Dr Berry LIVE Q&A (Proper Human Diet) & What’s Wrong with Doctors???

Dr Berry LIVE Q&A (Proper Human Diet) & What’s Wrong with Doctors???

Dr Berry LIVE Q&A (Proper Human Diet) & What’s Wrong with Doctors???

Check out the video on Dr Berry LIVE Q&A (Proper Human Diet) & What’s Wrong with Doctors???.
Hello my friends welcome back this is not monday night live and this is not dr ken initia this is just dr berry and this is just saturday evening live welcome welcome i'm glad to hang out with you guys for the next uh hour or so and answer a bunch of your questions.

About medicine nutrition medications uh health how to reclaim your health improve your health and if you'll do the exact opposite of everything that i tell you to do then you'll actually ruin your health if that's your goal so if you want if that is your goal do the.

Opposite of what i say uh yeah carrie uh said did anybody see beckett cooking quail eggs on nisha's channel uh they they beckett this morning had quail eggs and bacon that was his breakfast and he helped his mom cook and that video is now up on nature's youtube channel nisha loves it.

Thanks to mitzi and kevin my phd mentor moderators if they see a a beginner question they're going to reach out to you in the comments and just answer it in the comments because i won't have time to answer everybody's questions if you always have a friend or loved one who always forgets these lives send them a text message right now send.

Them a direct message and say hey he's live right now you can ask your question all right hey tina in ohio loves my shirt beef butter bacon and eggs this is the solution to many chronic medical problems right here that's it that's the that's the formula and you can't get a patent on this so i can't ever sell a.

Fda approved pill and make a billion dollars so i just thought i would give it away on youtube quail eggs perfect size for a two-year-old yeah he had three little quail eggs and i don't know two slices of bacon and he was a happy little monkey boy all right let's get started with some.

Questions first of all karen says i was told i'm allergic to iodine is that is that a real thing no miss karen there is no human being on the planet that is actually allergic to iodine now there are many people allergic to seafood there are many people allergic to the contrast diet used for x-rays or.

Cat scans that contain iodine and so many well-meaning health care providers will tell you that you have an iodine allergy it's just not true at all that that would be like telling you that you're allergic to air or allergic to water you have to have iodine in your body at.

All times for every single cell in your body to function properly if i were able to reach into your body and pull out every atom of iodine right now you would be dead within 60 seconds even you sitting there right now saying oh hell no i'm allergic to iodine no you are full of iodine you're probably iodine deficient but you still have.

Iodine in your body right now or you would be dead there is no such thing as iodine allergy that's one of the many many medical myths that people are told and believe uh it's just not true there is no such thing good question all right karen says how can i get rid of lock and.

Plant us i know how you can improve it decrease the severity and decrease the flare-ups and that's by eating a proper human diet what is that you may see the proper human diet spectrum ranges from less than 100 total grams of carbs a day all the way down to as close to zero grams of carbs a day as you can get.

It is a ancestrally appropriate food diet it is a nutrient dense food diet it is a one ingredient food diet okay low carb it can be a proper human diet keto can be a proper human diet ketovor carnivore can be a proper human diet i said can be because a lot of people think that keto is lots of keto.

Cookies cakes pies baked goods and lots of almond flour and coconut flour and those things definitely can be overdone and are definitely not part of a proper human diet done properly so if you eat a proper human diet remove the inflammatory junk from your diet eat real one ingredient whole food nutrient dense.

Ancestrally appropriate foods your liking plant us is going to improve it may not go completely away but it's going to become less severe branca from croatia hello hello you're watching from far away welcome let's see what you guys got for me today uh craig says can you be allergic to meat you guys have all probably heard.

About the tick parasite uh alpha gal they can that can make you temporarily allergic to some red meat this is temporary it's not lifelong even if you do get bit by a tick and develop alpha gal you can still eat chicken and fish and other and eggs and other forms of animal foods all right let's see.

Oh we got a super chat thanks for the super chats guys corey says hey dr barry my mom and i have started the carnivore diet she is struggling struggling with a sensitive issue she can't poop do you have any tips for this issue yeah so uh corey your mom's gonna poop a lot less on a carnivore diet because every.

Bite of food that she eats is almost completely absorbed and used there's not a lot of waste in a carnivore diet uh she'll probably poop once every one to three days it'll be a very small poop uh and for many people who who for years have been eating lots of high carbohydrate high fiber junk.

They poop two or three times a day huge poops right and so somebody like that if they convert to carnivore they're gonna say oh my god i haven't pooped in 10 minutes something's wrong it's completely normal because when you're eating lots of high carb high fiber junk there's lots of waste there's lots of refuge there's lots of garbage.

Because you can't your body doesn't want it and it can't digest it think about that so what are you going to do with it if you can't digest it and your body doesn't want it you're going to it out and so that's why people eating eating plant-based diets and lots of highly processed stuff they poop all the time.

And when they poop everybody in the house knows it because it smells atrocious they also have lots of stinky gas all the time because the high carb diet that they're eating chooses the gas forming back bacteria and that's why they smell like death every time they pass gas so if your mom hasn't.

Pooped in more than three days cory and she's having pain when she tries to poop if she's having bleeding if she's having straining or cramping then she may be truly constipated may need to see her doctor otherwise she's just not going to poop as much thanks for the super chat mr matt i'm a 14 year old boy and i'm 5 foot 11.

Does a ketogenic diet stunt growth a 100 percent know mr matt as long as you're eating as much fatty meat and eggs plus some veg plus a few nuts and a few berries you're going to be getting every amino acid you need to grow every fatty acid you need to grow every vitamin and every mineral that your body needs to.

Grow you're going to actually maximize you may have one more growth spurt in you matt you're 14. and so for the next two years eating a good real whole food ketogenic diet you may actually have quite one more good growth spurt before your growth plates close.

But in no way would a ketogenic diet start your growth that isn't even you may have heard that but whoever was saying that obviously doesn't understand even the basic concepts of human physiology so don't worry about that matt you're gonna you're already a big guy you're gonna get even bigger.

Oh let's see i got that one lisa i started my keto journey just a few weeks ago i'm losing inches and weight excellent i have a prosthetic prosthetic mitral valve and take warfarin are there any other options to help with thinning my blood yeah lisa there are a few other options you need to talk to.

Your doctor about that warfarin is not a terrible option uh it's easier in some respects and harder in other respects to use warfarin uh but talk to your doctor about other options your doc may want to send you back to the heart specialist to talk about this but either way.

Talk to your doctor about that shelly says i'm having a mastopexy and a brachioplasty in june due to losing 143 pounds on the phd she lost 143 pounds eating a proper human diet when i'm recovering should i fast or just stick to carnivore uh so i would i would eat carnivore at least two weeks.

Before the surgeries and then i would fast for 24 to 48 hours after the surgery until your appetite really picks back up again and then go back to eating a good carnivore diet and that's going to help you heal and it's also going to continue your healing journey now shelly lost 143 pounds eating a proper human diet but i want to caution.

All you guys a proper human diet is not a weight loss diet it's a weight optimization diet now most people in modern society want to lose some weight and that's why they come to the proper human diet but there are a lot of people who are a little hesitant to eat keto or carnivore.

Even for other non-scale victories non-scale benefits because they're afraid they'll lose too much weight if you are at your ideal body weight or even if you're under weight keto is not going to make you lose weight it doesn't work that way okay when you eat a proper human diet a keto diet keto or carnivore.

You're putting your body back in charge okay the only way you can usurp your body's power to decide what your body weight should be is by eating too many highly processed carbohydrates that's going to trick your body and that's how you wind up being 143 pounds overweight.

If you're underweight or normal body weight but you have inflammation that you want to improve you have other problems medical issues chronic medical diseases you want to reverse with a proper human diet it's not going to make you lose weight if you don't need to lose weight to be healthier it's going to move your your weight in a healthy.

Direction whichever direction that is does that make sense thanks for the super chat funk daddy g thanks shawn bueller for the super chat and make sure i haven't missed anybody i think i'm caught up now okay beautiful beautiful let's get some more questions feel free if you think this.

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I try to be on all social media i haven't seen anyone you guys listed yet that i'm not on patreon yeah neil i'm on patreon uh thanks for your support i appreciate it i only do live well actually i i usually do lives on youtube but i also do lives on instagram uh tick tock and clapper.

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Can comments you can you can heart comments but they don't sell your data like fbook does right and so it's it's kind of a more private and protected little community i really like it 800 likes likes granny berry's youtube machine i don't know if granny berry is.

Watching tonight she didn't know i was going to do this i just got a wild hair yeah all my videos are backed up on odyssey and on rumble if any of you guys didn't know that if anything ever happens to youtube if uh you know russia blows up youtube or something then all my videos are also saved on odyssey.

And on uh rumble and i think there might be one other platform they're saved on but i can't remember the name of it uh oh announcement i have just started a new youtube channel by popular request hundreds of people have asked me to do this and it's called dr barry ian espanol and it is for.

Everyone's hispanic relatives either who live in the u.s or anywhere in the world who do not speak english as their primary language although it's going to be my videos but they're going to be dubbed with a eloquent spanish speaker and so if you have a a relative who speaks spanish and does.

Not understand english and also doesn't want to read captions then dr barry in espanol it should be up and running in about seven to ten days so i hope that helps a bunch of people because that's what i'm here to do yep brett i'm there techie 5 says what are options for.

Inflammations inflammation other than statins that's a great question so statins don't have very much of an anti-inflammatory effect at all i would definitely never take a statin for the anti-inflammatory benefit because it's very minor if at all what you can do to fight chronic inappropriate inflammation is to stop.

Eating inflammatory foods and drinking inflammatory liquids and if you don't know what those are techie 5 i've got lots of youtube videos that help you understand this i think i have over 500 youtube videos but you don't have to watch them all you can actually go to youtube and search for dr barry and then whatever so.

Zatechi five you would say dr berry inflammation and all my videos that deal with inflammation would pop up and then you can watch just those you can also say dr berry hypertension dr barry diabetes and find out uh if i have a video about that topic okay let's say gosh these comments are.

Going fast guys why is my blood sugar dropping so low on carnivore well rainy it that's that's part of what the carnivore diet does is it returns your blood sugar levels back to low normal and many people if they've been running high blood sugar 200 300 for years and years when their blood sugar.

Gets down to 70 or 80 which is normal they feel like they have low blood sugar because their body is so unused to having a normal blood sugar and indeed some people on carnivore can get blood sugars down in the 60s or even 50s which is not dangerous it's not bad it's okay and the way you'll know that is that you.

Don't have any low blood sugar symptoms you feel fine but your blood sugar is 51. this is very common on a carnivore diet and that indeed is why carnivores have such beautiful hemoglobin a1cs very often somebody on a carnivore diet will have a hemoglobin a1c a 4.8 and that's how they're able to do that is because their blood sugar is so low.

Normal that they just don't glycate their tissues and cells like people with higher blood sugars linda says can keto or carnivore help clear up pancreatitis it depends linda on what type of pancreatitis it is and what caused the pancreatitis one thing i can tell you for sure is that eating keto or carnivore is not going to make.

Your pancreatitis any worse the vast majority of people have pancreatitis from years of an inappropriate diet or from too much alcohol and these people are all going to benefit from eating a proper human diet good question make sure i've got cynthia says i i am one and a half.

Months into carnivore only a few pounds lost congratulations when i do poop it's immediate and diarrhea i've already upped my fat which was low feeling really discouraged and i have an easy hundred pounds to lose suggestions please cynthia what's happening right now is your gut bacteria are they're adjusting to your new diet you're down.

Regulating all the carbohydrate loving bacteria and you're up regulating all of the fat and protein-loving bacteria and that for some people that happens in a few days some people it takes up to three or four weeks uh if you're still having lots of diarrhea after four weeks you.

Need to go see your doctor it's probably not from your diet okay you may have something else going on in the background but as far as 100 pounds left to lose keep doing what you're doing once your body has adjusted your gut flora you've got bacteria and adjusted your metabolism to.

Be a fat burner the fat's gonna start to fall off just be patient and do what you know is right woe nelly says what's your opinion on cbd cbn for help with sleep and to help with anxiety mood i'm carnivore and coming off some major ptsd meds cbd has helped yeah i don't have a problem with cbd at.

All i would buy it from a reputable um purveyor i would not buy it from the local gas station get it from a good quality source and i've i've gotten lots of feedback where people who say oh man cbd really helps my anxiety helps my insomnia helps with lots of different things and so i don't sell or affiliate with any cbd.

Companies i don't make a penny for saying that but i've had such great feedback and not much negative feedback at all especially for something like ptsd i think it's worth a try uh trying some cbd absolutely good question paul prince and grace thanks for the.

Super chat paul prince hey dr barry i am i'm on week six of carnivore you've been a huge help to me thank you you're welcome what's your opinion on omad and that stands for one meal a day omad some say we won't eat enough and burn muscle is this true for someone with excess fat uh no it's not true okay here's the thing.

With this if you eat one meal a day and when i say eat i mean eat until you are comfortably stuffed there is not use you are forbidden to count calories you are forbidden to portion control or even measure portion sizes paw prints you eat until you're comfortably stuffed until you get one more bite on your fork and you're like.

Oh i can't i'm done i'm gonna pop that's when you stop eating on a one meal a day carnivore diet if you do that you're gonna burn fat like crazy but the healthy fat and protein that you're eating is gonna keep your hunger very satiated and you're not gonna be as hungry and now you might not be eating as many.

Calories as the experts say you should but you're gonna you gotta also count the macros of the fat that you're burning now let's talk about that fat that's on your booty in your liver on your butt on your thighs it does it just float in space is it like is it just levitate what holds that fat in place everybody.

Think about this what what keeps the fat um i've got some fat here okay on my belly right i got a little fat on my boobs why didn't that fat just drain down to my legs when i'm sitting up what holds it in place think about it protein right connective tissue amino.

Acids collagen fibrin connecting that's what's holding your fat in place so when your body is burning down the fat and burning it for fuel it's also breaking down the connective tissue that was holding in place so you've got to add that to your protein macro as well you nobody a lot of people don't think about that you're like oh yeah i guess.

That is true i get to count the fat macro of the fat i burn but i also get to count the protein macro of the protein that my body's breaking up and also when you're eating one meal a day you're fasting for 22 or 23 hours a day so your autophagy rate is increased right so any little cell anywhere in your body.

That's not functioning optimally your body will just break that cell down and break it up into its constituent parts which is fat and protein and then it'll recycle that stuff and build a new cell out of it a new vibrant healthy vigorous virile and potent cell that counts does that make sense and so.

That's why a lot of people even though they if somebody figured up their calorie intake they're not eating enough calories but they're still they're burning fat but they're not losing any muscle mass and that's because when you when your rate of autophagy is high you're breaking down cells and tissues and you're reusing them to rebuild.

Healthy tissue now your body is very ancient and very wise your body is not an idiot so if you're not eating enough calories you think the first thing your body's going to go for is your is your skeletal muscle that's the first thing it's going to break down because your body's stupid.

I mean i just break down your eyeballs or your liver no your body's very wise it's very ancient your body's been fasting your ancestry if we go back a thousand generations they all their bodies knew exactly what to do with the fast and it wasn't burn up your muscle that's stupid.

The only people that believe that are the healthcare gurus who just don't know better yet but i still have hope and faith in them they'll learn they'll come around but no you're not going to burn up your your muscle good question paw prints and grace i love that brittany wilson says thoughts on.

Progesterone only bioidentical hormones for a failed ablation with fluid in the uterus hysterectomy is another option i would try anything in the world brittany wilson before i had hysterectomy i would try every option that you could find on google before you had a hysterectomy you need those parts.

Uh the uterus probably the especially the hormonal lining of your uterus probably serves functions in the human body that that medical science hasn't even discovered yet a lot of surgeons and and gynecologists like to act like the uterus when you're.

Done with your childbearing years it becomes redundant uh it's vestigial you don't even need it i opine that that is not true at all and then definitely your ovaries you need to keep your ovaries as long as you possibly can so i would try a bioidentical hormone optimization from a doctor who knows how to do that i would try every single thing on the list.

That you can write before i had a hysterectomy all your parts are there for multiple reasons not just one reason keep your parts if at all possible laurie says will keto help congestive heart failure with tons of fluid in the legs and lungs 100 laurie uh we've had so many thousands of people reach out to.

Us and say hey my chf symptoms are much better now that i'm eating keto but i'm actually eating more salt now than i was before but my chf is better how's that possible and that's because when you're eating too many carbohydrates you're chronically.

Hyperinsulinemic and that's going to cause you to retain fluid and the more fluid you retain lori as you know the harder your heart has to work right and then also your ankles and legs start to swell because your heart's not able to move the blood so when you start eating a very very low carbohydrate diet.

Like keto ketovoice carnivore your insulin level is going to start to come back down to normal even low normal that's going to allow your body to diurese which means pee off all that unhealthy fluid and many people with heart failure after a few weeks on keto he is salting their food to taste not.

Salt restricting at all they're able to decrease the dosage of some of their heart failure meds with the help of their doctor so let us know how that turns out lori but i wouldn't be surprised at all if you're if you don't notice an improvement in just a few days arlene says my white blood cell count is very low a a is high i have a high bun.

And esr i have rashes mold toxicity confirmed babisia co-infection of lime i started taking herbs but can cv heal this and kill the parasite and bacteria how can i increase wwbc cv do you mean carnivore so carnivore is going to help move all of your body's hormones.

And electrolytes and other levels too healthy in the right direction okay becky's got to pee he's going to tell mama he's so proud he's learning to potty all by himself but he needs an audience doesn't need help just needs an audience he wants you to clap for him i guess so by moving all of your.

Levels towards the healthy position that's going to help your body fight all these things and help the symptoms be much less severe or lean already got brittany it was this one christine christine says i've been carnivore for three and a half weeks sleep is poor.

Liquid diarrhea sorry tmi that's okay that's what we're here to do is talk about body functions anxiety is much improved but low energy and not sleeping well any thoughts electrolytes poop was normal prior to carnivore yeah so you're going through that adjustment period where your body is adjusting your gut bacteria are adjusting.

The the carb-loving junk-loving gas-forming bacteria are being down-regulated and they don't like that they want their carbs and so they'll rebel by giving you the shits that's how they that's how when they go on strike that's how you know it but your protein and fat loving bacteria are up regulating and they don't give.

You problems they don't they don't cause any gas much at all they don't cause any odor much at all so just give it a few more weeks christine also the sleep a lot of people when they go keto or carnivore they notice for the first few weeks they don't they don't feel like it they feel like they just don't need as much sleep.

But that's kind of a problem for some people so i would uh make sure that you're honoring your sleep hygiene i've got a video about all the things you can do to maximize and optimize your sleep on this youtube channel and give it time okay i think you're going to notice as time goes on make.

Sure you're getting plenty of fat plenty of salt make sure at bedtime you might want to add some extra magnesium i've already got the shits anyway so it's not going to make that worse but that might help you get to sleep a little better and stay asleep a little more good job beckett so proud.

So proud but all this should clear up and get better in the next few weeks christine keep doing what you're doing hey that shirt looks really good on you where'd you get it you like my shirt i got it from our top shopphd.com that's where i got it our good friend.

I'm jones autumn jones i wish you up tomorrow yeah so right now uh the phd shirt i'll show you that one since nature brought it up organically this is the phd shirt and that's already available there's a link down in the show notes lots of what five or six colors really good material very very soft and then.

This shirt is very important bella they're bella t-shirts evidently top of the line i don't know anything about t-shirts but my wife the line this shirt will be available tomorrow uh this is an extra large i'm wearing uh.

They're they fit true size i would say uh do you have yours go put yours on so they can see what size is yours where are your pink ones i want the ladies to see your pink one but this will be available tomorrow if you're in the market for a t-shirt 44 pilot says i'm 28 and they picked up a left bundle branch block in my heart.

Through my aviation medical after a bunch of testing they found no damage or underlying cause is it possible to reverse a left bundle branch block can keto carnivore help a 44 pilot carnivore is going to help you in hundreds of ways it's actually this happens sometimes you'll get diagnosed with left bundle branch block and then.

You do the full work up and it turns out nothing's wrong okay left bundle branch block is diagnosed on an ekg which picks up electrical signals and sometimes if your heart's tilted or rotated just a little bit it can actually throw off enough of an electrical current in one plane that it looks like you have left bundle branch.

Block but you really don't and so if you've been to the cardiologist and they worked you up thoroughly and said no dude everything's fine don't worry about it and they also signed your your poly card so you can fly it's a non-issue don't worry about it but you still need to be keto carnivore.

These are all the different colors oh and and this dark navy which is my favorite and this is the hot pink oh we can do a bump update while you're here well i'm wearing overalls it's okay look at this sweet little baby this is a medium it's a little big on me i probably could have got a small sherrod says thanks dr barry for dr.

Barian espanol i have many relatives who don't speak spanish speak english and i'm also talking to the same company about uh doing dr barry in hindi because there's millions of people who speak hindi uh and hundreds of thousands who live in the united states and they speak hindi and they don't speak english.

Or at least not enough to understand some redneck with a people say i have an accent i don't think i really do but i'm i'm probably gonna be starting that in the next few few months as well but definitely uh dr barry in espanol should be up and running with a few videos on there.

Uh by monday maybe yeah this coming monday and then i'm gonna try to add about 20 videos at a time i'm going to pick my most popular and most useful and helpful videos have them dubbed in spanish and then uploaded on dr barry in espanol and i sure hope that helps lots of people.

Thanks wenger for the super chat let me see if i got everybody here i don't want to miss anybody okay m christopher says how many times a month fasting is too much and how long for fast is too much while eating carnivore it depends in christopher on how much weight how much fat you have to lose it depends on what.

Other inflammatory conditions you're trying to fight it depends on whether you're trying to fight autoimmune conditions uh if you've got lots of excess body fat that you need to burn off you can do a three-day fast once a week every week okay or you can do a five-day fast every two weeks or you can do a seven-day fast.

Once a month there's a million different ways to do it you need to get dr fung's uh book about intermittent fasting dr jason fung um what is that book called bishop do you remember here it is right here here it is right here the complete guide to fasting i don't make a penny off this uh dr jason fung is probably the leading.

Authority in the world on how to fast properly and safely if you're going to do anything longer than a three-day fast you need to have read this book so you understand all the ins and outs and you can do everything right okay but read this book this is going to help you understand what's to too much and what's not enough but uh if you're close to.

Your ideal body weight in christopher then there's not really as much reason to do longer fasting fasts unless you really enjoy them or you're really trying to reverse an autoimmune or other chronic inflammatory condition thanks for the super chat my friend all right yarn braids locks and more says dr barry.

Been on carnivore for a year but stop on halloween and haven't been able to get back on gain 30 pounds should i do a hard 72 hour fast to get back on track yarns braids and locks more i would do at least a 24 if not a 48 hour fast if if you fasted before and you and you know how to do it that would be a great kick start and then when you break your.

Fast at 24 or 48 or even 72 hours you're gonna break it with a carnivore meal and then you at from that point forwards you are a carnivore why would you eat anything except an animal-based food already got shared thanks for the super chat sherrod um appreciate that tim kaiser can you explain the dangers of pcsk9 inhibitors so this is repatha and.

Praluent they are basically the statins on crack and so a statin drug might lower your ldl cholesterol you know 20 to 50 points a pcsk9 inhibitor repather or proud uh can lower your ldl cholesterol down to like 50 or 60 or 70. which is not a normal.

Ancestrally appropriate number for your ldl to ever be at that's not that's not healthy a healthy number there's no long-term data showing that it's healthy to have an ldl cholesterol that's that is that low okay the american heart association and many many cardiologists currently have a hard on for getting your ldl cholesterol as.

Low as is possible with the use of of chemicals like uh pcsk9 inhibitors prowuin and repatha i do not recommend either one of them for any human on the planet there are a few humans who might need to take a low dose of a statin okay if you've had a prior documented heart attack then you might benefit from taking a low.

Dose of a statin but there is no human on the planet that needs to be taking pcsk9 inhibitors okay i i am very concerned about them i think this is going to be one of the drugs that after the drug companies made a few billion dollars over the next three to five years.

All of a sudden some big studies going to come out and say oh my god actually pcsk9 inhibitors caused this terrible thing to be more likely to happen and then all of a sudden the fda will get very concerned about the pcsk9 inhibitors and they'll say oh my god i think we're going to pull proud you went from the market.

And you know i think we're going to pull repatha too we're just going to pull them off the market because they're not safe and and you should thank us the fda for protecting you even though they screwed you for three to five years because they didn't require long-term safety data for these pcsk9 inhibitors before they.

Were fda approved uh if a drug is is just changing a little something in the human body and it's going to have a huge positive benefit then i don't i understand why the fda would want to move that along get that approved as quickly as possible right no big harm but when something does something completely.

Anti-physiological like let's lower your ldl cholesterol ldl cholesterol has hundreds of functions in your body okay one of those functions is not to give you a heart attack that's not what ldl does just read the wikipedia article about ldl cholesterol and all the hundreds of things that it does for your.

Body and you're going to lower a vital molecule you're going to lower it down to sub physiological levels by taking a artificial chemical just mark dr barry's words within five to seven years there will be a class action lawsuit about either praluent or repatha uh one.

Or both of them will be pulled off the market within five to seven years because it just it's it's non-physiological what they do to the human body it makes no sense that that's a good long-term solution good question gary william hi dr barry my wife suffers from with vertigo and labyrinthitis what can she do to fix it she's been.

Suffering for 10 days now well first thing she needs to do gary is go see your doctor okay because the symptoms of vertigo and labyrinthitis can be caused by many different things besides just labyrinthitis you need verification that's actually what this is uh there are medications that a doctor can give you acutely to.

Get the symptoms to improve until your body heals the underlying problem if she has a chronic vertigo then definitely a proper human diet getting rid of the inflammatory high carb crap and eating real human food is going to decrease the severity of that gosh you guys in your super chats man abc thanks for the super chat va checkup.

Had high liver enzymes uh was in great shape 13 bf running 10k lifting heavy fast forward told i had non-alcoholic fatty liver disease gained 70 pounds since then now carnivore 13 weeks lost all weight back to lifting heavy and running part two ran out of words we'll submit uh yeah a proper human diet will reverse.

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in afld fatty liver it'll reverse it within just a few weeks it doesn't take long at all to get rid of it completely with keto keto or carnivore very common experience people have whoa come back here okay carrie franklin trying to lose stubborn.

Belly fat boy stubborn let me tell you been on uh t phd since 8 21 eating in a four hour window uh fast once a month 48 72 hour fast doctor wants me on a statin and i'm trying to lower triglycerides and raise hdl need help so you need to be eating as much fatty meat and eggs with the yolk as you can you need to be.

Lifting heavy things okay that's going to cause your triglycerides to go right back down to normal and cause your hdl to go up at least a little bit they may not get it all the way to normal within three months but i would recheck these numbers in three months after three months of a proper human diet and make sure that at least half if not.

Three quarters of your plate is covered with fatty meat and eggs that's what's going to reverse the triglycerides come on come on youtube hey thanks for the super chat tom tom i appreciate it thanks marie for the super chat jim parker my blood sugar is averaging around 120 without glyphosides should i take the meds uh i.

Wish you had glucophage or metformin because it is much more physiological in the way it works in your body uh the glyphoside if you eat low carb enough it can actually cause low blood sugar episodes uh if it's been over three months since you had your a1c check go see your doc get your a1c check that's going to be your.

Answer right there okay the answer is maybe until i see your labs hi there i'm a newer carnivore about how long until my weight stops fluctuating we'll lose one week and gain the next that's probably never going to stop from your profile picture it looks like you're you're a female females weights.

Are they never females never lose weight like this okay females lose weight like this up two down three up one down two up one down one that's how females lose weight and it's a hormone issue it's not your fault it's just how it is whereas if you have a male partner or a male friend when they try to lose weight.

Just like that because it's hormones it's not your fault it's just how the human body works the fluctuation is not a sign of disease or it's not dangerous it's not a problem i know it's frustrating and aggravating i know i don't know but it's not anything to worry about stop worrying about that just eat your meat and uh.

Be more active and when when all is said and done if i were you i wouldn't even weigh once a day i would weigh once a week at the same time of the day i would take my body measurements my neck my shoulders my biceps my chest or bust my rib cage my belly my hips my.

Waist thighs and calves write those numbers down and recheck those measurements once a week and what you'll find is even though the scale is acting funky those measurements are going to be coming down steadily if you've got weight to lose keep doing what you're doing julie what.

Are your thoughts on women hormones and carb cycling some youtube doctors say we cannot keto or fast uh on days 21 through 28 of our cycle uh julie i understand that lots of people say this but this is based on no human physiology whatsoever and i've got the book based on no physiology biochemistry whatsoever.

In the mammalian homo sapiens sapien species uh human beings have been fasting regardless of time of month uh for millions of years now is it easier not to fast on day 21 through 28 yes is it harder too fast on day 21-28 of your cycle yes.

Um but there's no reason there's no danger from doing it it's just more of a challenge and so if you if you'd like to not fast on day 21 through 28 of your cycle you don't have to but you but the carb cycling is completely idiotic okay no human on the planet needs to carb cycle.

This is a cop-out that's what this is okay um some some keto gurus out there are desperate for followers they're desperate for people to sign up for the program and so they'll tell you what you want to hear and who doesn't want to hear hey you.

Need to eat more carbs every now and then you're like we'll buy george i will right just like if i told the alcoholic who's been dry for six months hey you need to have a couple of shots of whiskey at least one day a week they'd be like bye god i'll do it but that's that's terrible advice for an alcoholics also terrible advice for a.

Carbaholic you never need to carb cycle there's never never a medical or nutritional indication for that vicky i've been following you and your wife for about two years welcome vicky thank you so much uh in the middle of this i decided to quit smoking and i've gained 30 pounds without even trying i'm so depressed i.

Can hardly stand it it happens vicky okay nicotine speeds up your metabolic rate and also when you're smoking your taste buds are effed up and food doesn't just it doesn't taste as good you can't smell as good when you're a smoker so when you stop smoking all of a sudden food tastes great smells great and your metabolism.

Slows down you see what that leads to right and so you if i were you vicki i would i would go 100 beef butter bacon and eggs this is for you vicki for 90 days you can eat as much as you want you can eat as often as you want beef butter bacon and eggs for 90 days.

And that's going to stop any further weight gain and also probably towards the last month and a half of the 90 days you'll start to actually lose the weight again but what i want you more importantly is i want you to look in the mirror and say i vicki i'm a non-smoker i will never touch a damn cigarette again.

Congratulations vicky this is a great victory i know you're pissed off about the 30 pounds but that's just that's a temporary inconvenience you're going to fix that with beef butter bacon and eggs okay and you're never going to touch a cigarette again well done bef thanks for the super chat bev thank you very much.

Thanks lori for the super chat thank you very much uh james california says nicotine mints i would if any of you guys are listen if you're smoking a smoker right now cigarette smoker you got to quit smoking it's freaking stupid to smoke it's a waste of money money money's getting money's becoming money these days right.

You don't need to be wasting money on that number two it's terrible for your health even if you never develop lung cancer there's hundreds of other things that smoking does to your body that is negative i don't care if you i would much rather you vape so switch to vaping switch to.

Nicotine mints snick switch to nicotine patches switch to nicotine inhalers i don't care you gotta quit the cigarette smoking okay all the other ways that you get nicotine don't dip or chew either those are i mean it's much easier for a doctor to deal.

With mouth cancer than it is lung cancer because we can it's easy to just chop half your jaw that's i mean it's right there whereas the lung is all down in there it's hard to get to so it's easier for the doctor if you get mouth cancer but just stop all tobacco stop the tobacco but if you need another form of nicotine and then it's much easier to.

Wean down all the other nicotines with a vape you can decrease the percentage of nicotine in your vape juice as as the weeks go by until it's so low it's just easy to quit same goes for nicotine lozenges or mints same goes for the inhalers same goes for the patches you can wean them down slowly whereas a cigarette it's just a.

Damn addiction and you might think you're gonna wean down the number of cigarettes but the first drama the first anxiety the first bad night of sleep you'll be right back to smoking as many as you were before you got to get the cigarettes out of your life 100 okay yeah jessica said her grandmother's they're losing her right now do lung.

Cancer from smoking you guys you got to quit the smoking got to quit the smoking i know i know it's a hellacious addiction to quit but you got to quit let's see what i got here let me make sure i don't miss anybody david says since cobit had nothing but teleconferences with endo and oh okay since covet i've had nothing but.

Teleconferences with my endocrinologist and no blood work since 2019. that's inappropriate david that's not your fault that's your endocrinologist's fault even though you couldn't go to the doctor's office you could have still had your labs drawn your doctor should have ordered that and insisted on that i'm finally scheduled.

For june is there a home a1c kit that you can recommend in the meantime yeah if you'll go to my videos about a1c on this channel i have a link in the show notes to a home a1c monitor that's very reliable that's inexpensive as inexpensive as one can be that is made in the usa.

And it comes with four tests so you can check your a1c every three months for a year with that one test kit and it you just go to one of my videos about a1c it'll be in the show notes david uh and you need to keep up with that even if your endocrinologist for some reason thinks they don't need to keep up with it you do.

Debra says i was put on lipitor because my pa was upset that my cholesterol level was up i'm keto since 2018 she found a study showing that high fat leads to raised a1c she told me that keto bad leads to heart attack and diabetes uh your your pa which stands for physician's assistant.

Means well uh but she has no damn idea what she's talking about uh pas are wonderful health care providers they can be a huge benefit to patients but when it comes to really understanding human physiology at a deep deep level many of them do not a pa course is is one year long unless it's.

Changed so they get a bachelor's degree and then they go one more year and then they're a physician's assistant some places it's two years that's not enough time okay i did four years of undergrad in animal biology so i already had this bedrock foundation of animal biology and you and i my friend were animals then i.

Did four years of med school then i did three more years of residency so that's 11 years of basically studying studying animal physiology you can't get that in a year or two okay so uh the the the study that showed that a high fat diet lead to it leads to a raised a1c that was an epidemiological study they never show causation they only show a.

Possible correlation that's all they can show so you might you might take that back and say now does this study about eating high fat leads to high a1c does that prove that and if if she says yes then you need to find a new healthcare provider because she doesn't even understand the basics of statistics and epidemiology.

But she's wrong about everything that she told you okay pete i see trans fat listed on certain brands of beef tallow and other rendered animal fats is this naturally occurring yes it is and is that trans fat okay yes it is uh so any food is going to have some degree of trans fat the federal government.

Allows processed food manufacturers if it contains less than one milligram of trans fat per serving size then they can legally say zero trans fats even though that's a big fat lie think about that so.

It can have 0.99999 milligrams of trans fat in it per serving size and they can say contains zero trans fats that's number one number two have you ever looked at the serving sizes on some of this junk food there was a big cookie that you could buy grandma smith's or something.

I mean it comes in one cookie what would you think a serving size would be one cookie duh serve inside the serving size is a quarter of a cookie supposed to break that in four parts and eat a quarter of that cookie and.

That quarter of that cookie had zero trans fats what means it has so that basically that old cookie could have 3.999 grams of trans fats and indeed many of the processed foods will say zero grams of trans fat but they actually when you eat the amount that the average human would eat of that product you don't just eat this i mean.

Who eats a third of a cup of cereal who maybe a one month old child might eat a third of a cup that's a serving size on many cereals breakfast cereals but if you when you wind up eating the 12 servings that you and i are going to eat of that cereal because that's that would be my one serving size you're.

Gonna have eaten from eight to ten grams of trans fats they're still trans fats in all the processed food but they they gain the system so that they can legally say zero trans fats on the bottle on the box can you believe that 100 look it up.

It's not fair it's not right but it is that's just how it is tammy says my doctor called in a prescription of levothyroxine that's for low thyroid i have an appointment to get the naturally desiccated thyroid which would be armor nature wpnp uh but not till next month should i start the levothyroxine if your low.

Thyroid symptoms are severe tandy i'd go ahead and start the levothyroxine i don't think levothyroxine or synthroid i don't think they're dangerous i don't think they're bad i just think they're less good than the desiccated brands like armor nature wp np and in canada there's one called urfa.

Levothyroxine is not bad it's just not as good so go ahead and start taking it especially if you have severe symptoms gosh you guys already did that i already did that one i don't want to miss when he thanks amy lynn for the super chat anthony i saw a webmd-like site that.

Said that ketosis is a condition it listed risk factors for ketosis um can you eliminate ketoacidosis normal sugar keto levels for regular folks not diabetics it's 3.5 on a keto mojo reading is that too high yeah so i'd love anthony send me the website i would love i'll do a.

Youtube video and destroy that website if they don't know any better than that everybody should know better than that at this point uh i've got over 2 million followers and they all could they all could destroy that website for being factually inaccurate so ketosis is a normal physiological state where you're.

Burning fat burning your own stored fat for fuel that's why human beings store fat is so that in hard times you can burn it for fuel that's why we have it that's ketosis keto acidosis is a pathological disease state that almost exclusively occurs in type 1 diabetics who have either ran out of.

Their insulin or have a serious infection or have a serious injury or have a serious inflammation in addition to not having their insulin or not taking enough insulin that's what ketoacidosis is i actually have a youtube video about that the the.

Difference between them on this channel if anybody's confused but a ketogenic diet will never ever make you have ketoacidosis it just doesn't work that way and anybody who says that has a complete lack of understanding of human physiology of basic human.

Physiology thank you for that super chat anthony but yes send me that web website link and i'll i'll rip them a new one cj three abdominal aortic embolisms during early covet times uh stop my smoking drinking and caffeine intake can triple b and e which stands for beef butter bacon eggs help me get off.

Warfarin so if you had three life-threatening abdominal aortic embolisms your doctor is probably not gonna you're probably gonna have to take the warfarin for at least a year and it could have been that the the the clots were caused by right uh but.

Regardless if you had a cut in your aorta that's a big deal okay and you're going to take the warfarin for at least a year maybe for two years but you need to have this conversation with your doctor's teacher you 100 need to need to do at least 90 days of beef butter bacon eggs and then you can decide do i want to.

Keep doing carnivore or do i want to add some keto friendly veg and a few nuts and a few berries back in you get to make that decision but those diets are going to help your health in hundreds of ways cj but you're going to probably be on the warfarin for a minute because you scared.

The dog out of your doctor with those aneurysms i mean with those blood clots jennifer i always want sweets and do monk food instead of sugar good that's much less bad but how do i stop craving sweets do i maybe need more fat jennifer i would guess that you're still portion.

Controlling when you eat maybe not consciously a lot of people and it's usually women will unconsciously subconsciously portion control they'll be like oh i'd like to have a little more but i've already had enough are you okay and so when when when your inner voice says that to you jennifer.

You're going to be like hey am i still hungry or am i not still hungry and if the answer is yes i'm still hungry then you tell that inner voice to shut the hell up and you have some more meat or some more eggs or some more keto veg eat until you're comfortably stuffed because part of craving sweets is.

Addiction but part of it is you may just not be eating enough so that you're fully satiated that you fully turn on your satiety hormones and so if you're stuck to the gills and craving some sweets it's it's still hard to say no to but it's much easier.

Than if you're still hungry and also craving some sweets that makes it very hard to say no eat too comfortably stuffed jennifer and then if you've got to have some sweets uh you eat a little just and just try to make it a bite or two of something with stevia or mug fruit okay.

Typically one or two bites is all you need to to shut the the sweet monkey up so it'll shut up and leave you alone but don't think you've got to have a full keto dessert full keto piece of pie cake cookie any of that crap you don't need any of that okay all right where am i.

Thanks kirk for the super chat i think i've already got yep already got that one okay let me see we've got some more time here i want to answer some more questions remember guys if you think this is great information please share it on your social media help me to help.

People that have never heard the sound of my voice before they may think i'm a redneck with an accent but if they'll listen to me and do what i say they will reverse their type 2 diabetes they will reverse their fatty liver they will lower their blood pressure and they will reverse their severe obesity i can help them do that but in order for.

Me to help them they have to hear my voice so please share this video with someone who you think it will help cj says also i know diet soda is terrible but how how no no is it since i've given up everything else cj it's probably fine to have a little.

Xevia something sweetened with stevia i'm highly suspicious of aspartame nutrasweet splenda all that stuff that coke and pepsi uses uh there's actually a new study that that it doesn't prove that aspartame increases your risk of cancer i'm working on a youtube video about it right now but it's it it's concerning.

And i'll probably uh even now like once every month or two me and nisha will get a diet dr pepper or something just for old times sake or diet mountain dew i probably will never do that again after reading that study i'm probably never gonna aspartame is never gonna pass my lips again nutrasweet that just it worried me.

That study was pretty rough so what i did when i was trying to get off the even the diet sodas is i would uh sand pellegrino some sparkling water topochico perrier i would pour half a glass of die dr pepper and then i'd fill up the glass.

With the sparkling water and what i found was i couldn't tell the difference it tasted the same to me it still had that same bite had enough flavor that it's like i was gonna die dr pepper but i and and so i was drinking half as much dr pepper and i didn't really miss the dr pepper and after a couple of weeks of that i.

Started doing three quarters sparkling water one quarter dr pepper and then after that i just quit drinking the diet dr pepper and i just forgot about it and we drink san pellegrino every day sometimes toppo chico sometimes just club soda if we can't find san pellegrino because our local big box.

Store is often out of sample so sparkling water is the way to get off of soft drinks even diet soft drinks i'd recommend all you guys try to wean down and stop the diet soft drinks with sparkling water uh aspartame nutrasweet splenda they are not your friends corey says you're you are destroying the food pyramid which is garbage i.

Appreciate you going against the man truth is truth 100 corey i'm sorry you know my granny granny berry she's 91 now i don't think she's watching this live but she basically was the most contrary hard-headed difficult woman except for nisha that i've ever met she was not she would say though the.

Heavens fall i will tell the truth i don't care who don't like it that's a quote from granny berry and i kind of grew up hearing that kind of stuff my whole life and so my philosophy my philosophy kind of is i don't give a damn who doesn't like the truth the truth is the truth one plus.

One is two and a equals a whether you like it or not so i'm going to tell the truth as i see it and i'll never never stop doing that so thank you for that corey granny berry taught me how to do that oh where did that go come back here.

Dang it here we go chris been keto seven weeks down six pounds congratulations hypothy a1c a 6.0 so you're pre-diabetic uh my fasting finger sticks are consistently 120 to 125. any suggestions could it be insulin resistance and if so what do i need to do chris you're almost certainly hyperinsulinemic or insulin resistant.

There's that's two ways of saying basically the same thing you just need to keep doing what you're doing make sure that your keto make sure you're counting total carbohydrates and keeping your total carb intake under 20 grams a day make sure that the carbohydrates come mainly from vegetables a few nuts and a few berries.

Don't be don't be messing with the keto cakes cookies and pies okay if you want to get the a1c down under 5.7 within three months then do 90 days of beef butter bacon and eggs you need as much as you want you can eat to your full you can eat as many times a day as you want to and after three months of this your a1c will be 5.6 or.

Lower okay the hypothy is going to slow down your weight loss it is going to slow down your progress but it will not stop it okay make sure that your doctor has you on one of the desiccated thyroid medications like armor or nature wp np.

Or if you're in canada urfa that's what you need to be taking for your hypothyroidism uh right now your your fasting blood sugars may be high like that but it takes a few months for your metabolism to heal okay it's not gonna heal overnight it takes it took you decades to get in this mess.

Right chris it's gonna take you a few months for your body to heal and get over this so give your body time keep the total carbohydrates under 20 total grams a day get on a desiccated thyroid medication and give your body time to heal your it sounds like you're doing most everything right keep doing what you're doing okay.

All right let's see one i got a few more here guys tammy says will naltrexone help with sugar carb cravings uh low-dose naltrexone might help a little bit but that's an unnecessary that's an unnecessary chemical to put in your body just just do this yourself you can break that addiction you don't need.

Pharmaceutical help mango says still have acne and dandruff on keto should i try carnivore yep you need 90 days of beef butter bacon and eggs after 90 days your acne is going to be much better and your dandruff will be completely gone and after 90 days of this you can either stay carnivore or you can say okay i'm.

Going to try to go back keto but add back one keto veg at a time because more than likely mango one of the things that you that is keto friendly that you think is fine to eat is probably what's causing the skin inflammation that's leading to the dandruff in the in the acne okay and then you can when you when you're used.

Beef butter bacon and eggs as an elimination diet for 90 days then start adding back in the keto stuff you'll immediately when you hit the thing that causes your skin to flare up you'll know what it is then you can take it out of your diet forever and say goodbye to dandruff and acne forever christine says protein to fat ratio what.

Is ideal would too much protein spike insulin in blood sugar so if you're eating very very low carb you can't eat enough protein to spike your blood sugar your physiology just doesn't work that way professor ben bickman is a great resource on that i've interviewed him two or three times on this channel those.

Conversations between he and i will help you understand this that protein is not your enemy uh you got to keep your carbohydrate intake very very low then for most people a one-to-one fat to protein ratio and i mean in grams of food so a ribeye right with butter on top that's gonna give you about a one to one fat to.

Protein ratio and egg yolk is a one it has a one to one fat protein ratio now the whole egg is three to one protein fat but if you just eat the yolk that's one to one bacon is typically one to one if at the grocery you go through all the packs of bacon and find the one that's.

Got the most fat because if that if you're not currently doing that you need to start doing that because the bacon tastes much better and it's a better protein to fat ratio okay some people need a two to one fat to protein ratio in order to do best some people like a two to one protein to fat ratio but i.

Don't i do great on one to one that's what i where i recommend most people start and then you can experiment from there hey holly holly how's it going i saw you in the comments there whoa dang it these comments go so fast mad monk says damn you better be careful or patreon.

Will sydney you too i hope i don't know what sydney you means but i guess kick me off i don't know i'm trying to be careful i promise pamela my husband has an enlarged spleen having a bone marrow biopsy done on tuesday good what would be causing the enlarged spleen he did have a fatty liver so he may actually have fatty spleen.

But you can't hang your hat on that there are so many things that can cause an enlarged spleen uh the bone marrow bobs is warranted you need to have that done let your doctor work do the complete work up for new for splenomegaly okay you've got to find out exactly why now if they don't find anything it may just.

Be fatty spleen like fatty liver you can have that and he's going to reverse the fatty liver with eating a ketogenic diet that's under 20 total grams of carbs a day or a keto vor diet that's under 10 total grams or a carnivore diet which is as close to zero carbohydrate gets those are going to reverse his fatty liver and then also it'll reverse his fatty spleen.

If that's what it turns out to be after the complete workup done by your doctor bone marrow biopsy is hurt by the way so preparing for that but it is necessary that he had that done la lisa says thoughts on long water fast to try and reverse high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes or just keto.

Carnivore my doctor just prescribed me oxympic and i'm really nervous the ozimpick's probably not going to help you a bit lisa it's a very high copay and it usually doesn't really help type 2 diabetics at all if i were you i would start if you're happy just eating beef butter bacon and eggs then go to this.

Immediately okay you can eat this two or three meals a day in a six hour feasting window and then for the other 18 hours of the day you can fast you'll notice within weeks your blood pressure is coming down your blood sugars are coming down you'll notice all that stuff is happening okay.

Within three to nine months you will have reversed your type 2 diabetes completely and you will have greatly improved if not reversed your hypertension some people reverse their hypertension completely with keto keto or carnivores some people improve it greatly and they go from taking three blood pressure.

Medicines down to a very low dose of just one blood pressure medicine which is a great victory so keep doing what you're doing uh if you want to take the ozympic it's probably not going to hurt you but it's also probably a waste wasted copay all right guys who all who all is doing some degree of intermittent fasting in.

Your diet tell me how many hours is your do you do a daily fast or do you do it once a week or in every two week i want to know how you guys fast how do you do it tell me in the comments um i typically do an 18 to 22 hour fast every single day and i'll eat one or two meals a day.

In a you know four six hour and then some days i'll just eat one meal a day oh man some days i eat t-man which is two meals a day very very rarely will i eat three meals a day oh yeah you a lot of you guys are fast and that's wonderful and just remember you don't have to if you guys are brand new to this and you're.

Looking at this going what the hell they fast they don't eat for how long you don't have to start with a 48-hour fast okay you already fast eight hours every night when you're in bed asleep all you got to do is tack an hour onto each end of your sleep and now you're fasting for 10 hours right then tack another hour on.

Each end you're fastened for 12 hours a day and most people when they get to a 14 hour daily fast and so that you'd be eating in a 10 hour window that's when people start to notice some metabolic metabolic improvement they're like hey i think my blood sugar and blood pressure getting better.

After a few weeks of that go to a 16 hour daily fast and eat in an eight hour feeding window that's how you do this guys you don't have to do anything overnight you don't have to join pay for a course you don't have to join the gym you don't have to take a handful of prescription medications you don't have to take a.

Handful of supplements you just have to tweak your hunger hormones and your satiety hormones in the right direction by eating a proper human diet blended with some effortless daily intermittent fasting that's the whole secret to this that's it that's why i can't get a patent on this.

That's why i got to give it away on youtube all right guys nation nisha is giving me the the eyeball i've been on for an hour and ten minutes uh dwight said i just ordered the intermittent fasting book thanks i needed that you'll be glad you ordered.

That book dr fung is the world authority fast time says my a1c is 5.2 brilliant brilliant brilliant fasting glucose 100 to 105 even after eating on ketovor last 100 days um that that's going to happen it's very common for ketovors and carnivores to have a high morning blood sugar even though they have a beautiful.

Hemoglobin a1c that high morning blood sugar is not a pathological high blood sugar it's a physiological blood sugar there's that's two different things physiological blood sugars of 105 don't glycate your cells and your tissues but if you eat too many carbs and get your blood sugar up to 105 you're going to cause some glycation.

That's the difference okay all right guys that's it feel free to share this if i didn't get to your question you can ask me questions directly on my patreon there's a sign up link down in the show notes for five bucks a month you can be part of our private protected patreon.

Community and have access to two extra live q and a's a week as a twelve dollar patron you get three live q and a's and as a twenty dollar patron or up you get four live q and a's a week in addition to all the work i do on other social media and you can also direct message me your questions.

So check out my patreon if you've got more questions this is dr barry signing off see you next time
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