Dr Berry & NEISHA Controversial LIVE! Proper Human Diet/Fasting

Dr Berry & NEISHA Controversial LIVE! Proper Human Diet/Fasting

Dr Berry & NEISHA Controversial LIVE! Proper Human Diet/Fasting

Check out the video on Dr Berry & NEISHA Controversial LIVE! Proper Human Diet/Fasting.
Hey hello hello friends and neighbors welcome back to the next edition of live and just to warn you we we might get a little controversial this evening we might not but we might i feel like we're always a bit controversial well i mean just to somebody we're always.

Depending on is there an ad playing right now yeah there's always an ad at the beginning you have ads turned on oh okay wow cool um oh let me say this we don't pick the ads that play on our youtube videos a lot of people get offended like there was a damn.

Whatchamacallit candy bar head right it's always something weird the way we feel about it is let them waste their money yeah let them waste their money because we know you're not going to buy what you call it candy bar that's actually a candy bar yeah right so those of you who are not new welcome back we're so happy to have you uh but.

We in the beginning we used to always introduce ourselves and now we do some the newbies a disservice by assuming everybody knows us and and knows like who are these people why should i care what they're talking about because you know what happens when you assume it makes that out of you and me yeah so i.

Am dr ken berry i'm a family physician i've been practicing family medicine for over 20 years i am also now a rancher and a farmer amateur i'm not currently giving any advice on that i'm still learning and this is my lovely wife manager.

Partner and valentine for life nisha solace hyphen berry she is a registered nurse and she has uh two different youtube channels three technically oh yeah i forgot the singing one yeah i didn't put a link but i've got links to her wellness health youtube channel down.

In the show notes and also her fashion style youtube down in the show notes so yeah i am a registered nurse turned youtuber turned health coach and my wellness group is in the comments as well so that's who we are and that's why we're on here talking about health and wellness and the proper.

Yep human and i used to be fat and diabetic and i reversed that with the proper human diet and nisha used to have out of control full-blown hashimoto's with every single symptom in the textbook some that aren't even really in there on nitrous oxide turbocharged.

And now she's currently in complete symptomatic remission and uh we're going to get our labs rechecked uh coming up shortly but did we do we see the results i don't remember yeah we didn't understand anybody's less than one is nice the all these chronic conditions that.

Are supposed to be permanent they just kind of fade to the background when you eat a proper human diet where in the world are you watching from what city what state what country where are you at in the world right now anybody from ukraine or russia.

That's all i'm going to say about that because i don't want to get too controversial well you know i'm watching that situation closely i currently have no opinion either way i'm just watching we have an opinion i'm observing i have an opinion i'm afraid to even have an opinion right now i'm afraid there's so much propaganda coming.

Out for both sides anyways oh i was talking about it sorry yeah okay let's let's answer some questions we got a couple that they should take a screenshot of before we started uh and then we're gonna you're gonna take it from there right all right all right bobby scott says hello dr barry me and my wife are doing.

Ketobor she will not eat seafood or eggs and is becoming burned out on meat she doesn't have a lot of energy can she substitute more meat help uh so you say she will not eat seafood or eggs so that's limiting herself um hopefully she is aware that you know.

Those are highly nutritional foods if the reason she's not eating seafood is because she's afraid it contains a lot of mercury then tell her to eat the small cold water fish like sardines anchovies uh herring mackerel these these don't eat a lot of fish sardines don't eat any fish they eat plankton so they don't have any buildup of mercury.

Uh they're also the small fish there's no profit in farming them so they're all wild caught and then if she if she in any way likes shellfish like oysters or mussels she can eat those they are superfoods but yeah substitute more meat but if she's getting burned out what do you do um tell her that she can you know just.

As long as she's prioritizing meat she can still have some vegetables here and there to keep her uh on this way of life sustainably because the most important thing is to stay consistent uh perfection nobody's ever gonna be perfect ever ever ever so if she is having a day where she's.

Like meat isn't that great but if she has meat with a side of broccoli cooked in butter with a little bit of cheese on it that's okay too um so just let her know that she can still have a little variety in there as long as she's keeping her consistent because that really is the most important thing thanks for the super.

Chat hobby lobby scotty truck186 thought i didn't see you didn't you um uh agent agent 99 says do i need to be in ketosis in order to lose weight unless yes unless you're okay with starving yourself for months to lose the weight and then starving yourself for the rest of your life to keep the weight off if.

You'd like to not starve yourself and still burn fat then you need to be in ketosis because that means you're burning fat for fuel justin what's your take on shbg many say it causes low libido when you only eat meat yeah every single i hear the opposite of that almost everything every single carnivore.

I've ever talked to does not complain of low libido um we're being controversial this this evening but i don't want to get too graphic but many many people say that activities that used to be uh retired in their bedroom are now out of retirement.

Speaking of which do you think tom brady's gonna unretire i don't care she loves tom brown that's her favorite just like him a lot but uh yeah no and so sex hormone binding globulin is definitely something you should check if you're having trouble with your libido but uh eating all meat and eggs is going to do nothing.

Negative to your libido trust yeah if you're someone who's libido has increased your testosterone is creased your bedroom life has gotten really nice you know because that's exercise too drop that in.

The comments yeah put that in the comments if you've actually had an increase in libido from meat heavy keto ketobor or carnivore i want to see this katarina thank you so much for the super chat uh hey nick pooper nick pooper bless day to y'all i'm on carnivore omad and i want to try 48 hour fasting and omad so i would eat 4 000 calories once.

Every three days should i worry about the refeeding syndrome not if you're only going to fast for two or three days that virtually never happens with shorter fasts like that good question very good good question uh joe says yes more libido amber kicking diabetes ass with.

Keto says keto helped my libido tremendously mark says yep i'm way more randy now i love when people say randy and his middle name is not randy randy baby yeah are you feeling randy your accent's horrible i'm sorry i'm a redneck i can't help it ain't none of your business what are you drinking tonight i'm drinking.

Water sand pellegrino nothing fancy i'm drinking decaf with goat butter i haven't eaten yet today i haven't broken my fast so i'm sipping on my goat butter yeah uh for those of you who want to see what dr barry eats in a day i am going to stalk him tomorrow it wouldn't have worked today.

Because i haven't eaten yeah tomorrow i didn't even see him all day today so but that'll be going up on my channel misha loves it uh none of your business hello doctor my name is ed thanks you have reversed my a1c dropped it from 10.4 to 5.7 in four months beautiful beautiful i have one to go i also have a normal cholesterol now and i need to raise my.

Hdl three points to get to 40. so you're gonna eat more fatty meat and you're gonna lift heavy things whatever's heavy for you that's that's how you're going to get that hdl up uh three more points congratulations well done well done uh gail says what which reading is more important glucose reading or hemoglobin a1c.

It's a good question good question so your glucose rating changes from minute to minute and it can give you useful information especially after you eat a meal to decide was were there too many carbs in that meal but the best reading for overall to kind of gauge your overall progress is the hemoglobin a1c plus a c peptide and a fasting insulin.

Those three tests are going to give you complete information about your glucose insulin metabolism hey rod uh rob says my wife's been keto three weeks she's having a lot of sweating any thoughts uh some people call this the meat sweats and when you when your metabolism cranks it up a notch which is what commonly.

Happens on keto or carnivore you'll you might be more sweaty because your your body temperature can actually raise anywhere from three tenths of a degree up to seven tenths of a degree and so you're gonna you're gonna feel hotter and some people sweat more and that's actually a good thing that tells you your.

Metabolism is not but dead or if it was it's coming back from the dead and it's waking up one uh yes more libido two months and 30 pounds off so far away going live well done jackie this is a wonderful question with price of meat how can i eat on a fixed income i'm barely making it as i am i'm a diabetic so jackie.

You can eat any cut of meat all right budget friendly that means hot dogs baloney sardines potted meat try to keep the carb counts low low low all right um and also consider fasting you can also fast which is free which is free and eventually.

Hopefully you will be able to come off medications by eating this way which will also save you money not have to go to the doctor as many times which will also save you money fewer co-pays your co-pays but do not feel like you have to eat the most expensive cuts of meat you don't absolutely not you can do this diet.

Properly eating hot dogs bologna liverwurst bratwurst just read the label and make sure that it has less than one gram of carbohydrate per serving yeah we're not saying these are the best optimal most nutritious cuts of meat but when it comes down to it are you really going to tell jackie that she just needs to eat the standard american diet right.

Or perfect no oh this reminds me we're married people every now and then somebody pops up like oh my god i did not know you were married to that one yeah we were married have been married we've been we've been together for almost 10 years and i'm still not tired of your crap.

How does that work it depends on the day i think right you were a little tired of my crap earlier no i still loved you i still loved you madly even though you're getting on my nerves anyways jackie do not feel like you have to eat the perfect cuts of meat grass-fed grain finished.

No additives just try to eat as close to perfect as you could get all right and you're still going to see lots of benefits all right fishy biz charters hello dr barry you are my new hero or my only hero oh thank you very much i'm the boat captain from miami thank you a million for all your.

Help and dedication i've lost 70 pounds in three months and it keeps on melting off way to go fishy biz charters next time we're in miami well done captain hey tired of looking for a name welcome back still waiting for a reaction video.

On recent school meals program dr barry when are you gonna do that oh man working on that i've got so many video ideas my add kicks in i've got i use evernote i don't get paid to say that but that's just what i use because i can have it on my computer and my phone and literally out in the in the woods today which i took quite.

The fall today i was telling you about she was cracking up but i'll have a video listening to a book uh cleaning brush and i'll be like oh my god that's a great video i'll get my phone out i'll put it in evernote and then i forget about it for like three months and so about every three months i'll scroll through evernote i'm like oh yeah that's.

A great idea i need to make a video about that but i've got thousands of video ideas in there but that one is a good one uh the language they use is so obfuscating and so opaque that if if i showed a screenshot of the actual language used everybody'd be like well.

That doesn't sound that bad but it's the outcome of what's going to actually happen when the cafeteria lady or gentleman puts the food on the little kids tray it's dastardly and so yeah i definitely should make a a youtube video about that and also i was going to ask you guys i want to i want.

To put you guys on the case i need pictures of hospital meals that were actually served to real patients and school meals preschool meals uh elementary middle school high school meals that were actually served to the students i need pictures of those uh you can send them to me uh.

On my facebook page you can send me a message you can send me a message on instagram take have your kid take a picture have the patient take a picture and send me that picture because i want to use that in that video to show because a lot of people think oh no school meals are so nutritious they don't understand that very often it is.

Junk on top of junk with a side of junk that these poor kids are being forced to eat if they can't get mom or dad to pack them at lunch thank you for that all right this is i need to address this all right sustained by his love why are people bragging about eating meat filled with chemicals well they're not really bragging about.

Eating meat filled with chemicals they're bragging about the fact that they have literally come out if you'll read the comments come off medications lost hundreds of pounds cured their type 2 diabetes put illnesses in remission fatty liver fatty liver obesity obesity without.

Breaking the bank this is not an elitist way of eating and to portray that is rude yeah and it's untrue it's unfounded neither one of us got to where we're sitting in our health journey by eating grass-fed grass finish panda massage way goo premiere usda perfection remember at the.

Old farmhouse we would fight we would get the 10 for 10. it was 10 pounds of ground beef for 10 bucks and they had that sale about every two weeks and we would go and buy it all and break it up into two pound sections wrap it up in in plastic put in the for in the freezer we did that for years if you would like to brag.

About how you got to where you are in your health journey by not having to be in some rich person who gets to eat this exclusively perfect meat and you still got your health back got your weight down got your life back but when i say life back like you.

Can read these comments they literally weren't able to get up out of their bed they were knocking on death's doors some of the time felt like death on a cracker yes have it almost fixing to have surgery amputations like the list goes on and on yeah we are not ever we are not elitist we are two rednecks who are just trying.

Real hard to help people that's that's all we're doing here um just because listen walmart sells grass-fed beef just because it's sold at walmart don't make it cheap it's true riba regular ribeye yeah but here's the thing oh all beef is grass-fed for at least 60 to.

80 percent of its life even the cheapest yuckiest pink slime beef is grass-fed 60 to 80 percent of its life it's only for the last 20 that they put some of the cows in the feedlot and feed them a a blend of stuff well the majority of which is still uh stalks of weeds and and parts of plants.

That humans won't eat they do get some corn and that's what makes that's what marbles a beef but it's not a hundred percent corn that they're fed in the feedlot i'm actually working on a video about that right now as well even in the feed lot still 60 70 percent of their diet is plant stocks and parts of plants that.

Humans can't eat is it better yes yeah is it more sustainable in the long run yes when you get there buy the best when you can the best you can afford i've gotta be we will literally never sit here and make someone feel bad because they can't afford the perfect beef because it's that's unsustainable or there are uh you know.

These pesticides like saying that someone's not helping them yeah just because you can't afford poor frankie tofano's that does not make you a bad person okay you are still a great person and you still deserve redemption from your chronic medical conditions 100 percent.

Frankie bought me on twitter poor little fella he's so cute oh you are getting controversial tonight call it okay kim kim hey kim kim's been around a long time can my intermittent fasting change from 18 to 24 hours or should i keep it consistent sometimes i'm good on one.

Meal and other days i need two meals what you're describing kim is exactly what i do some days i won't eat at all if i'm not hungry i won't eat i'll just sip on my coffee some days i'll have one ginormous meal a day and then some days i'll have that meal and then nature are eating some really succulent.

Uh or aromatic meat and i'll be like i think i'll have a second meal today so i think i think it's probably very uh mirroring of our ancestors to to be inconsistent like that and most gurus will say well you have to be consistent i think you need to be consistent in the type of foods the real food yeah being on a real food way of eating but i think.

Breaking up your fasting interval i think that's very ancestrally appropriate yeah oh terry says you're looking hot doctor mary thank you thank you i took a shower and everything i know he took a bath today charles hey welcome back got a stubborn five-year-old won't eat what i cook from meat to fish but only drink milk.

In quesadillas well going with eating damage her what are your tips that's a good question charles when your stubborn five-year-old gets truly hungry guess what she'll do she'll eat any damn thing you put in front of her but you said she likes quesadilla diaz uh nisha knows this recipe that you can.

Make tortillas or quesadillas are basically the same thing and and she doesn't have to know it's actually a carnivore tortilla which you could wrap that up and put some cheese on it and call it a quesadilla yeah charles so there's you can either buy the egg life wraps uh they're kind of expensive and i think.

Maria has a recipe and indigo knowledge both maria emmerich marie emerick and indigo uh neely how do you spell that n-i-l-i she might be on here uh paula can link her channel they both have recipes to make egg life wraps from scratch which is much cheaper but you can use those to make.

Quesadillas yeah just don't tell her and at five years old she doesn't have to be a carnival she can have some nuts she can have some berries she can have some veg it's fine but the majority of her food needs to be meat mixed hopefully she loves eggs chicken nuggets also another great.

Recipe mine her chicken nuggets super easy oh my god and get kids in the kitchen and get them to help you cook they love that if chick-fil-a held their breath and waited for me to ever buy their chicken nuggets again when i have access to niches chicken nuggets they might as well just turn off the lights and go.

Home because her chicken nuggets are as good if not better than chick-fil-a's chicken nuggets oh that's very kind of you know i'm not joking uh paola thank you she has linked indigo neely or she spelled her name you can find her release she also if y'all are into carnivore breads she's got like a hundred videos absolutely on carnival.

Absolutely all right hey tia is cat whoa it went away come back go ahead superstar status does carnivore increase testosterone hundreds and hundreds of people have reached out to me about a key a meat.

Heavy keto ketobor or carnivore and said you know i was gonna do trt which is testosterone replacement therapy but once i did three months of your diet my testosterone came up anywhere from 50 to 400 points that's the range of people just people just like you who have converted to meat heavy keto or ketobor or carnivore and then did that for three.

Months and then went and had their testosterone rechecked uh if you'd like to raise your testosterone from 50 to 400 points gentlemen eat meat and eggs and lift heavy things and perhaps you won't have to waste your money on testosterone replacement but some few people still even though they're eating a proper human diet they.

For whatever reason still needs some testosterone replacement i think that's fine if you do need that joe wants to know when you're going to come out with your cookbook nation solace hyphen berry well i kind of have one with kim howerton we did a combo one but hopefully within the next year i'm pregnant so we'll see yeah nisha's.

Knocked up by the way and it is mine so there's that i just wanted to put that out there you're just gonna be us i'm feisty tonight i guess that's not the word i was gonna say but hey rena wants to know nisha i'm currently six weeks pregnant and i'm having terrible nausea what do you recommend for that also what prenatals do you take i've.

Been taking dedicated liver for the past few months so for nausea uh i'm so sorry first of all yeah it's awful it sucks uh b6 uh talk to your provider and they will tell you usually they'll tell you 100 milligrams per day 25 25 25 and 25 will help with the nausea for some women that takes care of it and for some women it's just.

It's something you're going to have to endure hopefully the v6 helps as for prenatals just get the cleanest one you can find there are several really good ones now on on the market and the liver is absolutely a great thing to be supplementing but just.

Don't stress out about you know in the first trimester try to survive and stay as uh protein heavy as you can integrate protein shakes make yourself a milkshake with protein shakes i used the premier chocolate it tastes like a frosty so you're getting that protein and essential nutrients maybe not as perfect.

As a ribeye but still better than if you were going to you know the dairy queen ketochow has shakes and soups that you can make with the fat of your choice and so you can sip on those until the the the nausea and the diversions if you're having those but.

Until the nausea just goes away then you can go back to eating a proper human diet yeah uh yeah but really talk to your provider about the basics that's that's the number one thing that seems to help you at least be in able to survive and i'll tell you i took care of pregnant women off and on.

For 20 years and for some women ginger roots not not like a capsule but the real thing it didn't help nation at all that's why she just rolled her eyes but some women that's like magic just like the b6 like man if i've got ginger root i'll slice off a little and put it under my tongue and it's you really had women saying that.

I'd say probably 20 to 30 of women swore by the ginger and then 70 80 said that's dumb it didn't help me at all but just another natural thing you can try give it a try yeah yeah terry are there certain conditions that would prevent one from losing weight i have a thyroid issue i take.

Levothyroxine i've been triple be for months i have over 100 pounds to lose and i'm not losing anything i go back and forth on four pounds terry first thing i would advise for anybody in terry shoes is to take your measurements with a tailor's tape just like you're going to get measured for a suit of clothes or for a dress because many.

Times you won't lose weight on the scale for months but you you're losing inches all every day so take your measurements number one and number two hundred percent there are a long list of medical conditions and a long list of prescription medications that will slow down your fat loss because that's really what.

You're trying to lose serious fat they will slow it down to a glacial pace that means very very very slow i've got i've got videos about this about the medications and the conditions that can slow down your weight loss and a video called the 13 reasons why you might stall and you need to watch all those videos.

There and go see your doctor and say hey i need you to check the following things but also there's more but wait there's more uh you said you have a thyroid issue but you weren't very specific so i wonder if you're not sure what your thyroid issue is she's on level she's on level so if you are hypo or you have hypo with.

Hashimoto's then you may need your dosage to be changed uh uh it seems like if your thyroid is not in full functioning order you will not lose weight if you're taking levothyroxine and you still have lots of low thyroid symptoms it's very very common for your doctor to be under dosing you not giving you enough thyroid replacement hormone.

Uh some people also need a t3 or to completely switch to a desiccated thyroid which is uh armor or nature or urfa yeah in canada wp and np right or other several you can just ask your provider about desiccated thyroid and sometimes that also will get everything the ball rolling but it seems like you may not have your dosing yep right.

Nighthawk99 says how to get rid of bloating in the stomach due to bad yeast in the body nighthawk you you're going to starve that dastardly yeast to death by not feeding it any carbohydrates yeast love sugar yeast must have sugar in your gut in order to thrive and multiply.

So 90 days of carnivore will get rid of any yeast overgrowth that you have anywhere in your gastrointestinal system that's not conjecture that's black and white if you don't feed the yeast glucose they will die or move out and that then your bloating goes away for those of you i've seen this a.

Hundred times already i promise you me and beckett barry will be making iced tea this week on my channel yeah that'd be a cool video yes uh so those of you who are waiting for my sweet tea recipe me and becca because he likes to help me he's such a little cook now we bought.

Him this little thing off amazon so he's a toddler toddler tower so he can get up there and he's right on nisha's level they're about the same height when he's standing on his tower and he can help he can help and he freaking loves it thanks for the super chat kelly danny relationship between glycogen uh ketosis and exercise performance.

I've seen many people say performance decreases i don't think they're lying is this only true for short time and then does it normalize it's short-term danny most of the research and then also uh professor tim knox who is uh one of the preeminent exercise gurus in the world uh says that it takes some high performance athletes now if you're just.

Like me and you go out the woods and walk up and down hollers and hills this is not gonna affect your performance but if you're an elite level athlete switching to a ketogenic way of eating.

For a few weeks even a month or two might affect your performance if you're like a collegiate level athlete or hire if you're a weekend warrior no shut up this is not affecting your performance at all okay but if you're if you're a competitive level athlete it might take you a few weeks so you don't want to wait till the semifinals to convert the.

Keto you want that to be during your off season so that your body can become keto adapted and then you're burning fat for fuel and you can go forever uh francis thank you so much that was a awesome super chat thank you friends thank you very much francis uh i love.

Seeing all these people in the comments and how they have cured their illnesses lost tons of way and didn't have to spend a ton of money thank you for sharing your stories love seeing that uh let's say we're a little behind here sorry ashley thank you ashley simon thank you simon.

Taylor sean you're welcome so many questions i freaking i love it marcus says alzheimer's in a proper human diet 100 i've got a video about alzheimer's and then also our good friend amy berger wrote the alzheimer's antidote and dr mary newport wrote a book about her husband's experience with.

Alzheimer's and how high fat helped his symptoms paula can you take care of the weirdo in the comments for me mv says hey y'all sardines do we need to worry about arsenic no no very very low levels uh wild planet is a great quality seafood brand we we're not affiliated with them we get.

Zero dollars for recommending them but they are they have a name that they're very proud of wild planets and they have wild caught sardines and every so many months they'll send their sardines off for analysis and they i think actually post the results on their website they're very serious about high quality seafood and again let me say i.

Don't get paid a penny to say that i just enjoy eating their sardines uh war book doctor and nurse b omad triple b e and some cheese for the last 10 months sometimes my fasting blood glucose is 110 and sometimes it's 74. ketones up and down shouldn't my fasting blood glucose be stable and low i'm frustrated no no your fasting blood sugar is going.

To change from minute to minute i'm working on a youtube video about all the normal natural things that can raise your blood sugar and if you're eating keto ketovoice carnivore and you look in in the morning you've got a blood sugar of 101 you're like what the hell i'm keto that shouldn't be happening it's okay it's normal that's why you're.

Going to get a hemoglobin a1c checked every three months or every six months that's going to be your reassurance that you're not glycating your organs with that occasional high blood sugar that you see it's not dangerous it's not bad it's normal in many situations and with several conditions for your blood sugar to go up to a level you're like freaking.

Out about it's nothing to worry about just get your a1c checked it's going to be splendiferous then you'll know oh okay it's fine good question bonnie thank you so much bonnie i like that name thank you kelly thank you morning mac welcome back every.

Now and then in our videos we put easter eggs in here with just a little something we say or a facial expression sitting in the background you never know where there's going to be an easter egg thinking if something's in the background let me get sherry and then we'll go ahead okay hey sharon welcome back.

She is a patron shout out to all of our patrons by the way in the comments and the and our moderators too we love you guys true vips triple b seven months skin looks amazing triple b e stands for beef butter bacon and eggs skin looks amazing but i love botox thanks sister my doctor suggests retin a for anti-aging what are your thoughts on.

If sunscreen would be needed with retinite um thank you while you're using the retin-a topical yes also hats or just a big sexy audrey hepburn hat okay either way but if you're gonna get direct sunlight while you have retin-a you need yeah you need sunscreen for for that specific thing try to get a zinc.

Oxide only don't get any of the crap chemicals unless she wants to tell you about her new favorite songs well so uh yeah but uh botox i don't think it's bad a lot of men and women as they get older they get a little mission i both had it i haven't had any we haven't had any over years yeah two years you can see my 11. i mean.

Obviously and then show them your crow's feet she they drive her crazy but when i smile like seriously i have no eyeballs you can't see my eyes but um lemon pepper okay i put this on every freaking thing i cook i love this but this is pretty good y'all it smells so good.

So this is redmond's some of y'all know already this is one of their smoke salt they have three different ones this is the chef's blend i really also i like all of them but it smells just like a campfire and i love it really good i agree but this is my favorite if they could make this into a cologne i would i would wear it people think.

They just make salt but they've got like 20 or 30 different flavors of salt with super clean ingredients yeah also electrolytes that's why we look discount code nisha yeah and we do we do have an affiliation with you full of discipline but full disclosure we bought redmond's with our own money for years before we were working with and we continue if.

They fired our ass tomorrow we would keep buying remnants because it's the best salt we support people who are worth it crap and that's a very limited list as most of you know those of you who have had the smoke salt yep you know i want to know uh are you a patron on patreon.com if you're my patron do you still have.

Patrons or did you no i have a body network put patron in the comments i want to see how many patrons are watching and then if any of you guys are like wait what's a patron it's a private protected community where you can actually have additional live q and a's with me and nisha three extra a week and we're about to add a.

Fourth so it's wow instead of 3 000 people watching there's going to be a hundred or 150 maybe 200 watches so we can answer way more questions and answer in way more detail so if you've got questions and we don't get to your question that's how you can rest assured you can even send me direct messages these.

People have been with us for years years and years and years and i promise you i try to give more than full value on patreon.com there's a link down in the show notes if you get your question answered tonight then great we'll see you next monday night but if you'd like to have another live tomorrow night at 6pm.

Or wednesday morning at 11 a.m or wednesday at 6 p.m we we already got those set up for our patrons and if you like me my feistiness some people don't you know somebody call her an fmv today on her but you know some people like whiskey so they're like you're hateful you're a bee.

You're an fmb you can find my maddie networks link in the description below i will be putting on a webinar in my group in the next few weeks talking about elimination diet how to do it why you should do it and how this can lead you to knowing exactly what you can and kind of eat because.

It's a lot of noise in the space i just did a video about it hashtag controversial video on my channel nation loves it great video because it's like i get asked all the time should i eat dairy or not or should i have caffeine or not should i this and and the truth of it is i.

Cannot tell you yes or no but i can show you how to find out if if it is a yes or no and so that's what we do in my group so if you're interested and that can hang out with me nisha is sweet but she can also be salty and feisty and ornery and mouthy and now if any of you think that's an.

Insult it's not that's that's a compliment something like a mouthy good-looking woman in my heart you know that song i like my women a little on the trashy side well i like my women intelligent and a little on the mouthy side donut.

Apparently right apparently uh prince crenendros creninbros been eating ketobor since january 1 down 60 pounds boom doing 16 8 fasting with a 5 2 fasting uh but want to push it longer how often would you recommend for a.

Longer fast to get the best results first thing i would do is bump your 16 8 which means he fast for 16 hours a day and has an eight hour feasting window i'd bump that to 18 six that's going to be pretty much effortless and that's going to give you more results and then he he eats for five days and then he does a.

Two-day fast uh i think that's probably fine uh i don't know how many times a month you do that or you do that every week what you might want to do is once a month and make one of those two-day fasts a three-day fast and that and bumping up to 18-6 is gonna that's gonna turbo charge your results 100.

Yeah doreen they should don't take no s off any bees that's for sure mr florida or mr fl i don't know it might not make farther hey doc i recently found your channel and have been doing keto following your videos i've lost 30 pounds with many more to go i can't thank you enough for all your youtube thank you for the super chat.

What if he's a ut fan you just called him mr florida he's offended big time thank you mister all right i apologize greetings from india hello i've been on carnivore with good health results only issue is i have solar carrier uh initially i thought it was keto rash.

But i was diagnosed as solar uh ultracarriage do you have any suggestions for a cure so what this means is he he has itchy rash when he gets out in the sun too much uh this is probably something that as you continue the carnivore way of eating you're gonna notice that this gets less and less prominent.

And i would predict within the next three to two 12 months this is going to be something that you're like remember when my skin used to itch when i got the sun that doesn't happen anymore that's what i would predict for you over the next three to six three to 12 months this is a it can be a bit of a booger and many people it's so bad they never.

Go in the sunlight but i predict as you replace the inappropriate omega-6 fatty acids that your skin cells are currently made of with the good healthy fats that are found in animal fats you're going to notice that your skin just doesn't react like that to the sun anymore keep me up to date on that i'm.

Interested to find out how that goes tracy e my doctor put me on hydrochlorothiazide for high blood pressure it made me dizzy and nauseous uh now she wants me to switch to lessen approval my blood pressure is 194 over 101 176 very high yeah is this a good idea yeah it is the hct z was a terrible idea i.

Actually have a youtube video about the blood pressure medications i recommend uh that you can check out but yeah anything that ends in preel p-r-i-l or or sartan s-a-r-t-a-n that's an ace inhibitor or an arb those are the safest blood pressure medications that won't lower your testosterone that won't raise your blood sugar and that won't cause a.

Huge list of pretty much guaranteed side effects like most of the other blood pressure medications will uh yeah that's a good idea switch to that one and start at a low dose and slowly titrate up until you get better blood pressure and also don't forget eat a proper human diet because that's going to lower your blood pressure five to thirty points.

Depending mr rib by durango nice name patrons john and actually any recommendations on a good reliable home a1c yeah my last a1c video i actually have a link to a really good reliable a1c meter that is made in the usa and it comes with four tests so if you.

Check every three months it's actually a year's worth of tests which is what you should do yep and uh your patrons so i'll also i'll repost that link on patreon for you guys when we get done with this live uh but it's it's the best one that i've seen it's super easy to use they actually sent me one and i've used it several times.

Super easy very accurate highly it uh but if you go back to my last a1c video on youtube the link is in the show notes all right let's see uh dave wolf wants to know have you ever found someone who can't get into ketosis i did keto for two weeks less than 15 grams of carbs a day and i gained weight two weeks yeah two weeks dave come on.

You've probably been metabolically sick for decades i was and it took more than two weeks for my body to heal from that you gotta you gotta keep going you gotta give the proper human diet at least 90 days before you you really should expect miraculous rights and also you said 15.

Grams of carbs but you didn't say total or net so hopefully you're doing total if you were doing that then definitely change to total 15 net carbs a day could that could translate to 100 total grams of carbs a day count total carbs guys don't be fooled kendra my daughter's entering her third trimester she is a type 2 diabetic.

Her counseling is a baby needs carbs go ahead and eat mac and cheese no emphasis on protein and she's on oh my god she's on insulin she's on insulin right now so what we don't want is for her to have a hypoglycemic episode while she's pregnant she's stuck at this point she needs to go ahead and have this baby and then you.

Need to you need to go to her and say honey i love you and you go about to have some keto in your life you're about to eat a proper human diet because as a type 2 diabetic on insulin she'll be off the insulin in a few weeks and she'll have reversed her type 2 diabetes within a few months but not now not in her third trimester just keep doing what.

She's doing until she has this baby also i hope they counseled her on what's going to happen once baby gets here because they will be taking baby to the nursery and checking you most likely uh blood sugar because the baby since she is on insulin especially is high risk for a hypoglycemic event.

So just i hope that they are talking to her about this and if not she needs to do some research on what what could happen i hope she's seen a baby will be fine she's seeing a fatigue of fetal maternal specialist she needs that maybe even a endocrinologist because when the baby comes the baby's used to getting all that extra glucose from her.

Diet and the baby's having to make his or her own insulin so anyways yeah yeah but after she has this baby it's time to keto but it's too late to do it you don't want to do it's too much danger uh in the third trimester she's already on insulin but next baby she'll be prepared kim loving the goat butter on seven and true.

Everyone try it at least once raving about the goat actually you looked it up on uh on the internet it's myers m-e-y-e-r-s i don't get any money for talking about them but i we never see go butter in the store and i went to their website and like holy crap they have goat butter and i bought four pounds it's already this is the last.

Pound it's almost gone oh four eight ounce bars yeah so two pounds delicious oh so good but not to me i don't like it i love it i love it but me mm-hmm bring me the goat butter uh vicky said i just tried goat cheese and nearly puke now go go cheese it's much more potent much more than the butter is.

And i also depends on the goat cheese some goat cheese is super goaty and something's very mild and so yeah sheep's cheese is also divine divine the meijer spelled m-y or m-e-y m-e-y-e-r apostrophe s and i don't get paid a penny for that and i wish there were more sources of goat butter and if any of you guys know a source of sheep's.

Butter please tell me because i want sheep's butter really really bad hey dave wants to know i've been on carnivore diet for a week and lost 10 pounds so far that's probably mostly inflammation what is your thoughts on msg as a seasoning yeah i would i would enjoy avoid msg as much as i can some.

People really react badly to it migraines and lots of things some people seemingly seemingly don't really react to it but why would you want to add that just use salt and pepper and all the seasonings that redmonds make i don't think any of their stuff has msg in it does that have msg no no.

No they have real ingredients you can get seasoning that doesn't it's not just basically msg uh bonnie alpha lipoic acid worth a flip or just carnivoron you're gonna get everything you need to have the ideal level of alpha lipoic acid in your in your serum by eating a carnivore diet you don't do not need to waste your.

Money on an alpha lipoic supplement good question bonnie no grains are heart healthy holly says holy is right there is no such thing as a heart healthy grain that is a marketing advertising that's what that is and that's my one expletive for the night oh helen wants to say hi to greeny berry hi to granny berry granny berry is.

Watching tonight so she is my 91 year old paternal grandmother she is beautiful and she's feisty like nisha i think that's why i like nisha so much but she's watching from my parents house in alabama say hi to granny berry she loves it when you guys do that and say where you're saying.

Hi nicholas and chrissy newly pregnant so i think this may be chrissy eating very clean keto since conception good job i heard i need iodine what can i eat so you can eat any kind of seafood has iodine and it's perfectly fine to eat seafood or you can supplement lugol's iodine two percent two drops and whatever beverage you see.

Fit i actually have a youtube video about iodine rich foods chrissy if you watch my latest what i eat in a day pregnant video there's a link to the lou goals that i use uh but i also crave seafood while i'm pregnant every this is my second pregnancy both times i'm just like oysters and sashimi every chance that i can get it our.

Favorite restaurant in nashville right now is beep they just said she would kick me somewhere if i said the name because she doesn't want to be crowded but last time we were there she ate three dozen what were they bail point what kind of are they oysters mirror point.

Something like that point i think i think the mirror point she had three dozen oysters so yeah and then i ate some steak watch my i done rich food video on youtube mmmd bye my thank you reverse type 2 w's a1c 5.4 and i've lost 50 pounds good job that's what i'm talking about that's why.

We do this right here that's the reason that's why doctors say oh well no type 2 diabetes that's for life just more and more meds and dr barry and nietzsche over here like uh no no they weren't blue not blue point no no we don't love blue point i'll eat them but they're not my.

Favorite they're not my favorite these were much more they're smaller and more uh briny she's a oyster official she's a connoisseur she knows like uh soleil something or something that's like heaven on a half shell jill says what does that mean of lettuce and raw bell peppers go straight through.

Me and not in a pleasant way that means that your body doesn't need them you're not digesting them and you may like them i understand they don't like you if you decide to have them you need to be near a toilet yeah or just don't eat or stay away from them but i understand some people are like i just love them well if you want to eat them then you need to be.

Once a month go sit on the potty and eat your lettuce and i mean don't don't eat it that's your body literally giving you the grossest feedback known to man theresa wants to know i raise ducks chickens and geese what eggs are better they're all great yes congratulations good for you and quail eggs are divine uh all eggs are.

Great i think duck eggs probably taste a little better than chicken eggs but when it comes to nutrition you know which one wins ounce for ounce quail eggs quail eggs kick every other egg's ass when it comes to just nutrition ounce per ounce but of course it takes four or five quail eggs to equal one chicken egg they're so cute or as dr westman says.

Hit eggs we love you dr we love you uh let's see here symptoms of mercia says symptoms reverse psoriasis fibromyalgia reynolds and pre-diabetes metabolic syndrome thanks to you both congratulations you guys these people they're they're real people just like.

You they're not making this up they're literally living their life in their in their abode with their partner with their pet going you know i'm sick and damn tired of having this full list of medical conditions i'm sick and damn tired of having to take this sack full of medicine.

I'm going to try ketovor or carnivore for 90 days or keto meat heavy keto i'm going to try that for 90 days just see what happens if you haven't tried this yet just do it for 90 days trust just do it for 90 days what's the worst thing that could happen solo hey dr b and wife my name is nisha this is nisha.

Uh and 16 8 fasts here seven days a week and wife is going crazy about my cholesterol on type two and eat lots of fat in my diet i hit a 38 pound weight loss stall chance of too much fat in my diet question mark maybe but probably not the way to find out is to do 30 days of high protein moderate fat try that for 30 days you're not going to enjoy it.

As much but if you're stalled that i think that's a rational thing to try yeah debbie says why are people saying keto ruined their thyroid well debbie let me let me know in my so i have had thyroid issues i still have currently still have a.

Hashimoto's diagnosis in my research when talking or seeing these people most of the time it's not necessarily the keto ruin their thyroid it's that they were not doing things properly they were calorie restricting they were not eating enough protein um they were fasting when they shouldn't have been fasting those.

Type of things and yeah that under eating is never good for your thyroid never you should never do that i agree um if you don't feel good you're not doing it right yep even if you're trying to lose weight you should still not under eat yes no yeah no so um but for those who did it properly ate.

Plenty of protein plenty of quality fat and kept their carbs low but not necessarily their calories super restricted did extremely well and even reversed their thyroid issues yep walt says how will carnivore help basal cell carcinoma so walt if you've already been diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma you need to have that excised.

Removed okay carnivore is not going to cure that but the good news is that basal cell carcinoma is almost never spreads it never metastasizes your doctor can do a little surgical procedure i did this for 20 years in the clinic or you can go to a dermatologist and they can do it but it's a quick and easy.

Fix but what you can do is prevent future basal cell carcinomas from popping up by eating a proper human diet dean i didn't say calorie restriction when okay dr fung is a fasting king okay and by definition fasting is calorie restriction because you're not eating.

Anything and also i'm specifically talking to people with thyroid issues and thyroid issues that are not under control i can actually fast and i do quite well fasting when i want to but i'm in remission i don't have a ton of symptoms i'm not and i'm fat adapted very very well so you have to know these type of things.

Like you can't just go willy-nilly and start going crazy and overeating and under eating and fasting and like your body it's crazy right boink 800 says cancer love sugar and i actually have a youtube video about that when we're looking for cancer in the human body we do a pet scan.

Positron emission tomography and we actually use radioactive sugar because the cancer loves sugar so much it takes up all the sugar so then we can see the cancer on the pet scan we don't use radioactive fat or radioactive protein because the cancer cells don't suck that up they suck up the sugar.

That's why we use sugar in pet scans to search for cancer you get it think about that uh jill says thank you once a month i have my keto taco salad on the toilet there you go that's it toilet tacos for everyone yes i love a good salad and bell peppers sadness i mean if you are prepared to.

Deal with the side effects then that's totally fine it's your decision just know your body you know am i the only one that has a middle image of this lady sitting on her toilet now i love it eating your tacos i mean yeah yeah um so are you saying don't fast with hypo i'm saying do not fast if.

You do not have things under control you're just starting out you can't just start doing these things if you're still sick you're very sick you're not fat adapted and you don't have things under control there will be a certain point where a lot of people can fast not everyone and it's not.

Completely necessary for every single person to fast there are those who love it and benefit from it and there's those who it's just not necessary they don't need to do that you need to do a video about this tp says how do you all do the keto during travel tips please so what i usually do on there on the the.

Air travel day is i fast because there's there's very little in airports or definitely zero percent on the airplane that's good quality food that's low in carbohydrate it's not as fast until i get to where i'm going and then we go have a steak uh for beckett we'll pack a ziploc bag full of boiled eggs bacon uh sausage here's why they smell bad i.

Smell like butthole when you open the bag nuts and cheese and bacon that's what he gets and then carnivore crisp sometimes if i'm not if i'm in a hurry and i don't want to cook i'll just take a bag of crisps and he enjoys those just as well there's hundreds of things that you can put in the ziploc bag that are that are keto you can put your broccoli.

In a ziploc bag broccoli and boiled eggs together in a ziploc you open that and you're like oh excuse me no one's going to want to say you want something you want some leg room bring the bold eggs and cook broccoli or you can take your cans of sardines.

Absolutely if you want to have the whole aisle to yourself the whole road to yourself yeah just bring your sardines and open them up they're portable um also you can totally it's we have we try not to eat at airports because it's overpriced and horrible food most of the time but you usually can find a burger.

Typically and i'll get three burger double burgers and i'll just eat the meat bacon cheeseburger no bun um those type of things are pretty easy to find in there traditional girl i think ezekiel bread made of sprouted grains is less bad than.

Bread made of unsprouted grains but just because something's left bad does not make it good it's still super high in carbs but i eat ezekiel bread for years when i was on the paleo diet because sprouted sprouted grain is less inflammatory but it's still just as high in carbs so this baby is kicking.

Me she kicks all the time y'all at 18 weeks you could see her kick yeah on the outside at 18 weeks yeah she's a little super feisty superhero so although we had our anatomy scan for those of you who are keeping up with the pregnancy she is perfect she is a girl right on time she's measuring perfectly her head and her spine and kidneys and all the.

Things her heart was just perfect we got to see the valves and they were just she looks amazing you guys got any ideas for baby girl names what's your favorite baby girl all american lifestyle thank you both i've been keto borderline carnivore for the.

Past few weeks i picked up one of the a1c testers and i'm currently at 4.9 how do you feel about using taco seasoning for burger on occasion you can make your own taco seasoning super easily so you know know that it's clean uh taco seasoning is bomb if you're on my channel i eat it all the time i put taco seasoning on ground beef.

Constantly genevieve rose genevieve rose i think you were naming her blueberry somebody said strawberry that's not funny it's a little it's not as funny as constance dangleberry that's a nice german name uh i watched your hyperkeratosis polaris.

Video and oh my gosh i realized my 24 year old daughter suffers from this she has acne and toenail fungus and won't wear sandals in the summer she's gotta wear sandals she's gotta get sun on all of her skin especially those toenails i've got a video about toenail fungus that might help her bring her around to eating this way but keratosis polaris up.

To eighty percent of kids guys eighty percent of kids have keratosis blair so if you don't know what that is watch my latest youtube video about it up to 40 of adults have it it's usually right here and it's like little hard things in your in your pores uh kids can even have it on their face and it's really terrible that's the picture i put.

In the youtube thumbnail but you it's it's all it's all about hyperinsulinemia i put all the research links in the show notes when you fix the hyperinsulinemia within three months that the keratosis polaris is gone in 99 of kids so and and also the american academy of.

Dermatology all they want to talk about is this new laser i've got that that will make your it's not going to cure it it's just going to make it less pronounced but it's still there so is the hyperinsulinemia so fix your diet fix your insulin fix the keratosis polaris bonnie says daughter asked why high.

Intense interval workouts cause her abdominal bloating and should she just walk instead she's 18 and then that's very hard i wonder using something prior to her workout maybe a pre-workout thing or some people it's very rare but some people actually unconsciously swallow air.

While they're working out really really hard and it may not be bloating it may just be a big burp some some people do that or if she's eating a meat before anything like that see if she can fast before her hit workout see if that changes anything yeah it's definitely not from the the workout that's not.

Gonna make you bloat peg jove so lots of of manufacturers who want to make keto products keto products they'll say only two grams of net carbs per serving and that's so that they can hide oat fiber and chicory fiber and even wheat fiber and these fibers are not fiber the way you think about fiber you.

Think fiber is zero carb it's gonna pass right through but these fibers break down into carbohydrates but but legally they're able to call them fiber and then not count them in the total carb count so can anytime you're eating a product that comes in a plastic wrap or a cardboard box do not fall for the net carb bull crap.

Count total carbs and that way so many people are like i tried keto it didn't work for me that's because they're eating all the keto bars and shakes and pies and cookies and counting net carbs and they're probably eating 150 grams of total carbs a day they weren't doing keto right keep it clean keep it simple keep the carbs under 20 total.

Don't over complicate keto the definition of keto is meat and veg that's the in that order meat and veg eggs and veggies that's that's fatty meat and veg that's keto keto is not a bar or a shake or some or keto bread do not get me started on keto bread or this would be real damn controversial yeah if you make keto.

Bread at home with good ingredients so be it but if you're buying something from the grocery that says chemo brand it just makes me want to give tell them their number one in the unacceptable way number one thank you angie uh we went over but let's answer one more one more one more for the road.

I saw one about bianca dolly berry s mccabe where did where did you get that bianca dolly dollywood miguel uh miguel is there any healthy alcohol healthy being the key word here so there are types of alcohol that are less less inflammatory less uh carb heavy less hard on your liver yeah but there's.

Not any healthy alcohol but a lot of people like the seltzers top of chico now has one of course i'm pregnant can't try it yet but those of you who have messaged me i hear you yeah um there's zero carb seltzers uh vodka tonics without the sugar you can get sugar-free tonic or vodka soda club soda with lime um also.

Electrolyte powder okay guys do not under utilize the electrolyte powders there is what can i listen you know he don't even drink uh great redmonds has a pina colada mix that you can make a legit pina colada with if you just use coconut sugar-free coconut milk and serum uh ultima has an.

Appletini y'all don't sleep on the appletini or the peach uh i think peach bellini and they have a coconut too i'm telling you if i wasn't pregnant this is what i would be drinking by the pool this summer and they have a blue raspberry as well you can make it looks just like a slushie from sonic i mean there's all kinds of versions but is it.

Healthy no no it's not there is no such thing as healthy alcohol the glass of red wine that you drink with dinner for your heart that's also bull crap that's there's no such thing but so i was going to say if you're going out to celebrate you're like i understand the berries said there's no healthy alcohol but i'm about to tie one.

On tonight do what nisha said take your electrolyte powders because on my lives in my youtube video about keto friendly alcohol alkyl if you do get your electrolytes with the alcohol like use the the electrolyte powders your hangover is way less bad.

Yeah always pregame regain with electrolytes electrolytes and put them put them or the daily mineral drops from ketogenic put that in your your mixed drink secco and dry farm one are both low carb low sugar um wines if you're a wine person they are subscription but you can cancel immediately dry farm and you can skip a.

Bunch of months so you don't actually have to like subscribe for life you know millicent claudia beverly christine caitlin wow that's a lemonade good names babette berry hey i like that that's it uh so ultima.

Uh redmond's relight and lmnt those are the top three that i've tried and i like if you're drinking electrolytes for salt content element and redmond's relight are the highest salt that's what the ones i like about ultima if you have kids and you're trying to get them off kool-aid they have natural.

Colors meaning it comes from like beets it's truly natural okay and they're blue and pink and like really pretty you can make jellos with them i mean they have if you're trying to get your kids to drink something that's not kool-aid and cokes and sodas and stuff y'all add a little bit of the peach to some sparkling water tastes.

Just like peach knee-high i'm telling you kid-friendly yep 100 carnie i'm just cracking up at all these names i love it bella rose bonnie blue i like that a lot that's nice that is my name my name pick okay any um.

Any last comments that we need if you didn't get your question answered tonight we're doing a live tomorrow night at 6 p.m central in our patreon community there's a link down in the show notes you can sign up and you'll have access to three additional live q and a's a week just like this uh wednesday evening.

I actually do a zoom call live with our vital patrons so if you've got questions you need answers to become a patron it's not forever it doesn't have to be permanent you can come and go it's fine if your finances change that's fine we totally get that we are here for you trying to help you.

Live your best life have your best health take the minimum amount of prescription medications have the fewest number of chronic progressive diseases we just want you to be healthy and happy or come join me yeah but if you some people don't need a coach like just tell me what to do and.

I'll do this some people are like i need a coach and they should use your coach she will coach you certified bella rosemary baby barium said miriam is a very nice one miriam is a nice name i like that audrey all right guys we are over that's it we're out you know it's been fun it's.

Been real it's been a blast we'll be back next week good one this is i knew it was going to be a good one thank you guys for joining us thanks for subscribing to this channel and both of nisha's channels i'll link them down in the show notes she needs subs she's trying to get famous here.

Thanks for joining us thank you so much i'm going about it the wrong way that's true yeah thanks for sharing this video with friends and family who need this information sometimes just watching a q a like this you know that's the one thing they need that just they're like okay damn it i'm going to do it here we go that's all it.

Takes so thanks very much we'll see you next monday nights at 7 pm central love you mean it bye
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