Dr Berry’s Contentious PHD Q&A

Dr Berry’s Contentious PHD Q&A

Dr Berry’s Contentious PHD Q&A

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Well hello friends and neighbors how's it going I'm Dr Ken Berry family physician and for the next hour or so we're going to be discussing a proper human diet I'm going to be giving you some opinions quite often based on science that are quite unpopular.

With the Harvard School of Public Health and tough School of nutrition they do not agree with anything that you will hear on this live this evening and I'm proud of that fact it's good that they don't agree with me I wish they would come around and see the light but I don't see that happening anytime soon there's too many millions.

And billions of dollars floating around for them to see the light so if you've got questions you can type them into the chat into the comments and I will try to answer as many questions as I can everybody hit that thumbs up right now Paola says.

We got to get some new folks who haven't heard the good news yet when you hit that thumbs up when you make leave a comment when you share this video on your social media it pushes it out to people that don't know the truth about human nutrition about beef butter bacon and eggs they don't know about this they think these foods are bad but when you.

Hit that share button and share this on your social media they have a chance at least you've got the word out there as well as you can and that's all I can ask for you to do Carrie hit the Thumbs Up Button 50 trillion billion quintillion times be Rose shared it thank you be Rose thank you thank you every time you guys.

Share it you reach somebody who needs this information yeah it's definitely okay if we don't agree with Harvard School of Public Health how many of you guys have done the exact opposite of the recommendations from the Harvard School of Public Health and your health actually improved.

I think that that's meaningful I think your health improving that's very important to you and to your friends and family you'd think that a research institution would be interested in that but so far they're not maybe times will change soon I hope so.

All right guys I'm looking for questions in the comments if you have a question be succinct and pithy without being laconic and I will try to answer as many questions as I can what do you guys think about the uh the song that I played before this went live beef butter bacon and eggs do you love that song.

Do you hate that song are you ambivalent let me know in the comments all right let's see what's going on here yeah Nick Nick Morin says are you still going to the truck show yes Nick I'll be speaking at the truck show it's evidently the biggest trucker show in North America they're having it in.

Louisville Kentucky so if any of you guys are over the road if you have a CDL uh driver's license and you're going to the trucker show in Louisville I'm going to be there I'm going to be speaking I'm going to be trying to help help these truck drivers and other commercial drivers reverse their chronic medical conditions.

Their type 2 diabetes fatty liver obesity hypertension and I've been talking with the organizers of this event for a few months now we've had several Zoom calls very nice gentlemen and they are very excited to share the message of a proper human diet with everyone who sits behind a wheel all day.

Because if you don't eat a proper human diet and you're an over the road driver your health is going to suffer 100 percent Michael says no one talks to me since I went carnivore are you being a carnivore preacher or are you just leading by quality quiet example Michael.

I don't need any of you guys being carnivore or keto preachers I just need you to lead by quiet example fix your own health other people will just naturally come to you and ask what's going on all right body blow biscuit butter no symptoms on Dairy but want to know which labs to order to see if Dairy causes.

Inflammation for me I have Hashimoto so for some of us it seems like full fat Dairy is not that big of a deal for others of us it seems to be quite inflammatory for some of us me sadly it seems to be quite fattening uh butter and ghee are basically what I stick to as far as dairy every now and then I'll have a full fat fermented.

Cheese but that's very rare if I because I it's a slippery slope for me if I eat a little cheese today I'm probably going to eat a lot of cheese tomorrow it seems to be triggering for me and I have to avoid it I don't think everybody does but you should get a CRP which is a C-reactive protein you should get a an ESR which is an.

Erythrocyte sedimentation rate I would also get a ferritin I'd get a uric acid I'd get a homocysteine I'd get uh a liver panel as well with a ggt I'd get all that stuff checked just to make sure Linda's loving that beef butter bacon and egg song okay good deal good deal just checking Brian did you hear Paul.

Mason propose a theory that obesity acts as a sink for vitamin D and leads to low levels that wouldn't surprise me at all vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin so it wouldn't surprise me if a lot of it gets stored in fat depositions and I haven't seen this video of his yetis he's saying that it leads to a falsely.

Low vitamin D level is that what he's saying I'll have to check his video out Dr Paul Mason's a great source of information TCAP recipes hey Dr Barry I reverse fatty liver disease and I've got myself off ADHD meds ADHD is something that doesn't get talked about enough in in the keto and carnivore community.

Uh many many people have improved their ADHD or ADD symptoms to the point where they were able to either decrease their ADHD medications or wean down and stop them completely don't stop them cold turkey some of them are quite addictive they're basically first cousins of crystal meth so you'll want to decrease them very slowly perhaps with the help.

Of your doctor but I'm glad to hear that my doctor was excited that I did that now she wants me on a Statin for LDL can I find a low carb doctor so I have a video on this channel called how to find a low carb keto doctor near you check that video out and in the show notes there's about six websites you can put your ZIP code in no matter where.

You're at in the in the world it's not just a U.S thing and you can find a low carb friendly doctor near you thank you thank you Sandra Baxter says my brother went carnivore and his psoriasis cleared up this happens this is very very common for meat heavy keto ketovor carnivore I've.

Got a video on this channel about psoriasis if you know someone suffering from severe psoriasis please share that video with them all right let's see what we got here Shannon keto equals reduced cancer risk is that right almost assuredly Shannon uh when you reduce the levels of chronic hyperinsulinemia which acts as a growth.

Hormone among many other things and you reduce the levels of chronic inappropriate inflammation that are chronically irritating all of your tissues and organs it only makes sense that that's going to decrease your overall risk of cancer Dr JC says hey please share your opinions on statins statins might serve.

A role at a very low dosage for secondary prevention of heart attack so if someone's already had a heart attack they might benefit from a low dose of Crestor or Lipitor as far as primary prevention goes the research supporting the use of statins in primary prevention of heart attack is atrocious also designed by the companies in in.

Sponsored by the companies that actually sell the statins so I don't know you know human nature just as well as I do you guys live your life you're around people every day you know how people are if something's going to affect their paycheck do you think they might round up or fudge the numbers just a smidge I.

Think they would thank you Sheila Peggy says any suggestions for constipation yeah you need to remove all fiber from your diet Peggy especially fake fiber like Metamucil and those type products you need to increase the amount of fat that you're eating each day and you need to probably increase the amount of.

Magnesium that you're either getting from your food or that you're taking in the form of a supplement every day Ann says cheese was her weakness and now she's cheese free some people have to do that not everybody does Christina a question I recently had my blood drawn 114 fasting glucose been Carnival for.

Six weeks A1C is 5.7 is this normal so you've been carnivore for six weeks but you're still slightly pre-diabetic with a 5.7 get this rechecked after three more months of strict carnivore and you will have reversed that it will be completely gone Alan and Sue love the song okay good.

Good all right anybody hate the song yeah I read Jason Fung's book yes I did I've read all his books you shouldn't too uh Alex says Dr Robert let's get who I have great respect for I've interviewed him on this channel before uh that it's important to take fiber to feed your microbiome which is the bacteria that.

Lives in your gut uh doctor can I disagree on this and that doesn't mean we're enemies that I think he's a brilliant brilliant scholar and I appreciate what he does and I love the message and I agree with virtually everything he says except for this there's we know carnivores who have been.

Carnivores for 5 10 20 years or longer who haven't had one gram of fiber in decades and they poop just fine and I haven't heard a single one of them developed colon cancer yet and they read me a lot of red meat all the time carnivore werewolf Dr Barry which of the three days of the truck show I don't know carnivore.

Um if you guys if you wanted no information like this like when I'm going to be speaking at this event or that event am I going to this event uh it might be worth becoming a member of our community there's a link down in the show notes it says join our community and we keep a running calendar in there we try to keep it up to date of where.

I'll be speaking when and then if we're going to meet up with all the tribe members when that's going to be as well but I don't remember which day it is Carnival werewolf it's on the calendar but I have forgotten yep Roxanna is one of our brilliant members there's the address right there in her comment if you guys want to.

Become a member Sheila I didn't see your question um moderators be watching for Sheila sant's question and and bump that up to me I must have missed it I'm sorry Sheila yeah Phil says is magnesium good to take for restless leg syndrome yeah if you're.

Deficient in magnesium increasing your magnesium intake could help restless syndrome significantly there's many other things you can do as well Phil I've got a entire video on this channel devoted to restless leg syndrome you should check out that video and follow all my recommendations and I think you'll find your restless leg syndrome.

Gets markedly better um Kane what what do your videos mean when they say 2023 but I can see that you did it three years ago for example so what what I do is if a video becomes obsolete or if the information if I find out that what I said was wrong and that's happened with with three or four videos then I just retire that video but.

If a video still is is pertinent still is relevant and still is correct then at the first of each year I go and I just update the dates that's what that means Canyon that that's my way of quality control of saying basically I have looked at this video again in 20 in this year 2023 and it is still relevant and correct to the best of my knowledge and.

Therefore I change the date uh Jim Carr is carnivore good for hip surgery yeah if you're having any surgery then you need to be eating nutrient dense uninflammatory ancestrally appropriate food both before the surgery hopefully up up to a month before and then thereafter after the surgery absolutely.

You want to be eating a proper human diet that could be keto that could be ketovor that could be carnivore Deb joined the channel welcome Deb thanks for your support Lori G I'm pregnant and on the carnivore diet I feel great but recently failed my gtt ggt gtt glucose tolerance test my doctor told me to eat pasta bread and muffins.

For a week in retest can you explain why I failed yeah when you're eating up essentially zero carb diet and then you ingest something that's very unnatural like 75 grams of sugar which is what's in the the glucose tolerance test uh you're going to have a blood sugar Spike now if you're it's like an alcoholic if.

If you're if you haven't had a drink of alcohol in a year and you take that'd be like taking five shots of whiskey and you took five shots of whiskey you're gonna be passed out right but if you're a raging alcoholic and you drink a fifth of vodka every day and they give you five shots of alcohol you're gonna be like yeah okay I'll have another.

This is the same concept uh tell your doctor that you'd like to not drink 75 grams of sugar again pleased to give you a continuous glucose monitor a CGM so you can wear that so you can monitor your blood sugar minute to minute and that'll help your doctor calm down and help you not have to drink 75 grams of poison again thank you John Taylor.

Blair's a new member Patrick video on minerals can't seem can't find I see tinnitus oh many years yeah I've got a video on tinnitus I don't have one on many years but everything I say in the tinnitus video on this channel applies to Meniere's disease Stephen says is there a connection.

Between arthritis and psoriasis sometimes there can be you can't have psoriatic arthritis which can be devastating if you don't clean up your diet but arthritis osteoarthritis and psoriasis can be related or they cannot be related as well Kelly how many meals from starting carnivore should I eat if I've had gastric bypass 12 years ago so.

Kelly depending on how much you've stretched your pouch out and you probably have a pretty good feel for that you might if you've stretched it out enough you might be able to do omad carnivore but if not then it's perfectly fine safe and healthy to do two meals a day carnivore or even three meals a day.

Carnivore and I would try to do them in a a feasting window of of four to eight hours so that for uh 16 to 20 hours a day you're fasting that's going to help you reach your goals even quicker Sandy can you talk about CRS chronic inflammatory response syndrome Judy Cho had a video on it recently and I had never heard of it before.

So you don't have it Sandy this is a very very rare condition I want to I want to focus on talking about things that will help many many people but if if you had it we'd talk about it but it doesn't sound like you actually have it Holly if you had cancer what died fast plant-based diet would you do if I if I were diagnosed with cancer tomorrow.

I would eat 100 strict strict carnivore and I would probably check out um the website paleo medicinea they have a Paleo ketogenic diet that incorporates not just meat but lots of organs lots of awful and they've had some pretty pretty amazing success with slowing down and even stopping cancer so.

That's what I would do I would be 100 of carnivore which is what I'm doing right now I sure the hell wouldn't go back to plant-based because all that sugar and fructose would do nothing more than feed the cancer Joseph do you think that the vegan diet can cause autism in babies due to inadequate nutrition to the brain it is possible and now keep in mind.

Joseph and everybody watching most people in modern society even if they don't mean to they're eating a plant-based diet if you look at the average American 70 to 80 percent of the energy from their food is coming from plants they're already limiting their meat and so I don't I don't think you necessarily.

Even have to be vegan to to have inadequate nutrition to grow the brain and body of a beautiful little baby I think that if you're if you're plant-based or if you're vegetarian or if you're just eating a standard American diet and the majority of the foods you're eating is processed plant food.

You're not eating enough nutrition to grow that baby and that very well could lead to things like autism absolutely Donna my husband went from hauling cars to hauling regular Freight and is blown up like a puffer fish so Dawn I need you to start meal prepping for him and you whichever diet he likes the.

Sound of it can be meat heavy keto or ketovor or carnivore but you're going to meal prep and however many days he's gone you're going to make him that many meals if you love this guy and you want to keep him around and keep him rolling and keep it between the lines he's gotta he's gotta fix his weight.

Because being obese now is classified as a disease even by the American Academy of Pediatrics right but what it does do I don't know if it's a disease or not I'm I'm still not sure about that but I am sure that it's very very bad for you very unhealthy very dangerous it increases your your risk of heart attack stroke and 150 other bad.

Bad outcomes that you don't want Dawn so either teach him how to eat carnivores the truck stops which is pretty easy to do uh I I'm doing a series of videos with an over the road driver right now that are going to be posted on the website for the trucking organization to help drivers who are in that this.

Very position it's like I sit on my butt for higher 12 hours a day I don't know how many hours how am I I can't exercise now you don't need to you just need to fix your diet L joined the channel thank you L Wesley I seem to be seeing several symptoms of lactic acidosis with metformin these went away when I ran out is this is.

There something I can take instead so lactic acidosis is a very serious medical condition if you have that you don't notice symptoms you're in the emergency room so you probably didn't have lactic acidosis uh but if you'd rather take berberine which is a you can buy that at the health food store it basically is the same thing as metformin.

But not quite as strong and not doesn't have quite as many side effects Nick Norrix is in the chat hey Nick how's it going my friend this is PhD future MD Nicholas norwitz Philip checkiferatin RLS can can be the cause by a lot can be caused by low iron absolutely true absolutely true thank you Nick I'm glad to see you here.

Brother comrade rendo thank you sir Alex says his cheat is chili sauce okay on a proper human diet now everybody out there what should Alex do to determine if the chili sauce is okay on a proper human diet I can't hear you say it again read the ingredients that's right and.

Look at the total carbohydrates on the nutrition info that's how you know okay if it's got sugar in it if it's got too many carbohydrates then it's not part of a proper human diet and you can't find chili sauces that are sugar-free you just gotta look Natasha I'm strict keto carnivore for about two weeks I love some natural.

Peanut butter in ratio keto yogurt thoughts yeah so first of all peanuts are not a nut they're a legume they're like a pea or a bean they grow under the ground uh for many people they're too high in carbohydrates for many people they're quite inflammatory some people are quite allergic to them and then for many.

People the mold that tends to collect on improperly handled peanuts that are turned into peanut butter can be quite inflammatory as well so if you must have a nut butter I might recommend cashew butter almond butter uh and then uh I don't know about the ratio keto yogurt I don't know the the macros on that but.

Make sure and read the ingredients on that too just because something says keto on the label does not mean a damn thing you've got to read the ingredients Kelly welcome welcome welcome yeah Alex's I'm a sugarholic I like the taste of Breads and fruit Alex I also like the taste of Breads and fruit and I.

Like them so much that I got up to 297 pounds I was severely obese and pre-diabetic and so I I made the decision that what I liked better than the taste of bread and fruits was not having a gut and not having pre-diabetes and not having severe reflux and not having rosacea and not having dandruff and not having.

Toenail fungus and not having knee pain all those things to me are much tastier than bread and fruits so but each person gets to make their own decision on this you're a grown human you get to decide Kristen I've been sick for seven weeks and have taken amoxicillin uh that's Augmentin azithromycin and fluconazole.

I'm feeling much better but still congested now I'm having difficulty hearing muffled hearing what's going on Dr Barry so you most likely still have some inflammation in your eustachian tubes this is going to clear with time if you need to take an antihistamine like Zyrtec or Claritin for a few days to kind of open up the eustachian tubes.

I think that's fine but you don't want to take it for a long period of time um yeah that's probably what's going on this is pretty common now if you start having ear pain and it's really throbbing and hurting then you may have gotten a bacterial infection in there you need to sue your doctor again.

Uh same goes for the sinus if you start to have severe pain because that can sometimes happen even after you've taken all these antibiotics they really nailed you with Augmentin and azithromycin damn I'm glad you got some fluconazole or you would have had a raging raging yeast infection if they hadn't done that.

James says how many grams of protein a day do you get and recommend so I recommend somewhere between one gram per kilogram of your ideal body weight all the way up to one gram per pound of your ideal body weight and you can do the math on that and figure out what that range is as you get older you need to eat a little more protein than you did.

When you were younger and now you may have been eating plenty of protein when you're younger so you may not need to increase it but on average people as they get older need just uh they need more protein Troy Dr Mason expressed his thoughts about vitamin D in an interview on Dr chafee's Channel it was mind-blowing.

Hoping to get your thoughts in the future Troy I'll check that out so it was on chafee's channel I like both those guys a lot I'll I'll check that out CaRu what to do about wrinkly loose skin so I actually have a video about shrinking loose skin on this channel that you can watch after this live uh.

Autophagy's what you're looking for and the way you get that is by intermittent fasting you can do an 18 hour fast each day or you can do a two day fast once a week or a three day fast every other week or a five day fast once a month depending on what works best for you but watch my video about shrinking loose skin and that'll help you understand the.

Concepts I love Danielle says let's get Dr Barry to go viral like and share this video this is a great idea I approve this message Kimber having full lumbar Fusion in six weeks and I'm recommended to get three or four fiber supplements do I need them how do I avoid it uh 58 year old female.

Key divorce since 1-1 since January 1. um just don't you don't need any fiber for for lumbar fusion surgery I don't even understand why they would tell you that uh the way you avoid it is to just not put them in your mouth that'll that'll prevent that wolf Warrior I just finished a necessary.

Course of antibiotics what should I do to restore my gut health bone broth lots of meat lots of eggs and give your good time there was a time when I would recommend a very expensive probiotic that still might help you but the research the more you dig into the research on probiotics the more you realize that the conclusion of most.

Credible research articles about probiotics the conclusion is this foreign this may or may not yeah but if you're if you're you know if you're in having severe symptoms go to the health food store and get one of the expensive probiotics that's in the cooler in the refrigerator now go to.

Walmart and buy one off the shelf that's a complete waste of money hi Janine Genie Genie hey Jeannie how's it going comrade I'm a poor man or a conventional meat eggs and dairy okay 100 and this is why I say this because there's a lot of folks out there who are like comrade like I used to be broke as a joke okay.

When I was in my 20s I used to eat TNT soup I lived on it do you know what TNT soup is I would take a can of tuna a can of tomato soup and a can of veg oil and I would mix those three things together and that's what I would eat and it costs like three bucks for two minutes you know a meal or two meals uh so yes if you cannot afford.

Grass-finished non-GMO uh no antibiotic Panda massage meat then it's fine you can still do keto or carnivore by eating just the cheap beef from Walmart or save a lot or Kroger absolutely you don't have to buy the pastured eggs you can buy the cheapest eggs in the storage they are still 1 000 times.

Better for you than any cereal that crafts that Kellogg's or posts or General Mills makes okay and the dairy goes the same way just always make sure you're getting full fat Dairy never get skimmed or low-fat Dairy yep Teresa is right listen to Teresa she knows what she's talking about.

Kelsavor I like that handle thoughts on drinking raw milk while breastfeeding I think that if the raw milk is handled properly and you buy it from a reputable Rancher or farmer and that you trust I think it's 100 fine and definitely less bad for you than drinking Supermarket milk now I don't think women need to drink.

Any milk while they're pregnant or while they're breastfeeding I think you can get more than enough nutrition from other less inflammatory less insulogenic sources but if you love the taste of raw milk and you trust where it comes from and you've handled it properly I think it's.

Perfectly fine alcia I had been on nisha's challenge that's in our private group since January 1 and I've lost 18 pounds and feel great the muscle cramps in the night are so bad that I wake up with them 20 times a night I already do daily minerals what will help so you need to get a good source of magnesium keto Chow.

Has a good magnesium drop and you can just keep slowly increasing the amount of mineral drops of magnesium drops until the cramps stop you can also make sure you're getting plenty of potassium also make sure you're putting enough salt on your food don't hold back on the salt to too little salt will also give you muscle.

Cramps if none of those things work and especially if the cramp is in the same leg every time every night you need to go see your doctor you might have a vascular condition that needs to be medically evaluated the sizzle my seven-year-old will not eat meat broth eggs avocados what can I do so your seven-year-old's probably.

Been spoiled to junk food like many people's kids that's not a judgment that's just the truth what you're going to do is realize that your seven-year-old is not gonna die if they don't eat every two to four hours and so you're going to put meat and eggs on the table avocados are great and and if they're like I don't want that say okay.

Baby it's fine go play bye I know they just made a lot of parents nervous they're like oh my God I thought they had to eat every two hours every four hours no no no when I was a kid it was very common to get sent to bed with no supper and nobody died nobody became malnourished but what did.

Happen is the next morning when we woke up guess what got smashed the eggs and bacon because we're starving because we didn't we didn't have any supper so yeah just and I promise you it won't be it won't be two meals if you're doing that saying oh you don't have to eat it babe go on go play it's fine but now.

Before you do that start this you need to throw away all the junk in your kitchen all the junk in your fridge all the junk in the freezer there is no junk in this house so you can eat these eggs you can drink this broth you can eat this meat you can eat these avocados or you can go play baby I love you bye-bye go have fun.

And then about six to eight hours later you'll catch them nibbling on the meat next and then that'll be the end of that argument adults are smarter than children but sometimes we forget that Pastor Fisher Dr Berry can you stop taking your diabetic medication.

Immediately when you start your keto carnivore diet you need to consult your doctor Pastor Fisher before you stop any medication there are certain diabetes medications that you will need to decrease or stop very very quickly because if not you'll start to get low blood sugar readings and there are others that you can continue until your.

Metabolism is healed to the point where it's safe to stop those as well Steve hey Dr Barry can you talk about BPH I was scheduled for resuming surgery and postponed it and started on beef butter bacon and eggs January 25th and already getting much relief from the BPH symptoms 68 years young so Steve it depends on what your.

PSA was it depends on depends on what your prosthetic ultrasound showed it depends on what your prostate biopsy showed I hope you've had all those because if if how do we know it's just BPH not prostate cancer uh but if if it's just BPH if it's truly just BPH I do 90 days of beef butter bacon and eggs and then at the end of.

That 90 days you can decide are my symptoms much better if so you don't need surgery you need to go have fun thank you buddy black Melinda keto for nine months carnivore for the the past four of those only 20 pounds lost Melinda congratulations on losing 40 pounds.

Uh strict for weeks at a time and no weight loss at all you've you've lost 20 pounds 80 pounds to lose 62 and not understanding why I'm not losing so I have a video on this channel called the 13 Reasons Why your weight loss might stall on keto all 13 of those reasons you need to.

Watch that video and investigate all 13 of those reasons even though your carnivore this everything I say in that video still applies some of these things you'll have to investigate with your doctor you'll need lab work drone okay but if you're truly strict carnivore and you.

You've got this much weight still to lose and you've only lost 20. you may have one of these conditions that are undiagnosed Mimi started beef butter bacon and eggs in January notice this month my cycle is not so heavy as before uh very light I don't know if is that a good or a bad thing I I'm not sure I'd have to get the.

Full story from you Mimi but I do know that many women notice that they're severe painful crampy periods and heavy bleeding periods get better on meat heavy keto or carnivore we've heard this from hundreds and hundreds of women that they don't have to take Ibuprofen with their periods like they used to they're just not as severe as they used.

To I don't know your age or any other thing about your medical condition so that's about all I can say about that keto 100 percent yeah now if any of you guys are training for a marathon or training from for some Elite level athletic performance you don't want to go keto the day before you want to go keto a month before two.

Months three months before there's actually been research done on this and that gives your body time to become keto adapted and in many cases when you do that you actually will break your own personal records in the past so yeah let us know how that turns out running order Southern Rebel or chocolate truffles okay on occasion it depends on the.

Ingredients just because it says chocolate truffle don't assume that's the only two ingredients it has uh check the carb count and then you're you're an adult you get to decide is it worth having these once a week or once a month or is it just not worth it thank you Karen very much asrin is a new member of the channel.

Thank you for your support Conrad for Conrad Rando he's on a budget Dr Barry what do you think about beef liver beef liver is a superfood it's much cheaper than hamburger other good sources of beef butter bacon and eggs so I don't think that anybody should just eat nothing but beef liver.

I'm not convinced it would be dangerous if you decided to do that but some people think you might get too much vitamin A or other things but definitely you can supplement your beef butter bacon and eggs you can buy the cheapest beef the cheapest butter the cheapest bacon and the cheapest eggs and then if you'll eat four ounces of.

Beef liver two or three times a week that's that's literally a perfect human diet you're not going to be lacking in any vitamins or minerals if you do that if the animals uh had access to iodine from the soil that they were grazing on fully laden swallow hey Dr Barry just sent comment to Weinstein's q a about your wanting an interview.

Uh says staff may have missed it please try again thank you oh thank you very much I'm trying to get Brett Weinstein I want to interview him really badly about biology and evolution uh on on this channel you guys know Brett Weinstein he's he's a fairly popular guy he's an evolutionary biologist and I love his opinion on many many.

Things and so if any of you guys know him or you're in his groups please tell him that Dr Berry is looking for him in a good way to add the Costco carnivore you can do carnivore at Walmart Costco Sam's Kroger Target you can do you can do carnivore at truck stops literally you can just eat the hot dogs eat the hamburgers eat.

The boiled eggs are the hot dogs perfect at the truck stop no of course not they've got some fillers but what's your option at the truck stop what other options do you have if you lined up the nutrient density and how uninflammatory foods are at a truck stop or a gas station.

The hot dogs are going to be either number one or number two the hamburgers number one okay so and then the boiled eggs number one absolutely so yeah you can you can be a Costco you can be a Save-A-Lot carnivore absolutely Bruce how do you shrink your prostate so I've got a video on this channel about BPH Bruce if you will watch that video.

And apply those principles you will be very happy that you did welcome Cindy I'm wondering where you were Cindy finally caught one of these lives okay baby you want to come say hi to everybody Judy says the bile salts help with lowering your AST and ALT and a liver.

Cyst probably not if you're having trouble digesting fat because you don't have a gallbladder sometimes the the ox bile supplements will help that at least temporarily buddy due to this lifestyle been learning since 1 9 seen great results interested in joining the community uh what format does it use YouTube Facebook Etc so we used to have.

A Facebook page but we're off that now I don't like the fact that Facebook collects all your data and sells all your data and so if you look at the bottom of the screen the blue bar scrolling by that's the website and it's actually on Mighty networks which is a private Network and they don't collect your data or sell.

Your data and then also Misha and I do not collect or sell your data uh they do not share your email with anybody we do not share your email with anybody and inside of our private Community we can talk about anything we want to so we're able to have discussions in there that we can't have on YouTube because we'll get a strike.

So that's that's how you become part of the community buddy thank you very much for the Super Chat Kyla do you think berberine is useful or a waste yeah I think berberine's just about as good as metformin and glucophage for insulin and glucose metabolism until you've improved your metabolism.

Enough that you don't need it anymore so if any of you guys out there currently if your A1C is 5.6 or lower you don't need the metformin the glucophage or the berberine anymore you're done you fixed it Padawan my LDL is 183 my HDL is 38 that's too low triglycerides 143 normal but still a little too high diet is meat.

Fat three apples I'm 243 pounds age 39 am I going to die no you're not going to die but if you'll stop the three apples replace them with with eggs you'll you'll notice that your triglycerides come down quite a bit make sure that most of the meat you're eating is red meat and your HDL will come up and it doesn't really matter what your.

LDL does that's not a not really a concern as far as your risk for bad things happening thank you Journey on Fino is there a way to jump start a stall I've slowed to maybe a pound every two months and I have 20 more to go and typically it's the last 20 pounds for all you guys watching it's typically that last 20 that your body's like well.

We're getting close to our ideal body fat percentage here we're going to slow this down and there's I don't really think you should I don't think you should jump start that that's not a stall you're still losing weight it's just slower now a stall means you haven't lost any weight in three solid months that's the definition of a stall.

You're still losing the pounds every two months I know that's slower than you wanted to be I get it but this is physiology this is nature okay your body is very ancient and very intelligent it it it it does not know that we live in modern society it doesn't know you've got a refrigerator in a cupboard in a deep.

Freeze it just knows that you've lost a lot of weight and you're getting close to the threshold but there's a range of healthy body fat for humans it's not healthy to have too low of a body fat and your body knows that so when you start to get close to your ideal body fat percentage your body's going to slow down the weight loss.

And then when you get right in that zone at some point in that zone your body's going to stop the weight loss because you want to have some degree of fat on your body that's how human beings are designed uh Jennifer thank you very much thank you I'm not going to stop Deborah how to deal with costs in an 11.

Month old baby how to deal with cost in an 11 month old baby I don't know what you mean by that question Deborah um yeah I'm sorry I wish I could answer your question but I don't understand the question Shannon's a new member yes my mom is type 2 diabetic currently and has.

The gastric band she told her doctor she wants to start keto and they scared her saying it will damage her kidneys how do I help her I've got several videos on this channel about kidneys about kidney damage kidney disease and kidney Health maybe if she watched the doctor on YouTube that's me talking about Kidney Health she would realize that her.

Doctors that was a knee-jerk response on their part they they don't know what the hell they're talking about this was an ignorant response that came from her doctor if you had been there and said well doctor could you could you print me out the research studies that prove that keto is it harms mom's kidneys and watch the doctor's face you would.

Have the answer that you need and your mom would too because you would have seen the the face of confusion like what do you mean the research well you know you just you just said something as a fact and I'm sure you've got some research to back that up doctor could you print out a copy of that research yeah maybe you should go with Mom next.

Time but have Mom watch my videos about Kidney Health and she'll understand all my videos are made for moms and dads to make them feel comfortable yeah and I we listen guys we you can't say fat adapted in the wrong sentence structure or a lot of the social media will block you because it sounds like.

You're saying you are fat and as soon as the algorithm sees that it blocks it and so it's much better to say keto adapted so you are keto adapted or you will be keto adapted instead of you are I don't want to get blocked on YouTube for saying it these are the times we live in don't you love it thank you Christy very much.

Rhonda is a channel member she says do I need to eat fruit and raw honey on a carnivore diet no no there is no need to eat fruit and honey on a Carnival diet now if you want to eat some fruit and raw honey for your birthday or your anniversary or Christmas I think that's fine to do that once or twice or.

Thrice a year but to eat raw honey and fruit every day is going to glycate your cells and tissues and organs way way too much you don't want to do that that's bad advice Christy on keto for years liver enzymes are elevated so get a full liver panel make sure they checked your your ggt make sure they get an abdominal.

Ultrasound to look at the liver or a CAT scan uh there may be something else going on with your liver that you're not aware of Christy but there's nothing nothing about a keto or a carnivore diet that causes elevated liver enzymes hey Amanda Willis how you doing shadow of the day part one I'm 290 pounds I tried to start the better path.

To health they want a 11x and two six ounce salmon cooked in two tablespoons of ghee took an electrolyte supplement a vitamin D supplement and a beef organ supplement yep okay that sounds great part two I almost threw up after the salmon it had severe lower left back pain after that for a few days I'm a bit discouraged where did I go wrong sounds.

Like shadow that you're on the right track but it sounds like you went from zero to 60. in in too few seconds flat uh instead of going Whole Hog because salmon salmon especially fatty salmon is a very nutrient dense food for some people it takes a minute for their gastrointestinal system to build up and.

Be able to to handle that much nutrition and so I would I would back up and then over the next two or three weeks I would just slowly transition to carnivore and give your gut time to adjust give your gut bacteria time to adjust and I think everybody I think will be just right yeah Janice is talking about the common sense Labs book.

If you'd like to know what labs to ask your doctor for and also the rationale when your doctor says well I wouldn't even check that I don't even know what that means you say well actually doctor on page 14 right here it tells you what it means would you like to read it please order the test and then also it.

Tells you not just the normal lab rages but the optimal ranges where you want your labs to be it's called The Common Sense Labs book and there's a link in the show notes if you want to get a copy you can get a an ebook version or you can get a paperback version guess is a new channel member thank you for your support thank you Natalie very much.

Southern Joes thank you my friend yeah Southern Joe can you have mustard on beef butter bacon and eggs yes I think you can't now some people are are very strict very militant and they they're wanting to do true beef that are bacon and eggs and they'll exclude any condiments whatsoever which I think is a.

Fine uh experiment to run on your own physiology but if you're just eating beef butter bacon and eggs that's just your daily diet then zero carb mustard with no sugar no additives I think it's perfectly fine if you make uh butter mayo or bacon grease Mayo then you can also have Mayo because Mayo's just.

Oil and eggs and maybe some spices right so um my good friends two crazy ketos they have an excellent butter mayo recipe on their YouTube channel two crazy ketos with K's not Seas eat more beef I send all my Pharmacy.

Patients your way that's the way you do it right there some of them have come back and thanked me later thanks for all you and me should do absolutely thank you for sharing this message um there are many doctors many physician assistants nurse practitioners nurses physical therapists who they they.

Feel very shy they're eating keto or carnivore and they're getting great benefits for their own health but in when they're on the clock right when they're working for their company they're they're worried that if I talk about keto or carnivore too much I'm not able to get written up or fired because that's not the Official.

Guidelines and so uh we had one nurse reach out to us she works at a surgery center and in the discharge he's the discharge nurse so she's doing the discharge checklist and she has to go over nutrition and so she tells them everything that's on the checklist and checks it off and then when she's done she's made up a little.

Pamphlet that's got some YouTube channels and some books and some websites on it and she's like now I had to tell you all that that's part of my job but when you get home she hands them the pamphlet when you get home look these guys up this is this is how you need to be eating and that's called Ninja level.

Spreading the word thank you eat more beef for what you do Shannon started carnivore about two weeks ago but a couple of days ago got reflux from taking minerals and from constipation any advice on how to stop the reflux um if you're taking the mineral drops just as a shot I'd I'd stop doing that I would I would split them up.

And like for every cup of peppermint tea that I drink I'm no longer drinking coffee I'm on day three of no coffee uh this is peppermint tea zero carb Zero caffeine and so I'll put 20 30 drops of the minerals in each cup of liquid I drink when I cook a steak I put some mineral drops on top it tastes salty when I cook.

Eggs I put some mineral drops in the eggs and I spread it out over the course of the day I don't take it as a shot if you're having constipation then bump up your magnesium intake bump up your fat intake and that'll fix that as well Tammy's a new member thank you Tammy for your support.

Deborah I meant constipation ER other night in Canada yeah if you're constipated increase your fat increase your magnesium if that doesn't fix it then you need to see your doctor because there's something wrong shadow of the day I didn't take too many.

Supplements in one day electrolyte vitamin D B forgives maybe you you don't need the beef organs if you're eating beef and if you're you know I really think that it would be better for you long term to just learn to like liver that's what I recommend people do it can be it doesn't have to be beef liver it.

Can be chicken liver Goose liver it can be Cod Liver it can be sheep's liver but you need to just eat liver learn to like it there's lots of recipes on on YouTube about how to cook liver make liver moose liver pate if you make it then you know what the ingredients are but the vitamin D and the electrolytes.

Definitely didn't cause that thank you Janet very much thank you Curson Freedom Fanny apple cider vinegar or fresh lemon juice on beef butter bacon and eggs there's no reason to use either one of them there's no benefit from using either one of them but if you like the taste of.

Apple cider vinegar it has zero carbs it's probably fine to put a little bit in water and you can put a few drops of lemon juice lemons have carbs people forget that because they taste bitter grapefruits have carbs lemons have carbs limes have carbs so look up the carb count don't put the juice from a whole lemon in.

There just put two or three drops just for flavor and that should be fine deadlift strong McKenzie enjoy dropping your name at the PA's office retested urine with culture and it was all clear thanks for your advice beautiful beautiful beautiful just just so you guys know can you guys hear Bonnie she's having a come apart.

Just so you guys know I'm not and I'm not I don't consider doctors and nurse practitioners and PAs to be my enemies I used to be ignorant of everything I'm telling you just like they may currently be I'm just trying to help you to help yourself and many of you have taken it upon yourselves to help your health care provider and I love that that you're.

Like no dude there's actually a lot of research about the keto diet and there's lots of research coming about the carnivore diet why are you saying it'll hurt mom's kidneys what are you talking about because many times doctors are busy I don't consider what they say they just open their mouth and comes out.

Just like any other human on the planet so I love it when you guys respectfully call them out and you're welcome to drop my name and don't go in there like wow Dr Berry said don't do that just be like well there's this doctor on YouTube he's a family physician he's been practicing over 20 years and he.

Said in this video the following and then in at in the show notes of the video there's five research studies that he cites that he used to make the video with and so like have you and and also doctor I took the liberty of printing out those five research studies and I brought you a copy would you mind looking at him.

That's what I'm talking about that's how you do it Carnival werewolf just joined our private Community welcome Carnival wherefore if you have found your tribe my friend Raylene says why no coffee I was hoping somebody would ask so there's a lot of people in the in the Ketone carnivore Community especially carnivore who think.

That all plants are poisonous and that they're harming you to some degree and I'm not disagreeing with that but I'm saying I don't know if I believe that or not and so I've had many carnivores say dude you're hurting yourself drinking the coffee you need to stop the coffee uh the caffeine the caffeine is doing.

This and this and this and this and I'm I've studied coffee and caffeine intake religiously because early in my career I was taking care of uh pregnant women and even the research on pregnant women drinking coffee we still can't prove that it's bad for them with all the years of research we've got the answer is still.

Maybe maybe not we don't know try to limit it that's the advice and so but I've heard it from the carnivores enough who I greatly respect my carnivore brothers and sisters and so I'm just going to do 90 days with no coffee no caffeine no coffee and currently I'm on day three of no coffee at all and before that for two.

Weeks I was drinking uh decaf coffee which is had about 98 99 of the caffeine removed and I don't feel any different I don't feel any better but I also don't feel any worse I miss coffee a little bit but this this peppermint tastes pretty tasty I put some of the elements um.

Um habanero electrolytes in there and it's got a little bite to it it's nice I may just stick with this I may not ever drink coffee again I don't know but I I do not think coffee is bad for you I don't think it's been proven I don't think it's even been shown convincingly in observational research that coffee is in.

Any way bad human beings have been drinking coffee for hundreds of years which doesn't it doesn't make coffee ancestrally appropriate I totally agree with that it is not ancestrally appropriate we have not been doing it long enough to know for a fact that it's safe I agree with that part but.

I like coffee I like the the ritual mainly in the morning of getting up making some coffee sipping on it while I read the news but out of an abundance of caution and to just do a personal experiment I'm going to go 90 days with no coffee and just see what happens and so far so good I I don't really miss it but I.

Don't feel any better either so we'll see we'll see how it goes you're welcome Shannon yeah okay girl's mom says welcome to all the new members if you guys want to become part of our private Community there's almost 5 000 people in there now people just like you and me who just.

Want to realize the potential of their best health their best life best sleep best sex best mental function that's that's all that's all we want it's just to be the best we can be and we want to be in a group of like-minded people who share those same goals and so we're all in that private community and the address.

Is scrolling on the bottom of the screen and there's a link down in the show notes if you want to join us we'd love to have you in there Nate I've been keto for a little over two months recently I had dental work where the novocaine kicked in way too late it has always worked in the past so two things could have happened here Nate.

I think you're implying that maybe since you're in ketosis that the novocaine didn't kick in as fast as it would have otherwise there might that might be actually true in the future you might tell the dentist ah let's wait five more minutes doc then you can get started uh or the doc just may not have put the novocaine close enough to the nerve to.

To so that the diffusion to get to the nerve took a little too long either one of those things could be true yeah either one can be true Karina joined the channel thank you for your support Karina Shannon thanks what do you recommend for hiatal hernia so I have a hiatal hernia.

I've had one for over 15 years now that I know of I just I did a chest x-ray of myself at the clinic one day I had my tech do the X-ray and I looked at it and I'm like holy I've got a hiatal hernia I didn't know that so I don't know when that happened but I've got one and I used to have ungodly heartburn.

When I was eating standard American diet American Diabetes Association diet DASH diet and paleo even paleo because I was eating lots of quinoa lots of lots of yams lots of fruit and I had just I had to take two Nexium every day but I started carnivore just as a one month.

Challenge on my Facebook page I'm like hey this Sean Baker's crazy let's do carnivore and at the end of that carnivore month keto had already helped my reflux my heart burn a lot because I went from taking two Nexium every day which is a lot of medicine that was really not good for me at all I didn't know that back then I thought it.

Was safe the drug group said it was safe and after a few months of Keto I was taking a Tums two or three days a week but after that month of carnivore I had zero heartburn none at all which I hadn't had in my entire adult life and I was like I'm gonna keep doing this carnivore thing and that's when I really dug into the the research on human diet.

That's when I really dug into the the anthropology and the paleoanthropology in the archeology to start to look at what humans had eaten in the past not just the recent past like 500 years ago that doesn't really mean anything I want to know what we were eating 12 000 years ago 50 000 150 000. that's when it starts to get important because then.

You're on the evolutionary timeline and if we've been doing something for three and a half million years then it's probably good for us and guess what we've been doing for three and a half million years do you know eating meat and eating eggs as often and as much as we could.

Three and a half million years so when somebody says oh don't eat red meat it's bad for you don't eat fatty meat don't eat saturated don't eat animal fat they it may it's just as damn stupid for them to say that as it would be for them to say oh you shouldn't breathe air the the Harvard School of Public Health says breathing too much air is probably bad.

For you tough School of nutrition says that drinking water is worrisome you should probably cut back on that and you should rightfully look at them like this what what did you just say you just told me that something that humans have been doing for three and a half million years.

Is bad and we hadn't figured that out in three and a half million years you sure about that that's why I know meat and eggs are good for us Tammy Jones 60 year old I have lipedema and have been strict beef butter bacon and eggs for eight months have only lost.

A small amount of weight but lots of hair do you think ozympic may help maybe yeah Olympic in in the research studies that were that were set up and designed and funded by the ozympic company it those research results show that those impact will help you lose quite a bit of weight but before you start the Olympic I would watch my video.

On this channel called the 13 reasons why your weight loss might sell and investigate all 13 of those reasons very very thoroughly and then if you investigate them all with your doctor and you're like nope I don't have any of that stuff then I guess you take the old Zippy Tyler where do you get beef liver I get it from the store I buy it from.

Costco Walmart if anytime we go to Nashville I'll buy it at the Asian market I think they probably have better quality uh or the Mexican market either one the Hispanic or the Asian markets where we try to buy as many of the organ Meats as we can because they just taste better uh if you ask the uh meat department.

Manager at Walmart or Kroger or whatever your grocery store is say dude I want some chicken livers or I want some beef liver will you please get some in they'll they'll usually do that for you if you're like hey I'll buy a pound every week if you'll just get it in and I'll tell all my friends that you've got it and I'll try to uh because you.

Know they're in business to make money they're not going to get something in if you're just going to buy it one time and then never buy it again because then they've lost money but if you convince them that you're going to be a regular return customer if they get it in and you might say something like you know Kroger Kroger.

Meat department manager I'll usually go to Walmart to get my groceries but the meat guy there said that he would not get chicken liver or beef liver for me and I wanted to come over here and I would love to move my business over here to Kroger and buy all my groceries from here but I need you to get chicken liver in I need a pound a.

Week or beef liver or uh sheep sliver that'd be harder to find but but chicken liver and beef liver very easy for them to find they just got to know that they're going to have a customer for life if they get that for you see how that works that's human nature thank you Sheila Deborah constipation oh constipation in.

An 11 month old is it the same advice so if your 11 month old is having constipation there are several little pediatric medical conditions that can cause this so you need to take the 11 month old to see the pediatrician first and make sure that there's no medical problem no genetic issue causing this and then.

You can slowly make sure that your 11 month old is getting an adequate amount of fat in their diet 11 month olds need fat too their brain is made of fat and their brain is growing and their brain needs a steady supply of fat but also it will help constipation if you're giving the 11 month old.

Formula that's almost 100 percent the cause of the constipation I would try my best to switch them over to full fat goat's milk and I know there's a lot of nutritionists out there saying oh do not give your baby goat milk human beings have been giving babies goat milk for about 8 000 years.

Goat milk is good for babies any nutritionist who says that goat milk is dangerous for babies is an idiot they're not an idiot they're just currently ignorant that's all shadow of the day wanting to start salmon and then slowly bringing pork beef steak liver chicken wings gizzards Hearts yep any downside to these no.

Those are all wonderful wonderful animal Foods it'd be cool if one could post a list of what to order at restaurants for carnivore so you guys may have seen my uh short here on YouTube about what I order at McDonald's but when I'm in a pinch and I have to go you know get something fast I also posted it on my Tick Tock did you.

Know how to tick tock also posted it on my Instagram also posted on my Clapper yeah I got one of those too because my job is to reach out to people and help them be healthier so I have to go where the people are I also got a Twitter I posted it there too got a lot of a lot of people fighting each other in the comments over on Twitter because of my.

What I what I order at McDonald's video but yeah and I'm going to start posting more in the shorts and the reels and in the tick tocks I'm going to start posting what I ordered at this restaurant or what are what we order when we go grocery shopping and I'm going to start sharing that stuff with you guys because I think that'll help.

You all right Shannon what can be done for earlier stanlos syndrome so this is a very rare genetic Condition it's there's nothing you do to cure it maybe one day we'll have the gene therapy that we can cure this but not currently but what you can do to do to minimize the risk of all of the.

Other medical complications that come along with EDS is have your little EDS loved one eat a keto or a ketivore or a carnivore diet because it's very common that people with EDS wind up with metabolic disease as well and there's that that's just an extra thing to suffer from and so yeah they need to eat a proper.

Human diet absolutely Amber and Dan's key to board life diagnosed with type 2 diabetes currently been strict carnivore since 12 28 dropped 12 pounds um follow up with Doc 228 I'll I want a t-shirt cycle dysmenorrhea sleep arthritis is.

Better gotcha so if you guys want a proper human diet t-shirt or a beef butter bacon the next t-shirt you can go to shopphd.com there's a link down in the show notes and you can get your own t-shirt and that way when people see you they'll know you're in the tribe Tony thank you very much.

Kirsten I'm 37 years old I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes nine months ago with an A1C of 7.6 since I have three consecutive a1cs of 5.3 or lower am I still diabetic hell no you ain't diabetic curse on you fix that you reverse that it's gone you've got a normal A1C huzzah.

Does your doctors tell you you're still a type 2 diabetic are they still trying to get you to take medicine because if you're able to use 5.3 you don't need any any medicine at all for diabetes you fix that by fixing your diet by eating a proper human diet look at this it went from 7.6 down to 5.3.

Man that's healthy I love that I love that but no you tell your doctor to take that out of your chart and and promise your doctor I'll never be type 2 diabetic again because now I know about the proper human diet thank you vicari thank you Lonnie oh thank you Barbara.

Mama seal keto since 2 7. FBS and other random blood sugars have all been in the 130s never did with diabetes will Tom heal this or should I see my doctor 55 years old so mama said you need to go back to your doctor and you need to get uh you've been keto since two seven.

So you've been keto for 11 days yeah so you got to give your body time to heal make sure your keto is under 20 total grams of carbs a day make sure your keto is full of fatty red meat and make sure you eat until you're comfortably stuffed and then go three months.

Lighter and get your A1C and your fasting insulin rechecked and that'll answer your question many times when you first start keto or carnivore you'll have higher blood sugars and you're like what the heck's going on it's the A1C that's what tells the truth okay your blood sugars fluctuate constantly many many things can make your blood sugar go.

Up what you want to know is what's my average blood sugar and the way you know that is by getting an A1C checked and then also get your fasting insulin checked as well and that'll give you the answer you're looking for oh mama still says she was never diagnosed okay gotcha so you we need to.

Know you may be diagnosed you may be you may have type 2 diabetes and not know it monocele if your doctor never checked an A1C you don't have any idea whether you were a type 2 or not and so have your doctor checking they will see in a fasting insulin and that will give you the answer in and out is it nutritionally naive to.

Look fruits and vegetables in the same category 100 is and if you notice nobody ever says oh you need to eat your vegetables and fruit never say it that way do they they always say you need to eat your fruits and vegetables because everybody loves fruit it's sweet it's full of sugar of course we love it there are many.

Vegetables that are keto friendly that are that are they have tons of nutrition in them none of the vegetables have as much nutrition as you'll find in meat and eggs but they have quite a bit of nutrition in them fruits are full of sugar sorry fruits are not carnivore most fruits are.

Not even Keto fruits are just sacks of sugar JM Dr Taylor 800 calories a day for seven days to reverse type 2 diabetes no that will not work I'll bet you a thousand bucks that won't work because you can only eat 800 calories a day for about seven days and then you go and you get in the fridge and you eat to.

Your full because it's not normal or natural or healthy to starve yourself on a calorie restriction diet and even if you even if you fasted for seven days that's not gonna reverse your type 2 diabetes in seven days no that's somebody trying to take your money shadow of the day on pre-set on grocery.

Shopping mostly but hurray thank you that would be super super helpful to have more lists and videos yeah I'm going to be working on that Misha's going to be working on that too comrade Rando thank you very much Shannon I want to whiten my teeth is it a bad idea to use bleach I'm also fully carnivore so should I use a natural Whitener so what.

I don't want you to do is use anything that is bactericidal every day so don't use antimicrobial or antibacterial mouthwash every day don't use toothpaste that kills bacteria every day if you want to whiten your teeth once every three months or once every six months that's not a big deal that's going to be fine okay but doing it every.

Day that's the problem where did this come from Mary Ruth thinks that there's human meat in McDonald's hamburgers does anybody know where that came from people keep saying this to me you guys want to see Bonnie Blue you want to see my baby hi you baby yes my baby hi baby oh look at this.

Little baby what's this little baby eating today and breast milk eggs chicken chicken that's it do you have any bologna today not today not today she loves little bologna we cut it up in little tiny pieces and she uses her two little twofers see little twofers she's like.

As soon as she swallows it she goes she wants some more she likes avocado she likes little pieces of hamburger she's like everything basically yeah she loves food what was I giving her today she was loving it oh look Beckett's got a little ice he was cheating on it she was eating a little ice hey baby.

oh she heard the cat all right nature Berry says it's time for me to get off here so I gotta go thank you guys for hanging out with me if now I'm gonna go live in our private group tomorrow sometime after church so if you want to be part of that then the links down below join.

Our community for more it's five bucks a month and you'll have access every time Nisha and I pop in live you have access to that you have access to an extra crowdcast live every week if you want to scale up your membership you can but that's not required so I'll either see you tomorrow after church in the private group or I'll see you Monday night at 7.

Pm thank you guys you want to say it you want to stick ahead and say it because you look really cute bye
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