Dr Berry & Neisha! Proper Human Diet / Fasting Q&A

Dr Berry & Neisha! Proper Human Diet / Fasting Q&A

Dr Berry & Neisha! Proper Human Diet / Fasting Q&A

Check out the video on Dr Berry & Neisha! Proper Human Diet / Fasting Q&A.
Hi guys welcome back nisha's busy right now no i'm good there you are hey hey look there's loki welcome back to the next edition of monday night live i have beside me my lovely co-host manager assistant wife and registered nurse nisha solis hyphen berry.

And i am ken berry i'm a medical doctor i am a family physician and this is loki our rescue cat one of them we've got two yeah that's true so how are you guys doing tonight how's it going are you ready to talk about a proper human diet intermittent fasting uh medicine nutrition medication.

Etc because i am are you excited yes are you ready i'm so excited i am i'm on ready b rose says hit that like button i think that is a great idea hit that like button comment in the comments all that kind of stuff helps youtube to understand just.

How important this video is so it'll send it out to new people who have yet to hear about a proper human diet how you how you doing how you and your fetus we're good no we don't know if it's a boy or girl yet um i think i ought to answer that one no.

Nisha does not like controversy it depends on for me she don't want me to be controversial but she eileen says very cute sweater you should see the bottom it's all kind of ripped up it looks like the cat got a hold of me let's see the let's see the baby bump how we doing oh there's baby berry number two 15 weeks.

Three days all right all right baby bear number two hang on let me get this thing right guys coming in july coming july 21st through the labor delivery to a youtube channel near you hey holly hey holly 65 in kansas today it's been warm here too 12 to 15 inches of snow tomorrow though oh.

That's tennessee too though summer today antarctica tomorrow absolutely true true true true uh did everybody see the video today with granny berry we're always talking about granny berry and misha we were recently in hole in walled.

Which nation misspelled on the video i swear to you it's what it says on google i googled it doesn't matter anyway we we hung out with granny barry and my parents and uh she got some great video of granny berry running her mouth i always tell you she's mouthy but this is your chance to to spot me.

And see if i'm being honest or not on nisha loves it on her youtube channel there's a video where granny and i are talking and granny's playing with becky that's pretty cool you see some stuff from dr barry's childhood and we go to the midwife and we go to one of our favorite restaurants and.

Granny tell some of my secrets that she should have kept to herself granny pretty interesting so several people said convict yeah you'll have to watch the video to know what that means yeah people used to try to insult me by calling me a quack now they'll call me a convict and if you want to know what.

That means go to misha loves it and watch granny berry spill the beans thank you joanna you your skin is glowing nisha soon you can see my skincare routine hey thanks for the super chat it roses so oh he said on my channel he didn't tell you what my channel was called asia loves it.

Yes yeah all right tia can stevia erythritol and xylitol cause an imbalance of gut bacteria it's almost certain that they mess with your gut bacteria but i don't think anybody knows for a fact whether they mess with it in a good way or a bad way.

Uh with that being said i very seldom if ever use sweeteners anymore i feel better without them i just don't feel as inflamed i don't feel the cravings for stupid processed carbs like i used to feel some people use those sweeteners and they do just great what's your take yeah i think that.

That's probably one of the lower things to be worried about when it comes to gut bacteria but yeah it's a concern but we're not really sure marsha where did you go has a question there you go marcia nation what oil did they use on the salt block that they cooked your your steak on that's a great question and i would have.

Asked we didn't think of it but i said i really honestly was just in the moment how cool the salt block was and i and by the time i thought of it i was like oh you know okay it's whatever it is what it is and i think that's a great example of us us didn't even it didn't occur to us we were so blown away by the 1800 degree.

Fahrenheit saw block literally you could feel it from three feet away and i had a camera between me and the thing and it never occurred to me to ask the guy what's that oil you're pulling on the rock yeah and of course we didn't get much of it in our mouth but still that's a valid question and we should.

Have asked that question when i go back the next time i order it i was like can you bring butter instead of oil so i can cook my meat and butter instead of oil um but yeah fair question but listen i'm not one of those people who's just gonna like lose their crap over something like that in the moment it was over before i thought.

About it absolutely angela says love you guys so much i tell everyone about y'all thank you angela as you guys can probably figure out uh craft and kellogg's and uh post cereals they're they're holding back on sponsoring us and so there's probably not going to be any television commercials about proper.

Human diet so that's why we we leave it to you guys if you think the the information and the value that we give you is worth it then share this video okay telling people about what we do about the proper human diet about intermittent fasting about nisha's journey with hashimoto's about my journey with morbid obesity and.

Pre-diabetes that's the way this this message is going to spread that's the way this movement is going to grow is by you telling a friend or a family member because um i called kellogg's the other day and they're like yeah we really don't have any plans in the future of sponsoring your commercials so yeah we're.

Stuck word of mouth tracy i was told i have a heart murmur due to valve sclerosis is that dangerous and what can i do about it it depends it depends on your age it depends on the degree of regurgitation in many cases this is just age appropriate and not really anything to worry about at all uh this.

Is a question you really should have asked your cardiologist if you haven't seen the cardiologist yet then definitely that's one of the questions that should be on your list of questions is this a big deal or not because it's very common for people in their 70s 80s 90s to have a leaky valve and you can see this on echocardiogram.

Or on some of the ct or mr scans you can see the little bit of leakiness in the valve but at 85 it's completely normal it's not worth fixing uh it's not worth the risk of surgery and these people do great with just a tiny bit of uh regurgitation from that valve it's kind of like if you've got a 1985 buick it's gonna drip a drop of oil on the the.

Patio right even if it's in excellent shape it's still gonna drip a drop of oil every now and then it doesn't mean there's anything wrong with the cards just means it was made in 1985. hey six actual thanks so much oh i saw it and then your name went but can you please talk more about eating raw.

Meat while pregnant so in my video my vlog where granny berry sits again and then we got to eat i eat a lot of raw things i am clearly pregnant there are some concerns for a lot of people uh explain why we are not concerned i'm trained in family medicine in tennessee which means we did a lot of obstetrics i.

Very strongly considered doing a one-year internship or a fellowship in obstetrics i'm very interested in the health of mothers and fetuses and and i studied that extensively and i still do and so the recommendations that an obstetrician tells you don't eat raw seafood don't eat shellfish don't eat uh you know.

Anything raw undercooked they're telling you that based on no research whatsoever it's out of a an abundance of caution that's right because if you were walking along the road and you saw a piece of raw meat lying beside the road and you picked that up and you ate that could cause a severe infection and it.

Could harm you and your baby but we're assuming that all of our um friends out there in youtube land are intelligent at least have common sense and if you see a piece of raw meat laying by the road you're not going to eat that that's an extreme like let's just say exactly let's talk about in a.

More realistic way okay i ate tuna raw tuna now there's a difference between going to kroger and buying raw tuna and eating it and eating sashimi grade tuna that's specifically like flown in overnight handled by a good chef there's zero danger eating that so that's the fish all right i would never.

Just go buy tuna and eat it at the gas station i just wouldn't do that when it comes to ribeye and making steak tartare though i would go to our local butcher buy some steak chop up steak and make steak tartar and eat it at the house no problem half we've done it so let me tell you one more restaurant adventure a few weeks.

Back we had restaurant with madison and morgan we had a dinner and we got oysters and some of the oysters did not smell right and a couple of the the crab legs were like and i was like don't eat that he didn't have to tell me i was like i'm not eating yeah she did she knew she knew what she was like that didn't smell right another heightened.

Sense of smell the pregnancy is to keep you safe from bad foods that are not it's almost like your body's designed to protect you in the fetus also oysters i don't just go around eating raw oysters in a crazy dive bar while i'm pregnant okay this is a good quality orchard we've been here before we know they are fresh and good and so yeah i ate a lot.

Of them boss man junior says what is the best way to get off sugars and soft drinks so boss man it depends on what kind of person you are so you need first of all you need to call this what it is it's an addiction it's a habituation okay and then with that being said then you either you're a.

Teetotaler you need to quit it 100 and throw it all away or give it to a neighbor or you're a moderator and you need to wean down slowly and then stop that but realize that you're addicted to this okay and when you stop a cold turkey there may be a few days of withdrawals and symptoms which doesn't mean you should.

Go back to eating the sugar and drinking the pepsi and coke it just means you need to stick with it until you broke the addiction you're good are you doing this david what's up david been carnivore since july my first blood glucose lab test for 5.6 and now they're 6.1 but much more anxiety and i have much stress.

From work can stress rain raise blood glucose that much yeah 100 if you're under constant stress you've got to learn to cope with stress guys we all have stress in our life and it's not the amount of stress that you're under that spikes your cortisol and raises your blood sugar it's how you perceive the stress and how you react.

To the stress that's actually what matters but i know in the moment you feel like oh my god it's a pressure cooker all this is going on in my life but it's all about how you perceive it and it's all about how you react to it you can actually be in the midst of super stressful situation like all your.

Bills are passed due and you're on death row and if you if you if you perceive it properly and address it and and react to it you can keep your cortisol and blood sugar flatlined okay but if you've got a that's a learned skill and some of us are not very good at that i used to be terrible at that terrible terrible.

Uh noah dr barry do you work out with weights uh so i do but not the classic weights in the gym like you would imagine i work out with a chainsaw which weighs about 20 25 pounds and then so we've got 40 50 40 50 acres you know you made me flex my guns you know you've never done that i think you.

Should so this is chainsaw muzzle yeah this is chainsaw muscle that's not it's not impressive when you compare that to an i'm cutting down all these trees trying to create silver pasture for our sheep and eventually cattle and so i cut the logs just long enough that i can pick them up and flip them you've seen people.

Flip tires because i have to move all the cut wood over into a brush pipe and so i i cut the pieces of wood just big enough so i can barely move them or barely pick them up and so i'm flipping logs all day i was out there for how many hours today doing that five five or six hours right and so it's not even a workout to me it's fun i love it.

Freaking love it okay i hope it's warm tomorrow so i can go back out there but that's not working out to me that's playing but you can see i'm lifting thousands of pounds of weights even though i i didn't set foot in the gym today that's the way i work out tiny vegetable.

How do i get rid of geographic tongue i'm already eating carnivores so geographic tongue is not necessarily pathology uh i'll have to look into the research but last time i looked we don't we don't know exactly what causes it but it doesn't seem to be a disease it just seems to be.

A genetic thing some people just have geographic tongue and if you want to see a really cool picture of the tongue just internet search geographic tone really cool pictures there are a couple of things that can masquerade as geographic tone so you want to make sure that it's not one of those other things which can be fixed but usually geographic tongue.

Is uh something that you you've got for a while then it just goes away going back to muscles and gaining muscles on keto carnivore yadda yadda our good friend robert sykes keto savage he's got a book just released his new book bodybuilding keto bodybuilding so if.

You're interested in bodybuilding on keto and not using carbs using fat and protein and lifting heavy and the guys ripped okay look at the cover of him uh go to his youtube channel or his facebook page instagram it's uh the keto savage i think on instagram or add keto savage and he'll have a link over there.

But those of you who are interested in bodybuilding or just getting more muscular lifting weights whatever whatever check out his book and everything he talks about in the book uh keto bodybuilding or keto weightlifting also applies to carnival because it's it's basically very very low carb of the absence of carbs yet.

You're still able to build muscle all your muscles are made of protein right you understand that and they've got some fatty marbling in there too if you if you're a little bit overweight your muscles are not made of carbs and for decades uh the big leaders in the field of bodybuilding and weightlifting.

Thought you had to eat carbs in order to have the fuel to lift the weights but now we know you can you can burn fat for fuel and you can have amazing muscles look at that that's keto right there that's keto keto savage ketogenic body building robert's bodybuilding and he's a very.

Intelligent fellow i mean he's not that pretty but he's really smart right uh but he is married to a beautiful lady crystal who is also pregnant yeah so check them both out we're super proud of them congratulations on your books shane jones can bench 300 pounds i can reach.

Welcome back hey guys why do ketone urine strips register more ketones after drinking coffee or energy drinks is this a false positive or do those drinks actually make you have more ketones it's not technically a false positive but that's not a a physiologically natural healthy way to raise your ketones and i don't.

Recommend doing it that way john says our insects carnivores you need to let me catch up yes they are insects or carnivores kaden uh is it safe to feed our newborn baby goats milk if we're not producing enough breast milk absolutely that is that is the number one alternative that i would suggest any mom go to.

Um but also if you are not producing enough milk i would like to know why you think that is your baby not growing properly gaining weight those type of things those are the key things that show you your milk production is low it has nothing to do with how much you pump out.

Um or or if like it's it's extremely hard to explain this in a quick video but i would say yes goat milk is fine but unless your baby is falling off the growth chart you probably are making plenty of them and what are some quick tips that very often hospitals don't tell you that you can increase your milk supply very naturally.

Stay naked baby naked you naked skin to skin 24 7. yep just a diaper you can go down that's fine um holding the baby um if you are pumping go back to baby to breast for a while and then pump on top of that and then there's this uh thing called power pumping and you can look this up on how to do that and that will boost supply as.

Well make sure you're eating enough make sure you're sleeping i know i know lots of electrolytes lots of salt lots of water obviously i am sweating i've been freezing all day hey deb i have an amino acid blood plasma issue and a hot listen a high timer and just a little cholesterol what diet do i need.

To fix this you need to eat a proper human diet dab um the amino acid blood plasma issue if you were diagnosed with that as an infant then you might need to tweak your proper human diet but if that's something that a a naturopath or a functional medicine doctors diagnose you with you need to eat lots of meat and eggs.

And plus or minus a little bit of veg nuts and berries heather three years dealing with extremely low iron seeing specialists cause is still unknown i'm headed for another infusion soon would straight carnivore help me lots of red meat and as much liver as you can tolerate liver two or three times a week.

Red meat every single day for multiple meals that's what's going to fix this but definitely continue to have it investigated because there are conditions that that chew up your red blood cells you can't make them fast enough there are conditions where your bone marrow just doesn't make them like it should.

And so you need to have this thoroughly investigated but in the in the meantime you need to be eating liver two or three times a week and red meat for every meal victoria i'm a nursing carnivore my baby's six months and is slow to gain weight my pediatrician said he's underweight at 15 pounds he's mostly carnivore too it's his slow gain.

Due to my diet okay first of all if you said he's mostly carnivore a baby at six months should not be eating real food for food they're mostly learning and playing with it's like food for fun until one that's like a a basic rule he needs to be or she needs to be getting breast milk.

Yes or or goat milk or whatever you decide okay not that food whatever you're giving the baby if you are giving him bacon or whatever he's not really eating it you're not getting nutrition from that so you need to be making sure if he is 15 pounds that is pretty tiny uh he's getting enough.

Food milk milk 100 milk needs to be the vast majority of physicians no water no water no fruit juice which i'm sure you know that already but like please you said mostly so that's why i'm like yeah yeah he can play around with eggs and and stuff but he needs to be getting lots of breast milk 100 somebody asked.

Do you think that grocery store eggs are safe and good i think they're totally fine we've got 20 hens in the backyard so we get pastured eggs uh but if we didn't do that we would buy our eggs at walmart sam's k-mart whatever yeah kroger chris can high ldl deposits and arteries cause clogging.

So that's a great question and that's what all of us are working on my good friend dave feldman is doing research dr david diamond's doing research on this that's the current theory is that high ldl clogs your arteries but more and more research and more and more research.

That has been done in the past and hidden is coming to life and it looks like that your body uses cholesterol like spackle to to when there's been damage to your artery your body tries to fix that like with putty right with the cholesterol but it doesn't look like the cholesterol is causing the damage.

Okay so just because the cholesterol is there does not mean it was the cause that's just your body trying to fix it so we're still investigating that all of us are there's i guarantee there's old research studies that are very important that we haven't discovered yet because the researchers didn't publish them because it didn't uh support the heart.

Height the diet hard hypothesis and so they just didn't publish it or they published it in some obscure journal in scandinavia uh several people said well i know water okay so a baby especially six months or younger 12 months ago really 12 months ago 100 water they get water from milk okay.

They're getting water water is nothing no calories no fat no protein there's nothing in water especially if your baby is underweight right water is a waste of space filling up their little bellies and making them feel full but they're not actually getting any nutrition great way to under nourish your baby by giving them water.

All the time uh up to 12 months of age a baby needs zero just pure clear water in their bottle never do they need that they don't need that okay they're not exercising they just lay around christ they're not thirsty for water they want milk milk milk milk that's the only liquid that a baby under 12 months of age should drink never water never.

Fruit juice god in heaven never soft drinks ever ever ever if you put a soft drink in your baby's bottle and let them drink that you and i are not friends just click off this video and go somewhere else that is that's child abuse okay but water is not good for babies they don't need it maddie can i gain weight while.

Intermittent fasting i'm 27 i'm five foot six recently went from 114 to 109 while off keto i'm back on but i would like to internet and fast for gut health and i'm trying to conceive yeah so if you want to gain weight i would not do much intermittent fasting if you want to gain fats because that intermittent fasting is.

Going to keep your insulin very low normal it's going to be very hard to gain fat while you're doing that now i if i'm not sure from your question if you're wanting to lose weight then 100 percent daily intermittently okay so you're trying to conceive just eat eat real quick it's fun to intermittent.

Fast if you are not hungry eat when you are hungry that's still intermittent fasting so do it that way and don't sit like a goal and eat just like you're with your natural hunger cues yep somebody says talk about blood pressure i've got two or three videos on this youtube channel about blood.

Pressure and how to get your hypertension or your high blood pressure under control we're behind so stop for a minute please uh what to do for rey nods red sage wants to know reynolds is partly genetic a tiny bit but mainly it's inflammatory in nature right and so the.

If you smoke you gotta quit smoking if you use any kind of tobacco or nicotine you're having reynolds you got to stop that that's that's going to lead to much more likely to have it secondly when as you transition to a proper human diet you're lowering the levels of inflammation and your arteries and your arterials.

Behave more appropriately and so what happens with reynolds is these two little arteries constrict for no helpful reason at all and it cuts off the blood supply and the finger turns white or the toe and that's not healthy it's not good if it stays that way for too long you can actually lose a toe and i had a patient.

Who smoked and wouldn't quit he lost his big toe then he lost his foot then he lost his leg from reynolds because he would not quit smoking and when he lost his tone on the other foot and he quit smoking so don't don't wait that long don't smoke paul says lilia laureen age nine is watching with me today oh wow.

Lilia i love that um well eating a grapefruit a day keep blood pressure normal darlene asks no darlene there's nothing magical in grapefruits there's lots of carbohydrates that will spike your blood sugar and raise your insulin and that cause you to hold more fluid which will.

In fact raise your blood pressure there's lots of crap out there eat a grapefruit a day drink celery juice blah blah blah just there's thousands of things if you want to lower your blood pressure substantially and keep it down you want to eat a diet that keeps your blood sugar low normal keeps your insulin low normal.

Then you're going to pee off all the extra fluid your blood pressure is going to come down that's how you do it charles i'm getting the v19 should i be concerned that i'm such a magnet everyone's telling me to be careful since i'm the one who keeps getting it.

And this is documented that you've had it three times i mean it's possible that you've had three different strains just like the flu you can catch the flu theoretically every year from a different strain uh but i mean it's obviously not good for you that you keep catching it i would try to avoid that if possible.

What you got uh terry down 121 pounds with carnivore nice nice well done terry 50-ish more to go i'm taking crews in may any tips to in order to keep losing weight yeah between thanks for eating on the cruise so cruises have buffets and we've had no trouble staying keto or even carnivore on the cruise usually you know when they.

Have the big slab of roast beef they trim it off and they have a pile of all the fatty cuts because nobody wants that right and so when i go through the line i just put my plate and point to the pile of fatty cuts i'm like i want that so yeah anytime there's a buffet terry you just stay away from the ships you shouldn't be eating and eat the meat eat.

The eggs eat the veg if you're keto i would also say if it's in your budget getting the meal plan to be able to eat at the other restaurants better quality meat um i don't know how they're doing buffets now on cruises too with all the like restrictions and things but i will say when we we got the plan last time and it.

Was much more easy for us to eat when we knew for sure there was going to be a good quality steak on the menu lamb beef or whatever and then eating dinner in the dining room everything is usually good but sometimes the buffet is like there is soy in this burger okay this is not a good quality you still got to watch yourself but it's easy to do if.

You just use your head karen says is progesterone cream useful or a waste of money if it is true prescription strength progesterone cream compounded by a pharmacy and you in fact have very low progesterone care and then it's very very useful it'll help you sleep better it'll help your anxiety it'll even help with weight loss john.

Says how long has the longest i should fast forward my friend insists that i have to do a 10-day fast because the benefits only just begin at day four or five the the majority of the benefits begin in hour 18 okay that's what most of the research and there's not much but that's what it looks like and that's what most.

Experts believe is that about 18 hours into a fast you start to ramp up autophagy mitophagy and all the other magical things that happens with fasting i would have to know your body fat percentage if you're if you're really morbidly obese then do a 10-day fast with your friend you're not going to hurt yourself just get plenty of water.

And plenty of minerals and electrolytes you'll be fine monty says as a trucker it's hard to follow your great advice strictly but i'm trying to monji there is a whole group i think on facebook dedicated to truckers who are doing keto so maybe look into that and um see if they have some tips for you because.

Trucker to trucker is probably going to be able to tell you here's the way i do it here's how i store my food and here's how i stay on the path it is more of a challenge there's no doubt but you 100 can do this if you set your mind pretty sure there's a youtube channel does anybody and feel free you can put the handle in the.

The chat box if you know the of the facebook page or a me we group or page or a youtube channel that's just for truckers doing low carb keto or carnivore put that in the now we have a lot of truckers yes yes so feel free to help your fellow trucker out kevin wants to know i have lost 25 pounds between september and.

January but my hands and feet are feeling cold all day is this normal i'll drink salt water it might be normal kevin uh if you're not getting enough iodine this is a very common cause of cold hands and cold feet nisha suffered from this and still she until she started getting enough iodine.

In her diet and then as if by magic she wasn't cold all the time anymore terry says i forgot to ask after losing 120 pounds my tailbone hurts all the time no falls or trauma could this just be the decrease in booty fat yes and so now what you're going to do is you're going to start putting on some booty muscle because that will protect your coccyx.

Just as well as fat will and it's much healthier to protect it that way hey my cousin is in thailand who uh jimmy berry good morning from here in thailand hey cousin uh several of you said what do you mean when you say real salt so real salt is a brand of salt that we use do we really not have a.

Bottle here i guess we don't somebody stole my bottle it's probably becca becky berry stole my bottle real salt is the brand name redmond's real salt and it is a mime salt that comes straight from an ancient ocean in utah it is clean it's full of minerals it's tasty it's delicious and it's what we use on.

All of our food there is a link in the description to their website and also a discount code if you want to buy some i think it's 10 off with dr berry also you can find them now at like walmart and uh whole foods and sprouts you can find redmond's real salt like everywhere but they have a smoked salt by the way those of you who missed out on it when it sold.

Out last time smoked salt back in stock on the redmond's website so good if you are into delicious smoking salt i mean who isn't so good y'all run run to their website use dark code dr barry get a little discount i'm telling you it makes yes it's okay absolutely uh.

Nicolia ask a very important question is there a vegan keto diet never like meat or fish from a child so i am vegan is there a list of food for vegan keto diet if you can be vegetarian and you can include shellfish like mussels and oysters and you can eat eggs if you can add those things to your.

Vegan diet then i think you can do keto enough to see the benefits but if if you're just going to eat plant foods there's it's impossible to get your carbohydrate intake low enough to get into ketosis and for most people it's it's impossible to get your insulin level low enough to burn off unwanted fats as a vegan but a vegetarian.

With with seafood and with eggs uh yes i think that's okay oh paul give her a big kiss from us enrique my mom is 66 she's pre-diabetic and recently got diagnosed with high blood pressure primary doctor says no need for diet change just blood pressure.

Medications yeah just take these pills any suggestions for next steps yeah so your mom's at very high risk of a heart attack or a stroke because of her pre-diabetes and her hypertension uh lovingly since you're her son you're not wanting you're not gonna walk in and say no damn it mom this is how it's gonna be don't do that okay you're gonna.

Lovingly help her to understand a ketogenic diet okay that's filled with natural real whole foods not keto cakes pies cookies and shakes and so it's basically the food she grew up eating meat eggs and veg that's what's going to help her lower her blood pressure and reverse her pre-diabetes before something terrible.

Happens uh you might say hey there's this doctor i know on youtube he's got a video about high blood pressure he also has several videos about pre-diabetes he used to actually have pre-diabetes and he reversed it by eating this diet that's filled with lots of real delicious food and you can do that too mom won't you.

Watch this guy he's got this cool southern accent uh by the way smoke salt to clarify that uh similar to smoked meats hickory smoked i think is one cherry is one there's one more i like the hickory smoked the best but they're all really really tasty holly thank you so much uh you've affected so.

Many of my friends and family thank you my question is can someone with a cute intermediate uh yep or hereditary core pro okay yeah can they sustain a keto diet and fasting yes they're and so the the carbs do stave off an attack but that doesn't mean it has to be cake.

Right the carbs can come from blueberries the carbs can come from vegetables the carbs don't have to come from sugar and grains and desserts and honey and orange juice the carbs can come from much healthier lower carb foods and they still get enough carbs to stave off in an attack.

And we'll leave up thyroxine and or delete exam break my fat no i don't think so yeah if you take them with just water they should not break your fast and the levothyroxine that's exactly how you should take it is 20 or 30 minutes before you eat with just a glass of water.

Okay victoria says no he's not eating food he's mostly breastfeeding and taste just tasting and playing with me no water i'm concerned it's my diet yes i would definitely see tell your pediatrician that you need to maybe have something checked out because failure to thrive is serious and if he is underweight and is not and.

We don't know if he's been diagnosed with failure to thrive or if he's just dipping on his curve keep up with it you know and uh get you a good scale and just keep up with yourself too and watch that and if you but if you're worried about this add back in some keto friendly veg and some blueberries make sure you're eating fat.

Yeah get lots of fats you can be carnivore and not eat enough fat and you really need fat in that breast milk okay so maybe up the fat yep because your body's in the baby's body is gonna make all the glucose that your baby needs uh when you your breast milk is is got plenty of carbohydrates in it even if you're a carnivore that's not gonna.

Lower the carb count in your breast milk so make sure you're drinking plenty of water and eating lots of fatty meat and if you eat eggs always eat the yolks if anything throw one one or two of the whites away keep all the yolks that way you're getting a higher fat to protein ratio all yolk omelets all yolk omelets yes absolutely all the cream all the.

Butter pro genealogist i'm 58 and had total hysterectomy with oophorectomy 12 years ago i had breast cancer in 2007 my grandmother passed from ovarian cancer can i still be considered a poor biological hormone replacement excellent question so all the research that shows that that hormones increase your risk of cancer like estrogen we're.

Done with fake hormones like perimeter and prem pro estradiol they're not actually estrogen they're fake molecules that resemble estrogen and trick your body into taking them into the estrogen receptor there is zero research that shows that bioidentical hormones will increase your your cancer risk okay so have a conversation with with a.

Doctor who does bioidentical hormone therapy but as long as you understand that and understand there's no research proving bioidentical safe but it just makes sense that you shouldn't be taking fake estrogens and and indeed we found that that would increase your cancer risk but not.

Bioidentical so far i got one angela says is is keto safe for somebody with gilberts or gilbert's uh yeah first of all gilbert's or gilbert's is not a dangerous condition right it's just hot tea billy uh so yeah 100 you can eat keto and eat all the fat uh susan kudos to dr barry and nisha thanks so much for sharing all this.

Information ketobor works 200 pounds gun susan 200 pounds off hit the thumbs heart emojis wow hearts and thumbs for susan susan well done well done feeling good health has improved and i bet i bet now susan you get the distinct honor and privilege of teaching your friends and family.

The power of a proper human diet i freaking love this how are you going to argue with susan you see you knew what she looked like before you see her now but she's also she's not starving she's happy and full and loves her diet how can you not want to know how susan did that matlis this is a.

Very good question if i eat one meal a day is it okay to use worcester sauce on my rib eyes or blue cheese dressing in moderation on my salad probably probably is because you're only elevating your insulin uh which protein does as well you're only doing it one time a day and then for the rest of the day your insulin is a little normal.

As long as you're not like using you know half the bottle doesn't matter here's the thing about whisker sauce it's like water so like not much is getting on that steak and making it to your mouth it's mostly on your plate as long as you're not drinking the plate when you're done you're probably a one where you're like.

Scooping up a teaspoon with every single bite you know what i mean susan freaking rocked it boom i love it that's amazing anybody else really lost a substantial amount of weight and i know however much weight you lost that's that's substantial but i'm talking about anybody uh well up in the double or triple digits i'm gonna.

Put it in the comments i want everybody to see this way hey kim hey kim welcome back starting carnivore tomorrow on two 122. been ketobor since 1227 to help with some inflammation and blowing i'm sure this may be due to the heavy cream it could be could be yeah and i think i think 90 days of a strict carnivore diet is a great way to reset your body it's.

Really the ultimate elimination diets and after that 90 days karen was that her name yeah karen no tim after that 90 days of carnivore kim then you get to make a decision if you feel amazing you can stay carnivore if you're like i don't know i kind of miss broccoli and i don't feel that good and i didn't have that you know the as many benefits as i.

Thought i would add some broccoli back in and see what happens you get to play around at that point uh charles says he's been tested for the different strange uh e and he wants to know if he should consider the you know charles if you've had it three times it had to be different strains and so uh you're you are immune to at least.

Three different strengths but what i guess is my guess is you've been falsely diagnosed with it uh once or twice or perhaps thrice uh and so you've probably had other viral infections which can mimic it so closely that nobody can tell unless they do a pcr and we all know the story behind some of those tests so um i would say uh keep doing what you're.

Doing talk to your doctor and keep doing your research and then make a decision i see 50 pounds down 90 pounds down 115 pounds 50 pounds 120 pounds 105 pounds 100 pounds dude john murphy went from 410 pounds down to 290 pounds in a year in one year boom boom.

Hey michelle how you back thank you um there was somebody else michelle lost 80 pounds doug lost 40. oh uncle big guy went from 336 ready for this guys 336 down to 200 pounds that's a freaking home run right there thank you chihuahua's patty oh i want to answer this one karen says my.

Chiropractor recommended a liver cleanse which i'm sure your chiropractor sells do you like cleanses uh yes i like the ultimate cleanse which is fasting that is the one and only cleanse in the world that actually works and it's free now your chiropractor won't like that because they won't get to make the profit mark up on that.

Cleanse cleanses are dumb okay anybody who tries to ever sell you a liver cleanse a kidney cleanse a whole body cleanse they're full of they want your money now they may earnestly believe what they're telling you probably they may believe it but they're just wrong okay there is no such thing as.

That the only way to cleanse your body is to not eat for some period of time and let your body just do its own thing your liver and your kidneys and every other organ in your body is just like a self cleaning of it it does not need you to buy a product to help it cleanse okay chiropractor is probably genuinely.

Trying to help i agree but also genuinely wrong and it's down 120 pounds go in thanks paola and kevin our moderators and mrs mitzi you guys are doing a great job sometimes they'll answer a newbie question in the comments so be watching your comment you may get an answer like that the reader wants to know can you.

Discuss the deal with pots and would carnivore work so yeah pots is is it is touchy but i've had many people reach out to me with pots and say hey my symptoms and my blood pressure are much more consistent and much less severe when i'm keto ketobor or carnival we've heard that multiple times so i would 100 try it for 90 days.

And when i say keto i do not mean uh slim fast keto i don't mean keto pies cookies shakes any of that crap i mean meat eggs and veg a few berries a few nuts meat eggs veg few berries a few nuts that's keto real food real food that grew in the dirt or was.

Grazed that grazed on something that grew in the dirt and then we ate that animal that's what keto is keto is not a product it's not something that's in a plastic wrapper if it says keto on the label it's almost 100 percent not nisha loves it approved or dr barry approved or aikido approved unless the keto influencer is getting a markup and.

Getting an affiliate link then they'll say it's keto he's talking a lot i'm full of it tonight i'm just telling you guys the way it is okay mark mark is new i can tell by his question okay how do you get fiber on carnivore yep so you don't mark and uh there's actually quite a bit of research that shows that.

Uh fiber is not not only not essential but it's also not necessary and many many people with crohn's disease ulcerative colitis and ibs have happier guts when they eat no fiber whatsoever if fiber was truly essential it would.

Have long ago been deemed by the federal government this is an essential nutrient but as you can tell it still has not been given that accolade and that's because it's not essential you can do just fine i can't i don't know the last time i had a gram of fiber in my diet and i have no.

Problems with that whatsoever everything works wonderfully linda said i think i really need to know have you had any cravings yeah what was my craving she was craving sushi now the meat of you know just like sashimi she was craving um.

Uh steak what else were you craving moisturizing oysters god bless roll oysters basically raw meat i was craving and that's the way she was in the first trimester with beckett when she got out of that ooh nothing sounds good she's like let's go get oysters and so we're gonna go pregnancy like if you those of you who are around.

Remember i was eating oysters like every day and a lot of people out there i think they think oysters are like just some frivolous frou-frou uppity food oysters look up the nutrition in an oyster they are a literal superfood for building a baby for building a baby's brain.

Oysters meat fatty meat and eggs literally that's all you need to eat to build the perfect human baby which is kind of what beckett is he's pretty cool he's pretty cool this baby's kicking me getting stuff done went from 242 pounds down to 161 pounds charlie and jody after losing 180 and a.

Couple years of ketobor to maintain i'm finally having skin removal surgery good for you do you recommend anything special surgery to promote healing yeah i would eat fatty meat carnivore lots of eggs for the week before and then after the surgery i would do some intermittent fasting at least if.

Not a two or three day fast depending on what your body fat percentage is niche is bringing something that we bought it bare bones butcher in nashville tennessee please don't spill that that would be so terrible loki would help you love it if you did this is real bone marrow.

Let me show you look at this this is what real bone broth looks like see that it's jell-o the you know the broth you buy at the store it's just like a liquid that's not bone broth this is pure collagen bone broth that's bone broth get you some of that you can make some before your surgery it's very easy to do if you have an instant pot yes.

Yes this is it right here but that's i would almost hold it upside down like a blizzard like literally you know how when they do that at dairy queen they're like dude they hold it upside down yeah it's the same yeah that's real bone broth that's what it looks like that's a high quality s2o bone broth.

Oh my god name that movie michelle is five feet two inches tall and she lost 80 pounds she went from a size 14 down to a size four and now michelle's got a problem that was caused by keto or carnivores she needs me she's gonna have to buy all new clothes i'm sorry michelle i should have warned you about that in my videos.

Water boy sonny parker our good friend in texas lost 260 pounds and she luckily is one of those people who intermittent fasting really helps her burn up the the skin folds and the redundant floppy skin she hasn't had any skin removal surgery at all some people can do that with fasting.

Some people either they don't have the patience to wait or they're like it just doesn't work fast enough and they go ahead and have the surgery either way we still love you but uh yeah 260 pounds and literally she looks like she's never been overweight doesn't she she just looks like a petite little sexy.

Little blonde in texas but she lost 260 pounds what do you think she weighs down 110. she's tiny she lost probably three of herself yeah she's a different person um yeah that bone broth is from a meat place in.

West nashville called bare bones butcher it's in the nations i remember when nashville didn't have that kind of nickname neighborhoods okay like now we got all kinds of it's in the nations and it's really a great place lots of local meat from local farmers uh i think the furthest thing away is like kentucky.

Which is basically tennessee okay it's like right there yeah you know yeah oh what janice has got a question for you how do you use bone broth what would you do with that how are we going to use that um well you can just drink it straight heat it up and drink it straight out of a cup you can make uh soups with that as.

The base you can just eat it like that like a cube like a jello shop some people like to eat it like cold with the spoon i don't like that but some people love it some people love that but that has got all the collagen building blocks to help you heal after a surgery or after an injury there is nothing that's going to.

Help you and that's actually where the old wives tale of chicken soup your grandmother always wants you to eat chicken soup well here's the thing it's not campbell soup okay it's real chicken broth it actually kind of does have magical healing qualities because it's got that that collagen in.

There that's why grandmothers used to cook that for somebody who was sick is because it actually will help you heal very quickly so yeah but you don't have to find that you can really it's really super easy to make that kind of bone broth you can do it.

Much cheaper probably than what i paid for that but we like to support local places that do those type of things um you just find a butcher with bones go find a butcher ask for the bones usually the bones are like 1.25 for a pound or something and then fill up the budget friendly and put some apple cider vinegar in there put some salt fill it.

With water i know i know i know we need to do a video i know yes we do uh vanita has a very good question how do vegans strengthen their bones what foods are good this is an excellent question vanita vegans are have notoriously less strong bones than meat eaters okay and so if you're if you're vegan for.

Religious reasons and you don't want to break your religious religion then you're kind of stuck but what i would say is to add eggs and to add shellfish and crustaceans into your diet that's going to give you everything you need to build strong bones and then if.

You could if you could make and drink bone broth i don't know if that's okay or not with your religion but that is going to help make your bones stronger as well your bones are made of protein and collagen they're not made of calcium that's amazing religions it's vegetarian non-vegan well she said how did vegan.

Strengthen the body i know but then you said it's almost religion so i was like well i i'm going by her first name and then she's a vegan and then she's worried about her bones i'm just making a lot of assumptions there um but but yeah vegans it's it's impossible because the the supplements that you take they're very.

Poorly absorbed and often you're just going to have weaker bones as a vegan and there's actually research that shows this very clearly 3 100 people watching i think that's a new record will you stop you a listen if he don't get to your super chat don't blame me karen will drinking redmond's.

Electrolytes are taking supplements breaker fast taking supplements probably not the flavored redmond some of them taste really good okay and if you drink a lot of them they the sweet taste in your mouth might this is not proven but any sweet taste in your mouth might.

Raise your insulin enough to break the physiological fast of very low insulin that's what we're trying to do with this this way of eating with uh intermittent fasting so if you're making progress drinking the any of the electrolyte supplements that are flavored if you're losing weight getting healthier keep doing what you're doing but if you're.

Stalled you might want to switch to the unflavored sarah uh converted to low carb keto in 2021 with an a1c of 7.9 i've lost 35 pounds and now my a1c is 5.8 and fasting insulin of 21.7 what should my new focus be to do better so listen stay right there your a1c is 5.8.

Which is way the hill better but it's still two-tenths of a point too high right you're still pre-diabetic and you're fasting insulin which should be under 10 is still 21.7 so what that tells me is that you what's your name lori you laurie are still eating sarah sarah sarah sorry you're eating too many carbs for your personal physiology uh.

Whatever low carb keto figure up how many total carbs am i eating a day cut that in half three months of that you're going to have a normal a1c and a normal insulin that's when you know you've healed your metabolic disease and your metabolic syndrome yeah perfect but you've made great progress i'm not i'm not yelling i'm just telling you you you.

Hit a triple but i want you to get all the way home okay so you've got to cut the carbs a little more kim are there any dry seasonings i should avoid while doing carnivore or or would it be best to stick with red bins and season their seasoning salt well we know redmond's and we trust them we know they're not going to put any.

in their products so that's that's a no-brainer but uh if you can find a cheaper version that has no sugar and remember sugar can have a hundred different names right maltodextrin that's sugar dextrose so that's you know these things should be like paprika should just say bring it um you know cumin should say.

That's right i think it's when you start buying blends yeah that's when they start slipping some sugar in there yeah but if you just buy the just a one ingredient spice or seasoning that should be pretty safe but every time you buy a product in a container read the label carefully and if you don't know what a word means what do you.

Need to do use the google machine look it up because you need to know what you're putting in your face hey trucking with diabetes there you are trucking with diabetes there you go that there's a youtube channel right there i guess he has videos i'm not sure if you don't trucking with diabetes you need to have some youtube videos here.

All the time yeah yeah yeah i'm going to check him out write that down stranger so triple b chicken fish that's at the bottom of the phd food pyramid then green non-starchy veggies and then a bit of nuts berries avocados is this correct yeah for keto yeah and fish is right up there with beef butter bacon.

And eggs as far as i'm concerned i think seafood is amazing yeah the foundation yeah if you want it and so it i think depends on our dna our ancestry i think some of us seafood should be a big part of our proper human diet okay others of us it should be more remnant meat uh but yeah and so as you go up the pyramids you're.

Going to eat less and less of those things so the next layer would be all the the low carb veg right and then up the top some nuts and berries and avocados are a fruit right but you always look up the carb count and and some of these big ass avocados they've got more carbs in them than what it says.

Because they're twice the size of sometimes you get avocado where the seed is the entire avocado avocado i know yeah the clock's ticking beckett wants to share it with me tonight all right um okay you're good to pick a question all right.

Oh let's see yeah so findrana it says a very popular misconception uh there are too many heavy metals in seafood now if you're eating swordfish and huge fish that eat other thousands of other fish then yes there can be a buildup of heavy metals but if you're.

Eating sardines and anchovies and mackerel they're tiny fish okay they haven't eaten thousands of other fish so they're not going to have that mercury buildup okay and then the the shellfish are not known for having a high buildup of the heavy metals uh but yeah don't eat.

Swordfish it's you're gonna get to heavy metals if you do that charlie and jody i fast all the time i love it what are the benefits of doing a three-day fast after a surgery uh purpose is for motivation no yeah i think after a surgery that's an excellent way to help your body heal high protein high fat for a week before.

The surgery and then as much fasting as you can tolerate after the surgery unless you have a very low body fat percentage and then you don't need to fast this is a great question p.o.i have you seen the carnivore diet cost someone a metabolic metabolized metabolic wow.

I mean yeah metabolize drugs much quicker like a tennille this is a really good question there are several ways that you can metabolize a drug either faster or slower and virtually every food interaction that i've ever seen that causes someone to to metabolize too fast or too slow.

Is a plant okay i will look again but the last time i searched the literature i didn't find any studies whatsoever that said oh my god eating liver makes you metabolize this drug faster or slower or eating red meat or eggs makes you metabolize faster or slower it's possible but i i don't know of any research supporting.

That but excellent question mike wants to know are you familiar with jim stevens feast fest repeat i've heard the title but i have not read that book should i read that book mike is that a do you think that's a good book i'm constantly reading books about diet nutrition medicine.

Health um how human beings lived on this planet as long ago as i can find books that talk about it mudslinger very good question uh what about the breakdown of animal fats how many times can i safely fry in it and are there any studies or charts you can refer me to yeah so what you don't.

Want to do is oxidize uh the oil right and some oils if you cook too high and repeat cooking and vegetable oils are the worst at this right soybean canola corn oil sunflower oil you really need to if you cook with them please don't but if you do you should only cook with them one time and then you should pour them down the drain or pour them out.

Somewhere don't repetitively use vegetable oils because they get more and more unhealthy every time you cook with them animal fats don't seem to do that we've got bacon grease that we've had for months we cook with it strain it off put it back in the bacon grease container and it still is it's.

Pure white it smells delicious there's no smell of rancidity uh the usually when things oxidize or the male yard reaction occurs they get brown this is still white and so animal fats just don't break down and become dangerous like vegetable oils do how many people have thrown their canola oil their soybean oil corn oil sunflower.

Oil safflower oil how many of you guys have thrown that in the garbage vegetable oil shortening plant butter oh my god shoot me in the head if you've thrown that in the garbage put in the comments that that stuff is not human food it is not good for human beings please do not cook with that or use it in your diet in any way.

One more question be leon never had a high c peptide until this month i started keto in november i also started getting diploismic disclosure glycemic and it still hasn't resolved and my cpap diet is high so the one and only reason that i've seen foresee peptides being high is that.

Your pancreas is having to make too much insulin because you are currently eating too many carbohydrates for your personal physiology or your your life is currently very very stressful and you've got chronically ill inappropriately elevated cortisol which is causing your blood pressure to come.

Up which then would raise your insulin thus making the proxy marker of c peptide high so if it's high stress you got to deal with that if it's too many carbs for you personally you got to cut the carbs in in half even if you're currently keto you may need to cut the carbs a lot of people do.

I'm one of those people if i ate keto and ate uh 20 net grams of carbs a day i would gain 10 pounds that's that's just the nature of my my current metabolism and my physiology i have to eat meat and eggs to stay at this weight that's time roger ram thank you.

Greetings from india you guys are doing a great job thank you so much and thank you for sharing this video in india because as you know so many people there think that a vegan diet or a vegetarian diet is the way to go they think the animal fats are bad for you it's not true okay uh the average indian is not going to get.

Morbidly obese like a caucasian person in the u.s would they just get a little belly pooch and they develop metabolic syndrome pre-diabetes type 2 diabetes but they look slender and pretty healthy but if you check their labs that's when the truth comes out hey lisa in new zealand y'all don't forget to come over to my.

Channel nation loves it if you want to meet granny berry and subscribe because yeah she's almost to 100k to 100 000 subscribers help her get over 100k would you uh thank you so much for joining us now if we were not able to answer your question tonight there's a way that you can ask me questions directly and i'll answer you did you know.

It's on patreon.com there's a link down in the show notes you sign up as a and become a patron and we have three extra live q and a's in patreon each and every week and instead of 3 000 people asking questions it's 200 people asking questions and so i can answer your question and answer it in much more detail so become a patron support this.

Work that we're doing and also i'll answer your questions directly about medications about nutrition about diagnoses it's not medical advice but it's just my opinion and you can take it and do with it what you will the links down in the show notes thank you so much for sharing this video if you forgot to do that.

That might be this might be the one video that changes somebody's life and it takes you what five seconds to share this on your favorite social media so please consider doing that thank you so much thank you for being my wife and the mother of beckett barry and just all around awesome as f you're welcome.

I love you oh i don't make me cry on youtube i'm just telling the truth all right guys say your thing let me mean it see you next week or see you on patreon
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