information and you reversed your type 2 diabetes yourself i didn't do that i didn't come.

To your house and slap you around make you eat bacon you made the decisions and you did the work well done well done all right let's see what else we got terry says dr barry helped me lose 46 pounds and get off of blood pressure medicine huzzah now i'm not going to get into this we're.

Not going to be name calling gabrielle says why can't i sleep on carnivore so a lot of people notice when they start eating on the the very low carb end of the proper humid diet keto or carnivore that they don't need to sleep as many hours and i've been doing quite a bit of research on this.

And i know we're all told you need to sleep eight hours a night or you'll die prematurely but actually that's not true um what's the name veritasium i think is the the youtube channel he does great videos not about diet and stuff usually it's just more sciency but he was talking about do you need to sleep eight.

Hours a night and when you actually look at the research no if you're not drowsy during the day you're not taking a nap during the day you're not falling asleep red lights or during youtube lives you're getting enough sleep for you the way you will know if you're not getting enough sleep for you at night is.

If you're if you're dozing off at the doctor's and you know in a waiting room or at a stop sign or while i'm talking then you may need to get checked for sleep apnea you may need to optimize your sleep i have one or two videos on this channel about sleep hygiene.

And every single tip and trick that i've learned as more than 20 years as a doctor but also over 50 years as a human trying to get a good night's sleep with the kids crying and stuff and i give you every tip that i've ever heard of that makes sense or that there's research to back up in my sleep.

Videos so i would i would check those out but then also ask yourself how do i feel during the day am i alert and ready to go am i taking a do i need a nap am i laying on the couch all day am i fatigued if you're like no i feel freaking amazing then you're probably.

Getting enough sleep for you but it just may not turn out to be eight hours of sleep brent says what benefits if any to doing a niacin flush no benefits whatsoever brent uh taking niacin might lower your triglycerides a little bit but also you're going to have a flush that feels.

Like a hot flash women just say oh i had a hot flash women's men say oh i'm having a heart attack because we've never had hot flashes uh there's no no meaningful benefit if you're eating low carb enough you're going to have normal triglycerides no need to do it nice and flush elizabeth says she doesn't snore anymore.

Yeah a lot of people have fatty tongue and there's multiple places where fat can accumulate in your body if you're eating too many carbohydrates the tongue being one of them and a lot of people with sleep apnea they have fatty tongue and if you're if your sleep doctor will do an mri of your face and your throat they'll see.

The fat in your tongue and when you start a proper human diet you're going to get rid of fatty tongue fatty liver fatty pancreas fatty heart fatty lung yes you can store fat inappropriately in all those organs if you're eating too many carbohydrates especially highly processed sugar added carbohydrates they're going.

To make you store fat places you don't need fat i used to snore like a freight train now if i'm if i'm congested i might snore a little otherwise nisha's like you're fine you don't bother me you still she had to wear earplugs when we first met we were dating she had to wear earplugs to sleep with me when i.

Was eating paleo it was high carb all right guys that's it thank you so much for joining me thanks for sharing this video with someone it might help uh if you've got a specific question i didn't answer tonight you can become a patron on patreon.com there's a link down there in the show notes.

For five bucks a month you've got access to two extra live q and a's each and every week and you can direct message me your questions sounds like a deal to me it's cheaper than a copay right thanks so much guys for being on this journey with me i'll see you next time.

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