Dr Berry & Neisha: Budget Proper Human Diet + Q&A

Dr Berry & Neisha: Budget Proper Human Diet + Q&A

Dr Berry & Neisha: Budget Proper Human Diet + Q&A

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Hi guys hey how's it going welcome back sorry i promise not to do this but then i just did it didn't i welcome back to the next edition of monday night live oh yeah baby let's do this so if you don't know nisha silas ivanberry.

Who is a registered nurse and also my beautiful wife partner consultant confidante mentor and baby mama made a video today about uh how to get your protein on a budget and so we thought we would dedicate this entire show to.

How to eat a proper human diet if you know there's not that many greenbacks in the wallet so we're going to talk about that and answer a ton of questions along the way don't forget to invite your mama because you know she always forgets to tune in when we're live so send her a text message or an email or a.

Direct message and say hey they're live they're live you're going to miss it also thank you janet for the super chat thank you janet how's it going yeah so hey you look good tonight so do you man oh thanks thanks shabby so yeah if you're just tuning in i did a budget friendly protein video on my.

Channel and nation loves it and by protein you mean meat meat i'm trying to play to the youtube algorithm but yeah so if you're interested in that video you can go watch it but we're going to talk about that tonight and answer a bunch of questions if you haven't hit that thumb.

Hit the thumb and if you watch the video right off the bat kerry says when i was driving in texas i saw a cow being massaged by a panda bear the cow was smiling lucky cow lucky cow so uh we get asked a lot by newbies and.

About people who've been doing keto for a while because um it is talked about a lot how the need for organic uh grain fit i mean grass finished um yeah those type of meats are optimum and you need to eat those and it's promoted a lot and it is important and it is good quality meat and if you can support your.

Local farmers that raise grass-fed grass-finished beef then you absolutely should but not everybody can afford to do that especially as prices continue to rise and beef yep and i was talking to my good friend uh professor peter balostat he is a professional professor a phd in uh forage agronomy and he's also.

Uh the illuminati that's his handle yeah and he he basically he deals with grass and forage and cows and what they eat and he said that 100 of any cow any beef you buy in the store was grass fed for at least 60 to 85 percent of its life it's only in the last.

20 percent of its life where they moved into the feedlot and then they're still not fed 100 corn a lot of people think that oh it's corn and soybeans that's all they get it's actually a mixture of steel grass hay uh silage which is like ground up broccoli stems any any plant parts that humans can't eat and they do add some.

Soybean and some corn in there to fatten them up and put fat in the muscle because cows are not supposed to eat corn in soybeans it makes them fat when they do just like it makes humans fat when they eat corn and soybeans but even when they're being grain finished only about 30 of the mixture is grain the rest of it is still.

Weeds and hay and silage plant parts and so the worst cheapest awfulest cheapest jankiest beef you can buy at the store is still grass-fed at least 85-90 of its life if you count the grass that's in the that's fed in the in the feedlot as well so don't think oh my god this cow.

Eat nothing but corn and soybeans its whole life that's not true also another thing to point out is not all well actually most grass-fed grass-fish beef that you buy in the stores not even american it's imported so from where well lots of different places yeah maybe you should know just because.

It says it can be packaged in the u.s but actually the cow is from somewhere else and so there's that to consider as well so we do encourage you to support your local farmers but like we said people have budgets and we're here to support everyone especially those on our.

Budgets because health is available to everyone so that's we're going to talk about tonight also uh yeah his other name is the sod father the sod forgot about the illuminati thanks yep that's exactly right another thing is beef is talked about so much in the ketosphere but especially carnivores and chicken gets a bad rap chicken is so.

Budget friendly can when you compare the price per pound to beef so don't be scared of chicken either yup some people get a little inflamed if they eat chicken the vast majority of us do not yeah chicken legs chicken thighs with the skin on and the bone in uh you want to talk about some prices you saw today.

Right so you can get i'm not y'all this is you can go watch it in my video 10 pounds of chicken leg quarters 64 cents a pound at my wallet that's not even on sale that's not even on sale as we all know prices are different all over the country this is local but i'm pretty sure that you know that's.

Something that you can find at walmart i'm gonna do a whole series i'm gonna do kroger publix all the different ones and show different budget friendly options eggs are another uh budget friendly option we get asked about past year so someone commented on my video that free range.

Doesn't mean free range i think they actually meant k tree now k tree doesn't mean that they get to go yeah uh you can have i think it's what like just a few square feet of sunshine and that's considered cage and they don't even have to go into the sunshine they can just be an open door and that's cage free but now free range obviously also arranging.

Pastures does not mean that they had 27 acres to run around on no they probably had a hundred square feet maybe but at least they could go out in the sun pick some dirt or pseudo dirt and at least have a little more chicken like life and optimally uh hopefully you have some friends nearby that have backyard chickens that you can.

Buy please look for that yes i think that's becoming more and more common and the more you look for it it'll pop up i promise kalina says please help me i have developed an allergy to nuts what can i use for keto-friendly flour so my question kalina would be what makes you think you need flour.

To do keto right well you don't but also you can use pork panko which is just pork rinds that are ground up into a fine powder like substance so that's the a good alternative but yeah like he said you don't have to use i don't want you to be making keto cakes and cookies and pies uh that's that can be just as highly processed.

As the stuff you're trying to quit now i do think it's less bad but less bad does not equal good so stay away from all flowers all meals eat real food that have one ingredient and that you can look at it and go oh that's broccoli oh that's a chicken leg with the bone in and the.

Skin on that's real that's keto okay meat and veg yep uh you want to take a question yeah artarian uh diagnosed with stenosis uh an iliac artery horrible sleep from swelling feet uh 38 year old male 180 pounds on triple be cholesterol is that a problem uh.

Triglycerides 132 hdl 47 ldl 212. i plan to exercise legs more if feet allow this spring yeah i think that's that's a good plan but uh you've got to go see your vascular surgeon if this stenosis is tight enough it's a high enough percentage of blockage then if you try to exercise the spring or summer you're going to have.

Severe leg pain and cramping and if you persist in the exercise try to ignore the pain you know work through the pain you could actually lose blood supply to a toe or something and wind up losing some flesh so you've got to go see the vascular surgeon and see if this thing needs to be stinted if so do that or bypass if so do that or.

The vascular surgeons may say it's just a 20 30 40 blockage go ahead and exercise do everything you can do then yes go ahead and do that but follow up with your vascular surgeon frank so from saturday i've gained 12 pounds according to my scale yes i screwed up can this be accurate what is my body telling me and what can i do.

Yeah probably eight or nine pounds of that is fluid because anytime you go off keto and you eat the carb coma you're gonna spike your insulin off the charts which is gonna make you hold a ton a fluid and so probably maybe even 10 pounds of that is is fluid you probably gained two or three pounds of fat so.

Learn from your lesson forgive yourself and get started in the morning jeff says i have cardiomyopathy uh reduced ejection fraction so i retain a lot of fluid salt makes the retention worse as well as my joint pain can i still do keto yeah 100 gel now if you're currently eating a high carbohydrate diet then it's quite possible.

That eating too much salt in your diet will make you retain fluid because your insulin is chronically elevated once you get your blood sugar and your insulin levels back down to low normal you're going to find that salting your food to taste not trying to win the state fair salty contents that's not what we're talking about we're.

Talking about salting your food until it tastes good that's never going to make your you swell okay try and see all right cat hey love you guys love you back i have very bad anxiety panic attacks and i just had an ekg the left side of my.

Heart is enlarged i do have high blood pressure would a carnivore diet help with these issues and weight loss 100 cat as you lower your insulin back to low normal you're going to pee off a lot of the unhealthy fluid that you're holding and that's going to give the left side of your heart a chance to relax the reason you have left.

Ventricular hypertrophy is because it's having to be too hard because there's too much fluid in your system once you get the fluid out the left ventricle can relax and it might take many many months or a year or two but your left ventricular hypertrophy is going to improve but your your blood.

Pressure is going to improve in just a few weeks carl thank you both so much for being bold and sharing the truth i triple bypass a little over a year ago my a1c was 10.2 then and i weighed 242 pounds my weight is 211 pounds and my a1c is now 6.1 you're getting there and i ain't even hungry you're getting there you're getting there when you get that.

A1c under 5.7 you're going to go see your doctor and say let me teach you how to teach you how to teach your other patients how to do this because then you're going to know rob says dr barry what is the difference between being in autophagy and being fat adapted huge difference i have videos on.

This youtube channel about both of those topics you watch both those videos and you will know more than the average doctor about autophagy and about being keto adapted you have to be careful about saying you are f adapted because the algorithms think you just call somebody.

Yeah hey holly thank you miss francis thank you again so much yeah eric uh asked on a super chat were you able to look into if eggs affect the absorption of iron uh eric the whites of eggs might decrease the absorption a tiny bit but it's not nearly the amount of.

Absorption blocking that you're going to get from oxalates and phytates and lectins in plants uh it's very very little in the way of blocking iron absorption tish hello from decatur alabama hey neighbor i'm trying to get my numbers down but staying around 170 sugar numbers i think.

When checking sure yeah eating ketobor any suggestions keep eating ketobor give your body time to heal some people can heal in a few weeks some people it takes many weeks or many months or even a year or two depending on how metabolically sick you've been for how many decades so it took you probably decades to get this way tish.

It's going to take you more than just a few weeks to get to heal okay so give your body time eat super low carb one ingredient whole real ancestrally appropriate foods and your body's going to heal and you're going to get positive feedback i promise i would say make sure track is carbs for a few days total charges and just make.

Sure because if you're eating cuticle and you're eating onions like mixture does okay onions add up some sauces add up so just try to keep those under 10 if you're trying to do ketobor 20 if you're trying to do keto a good rule of thumb for all you guys is anytime you use a condiment you've got.

To look at what they say is the serving size because for me so a serving size of some condiments is half a cup but they may think that the serving size is one half of a tablespoon so then i need to multiply by about 40 and able to to figure out how many actual total carbs i ate with my half cup of.

Condiment so you got to figure out what the actual serving size is and then do the multiplication sid says he had to stop eating to pay for gas yeah gas is going up so anything you guys can do to cut the food bill while still eating a proper human diet that's gonna that's gonna help uh also.

You can cut your sauces with fat so bacon grease is a good way i mix my uh primal kitchen steak sauce with bacon fat you can do it with butter whatever fat that you like but that's a good way to well make it go further but also cut down on the carb count there's a particular kind of hot sauce that she.

Loves it tastes really good has one gram of carb per whatever the serving is but we put as much butter in it melt the butter and get it warm and so we cut the carb count in half and get more healthy fat actually that's not the hot sauce that was the way i grabbed the wrong one that one's got another ingredient oh my god you got you got your uh that's why.

You got to read labels y'all even we mess up sometimes diabeto22 my local supermarket discounts up to 50 all their grass-fed products every sunday because i cannot sell it after tuesday i get grass-fed ground beef at chinamart prices that's perfect that's perfect renee says doctor cycling for rosacea that sounds.

Extreme it is but if your rosacea is really really severe you might do a round of doxycycline just to calm it down and then you can trust a proper human diet to keep it at bay i've got a youtube video about rosacea if any of you guys have rosacea or you love someone who does that video will help you a lot.

I've seen a lot of comments looking for a baby bump we'll do it at the 30 minute mark guys erin thank you so much she's kicking like crazy right now by the way is she yeah hey nikki nikki says hey i'm non-dairy carnivore is tallow my best source of fat it can be tallow it can be duck fat it can be bacon fat it can be.

Ghee it can be butter yep what else that's well any animal fat it can be uh possum fat it can be raccoon fat but those are kind of hard to render so stick with butter bacon grease and beef jalapeno they're hard to render you have to get so many raccoons you know to get the.

Cam there's my girl ken sutton how do you feel about ortho physic knee injections orthovisk yeah okay series of four i declined the steroid after discussion with my orthopedic surgeon yeah the ortho visc is basically a chondroitin sulfate hyaluronidase injection.

And for so i i'll say out of the if i i out of all my patients whoever did it i didn't ever do that injection why i always send them to the orthopedic surgeon who i'm doing a podcast with coming up here in the next few weeks she started a podcast but i'd say 10 of them said that really helped me.

And about 90 percent said that's the feedback that i got on synvisk and those types of injections uh it's not going to harm you if your insurance will cover it give it a try maybe you'll be in the lucky ten percent uh ghee and butter technically is dairy however most people don't have any issues with those two.

Things even though they're technically dairy fats not the problem it's the carbohydrates and it's the protein especially bovine dairy the fat most people do fine with dairy fat that's not the issue amber says what do you guys think of leaner meat on the carnivore diet i seem.

To get a lot of intestinal issues with fattier meats we'll stick with the wing for now and every now and then try to bump up the fat a little bit uh do what works for you and you're good listen to your body angie 40 pounds down and four months but wait there's more off blood pressure meds and.

My blood sugars are normal thank you dr barry and nation that's a little problem that's what a proper human body that's what beckett said yeah but that's what it does when you stop poisoning your body when you stop inflaming your body it's like your body is just made to heal it's kind of cool.

Yes well done hey tom tom thank you so much for clear understandable easy to follow information we're here to teach not to confuse we're not here to impress you we're here to help you understand this we want to make an impression on you yes but i don't want you to be like damn they're so smart those big words i don't know what the hell they said but.

It sounded good that's not what that's not why we're here we're here to help you understand they must be small they must be smart yeah no so a story about grandmother granny berry told me she said that she had an uncle or a cousin or somebody who was dating this girl and he wanted to impress her but he he dropped out of.

School didn't graduate and so he signed the letter that he wrote a little love letter he said i need a big word and he signed it agriculture because he thought that that's a true story he thought that would impress her that's some of my relatives on granny bear's side feel free to correct me if i'm wrong.

Lewis the greek thank you so much oh the geek sorry lewis gee greek and geek kind of hanging out ah charles welcome back charles any side effects i should watch for while taking oral antibiotics doxycycline for rosacea i've prescribed this for four weeks seems like too long to take that's a long course of rosacea i mean of doxie.

It depends on how severe your rosacea is uh maybe call your dog and say hey how about i just take this for two weeks let's see how that does uh because taking it for longer i can't i can't remember any pharmacokinetics why you would need to take it for a month unless your rosacea literally covers you your.

Entire head uh but then it's it's it's a very stout antibiotic so you need to do everything you can to eat a proper human diet during and after in order to repopulate your gut with good friendly bacteria a round of good high quality refrigerated probiotics might be in order to help you get the good bacteria that might help.

Some the more and more research that comes out about probiotics the less impressed i am with what we think we know about them uh julie wants to know can steroid eye drops cause weight gain you know i two years ago i would have said no but i have had enough people tell me that steroid eye drops and steroid nasal.

Sprays uh like flonase literally slowed down their fat burning their weight loss i've heard that from hundreds of people and so maybe for some of us yeah maybe it's a thing easy says nisha how do you keep getting caught in the stores when you're doing hauls i don't know i just stand out i.

Guess you remember this he was very nice he wasn't mean to me but he was like asking me a bunch of questions like what are you doing are you doing are you scanning the barcodes you thought she was fine are you like i was like no i'm just looking at macros remember the time i got kicked out of walmart for going live and talking about.

The candy at the checkout counter on with you facebook i wasn't doing this before i met you no i meant like was i actually in the store with you um i think so that was forever ago on the facebook live they're like oh sir can i help you i'm like no i'm just videoing your candy here for the little kids that.

You've got down literally so what six month old could crawl up and get some candy and he was like you're gonna have to leave sir uh future breeze this is an excellent question i'm fixing to do a video but before i okay so future breeze says what is a good mayonnaise substitute you don't.

Have to have a substitute you can make your own super cheap budget friendly and easy to make let me tell you i have a bacon fat mayo recipe on my uh youtube channel nietzsche loves it but two crazy ketos has a butter mayo recipe that i've heard it's fantastic you're gonna make that right yes thank god so primal kitchen.

Has a mayo the line of mail but uh it's a little pricey and so if any of you guys if finances are getting tight because of current times what's gas now four dollars a gallon if money's getting tight it may be time for you to get out in the kitchen and rattle them pots and pans learn how to cook because you can.

Literally cut your food bill by probably 75 by rattling them pots and pans anybody know the song that's from that's an oldie but a goodie butter mayo is heavenly good says wild uni-kitty don't don't do that john are pork rinds with butter or bacon grease a healthy.

Snack john compared to doritos 100 yes 100 i would say you know wash out if you if you if you run into some disaster pants it could be the poor crimes dipped in bacon but you're gonna enjoy it right up to that moment so yeah don't don't don't over indulge but yeah.

Eat it up yeah christine keto since january to combat weight and ocd ocd has not improved so switch to carnivore now i have insomnia what is happening i have lost 40 pounds but my anxiety and my insomnia is driving me crazy so christine uh write this name down doctor georgia eads how do you spell.

E-d-e e-d-e and she is going to have so much information her blog just google she is a psychiatrist wonderful website with lots of information she promotes meat based fat is important so uh make sure you're getting plenty of fat in and what do you.

Think about the insomnia that's really good for your anxiety but a lot of people when that not a lot a few people a percentage of people when they go carnivore they have trouble sleeping this is a known thing for a while it's not permanent uh but it's almost like your brain it takes it a minute to realize that it's it's burning.

Ketones yes but it's like man your brain feels so good it doesn't want to sleep this will calm down as time goes on i promise it can also take a little magnesium before bedtime and see if that can help somebody said somebody said dr barry i've been diagnosed with lung cancer can i still eat a proper human diet.

Yes if you're still a human being if you don't have a thyroid if you don't have a gallbladder if you don't have an appendix if you've been diagnosed with cancer of any part of your body if you've been hit by a truck or fell out of an airplane if you're still a human being then you need to eat a proper human diet now you.

May have to have it pureed for a while if you got hit by a bus but you still need to eat real human food nothing from kellogg's nothing from mcdonald's or or kfc except for the quarter pounder beef patties they're pretty good uh odysseus oh nice name.

So for the triple b and e can you use avocado oil or avocado mayo no you need to be using animal fats but you can make the butter mayo rattle them pots and pans and is there a list of approved triple b and e foods yes beef butter bacon eggs that's it water coffee tea unsweetened uh no sweeteners that is the list the list is.

Built in super easy who thought of that and what about oh yeah gums yeah no gums no xanthan gum no or do you mean chewing gum oh no chewing gum either really yeah don't you go that's for kids i used to chew gum when i was 12 and played major league baseball then.

I grew up i mean if that's the thing that you have to do to do triple d like whatever but yeah beef actually butter bacon see how it's built in but if you're gonna chew gum chew abc gum it's not gonna spike your insulin nearly as much have a friend chew your gum for about.

Five or ten minutes and then they give give it to you that way all the flavor and the sweeteners are gone and you can chew your gum if that's what you're really after but i suspect that you're wanting that little sweet and tangy hit right up front you're not actually interested in chewing gum but if you are have your spouse have your you know your.

Dog chew your gum for five minutes and then give it back to you then you can have abc gum and it won't spike your insulin at all he's kidding no he's not no i know i know but i'm trying to like take it out okay one thank you juan thank you so much uh this is a good one this was.

Devout carnivore wants to know have you heard anything about coffee raising your triglycerides yeah i just made a video uh that i'm gonna post tomorrow on this channel about things that raise your blood sugar that you don't you shouldn't worry about uh.

Drinking coffee for some people about five or ten percent of people can raise their triglycerides and for some few people maybe five percent it can even raise their blood sugar even if it's just black coffee now a lot of people don't realize that a cup of coffee has one or two grams of carbohydrates.

Right but for most of us that's not enough to really cause a blood sugar or an insulin spike but for some few of us especially those of us who are type 2 diabetics with an a1c currently of 12 you can just look at something from across the room and it's going to raise.

Your blood sugar and triglycerides so for now you may need to avoid the coffee for a while until you get your metabolism under control all right guys to be clear because some of you are confused beef butter bacon and eggs that is a challenge although some people enjoy doing that for long periods of time and.

It's totally fine and it's tasty carnivore you can have any meat seafood chicken pork or like whatever it doesn't matter if it had a mama if it used to crawl and put it out eyeballs you could eat it rattlesnake counts yeah any kind of animal roadkill counts but it's gotta be fresh and eggs 100 technically dairy is.

Carnivore but be careful with it because it can be the last thing that stalls you this is beef butter bacon and eggs and this okay ben diagram beef butter bacon and eggs carnivore this is carnival and then and then outside of this is yeah keto board that's christmas well ketobor yeah there.

You go you get it it's it's a it's a i feel like it's your dream right we're gonna cheer there julie fell off the wagon my a1c is 7.8 back on metformin my doctor said i must take this with food does that mean a few carbs or can i do fat fat and protein's fine yep 100 and now the metformin is going to help you as a temporary crutch or bamboo.

That's what becky berry calls bad days currently but it is not the solution the solution is to fish your diet and keep it keep it fixed forever and whatever caused you to fall off the wagon i want you to look in the mirror and have a long discussion with yourself be honest but also be loving and and don't ever let that happen again whatever that was.

Okay because your health is way more important than whatever temporary bump in the road that caused you to fall off the wagon you're worth more than that ken that is we look like remember the couple on snl that used to do yeah delta delta delta can i help you help.

You out no that's not that's not right sorry uh niall just taking supplements like saw palmetto and a sip or two of pickle juice or coffee with heavy cream break a fat probably not for most people but for some of us who are.

Seriously metabolically unwell it might be enough but for the vast majority of people uh definitely the supplements not going to cause but now all you guys i want you to check your supplements for carbs uh at the low carb bokeh event i went to there was somebody talking about they added up all their supplements and it was 14 grams of carbs.

Just in their supplements so you've got to count those carbs too do not ever just assume that there's no carbs in something you're about to put inside your face hole because when you assume again taco burrito what's coming out of your speedo.

You got problems i like it i like it oh i missed those days that's vanessa was really good yeah tammy says how can i tolerate meat better since i've had gastric sleeve surgery several years ago meat causes me to have stomach pain yeah that's temporary tammy that may actually be gall bladder pain if you still have yours if you don't have a gallbladder it.

Could be hepatic duct pain it's temporary as your body adapts to this you this pain will go away and you'll be fine we have hundreds of thousands of people who follow our channels who eat beef butter bacon and eggs or carnivore or ketovor after having row and y or gastric sleeve and they do just fine.

I promise you can do this just stick with it go slow mature mastering fibromyalgia wants to know do protein bars have too many carbs the average protein bar should be called a carb bar carbohydrate bar look at the total protein and look at the total carbs i actually posted all over social media today.

Quaker oats has a new thing it's called quaker oats protein and it's it's oats with extra protein and i was like oh man maybe you know maybe quakers finally getting their act together i went and looked it has like 9 grams of protein and 12 grams of added sugar not even counting the carbs in the oats.

This is 41 grams of carbs and 9 grams of protein but it was quicker oats you want a protein bar eat some meat eat your meat okay i promised you guys about updates oh let's see that boom i promise there is a baby in there oh there's little bonnie blue 20 almost 21 weeks look granny berry.

Here's your next one there she is it is a girl we do know that for sure we did the job we did the sewing needle thing that's how we know for sure right anybody know the sewing needle trick i always did it with a ring sam says whoa dang it that was a good one oh sam been doing keto for two years.

Weight loss coming off of my anti-hypertensive drugs hemoglobin a1c down to 5.2 and insulin down to 4. well done sam that's it that's it you got it now you get to teach your friends and family how to do this too uh serena hey girl is there a supplement that will help with bph my hubby has.

Been keto and doing great down 80 pounds but still has the symptoms serena he needs to probably eliminate all dairy except for butter or ghee and then try that for a month or two some people have tremendous improvement in symptoms by taking a saw palmetto pumpkin seed extract as a supplement you can get that at any good quality health.

Store health food store but for many many men it's the dairy if they dairy their prostate's gonna react to the bovine protein and it's gonna they're gonna have bph so fred fred hey fred proper human diet equals fatty meat and eggs question mark yes.

Yes and so here's fatty meat and eggs it's a spectrum wait let me do that here's fatty meat and eggs now you put proper human diet proper human diet is a spectrum all the way over here you be vanna white is low carb with maybe 100 total grams of carbs a day for some people real carbs real one.

Ingredient veg a few berries a few nuts metabolically healthy yeah young healthy athletic right now if you're not those things then you may need to bring it down to 50 total growth that's right there's a distribution curve 50 grams a day that's proper human diet with real ancestrally appropriate.

Food if that don't work you go down to 20 a day if that don't work you go as close to zero as you can get and that's a carnivore diet that is the proper human diet spectrum it's a spectrum it's not just one diet for everyone you would think he had a video about this oh yeah i do.

Oh 100 yeah yeah yeah it's the 11 principles of a proper human diet there you go adam says six weeks on keto not for weight loss no sugar or processed food uh i feel light and not bloated all the time and bowel movements have never been better.

Thank you guys well done adam beautiful i love it uh karina c says is yellow mustard okay with beef butter bacon and eggs i say yes because it's zero carb uh any zero carb condiment is probably fine unless you have an inflammatory response to whatever the vegetable is that's in the condiment.

Some people would say no just beef butter bacon i think you get to say whatever you want dr berry i love zero carb yellow cube ass favorite yeah i could put mustard on a little dog turd and it'd be like that's the best dog turd he went there he went there denise what's up how long after eating strict.

Carnivore will i see a decrease in my triglycerides and a1c thanks loved him so a few weeks for the triglycerides for the a1c depending on how high it is and how long it's been high it might take you several weeks up to nine months depending but your triglycerides will be normally not.

Normalized within a month or two they they have it happens much faster what else you got woman covert neo thanks for all the info and inspiration you provide on carnivore start a carnivore diet end of january and i've already lost 27 pounds and i feel great congratulations congrats keep it up keep.

It up lead by example that's what i like to see uh lee uh elizabeth what is that okay can chronic pancreatitis be made better with keto perhaps perhaps many many people notice when they get all the highly processed junk food out of their diet that they stop having recurrent bouts of.

Pancreatitis this now it depends on why you have the pancreatitis right if it's from alcohol abuse or drug abuse you may have enough pancreatic damage that you're always going to have flare-ups but how is eating a proper human diet going to hurt.

Think about that right fred says i've been carnivore since november of 2021 so four months and his a1c for four months went from 8.1 down to 5.6 and he's lost 55 pounds in four months so that that gives you a rough indicator now everybody's unique we're all special.

Snowflakes it may take you a month longer it may take you not as long don't compare your pins don't prepare just compare yourself to you live your life walk your journey and call this out mastering fibromyalgia someone criticized me by saying i was not zero carb because i eat eggs which have a few.

Yeah i don't i don't think that uh the carbohydrates in animal foods really count uh there's there's carbohydrates and liver in eggs in many different the the carbon like it's just not the same we always say always all carbs count so it sounds stupid when.

We're it's like yeah yeah it's not starch it's not any of that stuff it's glycogen which is the a mammal that's the normal way they store glucose and so your body sees glycogen oh yeah i know exactly what to do with that okay.

And you're only going to have one or two grams so it's not a big deal lamb liver has 12 11 or 12 grams of carbohydrates per serving i get a lot of it's animal carbs crap when i eat oysters because you got one and i eat a lot of oysters when i eat oysters but if you're if if your only source of.

Carbohydrates is animal foods i promise you you're not eating too many carbs crazy keto's entered the chat they said i think the health benefits of eggs and liver far outweigh any carbs 100 percent totally again if you don't two crazy ketos it's this little blue i don't know where that is i'm probably pointing the wrong area uh two crazy.

Ketos blue avocados i hate him in her avocado it's blue go check out their channel that's where the butter mayo is it's on there check it out it's on their channel you gotta check out two crazy ketos if anybody gives us a run for the money for cutest keto couple it's joe and also if you were doing triple b and e and you need some.

Inspiration for like what to eat or just staying motivated they have a whole playlist of triple b and e i think they did it for like 60 days or something so check them out for sure matt list wants to know can keto help my sisters keloids and severe scars maybe maybe now some people tend to keloid much more severely.

Than other people usually people with darker skin tones will be more likely to keloid i have not seen any research about hyperinsulinemia and keloid keloiding being related but it would not surprise me a bit so when you calm down the inflammation and you lower your insulin by eating a.

Proper human diet you're definitely not going to be as apt to form new keloids but are you going to start to reverse the old ones uh i can't i can't answer that i don't know yet more research i will say i have a keloid and i can't even feel it anymore it used.

To be a prominent it's still there but it is yeah way less i don't keloid some people really do i like i have like the minimum amount of skin pigment a human can have and not die more like so people with doctor darker pigmentation way worse uh do you have something over there you.

Want to get to let's see can people uh that reverse diabetes through a proper human diet ever pass a glucose tolerance test edmund asks um yeah uh it happens all the time about a third of them 33 percent might not pass that but i don't think a glucose tolerance test is by any.

Means the gold standard for insulin resistance or hyperinsulinemia it shouldn't be the gold standard a lot of doctors think it is but it's really not it's highly promoted yeah yeah the the craft test or an insulin clamp those are the two gold standards and both of them are very in-depth and involved and most people.

Don't want to do those so we use we use the c peptide the fasting insulin and the c and the a1c and that works way better than a two hour glucose tolerance test in which you gulp down 75 grams of sugar i don't recommend anybody do that especially a pregnant woman he says why am i swinging between.

Constipation and diarrhea on carnivore is it temporary what am i possibly doing wrong it's been four months yeah maybe you need to add back in some veg maybe maybe that part of the proper human diet spectrum is not for you maybe you need to go back to 20 total grams a day and see how your diarrhea does if it's been four months.

Han hey guys i was doing carnivore two weeks and had a very bad keto rash i added back some fruit but it's not working any recommendations yeah that's probably not keto rash you need to go see your doctor or dermatologist just because you guys are eating a certain way and some medical thing happens.

Doesn't mean the diet caused it necessarily sometimes it does but typically if you're eating a proper human diet it's not going to cause you to have medical problems you see how that's backwards go see your doctor and maybe get a punch biopsy to figure out what that is but if it is keto rash yeah.

Uh usually taking more showers cleaning that area it'll it's temporary and well yeah it's gonna go away carl says is it wrong to have a meat salad no carl i do that i put four meats two eggs and cheese and i love it i couldn't even half and my liquid panel was amazing thanks again.

God bless and god bless your granny carl you should uh give us your recipe for meat salad meat salad yummy yummy meat salad yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy meat salad this is crazy please.

Sas crypto said i thought too much red meat was unhealthy i'm confused sas crypto you and millions of other people have been confused by their doctor and their dietitian the american diabetes and heart associations have confused everyone my youtube videos will help you.

Understand it's not just my opinion if you look down in the show notes of each video i have the research that i base my opinions on so check out some of my videos if you think that eating processed meat is as bad as smoking cigarettes i've got a youtube video to help you if you think red meat will cause cancer or heart.

Disease i've got a youtube video that will explain it to you and explain the research that this false assumption was based on okay good question somebody said where y'all been drinking um water yeah sand pellegrino anybody know what um the salad song's from wiggles yeah.

Uh yeah when you have kids you sing dumb stuff carl with the meat salad when we go to any restaurant and there's a cobb salad on the menu i always say i want a cobb salad no lettuce double toppings which means double eggs double bacon.

That's not how you cheese you do it backwards you said i need double avocado double bacon double cheese uh double whatever else all the stuff and then hold the legs and the waitress is always like what i'm sorry what yeah but usually they don't even like the last time i did it.

She didn't even charge me for the double topping she was like i just i just put double toppings on there because double chicken too like if you want chicken you can do anyways life hack there you go somebody says what can i do if my doctor tells me a c peptide test does not determine the type.

Of diabetes however it's only a measure of insulin well the difference between type 1 and type 2 is whether you produce insulin or not and so if c peptide tells you whether or not you're producing insulin then doesn't that tell you if you have type 1 or type 2.

Say yes because yeah not poor doctors i used to i used to say dumb like that too uh trying to sound smart and it's it's just ridiculous your so they're safe peptide was point nine which is perfect eat low carb you're you're you're perfect you're you're gold and that's as above so below good question.

Jc dr roy taylor says type 2 diabetes is caused by pancreas fat and liver fat because we are over our personal pet fresh fat threshold he says low calories 800 per day yeah so dr roy taylor is right about pancreatic fat and liver fat being part of the the cause of type 2 diabetes now we don't know if that is.

The cause or if they're just associated but he's completely wrong about the personal fat threshold in about 800 calories a day both of those things are done but i actually have multiple youtube videos about fatty liver that will help you reverse it and i have one video one of the only doctors on youtube that has.

A video about fatty pancreas uh nobody talks about it but it's super super important boink 800 says eat lots of organ meat and save money how much were the chicken livers today in my video nisha loves it i did a whole video on budget friendly meats the liver was 1.98 a pound and the gizzards were a dollar seventy a pound.

Under two dollars that was at walmart um i prefer livers over users but both are fine so you could eat five pounds of lizards and gizzards for under 10 bucks you can make liver into a nice liver mousse anybody got any good gizzard recipes i know someone or several of y'all do because you've sent.

Them to me and it's more about like the prep than anything cause they're choose little suckers not if you do them right apparently so there we go everyone i've ever had was a chewy little sucker salad shooter blake dr barry is there any chance to become a patient of yours i watched your videos.

And i really do appreciate your knowledge i was just wondering could you use your opinion on a new medication i'm only seeing a few patients right now if i ever change my mind and open up my practice to new patients i will post it on my patreon and so if you want to get the one of the very first notifications that i'm.

Accepting new patients become a patron on patreon there's a link down in the show notes and we also give you lots of other value there three or four extra live q and a's each and every week and instead of 3 300 people asking their questions there's usually 150 200 asking questions so we can answer many more questions so.

Patreon.com and uh you'll get a notification if and when i accept new patients yeah lettuce is fine if you like it we just don't like it i'd rather let this is crazy it just gets in my way to get to the stuff i want like i don't have to dig through the lettuce to get to the bacon and the eggs and the avocado and.

The chicken and the cheese and like the yeah i understand some people love that lettuce but come on no i want real food pate is very nice ben yes it is very nice and if you make it yourself it is cheap it's cheap jules lives very close to a.

Butcher so they get lots of fresh liver heart and cow tongue well done cow tongue i've been looking for it listen used to they had it at our local walmart because i remember looking at it and thinking that's crazy the little taste buds look but i can't find it here so algeria um her doctor told her that keto was making.

Her uh gerd heartburn worse that's that's dumb algeria not you but what your doctor said your doctor is also not dumb but they said a dumb thing i've got several youtube videos about gerd and reflux and heartburn pain and how to reverse them hint keto helps a lot uh yeah chorizo i also have that in my.

Video i think was a dollar 32 for the chorizo uh carl says here's my meat salad half a pound of ground beef four ounces of bacon two ounces of ham two ounces of turkey breast two fried eggs in butter and three ounces of extra sharp cheddar nice delicious i like it you should make.

A youtube video carl oh charles said they have the tongue at costco okay i'm gonna do a series where i do basically what i did today at walmart at all the different places so kroger publix costco target you know all the different grocery.

Places b walker says oh my gosh this is my first visit to the live chat i am plant-based keto you kids are all meat talk super funny uh b walker i would love i'm i'm not opposed to plant-based keto or vegan keto i just i don't understand how how you're how it's possible to eat.

Enough food and get enough nutrition and yet ingest fewer than 20 total grams of carbs a day that's the part so if anybody is is plant-based keto vegan keto i want to see your like a two or three day meal plan where you're able to eat and get all your vitamins and minerals and all your fats fatty acids and all.

Your amino acids and keep your total carbs under 20 a day i don't understand how that's possible but if it is i'm that's fine but i don't see how that's possible to do that i'm afraid you're gonna have to count net carbs to do that many people find that once they give up all those.

Plant-based keto options they actually feel a lot better so crystal says cook gizzards and the fat of whichever animal they come from con fit uh and they get very soft okay okay because i don't i don't hate gizzards but they're just chewy and i know it freaks a lot of people out.

Where did that comment go martin says can overeating dairy cause a1c to increase it depends on which type of dairy burden if you're drinking milk enough milk can absolutely make your a1c go up 100 percent most of butter and gear gonna have no effect on your a1c at all they're not going to.

Make you go up even one-tenth of a point uh heavy cream if you're drinking maybe a gallon a day every day maybe that would raise raise your a1c but yeah half and half whole milk two percent one percent skim all those got enough milk sugar uh that are going to raise your arrangement see you if you drink enough.

Of them yes denise do you have a service where i can take a quiz and you provide a seven day menu i would pay for that we have a formula that you can have for free all right here's the formula pick a meat preferably fatty meat like fatty ribs fatty brisket fatty ribeye.

Ground beef uh chicken thighs chickens chicken wings fill in the black pick a meat cook that meat in animal fat season to taste with a high quality salt or seasoning we use red means but just make sure it doesn't have any nasty.

Ingredients in it or carbs or carbs pick a low carb vegetable cook it in animal fat i've got a youtube video about low carb vegetables add seasonings to taste drink some water yeah some coffee some uh sparkling water yeah and that's that's it that's your.

Keto or is that with astrology keto keto that's so that's that's carnivore ketobor then if you want to be keto you can add a few nuts and a few berries for dessert oh that's it you got it dairy if you can tolerate it but you can only know that if you take dairy out for a while and then bring it back in if you're keeping it simple and you're.

New that's it that's all you need pick a meat cook it in fat season it pick a low-carb vegetable cook it in fat season if you can find tripe it is cheap usually and it's very very good human food uh we were also going to say another way to get good bargains on meat and eggs is to shop at uh the the mexican grocery the latino.

Grocery the asian the chinese groceries because they very often you're gonna find cuts of meat that you cannot find in your big box supermarket we have one well we have several that we go to in nashville that our our favorite one has like a secret room that you don't know is there if you don't know what's.

There and how they had every part of the animal oh yeah like literally name a part and i'm going to say yeah by the way making amazing bone broth so cheap so cheap and you know i really believe in using animals head to toe i don't i it hurts my heart to think any part of the animals wasted and so how many billions of chicken feet.

Do you think are wasted every year because people don't want them start making bone broth start using all these parts so we honor the animal use every part of that animal and turn it into healthy happy human bodies zulu says i'm looking jacked and tan thank you.

It's just because i'm so tired zulu alpha charlie cac zach oh hey zach how you doing thank you i think uh donnie d says i went carnivore in september my a1c was 9.2 my blood sugar was 250 triglycerides 300 cholesterol 250. today my a1c is 6.3 this is september so what seven months six.

Months uh anyone's all the way down to six point three blood sugars 112 triglycerides down to 125. uh well done donnie d keep it up before long you two will have the normal a1c that you deserve michael keto's been irritating my gallbladder specifically in my right shoulder and my neck any suggestions.

Yeah keep eating keto you probably have gallbladder dysfunction now you need to go see your doctor you need to get a gallbladder ultrasound maybe a gallbladder function study but what you don't need to do is have your gallbladder taken out you probably have gallbladder dysfunction which is going to get better.

The more animal fats you eat with each meal now it's going to be just uncomfortable but you're going to strengthen that smooth muscle in your gallbladder wall and and the pain will stop and you'll have a good healthy strong gallbladder that's sludge free and the only reason that you shouldn't.

Do that is if on ultrasound you have a stone stuck in the cystic duct then you may have to have your gallbladder out otherwise keep your gallbladder and need a proper human diet solo welcome back uh i didn't cut my fat in my carnivore and i'm sticking with it notice my.

Weight loss stall but it might be due to muscle gain is coming through uh yeah take those measurements solo and he wants to know or she can be either is creamer and coffee okay during a fasting bridge fasting bridge i've never heard it i'm not sure what that is but um solo i.

Think it's a boy because if it was a girl it'd be so loud maybe they like han solo or maybe that yeah thank you michael so what do you say um i don't know what a breed i don't know exactly what that means but i think a little bit's probably fine don't worry.

About it yeah um jim powell says dr b is legal safe to take when on thyroid medications like levothyroxine yeah the levothyroxine does contain some iodine but for many people it's not enough one drop of lugol's two percent in your coffee or tea or water each day one drop will give you a little over a milligram.

Of iodine and all every cell in your body is going to thank you for that i've got a video about iodine and people think it's dangerous but it's really mandatory it's essential it's required for optimal human function derek says i work overnight and my feeding window is from 2 am to 8 am my sleep schedule is different on the.

Weekends how can i keep the same six hour feeding window you can't and i i don't think that's i don't think that's a problem derek i think it's probably fine for your feeding window to migrate around the clock as your shift does now what i'd really love and your health would really love is if you got off the shift work it just works.

Straight days or straight evenings but i know money's money you got to make money uh but it's not your feeding window can move that's totally fine doesn't matter nate dog 1991 says dr barry do you have a video on how to dissect studies to find out which are legit and which are bs because there's a lot of bad information there's a ton of bad.

Information out there they're really you could make a full week-long course on that and to be honest nate dawg i have no desire to do that but i'm sure that there are some nerds out there in in our in keto world and there may this may already be done does anybody know if anybody's really went broke down the.

Studies and and what the hierarchy of of evidence uh strength is and all that has anybody done that i don't know for sure but somebody should that'd be a great thing to do hey thanks for the super chat lisa saying uh what is the cheapest cut of red meat i would say probably ground beef.

70 30 cheap ground beef that comes in the 5 or ten pound stick that's probably going to be your cheapest option now you might be able to get like some of the chewy cuts the roast they're usually pretty cheap um stew meat is usually pretty cheap and it.

You know it pans out are you gonna sometimes you can find stuff on sale for cheaper than ground beef yep getting stuff done says how long does it typically take for hdl to write raise on phd uh weeks to months getting stuff done it just depends on how metabolically unwell you were and for how long brian 27 days on carnivore down.

Four belt notches that's one way to take your measurements and my sleep is incredible i'm still having low stool is that normal thanks for everything you do 27 days yeah the the bowel issues can last for up to six weeks if it lasts longer than that go see your doctor it could be something else going on.

Apparently dr styles cause he calls anything in between eating during fasting a bridge so just that's just your fasting window then i guess that's his term for a fasting window uh so but your your answer still applies so zero calories so what would be.

A bridge it would be zero calorie like sparkling water is that what you mean water black black coffee and sweet tea yeah okay got it beef heart is 99 cents a pound wherever this person is that's awesome i don't know how to pronounce your handle i wish we could have um.

More chicken hearts but they're super hard to find but they're tasty yeah they're so delicious though such great nutrition um yeah okay ian j dixon says does goat lamb and deer count in place of beef yes they do good question i'm glad you brought that up so any ruminant animal cow sheep goat venison bison water.

Buffalo camel yes depending on where you live in the world campbell is a great remnant animal elk is great caribou reindeer any ruminant animal i'm sorry becky if you're watching this some people do eat rain reindeer in certain parts of the world i hear it's delicious i would try a tablespoon full.

But yeah yeah any remnant animal in my opinion is the best meat that a human being can eat uh but that's by no means the only meat that you can eat reindeer are better than people yeah dr uh tim noakes did do a video where he blew up a ton of studies where they were basically.

Making the data fix fit their pre for some pre their assumptions uh preconceived notions yeah he did that but i wish somebody would go through and talk about all the confounders all the different types of studies the level of evidence that'd be really awesome for somebody to do i'm sure statistics statisticians have done that.

On their youtube channel i just don't know of one but if i find one i'll post it for you guys jack says can you clarify thoughts on tea when you're on carnivore gender peppermint green black turmeric etc as long as it's zero carb and doesn't taste sweet like sugar then it's fine on carnivore several people are asking when are you.

Going to be anja rogan hey you know i think you guys should all tweet joe no don't do that i hear he hates that oh really he does hate that i would hate that wouldn't you hate that you need to help joe blue on your show well you know i feel like it's the same way that you say enough people do that i.

Know yeah yeah yeah yeah um cypher321 says canned meat isn't good bro what did you find out in your research today making your video about canned meat it's usually meat salt and water it's usually meat salt and water maybe a little sugar but um.

Canned meat is fine bro nutrient density is much better than the alternative of going down to the next aisle and grabbing a protein yeah also many expensive keto products have worse ingredients way worse way worse and also one's over here saying it's it's like.

We didn't say it was perfect we said it was okay yeah we said it's fine if you're on a budget don't feel guilty moses says why don't pasture what a pasture sells ground beef oregon grind yeah i love white oak pastures we've actually ordered from them before i got a gift certificate and we ordered.

Rabbits and we have livers all kinds of good stuff they're really delicious they're one of the better ones to order from in my opinion what else you got over there did you answer the t question kathleen does not like joe rogan one.

Little bit but she didn't say one did you answer the 10 questions two questions yeah i answered the two questions uh thanks grace holland i already read them okay serena says i've been that for 30 years curious if i would totally mess myself up going back to days i'm not sure if i can handle days i.

Know the management all right the stress level might cancel the benefit that's true depending on what profession you're in being a third shift uh nursing home nurse way better than being on day shift when administration's there right well there's only two shifts now but yeah oh.

Administration goes home then you want to work yeah i can totally get it but honestly i think it's going to be fine when you go to days your sleeping is going to be much better your stress level from not being able to sleep all that stuff it'll even out might take a while but you'll adapt yeah bill boyce this is a great comment for truck.

Drivers or over-the-road drivers truck drivers out there carnivore is possible cook your own meat in the truck stay away from truck stop food carnivore trucker bill i wonder if bill has a youtube channel or a facebook page a hundred percent if you're a truck driver or an over-the-road driver you basically sit on your ass for.

12 16 hours a day you've got to eat super super low carb or you will get fat and fatty liver and type 2 diabetes it is gonna happen it's just a matter of time uh we have a great truck stop up at the interstate north 40 truck stop we go up there we get we get hamburgers bacon cheeseburgers bacon and eggs there's.

Tons of things you can order but also if you can cook like he said you're cooking your truck yeah yeah absolutely it's also probably cheaper today i bet it's way cheaper uh pedro says or pagaris i don't know doesn't matter way too much salt and canned meat like veggies says sausage well first of all they have reduced.

Sodium if you're like really worried about what are you worried about why are you worried about salt you believe salt is bad for you i got a video about that you should watch that it'll help you uh ahn says what about spam is it all right on keto count the carbs spam doesn't have a.

Little a few carbs in it count the carbs and spam is just fine yeah and it's pretty cheap there's a spectrum to meet as well okay we're listening who who all likes to cook sas crypto says he likes to cook do you guys like to cook or you freaking hate it are you learning how to cook tell me in the comments where are you at on the cooking.

Distribution curve also remember it doesn't have to be complicated yeah no literally cooking in our house means i go to the fridge i pull out a big fat ribeye i put it in the airfryer for 11 min 10 minutes nine minutes at three at 450 take it out put salt on it and eat it that's it literally.

Oh lots of people love to cook thank goodness and for those of you who don't love to cook currently keep practicing keep trying i promise you you're going to save thousands of dollars a year yeah keep up with cooking your own food and then you'll be like actually i love.

Cooking yes how much money i'll say one more question and then we're done we're already over time jennifer says i prefer to work out before going to work but i'm unsure on working out doing hit in a fasted state always try to get protein within 30 minutes of finishing but it isn't time to eat four hours the the eating protein 30 i used to try to eat.

Carbs right before i worked out and then protein right after i thought that was mandatory none of that stuff is necessary at all you can work out fasted you can do the hardest high high intensity interval training that you can imagine in a fasting condition it's actually going to help you make gains faster than any other way you.

Do not have to eat immediately after you work out unless you're training for mr olympia then you do need to eat a ton of protein right after you work out and inject your steroids and then you two could be mr miss olympia one day all right guys that is it thank you so much for joining us if your.

Question did not get answered tonight there's a link down in the show notes for my patreon you can sign up we have about to have four additional live q and a's a week instead of 3 300 watching there's maybe 200 we answer way more questions way more thoroughly and you can also direct message me your question if you can't find an answer anywhere.

Else so become a patron help support the work we do and get your personal questions answered by this guy what do you think sounds like a good deal to me i don't know thank you so much for joining me this evening it's always a pleasure to sit with you and talk with you and be.

Married with you head over to my channel nation loves it loves it if you want to watch more ketovor meat-based nisha proper human diet video cheap meat video is out now on nisha loves it thanks so much guys see you next time
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